Democratic Leadership Responsible for Poorest Cities in U.S.

I’ve found numerous sites that have different lists of the poorest cities in the U.S.  Some use median income as their standard and others use unemployment rate.  However, there was one list that I found on a couple different websites that listed the top 10 poorest big cities in America based on the percentage of people living below the poverty level.  Here is the list they gave:

  • Detroit, MI – 32.5%
  • Buffalo, NY – 29.9%
  • Cincinnati, OH – 27.8%
  • Cleveland, OH – 27%
  • Miami, FL – 26.9%
  • St. Louis, MO – 26.8%
  • El Paso, TX – 26.4%
  • Milwaukee, WI – 26.2%
  • Philadelphia, PA – 25.1%
  • Newark, NJ – 24.2%

All of these large cities that are in the top of the nation for the largest percentage of people living below the poverty level have one thing in common – Democratic mayors.  Some of these cities have had a Democratic mayor for nearly 100 years, but all have been ruled by Dems for at least twenty plus years.

Doesn’t this say volumes about the Democrat’s economic policies?

And yet the people keep electing one Democratic leader after another as if the next one is going to make anything any better.  It’s just like so many of the video interviews I’ve seen with Obama supporters, many of which are poor.  Don’t matter that they are poor and getting poorer, they’re still going to vote for Obama because he’s the hero of the Dumbocratic Party.

Many of these people remind me of a frog in a pot of water.  If you put the frog in the water when it’s a comfortable temperature, it won’t jump out.  You can slowly keep raising the temperature of the water by putting the pot on the stove, but the frog won’t jump out.  Eventually, the water gets so hot that it kills the frog because they frog would not jump out of the water.  The people are the frogs and they are turning up the flames themselves by continuing to elect Democratic leadership that continues to fail them.  Eventually conditions will get so bad, that people will start to die off at a high rate and then probably start to rebel and turn to violence.  Wait a minute, in some of these cities like Detroit and Cincinnati, it’s already starting to happen and the rest of the nation isn’t that far behind.



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  • AndrewInAustin

    Excellent article.   So true.  alancolmes

  • maxine rwb

    Andrew:  I am so sorry for you.  I have been to Austin. It is not a place I would choose to live.  When we went downtown, there were homeless sleeping off either their high or their drunk all over the streets.  I cannot believe how far downhill it has gone.  I went there over 50 years ago and it was not like that.  I do believe that Democrats are the Devil’s handmaidens.

  • gizmo

    Of course they won’t jump out.  They’re getting all that free stuff.

  • JS

    And don’t forget the Free Obama Cell Phone. Why should I work when I can get free stuff from the Govt. The more babies I make the bigger the welfare checks are. Suits me fine. I vote for the free stuff.

  • Tonto USA

    I remember Detroit when I was a kid….1.9 million people and a strong city.  Now it looks like the aftermath of the Beling bombing and the pop is @700,000…….the last Republican mayor was pre-1963…..they had a white democrat (Cavanaugh) then Coleman Young that demonstrated that black people knew how to be rabid racists too (like Michelle).  He made the KKK look like a bunch of alter boys.

    • TerrenceDaniels

      @Tonto USA 
      And the other 1.2 million are scattered in other cities bringing them down also,  just like they brought Detroit down…

  • J Joy

    Is this a surprise to anyone?  Democrats don’t know how to lead, save money, spend money appropriately.  They always have too many people to repay for helping them get into office.  The most unfortunate part is that those city residents seem to continue electing these people even though they see no change in the right direction.

  • edodaniel

    The Democrats know that if they don’t understand economics they don’t really have anything to worry about if previous leadership was also Democrats because if they simply rob Peter to pay Paul they can always count on getting Paul’s vote.

    • Whackajig

       If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can also count on having a sore Peter.

  • ssh49tn

    Some people seem to think that THIS time it’ll be better, so they keep re-electing the same deadbeats, & things NEVER get better. And they never will, as long as they keep listening to all the lies that come from main stream media, & the ones that lead the Democrats. There ARE some good Democrats, but the majority of their leaders are so full of the devil, it’s almost scary.

    • american2american

      @ssh49tn Part of the problem is democrats think this is a democratic nation.  It isn’t of course but try telling them that.

      • TerrenceDaniels

        @american2american  @ssh49tn At one time this was a democratic nation until, ironically, the Democrats (Progressive) got in office and tried to push socialism down America’s throat… with more welfare and redistribution of wealth from those that actually work to those who refuse (rewarding the lazy).  I understand a few of those would rather work than be on welfare… but that is Washington’s fault with the job situation anyway. they brought that on the American people with their policies.

