Black Man Attacks Whites and Yells, "I Hate White People!"

I wonder where the United Nations is on this one. Aren’t they concerned that our laws here in the U.S. may not be consistent with international norms that are supposed to protect certain races from “hate crimes?” Isn’t that why they’re wanting U.S. officials to hurry up with the hate crime investigation of George Zimmerman?

Maybe they’ll conclude that there was no evidence of this crime being racially motivated.

But even New York’s police chief Ray Kelly said that they’re investigating this as a hate crime, because of what the attacker said right before he started beating a few white people up, leaving one brain dead.

A local CBS affiliate in New York reported on the incident:

“A man allegedly went on a rampage in Union Square on Wednesday afternoon and left a complete stranger brain-dead in the process. Police said that the attack may have been a hate crime. Friends of Jeffrey Babbitt, 62, were shocked to hear about the random act of violence that left the gentle, retired train conductor in a coma, CBS 2′s Dave Carlin reported on Friday. ‘I don’t believe that. I don’t know why that happened. He is very nice,’ Igor Sapozhnikov said. Babbitt was minding his own business as he walked through the crowd near the chessboards in Union Square when a man made a hateful announcement and began his rampage, witnesses said. ‘He said ‘the next white person who walks by I’m going to f***,’’ one woman said. ‘His fist went in and the man’s head bobbed and he hit the ground and you could hear his skull hitting the ground.’ The man continued his rampage before demanding to see police officers. ‘He stood there and hit two more people and asked for the police to come,’ Michael Benson said. Stunned witnesses counted a total of three people attacked. The suspect, Lashawn Marten, 31, remained at the scene until police arrived. Babbitt was on the ground with blood flowing from his head. Nearby were two other victims icing their faces.”

I can’t wait for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to weigh in. They’ll say that just because Marten said some ugly things before he went on a punching rampage, doesn’t mean that it was necessarily racially motivated. Perhaps the attacker was mentally unstable. People not in their right minds sometimes say things they don’t mean. Besides, it’s not even really possible for a person of color to attack a white person for racial reasons. It only works the other way.



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169 comments on “Black Man Attacks Whites and Yells, "I Hate White People!"
  1. American says:

    Obama loves race baiting, and racists, he is one of them.

    • Goodforall says:

      I said at the time when Obama weighed in on the Zimmerman case that this would only fuel racial violence of blacks upon white people. Sure enough, many “attacks” have come since then-but the fake in chief stays silent on them. The race baiters Sharpton, Jackson, and Quanell have been silent as well. We are a stones throw away from people beginning to start defending themselves with everything they have-it should have never gotten to this point but it sadly has and it’s gonna come to a head. Unless the media and black leaders begin to react to these hate crimes then people will start to shoot first and ask questions later. This madness has got to stop and people must be held accountable.

      • sn says:

        But ask jackson and sharpton; attacks by blacks against a while or NON black is not a hate crime. It’s just funning around. Was truely glad to see that Zimmerman was able to defend his actions and get off for defending himself against a potential DEATH

      • StrokerMcgurk says:

        When a black guy, who has commenced to hit white folks, yells “I hate white people” and assuming it was in English and assuming words still mean certain things in this country then yep, that sure sounds like a hate crime! But don’t count on anything appropriate to happen. Remember that’s a protected species/race. If conditions were equal in this country Jackson would have been put in the pen many years ago for extortion.

      • delsmith says:

        If you wish to become enlightened all you need to do is get Obama’s two books that were available to all of us before we cast the first vote in 08 and you will see
        that he is no different from Sharpton and Jackson.

      • libslie says:

        Yes & when whites start shooting these violent, racist scum in SELF DEFENSE then the cops, media & the racist P O S in the White House will say WE are targeting blacks because of OUR racism & WE will be in the same boat as Zimmerman.

      • Leroy says:

        Frickin kunts all dem mofo cracker ass honkies

      • Marine67 says:

        I agree as I said the same thing you did and that this further fueled the fire. I haven’t heard this so-called “president” claim the shooter who shot that little baby in the face as another trayvon martin type. barrack HUSSEIN has been mysteriously quiet about the rising hatred perpetrated on whites. As far as sharpton, jackson and those other fine American citizens…….look in the dictionary for the word “maggot” and you will find both along with pelosi, reid, boxer, obama…….we need to take back our country from those who clearly now, trying to destroy it from the inside out!

      • Floyd says:

        This is very perturbing considering where this occurred. Been by Union Square a number of times with the wife while visiting kids in NY.

        I guess next time we’re there I will have to carry my strong pointed umbrella. If anyone has a better idea let me know.

        About 15/20 years ago we (includes) our young children and we were in Niagara Falls. We went out from our hotel at night several blocks from the Falls. No one else was out. I had my umbrella with us as it had been raining off and on. Out of nowhere a black guy on foot angles right towards us. I cocked my arm and umbrella ready for action and this guy totally veered away from us quickly. I know if he had a gun, I was holding a toy. I don’t think I could get away with carrying a baseball bat.

