New Report: UK Crime Statistics Fudged to Justify Gun Ban

How many times have we heard Piers Morgan rant and rave about crime rates in his home country? He claims gun violence is virtually nonexistent thanks to the Brits doing the “responsible” thing and taking everyone’s guns away in 1997. Sure, there was an acknowledged, initial spike in crime shortly thereafter, but then it began to fall and has since plummeted. Or so they say.

According to a new report published by and authored by Dr. Paul Gallant, Dr. Joanne Eisen, Alan J. Chwick and Sherry Gallant, the UK has an entire bureaucracy over there devoted not to fighting crime, but fighting crime statistics. Their job is to determine which crimes get recorded as crimes and which get categorized as something else, which ends up not affecting the overall crime rate.

In other words, according to the findings in their report, if there is an attempted burglary, it might get reported initially by a victim or a witness, but it also might end up being categorized as “criminal damage” instead of burglary. The report goes on to say that if there’s an instance of what they call “Grievous Bodily Harm,” it might get categorized as “common assault.” When they downgrade the category, it affects how crime statistics are eventually reported in the media, and those numbers are the ones that find their way to Piers Morgan, who then trumpets them from his TV show so that everyone knows how effective gun control is.

The report stated:

…[T]he Brits are vigorously and openly beating their statistics to a bloody pulp, as they have created a stunningly large bureaucracy to deal with crime figures.

The created bureaucracy helps make decisions about how a crime will ultimately be reported—or not reported. The Home Office acknowledged the situation and the existence of crime reduction targets:  “The police do an excellent job but the rise in bureaucracy, targets and paperwork under the last Government turned the police into form-writers instead of crime-fighters…Increasing government interference in recent years has changed the focus of the police. They have become responsive to targets and bureaucracy rather than to people.” Note here that the Home Office is admitting to the existence of “targets.” These targets are guides used to reduce the number of crimes reported, and the severity of those crimes. It is openly acknowledged that police are under pressure to reduce the crime statistics, and that they have goals that they must meet. One can notice that the Constable who described exactly how these “targets” work did not face the camera.

Their report noted that the data are so manipulated that no one really knows for sure what the truth is about UK violent crime. Those in positions of authority who might know about true crime statistics face disciplinary measures if they decide to blow the whistle. So everyone keeps quiet. And liberals in the US go on believing that UK gun control has been a resounding success.



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  • real patriot one

    go figure, knew it all along.

  • Mary

    That’s because all media is controlled by the globalist bankers. They control EVERYTHING we see. And everything we see is monitored. The Europeans know more about everything we don’t see. Because a lot of the news in the USA is heavily censored. Pravda reports a lot of what we’re not allowed to know.

  • chamuiel

    Had a feeling something smelled in Britain. Crime does not just stop because you ban guns.

    • acronymous

      Well, the murder rate in Britain has not been massaged by downgrading killings to the category of criminal mischief. Somehow or other, the body count in Britain is considerably less than it is in the US, even after adjusting for the fact that the US has about six times as many people.

      What Britain has done is to make a trade: far fewer guns, fewer fatal shootings, but more home invasion burglaries and more muggings. These they downplay and recategorize so as to hit their targets. OK. But they really do have fewer murders.

      • catman

        I think if you will study the stats about murders here in the U.S., you might just find that gang murders comprise a great majority of the killings. I’m talking about gang member on gang member here. So far as I am concerned, these gang bangers can go around killing each other 24/7 and I could really care less. They want to be “gangstas”, so let them pay the price. The more they kill off each other the less there are for law enforcement to deal with and for that matter, the less an honest citizen has to deal with.
        The only problem I can see with that is they multiply like rabbits……….

        • acronymous

          That’s simply factually wrong. Most murders are pedestrian individual things—man catches wife in bed with other man sorts of things. There’s fights over whose team will win the Super Bowl, fights between husband and wife about who does the dishes, the list is long and sorry.

