Why Is Anyone Surprised By Obama's Weak Response To Russia?

“Memory is the mother of all wisdom.” – Aeschylus

It’s really funny how shortsighted we are, as human beings. We are so shortsighted that we forget even the most egregious lies that come from the mouths of the most obscene liars. Not long after president Obama claimed the coveted “lie of the year” award for his “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period” statement, and immediately following the Olympics, Russia decided to put the screws to Ukraine. In typical Obama fashion, our hard-nosed, and wise leader issued a statement one would expect from a man like Obama, who is so radically out of his depth that he might as well be a toddler in a calculus class. The statement goes like this:

“We will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention.”

It’s as if after 9/11, Bush said: “We are all united in affirming that this incident is not very good, and those involved will get some sort of comeuppance at some point.” It’s vague, and to be completely honest—because, when am I ever not?—groan-inducingly weak. However, what can you expect from a man who is so insulated, and so unaware of his own arrogance? To me, that statement is par for the course. To others, not so much. Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer had this to say regarding Obama’s statement:

“The Ukrainians, and I think everybody, is shocked by the weakness of Obama’s statement. I find it rather staggering.”

Hang on…wait a minute—what? Krauthammer finds it staggering that Obama hasn’t mastered the art of intimidation? Moreover, he believes that “everybody is shocked by the weakness of Obama’s statement?” How can that be? How can someone as experienced as Krauthammer be so blindingly unaware? Here’s how: he expects that anyone who is president, no matter their Party, truly cares about the American people. That is his folly.

I’ve seen this behavior, this heightening of expectations, from too many conservative commentators over the years. Quite frankly, it’s frightening. Conservatives are often so unwilling to see people for who they really are. They are frequently unable to view human nature through anything but rose-colored glasses.

Obama is weak. Obama is wildly out of his depth. Additionally, he is more concerned about his own accumulation of power than the health of our nation. This is obvious to some, but to many conservatives, it is not. When people like Krauthammer look at Obama, they see a well meaning guy who is simply very misguided. That is not at all the case.

This inability on the part of some conservative pundits to assess their political surroundings is dangerous to our movement because it dilutes our power. We can only fight if we are able to correctly assess our opponent, and their weaknesses. We can only win—and bring our country back from the tipping point—if we understand the enemy’s intentions. With half of our most viewed pundits believing Obama to be a generally good, albeit misguided man, we will not win in 2016.

If we want to beat Hillary, we cannot paint our opponents with the good intentions we wish they had; we must see them as they are, and call them out on it.



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70 comments on “Why Is Anyone Surprised By Obama's Weak Response To Russia?
  1. paul says:

    I think its only a surprise to those people who think Obama’s a man. To thus of us that know he’s a clown there is no surprise. Of course maybe this is the plan he worked out with Putin before Obama’s second election. You remember the meeting where he told Putin, just wait till after the election, I’ll do what you want… (or something down that line). That way they could kick up some dust, claim a small type war. That is when Obama will try to implement martial law over the US government…. Just something to think about… sleep well tonight for tomorrow is going to be interesting.

    • dove1 says:

      He is a clear and present danger to God’s children everywhere. He certainly will do whatever, with no conscience what-so-ever. This is his payback to us for electing him! He has set back race relations to worse than since 1865. He has hurt black folk more than everyone else, so far….but he doesn’t care. Got to crack some eggs to make an omelet. Can’t win on a vision of the future, must destroy what is and then replace with bare existence for the survivors. Very sad, just glad that God sees this attack on a people at peace! He is coming! Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

      • johnnywood says:

        HIS “payback” to us is not for twice electing this man-child but for 55 million abortions, legalized homo-sex marriage, and now decriminalizing drugs. Obama`s election is the “payback”.

      • woonsocket says:

        Good description of the extreme right. If the extreme right had their way, no one would have any eggs to crack. Remember, “if you don’t work you can’t eat.” That includes children and seniors, correct?

        • dove1 says:

          God’s words – not mine! Came from the fall. It is natural law. Yes, it includes everyone. It is true for the birds of the air and the beasts of the field and man. Again, troll, must be telling you something TRUE you don’t like to hear. Show me all that demonic-rat productivity….all that wealth, all those eggs. Wealth is built (through work) not stolen (through “taxes”). You idiots are killing the goose that laid your golden eggs. So, soon and very soon, you will feel an empty belly – justly so, too, I might add. Don’t care much for that God, eh? A pot who dislikes the potter – what a goofy excuse you are, dear troll. Are ya better off today? Is your job working the internet the only one you have? Can you

    • rhondareichel says:

      It’s a consequence of being bankrupt….evidentially that’s where both parties wanted this country to be isn’t it?

