Obama Ran Clean Administration With NO Scandals Says NY Times Columnist

I’ve heard of looking at the world through rose colored glasses, but David Brooks of the New York Times has to be looking through black glasses to see what he saw.

Speaking on the PBS News Hour post-election coverage, Brooks told his fellow commentators that Barack Obama’s first term in office was very clean and free of scandal. He did say that Obama was arrogant at times and subject to overconfidence but was a man of high integrity.

“First of all, I would say if anybody is subject to overconfidence, I would say it’s Barack Obama.  But I do think there are a couple of things that are character-logical that will guard against some of the common flaws of second terms. First, he’s a man of high integrity who has run a very clean administration. You can argue with this or that or behavior. There have been signs of insularity and arrogance, but there have been no scandals. And the rate of scandals plaguing second terms is extremely high. I think he’s less prone to that.”

I saw this report I had to wonder what ivory tower in New York City Brooks lived and worked in. Even if he couldn’t see past the skyscraper skyline of New York I find it hard to believe that he hasn’t paid any attention to the numerous reports of Obama’s willful disobedience of federal law, corrupt Justice Department, and growing scandals including Operation Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

Operation Fast and Furious has been a scandal that has plagued Obama for over a year and has yet to be resolved.  Congress has launched at least 2 investigations into Fast and Furious and has subpoenaed thousands and thousands of pages of documents.  Over 120 members of Congress asked for the resignation of US Attorney General Eric Holder.

What took place at Benghazi, Libya and that the administration’s role in the deaths of four Americans has just erupted into what well could be a full-blown scandal. To date, 53 members of Congress are demanding that Obama tell them more about what happened and if the bombings that took place at the Benghazi Consulate earlier in the year had anything to do with the September 11 attack.

Evidently Brooks must think these are just minor irritations to a flawless administration.

As far as running a clean administration, I am not sure where to start in the list of federal laws Obama and his administration have broken. The president of United States is not above the law but sworn to uphold the law of the land. The United States Constitution does not give the president the power to bypass Congress and create law. Nor is the president of the United States given the power to un-enforce the laws of his choosing.

Yet President Obama knowingly instructed the Justice Department to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. He also violated federal law by instructing the Department of Homeland Security to not enforce certain immigration laws. In addition Obama has intentionally trampled upon the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights every opportunity he has had.

In the past year president Obama has illegally bypassed Congress by using executive orders and new regulations to enact pieces of legislation that Congress would not pass, thus using his powers to illegally create new laws in violation of the Constitution of the United States. One example was his Dream Act which allowed nearly 1,000,000 illegal aliens to remain in the US illegally and obtain certain rights of citizenship.

If Mr. David Brooks of the New York Times believes that these are the acts of a clean administration free of scandal than he has to be one of the most uninformed and delusional people in this country.



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397 comments on “Obama Ran Clean Administration With NO Scandals Says NY Times Columnist
  1. AmberShoreman1 says:

    Bull Crap … Bin Ladin is not dead but in fact living at US government expense in a resort area in South America.  Obama’s tour needed a shot in the arm  to giv him a positive swing in his first term to help toward re-election.

  2. Beatrix17 says:

    Brooks was a man who had identified as a conservative Republican, but who decided to back Obama.  Wills seemed to back Obama for awhile, too, but changed his mind.   I think they were both thrilled to finally have a President equal in IQ and  schooling to themselves.
    Obama’s ineptitude, failure to deal with the economy, turning America into a 2nd rate power, and his reliance on a nobody like Valerie Jarrett is a scandal.

  3. This guy is just another representative of the “leftist main stream media” they will live in la la land for the next four years. I have yet to see any of these so-called journalists. and I use the term lightly say ahything that is negative about the “fraud” in the White House. They have abetted him in hislies and covered for him no matter what. What is their agenda????? The murder of “four American’s in Libya” was never news according to them. Then the President does a photo op at Hurricane Sandy and people say how great that he is out there doing his job. He hasn’y done his job in two years he was too busy campaigning. After the murders in Libya he went off to a fundraiser in Vegas.  Please people you should have been mor in tune with the facts, but why if you are getting everything for free from the Government  why bit the hand that feeds you.  we can only have a wait and see for the next four years and then I would like the people who voted for him answer how they feel then.

  4. SharonJonesJeanguenat says:

    Only reason there are no ‘scandals’ is because people like this have covered it up! What does he call this Benghazi mess?

  5. CoolChick says:

    It’s simple – boycott the mainstream news channels, stop buying the NY Times and liberal newspapers. You have to hit them in the wallet.

  6. Liberals Are Worthless says:

    Mr Brooks – How is the view with your head up your @$$?  You live in your own world and that is fine.  But don’t share it with us.  Stay in your cubicle and work the etch-a-sketch.  Idiot.

  7. JeanJohnsonPennie says:

    WOW.  There is just no way to combat media coverups and outright lies like this.  They reach too many people and those people – like sheep – believe them.

  8. Michael F says:

    The people who write this crap and the people that read it and then respond are simply delusional.  Devoid of the actual facts.  Quite sad.

  9. Ann Crawford says:

    I recommend we stop reading and watching mainstream news.  It is propaganda and will continue to be ongoing.  We have got to hit them where it hurts.  Don’t watch them and don’t subscribe to them.  If you must read the mainstream go to the library where you are not contributing.  I am done supporting any business who supports this administration that is corrupt.  There is no question and people just keep looking the other way.  Sad !

  10. Rob says:

    There is no scandal if you don’t look for it. I would like to know where all these voting machines have been stored and who has had access to them since the last election. Who the investors are in these voting machine companies and what percentage of dead people and illegals voted this year!

  11. QueDub says:

    Yeah , no scandals,  But treason,  back door deals, failure to uphold the constitution,  & breaking laws !!!!!!!!

  12. Sheree43 says:

    This man is one poor excuse of a Journalist – He obviously doesn’t read the news or know what is going on …perfect example of a Liberal with a severe mental disorder.  One sick dude without a brain cell.

  13. Jack Adler says:

    How come, no one of you dedicated Americans, mentioned the fact, that the OBAMAS, were for over 20 years members of on anti American and an antisemitic church with guest speakers like the self admitted, HITLER admirer, Louis Ferrahkan?

  14. ObserverOnTheHill says:

    the fall of America is happening now and is the culmination of the successful infiltration of the communists into our institutions – schools, chuches, businesses, courts, military and government. Go to youtube and watch the Yuri Andropov interview from the mid 80’s !!! as he tells G. Edward Griffin ( The Creature From Jekyll Island author ) how  the Soviets have been actively engaged in bringing us down. He was a Soviet propaganda expert who defected. MIND BLOWING information and once you watch it you will realize how they have obviously succeeded.
    please pass on to everyone you know ( that cares ) as that qualifier alone seems hard enough to find those people anymore.

  15. Bill says:

    This is the same kind of bias the whole socialist media has been spewing for a long time.
    I don’t expect to see it change until our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been destroyed.

  16. dougiefresh54 says:

    Hey, wait a minute, you have to understand that for a columnist like David Brooks it only qualifies as a scandal when the issue has come to the point where an Independent Counsel has been assigned to take up the allegations of wrong doing. Until then there is just the sour grape opinion of the opponents of the President and as we know, liberals know that those aren’t worth the paper they are written on. In his world there is nothing that has reached this level and he can in good conscience say the administration is ‘scandal free’.

  17. QueDub says:

    OH YEAH !!!!   Voter fraud,  “thing’s”  name got auto checked,  dead people voted ,  multiple votes !!!!
    Allen West  has a law suit about voter fraud in this election ,  he has more courage than all of congress !!!!!!!!!
    Let’s support him if we can.

  18. fedup67 says:

    I haven’t watched mainstream new for some time, ever since they fell in love with obama and started covering up for him. Let me see, I can count at least 3 scandles that they have tried to sweep under the rug with more than one costing American lives. NO SCANDLES, I’ve got some swampland to sell him, cheap.

  19. Animae says:

    I think you mistakenly think the dems care about the Constitution. They don’t. So therefore no scandal.

  20. guest54 says:

    I quit taking a newspaper and refuse to watch the main networks that support this idiot. When i quit the Cleveland Plain Dealer they called and tried to keep me on th enrollment. When i told them no, they wanted a reason. i said you really dont want to know. They kept pushing until finally I told them it was because they support this socialist president and keep pushing gay rights down my throat in every article they print. Lady just goes ” Oh- goodbye”.
    Guess she really didnt want to hear why.

  21. David in MA says:

    someone has had thier head up the old kazoo for four or more years to headline an article like they did this one.

  22. David Roberts says:

    This just shows how blinded these Liberals are by their own BS.

  23. Chillis says:

    He felt them out in both Houses, and absolutely no defiance of correctness was exhibited very much. With that, he began breaking the rules that were in effect for so many years. Not one challenge was undertaken by anyone in either party. And so, what was born?? An  arrogance beyond anything seen since establishment in the 1700’s!! He ruled the roost!!! However, dear Americans, you ain’t seen nothin yet!!!! Now the dictator role will quickly take over by this little louse from, God knows where!!

  24. SAVEAMERICA says:

    Great example of the MSP in action!!!
    Brooks is listed as the token “conservative”!!!!!
    He’s as conservative as Barry Obama!!!
    A total joke as is his commentary here.
    In the end – someone will explain why the NYTimes is going out of business.

  25. Animae says:

    I’ve decided to become a political atheist. I’m turning off the tv and putting my head in the sand! Bring on football and Christian music, playing cards and cooking magazines. I’m off the grid. I’m done!!!

  26. Lindy says:

    The media should be held on charges of trying to over throw the United States of America by collaborating with this current administration. We all know that Obama sold guns to the cartels and we know that he was the only one who could have issued the order to save the lives of the American’s at our embassy in Libya. He watched them die and then went to bed. I expect Congress to bring Obama, Biden, and Hillary up on charges of High Crimes and Misdemeanors otherwise they should be charged with dereliction of duty.

  27. James A DeHart says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me; ‘Fast and Furious’, Libyan embassy, his association with Reznick … give us a break, you won him the Presidency, time to start seeing the real world.

  28. southernpatriots says:

    David Brooks is an idiot, and not a useful idiot either, a useless idiot.  He, like so many others, apparently lets his leftism and statism obscure his sight.  Remind me of many “Christian” pastors who told me they were voting for Obama.  When I pointed out that Obama has lied about his ObamaTax, ignored federal laws he disagreed with (DOMA), and that he not only supported but advocated SAD (sexually aberrant deviant) marriage, and death to the unborn and those born through botched abortions, the pastors would say, “We love the man, and pray for his shortcomings.”  I ask them if a rapist, repeatedly raped their wife or daughter, would they say the same thing?  They hang their head with no answer.  David Brooks does not hang his head.  He is not embarrassed by his lies.

  29. JosephRCarreiroSr says:

    Did you wake up from your sleep today or you still dreaming.You have to wake up before you enter your world of presumed Journalism.You can’t be livimg in the real World if you posted this article.Think,once,twice or even three times as to your judgement and to reality of our World today.Just an opinion of a concerned citizen.An old one at that who follow the daily news from all sources.I have Journalism in my background therefore this note.Think.

  30. jiluvjen says:

    The Odumba administration has been nothing more or less than ONE GIGANTIC LYING AUTOCRATIC SCANDAL!


    Take the negro DOMBOSO to JAIL FOR TREASON!!!!!!

  32. chuck says:

    Just another example of the MSM is totally in bed with the socialist agenda geared to the destruction of this great country.  I am so sick of tired of hearing how clean this failed administration is and they know nothing about this man’s past.  If any Republican President had as many scandals as this failure has had, he would would have been impeached long ago and they would be rejoicing as loud as they could.  He has had more scandals in his first failed term than any Republican President has had in two terms.  At least Nixon had the integrity to resign over a few minutes of erased tapes.  No one in this adminstration has any integrity!

  33. kermit1949 says:

    WASF which means, We are so f _ _ ked

  34. AnthonyAlexander says:

    The press drinks the bathwater of liberals socialists and marxists that seem to pervade the American landscape like a rash…………………..

  35. GWT says:

    Brooks is just another elitist white liberal whose soft racism always leads them to dishonest hyper praise of a black. To have Brooks say lies about Obama in feigned praise is true, abject racism. He is so full of low expectations that he disrespects the black man by his condescension. Racism’s final bastion lives in liberal white elites.

  36. LarryDaleCrumbley says:

    What a “BUNCH” of SPECIAL–IDIOTS they have at the New York Times.

  37. 1 Fed Up American says:

    It’s very simple to describe Mr Brooks he lives with his head so far up his anal cavity that he has to have air pumped to him.  Somebody shut off his air supply.  This is Communist journalism at it best.

    • LarryDaleCrumbley says:

      @1 Fed Up American Fed-Up I totally agree with you. We must not stop fighting for the “REPUBLIC”, and for GOD!!!!

  38. Arkismovin says:

    !984 is upon us. Rally round the flag.  Sound, assemble the troops.

  39. AlanLarsen says:

    I think Brooks wants to be Mathews co-host so they can share leg tingles!

  40. CQ says:

    How can Obama be considered “a man of high integrity” when that man continues to hide his history? WHY is he stubbornly refusing to disclose his college applications and transcripts? Not just Donald Trump but EVERYONE should be clamoring for the reasons for his secrecy. Obama’s lack of openness should be grounds for impeachment.

  41. Cheryl says:

    I’m sorry, I could only read a little past the first paragraph and didn’t listen to the video because I got SICK TO MY STOMACH.