          And even if some murders are less of a problem than others, the fact remains that Britain has made a choice: they choose fewer murders, and more of other sorts of crime. And that’s what they got. Even when it comes to gangs, gangsters with guns are just more deadly than gangsters with shivs and brass knuckles.

        • Sunshine Kid

          Did you notice that you use “gangsters” not honest civilians? The point of the matter is that if gangsters and hoodlums get blown away, they will NOT be around to bother others nor entice others to act like gangsters.

          My point is that if you take guns and self defense weapons away from honest citizens, YOU HAVE MORE CRIME.

        • catman

          You are so “factually” wrong I won’t even bother to answer you or try to straighten you out.
          BUT, since I spent 30 years as a law enforcement officer, I feel I have my hand on the pulse of many things having to do with crime in the U.S.

        • AirFrank

          What’s factually wrong is you. Dr John Lott in “More Guns, Less Crime” proved that the presence of a gun does not cause someone to kill. Over 2.4 MILLION times each year guns are used in self defense. Compare that with the ~9k murders. The good guys win.

        • acronymous

          Ah, but I didn’t SAY that guns kill people, rather than people killing people. I said that the murder rate in Britain is lower than it is in the US. And it is. Guns are very effective deterrents to home invasion burglary. They don’t even need to be used. They don’t even need to be in the home. The mere possibility that a homeowner may have a gun is a big deterrent. But guns are also highly effective tools with which to kill that SOB who dissed you in the nightclub. Or whatever. And that’s part of why we have a lower CRIME rate, but a higher MURDER rate, than Britain.

        • Trixie52

          I have a great idea. Remember the movie, Escape From NY? Close off the city and dump all the gangstas and murderers and baby rapers there and let them fight all they want. Then shoot the victors

        • WILDCATF4F

          I propose that we make CASTRATION a Manditory part of treating a ‘Banger’ when they are brought in, then the number will drop, and the $’s needed for the Public Assistance for the kids they have popping out will go down, I for one say that we need to say that when the totals of those on PA are reduced, then the TAXES they keep taking from us will be reduced at the same time!.
          nuff said qapla’

      • Wayne

        You really have no clue do you? It doesn’t take a gun to kill someone, using British tools, a cricket bat will do a good job. A tire iron, a chef’s knife, an axe, a pen, a razor, a sword… as you can see there are many tools that can be used to kill someone, not counting a fist upside someones head. So claiming that murders are down due to the removal of guns is crap. You want proof though, so check the Australian crime statistics, they also got rid of guns and they have been warning us about it since they lost their right to keep and bear arms. You need to do some self investigating about crime stats in the U.S., they might change you mind rather quickly.

        • acronymous

          Well, I wouldn’t really go through on this, since I don’t want to kill anybody, but if we two had to fight, I’d much rather be the one with the gun, and you could have the tire iron. Twenty paces.

          Fact is, people who get shot die more often than people who’ve been whacked with a tire iron. Technically, I suppose, you may wish to not call it murder if the killer wasn’t dead set on outright killing his victim. But the victim is just as dead either way.

        • Charie

          Wonder if anyone has done stats on those who have been hit in the head with a bat, tire iron, poker, etc. If they survive, do they have any kind of life afterwards or are they handicapped, bedridden or not in their right minds If I’d ever be attacked I’d much rather be shot and killed than hit in the head with that fabled “blunt instrument” and be a vegetable for the rest of my life.

        • CJM2

          I am sure there is a certain amount of brain damage if one is traumatized with a blunt force strike to the head. Some are reduced to severe retardation and that is not a pleasant sight to see. Others have to relearn how to care for themselves, are crippled, in a persistent vegetative state, bedridden, etc….a few are able to recover , but not at the 100% capacity they had prior to such an attack. I’m sure there is a tracking system in place within the medical field, but those stats are not publicized (or even acknowledged that they do exist) because they are used to upgrade the treatments for these individuals.

