Why the Left hates voter I.D. laws

Barack Obama cast his vote for the presidency on Thursday, becoming the first president to exercise his early voting right. This wouldn’t really be newsworthy if it weren’t for this little tidbit of information: in order to cast his vote, president Obama had to provide his photo identification to a voting official.

We live in a world that requires photo I.D. to do practically everything; buying movie tickets, signing up for college classes, getting a job, buying a car, buying a house, and a million other things in between. But the one thing; the one act that is quite possibly the most important civil act one can perform doesn’t necessarily require photo identification. I’m talking about voting. There are voter I.D. laws in thirty states, but the other twenty do not require one to have state issued photo identification in order to vote.

Voter identification seems like a no brainer, right? It is estimated that the United States is home to about 12 million illegal residents. In addition to that, there are certain people that have given up their voting eligibility because of criminal records. These people, because they have committed crimes or they are not legally citizens of the United States, should not be allowed to vote. Again, seems like a simple plot to follow. However, there is a fierce battle being waged all across the country.

For the most part, voter I.D. laws are designed to prevent voter fraud by requiring those at the polls to show a valid, state issued photo I.D.–or other form of identification–in order to cast their vote. That’s where the Left comes in. The Left claims that voter fraud is not an issue; that it happens so infrequently that voter I.D. laws are unnecessary. They also claim that photo I.D. laws suppress voter turnout, specifically among Black and Latino voters, thereby disenfranchising those minority groups.

The concern by Conservatives is that the Left is encouraging voter fraud by railing against these I.D. laws. Here’s why:

1. The fact of the matter is that illegal aliens are far more likely to vote for a Democrat than a Republican.

2. This is because a large majority of “undocumented residents,”–as they are called by the politically correct press–are receiving government handouts.

3. So, they know that by voting for a Democrat, those handouts will continue (as evidenced by the explosion of food stamp usage under Obama).

4. In addition to that, illegal residents know that Democrats are much more lax on illegal immigration law, and generally endorse amnesty in their platform.

Here are some tidbits:

According to nationalcenter.org, voter fraud is prevalent. In Bucks County, in 2010, it was reported that 500 ballots were being investigated as potentially fraudulent.

In Florida, it has been discovered that over 52,000 deceased people are still registered to vote.

Again, according to nationalcenter.org:

“In 2002, dozens of Chicago’s senior citizens applied for absentee ballots, only to discover that the man who was helping them to apply had already filled in the ballots. As the Chicago Sun-Times reported, when the seniors asked him what he was doing, he answered: “Don’t worry, you’re voting Democratic.”

 There are numerous other examples in regards to voter fraud, but I won’t list them all, because I’m not writing a book. The Left claims that voter fraud is virtually non existent, because they NEED “ghost” voters, and felons, and illegal aliens to vote for them. In a tight election, it is often the only way for them to win. The Democrats are pros when it comes to cheating.

Recently, voter I.D. laws have been struck down in Pennsylvania and several other states, because they have been labeled as suppressive to minority voters, and they have been compared to the poll taxes of yesteryear. This is of course a false, trumped up argument.

In 2008, the Supreme Court said this after upholding a voter I.D. law in Indiana: “Flagrant examples of such fraud … have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists,” the court said, “[and] not only is the risk of voter fraud real but that it could affect the outcome of a close election.”

In addition to this, according to Hans A. Von Spakovsky, of usnews.com,

“An ongoing review of voter registration rolls in Florida has already found almost 100 confirmed non-citizens registered to vote, half of whom voted in at least one previous election; this in a state that decided the 2000 presidential election by slightly more than 500 votes…And the state has thousands more possibly unlawful registrations to investigate.”

So, why does the Left keep harping about “virtually non-existent” voter fraud, when it is clear that voter fraud is quite common? Because in a close election, the Democrats need the votes of those who are dependent on government and therefore far more likely to vote for them. This is why the Left is fighting to get photo I.D. laws struck down in several states. They have even succeeded in Pennsylvania. Requiring identification will lose them elections.

It seems only natural that if you need an I.D. to buy a car or see a movie, you would need one to vote. Photo I.D. is easy to obtain. According to the Heritage Foundation, “U.S. Department of Transportation records showing that there were 205.8 million valid drivers licenses in 2009, meaning there are 19 million more individuals with photo ID than there are registered voters, as evidence that photo ID is not hard to obtain.”

So, in the end, it is quite obvious to me that the reason the Democrats are so avidly against voter identification laws is because they need false votes to win elections. They know that as time goes by, they will not be able to win on ideas and policy, but instead with voters who are dependent on government handouts. They need fraudulent votes.

We need voter identification laws.



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155 comments on “Why the Left hates voter I.D. laws
  1. hats392 says:

    the left hates Voter ID because it limits their ability to CHEAT our system

  2. Commie Hunter says:

    Exactly Hats. It’s the same principles Obama has used for years. Lie, Cheat, Steal.  He’s also planning on getting all the illegal alien votes (since no phoho ids are required) from the 12 – 15 million illegal aliens he’s given the “promise” to

  3. RalphZ says:

    To me it is simple.  Since you must produce Identification if a policeman asks you for it, or if you are an immigrant (Legal), you are required by federal law to produce your papers when it is requested.  There is no denying rights to minorities if you require them to have an ID to vote.  There is only the denial of those that vote twice or are illegals to vote when picture Identification is required.  I say, if possible, to kick the judges out that believe they have the right to state without any proof, that minorities or poor are denied their rights to require them to have picture IDs and kick out any politicians that are of the same mind set.  Only Citizens of the United States should be allowed to vote.

  4. Gregory61 says:

    Why isn’t everyone for election integrity?

  5. lizaz says:

    It’s obvious…..it makes it harder to CHEAT!!!

  6. hmmm says:

    some people even register in 2 states. snowbirds they are called. the states do not even check this fraud out.

  7. DougMiller says:

    It just makes sense.

  8. el_loco_jp says:

    This article uses too many words to make a simple statement:  “Voter I.D. decreases voter fraud”.  The left thrives on voter fraud.

