You’ll Never Guess What Happens When This Sheriff Confronts 3 Open-Carry Protesters

I am usually critical of police these days. But I’m not “anti-police.” Just like I’m not anti-congressman or anti-senator or even anti-president. But let’s face it. Most people today who occupy those positions are corrupt individuals. They exert far more power than their Constitutional authority allows.

The Constitution was written to restrain them, because the Founding Fathers understood the temptations of power that come with holding positions of authority. But we have spineless politicians who are never satisfied with the “limited” power they wield, so representatives in all branches of local, state and federal government are constantly reinterpreting the Constitution to accommodate their lusts for more power, which in turn takes freedoms and liberties away from the very people who put these “leaders” in their positions.

But there are a few good guys. Those who take their positions seriously, who recognize that their job is not to give themselves more power or to cover up their own scandals, but to work to preserve a free society by protecting people’s freedoms and getting an overreaching government out of the way. And there are good police officers too.

I have to say, this video completely took me off guard. Recently, we’ve seen so many open-carry protesters (or just ordinary citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment rights) met with paranoid, power-hungry cops who end up arresting them for “disturbing the peace,” or “resisting arrest” all because they carried a Glock on their hip or a rifle on their shoulder.

Not this Michigan Sheriff, though. You have to see it to believe it:

From the YouTube description:

We saw the Sheriff car pull up so we all took out our camera-phones right away, anticipating trouble. This officer gets out of his car, waves to us, and walks right over. He shakes all of our hands, introduces himself, and states his purpose for walking over to us. (Somebody got scared and called). He never asked us to disarm, never threatened us, never asked for our names or identification. I think I can speak for everyone in the group that it was an honor to meet this man. This is what we need to see from police officers everywhere!

Here’s a tidbit from the “confrontation” that I thought was great, especially coming from a police officer. He asked the group, “What is the only Constitutionally recognized law enforcement agency in the land?” One of the open-carriers replied, “The Sheriff’s Department.” The Sheriff gave a thumbs-up “Hoorah” and continued:

Every other [agency] was created by statute. That’s the FBI, the ATF, your local PDs, everything, DNR – statute, legislature, Congress has created them. The Constitution [only calls for] sheriffs. When I got into this line of work – because I was a young Constitutionalist like yourselves – I said I want to work for the Sheriff. I could’ve gone somewhere else and gotten a nice retirement package – the Sheriff pays me well, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working for him – but, to me, it’s very personal. I hold it in my heart, because it’s Constitutional.

There is no doubt that if police emulated this Sheriff, we’d be a freer people, and there would be a renewed trust in local law enforcement.



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  • farrightextreme

    Pretty cool.

  • chetohimler

    This is what being American is all about.

    • J. Brown

      Not disrespecting another opinion. sometimes I’m amused by the spelling errors. Still admire you for having a sincere opinion.

  • TNFamily

    A breath of fresh air finally.

  • Waterford_Citizen

    I am very proud, I live in Oakland County and this officer is an officer to be deeply proud of indeed. He made the citizens feel respected and they in tern respected him.

    • chamuiel

      you had me, right up unyil you got to “term.”

      • dbur

        you had me, right up until “unyil”

      • J. Brown

        I had imagined “turn”, what do I know as a sheriffs deputy?

        • mogul264

          They are NOT elected, hence have no ‘term’! They are hired by the Sheriff, and report to him and, through him, the county. Usually, they can only be fired for specific misdeeds, or failure to perform their assigned duties! The Sheriff IS elected. This one should be RE-elected!

        • J. Brown

          Back to “water ford citizens comment”, he stated “they in tern respected him”. Proof reading before posting might have been less confusing . Suspect he intended “turn”.
          Your comment that I had no term of office is correct, my sheriff determines the length of employment if I chose to remain on duty, or he may replace me at his pleasure.
          This sheriff is a knowledgeable person with class.

        • Sunshine Kid

          The “with class” stands out for certain. He certainly is ALL class.

        • Pathfinder_82d_Abn_Div

          I am glad to see that while you DO value correct spelling and grammer; you do not use errors as an excuse to ignore the substance of a comment. Good work !

        • J. Brown

          Everything provides meaning in our life, the better we do it the more meaning. Got this from being editor of the post American Legion news letter for years. Value most opinions, especially the ones to the contrary. Like the First sergeant said, ” at least I know where you stand”.
          Thanks for your service.
          Semper fi,

        • Bob1893

          The latest in the News 10/3/13. A sheriffs deputy ran over a fleeing suspect who later die. The Sheriff fired him on the spot.

    • Devasahayam

      Rave by one of your “neighbours” (I live in Pontiac)!

    • Archangel

      It’s alright, we know what you meant to say!

    • David Stovall

      I got a speeding ticket in Gibson, Tn. and the officer asked me if I had a gun in the truck. I didn’t, and I said no. Then I asked him, what if I did , what would happen to me? He said ,”nothing”. Then he asked if I had a carry permit and I said, yes. Then he said “You should have your gun with you, no sense having CCW if you don’t carry. So an officer scolded me for not carrying. Good man. Except he gave me a ticket.

      • Sunshine Kid

        “Except he gave me a ticket”? Were you speeding or not? If so, he was a good man to give you a ticket. Speeding often results in accidents, and the purpose of a ticket is nothing more than a warning to slow down and obey the law.

        • David Stovall

          I know. I was kidding and tagged that on in after thought. I deserved the ticket and the scolding about not carrying my handgun. But it was a typical small town speed trap He was stopping two at a time. We were not driving reckless. He was a nice guy just doing his job.

        • Lois


        • John C

          I am a retired police officer and I can tell you, the purpose of tickets is to raise revenue. There are quotas and I got yelled at every month, for the short time I was in uniform, for not fulfilling it. If it wasn’t for my arrest record I might have actually got in trouble. Yes some tickets are deserved but most people can be let go with a warning, there is no need to ruin peoples day that way. Besides I’m sure that the husband or wife in the car with the one who is driving will give them enough grief over being stopped to begin with. If you’re being stopped at a speed trap then you are getting screwed.

        • Sunshine Kid

          If you were being chastised for not writing tickets, those that were chastising you were definitely in the wrong. Something should be done about that, as that is basically forcing honest policemen to become part of extortion, and the extortionists should have been exposed and jailed.

        • John C

          They are ordering anyone to write illegal summonses, they just done want you to give any people breaks by letting them go with a warning. They are looking for the numbers because that is how the higher ups evaluate precinct commanders, it’s all about revenue, safety is just an excuse.

        • Bob1893

          What a moron, safety is just an excuse. You have got to be some kind of brain dead.