        • CJM2

          People die just as frequently from blunt force trauma to the head/body as they would from a gunshot. Truth is, putting just those two weapons together, the tire iron deaths would outnumber the gunshot deaths; for the ones who survive, most of the gunshot victims recover at 90%+ with all faculties nearly normal. Victims cut down with a tire iron are lucky if they have 60% of their brain function should they survive. Just guessing at the stats, but that’s how it looks to me. And technically speaking, and not just guessing here, if you deliberately kill someone—regardless of weapon–it is still called murder.

        • AirFrank

          Number 1 instrument of murder is the fist. Most everyone has two and they are usually quiet available.

        • WILDCATF4F

          Your post goes to show the guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people, and they can use their HANDS to choke th victim/target as the cased may be. if someone choses to kill, they can do it any way they chose!.
          nuff said qapla’

        • Wayne

          Which brings up the question: what good are gun control laws?

      • fistdeyuma

        If you take out the Liberal protected groups our murder rate is lower than Britain’s acronymous. It is not the guns it is the thugs and victims who lack defense. The Liberals only have one defense for their failed programs, lies.

        • acronymous

          Do you have any evidence at all for that extraordinary claim? The murder rate in Britain is well documented and it’s a fraction of ours. The murder rate here in the US is much higher among our black community than it is in any other group. And you will be claiming that the murder rate in Britain is, despite being much lower overall, higher in their black population than the corresponding rate in ours?

          And this, despite the fact that our black victims mostly die from gunshot injuries, while over there, guns are much less common? It defies common sense.

        • AirFrank

          Actually the murder rate in England is higher than in America.

      • CJM2

        They have just as many murders among themselves as we do–and GUNS were involved. They just don’t talk about it, period. As for home invasions and muggings, those occur rather frequently and some of the victims are just as dead as those committed here or elsewhere. Just look at the increase of stabbings, including ones committed in full public view, and strangulations that are on the rise. The UK wants a status standing on a global scale, which is why they downplay the criminal aspect of their States. They aren’t going to publicize a mass murder event like the US does, and they aren’t going to publicize the degree of victimization that actually occurs over there. It’s socialistic reporting, period, and its foundation is laid on a base of lies.

  • Proudamerican

    Isnt it funny how when you disarm a society, it suddenly becomes much easier for the rulers to get you to accept their will. They are not at all concerned with your safety, only your wallet.

    • Sunshine Kid

      And their power as the untouchable elite.

  • mwood13

    is anyone supprised

  • bjreg3

    Piers Morgan is a proven intellectually and factually vapid moron.

    • RetiredTpr

      I am surprised that anyone listens to anything this buffoon says and believes one syllable of it. Write letters to his sponsors and complain about his actions and boycott their products until they comply. If you hit these networks in their pocketbooks, they will sit up and take notice! No sponsors, no lies!

      • John

        People listen to Al Sharpton, a proven racist and liar (can anyone saw “Tawana Brawley”?). He lost a court case to prove it! Yet we have idiots who give him credibility and listen to what he has to saw.

        Everything that comes out of his mouth should be responded to with a rousing cry of “Shut up, liar.”

        • Devasahayam

          “Yet we have idiots who give him credibility and listen to what he has to saw” — best example of that the non-case against George Zimmerman, which was filed by Angela Corey in front of 0-judge Debra Nelson due to Dullton and touts wanting a legalised lynching. As well, the court-ordered extortion by “erstwhile” Crip Tracey Martin and Sybrina Fulton against the HOA (even though I don’t like HOA’s and consider them useless, this one put me squarely on the HOA’s side), which was recommended entirely by Dullton.

        • frank907

          The reason he was not immediately arrested was that it was clearly self defense. The reason the prosecutor did not take it to a grand jury (as the constitution requires) was that she knew it was clearly self defense and the jury would not return an indictment.

        • Devasahayam

          Fact is that the judge and DA both knew that they had no valid case — Zimmerman had defended himself against an unremorseful ASBO (even with suppression of evidence which showed this, such as Trayvon Martin’s school-record, the 6 jurors proved smart enough to return the right verdict), end of matter.

        • Randy Harod

          And still it was used to try to sell gun control AND divert media coverage from Hillary and Obama’s many failures. So they gained immense success out of bigotry sales again.