      • linda says:

        I agree, and the true race wars began the minute Obama was supposedly voted into office!!! This is terrifying and Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and the rest of the racist are throwing back a beer and laughing!!!! They all need to go back to Kenya and destroy their own country. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!



      • Hans says:

        I agree 100%. Your survival rate armed and trained is 100%. If attacked shoot first and ask questions later once the police arrives if they ever come !!!

    • above god says:

      The POS Charlie Rangel Calls Me ,A White Person, A “Cracker”. I Call Him, A Congressman, A NIGGER. What’S The Difference? Ger A Rope!

      • Joe Tama says:

        Amen, Brother, Amen!!!!!

      • Pierre77L says:

        I agree ! Those race baiters like Rangel, Sharpton, Jackson, Farrahkan, and that reported ICE Agent Ayo Kimathi are asking for trouble. That’s why they should be labeled as such for being an ANIMAL. NIGGER ! NIGGER ! PORCH MONKEYS, MISER, YELLOW NIGGERS, DUNE KOON ! PLANET OF THE APES ! GORILLAS IN THE MIST.

      • Julius says:

        PoliticalScumBag / CongressionalScumBag

        obama (Notice the lower case ‘o’, also known as ‘It’.

        They do their evil totally unopposed by We the SHEEPle who REMAIN of ‘No SERIOUS EFFECT’. We the SHEEPle are of NO CONCERN whatsoever !!!

        It’s OUR FAULT… We the SHEEPle silently allow TINY Minorities, who are very active for their evil cause, to win! Why?, they fight aggressively for their cause while We the SHEEPle remain sound asleep & totally INACTIVE, and do nothing against our enemies within!!! We are useless for OUR “cause, (if we even had one!)

        i.e. Illegal immigration, abortion, gangs, unLawful elections, Etc., etc. We the SHEEPle have even allowed very tiny minorities to ‘all-but-banish’ the very name or mention of Yahweh/God/Lord from OUR America. (Kick Him out His blessings go with…)

        There’s even a lawsuit pending by an 11yr old, to remove “UNDER GOD” from OUR Pledge of Allegiance! (Duh – He isn’t FORCED to say it)… This kid will win! Why? Because We the SHEEPle will say/do nothing. We obviously don’t care!!! We are losing OUR Once-Blessed America! DO WE CARE? Obviously ‘No’!!!

        Pray for what’s left of OUR America. If you don’t believe in prayer, pray that you are right.

        “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” Aesop

    • Beverly says:

      Al Sharpton is a bigot racist. He is a hate baiter.

      • Hans says:

        ….like the whole Jessie Jackson family, just criminals and extortionists !!!!

      • Kat says:

        You’re right, Beverly and that’s why these black on White crimes are occurring. Sharpton and Jackson should be arrested for inciting violence. And you notice nobody is speaking out about it? We’re not allowed to have White Civil Rights Leaders, they automatically call them White Supremacists or Nazis. But if a White spokesman spewed dialog about attacking/killing blacks, they would be arrested. Black cRAP artists can write lyrics about killing crackers and that’s okay, if a White artist wrote lyrics about killing blacks, they would be arrested. I’m sick of the political correctness in this country, and I’m sick of the black population. I wish Lincoln wasn’t assassinated before he could ship them all to Liberia like he had planned! It’s not too late but we don’t have any White politicians with a back-bone, “Behave yourself or you and your entire family will be deported to africa.” And with their guy in the White House, we are stuck with them and they will get bolder and bolder, more and more confidant to commit crimes against us. They will never become a civilized species, they belong back in the jungle.

    • mak says:

      Slavery was abolished for this???

    • Me_in_Canada_Eh says:

      He secretly hates the white side of his family.

      • Stacy says:

        It’s no secret. Remember when he said, I think on one of the late night talk shows, ” that’s just how white folk ul do ya”

    • jerdiklan says:

      @ Leroy…you sound like you’re brainwashed like many other people of your thought persuasion

      • jerdiklan says:

        Brainwashed and the same has to all think alike. act alike, and never think independently, put down each other when they actually try to use their God-given gift of intelligence…wow

  2. TIM says:

    Does not everyone realize that this is what civil rights laws were all about!

  3. Pat says:

    The George Zimmerman story is just another smoke screen to protect Obama and his corrupt gang from public scrutiny for Benghazi, IRS, NSA, the economy, the Obamacare debacle, etc. Expect many more non-stories or items like this that the mainstream media can hype to keep the low information voters stirred up over George Zimmerman instead of the REAL issues….

  4. TIM says:

    Does not everyone realize that this is what civil rights laws were all about! Government sanctioned racism.

