Why Is US Military So Interested In Identifying American Conservative & Christian Groups?

Over the past five years, Barack Obama (I really hate calling him President and find it even more difficult to show respect for the office with him holding it) has completely changed the face of America’s military.  First he repealed ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and opened the doors to homosexuals for active military duty.

Then Obama started a war on Christians in the military by restricting military items in combat zones because he didn’t want to offend Muslims in the area.  He didn’t care anything about offending the Christian soldiers serving in OUR military.  Then military chaplains were ordered to go against their faith and perform ceremonies for same-sex military personnel or face a general court martial.  I found no reports that the same orders were given to Muslim chaplains or imams.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing changes that occurred in the military was the tailoring of the top military leaders based on the question of whether or not they would order their troops to open fire on American citizens on American soil.  The military brass that said yes were placed in key strategic positions while those that said no basically ended their military careers.

Obama has been pushing to change the military retirement system.  Instead of being able to retire after 20 years of serving your country and immediately being able to draw your military retirement, Obama wants to make it so that they have to wait until they reach 62/65 years of age.  This will make it very difficult for many retiring veterans.  They basically have to start all over with a new career at the age of 40-50 years of age.  Without that military retirement pay, that transition could be a financial nightmare for many of them.  It would also deter many military personnel from making it a career, instead of just a tour of duty.

During the sequestration earlier this year, military personnel had a number of benefits taken away including tuition credit and necessary training.  Yet at the same time, the Pentagon decided to extend spousal benefits to same-sex partners of active military members, even though they aren’t married, but not to unmarried opposite sex partners.

Earlier this year, it was learned that the military began using a program that identified conservative, patriotic and Christian organizations as hate groups.  Organizations such as the American Family Association, Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America and Coral Ridge Ministries were labeled as hate groups by the Southern Pacific Law Center and the military has accepted their criteria.  They went so far as to say members of these organizations were not welcome in today’s military.

Have you ever asked yourself why the Army and other branches of the military have begun identifying domestic organizations that are conservative, patriotic or Christian as hate groups?  Why is this happening not long after Obama asks the top military brass if they would issue orders to shoot Americans on American soil?

I’m asking the questions that everyone should be asking and the only answers that seem to make sense are not ones I like, nor should you.  So how would you answer the questions?  Are your answers as unnerving as my own?



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132 comments on “Why Is US Military So Interested In Identifying American Conservative & Christian Groups?
  1. Shane says:

    Obama views conservatives and Christians as greater threats to America than Islamic jihadists, and most libs agree with him. Obama has aided our Muslim terrorist enemies by deleting any reference to jihad and Islam in our counter-terrorism training manuals. This is why the Tsarnaev terrorist was allowed to return to the USA from Russia without being questioned and followed after the Russians warned us that Tsarnaev was hanging out with jihadists.

    • MalibuBob says:

      They ARE! Simply because of their numbers!

      • Thomas Klein says:

        REALLY BOBBY???
        22,800 jihadist attacks by Muslims THIS year alone worldwide, NO attacks in 2013 by any known Christian or conservative group, still want to go with THAT Bull Sh*t ?????

        • Ray_Downen says:

          Bob has no use for logic or truth, it seems. He admires Obama.

        • Hotnike says:

          Just another stupid Obama butt-kisser. SO SAD!!

        • Beedogs says:

          That’s not Obama’s butt that Bob dreams of kissing. He is jealous of Reggie Love and Barry’s Chicago gay bath house “butties”.

        • MalibuBob says:

          When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag & carrying the cross. I agree Islam is a global threat world wide but what I was talking about is in this country.Christian fascists (American Taliban) are a MUCH greater threat to this nation than Islam (simply because of their numbers)

        • Charles_Higley says:

          “American Taliban” makes no sense at all. Islam is a violent, oppressive cult that enslaves the Muslim to the imams. Christianity is a peaceful religion (sure it had growing pains, but in Islam the violence is forever) that allows the individual to develop a relationship with God, has no plans for world domination, and recognizes women as equal to men, which Islam clearly does not. I’ll take your “Christian fascists” any day over hateful real Taliban.

          By the way, I am an atheist, believing in the inherent moral sense of mature humans.

        • MalibuBob says:

          If these Christians fascists turned this country into a Theocracy they wouldn’t act much different.

        • anoesis says:

          Denying science and unmoved by FACTS. You, stupid, are your own worst enemy. The more you talk the more you prove just how willingly ignorant/stupid you truly are.