        • Jeff

          One of those idiots that give Sharpton credibility and listen to him is….you all guessed it, Obama!

        • Flayer

          Yet they say that Sarah Palin is an “extremist.” Lol.

      • michael

        Isn’t he a comedienne? I thought he was trying to do comedy. Why else would he invite guests that make him and his opinions look absurd?
        Why else would he invite the star witness against Zimmerman. You know that brave, hugely intelligent young lady who explained the difference between cracker and crackah so well, who just so impressed Piers. I don’t know how he kept a straight face!!!
        Comedic GENIUS I tell you.
        That or he’s just a moron with NO sense of humor…..

    • patriot2

      bjreg3,piers morgan is a democrat?I wouldn’t want to call him a chicken-s**t (yea right)but he does have “henhouse ways”.

      • Sunshine Kid

        I think morgan qualifies as the hen – always laying eggs or having eggs.

    • Terry

      No…. Morgan is a F(*&#$N communist


      We might want to think about the use of the description of ‘MORON’, as it will Insult those that are actually MORONS!.
      I don’t think where PM is concerned, there is NO verb that truly says what he is, or might want to be!.
      nuff said qapla’

    • fwiw

      Mighty fancy words for “turd.”

  • Birdog

    As Grandma used to say…”Liars figure, and Figures lie”. Same thing here in UuSa..

    • Sunshine Kid

      You missed an important word in that quote – DON’T. The correct quote is “Liars don’t figure and figures don’t lie.”

      • michael

        Or an even better one by Mark Twain:
        There are Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.

        • Sunshine Kid

          Mark Twain always had a way with words – An ability I wish I had!

        • michael

          you could always do what I did and use his. I also suggest Will Rogers

        • Sunshine Kid

          Another excellent source of words!

      • Birdog

        Thank you.Guess I used the back woods version…LOL

        • Sunshine Kid

          You’re welcome. You must be a gun owner. Politeness shows. 😉

  • 12345bda

    Crime is bad there also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alice Hallock

    6 months or so ago when someone here suggested we send Morgan back to England, the English people on line said they didn’t want him, they wanted their guns back!

    • me109g4

      In the spirit of compromise we should just take Piers halfway back and drop him off there,,,,

      • Alice Hallock

        That sounds good to me. He gives the English a bad name.
        My people came from Scotland and right now they are putting up with almost as much mislum crap as the English . It makes me ashamed. And I haven’t heard one word from the Queen about it. Defender of the faith, MY ASS. Where ever the Mislums go they don’t want anyone to have guns or rights but them.

      • Devasahayam

        How about slightly LESS than halfway — in St. Pierre, covered with sandwich-board saying “Wellington”?

        (St. Pierre is one of two residual North American territories left to France after its clobbering in Seven Years War — where Napoleon is still admired, and they won’t be too enamoured of Wellington).

        • frank907

          No, I like halfway. That would be in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. I wonder how long he can tread water at 48 degrees F.

        • Devasahayam

          How about just let him “walk on the sand of the…Grand Banks of Newfoundland” (hint: they’re underwater, more than 6′, temp LESS than 48 deg F).?

          (quote pilfered from old Gordon Lightfoot song, “This Land of Ours”).

    • CJM2

      And Canadians begged to not have him sent there because they didn’t want him. They also want their guns back.

  • vinagaroon

    The beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby by muzz scum was categorized as “Miss use of kitchen ware”

  • larryPTL

    Never, ever trust a bureaucrat who does not trust the people to be armed.

    • Ursus

      Never ever trust a bureaucrat, PERIOD.

  • Politically Incorrect

    Well, what else is new. Pretty soon we’ll see this headline: The knife and hammer industry is booming in the UK, the public is lining up and buying them before they become illegal.

