Obamacare, Mental Illness, & Gun Confiscation

A little while ago, I wrote about how “mental illness” will be the avenue to gun confiscation. It’s a troubling trend we’re witnessing when even self-proclaimed conservatives jump on the bandwagon to campaign for forfeiture of 2nd Amendment rights for those who are deemed “mentally ill.” I put it in quotes not because I don’t believe in it, but because what is considered to be mental illness might be something as benign as being critical of the government. If you criticize the government, then maybe a psychiatrist would diagnose you with having paranoid delusions, in which case you shouldn’t have a gun.

Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America wrote a piece about how Obamacare further threatens the rights of gun owners. It allows (or encourages) the use of our private medical information to be used against us, to justify forfeiture of 2nd Amendment rights, and they’re targeting military veterans:

…[S]ince 2009, the federal health database – created by section 13001 of the stimulus bill and put in place by Obamacare – will allow the federal government to troll private health records for the purpose of stripping gun rights from persons with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), PTSD, and similar maladies. Already, more than 150,000 military veterans – perhaps as many as 165,000 – have lost their gun rights because of the “see a Veteran Administration shrink, lose your gun rights” precedent from the Clinton-Bush era. Consider the Florida military veteran who made national news recently because his guns were confiscated, not returned, and he is suing the city of Daytona Beach, FL. The veteran, identified simply as “A.B.,” sought help for depression in December of 2012. After he called Veteran’s Assistance, here’s what happened:  Instead of having someone counsel him, VA called local police, who came to A.B.’s home [and] had him involuntarily committed for a psychological evaluation. They also confiscated his firearms, ammo, bows, arrows and other objects they felt could be used as weapons. A.B. was found to be mentally fit during this evaluation, but authorities still have refused to return his firearms despite AB completing all needed paperwork and affidavits. Now, authorities are saying they won’t return his guns without a court order. This is obviously against the law and the source of the lawsuit.

So even after the psych evaluation found him to mentally fit, they still kept his weapons from him. Remember, he has a “history of mental illness,” all because he made the mistake of seeking counsel at the VA.

Pratt continued:  “Taking anxiety pills can result in people forfeiting their Second Amendment rights in New York. Obamacare will only expand this dragnet to millions more Americans, especially given that the CDC has ‘determined’ that nearly 50% of American adults will develop a mental illness during their lifetimes.”

If you don’t put your faith in the State, then they’ll call you mentally ill. If you do put your faith in the State, then you have no need for the 2nd Amendment.



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36 comments on “Obamacare, Mental Illness, & Gun Confiscation
  1. MalibuBob says:

    You idiots have finally gotten to the point where you believe even the mentally ill should have the right to own guns!!! What’s next felons? Giving people in prison weapons?

  2. Luke says:

    The real problem is not that the “mentally ill” shouldn’t have the right to own a firearm but what constitutes the degree of “mental illness” that would warrant suspension of civil liberties. I certainly don’t want the guy who runs naked around the park throwing his own faeces at passers-by to have a pointed stick, much less a firearm but what about my neighbour who had a bit of a rough patch after his wife died and had to take anti-depressants for several months? Those may be two extreme cases but where in the middle do we draw the line? Does the individual who has a multi-year history of counselling to deal with poor self esteem issues qualify as “insane”?. Where, and who decides what is “mentally ill”? I certainly do not want some nationally appointed Commission of Mental Hygiene deciding who can own a firearm and who cannot. Most states have the phrase “adjudicated criminally insane” somewhere in their legal codes. That might be a good place to start: judged to be a danger to society or yourself by a legal, public trial where you can present a legal defence and not a moment before that. Of course at that point you would wind up being committed to a facility where you would be confined and the ownership of firearms becomes a moot point after that.

    By the way, historically it was not unusual for convicted felons to have their firearms returned to them after they had completed their period of incarceration and probation. Their debt to society was considered to have been paid and they were now citizens in good standing again. The indefinite suspension of civil liberties such as voting and firearms ownership is a relatively recent aberration.

  3. metheoldsarge says:

    In an insane society, a sane person would appear insane.

    • Susan says:

      Marxism is irrational/insane. All people who disagree with the Marxist State are insane and committed and eventually eliminated. Common Core and Obamacare are pure Marxism and kids programmed in CC will be drones of the State—never questioning as their parents are eliminated.

  4. Howdy Doody Conservative says:

    Even Blarney is having second thoughts…..

  5. f8tule says:

    God grants me the right to protect myself and my family…

  6. Ross R Blankert says:

    This has nothing to do with keeping guns from those who are insane but has everything to do with government control and confiscation of all the weapons from the public. Tyranny is here already folks.

