The Man-Made Global Warming Myth & The Liberal Attachment To It

E. W. Howe said: “A man will do more for his stubbornness than for his religion or his country.”

If there is one characteristic that defines Liberals—finding just one is tough—it would have to be stubbornness. Liberals live in a museum in which everything is behind a velvet rope, never to be touched. Once something is set into the Liberal dogma, it cannot be altered. All of the circumstances around an idea can change, but the central conceit cannot do so, because that would mean that they were wrong about something. And we know the Left is never wrong; they just misspeak.

The biggest Liberal pet project over the last 15 years has been anthropogenic global warming. Numerous politicians and pundits have poured themselves into making the case for man-made global warming. However, over the last few years, the so-called evidence in support of global warming has come under scrutiny, and has begun to crumble. Now it seems that yet another unfavorable bit of data has emerged.

According to The Daily Mail:

“A chilly Arctic summer has left nearly a million more square miles of ocean covered with ice than at the same time last year – an increase of 60 per cent. The rebound from 2012’s record low comes six years after the BBC reported that global warming would leave the Arctic ice-free in summer by 2013…The disclosure comes 11 months after The Mail on Sunday triggered intense political and scientific debate by revealing that global warming has ‘paused’ since the beginning of 1997 – an event that the computer models used by climate experts failed to predict.”

There is enough solid evidence against man-made global warming that it is becoming more and more preposterous to continue to propagate this myth. Yet the Left continues to push the idea like the case for it is iron-clad. This is Liberal stubbornness.

The average raging Liberal has a mind made of concrete, unwilling and unable to shift focus. This is not only generally unfortunate, but it is dangerous. A political Party whose ideology is set in stone, even against new and compelling evidence, is a hazard to democracy. The life-breath of democracy is the understanding of human nature, and the ability to compile various bits of information to make informed decisions. Without that, it’s just blind voting. And blind voting will lead to the fall of our nation.

The Liberal elites are blind to truth, and so are their followers. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.



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  1. JimHH says:

    One rarely-mentioned factor when liberals discuss this topic is that the anthropogenic (i.e. man-made) contribution to atmospheric carbon is around 1% of the total, the vast majority coming from natural sources – rain forests, volcanoes etc.

    It really would appear that if mankind were to disappear from the planet overnight there would be no perceptible difference in “greenhouse gases”.

    • Jim S says:

      The interesting thing is that the natural variations of “green house gasses” from natural sources is larger than the human contribution. If the Earth were so sensitive that man made co2 could send it running away, then you’d think that the natural spikes from volcanoes, fires or what not would have already done so. This is just another example of the knee-jerk cynicism that’s part of the liberal mindset.

    • ZagoZana says:

      Here is one thing mankind is adding to the atmosphere that is a problem for us and the environment.
      Yes, volcanoes add dust and gasses into the atmosphere, but, as is exceedingly obvious even to a dim witted droog,
      China is becoming invisible from space because of the coal soot they adding to the air.
      Soot is helping to melt the glaciers all over the world.
      Warming is only a part of the catastrophe that will encompass our future…

      Global change and soot…,+soot&client=firefox-a&hs=eUT&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=ocYxUtecCdfH4AOG94H4CA&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1600&bih=744&dpr=1

      • m.wagner says:

        But the pollutants China discharges into the atmosphere are permissible. As per the Kyoto Agreements China was exempted from pollution restrictions. That was an insane provision and rendered the whole accord worthless…Republicans were vilified for opposing this agreement and eventually the Senate refused to ratify the Treaty.

    • B. McKeon says:

      Too bad you folks like to look at info that merely supports your pre-set conclusions, just as you accuse the liberals of doing. Go take a look at the Greenland ice sheet. Also, explain how the CO2 content of the atmosphere has increased so rapidly since the Industrial Revolution came about. There are consequences, maybe not predicted accurately, but there are always consequences.

    • How many times and places do I have to post this?
      I am a retired college science prof…
      there is near zero chance of serious global warming.

      As was in all my college texts for decades, the SUN, our only source of light energy, works by losing mass….
      (by converting mass into the light energy we see/use daily). This means that over centuries or maybe eons,
      the sun will shrink enough that we will all start feeling it…this will never be reversed because its all matter into energy!
      That means we will need some warming down the road…college texts used to say “10,000 years” or some such but the principle is the same…earth ends by becoming too cold for plants/animals/humans.