    • will says:

      The Civil Rights laws where enacted because many states failed to protect the rights of blacks in our nation! Many states hid behind their favorite doctrinal child, called states rights, to limit the rights of blacks, e.g. Jim Crow laws. And now that Civil Rights legislation was passed, many forget just what caused them to be addressed in the first place. Especially my conservative right wing neighbors who have a Fonzie mentality. Remember the Fonz, from Happy Days sit com in the 70’s who could never say he was wrong? Deal with it my friends, as it relates to blacks in America, our nation sinned, broke the golden rule, blasphemed the example and teachings of Jesus who many claim to represent. Remember Jesus famous words, “you will surely say this proverb, physician heal thyself.” What Christ was saying was you create a atmosphere for murder, death, even genocide and you blame the victim alleviating yourself from any responsibility. You profess that you know Him, i.e. My Father in Heaven, but in works (how you treat your fellow man regardless of race, Creed including Muslims) and continue to blaspheme His Holy name which is blessed forever. Get off your high horse, come out of the darkness into Christ’s marvelous light so He can open your eyes of understanding!

      • jd1958 says:


      • Dan Lloret says:

        Sister, please don’t forget Jesus’s castigating the Pharisees for their hypocrisies (Mr.’s Sharpton &Jackson might want to reread the Gospels)…..come to think of it, that might be an area you may need some soul- searching about, as Republicans and Conservatives are loved by God as we’ll!……:-)

      • Patrick says:

        So let me get this right. You say that the civil rights act was enacted because of past racial injustices donce to blacks. So, exactly how does that past injustice give rise to a license for racial attacks upon whites today? We see blacks attacking whites throughout this country and not ONE of them is racially motivated? You best better believe that not one of them will rise to the level of a Travon Martin cause celeb case in the media. Simply put, the black in this nation has risen to the level of a sacred cow because anything you say against a black it is because you are a racist. If you accuse a black today it is raciall motivated. And if you defend yourself against a black racist who is trying to kill you you very well may be arrested and tried especially if the Justice Department gets involved. . I think you also should remember that whites were instrumental in establishing those very same laws that protect blacks as it was designed to protect us all. Yet, blacks act as if they were the only ones fighting for civil rights. So now who is the racist?

  5. Greg Miller says:

    Kinda funny. They { he } dont like white folks.
    I bet he likes Welfare.
    If they { BLACKS } would wake up, they would know they couldn’t even exist w/out ole WHITEY.
    They sure as hell aint guna work.

  6. Carol Fryer says:

    They are not using white people right now. The protected class is black. Thats their ticket to control right now. White doesnt count.

  7. Charles McPhate says:

    The white people involved are obviously bigoted racists. They should thank Marten for making them see the error of their ways.

    • Bob Martin, USMC says:

      Should have rope available in a box similar to the fire hoses……
      Break flass, get the rope,
      Then just string the Blacks up on a nearby lamp post.

      • Martin Flaherty says:

        Really Bob? You’re pathetic. Yes something odd was going on here and Lashawn Marten had something rotten in his heart. I wonder is there is another layer since he demanded the police and stayed there.

        But quite simply… Bob… you also have something rotten in your heart so post such a thing. Try to look into yourself.

      • craig says:

        yea ..martin flaherty….it’s the news…it’s what’s happening today…it’s making us all racist…what is rotten in Bobs heart is no justice or media coverage for white injustices delt out by blacks…look at yourself martin…look real hard.. you will see your wrong!!

      • craig says:

        Bob… it’s pathetic we have gotten to this point …but enough is enough

      • Ithamar says:

        Actually, this was already done in New York back in 1860’s during the New York draft riots. New Yorkers blamed the blacks for the “Civil War” (invasion of the Southern States to bring them to submission to the new consolidated Federal government), rioted when the drafts threatened to force them into war to invade the South, and then, set about finding blacks and lynched them on the first available lamp post.

      • above god says:

        I Agree A Good Old Fashioned “Neck Tie” Party Would Work Wonders On Race Relations.

      • Dink says:

        I agree Bob! In the mean time, I always have my pepper spray at hand when I see one nearby!

    • Carol says:

      Error of what ways, why don’t you learn something about your own race?! Your own African people are the ones who turned you over to the Portuguese, French, Spanish, Exc: Now mind you, it wasn’t your own tribe, it was your African enemies who had captured you! They made trades with you, so quit blaming the wrong people! Yes your Ancestors were sold as slaves to this Country and other Countries, BUT, it has nothing to do with any of us or, you, none of us were living back then!!!!!!!! So, Stop using that as an excuse to do terrible things to decent people… White people involved, they were just walking through Union Square minding their own business!! No wonder Prisons are filled with Blacks more then Whites, you will end up there too, and ones like you!!!!!!!!

      • Rick says:

        I have a big hearty AMEN to say to all of this comment. No wonder more and more people are starting to carry a firearm. I wonder if this person had one on him?