  42. phunyfarm says:

    Now, how do we go about bringing people to justice & righting the innumerable wrongs?
    Benghazi for starters? Could be the finisher also…”oh what a tangled web we weave…”

    • Eileen Jones says:

      Go to google and type in petition2congress, on the page you’ll see ….petition to impeach the Pres. I signed it already and one of the petitions is already in the House

  43. Markus Reborn says:

    If this wasn’t such a sad state of affairs for this country, this article would make me laugh.  No scandals? And God didn’t make the little green apples and it don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime….

  44. RichardSeufert says:

    Eric Withholder must be his personal lawyer.  Brooks must have to be told to breathe every few seconds, because his brain is dysfunctional.

  45. hookem says:

    Well, I just wrote the NYC and named them the top 5 scandals: 1. Fast & Furious, 2. The Healthcare Czar Sebelius breaking a federal law and not losing her job, 3. The Admin leaking security secrets for political points 4. obama tells contractors to violate federal law and offers payment to do so, 5. Libya….not to mention the Black Panthers, Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright and on and on.
    I suggest you all do the same.  Let’s get the idiot fired, he can collect welfare from the nanny government

  46. 1 Fed Up American says:

    I would really like to know how many of our Service Men and Women were unable to vote because of this adminstrations policies to preventing the military from voting

  47. Bob says:

    Actually he’s right.  Scandal has nothing to do with doing anything wrong, it has everything to do with getting caught and held to account.  The press has chosen to ignore anything that looks scandalous.  The Obama administration isn’t clean, but so far it has been free of scandal.

    • dougiefresh54 says:

      It’s all about how you define ‘scandal’. So far for Mr. Brooks, nothing in the Obama administration rises to the definition of a scandal.

    • edc says:

      I think he meant “marital” scandals like  anything-for-a-buck bill clinton. Of course, they wouldn’t say anything about his unnatural attraction to men to be a scandal.

    • RMEKRNL says:

      Just because Obama’s liberal, lapdog media are themselves scandalous for not doing their jobs, that doesn’t mean something else isn’t a scandal just because it’s not widely reported as such.

  48. leber says:

    You all are mistaken… these are not scandals…. don’t you understand,  they are simply “bumps in the road.”

  49. hookem says:

    Oh, and to make contacting them easy, here’s the link………

  50. El_locoJp says:

    No Benghazi?  No “Fast and Furious”.  No phony birth certificate?  No record deficits?  No soaring energy costs? No wife who spends money on vacations like she’ll die tomorrow?  No “Obama phones”?  No Keystond pipeline?  No Solyndra and over a dozen other taxpayer funded, bankrupt green energy companies?  Etc, etc, etc.  David Brooks is lying, insane or criminally naive.

  51. CQ says:

    Solyndra was not a scandal?  Benghazi was not a scandal? What is his standards for “scandal” anyway?

    • dougiefresh54 says:

      Who has been charged with a criminal act in any of these ‘scandals’? We don’t like them but we haven’t prosecuted them for the wrong doing.

      • hookem says:

        @dougiefresh54 Maybe because they won’t respond to subpoenas, Sebelius hasn’t,  Holder hasn’t……you’re kidding right?

        • dougiefresh54 says:

          Actually I’m serious. I agree these are egregious acts by Holder, Sebelius, et al. BUT, we haven’t hauled them into court and convicted them of anything. In our own court of opinion they are guilty of offending our values but ‘legally’ they are clean. In the eyes of the liberal press, No Scandal.
          Even Solyndra in court was found ‘clean’ – Judge Mary F. Walrath of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware ruled “that the evidence does not support a finding that the principal purpose of the plan was tax avoidance. 
          Treasury confirmed that the criminal probe of Solyndra is focused on whether the company and its officers misrepresented the firm’s finances to the government in seeking the loan or engaged in accounting fraud. So where are the criminal charges?
          Where are the criminal charges in “Fast and Furious”? We have spun our wheels and wasted our breath on public opinion and done nothing in the courts that would have tarnished the administration.

        • Gus says:

          @dougiefresh54   A question no one is asking where did our taxpayer money go and where are all the “records“ the FBI took out of there…I`m sure they are safe.

        • Beatrix17 says:

           No one said crimes, they’re talking about scandals.  Fast and furious, for instance, could not go to court because Obama invoked Executive Privilege to prevent further disclosures.  Scandalous, but perfectly legal.

    • MsSteel says:

      Lying to the American people and covering it up is a SCANDAL! That’s the standard for a scandal, so wake up and stop drinking the “kool aid”.

  52. hookem says:

    Here’s the link, to the right of the page are two questions 1) to contact a report and 2) is to comment on an error in an article…that’s the choice I took and commented on David Brooks…..
    We nee to inundate the NYT with letters and force a retraction.

    • Rick says:

      A retraction from the NYT?
      Will never happen. Now boycott their advertises in large enough numbers long enough that dirty old lady rag will disappear!

  53. JimGreaves says:

    There was a book published years ago, The Compleat Angler. Well, there needs to another, called The Compleat Moron, based on the true (though unbelievable) story of the mind of David Brooks. Brooks… rhymes with crooks…

  54. Eileen Jones says:

    If Fast & Furious, and Benghazi had happened on George Bush”s watch, He would have been Impeached and then imprisoned for life by the Media and the Dems.

  55. revdr says:

    These people are unbelievable. Who in there right mine by this I mean who has an actual brain believes this dribble.

  56. Inside Agent says:

    Another liar or real dumb jerk or both

  57. revdr says:

    These people are unbelievable. Who in there right mind, by this I mean who has an actual brain, believes this dribble.

  58. krazykat_randi says:

    Really? What about Benghazi and Fast and Furious, and the border????? Are these people really that clueless??

    • Rick says:

      @krazykat_randi They do what they do best. LIE!!!
      A lesson I’m afraid the Republicans can learn a thing or two from.

    • MsSteel says:

       They are not stupid, they THINK we are! They will continue to “piss in our face” and tell us it is raining.

  59. VaqueroBob says:

    Prosecute the criminal Obama NOW!  Impeach him and put him in prison where he can make new friends and rot!

    • revdr says:

      @VaqueroBob  Na I’d rather have him impeached ( and sent back to Kenya where he was so obviously born ) he wouldn’t get his yearly pay or health Ins all his policies would go by by. I would rather not pay for his stay at the country club for political crooks

      • Randy Gaiser says:

        @revdr  @VaqueroBob
         One word………GITMO……….thats where he belongs, not Kenya, he was privy to too many National secrets.

        • revdr says:

          @Randy Gaiser  @VaqueroBob That is a country club from what I heard. He’ll be with his own kind in Git-mo planning with his Muslim brothers. He already has top secrets from being the great pretender chief.

  60. Rick says:

    Isn’t David Brooks a closet queen?
    What a piece of left-wing crap. I think he’s looking to get into Obama’s pants!:)

  61. MichaelAnderson2 says:

    This just shows us the type of people that drink cool aid and support Obama.We have way to many of these people in the news business that know better but won’t admit it. This also gives the entitlement group a reason other than the free stuff to support Obama.

    • Papabstr says:

       Does anyone want to bet that the muslems do not own the New York Times now?

  62. revdr says:

    If dumbo is breaking all these laws and doesn’t have the power to by-pass congress why the HELL!!! isn’t someone demanding his arrest and why is this fraud still in office who will obviously continue by-passing congress. I a’m so sick of this government not doing their job, they are a complete failure.

  63. YellowJacket2 says:

    Obama lies and Brooks swears to it.
    One of these two is extraneous.
    Or perhaps they both are!

  64. chamuiel says:

    There are many delusional people like Brooks in this country.

  65. hookem says:

    I truly believe that libs are in denial.

    • revdr says:

      No their not in denial. What they do is ignore the truth and deny until the gullible and stupid believe them. They all know exactly what their doing.

      • Emslykarl says:

        @revdr I submit that most Americans don’t realize that Progressivism is fanatical religion ! In one sense they are more committed to their religion than most Christians are to their faith ! We should not forget that the French Revolution was essentially a religious movement , in which the Pope and Bishops were replaced by Napolean and the Assembly ! In Progressivism , the State replaces God as the source of all good things ; our rights are granted us by the State , and we owe our allegiance to the State ! Until Americans see it in this context , we will never understand what is in play and the stakes we are fighting for.

  66. Ron1007 says:

    I consider Michelle Obama taking trips that cost 465,000 a scandal. Also, dinners that cost 1 million is another example.  Also consider the more than 100 rounds of golf and over 200 campaign trips at our expense additional scandals.  Add Solindra and you have a longer list. I am surprised at Brooks statement. He knows very well that Fast and Furious and Libay are more than just scandals and the president is at the root of all of them.  Wake up David!!!

  67. hookem says:

    and one more……
    “Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded,” says Dr. Lyle Rossiter, author of the new book, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.” “Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.”
    Ads by GoogleChicken Casserole RecipeOur Chicken Casserole Recipe Was Rated #1 In The Nation. See Now ChewOnIt.comMental Illness FacilityExclusive Dual Diagnosis Center. 24/7 Residential Care, Call Now! http://www.morningsiderecovery.com
    While political activists on the other side of the spectrum have made similar observations, Rossiter boasts professional credentials and a life virtually free of activism and links to “the vast right-wing conspiracy.”
    For more than 35 years he has diagnosed and treated more than 1,500 patients as a board-certified clinical psychiatrist and examined more than 2,700 civil and criminal cases as a board-certified forensic psychiatrist. He received his medical and psychiatric training at the University of Chicago.
    Rossiter says the kind of liberalism being displayed by both Barack Obama and his Democratic primary opponent Hillary Clinton can only be understood as a psychological disorder.
    “A social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity – as liberals do,” he says. “A political leader who understands human nature will not ignore individual differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work ethic, and then try to impose economic and social equality on the population – as liberals do. And a legislator who understands human nature will not create an environment of rules which over-regulates and over-taxes the nation’s citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state – as liberals do.”
    Dr. Rossiter says the liberal agenda preys on weakness and feelings of inferiority in the population by:
    creating and reinforcing perceptions of victimization;satisfying infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation; augmenting primitive feelings of envy; rejecting the sovereignty of the individual, subordinating him to the will of the government.
    “The roots of liberalism – and its associated madness – can be clearly identified by understanding how children develop from infancy to adulthood and how distorted development produces the irrational beliefs of the liberal mind,” he says. “When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious.”

    • Emslykarl says:

      @hookem The irony is that in the early 20th century , two sociologists at the Frankfurt School in Germany published a study on Conservatism , which claimed that it ( Conservatism ) is a mental disorder , based upon an irrational fear of the lower class in society overthrowing the power of the ruling class ! This School was later transferred to Columbia University , which explains why alumni of CU treat Conservatives so contemptuously ! Do the names Robert Reich and Barak Obama sound familiar ? There is an eerie comparison to be made between Liberalism and radical Islam , in that they both espouse fanatical religions, that advocate for a world view which they will stop at nothing to achieve !

  68. MsSteel says:

    This idiot! What the hell is Solyndra and all other green energy spending of our monies in millions+? That is “high way robbery” of the folks. And this corrupt man should be impeached for screwing America with this cronyism.

  69. KATHYDU says:

    This idiot obviously has his head up his back end as well as the nasty littlturd’s (OBUMMER’s) crotch!

  70. Wayne C says:

    God is spreading delusion amongst the unfaithful (2 Thes. 2:11) in these end times that they will believe these lies instead of the truth. This is evident in  that half of this nation that voted  for Barry and their total lack of personal responsibility, love of God”s truth, and many other virtous qualities that enable the successful existence of any nation.

  71. Randy Gaiser says:

    The Obama administration has no scandals?
    Thats like saying that I was thrilled with Obama being re-elected……TOTAL BULL SH-T!!!!!!!!
    This MORON must have been in a coma for the past 5 plus  years.  Where is he from  MARS????
    Obamas whole administration is a SCANDAL, from top to bottom and everywhere in between.

    • Papabstr says:

      @Randy Gaiser
       Looks to me that all this lying stuff started with Slick Willie when he lied under oath about not having sex with Monica Lewinski, He got away with that slick and clean. Now Obama figures that he never has to tell the truth,

      • arm32 says:

        I think that people have forgotten that Slick Willie was impeached. He can’t get off the “stage” and his followers think he can do no wrong. This is what we are going to have for years as we elect  these young liberal presidents. They think they can never be replaced as observed in this past election as little brother Oboma had to call into action that same old tired loud mouth for help. I will never forget how he wasted the four last years of his term trying to defend his stupid actions, lying all those years until the blue dress appear as the final piece of evidence.

  72. CitizenReason says:

    Scandal, according to many of the mainstream media personnel, seems to only exist in the conservative camps.  When a liberal, in a leadership position, makes a derogatory remark which offends any one group they a simply apology and it is over and of no consequence.  Let a conservative leader do the same thing, it becomes a national disgrace and demands for that person’s resignation fly over the airways and cyberspace like the debris of an F-5 Tornado.  I guess that is why they are blind to the many things done by this administration that would have had any other administration facing the wrath of the nation.

    • Emslykarl says:

      @CitizenReason The scandal of the ages was the election of BHO to POTUS ! Historians will be debating and analyzing this phenomenon for generations to come : who was this man ? How do we account for his rapid rise to prominence and power ? How did he manage to conceal his philosophy and his agenda while seeking the most powerful job on earth ? How did he manage to fool most of the people most of the time ? How did America allow him to fundamentally transform our Nation into a welfare state against our will ? His name should be Houdini !

  73. loriec says:

    He must have passed out rose colored glasses for many people.