        • John says:

          There is no moral equivalence between Christianity and Islam. Christianity IS the religion of peace, love, and tolerance. Islam is the religion of world domination, murder, terror, opression, etc.

        • UncleSamsnephew says:

          Bob fascism most closely resembles the Democrats

          fas·cism noun ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-
          : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government : very harsh control or authority.

          If you are going to call names at least know what you are talking about.

          Fascism is close to communism which is what Obama’s mandates are.

        • Tony Donaldson says:

          Bravo! Good Post!

        • Lynne Gillooly says:

          Fascism is nothing like communism. This President IS a Christian and was against the sequester. If someone here actually looks at votes made by GOP Senators vs. Democratic Senators over the last 3 decades that help our veterans and their families the GOP Senator’s votes are shameful. The D Senators by far vote on bills that help our actual soldiers and their families. The GOP always supports the spending on military contractors, weapon systems that many times cost way more than stated and other for profit entities regarding our Military. I was shocked when I looked at a comparison study done by Bob Cesca a fews yrs ago.. WHY was I shocked because the corporate owned media, especially talk radio and Fox have told us the OPPOSITE OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Please stop believing everything you hear inside the right’s media bubble and LOOK THINGS UP.
          Some of principle tenets of fascism are anti labor unions, also against art and creativity, against diversity, and the free flow of information. The less a citizenry is informed or united the easier they are to control.

        • UncleSamsnephew says:

          I did look it up! copied out just to have the right definition. Now I say to you as well look it up learn what you are talking about.

        • Lynne Gillooly says:

          Specifically, what do you want me to look up? Be glad to.

        • UncleSamsnephew says:

          Controlling the citizenry is just what the dems. and the other communist are all about with their MANDATES! Look what your great president he is constantly trying to punish people to get his way. he had discretion to keep the war memorials and other things running just as all other presidents have done but he chose to hurt people.

        • Lynne Gillooly says:

          You brought up 2 issues. Mandates and closing War Memorials
          1. Obamacare (ACA) was the plan that the Heritage Foundation and GOP came up with in the 90’s instead of Hillarycare. They included a mandate because they said everyone should be responsible for their care and should not drain the system or punish others who PAY for care when they use the ER. (CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPAL) It is also the program Romney implemented in Massachusetts. Sadly, it is NOT Medicare for all. It is still a for profit system, but the insurance companies can no longer make enormous profits by denying care for sick or people with existing conditions and putting a cap on your health needs. Doctors still make the decisions, but won’t have to worry about insurance claim denials. No more junk policies can be sold and they must spend at least 80 cents of each dollar on healthcare( and not CEO bonuses etc) The cost of US healthcare has been skyrocketing and is 1/6 of our entire GDP with 10’s of millions uninsured, or go bankrupt, or we pay for when they go to the ER. We could not afford the system we had..
          The GOP shut the Government down because they wanted to defund the ACA. They had other demands also, but that was the big one.19 times over the summer they refused to choose people to sit down and hash out the budget details. They already got the budget they wanted and it even included the sequester THEY wanted. When the govt. closes who gets to choose what will open and what will not? Maybe the cancer funding at NIH or Formula for babies program or Memorials is what you would choose. (I had 7 uncles in WWII. One died on Iwo jima at 19. Another lost his foot and my Uncle Walter lost his mind) The President did not close the Memorials. The GOP closed the Govt. which includes them If someone takes 12 hostages and you know one of them you will want THAT person set free 1st, but the real crime is taking the 12 hostages in the first place.

        • UncleSamsnephew says:

          Obama owns obamacare he changes anytime he wants and mandates are communist no matter what party they are from a lot of those GOPers are gone. this is on Obama now and all those little socialist sheep in the house and senate.