      BTW, it is NOT science to fly around the world giving MMGW rant speeches that refuse questions.
      Science demands by its very nature that you stand for questioning…also shredding data you do not like is NOT science.

  2. DMJ says:

    Oh, this myth has been around longer than just 15 years. In the ’70’s, this crowd tried to convince us that man was creating “Nuclear Winters”. When that didn’t fly, they tried another tactic – global warming, which morphed into “climate change”.
    I’ve got news for this crowd: Yes, there is climate change but it happens with or without man. When dinosaurs were around, the Earth was much hotter than it is now. We’ve also had at least one Ice Age when it was much cooler than it is now. This is the normal heating/cooling cycle of the Earth which started much earlier than when man was around and will continue even if man ceases to exist.

    • Ray Downen says:

      The God who created this universe has promised it will one day be destroyed by fire. He also reveals that this destruction will come unannounced. No warning. He invites us to be prepared when it happens and wants us to prepare while there’s still time. We have no way of guessing when the end will come. We should realize that it will come just as God has promised. It could be today. There’s nothing holding it back. This universe will be destroyed by fire. It will be replaced by an entirely different universe with no sun and no night. But we can count on it that everybody will be happy then who are in the new Jerusalem just as those will be unhappy who are not there. Jesus invites all to turn to HIM for salvation and eternal happiness.

  3. Mr Bob says:

    It seems Mr. Camp has confused the word liberal with Christian. If there is one characteristic that defines CHRISTIANS —finding just one is tough—it would have to be stubbornness. CHRISTIANS live in a museum in which everything is behind a velvet rope, never to be touched. Once something is set into the CHRISTIAN dogma, it cannot be altered. All of the circumstances around an idea can change, but the central conceit cannot do so, because that would mean that they were wrong about something. And we know that CHRISTIANS are never wrong.
    It terms of climate change liberals & even conservatives all over the world except for in this country believe in science & until the vast majority if scientists change their mind climate change will be accepted as fact.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian says:

      Accepted “AS” fact, yes; actually IS fact, however, the jury is still out.

    • Ray Downen says:

      We Christians like facts. The global warming theory is not a fact. It’s been observed that ice areas wane and rise again. If the globe was indeed warming the ice would be less each year. Facts don’t agree with the global warming theory. Christians like facts. That’s why we don’t accept the global warming theory. The facts disagree with the theory.

      • Mr Bob says:

        Since when do Christians like facts? Evolution is a fact that Christians don’t seem to like. Facts don’t agree with the global warming theory??? Really? Can you please explain why someone with little or no education like yourself would think they could possibly know more about a scientific subject than some of the most intelligent highly educated people on the planet who have spent their entire life studying the subject?

      • Mark says:

        Mr. Bob:

        Why do you hate Christians? Do you hate Muslims and Jews the same way? What about Hindus, Buddhists, and other smaller religious groups?

        If you feel that the people who frequent this site are nothing more than uneducated rednecks, why do you read and post?


      • Mr Bob says:

        Mark, I don’t hate Christians. I just think they are delusional. Muslims even worst! Jews are a bit different because they do not have a long history of butchering people if they don’t convert as Christians & Muslims do. However the toxic fairytales of both Christianity & Islam was hatched from Judaism. Hindus, Buddhists & smaller religions in general are MUCH more peaceful than the 3 religions that come from Abraham. You NEVER hear of Buddhist suicide bombers. Still, ALL religions are nothing more than fairytales.

      • Mark says:

        Mr. Bob:

        I can’t remember the last time I heard of a Christian or Jewish homicide bomber either. Can you please cite some examples?

        You believe that all religions are fairytales; do you have proof positive that this is the case or is this merely your personal belief?

      • Bluebird1995 says:

        Mr. Bob, Why do you assume that Christians are all uneducated hicks? Some of the smartest people I know are Christians. We like facts. Evolution is a theory. It may be the method that God used to create the world and the heavens above. No one currently alive knows, because we weren’t there to see it happen. Try not to be such a jerk from now on, please.

      • Rod says:

        Many of us have been taught that Evolution is fact. The fact is that it isn’t fact at all, just theory. Read “Tornado in a Junkyard: The Relentless Myth of Darwinism” by James Perloff. It shows the science of why Evolution isn’t scientific fact any more than Creation is (including many examples of noted scientists who simply fabricated “evidence” to fit the theory). They are both theories-though I believe the Creation one.