      • Jack Laurie says:

        Now cometh weird ignorant Democrat to blame Republicans…it’s ok idiot, leave everything to Bathhouse Barry and Lurch Kerry

    • Charles Almon says:

      Oh I know.
      Bush was the “decider”
      Of course, the fact ALL his decisions were both wrong, and bad,
      mean absolutely nothing to this crowd.

  2. dove1 says:

    Good point – as soon as you hear Saul Alinsky community organizer, all kinds of bells and whistles ought to be going off. If not, you need to read up on it a bit. Those are the most nasty communists since the turn of the last century….and he was the “best student” ever of it. What did they expect? Bill O still hasn’t a clue what a community organizer is, what this guy is doing, and why. I think he is too into himself just like pbo. I was surprised the cameras didn’t explode during the (kinda sorta, shoulda coulda wanna be) pre-superbowl interview. Clueless. But, unfortunately about to get some learning. Bill O wants to help pbo build his private army (read brownshirts, no racism intended) that is “just as big, just as strong” as the military. I guess to do so, he needed to downgrade the military. What blathering idiots!

    • woonsocket says:

      How much coffee do you drink every day?

      • dove1 says:

        Hit a little too close to home, troll?

        • woonsocket says:

          Your comment is scattered and too frenetic.

        • dove1 says:

          Just some random observations – sorry I lost you on it. I will slow down, like Johnny Fever…iiisss thhiiisss beettterr.

        • woonsocket says:

          The NSA said that you just gave up your location. You live where it’s cold. They’re holding back on who you dated for the prom, your bank account, your favorite spaghetti recipe, how many times you brush your teeth/day, your credit card balance and following you from kitchen to the bathroom. Now that the NSA has saved the world, please pass the toilet paper to the CIA.

        • dove1 says:

          Ah, so you are a paid troll, eh? Thought so with the mindless blather. BTW – it is warm in Acapulco most of the time, but VERY cold compared to hell! Enjoy!

        • woonsocket says:

          It was a joke to make fun of the NRA – not you. Are you aware that most Americans are upset with the NSA?

        • dove1 says:

          I was not offended and apologize if I seemed strident in my response! I am as concerned as anyone about government abuse of all sorts. I guess that is why so many democrats now regret voting for pbo the 2nd time (49% of democrats and 71% of all who did!). Problem the average person has is that they are not liars and, so, are easily taken in by those who lie to them. The biggest objection to GW (which, by the way, I shared) was his “Patriot Act”. Didn’t like his use of executive orders or spending beyond our means, either. The FNG has taken all this to a whole new level – all of gov’t is now pitted against the people. Even those on the left and see that and understand the ramifications to themselves, and to the truth. We’ve seen it in the revolutions of the past. Once Stalin, Hitler were done with their enemies, they came after their friends. It is very sad. But, I wish you a very holy lent season and a Happy Easter! May Almighty God bless you, Woonsocket!

        • woonsocket says:

          You’re right about the Patriot Act. Thanks for your best wishes. One year in high school, I gave up lunch for lent.

        • dove1 says:

          That is a very good thing. I am late this year. I haven’t discerned what God wants me to do for Him this lent. I am thinking maybe just trying to be a better person, one who values the people around me more. We have a lot to be thankful for and little to fear! Maybe, be thankful for the people around me, like you Woonsocket! :)

    • Charles Almon says:

      Alinsky is a FOX creation. They know their audience needs bogeymen,
      Most Dems and Libs NEVER EVEN HEARD OF HIM.

      • dove1 says:

        Charles, How is it then that we knew well Mr. Saul Alinsky and his “work” before Fox News was on the air? It is called being educated. Means we learn things that are useful for our survival. Yeah, I know most Dem and Libs never even heard of him – and that is where you take the bait, hook, line and sinker. Do you Dems and Libs read? Don’t be just a “Useful idiot”. When they are done with us, do you not realize they’ll have no need for you? Clear your head, son, put down that joint and breath in the air – it is sweet!

        • Charles Almon says:

          You knew nothing of the kind. You righties just make things up.
          And by the way, on another topic.
          Soros was 13 years old during WWII.

        • dove1 says:

          Wow, you know what I do and do not know and even when I learned it. I was reading books on the guy in 1990. We are not all uneducated just because you are – that is your problem, not ours. Sounds like you think George Soros and Saul Alinsky are the same person. Sure, kindred spirits, but not the same person, poor Charles. Question: How much stupid can you put in 16 words? Answer: Ask Charles.