  74. theendisnear says:

    BAHHAHAHAHA that is the view of all Libtards nothing new with this. SSDD in Libtard land

  75. eric81 says:

    Let me get this straight. Obama’s administration is clean of scandals. What a joke. You have the fast and furious, the bombings in Libya on 9/11. Obama was asked repeatedly for help and additional security just to be denied. Then Obama lied to the American people for 2 weeks afterward saying it was because of some stupid video knowing darn well that it was terrorist. This man lied to the American public from day one of him taking office. Passing bills that were un-constitutional. The extravagant vacations, 100 rounds of golf, all the campaign trips when he should have been doing his job. The fake birth certificate. I can’t believe that Brooks says that this administration has been scandal free. When thats all there has been is scandals. If you ask me I think Obama should have been impeached a long time ago. How in the world did this man get re-elected to a second term is beyond me. Perhaps a scandal is there also. However I can agree on one thing NY Times Columnist Brooks stated. That being that Obama is arrogant. This is the most arrogant man on the face of the earth and here we have to go through 4 more years of lies and deceit and scandals. I had hoped that people would have waken up after the first 4 years and voted for an honest man like Romney.

    • Papabstr says:

       If we can get congress and the senate going, there is no reason thet they cannot get the louse impeached in no time, They certainly have plenty of reasons for it,

      • eric81 says:

         I agree with you. I don’t know what their problem is. This man done several things that would call for his impeachment. I don’t know why they won’t do something about it.

  76. Mikeydog19 says:

    So when do we is a true investagation start?

  77. grumpy old man says:

    I just deleted my comments about this subject and that moron David Brooks of the NY Times.It is done  now “O” got re-elected no matter how it happened he is in there.So I’m going to let it go.It’s not good to let these things get under your skin. A moron is a moron and you just can’t fix stupid,so i’m done with it. David Brooks can’t help being a jerk off,so I forgive him his sins against the minds of intelligent people. Forgive him people for he is a dolt…

    • AlfromFl says:

      @grumpy old man

    • KATHYDU says:

      @grumpy old man
       You’re a much bigger man than I am in a lot of ways — one of them being I am female.  Even still, I wish the very worst on this narcissistic, arrogant, lying S.O.B. and that omes straight from my heart.

    • Emslykarl says:

      @grumpy old man One final thought in reflection ; thankfully the REAL MESSIAH is alive , and still ultimately in charge of world affairs ! Obama will pass into history in due time , but King Jesus reigns forever and a day !

  78. Emslykarl says:

    Here is the great irony about this David Brooks story : Liberals of all stripes claimed that Romney was ” out of touch ” with mainstream America ; he couldn’t connect ; he did not understand ! Right ? Brooks is the guy that appears to be ” out of touch ” with reality ! He claims that Obama has operated ” with integrity “! Really ? The only reason there have been no major scandals , I because Brooks and others like him have been cleaning up after Obama since the day he was sworn in ! Fast and Furious got people killed , but Brooks ignores that fact ! The Benghazi massacre cost four more Americans their lives , but that’s not a scandal worthy of mention ; at least not by Brooks’ standards ! Does anyone remember Watergate , which was all about a stupid break-in of DNC offices in DC ! No one died in Watergate , but Nixon was hounded out of office as punishment ! How soon Brooks forgets ! Obama has lied repeatedly to cover up the truth about Benghazi ! Does that count as a scandal ? Brooks thinks it does not !



    • Emslykarl says:

      @SHIRLEYLEDWARDS What galls me is that people like Brooks can write stuff like this and consider it factual ! I guess he must believe that the IQ of most Americans renders them incapable of discerning crap when they see it in the Media ? Is that it ? What else could be ? Is he just delusional ?

    • eric81 says:

       I agree with you 100%. This man is not a citizen therefore not legal to be president. Just one of the many scandals he has.

  80. servant says:

    No scandals? 
    OK, what about all his lies, during the campaign?  What was Fast & Furious all about, and all those deaths because of it? NOBODY DIED IN WATERGATE!
    What about Benghazi  and the four dead Americans? Plus what about the low-life ads during his re-election efforts? He went into the gutter and lowered the bar for all future attempts?
    But if you’ have spent 8 years making Obama a Saint and Messiah, then nothing he does will get from the Kool-Aid teet!

  81. firstdingbat says:

    This does not even merit a comment.!!!

  82. hfh1 says:

    David Brooks is a traitorous, apparently blind, sad sack scewball. Such a statement is appalling. But of course, he’s part and parcel of the monolithic socialist MSM (LOL) media. He, and it, are, imho, evil. To call him, or to bill himself as “conservative,” is beyond the pale ludicrous. What a despicable dolt.

  83. Gus says:

    Marxist mind trick,broadcast a lie and a thousand of their mind altered comrades keep the repeat going until  they all believe it.

  84. D Davis says:

    Yes indeed, Obama has walked all over our constitution and our core values. He should be immediately impeached and tried for high treason. Nobody in congress has the gonads to do it. I damn sure would. It is noteworthy to mention that  Obama is a Muslim. His claim to Christianity is false and he is a wolf in sheeps clothing. It is evident by his apology tours and favortism to Islam. This reporter lives in la-la land.

  85. YO VINNIE says:

    david brooks……obama has no scandals…
    Does anybody still read the NY Times?
    Brooks must have gone into the hospital for a check-up and had a frontal lobotamy while he was there.  It was a buy one, get one free special.  Either that or he must have been hit with a stupid stick.

  86. Sam E Moore JR says:

    Not mentioned is the 122 Billion given to Obama’s Green  cronies .Who by complete accident were Campaign Donors  and Blunders  as well as party power insiders .
    Of the 57 given large amounts of Money  to Green Cos .
      34 have gone out of Business and 9 more are currently pending  with no koans available  bad credit .
    5 Cos investors will get all of their Money back .Unheard of in the real world .
    Plus GM Unions and Chryler Unions getting 35 % ownership in both Cos for free . That money stolen from their Bond Holders ..Previously against the law .
    If this is not a scandal then what is … or isn’t .

  87. Barry Goldwater II says:

    Mr. Brooks knows exactly what he is doing, and it is nothing new. Liberalism uses any and all means to indoctrinate the masses, much like Marx or Goebbels, and truth doesn’t even enter into the equation. As Obama has so adroitly demonstrated in his disastrous four-year reign, lying is a very powerful way to achieve and hold power. The electorate is so dumbed-down, so eager to believe the lies that they will accept such ludicrous statements without question. It is only when America’s institutions fail catastrophically and the poor, ignorant masses are left to discover that their beloved emperor has no clothes, that the truth may possibly dawn on them. By then, it will be too late; in fact, it is already too late. We have passed the tipping point, and through massive welfare giveaways and social programs he has achieved the magic, permanent electoral majority. There are simply too many people receiving government checks to be overcome at the ballot box.
    God save us all, and God save the United States of America.

    • wisewoman says:

      @Barry Goldwater II
       What if:  All conservatives decided to buy NOTHING that wasn’t essential to daily living.  Conservatives bought only in stores that don’t support Obama?  Conservatives would pull in on investing thus denying Obama money to spend.  Conservatives begin to barter, rather than buy?  And the list could go on.  Join in the fun of mentioning creative ways to deprive our govenment of tax dollars coming in.  How long do you think “they” could hold out?

  88. raynbene says:

    Somebody did a stealth Vulcan mind-meld with him and his hero zero obuma when they were in the same studio or something. . .this is what passes for a ‘conservative’ columnist, approved to write this pro-obuma gibberish and outright untruth ??! God help this country !

  89. John Sotomayor says:

    And…let’s not forget all the Black Panther voter intimidations and all the dead people that rose to vote for Obama…and yes, there is even more…..The Demo’s tampering with the voting machines – an accident?  BS.  Forged Birth Certificate (admitted) and a social security number of a deseased person from New England (where Obama has never been a resident)  His stonewalling on all of the information that would validate his being a US Citizen – all negative.  The NY Times likes to say they only print the truth, etc, etc. Well, maybe they think if they print it its gospel…We should call them the “Gospel Periodical.”  Can anyone imagine what anyone else would go through if he were to be vetted?   (After serving his prison term for violation of several statues, he would be kicked out of the country.  Period!

  90. Guest from Arkansas says:

    What a bleeping idiot! I simply am not capable of understanding that mentality. Makes me want to scream, curse and throw something. Their stupidity and arrogance is overwhelming.

  91. LoranCarlson says:

    Well I say that’s a progressive for you.  They could care less about the constitution or upholding laws on the books or creating new laws without the consent of congress.  There are two reasons for this.  First, they really do believe that they are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  They believe in Wilson’s “administration”.  They are the experts at everything and they know better than “we the people”.  They believe that we should be quiet and do what we are told because we are dumb and selfish and would never be able to figure these things out for ourselves.  Second, they know that the republicans in the congress have no huevos.  They will never stand up to a liberal and check his superiority.  Why this is I’ll never know.  I suspect a few things but have no evidence.  Until we educate the people on our Constituion, It will never change.

  92. RoscoeBonifitucci says:

    David Brookes – Put Down your BONG and Pick up a History Book you Twit!
    America voted to reelect Barack Hussein Obama –  An Affirmative Action President with a Pathetic Record, a Pathological Liar, a Closet Racist with Socialist Agenda was given another 4 years in the most powerful office in the World. The margin of this vote was only .3%. It is NOT a Mandate. We the People are stuck are stuck with 4 more years: Benghazi Murders Fast and Furious Killings Solyndra’s State Paid Abortions Enterprise Killing Taxes & Regulations Crap Educational Policies State Health Care Islamic Encroachment Black Panther Voting Intimidation Stimulus Political Graft Occupy Idiocy Reverse Discrimination Anti-Jewish actions Foreign Election $$$ Russian Treason David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett and Jay Carney …and Lies, Lies and Lies.
    We must Resist the Occupier in the White House, the Socialist Cadre and his Agenda for the destruction of America.

    • Emslykarl says:

      @RoscoeBonifitucci I find it astonishing that people like Brooks actually gets paid for this tripe ! Has he been in hibernation during the past four years ? Does any informed American still read the NY Times ? If so , why ?

      • wisewoman says:

        @Emslykarl   @RoscoeBonifitucci
         They read it because they are so immersed in it’s propaganda that they can’t see/hear anything else.  Try to talk with them and they plug their ears to get angry at you because you are saying something they don’t want to hear.  I know from personal experience.

  93. vincenta says:

    The guys an ass.

  94. Tejohn says:

    This is satire, right David Brooks?

    • Emslykarl says:

      @Tejohn We would all wish that it was satire, but sadly it is not ! Brooks and his progressive friends live in an imaginary world , separated from reality by their utopian views of a benevolent , maternal State that hovers over it’s children from birth until death , providing barely what we need to survive and nothing more ! And to whom de we complain when we decide we don’t like the arrangement ? Food for thought !

      • Tejohn says:

        @Emslykarl   @Tejohn
         What they imagine is their own intellectual superiority. A starved spirit is a miserable beast and socialism cannot feed the soul.

  95. DonT says:

    What utter spurious nonsense!  The Obama administration is the most corrupt, crude and vulgar administration in the history of the United States!

  96. arm32 says:

    The scandal is what he has done to this country. He has used the citizens as if they were his subjects; taken  their money and given it to his special interests, and then used these companies as a personal bank to finance his campaign. You don’t have to look any farther than the automotive bailout. This is the only way he got elected as observed in Ohio. He caters to the give me, give me more crowd. Little do they know that they are the ones that will get the short end of the stick. What happens to them when the money runs out? And it will run out. You only have to take a look at history and many of the European countries. When you have more people taking than those producing (giving), the takers will be in the street rioting and yelling I deserve my government check.

  97. 2WarAbnVet says:

    The Chicago Thug administration IS a boiling scandal.

  98. Guest from MO says:

    Amen folks! David Brooks must also be suffering from the “dumbing-down” of America. This election has pointed out that the traditional view of Conservatism can no longer compete with the other 49% of Americans who have been mentally groomed that they are entitled to all they can get from the government. Over the past 20 years, the “perfect storm” has been brewing for such a time as this week. And we probably need to do a little soul-searching to see how much of what the Republican Party/Conservatives have let slip through has contributed to where we are as a nation. My own 20-something adult children still(!) do not comprehend what is happening socially, ethically, and financially to this nation. They, too have accepted the new “normal”, because they have been so well “groomed” to accept it as “progressive”. The Dems were very well organized, at any cost. Their methods are questionable, as many of you have offered. So now, what measures can be done to get us back on track? What part can each of us do? I, myself, am trying figure that out.

  99. Stevervative says:

    Mr. Brooks, you must own several copies of the Brooklyn Bridge as well. That someone could be so utterly naive, or so partisan as to ignore the depth and volume of the transgressions this President and his Administration minions have committed against the American People, is to have world class brass out of utter stupidity! You and Mr. Matthews of MSNBC clearly hold the lead in the candidacy for village idiots!

  100. Sams Niece says:

    Crying and moping about O’s winning Tuesday night has left me angry and determined to do as he suggests – GO FORWARD!  I realize I have not been as great a niece of Uncle Sam as I thought… voting each and every election, serving on boards, mentoring at schools, reading the mandates, attending rallies and putting up signs hasn’t had the results I want in our USA.  So, what am I going to do? Same thing I hope each of us do, start nit-picking.  Example:  I have sent money to our local PBS station for years… I love Big Bird, Antique Roadshow, etc., but evidently they have a much bigger political footprint than I think is right for a PUBLIC entity… This guy is over the top… STOP your contributions.  Tell the companies who advertise/back O’s regime that you won’t be buying their product(s) and WHY…  
    I live in a medium size city – heavily Democrat – and will be calling / e-mailing my mayor and councilman about the rude public employee who dissed me as I paid my water bill today in person. I will be reminding them that the city is over budget , leaves have not been picked up, garbage men throw and bend my garbage cans…
    I think you get the drift… Remind them they work for us, not the other way around.