        • Bob1893

          What the hell do we have speed laws for if you don’t want them enforced.? They are for our safety and should be enforced. Ruin somebodies day, you have got to be kidding. If a speeder causes an accident and kills somebody that would definitely ruin some ones day. In my are the HP usually won’t bother you as long as you don’t go more then 5 MPH over the speed limit.
          There were too many deadly accidents on a stretch of highway that I travel daily. The HP put up signs saying that they will crack down on speeders (Zero tolerance) starting at a certain date for the next two weeks. Even forewarned a lot of drivers didn’t slow down. Now that is stupid.

        • John C

          You are the moron boob, Speed traps are done in many small town areas, were the speed drops from 55 to 30, but the signs aren’t all that well exposed/ hidden and were weren’t even discussing speeding we were discussing summons over all. In many cases, many of these laws are there for REVENUE and that’s it. Now many place are putting up red light cameras, they do very little for safety as a matter of fact they have been responsible for many accidents, people are rear ending one another because the guy in front suddenly slams on the brake for fear of the red light camera. There is a fine but no points for a red light camera summons because it’s about bring in the revenue and the red light cameras don’t give anyone a break. You have no concept about politics and policing.

        • Tom Souther

          Speeding almost never results in an accident, if you do get in an accident while speeding it can increase the severity of the results of being in an accident. As John C below points out speeding tickets are about revenue and I will add not about safety.

        • Sunshine Kid

          “Driving too fast for conditions” is often cited as a major factor in many accidents (and that can be very slow, depending on weather and road conditions). However, speed limits on certain types of highways is unnecessary. I remember when it was perfectly legal in some parts of the USA to travel without speed restrictions, and just because you got over 150 MPH (and I did in 1969, in Nevada just to find that five police were cruising down the highway without lights at 135 MPH), no police would stop you for excessive speed.

          As I pointed out to John C, if tickets are about revenue, then those writing tickets to undeserving motorists should be charged, along with those demanding a quota, with extortion because that IS a crime.

        • John C

          It’s not that motorists are undeserving of summonses, many of them are deserving, but summonses are issued for violations, which are relatively minor and are not crimes like misdemenors or felonies are. For example in some cities it is illegal to make a right on red. When someone makes that right they can be stopped legally. When the officer receives the license and reads it, he notices that the person is from outside of the city, so the officer can write that person a summons or they can give the person a warning, reminding them that it is illegal to make a right on red in the city. I prefered the warning, because if summonses are issued for safety reasons the warning can be just as good as the summons for safety. The city basically wanted you to forgo the warning and just summons the violator, it is a revenue stream and that’s why they do it, they couldn’t give a damn about the safety aspect of it.

        • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

          No state has an illegal right on red anymore. State traffic laws have been governed by Federal law for quite some time now that makes a standard for all states. Four way stop signs are illegal under the federal mandate because they impede the flow of traffic.

        • John C

          Wrong, in NYC it is illegal to make a right on red still and in several other cities in NY. The only time it is legal to make a right on red there is if there is a sign allowing it. Right on red was used as an example, may other traffic regulations have the same effect when it comes to revenue generation. There are still 4 way stops signs throughout NY.

        • Bob1893

          I can’t believe the kind of garbage some of you people come up with. Four way stops impede traffic LOL. Don’t all stop signs impede traffic?

        • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

          So tell us…what in the world were you driving in 1969 that could GO 150 mph? It sure wasn’t any American car. Today, my 6 cyclinder made in Germany car has a speed governor set at 155 MPH. I’ve had it to 130 and that gets a bit scary even on a nice straight road.

        • Sunshine Kid

          I had a 1969 Dodge Charger with 383 Magnum engine. I had added a few things, being mechanically inclined, such as a 75,000 volt coil, 900 CFM three barrel Holly, etc. There were several models of American cars that could easily hit 150 MPH, including the Ford Boss 302 cu. in. engine in their Mustang (it was more expensive than the Ford 427 cu. in., which is why I was looking at it). The Dodge Challenger, the Plymouth Super Bird (which I turned down as a dummy – look at what that would be worth today!), the Barracuda, the Corvette, the Dodge Daytona, and I believe the AMC Javelin SST were also cars capable of 150 MPH in 1969.

          Also, on a side note, American Motors Corp had a concept car, a mid-engined AMX/2 that was reportedly capable of 150 MPH in a quarter mile in under seven seconds.

          Also, my apologies – I did that in 1970, not 1969.

        • Bob1893

          Who gives a rats behind how fast some cars can go.

        • Sunshine Kid

          You obviously did not read the post BEFORE mine, when Mark Are Reynolds asked what car could go that fast. If you cannot keep up with the conversation, don’t join in it.

        • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

          Well, going 100 miles per hour down a city street that is marked 30 mph will most likely result in an accident caused by stupidity. It might not, but in that case it surely can be considered dangerous. ALL traffic laws are their for insurance companies. Since we are no longer responsible for our own actions, the insurance company is. And they have insurance regulations posted and insurance regulation enforcers giving out fines for infractions.

        • Bob1893

          We are not responsible for our actions. When did that happen? Go have an accident while drunk and see who is going to be held responsible. This is getting dumber and dumber.

      • John

        You should have gotten a ticket for not carrying your piece. You never know when a liberal will attack you. Ovomit has a lot of thugs loose in the country.

      • countyguard

        Seems this officer knows some of the constitution and rights, but not others. “Driving” is a commercial venture. “Traveling” is your right without license, or ANY restrictions. Next time you get stopped, and they ask for your “driver’s license,” say this… “Hi officer, “I don’t have a driver’s license, so why are you presuming I am need a “driver’s license” to drive my private vehicle.’ He’ll say, “you don’t have a ‘Driver’s license?'” You say, I didn’t say that. I said, why do I need to show you a license for traveling under the constitutional guaranteed right to travel upheld my the Supreme Court? It is a small battle to fight if you so choose, but we must at least begin educating these guys on their oath to uphold our rights.

        • Bob1893

          Driving is a privilege not a right.

        • Bob1893

          Let me add….What research I’ve been able to do does not support any of the
          Robertson V. DPW does discuss a “right to travel over public roads”
          fundamental, but nowhere indicates that “right to travel” equals “right
          operate a motor vehicle.”

          Any clarifications or definitive rulings
          that state driving is a

    • justtheusa

      How many in that bunch were of legal age, convicted felons, mass murderers? I guess we’ll never know. Just like law enforcement won’t know until it’s too late.

      • Sunshine Kid

        Guilty until proven innocent? Go back to bed, TR0LL

      • thomaspainelives

        Seriously you mental midget, how many convicted felons or mass murderers are going to protest by open carrying ? To add to Sunshine Kid’s remark below, get back under your bridge you stupid troll.

      • Pathfinder_82d_Abn_Div

        justtheusa : From your comment, I assume that you are under the mistaken impression that simply being armed and exercising one’s right to bear arms constitutes probable cause for suspecting a citizen of some illegal goal or intent. The officer in the video behaved appropriately. There was NO reason to harass his fellow citizens. I hope that you are not, yourself, intrusted with authority. I fear that you would abuse any power entrusted to you.