    • FrankCamp says:

      @el_loco_jp Very astute comment. I tend to be too wordy sometimes. I’ll try to be more concise in the future. Thanks for the comment!

      • Commie Hunter says:

        @el_loco_jp  Yeah, but then it wouldn’t be an article. It  would just be a sentence with no facts, information, or statistics etc. Then you’d be asking for more info as to what he’s basing his statement on.

  9. panors77 says:

    Last I checked only bona fide CITIZENS are supposed to be able to vote, not non citizens illegal or even legally here.  My British wife can’t vote for example.  She’s legally here and has a bona fide green card, but can not legally vote until she were to take the plunge and apply for US citizenship.    Also last time I checked I thought that you also had to be a bona fide citizen to even enlist in our armed forces. Since when did we start allowing illegals and non citizens to enlist?

  10. Eli Jones says:

    Let me par this down. The dems buy elections with our money. Vote them out, all of them!

  11. Marc Jeric says:

    A massive vote fraud is being prepared by Obama’s community organizations browshirts and by union goons. In the Obama’s original stimulus bill there is $8.7 billion reserved for vote fraud activities.
    An example here in Las Vegas: casinos do not want to spend money on verifying citizen status of their employees; so they employ the Culinary Union for that, and accept the union card instead. Of the 60,000 union workers some 50% are illegal aliens; the union organizes bus service to transport its members who then vote 100% for Democrats. The casinos pay those workers one-half day off for voting.
    Examples of blatand vote fraud in recent past: 1) Governor of Washington State; 2) Senator from South Dakota; 3) Senator from Minnesota; 4) almost successful presidential election in Florida in 2000; etc., etc.

  12. lmercierky says:

    My personal oppion is if you cannot follow the order to present a legal birth certificate to get a photo ID to vote than you are not smart enoughto vote anyway.

  13. Incredulous1 says:

    Not mentioned:  ID means no multiple voting.  You can’t vote for the dead guy down the street.  I know some DemocRATs who keep track of every obituary in their voting district and show up at multiple voting sites to vote using the dead people’s names.  DemocRATS are evil, immoral cheats.  It matters not to lie, cheat or steal an election.  DemocRATs are domestic enemies and should be treated as such.

  14. barbeq65 says:

    Don’t have much more to offer. It has been covered by everyone. If they can’t cheat they can’t win. It’s as simple as that. ID is required for EVERYTHING, food stamps, welfare, unemployment, work badges, WIC for infants, etc. etc. Even the President had to show his ID (big deal) like nobody knew who he was. He certainly uses every occasion to let us know “I AM THE PRESIDENT” Its amazing how the Dems in Florida can get a bus load of old folks over to the polls to vote, then buy them lunch, but can’t get the poor people in the same bus and take them to where they can get a legal I.D. Shame on them. They will reap what they sow, so saith the Lord.

  15. DaveP326 says:

    Aww, come on, people! Voter ID denies people the right to vote.Yep, it sure does! It denies the right to vote for non-citizens, felons and deceased people, ALL of which the democrats NEED to win elections. People are getting wise to their tactics and they do not like it. Up to now their propaganda machine rivaled onlt the Nazis and the USSR. Both were very good at blaming the other side for what they, themselves were doing, and there were dull-witted people who actually believed their crap. Just listen to Obama’s nonsense-“We have ships that aircraft can lanmd on and other boats that can operate underwater. We call them submarines”. He educated all of us on that., but I’m still waiting to hear who is responsible for the Benghazi fiasco. I would also like to hear his ideas on putting people back to work, as opposed to adding millions to the benefits rolls. Saul Alinsky would say Obama is his best student.

    • panors77 says:

      @DaveP326   Nazi Germany once they came into power had no vote.  Nor was there any kind of “vote” in the USSR.   Ideas on putting people back to work?   Yep…at gunpoint.  You will obey and you will work where we assign you.

      • DaveP326 says:

        @panors77I think you missed my point. I was talking about the Obama csampaign propaganda machine being comparable in effectiveness to the Nazi and USSR propaganda machines. They have so far avoided talking issues . They have spent almost the whole campaign bashing Romney.

  16. malcolmx says:

    what is this BS;; they can not vote BECAUSE THE PUKES ARE NOT U.S. CITIZENS YOU DAMN FOOL…….

  17. JohnRandall says:

    This so called Government is committing Treason Over and over and over, How many times does this guy get away with it, All they do is investigate , investigate and end up doing nothing because they haven’t got the guts to prosecute or impeach.

  18. ff_emt says:

    Voter ID not required in WA state, where there are innumerable illegals (coming from AZ for the agriculture?).  At a “Night out Against Crime” gathering this summer, there was a person going through the crowd collecting signatures to register.  I approached, stated I was already registered, but asked what was he (siggy-gatherer) requiring as far as ID? “Nothing, it’s illegal for me to ask anything about citizenship.”  Must be cuz this state is little DC.. Made me easy angry.

  19. ff_emt says:

    Voter ID not required in WA state, where there are innumerable illegals (coming from AZ for the agriculture?).  At a “Night out Against Crime” gathering this summer, there was a person going through the crowd collecting signatures to register.  I approached, stated I was already registered, but asked what was he (siggy-gatherer) requiring as far as ID? “Nothing, it’s illegal for me to ask anything about citizenship.”  Must be cuz this state is little DC.  Made me really angry. (had to redo this; cat sitting on keyboard…)

  20. Joe lettieri says:

    The entire US Government is currupt…..the last people they are concerned with are the citizens…….we as citizens are being discmiminated against on every front….,..its a shame so many Americans are so ignorant…..this fraud should never have been elected in the first place let alone be re elected for another four years……my God !!!!!!…….what has happened to the American people?????????now we are being told that our votes arent even protected,illegal votes are being counted while our Gov.does nothing………..disgusting !

  21. wildwill says:

    This is the reason some states are ushering driver license to illegals  ,so they can vote.

  22. seattlesnow says:

    you know most Americans in major cities don’t drive

    • PaulWelch1 says:

      @seattlesnow And your point is? Photo ID is the easiest thing in the world to get. I don’t care if you drive or not, you should have a photo ID. My 10 year old grandson has a photo ID. I can’t think of any reason why everyone would not have one.
      Do you have something to hide?