  • el_loco_jp

    Dems cause poverty?  Tell me something I didn’t already know.

  • RalphZ

    How does that go?  “Repeating an experiment over and over without changing anything, expecting different results is a sure sign of insanity.”  American voters are therefore Insane.  We elect Democrats into office actually expecting them to actually vote for smaller government, allowing people to succeed or fail on their own, and allowing the individual to decide what charity and who they would help out.  But the world view of Democrats and RINOs are that the government is whom you get your freedoms from,  and they alone have the wisdom and right to tell you what rights you have and don’t have as well as what you are allowed to keep from your labors.
    Obama has never hidden his agenda of larger government, and belief that the World court and the UN have the right to dictate to us what we as Americans can and can’t do.  Kind of funny that people are using selective hearing.

    • american2american

      @RalphZ You are doing here, what is a huge mistake the democrats make.  You are categorizing the people of an entire nation.  I did not skip a beat with this guy in the WH now.  I knew before he was “elected” many of the things that are unfolding would undoubtedly be realized.  So did a lot of people that I know.  I’ve read tons about him.  More than I care to.  He scared me then and he scares me now.  I was a Ron Paul delegate.  They all (pres candidates) scare me but him.

      • Whackajig

        @american2american  I find it strange that a pure looney tune like Ron Paul  would not scare you.

        • american2american

          @Whackajig That is proof you do not know about him other than what his enemies who happen to also be enemies of the US Constitution have told you to believe.  You are doing the same thing as those who parrot anything political that media tells them. You see, the conservative media is complicit in brainwashing people too.  We can all see where others are brainwashed but we can’t see it in ourselves.  I know I was brainwashed.  I used to believe we had an altruistic government!  Wow, we have a monster gov.  If you learn the truth about Ron Paul, which requires reading what HE says and not what others say about him, let me know.  For now, you are spewing out exactly what they want you to so they have you prepared for the end of our documents of freedom.  Keep in mind if you will, it isn’t Ron Paul they were maligning, it was the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights, your freedom, they were maligning, by direct association to the only statesman candidate.  Prove me wrong.  Find something DIRECTLY from him that proves he is a “looney tune.”  I challenge you to prove it isn’t psy ops.

  • TerrenceDaniels

    The welfare vote for Obama because he is black… the only reason! Most of the welfare do not even have a high school education… they are simply ignorant when it comes to economics and/or politics in general!

    • Tonto USA

       Well hey, I voted for the WHITE guy….but I’ll bet if I say that out loud and in public in some places I’ll be immediately labeled as a racist.  There is a dual standard that is really starting to irk a lot of people I think.  I, for one, am thoroughly tired of the racism coming from the blacks and the left and getting verbally assaulted when I protest the unfairness of it all…, if I’m to be labeled, I may as well rub it in their face.

      • TerrenceDaniels

        @Tonto USA I agree… that’s seems to be their “only defense” anymore… just call everybody a racist who disagrees with them. “@”

      • american2american

        @Tonto USA  @TerrenceDaniels Hi, I wrote a letter to the editor in support of a white republican candidate and the democrat bloggers went on a tangent.  One of them said if I was friends with the person then, “You are a pasty faced racist!”  Wow, there’s your double standard again.  Isn’t his statement rather racist in itself?

        • TerrenceDaniels

          @american2american  @Tonto USA lol There’s always a double standard with them… they remind you of the muslims.

        • ronalford

          @american2american  @Tonto USA Democrats are just as ridiculous as Muslims, that’s why they accept their foolishness.

      • Evermyrtle

        @Tonto USA  @TerrenceDaniels  If that is what it takes to make a racist, I am a racist. I knew the black? guy was not any good for America as soon as I discovered he was a Muslim, anti-GOD and anti-JESUS CHRIST

        • TerrenceDaniels

          @Evermyrtle  @Tonto USA AMEN!  I also knew, just from that name… it’s a Muslim name… But if you remember, he said at least 3-4 time while on the campaign trail in 2008, that he was a Christian but I knew better.  I knew he, and you could tell, he was a deceiver and manipulator.

        • TerrenceDaniels

          @Evermyrtle  @Tonto USA Also, the blacks wanted him because he was black. They did not care that he was a Muslim, they did not care he was not a Christian, they did not care that he was born in Kenya, Africa. They just wanted a black man in office. They accepted the first black man that satan put in front of them, be it man or devil!  I say many blacks have sold their soul to the devil.

        • Evermyrtle

          @TerrenceDaniels  @Evermyrtle  @Tonto USA 
          Th blacks voted for him because he was black and they were racists, the whites voted for him to prove that they were not racist.which proved they were racist. I voted for the white man did not care what anybody thought, because I knew he was bad news..