        • Lynne Gillooly says:

          The ONLY socialist healthcare program we have is the VA. The Govt owns the buildings ,equipment, all asset as well as employs the Medical personnel. Medicare is NOT socialist. The Government is the insurance company and we keep the private for profit, market based system. The administrative costs are far, far lower than what private insurance companies spend. (they have to 1. make a profit 2. pay shareholders 3. lawyers to fight regarding denied claims and huge executive bonuses. Every dollar comes from OUR premiums.
          I wish Obama could have gotten that passed, but instead he capitulated and went with the Republican proposed plan of the 90’s thinking that it was a compromise since it was their initial idea and Romney’s MA. plan…. Look how the GOP appreciates his compromise…. He really should have gone for Single payer (Medicare for all ages.)
          I don’t think he realized how much they hated him from day 1. He didn’t know about the meeting the night he was inaugurated with Newt, Mitch and the boys. They decided THAT night to disagree and fight ANYTHING he proposed. Even Rush, 4 days before said I hope he fails. That is not loyal opposition. It is more like treason. Sadly, they have done exactly what they planned at that meeting. Shame

        • Phil McMorrow says:

          Guess what, Bobby Boy. Facism is here. The largest group of them have a (D) designating political preference. Try reading some books on it. Never mind, reading a book is too much like work. You’ll just take direction from Nancy the Nazi and her BGG Debbie Wasserman “I know nothing” Schulz.

        • anoesis says:

          If it weren’t for CHRISTIANS you wouldn’t have the RIGHT to run CHRISTIANS down in this country. You are an idiot. The amount of people who have told you that are NOT wrong. The military and the GOP conventioners did NOT vote three (3) times to take GOD OUT of their activities. You self important liberals are going to be soooo surprised when you wake up in HELL. AND YOU WON’T BE SHOOTING ANY BIRDS AT GOD OR ANYBODY ELSE THEN.

      • seektruth says:

        D.C. Residents: Government Shutdown Is “Bush’s Fault’
        Read more at http://lastresistance.com/3395/d-c-residents-government-shutdown-bushs-fault/#RuTrbwXXD39je6ex.99
        Saw an interesting video clip on another article here on LAST RESISTANCE “D.C. Residents: Government Shutdown Is “Bush’s Fault”. Bobbeee, is that you with the Michael Kors bag?
        D.C. Residents: Government Shutdown Is “Bush’s Fault’
        Read more at http://lastresistance.com/3395/d-c-residents-government-shutdown-bushs-fault/#RuTrbwXXD39je6ex.99

      • fort9erdon says:

        Bob, you are such an azz h o l e !

  2. Shane says:

    Great video – American Dhimmi, Barack Obama: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ3KOZCM91c

  3. greasedscotsman says:

    Just a tad hard to take your paranoid ramblings seriously
    when you think the Southern Poverty Law Center is called the Southern Pacific Law

    • medic2003 says:

      Just gotta say, I knew it was southern poverty, not Pacific, but I still knew what he meant, and so did you.

  4. MalibuBob says:

    I suppose you morons believe westboro baptist church is a “patriotic Christian organization”! You can no longer hide you bigotry behind the shield of religion!

    • Thomas Klein says:

      And you can no longer hide your bigotry behind your Godless Athiestic, communist/socialist shield of bullsh*t

      • Ray_Downen says:

        Bob makes no attempt to hide his thinking. He parades it.

      • fenix1 says:

        Well Said!

      • MalibuBob says:

        communist/socialist? I’m invested in the commercial real estate market (something that communist/socialist don’t believe in) Now, go back & spend a few more years in the 5th grade before you throw words around that you don’t know the meaning of.

        • RevG says:

          ….he posts from his mothers basement.

        • coupdaytah says:

          Well, that settles it, there are no more communists or socialists in either China or Russia. It must be so because they invest in the commercial real estate market. Bob, your logic requires the definition of communist/socialist to at least include “does not invest in the real estate market”. Your are losing ground if you are trying to bolster your image as an intellectual.

        • Ron G says:

          You just said that you are living off your mothers money.

    • Sam says:

      Christians know what churches are behaving badly. Right now it’s Westboro. They shouldn’t protest at veterans funerals for sure. I don’t have a problem with them if they want to burn the quran.

    • Ray_Downen says:

      I notice bigotry in Bob. No, we don’t support the bigoted Westboro Baptist Church. Why would you think Christians would support such foolishness. It’s as bad as your attacks on God and Christ.

      • medic2003 says:

        Despite any past differences we my have had Ray, we definitely agree here.

      • MalibuBob says:

        Why would I think Christians support foolishness? Well, for one the Westboro Baptist Church ARE Christians & a million other reasons as well

      • Will Thompson says:

        What wrong with the Westboro Baptists? In a “free society” there must be those who choose to be different, even infamous and not conforming to the status quo. People condemn the Westboro Baptist folk but will never condemn the abomination of abortion. We kill our unborn and there is no national condemnation of it! No daily statistics posted in our national periodicals of how many were killed (like the Iraqi soldiers) on a daily basis. You would think sane, normal, defenders of the republic Americans who are supposedly walking in the light of truth would be outraged. But no, Dont Ask, Dont Tell is alive and well in America…especially as it relates to our national sin! We frown at the crazy Westboro folks while totally blinded by our conformity to a issue that makes us all complicit in a crime against God and man!