  23. TheBucko says:

    You say the “undocumented residents” are receiving government aid.  That is a root problem right there.  If they don’t have to show any ID to receive government aid, they won’t want to get ID to vote.  If they can make the effort to get the rear ends to the place that gives them aid, and were required to show ID to receive it, you can bet they will get an ID and they certainly can do it to vote.

    • seattlesnow says:

      but they make my community livable

    • ssh49tn says:

      In almost every state,if you register a child for school, or if you try to cash a check,  or if you try to buy certain things, such as cars, or if you go to the hospital, doctor, dentist, etc, the first time you go, you HAVE to show an i.d. of some sort. So, there really ISN’T a problem with having i.d. It’s just that the Democrats know that if a person has already voted, or isn’t on the voter registration, the poll workers will usually catch it.

    • panors77 says:

      Thing is….”undocumented residents”   which I call “illegal aliens” aren’t supposed to be voting in the first place nor recieving governement aid either.   Of course….many have MANY ID’s already anyway.  I worked with one years ago who had no less than FIVE drivers liscenses all with different names on em.

  24. ssh49tn says:

    In Tennessee, people that don’t drive, can get a photo i.d. for FREE. And, most states are like that, because most non drivers are seniors who either can’t see well enough to drive, or have other health issues that prevent them from driving.

  25. Remajohn says:

    Hope it didn’t take you too long to figure that out genius. As the old saying goes,” no shit Sherlock.” Every one armed blind idiot in America knows this so what the hell are we doing about it?

    • FrankCamp says:

      @Remajohn It didn’t take me long, no. I just see that there are many people who are not aware of why the left is so adamantly against voter I.D. I hope that my column clarified the issue for someone out there. Thanks for the comment!

  26. Mathew Driscoll says:

    Frankly, I think that their should be a rigorous system for voter ID in America and I believe that anyone applying for  any type of aid from our government certainly should be legal citizens and provide ID as well.
    Should I,  A LEGAL AMERICAN CITZEN APPLY FOR GOVERNMENT AID, I will need definite ID to be able to prove citizenship.
    Mathew Driscoll
    115 Tanya Way
    Roseville, CA 95661-5627

  27. JosephRCarreiroSr says:

    If there is one  voter i.d. fraud in the wlwction it is one too many.

  28. JosephRCarreiroSr says:

    If there is one voter fraud in the election of 2012 that is one too many.

  29. al pambuena says:

    i also think that a thumb print should be included on all id’s, and you should include a thumb print when you vote…then if you are not in the voter id list, then the computer automatically kicks you out, and your vote is voided. with todays technology, we need more of this. also we should have a national drivers license, where if you get a speeding ticket, it shows up nationally, in every state…this way we can track down criminals, and help catch missing people. if you want to get a surprise, google voter fraud, and see what comes up…that tells the whole story.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      @al pambuena Thumb print and computer aided identification sounds good but it won’t work. First, the government is locked into the bid system. Do you really believe the lowest bid will buy the best system? Second, computers are only as accurate as their programming.  Computers can easily be programmed to “see” the same print several times but report that it has only been seen once.
      Earlier this year one state conducted an investigation into voter fraud and voting machines. Part of the investigation was televised. One witness claimed he could program any voting machine to favor any candidate, and there would be no trace of it in the program. He openly stated he had been hired several times in the past to rig elections. He also stated certain models of voting machines were so easy to rig it was almost effortless: Other models were almost impossible to rig. He then stated that most models of voting machines in use today are the ones that are easy to rig
      Side Note. The FEC has compiled a list of voting machines that are not to used in elections beacuse tampering with the programming is too easy. Most of the machines banned from use are still in use today.
      America or obama on November 6th! You can’t vote for both!

      • HarleyWilsonHelmuth says:

        @al pambuena
         You are right, Daniel. I have made several computer programs. As long as I have the master program before it is made into an EXE. file, I can manipulate the data any way I want it to read. Even to the point of regulating how many entries were made.

  30. M says:

    Wonder how he proved who he was to get an I.D. to register to vote!

    • donnieboy1 says:

      I bet ten dollars to a doughnut hole that he did not show his birth certificate.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      That’s an easy one to answer. Some states require next to nothing to get an ID or DL.  My state, Tennessee, used to be one of them. Tennessee was issuing a driver’s license to illegals with no documentation whatsoever required. The Democrats claimed this was for “equality” purposes. The truth is; it was just about $13, the cost of the license. It got so bad that at one time several states would not accept a Tennessee driver’s license as a form of ID. Fortunately, the situation has been corrected.
      America or obama on November 6th! You can’t vote for both!

  31. theluckyone says:

    To get a library card one must have a photo ID with current address, at the doctors office they asked for a photo ID, college asked for a photo ID – Why is voting different?

  32. JohnRandall says:

    How many illegals do you see driving across the border in a car , Why be dumb enough to give them a drivers license just to vote and go out and steal all the cars they can get there hands on,  just to see that  the police are forced to turn them loose in this country, Not deported like they should be.

  33. redryder712 says:

    Fraudulent votes is the whole point behind the D’rats opposing Voter ID laws. Candidates who are corrupt, know full well that eventually the truth will come out about them and in such cases the only way they can win elections is illegally.  We all know for a politician “all’s fair in love and war” when election day rolls around and they really don’t care whether their votes are gotten fairly.

  34. spintreebob says:

    The baloney in the article hurts our cause and makes us look ridiculous.  Illegal immigrant voters is now rare, at least in corrupt IL where I’ve personally witnessed massive vote fraud.  Historically it was worst with immigrants (legal and illegal) Poles.  That the article says “illegal” when legal non-citizens are also not allowed to vote proves the idiocy of the article.  Vote fraud by legal immigrants is much higher than illegals.
    But felons and non-citizens are not the main reasons for the left opposing voter id.  The real reason is that Democrats move much more often than Republicans.  Their id has an address where they physically don’t live in order to dodge the bill collectors..and ex-girlfriends/boyfriends and others they are avoiding for various reasons.   Democrats see it as a valid vote for a non-felon citizen to vote at least once regardless of whether the address is where they sleep or not.  Of course, vote fraud comes in when people vote more than once, usually to protect their check(s).  For example, a man told me how he had to go from our suburban precinct into the city’s 7th and 8th wards to go from address to address to vote.  And if he didn’t his mother-in-law would lose her job; it would be his fault; and he would have to support her.  Others in the extended family had to do the same.   That is IL at least.