    • speedle says:

      Sir, you are a prime example of exactly what the author is describing. You accept that as long as 51% of scientists theorize that man made global warming is factual, it is indeed factual. Here this. Science is not about theories and opinions. It is about “facts”. Facts cannot be disputed (by definition). That makes the global warming mentality a sort of cult gathering. To deny this is to be exactly what the author defines as liberal.

      • Mr Bob says:

        speedle, I’m guessing you’re lucky to have a high school diploma or at best an AA degree from some small town JC. You obviously don’t even understand science with a statement like “Science is not about theories” (which is precisely what science is about) yet you, like many others on this site that although uneducated somehow believe to know more about this subject that some of the brightest most educated people on the planet that have spent their entire life studying the subject.

    • Titan Fosos says:

      It’s called ‘big bang’ THEORY!!!

      It is also called the theory of evolution. Not proven. Just something for you fools to put under your ears.

      “know more about a scientific subject than some of the most intelligent highly educated people on the planet”

      That’s coming from a guy who thinks that a sphere is flat….

      • Mr Bob says:

        Titan Fosos, MORON gravity is a “theory” too. Do yourself a favor & pick up a 3rd grade science book & look up the word “theory” is scientific terms before you make statements like the one you just made & people think you’re dumber than you actually are (if that’s possible).

    • joannie says:

      wow you should really rethink that.

    • Mark says:

      Mr Bob:

      OK, let’s discuss science. In the past (say 15,000 to 20,000 years ago), the northern hemisphere of this planet was covered by great ice sheets, possibly up to two miles thick. These ice sheets extended down into the midwest portions of this country and carved out many of the lakes we use today for recreation.

      Around 12,000 to 14,000 years ago, these great ice sheets started melting, and quickly at that.

      Oh great scientific mind, what caused these ice sheets to melt?

      (a direct scientific answer would be appreciated, rather than your usual obfuscation)


      • Mr Bob says:

        mark, I’m NOT a scientist & neither are you! I find it insulting that uneducated morons like you that don’t believe in science what to argue science with highly intelligent & educated scientists. I mean, after all what would the head scientist of NASA & the top Scientists from places like MIT, Caltech, Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge & Yale know that some uneducated piece of trailer trash wouldn’t?

      • RON G says:

        Just ignore mr bob. He cannot tolerate anyone who disagree’s with him.

      • Mark says:

        Mr. Bob:

        First of all, you have no idea what I do. For your information, I have a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA. I manage a 400 person, $165 million manufacturing operation.

        Trust me, I do not take offense at being called an “uneducated moron” by the likes of you. I like to think that I’ve been “called worse by better”. What I have seen in the short time I have frequented this site, is that when your arguments fall apart, you resort back to name calling.

        In early 2012, I have an email exchange with Elliott Negin, the Director of News & Commentary at the Union of Concerned Scientists. I asked him the same question and here is his response:

        “Q: There are many that seemed concerned with a rise or 1 or 2 degrees over the past 30 years, and attribute it entirely to man-made global warming. If this is in fact correct, what caused the massive ice sheets to melt around 12,000 years ago? There were no coal-fired power plants, no automobiles, no urban areas acting as heat sinks, nothing of any technological fashion. If, in fact, the ice sheets melted due to natural causes, could this not be the case again today?

        A: At a very basic level, climate is determined by how much energy from the Sun the Earth receives and how much is being lost back to space. Melting ice sheets 12,000 years ago was part of the glacial-interglacial cycle that is driven initially by changes in Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the tilt of the Earth’s axis (both affect how much energy the Earth is receiving from the Sun). The amount of solar energy the Northern Hemisphere receives during the summer seems to be especially important in these glacial cycles. These changes get things going, but then also trigger changes in CO2 that help lead the rest of the way to a melting or a freezing. This occurs naturally without human influence.”

        I would be happy to send you the entire email chain.

        I would also be happy to know what is your answer to the question that I posed earlier.

      • Mr Bob says:

        Mark, do you really believe that a MBA in mechanical engineering from some mediocre college puts you on the same level of understanding that a person with a PHD in Physics, Chemistry, Geology or Meteorology from MIT, Caltech, Harvard, Oxford, Yale or Cambridge would have?