      • Mr Fred Palombi says:

        Malibu Bob is obviously looking in a mirror when he is shooting the finger. Because that is what he is doing to himself and other liberals and the country with their voting history.

        • RevG says:

          Bobeeee got on trouble after he had his friends over….his mother couldn’t find the can of Crisco………….

      • MalibuBob says:

        The Westboro Baptist Church. believes that the United States is under God’s judgment due to its toleration of homosexuality & that almost any death short of old age and natural causes is God’s punishment for not condemning the gay lifestyle. How is that different then yours? Its ironic that Westboro Baptist Church hides behind the civil and legal liberties of the nation it considers so ungodly. The hypocrisy drips like goats milk.

    • flagmantexasmarine says:

      it is NOT a Baptist church. You (mb) are the moron
      Semper Fi

      • MalibuBob says:

        Indeed it is! I’m curious,Westboro Baptist’s believe that the United States is under God’s judgment due to its toleration of homosexuality. How is this belief different then yours? granted you may not picket and protest military funerals by holding signs that read, “God Hates Fags” but you believe in the same things.

        • flagmantexasmarine says:

          They are not affiliated with the Baptist they were klcked out. I don’t believe God hates anyone

    • RevG says:

      So Bobeeeeee is that the finger you use on ( . ) bama ?

      • MalibuBob says:

        No, but if I close both hands into a fist I can use them on your mother (although it’s still pretty “loose”)

    • alan_1969 says:

      No church agrees with the ramblings of westboro.

    • Charles_Higley says:

      Hey, we all have our wacko relatives and these people are harmless as the liberal equivalent are the real Taliban, who love to hang and behead men, women, and children when they get tired of stonings.

    • coupdaytah says:

      Bob, there are literally thousands of different independent Baptist churches in America alone. Westboro Baptist is a very very small aberration which is widely abhorred by practically all of the rest (and, for the record, by me). Painting all Christians as being the same as the most vile example you can find is fundamental Liberal tactic. It is not just, nor is it right, nor is it fair and you know it. However, they are free to express their views unless and until they violate the law. There are literally thousands of different other christian faiths in America who exercise the freedoms secured (not granted) by the first amendment to our constitution. Every one of them are free to express their own beliefs in every lawful manner available to them regardless of whether we abhor them or not, just as you are free to express your own hatred and abhorrence of Christians. I’ll defend both your and their right to do so with my life. Our constitutionally secured freedoms are just that important.

    • Ron G says:

      Stop trying to change the subject boobee. If we were in the 60’s they would be calling you canadian boobee.

  5. kalli says:

    “I really hate calling him President and find it even more difficult to show respect for the office with him holding it” (D. Jolly)

    He is a disgrace to the office and the nation. I have never called him by the title, his name, or will even type it, nor will I show him respect as he has not earned it. He is all 7 abominations which God hates in Proverbs 6:16-19.

    • Hotnike says:

      He is definitely considering martial law. He may find some ‘leaders’ that will kill American citizens on our soil but I don’t believe that the rank and file personnel would. That is the reason he does not want to arm our military on our own bases. MY DEAR PEOPLE, don’t you see what he is up too?

    • White Feather says:

      Please pray for ALL of the politicians of our government, that each will
      have an encounter with the Father & truly care about & love America.
      We need to come together, a nation divided can not stand

      • kalli says:

        Absolutely! we should pray for them. The Lord can change the hearts and minds of men as easy as He can change the direction of a river. God is in total control of everything, and sees the big picture of how everything will work together for good for His purpose. The night of the 2012 elections, I was in tears at the results. The following morning I had a new perspective. His ways are higher than our ways; His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. God sent us a message these past 2 elections, and hopefully, people will come to understand what that message is.

        • freedomringsforall says:

          and I really mean to be totally sincere that I totally agree with you and White Feather.
          I pray nearly every night with my prayers that God will visit Obama in the middle of the night and change his heart.
          It would be such a wonderful miracle.
          I am sure it would be hard for some of us to believe.
          But in the mean time while on the wait for God to work some awesome miracles for our children and theirs —
          I guess i will be on the home team shouting, “praise God and pass the ammunition”.