  35. Jtor6217 says:

    This is nonsense for many reasons, a few of which I’ll list here.
    REASON 1 – The website nationalcenter.org is a right-wing, very conservative website, meaning that it is going to give a very biased opinion of the issue of voter id. If you are trying to convince people that we need voter ID laws, use non partisan websites.
    REASON 2 – In Bucks County in 2010, 500 ballots are POTENTIALLY fraudulent? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? On top of that, Bucks County, PA (of course, the article doesn’t even mention the state, making it even harder to fact-check) has a population of 626,854 people. If ALL of the 500 ballots were to be proven fraudulent, that would mean that 0.08% of ballots in Bucks County were fraudulent. This means that in Bucks County, voter fraud is NOT a big issue.
    REASON 3 – Pretty much the same as 2, but in Florida. Lets do some math. If ALL of the 52,000 deceased people who are still registered to vote had their information used as part of a voter fraud scheme, the rate of voter fraud in Florida would be 0.2%, NOT EVEN A QUARTER OF 1%! (Florida’s population is about 19,000,000)
    Look, I’m not saying that voter fraud doesn’t happen, and I agree that identification needs to be verified, but we need to give people adequate time to get the proper ID. Many lower income and elderly people do not have IDs and move often, which would invalidate their existing IDs. How come you right-wingers were not paranoid about voter ID 2 years ago when we would’ve had the time to put this into effect? Are you scared Obama’s going to win another term and that your candidate is all BS? The ONLY people who are trying to get voter ID laws passed are republicans, and they’re doing it at a time where people would not have the time to get the proper ID to be able to vote. This is unethical. I’m not saying democrats are saints either, but this is clearly a little on the shady side.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      I’ll counter your comment with a more recent one.  During the recent Wisconsin recall election the voter turnout was 115%. That means there were about 30,000 more votes cast than the number of registered voters. I’ve never heard of any state obtaining a 100% turnout. Most barely reach 60%. This means there are at least 30,000 potential cases of voter fraud associated with that election.  30,000 in just one state.  I cannot imagine how many cases of fraud there will be nationwide.
      You commented about innocent until proven guilty. I agree with that. However, investigations and prosecutuons take time, sometimes years, to complete. These are just the cases we know about. According to government reports, most crime, including voter fraud, goes undetected. For each offense that is noticed and prosecuted, there are numerous others that go undetected.
      Here’s a practical reason for voter ID laws: Prevention costs a whole lot less than treatment. The cost of investigating  and prosecuting just one case can easily run into thousands of dollars. Multiple cases could easily take the cost into the millions of dollars. All that money can be saved by just preventing the fraud in the first place. One PROVEN method of prevention is voter IDs. Most people already have an ID. Those who do not can obtain one for little or no cost.
      Voter fraud has already started. In two states voters claim their vote is being changed by electronic voting machines. Voters choose one candidate, but the X appears in the box for the other candidate. Repeated attempts to correct their vote produced the same result. Other voters report that  one candidate’s box is already marked before they have made their choice. Again, attempts to correct the vote are unsuccessful. Election officials claim these are just “glitches” in the voting machine’s program. Any machine with such a glitch should be immediately taken out of service.
      Last word. Some claim voter ID laws suppress minority voting. If that is true then why has every state that has enacted voter ID reported an INCREASE in minority voting, and not a decrease? Could it be that minorities once again believe that their vote is important?
      America or obama on November 6th! You can’t vote for both

    • OldCorpsEd says:

      @Jtor6217 The numbers that you use in your “reasons” 2 and 3 are fraudulent. Take, for example, your population figure for Florida. You cite 19 million. Okay. Now what percentage of that number is of voting age? How many are registered to vote? What was the percentage of voter turn-out?
      Let’s assume that half the population is old enough to vote and 90% are registered, with a (high) 60% turn-out: that makes 5,130,000 votes. If 52,000 are fraudulent, then you have just over 1%. That’s enough to turn an election.

    • edc says:

       I REPEAT, SHOW ME one reason why any US legal citizen cannot get an ID, Please, just one is all I’m asking for.

    • DaleG01 says:

      @Jtor6217 You math is incorrect in so many ways. Just one point. Florida: its population may be 19000000 but not all of the 19,000,000 are over 18 and vote. and not all are registered to vote and most voters in FL in November are Snow Birds. Look there was a time I had to show id just to buy a movie ticket to an R rated movie. Theres no issue in America to show ID to vote once every 4 years. grow up

    • satelliter says:

      @Jtor6217 ..You said….” How come you right-wingers were not paranoid about voter ID 2 years ago when we would’ve had the time to put this into effect? Are you scared Obama’s going to win another term and that your candidate is all BS?”…..2 yrs ago Obama was not running for president, and now he is and he is widely known to be a liar and a cheater. He will resort to fraud and cheating in order to win, no doubt. If he wins fair and square, no problem. Are YOU afraid he might lose without all his illegal votes?

    • Gregory61 says:

      Gore lost Florida by 522 votes in 2000, so election integrity is of great importance. We are dealing with the corrupt Illinois machine here.

      • DaveP326 says:

        @Gregory61  @Jtor6217
         Gore also lost his own state of Tennessee because they know he’s a hypocrite and a fraud. He is the 1st person ever to take election results to court. And his reason was BS. The USSC had top stop the recounting at 5

        • Gregory61 says:

          @DaveP326  @Jtor6217
          The crazy part was they only wanted to recount Democratic precincts. All or nothing unless there is a machine or voter count malfunction in a precinct.

    • laacea says:

      If you take each county by it self its no big deal as you say but if you add up all of the counties in that state then… you have a big problem!

