List of Impeachment Supporters in Congress Steadily Growing

The list of impeachable allegations against President Barack Hussein Obama has been growing nearly as fast as our national deficit.  They range from perjury, to violating the US Constitution and federal laws, to illegally bypassing Congress to make law to aiding and abetting America’s enemies.

I’ve had a number of people ask me why doesn’t Congress go ahead and impeach Obama and the answer is simple.  The Republican controlled House could easily muster up the support to charge Obama with impeachment, but the Democrats control the Senate and they would never convict their savior.

However, there may be hope in the near future as several Senate races are showing early indications that Republicans are leading incumbent Democrats that are up for re-election.  Additionally, several Democrats are retiring and the GOP candidates are leading their Democrat challengers for the vacating seats.  If Republicans can gain 6 seats in the Senate, they will then have a majority and the possibility of impeachment would loom larger than ever.

In some senate races, the topic of impeachment has come into play.  In Georgia, Sen. Saxby Chambliss, the senior Republican senator is retiring.  At a recent forum that was held with some of those running for Chambliss’ senate seat, the candidates were asked by the moderator:

“Obama has perjured himself on multiple occasions. Would you support impeachment if presented for a vote?”


Raising their hands to indicate they would vote for impeachment were US Rep Paul Broun who is seeking Chambliss’ Senate seat along with Republicans Derrick Grayson, an engineer and Eugene Yu, a businessman.  Hopefully the question of impeaching Obama will be part of every election this year.

Among those already in office are Senators Tom Coburn (R-OK); Ted Cruz (R-TX); James Inhofe (R-OK); Tim Scott (R-SC); and Representatives Michele Bachmann (R-MN); Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI); Jason Chaffetz (R-UT); Blake Farenthold (R-TX); Bill Flores (R-TX); Louis Gohmert (R-TX); Duncan Hunter (R-CA); Steve King (R-IA); Trey Radel (R-FL); Steve Stockman (R-TX); and Ted Yoho (R-FL).

Sean Hannity spoke with Reps King and Farenthold about impeachment they spoke about some of the issues that Obama could be impeached on.


Note that Rep Farenthold said that the ultimate resolution is elections.  The people need to take action at the polls by voting against Obama and his fellow Democrats to keep control of the House and retake control of the Senate.  Then they will have the power to reign in Obama.

Rep Flores commented on the issue of impeachment, saying:

“I’ve looked at the president. I think he’s violated the Constitution. I think he’s violated the Bill of Rights.”

“I think if the House had an impeachment vote, it would probably impeach the president.”

This is why it is so critically important for people to go to the polls this year and vote for Republican candidates.  The more Republicans we can put in the House and Senate the better chance we have of impeaching Barack Obama and ending his dictatorial reign of socialism.  So get out this year and support your GOP candidates and help us remove Obama from office!



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407 comments on “List of Impeachment Supporters in Congress Steadily Growing
  1. Proudamerican says:

    Yeah it grows each day. Maybe someday it will be large enough to do something positive. Will we have a country by then?

    • davienne says:

      thats a very good question… and im hoping that the answer is yes… he has done alot of damage in the 5th year… but i think alot of people are seeing his real radical agenda and they are not liking it… and if the TRUE republican conservatives take the house and senate… it will be all over but the packing and jailing…

    • spatcher says:

      Maybe someday the list will include Dems!

      • Upaces says:

        Why Are Democrats Supporting a Bill That Would End Death Penalty for Treason & Espionage?

        A bill that was proposed by Maryland Democrat Rep. Donna Edwards and seven other Democrats, earlier this year, would eliminate the possibility of imposing the death penalty for a variety of federal offenses. Among those crimes would be treason and espionage. The bill has been largely ignored in the media, but recently surfaced at The Hill.
        According to HR 3741, the Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act, the death penalty could not be enacted for assassination or kidnapping that would result in the death of the president, the vice president or a member of Congress.
        The bill would eliminate the death penalty for those who would engage in using a weapon of mass destruction or war crimes.​
        Read More:

    • colsooonscoorner says:

      Hopefully he and his administration will suffer impeachment Hopefully we can get some real patriots in office to resuscitate the country from this lib abomination..

    • MRitter says:

      The only annex on that list are but jobs line Steve King, and disgraced reps like Michelle Bachmann who figured she couldn’t win again and isn’t running for re-election

  2. Sam says:

    obama should be charged with treason. The penalty for treason is life in prison or death. He does not deserve a life time of secret service protection and a huge pension. obama deserves to feel the pain and suffering that he has brought on the American people. I have done nothing but worry and be anxious since this man was elected. It’s hard not to worry when you don’t know what your future is and you cannot find enough work to plan anything. I pray every day for God to forgive us and help us. Everyone should pray for redemption. God will hear us and heal our land.

    • MRitter says:

      Your god voted twice for Obama, get over it. Btw, learn what treason really is.. your really far off.

      • USMC 64-68 says:

        You’re wrong – that was the devil. God doesn’t support Marxists.

        I’d suggest you learn what treason is – it’s embodied in the entire progressive movement which has discarded the Declaration with our God-given unalienable rights, and the Constitution declaring them irrelevant and have put in place an unConstitutional form of gov’t.

        When you subvert the foundations of our country along with our rights – that’s treason.

        • MRitter says:

          I’d suggest then that you go back to school and learn something. Why do you thing so few are actually charged with treason? Learn the legal definition. Secondly, Jefferson, who was not a Christian but a deist, when speaking of god, was speaking of a supreme being. Also, the Dec of Ind does not have any legal standing in terms of laws. You mention Marxist, yet you haven’t a clue what your talking about. Ever really talk to a Marxist? People here love to throw out words but haven’t a clue what their talking about.

        • dntmkmecomoverther says:

          …yup; you don’t know what you’re talking about. You also are a grammatical weasel. Learn to spell and write a cohesive sentence…oh, and go grab a hammer and a piggy bank and buy a clue.

        • MRitter says:

          Go see a proctologist when you get back from your home planet Uranus… – you suffer a severe case of CRI – Cranial Rectal Insertion.

        • dntmkmecomoverther says:

          Oh, what an eloquent response…think of it all on your own? Your head is so far up yours that you’ll need a scalpel to cut a hole in your chest to see out. You’re an accomplished idiot.

        • Ron G says:

          Adults don’t actually make a practice of hurling epithets and insults at people they’ve never even met?
          Were you not brought up well?

        • raffaelecafagna says:

          MRitter is a paid troll

        • combatvet52 says:

          You mean he’s a TURD

        • raffaelecafagna says:

          yes indeed my friend , elephant size , takes for ever to flash

        • raffaelecafagna says:

          go sit on a Cactus

        • USMC 69-75 says:

          Sounds more like a self-diagnosis to me!

        • Rick says:

          I think that with your imagination, you know where you can go.

        • raffaelecafagna says:

          MRitter is here to Pollute , he`s known for that .

        • combatvet52 says:

          Then he belongs in the sewer along side the Messiah

        • raffaelecafagna says:

          yes indeed

        • Rick says:

          I figured as much Raffael. Thanks for your comment.

        • raffaelecafagna says:

          you are welcome , my friend.

        • raffaelecafagna says:

          you are welcome , my friend .

        • agbjr says:

          “I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus. I have little doubt that our whole country will soon be rallied to the unity of our creator.”

          Foreword to Jefferson’s personal Bible written in his own hand

          “My views…are the result of a life of inquiry and reflection, and very different from the anti-Christian system imputed to me by those who know nothing of my opinions. To the corruptions of Christianity I am,
          indeed, opposed; but not to the genuine precepts of Jesus himself. I am a Christian in the only sense in which He wished any one to be; sincerely attached to his doctrines in preference to all others.”

          Letter from Jefferson to Dr. Benjamin Rush, dated April 21, 1803

        • MRitter says:

          The presents of Jesus.. He thought Jesus was a moral man. He did not subscribe to the crazy miracles of the bible, thus the “Jefferson Bible.” I would also suggest that you read the letters between Jefferson and Adams.. Might learn something

        • agbjr says:

          You stated Jefferson was not a Christian however he declares himself a Christian in his own hand. Being a student of history I have read the correspondence between Jefferson and Adams. Do not assume those who disagree with you on a specific matter are uneducated and uninformed.

        • Aubryn says:

          He’s a troll, ignore him. He just insults. Don’t feed him and he’ll go home.

        • Bob says:

          Thomas Jefferson did not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, and he said so:
          “And the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter. But we may hope that the dawn of reason and freedom of thought in these United States will do away with all this artificial scaffolding, and restore to us the primitive and genuine doctrines of this the most venerated reformer of human errors.” — Jefferson’s letter to John Adams, April 11 1823

        • LawtonOkie says:

          Bobbie’s back.

        • agbjr says:

          Jefferson did not subscribe to many religious beliefs and practices but that does not belie his own belief in the teachings and divinity of Jesus. He was a Christian and a man of deep faith. There is a wide gulf between religion and faith.

        • Bob says:

          . The men responsible for building the foundation of the United States were men of The Enlightenment, not men of Christianity. They were Deists who did not believe the bible was true. They were Freethinkers who relied on their reason, not their faith.

        • senior74 says:

          You need to do a little reserch yourself! Theres all kinds of utubes of people who have come from communist countries living here who say the same things are happening here that happened in their countries before being overtaken by dictators. Check out “” or or (communist party usa) another one is peoples world (communist paper) Ted Cruz’ father came from Cuba & there is a utube of him talking about it.

        • MRitter says:

          There are many in the communist party who laugh at that. I’ve had the luxury of speaking with many Russians who grew up under communism and they scoff at what you claim.

        • senior74 says:

          You ought to check out “democrats against”, this is the plan to include us in a communist one world gov. It’s the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21. This IS the agenda Obama is following, against fossil fuels, share the wealth, against capitalism, (want public, private partnerships) I read the document & one thing it said “not equitable for some to buy houses then sell & make a profit when not everyone can afford to.” This is about the environment (global warming) which is the excuse for the agenda.

        • LawtonOkie says:

          You wouldn’t happen to be a card carrying member of the Communist Party, would you?

        • Aubryn says:

          Hi Lawton

        • LawtonOkie says:

          Hi, Aubryn. How are you today?

        • Aubryn says:

          Hiya Lawton, I have a cold and I lost my voice and now I just squeak………………

        • hpinnc says:

          Well, I’ll bet you would just love to go live there in that wonderful, Russian communist utopia. I’ll bet the 30 million Ukrainians whom Stalin let starve to death, didn’t think communism was so equal & grandiose. I will leave you with the wise definition of communism by the late, great, Winston Churchill. He said,”socialism is a philosophy of failure, a creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” I think he hits the nail on the head. You can have it I don’t want it.

        • hpinnc says:

          Sir I took the time to look up & read the first url you have listed, I wish you could pass it around & let people get a first hand testimony of what it is like living under a bunch of un-civilized, inhumane bastards.

        • AbleAmerican1 says:

          It’s reasonable to presume that MRitter suffers from cabasa anal impacting..where it’s so dark all the time..If he’d a been with my outfit in the Korean ‘gig’..we’d not have to listen to his anal lip regurgitations..

        • LawtonOkie says:

          Go back to school? Are you talking about the same school where Obama is indoctrinating his communistic ideals and Marxist brainwashing on our children? I haven’t ever talked to a Marxist personally but I have listened to one on TV giving speeches and his name is Barack Obama. He even admitted hanging out with his Marxist professors and friends in one of the books he “claimed” he wrote (they were actually written by Bill Ayers {another Obama lie}).

        • Bob says:

          Granted you uneducated dimwits don’t even understand what terms like Marxist even mean but do you actually believe that if a Marxist were to become president the result would be the stock market would double & corporate profits would soar to all time highs while wages for working class people would remain at near all time lows???

        • LawtonOkie says:

          Oh, Bobbie, you silver tongued devil. Obama must be thanking Allah several times a day for having you in his life. Tell me, what do you, Obama and Jay Carney do to each other when you are alone together?

        • Bob says:

          Obama smokes, drinks, eats pork, supports gay marriage AND abortion + goes to a Christian church!! You Christian fascists have MUCH more in common with radical Islam than Obama!

        • LawtonOkie says:

          BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Obama smokes dope, eats “tube steaks” and is gay but rarely attends a Christian Church. As for abortion, he is a murderer.

        • KathiB. says:

          OMG…are you asking for ANOTHER definition?!?!?

        • Sam says:

          Typical liberal. You are an arrogant know it all. I have studied Marxism since high school. It is the envy of other people’s stuff basically. Socialism works in only two places. In heaven where it is not needed and in hell where it came from.

        • USMC 64-68 says:

          Learn the reality of what it takes to be a patriot, and then you’ll understand what treason is. Your Dear Leader and his party are the embodiment of traitors.

          Any progressive who tells me I don’t know about Marxism (I’ve worked in two commie countries) simply demonstrates that commie propaganda has worked – they’ve swallowed the lie and they’re the ones who don’t have a clue as to how they’ve been totally indoctrinated. From what you’ve written you demonstrate that you’ve swallowed the misinformation/disinformation of communism without a qualm.