        • Tony Donaldson says:

          The change to Homey’s heart I’d like to see is for it to seize up. Continued use of cocaine can cause that.

        • Drawer22 says:

          @freedomringsforall – It is my spiritual understanding that if we both pray AND do the footwork, we can not fail.

          De Oppresso Liber

        • freedomringsforall says:

          Amen Drawer22

          I affirm that is mine also

          I am sure you understood

          I do remember reading about all the creatures before the
          Lords throne.

          All kinds of creatures created for many different purposes.

          Many to bow, worship, offer up incense, but none of those
          creatures are man.

          Yes I agree with you that of course as you and I both
          recognize we are to offer all unto our Lord for all comes from our Lord, and yes I agree with you that also the Lord requires something of us because he has a special function in his universe for us that is different than all the other creatures that he has created.

          Thank you for your service before and your obvious continuing service.

          I was never enlisted.
          I did do a couple of background stints from an air-conditioned office in D.C. where your kind of guys were out there sweating in the African sun.
          So, I do not feel qualified to do this and I hope you do not take any offense —-

          De Oppresso Liber
          Also; if you ever have any information that you think I might be interested in please feel free to email me at: freedomringsforall@gmail.com

        • Drawer22 says:

          @freedomringsforall – “They also serve….” Whether it be in support from an air-conditioned office, military and naval logistical support, or a spouse worrying and praying every day from home, support is essential. (It took me a long time and one failed marriage to realize that last tribute.)

          No offense taken, by any means! Would it that all felt that way, for there would be no one left to liberate from the chains of tyranny ─ and folks like me would be out of a job! Y’know, when it comes down to it, military and naval service are the most giving of all professions. Each of the traditional professions is a bid to make itself obsolete: Doctors strive for health; lawyers strive for ultimate truth; clergy strive that all souls be intact ─ but only the military and naval services strive for peace and are willing to put their lives on the line for it. (There’s some kind of profundity in there, and I’ll keep striving to find it!)

          Thank you for your kind words. they mean much to me.

          De Oppresso Liber

        • freedomringsforall says:


      • anoesis says:

        I like your train of thought BUT they had better have an encounter with the SON, be saved by HIS sacrifice and covered by HIS BLOOD or the FATHER won’t recognize them. The fight is against CHRISTIANS not GOD.

    • Redwhiteblu says:

      I refer to him as OBOZZO….I think that is a fitting name

      And I think OBOZZO’S plan in to get rid of all the true patriotic veterans and military and replace them with a bunch of NAZI SHEEPLE….so he can become a true dictator

  6. nobulldude says:

    Unfortunately ignorance is the new majority. At this point I would say that 65% of Americans are ignorant. Not stupid, just ignorant meaning they have no clue because they have no knowledge to the facts. Many have no access to the facts as they watch the main media outlets and do nothing to explore and find the truth.

    We need more Fox Mulder’s out there. Let them know the truth is out there.

    We must stick to principle and never compromise. When it all comes crumbing down them, we will be the only ones prepared and if they try to take out preparations, well, let’s just say they will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    • MalibuBob says:

      Did the latest tea party debacle & recent polls not at least give you some idea as to who’s the stupid people?

      • RevG says:

        What Polls dufus ? The Cnn MSNBC Propaganda Polls ? The fact of the matter is 70% of the people of all political affiliations are against the almighty ( . ) bama his approval is less than 29%. After closing the National Monuments and Parks he and the demoncrats are set for complete destruction soon enough. They will make it as “painful as possible” ..using
        ( . )bamas own words. He screwed with the Veterans and the People, bad choice.

        • MalibuBob says:

          Well, there was the WSJ/NBC poll, ALONG with the gallup Poll & the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll & EVERY other poll taken (with exception of those dipshits at fox) that ALL show the same thing… GOP Brand Sinking Like Concrete in Water

        • RevG says:

          Dream on dufus.

        • Charles_Higley says:

          However, the lead ball that just sank past the GOP at Mach speed was our Fearful Leader and the Dems’ credibility.

        • seektruth says:

          Shrinking almost as fast as ( . )bama’s approval rating. Almost.

        • RevG says:

          Dream on Bob eeeeeee you moron.

