Dollar Store Robber Becomes Acquainted With Second Amendment

A young black Alabama man, Adric White, age 18, who I’d bet my next paycheck comes from a Democrat-voting family that listens to rap music in the car with their windows down, held up a Family Dollar store on November 12. (What, did you expect I was going to say he contributed something to society?)

In the process of trying to rob the place, he was taught the finer points of the Second Amendment, getting himself shot five times by a customer.

He did survive, however. For the time being, he’s been hospitalized, but when he’s good enough to be released, it’ll be into a jail cell.

The man who shot White is remaining anonymous, lest he be George Zimmerman’d by the media and President Obama . He told Fox’s Mobile affiliate what happened:

White] had the gun to [a customer’s] head, he had him on his knees. [I] drew my gun on him and I said, ‘Hey, don’t move.’ At that point he swung around, and before he had a chance to aim the gun at me, I fired.

An unidentified member of White’s family—probably his mom—reacted this way:

If [the good samaritan’s] life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed the gun at him, what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone? You should have just left the store….

Let’s parse this, shall we?

“If his life was not in danger…”: Well, woman, everybody’s lives were in danger if they were in that store where your thug relative (son?) was waving his gun around.

“[I]f no one pointed the gun at him…”: White did have a gun on him when he swung his arm around and pointed it at him. It was only at that point that the other customer shot White.

“[W]hat gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?”: We all have the right to “think” whatever we want. But I’m sure the woman meant to ask what gives the customer the right to just shoot someone. But…well, no, she can’t have been asking that, because then she would also be asking, “What gives Adric White the right to just hold up a store and put a gun to a kneeling man’s head?” And surely she’s not suggesting that her baby is allowed to steal and aim guns at heads and act like a typical, er, rapper, but that other people aren’t allowed to defend against it, right?

“You should have just left the store…”: Yeah, why didn’t the customers think of that? I guess it just never dawned on them to just tell the robber, “Hey, I’m gonna leave now.”

Two months prior to this incident, Adric White robbed an Oyster House with a gun. Both he and his ignorant relative (mother?) should feel lucky that he wasn’t permanently removed from society right then and there. Wa-pow, as the Knockout kids say. Or rather, ka-blam!

Here you can watch the news segment put together by Fox in Mobile (and listen to White’s relative share her not-at-all irrational point of view).



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  • Ron

    concealed carry,it took a long time coming,but maybe,just maybe these low life scum will learn a lesson,you read this and you just have to wonder what kind of mother this scum has,it’s okay for her bag of crap son to put a gun to someone,but it’s not okay for someone to defend against that same bag of crap son.Good guys one low life bad guy zero.

    • Another Guest

      That’s how it’s done in Alabama,thank god for the second amendment,and our freedom to exercise it.

  • marineh2ominer

    Don’t worry , GOD will sort them all out in the end , and he doesn’t make mistakes ..

  • Joe

    Let God judge this thief not us. But thank the shooter for arranging the meeting.

    • ort

      I hear what you are saying, and yes God WILL judge this kid and everyone else at the appointed time……..but in the here and now, that kid is a waste of skin. The 73% illegitimacy rate in the black community is to blame. And his “mom” should be heavily fined for randomly birthing that menace to society. She ought to be ashamed of herself. Ought to, but isn’t.

      • Joe

        ort, yes you are right but how much can we take?

        • ort

          Unfortunately, my brother, we will have to take a lot. Read 2nd Timothy 3:1-8 and it perfectly describes how people are in the end times, which we are rapidly approaching. All we can do, is what we ought to–lean on The Lord, keep praying, walk in His Word, comfort one another, and try to bring more souls to Christ.
          Don’t get me wrong, I am about on my last nerve too. But God sees what is happening. Nothing is hidden from Him. He will do all He has said at the appointed time. How I wish it were now, though. (Sigh)

        • Joe

          those are great words and you are 100% right again…

      • longshorts

        More likely that mother’s son was a pure waste of space in this society. Since he was a constant threat to society, his ticket to hell should have been punched way earlier than that.

        • ort

          My purely secular side agrees with you. But my spiritual side remembers that “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” And “for God desires that none should perish, but all should come to repentance.” Hebrews 9:27.

          In no way, though, am I advocating he be given a slap on the wrist. He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. If he continues on this road and dies while committing a crime……it was his choice.

        • Johnnygo7

          Jesus told his followers to sell their cloaks and purchase swords. whatt was the weapons for ?

        • EHeassler_USNRet

          More than likely to protect themselves after his departure from earth for while he was with them they were under his protection. He knew that they would need them.

        • ort

          Yes, He did. But what part of any of my replies even hints that I am anti-weapon? When did I say I felt bad this jerk was shot? I didn’t and I don’t. I am currently pursuing my CCW and will most certainly use it. That jerk deserved to get shot.

          There should be no confusion from the answers I have given.

      • Another Guest

        That’s what we get for allowing our government to turn this country into a welfare state.

    • DMJo

      Joe, God has rules in the Bible on how to judge and sentence people who perpetrate crimes like this. We ARE supposed to judge people.