          You’re really a joke – the Declaration has all of the legal standing in terms of laws you could ask for. It is THE LEGAL foundation of our country. Beyond the establishment of a sovereign nation, it also serves as the foundation for The Constitution which was constructed on the basis of the Declaration.

          Those two documents are inseparable and combine to establish America as an “exceptional nation” (something The Tyrant denies). One of the key characteristics of our being “exceptional” is that we are a nation of law – and that goes to our founding.

          Scrap your indoctrination and learn the truth.

        • Ribbey says:

          Very well said. Exactly!

        • Julyette J says:

          Thank you, sir! Well stated. Also, if you are a Marine (retired or not – still a Marine) then thank you for that service also!

      • chamuiel says:

        what happened to the J? Did MJ get banned?

      • Golf4me says:

        God didn’t vote for Obama, he cursed America for drifting away from Christianity, so he sent Obama to try and wake us up. But America has become infected with too many Liberal Nuts, and they have led us down an evil path, so we are getting what we deserve. Money and power has become what the leaders put in first place, so here we are in one screwed up mess, and running out of time to fix our mess.

        • MRitter says:

          I guess you forgot it was the repubs that led us into 2 unfunded wars, trillion dollar drug deal unfunded, and huge tax cuts, unfunded, everything paid with borrowed money.. all that led by republicans..

        • Golf4me says:

          I guess you haven’t been paying attention, since Obama took over he has raised the Nat’l debt to almost twice as much as any other President, he has passed a Healthcare bill that will destroy our healthcare system, he has caused our gas prices to go from $1.80 a gallon to $3.25 a gallon, he has let our Ambassador and other military people get killed with out raising a finger to get the folks who did this, he has let the IRS go after good American citizens for no good reason, he lets illegals pile into this country, and takes any state that tries to stop them to court. I could go on and on, but are too high on pot to see the truth.

        • walter says:

          Ah the cheap gas argument. BHO took office on 1/20/09, when the price of oil, like most commodities, was artificially depressed as a result of the Great Recession. Oil was around $35 a barrel, when 6 months before it was around $140. It’s since merely come back to a historical average in a diverse world economy.

        • raffaelecafagna says:

          Bush did it ; you forgot he left at the end of 08

        • combatvet52 says:

          Ritter kiss my veteran Azz

        • KathiB. says:

          You are partially correct…..when the Republicans held both houses of Congress from 1995 til 2007 [Dems controlled both for over 40 years prior to 1995] they, too, spent like…………………………….I refuse to call them drunken sailors because sailors know when their broke and stop spending [even when positively pickled]…..However….This president and both houses of Congress have managed to spend more than ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED, and in ONLY 5 yrs!
          Why is it than only when a certain party has been found to be less than truthful with the American People they go into attack mode, calling names and projecting their actions onto the ‘other guys’………….HMMMMMMM??????

        • RonMar says:

          You are obviously not aware that we are in one war – a world war against Islamic jihadists and have been since the mid-1970s when they declared war again in their history on the world, this time especially the US. What you call wars are only theaters or battlegrounds of the war like the European and Pacific theaters of WWII, the battles of the Bulge and for such places as Iwo Jima and Okinawa.
          Don’t believe me. Look up Worldwide Terrorist Incidents, study the list, get the total number, the number and percentage involving Muslims. While you are at it note also that Obama’s AG Eric Holder, a racist traitor like Obama, defended FALN Puerto Rican terrorists earlier as a lawyer.
          Republican presidents – Reagan, GHWB and GWB – have done far better than Democrats – Carter and Clinton – in the war, and Obama is losing it, likely deliberately.

        • MRitter says:

          Your god must have voted for Obama, he got elected twice, by over 50% of the electorate.. Your god could have stopped it if it were all powerful, so I have to make the assumption that it gave it’s blessing and vote of approval.

        • Ron G says:

          Which state did God vote in?

        • raffaelecafagna says:

          Corruption and fraud

        • KathiB. says:

          NAH, wasn’t ‘god’ it was all the dead people who came back to life to vote for “THE ONE”! oh, don’t forget Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, Mickey and Minny, Goofey, Winnie the Pood, Tigger, Kanga and Roo….Batman, Robin the Riddler and the Joker, Superman, Lois Lane and Perry White [Jimmy was too young the first time but came thru in 2012]. Then we have the poll workers who voted MULTIPLE TIMES and saw nothing wrong [many are in prison now……hopefully they;ll stay put til 2017!] Then there are the suggestions that voting machines were tampered with………………..
          MAYBE, Obama was SELECTED not ELECTED as pay back for Bush’s first victory………………

        • Coldcowboy says:

          How MANY times did you vote for Ovomit??????

        • plainandsimple says:

          I assure you it wasn’t God it was voter fraud!!

        • Mark Dawson says:

          God does not curse his people! A practicing Christian will know as I do that God simply allows Satan to intercede and test us! The earth is Satan’s domain given to him when cast out of Heaven! God protects those who follow his word and stands back and allows us to be persecuted. The Book of Job is the the parable used to describe what i just eluded to! Using the word curse is pagan and not a doctrine of Christianity. Much like good and bad in people there are good and bad Christians and unfortunately people with shallow minds lump all in a group with the bad! Gun control is an example! a small and evil group pull the triggers and kill so punish all gun owners no matter how good they are! If we are going to defend anything then at least be correct in the truth of the matter!

        • Golf4me says:

          He didn’t curse his people, he cursed America for letting Satan work do his work on overtime. So we better start
          getting back to the beliefs America was founded on.

      • Ron G says:

        Where did God vote?

      • Julyette J says:

        My God did not vote for anyone. My God gives us free will. Deluded people voted for Obama. As for treason, Obama has certainly given aid and comfort to our enemies – especially the Muslim Brotherhood. He has also, certainly and undeniably, failed to keep his oath of office. Article II, Section l, last paragraph.

      • KathiB. says:

        It is God…not with a small ‘g’……your first “your” is used correctly the second is wrong…….public school?
        Treason is identified as; “1 Betrayal, treachery or BREACH of allegience or of obedience toward the sovereign or government. Treason against the United States is declared by the Constitution [Article three, section three] to “consist only in leveying war against them [USA], or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. 2 Breech of faith, TREACHERY. synonym, fraud.”
        There you go….now everyone who cares to read this knows what treason REALLY IS!
        We can start with “Fast & Furious” which delivered hundreds of weapons to Mexican Drug Cartells, then we can head east and revisit Benghazi where weapons were [allegedly] were being transferred through Libya to Syria, we also have SEVERAL Muslim Brotherhood members working IN this White House and let’s not Huma Abedin-Wiener [the pervert’s wife] and Hillary Clinton’s ‘girl Friday. He has BOWED to our enemies and insulted our friends. he has been HORRID to Israel & Great Britton. Then we have a long list of Croney paybacks, the buyout of GM, Solyndra and a few other green energy companies whose CEO’s donates GENEROUSLY to the Cult of Obama. There have also been Ambasadorships awarded to supporters although after Benghazi, it would really be a gamble to represent the US in any mid-eastern country [supposedly, your prez was playing cards while Chris Stevens and three other Americans were SLAUGHTERED, crying and pleading for help that never came because it was never SENT.
        Now he “HAS A PEN AND A PHONE” to unilaterally make ‘laws’ by dictatorial fiat…….
        Other than that he’s been a hell of a president…it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets daily notes from Jimmy Carter for making him the SECOND WORST president in US history.

        • Howdy Doody Conservative says:

          Ritters god (small g) is the object of his adoration and worship….obamao. He is a TROLL and is actually stupid enough to believe everything that his god says just like the other DRONE BoBBie.

      • plainandsimple says:

        How do you know there wasn’t voter fraud involved in his re-election?
        People are so complacent….

      • USMC 69-75 says:

        No…your god did, the entitlement, the dead, and your famous mickey mouse club and friends! How is selling top secret intel to the enemy “Not Treason”? You need to go back to school “BOB”

    • Raymond Michael Borland says:

      Please do one other things in addition to praying to God for His help…… donate to any person who runs for office and is a Constitutional candidate and who promises to vote for impeachment and for many Congressional and Senate investigations to expose all the people who committed the crimes , scandals, coverups, and lies under Obama’s regime. Don’t donate to the republican Party. They hate Tea Party conservatives. Donate your money to the candidate directly so you know it is not being used to subvert the country. Do not doante to a third party candidate when the race is a close one between a liberal progressive democrap and a middle of the road RINO. Doing so may only insure the Democraps keep a majority in the senate. I hate the RINOs so try to get your district and state to only run people who are truly for a Constitutional limited Federal government and who have a track record that shows they are not just more hot air and false promises.

      • TruthWFree says:

        I’m with you, Raymond…I do the same.

      • SheNemo says:

        Good posting Raymond, and for God’s sake, WE MUST HAVE ONE PERSON TO GET BEHIND, TO SUPPORT, NOT A DOZEN!!!
        One good person, with all our efforts and money going to that one person!!!
        I would love to see Dr. Ben Carson try it!

        • hpinnc says:

          I would love to see it too, but remember he has to be a strong candidate that can appeal to a vast number of the population, someone who can garner more votes than the

        • SheNemo says:

          Yes, this person has to be very strong, and very tough, and very brave, NOT AFRAID OF OBAMA LIKE ROMNEY REALLY WAS-BECAUSE HE WAS TOOOO NICE-THAT WON’T WORK, JUST AS IT DID NOT WHEN HE RAN!
          We have a good dozen that are thinking of running, this is insane, and the others will pull votes away from the one that should run.
          I’m not gonna list em all, you allllll know who they are, just saying, although not a politician (obama was a nothing-cept a liar) Carson could get it, he has the brains, he has GOD on his side, you can’t talk about the Lord like he does without loving HIM, and knowing HIM!!!
          The blacks would like like him, the poor would like him, sad but true that a lot didn’t like Romney cause he was soooo rich, HE GOT THERE BY HARD WORK THO!!!
          And employed more women and men than obama can count!!! Real people, not dirty muslims like obama puts into office, radical American hating muslims to destroy us!!!
          Jizya…..BLOOD MONEY-they say to let us live – while they take alllll we own!! Jizya, look it up…..sick!
          One person, America, WE NEED ONE PERSON TO BACK AS A NATION, TOGETHER, OR WE HAVE NO CHANCE, the liberals will have one, killery.

        • USMC 69-75 says:

          I agree, we need one strong candidate……I like Dr. Carson, or Ted Cruz, but I believe the real “Black” American with the gonads to stand up to this regime is Lt Col. Allen West. But as long as we get just one that we can all stand behind, we have a chance……as long as we keep the walking dead, bugs bunny and friends away from the polls!

          This Nov will be a VERY serious turning point thou.

        • SheNemo says:

          Yes, it alllll depends on the elections this year, and you know they will cheat and lie and voter fraud will run rampant, as always, we prove it, they don’t care, and we don’t do anything about it!!!!!
          Yes, I like West too, and Cruz, and Paul, just TOOOO many realLy good ones, and we MUST HAVE ONE…..NOT A DOZEN!!!! If not ONE, then we might as well have none.
          GB Thanks for being a USMC too!!

        • Bob says:

          West, Cruz & Paul???? The 3 stooges would have a better chance of being elected!!!!

      • hpinnc says:

        Yes, very good advice Raymond. I agree with not donating to the party, it might go to a RINO. If possible, donate to a tea-party candidate. I know they caught a lot of flak for supposedly shutting down the government. I blame the democrats for the government shutting down, anyways, some say they went too far, but if they did, I’d like to ask, haven’t the democrats gone too far on many, many issues & times? It is time the good, decent, hard-working patriots of this country take it back & impeach this communist bastard, & kick all his bunch of thugs out of office before they finish destroying the greatest nation since the beginning of civilization began.

      • lokiswife says:

        When you hear people griping about Obamacare, remind them that the Democrats voted it in without bothering to read it. (Republicans voted against it.) Obamacare will only get worse, let it be the catalyst that dooms the Democrats in 2014….

        • paul says:

          BINGO….Do not worry in about 4 or 5 years (if plan not altered or stopped), the democrats will try to blame Bush for it being so bad.

      • beijingyank says:

        Come on…any one that can use Photoshop to dupe the shepple deserves respect for identifying Congress as in collusion to high treason. The govt is rogue and the terrorists are inside the wire; better known as The Beltway.

        • Francie26 says:

          And someone ought to string ole’ Harry Reid up by his fingernails. In many ways, he is even worse than Obama. He is the little whining jack^sz who, hand in hand with the witch, Pelosi, creeps behind Obama, claws out, sniveling and snarling to make sure whatever Obama says becomes the Law of the Land. And then the rest of us have to pay for his betrayal.

      • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06 says:

        Exactly what we need to do. Frustrated yes, but like Raymond says, staying home will not win this for us. We likely will still get some moderates re-elected but if we keep picking the better ones, slowly we will get them out also. Kentucky is a good example. Grimes (D) and Bevin are neck in neck and McConnell is trailing big time. Everyone in Kentucky needs to push for Bevin or we will certainly lose to a lib. We are also donating directly to a candidate and because we live in Washington state, it is pointless to send any money to anyone here so we are sending donations to ALL of the constitutional conservatives. It is not a lot but if everyone do ares just $5.00-$10.00 it would add up very quickly. We have also changed our affiliation to Independant and have notified the RNC that they will not get one cent from us. It is working ….. Karl Roves fund raising is down 98%

        • Olderman73 says:

          @disqus_E4Vdp7qC06:disqus .
          Changing you official voter affiliation is not a good idea, in a lot of
          states, because it will keep you from voting in the primaries. If you have a RINO and a conservative running
          all you can do is watch as the establishment Republicans put the RINO in

        • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06 says:

          True but in Washington State, nothing happens and the winners are already picked. As far as local stuff, we can be independent and they don’t much matter here either. You are either far, far screaming left, far left or left but pretending to be a Republican:):):): . If we ever move, we will fix our registration accordingly but right now, the Repubic Party needs to feel the losses big time…….

        • Olderman73 says:

          In Florida, in the general, you could vote for disqus_E4Vdp7qC06
          of the didn’t understand party, but in the primaries you can only vote
          Republican or Democrat so if you are registered as “didn’t understand party”
          you can’t vote. I think you can probably
          understand that if all the conservatives in Florida changed to the didn’t
          understand party we wouldn’t be able to get a candidate that would be to our
          liking. By the way I’m sure you realize
          that what goes on politically in Washington state has very little to do with
          reality. By the way it’s possible you
          can register and vote independent, in Florida, but when I look at voting
          records I see very little difference between a D and an I. Bottom line, be a conservative but stay
          registered Republican so you can continue to influence the elections, and don’t
          send money to the RNC.

      • Sam says:

        I will, Raymond. Thanks.

      • cowgirl20 says:

        Excellent comment Raymond and so true. I received an e-mail from Steve Stockman of Texas saying that he is talking about impeaching obozo. I called his office in Texas and told them to pass the message to him to stop talking about it and DO IT!! I for one am tired of all the talk, I want to see some action on this. obozo needs to be charged with murder and he needs to pay the consequences.

      • axmickl says:

        Thanks Ray, now lets keep the message going. We won’t be able to get all the RINOs out in this one election but we can get a good start for the next two times when the rest come up for re-election.

      • Ron says:

        Well said, Raymond. My thoughts exactly. I also suggest that many of us here should run for office. I retire in 18 months and I’m giving it thought. It’s way past time to throw the communists out for good.

    • Saltporkdoc says:

      Sam, while I agree with your premise and support your position, I would point out that there is no constitutionally set penalty for treason (Art III, sec 3, pt 1). The Constitution leaves any penalty up to the Congress. So, much as we would like the penalty to be “thus and so”, unless Congress has actually enacted a law setting the penalty at “life in prison or death” and that law put into the Federal Penal Code (sorry, I’m not an attorney) it would, as was the case with Bill Clinton, be up to the convicting Senate to set the terms of the penalty. In fact, all the Constitution does regards penalties is set LIMITS thereto. See the above cited Art III, sec 3, but refer to pt 2.)

      • Made_in_the_USA says:

        The penalty for treason should be much more harsh than a lesser crime, i.e.; perjury before congress about a moral sin….

        • hpinnc says:

          He loves socialism/marxism/communism so good, we should banish him to some socialist country like Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea. See how he likes what they have to tolerate on a daily basis.

        • Saltporkdoc says:

          Actually Malaysia is where he should have stayed! He could have gotten both Islam and Socialism at the same time!

        • USMC 69-75 says:

          NO! He needs to either be in a place of high security, where he can’t harm anybody (except himself, leave a piece of rope in his cell by “accident”) or death! Banish him to another country, especially one that thinks like he does, would only cause more trouble than we could ever imagine!

        • Saltporkdoc says:

          I also absolutely agree with you on this.
          All I was pointing out was that we need to be sure we do not give more ammo to the “Regressives” by erroneously citing something as fact when it is not. Afterall, that is what we accuse them of when we call them liars. I simply wanted to get it into the discussion that the Constitution does not specify a penalty for treason.

      • disgusted_with_government says:

        Weren’t the Rosenbergs, and others, tried and convicted of treason and executed? Was Congress involved in setting their punishment or was a court?

        • Raymond Michael Borland says:

          disgusted. the Rosenbergs were not government employee just doing their job. Since they were caught handing over classified information about the Manhattan project to the Soviets they were tried for treason in our courts not by Congress. In the case of a President I believe we are Constitutionally stuck with using Congress to impeach him. Others may know more than me and wish to comment. Impeachment needs the deciding vote in the House and the Senate. Unless the Democraps default and abandon Obama we just will not get enough votes in the Senate for impeachment. No courts which are under the jurisdiction of Eric Holder and the dept of Justice will act to bring cases against Obama. Private individuals and organizations have filed many cases against Obama but so far Holder and Democratic judges have blocked the cases. There are exceptions but realize Obama has specifically made appointments to the D.C. District Courts that are charged with hearing cases against the government. He has stacked the deck against us all.

        • Saltporkdoc says:

          Raymond, thank you for pointing out the subtle distinctions between the two cases. I am no attorney nor professional historian and I was very young when the Rosenbergs were executed. That being said, I thought that the criminal charges against the Rosenbergs was actually espionage with treason being an element of that crime. I certainly could be wrong, but that has been my impression for some time.
          As to the rest of your content, I agree. It would be an uphill (NO pun intended) battle to either impeach or criminally charge this fraudulent P[revaricator}OTUS. That is why these next two elections, but especially the 2014 midterm elections, are so important! Keep the House to indict and win the Senate to impeach!

        • hpinnc says:

          Too many low-infos , blacks,

        • Saltporkdoc says:

          Good thing WE don’t play the “blame game” like the “regressives”! There’d be too many places to look to lay it on!

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          Even if we did somehow find people who COULD get onto the ballots and then would turn against the NWO bunch controlling Congress, and somehow managed to outwit the rigged voting machines, and the precincts where more than 100% of the possible registered voters actually vote, the counting is still done by a Soros-owned company off shore. The ballot box is broken.

        • USMC 69-75 says:

          Impeachment is only for a “legal” sitting president…..he isn’t, the only thing for him is trial for treason and espionage. Just like the Rosenbergs only worse. But HR, NP, EH all have to be in line with him before that will happen.

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          The Rosenbergs were the go-betweens for a young fellow working within the Manhattan project who was actually collecting and providing the info on the Manhattan project/ bomb, which they, then got out to the USSR, so that Stalin actually KNEW about the bomb before the July detonation that Truman was notified about en route home from Pottsdam. Why they were executed and he wasn’t I don’t recall. But the damage that O has done is so much greater even if you think strictly militarily. The difference here is that the illusion of a free nation under the rule of the people was still being maintained in the ’40s, so traitors were dealt with {the guy who gave Rosenbergs the info was imprisoned}. But now that illusion is no longer “necessary” to keep the masses in control, because the numbers of those aware enough are too low to mount an effective revolt, since this is a GLOBAL project, not simply an American one, so they really don’t care that we know; they KNOW there’s realistically nothing we can do that isn’t suicidal in truth, and they WANT us to die anyway, so that would be just fine with them; it’d simply speed up their agenda a bit. The NWO crowd controls all of Congress {those guys so many think are “fighting” against them are simply playing their roles in the grand Guignol that entertains the masses}, as well as SCOTUS, and the WH, and that’s true in virtually every nation, either directly or indirectly, no one is going to “stop” what O is doing until Jesus’ return. That said, we still have a duty to stand for what is right and keep opposing what is wrong.

      • Sam says:

        The Rosenburgs were the only people executed in America for treason. They sold the recipe for the atomic bomb to the Russians.

        • Saltporkdoc says:

          Sam, I know you are right about what the actions of the Rosenbergs were (sell in A bomb secrets) but see my above replies re the charge and the difference between the bringing of impeachment vs criminal charges against the fraudulently emplaced P[revaricator]OTUS.
          I believe he should be impeached to remove him, the criminally charged for electoral fraud (No, I do NOT believe he is Constitutionally qualified to hold office.). I also believe that after this action against him, all who aided and abetted his standing for candidacy and ignoring or failing to vet his eligibility should be tried for treason.

        • OBAMAHATER4SURE says:

          So I would guess that means we have to try each and every democrap in office today who was in office in 2007 when he announced his plan to run for the POTUS when he was just a
          slim ball Illinois senator. I guess that means we should also try Slick Willie & Killary Klinton for treason or something like that since they were the ones who seemed to know first that he was not a naturalized citizen. Hell he even threatened them with something terrible happening in the family if they didn’t keep their mouths shut, that’s when KILLARY dropped out of the race in 2008 and supported OBUMMER.

        • Saltporkdoc says:

          If the shoe fits and no matter how far the net needs cast!

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          That would be the entire sitting Congress in 2008, the director of the FBI at that time, and the SCOTUS as well since they all knew and did nothing!

    • Rick says:

      That’s exactly what I pray for at night before going to bed.

    • David Roberts says:

      “We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts — not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution.” – Abraham Lincoln

      • VicBailey says:

        The TRUTH Lincoln was just like Bama he went around the Constitution to start the Civil War and Kill 700,000 of our fore fathers, had he not been shot, he would have tried to be a Dictator! History tells a lot of lies, and that is what needs STOPPED, if a politician is a Crooked Treasonous Bas_ard when he was in office then that is what history should print about him, just like Ted Kennedy or Woodrow Wilson! Semper Fi.

        • David Roberts says:

          OK, so you don’t like Lincoln. Do you disagree with what I posted that he said? How could you possibly know
          that Lincoln would have tried to be a dictator? That would take psychic abilities & we know there are no such things.

        • VicBailey says:

          What I’m saying, David, That Like Bama , Lincoln NEVER practiced what he preached, and the winners of wars write the HISTORY, TRUTH OR LIE! Lincoln put anybody that disagreed with him in prison, until after the war! He put a lot of newspaper editors there! But it seems is that you only here the FEW good things he did, and other things that OTHER people did he took credit for! All this can be proven! He also almost committed suicide over a young Captain that left him, some more you don’t here about in the History books! We should worry more about the truth than, who did what, we’d be a lot better off! The TRUTH will TELL IT ALL, and that should be a #1 Priority! Semper Fi.

        • Olderman73 says:

          @VicBailey:disqus Can you
          give us some references where we can look up your version of history? If not then I for one will consider your
          posts to be nothing more than mushroom food.
          Simper Fi

        • maybeperfect says:

          At least when Lincoln was elected there were paper ballots and they were counted.If you want to waste your time and money giving obeisance to a completely fraudulent electoral system, knock yourself out.

      • We the SHEEPle says:

        Obviously – We the SHEEPle don’t care! Can there be any other reason why…. ???
        Someone recently asked God why He was allowing so much trouble in schools lately and He said: “I’m not allowed in school anymore.”
        YOU can help save, what’s left of, OUR America. Hang a PoliticialScumBag – Today! Thank you very much…
        Pray for, what’s left of, OUR America. If you don’t believe in prayer, pray that you are right.

    • WhiteFalcon says:

      I am with you 100%, however I seriously doubt that impeachment will be successful unless we have 2/3 of the Senate because there are to many commieonazicrats in the senate at present, and none of them have the spine to stand up and do what is right. It might be better to wait until he is gone and then charge him with treason and put him away forever, and we can get Holder, Reid, Pelosi, and others with him, maybe, but I think that if he is impeached now, it will be the same thing as when the pervert Bill Clinton was impeached.

      • OBAMAHATER4SURE says:

        White Falcon I lover it, need to spread the word, “COMMIEONAZICRATS” cause it true as true can be.

    • SheNemo says:

      You are SOOO right Sam, God Bless you for saying this!
      Yes, God would hear us and heal this land!
      I don’t hear the people in CA. praying for rain, sure some are, but this is probably God’s doing, they need to turn to Him!!!
      obama took an oath, and is destroying us daily, not keeping his oath, means nothing to him, he was not sworn in on the Bible in ’08 either, remember tje booboo? The next morn, it was done WITHOUT the Bible!! This was on purpose folks!!!
      The only thing obama fears, GOD, and obama will stand before Him one day, and it ain’t gonna be pretty!!!!!!
      Pray n Prep

      • We the SHEEPle says:

        Given for an example, Read Deut. 17:15 and 28:43
        For the 1st time in OUR American History, We the SHEEPle have allowed the Puppet Masters, in control, to install a “Stranger” very high above us, and ‘It’ will bring us down very low.
        This has to happen for our ‘seamless’ entry into THEIR One World Agenda. (aka: NWO)
        God is a Title. He said: To those who call upon My Name! (NOT Title.) He also said: “Lest My People (a specific people) – Israel -NOT JEWS), pray and I hear their prayer, Etc., etc.
        The Israelites – Seed Line from Adam forward who migrated West across the Caucasus Mountains after their bondage, MUST UNITE together and call upon His Name, Yahweh. We won’t do it…
        …and Today’s Weak-Kneed, Panty-Waist Preachers & Pastors won’t help either!

      • plainandsimple says:

        Sorry but Obama has no fear of God, maybe Allah but not our God. He’s a wolf wearing sheepskin and sooooo many just fall for it. Also pray for this nation to wake up!!! People wake up!!

