Starbucks Bans Amputee Veteran's Service Dog

Starbucks gained negative coverage two years ago when they openly supported Washington State’s bill to legalize same-sex marriage.  Christians around the nation began to contact Starbucks in protest and many stopped giving them their coffee business.

Last year at Starbucks annual shareholder’s meeting, shareholder Tom Strohbar was in attendance.  Noting that a recent boycott launched against Starbucks by the National Organization for Marriage has resulted in a significant decrease in sales, Strohbar asked Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz:

“In the first full quarter after this boycott was announced, our sales and our earnings, shall we say politely, were a bit disappointing.”

Aware of Strohbar’s Christian views on marriage and his opposition to the company’s stand on same-sex marriage, Schultz replied:

“If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38% you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much.”

Not only did Schultz not care about the Christian boycott of his company, but he basically told any Christian shareholders that if they don’t like what the company is doing to sell their Starbucks Stocks and take their investments elsewhere.

If that didn’t get you to stop supporting Starbucks, then perhaps their recent treatment of a wounded veteran and his service dog will.  Yancy Baer was serving in Iraq in 2009 when he suffered a leg injury.  During treatment, it was learned the Baer had bone cancer, forcing doctors to amputate his left leg below the knee.  Since that time, Baer has had a number of highs and lows in his recovery and learning to function in today’s world as an amputee.

About 14 weeks ago, Baer had an emotional high when he met Verbena, a physical service dog that was trained by Canine Companions for Independence.  Verbena had been trained to help someone like Baer function as an amputee.  Wanting to give back to Canine Companions for Independence, Baer agreed to travel from San Antonio to Houston to share his experience with others.  Baer and his contact in Houston agreed to meet at a Starbucks, but when Baer and Verbena arrived, a Starbucks employee told him they had a no dog policy.  When Baer explained that Verbena was a service dog, the employee quipped back that he wasn’t blind.

Baer says that perhaps if he had been wearing shorts so the employee could see his missing leg, there might not have been an incident.  He also said that he doesn’t hold any hard feelings against the employee or with Starbucks.

Laura Harper, spokeswoman for Starbucks says they never turn away service animals and have apologized to Baer and used this as a training incident with the Starbuck’s store in Houston.

Baer should not have had to prove his need for a service dog.  Some people have service dogs to detect seizures and others are used to calm people with certain mental conditions.  Most people with disabilities or conditions that warrant the need for having a service dog don’t like to bring attention to themselves.  The last thing they want is to have people staring at them or making a big deal over them.

In my experience and those I have spoken with over the years, it seems people with more liberal views seem to be more thoughtless and less considerate than those with more conservative and Christian views.  I don’t know if anyone has ever conducted a study to see if conservatives and Christians are more compassionate than liberals, but current politics lends some credence to the idea.  It also seems that Starbucks supports that concept and my observations.



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228 comments on “Starbucks Bans Amputee Veteran's Service Dog
  1. kalli says:

    This company’s products are overpriced, have high calories and bad, unsavory ingredients that people should stop consuming. I stopped 2 years ago, and am glad to see their bottom-line decline. The CEO schmuck has a bad attitude.

    • Deborah G says:

      I only tried it once. They coffee was prettyt awful actually gave me an acid stomach. I usually just make good old Folger’s at home. Call me Bourgoise

    • squeak says:

      Then we should show this Schmuck who is really the boss, ” THE CONSUMERS “, CEO you just have been told, your decisions are for the birds & we the people love our guns, & most of all ” OUR HERO VETS ” !

      • warriorsmom says:

        ABSOLUTELY!!!! We love OUR HERO VETS, and their service dogs, as well. I will not spend one dime on a Starbucks product…EVER!!! As a matter of fact, I received a Starbucks gift card for Christmas…it has been shredded! This organization needs to remind their arrogant staff that those who serve, as well as those who have served have our admiration. Punks in aprons behind a counter have done NOTHING to earn respect, and they certainly have done a bang-up job of proving they aren’t anywhere close!!!

        • violater1 says:

          Yes and they are also anti gun as well! As for my part Starbucks can go straight to hell in a handbasket and I will cheer their failure on!

    • Myrtle Linder says:

      All America loving people should boycott Starbucks. We have so many that go the way or Starbucks. We need to honor America loving businesses.

    • mathis1689 says:

      Have been in a Starbucks only once in my life and with their attitude I see no reason to return.

    • JJM123 says:

      I have only visited a Starbucks 1ce. The only thing that impressed me was their HIGH PRICING.

    • violater1 says:

      Simply put Overpriced Starbucks Sucks! I have had better coffee at McDonalds or Burger Kings! I would not drop a dime toward their sorry Company’s products period!

  2. Worried says:

    liberal is just a name tag the libtards use, they are not tolerant, liberal or openminded.

  3. James A. DeHart says:

    An employee of Starbuck’s banned the individual and his canine companion, not corporate. We have enough reasons to get upset daily, least this be one of them.

    • Worried says:

      no one at any corporation works in the field, DUH, starbucks needs to be boycotted

    • Deborah G says:

      So what? Starbucks are a bunch of Painty waist liberals Military isn’t welcome we get it. So they won’t get our business period. No more Starbucks giftcards for Christmas famiily. Good old American cash instead.

      • squeak says:

        YOU GO DEB… shove it to them as they do to the American { Gun owners } people & now the Vets ! Starbucks are too big for their Britches, too Independent, they forget WHO MADE THEM !

        • Deborah G says:

          have you ever been to San Fran or Seattle? What a bunch of whackos. Starbucks has its roots there. Nuff said Pelosi land

        • squeak says:

          YES, what a site to see, in fact it was amusing in some cases, but pathetic in other cases… Pelosi is a good advertisement for San Fran, mostly Wackos…Did not see that much of Seattle but enough that was not impressing !

        • Deborah G says:

          I found San Fran disgusting actually. Too many Lesbos and gays for me. faggy men with bicycle hemets and ankle socks YUCK> I like to see my guy in Jeans and Camo with a good hunting rifle LOL

        • squeak says:

          Being raised in a small town , seeing San Fran was an experience for me, never seen anything like that…I agree It was disgusting & frightening… I am a conservative dressing person & love to shop for a man, dress him in conservative clothing , Polo comes to mind… love wearing Jeans, sweat shirts, sweaters, that goes for the man also ! Of course living in Fl. it is a treat to dress that way, this year I got to wear jeans often as we had many cold days !