  • dcartmill

    Hey ,with White pointing a gun at a kneeling man head ,….A warning of ” Hey don’t move ” was a gift of life he chose NOT to take . White is lucky to be alive ,but he had a choice. There was no reason / requirement for a warning ,except the good Samaritan chose to offer a non violent option. Unfortunately the “black” White must have thought he was a “mob” and therefore untouchable. We need more good Samaritan’s taking action. The mother said what is common knowledge and the norm , most people don’t act or they leave and this of itself is what allows these scenarios to continue. White did not get what he was asking for …this scenario is asking to be shot ,no option allowed , and if fatally so be it .

  • California Architect

    This is the kind of news story that I get read with my wife while snuggle together on the couch. It’s one of those warm moments.

    • MIKE6080

      could also wach the movie Death Wish , it would give you a Chris Matthews tingle

    • WhiteFalcon

      It was kind of warm for Mr. White also.

      • lndependent

        Not warm enough. He should’ve been removed from the scene in a body bag.

        • WhiteFalcon

          The armed customer needs some more range work. The experiance helped him though. If there is a next time, I’ll bet his aim is better. Could also be that he was using a 9mm rather than a .45.

  • mikegru

    Back to the Range and make it count

  • ort

    Sterilize the “mother” and son, and put the son on a chain gang for 15 years hard labor. Sounds good to me.

    • smartgranny55

      let his mommy go with him.

      • ort

        Sounds good to me.

  • BigUgly666

    Well, at least we know now where Adric the N-Punk learned how to live up to the expectations embodied by the N-word

  • stonemike

    With brainwashing of kids in our society being a top priority of “militant progressives”, it is easy to see “integrity, honesty, and respect of law (not repressive laws) is not even considered ! This mothers stupidity shows us first hand how “leftist progressive” influence on Americans back as far as forty years is breeding these “lawless, entitled” , non productive citizens!

  • MontieR

    To the parents of this sub human scum. You
    should be held accountable for his crimes alongside him. As a parent
    I in no way could justify one of my kids doing something like this.
    Your simple minded spawn got less than he deserved. YOUR parenting
    and ideas that we should not do anything when someone else s life
    is in danger is beyond ludicrous sorry (insane) so you can understand
    bigger words. I blame the white liberal pansys and the black race
    pimps for teaching you how to be a liberal slave. There ARE
    consequences for ALL actions. We as American citizens have the right
    AND duty to stand against this type of insanity with LETHAL force
    when necessary.

  • gma14

    Hey, the customer took away her extra spending money she needs to supplement the food stamps, section 8 housing, free Medicaid–need I go on??? He was just at work–as was the dude that killed all those people at Fort Hood–remember, Odumbi said it was work place violence. So this guy was not terrorizing anyone–he was just mad because they were at work!!

  • Lloydl333

    Hazards of the job, huh punk.

  • jsmithcsa

    Next time shoot his mom, too.

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    Tell Mommy it’s called “Terminating a Felony” She was correct about his hanging with the wrong crowd: That crowd being his mother and kin. The apple sure didn’t fall far from that tree.

  • skillet56

    I love a story with a happy ending. Wonder how many more stores ol’ Adric plans to rob now?

  • EHeassler_USNRet

    I’ll bet Mom called her son’s attorney on her ‘bamaphone. I can here the conversation now, “That mo fo shot my boy and he wasn’t even robbin’ him. He wass robbin’ someone else.” Oh, the injustice of it all!

  • Coffee49

    Sterilization for all entitlement recipients, plain and simple, family courts are packed with incompetent judges and lawyers.

  • TPM4

    with concealed carry the crime rate is dropping and so are the felons
    only the dumbass democrats cant or more likely won’t see that
    we must fight to never let them take our guns they save good people’s lives from the ghetto criminals that think they can do anything they want

  • talonbug

    The mom of White said the customers should have just “left the store ” and White would have got away with at lest robbery and possibly murder. When and if the police caught the criminal the mom would have accused the police of ethnic profiling . I personally like the actions of the legally armed customer better .

  • Tool19672

    No Warning’s … The way I see it, He knew exactly what he was doing & should except the outcome ! He should just be glad that the person behind the trigger wasn’t a Perfect Shot … 5 shots and still alive he must have a guardian angel

  • Ken Bowman

    Biggie RAT Obastard is giving blacks the impression they can get away with anything. Certainly Eric Holder’s criminal behavior of not holding blacks accountable to the law leaves little choice but defend ourselves. The RAT Holder by not enforcing the law is encouraging criminal behavior of blacks. Charges should be made against Biggie Rat Obastard and Rat Holder.

  • fliteking

    Fantastic! Made my day !

    • Ron G

      I was disappointed. I thought the article was about Mr Bob!

      • fliteking

        Great point, give it a little time . . . Mr. B will working himself into a similar situation.

  • Phil McMorrow

    One less undesirable element of society going to the big house. Excellent place for the young fool. Hope it’s the big house in a far away place, such as North East Washington near the Idaho border.

  • mathis1689

    The only problem that I have with this is that the punk was shot 5 times and still lived. Guess either the shooter needs a bigger gun or more practice.

  • Richard Holmes

    If this worthless black thug hadn’t done what he did things would be different for him. Well he decided to be a thug and paid the price.
    The second amendment is a very good thing. We must use it more often without hesitation.