        • SheNemo says:

          Anyone with pure evil inside them will fear God, just as Satan will and does, Satan knows God will destroy him one day, soon.
          Yes, obama is a sheep in wolfs clothing!!!
          More like a piss ant. The lord of the flies.
          ohhhh believe me, obama does not believe in allah either.

          Yes, this nation could wake up, after over 5 years of obama, and the ones that could have stopped him, didn’t, and the evil here grows daily, I’m not sure it can be stopped now.
          This is not your normal bad guys, this is the real pure evil, and this has to happen before Christ will return.
          The elections this year (or lack of) will tell all.
          Pray and Prep……….God Bless!

        • hpinnc says:

          Fwd: Remember This 54 Years Ago?

          If you are
          too young to remember this, take it from someone who isn’t, this is a true
          historical event and very close now to being a self fulfilling


          29, 1959

          DO YOU

          I tried to paste Khrushchev’s entire quote to the UN. He said the US would take communism a little at the time. Finally he said We will take you & not even fire a shot. I am going to look it up on utube, I remember him saying this. He also said the soviets would sell us the rope that would be used to hang ourselves. It left out his speech, but hope fully you can find it on utube if you are to young to remember.


          WAKE UP

      • paul says:

        Obama does not fear God…. He fears Allah. Why do you think he cancelled the day of pray, but then prayed with Muslim in the White House. Remember this is the same guy who did not wear the American flap on the lapel of his suit coat, why? because he thought it might offend some people…. Really, that statement alone should have woke up anyone that his guy is not out for the good of the USA.

  3. davienne says:

    YES !! YES!!! YES!!…..

  4. Dave says:

    I’m surprised there are only 15 with 3 possible newbies. I think our “leadership” in Washington is terrible.

  5. Jim says:

    He does not meet the qualifications to be POTUS so he should be tried for that. When found to not being qualified he should be removed from office along with VP and all legislation’s signed and people appointed should be taken off the books. Should either be imprisoned for life or shot by a firing squad. We should hold an election to replace him along with this coming election in November.

    • MRitter says:

      Take your med’s and come back to the real world.. There are only 3 qualifications and he’s met all 3.

      • Whatzrname says:

        Just because he may or may not have met qualifications and just because he got elected twice, assisted by a huge amount of fraud, doesn’t have one ounce of anything to do with why he needs to be impeached. Also, please learn to spell.

        • MRitter says:

          Are you the grammar patrol? The only reason I have issues with spelling is the smallness of the letters on the cellphone & autocorrect. That being said, there isn’t any legal issue that would rise to the level of impeachment, the repubs leaders know this. They also know that even talking seriously of impeachment helps the dem’s.

        • FrankC says:

          I think the actual problem is the smallness of the person pushing the letters on the cellphone.

        • Whatzrname says:

          Yeah, right, and that’s why all the dems who are running for reelection are keeping their distance from him. Would you like to buy a bridge?

        • Raylusk says:

          Sorry there has been no wide spread voter fraud. In fact Florida which is controlled by republicans the only voter fraud convictions have been of GOP operatives. Ohio did an investigation and found no wide spread voter fraud. You are simply repeating excuses for the conservatives loss in the 2012 elections.

      • chamuiel says:

        I bet you have had lots of personal experience with med’s.

      • Jim says:

        Speaking of meds, practically all of those who have been on these killing streaks that have been happening on obama’s watch, have also been on these meds you seem to love so much and by the way, they were also liberal demorats so let’s outlaw medicated demo liberals……………….

  6. Reddkl says:

    I wish some of these Republicans would be specific about what violations of the Constitution and which part of the Bill of Rights he’s violated. It’s hard to take something seriously with “nothing” specific. Show me the specifics please.

    • MRitter says:

      Absolutely.. It’s always laughable when they make their crazy claims… and do they really think they could get 67 votes in the Senate??

      • chamuiel says:

        Yes, insane people do laugh hysterically all the time.

        I bet you have personal experience with that.

    • river says:

      No matter the specifics, liberal toiletbugs will just rant none of the specifics are true and only argue. The truth is, the American congress can make up lots of charges, any charge of “small crimes or misdemeanors” at that jug eared moron would be out of office if approved by the house and senate.

      Now, Redd, go read your constitution, then sit down….shut up.

      • Reddkl says:

        How educated of you to use the term “. . . . liberal toiletbugs. . . .”. American congress is capable of making up lots of charges, none of which work. I guess the first amendment only applies to you, river. It’s a shame it doesn’t apply to me.

      • Reddkl says:

        I guess free speech only applies to you. Thank you for the insult and I’ll not stoop to your level.

        • river says:

          I’m sorry Redd, but if you’d read your constitution, you’ll find it doesnt apply to you, but to the press. I dont think you’re smart enough to read it. While it does give you the right to redress your government, in the mean time, you can shut your trap and dont bother to elevate your intellect on the subject matter. It’s much better that you remain ignorant and insulting.

        • Reddkl says:

          River – I do believe you are doing the insulting. Again, thanks for it and again, I’ll not stoop to your level. However, “. . . .abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. . . .” A partial quote from the Constitution. Notice the word OR?

        • river says:

          Well, I’ll tell ya what, Reddass, you tell a judge to shut his trap and what how fast your so called rights evaporate. And quit saying stupid stuff, ignorance is insulting, and you got plenty where that came from.

        • Reddkl says:

          Are you capable of an adult conversation? Ignorance?

        • river says:

          Quite capable, but I, like millions of others don’t let liberal pea brains dictate those terms through idiotic and manipulative statements.

          And I’ll put my IQ against yours any day. But there is the rub, having a conversation of fact with a liberal is futile. Liberals are emotionally underdeveloped and cannot stay on the same page without concocting some mealy mouthed drivel.

        • Reddkl says:

          It appears you are NOT capable. Keep up the good work representing conservatives by insulting anyone with a different perspective or anyone asking for facts. I prefer representing them with intelligent conversation instead of insults.

        • river says:

          I already assured how capable I was. But my point is well proven beyond your codependent mentality that you need to be shown the facts. %68 of the country believes the facts, but somehow, you just cant get connected. Of course, being a codependent liberal you need a book and a study and the AGW scientists to explain it all in an elitist version that only a PEA brained liberal, like yourself, can decipher.

          If someone has to explain all the details to you at this point you’re a waste of bytes. Besides, all you have to add is a petty “feel good” argument.

          Now, sit down…. shut up… you have nothing important to say.

        • Reddkl says:

          Again, thank you for the insults. Where did you get the statistic that 68% of the country believes “the” facts? I’m not sure what “facts” of which you are speaking? If you insist on using labels, at least label me properly. I am not a liberal.

        • river says:

          Quinnipiac, Gallup, ABC.. among many believe that Obama has over stepped his constitutional authority to change law in ObamaCare over 29 times. (thats not all)

          In addition, Constitutional scholars, some of our countries finest, who by the way support Obama, have stated publicly that Obama is clearly beyond his authority, constitutionally and that Impeachment is the constitutional remedy.

    • Jim says:

      How did obama do in states #51 – 57. Remember he said he went thru 57 states during the campaign. Or more likely he was talking about the 57 muslim states of which he is a member of the muslim brotherhood. His father was born in Kenya which made his father a British subject. Since his father was not an American obama is and was not a natural born citizen which was defined when the constitution was written as both mother and father were American Citizen. Also, since obama went to schools in Indonesia, where you had to be a citizen of Indonesia to go to schools and he never renounced his citizenship there he is not an American citizen.

      • Reddkl says:

        The 57 states was an admitted fatigue mistake. He is not a Muslim. If you’re interpretation of “natural born citizen” is true (which it is not), than Ted Cruz isn’t a citizen and can’t run for president. You don’t have to be a citizen of Indonesia to go to school there.

      • Reddkl says:

        You are aware that you cannot impeach someone for something they’d done LEGALLy prior to taking office, aren’t you? Additionally, even pretending to “enjoy” a successful impeachment, it does not mean he has to leave the office of President. Lastly, if you’re a congressman or senator, why don’t you bring those charges up in session?

        That entire document that you hyperlink is equivalent to “Billy ate erasers off his pencils in fifth-grade.”

        • rrkeng says:

          So you want specifics but you are too lazy to actually Google them??

          1. Delay of Obamacare’s out-of-pocket caps.

          3. Delay of Obamacare’s insurance requirements.

          4. Exemption of Congress from Obamacare.

          6. Political profiling by the IRS

          9. Assault on free speech and due process on college campuses.

          Seriously, read the rest on your own…….

        • Reddkl says:

          Are you serious? Not one of your “CHARGES” is impeachable. I’m too lazy? Additionally, he can delay implementation of portions of any law. He just can’t STOP a law. Congress is NOT exempt from Obamacare – Look it up. As for “political profiling” by the IRS, every president has utilized resources available to them. Prove to me words of that sort coming out of his mouth like Nixon did. – As for assault on free speech – ridiculous.

        • rrkeng says:

          So are you going to deny that Obama had his IRS go after conservative groups to make it difficult to get a 501c. They harassed by auditing them and file frivolous charges against them to destroy their lives. Look it up and don’t try to spin it…..
          Your President is a monster!!!

        • Reddkl says:

          Citizens United led to a HUGE increase in the number of applications for “non-profit” status. I don’t have a transcript where Obama said what Nixon did. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, only that I can’t prove it, as I did the Nixon transcript. I think every organization applying for “non-profit” status should be thoroughly investigated and audited for a minimum of 5 years. After that, the organization can retain the status..

        • rrkeng says:

          100% of audits that the IRS did of 501(c)(4) groups were all right-leaning groups…. All of them!!!

          President Obama claims not a smidgeon of corruption in the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, but Mark Levin says it’s now been revealed that the IRS targeted not only the groups applying for 501(c)(4) status, but also began surveilling groups on the right that already had the status. Not only that but 100% of audits that the IRS did of 501(c)(4) groups were all right-leaning groups. All of them. Mark Levin says these are Stalinist tactics being employed by the Obama IRS and later added (not in this clip) that this is why the IRS must be abolished because it has proven it can’t be trusted.

  7. davienne says:

    he is nothing but a lying bastard son of a communist whore that needs to be put in prison for crimes committed against America… executed for treason….

  8. Barto says:

    When are they going to stop talking about it and do it? Just do it already!

  9. yennikcm says:

    Indict, convict, Incarcerate……not impeach……….what sam said

  10. Art Hock says:

    What’s the holdup???????

  11. Whitaker Chambers says:

    I’d say cut his baIIs off but I’m not sure what gender he is.

  12. ¡El Poder de Cristo te obliga! says:

    Boehner and every RINO, in addition to any demoRAT, must go in order for this to truly work.
    The process could take up to a year or more with all the hearings and trials BEFORE the case goes to the Senate. Now would be the ideal moment in time to begin the steps towards closing the chapter on the socialist usurper in our Oval Office. As a usurper, that alone should be enough, barring proof beyond a shadow of doubt, to drag this person from this position and he should be tried for treason at that point.
    This will be a very interesting political year to watch how it all plays out.

  13. 63Marine says:

    Please! Someone take out that sob…..

  14. Carrie Barton says:

    If you watch this movie it is not going to be easy. Obama is just a puppet. Go to you tube and type in Obama HQ and sit back if you can.

  15. river says:

    Now is the perfect time to begin impeachment proceedings on
    Barak Oblunder. It would take almost a year to remove him from office which
    would bring us close to the 2014 elections. The country would be behind his
    removal, even though Joe Biden would possibly proceed Obama for just under two

    Everybody knows that Joe wants to be elected, yet he knows
    he has little or no chance if he has to face Hillary in a primary. But from the
    seat of the presidency, he would wield more power to get elected, in 2016, and
    he knows it. He would be far more formidable if he leaned right of center to
    appeal to independents and conservatives, where Hillary would only be another
    Obama is a canary pants suit, and not quite as good a liar. Joe wants to be
    president so bad he’ll say anything, yet become far too embarrassing to the
    left to really make a difference and splitting the party faithful.

    An impeachment now would split the DNC or DSA, whichever
    they are at the moment, weakening the socialist election agenda of the democrats.

  16. DustyFae says:

    Remember to vote and keep the Democrats from making a one party government… Let’s vote to reign in Obama. and may be the more we get in there the more our chances of getting this Muslim Communist out….

  17. jb80538 says:

    Too bad that the senate that would have to vote to remove from office is currently a democrat majority. That should change in November though!

  18. ChicagoThunder1 says:

    Impeach nothing Do it like his grandma would do and grab one of those big ears and march his butt right out of the White House.
    Hey! SNL…. there you have you’re opening skit.

  19. MRitter says:

    I had a real good laugh at this article. I can see why the writer’s band is Jolly, it’s so funny. Maybe he does a comedy routine on the Comedy Central. To list the disgraced Rep Michelle Bachmann in the discussion is laughable. Let’s not forget she’s not running for re-election. The idea of perjury is also laughable. Maybe Nr Jolly should understand exactly what constitutes perjury. I could easily write more, but one last item that Mr Jolly should learn is a thing called the U S Constitution, a document that it seems he’s not acquainted with. The reason why the House hasn’t taken this up is because it would go nowhere. It would only help the dem’s, and lastly no matter how much you think the senate is in play… the wing-nuts would never get 50 votes in the Senate, LET ALONE THE 67 needed to convict. I did have a good Jolly laugh at this crazy article.. Now it’s time to get real.. something Jolly should consider.