  101. Gidge says:

    He must be talking that NYT has had no scandals on Obama. How about the Birth Announcement Microfilm being tampered with, or why Obama is the only person running for President that has not been vetted properly. The FBI never vetted Obama, and yet he wanted everyone else that he nominated to be vetted. Why would he spend almost 3 Million on sealing his records, probably our money too. This man is a fraud and I hope the lid finally blows on this. People call Congress and tell them to grow a pair of you know what. Obama and his wife even said in their own words that Kenya was Baracks home.

  102. Julie near Chicago says:

    Newsflash, unlikely Brooks believes a word of this bilge.  It’s the usual technique of the left and the IL-liberals–Never tell the truth when a lie will do.   (And, “If caught in the act, deny it deny it deny it.”)
    No point calling him stupid (which he may well be–I wouldn’t know, don’t pay any attention to him) or blind.  Call him what he is:  LIAR.

  103. graphsmith says:

    Reading this makes me gag!

  104. mallen11 says:

    The lies continue from those whose eyes are blinded to the truth because they haven’t been exposed to the way God thinks.

    • Quiet Patriot says:

      @mallen11 I am curious how you (and God) think.  800 years after Jesus Mohammed stands up and says “Yep, God is the God of Abraham and Jesus was special but I’ve been given the task of giving you (apologies to Paul Harvey) “the rest of the story”.  And then just 150 years ago Joseph Smith comes along and essentially does the same thing… he says “Hey, God of the Bibile (and the Torah and the Koran) asked me to let you know that here’s the final book that will make it all clear and bring things into modern perspective”.  And you guys were all voting for someone from THAT religion?.  So what is it?  Are Mormons as deluded as Muslims or not?  Seems like a fair question.  And another thing, why can’t God get it right the first time?  Is He ambivalent, inarticulate, or just a poor communicator?

      • chamuiel says:

        @Quiet Patriot  No, you are just a poor listener.

      • MarshaBowersLangdon says:

        @Quiet Patriot  @mallen11
         First off, God is not responsible for how “men” interpret the bible OR rewrite it…………before you go being sarcastic and smart mouth you ought to study mormonism and a few other religions then pray to God and ask Him for your answers………if you are sincere in your heart……….He will give them to you.

      • mallen11 says:

        @Quiet Patriot
         I have tried not to overwhelm you with information because I can. I am using your comment to answer your questions within parenthesis’s.
        I am curious how you (and God) think. 800 years after Jesus Mohammed stands up and says “Yep, God is the God of Abraham and Jesus was special but I’ve been given the task of giving you (apologies to Paul Harvey) “the rest of the story”.  (That is the way man thinks; not God) And then just 150 years ago Joseph Smith comes along and essentially does the same thing… he says “Hey, God of the Bible (and the Torah and the Koran) asked me to let you know that here’s the final book that will make it all clear and bring things into modern perspective”. (Again, it was a man acting on his own to write a story from his dreams and imaginations) And you guys were all voting for someone from THAT religion? (Who else did we have to vote for? I didn’t like it but Romney at least wasn’t bent on sending our country into socialist/communism.)   So what is it? Are Mormons as deluded as Muslims or not? (Yes they are but the Muslims want to kill all infidels – those who are not Muslim – but the Mormons are evil in another way because they do not believe in the same Jesus of the Bible; therefore, people do not know what the Bible teaches about salvation. John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.  
          Seems like a fair question. And another thing, why can’t God get it right the first time? (He did get it right the first time; it man who messed His message up.)  Is He ambivalent, inarticulate, or just a poor communicator? (No, God is: Sovereign, Love, Righteous, Just, Eternal Life, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscience, Veracity and Immutable. – I have scriptures for each)
        I Cor 1:18-21 For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written, “I WILL DESTROY THE WISDOM OF THE WISE, AND THE CLEVERNESS OF THE CLEVER I WILL SET ASIDE.” Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.

      • HotFlight says:

        @Quiet Patriot  @mallen11 GOD got it right…It is man that has it wrong!!!

      • Samuel Pratt says:

        @Quiet Patriot  @mallen11 You are so right about this issue. I have actually several comments regarding this issue in several other online papers. People who went ahead and voted for Mitt Romney, need to check themselves out very carefully. Because, CHRIST is going to come, ONE DAY. The MORMON RELIGION have DONE a Terrible Thing by adding to the Holy Scriptures. It is an UNFORGIVABLE and a Grieviance against the HOLY SPIRIT. In Revelations 22:18 “18 For[a] I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add[b] to him the plagues that are written in this book;” Unlike other SINS that are FORGIVABLE if you ask for repentance and FORGIVENESS from GOD through JESUS. Homosexuality can be forgiven, Murder can be forgiven, Abortion can be forgiven, BUT NOT this Terrible SIN of JOSEPH SMITH binging on some LOCAL WEED and then adding to the HOLY SCRIPTURES. My conclusion is, most of these Mormon followers are all Illiterate and went to NO SCHOOL.

        • mallen11 says:

          @Samuel Pratt  @Quiet Patriot
           Samuel, I agree with everything you said except for the following…
          Note in Mark 3:23 says that Christ died for ALL sins.  So, the ”unpardonable sin” is not a sin in itself.  In fact, there’s such thing as an “unpardonable sin.”  It is listed as a sin for reasons of nomenclature and categorizing.  All sins listed in the Bible were poured out upon Christ on the cross – 1 Pet 2:24; 2 Cor 5:21.  As a result, the “unpardonable sin” is really an “unpardonable act.”  The “unpardonable act” is the act of unbelief = rejection of Christ.  Christ did not die on the cross for unbelief in Himself.
          The Character of the “Unpardonable Sin (or Act)”:
          It is an act committed by an unbeliever.It is impossible for the believer to commit the “unpardonable sin” – Isa 1:18; 44:22; 1 John 1:7; Ps 113:12It is a single sin or act.  It is not progressive or repetitious, except in its expressions.  If you reject the gospel, you may continue to reject it.There is nothing in the plan of God which provides forgiveness for it.It is condemned.  John 3:18The alternative to this act is to believe in Christ and be saved.  If rejection persist up to death, then there is no hope and no help.
          Mt 12:31 Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men [at the cross], but blasphemy [maligning – John 16:8-12] against of the Spirit [Holy Spirit] shall not be forgiven [rejection of the gospel].

      • Undergraduate says:

        @Quiet Patriot  @mallen11
         Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re a complete idiot. If all that whack job “Mohammed” as you put it had done was as you said, I’m just guessing that the WOrld Trade Center in New York would still be standing, wouldn’t it. SO, if y9ou’re equating Mormanism with Islam, you need to take your head out of your ass’s ass.

  105. MarshaBowersLangdon says:

    Dave Jolly, what the hell kind of journalist are you? Oh yeah, you really meant to write that Obama had run his first four years with NOTHING BUT SCANDAL, right? You liberal butt puppets are ridiculous and should all be locked up in the same swine pen with Obama.

  106. BippyBellito says:

    New Black Panthers?, Fast & Furious???   Bengazi Murders?????  These are but a tip of the iceberg of the most corrupt administration this country has ever seen.

  107. Ron Paynter says:

    David Brooks has to be one the most uninformed morons that voted to put this moron Obama in office. His head is so far up Obama’s rear end that even with the belly button light on max power ,he can’t see his hand in front of his face. What a jerk.

  108. whitehelen says:

    This moron should be told to keep his mouth shut.  He evidently is not an American.  Even he should know that the scandals still seem to be rolling on with Obama.  Fast & Furious, Bengazi, The mass murders at the Texas military post.  Where has this idiot been all these years????

  109. Dario says:

    What planet did this fool come from?  I never cease to be amazed and astonished at the absolute ignorance and lies coming out of the mouths at the New York Times.  This columnist (he can’t be a real journalist) needs to forced to live somewhere other than the cloud he is apparently on.

  110. DJ Fisher says:

    There is a special place in hell for those who sold out “One Nation Under God:” for one nation of dependent babies.

  111. guest18 says:

    He’s got to be brain dead. How can reporters like him live with themselves or sleep at night? He might want to be careful in his reporting to avoid being charged with aiding and abetting or collusion should O’s pedestal implode. Have any of you read the announcement made yesterday regarding the 43 TRILLION dollar law suit being filed in New York by a national law firm. Apparently that amount of money was taken by several big banks and numerous higher ups on the Obama administration through Obama’s TARP program an then laundered in other countries. We may see most of the big banks going down the tubes and many of the better known members of Obama’s winding up behind bars for the rest of their lives. I would call this the biggest scandal in the history of our country and it happened under Obama’s watch, Mr. Brooks. If you can’t report the news truthfully, I would suggest that you retire and take up fishing or some other hobby. You clearly are a failure at true and accurate reporting.

    • Gus says:

      @guest18 Stealing and giving it back to the campaign fund, please,say it isn`t so. Hopefully this will see the light of day without too many accidental deaths.

      • guest18 says:

        @Gus Since it is a large national law firm who is filing.this suit, they couldn’t’t eliminate enough people to be effective without suspicion. This law suit will put all foreclosures on hold until it goes through the courts because it was home loan money that was laundered. The suit names individuals (Jarrett, Axelrod, Holder, Geitner, et al, as well as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and a number of other large banks. Who said these banks are too big to fail? If they broke the law as described in this lawsuit, they will be found guilty and will go down the tubes. None of the banks named are big enough to survive a judgement this large.

  112. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    And he calls himself A JOURNALIST? I guess the NY Times is officially PRAVDA.

  113. HotFlight says:

    I wonder how many in the obama admin. are taking the same drugs as this guy is taking…My God it must be good if it makes a person say things like  this admin. “FREE OF SCANDALS”  That is really funny, But not in a Ha, Ha way!

  114. merriel46 says:

    This guy and Chris Matthews should both be admitted to an asylum with no chance of release.

  115. gmonk93 says:

    I seriously don’t think this guy is on the same planet!!  Another moron among many that do not and/or cannot see what is in plain sight before their eyes and is a part of selling out this great nation! That betrayal will catch up to them sooner or later!

  116. tiredofsocializm says:

    You know I am so tired of all of these delusional left wingers who are absolutely blind to and refuse to acknowledge so much of the unethical garabage that Obamaand his gang have pulled pulled.  I work with so many of them that it is so bad I have seriously thought of leaving. NO matter what proof is presented to them theyhave all convinced themselfselve that this man can do and has done no harm.  It is a sad state of affairs when the majority of americans get their news from People Mag, the View and Entertainment tonight.

  117. mjhudnall says:

    Don’t forget bypassing Congress and waiving the work provision in the Welfare Reform Act that
    Newt Gingrich negotiated with Bill Clinton.

  118. freedomringsforall says:

    I agree with most all the comments here.
    I don’t think there have ever been sooooo many scandals and impeachable offenses committed by one president in the history of our nation.
    Agreed, what planet has this guy been on for the last 4 years!

  119. SSpade says:

    Obama does not recognize the Constitution as a relevant document.   He needs no authority to regulate and control anything he deems necessary and no one is challenging that authority.  Why?

  120. SSpade says:

    Obama does not recognize the Constitution as a relevant document.   He needs no authority to regulate and control anything he deems necessary and no one is challenging that authority.  Why?

  121. icetrout says:

    I still want to see the POTISs collage transcripts… He’s dumber than he looks…

  122. Bill Prater says:

    Obama has the integrity of an amoebae.

  123. graphsmith says:

    Why would you slander an amoebae like that?

  124. J Joy says:

    Liberal media at its best !!!  What world does he live in because it isn’t the real world!!

  125. A_Patriot says:

    :-O  Must be nice to be deaf, dumb and blind, eh?  Oi!

  126. Skip says:

    This guy is an even bigger liar than obama!

  127. SissyTheClown says:

    David Brooks is obviously a member of Obama’s Pravda or he’s an imbecile.

  128. vincenta says:

    Works for me.

  129. vincenta says:

    Sounds like you were talking to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  They don’t even believe the videos.

  130. adamenochnoah says:

    ROTFLOL! The Obama Administration is the epitome of scandals!

  131. MildredFischer says:

    What a f***ing fool.  There is “Fast and Furious,” Benghazi, illegal Executive Orders, and more.  Did this guy stick his head in the sand during Obama’s first term and is now far*ing in the wind?

  132. EdDecker says:

    Let’s hope that Mr. Brooks has some good shampoo.  Obviously he has and still does have his head up
    his ass.
    At least ten percent of the current administration should be convicted for crimes against the United States.

  133. Dodie1990 says:

    NO one cares They want their free benefit. The 47% of freeriders was able to get more to the polls and vote their continuiong benefits. Romney got fewer votes than McCain. Republicans doomed themselves by not supporting him.

  134. Pkrat says:

    He must have had a STROKE and has serious Amnesia…go home and take Harry (Reid) with you…and old Joe too! Seriously! He’s completely brain dead!

  135. vettiboop says:

    You must be getting senile if you believe this-obama has so much dirt on him he just knows who to get it taken care of! How about hi sgay lover being murdered just before his first term as well as three other friends from chicago bath house

  136. Eileen Jones says:

    To phunypharm, Have Faith , and just do it, also get others to join you in the process. Together we can make it happen.