        • Howdy Doody Conservative says:

          And speaks without an obvious LISP!

        • Deborah G says:

          OBVIOUSLY! LOL he’s a real guy , I never feel this war on women because he is a man who respects women…. And he’d die protecting his family.

    • squeak says:

      This is not the only problem Starbucks has to offer…what about the GUN incident… it would be just like Starbucks, let an Employee take the blame, you sure he is not Obama ? LOL !

    • 19don36 says:

      Apparently you didn’t read the story completely! Did you see what Howard Schultz himself is quoted as saying in the article?

      • sandyinindy says:

        I boycott starbucks when that happened. Saved enough $$ that I bought a Keurig coffee/cap maker and LOVE IT!!

  4. Deborah G says:

    Aw just boycott the liberal Pelosiland morons. End it and be done with them period. A bunch of homos and metro sexuals

  5. Mike Warren says:

    I never cared for their coffee or uppity little employees. Service Dogs and disabled Vets are better than anyone who works at that crap company.
    FU Starbucks

    • Deborah G says:

      Amen their servers{they call them Baristas] make crappy pay and yet they think they are so much more superior. I never went in one again after the fiorst time BUT I had been buying a lot of gioftcards for friends and family. NOT ANYMORE!

      • laboop2u says:

        Coffee isn’t worth the money they charge for it – no matter what silly name they give it!

      • bob3443 says:

        That’s because they have a fancy title “Barista”!!!!

      • Remington 870 says:

        Never been to a Starbucks. I once looked at the prices and who was serving and never been back. I support all my fellow vets in boycotting this business which is obviously managed by liberal Democraps.

    • PeaverBogart says:

      I’m a disabled combat vet and I do have a service dog, A 220 lb. English Mastiff. I’ve never been to a Starbucks and I never will. Maybe I should go into one sometimes just to use the restroom to see what they say to me.If they make me leave, I’ll just have my dog pee on their wall.

      • Gorni says:

        I dare you…. especially with a mastiff. What an incredible dog. I just love wrapping my arms around them. Smart too! Thank you for your service!!!!! May your 220 pound baby and you have a wonderful life together.

      • Mathematical certainty says:

        PeaverBogart, after your Mastiff pisses on the wall, my king German Shepherd named “Clear the Area” at 205 lbs., will knock down the walls, and doors, then all four of us can go to dunkin donuts to get real coffee.

        • Gorni says:

          I would PAY to see this! What a memory that would be. Okay, Okay….. I double dare both of you! But…. you have to video tape it with two cameras. One on the dogs and one on the employees. Go for it!

        • PatriotGal says:

          Count me in – I want to see that!

      • delong003 says:

        I would truly love to see that!

      • bob3443 says:

        Don’t do that! It will just make harder for other who also have service dogs..

        • PeaverBogart says:

          Why not? If they are bannning service dogs now, What difference does it make? (Using Hitlery’s phrase)

      • venturamickey says:

        cool better yet let him eat the manager

      • Mike Warren says:

        I’m a disabled Vet and I am owned by a couple of dogs, not service dogs though. All Vets and Americans who care should set aside a day to take our dogs to a Starbucks and let relieve themselves on their walls.
        Maybe the coffee will taste better then.

    • venturamickey says:

      A big Ditto here Mikey

  6. Chief47 says:

    Starbucks just doesn’t want the public to see that their product and their atmosphere is “for the dogs”. Don’t understand why the idiot customers they have keep them in business. Guess it would fall under “birds of a feather flock together”. I wouldn’t drink Starbucks coffee if it was the last beverage on the planet.

  7. Frogman17 says:

    Screw Starbucks and the horse they rode in on. they’ll never get my business again in the future. They minimally should pay a stiff fine for their stupidity and illegal actions.

    • dangkids says:

      Amen Frogman17, That service dog has better character than Howard Shultz will ever know. Howard Shultz FITS RIGHT UP THERE WITH THE REST OF THE GREED WHORE-MONGERS!

    • violater1 says:

      Even a bad dog has netter manners than Starbucks employees and pwnership all the way to the a*****e ceo! Smuck Howard Shultz may he fall with a resounding thud!

  8. J J says:

    This is just “another” reason for me never to go into Starbucks again…I do have other reasons. Starbucks is a business that needs to get a grip on reality!!!

  9. harrydweeks says:

    Starbuck’s is a classic example of the stupidity of the American public. The coffee is the cheapest shit they can find , roasted to almost black and then sold as gourmet coffee . Anyone who has experience in the coffee industry, will tell you the products are junk and must be tamed with sugar, syrups, whipped cream and chocolate just to make them drinkable. But if you have a Starbucks cup to display , You Must be Cool. What a joke. This guy is lucky if he didn’t get served. Next time meet at Duncan Donuts many have outside seating which allow all dogs.

    • osuredleg says:

      Yes, I have had this conversation with John of John’ Coffee Shop in Copperas Cove, TX. FYI, for those of you in and around Ft. Hood, please visit his shop off od 190 in Cove. He made me one of the BEST cappuccino’s I have had in a very LONG time about a month ago. And, as crazy as this may sound, he is actually a CHRISTIAN, and a vet. Amazing, huh? He told me how their “fair trade” coffee is just a conglomeration of whatever comes in, and it could be some good beans, some not so good, and a lot that is moldy and not worth even buying. Yet, Starbucks buys this and roasts/burns it all together, and markets it as being “fair trade” and makes everyone who buys it feel good about themselves, while making exorbitant profits. Oh, and btw, for those Christians that still go there, did anyone ever explain just WHAT their logo is? It is DAGAN, the fish god from ancient Sumeria/Mesopotamia; where the legend of the “siren” comes from. YES, it is a PAGAN symbol and that should tell you enough right there!

    • violater1 says:

      I bet that Dunkin Donuts will welcome them even on the inside! there are good Companies that honor and respect there Customers and their Country!

      • Laurence Almand says:

        Someone should post on the internet a list of all companies and restaurants that welcome veterans and service dogs, so we will know whom to patronize – and whom to boycott.