    • NotYour UsualPolitics says:

      Well if Mr Holmes from aurora Colorado should have fire arms in your opinion perhaps your mental health should be looked into. By the way the mental health rule does doesn’t just mean if you’ve had to take a psych med. You have to have had an involuntary committal that was court approved so you’re Tyranny line is just that. If we truly were living in a Tyranny your post would have had you picked up and off to your “FEMA” camps by now fool. Your last name should really just be Blank, just like your thinking process is

      • Nick Caisse says:

        It does NOT require a judge for a 72 hour committal, anywhare in this country!

        • NotYour UsualPolitics says:

          Yes it does

        • Nick Caisse says:

          In what State, County, or Town? Not in this country!

        • NotYour UsualPolitics says:

          Indiana’s one. I have a schizophrenic cousin in possession of a .38 caliber revolver and who takes psych meds. We, as a family have tried to get both the municipality and the county to take action and one county Sgt. told us point blank unless he’d had an involuntary committal as ordered by a Judge upon Doctors recommendations that lasted 72 hours and that was on the records they could do nothing to take the weapon.
          Also Indiana so far has only turned over 26% of these cases to to Feds so it’s like jury nullification. If the mental health records aren’t supplied and they lie on the app there’s no further checking here and almost any nut case can obtain a weapon.

        • Ross R Blankert says:

          They are treating Vets like Tea Party members. They are considered potential terrorists because they are patriots. The vets with PTSD are being drugged so they are no threat to the Obama Administration. Many are dying of overdose of medications given by the Veteran’s Administration or by suicide because of the drugs given them. Yep, Obama knows how to treat Veterans. He treats them as his political enemies.

      • Ross R Blankert says:

        Mr Holmes found the only theater to declare as a Gun Free Zone. He would not have liked being shot at by the theater audience. I am not crazy at all. I sold all the things I had and gave away what I could not sell and left the country. I won’t be on any FEMA train cars. My thinking process may be flawed. I hope it is. I think there will be millions murdered in the chaos that is coming to the country of my birth. Honestly, I believe everyone should be armed. Make it a requirement. Go back to the old days. If you stole a horse, you get hanged. If you rob a bank, you get hanged. If you kill someone, you get hanged. There were no repeat offenders. Punish the criminals and you will have less of them. I give you Singapore which has the same court and laws up to the punishment stage. If you are tried and convicted of a crime, you get put in a cage. 3 foot by 5 foot. You don’t get out of the cage except to be beaten. You get an empty bucket, a bucket full of water, and a bowl of rice a day. If you survive this treatment, and you are a foreigner, you are thrown out of the country. You will not be allowed back into the country. Singapore is virtually crime free. You can walk the streets day or night and it is safe.

        • NotYour UsualPolitics says:

          Oh I’ve strongly considering becoming an ex pat but the things you suggest are a regression to barbarism and that my friend is where e vastly differ. The rule of law must prevail and your description of what should be done to offenders I fond morally offensive and a de-evolution in our progress.There’s no sense in even trying to communicate with a person who has such a low set of values toward human life.

        • Ross R Blankert says:

          The rule of law is not prevailing now. The Department of Justice is an agency which is deciding which laws to enforce and which ones they don’t want to. Designed to cover for corrupt politicians and crony corruption at the highest levels of government. The USA is a place where child molesters and abortionists are praised and protected and grandma and grandpa who only want limited government and less corruption are considered dangerous and terrorists. In other words ,sir, your nonsense is borderline nuts Liberals don’t see abortion as murder and so promote this barbaric procedure. Somehow if I believe in an armed populace, I have a low set of values toward human life. Wait until the man you praise and adore, B Obama orders the confiscation of guns and millions die to protect their rights to own a legal firearm. .

        • NotYour UsualPolitics says:

          First I’m no fan of Obama, he’s failed the progressive movement and disappointed in a thousand ways that said you talk nonsense if you think abortionists and child molesters. I don’t think abortion is murder if it’s performed early enough simply the removal of a zygote which may or may not have the potential to become a human. I see no instances of child molesters being praised although many on the right fought tooth and nail to defend Jerry Sandusky even after there was ample evidence he was indeed a pedophile rapist.
          There will be no order to confiscate guns, but go ahead and believe the hype. You’ll end up like the Glenn Beck Alex Jones follower who just killed a TSA official, and yes there is mounting evidence he was an avid info wars Jones follower and a reader of Beck’s tripe that fleeces delusional paranoids like yourself to the point that Beck makes millions off you rubes. Obama has actually expanded gun rights about carrying in National parks and that expansion led to a 2 year old child accessing a fire arm of Dada’s and taking her own life.
          What will you do with all your wasted energy when they don’t come for your guns, when you discover there aren’t any FEMA camps? Probably pat yourself on the back claiming to have stopped what was never going to happen.
          You’re a headcase in need of serious treatment.