      • claude says:

        they know who done it to them , but if they blame there own people then they would not have somebody else to blame and its never there fault, it always somebody elses fault. some body owes me something! that is there mentality , its what sharpton and jackson preach.

      • Robert Minerd says:

        This part of their slave history has been purposely left out and continues in the controlled educational programs in our schools today”it doesn’t fit their narrative”even the so called highly educated civil rights leaders for over 4 decades did not speak or write about this control feature of the slave trade.Truth is had it not been for the Christians and Jews who had known slavery was wrong, the Civil War might not have been fought because of taxes on the Southern states on cotton and tobacco.Moors,Muslums,and atheist should way in on this not one Muslum fought in the Civil War.Was it because they preferred to enslave women and infidels.One Religion has paid in blood to free more so than any other want to take a guess which one the one under attack from all sides,but rest assured they will also strike back one day and not turn the other cheek…

    • Goodforall says:

      You need some help dude-it’s not the whites who are acting like savages!

  8. Greg Miller says:

    I got one word for him, ” KLAN “

    • Mr Bob says:

      “klan”?? is their a difference between the klan & the tea party other than the white robes & tea bags?

      • bklynbel says:

        The Tea party wants our government to be fiscally responsible. How does that equate with the Klan? You Mr. Bob are a racist dupe.

      • Goodforall says:

        You are such a moron-go crawl back under your racist rock.

      • Marlin208 says:

        turd? Is there any difference between the turd and bob? Nope, none,not even the stench.

      • Tv. says:

        Yea KKK are mostly democrats.

      • Dr dbiggs says:

        The democRAT party is home to the “testicles/scotum slapping against the orbicularis oris” is the signature of the democRAT gay base. I am not wrong in that gays are true “teabaggers hence democRATS are teabaggers!!

        Logic to its conclusion.

      • Sady says:

        I Mr. Bob, you might want to do some research on the Tea Party before comparing them to the Klan. Tea Party members have nothing against people of color. We just want to get back to the roots of the constitution and what it was meant to stand for. We are not liberal Democrates and we are disappointed in the direction of the Republicans. Do your homework before you speak against the Tea Party again.

      • Cinderella says:


        So much for your superior knowledge of all things.

      • Mr Bob I have something between my legs you can suck on, you Idiot!

      • badabing says:

        You need to call Jerry Springer. His ratings will quantum leap if you just go center stage. Just practice saying, “Whatever!”, when queried about anything. They have bouncers to protect you, maybe. Make sure your insurance premiums are paid up.

      • Robert Wayne says:

        The Klan is exactly what is needed nowadays to get rid of scum like these yard apes who play their cowardly knockout games attacking white people and stupid white liberals who side with the enemy.

      • CJM2 says:

        FYI, Mr Bob, the KKK may be considered a ‘hate group,’ but the black panthers are far worse… are an ignorant soul and know nothing about the KKK origination (which got its beginnings in Illinois and Indiana), how it traveled South with the scalawags & carpetbaggers, and fostered the NORTHERNERS hatred upon the Negroes while blaming the Southerners for their criminal acts. And lest you forget, the Northern whites are far more prejudiced than any Southern white ever was. That said, it is a proven fact that Negroes, by far, are the most racially and bigoted motivated group in the USA. They are not disproportionately represented in the correctional system because they commit the majority of the crimes, especially the violent crimes. However, there are disproportionately white felons on death row because they generally do get the death penalty; the Negro gets a death penalty and then has his sentence commuted to life w/without parole–something the white felon doesn’t get.

      • Julius says:


  9. Rivahmitch says:

    Why didn’t someone shoot this PoS to stop him. Oh, that’s right, this is New York where self-defense is prohibited. So, the real answer to the inquiry of Babbitt’s friend’s inquiry of “why that happened” is BECAUSE BABBITT WAS IN NEW YORK.

  10. Stevey says:

    Just cut out welfare ” completely ” and they will cease to exist !

    • will says:

      Who is this THEY, you are talking about? And as for cease to exist, is that your answer for those less fortunate? Is that how you extend your hand to your neighbor, with a clenched fist? I pray you don’t go to church on Sunday, because you are just wasting your time!

      • freebirds says:

        The government is not nor will ever be your baby’s daddy. Its not the governments job to take care of the poor. Let the dead bury the dead. Its the churches job and my job to take care of the poor. I work amongst them daily. The poor that is. I am a born again Christian. I feel it is my job to choose where my dollars go. And I am generous with my money to help the needy in my community. Where do you get off saying it is a godly thing for the government to take care of the poor. Show me a scripture that backs your words. And I will show you many where it is the church’s job and individuals job. I work a lot on my jobs with the Obama free phoned well fare blood suckers who by the way have more gold in there ears,noses, and around there neck and Cadillac escalads driving around. Yep. Do you think the government is doing a good job? I see first hand the waste. Save you and myself money and take the responsibility away from the government and you might see some blood suckers go actually look for work. Its out there. Help wanted signs around every turn but da be to good to work at da grocery store. Don’t tell me its Gods way to take care the poor via government. I gladly give help to those who try and don’t drink, smoke, do drugs and actually try. But I don’t help them long because those people have work within a month. You know why? Because the want to work.shame on you for your false witness of what God wants.