  10. gw111 says:

    Both conservatives and liberal seem to think they have the monopoly on compassion. I don’t think either has, once more I don’t think it really matters in the overall scheme of things. Liberals call compassion taking from the wealthier and give to the poor. Right here is where they have it wrong. Compassion isn’t forcing someone else to give, compassion is when you give of your own free will. Not all conservatives are going to give and certainly not all liberals are going to give. The best society is one where no one is hindered in achieving for themselves. A safty net yes! I might mention ,however, conservative have given more to charity as a percentage of their income. One of the biggest hindrance to achievement is welfare. Many, more today then ever, are trapped mentally in the mode that the government should take care of them. I don’t mean Social Security recipients. Welfare destroys ones initiative to work. There is a joy to working and making ones on way that can come from only one thing, that’s right, work. When a conservative says someone who able body should work he doesn’t have to be saying it because he is compassionate. Even so he is saying what is the best for that individual.

  11. Saltporkdoc says:

    First, there is a difference between a service dog and other special use dogs. Those that are used by the blind are best known as “seeing eye dogs” while dogs such as Verbena are known as “service dogs”. Other special use dogs are known as “search & rescue dogs”, “cadaver dogs”, etc. No matter the label, they all provide exceptional and necessary service to their handlers!
    Even that retail nemesis Walmart has a policy that anyone bringing a dog into there stores are to be admitted WITHOUT QUESTION! If an issue comes up, the matter is to be referred to a manager who may only ask, “Is your dog a service dog”. If the reply is yes…issue over!

    Second, why should I pay hyper inflated prices for a cup of coffee? Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino…why ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee by putting anything in it? I’ll just go get a Senior Coffee for 59 cents at McDonalds!

    • kushibo says:

      It’s not particularly “hyper-inflated.” If you’re not a senior citizen, a large brewed coffee is $1.79 at McDonald’s and it’s about $2.59 at Starbucks. I like McD’s coffee, usually getting the $1 menu item, whereas the smallest one at Starbucks is about $1.79. The difference is that Starbucks provides fresher milk to add to it and they have plugs for your computer. McD’s has better wi-fi, though.

      And when it comes to the frou-frou drinks, McD’s is getting into the $4 range as well.

      • D Fawkes says:

        Starbuck’s has long been a magnet that attracts a$$holes, and repels conservatives.

      • Saltporkdoc says:

        Sorry, an 80 cent difference for the exact same product is a perfect example of hyper inflation in my opinion, especially when that 80 cents is a bit more than a 30% difference.
        I drink my coffee black so “fresher milk” is pointless to me. (Again, why ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee by putting anything in it? :-P) I thought about using the word frou-frou but, well, you said it, I didn’t.
        I take my family out on dates, not my computer.
        Besides, I don’t even like the flavor of the blend of Starbucks.
        Strike three… for Starbucks in my book!

      • Saltporkdoc says:

        Do the math. $2.59 minus $1.79 equal $0.80. That’s a 30% difference for the same size of an inferior product. If that’s not hyper inflationary, I don’t know what is!

        As for frou-frou drinks, I already said I don’t care to mess up a perfectly good cup of coffee by putting in anything but the beans! :-)

    • Deborah G says:

      Actually they say that MCDonald’s coffees are better by blind taste tests and so are 7-11’s. LOL

      • grinnie says:

        I have heard the same regarding McDonalds! Think I’ll try it one day soon. I haven’t been to a Starbucks since I heard they didn’t support our troops about 2 yrs ago.

        • pateboo says:

          I don’t drink coffee myself, but my 87 yo father will make me go to McDonald’s to get him their coffee, even when we have coffee at home, and it’s been 3 degrees outside lately. He also loves their oatmeal.

        • Saltporkdoc says:

          Definitely worth the try.

      • Saltporkdoc says:

        I didn’t have to be blind to tell the difference. Give me McDonald’s anytime, then 7/11, the Speedway. But really all fall behind my home brewed, fresh ground, Maxwell House (Original or French roast) or 8 O’Clock (also fresh ground). LOL

    • laboop2u says:

      And it’s a lot better than Staryuck’s coffee! (and yes I meant Staryuck!)

    • sandraleesmith46 says:

      I fear you drank too much of that stuff the Chiefs euphemistically called coffee…. But Starbucks’ is lousy, so needs all those flavors to make it palatable. I generally make my own, in the morning and stick to water the rest of the day.

  12. monacall says:

    No more Starbucks here.

  13. boros yasdnilkov says:

    It is quite simple: We have become an uncivil nation. Unfortunately, it becomes more evident with each passing day that progressive liberals have little or no concern for the views and/or needs of conservatives.

  14. hagar2935 says:

    This is an EXTREME Liberal company. I refuse to patronize them. Like most Honest American Conservatives, I do not patronize businesses that support extreme Liberalism… Like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Home Depot, and advertisers that support MSNBC, NBC, or CNN I prefer to spend my money at companies that support AMERICA, like Chick-fil-a and others.

  15. Tony says:

    What moron did the Houston Starbucks hire? The only kind of service dog is for blind people? What an idiot.

    • dangkids says:

      LOL, I know right. Just another punk, fubar that knows nothing.

    • Shadowdark7 says:

      Best way to deal with those scheisskopfs is to carry a copy of the ADA Laws concerning Service dogs with you and if they persist in giving you grief and threaten to call the cops, tell them go ahead and watch THEM get in Legal DooDoo for discrimination of the disabled

  16. EngelsMarx1848 says:

    Starbucks banned by most active and veteran service men for stupid policy and high prices.
    It has always amazed me that people complain about milk and fuel cost but pay upwards of $1.50 for bottle of water and $4.00 for a cup of Joe.

  17. squeak says:

    Why do we continue to patronize Starbucks, when they are against guns & now our VETS ? … I do NOT patronize Starbucks, their coffee is STRONG & other items are OVERPRICED… I would think America, with this latest info, treating our Vets in that manner would be enough to BOYCOTT the HELL out of them ! BOYCOTT !!

  18. kushibo says:

    “Noting that a recent boycott launched against Starbucks by the National Organization for Marriage has resulted in a significant decrease in sales, …”

    This is fiction. Profits are up, and the “slowdown of sales” is 5% growth instead of the previous quarter’s 9% growth.

  19. a marine . says:

    Why would people pat $2.50 or more for a cup of coffee when you can go to any fast food place or 7-11 or fast mart etc, and get one for a dollar. Add that to the twisted beliefs of starbucks and they way they treat vets, get real do not spend any money with them, get in their bottom line and they will shut the hell up and and change their way of thinking. money talks and bs walks

  20. SammysDad says:

    7/11 coffee is better and cheaper.