  3. me1952 says:

    Does anyone think Putin didn’t size Obama up as a cream puff from day one? That the American people weren’t laughed at for twice putting this unknown community organizer in power? Well elections have consequences folks, and the likes of Putin, Kim Il Jong, and the Iranian Mullahs won’t be taken in by an empty suit with a Colgate smile, unlike the majority of Americans, sadly.

    • paul says:

      Putin was probably not worried about Obama… He was probably wondering about the US people. Would we be willing to listen and follow the cream puff?

    • rhondareichel says:

      Not long after Obama was elected all the Russian officials refused to shake hands with him but they all shook their own president’s hand.

      • woonsocket says:

        What if Putin had refused to shake hands with George Bush?
        So Republicans favor Russia over the USA now? Since January, 2009, Republicans have done everything possible to ruin Obama’s presidency. They have extended that to include foreign relations.

        Raul Castro had no problem doing it.

    • rhondareichel says:

      Well the Russians aren’t doing a thing to us in Ukraine….in fact I read we funneled 5 billion to support the uprising….just another color revolution that will ultimately fail and backfire on us. It’s Nazis who threw out their president (illegally by the way)….that’s why one of the first things they did is destroy the monument honoring Russia from freeing Ukraine from the Nazis. How obvious. I’d rather Russia stepped in than give it to the Nazis.

      • me1952 says:

        The same Russia that engineered the 1930’s famine that starved 7-10 million Ukrainians.
        I suppose before we point a finger at the Russians we should say “Iraq” first.

      • zagozana says:

        Russia didn’t do it just because they were being nice. They did it for the same reasons, economic. Stalin was just as bad if not worse…

      • Jack Laurie says:

        Nazi’s? Are you for real? I take it history is not something you excel at! All that happened 73 years ago, there are no Nazis, they all died!

    • woonsocket says:

      Where are you getting your information from? I haven’t heard any international experts calling The President a “cream puff.” I’ve been listening to them and they’re not talking about “community organizers” and “empty suits.” They’re discussing the situation and background of how this happened.

      • me1952 says:

        I was expressing a personal opinion, not quoting anyone.

        • woonsocket says:

          It’s very puzzling how people who hate The President called him a tyrant last week and the complete opposite this week. Lyndsay Graham has done that but he’s a politician. The idiocy coming out from John McCain is making people grateful that he never became President.

        • me1952 says:

          Amen to that.

      • zagozana says:

        Good, a voice of reason. These wacadoodles think they understand the games we are about to play against Putipoot…

      • RueAnne says:

        You are not paying attention then!

  4. 4EVERu says:

    The whole world knows just how much Obama loves America. They’ve already sized up the way he treats her. I think mostly, all the world leaders are older, and certainly more wiser than Obama. What we have is a president with a childish mentality in the arena with tacticians. And they will continue to have a field day with him. He does not know what he is doing and he is in the wrong game with big time players. Benghazi, sends a screaming message through my mind, that we are in big, big trouble. We know and they know, Obama will not defend his own people. Democrats, it would behoove you to wake the heck up!!!!! If this is what you call leadership; you aint got it.

  5. Robert Baker says:

    It is bad enough what twinkle toes and his jokers are doing with the Muslum terrorist.

    Of course they are following somebodies plan to destroy us, I think. Now, Putin i8s another story. He is a veteran leader in warfare, as well as a much more qualified leader. Putin is going to have him for lunch and I fear the consequences we will suffer. I vote he keep his nose out of their business. Is it possible to impeach both him and his sidekick the joker? Of course there is no good replacement.

  6. rhondareichel says:

    Talk is cheap. We don’t have a dog in this fight anyway.
    here is another example of what a moronic foreign policy we have….
    and keep this in mind when you are soaking in the b.s. from the idiot box
    Once again our emperor has no clothes.


    I hate all that BIG BULLY talk by our politicians and media….it’s none of our business, and Kerry is a total FOOL. What ever happened to walk softly and carry a big stick?
    Putin has plenty of good reasons… and we don’t even have one….except maybe greed. That “spreading democracy” shield they try to use is made of paper and is full of holes. The truth came out on one of the talk shows Sunday morning….they mused that Putin couldn’t put a hurt on the E.U. energy wise, because we could just ship our gas over there and supply them. Baloney. How impractical and costly is that? Not worth WWIII to corner that market as far as I’m concerned.
    They talk out of both sides of their mouths saying “we need to end OUR dependence on foreign oil” —yet we have so much we need to supply the E.U. Which is it? Dependent or over abundant?
    Importing foreign oil— and exporting OUR oil —-Hmmm? doesn’t seem like a good strategy…..unless of course you are trying to keep the price high…..make it “necessarily SKYROCKET”.