      • Charlie

        Is it time for your koolaid? Go suck your thumb in the corner like all the rest of your nanny statist kind. Hey just using my first amendment rights stating my thoughts about your thoughts.

        • anoesis

          And if it wasn’t for our 2nd amendment rights we would HAVE NO 1st amendment rights. If these people had been intending to do anything wrong they would have gone to a ‘gun free zone’ not some public place where someone could see them before they started killing helpless, innocent people.

      • El Camino

        There was no reason to even check out these guys….they were doing nothing wrong.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        Oh, I’m sure the bunch of them were. Obviously most anyone who would go to a protest must be under age, mass murderers and convicted felons. Even though FELONS are someone in a cage. And mass murderers as a whole work for the government either as a “soldier” or as a politician who directs soldiers to do mass murder. To bad there isn’t a law against total stupidity that you could be tried and hanged for because you sure would be on a gallows.

    • Pathfinder_82d_Abn_Div

      Love it !!! If only more officers would take their oath to uphold the constitution seriously.

      • Bob1893

        Five minutes on Snopes will tell you that you are full of hot air.

    • scombs

      I don’t mean to get technical, but he isn’t an officer, he is a deputy for the Sheriff’s department. While there are some similarities in the general job function, there is a clear distinction between the two. Not trying to be snarky…

    • FormerLadyLaw

      Hey hi…! I’m in Kalamazoo County! This lone article took the edge off my
      otherwise disappointing personal opinion of being born & raised in this
      State, what with all that’s going on it & nationwide. Rather gave me a
      surprise there really are good folks in uniform out there yet, but I doubt
      any of them could hold a candle to this officer’s intuition, patience,

      knowledge of the Constitution and actually knowing which Amendments
      were being supported! I wish there were more like him on patrol.

  • darylj46

    This awesome and this officer did more for his fellow officers than he realized. Hurrah for this man

    • cHUCK

      If all police officers presented themselves as this Dep. Sheriff did, it would go far to restore the respect we USED TO have and show toward our police. At age 70 I look back at my growing up days – post WWII, when soldiers, police, etc., were objects of authority and received respect. Young folks today see cops act like bullies – often because before they were cops they were the school bullies or neighborhood thugs themselves. We have reports of law abiding citizens being shot and killed by police for doing absolutely nothing. Police departments everywhere should see this video and use it as an example of how they should present themselves to the citizens THEY ARE HIRED TO PROTECT AND SERVE! As a “fed” agent myself, I shared the black eye when some “cowboy” cop behaved badly, and I personally saw some local officers do some VERY bad things. It was like a slap in the face to me personally, because I and most of my colleagues tried to be good law enforcement PROFESSIONALS – like the Deputy in this video. I’m very happy to see that the professional spirit and desire to protect and serve is still alive.

      • Valor

        I understand you distaste for bad behaving cops. Occasionally had to work with one from other departments. Hated that!

  • DeathToIslam43

    Very surprising! and in Michigan no less!!!

  • Madcat151

    Good man! Good man!

  • Rabelrouser

    More people are visibly exercising their Constitutional Reights under the Second Amendment. They understand that this is the only thing that keeps us from being over run by tyranny. That Sheriff deserves a lot of praise for his understanding of the Constitutiion.
    Many are coming together in the states and their counties to also exercise their Consitutional Rights by networking together for the defense of this Republic.

  • Mike Young

    Now this is one awesome Constitution respecting Sheriff. I just wish all Sheriff’s had his knowledge and attitude.

    • runnindeer

      The ones in my area do and I thank them and God for that fact every day . Especially when seeing how many abuse power and have no respect for the law they are sworn to uphold.

      • justtheusa

        Curious? If they respect the Constitution why do they arrest convicted felons who have paid their debt to society, for possessing a gun? 2nd Amendment says the rights of the PEOPLE shall not be infringed. Taken at face and word value, that means NOBODY can be stopped and checked and nobody can be denied the right to own a gun according to the people in the video. Felons and child molesters are people too aren’t they? I guess we need to leave them alone too. Along with the deranged and criminally insane. The anti gun crowd is eating this macho gun toter bullshit up! And they will use it against us.

        • thomaspainelives

          Because they enforce the law whatever their feelings. It’s not unconstitutional to put limits on gun ownership. I’m pretty sure if you thought about it, you really wouldn’t want someone who was a violent criminal to have legal access to firearms, especially since the recidivism rate for most crimes is over 70%. In a 1994 study, 224000 prisoners discharged had another 744,000 crimes committed within 3 years of release.

        • Pathfinder_82d_Abn_Div

          thomaspainelives : You write, “It’s not unconstitutional to put limits on gun ownership.” But, I must disagree strongly BECAUSE any limits on gun ownership IS an INFRINGEMENT. AND, that is forbidden by the second amendment. Now, in regard to convicted criminals : obviously they may not have weapons while prisoners. (Not only firearms, but other weapons as well : swords, knives, clubs, etc.) BUT, after compleating their sentence, are they, or are they not to be readmitted to society ? Or are all convictions to be accompanied with a lifetime sentence in regard to self defense ? Some people have also contended that convicted felons should have a lifelong ban from voting as well. Given the rates of recidivism, perhaps we should make all felony convictions carry a life sentence; and not release any prisoners at all.

        • runnindeer

          I disagree with the assumption that even convicted felons are entitled to own firearms due to the Constitution. This argument is one that many who are anti- gun would love to see people try to play with. It would give fuel to their cause of wanting to do away with the constitution all together. The SUPREME court and CONGRESS has decided that Felons loose the right to fire arms. As I said earlier. it is part of paying that debt to society that many believe is paid when the felon gets out of prison and off parole, and keeps a clean nose for a few , or many years. The simple fact is that once a felon, always a felon. The record is not purged and the person doesn’t regain rights that were lost when that felonious crime is committed. Would you think it is perfectly okay to allow child molesters or rapist the rights that they had before being convicted? I don’t think so!

        • John W. Neff

          Maybe so. But lets face it. While they are in prison they can get all the education with degees they want, but once released, they have a hell of a time getting a decent job. Is that why we have such a high recidvism rate?
          I don’t really know. I ‘m just going be articles I have read, supposely by people that are supposed to know..

        • Pathfinder_82d_Abn_Div

          You raise an interesting question here. Shouldn’t those who have “paid their debt to society” be fully reinstated into society ? Should they lose, not only the right to keep and bear arms, but all rights to self defense too ? Also, should they be permitted to vote ? So, are certain portions of their sentences to be for life ? Perhaps we should just keep them imprisoned for life and not let them out, ever . Especially in the case of child molesters, whose rate of recidivism is very high, it may even be better to just execute them; then we won’t even need a watch list.