    • DaveP326 says:

       It’s not a nonsense story because for the last few elections there were many accusations of voter fraud, and it was always by ineligible people voting and attempting to vote. Why is it that the democrats have a problem with protecting the integrity of the election process? If you’re a legit voter there should be a no-brainer.

    • DaveP326 says:

      @Jtor6217- So you’re saying you don’t have a problem with voter ID cards? I agree there’s simply not enough time this yr. for every voter to get valid ID.This is something that should be initiated right after this election. You have to remember though that most people already have valid photo ID.  Personally I don’t give a hoot abouty ANY website. Voter ID is the right thing to do to protect the integrity of the process and NOBODY should be against that.

      • Gregory61 says:

         This is the last time to stop the illegal’s from voting. If Obama gets in again, he will grant them the right to vote and it’s over.

  36. Brabado says:

    Leftists, liberals, progressives, and run of the mill democrats,    like any other crook,   do not like to have their pictures taken… just in case!
    A very simple answer!

  37. Stan says:

    Why is it so against minorities to have ID to vote. Now if the left wants illegal votes, I can see why they do not want voter ID. But they need to remember that this sham can go both ways, not saying the Repubs would do that, but fair is fair in war or politics, lol.

  38. Stan says:

    But if they get their way with no voter ID how can we be sure we have a valid election? It may not be a problem per say now, but they are inviting voter fraud!

    • Daniel from TN says:

      You catch on quick, Stan!
      America or obama on November 6th! You can’t vote for both!

      • ironside1955 says:

        Unless you are from Chicago, then you can vote as many times as you show up at a polling place.

  39. United Freedom Coalition says:

    Most of these well developed, deeply considered, arguments are satisfied and eliminated with a 15 second step, showing a driver’s license. It is amazing how so much time is devoted with tens of reasons to obfuscate this into a national debate with a foundation of ulterior motives. SHOW Your ID and Vote. NEXT.

    • edc says:

      @United Freedom Coalition
       I’m still waiting for just ONE example of any legal US citizen that cannot get an ID card, if they want one. PLEASE, show me just one and I’ll be quiet.

    • DaveP326 says:

      @United Freedom Coalition
       It used to be that having a D/L was good proof of citizenship because you had to show your birth cert. to get a D/L. Therefore it was the basis for getting other things, like credit cards. The requirements are now so diverse from state to state that a D/L is no longer the default  failsafe document that it used to be. Now some states are giving D/Ls to illegal aliens.There is no valid reason whatsoever for anybody to object to voter ID cards. None. Unless there is an agenda different than protecting the integrity of elections….

  40. ironside1955 says:

    I would bet my entire paycheck-yes I work for a living-that if ANY of these people had to sho I.D. to get their gubment handouts, they would have no problem producing one-might not be theirs, but they would produce one.  How hard or should I say how reasonable (and it probably already exists) would it be that you can’t get gubment handouts without an ID?  Every person complaining would have their ID if it meant losing their gubment check at the beginning of each month.  EVERYONE knows that.  And all the people getting gubment checks have an ID.  EVERYVBODY knows it is nothing more than to vote demorat and vote often.  It would be a hardship (the judge in Penn said) for people to get them in time for the elections.  I bet if they had to get them by Nov 1 to get a check, it would be no problem.  We all know the dems are liars and cheats and this is just another method of trying to defraud the country.  The fact their are more dirver’s lilcense’s then registered voters is pretty funny, and NO it is not due to the 16 and 17 year olds.  No ID, no check, no food stamps, no assistance, period.  EVERYONE would have an ID in record time.  It’s so commonsensical it’s comical.

  41. JB says:

    Heard one of the east coast gendarmes saying they would require an ID for residents to get back into their communities after sandy passes…

  42. David Veselenak says:

    This pseudo-election is a done deal, sort’a like your freedom! 1776…1776…1776…

  43. all american says:

    The simple truth is no president is going to implement a flat rate tax or have the feds audited.  The simple truth is that they all have there own agendas because everyone believes in a democracy which equals ruled by a majority.  The media is corrupt and gives false information because they want a president they will do everything in there power to give the public false information.  Public, what is that?  Glad you asked.  The Constitution gives it very clear we are a Republic. our pledge tells us we are a Republic if we can keep it.  That is where the Constitution comes into play because it is a Republic ruled by LAW because without it government would have total control and the people would have no say in the matter.  Which is Awesome because that is where our rights come into play in a court system.  Inocent until proven guilty.  But as you know the Government if you seen these days makes us guilty and have to prove ourselves innocent these days because of a Democracy!!  Wake up America

  44. RobertLatta says:

    I agree, but we need sensible voter ID laws. In SC the law had so many loopholes that it is virtually useless. It still is easy to vote without a photo ID by using an absentee ballot. Let’s hope that we can win this election and President Romney will work to pass a national photo voter ID law.

  45. RalphZ says:

    @Jtor6217 That is an easy one to answer.  We did bring it up and if you look and do some honest research, you will find that the courts have been siding with Democrats in that they state minorities and others like the poor and elderly will be disenfranchised.  They never explain why or give any facts as to how that will happen.  Talk about uninformed.

  46. ironside1955 says:

    This has nothing to do with voter id laws but rather the Constitution, which according to it’s Articles, tells me that Obama, Clinton, Panetta, Patraeus, and the head of the NSA have committed an act ot Treason and should be, according to the Constitution, EXECUTED by lawful process set forth in the Constitution.

    • DaveP326 says:

       Take Petraeus off the list. He stated categorically that he had nothing to do with the decision not to send help. He is an honorable man, unlike his bosses.  We all know who made that decision. It came from the White House via Hilary Clinton.

      • ironside1955 says:

         fine with me.  I can’t listen to all the news, and happy to hear that is the case.  I was disappointed to think he may have had a part.  Now I feel better.  I think maybe I’ll sit outside the polls this year in my wheelchair and “kneecap” any of Holder’s thugs I see. Time to break out the 12gau.