  21. Canadianlady says:

    I wouldn’t buy from Starbucks if you paid me.

  22. myfordtruck says:

    If it was up to me they would be out of business very fast there is no way I would buy any thing from them they are over priced and not that good

  23. bjreg3 says:

    I used to go there 4-5 times a week? After reading this, I’ll never visit Starbucks again. Elitist leftwing snobs.

  24. EngelsMarx1848 says:

    This guy gave up a leg so these limo libs could drink $5.00 Latte and frown at his bringing his service dog in for a cup of Joe.
    McDs and Seven 11 works just fine ,come to think of it home coffee works best.

  25. [email protected] says:

    Starbucks ahs good coffee but Tim Horton’s is just as good at half the price.

  26. chickief says:

    The Americans with Disabilities Act forbids by federal law the actions of this Starbucks employee! This employee needs to be educated about this or fired! A Service Dog cannot be forbidden access to ANY place at ANY time. Service dogs provide support for all types of disabilities many of them unseen by humans.

    I stopped shopping at Starbucks a few years ago because, they are overpriced and their politics stink.

  27. skillet56 says:

    Just another reason not to like them.

  28. kushibo says:

    If Baer himself isn’t holding this against Starbucks or the Starbucks employee, why is anyone here? Clearly it was a case of a misinformed employee who did not understand what appears to be a policy visible in almost any Starbucks shop.

    A real culprit in cases like this is the people who abuse the service animal protocols. Here in Hawaii, some people actually fake the registration papers so they can bring their non-service animal wherever they go. In fact, at a Starbucks I frequent here in Honolulu, some people apparently did just that, and they had their dog in the mall-attached shop, barking at lots of people, and then after feeding it a bunch of hot dogs, nachos, and cheese, the dog threw up in the Starbucks, and they just left. Didn’t even bother to tell the employees about it so they could clean it up before it dried into the carpet.

    The employees their said they’re nearly 100% certain that is not a service dog, and if it is, then it is being misused. But because of their policy, they ask no questions.

    • Laura From Arizona says:

      As you point out, this article does say that Baer didn’t hold any grudges. Other stories online quote him describing the actual behavior the employee subjected him to as being very traumatic. Just because he is able to forgive like a true Christian rather than hold a grudge like a typical liberal does not mean we should ignore the incident and “see no evil”.

      As for the employee being “misinformed” and merely not understanding a “policy”, this is not the case. The LAW says service animals must be allowed anywhere, including restaurants. This employee did not break policy, he BROKE THE LAW. As my parents taught me, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

  29. dangkids says:

    @ Howard Shultz EFF YOU, ALL THE WAY UP!

  30. SandraJ says:

    I tried Starbuck’s and wasn’t impressed, and when they decided not to be neutral in the gay debate, I wrote them off forever. Their drinks aren’t good for anyone anyway, and obviously their CEO doesn’t really care about the company either!

  31. Bomber7090 says:

    I do not patronize Starbucks – and they can take their stock and put it where the sun does not shine. However, the headline of this article was deceptive since it was a mistake by their “store partner” (their terminology) who has participated in a “coaching opportunity” (their terminology). Clearly, the business language is laced with liberal euphimisms that fail to adequately discipline the employee. But the conservative press should not copy the deception of the liberal press – the headline is deceptive since the customer was not banned and Starbucks recognized their failure to support his right to have a guide dog. Conservatives should not lower themselves to the level of the New York Times, Washington Post, and other liberal media. Tell it like it is is enough.

  32. Bo_Kassa says:

    Starbuck’s where the snooty, arrogant, obnoxious, self-centered, tasteless folks go to buy their coffee.

  33. Oldsailor65 says:

    Starbucks keeps their prices high to keep out the “RIF-RAF” and it works cuse “I DONT GO THERE”.

  34. a_goodtarheel1 says:

    Never again! My grand daughter has a service dog to alert her to oncoming grand mal seizures. The thought of her having to deal with these kind hearted liberals is just too much for me.

  35. James in Texas says:

    Never been in one of the places for coffee or any other product. Met with a client one time, nearly had a stroke when I saw the prices. With an attitude like the CEO, I’ll take his advice and never spend so much as a dime in one of them.

  36. ABBAsFernando says:

    CONTEMPTIBLE. Boycott Starbucks nation wide.

  37. joshuasweet says:

    and just how do they justify their placement inside of VA Hospitals then?

    • Winston says:

      It’s called crony capitalism and illegal campaign contributions. Liberals do the devil’s work.

    • raffaelecafagna says:

      Good Question ; there is a starbucks at my V.A. and lot of Vets and V.A. personnel are supporting it ; I don`t ; never did and never will ; piss on starbucks .

      • Chiefbuck says:

        I haven’t seen any signs in the “Starbucks lite” but the word is out and the Wilmington DE VA branch doesn’t seem to be doing much business. I suspect that most vets have no idea that they are being served Starbucks goods, at least until they pay their bill. I didn’t realize that so many vets were aware of Starbucks policies. It looks as if others feel exactly the same as I do.

    • Chiefbuck says:

      Just a guess but I suppose it has something to do with their political contributions. Shortly after Obama became president the local (Wilmington DE) VA converted a nifty waiting room into a “Starbucks lite”. By that I mean VA employees serving Starbucks products. I can’t report on the price structure because I haven’t purchased anything and have no intention of doing so.

  38. danimal says:

    Know what I like about Starbucks… nothin…

  39. southie55 says:

    Am ready for in-coming fire but Starbucks base customer for the most part could care less about Veteran’s.

  40. Lloydl333 says:

    I still remember that Starbucks refused water to the first responders in NY on 9/11. Retail as a whole is terrible at training employees to take care of customers. In & Out Burgers is an exception. They train employees to SMILE, Welcome the customer and even count back your change (A really old fashion way to respect the customer and protect their cash drawer from mistakes) So often you don’t get a thank you from clerks.

    I occasionally get a “No Problem” I guess I am from the stone age when a business valued their customers.

    • Chiefbuck says:

      Lloyd, Chic-Fil-A provides top notch service and is always packed. My wife and I were there and spotted a few GI’s, she hurried to the counter and picked up the tab for their grub. The store manager came by and told her that he noticed what she did and thanked her, also gave her some coupons and a few other tidbits to show their appreciation.