        • John W. Neff

          I have also wondered about that too. In this country if one committes a felony their a felon forever. Its a life sentence, where you never pay the debt to society even if you become an outstanding citizen. From what I have read the old Soviet Union restored all rights after 5 years out of prison if that individual kept his record cleaned. I read an article a few years ago by some criminalogist from one of the ivy league universities, stated that if an indiviual stayed out of trouble once released from prison for three years, that person usually never commits a crime again. I believe it was 90+ percent of them. I would think somekind of a insentive program might prevent one from returning to prison. Such as, after serving five years, or seven or maybe even 10years of a crime free life, that all rights are restored and record kept only incase that individual ever committs another crime. I have a friend that got a felony conviction 40 years ago. He is an unstanding man, little league coach, well liked by his community and a great guy. But, because of the conviction 40 years ago, he has never been able to enter the profession he would like to. Its kind of said.

        • runnindeer

          Because convicted offenders who commit felonies loose the right to legally own a fire arm. Serving time after the crime does not null and void that fact. Just as convicted child molesters loose the right to associate with children or to legally be around them. Do the crime, serve the time. that is part of the punishment for breaking the laws. As for “the deranged and criminally insane”, do you have the knowledge of what to use to prove that someone is insane? Criminally insane, when caught, are like the rest of criminals. They are subject to all laws. The insane are among us all of the time. they are living in the White House as I write this. They are teachers, and in every walk of daily life. they go about their business undetected until they become so bad that they can no longer be ignored. The” anti- gun crowd are some of those insane and many of the criminals that you speak of.

    • Pathfinder_82d_Abn_Div

      YES !! AND, not just sheriffs; but all law enforcement personnel federal, state, and local. All of those who enforce the law need to remember their oath and refuse to enforce ANY unconstitutional statutes.

  • rutbuster1

    Awesome……A lot of cops can learn from this Sheriff……….

  • marineh2ominer

    An absolutely GREAT law officer , far and few between today , or at least thats the impression many of them give .

  • Gene Stone

    Send this officer to Chicago (and other places)to give the idiots there some remedial Constitution training.

    • Upaces

      LOL…Gene, Chicago would slap him behind bars.
      BUT! We DO need more like him!

  • DJ_Fisher

    Promote this Sheriff…..

    • jimbo124816

      Promote this Sheriff…..and they will replace him with someone who hates you.

      • Pathfinder_82d_Abn_Div

        Let us hope that more can be found who are like this sheriff.

    • Pathfinder_82d_Abn_Div

      Maybe a pay raise is in order. Then he can still do the same great job.

  • Mr. Conservative

    Let’s all give a rousing round of applause for this fine example of a Sheriffs deputy!! This, ladies and gentlemen, is the way law enforcement should behave in a free society! God Bless these officers who know what the Constitution is all about!

    • garyrose

      All Law Enforcement If America was Right? Would be doing same Thing Sheriff Arpaio Does it Right in Arizona enforces All Laws. Does not Pick and Choose Political Correct Corruption ones as most do in America? Thank God For Joe Arpaio and may he have a lot of Clones never to MANY.Missouri used to be Show me State ? Moveover Arizona Takeing your Spot.

    • Pathfinder_82d_Abn_Div

      Mr. Conservative : AMEN !!! I agree 100 %.

  • Goodforall

    Just one word-awesome!

  • mjem

    That was just bee u tee ful!!!!

    • snooki61

      Love your response, also bee u tee ful!

  • doctorbob

    What a REFRESHING change from the thug bully cops who do not recognize our Constitutional rights! They need to clone this cop! And EVERY cop in America needs to see this video

  • vinagaroon

    Excellent, a patriot

  • Mimi Schmaltz

    Great to see a good story from Michigan….

  • Keith Schroeder

    Like the author of this article, I’ve been getting a very sour taste when it comes to law enforcement from all of the articles that have been popping up about overreach, abuse of power, etc. I had a big old smile on my face when I was watching this. This deputy was a class act, and actually understands his role and his job, and is first and foremost an American who loves and believes in the Constitution. Thank you for posting this video…we all need to remain vigilant, but it’s refreshing to see the positive side of the equation rather than the negative side all the time.

    • Pathfinder_82d_Abn_Div

      Exactly ! I still contend that most law enforcement officers are decent people who want to protect their fellow citizens from criminals and harm. It is a shame that far too many have become tools of an oppressive government. I hope that many more of our officers and sheriffs remember their oaths to uphold the constitution. THAT will be a great day for all Americans.

      • John W. Neff

        Yes, I agree with you. Especially the Sheriffs across the country. After all, they are the only constitutional law enforcement we have. I believe most Sheriffs and their deputies country wide will stand with the people. Oppressive government is right. This politically correct and non-profiling crap has made it much harder for cops in the cities. They have to take a lot of crap from people. Yes. some get hard, but maybe if were were put in their position, we would too. Washington has created a world of pretend.

        • Pathfinder_82d_Abn_Div

          Exactly right !! We need to spread this video among our patriot friends so that we don’t get the wrong idea about police.

  • RoseBrownlee

    Unbelieveable,there some good people in this world,thank you SHeriff

  • Ruby_Con

    Good man.

  • sanman99

    Thank you SIR!

  • fliteking

    Fantastic, I have a feeling there are many more Sheriffs like this in the nation who are otherwise quiet . . . we’ll see where we stand when the SHTF .


    IT is nice to see law enforcement treat people with respect again..

  • axmickl

    Thank god for at least one or two good cops.

  • jazboo

    Great video! I won’t hold my breath waiting for the MSM to cover a story like this!!

  • Arnold Young

    Holy Cow.. We have got to hire this guy. Where can we contact him?

  • Birdog

    Reminds me of the Police Officers I knew growing up. As well, the Sheriff Dept. in the Southern State county I now live in. Hey, the Constitution is the SUPREME authority of the United States of America. NOT the Supreme Court, POTUS, nor the Congress. They have SWORN and OATH to uphold it, and defend it. This Officer and his department are to be the example, NOT the exception.

  • jaxtom

    When (not if) it all goes south this is the kind of law officer that can count on the law-abiding citizens “having his back”!

  • Mort Leith

    You will NEVER see this clip on the government-owned corrupt media like CNN, MSNBC, cBS, ABC, etc….

    which is one of the SADDEST things that the cancerous liberal socialists have brought to this country.

  • snooki61

    Would love to shake this guy’s hand! This is the kind of officer that I grew up
    respecting! I am a 71 year old woman, and what’s going on in our country just
    stinks!!! But I am not too old to defend myself and help others needing it.
    Just saw a great video where a young woman was stopped by Border patrol and they wanted her to pull over so they could search her car. She refused, and kept up a conversation refusing to budge and comply for almost 15 minutes, she ended up
    driving away and they never touched her car! It was GREAT!!!!

  • HDMania

    Very good video and an excellent sheriff too..too bad all cops and sheriffs cant act this they are suppose to..a good cop has the constituition in mind and the thug cops have revenue in mind..

  • phunyfarm

    How wonderfully refreshing! Thank you, Patriots.