      • spokencitizen says:

        @DaveP326  @ironside1955 then he should be a whistle blower

  47. ironside1955 says:

    If you get any sort of subsistence from the Government, have the Government attach a card that says this person carrying this card can vote and get it punched each year you vote.  If i’ts got your name on it, and you have one other piece of anything with the same name, it’s good.  How easy would that be?   So easy I thought of it.

    • DaveP326 says:

       “Their” reasoning is, that voter ID vould keep minorities away from the polls. I submit that 99% of them already have valid photo ID, therefore THAT argument is BS. The REAL reason is that voter ID would keep people away from the polls WHO ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO VOTE ANYWAY. The democrats have an uncanny ability to get hundreds of people over 110 yrs old to vote also illegal aliens and dead people, as well as having armed thugs blocking access to polls AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

  48. jacob avi cohen IV says:

    America is the best.
    Forget about the rest.
    Forget ID cards for elections.
    Its all about the selections.
    Obama will be elected
    because that is who the voters selected
    don’t be an idiot
    and say that Obama lost because you are a closet bigot

    • Gregory61 says:

      @jacob avi cohen IV
       I’m not a poet
      But I do know it
      Obama isn’t out due to being black
      It’s because he’s a failed political hack.

    • wildwill says:

      @jacob avi cohen IV This is what we have to look forward yo in America. Our guberment education system is working perfectly.This is the type of human waste it was designed to yield.

      • Gregory61 says:

        @wildwill  @jacob avi cohen IV
        Our poor schools are turning out masses of students that blindly follow and can’t intelligently challenge. Then candidates that hand out free stuff for votes can get re-elected.

    • Ardnas says:

      @jacob avi cohen IV  I feel so sorry for you – your sphere of existence is so limited  – you have no clue as to what is reality and what is truth –  those last two words you use make the rest of them of no consequence – you falsely accuse and that is a big no-no spelled out in ten 10 commandments – it is such a shame that you have set aside your ability to think – it is so sad that you actually believe what you wrote.

      • DaveP326 says:

        @jacob avi cohen IVMaybe you don’t know that Obama is no friend of Israel and absolutely HATES Netanyahu. He said so himself in “Dreams of My Father”; “If an ill wind blows, I will stand with Muslims”. (HIS words). In the 3rd debate he said, “I have Israel’s back”. Was he ling in his book or did he lie in the debate? He can’t play on both sides of the street. Just to answer your little ditty- Many people voted FOR Obama to prove we weren’t bigots. Now that we know more about him, we have to vote FOR Romney just to prove we aren’t stupid.

    • Commie Hunter says:

      @jacob avi cohen IV  Obama keeps feeding you his crap sandwiches & you keep on eating them. So how do they taste Jacob?

      • RandellDanner says:

        @Commie Hunter   Hey commie hunter, love the screen name. on another site mine is Socialism Killer although i had it shortened to SK as that is what everyone calls me the other is just to long to spell out. you can find me on Sodahead.com. full screen name is SK~against B.Insane obama.

        • Commie Hunter says:

          @RandellDanner  Well now all we need is to recruit a “Marxist hunter”  since O’Liar exhibits traits of all three. I’ll check out Sodahead.com

        • RandellDanner says:

          @Commie Hunter he does indeed. plus showing his muslim faith. we’ll need a hunter for that too.

    • ironside1955 says:

      @jacob avi cohen IV

    • ironside1955 says:

      @jacob avi cohen IV

      • Robertobadiah says:

        @ironside1955  @jacob avi cohen IV You believe that nonsense? No wonder your mother should have had an abortion.

  49. 375h h says:

    I banged your JEW mom!

  50. Troubleshooter says:


  51. ironside1955 says:

    Read this, it will really scare the bejeebers out of you. Go here:Freedom Outpost Alert [[email protected]] and find this story: Obama’s Third Term.  Unfortunately, it makes way too much sense. Our only solace is that all the REGISTERED hunters in the USA make they the largest army in the world.  Things are going to get real serious real quick.  We need to get him charged and convicted of Treason and have him LAWFULLY EXECUTED,  Follow the Constitution.  That is all I’m advocating.  You Secret Service have better things to do than come after me. LET REPEAT, FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION AND DO IT LAWFULLY.

  52. ironside1955 says:

    on a final note.  look how all you stupid whites that voted to prove you weren’t racist–look at what you did.  The KKK should burn in hell, but all you afraid someone might think you were racist–you are going bring down the world.  real bright and way too stupid to even insult real racists, whom I despise, by comparing them to you.  Death to Muslims is not racist, it is Death to Sharia, a geo-political force that unless eliminated will eliminate us.  They are like the Borg, they will just keep coming and coming.  We need to eradicate the earth of this genetic mutation-all spawned by the greatest genetic mutation in the history of the earth: Mohmmed.

  53. wildwill says:

    Its not the crap sandwich…its the kool-ade. The left keeps on drinking even though they are full of it.

  54. Troubleshooter says:

    Back in 1998 the Damnocratic Governor of Tennesse, Don Sundquist, issued a State Executive Order that eliminated the requirement of a valid Social Security Card as one of the required pieces of ID to get a TN Driver’s License or ID.  After that happened, Tennessee was within a year overrun with illegals, mostly Mexican, who destroyed the Welfare Programs and the Medical Assistance Programs, increased the violent crime rate by astronomical percentages, and ruined the construction industry by underbidding all the jobs and doing shoddy work with inferior andd insufficient materials.  It was deliberate, and it ruined that State for the legitimate citizens.  My brother was nearly killed by a a drunken mexican driver with no license, no license plates, no insurance, and it totaled my brother’s car.  The cops didn’t even give the Mexican driver a ticket.  The cop said it would be a waste of time because the Mexican wouldn’t show up, and even if he did, nothing would happen to him.  I witnessed a Mexican laborer as he communicated a death threat to my boss because he told him that either he work for his money or he would be fired.  The Mexican said “You know what gringo, in two weeks is Christmas, and I am going home to Mexico, but before I go, I’m going to find you and kill you.”  It’s a good thing that the laborer slipped and fell and hit his head on a shovel and had to go to the emergency room before he went back to Mexico, or he probably would have carried out his threat.