  137. marmo says:

    these sort of articles by the biased media is the very reason the american people are uninformed about what is really happening, they don’t go to any other source to get more facts.  many are so tied up in their own lives, they don’t care. just so they get all they want to heck with the rest of us.  there has no doubt been more scandals associated with this president than any other. the comment about the 47 % isn’t really fair.  my husband and i both worked all our lives and paid into the SS system. now we are retired and are drawing SS benefits. there needs to a destinction between earned entitlements and unearned ones.  most adc, wic, food stamps is where most free loaders are.  it has become a life style from generation to generation.  hopefully you willbe able to retire and draw SS benefits also. i won’t begrudge you because if you worked, paid in, you deserve it.

  138. marmo says:

    i have to add this. have you ever seen anyone who has done more crap and gotten away with it.  it is almost like every democrat has suddenly gone brain dead.  it is a underhanded conspiracy for  gov’t control.they don’t admit the truth and how can we prove anything.  that is why we have senators and representatives.  problem is many of them aren’t doing their jobs to keep the president in line.  after a while they are jaded by lobbyists and bought with a price. obama said he would be transparent.  also said if he didn’t get things fixed in one term he didn’t deserve a second term.  he just keeps lying and lying and some people just keep sucking up the kool-aid

  139. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Everything about Obama is either faked, hidden, imagined, or lies about. He has never managed or controlled anything in his live; as President he proves his dishonesty and ineptitude every day. But, he is d**n good at passing the blame for all his miscues and scandals onto others. Fortunately for him, he has a tame socialist media (this tool Brooks, for example) to provide cover for all his misdoings, and a bank of teleprompters to speak for him

  140. ttooproud says:

    David Brooks isn’t looking through black glasses, rose colored glasses or any other kind. He’s just a flat out liberal liar, like Obama.
    Good Lord, I can list Obama administration scandals with as much rapidity as I can my own kids birthdays. Let’s start with ACORN,, the Black Panther’s voter intimidation, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Reid & Pelosi Obamacare bribery, SCOTUS Kagan’s conflict of interest on Obamacare ruling,  Stealth Amnesty,  Union Bailouts, Secret Service with Columbian prostitutes, GSA in Vegas,  LightSquared, Congressman Joe Sestak, government contracts and taxpayer $$ involving Biden’s brother, Pelosi’s brother-in-law, Harry Reid financial interests and many of Obama’s campaign contributors, HHS Sebelius violation of the Hatch Act, failure to call the attack at Ft. Hood what is was – a ‘terrorist’ attack.  The list goes on an on.  And of course, the most recent scandal, the terrorist attack in Benghazi and the cover up of Obama and Hillary Clinton’s incompetency to save the 4 lives that were lost. 
    If that isn’t enough for starters, who besides me, believes Andrew Breitbart was murdered?
    David Brooks……you’re a liar and a moron..

    • YellowJacket2 says:

       And lets not forget the billions of dollars that went to the Brazilian oil industry after Soros invested in their oil exploration project. While at the same time he was snubbing his nose at a Federal Judge who order our gulf of Mexico oil production to resume. And then he stopped the pipeline from Canada and allowed the Chinese to buy up that oil. He is determined to stop coal mining and put a halt to all nuclear energy projects. Speaking of the Chinese, he killed the F22 project and lo and behold, suddenly the Chinese introduced a carbon copy of the F22. I wonder where they got the technology for that coup.
      We could go on ad nauseum, but I think the point has been made. We have a trator in our Whitehouse compliments of the Democratic party and our turn coat news media.
      Don’t ever again tell me that a Democrat is my fellow American. They bear a far closer relationship to the enemy soldiers that I used to kill back in my youth. But if anyone is interested I’m still available.

    • abby10 says:

      I agree completely!!!

  141. Carol says:

    And the problem is that Obama is getting away with every single lie and illegal act he has done!  And, again he hasn’t been vetted.  I guess every Judge and Congressman is afraid to stand up to him.  They know there are consequences.

    • MsSteel says:

      Well stated Carol. However, those damn folks in Congress should be able to stop him in as stated and following the Constitution. This evil man (Obama) is not the King as he acts! This is America, well with 51% of America being as stupid as David in the reelection; we are now Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela whereby we have lost our rights to free speech and many other amendments. Treaty signed soon after his win to stop our right to bear arms. America you the fool!

  142. littlerocker says:

    I read “1984,” Mr. Brooks. You can try to rewrite history, but I didn’t take my drugs today, so your newspeak ain’t working, Bub.

  143. futuregaze says:

    The Obama administration is a good example of mass “gas lighting”!!

  144. JimPeel says:

    I stopped reading at “I’ve heard of looking at the world through rose colored glasses, but David Brooks of the New York Times …”
    ‘nuf said.

  145. phunyfarm says:

    Ignorance really is bliss!  Does this guy have handlers to help him walk & chew gum @ the same time?

  146. MoreComplex says:

    If I understand your point of contention correctly, it is based on the premise that Matthews is allowed to say things that a conservative could not say, which helped a sitting president get re-elected. First, every pundit graded Bush a ‘F’ failure in his administration’s response to Katrina, in contrast, most leaders including Gov Christie, gave Obama an ‘A’. Second, while damage to regions were comparable, death toll was not; Katrina killed more 1,800 people, Sandy killed no more than 50. Lastly, the sentiments post tragedy are completely different; while the country was left sad, mad and grieving, the country is proud, praising and inspired by our government. Having said that, Mathews was distasteful. But while you see conspiracy, I see an argument articulated in fact, reality and relevance to the sentiments of the very people affected by storm. As I one of them. To the Author and Editor: Try a little harder than to stoke the contemporary conspiracy of Liberal Media Bias …please.

    • Undergraduate says:

      Based on your comments above you are either a) a lying liar, b) an ignorant tool, c) a democrat yellow dog living outside any area truly affected by Sandy, d) have your head so far up Ubama’s ass that you no longer breate oxygen but now are a methane-based life form, or, e) all of the above. I pick “e.”

    • guest18 says:

      @MoreComplex – You must be one of the Sandy “victims” who have food, water, heat and electricity. Try convincing those who don’t that Obama deserves an “A”. You are really preaching to the wrong choir, sir. It took our President 11 days to get to Louisiana to observe the BP oil spill damage. Are we to assume that you would give him an “A” for that effort (or lack thereof) as well?

  147. CitizenMuscles says:

    What Mr. Brooks is saying is that this president is keeping his fly zipped. He has taken liberties with his executive privileges to change policy. There has been no fraud found in his stimulus funding. He has rewarded political supporters. It is American politics as usual. It’s just that nothing fraudulent or grossly illegal like wire tapping or pretending to be wire tapped has happened during his term. He is guilty of being a faithful husband and honest man like Ronald Reagan. It is too late to tear the president down now or to take the country down because of no budget deal. It would be better time spent trying to win the hearts and minds of voters for the next election cycle. Note the change in demographics as Mr. Brooks poignantly described during this same broadcast. If you watched Charlie Rose last night then the conclusion is to promote social mobility as the winning idea to capture voters. The old message of all government is bad is not enough and many people believe some government is needed anyway. How can Last Resistance help the GOP appeal to the new voter complexion and the aspirations of younger people in general who just want to get an education, a good paying job and raise families? That’s the question.

    • Undergraduate says:

       If you really think that the UBama administraiton is “American politics as usual,” please see my comments to MoreComplex below as they apply to you.

    • DonT says:

      Honest?  Where have you been?  International apologies?  Encourager of Islamist terrorists?  Non-supporter of our ambassadors and embassies?  Forcing horrible medical legislation on the country (If you don’t believe that, download it and read it for yourself).  $1 trillion in debt every year of his presidency?  “Flexible” in talks with Putin?  “Stimulous” billions to cronies (read Solyndra)?  And on and on!

      • LarryDaleCrumbley says:

        @DonT Sometimes people have “BLINDERS” on like horses wear, and when you have blinders on YOU DON’T SEE nothing, but the lies, and you get lied too.

    • LarryDaleCrumbley says:

      @CitizenMuscles Sounds like Mr. Brooks is a “BIG-FAT” liar like his buddy Obama??

    • Hudmar says:

       Mr, Brooks I am overwhelm by your statement. NOT

  148. mbander says:

    Sorry.  Don’t see it.  Fast and furious was conceived and implemented under bush (yes, I blame bush; as do clearly 50% of the American electorate in post voting surveys), Benghazi, as any common sense would dictate, was an unfortunate consequence of even being in a muslim country.  Again, sorry; that’s all that it is and common sense Americans see that. 
    An inflammatory and slanted article to appeal to your base, while wise in terms of monetary return, does not address the reason conservatives are losing the country; bigotry, arrogance, intolerance, that us-vs-them mentality, xenophobia, disrespectful and callous attitudes towards, well, everyone “else” and, yes, lack of common sense or simply self preservation in an expanding world.
    The world, and America, is changing.  Trying to hang on to the comfortable bias and rigidity of the 50’s does not serve America, nor you.

    • Don August says:

      If you can’t/don’t see it, you are blind!  Fast and Furioys began under Obama!  It was NOT a continuation of Bush’s program that ended two years before F&F began!  Your explanation of Benghazi is delusional!  We have Embassies/Consulates/Missions in other Muslim countries and they have not been overrun or had diplomats killed!  Where do you get your information?  It is completely WRONG!

    • LarryDaleCrumbley says:

      You are exactly what I call a HORSE with “BLINDERS” on The program was stopped under then President Bush numb-nuts, but fast and furious was re-opened under your hero Obama?? If you do not see this, or that. Take off the BLINDERS, and maybe you might be able to see. If not you will remain a minion, and a “DEAD-HEAD” the rest of the time on earth, or as ARCHIE BUNKER CALLED THEM A “MEAT-HEAD”—–DEAD FROM THE NECK UP.

    • vincenta says:

      Suicide by idiots.  Go to in Comrade.  Looks like your bleeding to death.  Better seek help under Obamacare.  Sorry you will have to wait a few months.

    • Hudmar says:

      Well, there is nothing else that could be said since you describe yourself, self analysis.

  149. Ron Mar says:

    I did not need any further proof the NYTimes is irrelevant, but Brooks has certainly given it to me.

  150. CitizenReason says:

    Let us get the story correct. Under Bush there were only 400 guns that were allowed into Mexico.  Each of these guns were equipped with tracking devises to be able to locate where they went.  It was quickly discovered that the plan would not work as was planned so it was ended.
    Under Obama’s “Fast & Furious” there were over two thousand guns allowed into Mexico.  There was, evidently, no plan to track them since there were no tracking devises in any of the weapons. 
    This had already been proven to be a failed exercise, yet the Obama administration saw fit to try it again and, this time, with fatal results.   SO, QUIT BLAMING BUSH for Obama’s failures.

  151. john naguski says:

    Brooks has OD on obama’s kool-aid, what a fool.

  152. MoreComplex says:

    Dear Undergraduate: from your style of response to posting, I will take an educated guess and conclude you are still seeking a degree. Not only did I graduate an engineer from a prestigious university, but 3 trees snapped in half in my backyard and got power only Tuesday, only to lose it again in the middle of a cold night Wed. I am actually an independent, libertarian leaning, ass kicking New Yorker. I don’t need a gun or bullets like they do in Oklahoma, break into my home and you’ll have to break out. In response the all the dribble I read in this blog, take your lead from Fox and take your lickings like a man …or woman.

  153. MoreComplex says:

    To the Author of this blog post: So what? It appears to me that this administration is governing given the powers exercised by the office…and keeping true to his believes. Incidentally, Obama admin has deported more illegals whenever they break the law. I know, because living in NY, I know of 2 personally…and they deserved it. From the subtext, I would like to guess that Obama’s track record on deportation would satisfy your views on immigration. But I could be wrong? Could you?

  154. ArthurMackey says:

    If Obama has no negative baggage what about sealing his college and birth records !  Operation FAST AND FURIOUS , QUITE OBVIOUSLY AN ILLEGAL ACT ON OBAMA AND HOLDER’S OBVIOUS KNOWLEDGE OF THIS
    ACT AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !   Obama uses the ignorance of his own RACE AND YOUNG COLLEGE PEOPLE AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TO ACHIEVE WHAT he wants to happen !   If you can’t see this you are blind, deaf and dumb !

  155. mwbiolchino says:

    Will OB still be blaming Bush at the end of 2016?  He will and many of those who voted for OB this time will just nod their heads in agreement.  You do not understand how the levels of government work with each other. In the case of Katrina the first level of government was the mayor of New Orleans who proved to be an idiot when he left 200 buses out in the water when they could have been used to haul food and supplies to those in need and used also to evacuate the people in danger, but no, the buses just sat there until they could not be used. New Orleans is a town below sea level protected by levees that are not up to the task of protecting people and property, add an area prone to hurricanes and a local government that did NOTHING. The city government used a stadium to house the people affected by the flooding but neglected to put up supplies such as food, blankets, cots, medicines, and etc. So after nothing was done by those elected officials of the city the governor of the state of Louisiana also did nothing. Then and only then did President Bush step in. Then I suppose all the attacks and sexual assaults that occurred  in the stadium are Bushes fault too. The reality is that to you no matter what Bush did was wrong. Subsequently whatever OB does to OK with you. Many of you claim that Republicans/conservatives are ALL racists but you refuse to see that many of you on the Left/Liberal side are racists also. You voted for OB because he is black and you claim that we on the right did not vote for OB because he was black, so who are the real racists? OB was elected with a lot of help from white people. You on the left refuse to accept your responsibilities to have fully vetted  OB and when we point out a concern about OB we on the right are accused of being racists. The media is biased on the behalf of OB and the Democratic party. The media has become the fourth branch of government that has no branch to check it and in hiding behind the first amendment basically can say whatever they want with impunity. I realize that what ever is said on this site will be meaningless to anyone in either party. So good luck to you all.   peace,   Mark

  156. GT340 says:

    What a crock of “shite”, this is possibly the most ignorant written piece by the a pro-commie NY Times…. EVER. To name a few more… What about Komrade Holder allowing black panthers to intimidate voters in 2008 and again in 2012.  How about the last birth certificate that ObaMao declared that it finally put to rest the birth certificate questions, and, then his attorney admitted that it was in fact a forgery.  A high majority of his appointees were tax evaders and if you care to do a little research most if not all are said to be connected to marxism.  His Sandy photo op did nothing for the victims but the media reported how much it helped.  Hope the knuckleheads that voted for in in the area are enjoying all the help he gave.