      • Mark says:

        Mr Bob:

        Still not man enough to answer the original question, are you?

        Maybe you can get testicular implants via Obamacare.

        BTW, I don’t consider The Ohio State University and the University of Kansas to be mediocre colleges.

        Remember this, at one time eugenics was thought to be a “science”. Just how did that turn out?

    • The Bucko says:

      Christians don’t change if they believe the word of God because:

      “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” —Hebrews 13:8

      Malachi 3:6, “For I am the LORD, I change not…”
      Thus:The Word of God NEVER changes, because Jesus Christ never changes!

      • Mr Bob says:

        A belief which leaves no place for doubt is not a belief; it is a superstition

      • Mark says:

        Mr. Bob:

        You write: “A belief which leaves no place for doubt is not a belief; it is a superstition.”

        That perfectly describes man-made global warming.

    • LGT says:

      you seemed to have missed something along the way — the majority of scientist never bought the global warming scam. After the peer review of the data (several thousand pages give or take) a proponent of Global Warming wrote the summary which completely restating the finding to indicate the scientist had found the data compelling and found GW to be imminent and dangerous. The summary then had the scientists names attached to it and the media picked it up from there. Many of those scientists have come out (or attempted to) to say their signatures were used incorrectly and the findings were stated incorrectly. But naturally that’s not much of a story so the media tended to ignore them. And the money keeps pouring into what’s his name’s pocket – some previous VP or something… he was very unmemorable except for GW.

    • pilot007 says:

      Once again MR Bob raises his confused head to emit his foul anti-Christian diatribe. Go away Mr Bob. Find a life. DNR your time is up!

    • Jim Greaves says:

      Mr. Bob – Fascist leftist TROLL. Do not honor him/her/it with a reply!

  4. Don Ketter says:

    You mistake fact and theory. As a Christian who has worked as s scientist and an engineer, I assure you there is a great difference. How does one explain no increase in global temperature for 15 years? Be very careful taking the word and massaged dats of a politician who has made a large fortune from his hypothesis.

    • Mr Bob says:

      A “Christian scientist” is an oxymoron. I am not a scientist but when the overwhelming amount of scientist (world wide) agree that climate change is happening & humans are contributing to it. The vast majority of people on the planet tend to agree with them. Granted, for someone that believes the planet is less then 10,000 years old because of a dubious interpretation of some bronze age myth that might seem hare to believe but for anyone that understands reason, logic & critical thinking it’s really not difficult at all to believe.

      • Ray Downen says:

        Many scientists are Christians. It’s simply not true that there is conflict between true science and the Bible. The conflict is between “scientific THEORY” and the Bible, and of course many scientific theories are true which means we Christians don’t disagree with THOSE theories. It’s the ones which prove to be wrong that we disagree with.

      • Don says:

        Just as atheists come in various stripes, so do Christians (and people of other faiths.) Not all atheists believe in global warming, and not all Christians take a literal view of Genesis. I suggest you lookup theistic evolution.

        Beyond this, more disturbing is the assumption – I choose this word carefully- that faith and reason are in opposition. They are not. Modern “reason & critical thinking” had its birthplace in the Christian universities of the Middle Ages, who always conceived of reason and faith as a two-sided coin, enabling and supporting each other. The real oxymoron is how logic and reason alone can explain away the spiritual life of a human being. Your fundamentalist materialism is showing, rife with its own contradictions.

      • dstemont says:

        Mr Boob, the so called scientists are paid to lie. It is a money making SCAM!

      • Mutt says:

        I certainly do wish I was as smart as you think you are.

      • Ray Downen says:

        Truth isn’t decided by majority vote. Scientific theories are just guesses until proof comes to let others know that a theory is based on fact. If every scientist in the world agreed (which they don’t) that there is no God, that wouldn’t change by the slightest bit the truth that there is a God. As for climate change, Gore has enriched himself by use of that THEORY, but oddly enough the world hasn’t been convinced. It continues to act just as God intends despite that not being what Gore says it should do. Reason, logic and critical (common-sense) thinking generally prevails despite scientific theories to the contrary.

      • Mr Bob says:

        Ray Downen, If religion isn’t the greatest threat to rationality and scientific progress, what is?