    • Commie Hunter says:

      @Troubleshooter  ha ha ha “slipped & fell & hit his head on a shovel & had to go to the emergency room”… That reminds me of the liberal socialist democRAT that slipped & hit his face on my fist a few weeks ago when he was threatening my neighbor.

    • Gregory61 says:

       And you paid for the ER care too.

  55. Troubleshooter says:

    Yeah….hmmm…seems to be a lot of misfortune among those who are heathen in their philosophy.  Even though they are plentiful, the Jerkosauruses seem to be going the way of their predecessors.

  56. ObadiahRobertRobinson says:

    you filthy republicans are going to slip and fall and stab yourselves with my knife and then accidentally cut your throats.

    • Troubleshooter says:

      @ObadiahRobertRobinson Come get some, but carry something on you that says what should be done with you.  You cannot harm me because neither Almighty God, nor my savior Christ Jesus has given you permission, nor will you ever be given such permission.  And by the way, I’m NOT a Republican, I’m NOT a Democrat, I’m an American, and a Veteran who SERVED.

    • edc says:

       Should we take that as a threat? I’m willing to give my life for my God, my family and my country, but don’t think it will be easy for you. I would rather live for God, but my life is in His hands and He always knows best. And, believe it or not, He loves you so much that He died for you and rose again for your salvation.

      • Troubleshooter says:

        @edc  @ObadiahRobertRobinson Yeah,edc, it was a threat; however, I’m pretty sure it was as empty as ORR’s head.  I’m also sure that ORR has already been told about Grace, but chooses to reject it.  This assures me that he does not have Our Lord’s permission to carry out his threats, and I don’t need any more protection than I have already for a frustrated servant of hell like this guy seems to be.

    • ironside1955 says:


      • Troubleshooter says:

        @ironside1955  @ObadiahRobertRobinson Hey, ironside, he’s not worth a bullet.  The best way to take this guy out of the picture is just laugh at him.  He’ll run home crying in a frustrated rage.

        • ironside1955 says:

          @Troubleshooter  @ObadiahRobertRobinson
           LOL you’re right.  even a 30 cent 9mm is a waste let alone a 75 cent 30.06.  But you’re assuming he has a home.  :)

    • Gregory61 says:

       If election integrity isn’t important to you, you are the problem, not the solution.

    • spokencitizen says:

      @ObadiahRobertRobinson just like a demorat bringing a knife to a gunfight

  57. Marc Jeric says:

    Obadiah – just another commie union goon expecting the fall of his Mullah Obama, our marxist Muslim President from Kenya, and using big threatenng words!

  58. spokencitizen says:

    obama jim jones

  59. obadiahorthodox says:

    My 44 mag will accidentally discharge while pointed at your heads.

    • DaveP326 says:

       Make sure you carry ID so we know where to send your body, d!ckhead.

      • spokencitizen says:

        @DaveP326  @obadiahorthodox at least I am legal to vote , but knowing the demorats , I’ll still be counted when I’m dead. Send my body to New Orleans where the dead vote demorat every year

  60. spokencitizen says:

    not if obama pulls another fast and furious scam to outlaw guns fool

  61. spokencitizen says:

    you kiss your mother and children with that hateful mouth and sour heart?

  62. spokencitizen says:

    at least I’m legal to vote but knowing the demorats I’ll still be counted when I’m dead…

    • DaveP326 says:

       Yeah, but you will mysteriously have been re-registered as a democrat. It’s no wonder that some localities had 110% of registered voters having voted. How else could they win?

      • spokencitizen says:

        @DaveP326 duh. glad that you could admit that. I am an independent  , I did not like bush , I do not like obastard , and the only reason I will go with Romney is because that is what the fed has given us to choose from…but I do believe his business sense will level us out in the short term and long. I am not the only one switching sides this time around. I was happy when he got elected at first  , then he started showing his true colors
        and wasteful spending habits . 43 czars?with over 300 assistants under them? He has hired other people to do his freakin job for him.He takes no responsibility for the last 4 years. No accountability for his decisions. No admission for the additional 5.5 trillion added to our national  debt.  That WAS on HIS watch!!! Executive order after executive order and for either cover ups or amnesty. He needs to go and we need a BETTER HOPE and a new direction. Romney is it!

        • DaveP326 says:

           I was only replying to 375hh & obadiaorthodox. I happen to agree with you. Democrats own everything after 2007 when they took control of both houses. THAT followed 4 yrs of steadily declining deficit spending, so I have no idea what he’s blaming Bush for. I can’t stand Obama because he has no respect for the constitution. To him, it’s an obstacle he has do get around somehow, so now he uses executive orders. I’m wondering why congress allows his to get away with it. Romney know that the way out is to get people back to work, improve the economy and then begin to pay down the debt. I’m voting for Romney for my grandchildren, so they won’t be saddled with the obscene debt this man has run up. It really is criminal. If he should be re-elected, I hope they impeach him for Benghazi. He knew all along, lied to everybody and did NOTHING to help the people who got killed – then screwed the careers of officers who wanted to mount a response while it could’ve helped

        • spokencitizen says:

          @DaveP326 glad we got it all straight …..God Bless

  63. Herman Johnson says:

    I totally agree.   Did you see where people who showed up to vote, was told they already voted.  Where the Voter would vote for Mitt, and the machine said he voted for Obama.   Like I said before, if a man can program a slot machine to pay off when he wanted, they could do the same with voting machines.   I want to start a good third party.  Either with or with all the following, Gary Johnson Rad Paul, Allen West, just to name a few.   Any of you out there have a good name for the party?  Look at what they did to any other canidate than Dem. or Rep.  The news didn’t cover them and were not allowed in Presidentual debates.  I don’t believe there is much different, like one is called a skunk and the pole cat.