  7. johnnywood says:

    Obama should make faces at Putin as that would be about as effective as his “stern warning”:-)

  8. 1josephg1 says:

    A tough response to Russia> Are we crazy. We are drastically cutting our military and the foreign exchange student is going to get bossy with arguably one of the most power nations in the world. We have a leader that needs to be sitting in the hot seat. Fast and furious, Benghazi, questionable status as to be eligible for the office of president, failure to enforce our laws and uphold the constitution just to name a few.

    • woonsocket says:

      You lost your credibility & objectivity with your last sentence.

    • Charles Almon says:

      “We’re cutting our military”
      Are you suggesting we declare war and have troops on the ground?
      Start WWIII over the Ukraine?
      Do you even think before you post?
      YOUR CHILDREN will still be paying for Bush’s vanity wars.

      • 1josephg1 says:

        Not at all. Just read. I am suggesting the opposite. STAY OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more wars. Back to Bush’s fault. Get over it. Its the foreign exchange students fault. We will be paying because of the fools that voted for the moron in the sitting in the white house.

  9. zagozana says:

    Ya, let’s just nuk’um, right… What exactly can anyone do against Putipute? Let’s do what we did in Iraq, except Putin has nukes and make Saddam look like a circus clown…
    We’ve, the west, has already cost his economy, a 10% decline.He has lost a lot with our sanctions. We have enormous powers that will continue to fight him…

  10. zagozana says:

    Let’s send Teddy (doody pants) Nugent in and see what he does….Rush could be his shield and O’Really’s mouth can be a howitzer..

  11. RueAnne says:

    That is the thing… NO ONE IS SURPRISED. Everyone even the idiot democrat have seen him as a weak leader all along!

    • woonsocket says:

      George Bush said that Putin was trustworthy. It looks like Lyndsay Graham, Rand Paul, Rudy Giuliani & John McCain are cheering for Putin! The actions of Republicans alone are undermining American interests and the Ukrainians abroad. Guess what. Republicans know that they are doing it.

  12. woonsocket says:

    The Ukraine;
    1. Has suffered greatly since the Bolshevik Revolution. Stalin murdered millions of Ukrainians in the early 20th Century.
    2. More Ukrainians live outside The Ukraine than inside it. It’s because they’ve endured so much suffering.
    3. Is the 3rd largest exporter of grain in the world.
    4. The USA is not alone in its concern over Putin’s aggression. Turkey, Poland and Hungary fear an escalation of aggression in the region. That includes any US intervention.
    5. It doesn’t help when Republicans blast away at The President for political purposes. It’s pure politics and it’s bad politics.
    6. Instead of publicly bullying The President, Republicans should be contributing to a peaceful effort.

  13. woonsocket says:

    Seems like Republicans are on Putin’s side. How could anyone accuse Obama of being a Communist now? With detractors like Comrade Lyndsay Graham and Comrade John McCain, we can send them wooden swords.

    Eric Cantor wants to work with The President. Explain that.

  14. Charles Almon says:

    Weak response? As opposed to what?
    WHAT would be a strong response?
    Enlighten us.

  15. Charles Almon says:

    Most of the poster here, are here to simply attack Obama.
    Which is the point of this site, after all.
    why don’t one of your bright lights supply waht you believe would be a


    • woonsocket says:

      I tried to click your “up” arrow 10X. The posters are doing exactly what Republicans do. It’s complain & whine all the time. It’s followed by no constructive solution. It’s no coincidence that Fox does it all the time.

  16. danhspoonhourdc says:

    After observing this president’s actions, legislative destruction, and pusillanimous foreign policy, why would anyone not be surprised!

  17. abinico says:

    I think that the world is far more diced at the US for sending its proxy Monsanto to contaminate the world with GMOs. And if you think Obama’s response was weak, maybe it’s because there ain’t a lot at stake for his masters, the Jew Wall St banksters.

  18. WhiteFalcon says:

    I never ever expect anything positive out of Ovomit.

  19. worldwatchers says:

    What troubles me is how ignorant the news people have been don’t you remember
    the meeting with the Russian when he gave the message for Putin how his
    second term he will be more flexible and be able to do what Russia wants!!

    He gave them the world Iran,Syria and Egypt all Russia is doing is taking what they
    have been given! Such a foolish country America

  20. texasjo says:

    I’m not at all surprised! He knows nothing about military ventures. He knows nothing about economics. He does what “they” tell him to do, and I’m not sure who “they” is. He makes speeches, then goes off to raise more money for his party, because they are slipping. PS: We are going to hear about Bush, AGAIN…mark my words, it is HIS fault!

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