  157. Guest says:

    More Complex-2 out of haw many millions of illegals.  Not much of a percentage

  158. abby10 says:

    You can get “Papers” on this idiot,  just like you can on a registerd bird dog—cept on him it would show “he is a registerd idiot”.

  159. R Young says:

    All of the bad mouthing of the Great Black Father is just Republicans who can’t live with Obama being president and re-elected, all Loyal Subjects know that there are no scandals, never were any and even if there actully were don’t care.

    • Papabstr says:

      Haw, Haw, Haw, You sure are a funny jerk.

    • Hudmar says:

      I hope you areplainly Jesting.

    • SharonJonesJeanguenat says:

      Oh, are you ok with his arming al Qaida? Or with them allowing guns to flow into Mexico that ended up killing one of our border patrol, & God only knows how many Mexicans? Or with his saying things are better when they aren’t? His RACE has nothing to do with this. I could care less if he’s black, white, pink, or purple. I care about stopping the murder of innocent unborn babies, stopping the homosexual agenda, getting this nation back to the once great nation it was. Which obviously isn’t gonna happen with people like you voting.

  160. DennisVanMeter says:

    What a pack of lies.

  161. JamesAsbill says:

    Another liberal that has NO problem telling a lie to try and advance his agenda…. Or maybe he actually believes his own columns .. which shows he’s delusional as well ..

  162. binq56 says:

    Funny, you would never know he was a conservative columnist.  Wrote for the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times.   He may be at the New York Times now, but he is hardly liberal.

  163. MitaPogue says:

    Stepford Democrats. Brainwashed into thinking nothing is wrong.

  164. Rose Marie Noa says:

    He’s obviously deaf, dumb & blind!!! Now that David Petraeus has resigned one has to wonder what the REAL reason is????? I think he & the others who are resigning just cant work in this corrupt administration for another 4 years of hell!!! I dont believe for a minute that Petraeus had an affair!!!

    • Hudmar says:

      @Rose Marie Noa
       Does Bengahzi ring a bell.

    • JimGrab says:

      @Rose Marie Noa
       I have a very suspicious mind and so the conclusions that I sometimes come to are rejected by the saner me. But, just 15 minutes ago I said to my wife that Petraeus didn’t have an affair. I said he was set up by Obama simply because he didn’t fit in with the crowd that is going to stay true and stay with Obama and see his dream through of destroying this country.
      THEN I come on here and see in at least 3 posts that thers are saying the same thing.
      Will this commuist, closet muslim stop at nothing to turn the U.S.A over to the United Nations as part of a one world government?

      • guest18 says:

        @JimGrab @Rose Marie Noa – I find it interesting that he resigned right before sworn testimony is to begin regarding Benghazi. He probably refused to lie at the hearings and was given 24 hours to reconsider before being forced to resign. I may have believed the affair story if it had come out some other time, but not the day before Benghazi testimony begins. Some things in this administration are extremely transparent unintentionally.

    • PEN333DO says:


  165. PEN333DO says:


  166. wannahug says:

    What isn’t going to be easy to take the next four years are the lies from NY Times and all the other Liberal Left News outlets – and one thing for sure, America sure isn’t blind or deaf to the fact as to what a lousy job Obama did the first four years and all of the lies and destroying the Constitution and more – my GOD how can America continue to survive with a Gross LIAR in the White House and continuing to push America over the Fiscal Cliff?!

  167. Hudmar says:

    Good Grief, what the heck did they put in that Koolaid that that columinst wrote.

  168. GreenMtnBoy says:

    OBAMA, 2016 is NOW a MUST SEE movie for conservatives and liberals.  It may serve as primer of things to come!  The Left Behind series showed a very influencial, charismatic Anti-Christ figure( Disclaimer: I do not believe this “president” is the anti-christ), BUT like that character , Nic. Carpathia who would kill in cold blood those who did not follow him and then convince everyone in the room, it DIDN’T happen the way they thought OR simply that he was right in the offing!  Perhaps, a magician is a better analogy, although not as sinister as I believe our president may be, who says, “EVERYONE, look at my right hand, see what it is doing. Oh NO, pay no attention to my left hand, it is doing nothing to concern you.  Look again at my Right hand and the marvel I present to you before your very eyes.”  To that (apparently) 51% of the voting population blinding says, yes, master, magician or magicians, you are the greatest, show us more of your mystical leadership.  Others may die around us, on borderlines and consulates, but we give you our full allegience.  To YOU, great leader, not a flag or a country, to you we bow!”

  169. gwt305 says:

    What do you expect from this communist rag of a newspaper?

  170. agbjr says:

    No taint or scandal? Yeah, right. If you believe the New York Times then you believe Hitler was a soft-hearted benefactor to European Jews.

  171. Ort says:

    Brooks, you left wing liberal azz hat, are you serious??? You should be beaten with a brick just for being so deliberately disingenuous.

  172. SharonJonesJeanguenat says:

    The ONLY reason there wasn’t a SCANDAL, is because main stream media wouldn’t report the truth! What about Fast & Furious, what about Benghazi, & 4 murdered Americans? What about his allowing al Qaida to be in charge of security in Libya? What about sending our troops ILLEGALLY into Libya? If Bush had done that, they’d have stormed the WH, & dragged him out into the street, & killed him. But, because Obama did it, it’s ok. Or what about all the voter fraud & intimidation that went on Tuesday? Or back in ’08? And, that’s just a start! If any of you are buying the NYT, stop now.  Hit ’em where it hurts, in their pockets. And, stop watching Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, The View, etc. If they lose viewers, their networks get rid of them. Look at CNN! Even Anderson Cooper finally admitting what we all knew already, that he was gay, didn’t boost their ratings. And, this year, instead of making merchants rich, who totally are against  ‘Christmas’, don’t shop there, or don’t shop at all. Money is what most of these people understand, so it’s time to hit them where it’ll hurt them.

    • Batsin_Bellfry says:

       Instead of useless trinkets no one can use or wanted, buy them silver eagles or mapleleafs. As for me, ammo is on top of my wish list.

      • SharonJonesJeanguenat says:

        @Batsin_Bellfry Good idea! I don’t have a gun, don’t know how to use one. But, I sure don’t have a problem with anyone else having one as long as they are trying to protect themselves! And, I already don’t shop at Target, since the first year they refused to let Salvation Army ring the bell outside to collect donations, plus refused to help our troops.

  173. cdarwincole says:

    In addition there are all the companies whose owners contributed to Obama’s campaign, got billions of dollars in federal “stimulus” money, paid big salaries to their owners, and then went bankrupt.
    True, this is not a scandal. It is a whole bunch of scandals.

    • MsSteel says:

       “Honey Bunches of Oats” comes to mind with lots of flakes being in David and the bunches of nuts being the 51% believing in Obama with no scandals, and good for America and the world.

  174. lizaz says:

    This guy must be on drugs, or on another planet the past four years……….

  175. TPM says:

    Are you kidding me? No scandals in the Obama administration?
    1. Feeding hundreds of millions of dollars to failed green energy companies, whose sole merit was that their owners bundled campaign contributions for Obama isn’t a scandal?
    2. FAST & FURIOUS where Obama’s lackeys bought guns and gave them to Mexican Drug Lords, in an attempt to build a case to circumvent our 2nd Amendment isn’t a scandal? He had to invoke his presidential privilege to absolve Eric Holder from having to testify. Both Obama & Holder are guilty as heck, here. This isn’t a scnadal?
    3. BENGAZI isn’t a scandal? … Four Americans lost their lives. General Hamm was relieved of his command, when he tried to send troops in on a rescue mission. He resigned a couple of days later. David Petaeus was thrown under the bus by Obama. Peteaus responded with “NOBODY at CIA gave a stand down order.” Petraeus just resigned. Don’t buy the White House & MSM line that it was over an extramarital affair. Petraeus didn’t resign because he was screwing a chippie. He resigned because Obama screwed him and the 4 Americans who lost their lives. We now KNOW that Obama was in the situation room and was watching the Bengazi assault in real time. Obama & staff knew from day one that this was a terrorist attack  It wasn’t caused by some obscure video. The poor patsie that made the video is sill locked up. His life has been ruined, to give cover to Obama & Hillary. This, too is a scandal.
    NYT David Brooks is NO journalist.
    He’s a shameless partisan whose lips shall forever be locked onto Obama’s johnson.

    • GT340 says:

      @TPM One of the Green companies that went bankrupt involved Senator Piglosi’s husband.   I wonder if all the millions given to his company was used for large salaries and huge bonuses.  Then after it was all used up they went bankrupt and screwed us taxpayers.   You have to wonder if democratic insiders planned a money laundering scheme and the whole affair covered up by ObaMao’s administration.

    • babbs says:

      @TPM Bengazi was also a gun running opperation that went bad. They were supplying guns and mpg to the rebels and lybia. Thats why they are going to try like hell to cover it up.

  176. Givemeliberty says:

    What he meant to say was “No scandals reported on by the New York Times”.  As their commercial says, “see the difference between the news…and the New York Times”.  That’s easy, the difference is “truth”.

  177. KarlMWilliams says:

    When did D. Brooks take up writing comedy?  We know he writes fiction most every week in the Times.

  178. TexRancher says:

    Brooks must be trying to earn his Obama merit badge! This is another one who claims to be conservative and acts like a Obama socialist! Good thing we are now able to see first hand who the enemies of this country really are.
    He must think the Constitution is a fairy tale just like Obama. Too bad he can’t be prosecuted for violating his oath of office like Obama should be!

    • raccoonden says:

      @TexRancher That’s right Tex, you know there is an old saying in Texas that applies to these people.  “There comes a time when we have to lift the cows tail and look a nasty situation squarely in the face.”  The whole thing stinks!!!!!

  179. RonaldRWorthington says:

    i have ome oceanfront property in arizona for sale

  180. littlepat says:

    I think the New York Times is to be praised for hiring such an extremely mentally handicapped person as Mr. Brooks.  If everyone participated to the extent of the NYT, the mental institutions would be empty.

  181. Dukhooker says:

    And the Times wonders why it’s circulation continues to drop.

  182. Betty1030 says:

    What world does he live in

    • raccoonden says:

      Betty, they are idealistic stoners and they live in their own world on the upper west side of Manhattan.  Betty go and youtube and search “Drunk Diane Sawyer”  you will see what I mean.  They really do not live in the world that they help create for the rest of us i.e -getting Obama reelected.

  183. Batsin_Bellfry says:

    51% believe the lies of pravda

  184. Batsin_Bellfry says:

    The good news is the libs, prog_ives, soc_ists, com_mies, are taking off their masks and not hiding anymore. easier to identify and keep tabs on them.

  185. EricHaulenbeek says:

    David Brooks is the only person I know who reads his silly diatribe.  His research is always fraudulent, producing the kind of drivel that most would expect from a meathead like this.  He’s so irrelevant… the ny times is a good place for him.  His relevancy will only continue it’s erosion into anonymity.  That’s a good thing!

  186. MoonBeamWatcher says:

    Not for NOTHING . . . How about the thousands of Mexicans dead from Fast and Furious?
    Or the 2009 Ft. Hood massacre which was investigated by the FBI and CIA – which all declared 
    in the Armed Forces Combined Report that this act was akin to a “Work-place incident!”
    How in G-ds name could Americas’ commander and chief let this stand?!
    Resignation of the CIA head as he is summoned to testifiy about Benghazi and the failure of 
    the Commander and Chief to protect Christopher Stephens and the rampent proliferation of 
    The Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Obama White House with insane PC corrections on 
    instructing our future military leaders on the corrolation between Islam and terrorism! 
    Then “WE” have the random enfarcement of existing laws by Obama and Holder!

  187. ccnova66 says:

    I did not know intense drug use was legal in NY, must be the only way some NY Times writers come up with their super stories!

    • raccoonden says:

      @ccnova66 Ha didn’t you get a load of that slush Diane Sawyer the other night.  She was a stupid drunk and on display for all of us to see, just youtube “Drunk Diane Sawyer” she must have to drink after all that garbage that comes out of her mouth. It was a sorry sight, but a good example of who they are -stupid and stoners!

  188. raccoonden says:

    We need to fight back against this corrupt media.  We need some ideas to fight back.  Does anyone have ideas with how to fight back.  I have tried calling the stations, but that seems to be like talking to a wall -not even an answering machine.   I know that it is difficult to get a hold of them.  These traitors to the truth need to be called on the carpet for bias, lies, and omissions of entire stories.

    • Wayne C says:

       A hangman and the noose live on air IN their so-called safe sanctuary of their “news” room (nyuk nyuk) would suit me and my people right down to the ground. Hanging for the crime of treason is lawful under our Constitution.