        • anoesis says:

          The govmint is so stupid (MalibuBob type stupid) that it tried to barricade Mt. Vernon as a National Park when Mt. Vernon is a privately funded historical monument. Ted Cruz may be grandstanding but he did it WITH American Veterans not against them as OKenyan does.

      • nobulldude says:

        Yes. It is obvious who is misinformed and stupid. Most of the voters on the left. Just look at the video clips. Only a fool would vote in a communist and his ideology. I imagine yo u are a red bastard yourself Bobby Boy. Spend some time in Cuba and let me know how well the healthcare there is, and the progress they have made since the commie bastards took over there. You have a mental disorder Bob …. you need to be checked out

      • coupdaytah says:

        Come on Bob, “who’s [who is] the stupid people”? It should be “who are the stupid people”. Making mistakes like that will not bolster your claim of superior intellect.

      • Phil McMorrow says:

        Who are, Bob, not who’s (who is).

      • Drawer22 says:

        @MalibuBob – In truth, the latest DemonCraptic slowdown debacle DID give me the perspective I needed, knowing it was they who orchestrated the minimal slowdown and spent more money on armed personnel “defending” the WW2 Memorial from the Veterans who came there to honor their fallen.

        But no, I wouldn’t call the DemonCraps “stupid,” as you do. They are only misled ideological fanatics dedicated to making the nation I fought for into an unrealistic, socialistic, utopian, fascist fantasy. The most fearful thing about such people is not their stupidity, Bob; it is the mad shine in their eyes as they bow and scrape to The One, their Messiah who has them as slaves to his makeover of my once great country. Intellectually, they are not idiots, only idiotic.

        In contrast, I and those like me pledge their allegiance to a symbol of American greatness, our Flag, not to any person. Too, I and those like me take an oath, not to support any person, but to uphold the integrity of our Constitution of the United States of America, against ALL enemies, foreign or domestic.

        We do, however, pity those like you who give obeisance to a fraud and hoaxster. But our pity will not stay justice for traitors.

        De Oppresso Liber

      • ronald54321 says:

        Anyone who uses an avatar like that is a sleazeball.

  7. eddcicc says:

    Remember, it is oBOMBa’s goal to bring CHRISTIAN AMERICA to it’s knees and install Sharia Law as the law of the land being enforced by the Muslim Brotherhood and his faithful minions! 9/11 did not accomplish that goal thru force so let’s do it thru financial and morale destruction. Let us show the rest of the Christian and Jewish world just how powerful we Muslims are and how resistance is futile.

  8. johnnywood says:

    I used to encourage all the young men I knew to enlist in the US Military but I do no longer do so:(

    • Barbara Johnson says:

      They go to war to fight the Governments war. It is no longer for your country. Since when has Government become the country? Think about it.

    • Beedogs says:

      I served 27.5 years. Glad I retired before Barry the POS became POTUS.

      • Drawer22 says:

        @Beedogs – I, too, often wonder what my decisions would have been had I to serve under one ─ even The One! ─ who was not lawfully in office as my superior.

        De Oppresso Liber

    • RevG says:

      I told my sons, the History stops here. My Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father and I are War veterans. Join the Military now and I will shoot you in the foot.

      • MalibuBob says:

        was that before or after teabagging each one of them?

        • Charles_Higley says:

          Ah, Bob, you are just having flashbacks from your partying last night. Stop visiting your personal life on us.

          Mature, responsible adults = Tea Party, not aberrant fudgepackers.

        • coupdaytah says:

          Bob Bob Bob!, Your are far too fixated on the perverse sexual innuendo in the double-entendre you liberals have created in the term “tea-bagger”. You should put your clothes on, send your buddies home, and go outside more. Think of things not related to your own sexual gratification. That could help improve your outlook on life and politics immensely.

    • mike slaney says:

      Like wise, it has left the principles it was built upon, Integrity.

  9. Barbara Johnson says:

    The Military takes their orders from Government, and so therefor had to been told to do this.

  10. chamuiel says:

    call him president with a small “p”.

  11. bull57 says:

    It should not be to tough to identify conservatives. We are the ones that clean up after ourselves. We are the ones you see going in and out of churches. We are the ones when you call a business you talk to as we work everyday. We are the ones who proudly display a flag at our homes and at our business. We are the ones that say please and thank you as a natural form of respect for each other. We are the ones that will only take one if there are only two available. ABOVE all we are the ones that will self sacrifice to save our great country!!!