  41. raffaelecafagna says:

    Since starbucks is against Christians , Veterans , service Dogs and Second Amendment , why go there ? Why waste your precious time and money with these Retarded Imbeciles ? It is your money , go to a place that welcomes you .

  42. Peggy says:

    Starbucks is bitter and acidic. But even if it tasted good, I would never pay that much for a cup of coffee! I’d rather spend my money for the training of service dogs.

  43. Mark Tallman says:

    Between Howard Schultz’s complete dismissal of what does make up the overwhelming majority of his Customer base, the denial of access to a wounded veteran with a bona fide service animal to, if you remember, the Starbucks down the street form Ground Zero refusing to provide water to first responders, I have HAD IT with Starbucks. They can go straight to hell. By the way, please do not go to Caribou Coffee. While it is a public company now, their venture capital came from muslims who also happen to support terrorism. I am certain Barack HUSSEIN Obama would approve. Seattle’s Best and a host of other alternatives exist.

    • osuredleg says:

      Ummm, hate to tell you, but Seattle’s Best was bought out by Starbucks at least seven years ago. :o/
      And now they have bought out another company I used to really like, Teavana. Damn them!!!

  44. etohdoc says:

    Really OVER PRICED COFFEE. Can get a much better cup of coffee and certainly a better price at almost anywhere. Can get a great tasting cup of coffee at Murpheys for 99 cents.

  45. raffaelecafagna says:


  46. ItalianScallion says:

    Boycott Starbucks no dogs and no guns.

  47. Sam says:

    Maybe someone should start another coffee chain that believes in traditional marriage, loves veterans and their service dogs, and loves America, God, guns and family!

  48. Mys77 says:

    Starbucks, rude service, liberal polcies, over priced…. yeah I will take my business elsewhere.

  49. charles17121 says:

    Starbucks can their coffee and stick it were the sun don’t shine . Starbucks coffee is just over priced mud !

  50. denoferth says:

    Starbucks seems to have a company policy of hiring intolerant yuptoidal libtards, but I repeat myself.

  51. ExLush says:

    Stabucks: Anti gunners, Pro gay “marriage”, and some at least, don’t like Veterans. I already quit any Starbucks store with the anti gun deal, then quit even allowing thier store bought product into our house. Next move? Throw out the wife’s Starbucks mug and coffee cups! Over rated bean anyway!

  52. rosech says:

    And the best part is Consumer’s Report rated McDonald’s coffee #1 and Starbuck further down the list. McD’s a lot cheaper too and would not treat this man or woman this way. Starbucks’ for the way overpriced pastry, coffee and as a tea drinker, not even decent tea.

  53. Paul R. Jones says:

    I drink my coffee at home, have never liked the coffee bar venue, and basically am a hermit. There are so many other things on earth worth getting upset over than coffee. Just my two cents worth.

    • Laura From Arizona says:

      This story isn’t about coffee. It’s about an employee of a restaurant violating the rights of a citizen (disabled veteran) by BREAKING THE LAW.

  54. hornman2 says:

    The whole Starbucks thing does not surprise me at all. The thing that did surprise me was the remark he made to the stockholder about receiving a 38% annual return on his investment. If this were true there would be a stampede to buy Starbucks stock. I can’t imagine any major company in the World being able to offer a 38% return on their investment in any given year.

    • FedUpBob says:

      I don’t care how high their ROI goes. I still won’t buy their stock or their coffee. I won’t set foot in a Starbucks. I make much better coffee myself. Why bother with second rate?

      • hornman2 says:

        I wasn’t suggesting anyone run out and buy the stock; I was implying that the possibility of a 38% ROI in one year is next to impossible in this economy. I would have to see the value of the stock on a graph over a period of several years to believe that the value of any company’s stock increased 38% in one year. While not impossible; highly improbable.

  55. 19don36 says:

    An open letter to Howard Schultz,
    I just got off the phone with my broker, telling him to sell my Starbucks shares. He resisted briefly, but I schooled him on principle, and he yielded. Wise man, he recognizes who the customer is. You do not. While I live across the street from a Starbucks store, and the convenience was nice, it is over between us. Not only can you have my shares, I hope you will live to learn that there is more to life (and business) than money. This kid who was banished from your store because of his service dog has more understanding of life and what the US is all about than you, or, apparently many of your employees. You should get down on your knees in front of this vet, beg his forgiveness and promise him free Starbucks products for the rest of his life, but I am reasonably sure you don’t have the strength and honor to do so. You and your company are examples of what a decline this country has gone through as the greatest generation leaves the scene. Honor, integrity, and patriotism are just words to you people. Get thee behind me!

  56. lokiswife says:

    I inherited some SBUX shares, will complain as a stockholder on their home page. That gives it a little more clout..

  57. Daniel Gray says:

    As a proud 101st Airborne 22nd Combat/160th SOAR retired Sgt. I would have punched this creep in the face and then when the police were called I would have had this idiot arrested for violating a federal law, called the Americans with Disabilities Act that has been law of the land since 1990. And since this is a federal felony, the creep would be going to jail as violations are a minimum of 10 years in prison and/or a $250,000.00 fine. And I would have made sure that the press was there and could see me with my two ankle braces and the two knee braces and the back brace as well as my cane….wanna guess who’s reputation would take a major hit? And not in a good way?

  58. bless2live says:

    Starbucks don’t belong in America, better yet, no where would even be better. They are like the fake president, they are disrespectful to America and her soldiers!

  59. Murray E says:

    SBUX has a real problem with dogs …therapy dogs, Tea Cup pups in carriers, dogs tucked in strollers…there’s always someone who’s ready to bounce out the customer who had to bring the dog in ….yelp, chase you out the door, call the cops, I mean, they’re mean….especially to be so nice to the customers most of the time. It’s not like anyone has made a habit of bringing the pups inside, but there are some circumstances when the well-behaved dog, the therapy dog should be all right in there for a few minutes.

  60. Denise B says:

    Starbuck$ is a money funneling org, for Israel Need I note that Howard Schultz is a Jew.
    American has done everything for Israel, for decades. Many American politicians have publicly stated, in a myriad of variations, that their top priority, as American politicians, is to protect and preserve Israel. All the wars that Americans have fought in, died for, and killed for, for almost 100 years, has served the goals of Eretz Israel.
    This American soldier was wounded in the service of Imperialist Israeli expansion. The invasion into Iraq was supposed to be a way into Iran.(and their STILL trying, every day, to get American Goyim to die for the invasion of Iran) Now that’s he’s wounded – note the gratitude.
    Par for the course….