        • Whackajig

          @TerrenceDaniels  @Evermyrtle  @Tonto USA
           Wrong………. blacks will vote for the food stamp party even if the Republicans  had a black candidate.

        • Tonto USA

          @TerrenceDaniels  @Evermyrtle
           Most are just too dang ignorant to understand what is really going on in politics, the history behind or the hidden agenda.  The similarity between islamic thought and what the democrats have become is striking however, and I’ve wondered what some of the more rabid so-called democrat/Obama supporters would think if they actually had to live under the harsh rules of shariah law.  Now that would be a hoot!

        • Evermyrtle

          @TerrenceDaniels  @Tonto USA   I never believed even for a moment that he was a Christian. I felt that through my entire being.

        • american2american

          @TerrenceDaniels  @Evermyrtle  @Tonto USA Only non Christians can’t see it or those who claim to be Christian but like him, they dont’ mean it from the heart.  They have scales over their eyes and that I believe is the reason we are witnessing such blindness in the people who believe lies and mock the Truth.

        • american2american

          @Whackajig  @TerrenceDaniels  @Evermyrtle  @Tonto USA I wonder.  We may never know for sure.  It would be very interesting to find out..  You just might be right.  They might have voted for him if he had been a republican and the First black to get elected.  The guy they did vote for is neither rep. or Dem he’s a marxist.  That didn’t matter to them but you have made an interesting point that the blacks might not allow themselves to vote republican under the same circumstances and it was the republican party that was originally formed to ensure equal rights for all, end slavery.  No good deed goes unpunished.

    • american2american

      @TerrenceDaniels They don’t even contemplate where the money comes from or who or anything like that.  It is government money so it doesn’t matter to them.

  • ronalford

    People without Jesus Christ wouldn’t be happy in heaven.

    • TerrenceDaniels

      @ronalford That’s a fact…  thankfully we won’t have to put up with them there!

    • Evermyrtle

      @ronalford  Thank heaven we will not be there without JESUS. Those who have not been redeemed won’t be there either. Of  course we have to make certain efforts to be redeemed. I wonder if the Democrats know the procedure to being saved. Of Course first of all they have to know about it, if not but one moment. They/we must believe and accept HIM as LORD AND SAVIOR. It is just that simple.
      We are saved by our faith and acceptance in HIM and rewarded by the works that we do. He says James 2:26  For as the body without the spirit is dead, so Faith without works id dead.
      James 2: 14. What doth it profit, brethren, though a man say he has faith and have not works: can faith save him?

      • ronalford

        @Evermyrtle Amen to that.  It’s too bad the Democrats and the Muslims don’t seem to get it.

  • servant

    What this shows is what MOST people knew, but did not speak to!
    When a Sate, a county or a city is run by Democrats or a nation’s predominate faith if from Rome, there’s one thing all can count on! Poverty will run rampant!.
    If you don’t accept that just check it out! Both want to keep you ignorant and dependent, and not be thinking on your own! They tell you. . . .what to think!

  • poor old country boy

    Always follow the money. So instead of posting here just refuse to buy any product that is advertised  on this sh– for brains channel.
    It’s as simple as that oh and make sure you send an alert to the company that is advertising.

  • Ken1Lutheran

    The thing is that poor people are desperate.  When someone appears to be fighting for their interest against someone whose interest appears to be opposed to yours, they’ll vote for him.  And Republicans invariably make their arguments in theoretical economic terms that don’t communicate to the poor.  When you dropped out of the ninth grade, you don’t understand what Ludwig von Mises said, or know who Ludwig von Mises was (“Huh? Some rich German guy, I guess.”)  The Democrats’ proposition is very simple.  They’re going to take from the “rich” and give it to you.  So you vote for it.  If it doesn’t work, well, that just means the “rich” are obstructing your gallant crusader in his fight for you.  So vote for him again.

    • Whackajig

       Poor people are desperate allright, but not for a job, just more food stamps.

      • american2american

        @Whackajig  @Ken1Lutheran I don’t think they understand their own position is degrading and has no reward.  If they could be reached and given the desire to be self respecting……..

  • TexasTed

    Houston, TX 27.9 Poverty Rate
    That would make it No. 3
    Gay Democrat Mayor

    • TerrenceDaniels

      @TexasTed That’s a little more encouraging for my city… Cincinnati is officially number 4. Thanks Texas Ted, I needed that… I will sleep much better tonight!

  • AmferFerg

    Bingo!  Detroit is #1….at least in ‘something’.

    • TerrenceDaniels

      @AmferFerg I hear what you are saying.  Cincinnati is just as ticked off… we had a 2-0 lead in the playoffs than come home and lose 3 straight to the Giants… The Reds had not loss 3 straight games ALL YEAR… until the playoffs!!