    • Trolldaddy

      Knives are heavily regulated there now(and in the USA), kids are arrested and prosecuted for pocket knives…before long I expect to see a license proving you passed a safety course and a background check to be allowed to purchase a kitchen knife or be allowed to use a steak knife on public…

  • betterboy

    Morgan, the POS, comes to the USA and uses the media to criticize our second amendment of our constitution. Toss his ass out of our country! Next, he will be criticizing the first amendment and wanting that changed. Who cares what this foreign jerk off thinks or wants. Send him packing back to his home country in a dingy on the Atlantic ocean.

    • John Cherish

      He is not an American he has no right to criticize our constitution, we fought a war with the British tyrant to secure these rights. he can go back where he cam from to the safety of gun free England

      • Sunshine Kid

        Remember that Ted Turner set up CNN, and to put that in perspective, he married Hanoi Jane (1991-2001). He is as much a scumbag as Morgan, staffing his “news” with liberals from day one.

      • betterboy

        John, you brought up 2 very good points. If the Brits are so smart then why is their country going down the tubes? From a Brit’s mouth at the airport 5 years ago – “we have a big problem because there are more people on government handouts than there are workers”. Our corrupt gov is trashing our country the same way. And if it is so safe in England due to guns being outlawed then the POS Morgan should leave our dangerous country and go where it is safe. I’d like him to go to Syria and mouth off to their government.

      • catman

        Unfortunately John, good ‘ol Piers is a naturalized citizen. BUT, you are right about sending him back. If he doesn’t like our Constitution, he can just get his ass back across the pond. (Except they don’t want him either).

        • CJM2

          When did he become a citizen? And his citizenship can be taken from him if he is ever found guilty of committing crimes or treason.

        • Beepster

          You’re right, and he’s admitted on one of his shows he isn’t a citizen, and he has NO intention in becoming one. No, I don’t watch him, only the clips that show him being torched by GOOD Conservatives. CNN, many years ago, had some pretty programs. That changed when Turner changed his way of thinking (if you want to call it thinking?).

        • CJM2

          I don’t watch CNN either–or the other networks that are so liberal in content. I seldom watch FOX these days because they have left leaning reporters. Used to like O’Rielly, but he has become a rather stuffy, obnoxious commentator who constantly interrupts his guests. I get my news on the internet and have some emailed to me for the political stuff. Yes, I do read what some liberals want (just so I have an idea of what they are thinking) because I can’t stand to hear them speak! Morgan just needs to exit the USA; too bad his own countrymen want nothing to do with him. Guess he’s sort of a modern ‘man without a country’ don’t you think.

      • CJM2

        But he’s continuing to fight us by pandering to ovomit’s desire to destroy us.

  • CountryBoy

    WOW…. tinkering with the FACTs to make things look better than they actually are.

    I wonder how long it will take for the REAL stats are so bad that it rises up to bight them in the butt….

    • John Cherish

      The liberals will never let the real stats out, because it proves them as liars


    Apparently, the Brits have not held their sway over the Islands of Bermuda!!! Drugs are rampant (just like in the UK) But gun violence has reached new heights!!! Bermuda has the same type laws as the UK when it comes to guns! You can’t own one (legally) But on the Bermuda Police’s own website, the murder rate, per 100,000 of population is now higher than Detroit! So one can only imagine what the true figures are for the UK itself! So now we know! You don’t like the numbers! Do what all Liberal’s do!!! Just make em up!!!

  • axmickl

    The sheeple of the once great Britton are a pitiful example of what a socialistic triumph can do to a population.

    • John Cherish

      Britain used to be admired when they were the only ones standing between Hitler and continent domination now the liberals there have made them wimps. If they would grow a pair and expel all Muslims from their country I would have some respect for their government. As far as Peirce goes he’s just another liberal limey

      • Devasahayam

        As I’ve stated in many places, Dowding and Monty would not recognise the “Inglistan” (derogatory term taken from Bollywood film Shree 420, where it wasn’t actually used as derogatory but only rhymer) that UK has largely become today. Thousand-percent agree Pierce should go back to Inglistan.

  • rottenrollin

    Is this what Big Brother called The Ministry of Truth?