    • LawtonOkie says:

      You are so full of hate for Israel and the Jewish people.

      • Denise B says:

        Hey AZZHAT – try commenting on the hatred that Jews ROURINELY exhibit towards every-one ELSE – especially Christians.
        And TRY refuting the veracity of my posts, you slurping moron.

        • John Simpson says:

          I have rarely encountered anyone more uninformed than Denise B. Israel is the only real ally we have in the middle east cess pool. The only democracy and the only country that doen’t treat women and children like cattle. You cannot come up with one example of the falsehoods you are spewing. And if you want to measure the Jewish people by what they have contributed to improve your life, you may be truly ashamed. Your anti-semtic words are hateful and you are just flat wrong.

  61. GrumpyOleMan says:

    Only an uneducated, uninformed, and uncaring person spends money with Starbucks. The biggest disappointment I had in 2013 was seeing Target putting them in their stores. I haven’t spent a dime on Starbucks products in over two years, and I”m not going to Target as much as I once did.

    Green Mountain, Dunkin’ Doughnuts, Denny’s, all make better coffee at better prices as do many other coffee producers. Why give business to someone who doesn’t appreciate it anyway? Mac Donnalds has Wi-Fi with their coffee too!

  62. WhiteFalcon says:

    I have for a long time said that it was time to ditch Starbucks. They are over priced and they are a bunch of arrogant asses. I hope that all veterans refuse to partronize them ever again.

  63. mcbee555 says:

    The “dog ban” was an “at the entrance refusal of the companion dog and the insult by a Starbuck employee asking Mr. Baer why he even needed the dog and that he could do without the dog. For that, the company apologized.
    I was in a Starbuck’s once, in 2005, on a visit to NYC. I had a $6.00+ cup of coffee because my friend urged me to “try it” and suggested there was nothing like Starbuck’s coffee. He was right! Thankfully, there IS nothing like Starbuck’s Coffee. What a gimmick! The coffee was burned and lousy, and I could have bought two(2) 10.3 ounce containers of “Chock Full of Nuts” coffee at my local super-market for one lousy Starbuck’s coffee cup. Had it even been a good cup, the fact that I felt Starbuck’s was gouging at the prices it charges wouldn’t have allowed me to be satisfied anyway. I was just a small town guy from PA, and I supposed that New York City folks had different values than me about discretionary spending. I do stick with my story though, the coffee was lousy anyway!

  64. mdhawthorne says:

    There is a lot of GOOD coffee out there and it does not have to have Starbucks name on it to make it so. I started reading coffee blogs and Googling for additional information (where to buy, etc.) and now I have it delivered to my doorstep without having to pass through the pseudo sophisticated doorways of an overpriced Starbucks store. Most of us want to support America and American ideals. For me, that includes withholding my business from faux American stores such as Starbucks. I urge all of you to do the same.

  65. Tom Sargent says:

    Shultz, you can put your coffee back where you got it ….. where the sun dosen’t shine. I tried a $4.00 cup when I was in Seattle in 2006 for a ship’s reunion. After 2 sips, threw it in the trash can before I walked out the door. He seems kinda like SOBama ….. If you do not like his attitude, his product or his policies it doesn’t matter. I prefer Chic Filet’s coffee way over his anyway. Crawl back under your rock, Shultz and just wait and bite the next person that comes along.

  66. White & Proud says:

    starbucks is nothing but a bunch of schmucks with an attitude. I stopped going there a long time ago. I found a neat little place about 2 blocks from starbucks near my house … I’ve been going there … and promoting the heck out of it. For all I care starbucks can go to hell along with every other liberal anti-American owned company!

  67. 63Marine says:

    Their products “SUCK”. Tastes like the beans are burned. Their prices are way to high for what you get and the employees have schettie attitudes. I hope they go under….
    Semper Fi

  68. kktex12 says:

    I haven’t been there in 3 years and it will be after my death bed before I go again.

  69. Henry says:

    Aholes starbucks.

  70. venturamickey says:

    Just one more reason I will never patronize this overpriced farce.

  71. venturamickey says:

    We need to start an Americans for Christian Values and Constitutional enforcement Coffee shop. We can call it the ACVCCS The only thing we will serve liberally will be the portions and the dedication to our God and Country.

  72. Rightleaning says:

    More idiots at Starbucks than I thought. I don’t like their coffee anyhow, so it is easy for me not to drink it. I hope all veterans and real Christians think twice before supporting Starbucks.

  73. colsooonscoorner says:

    They sure won’t get my business, and probably not my friends after I send this to them. That’s a cold, nasty attitude they’ve got at corporate. Don’t deserve any business.

  74. Alleged Comment says:

    Star*ucks just got too expensive. That’s how the greedy Schultz got the 38% return. He is supporting gay abomination and that is more important than money which is incredible because this is what this game is about.

    But like all liberals they want to go to the grave DEFYING God!

    Go to McDonalds. The coffee there is pretty good I’m told. I don’t drink coffee when I’m out so I can’t really tell you. Seattle Coffee is good. I tried it.

  75. Paul Brown says:

    I don’t care for that strong crap they sell, but for an employee to treat a veteran like this and embarrass him like that is reprehensible and that employee should be FIRED and we should ” BOYCOTT” Starbucks crapree for treating people like this. If I were the vet I would start a law suit against them for this crap.

  76. rog363 says:

    I wouldn’t drink their damn over priced Coffee if I was dying of thirst and it was the only thing left to drink.

  77. RMD says:


  78. RobertNorwood says:

    Starbucks coffee basically sucks. Now the cappuccinos are good but the truth is the liberal types go there because it’s a trendy liberal icon promoted in Hollywood movies, they order bad coffee or decaf lattes with skim milk. The more daring go for 2%. Yep, they really know their coffee, about as much as they know what to elect for a president.

  79. Gorni says:

    Hey Starbucks, I hope this takes your sales down further. Service dogs are ALLOWED everywhere and if they aren’t, then don’t give them your business. Not only was the employee blind, but incredibly stupid with NO compassion. He should be immediately fired.