    • Bomber7090 says:

      You are wrong that they cannot get 50 votes in the Senate – actually you are incorrect that they need 50 – they need 51 – because of Biden – so who does not understand the Constitution. Actually, there are probably 12 Senate seats that the democrats currently hold that are in some doubt – and clearly six or more that are truly very vulnerable. My guess is they get to more than 50 and switch the Maine independent to the republican caucus – no chance they switch the avowed socialist from Vermont. They still will not move to impeachment even though the occupant of the White House has violated the law – because it would be futile and impossible to get 67 votes.

    • chamuiel says:

      Do you get paid by the down arrow?

  20. victoryman says:

    Did I miss seeing the name of my other senator, Mr. Cornyn on the list? I guess not. He was too busy trying to burnish his “Conservative credentials” with a buunch of commercials. He is not part of the solution. He is a major art of the problem.

    • rrkeng says:

      Yep, and Cornyn is majorally going after Stockman who actually did sign it……Cornyn has a lot of money and he is using it up!

  21. ilivefreeordie says:

    I am amazed that anyone believes there’s a difference between Democrats and Republicans. Obama is working for the same people Bush worked for. Get it?

  22. Kaywhever says:

    Impeach as soon as possible

  23. This is great! However, the bad news in this is that without the Christian tests (and thereby Biblical qualifications) banned by the framers in Article 6, he would only be replaced with another nincompoop, scoundrel, or outright criminal–in this instance, Joe Biden.

    Consequently, until we fix Article 6 (and the rest of the Biblically incompatible Constitution with it), nothing’s going to change. No, that’s incorrect: Things are only going to get worse.

    If you’re concerned about our nation like I am and your posterity’s future like I am my posterity’s future, join me in identifying, isolating, and exposing the reason America finds herself teetering on the precipice of moral depravity and destruction.

    Take our Constitution Survey and receive a free copy of an 85-page book that examines the Constitution by the Bible. Click on my name, then our website. The survey will be found in the right-hand sidebar.

    • RonMar says:

      “85-page book?” Eighty five pages is a “book?” Published by what major publishing house? Really, who published the “book?” What is the title of the “book?”
      Not much political activism and self-promotion here, eh? – “Click on my name, then our website. The survey will be found in the right-hand sidebar.”
      Also found there will be your program targeting Conservatives, Tea Party and Republicans websites and blogs under the heading “Tea Party Project.”
      “Until we fix Article 6 (and the rest of the Biblically incompatible Constitution with it)” – Do you have the entire Constitution rewritten already to share with others? Do you believe it is really a good idea to open the Constitution to rewriting while Obama is in office with his regime? Are he and his henchmen and women not ignoring, violating and changing the Constitution enough already to suit you?
      Wanting a theocracy as much as you do with himself as dictator he is likely to replace the Constitution with Shar’ia Law? Do you suppose you can keep him from doing that if you open the Constitution for change?

  24. DavidMacko says:

    Besides treason, Obama is also guilty of murder and other war crimes, gross, continuous violations of the Constitution and possible usurpation of office if he was not a natural born citizen of the United States.

    • Raylusk says:

      Guilty of murder? Yeah right. Not a natural born citizen? Already been proved he is. Quit being a nut job.

      • DavidMacko says:

        Anwar al-Awlaki, his son and nephew, possibly Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings and Tom Clancy and hundreds of innocent Afghanis, Pakistanis and others. See Sheriff Joe Arpaio regarding the citizenship issue. For the record, I am David Macko and the world is wacko.

        • Raylusk says:

          Tom Clancy? Yeah sure. All the others were completely legal because of the authorization Congress gave for the war on terror. As far as the citizenship thing, Arpaio is as much of a nut job as you. Hawaii confirmed Obama was born there. The Hospital confirmed it. And there was an announcement in a local Hawaii paper when Obama was born. Take your conspiracy crap and shove it. Americans are sick and tire of nut jobs like you.

        • DavidMacko says:

          Of course. Do you mean the woman who died in a plane crash where the other eight passengers survived after she presented the latest version of Obama’ s birth certificate?

  25. sovereigntyofone says:

    In my humble opinion it all boils down to what happens in the 2014 elections across this nation. IF by a miracle the Republicans gain control of the Senate and keep control of the House, then we will see what ” other excuse ” they will come up with not to Impeach Obama.
    Only time will tell.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  26. Bomber7090 says:

    What a waste of air – there is no way that the republicans can garner 2/3rds of the Senate – the threshold for conviction. Stop wasting everyone’s time and understand that regardless of the violations of his oath there is no way this will ever happen.

  27. Death2Unions says:

    America grinding down to being a Marxist State in less than two years. The blood flowing in the streets will drown many.

  28. dwolfcoach says:

    So this is where the people that vote for the most contemptible people to office reside? Wow, where do you all get your info? Let me guess, Fraud News? Just when I thought this country couldn’t get dumber! Let me know how this impeachment thing works out for you. I hope it keeps you busy and writing more rubbish like this so that you keep losing elections. Please keep talking BS!

  29. Admiral America says:

    Elect only those who support impeachment. Of course you can’t really trust a politician to keep their word.

  30. Jim says:

    Yes, Obama has committed many impeachable offenses, but talk about that at this juncture is silly. First, if it ever happened it wouldn’t even start until the new Congress in 2015. Give it at least another year to work its way through the various House committees and it would be 2016 before the Senate could ever act on it. So we would get Bite-me for a half of a year or so.

    That’s a tremendous political risk to take and we have to recognize that many (most?) independent voters view the Republican Party as being controlled by a small group of whacko right-wingers. What if we could win control of the Senate but impeachment becomes the major campaign issue and turns away voters who would have voted for our candidates?

    The objective is to gain control of the congress and WH, not take revenge on a President whom we dislike. I don’t like him at all, but I hate losing elections even more. We need to take a more mature and focused attitude on this.

  31. marineh2ominer says:

    I know what you are saying , but I find it necessary to ask who is counting the vote , is it the same people that counted them in 2012 ? If that is the case we will NEVER get control of the Senate because the ” vote counters ” can’t let it happen .

  32. dntmkmecomoverther says:

    The mere fact that these weasels have done nothing of substance about this vermin during his 5 yr reign, tells me they will do nothing but ‘wag the tongue’. If they don’t get their ethics in order and soon, there will be hell to pay.

  33. katjan68 says:

    As much as I would love to see this happen, unfortunately the clown (Biden) is already making stirrings of thinking he could be President and is thinking of running in 2016. If he gets a leg up now, and nothing serious happens on his watch, it would make a good chance for his winning the next election. That would be more of the same of this administration. Unless you can impeach the whole bunch of them, I don’t think it would be worth it.

    • ManinNH says:

      Citizens Grand Jury!
      I say remove them ALL and put in fresh, Constitutional meat.

      Operation American Spring – Peaceful American Revolution – May 16, 2014

      • katjan68 says:

        I agree, we need a very thoroughmhouse cleaning and we need to set term limits on these idiots, and we n eed to remove from Congress anyone that runs as a Republican or Democrat then votes constantly with the other party. In the case of Democrats, that doesn’t happen because they are just plain stupid, but Republicans like John McCain for instance, the only thing that makes him a Republican is that he ran in a Republican state.

  34. katjan68 says:

    Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
    n. A betrayal of trust or confidence. = Treason. I think the Obumbo fits in that category.

  35. porterv says:

    Obama is a demon sent from hell, by God, to punish and destroy us. Why would God want to destroy us? For the murder of 60 million babies since Roe vs Wade. For maintaining schools that indoctrinate our children into self hate and sexual perversion. For legalizing same sex marriage and making homosexuality the law of the land. Etc. etc. God offered to spare Sodom if 10 righteous men could be found. I’ve been looking for 10 righteous men in America. I’ve found a lot of self-righteous men but not doing so good on the righteous front. Unless something changes soon, we have had it.

  36. caskinner says:

    Talk is cheap but there is strength in numbers. Replace the Democrats with candidates that will abide by the Constitution.

  37. Bill says:

    Instead of just Obama, why not any of the Republicrats like Boehner and McClintock who promised “No Obamacare” and then said “well, there’s really nothing we can do about it” after they pushed it through?

    • caskinner says:

      Who is McClintock?

      • Bill says:

        Tom McClintock is claims to be a Constitutional conservative and is from Kalifornia. But he endorsed Fred Thompso who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

        Thompson voted yes on the PATRIOT ACT, the McCain-Feingold Campaign Act, and the Shays-Meehan bill restricting issue ads. Opposing the majority of Americans, Thompson continued to
        support the undeclared Iraq war, saying “we will not be a safer
        country, we will not be a safer America if the whole world watches us being defeated by a bunch of kids with improvised explosive devices”.

        Did his support of such a candidate indicate that hes support such tyrannical laws and undeclared wars? That is certainly not in line with a limited-government constitutionalist. Yet he also insisted republicans support Schwarzenegger in 2006, despite his record of gun-control, nanny-state government, ‘free flow of people’ through our borders, and wasting more money than Gray Davis. Unfortunately like most in office today and, or those who are attempting ti get elected he feels that a number of little bad things never equate to major evils and is why the Republicrats are being looked at very closely by a large number of voters who have decided to vote their conscious instead of their party. After all, today no one can tell the difference between a Deamonrat and a Republicrat,

  38. Bill says:

    Oops I’m sorry. You all forgot.

  39. gw111 says:

    they should learn a lesson from the Progressives.
    1st. Register to vote and do it on line and know every ins and outs of filling out the paper work. Acorn did go anywhere, it just changed its name. The democrats in the inner city got people registered to vote, and the inner city vote won the election for Obama. The inner city vote won the election for Shelia Jackson. Once you have figured out how to register be ready to help all your conservative friends do the same.
    2nd Learn how to vote by mail. Democrats vote by mail way more often then Conservatives. A meeting in the basement of the neighborhood church, promising sandwiches and a cup of coco, in the inner city can get more people registered and ready to vote then all the yard signs in the world. Once they have their followers together they can show them how to mail in their vote. They even have all the forms ready to fill out. One person with a lap top can account for more votes then arguing on your computer with liberal hacks.
    Surly you know of people, a sick shut in aunt, or friend over seas in uniform. Perhaps you parents or fellow worker or friend that has the same views but isn’t even registered. Make it easy for them to register, show them how to vote by mail and keep a list of those you helped and remind them to mail their vote in. Hey go by your aunts home with a stamp and mail it for her.
    You can argue all you want here, but victory will come when we get out and vote.
    Obama beat Romney by 5 million votes. If 10% of those who voted conservative would have got one more person to vote there would have been another 6 million votes for Romney. If 20% had gotten 3 more voters then there would have been 36 million more votes. a mandate that would have made every politician take notice.

  40. lostdutchman says:

    You are impeached by the House…it is merely an indictment. It goes nowhere unless TRIED and CONVICTED by the Senate. If it makes us feel good, give it a try, but no bitching when it fails to convict. It is a POLITICAL solution, to political problems.
    There is a legal solution, but no one wants to talk about it in any but derisive tones. Its on the books, and has been since put there by Congress. Obama is now busy packing the Court that would be appropriate to hear it with liberal judges, so….

    • Raylusk says:

      Sorry the only way to remove a sitting President is in the Constitution. Congress can’t pass a law that gives them a legal solution.

      • Raylusk says:

        Well I see RWNJs don’t like the fact that the Constitution is the only way to remove the President. They claim they love the Constitution but haven’t read it and don’t understand it.

      • lostdutchman says:

        Well, explain this.
        The rule exists in the US Code for The District of Columbia. It is found as ” chapter 35 quo warranto DC code”. (Google this ) This requires the defendant to show the authority by which he holds the office he holds, and applies to any executive, civilian or military, located in the D of C.
        The Constitution states that Congress is to establish the rules governing the new ( as of then, it had not been determined) ‘seat of government’, which it did, and has been responsible for all such laws since.
        So, would this not strongly suggest that such rules drawn by Congress have Constitutional authority?

        • Raylusk says:

          I’m not sure what you are getting at. The President holds his office because he was elected to it. The only way to remove him from office is impeach him in the House and convict him in the Senate. The Constitution is clear on this.

          As far as the rules governering the new seat of government, that has nothing to do with removing a sitting President. It means that Congress passes the rules setting up the government to run DC. DC is a city and needs to be governed, Congress has the constitutional authority to set up the rules of that government. But they don’t have the constitutional authority to set up different rules than those clearly spelled out in the Constitution to remove a President from office. It’s really not that difficult to understand if you look beyond your hate.

          When the Constitution has very specific rules like the impeachment and conviction process Congress can’t make up new laws to do that. The only way they can change the removal process for the President is by modifying the constitution and their are clear rules how to do that. So no Congress has no constitutional authority to remove the president except by the clear authority in the Constitution.