    • BMW Metro

      Yes you are correct, sir!
      “Today it was announced that the weekly ration of chocolate will be raised form 8 ounces to 6.”

      I am paraphrasing but that is what I recall from reading 1984 back in 1974.

  • USMC 64-68

    Some things are universal: Leftists, liberals have no qualms about lying to move their agenda of control forward.

    There’s not a progressive democrat, gun control advocate in this country that is honest.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Cain didn’t use a gun to kill Abel. Guns have only been around for about 500 years. People have been getting killed by other means for over 5,000 years before that. Ban all guns tomorrow and people will still be getting killed by some other means. Guns are actually one of the least used methods of killing people. Governments (regimes actually) want guns banned from the hands of private citizens so that they are much more easily controlled and disposed of if desired. An unarmed citizen can not defend themselves.

    • betterboy

      Another consideration is that in the beginning the government had the same weapons as private citizens – a musket or similar. Today, even with private citizens owning AR’s AK47’s etc. the government has such advanced weapons that private citizens are not even a close match except for our greater numbers. One of the biggest threats to our way of life is the NATO forces. Americans will most likely not fire on Americans, but NATO forces don’t care. NATO forces are used in foreign countries as peace keepers, but like any army in the hands of a “Hitler” it becomes a personal army that does what it is told.

      • BMW Metro

        Guerrilla warfare sucks for invaders.

  • mike austin

    We already know the truth. Police respond multiple times to assaults and do not report it. The people complain all the time but it does not make news until someone gets killed. It is a sham, just like these sphincters here want to make our country like that craphole

  • jdbixii

    You can’t fix “stupid.”

  • Sunshine Kid

    The liberals of Britain are in charge, you know. Honest citizens victimized by criminals not only in public, but in government as well.

    Expect the same treatment here!

    • Jeff

      Their NOT Liberals! They are “Socialist”, aka Communist! Joseph Stalin once said, “The word Socialism was ‘invented’ to trick the people of their nation into thinking their government was not Communist”! Britain fights two World Wars against oppression and then they turn Socialist, I mean Communist! Why?

      • JimmyC

        The difference between a socialist and a communist is that a socialist can still smile (for now).

      • Sunshine Kid

        Remember that I am using the term as an American. Liberals mean to me someone who is liberal with interpretation of the law, much like a socialist or communist – or a criminal.

  • Valor

    This should come as no surprise.

  • Brangus

    U.S. Citizens sent thousands of privately owned weapons to the Brits during WW2 so they could protect themslves in the event of a Nazi invasion which came very close to happening. After the war their government confiscated all they could find. Some I understand were returned to their owners in the U.S., But most were destroyed. You would think the Brits would wise up. They should have kept them while they had them.

  • Morgan23

    Blimey the blinkin’ bloke is a mythomaniac!

  • Randy Harod

    It is more important to insist that NOTHING and NO ONE removes our rights than to worry about what paid ideologues say or misrepresent–except all liars should be confronted so they are not believed.

  • BlueViolets

    So now only the criminals, the police, and the military are the only ones able to use weapons. Sweet deal for the crooks. Not so much for dumb Brits who thought it was a great idea and gave up their weapons.

  • Canadianlady

    Britain has the highest per capita violent crime rate in Europe, even exceeding the US in violent crimes. Things are so bad over there, the British Government is actually considering a ban on kitchen knives, because the injury and death rate from knife wounds is rising. Next thing you know, they’ll be banning blunt objects.

    • slk5

      but fingers hold them!!! ban all fingers!!!

      • Canadianlady

        Don’t give crazy Liberals any ideas. :)

    • Denise B

      It’s all Blacks and Muslims. Whites have been disarmed. This is ALL about White genocide.

      • Canadianlady

        It’s cultural suicide, and people are waking up to it. Some European countries are paying immigrants to return to their native countries. That’s how badly multi-cultural policies are working out over there.

    • BMW Metro

      Or pointed sticks, or lions, or fresh fruit!
      Sorry, I’m a deranged Monty Python fan.

      • Canadianlady

        LOL! Me too.