  • victorbarney

    Go Michigan sheriff! Just saying…

  • Admiral America

    The Constitution alone clearly doesn’t restrain anyone. The Founders should have created a branch of government where common citizens are chosen jury duty style to enforce the Constitution. In fact there shouldn’t even be elections since clearly they can be corrupted. Just random citizen who submit their names into a volunteer pool to serve the people for maybe one month at the most. The government shouldn’t be doing anything that requires one person to be in power for any length of time.

  • Chris Foltz

    I can still remember being able to cross the JFK Rt.95 in Maryland with our shotguns during hunting season… try that now & the Goon Squad will scoop you up…

  • Victor

    That was an Honorable Sheriff. We need a LOT More like him

  • American!

    HOOOOOORAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, a sheriff that knows the law and our rights as US Citizens! I pray for these kind of police officers everyday, that they will be out of harms way! This guy has a gun and not afraid of law abiding citezens with a gun legally! Right on!

  • Willie Dowg

    Well, I haffta say kudos to the deputy in the blurb. We have many such followers of the Constitution in GA. When push came to shove, ALL of our Sheriffs signed-on against the usurpers of the Constitution. There is some hope with the elected law-enforcement that are not bound by their political appointers. Thank you for serving your Oath well!

  • Gary Moscowitz

    we have gotten soft and lazy in this country. We’ve had freedom and a good life for so long that we have forgotten what’s it’s like to have our freedoms threatened. It’s sad that right now, under the current administration that our freedoms are under attack. The liberals have a very myopic view that the gov’t is there to protect us, when clearly, our forefathers meant for us to have protections from the gov’t. That was the basis for our Constitution and more importantly the Bill of Rights that followed. A “well armed militia” threatens the absolute power of the Federal gov’t and indirectly the life long career made jobs that many, if not most of our politicians covet. That is why the Tea Party and Conservatives in general have been so clearly targeted.

  • Incredulous1

    BRAVO!!! No other words are necessary.

  • zcactus2

    Awesome Officer, we could use many more like him!!!!

  • craig


  • Rod

    Good job.

  • nonstopca

    With all the terrible news reports of police interaction with citizens exercising their 2nd amendment rights, it is good to see at least one officer, who understands our rights…..and doesn’t go crazy at the sight of a gun. I worry that MOST officers, will, when the “dung” hits the fan…to many police officers will side with Obama, and decide YOU are the enemy, and shoot you DEAD.

    • RoscoeBonifitucci

      Don’t believe it. Patriots are the Police, Fire and Military Personnel for the most part. God Bless America.

  • Art Hock

    There are really a lot of good guys carrying a badge.

  • gmhunt4

    Great Police Officer

  • George Washington Jr.

    Now that is the way it is supposed to go! Good job everyone!

  • gwedem5995

    I hope that in the next few weeks that this sheriff has
    not been reprimanded. If anything happens to him, America needs to stand up for him. Kudos to this policeman.

  • Honorary

    I knew it all along that we still have many good Americans and patriots that will make our country be great again. This exeptional Sheriff is well educated and held high regard to the Constitution, our inspired document in which he sworn to honor and protect, I am so glad.
    Our founding fathers labored for more than a year to create a document that would make the people as free as possible and the government (especially the federal government) as limited as possible.
    This Sheriff is setting a good example to his colleagues , he is a good sheriff as good as Sheriff Joe Arpiao in Arizona.

  • CaptTurbo

    Such a rare and wonderful policeman!

  • Sasquatch

    If this officer could be “national policeman of the century” and teach the rest of our officers how to treat citizens, then America could get back to normal. This guy was awesome !

  • Richard Deerfield

    There is hope! Outstanding. We need many more like this fine officer.

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government.this was great.sheriff joe and cold case posse.have been like this sheriff for many years.

  • flagmantexasmarine

    Semper Fi

  • Valor

    I once worked for a sheriff like this one. He had been sheriff of his county for 42 years when he finally retired. Everyone respected him and most, even the not so law abiding would stand with him if needed. When he left the office his replacement was the exact opposite. Within 3 months over half of his deputies, including me resigned. A couple had nearly 20 years in. I will say that the replacement was voted out next election, and the new Sheriff is still in office. Several of the former deputies did return to the office.

  • HarryTC

    When the real honorable Americans, not the anti American migrants, are in possession personal fire arms, the local police automatically have “back up” in emergencies!
    The murderors we have seen in the news recently have been anti-American migrants that become disillusioned because they came from the worst countries on the planet, wanting to change America into the Country they came from.
    It appears that our Politicians are more than willing to do it! We give them free schooling, free homes and utilities, free money, and in California they will soon be voting, if the Democrats have anything to say about it!

  • Dr. G

    I fear for the Deputies career, however, as timid or corrupt “progressive” higher-ups might be tempted to slap him down. It would be interesting to track him down and see if he is still employed as a Deputy Sheriff.

  • Captain Ed Hayes (ret)

    Some folks are very critical of the “cops” every chance they get. Even author Phillip Hodges talks like this deputy is a rare case, he’s not. I have to hold my comments many times because of what is said verbally as well as on the internet about the “dirty cops”. Some comments are by friends while some are not but I usually let it go, their minds made up. To some if one “cop” is bad they all are bad and that is simply not the case. As a forth generation “cop” (now retired) I have known and I still know many LEO’s who are just as good as this Deputy Sheriff is, most are.

    I’ll give you a reverse example of comparison in my opinion. With politicians 99% give the other 1% a bad name, just the reverse of “cops” where 1% gives 99 % a bad name. Many opinions are due to the ignorance of some when it comes to what LEO’s have to put up with and what their job description is. While many bitch and moan about the cops most of THEM do not have the backbone, courage or common sense to step up and do the job and today it is as dangerous as any other time in American history.
    A positive point that folks can learn from this is that these guys treated the Deputy with the same respect that he gives them. That’s all you have to do IF you are questioned by any officer, be polite, calm and show your respect because he is just doing what he is commissioned to do. Most people who get in trouble when stopped or questioned put themselves in the trick bag just by their actions whether they have done something wrong or not.

    Note what the Deputy says about THE SHERIFF because they may someday be our last line of defense when it comes to the organized criminals in DC and elsewhere. They would like to limit or take away the Sheriff’s powers given by the constitution for the obvious reasons. Biden’s baby boy has done just that in Delaware where he is the states attorney general, IF they get their way all Sheriff’s will be reduced in power and no longer elected so they can put their own puppets in office as they continue to do nearly everywhere else.

  • ChristieWagner

    God bless this police officer(and I will NOT spell His name as “god”)! And also God bless him because he’s obviously a former Marine–he said “OORAH!” when one of the protesters correctly answered that only the sheriif’s office was created by our Constitution. I’m the widow of a Navy carrier-based fighter pilot who had enormous respect for Marines.

  • A_Nobody

    OK I AM impressed by this man.