        • lostdutchman says:

          Yes, he was elected…but before the election, there were a number of objections to his eligibility, and those questioning it have grown steadily, for a number of reasons. Election does NOT reset eligibility requirements. But an unresolved question of such weakens it. Eligibility is established by the Constitution, and the process that has been suggested is simply an opportunity for the person in question to prove his authority to legally hold his office. Failure to do so requires the immediate surrender of it, and negation of all deeds associated with the usurpation. Impeachment holds for legal office holders, not usurpers. As important as the specific citizenship requirement was to the founders, why would they simply rely on the election process to correct an eligibility oversight in the heat of an election?
          Have you ever delved into the legal reasoning associated with this approach, or are you summarily dismissing it?

        • Raylusk says:

          If you are talking about the citizenship issue of Obama the issue has been resolved. Every court that has heard the issue has dismissed any claim against the President. The people voting have heard the birther arguments and have found them wanting and reelected Obama. The courts have done the same. This birther nonsense has been disproved over and over and over. But I know nothing will satisfy the hatred of you birthers. Obama was born in Hawaii. Hawaii says so, his birth certificate says so, the hospital says so, a birth announcement in a Hawaii newspaper at the time of his birth says so, the courts says so, and the voters say so. Now quit with the birther nonsense. Americans are sick and tired of idiots like you.

        • lostdutchman says:

          I’ll just ignore the name calling because it diminishes the discussion, and has no relation to its source.
          You damage your case, or are not aware of what you are saying. I truly hope that the Hawaiian BC is held as valid. Does that disqualify me as a ‘birther’? Since you hold that BC as good as gold, everything else on it must be equally valid, right? (I will assume a ‘yes’, and concur)
          As to the courts…dismissing a case for lack of standing or other procedural matter DOES NOT constitute ‘hearing’ the case…just kicking it down the road, or otherwise delaying a hearing.
          Back to the BC. Ever notice that it says Obama’s father is a Kenyan? Never mind that there was no Kenya in 1961…it was still a British Protectorate. Whatever that may be, the information there is wrong, because it is correct ( its on the BC ), which brings us back to the eligibility requirements. You say the citizenship issue has been resolved. Just what is Obama’s citizenship, in exact terms, since that is how it is to be, as described in the Constitution?
          Are you still as certain of his eligibility now, or are you still a little foggy on those?

        • Raylusk says:

          I don’t regret the name calling because it was justified. You clearly are a birther so don’t deny it.

          The US Supreme Court did not dismiss the birther case that reached it because of lack of standing. They simply refused to hear it after reviewimg all the circumstances around it. Sounds to me like they have no intensions of letting you birthers win.

          As far as the birth certificate. You are correct Kenya was part of the British Empire in 1961. But where you are wrong is that the British called it Kenya and that is how it was refered to by its citizens and how it was shown on maps. But I clearly listed many factors besides the BC to prove Obama was born in Hawaii. He was and you birthers cannot prove otherwise.

          Now I noticed that you are a master of writing a whole bunch of words but never coming to the point. So I will once again spell out your point for you. “Natural born citizen.” Yes I’m aware of how the birthers view this. But the constitution does not say someone has to be born to two American citizens to be eligible for President. Being born in the United States is what is required and Obama clearly was.

  41. gw111 says:

    Wake up!! Charge him with treason, another distraction from getting the vote out. It almost sounds like you have admitted defeat and are grasping at straws to get another conservative in office. The trouble is conservatives talk a big talk but don’t get to the polls. So what if we impeach Obama, you going to impeach Hillary as well. And what about all the other democrats or RINOs.

  42. jreg9304 says:



    • Raylusk says:

      Every President did not pay for their own vacations the way you think. Obama just like every President pays for his and his families direct expenses on vacation. Things like their own rooms and food. The costs associated with any Presidents vacation comes from the staff and security that must travel with them as well as well as the cost of maintaining and operating airforce 1.

      By the way the reason you aren’t seeing Obama impeached is because the majority of voters elected him.

  43. yaki534 says:

    The senate would never impeach even if he started wearing a turban and admitted that he is a Marxist.

    • Doug Roy says:

      Point of information. The Senate convicts of a crime and removes from office, while the House impeaches. Impeachment causes a trial to take place in the Senate. Though impeachment is just part of the process involved in removing a president, it is crippling to a president and definitely slows him down in his evil agenda.

  44. Doug Roy says:

    We have this president because we, the people, have turned away from God, and God has given us what we deserve. There can be no true liberty within any nation that turns from God and His Son, that is why we have been given tyrannical leaders. We continue to reject God in our public schools and push humanism and atheism. We murder our own children, ripping them in pieces and burning them in the barbaric abortion centers which we the people have allowed to continue now these 40 years. We have wicked and perverted sexual practices spreading to every corner of this nation and even the supposed Christian churches have joined in the madness. We’ve been overcome by the gods of greed, pleasure, lust, and false christs within all mainline denominations and nearly every independent church. Unrighteousness is everywhere and do we wonder why God has given us such a wicked president? Our last president and all those going back to Kennedy where corrupt men, not a good man among them who would overturn our national sins. They were all talk and no action. We have not deserved a good leader because we are so evil.
    Repent, American. Begin to seek the true God and turn from your idolatry and false gods. Leave your false churches with their false preachers who profane the name of the Lord Jesus and make a mockery out of Christianity, having replaced it with a perverted gospel and false christs. Seek to do what is right and good and cry to God for mercy. The judgment is coming and will get worse and worse. Too much blood has been spilled to stop it, but you may save your own soul and perhaps help others.

    • walter says:

      Read Luke 18:10-14. We are all sinners. If you think you are righteous you’ll be judged first, before all those you condemn. Even if that’s not the case with you it is with many on the “Christian Right” today.

      • Doug Roy says:

        I’m not sure what your purpose is for your response. I am an American and stand guilty with other Americans. Claiming we are all sinners will not remove the judgment that is coming. All men, sinners and Christians (saved sinners), have a responsibility and will be held accountable for their lives and actions. We cannot separate ourselves from the government’s actions in a free country. We put these men in office. We’ve allowed these injustices to continue.
        God has weighed this country in the balance and found it wanting. I am sharing that truth. You may not like it, but be sure if you’ve embrace the false Christianity of the day, the judgment is coming for you and only by repentance and amending your ways will you find mercy. What you are doing, in your words of condemnation is the very thing you supposedly hate. “The double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

  45. zanografix says:

    It is more important to take the Senate so that Obama enabler, Harry Reid, loses the gavel making Obie impotent.

  46. David Roberts says:

    Kay Hagen, get on the list now. Do not be afraid of this man.

  47. Solus says:

    Due to the complicity of so many elected leaders in vote buying, influence peddling and personal enrichment, even if convicted, the new President (Biden) would pardon him and no punishment would be faced.
    Elected officials know to protect their own lest they themselves be investigated or lose committee seats in retaliation.
    Obama’s Presidency and Administration (Justice) has been a long series of scandals and coverups that deserve to be fully investigated.
    The people demand honest justice and if warranted, prison.

  48. mayeeden says:

    It is a shame that to be able to remove a plague on our country, that it must be done by party lines. Do these people have no morality or love of country and liberty? Will they ever finally have enough of the lies, betrayal and destruction of their fellow Americans? There are dozens of people in power that need to be investigated and many of the removed and jailed. The Military has become delinquent in their oath to protect the country from enemies foreign and domestic which we obviously have going on here and even law enforcement has been captured and has one of those lawless people at the very head of all law enforcement. I was hoping that the boy scouts would have made a stand to protect the country since they were the last line of defense, but they even crumpled under the pressure. Who’s left? The girl scouts or brownies or possibly the cub scouts? The rotary club? Even the gnarly bikers and truckers were unable to get the job done.

    • SuperDave2 says:

      Boy Scouts? What power do they have?

      • mayeeden says:

        They failed to stand up to political correctness as far as sexual orientation of their leaders. I was hoping that they would stand up for what was right but alas, they caved. When all of the moral scouts and scoutmasters depart the BSA, the infrastructure will already be all set up for Obama scouts to fill the void and he will have his youth corps that he has been dreaming about. I can’t wait to see all of the new patches and pins that will be created to reflect the values and mission of the new OSA.

  49. mabera19 says:

    There should be a warrant out for his arrest. He is a criminal, and should be charged with Treason, for the multiple crimes he is has committed…………

  50. isis5551 says:

    Gee…..where is Trey Gowdy, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Darryl Issa, and all those that “pretend” to be looking out for our best interest? By the way. Rand Paul is supporting Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. All a bunch of liars and frauds!

  51. marlio says:

    When republicans call me I tell them I am not voting for any incombents until obama is out of office. Just cant bring myself to vote for a rhino with all the lying and trickery this president has gotten by with!!!

  52. walter says:

    I’m taking bets on whether BHO will be impeached & convicted by the senate. The odds against impeachment & conviction are +150 (1.5 to 1). Any takers??

  53. shannon853 says:

    congress acts fast in giving themselves raises and fattening their pockets one way or another but move slower then a dead snail when it comes to serving the people.

    • PMM says:

      Because most of them know that Harry Reid would make a joke of the whole thing. He has run cover for Obama since the republicans took the house.

      • shannon853 says:

        what is needed is giving reid a behind the shed wake up treatment. waterboarding is also a good idea.

        • PMM says:

          Shannon, I certainly agree. Reid is as bad as Obama and so are a number of democrats in both the house and the senate. That some of the dems in the house are putting together EO for Obama now that they no longer have control of the house is beyond the pale. They just can’t accept that the American people did not want what they were selling and took them out of control and suspect after the mess that is our federal government policy and our international policies which are making us a laughing stock and the unfettered wasting and borrowing going on, the senate will go to the republicans. Now though it is a matter of getting enough of them to impeach as it does take 67 votes unless the pull a Reid and change the rules by a simple majority. The dems will scream bloody murder about history and presidence, but they would have it coming after some of the people they have approved for positions in the government. Obama needs to be removed from the white house period. Let Biden take over, and then, they need to start working on people like Reid who has diminished the respect people had for the body he was entrusted to head.

        • shannon853 says:

          the dumbs did in fact open a can of worms with the “nuclear option” and justice should come by using a every chance if the republicans regain power. as is said, turnabout is fair play. congress also needs to void all exec orders and clear the books so to speak,

        • PMM says:

          Agree totally!

        • aptos 2012 says:

          How ever the damage is done it is hard to revers it

        • shannon853 says:

          don’t be a defeatist. remember prohibition was repealed and things returned to normal. it can be done. yes there will be costs but blocking any health to illegals can save billions and REDUCE COSTS as providing FREE medical to them drives costs way up.

  54. AbleAmerican1 says:

    Where’s Marco Rubio…on this impeachment agenda ??

  55. Raylusk says:

    Sounds like Dave here is delusional. Could the House potentially impeach Obama? Sure. Will the Senate convict him before he leaves office in 2016. Not happening. Here is the reason why. First impeachment in the House just needs a majority vote. But conviction in the Senate needs 2/3 or 67 votes to pass. Under the best circumstances the GOP takes over the Senate with 52 GOP Senators. Far short of the 67 votes needed to convict. Of course if Dave here at quit with the hate and simply read the Constitution he would know all this. Ignorance seems to be typical of people like Dave.

  56. KathiB. says:

    OR….they can just keep talking about it and doing NOTHING…..This president has run around and created “law” completely withOUT Congress since he was sworn into office…….Up until recently, there was NO mention of Impeachment although there certainly was CAUSE.
    Between BOTH houses of Congress and the media, BHO has been given more passes than any president in history……..
    It’s an election year, a time when the polititians conveniently remember where they are from and return to shake hands and spread BULL PLOP to the Sheeple too lazy to kick their sorry behinds out of DC.
    The Founders deliberately gave power to the STATES and NEVER intended for Congressional terms to turn into 40+ year carreers.
    There are woefully FEW who are worth reelecting…………….the rest should be FIRED, I include BOTH parties. They go off to DC, have their spines removed and forget about everything they PROFESSED to believe in just to get elected. They become part of “The Machine” as well as pieces in a game that does nothing for the American People but anything possible to enrich them…..both with power and financial wealth, in the unlikely event they LOOSE an election, they become lobbyists and return to DC to further feather their ‘nests’.
    As despicable as I find most of these men and women, I find the voters who stupidly continue to pull the leaver for ‘good-old what’s-his/her-face to be even MORE disgusting.
    Voting is a priviledge and those who vote with no clue about the candidates other than name regognition should just stay home and watch Jerry Springer…….at least they aren’t hurting others.

  57. Frank says:

    WE need to secure the ballot box. We need to turn the tables on these marxist at the ballot scrap the electronic machines that Soros in charge of , Or we get the same old $hit DEFEAT

  58. VicBailey says:

    During time of war it’s DEATH, and that is what the Constitution prescribes to the traitors of this country! We need to get back to our Constitution and it will find every crooked politician and have them in PRISON as they should be! Semper Fi.

  59. betterboy says:

    Impeaching Odummy now would not have any benefit since he has already done the damage. Most of the cry for impeachment is just party nonsense anyway. They all make noise to make the public think they are doing something for them. It’s a dog and pony show. Even if they got rid of the sliver tongue liar he would be replaced with another liar in our totally corrupt political system.