  • Wayne

    Piers Morgan has the aptitude of a guinea pig and the ability to lie as well as Obumbler. He is purely politically driven. Why do we want to listen to his hog slop anyway? It seems that these days news outlets love to use some jackwagon with a British accent because they (media pimps) think it makes their news sound more sophisticated. There is nothing more sophisticated than a true American speaking truth to Americans. We need honest truth from a Brave and Proud American for a change! I am sick and tired of KNOWING that darn near everything we hear on News and now even entertainment has been run through a PC filter and is directed to make us eventually agree with the stupidity of PC liberal thinking.

    • BMW Metro


  • nogard1951

    So since when haven’t leftists/progressives/socialists/communists not been liars?

  • jsmithcsa

    For libs, it’s most important that the “facts” don’t disturb the narrative.

  • Ursus

    Lying Brits? Imagine that. Didn’t they lie about “global warming”, too?

  • Brama

    I wonder how they spun the beheading of that serviceman? Kinda hard to explain that one away, hey Piers?

    • Flayer

      Workplace violence?

  • jcgreen2

    Violent crime is higher in virtually every country where the guns have been taken from law-abiding citizens. In the 20th Century, 262 million people were disarmed and then slaughtered by their “own” governments! That alone is reason enough for individuals to remain well armed. Piers Morgan needs to go back to Britain if he likes the disarmed populace there so much. We don’t want him!

    • Chik

      You sir, are quite correct. Its called DEMOCIDE: Death by government.

  • paulrph1

    I have just one question and that is why is he still here?

    • Sunshine Kid

      Ted Turner, who set up CNN, once married to Hanoi Jane (Jane Fonda) is a result of liberal indoctrination. At least he had the good sense to divorce that witch in 2001.

      If that doesn’t clarify why Morgan (moron) is still attached to CNN, nothing does.

      • paulrph1

        Well, I guess I lied, I was not entirely thinking. The second question is why is Hanoi Jane still here?

        • Sunshine Kid

          The country no longer prosecutes criminals and traitors; they are elected.

  • sreynolds

    How many times have we heard Piers Morgan rant and rave about crime rates in his home country?
    ANSWER? NONE, I refuse to watch any show with people like him on it.

  • A_Nobody

    When is a liberal not lying??

  • rwp24382

    It still doesn’t matter if there are no guns allowed to be used by the public, the bad guys will have theirs. That is what is going on now. Despite the doctored stats the Brits want to use that their gun safety record is so great, the UK is considered the most violent country in the EU. You are more likely to get robbed, beaten, or killed in the UK than any other place in the EU. So what if there are no guns, it still doesn’t stop violent crimes.

  • raffaelecafagna

    Piers Morgan go back to your Islamic England ; Why are you here if you don`t like guns and freedom ????
    S.T. F.U. and go back to your cave.

    • Phd Marty

      Isn’t he lucky? He gets to bad mouth how we run things, or I should say how the Constitution tells us how to run it, yet brag about his home country that threw his butt out. Then, knowingly helps them try to show the decision to confiscate guns was a good idea. Just as Obommy , wait a minute, he just out right lies, but piers IS trying to help convince the American People should follow the lead of the country we fought to get away from the exact type of reason we left in the first place. Imagine that, they are still trying to influence the laws we made because we did not like the way they did things in the first place.

      • raffaelecafagna

        People like Piers Morgan do not deserve to live ; you can`t meet people like him face to face , because they are hiding behind a wall of protection and outside that protection they would not survive 1 minute ; same applies to all the Bastards ,Corrupted , traitors like pos McCain , puke Pelosi , retarded Reid and many others.

  • USPatriotOne

    No one watches Morgan anyway! And the UK Gov is just as full of criminals as the U.N., China, Russian, Iran, North Korea, and the U.S. Gov are, and they are all part of the Commie/NWO…!!! All they do is Lie, Lie, Lie…and the People of the World, let alone the USA, need to wake-up and see the Evil enveloping the World before it’s to late…!!!