      • Jim Greaves says:

        NOT honoring Mr. Bob here, but Charles Darwin’s “voyage” was as a student while studying for the priesthood as a Christian. He NEVER changed that goal. Checkmate to anyone who thinks Christians are not also scientifically capable. The whole Biblical goal of our “freedom” from the Garden (according to that religion) is to seek knowledge, and through that knowledge gain wisdom. The leftist trolls at this and other sites are not interested in wisdom, nor knowledge. Only political correctness. Humanistic hubris.

    • James Curran says:

      >> How does one explain no increase in global temperature for 15 years?

      I don’t have to, since the global temperature HAS been increasing for the last 15 years.

      This is one of the great lies of the climate change deniers.

      You see, 1997 was ordinarily hot, just off the scales entirely. So hot, in fact, that every year from 1998 to 2011 was cooler that 1997. Nevertheless, 1999 was hotter the 1998, and 2000 was hotter than 1999, 2001 hotter than 2000 and so on.

      So, if you ignore the one anomaly, the temperature has been getting hotter every year. AND, the anomaly itself shows that the earth is getting hotter.

      Oh, and 2012 was the hottest year on record, even hotter than 1997. So, not only is it a lie, it’s an out-of-date lie.

  5. Pete says:

    I read ” vast majority if scientists “, “overwhelming amount of scientist (world wide)”, and see absolutely no facts, only emotion that libs are so good at. Once they get an idea, DON’T, confuse them with real facts.

  6. George Griffith says:

    When will the human global warming believers go to and read the truth? 931,487 American scientists, 9,029 with Phd’s have signed the petiton A quote at the site is as follows: “The purpose of the Petition Project is to demonstrate that the claim of “settled science” and an overwhelming “consensus” in favor of the hypothesis of human-caused global warming and consequent climatological damage is wrong. No such consensus or settled science exists. As indicated by the petition text and signatory list, a very large number of American scientists reject this hypothesis.”
    Quit drinking the cool-aid and wake up – it isn’t about science, it is about money and control via the a big scam!

    • CherokeeDan says:

      Careful George; you’re going to have Mr. Bob’s veins protruding, eyes bugging out and mouth frothing (all more than usual) if he actually comes in contact with facts. After all, he’s already told you that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of credible scientists in the WORLD agree with Algore and if you present facts to dispute that, then you must be some kind of snake worshipper and not enlightened….like him.

    • James Curran says:

      Note that has been collecting names for over 15 years, and don’t offer a way of taking it back if you change you mind. They brag about Edward Teller signing, and he’s been dead for over a decade.

      Back in the 90s, the research was a bit spotty, and many scientists were skeptical. With more conclusive research, more have come around. If they started that petition over now, it’s doubtful they could get 1/100 that number of names.

      The facts are, in a recent survey of climate scientists — the very people is claim are signing their petition — found that 99% say that the Earth is warming, and 97% say man is the cause.

    • James Curran says:

      >> Quit drinking the cool-aid and wake up – it isn’t about science, it is about money and control via the a big scam!

      Now this I completely agree with — Climate change denial ISN’T about science at all — It’s all about money and control. The polluters know it will cost them lots of money to clean up the mess they’ve made, and they’d rather let the next generation suffer than spend any of it.

      • Parks says:

        Many pushing the man-made global warming myth at the highest levels are motivated by economic reasons. Have you read about the kind of money and investment Al Gore has tied up in Cap and Trade? If Cap and Trade gets enacted he and his investment groups stand to make millions of dollars. And on the other side of that coin you have progressives like Soros and Obama who would love to use man-made global warming as a means to redistribute the wealth of the world, taking from the wealthy countries and giving it to the poorer nations.

  7. Rich says:

    Libtardation is a brain damaging disease with no cure. When will the libs explain the numerous ice ages with several miles thick ice over the northern US and other parts of the world followed by warming periods? They can’t explain it. Neither can they scientifically say that man caused the current warming period which has ended in 1997 and now we have a cooling off period. Maybe we need to burn more carbon based fuels so we don’t get too cool. The suns output is not constant and its predicted by scientists that understand the sun that we will be cooling the next 10 yrs at least.

    • Mr Bob says:

      Rich, who do you think has more creditability on this subject? An uneducated idiot like you that doesn’t know the first thing about science or the brightest most educated scientists on the planet that have spent their entire life studying the subject?