  11. CountryGirl says:

    This is 2013. Wrong is wrong. I don’t care what your color is. If you hurt someone else, it’s wrong!
    And another thing…unless you came from another country which you were born from and became a United States citizen….you are an AMERICAN! Not an African American, Mexican American, etc…. you may be of Mexican or African descent….but if you were born in the US…YOU ARE AN AMERICAN!
    When people say African-american, Mexican-american, Japanese-American…etc and were in actuality born in the US…THAT is segregation. Let’s knock it off folks! We need unity. Let’s work together before our government finishes tearing us apart by dividing us as they’ve been doing extremely well!

    • bigjet says:

      Lets knock this hyphinated crap off. Unless you come directly from that county you are an American with whatever decent attached.
      Born here American period. Example: A black person is born here he is a black American with African decent. I am American with Italian decent but I don’t walk around saying I’m a Italian-American. YOU ARE AN AMERICAN FIRST AND FOREMOST PERIOD. Don’t like it… then there are many flight leaving the country and ships sailing away and those people need to be on them after they give up their citizenship. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. America Love it or Leave it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Marie Czarnecki says:

        @ Bigjet: You are so correct, and I believe the same as you. “AMERICA LOVE OR LEAVE IT”!!!!! and do it quick!!!,

      • Kanudawg says:

        The African-American hyphenization was contrived by jesse Jackson several years ago. His announcement paraphrased was something like…”and henceforth black americans shall be known as african-americans!”
        The country, politicians and the media bought it hook, line, and sinker.

      • will says:

        To love anything, it must be open to criticism, EVEN SACRED AMERICA! You cannot have a picture of George Washington crossing the Potomac and leave out the pictures of the protests of blacks in Alabama with the local authorities spraying water with high power hoses. You cannot show pictures of Elvis water skiing in Miami without taking in consideration blatant racism at the time! And then continue to perpetrate frauds that lead to the deaths of thousands whether Vietnam or the Iraq War. The purpose of the nation was to expose the hypocrisy even at the highest offices and not compromise, protecting the rights of its citizens.

      • Joe says:

        If I were to hyphenate my name it would be French/English/Native American/German. Now wouldn’t that take up a full line on any paper? When you hyphenate before American, it only shows your are not a true American or at least don’t want to be.

      • Sady says:

        Well said bigjet.

    • Doug says:

      that is pretty funny statement…….it is generally the blacks that usually bring up race issues……they are the ones that call themselves African Americans instead of just Americans……it continues to just create more segregation between colors……can I see that someone is brown or black…….yes it would be stupid to deny it………do I care if someone is black, yellow, green , or purple……..NO!!! God created us all……..and we are all equal

      • will says:

        We are all equal? You preaching to the wrong choir my friend. You should have preached that from 1865 to 1965! Only after the fact that men promote that. And as for we blacks bringing up race issues is because we are reminded. Heck, just watch network news, prime time T.V., and even when our beloved President has a cabinet meeting!

      • tiredofbums says:

        We all might be created equal. It’s too bad our brains weren’t.

    • Robert Fales says:

      CG: You’re spot on with your comment, I did not want to really reply to most because I would’ve in turn started getting mad. I grew up with alot of A.A.’s and I never had a racial problem with any. Now granted there’s alot racial crap going on to insight these crazy events. But to start making the racial remarks as have happened here is not right.
      The liberal political Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson espouse racism and those who aren’t truthfully informed jump on their bandwagon and make out like all whites are racist and that all blacks are racist. And that is just not so!
      Yes, this crime was very bad and the individual needs to be brought up on hate crime charges or go into a mental institution. But no one should fan any flames of racism and hatred, it will only escalate an already nationwide problem. Cooler heads must prevail. God made us all and we have to get past these neanderthal mindsets

      • adee ganes says:

        Why should he go to a mental hospital!!!! He knew what he was doing clearly. asking for the police! He is just another killer….time to bring back the frying machine to get rid of the Trash!!!

      • Marlin208 says:

        Ok, shoot the B–sts next time.

    • Pittse says:

      I totally agree with this statement. If your born in the USA, your American. It’s time to get away from the other heritages and just say American. That’s how you should carry yourself. You should say, I’m an American. l stand behind being just American.
      Because, that’s what you really are if your born in this country.

      • Julius says:

        ‘It’ (obama), was born in Africa… Does It count as an African American or just an African? (His grandmother said she was present when ‘It’ was born and she was in Kenya!)

        ‘It’ seems to have permanantly ‘lost, (sic), Its B/C. Either way, We the SHEEPle will never know for sure!