  • grumpybill

    This Sheriff is GREAT!! Kudos to him! More should be like him!!

  • fortuneteller43

    As a former officer (retired) I will say the departments today are a heck of a lot better than a few decades ago. By and large they have always been this way with pockets of corruption here and there. Remember this: corruption begins at the top down, not the bottom up. Constitutional Law was one of the courses during my training, so I was versed in all the amendments. Laws however were created for the law abiding, not the criminal. A DO NOT ENTER SIGN means two different things depending whether you are a citizen, or a criminal. Every officer would have done the same as this deputy had the protesters been holding signs supporting their constitutional rights and displaying the weapons they carried. I would have done the same. In a big city environment it’s different. What if the officer is called out in the worst part of Chicago or New York and you had five armed brothers without signs standing on a corner? Are they exercising their constitutional rights? As far as officers approaching you with an attitude, we in the department called them by a different name—badge heavy. They suffer from Wyatt Earp Syndrome. Police are not robots. We think and feel the same as all the rest of you. Political Correctness made our jobs extremely difficult. I wish it were otherwise.

    • Colorado_Patriot60

      I was told by a Sheriff friend of mine that most police depts have dropped the Constitutional Law classes completely.

      • fortuneteller43

        It’s a bit of a quandary in today’s world. The police, the military all pledge to uphold the constitution. That they may not teach it any more is irrelevant—we still have a constitution; ignorance of the amendments is no excuse. But how do you differentiate possible terrorist and law abiding patriot on America’s streets? The State Department grants asylum to Somalis, Dagestani and Middle Eastern types believing they are being persecuted. They are, and with reason. The clueless idiots who grant them visas, give them money and a place to stay while these types plan on ways to kill us. They live in urban pockets in New York, Dearborn, Mich., Missouri, and Arizona and probably in dozens of other towns and cities. During our own Civil War (or War of Northern Aggression) there was a distinction between North and South in the uniforms they wore. What if the Muslims, all of different color and nationalities (even some Americans) decide to wage Jihad here in America’s streets? The most
        useless police officer in times of war is a homicide detective.

        • Colorado_Patriot60

          It is not irrelevant at all. If you check they are no longer using the oath with the police and they are trying to get rid of it in the Military, also. I agree with the rest of your statement, though. That is why my guns will never be taken and when I’m gone they will go to the next generation of American Patriots.

        • fortuneteller43

          Neither will they take mine. But I still have a copy of the Constitution up on my wall. It is important to me. I will always defend it. I praise you guys in Colorado in the recall elections. Way to go.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Great Policeman! More like him are better. He understands we Patriots are law abiding folks who support the Police, Fire and Military Personnel…hell, we are the Police, Fire and Military Personnel for the most part. God Bless America.

    • The Floorguy

      This is not the “hired gun” police. This is the elected Sheriff’s, deputy.
      Someone that can actually be held accountable.

    • Colorado_Patriot60

      Please don’t mistake Officers of the Sheriff Office with the police dept. Sheriffs are elected by the People and police are hired guns in Townships. Sheriffs have Constitutional Authority, police do not!

  • Tommyboy

    One good cop.

  • bill45colt

    when the shooting starts, I know whos side these guys are gonna be on!!! Sherriff can count solidly on them for backup!!

  • phil62

    Thank you for giving us something solid and good to read and watch. Not only is this a perfect example of a person serving his people but your putting this up for all to see is a perfect example of a REAL newsperson. Thanks to all of you

  • DetroitRock

    Hoorah – I’ll bet this cop was a former Marine! Yeah for my state – for a refreshing change!

  • Leningradcowboy

    This guy is a true American. Thats just awesome to see. God bless him.

  • Marilyn Z

    You go, Deputy! We are proud of you for your common sense, your compassion, your humanity and your understanding. Wish all law enforcement was just like you.

  • Christopher Kundert

    I am from Michigan originally, and used to work at a jail for the Sheriff Dept. I know that more officers than not feel this same way. There is still hope for our great nation, LORD willing.

    • seeingeye

      I am in Texas and am retired from working with many sheriff’s deputies. Most were like this one in the video. Been out of touch for a while so can’t comment on how they are now.

  • Dasrge

    What an absolutely AWSOME Sheriff’s Deputy!! I was getting so tired of watching LEO’s from all over the country creating confrontation and demanding immediate disarming of the people (by asking, but primarily by force) before making their intentions known.

  • KJ1125

    We need to see more of this.

  • david of tampa

    Please come work for the Cumberland County, Maine Sheriffs office. We love good deputies.

  • crowtoe

    geez, folks, learn to distinguish between a typo and a spelling error; it isn’t difficult.

  • marcdepiolenc

    You know the country is in trouble when rational public servant behavior like this is the shining exception. Perhaps we need to set up a special hall of fame for Shining Exceptions – people with the character and grace to resist the appeal of power and to stay true to themselves and to their country.

  • DocJimmy

    Well I’ll be dang – what do you know about that???

  • NotSmall

    I am usually critical of police these days. But I’m not “anti-police.” Just like I’m not anti-congressman or anti-senator or even anti-president. But let’s face it. Most people today who occupy those positions are corrupt individuals. They exert far more power than their Constitutional authority allows.

    WOW phillip, MOST POLICE OFFICERS ARE CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS ….. that is what it says. The Last resistance needs to get rid of you/ MORE CHIMERA THAN ACTUALITY

    • Physick

      So, is it “chimera” to chide congressmen, senators, judges, presidents? Are they not corrupt? Would you get angry if you read an article criticizing Obama for being corrupt? Or getting onto Congress for having no backbone and being only concerned with money and power?

      Cops are not immune from corruption. They’re in a position of power, and it is very easy for them to think that they are the law. When they get to decide what the law is at any given time just because they’re mad at someone, and especially when they’re given arrest/ticket quotas, that breeds corruption.

      If you don’t like it here, then you can leave.

  • 1josephg1

    Get on the band wagon. I have been saying that funding the rebels in Syria is treason. They are supported by the same ones who attacked us on 9/11. barry is GUILTY of TREASON!!!!!!! So is everyone who voted to provide funding. Enough is enough. Start protesting that barry is GUILTY. Call you congressman and senator and DEMAND they bring charges against the foreign exchange student.

  • thewizardofaz

    Anyone know the man’s name and contact info for him and his boss? I would like to send an attaboy!

  • Nathan51

    This officer just gained a tremendous amount of respect, support and lots of very valuable friends. So many LEO’s seem to go out of their way to turn every situation like this into open confrontation. It’s too bad that they aren’t smart enough to figure out that approach gains them nothing.

  • myfordtruck

    very good sheriff and ifomative

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    This gentleman should be made CHIEF! So glad to see a brother officer respecting the public he serves. Maybe there is hope.

  • 2egypt

    I love this sheriff…he’s all about freedom….not like our politicians in office…they don’t give a damn for us, just thinking about themselves and their bank account.

