U.S. Postal Service Stockpiling Ammo

Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration made news not too long ago when it was revealed that they had been buying up all the ammo and “assault” weapons. (Actually, if the government buys them, they cease to be “assault” weapons and become “personal defense” weapons.)

Homeland Security and the SSA aren’t the only ones buying up ammo and assault weapons. Now, the U.S. Postal Service wants to get in on the action. Infowars reported:

The U.S. Postal Service is currently seeking companies that can provide “assorted small arms ammunition” in the near future.

On Jan. 31, the USPS Supplies and Services Purchasing Office posted a notice on the Federal Business Opportunities website asking contractors to register with USPS as potential ammunition suppliers for a variety of cartridges.

“The United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted small arms ammunition,” the notice reads, which also mentioned a deadline of Feb. 10.

The Post Office published the notice just two days after Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced his proposal to remove a federal gun ban that prevents lawful concealed carry holders from carrying handguns inside post offices across the country.

Of course, anybody who calls the government’s actions into question is immediately labeled a “conspiracy theorist.” They can buy all the ammo in world, and the media won’t bat an eye. But who are the real conspiracy theorists when an average American citizen can buy a few boxes of ammo, and that’s considered “suspicious activity?”

I wrote a while ago about a commercial fisherman named Brian Loftus who bought a few boxes of ammo from his local gun store, and the following night he received a phone call from the police department. They had already checked his record and found that he had no history of criminal activity. They were calling “just to make sure” that he wasn’t going to do anything crazy. It turns out, the man who sold Loftus the ammo was the one who turned him in. “If you see something, say something.” Isn’t that what the DHS has been trying to teach us? So, the gun store clerk was just doing his job. Everybody is a suspect now.

Well, Postal Service, we see your ammo stockpiling, and we are saying something about it now. You’re not going to do anything “crazy,” are you? Just wanting to “make sure.”



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  • paul

    Well the Post Office does have an internal police force that is armed. Yes, can get violent and the need for a gun is a wise thing…. but to have assault weapons for the Post Office? At that point maybe they should be calling in for support.

    Calling someone up to ask them if they are going to do something crazy. Right, like the crazy person would say, “Oh yes, and I’m glad you called. Can you come by and take my weapons and ammo to prevent me from going nuts?”

    • justdooit

      The italicized text said ‘small arms’ nothing about assault weapons…

      • lilolady

        And last week the text said nothing about the USPS even feeling the need for weapons of any kind. This is new. And this is different.

      • Laddyboy

        ‘small arms’ refer to any hand manuverable/usable weapon. This nominclature includes automatic rifles, rocket launchers, granade launchers, knives etc.

  • johnny b

    They are offering a new meaning to “going postal”…..

  • needlesandthreads

    I’m feeling less safe every day.

  • jaxtom

    This is the same bunch who loses billions a year trying to deliver mail and now they have money for bullets, etc.?? Oh, that’s right. Our stamps just went up….

    • Myrtle Linder

      If you want to see corruption and a need for guns, look at tour government. We better keep our guns , we are gonna need them.

    • bsmsnudge

      Be happy with what you have with the USPS, because if it is ever privatized, you had better be ready for a doubling and tripling of cost in the first few years.
      It happened in Canada and now we have amongst the highest cost mail in the world and a truly awful service. A one pound package sent across country in Canada will cost you twenty bucks and up, in the US the cost is a third of that.
      To cap it all off, the politicians that were pushing for privatization were the exact same folks that made out like bandits when it happened.

  • Walt

    But the USPS doesn’t even carry guns other than their small internal security force.

  • Frederikahere

    Oh my gosh! You’d better have enough postage on that parcel!

  • Phil McMorrow

    That will reduce the pit bull population for certain. I suppose Mace isn’t good enough.

  • Evan White

    Does that mean the woman at my church who works for USPS is a evil conspiracist??? I hope not

  • http://www.truthanchor.com/ Thessalonianguy

    Gives a new twist to the term ‘going postal,’ doesn’t it?

  • bull57

    It’s the master plan of Obama. If he/they can’t get a ban on weapons and ammunition then they will buy everything so nothing is available to me and you! I still can’t purchase my ammunition her in Oklahoma and it’s been over a year now!!!

  • Jim Curry

    People better wake up before it’s too late! They better arm themselves and be ready to fight for our freedom and our country. The government is NOT our friend.

  • Saltporkdoc

    “…do anything crazy…”. You mean like “going postal”? Old timers like me will remember the significance of this last phrase. For those too young, the phrase refers to the spate of mass shooting/homicides in Post Offices before school shootings became the rage. The excuse raised by most of the shooter/murderers was that they were “stressed out” … hence the term for anyone becoming crazed with rage was that they were “going postal”.

    • PaulN

      And remember, these “going postal” mass-shootings were carried out by the postal workers themselves! Now we’re going to give them guns and more ammo?

  • Ross R Blankert

    The last time the government took the guns, there was a revolution in the USA. History does repeat itself.

    • fliteking

      Relevant post.

    • afanaglenn

      Watch what happens if the president declares martial law. This is getting scary. This is all about Obama.

      • Eileen Kuch

        Ross said it best; the last time the government took the guns, there was a revolution in the US. He’s right; history does repeat itself.

        Good for you, Ross.

  • lilolady

    Is this what is called a “Mexican Standoff” or “Readying for War?” It seems there is a lack on trust on each side. And from every Government agency against Us, whom they fear.

    • Laddyboy

      The government should fear the People. It is we that allow the government to “SERVE”. We the People should NEVER fear the Government.

      • lilolady

        I do. I fear my government. It has been allowed to go too far. I thought Congress was loaded with attorneys. Yet, upholding the law means nothing to them! Whores. All of them beaten into submission by their pimps, the lobbyists.

  • fliteking

    This Ammo is not for the post office.

    The post office locations are going to be “distributed goods storage facilities” for the DHS.


  • LittleMoose

    Does the Post Office put their assault weapons in a glass box with a sign that says “break glass in case of emergency”?

    • Laddyboy

      If the American People can not be trusted with weapons, how can the government expect “stamp lickers” to be trusted? Who, at the USPS, gives the weapons out? Who controls the weapons? Are the locked up in seperate locations as the law requires?

  • john burton

    gives new meaning to the term “special delivery”

  • Afshin Nejat

    I’ve never seen a postal worker, but that I didn’t like them.

  • Grumpy old man

    Hey if the ammo is delivered by the USPS it probably will be sent to any where on earth except the Postal Service.

  • Laddyboy

    I am just fed-up with ‘barry and his co-conspirators the back-stabbing actions which have been, and are still being done, to Americans in OUR American government. We the People are the Ones who are in control – – – – – – NOT an elit group. I am not sure the USPS isn’t just a supply depot for ‘barry’s’ home based non-military army. It would be nice to know where these supply bases are located for future reference. Will someone speak up?

  • f8tule

    Well, at least the freedom fighters , otherwise known as U.S. Patriots, will know where to go for ammo…

    It’s far past time for us to take back our country.. . AT ALL NECESSARY COSTS.. because just to sit here and do nothing is working so well.. Freedom is worth dying for