  • Evermyrtle

    The Democrats have a lot lying at their door that I am glad is in not at my door. They have much to answer for.  Each and every one will come GOD, just like the rest of us an will be judged by GOD HIMSELF

    • TerrenceDaniels

      @Evermyrtle Amen! But the bible teaches “those placed in leadership positions” will have much more to answer for.

      • Evermyrtle

        @TerrenceDaniels  @Evermyrtle  Right, because they have a great opportunity to lead right or wrong and can be blamed for those the lead astray.

  • Ron Mar

    No surprise here.

  • ErikOsbun

    Democrat mayors do the damage.

  • LindaWeaver

    Democrat mayors do damage to the cities, hell , look what the Democrats did to the whole country!! And now we have an election coming up and the idiots are going to elect the same bunch again. It is the idiots behind the Dems that are doing this and they could care less.

    • ronalford

      @LindaWeaver You are absolutely correct.  Satan has blinded their eyes spiritually so they can’t see, and they don’t want to see the Truth because they would have to change their ways and they are not going to do that as long as they can fool the idiots into thinking they are little gods that they should worship.

    • american2american

      @LindaWeaver I think they are brainwashed.

  • Randy Gaiser

    Some people just like the feeling of POWER over their minions, they could care less about the conditions their followers live in as long as they don’t have to live next door to them. They like the feeling of the big fish in the small pond. Then you have MORONS like Mayor Bloomberg, that spent $124,000,000.00 of his own money to buy a job as mayor, WHAT A JERK. There has to be something wrong with someone like that.
    The people that elect the Democrats, continiuosly, with the same outcome, are truly IDIOTS and deserve the NOTHING they recieve. The rest of the citizens that allow this to happen are not much better, but if things don’t change I think we will have another civil upraising that will truly shrink the population of Idiots and get this country back on the proper tracks.
    We will never be ruled by the Islamist or Muslim (faith),……. NEVER.  I for one will never be lead by them.

    • boone1

      @Randy Gaiser
       You sure have that right i for one will go down fighting before i’m ruled by any sorry ass muslims and their laws.Islam is not a fith but the divel him self and if the muslims don’t like it sorry about that.They can can take their faith and obama abd go stright to HELL.

      • Randy Gaiser

         I just got a new XL650 Dillon, now I can reload faster than a group of Detroit Muslims can breed, Bring ’em on.

      • american2american

        @boone1  @Randy Gaiser The people who live in Sharia compliant nations and are Muslims of that sort, are the most oppressed, suppressed, threatened people on the planet.  They cannot say they are against it or they will be killed.  They need us to pray for their release from such incomprehensible bondage.  Imagine if you were born into such a nightmare.  You would want to be rescued and I am guessing millions or a billion or two even, want to be set free.  We cannot blame them all, it is the jihadist extremists of Shariah law that need to be silenced and removed from all powers.  I think the science project in the WH is one of the latter, jihadists.

  • EricHaulenbeek

    The numbers don’t lie!

    • boone1

       No they don’t and the schools these kids go to keep dumbing them down also.As long as poor blacks and whites keep voting for demorates they will stay poor and stay on welfare and food stamps and stay stupid.

  • Redmongo1

    They must keep their people down in order to hold power. They preach hatred and division in order to subjugate the people they are elected to help. Seems the only ones they help are themselves.

    • american2american

      @Redmongo1 “They  must keep their people down in order to hold power.”  Well said, all of it!

  • cordeg

    Well, as Reagan used to say: The Democratic Party must love poor people — they keep making more of them!

  • boxerbuddy4

    When the police department puts out warnings that you’re entering their city at your own risk, you know that city is done. Detroit PD did just that recently.
    Why do people continue to elect Democrats when this happens? If I live to be 100 I will never understand them.

  • R Young

    Neither Democrats or Republicans are to blame for this, it is We the People who are the ones to blame for believe in and electing pokiticians, we should be electing Statesmen and Patriots!

    • ronalford

      Well at least you are half right.  It’s because of the people who elect the un-Godly, Liberal Democrats that God is punishing America.  If you will read Deut.. ch 28, God tells us exactly how He will bless us if we will keep His Commandments; and how He will curse us if we refuse to keep His Commandments.

  • Whygetmad

    @MdlMurray ! can speak to that! The inner cities are the new plantations where welfare is in place of father and democrats run everything!

  • blinddemocrat

    Go figure !!! Fools.

  • engelundgeister

    @Imadancer821 Absolutely! You can set your watch by that fact. But the zombies get in lock-step and beg for more-of-the-same!

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