      • alice says:

        Even the brightest scientists do not agree. Plus, you have the e-mails from some of those bright scientists that showed they cooked the books. They lied. I lived in the lower desert in California. When I first moved there in the early 70’s the temp, during the day, was around 123-125. At 3:00 am it was still 116. It hasn’t gotten that hot since the 1990’s. Now I live near LA. It use to get around 105-110. Now we are lucky if it reaches 100.

    • RON G says:

      Rich: Excellent comment. Brief and to the point and without the insults and name calling that is the trademark of liberals.

  8. pilot007 says:

    Folks we must put Mr Bob in the ignore category. Just review the conversation above listed. We have allowed this cretin to take over the conversation. He just craves attention by making outrageous, inflammatory statements. he is not worthy of consideration.

  9. Peter Resz says:

    These Global Warmest, Climate Changers sure aren’t talking about this!{%2210201589664091059%22%3A288986834572839}&action_type_map={%2210201589664091059%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]

    • Mr Bob says:

      Fox news??? You may wanna try a REAL news source!

      • Mark says:

        Mr. Bob:

        The source of the date is the National Snow and Ice Data Center. It really doesn’t matter who reports it.

        Tell me, if the earth is warming, why has the pack ice increased by 60% year over year? Could it be that the earth really isn’t warming?

    • James Curran says:

      Once again you’ve demonstrated that you’re just parroting back the sound-bites from the corporate polluter which you don’t actually understand.

      Let’s try to make it simple for you.

      Say you start with $100 in savings, and every day you earn $10, but spend $12.

      After one day, you’ll have $98
      the next day you’ll have $96. then 94, 92, then you decide to do two days worth of shopping in one day (cause you knew you’d be busy the next day), so suddenly your saving drops to 78 (92+10-12-12), then you get paid twice before shopping again, so you savings jumps to 88 (78 +10-0).

      Now, you’ll note that your savings went down for several days, then sudden jumped up again.

      Now, did that increase in your saving “solve” the problem of your living beyond your means? Of course not. You are still exactly where you would have been if you hadn’t rearranged your shopping days. And you are still on you way to going broke.

      This is exactly what happened with the arctic ice. Every year some ice melts and freezes again. 2012 was especially hot; even more ice than expected melted. Then some freeze back, so in 2013, less melted than in 2012, but nevertheless, more than in 2011, 2010, 2009 etc. And all the signs point to more melting in 2014 than in 2013, in the same way we know in the example I gave above, tomorrow you will have only $86 in savings.

      • Mark says:

        But I thought the earth was constantly getting warmer, therefore there should be less ice than in 2012, not more. Unless the physical laws are in some sort of Star Trek space warp and now when it gets warmer, ice grows.

        The National Snow and Ice Data Center is a corporate polluter? According to their website, they are sponsored by NASA, NOAA and the National Science Foundation. Hadn’t heard that all those guys were part of Big Oil.

      • Jim Greaves says:

        Please. Humans can change the genetic evolution of any creature it wants, AND OUGHT TO, I bet you believe, religiously.

    • Jim Greaves says:

      Let us also not forget the Antarctic ice sheets which have increased several millions of acres this year alone.

  10. G says:

    Mr Bob cites that evolution is a proven fact. This is known by all true science folks to be incorrect. Unfortunately much of todays education is closer to indoctrination. As a former scientist, I know that such rigid mindset is the death of creativity and discovery.
    Evolution was a theory, and is still a theory. Theory is something yet to be proven, by definition. Genetic mutations occur and sure natural selecton occurs. But can that account for all? Perhaps evolution is best thought of as the tool, and not the carpenter.
    Remember Crick and Watson, the DNA guys? All should know what Francis Crick said about DNA and evolution. Should he be labelled as a crackpot too? Mr Bobg, if you are not versed on this, you may find interesting study there. Afterall, isnt DNA at the heart of it all?.
    Ponder the fact that you can ponder at all, For then each thought may lead to another, and not limit one so satisfied with an answer..

  11. J J says:

    Scientific progress on the subject of global warming has made a few vocal people quite wealthy. Will they change sides when they hear that the globe is on a cooling trend? That the ice on both ends of the earth are growing? And will this be the fault of mankind for following the whims of their personal agenda???

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