    • bklynbel says:

      You are of course right, but the racists have an agenda and racial division is what they want. Our government has incited racial division from day one.

  12. yp says:

    There is another reason why the Obama administration made such a big deal about the Zimmerman case. They felt it would strengthen their push for gun control. This case does nothing of the kinds and may even be a case for carrying guns. In any case it is quiet tragic the way this allegedly went down.

    • adee ganes says:

      the news media had one of the biggest ….at fault…also…calling him a white man, when one look clearly he wasn’t white!! the media is such liars!

  13. Rodger says:

    Get the rope ready

  14. cedric says:

    Don’t leave home without it ……… .380 ruger

  15. jimjames says:

    yes if whites leave the usa it will crumble just like Detroit mich,chicago,and many more us cities .the only reason why detroit is still operating is because of crackers money

  16. bigjet says:

    You mean NOBODY had a concelled carry weapon around to drop this piece of human debris. Unbelieveable. Hey New Yorkers continue to be victims. But after all you are in a blue state and you are subjects to the king unlike the free men who take it seriously.

  17. donl says:

    That would NOT have happened in my neighbor hood, augusta ga.

  18. icetrout says:

    LoL… like I’m ever going to give up my hand cannon… :)

  19. rcbobj says:

    Let him try that crap in Texas and see how far he gets. He would be laying on a slab in the morgue.

  20. Chestnut says:

    Double standards are alive a well. The left can’t handle the truth.

  21. Maveth says:

    If this idiot had started doing something like that in this area — he would not have survived. A large number of folks around here carry concealed weapons, and know how to use them.

  22. DE Nav says:

    The biggest problem I have with this is that 20 people didn’t jump this a** hole. No guts left in America – only wimps.

    • Julius says:

      We the SHEEPle simply don’t care!!!

      We have become Morally Bankrupt.

      Today’s Weak-Kneed, Panty-Waist Pastors & Preachers don’t care either! ‘Let’s not get involved.’ ‘Let’s not “Buck the System.” Etc., etc. What ever’s necessary to keep their 503-C State License to keep the pews full. Has to make Yahweh/God cry!

      Pray for what’s left of OUR America. If you don’t believe in prayer, pray that you are right…

  23. Tv says:

    Time to ship all blacks back to Africa.

  24. Robert says:

    with all the black on white crime for decades, this isn’t anything new, nor is the response by the black community, the press, city, county, regional, state, and federal government leadership. the lack of response says it all about the condition of our nation and that it is and has been in decline. it would be nice to see if blacks actually did something about black on white crime, but their silence is just as deafening and speaks volumes about their racist ways. very sad indeed for the victims and for society at large.

    • bklynbel says:

      Robert, they’re not even standing up against black on black crime. People like Sharpton have careers build on hate, so they won’t speak out against anything that threatens their cash flow.

  25. Dynamicdave says:

    That’s why I carry a gun. He might have harmed the 1st one, but if I were near, he would have found himself shot. Or at the least, pistol whipped into submission. I have 0 tolerance to bullies and idiots. This guy is both. Unstable? Mentally ill? Of course something is wrong with a person when they injure another without cause. However, that does not wash as a plea of temporary insanity. Nope, it was a hate crime, plain and simple. This guy needs to be locked up for life and throw away the key.

  26. Tv says:

    I wonder, how if all the blacks in America were never brought here, would be faring in their hell holes in Africa?

  27. Jana Funkhouser says:

    In 2008 I had hoped that Mr. Obama would be a president who would draw the people of America in a positive way. That hope was dashed very quickly. If anything, racism has been “pushed forward” by Obama and is definitely favoring people of color vs. Caucasian Americans.
    I pray for this older man who was the victim of a racist beating for no other reason than that he was white and elderly. The “skank” who severely injured this older man should be put away in the “slammer” for a long, long time. Let’s just see how he survives in prison as he rubs shoulders with more evil and malignant men than he could ever think walked this earth!

  28. Dale says:

    This will probably be the last you hear of this

  29. Leita says:

    All the Black on White attacks and murders have been hate crimes. Time to
    Rock and Roll.

  30. drasher says:

    MSM: “Move along folks, nothing to see here”! No racism, when it’s “black on white”! Only whitey “krakas” are racist!


  31. Stevey says:

    Not sure who thinks the WHITE MAN is worried about a race war.
    WE AIN’T ! I understand its coming, but like my USMC brothers & sisters I’m not afraid to die !
    But rest assured, the battlefield will be riddled w/ dead African Americans { I’M JUST SAYIN }

  32. smogdew says:

    Sharpton and Jackson don’t really care…they hate, loathes and despise white people (as do both Obamas). To think that they are ministers makes them disgraceful.
    And they have been around, doing race baiting, race mongering for decades – that’s their stock in trade. To know Jesse Jackson once worked for MLK shows just how far he’s fallen .