    • Marc Jeric says:

      Another RINO bites the dust. Mitt Romney never mentioned President Obama’s friends and mentors – the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, his Marxist father, his Muslim faith, his bringing to power the jihadist governments in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, his “social justice” program of confiscation of private wealth and properties, his Benghazi murder coverup, his Fast & Furious murder coverup, his plan for gigantic de facto nationalizations of private enterprises in energy, transportation, health care, insurance and the mortgage industry.
      Another decent Republican bites the dust, defeated by the criminal Chicago machine; and decency when dealing with communists is no virtue.
      Marc Jeric, Las Vegas

  64. spokencitizen says:

    this was predicted by Jefferson and Adams 200 years ago when the treasury is used as a trough .When the majority of voters find a “leader” for handing out benefits and free stuff it is difficult to tear that away from them the will keep that “leader” to continue to hand out. What is going to happen December 21st? Funny that about that song and title “Cult of personality” sang by a black band.

    • ironside1955 says:

       You know, I forgot all about Dec. 21.  all our worries could be over then.  it would be our damn luck that the alignment brings the aliens who crown Barry king of the world.  LOL.  It hurts so bad I just have to laugh.  I can’t and don’t want to escape reality, but every now and then a little diversion keeps the brain sane.  Every democracy that has existed has failed once the people found they could vote themselves “stuff” because there is no goose laying the golden egg.  I would rather see armed revolution as a means to save rather than to survive; but how do we coordinate that and who’s side is the armed forces on?  Speaking of armies, just REGISTERED hunters in the USA make up the largest army in the world..even bigger than China.  Now think about all us patriots who may not hunt but hold the second ammendment dear.  We are talking about 5 million or so.  While we are cleansing out the communiists, we might as well take care of all the damn gangs we are infested with too.  Time for a Constitutional Cleansing.  don’t know what we’re going to do with colin powell and loudmouth christie, but we gotta save our country.  Hell King George didn’t treat the colonists this bad and we had the Revolutionary War.  We need sound strong patriot leadership and I say lock and load and let’s roll.

  65. Herman Johnson says:

    I am with you.  I heard that Obama is going for the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.  Congress has to approve it.  If they do, I think there will be a rebellion.  That is the only thing that puts fear in their Black Hearts.  Any one who wants to turn this country into a third world, Muslim, Socialist, Communist Country has to have a black heart. The only reason we are free as we are is because they haven’t taken our guns away from us yet.  The Army will be on our side, but the U.N. Army will not be.  Right now the U.N. has the right to put their troops in any National Park in the U.S..  If you don’t believe me, look up International Union for conservation of natural resources.  Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal years 1994 and 1995.  Public Law 103-236  To simplifiy it,  Bill Clinton gave the rights (Control)  to our National Parks to the U.N.  They tell us what we can do with them, but we(Tax Payers) still have to pay up keep on them.  Did you ever notice, except for a few instances, they never put a positive result for having a fire arm on the news, just the bad things.

  66. Herman Johnson says:

    Is there an unwritten law that states a Republican can not speak the truth.  I do not call telling the truth, mud slinging.  You are right when you said that Mitt should have brought all that up during the campain.

  67. spokencitizen says:

    I am really humbled that I have gotten so many agreeable responses from fellows considering I am a married woman. Thank you gents for considering my comments and also keeping in mind that I WAS an obozo supporter , not voter ,  in the beginning and have seen the light of his darkness. There IS a third party out there they are independents and there needs to be a balance of both sides to come together to start the healing of this nation and find relief from all of these injected  warfares. He said he inherited a mess well I feel sorry for the poor sot taking over after him and the damage he has caused and yet to cause to this country. One more thing I am Canadian and I have never voted  , I do not have the right but I am not deterred from loving the country that I have lived in my whole life. He is a fraud and has more skeletons in his closet than a graveyard has headstones . The problem is that there are so many distractions that keep the young intelligent voters occupied that more of them know about Beyonce than Bengazi. What a damn shame. There are too many voting just because of the color of his skin and nothing more. That is NOT a racist comment , it is a fact.  May God help us in the balance of good and evil on earth , because it seems that evil has an edge right now. I am the only one in my family that can not stand our president….boy do I feel like I can not talk to anyone close to me.

    • Troubleshooter says:

      @spokencitizen Ma’am, there are always Patriotic ears to listen and eyes to read.  Communication among people who can think and who care about our country is the biggest threat to those who would enslave us.  As with our Right To Keep And Bear Arms, our Free Speech Rights are also under attack.  We face a devious, merciless, insidious, enemy, purely evil, with the ability and willingness to deceive many while making plans to slaughter and/or enslave those same ones who are foolish enough to be either apathetic or even supportive of such plans.  God Bless You, and God Bless America.

      • RalphZ says:

        @Troubleshooter  @spokencitizen Even Jesus told the Disciples that anyone who did not have a sword should go out and get one, “But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” Luke 22:36.  Any Christian who is not armed and knows how to use it, then they should be.  George Washington talked about the Government being force like a Fire.  Not to be trusted.

  68. Troubleshooter says:

    @Herman Johnson: Sir, I agree with you.  We have UNgodly troops stationed in our country now, training for their big move.  I can only imagine the lies they have been told about how weak we are.  No one in their right mind would ever take on the freedom-loving people of The United States Of America.  Unfortunately for them, we will not be able to permit ourselves any merciful thoughts when they are trying to enslave us.  God Bless You Sir, and God Bless America.

  69. DaveP326 says:

    @HermanJohnson- Sorry, but I just don’t have the space to keep prisoners in my house. Oh, well I’ll fugure out something…….

  70. Conservative2012 says:

    Voter ID laws should be passed in ALL 50 States! You have nothing to fear if you are a legal voter! Voter fraud distorts what the majority really wants & believes in.

  71. Herman Johnson says:

    I agree with what you said.  The thing that scares me the most is, the government censuring this type of communication.  I know they have been trying to censure the internet.  I believe when they pass the blasphemy law, they will try to use it to control the internet.  Not only will we not be able to say any thing derogatory about Islam, we will not be able to say any thing derogatory about Obama or the government.  I am going to recite some thing I heard.   I am not sure who said it, but he was right.  These who hammer their swords in plows, will soon be plowing for those who have not.

  72. Herman Johnson says:

    A friend told me why Obama got re-elected.  No one is going to vote against Santa Clause.

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