  80. Mathematical certainty says:

    I have only been to a Starbucks once, and I have never observed or encountered a Starbucks employee that appeared uppity or condescending. On the contrary, my experience was quite the opposite, i.e., they all appeared to be stupid, deer-in-the-eyes-bots, which I attributed to imbibing too much of what they call coffee. If I ever decide to visit a 2nd time, I will ride in on the back of my 205 lb. King German Shepherd, also a service canine, named “Clear-the-Area”!

  81. fritzmerde says:

    I’ve never been able to figure out the attraction of Starbucks, but I’m not in the “in crowd” & can think of an unending list of things preferable to waste $ on, like gas. The problem is that employee is intellectually inferior to the service animal. Having dealt with service animals in my line of work they’re fairly easy to spot. They’re intelligent, well behaved, keen to their surroundings & a Godsend to those they aid. Now they’ll add this into their training videos, super. When will they add respect, compassion & competence to their training videos?

  82. patricia dahleen says:

    Fire that ignorant employee! At least an apology was given. But how outrageous!

  83. Amber says:

    I really don’t like their coffee anyway – no more starbucks for me.

  84. MARYANN33 says:

    I have boycotted Starbucks since they came out for gay agenda, now they are anti military and anti-American…We all need to boycott them…

  85. I think we should take Mr. Shultz’ advice and liquidate all the Starbucks shares we might have. I did, and have never put another cup of that company’s coffee to my lips since then. There are plenty, PLENTY of other high (or higher?) quality coffee shops around, and I gladly support them.
    Anyone wanna head out for a Panera? :)

  86. 19greg45 says:

    I’ve never liked $tarbuck$ or their over-priced, over-roasted, over-hyped swill that they pass off as coffee. The only thing I go in there for is to use the bathroom. I get my coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts or Einstein Bagels. Much better coffee at a much better price, and you don’t need a lesson in Portuguese to order it either.

  87. rchguns says:

    I think it’s about time for Starbucks to realize that they are not omnipotent at least get off of their high horse and join the rest of the people on earth. I guess you can expect too much more from a company that advertises coffee made from beans that are gleaned from poop (crap, do do,).

    When the company made it clear that they were anti-family values and openly supported perversion and sodomy they lost me as a customer long ago. Now they’re trying to alienate veterans do so in the hell do they think they are.

  88. ouwemug says:

    Just a stupid incident. Drop it and leave it at that. Let’s not follow the liberal agenda and start uncivilized behavior.

  89. RLM357 says:

    The Employee erred not Starbucks. I do not utilize Starbucks at all, their Coffee sucks! but I can’t hold them at fault here. Not properly training the Employee may be their error but the Employee must live in a cave to not know about Service Dogs. OR follow our fearless leader in his diction classes. Remember, MARINE CORPSE for MARINE CORP. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”.

  90. migtex1234 says:

    Never go to starbucks – they are totally nuts.

  91. gretagarbo123 says:

    That employee should be fired for being rude! Training? I don’t think that will help because the employee has an attitude and common sense can’t be injected into people. I stopped going to Starbucks about a year and a half ago. I had little help from the employees in figuring out some of their drinks, had a drink remade and I think the employee deliberately made it worse. The place was filled with flies who were attracted to the sticky syrups. Ugh! It made me sick. There are so many better places to go for coffee now. These stories only make me determined not to choose Starbucks as a meeting place, which I used to do.

  92. Oldchopper says:

    Why do people think paying so much for so little makes them special. Starbucks is as anti-American as Obama. This soldier should consider it a badge of honor to be denied by the likes of them. The dog has more honor than the entire CEO staff of Starbucks.

  93. David says:

    I am not a fan of Starbucks’ products, and I am all for showing respect for those who have made sacrifices for the US. But I am not surprised that their CEO can laugh off a boycott from any group in the US. Starbucks could be shut entirely out of the US market and still do pretty darn well because for reasons that I don’t completely understand they are HUGE in Asia which is where the real economic activity is these days, and are comfortably well-situated in Europe and elsewhere. For big American multi-national companies, the US market just isn’t that important any more.

  94. leviguy1947 says:

    This is a silly article. Service animals are allowed by law almost everywhere. To chastise Starbucks or any other company because one employee on one occasion did not know the law regarding service animals a real stretch. If this is your best article maybe you should do something else.

  95. raccman says:

    Time to increase the boycott of this pathetic Anti-American company and hopefully put them OUT of BUSINESS !

  96. Howdy Doody Conservative says:

    I know several people that are totally addicted to GAYbucks. One of the reasons I don’t buy coffee there (other than being the cheapa$$ that I am) is their Pro-Homo (that’s why BoB likes them so much) , anti family corporate stance. Another thing is if you like just plain oL’ black coffee you still have to wait in a line behind everyone to having their Frappabutthole Latte’s made.

    GAYbucks new logo……

  97. TPM4 says:

    time for starbucks to go lets all boycott them out of business
    lets see what the owner thinks then when all customers take their business elsewhere!

  98. Tampa Bri says:

    A quite a few airports, I find myself looking for stores OTHER THAN Starbucks if I must have coffee. At home – I like Dunkin Donuts coffee.

    Schultz is a flaming Socialist asshole.

  99. jacki says:

    question? disabled people are protected by law. Why not just Sue the $%^&%^ out of them. Give them a lesson they will not forget

  100. PatriotGal says:

    I wouldn’t go to Starbucks for anything – their coffee is bitter – over roasted and way over priced. Now with their “enforced” liberal bias – I’ll definitely go elsewhere.

  101. Deborah G says:

    Definitly Liberals and cater to the Homo/Gay community and Metro sexuals

  102. Vazir Mukhtar says:

    Unbelievably bad call. Even if Starbucks shops are not considered public accommodations and even if the gentleman should not sue or win if he does, the manager of that shop should be/have been fired with cause. No doubt the barista has yet to learn the lesson of the sit-ins during the Civil Rights Movement. What a public relations pile of s**t to have stepped in!

  103. bdcorvette says:

    Banning a service dog is illegal. The vet should burn them.

  104. Barto says:

    Worst coffee I ever tasted and service terrible, will never go in again, this article just gives me further reasoning not to.

  105. v steve says:

    I have never bought from star bucks and never will. They are anti-Constitution and no morals.

  106. thefatefullightning says:

    Starbucks barristas give great head,but the coffee’s too expensive. If they don’t like dogs then I think I’ll go along with Will Rogers. He said, about the idea that dogs are not allowed in Heaven, “If they don’t allow dogs in heaven, then I want to go where the dogs go.”