    • Joe says:

      Who said they were ministers besides themselves. Do they have some degree or certificates indicating they went to divinity school some place? Me thinks not.

  33. The Bobster says:

    Bus rider’s face smashed in during ‘hate attack’
    By Kirstan Conley
    September 9, 2013 | 7:34am

    An attacker pummeled a bus passenger so hard he smashed the bones in his face after calling the victim a “cracker” in Manhattan – marking the second time in two days that people appeared to be randomly targeted in racial tirades against white people, authorities said.

    In the latest incident, the suspect passed a 31-year-old rider on the M60 bus riding through Harlem, on West 127th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive, around 2:45 p.m., Friday, when he shouted the racial slur and punched the victim in the face, breaking his nose and eye socket, cops said.

    The victim was treated for facial fractures at New York Presbyterian Hospital and released, police said.

    The incident occurred as authorities reported that Jeffrey Babbitt, 62, fell into a coma after being punched and knocked to the ground in Union Square Park on Wednesday.

    In that case, a 31-year-old allegedly yelled that he was going to “f— up” the next white person he saw, before clocking Babbitt so hard that witnesses reported hearing his skull crack on the pavement.

  34. bob dee says:

    Lashawn (sic)

  35. Scott says:

    Black justice is beginning to annoy me!!!!!! How about a little fair one on one and see how things end. Little men!!!

  36. Kevin says:

    I don’t know why blacks should attack white people, we give them everything they want for free or next to nothing thanks to being taxed to death.

  37. Rocketman says:

    A number of years ago I read a story about a crazy individual on a flight in the Philippines that
    started waving a knife around. The stewardesses tried to calm him down and he stabbed one of them in the stomach. The poor girl was pregnant. The other passengers were so outraged that they got together and threw him out of the airplane. And I’m not talking about when the airplane was sitting on the ground.

  38. Marlin208 says:

    So Lashawn Marten is free to go. After all it was just a white man and we all know that they are lower on the totem pole then blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and you name it.
    Oh and he should not be charged for the death of that man as HE was having a bad day at work or HE was fighting with his babies mamma.
    And besides, he can not be charged with a hate crime because blacks do not hate whites, it is always the other way around.
    Why there isn’t a hateful bone in their body.

  39. craig says:

    this is the kind of people that get their mental stimulation from remarks given by the likes of al sharpton and jesse jackson….this will end tragically for the blacks..don’t kid yourself about that whites are readying their selves for this type of attack…this is going to get ugly

  40. CharlieSeattle says:

    Deport ALL ni@@ers, illegal aliens and muslims!

  41. glenn says:

    All I can say is that GOD is in control of ALL things that happen and all things happen for a reason. I just hope that before this goes to far people will come to their senses and unite as one and don’t let all these other people that call themselves racist tear this Nation apart.I for one don’t believe it will happen ,but only time will tell.GOD Bless America.People say your prayers .

  42. abbey says:

    Black people are special. We must take care of them. They are like little children and we must not hurt their feelings. I think we need the return of plantations.

  43. Mikeslaney says:

    A mouth piece of Demonism, why such HATE?

  44. OttoS says:

    Pray for both mens families.Double standards of PC apply. That is not fair & taking the life of a man is good reason to put the one in jail. To kill anyone you have to hate them or you would not kill them.
    20 to 40 years . Hard labor is the best deterrent.

  45. Koramar says:

    If Obama had a brain it would look like Babbit’s.

  46. bklynbel says:

    Bloomberg, Cuomo, City Council, all the Liberals idiots who have run NY for years should be held accountable for these crimes. They keep pushing for gun control only to leave decent people defenseless. If these idiots could guarantee that criminals and crazy people don’t have access to weapons, or can guarantee that social deviants are kept off the streets, they should shut their mouths.

  47. Sam says:

    Where does all this hatred of whites come from? It comes from the demoncrat party. They constantly blame “old, rich, white men” for all our problems. The black people need to look at their representatives who do nothing but lie to them yet they keep voting them back in. It is the democrats who keep the black man down as well as all the rest of us.

  48. SandyInIndy says:

    It is really bad that Blacks try to kill Whitey.

    It is really bad that one Black can’t, so 3 or more will try to kill Whitey.

    It is really bad that 3 + Blacks try to kill Whitely that is old, i.e., WWII Vet and this man.

    What in the Hell is wrong with these Blacks?! Are they saying we can NOT live by Whites?

    What do these Blacks want?