      • raccoonden says:

        @Wayne C You’re right.  I know that Brent Bozell and others have sent petitions to various news corps regarding their outrageous news reporting, but in their arrogance, the news offices probably just throw it in the trash. They have contempt for the public.

    • TimHarris1 says:

      @raccoonden amen

  189. remesquaddie says:

    David Brooks of the New York Times, lives in an ivory tower surrounded by steel gates and armed guards and never has to walk through the grime of downtown LA or Detroit. He is an absolute moron, living in a dreamworld .

  190. MARINE VETERAN says:


    • Independentrd says:

      @MARINE VETERAN Pray tell, how do you impeach Obama who apparently was legally elected and end up with Romney? They would also have to impeach Biden and then the speaker of the house becomes president.

  191. NormanBaker says:

    Karma is a bitch… David Brooks lives in an alternate reality, much like the Matrix, and it will come home to haunt him someday. He either knows what is going on and will find out later that it is not that thing at all, or, he is simply delusional.

  192. MARINE VETERAN says:


    • NormanBaker says:

      @MARINE VETERAN … How did you get roped in?? You seem to know better from your previous comments??

  193. MARINE VETERAN says:


  194. MARINE VETERAN says:


  195. KarenWI says:

    I just threw up in my mouth…

  196. TyrellVance says:

    What rock has Brooks been living under? Or, maybe he just reads the NY Times for his information.

  197. BobMarshall says:

    We have a president who has a narcissistic  personality disorder.  Narcissist are grandiose dreamers. While speaking to La Raza, he told them that Demorats were with them on illegal immigration. The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting and i don’t mean just on immigration reform. Democrats is not misspelled, just closer to the truth.

  198. KWKid says:

    Wow! David Brooks is totally clueless, or just an idiot. Unbelievable that he thinks there have been no “scandals”.
    I thought “news” people were supposed to know something about the news before reporting it.

    • EricHaulenbeek says:

      @KWKid People like Brooks really don’t know what’s going on around them.  Their goal in life is to please the producers/editors of their respective programs or papers.  They’re just so far removed from real life.  You’ve got to be a real moron to want to work in a business like this!  I believe someone writing for Hustler magazine would have a stronger following then any one of these nancy-boys.

  199. RMEKRNL says:

    This is the email I sent the Publicity Editor of the NYT about this incident:
    How can the NYT’s David Brooks, in a post-election TV appearance, dare state that the Obama Administration has had no scandals?  Just because they haven’t been covered by you and others in the liberal media, like you all covered Watergate wall-to-wall and for months on end, doesn’t mean that scandals haven’t occurred — just that you haven’t done your job in investigating and reporting them.
    What about (a) Fast & Furious, over which the Terry family and the American public are still awaiting answers, (b) AG Holder being held in contempt of Congress, (c) Obama’s wasting of millions in taxpayer money on Solyndra, et al., during a recession when 25 million Americans are out of work, (d) Benghazi-gate, before, during and after, (e) Obama blatantly lying to the American people on national TV during the second debate by not only falsely claiming he called Benghazi a terrorist attack from the start but also faking indignation that anyone would suggest otherwise, when even Candy Crowley’s own CNN fact-checkers, immediately following the debate, caused her to reverse her comments to “help” Obama and shut Romney down, (f) allegations that the Obama campaign received illegal, foreign contributions for the 2012 election, just as was alleged during his 2008 campaign, (g) evidence of e-voting machines in some states registering votes for Obama when the vote cast had been for Romney, (h) Obama telling government contractors to ignore the WARN Act, a federal law, and that if they were sued over it, he would use our tax money to defend them for it, (i) Obama bypassing Congress (once again) and implementing his own version of the DREAM Act by simply saying his administration would not enforce our existing immigration laws, (j) the Pentagon not complying with the 2009 Military Assistance Voting Act and ensuring all of our men and women in uniform got timely absentee ballots to vote in this year’s election, (k) that Obama’s HHS Secretary Sebelius violated a federal law with no consequences whatsoever, or (l) that Hillary accepted “full responsibility” for the security lapses of Banghazi but there was no outcry for her to resign over it? What she did was the equivalent of a politician “apologizing” by saying they’re sorry YOU misunderstood what they said — in other words, no real apology at all and no consequences. This is only a partial list of what you and I both know would have been investigated as scandals in the administration of any other president except Obama, and probably especially if that other president had been a Republican, as Nixon was. The difference is that nobody died in Watergate but they did in Benghazi-gate, and probably preventably so.
    And you in the liberal media seem to wonder why a growing majority of the American public no longer trust the mainstream media and you’re all losing readership and viewership — ha!

    • GreenMtnBoy says:

      @RMEKRNL AMEN!  YOU OUTLINED THE LITANY of KNOWN criminal acts against the American people by this administration very well.  I am sick at how many voters CLEARLY do no personal research on candidates or issues before voting.  The vote many cast was nothing more than another nail in the coffin of our PREVIOUSLY fine republic!  It will be a rude awakening when we hear the growing collective UH – OH !  as people see that Barack’s America is NOT, (nor has it ever been) a nation of the people, by the people and for the people, BUT instead a Government, of the government, for the government and by the government!

  200. RMEKRNL says:

    Obama is the photo op president, showing up for one morning in his commander-in-chief bomber jacket to have his photo op with Governor Chris Christy and hug a few  people dispoaced by Hurricane Sandy and then going back on the campaign trail, while his FEMA is still slow to respond almost two weeks after the storm. If it was anybody but Obama and especially if it was a Republican president, the liberal lamestream media would be all over the lack of response, just like they were during Katrina.

  201. RMEKRNL says:

    Obama is the photo op president, showing up for one morning in his commander-in-chief bomber jacket to have his photo op with Governor Chris Christy and hug a few people displaced by Hurricane Sandy and then going back on the campaign trail, while his FEMA is still slow to respond two weeks after the storm.
    If it was anybody but Obama and especially if it was a Republican president, Obama’s liberal, lapdog, lamestream media would be all over the lack of response, just like they were during Katrina.

  202. An American Patriot says:

    Are you kidding me? It was the dirtiest race I have ever seen in my 69 years. What do you know? I saw pictures of fraud and theft on the streets, in the polls and at the election offices. Florida and other states ran a Chicago election. I will never understand how the liberals could do this to our beloved America. Obama did to Romney what he did to the senator he ran against in Chicago. You are all so blind.
    I saw the Obama people at early voting places intimidating other voters. It was a disgrace!!!
    You need to start writing the truth. What a sad day for the American people to choose to read your trash which is printed as freedom of the press. The press has not been free for many years now. We all need to boycot your papers and all of the tv staitons which are so left it is disgusting. Our country has become a country of lies from the administration from tv and from the papers. FOX news is the only one where you candecide!!! .

    • raccoonden says:

      @An American Patriot Yup, you got that right and the stinkin Black Panthers were at it again at the polling places in PA.  I posted the Ohio results from a family member in Ohio.  In short, every one is having a hard time figuring out how Romney lost if he won 77 counties out of 88 or 89 counties???

  203. mcvet57103 says:

    Where are the thousands of military write in ballots that just happened to arrive to late to be counted, and would have swayed the outcome to Mitt?

    • GreenMtnBoy says:

      @mcvet57103 I say they definitely should be counted.  Our military men and women deserve the right to have their votes cast at least as much as the people that cast multiple ballots in states they live in for parts of the year, etc., etc. etc.  How can a state like Colorado just send to a mailing list ballots out to their residents and know who completes them and sends them back?  How can a faxed or emailed ballot be verified as to the person who cast it?  We have 50 states that have such varied methods for actually verifying the validity of ballots cast, we can never know that any election was completely just and fair.  Finally, the most disheartening SOURCE of the sad outcome to the election is the nearly 3 million registered Republicans that wouldn’t or couldn’t get themselves off their duffs to vote.  Those of us that voted for Mitt Romney, Obama or any other candidate WERE part of the SOLUTION leading up to and through election day.  Those sitting at home with the pitiful …”I really don’t like either candidate” committed the worst of sins,  “To not decide, is to have decided.”  THEY ACTUALLY ELECTED BARACK TO A SECOND TERM and may have signed a nation’s death sentence at least economically if not culturally.  To you 3 million DON’T EXPECT A THANK YOU FOR STAYING HOME and NOT VOTING from BARRY O, anytime soon.  He got what he needed from you and his campaign head Valerie Jarett said on election day, ‘NOW it is payback time and we don’t forget.”    Shows you the caliber of people that 51% were duped into electing, AGAIN!  SAD but TRUE!    I challenge ANYONE to prove otherwise.   History will show these years to have been more dangerous for our nation then any war we’ve seen!  The handling of the military ballots shouts volumes of what this president and his entire party hold most dear.  That is,  their chances in the next election cycle and NOTHING else (including dead border guards, or ambassadors and CIA agents) is too high a price to pay for winning access to the pockets of good, decent people!

  204. J Joy says:

    Has Rumplestiltskin just awoken and he doesn’t have a clue about what has happened in the past four years?  Is this a true example of the liberal consciousness that lives with its head in the sand and under a rock?  Is this an example of the obviously left wing main stream media and it’s agenda??  God help us!!

  205. mollypitcher says:

    just 53 members of congress are calling for information on the SCANDAL that is Benghazi? Why not the entire Republican caucus? Why aren’t there torches and pitchforks, tar and feathers….? Why did 4 men die, screaming for help from their government? Did they know something? Was there a kidnapping for exchange going on? My bet is that we will never know….and you know that had this been a republican he’d be on the outside of the fence looking in and wearing a tar-n-feather suit…..

    • EricHaulenbeek says:

      @mollypitcher You can bet that the cover-up is much bigger and more corrupt the anyone can imagine.  You can’t take anything these snakes say for granted. They’re liars and frauds, every one of them.

  206. vip says:

    WHO IS THE B ****** NOW?? Mr Brooks, get your sick head out of the sans!! if you and the rest of your zombie reporters had done your job as you are supposed to, this country would not be in the shape it in. You and the rest of the mainstream media should be charged with Ttreason against the United States. Throughout the campaigns of Obama, his media zombies knowingly kied, withhheld pertinent information, edited taped or interviewed discussions and violated your Journalistic Creed.
    You have helped destroy the future of this country for generations to come.

  207. JimUberti says:

    What is happening in the media is nothing short of criminal!!
    PLEASE tell me, editors, columnists and anchors, WHY?? Why do you see it as your duty to sugar-coat everything this administration does, and overlook it’s many shortcomings and lapses???
    You were once part of a proud and professional group who protected the country, no matter who was in power.
    You reveled in your exposure of Watergate, despite the fact that it was, and still is, a third-rate burglary gone wrong. Where was the outrage over Fast and Furious?? Where was the outrage over Benghazi where people also died??
    We have entered a seriously dark phase in our Nation’s history. Future historians may see it as the time when the United States ceased to be “that shining city on the hill”.

  208. GreenMtnBoy says:

    I say they definitely should be counted.  Our military men and women deserve the right to have their votes cast at least as much as the people that cast multiple ballots in states they live in for parts of the year, etc., etc. etc.  How can a state like Colorado just send to a mailing list ballots out to their residents and know who completes them and sends them back?  How can a faxed or emailed ballot be verified as to the person who cast it?  We have 50 states that have such varied methods for actually verifying the validity of ballots cast, we can never know that any election was completely just and fair.  Finally, the most disheartening SOURCE of the sad outcome to the election is the nearly 3 million registered Republicans that wouldn’t or couldn’t get themselves off their duffs to vote.  Those of us that voted for Mitt Romney, Obama or any other candidate WERE part of the SOLUTION leading up to and through election day.  Those sitting at home with the pitiful …”I really don’t like either candidate” committed the worst of sins,  “To not decide, is to have decided.”  THEY ACTUALLY ELECTED BARACK TO A SECOND TERM and may have signed a nation’s death sentence at least economically if not culturally.  To you 3 million DON’T EXPECT A THANK YOU FOR STAYING HOME and NOT VOTING from BARRY O, anytime soon.  He got what he needed from you and his campaign head Valerie Jarett said on election day, ‘NOW it is payback time and we don’t forget.”    Shows you the caliber of people that 51% were duped into electing, AGAIN!  SAD but TRUE!    I challenge ANYONE to prove otherwise.   History will show these years to have been more dangerous for our nation then any war we’ve seen!  The handling of the military ballots shouts volumes of what this president and his entire party hold most dear.  That is,  their chances in the next election cycle and NOTHING else (including dead border guards, or ambassadors and CIA agents) is too high a price to pay for winning access to the pockets of good, decent people!

  209. john naguski says:

    N.Y. Times should change it’s name to Pravda or Tass for that is the way they report the news.

  210. Wayne C says:

    These people should be HUNG on the air in the sanctuary of their own newsroom sets.

  211. PabloMackey says:

    All one has to do is look at segments of reporting and the actual truth can be seen in between the lines for sure !  Obama has hidden and used Executive Privilage to hide information he does not want published.  Wuith the upcoming trial of 
    Eric Holder AND THE FAST AND FURIOUS SITUATION, much will come to light  during that trial;  and those who try and report facts as they are always put in a bad light by the mainstream Liberal Media which is biased as witnessed by coverage of the campaign and Election.  Unions, biased ethnic segments of people who have received public support for generations, and the opening up of our borders with no intent to stop illegal immigration and younger voters who have no idea what the real facts are and can’t understand what is wrong with Obama !  He is like the “Pied Piper” when he speaks campaigning, but is clueless on how to lead and make this economy work !   Remeber for every immigrant who comes here another job is taken by a non citizen and it is time to shut down all immigration as we can’t feed all of our citizens now.  OBAMA IS GOING TO BE THE CAUSE OF A REVOLUTION IN THIS COUNTRY ALONG WITH THE LIBERALS IN THE SENATE AND THEIR CLOSED MINDS !    God help us all as the handwriting is on the wall and public sentiment is becoming worse for the “status quo” and things as they are.  The real working citizens are fed up and ready for a substantial change and will take to the streets in a very unwelcome fashion if we continue as we are currently !