  7. Kenneth Stout says:

    Liberals are mentally ill!!!!!!!

    • elector says:

      Ann Coulter wrote a book called “LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISEASE”.,

    • actor44 says:

      The genetic marker foun on the D.N.A. of the progressive[communist] has recently been determend to be a defect! But one flicker of hope is they are mostly the group who abort thier children,and at the present rate they will be few by 2025!

    • Laurence Almand says:

      According to modern psychiatric yardsticks, formulated by the effette intellectuals, all our Founding Fathers were mentally ill and paranoid for defying the authority of Britain. Abraham Lincoln suffered from severe depression, but that did not stop him from being a great president.

  8. Susan says:

    Read “Brain-Washing” handbook, the Communists created in the 30’s to train their infiltrators. Basically, it was essential to control the psuedo-science areas—psychology and the APA. That way they could be in positions to blackmail and control famous/wealthy people who they targeted for their “Clients”. It gave them a shield to kill—they could “commit” people and make up some story about how they “died”. This is how they killed or destroyed many in the Soviet Union—-claimed they were mentally ill if they disagree with the State. Actually–that is the definition of mental illness—disagreeing with the State. Justice Roberts probably was blackmailed by the NWO people who are out to destroy our Constitution. These people in “power” are blackmailed or just stupid “useful idiots” who believe they will be given place of power over the masses.

    With their forcing sodomy laws—a Vice to be “Good” in a “Justice” (Virtue) System is absurd/irrational/Marxist. They are forcing Christians to brainwash their children to believe such vile, irrational behavior is “Good” and to take “Pride” in dehumanizing use of the body. Common Core normalizes confusion in children—this gives them the “force” to commit people who are Christians.

    It is coming, people….we have a muslim/sodomite in the White House and he is flipping Good and Evil in this Nation=–forcing that “harem of boys” muslim Worldview on our children. Forcing kids to think a fixation on an anal cavity is “Good” and “Normal”. It removes Reason/Logic and Virtue from children’s minds.

  9. PWe72 says:

    A judge in Daytona Beach has made the DBPD return the vets property (in August this year) and they were returned….rusted, damaged and missing parts! And there is some evidence that a personal electronic device has gone missing. For crying out loud, they even confiscated his first aid kit.

  10. lokiswife says:

    Just when you think you have heard it all…Warning to gun owners, don’t admit that you drink coffee, it could get you barred from getting a gun.. and remind your boss that it you don’t get your coffee break you could become mentally unstable! LOL
    “Did you know that caffeine withdrawal is now a mental health disorder? The latest edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic Manual of Mental disorders (DSM-5) includes caffeine withdrawal as a diagnosis. It applies when patients have at least three of five symptoms within 24 hours of stopping or cutting back on caffeine – headache, fatigue or drowsiness, depressed mood or irritability, difficulty concentrating and flulike symptoms such as muscle pain or nausea.”

    • Laurence Almand says:

      What nonsense! When I was working at a high-stress job I drank six to eight cups of coffee a day. It made me so nervous I could not concentrate or sleep. I cut out the coffee and suffered headaches and fatigue for about 3 or 4 days, then felt much better. I suppose the government will now say that “caffiene addiction” is an illness that qualifies for SSI disability payments. (And what about nicotine addiction? Will all the millions of smokers quality for disability?)

    • Laurence Almand says:

      I suppose now all the people who allegedly suffer from “caffiene addiction” will be disqualified from owning guns on grounds that they are “unstable” and “mentally ill.”

  11. actor44 says:

    This is what Lenin used! Brock Chisholm first head of the World H.O. good buddies with F.D.R. gave a speach on this 70 yeras ago. Brock said parents who instilled concepts of patriotism,one culture preferd over anothe,or to care more for your own childre tan you do for others in other countries who have less than ou just because you dont know them is INSANEITY! aLL ARE MENTALLY ILL,AND MUST HAVE TREATMENT! This is the plan!

    • Laurence Almand says:

      This entire situation is basically just another scheme to extend government domination over everyone. Yes, I know we have that now, but at least Americans still possess some rights. (Which are rapidly being eroded).

  12. Laurence Almand says:

    Declaring someone to be “mentally ill” (what is the exact definition of that?) is a favorite catch-all bureaucrats make up in order to punish people who disagree with them. Look at Feinstein describing vets as “mentally ill” so she could steal their guns. This is just another example of bureaucrats making excuses to infringe uon the rights of citizens by using any ruse they can think of. Doublespeak has arrived! I hope the vet wins his suit, and collects damages.

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