    • MalibuBob says:

      YOU are the ones completely detached from reality!!! The sad part is that I assume that their are some of you that truly believe you’re doing the right thing & are good for the country but just to stupid to realize you’re not.

      • RevG says:

        Bobeeee You changed your name I see. But you are still the brainless ( . )bama follower and paid moron……. as always posting ridiculous crap. You spout crap out of fear Bobeee and you should be afraid. Your ( . )bama messiah is going to end up in a prison cell. And your “legions of evil” will be defeated and chased out of Washington.

        • MalibuBob says:

          Afraid? Of what? a few toothless teabaggers that are all bark & no bite? RevG, if you’d stop teabagging your kids for a moment & open your eyes you’d see that the “legions of evil” have just been annihilated! They will be chased out of Washington in the midterms!

        • alan_1969 says:

          They may leave Washington, but it will be to surround it with the real patriots.

        • Charles_Higley says:

          The Tea Party (you mix it up with your friends who you teabag with) stands for:
          fiscal responsibility,
          a balanced budget,
          no national debt, and
          following the contract we call the Constitution.

          I am sure you think these are all evil ideas, because you are probably up to your ears in debt, waste money on crack and booze, live outside your means, and care little about individual rights and our country. If not, then you are a Tea Party member, like it or not.

          Socialism simply does not work as government and socialism (combined being Communism) cannot create wealth which socialism has to use to survive. “Socialism only works until it runs out of other people’s money.” –Margaret Thatcher

        • MalibuBob says:

          You’re retarded! The tea party just cost this country $24 Billion for their little fiasco. I don’t see the tea party wanting to cut farm aid, corporate welfare, or military spending.

      • alan_1969 says:

        That is what we say about liberals.

      • coupdaytah says:

        Yes Bob, we are “just to stupid” which is a very different statement than “just too stupid”; however, I suspect that you intended to slander our intellect rather than praise how we make a habit of treating stupid people justly. See, regardless of your views or your intellectual deficit our good people will treat you justly.

      • Phil McMorrow says:

        Bob – Who is stupid? You misspelled “too” as “to”. Sixth grade grammer here bud.

      • Tony Donaldson says:

        Keep goose stepping right on down to hell, bobby. Ole scratch has some wonderful things lined up for you.

  12. Beedogs says:

    Why call him President at all? Just use present-dent, or Community Agitator.

  13. Robert Tombs says:

    Dave, Is the backup readily available concerning the assertions made in your piece? I would be interested and having the backup.

  14. TexRancher says:

    The headline question answer: They’re NOT. (Military) They are being conditioned to see AMERICANS as the enemy so they will be more likely to obey ILLEGAL ORDERS from Obama. Look at the way he treats our military now. I hope they remember when the next election comes around and remembers that Obama is getting away with TREASON because of the corrupted democrats aided by a few RINOs. They are so stupid that they can’t see that the destruction of this country by Kenya Boy will fall on them as bad as it will on the rest of us. (Maybe more so because they bought into the lie that he is their savior)

  15. Doc says:

    Anyone know the “soft spot” in an M1 Abrams tank?

    • MalibuBob says:

      According to Ted Cruz, you place yourself under the treads, hold a gun to your head & threaten the driver by saying “if you come one inch forward I’ll shoot”!!!

    • RevG says:

      All Tanks have a driver, he has a small window,,,paint balls would do the trick

  16. Adrian Vance says:

    The man said he would remake America and now he is doing it…. Welcome to the Peoples Democratic Republic of….

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” http://adrianvance.blogspot.com When you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  17. Lorraine E says:

    I feel so sorry for our brave men and women in the military. They are not allowed to be armed in Muslim communities and at the same time BHO is sending military equipment and money to al Qaeda who hates “the great satan” (that’s us) and flew air carriers into the Twin Towers. And I’m sure that our wonderful G.I.s represent the “great satan” to al Qaeda. So the commander in chief sends our best and bravest into harms way unarmed. That says a thousand words.
    It is interesting to hear funny little government messages on the radio telling young men to register for the service on their 18th birthday and “because it is the law!” All sorts of red flags are going up when I hear government advertising.
    There is no place for Christians and Jews in a Marxist society and so it is important to identify them for special treatment such as reeducation and if that doesn’t work elimination. Of course, Marxism is just a tool to destroy our republic or step one. So we have FEMA camps, NDAA, and a military which is being cultivated with the mind set that it is okay to fire on American citizens. If the top level military leaders do not agree to changing their attitude regarding firing on civilians, they are either shamed out of their command or they resign.