  60. Redwhiteblu says:

    A few true republicans can’t do the job that 100 percent of all republican congressman MUST DO

  61. liberty49 says:

    The House should continue their efforts to impeach Obama even if the Senate will not go along with it, BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

    • Raylusk says:

      Yes please do. What the right doesn’t understand the majority of Americans do not want the a President they elected and reelected impeached. But please do. It will end any chance that conservatives have of taking the Senate and keeping the House. This no compromise fanatism that many conservatives display is exactly what Americans reject.

    • aptos 2012 says:

      The problem is if only the house impeachment its wont hold water,remember slick willy He got impeached but nothing happened because the congress wont go for it.The other problem I can see is at the midterm election the democraps going to run a anti racist card because we trying to impeach they darling Bastard,can you imagine the media will all going to vilify any republican candidate

      • liberty49 says:

        We’ll just have to wait until after the 2014 elections. And if they are ‘called off’ then all bets are off.

  62. LittleMoose says:

    Any attempt to impeach Obama should wait until after the midterm elections.

  63. jime1 says:

    I love to see it happen, but I won’t be holding my breath!

  64. hagar2935 says:

    Talk is cheap. DO IT!

  65. RoscoeBonifitucci says:

    Obama should be Impeached for his failure to obey the Constitution he is sworn to preserve, protect and defend. Barack Obama also does not bear true allegiance to the United States of America and against all their enemies or opposers whatsoever.

  66. RoscoeBonifitucci says:

    Obama aka”O’Vomit” is a disgrace to all Americans. He is completely out to spend, use and blow tax payer money for his own aggrandisement. He thinks it is “due” him and if you disagree with his actions, then he plays the Race Card. The only other card in his deck is his Asshat Card, which he alternately plays to Deny, Deflect, Delude, Mislead, Delay…and Lie!

    Why won’t the Leftist Mainstream Media wake up to the fact that they are NOT part of America’s Free Press? Obama is the Marxist Enemy that Mao, Lenin and Stalin loves.

  67. RoscoeBonifitucci says:

    Time for Impeachment. It is every American’s Duty to remove this stain and WPD from the White House. (WPD – Walking Pile of Dung).

  68. PatCindyCunningham says:

    Something isn’t right, Barack Obama surely knows People are on to him and the odds of a sweep in the Congressional elections seem assured and still he continues to threaten executive orders. He is helping push impeachment and he should know it. Is that what he wants? Is he planning on rallying his base to come to his aide? He seems to know something that isn’t quite right. I just hope we the people are ready.

    • PMM says:

      He is playing to his base. He still has a few idiots left out there who believe………..not many anymore since his approval rate is in the pooper, but still some. So when you see him doing the all bluster garbage on TV, that isn’t for you and me, that’s for the idiots who still buy in and fall on his every lying word.

  69. Lougjr1 says:

    I started out as a proud Democrat and voted for democrats when I was able to vote.
    In the 1970’s on, they began to act more like Socialists than Democrats so I felt a need to change. I became a Republican for a time but in the late 80’s and early 90’s I
    felt they started to act more like Democrats so I became an Independent. I’m PO’d
    because I can’t vote in primaries. I have decided to become a Republican in order to vote conservatives in office in order to stop this run a way government from turning this country into a Marxist state run by a wannabe dictator who with the help of the bass turd Democratic congress who is willing to sell their soul to the Devil in order to hold on to power instead of putting the country first. My country comes first above all else. Semper Fi !

    • PMM says:

      It really is hard and what you said is on point. The democrats or many of them belong to the communist and socialist party. Republicans have moved into a position to the left of center, and taken over the spot where the dems used to be. The only salvation will be to get more Ted Cruz’, Mike Lees, Trey Gowdys, etc. They actually have read and understand the constitution unlike people like BoTox Nancy (who as Gowdy said needs time with a mental health professional).

      • Lougjr1 says:

        Thank you, It lets me believe that I made my point and I hope that the majority of Americans understand what has taken place under Obama and this administration. If so, maybe there’s a chance this country will survive, otherwise, it was great while it lasted !!

        • PMM says:

          Oh, I don’t think we are at the great while it lasted stage, but we are getting close if some of the sheeples do not wake up. And now this garbage about why would you work when we are giving you a subsidy……………where the heck do they think the money comes from. We will end up like the colony at Virginia in the beginning. Pretty soon they will take so much of what you earn to give to those who are doing the stay at home and enjoy life thing, people will give up and pretty soon, people die! Everyone can’t just stay home and enjoy life, but enough people are stupid enough to believe the lies still. He is carefully working a new set of them for this election, and we gotta hope folks learned from the last election that this guy and all his buds lie and will do anything to get re-elected so they can continue to onslaught

  70. countyguard says:

    Vote for impeachment? NO! First, he is NOT the president. Second, he and the rest of his cabal have committed crimes, including treason, and it is part of the record that all can see. They are to be arrested, imprisoned to await trial, tried, and then hung by the neck till dead because the evidence is public for all to see… and any who war against the constitution in support of these traitors can also be arrested and tried… and hung. What part of defending our constitution and the rule of law doesn’t anyone understand??? Is ANYONE willing to defend our republic and to stop this madness? Where is the military? Where are the militia that exist in the millions across this republic? It is about time to take the garbage out…

    • Raylusk says:

      He is the President. He has been voted for twice by over 50% of the voting public. He can’t be arrested while in office the Constitution is clear on this. The only way to remove him from office is to impeach him and then have the senate convict him with a vote of 67 senators. You conservative nuts accusing Obama of not following the constitution yet you don’t even know what the constitution says.

      • PMM says:

        Geez, all of a sudden you liberals want to follow the rules? Funny, you didn’t have any problem with Harry Reid disgarding them, did you?

    • aptos 2012 says:


  71. MountainHome says:

    If only democrats can put aside party politics and vote the impeachment based on the rule of law as we saw republicans do when it came time to impeach Nixon.

    With regret democrats think only of the next election & not the next generation.

    • Raylusk says:

      You are a real comedian. Nothing to impeach over except right wing conspiracy theories.

    • PMM says:

      That is because one group at least attempts to think about the country and the other group only thinks about their ideology and staying in power. What is best for the country never enters into it.

  72. irish7_1sg says:

    Don’t be too confident that we’ll take the Senate this year. I suspect there was LARGE SCALE ELECTION FRAUD IN 2012! They got away with it once, they’ll do it again. Worse yet, if Republicans give in on immigration, they’ll NEVER win another national elections.

  73. ONTIME says:

    This Fraud, the Faker in the WH is working at pushing his agenda and with Holder still in the AG office and no one willing to step up and force the issues that would remove this con artist, the election may be thwarted by his delusional attempt to become the tinpot he really is…every poll in this election needs to be safeguarded at all cost….

  74. Raylusk says:

    It really gets old seeing you right wing people crying about massive voter fraud when there is simply no evidence it ever existed. Here is a report right from the republican Secretary of State for Ohio that found no wide spread voter fraud.

    • sly311 says:

      Hey Skippy. There is a state representative from Boulder Colorado who wants to eliminate the requirement for residency and institute same day voting for local elections. A Dem. So Chuckwheat it appears you suffer from cranial rectal inversion. Smarten up.

      • Raylusk says:

        Hey idiot we are talking about voter fraud. It didn’t occur. Get over your RWNJ fit. In other words quit crying like a baby.

    • LawtonOkie says:

      BS!! I have friends who voted Republican in certain Philadelphia precincts and when the voting was over the socialist democrats said that not a single Republican voted in those precincts. That’s how the socialist pigs get elected over and over. Fraud is the only way democrats can win elections, you jerk. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  75. Paul Brown says:

    This impeachment has been to long in coming but I hope and pray to God above that the American people get a brain before the elections and vote these terrorist pigs out of office so we can once and for all get rid of this communist bastard. The problem is he knows what we are planning and will pull out all of his corrupt supporters to fix the voting booths again this year just like they did in 2012.

      • Paul Brown says:

        I guess you are as stupid as that pig you support in Washington. There has been numerous people coming out of the wood work saying they voted more than once for this jackass communist pig. There has also been a man who went to jail because he admitted in court to the judge that he wrote a program to throw the GOP votes to the demoncrap side, he said it was very easy to do and has done it for them before to fix elections. Get a brain you stupid communist jerk and get your head out of your stupid ass hole. You think the country is going to fall for that shit, your nuts. I work the voting polls and have seen it many time going on with the blacks trying to vote when they aren’t even registered to vote. I refused them as always.
        If you think that 100% of the people in a town voted for this jackass, then you better go back to that communist terrorist school you failed and try again.

        • Raylusk says:

          So I post a link with FACTS and you go off in a RWNJ rant. How about some facts idiot. There was no widespread voter fraud no matter what your anecdotal experiences try to manufacture. The Ohio Republican Secretary of State said so in the link I posted above. There was no man that admitted to altering the program on voting machines to throw the election for Democrats. It’s just another of your delusions. You are clearly mentally ill probably because you spend to much time listening to the likes of Alex Jones. You really are a pathetic little man and a racist to boot. Take a hike loser. America rejects you and your delusions.

        • 1American1st says:

          You “FACTS” are LIES…

        • Jan123456 says:

          I don’t suppose you can substantiate that.

          Fraud is rare, but when it does occur, absentee ballots are often the method of choice.” pg 69

          And look up who Benjamin Ginsberg – co author – is.

        • Goodforall says:

          You can’t handle the truth!

        • aptos 2012 says:

          Why don’t you just get lost with your lying demagogue’s You are NOT belongs to this discussion board Take a look at your blog’s response Only negative feedback Idiot!!!!

        • Jan123456 says:

          aptos…I know that insanity is the shown by trying the same thing over and over and each time expecting a different result, but I do try to post independent facts…not MSNBC, Fox or Breitbert…but links to original documents such as the CBO report or actual text of the ACA…and each time here it is voted down. I hope to bring a new perspective and, in turn, get one back. I am almost always disappointed. Mostly I am told that I am a moron for believing anything other than what the right wing/tea part does. They only want negative feedback here. You’re right.

        • aptos 2012 says:

          Jan.The facts are this “president” is NOT our president. Fact is He is trying to transform the US to the socialist regime,most people are in the US have no idea what is socialism,or communism is.I grow up in the communist regime this is the reason I come to the US I cant see this country turn to be such irrealistic Marxist regime,So what I do I tell to every body what is it look like to be NO freedom and NO money and tons of taxis.Unfortunately I leave in the Democrap surrounding socialist used to be very conservative State but now turn to be a looser.Every time the Democraps putting they feet the result is Economy destruction high tax high unemployment,this is the result of they false philosophy.I care less about original reports because I know what is the left is up to DESTROY THE US.

        • Jan123456 says:

          I understand you vehemently disagree with Obama’s policies. And there is no requirement that we all agree. I come here to read other points of view. If I wanted to stay in my own informational bubble, I would stick to reading opinions from people I know agree with me. But, fwiw, you will never see me misuse words as slurs (Democraps, Obummer, etc.).

          My point was that so many people here take at face value the information they get from known right wing journalists and never fact check the original information to see if it had any “spin” to it.

          What I do think I understand is that what upsets people here the most is that the US is changing and they don’t like the change. It’s no longer dominated by white people (especially male) of European descent. Although we are based on Judeo/Christian precepts, it is not as dominant as it once was. And that scares a lot of people…the United States isn’t the same as it was 30 or more years ago. As the first black president (and yes, given that he got enough electoral college votes and was sworn in by the Chief Justice of the United States, it does legally make him our president) it emphasizes that shift. But regardless, we are not going to go backwards. I do feel badly for the people who believe things are changing for the worse. We just happen to disagree.

        • Paul Brown says:

          You know dummy, you really are as stupid as I said. I don’t know any ALex Jones and if you think that I would believe anything that ABC news media had to say you are as corrupt and as stupid as they are. Someday you fantasy is going to come crashing down around your stupid little pea brain and you will see just what we have been saying all along. This muslim terrorist is just that and he will declare Martial Law and dictate to everyone what he wants and you aren’t going to mean a damn thing to that racist pig thief murderer. If loving my once great country and refusing to let pig terrorists take it over makes me a racist, then yes I am and I am damn proud of it you stupid little evil pig murderer. Go get a life, but I know you are to stupid to know what that means.

        • Howdy Doody Conservative says:

          Like I always say…..Listening to ABC, CBS OR NBC to learn about politics is like SMELLING FARTS to learn about cooking.

        • Paul Brown says:

          I agree, the last place I would go for news is from those lying idiot demoncraps. After what they did with Romney, they refused to show nay of his commercials because Osama told them not to, because he knew at the time he would definitely lose the election if the real truth got out to the people.
          I won’t even listen to or watch those stations and longer now.

        • Jan123456 says:

          Did you know that Benjamin Ginsberg, Romney’s election attorney, was co-author of a report that investigated voter fraud after the 2012 election and found very little fraud – at least the kind that having a voter ID would solve. ” Fraud is rare, but when it does occur, absentee ballots are often the method of choice.” pg 69

      • 1American1st says:

        I know for a fact you are lying. In 2008 I went in to vote & someone had already cast my ballot. Luckily it is a very small precinct & I knew everyone there.