  107. 83footsailor says:

    Any OPERATION who states that a person who is disabled – is not allowed to bring in their SERVICE DOG – is going agaisnt the LAW.

  108. BarrackHussein says:

    Well, Starbucks has aligned themselves with the radical left already. why is this a surprise? … and why is anyone patronizing that s-hole store any more?

  109. Roscoe says:

    I wouldn’t purchase that overpriced piss if my life depended on it!

  110. homer1057 says:

    ONE MORE of the many reasons I will never agains go to STAR SUCKS! Their coffee is way overpriced and their mind set makes me sick! They are sodomite supporters and hate vets, on both accounts they can take a LONG walk off a very short pier!!

  111. homer1057 says:

    I’ll take 99 cents McD’s coffe before i buy that Overpriced mud they seel!

  112. Robert says:

    Do not forget about starbucks discrimination against active duty members over seas. Their large donations used to Attack the US bill of rights. Thesr are two of the reasons I will nevet set foot in any of their stores or buy any of their products. The chistian share holders should dump their shares at the same time right before the bell rings.

  113. Laurence Almand says:

    This is an outrage. From now on, no US veteran – or anyone who respects our noble veterans – should ever set foot in a Starbucks joint. (Their stuff is overpriced anyway).

  114. Karl Kimball says:

    So Starbucks no longer cares to have armed Americans in their establishments that are upholding their Second Amendment right? AND no longer shows our Veterans the respect they deserve?! I find this a very good reason to never set foot into their OVER PRICED coffee shops ever again.

  115. Mathematical certainty says:

    John, testosterone has nothing to do with these events. Irish Wolfhounds are great canines and “Wolfie”, no doubt, would put his best paws forward but he still would come in second to “Clear the Area”. LOL!

    • John Simpson says:

      I guess you have never seen a 250 lb. Irish Wolfhound in action against wolves, Dobermans, etc., often 2 at a time. If inspired, they can be as vicious as any Shepard, and there are some trained to do so. My only personal experience was when he and I were threatened by 2 Dobermans. One suffered a broken back and died on the spot. The other ran off to lick his wounds from the powerful jaws of Wolfie.

      • Mathematical certainty says:

        Correct, I have never observed such an incident. My experience was a potential attack from an unleashed pit bull who made the decision to confront “Clear the Area” while leashed. The court decision relieved me of the monetary responsibility to compensate the owner of the pit bull for its sudden death at the jaws of “Clear the Area”. The only other experience that I and “Clear the Area” encountered was an early morning (4 a.m.) visual of five coyotes (Las Vegas’ four legged natives). Clever little creatures! they surrounded us, howled at the moon, and danced around the two of us for at least 5 minutes, they were hungry. While the five coyotes were howling, “Clear the Area” was licking his chops, begging and pulling on the leash to let me release him to eat
        his main meal for the day. However, I am an animal lover, and there are times when you have to take control. The coyotes’ dispersed, “Clear the Area” was completely pissed that I would not release him for his main course and dessert. To date, “Clear the Area” is overcoming the missed coyote meals that I denied him, and has settled for destroying truck tires.

        • John Simpson says:

          Dogs are truly man’s best friend and if all dogs go to heaven, I hope I make it there as well.
          My best to you and “Clear the Area”.
          Wolfie (named after Mozart).

        • Mathematical certainty says:

          I will have to paraphrase a quote by an author who’s name I can not remember….if dogs do not go to heaven, then I want to go where they go. Agree, they offer so much: love, loyalty, protection, and require so little in return.
          My best to you and Wolfie, Wolfgang Amadeus would be honored.

  116. DW says:

    I never go to that overpriced, yuppie establishment anyway. Now, none of my family will either! Snotty, elitist hypocrites! I’d rather drink instant coffee than your mop-bucket swill!

  117. Steven says:

    I am not defending Starbucks, and never was a customer, but the actual text of the story appears to say ONE employee was disrespectful, but the company isn’t necessarily at fault. The headline implies such action is actual company policy.

  118. Gorni says:

    Love the Wolf hounds. Very devoted TALL buddies. However, The Mastiff has the highest jaw pressure at approx 500-600 pound. German Shepard’s rate second, then Rottweilers, then Pits. Also, don’t under estimate the quickness of a Mastiff. They start off slow, but they can pick up speed with extremely strong force and a strong man wouldn’t be able to stop them. Wolf Hounds would defend you to the end, but they are no match for a Mastiff or Shepard in a real fight. I WOULD have a Wolf hound in a second. They make the best companions you could ever have…. just rather big!

  119. Mark Maeseele says:

    This story is utter bullshit. You’re going to hold a whole company responisble for what one $9.00 an hour dip shit college idiot did. Oh ya, we Christians are so tollerant aren’t we? At every retail job I ever worked, I hated working Sunday because of the way I and my fellow employees were treated by the after church crowd.

  120. DaSarge says:

    I stopped going to Starbucks when they started their politicking about marriage. I support wholeheartedly same-sex relationships among my own friends; so I cannot be a hypocrite about this subject. My friends, few though they are ARE my FRIENDS. And I love and support my friends in all things. That is what a friend is for. But Starbucks is a coffee seller. They sell cups of coffee and pastries. Why are they getting into politics? Leave it be! I may support my friends, but my politics are left to POLITICS. Not same-sex marriage or relationships. Same-sex marriage is something I do NOT support, personally. That’s because Our Lord said that marriage is between a man and a woman, and to “let no man rend asunder what God has joined together. And Starbucks should butt outta that one, IMHO.
    As for service dogs, I am glad to read that SBs has apologized to our brother-in-arms. They NEEDED to. But I still won’t ever set foot in one of them ever again. Not even once. And that is because of their leftist, elitist, communist outlook. And I CANNOT get behind that. I am an American. I am the NRA. And I vote.
    May God bless and keep our beloved nation safe and free, and give us all the strength that we will all need as a nation, as one free people to keep ourselves free.

  121. leviguy1947 says:

    Ok. I have nothing better to do than sit on my couch and get involved in this discussion. At least I still see this incident for what it is: an isolated incident. Starbucks apologized right away and stated it should never happen. What is up with you all blowing this up into a real issue? My guess is that an employee of every large corporation makes a similar mistake each day. A MISTAKE. If it was company policy it would be something to yell about. It was a mistake made one time by one Starbucks employee out of thousands.

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