‘Save The Storks’ Launch Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The baby killing abortion industry has been shrinking in America over the past few years, but until it has been completely driven into extinction, numerous pro-life ministries will continue to fight to save the lives of the precious unborn.  A new and upcoming pro-life ministry has taken a novel approach to reach as many women as possible in an effort to prevent them from murdering their unborn children.

Save The Storks, started by Founder and President Joe Baker, started a couple years ago in Dallas with the Stork bus and the goal of saving the lives of 1,000 babies.  Their target at the time was to service five different abortion clinics in the city.  The ministry is now headquartered in Colorado Springs with plans on adding as many busses to their fleet as possible.

What is a Stork bus?  According to their website:

“It is a medical vehicle equipped with a counseling area and a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine, which allows pregnancy centers to counsel and minister to women and show them an image of their baby. At the end of the day, pregnancy centers will own and operate these vehicles, not Save The Storks, so that women can receive the follow-up support they need.”

Save The Storks wants to partner with as many crisis pregnancy centers as possible for the following reason:

“Our desire is to provide pregnancy resource centers with Stork Buses to be an extension of their ministry. This enables them to meet with women right at the door of an abortion clinic, instead of waiting for women to come to them. It is our partnership with pregnancy resource centers that makes us a complete ministry. Abortion-minded women who decide to keep their children often need counseling, discipleship, a loving community, food, formula, clothing, diapers, and so much more – all provided through local pregnancy centers. If your pregnancy center is interested in getting a Stork Bus, please fill out our application.”

How successful are their Stork busses?  According to their website:

“The result of these efforts is that 3 out of 5 women who board a Stork Bus will choose life after seeing the ultrasound images of their child.”

If your heart cries for the blood of the innocent unborn and you’ve never done anything to help, then perhaps Saving The Storks ministry can provide you with a way to help save some of those innocent lives.   Check them out and see how you can help save the innocent from being torn apart inside their mother’s wombs.



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  • paul

    3 out of 5 women who board the bus choose life. I think that should be a bit of a signal that most women going into the clinic do not understand the status of the baby inside of them and do not have a good understand of ALL options available to them. I hope this company has great success.

  • jessica22

    The fear of pregnancy for an unprepared young woman is dreadful!
    Any attempt we can make to help these mothers-to-be to make a healthy choice for the baby, as well as the mom, should be a top priority for every Christian.
    Way to go, Save the Stork!