Federal Contractors Stop Random Drivers And Ask For Samples Of Their Blood And Saliva

The contractors and off-duty cops conducting these random stops must have been “pro-choice,” because they gave drivers options. The drivers could give officials a sample of their saliva and receive $10; a sample of their blood and receive $50; or at the very least receive a free breath test. I’m wondering if they also offered complimentary colonoscopies or free stool sample analyses. I can think of many people who’d take them up on the latter.

It was on a busy Fort Worth, Texas road that drivers were being directed into a parking lot by contractors with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and off-duty Fort Worth police.

Even though drivers were forced into the parking lot where they were harassed about giving samples of their own bodily fluids, the NHTSA claimed that everything was “100% voluntary” and anonymous. They stated that this was all a part of a study aimed at finding out who was driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. So, it was for “safety.”

(Yes, I’m very certain it was for “safety.” It’s always about “safety.” They had to subject a New Mexico man to 14 hours of forced colorectal exams also for “safety” reasons.)

If these random stops were “100% voluntary,” did they think that those who were actually driving under the influence would consent to give up samples of their bodily fluids to be tested? That’s what one civil rights attorney in the area brought up, and he also pointed out that in the pamphlet that these contractors were handing out to these submissive drivers, it said that they had already given “passive alcohol sensor readings before the consent process [had] been completed.” So much for “voluntary.”

After the local NBC affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth picked up this story, a spokesman with the Fort Worth Police Department offered a canned apology:

“We are reviewing the actions of all police personnel involved to ensure that FWPD policies and procedures were followed. We apologize if any of our drivers and citizens were offended or inconvenienced by the NHTSA National Roadside Survey.”

Yeah, I’m so sure that they’re going to review their actions. After their extensive “internal investigation,” they’ll conclude that they didn’t do anything wrong.

And since when do police departments care if citizens are “offended or inconvenienced” by Nazi security checkpoints? Like they care. They’re just trying to get everyone used to being treated like cattle.



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  • Donald York

    Do not be duped into this socialist/Marxist scheme!

    • Mr Bob

      In Texas!!!

      • Howdy Doody Conservative

        Now we have an explanation for the toxic bizzarro thinking of the pitiful lonely little scumbag homo TROLL, mrBlobby who camps out 24/7 waiting for victims of his spew.

        We know why pitiful little blobbie is so lonely…See below when he was given “the talk” by one of his daddies…..possibly in Texas….

      • Ron G

        NHTSA! Holder?

      • gypsieghostgirl

        Yea…Fort Worth…WORTH NOTHING!!!! Democratic controlled embarrassment of Texas!!!

  • robert1407

    This hasn’t happen to me, but when it does, I will refuse. My question to them, Am I detained, am I being charged and if so I want my rights read and a lawyer now. Next am I free to go? am I being detained? and then repeat. This is beyond the pale and against the law. Always Question and Question some more. If they do not charge you, you should be free to leave. Make sure you get the Corrupt Official Name and badge number.

    • DMJo

      I’d add tot that, “Do you have a warrant?”

    • sandraleesmith46

      Might want to ask for the warrants on that probable cause to stop you in the first place if you weren’t driving in any way that was illegal. Because that is part of the process, especially with respect to obtaining any DNA containing fluids or tissues.

  • http://fanon.clubpenguinwiki.info/ TurtleShroom

    Swabbed material is identical to fingerprints in regards to booking. There must be an act of criminality and detainment. If a cop stopped and asked for your fingerprints, who is he to demand them without cause and in innocence?

  • DaSarge

    I wouldn’t ask if they had a warrant. They’ll show you pdq if they do. Just ask, repeat, ask again and then if they say “No”, gun it and run it! Always question a cop nowadays. I retired from the NYPD about 10 years ago. It was just getting too militaristic for me. I did my hitch ‘way back in the mid-70’s, and then I worked for 25 years as a cop. I hated what I saw every day, and when I was “coming up”, I worked hard to better whatever situation I found myself involved in. Can’t say that now. It’s no longer “Be careful out there”. Now it’s all about “Let’s all do it to them before they do it to us”. And if you get a chance to run for local office, make changes. Don’t just sit back and watch it happen. All government starts locally. Start locally, just like the lefties did all those years ago when they first started getting elected. It’s OUR turn now.

  • crustyone

    How much would potential sperm donors receive?

    • buzzard


    • bjreg3

      If it was a liberal woman, you may want to ask for a hand…..

  • Webb

    FREEDOMS CONTINUE TO BE LOSTED……..While WE stand by and watch them GO!!

  • bjreg3

    The liberal brown shirts are here!

  • Gray_Doug

    Nancy Reagan put it very succinctly. If it’s voluntary, “Just say NO.” If volunteers are off-duty, ask why they are armed and in uniform. If they won’t permit you to leave, ask why you are being detained and in your mind under a technical state of arrest if the study is supposed to be voluntary? If they arrest you for refusing to volunteer, lawyer up immediately. If they won’t answer your questions, aside from identifying yourself why should you answer theirs? If they get physical with you, don’t give them a reason to make your day (a closed mouth gathers no foot.). Don’t give away any of your rights or submit to coercion or intimidation. Don’t give them a reason to make up and stack up the charges. Remember everything, remember that witnesses and cameras are golden, and that you may be in a position to seek recourse.

  • TPM4

    Just say GO FU-K YOURSELF! they are illegal and they cannot do this if they threaten you go back to GO FU_K YOURSELF! 1005

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