  • ChalmetiaBoy

    Why does this not surprise me? Could it have something to do with an agenda?

  • AJCEditor

    Mr Hodges, Alan Chwick here (one of the authors of “Special Investigation: The Truth About British Crime Rates – 2013″ (Ammoland)). Nice piece, and thank you for the link to Ammoland. Keep spreading the truth. AJC (http://

  • Charles K. Hays

    If I remember correctly, the antihero in Gorge Orwell’s novel “1984” job was to change history to fit the bureaucracy’s current stand and he found himself being tortured & brainwashed in the Ministry of Love because he remembered some of what “history” was in his youth. Everyone should get that book and read it because it seems that the only thing Orwell got wrong was the date.

  • Mr_DAA

    The UK is dead and buried. A Muslim haven no doubt.

    There is no freedom left there. We have the finest examples in the UK to justify stomping the shLit out of liberalism here.

  • rchguns

    What’s know about that the liberals in this country have been doing it for years. There are still people out there saying that Washington DC, Chicago Illinois, and New York City are safe places to live. When reality it safer to be stationed in Afghanistan in the middle of a war.

    They tried to justify taking away guns from people living near the border with Mexico by telling the lie that American guns where the primary source of all those dead Mexicans. When the facts show that that wasn’t true 3 individuals came up with a plan and ended up calling it fast and furious. These 3 individuals ordered and I repeat that ordered gun dealers to break the law and sell guns to those people, the dealers knew, were criminals, killers, and drug dealers not to mention gun runners. They were given a choice was sell to these people or your licenses would be pulled!

    3 individuals that I place blame on an order of importance, Hillary Clinton, Dirty Diaper Head Obama, and Eric holder. The blood of thousands of people are on their hands and they don’t care it was all a political stunt that had it worked would’ve had put many dealers out of business and ended up in confiscation of firearms of people living on the border.


    Nine years ago I was talking to an English woman in New York City who told me she felt safer in New York than she did in London. I was very surprised because NYC has always been considered a dangerous place to non-New Yorkers across the nation. I learned much that day.

  • CJM2

    I have always figured that the stats from the UK were doctored to make them look good on a global scale and now here are the facts, peeping out for all the public to view. We know that there are crimes committed with firearms in the UK; they have had killings all along, but refuse to report them because the UK doesn’t want to hurt its global standing. Look at the numerous riots they have in cities like London; you think not a shot was ever fired at these events?? Pierce Morgan is a liar–who would believe anything he has to say? Perhaps a moron would, but moron’s don’t have the capacity to think and reason. But just so everyone knows, not one country reports crime in the same manner that another country does. The US is probably the most accurately reported statistical crime report, but that will most likely change if socialism is allowed to gain more leverage in our government. Even Canada, a part of the UK, has many major violent crimes they do not report; guess it somehow gives them an edge over the US. Mexico is a bloody country and has been for centuries, but so has the rest of South America had a bloody history. Crime is treated differently in all parts of the world; while the US is being decried as harsh, they forget about Mexico, China, Korea, and certainly do not mention the middle east and Indonesia or Africa. While the illegal aliens squatting in America may slaughter some of our citizens, we certainly do not slaughter or torture them for their transgressions against the USA (in Mexico, an illegal alien IS tortured, imprisoned, and usually killed–quite a difference there). If is refreshing to see that at least one other country is faulted for their deliberate erroneous reporting of criminal activities; at least we now know the USA is NOT the GBG (Global Bad Guy).


    piers I have a very simple list of things to teach gun control,
    if that isn’t clear enough for the likes of you!, JOIN the U.S. Army, I know the U.S.M.C. have standards you would NEVER measure up to!.
    nuff said qapla’

  • D’ Evil

    Am from Britain mate, its horrible living here. The ban came into effect before I ever got the proper chance to own any handguns etc. I’m 100% pro gun so you can imagine how hard it is living here, I want our fucking rights back.

  • D’ Evil
  • BarrackHussein

    They lied… ha, ha, ha, ha
    Appears to be a pattern of behavior here, heh?