  • seeingeye

    I am now retired from working in law enforcement. My late husband, who was a chief deputy for a Texas sheriff’s department, frequently reminded people that the sheriff’s office was the only constitutionally recognized law enforcement agency in the land.

  • G D Bryan

    We need a lot more like that Sheriff.

    • Guy Daley

      Then promote the idea of the constitutional sheriff. It is an organization led by Sheriff Mack. Do a google search for CSPOA which is the constitutional sheriff and peace officers association.

  • G D Bryan

    that deputy can watch my back or vise verse any day of the year. Thanks officer and have a great day.

  • ActualConundrum

    A fine officer of the law. Good thing to see.

  • SickofPoliticks

    I wish they all understood what this law enforcement officer does. Hoorah!

  • duif100

    I wish there were more like that officer.

    • danimal

      20 years ago, there were many, just like him…and MY DAD.

  • Meathead

    I emailed him and thanked him for his professionalism, courtesy and patriotism. He emailed me back and thanked me for my comment.
    This guy might be from Texas.

    • Dasrge

      I wish he was from Texas…he could teach some of the deputies down there a thing or two about how to properly interact with a citizen practicing their 2nd Ammendment rights instead of forcibly disarming them because the deputy doesn’t believe the constitution exists anywhere around them.

  • a_redrunner

    Very important statement that the Deputy made. The Sheriff Department is the only Constitutional Law enforcement in the Nation! Every other agency is questionable.

  • Al Gagnon

    and that ladies and gentlemen is how you approach an open-carry protester

  • Joseph111

    Its officers like this that renew my faith in law enforcement – GOD bless this offcier and all that are like him!!

    • MrsCleaver

      I know hundreds just like him.

  • a_browning

    I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. Wow.

  • pretzeldude

    This Deputy is the difference between the young badge heavy punk cops and the old timers that have taken the time to learn what their real job is.
    I know because I was one of the old timers now retired. Since my retirement I have meet dozens of smart ass punk cops.

    • robocop33

      Like you this is how my brothers and sisters were at my Department. No longer. They have dropped the standards in the name of diversity and equality and not as strict about who they allow to wear the badge. There are still 99% of cops that are good honest hard-working folks but we also have some idiots in there now as well.

  • robin Grace

    Make sure he doesn’t get fired when Dems see this. They are out for blood- those Dems.

    • Dawn Garland

      the dems make everything that is good and right out to be WRONG! they are BACKWARDS!

  • Tamera Jardine-Baker

    I love that officer, he is a real American who knows the constitution… Thank you sheriff for the job you do, Be proud!!!

  • richardwagener

    If the country was filled with Sheriffs like this Obama would be singing a different tune. This is America as it should be. Thank you sir for renewing my faith in the greatest country on earth that is suffering painfully at the hands of this monster and his gang of thugs running the country into the ground.

  • justtheusa

    A door has now been opened for criminals and convicted felons to walk right through. And who will bear the blame when children are killed because nobody bothered to check out the man with the gun? I can’t believe the officer supports the idea of waiting until a child is killed or a robbery commited to approach someone simply to check out the possibility someone may not be a law abiding citizen but instead a wolf in sheeps clothing. Ahhh but what the hell it won’t cost but a few lives to prove their point will it? This is not an educational activity. It’s sheer dangerous stupidity and jeopardizes my right to open or conceal carry. Just when would an officer have the duty or right to ask for identification? According to this bunch of fools….never. Or at least not until the first body drops. Lot of good that will do the victim.

    • zeelphaggin

      The cops already know who the criminals are… they meet often with the way our liberal parole system is.

      • justtheusa

        Bull shit! Where do you get that from? No one knew John Wayne Gacy was a mass murderer until he was caught. Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and on and on. Get real for God’s sake. No one knew about the guys that did the last several mass murders because they HAD NO RECORDS! They would have been one of those that should be allowed to walk freely with guns in the open. Just because they open or conceal carry doesn’t mean they aren’t lunatics waiting to kill someone. By the way, you look like a guy I saw on a wanted poster at our local deaprtment……….

        • Guy Daley

          Guilty until proven innocent is the path to tyranny (actually we’re already there but there are varying degrees of tyranny). Not sure why you are advocating tyranny. Peddle your lunacy somewhere else.

          I know you get some sort of thrill out of the TSA patdowns but I could very easily opt out of that BS because its completely unnecessary. Uncle Fraud promotes the War on Terror as a means of greater control over its citizens.

        • buddman

          WOW talk about mental issues try some more koolaid

        • Dasrge

          Wow…your picture of a donkeys behind does you justice.

    • Dawn Garland

      criminals don’t typically walk around with friends toting guns…with smiles . everyone is looking for reasons to take the 2nd amendment away, but I bet they would be happy if there was a good person with a gun in an emergency.

    • n2woods

      Poor justtheuse can’t tell the difference between sign carrying concerned citizens and armed thugs entering a building illegally. No wonder justtheusa worries about the police not being able to tell the difference. Thankfully the police have better judgement than this troll.

  • lynn

    sweet love it a good cop and for the constitution 100 %

  • justtheusa

    So….the police and sheriffs deputies don’t approach any gun toting person? How will we know who is entitled by law to bear arms? Or do you posers plan to allow muggers, murderers, child molesters, mental deficients, drunks, al quaeda, the taliban etc etc to open carry just like legal, law abiding citizens? How will law enforcement officers know the difference if they are not allowed to ask? To read the remarks here it appears that all of you support the chaos that will come of restricting officers from approaching a carrier to simply determine legal status of that person. What is the problem with someone being asked for identification for a background type check? Just because you can carry, doesn’t mean you have to get in someones face with it. You can’t stop the damage you’ve done now. We law abiding carriers will now have to suffer the fruits of your stupidity. Medical background checks, criminal background checks, licensing for an obscene processing fee, mandatory training requirements etc etc etc. “Shall not be infringed”? I guess that means criminals can have guns no matter what the conviction? After all it doesn’t say WHO can’t, just who can. You people have given the anti gunners even more ammo to restrict gun ownership and maybe even amend the Constitution to remove the 2nd Amendment. I carry a gun every day of my life and you idiots are about to bring down the anti gun crowd on us. And I’ll bet there isn’t a one of you that would fight to the death to protect your 2nd Amendment rights. Teddy Roosevelt said, “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. I do. The stick I use is the Constitution and the courts. Not some cicus side show antics to get some attention.

    • Colorado_Patriot60

      He did approach and ask “IMPOSER”. Not one person said they shouldn’t be allowed to ask. Learn to read and listen with comprehension. It would help if you read the Constitution!

      • Dasrge

        But Colorado…that would constitute effort and becoming a bit more educated on his part…liberals don’t like that. They just like being told what and how to think.

        • Colorado_Patriot60

          Isn’t that a fact!