  212. AmberShoreman1 says:

    When you sit on your black duff and do nothing but fly asround in a $4,000,000 an hour airplane  you don’t make many mistakes.  But neither does any problems get solved.

  213. PabloMackey says:

    My father is a Disabled Vietnam vet and is armed to the teeth with vast amounts of ammo hidden throughout the are we live in and is ready to take action if no change happens and he is by far not alone !   Like Admiral Yamamoto said after Pearl Harbor;  “to invade the U.S. would be suicide as behind every blade of grass there will be a rifle     aimed at the invaders”   !!   The same is true today of those who Really Believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights as the glue which holds this country together and why we, until the weak and Liberals came to have power in our Legislature !   They must go, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Finestien, Barbara Boxer; they all need to be removed by physical force if necessary !!!!!!!

  214. MartiSettle says:

    You are absolutely correct. David Brooks is a partisan hack and a blithering idiot. Does he think that Americans cannot see with their own eyes that Obama is lawless?  The NY Times is in and of itself as corrupt a media organization as Praavda in Communist Russia.  It’s too bad that hurricane Sandy did not collapse this building with all of its reporters under layers of concrete and steel. The world would have been a better place.

    • GreenMtnBoy says:

      @MartiSettle I agree with your perspective and remarks, but the behind the scenes taped remarks by Mitt Romney in May that the Democrats (and our at any cost president (lower case “p” intended) appear to be correct.  Not 47% but apparently if vote tallies can be believed 51% of the voters will believe ANYTHING said by the left!!!  No amount of fact checking matters to them, “we the deluded masses will follow you oh “leader” to our very deaths if necessary” because you are the smartest man to ever inhabit the White House and all rooms in all countries, so we will not listen to anything that does not support YOU, our leader Supreme.  This seems ridiculous when placed in writing, but we the (49%) have seen it demonstrated on Tuesday.  I DO BELIEVE there will be increasing “weeping and gnashing of teeth” as these folks join with the already suffering 49% to realize that some bought the same “Bill of Goods” TWICE !!!  Definition of insanity???  Somehow expecting a different outcome!   Keep your chin up!  (not the nose up, as Barack has already adopted that as his signature move!)

      • Wayne C says:

        @GreenMtnBoy  @MartiSettle
         It was the electronic voting machines, all states need to return to hand counted paper ballots.

  215. ArthurMackey says:

    To the lady who posted about Obama flying around in a $4,000,000. per hour airplane and doing nothing, look at the hours he spent on the golf course not solving any problems and the real issues are put away by his actions so we cannot see his college transcripts and applications to Occidental College stating that he was not a citizen of the U.S. so he could get aid as a foreign student !  Do not trust one thing he says and if his lips are moving he is lying !  Yes Obama YOU LIE as was said by a congressman during the first address to the nation !

    • RobertLCraft says:

      @ArthurMackey you hit the nail on the head.him and his family has done nothing sense they have been in office except waste tax payers money and apologize to foreign countries.

  216. RichardSeufert says:

    Help came to those in Benghazi like hope is coming to NYC from FEMA. You’re on your own.

    • raccoonden says:

      @RichardSeufert You got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We all need to be prepared for just about anything because O is pushing FORWARD, FORWARD, Sieg Heil!

  217. jean1000 says:

    obama had no scandals and a clean first term only in the media.  Real life, not so much.

  218. Papabstr says:

    Is there not a person that reads this chit before it goes to print?

    • LarryDaleCrumbley says:

      @Papabstr “PAP”—–I really do not feel that the New Yurk Tymes has that many readers anymore. They are another NEWSWEEK awaiting to happen.

      • YellowJacket2 says:

        @LarryDaleCrumbley  @Papabstr
         The NY Times is like the Daily Worker. It doesn’t exist because of how many people read the rag. Their job is to tell all the other left wing news media what their talking points and propaganda lines of the day should be. And sure enough, within 24-hours they follow orders.

        • LarryDaleCrumbley says:

          @YellowJacket2  @Papabstr —I totally agree with you.  THERE stupid talking points are what is going to help destroy them. Look at the MORONS over at NBC—“NOTHING–BUT–CRAPPY” NEWS, hey are about to lay off 500 workers because of Obama-care–(TAX)–And there idiotic cable channel still does not get it, and I am referring to the cable channel MS-LSD otherwise known as MSNBC.

        • Papabstr says:

          @YellowJacket2  @LarryDaleCrumbley
            think you will find that these news papers are Muslem owned just like Google

        • LarryDaleCrumbley says:

          @Papabstr  @YellowJacket2 Friend this newspaper is mostly owned by a MEXICAN BILLIONAIRE!!!!!!

  219. RobertLCraft says:

    you can tell he is in love with obama,call him he may give you a date so you can bow down to him.new york times suck.

    • LarryDaleCrumbley says:

      @RobertLCraft  He might have already been on a date with him ROBERT—-That is why this corrupt man wrote the article the way he did for.

  220. MildredFischer says:

    Those of you who don”t own a gun, please buy one and learn how to use it.

  221. MildredFischer says:

    mbander – please tell me what you are trying to say.

  222. MildredFischer says:

    Obama went to New Jersey after the storm for political purposes only.  He has not been there since and FEMA has failed again.  The union workers used, while others were turned away, has failed also.  The people of New Jersey, New York still have a tragic mess.  Have they learned anything?  I doubt it, they would still be stupid enough to vote for Obama.

    • EricHaulenbeek says:

      @MildredFischer You would almost think that most people would remember this sort of lackadaisical behavior when next we vote… but anyone who’s on the government nipple is going keep on voting for anything they don’t have to work for. Obama is known as “the welfare president”, and for good reason.  He counts on the low-life to keep his relevancy.  A lot of people woke up to this clown’s hollow promises this past election cycle.  He lost sixteen percent of the popular vote compared to his win four years ago.  By the time this next term comes nears an end I’d be surprised if he gets out of Washington without being tarred and feathered!

    • MsSteel says:

      FEMA has failed and the Democrats want to give this sorry agency billions of more our dollars. They are a joke. They acronym stands:
      This is Obama’s plan to cripple and collaspe the entire American economy. He hates America and probably gave the order to allow slow help to the folks. Why want anyone investigate Obama with his fake social security number being issued from CT, he never lived there. He is such a fraud!

  223. MildredFischer says:

    I think Benghazi was more than a gun running operation.  I think somewhere there was a conspiracy and Ambassador Stevens was somehow a target.

  224. Guest 3 says:

    So, who is going to stop this POTUS?  I see NO ONE making a move to correct him.
    I lived both hurricanes Camille and Katrina, and the aftermath was a nightmare.  It literally
    takes years to overcome the aftermath of destruction of that magnitude and the Fed Govt is not
    equal to it.  Romney was correct in saying the private sector is better suited for this type disaster.

  225. mrscas says:

    All members of Congress should be trying to get answers for their constituents regarding the truth about what happened in Benghazi.  Brooks is either lying or deranged to say that Obama is a man of integrity and that his administration is clean.  They are thugs and with that comes corruption.  Brooks needs to be sent away with Aunt Nancy, Grandpa Harry and crazy Uncle Joe.

  226. merriel46 says:

    Don’t forget about Crazy Chris Matthews

    • PEN333DO says:


      • merriel46 says:

        @PEN333DO   I totally agree with you.  I still can’t believe that Obumba won re-election.  I have been flying my flag at half-staff ever since Wednesday morning.  To address your other comment.  Chris Matthews isn’t might be crazy, he is totally out of his mind.  He apparently wasn’t affected by Hurricane Sandy

        • GT340 says:

          @merriel46   I think Mathews mammy spiked him into the turf about a dozen times when he was a child.   No other explanation is logical for the stupidity the comes out of his mouth.

    • raccoonden says:

      @merriel46 You got it.  Chief Wet-Um-Pants isn’t worth mentioning any more.



    • raccoonden says:

      @SHIRLEYLEDWARDS Here you go Shirley, I have been posting the election results from Ohio because the results are bewildering.  How could Romney win 72 counties and lose?  They are as follows:
      Barack Obama  50%     2,686,609 (16 counties)
      Mitt Romney  48%    2,586,467  (72 counties)
      Greene County results
      Precincts Reporting – 100%
      Mitt Romney
      Barack Obama (i)
      Gary Johnson

      • DonT says:

        @raccoonden  @SHIRLEYLEDWARDS The answer to your question, raccoonden:  Easy!  The slackers, hangers-on, sluggards, takers, lazies, etc. all live in the cities with the large populations.  Those that have integrity, are self-sufficient and believe in personal responsibility live in the other 72 counties.

        • TPM says:

          @DonT  @raccoonden  @SHIRLEYLEDWARDS
           Well, that’s part of it. Other cosiderations are that …
          1. Most minorities live in big urban areas, like Cleveland, Columbus & Cincy.
          The other factor is that …
          2. ACORN & Voter fraud seem to be rampant in major metropolitan areas, where ACORN & other like minded groups have a presence.

      • GT340 says:

        @raccoonden  @SHIRLEYLEDWARDS   Search the net and you will see some obvious voter fraud.   Romney Got ZERO Votes In 59 Precincts in Philly, and 9 in Cincinnati.   Search using “Romney zero votes precincts” .

  228. RichardSeufert says:

    More BO -BS.  Read this while thinking of Benghazi.
    President Obama’s Veterans Day Speech: “We Take Care of Our Own”
    President Obama delivered remarks on Veterans Day from Arlington National Cemetery shortly after the laying of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. The president said in his speech, “After a decade of war, our heroes are coming home, and over the next few years more than a million service members will transition back to civilian life. They’ll take off their uniforms and take on a new and lasting role. They will be veterans.”
    He went on to say, “We take care of our own. We take care of our veterans. We take care of your families, not just by saluting you on one day, once a year, but by fighting for you and your families every day of every year. That’s our obligation, a sacred obligation to all of you.”

    • EricHaulenbeek says:

      @RichardSeufert This evil creep has no shame at all, and his words ring hollow to every veteran who hears them.  “Mr. Obama, you have lost all credibility with the American people.  You sold out your honor long ago.  You’re nothing but an empty suit!”

  229. MildredFischer says:

    Eric Haulenbeek:  The House of Rep has the power to impeach, regardless of race or creed, but not the guts yet.  They should do it for their honor and as their duty.  Of course, with a demrat senate, and a liberal court, impeachment but not conviction would be as far as it goes

    • EricHaulenbeek says:

      @MildredFischer Dittos – just like the Clinton impeachment.  There’s very little backbone on the Republican side of the aisle, and none at all on the left.  Figures!

  230. Mikeydog19 says:

    Wow… Has this guy been living in a plastic bubble? He really doesn’t deserve a reply.

  231. icetrout says:

    New York Slime…



  233. JosephRCarreiroSr says:

    Has this person been asleep throughout the entire election of 2012.Either that or he is delirious.

  234. Ort says:

    This man can’t look through rosé colored glasses with his head shoved firmly up his…..

  235. MildredFischer says:

    Must be drinking the Kool Aid. “Fast and Furious” happened in first term and is an impeachable and treasonous offense. I keep wondering why our Congress fails to do their duty and start proceedings, not just for “F&F” but for providing arms to our enemies, al Qaeda in Libya that used the weapons provided to kill 4 Amerians, al Qaeda in Syria, and the Muslim Brotherhood (al Qaeda) in Egypt.

    • DennisVanMeter says:

      @MildredFischer Thay could be afraid that Obama supporters would rit.

      • MildredFischer says:

        @DennisVanMeter So, much more reason to perform their Congressional duty. We the people are here to protect our government or to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government, all enemies both domestic and foreign. The sooner Congress would act, the better off this country would be.

  236. DennisVanMeter says:

    Obama Ran Clean Administration With NO Scandals Says NY Times Columnist:  This man is living in la la land.  Or drinking Kool Aid or both.

    • LarryDaleCrumbley says:

      @DennisVanMeter He works for the NY TIMES—-This means his brain is ate up with that thing called LIBERALISM—AND THAT DISEASE NEVER ALLOWS YOU TOO SEE THE REAL TRUTH!!!!

  237. DennisVanMeter says:

    They could be afraid that Obama supporters would riot.

  238. Chillis says:

    Even if there were a scandal,not one word would be mentioned in print or mentioned on the internet!!!! There’s some kind of fear manufactured in Washington, too much fear, that keeps the press quiet, and the spoken word silent!! Too many deaths have occurred. America, as we knew it is fading fast, and not a damn thing is being done about it.

    • LarryDaleCrumbley says:

      @Chillis  You comment Sir gets a four AAAA rating. Because you are totally right. As they have learned the CHICAGO-WAY to do political business now, and are doing it that way!!!

  239. MildredFischer says:

    Don’t you think it is time “We the People” should make the government fear us rather than us fearing our government. If we have to live in fear, then there is no reason for living. God granted the freedom and we must not let our government take it away. I’m a modern day Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death.” On the day we have to take up arms against our tyrannical government I may die, but death would be better than the hell we are about to experience.

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