  18. Dan8 says:

    Because we are getting closer by the day to the start of civil dis-obe-dience.

  19. Walt says:

    I keep saying that Obama is looking for a reason to declare Martial Law. He is pushing all kinds of buttons looking for the one that will create riots across America to give him a reason. When he does get a reason he will declare martial law, suspend elections, and the constitution. He will send troops in with orders to shoot and kill any demonstrators and rioters. After the military puts down all those riots and rioters, the American people will be too scared to object. With elections and the Constitution suspended he can remain in power indefinitely. There is no provision in the law that requires him to relinquish the powers granted him under martial law. Thus we will have King Obama who will dare anyone to object.

  20. smogdew says:

    Knowing this, why there has only been a half hearted attempt to impeach him, is beyond belief.
    Talk about a bunch of roaring sissies – the Joint Chiefs of Staff and everyone above a Ltjg in the Pentagon and elsewhere, ought to stand down.

    • bahndon says:

      Impeachment MUST start in the Senate, do you really think dingy Harry would impeach his idle ???

  21. aviationfinance says:

    This is ALL part of the “Change” that Obama promised…..
    In my heart, I believe that his allegiance is to the Muslim Jihadists.
    I believe that Barrack Hussien Obama (a Devout Muslim) is the fruition of an insidious plan to destroy the American Culture, Our Monetary System, Our Society, Our Christian Based Morals, Our Constitutional Republic and our overall leadership in the world as “the Christian Based FREE Society” that we “are”………….
    No One has presided over so much destruction to our country than this man, Ever…
    This man’s goal is clear to me, as it may well be to many others.
    I really do not believe that he will “Go Away” at the end of his Constitutional Term, but rather will remain in “POWER” in any way that he can…….
    By then, Our Country will be so Upside Down with non-productive people living off of the “government” that he will be able to take the country over just as Hitler did to Germany. AND, by then, the MAJORITY of “New Socialized American Citizens” WILL Vote for Him !!!
    BTW, I am not some “whacko Extremist” or “Conspiracy Theorist,”
    I am simply a serious student of History who is Paying Attention…….

  22. dondehoff says:

    If the President did ask our Generals if they would shoot civilian citizens—that surely has to be a high-crime and misdemeanor and perhaps even treason—i.e., aiding and abetting the enemy. Where is congress in all of this mess—are we going to have to also place some congresspersons in front of a firing-squad? We need an immediate congressional hearing to interview each General retired in the last five years and see if they were so queried and “ditto” for all generals who were reassigned to the positions vacated by the retiring officers. I will send an email to my congresspersons this weekend. I will end with a plea to congress; Congresspersons, one and all, just what does it take to get impeachment action started against the occupant of our “oval Office?

  23. BenjiMac says:

    Is there really a “Southern Pacific Law Center” that calls other organizations hate groups? I just did a quick Internet search and didn’t find one. If not, then how much of this article is not true?

  24. Deb says:

    No one should call that man who stole the keys to our WHITE HOUSE anything but thief, or if you agree with him MASTER. WHY is he still here,WHAT does he have on the people grovelling at his feet, WHEN can we IMPEACH or FIRE HIM, WHO are his handlers and HOW DO WE EXPOSE THEM? This has to be answered and the answers were written long ago, not his name, it wasn’t known, but his ACTIONS, PREJUDISTS, have been pounded into his brain.

  25. Harrel says:

    Why do all you good folks let this idiot Bobby rile you up so bad. He’s nothing more than a playground ruffian with a loud mouth. A Colonel in the US Army (hooyah) told me one time to never believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.

  26. Harrel says:

    I dislike calling all Democrats the bad guys. I have some friends that are Dems but just need a leetle more convincing to become a conservative (notice I didn’t say “a Republican, there is a difference.) I claimed to be a Democrat many, many years ago but soon changed to being a Republican and soon thereafter I chose to refer to myself as a conservative. I agree with a lot of what is being said about the GOP and I find it very sad and upsetting to see what is happening to the Grand Ole Party. What we, as conservatives, need is some leaders with some cajones who will take a stand and then stand their ground. Quit running in the face of the enemy. Many years ago I stated that the only thing that would change this country for the good is a good old fashioned revolution. And “voila” I think I just might see that before I die. Better hurry though, I’m getting close.

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