  • justtheusa

    Okay all you Constitutional scholars…..who does the 2nd Amendment specifically say is ineligible to carry a gun? Remember, “shall not be infringed”. (criminals are people too)

    • LVR

      I happen to agree with you. I think once a man does his time his debt is paid to society. Rights are inalienable, if they can be taken from one, they can be taken from all.
      I’m assuming you are serious, and not just stirring the pot.

  • Mike Chism

    It was an honor to watch such a LEO, I remember my days as one… brings me much hope when seeing this….For OUR Republic

    MIke Chism
    Oath Keepers
    Founding Lifetime Member #44
    Molon Labe

  • Tigerlake4

    Stay armed, stay ready…..obama won’t quit!!

  • Dawn Garland

    kudos to a sheriff that knows the constitution-and for men who will show everyone what the 2nd amendment means—you don’t need to worry about the men who treasure the second amendment—UNLESS you are a criminal!

  • robocop33

    This Deputy is to me just like 99.9% of the Officers that I know and have worked with in my long and diverse career as a Police Officer. I disagree entirely with the opening line the author ‘reported’ and suspect he wrote it mainly for it’s shock value. Far and away Police Officers are brave men and women who stand between the good and the evil to protect those who for whatever reason are unable to help themselves and are willing to put their own lives such as family time, income level, working hours and missing holidays with family and friends and yes even their very lives on the line for complete strangers. We believe in the US Constitution and support it and ALL of it’s rights and Amendments. We are not bullies but if we are not always that polite when giving you a traffic ticket or questioning you about something remember that maybe we have just come from an accident or remember a crash that tore the tiny body of a child apart or investigating or remembering an individual who shot and killed another Officer just like this in a similar situation. Walk a mile in our shoes and maybe, just maybe you will appreciate these brave men and women.

  • nvrat

    Pretty Damn Cool if you ask me.

  • John W. Neff

    This is great. It means freedom.

  • USMC 64-68

    He’s a good example – a good LEO and American.

  • suedeniem

    What town is this in? I wanna move there!

  • David Quagliozzi

    That’s what there supposed to do thank you to those Patriots!

  • J J

    Amazing law enforcement officer – doing his job the correct way!!! Kudos!!!

    • LVR

      Want to see an amazing juxtaposition? Watch a few Adam-12 shows on Netflix or what ever then watch COPS. See how the times (Police) have changed, and not for the better.

  • kyrunner

    We need more officers like this one.

  • daveveselenak

    God bless him, he’ll need it. I hope that he still havs his job come the end of the day! – if only the majority of his cohorts were as patriotic as him the country would be in good hands!

  • rich

    Okay pretty cool, But unfortunately this video may be used against him somehow, by the liberal media even though he did a great job.

  • RonWillison

    A good day for sure. The whole idea that we have to educate people points directly at the proble,. Why is it that our Constitution is NOT taught in School? Do you suppose that might be because if it were. The masses would also know that The constitution is very precise where our military and defence issues are concerned. It basically says that The Department of the NAVY is responsible for protecting America. It says two other things I find noteworthy. It says that “Only in time of WAR can a levy be places upon the citizens of the many states. The generated funds to pay for an army, and must be terminated at wars end. How many are aware of the fact that in 1913 When The Trojan Horse called the Federal Reserve Act WAS DECEPTIVELY SOLD TO OUR GREAT GRAND PARENTS. THE FEDERAL iNCOME tAX AND IRS were also shoved up our behinds in the same year? And most importantly. America was NOT at WAR at the time. The very year those abomination were enacted makes them completely illegal. And also explains why America has been at war ever since in one place or another. Some may not be aware of the fact that all the other quote alphabets soup lettered agency’s are the bi-product of that original fraud that to this day is an ongoing felonious criminal activity.
    C.C. myfiles 09-24-2013

  • mbm

    We need a lot more like him and less like the libs are trying to do to steal our freedoms.

  • disqus_5jjk2afy7U

    Wish they were all like that.

  • MC

    Very true! The sheriff is elected by the citizen, not appointed by a bureaucracy. He’s absolutely our only constitutional peace officer. Other police officers have become the new gestapo of the Marxist govt.following ill conceived directives to intimidate the innocent citizens. (Gangsters are ignored so that they will not be offended.) Notice how they all dress in black military garb with face masks to obliterate your rights of assembly and protest. We are now living in a Fascist police state similar to that of Hitler’s 3rd Reich. this time it’ll be the Christians and conservatives hauled away to concentration camps.

  • Lloydl333

    This officer understands the oath he took. God Bless him and the Oath Keepers.

  • 7PastorCarmine7

    Bad guys hide their guns only to show them when they Robb you.

  • LifeisSoGood

    Want to give this Sheriff the kudo’s he deserves?

    His name is Deputy Paul Buhl. He is at Oakland County Sheriff Dept.

    You can get his higher ups at OaklandCountySheriff(dot)com.
    or call his Sgt. at 248-393-0090
    A good man deserves to know he’s appreciated!

    • Dasrge

      I just left my email to the deputy. The address to write to is actually: People, please give this man the recognition he deserves. It’s more than likely that liberals in his area are going to try and attack him for his proper use of the constitution and his approach to investigating those who are merely exercising their constitutional rights. Major kudos go out to this deputy!

      • LifeisSoGood

        Thanks for the correction. Much appreciated.
        People love to complain but never give recognition when deserved. Deputy Buhl definitely deserves recognition.
        I’ve not only sent and email but also called and will write a snail mail letter.
        Physical letters are rare today and I believe having something tangible in their hands, it can’t be ignored.
        Thanks again.

  • drbhelthi

    This procedure is standard procedure,
    in all states and all counties where sheriffs and deputies are not playing the FOOL for the alias, Barrack H. Obama.

    One gets the idea that some governors and sheriffs enjoy playing the FOOL for the alias, Obama, and expect some kind of pay-off.
    That so many intelligent Americans are playing the FOOL for a half-human does not reflect intelligent, American upbringing – – .

    • drbhelthi

      It saddens me to think about the alias, Barrack H. Obama. His test-tube upbringing resulted in a lonely being. His behavior and heterosexual aberrations reflect a baby that did NOT have the love of a mother and father.

      Nor did any of the youth and adults, who have patterned after him. Perhaps, also, the constituency that is playing the FOOL for him and the Illuminati/Bush string-pullers.

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    I would say that most police should take a lesson from this CONSTITUTIONAL officer. Someone who knows and respects his oath of office. A real PEACE officer out among so many who are LAW ENFORCEMENT officers that will ignore their oaths and enforce laws that an idiot with a 1st grade diploma can see is unconstitutional.

  • Donald York

    No trouble, and the Officer was very respectful to them.

  • v steve

    A job should not dictate that you can openly carry a firearm or a concealed firearm. If a policeman, FBI, CIA, DHLS people etc. can carry a firearm openly or concealed then so should we the people.

    The most scared of the duties of a government is to do equal and impartial justice to all citizens.