      • 1American1st says:

        “We know 600 ineligible registrations have been canceled for non-citizenship since we began looking into this.”

      • Goodforall says:

        It has been proven time and time again-you libtards couldn’t win w/o it!

        • PMM says:

          Yup, and it wasn’t just Ohio. Some machines were changing it from Romney to Obama and for some folks that didn’t catch it and try to change it back, they voted for Obama whether they wanted to or not.

      • PMM says:

        OMG, you are going to try to reference something the government media said? Are you serious :). There are a number of instances where over 100% of the vote went to Obama. There were machines that were changing the vote from Romney to Obama and countless other things that would indicate something was amiss.

      • aptos 2012 says:

        You should hanged with the rest of this bastards

  76. rchguns says:

    The impeached Clinton remember that and what good does it do? We need a constitutional convention to return to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights doing away with all the scum buckets and career politicians. Between politicians and lawyers they will be the death of America yet.

  77. disqus_E4Vdp7qC06 says:

    The house should go ahead with it anyway. They need to start standing up and showing us that they are at least trying. Let Harry and his liberal crooks say no. The Repubics need to get their message out better and start with clear messaging. I am starting to believe that boner and his minions would rather lose than have conservatives win this. They had the chance in 2012 and blew it and now more than ever they have even a better chance. They will not win if they insist on pushing moderates. We need the Ted Cruz’s and Rand Paul’s if we are to have a chance. If not, we re definately screwed.

  78. pj4me says:

    Whoa . . . the title scared me for a moment. All I read was “List of impeachment supporters . . .” and I thought the next words were: “found dead.” Phew! Close!

    • 1American1st says:

      Phew is right! That’s probably why the “supporter” list is so short. They don’t his thugs to Breitbart them.

  79. trumpsahead says:

    Obama should be in Guantanamo, never to be seen again on our soil.

  80. steveafrikaner says:

    We will have to wait untill both Houses are in Republican hands, then impeachment will be possible. Just the fact that Obummer has changed Obamacare numerous times, without going back to Congress for validation, is grounds for impeachment!

  81. Badger Badgerism says:


  82. Dissenter13a says:

    Go ahead. Make the Democrats’ day. Didn’t you learn anything from 1997?

  83. Congress doesn’t have the guts to impeach Obama. They are afraid of him or closet supporters. This is all an act to make the American people think they will impeach. It’s not going to happen!

  84. danimal says:

    Steve King has my vote! He seems to be the only one in Iowa with the balls and fight for the people, like me who are tired of the crap going on in OUR White House.

    • PMM says:

      There truly are some good people out there, and we need more of them.

      • 1American1st says:

        Bridenstine, the new House Rep from OK, and asked why his name wasn’t on the list.

        He’s the guy that stood up in Congress (June 2013) and said Obama & Biden weren’t fit to lead our country.

        Oops, he’s a House Rep. The list above are in the Senate. Guess I answered my own question.

  85. Jeffrey Bruce says:

    Rather than impeachment, Special Forces should gain control of the lawless White House and incarcerate Obama and other high level bureaucrats for trials. We have no Department of Justice anymore. The United States needs a total re-do thanks to over 100 years of lawless politicians.

  86. @ Sam… God listens to those who truly obey Him, and try to KEEP His Commandments, just as Jesus (Y’sua) did, and as The Christ practiced and warned us all of… that unless we follow Him as He did, keeping also THE DAY Commanded for showing our obedience to God The Creator, and Honouring Him for His creation, and not keeping a mere man’s day instead (which dishonours The Creator and Jesus who supported The Law as in the WAY it was meant to be), then, as John wrote, He will listen to OUR PRAYERS… while IF WE DON’T, then He IGNORES us as fakes, and ignores our prayers, UNLESS we are repenting and changing. UNTIL WE GET RIGHT WITH GOD, nothing will happen unless GOD decides to step in, just as He did with Sodom and Gomorrah! – And remember only ONE FAMILY got out of there, just before the whole REGION was flattened by … WHAT? – We may never know… So, America is just ONE of the modern nations to have DISOBEYED and INSULTED GOD, by keeping OPPOSITION’S laws! – And we wonder WHY the World (incl: USA) has gone down the tubes? WAKE UP EVERYONE! Come OUT of the BABYLON of your confused state of supposed beliefs which are NOT!

  87. TBI says:

    Get 67 in the Senate and go for it. Then arm yourselves for the race riots.

  88. marmo43 says:

    OUT with the rhinos and the demos….vote for the tea party. this will be the new party and the rhinos will have to succumb or be kicked out. fight for the constitution!!!

  89. oat21 says:

    They should wait until after 2014 mid-term elections to ensure success. No race riots, because he’s brought more harm to them along with the rest of America. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.

  90. 83footsailor says:

    IMPEACH TE JERK FOR TREASON – that way he is gone forever.

  91. Richard Cotromano says:

    If impeachment is all we can get then I’m all for it,but I prefer to see him dragged out of the W/H in chains!He should be tried for TREASON and executed!.He has done more to harm this country than all of our enemy’s put together!

  92. 1American1st says:

    “Romney won 72 of Ohio’s 88 counties, including two that no Republican had won since 1972.”

  93. bynbel says:

    What about treason for aiding and abetting our enemies the Muslim Brotherhood, colliding with our enemy by having Muslim Brotherhood advising our President in the White House and having significant influence in Homeland Security, running guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel, running guns to Al Qaeda in Syria, and possibly the murder of Ambassador Stevens and four Navy Seals (who may have been eliminated to prevent them from ever testifying on the illegal activities we were engaged in? That doesn’t even touch upon the theft of taxpayer money to pay off Obama supporters, the IRS. NSA, and EPA abuse of power.

  94. Joan Neighbors says:

    The one charge should be supplying the muslim terrorists with weapons. That definitely signifies him as a traitor and what is today’s punishment for treason?

  95. tmoney777 says:

    “the answer is simple” and yet, you missed it. Obama has dirt on ALL of these guys and it is much easier to get the public to take down a congressman/woman or 2 vs the president. 1 or 2 of these people getting thrown under the bus for an affair, a dirty deal caught on audio, taking a bribe/kickback is pretty simple. So, they know, if they talk, they would end up getting thrown under the bus. So, the answer is simple ALL politicians (except a very small few) are dirty and thus to get ‘support’ is almost impossible, because they are ALL doing something criminal!

  96. wmagg says:

    You all seem to forget one thing, the elections are all RIGGED and there is ABSOLUTELY NO chance that the repubs will take the senate. As much as I wish I was wrong ” those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” if the last four elections with all the outright fraud and criminal actions that have gone
    un -prosecuted are you really ignorant enough to think your vote really matters. Come on America

  97. T.j. Thomas says:

    The problem is that this will likely never go beyond impeachment, because anyone wanting to be president and has the ambition and resources to run is going to want these powers for themselves. Look at all the ways George W. Bush abused the Constitution with signing statements, etc. as a “unitary executive”, and how Obama swore up and down that he wouldn’t do any of that. But he did, and I predict there won’t be a serious movement to undo all of these “extra” executive powers because the next few presidents will want them too.

  98. citizenrights says:

    There is away around the Senate and the Senate is powerless to do anything about it and this is for a congressman or woman to make a motion, on the floor calling for the several States and or a majority to convene in a National United States Convention.


  99. Charles Codling says:

    Mealy-mouthed do nothings — file the impeachment passed by the House. If the Senate choses to do nothing and ignore the voice of the people, they will at least have a moment of pause and need no longer wonder why we the people vote them out of control of the senate.

  100. Death2Unions says:

    Marines should put him up against a brick wall and have a firing squad execute him in front of his skankho wife and bonehead daughters.

  101. wrunk says:

    He is treasonous. Impeach this guy, now. Of course he won’t be convicted. Just get him impeached to send a message. Zerobama won’t understand it, but others will. Bill Clinton was impeached , but never convicted. The difference is Clinton and many other real presidents actually cared about the country and it’s people. The Charlatan-In-Chief does not.

  102. annarose13 says:

    He is a proven LIAR. What more does Congress need to impeach?

  103. annarose13 says:

    He is a proven LIAR. What else does Congress need to impeach?

  104. Luvmuscle says:

    Another Pipe dream. Even if Republic-rats gain control of the Senate from the Demo-rats nothing is going to happen. The (GOP) Grand Ole party is part of the Hope and change gang. Republicans pretend to appose Obama but secretly they support the agenda. This Government has outlived it’s usefulness, if we want hope and change we need a Miracle nothing short of another revolution by the people or Jesus Christ himself to set things right.

  105. Spark1845 says:

    Sam, great post. It’s about time someone brings up this point. Forget Impeachment. It is far too good for the PUNK. He is EVIL and should be dealt with in a severe manner. The idiot has put this country behind so far that when he GOES, it will take years to recover. If Hillary Cliton gets in, WE are screwed. She is a MURDEROUS person. Believe it. She and Billy Bob are up to their necks in death. No one will say it. Reason? Chicken Sh-ts, ALL of them. Spark1845

  106. Mary Brown says:

    Then the house needs to grow a set and do it, impeach him and turn it over to the senate. Then we can directly lay the blame on the dems in the senate who refuse to act. That would seal their election chances for sure.

  107. Mike_Travis says:

    No, the answer is NOT voting as Farenthold suggests. The reason it is not is that both parties are corrupt, so much so that they have both been colluding with the UN since JFK to steal our weapons so they can feel safe when they surrender US sovereignty to the UN. Here is the proof in a State Dept document prepared under direction of JFK in 1961:

    Voting will only be effective AFTER we have removed ALL the traitors from all elected offices, starting with Ovomit, the congress, then the judiciary, then the states, the counties, and cities, along with the leadership in both parties. Then and ONLY then will voting make any difference whatsoever.

    • 4evrMoi says:

      AMEN! The ONLY way to REMOVE these treasonous traitors and criminals is to arrest and JAIL them! “Why” should they be given any different treatment than any common criminal? Even then, a trial for conviction? We The People can convict them! I wouldn’t trust a “court of Law” anymore – the whole SYSTEM is broken!!! IF obutt-maniac is NOT REMOVED? There will NEVER be another “election”!

    • Jacqueleen says:

      Simply put….do not vote for a lawyer.

  108. provemewrong says:

    I hope we vet the candidates better this time. We have lost a lot of these Senate elections because of an amateur candidate saying something outrageous in the media.

  109. Steven Buck Thirty-five Kiley says:

    As much as I agree with the author’s sentiment, this sounds like a rallying cry for republicans too, which are the other side of the same problem… If you have a coin and your options are heads or tails, you’re still choosing from the same coin. I used to vote republican, and now I will only be voting libertarian. If you people support the prosperity of this nation like you claim to, you should be abandoning these two failed parties and convincing the masses that it’s okay to walk away for a better option. Why vote the lesser of two evils when you can vote for GOOD!?

  110. James Maxwell says:

    Until the Senate changes hands it will not matter. All Impeachments proceedings
    must originate in the Senate and with Harry (Walking Dead) Redid that will not
    happen. But we can make a difference in 2014 elections and remove Reid and
    others from office or reverse the political field.

  111. Bob says:

    The “lily white” GOP lynch our 1st black president!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Do you dimwits actually believe you can impeach Obama????? Try another 40+ votes to repeal Obamacare 1st!!!!

  112. J J says:

    Is even the discussion of impeachment a part of what any President wants as part of their legacy?? And the fact that the Democrats continue to see Obama as their ‘savior’ is sad!! A ‘savior’ wouldn’t lie incessantly to get his way like a spoiled child! And only idiots or blind, selfish, lazy sheeple would continue to call this liar their ‘savior’

  113. deafy2 says:

    I have a serious resewrvat5ion with this “impeachment” … it does not address the fact that he is not eligible to be in that office and that ALL of his work is invalid and should be thrown out … and not to forget this fact that a lot of Congressmen in both houses should be tried and executed for aiding and abetting him in this horrible act of treason and tyranny! Not to mention so many others like Holder, the governor of Hawaii and others !!!

    What good is it to impeach him and leave in those invalid laws, and people to carry on this evil work?


    • sandyinindy says:

      I agree with you: Wherever applicable, House or Senate and Fraud Prez s/b tried for Treason and EXECUTED!! And, let’s not forget about all the Agency Directors that broke laws for prez, then retired w/pension after pleading the 5th. All the illegal cr*p will stop fast by those that work FOR US. I hope we have the will/stomach to play this out correctly. We could practice on Hitlery!!??

  114. bull57 says:

    Just curious, who would arrest Obummer? Who has the jurisdiction?

  115. Blue Dog Conservative says:

    The republicans in the house ought to impeach the traitor-in-chief and let the democraps in the senate vote to keep him. I think that would seal the deal for him and allow the repubs to regain the senate!

  116. 4life4america says:

    We are much better of with him in office, a frustrated, angry, deceitful, lying sob. We will be able to run against him. By election time his poll numbers should be so low that his own party will be asking him to leave. Impeaching him will only make him a victum which is what the Democratic party wants in order to get the BLACK vote to show at the polls.

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