    Something is going to snap soon with Whites:
    We are racist because we are white, We just don’t know it.
    We have an idiot, dumb butt President and if we don’t like his ideas – Racist!!
    Can find jobs.
    Loosing homes.
    Illegal – that’s right – ILLEGALS pouring in and demanding Citizenship & free Medical
    (forgot, we give them what they want.)
    Black Mobs & Illegals want to kill Whitey.
    We’ve paid taxes for: Stupid kids coming out of a $10,000 average/for one year.
    Ovomitcare that Washington DC said, “Not for Me!!”
    Others’ homes, welfare and food stamps. And, welfare for illegals like that gal who has been here 20 years, 7 kids, no daddies or known to her, we tax payers GIVE her $20,000 in food stamps.
    Liberals/Progressives who lie about being liberal/progressive ’cause nobody would vote for them otherwise.

    We are the Largest Superpower, yet we do NOT have a Voting System that will not expose Voter Fraud like Ovomit’s TWICE. Nobody voted for a community-organizer to be our President!!! Maybe during PEACE – maybe??

    WTF is going on??? AND, why in the Hell do I have to pay for it??

  49. Smith says:


  50. Marilynn Reeves says:

    It only counts if it’s white on black. Ya’ll just don’t see the BIG PICTURE yet.

  51. C S. says:

    OK all you Trayvon worshiper, where is your outrage? I know where, you would ONLY be outraged if someone was armed and killed that psycho. The you would be outraged. Now you may be getting the understanding why we don’t like you or what you represent PERIOD.

  52. John White says:

    If these loud mouth black leaders don’t start encouraging black people to stop teaching hate and themselves show a concern for any murder or assault no matter what races are involved the race problems in America will never be solved. Also they must realize that if they start a race war, they’ll lose because they are out numbered by an extremely large number and whites can be just as tough as any black person and have more money to buy weapons and ammunition. It’s time to end this crap!

    • will says:

      Yeah, you end this crap by Loving God/Neighbor my non-black friend. Read the gospels, follow example and teaching of Jesus! Oh, remember that Jesus was Jewish and came to bring non-Jews salvation. He came preaching peace and to bring healing to all. And if you read Isaiah, the Hebrew Prophet wrote that God could not find one man to bring salvation, so His own right hand provided it…JESUS. So that revelation the prophet had should settle the race issue once and for all. There is none righteous, no not one, Hence only God by His Son could provide salvation since all have sinned. That should end the racial superiority idea for all us ignorant salvation needing wretches!

  53. DrRGP says:

    This–a Negro killing a white and the media taking little if any notice–isn’t really anything new. Sadly, given the current state of affairs, we can only expect more of the same,

  54. Brenda says:

    ANOTHER ONE….When are we going to say ENOUGH!!!

  55. libsarescum says:

    UPDATE!! Drudge just reported that Babbitt just died .

  56. DRLJR says:

    Why should anyone expect Sharpton or Jackson to discuss the racial incident? Both of these men are racist and don’t care that the bad behavior of Black Americans are destroying Black-Americans. Eventually, people are going to start responding by defending themselves first and asking questions afterwards. Until Black-Americans wake up and stop promoting racism the problems are only going to get worse. But keep in mind that the Progressives (i.e. The Left) want to exterminate all Blacks in the first place. So it is in the interest of the Progressive Movement to promote Black violence – especially Black-on-Black violence as a means to destroy Blacks. And Blacks are doing exactly what the Left wants – destroying themselves.

  57. JMcCarthy says:

    This Leshawn Martin is just one of hussein obama’s new ‘civilian army’ that he is so proud of. Wasn’t there a Dept. of Injustice ‘whistleblower’ about 2 yrs. ago who said that hussein obama and eric holder decided to NOT Prosecute ‘black on White’ crime!!?? The ONLY race NOT included in a “Protected Class” law’s are Whites and SPECIFICALY White Males. So, as far as obama is concerned it’s Open Season on Whites!

  58. Jack says:

    Its very sad about so much hatred and killing today just because of the color of ones skin! I must say that any color of a person can seek too kill you or help you. Many times I have had a gun or knife that saved my life. I have never had a Black person too try too kill me but many times Whites have seeked too hurt me and I am White also but they could not hurt me because I had protection that saved my life. One time I was in a Black houseing project just turning around and thirty young blacks were running for my car but I hit the gas and I did not stay there and I was gone and yes my 357 mag was laying in my seat ready too go. Just the flash of that shinny stainless steal puts much fear in a person!

  59. DICK ROBEY says:

    WHEN the USA President gave permission to make up[ for the ways things are happening against black males. Now they are standing up and killing WHITIES.

  60. ann says:

    Nor did the good so called reverends say anything about that black scum bag who shot that innocent white baby in the face!! Its just shows what morons they are and not even men of the cloth. If they think they are fooling God they are illustional. They will have a lot to answer for in the next world when they face Him.

  61. Flushthegovernment says:

    They need to thank the scum bag mayor for taking away their ability to defend themselves against these animals.

  62. CSM says:

    What is it with these cowards going after 60 and 80 year old people anyway? Don’t you have the balls to attack young men like myself? O f course not because someone such as myself will ware a hole through you, you jump or beat up on men and women you pick on single individuals or folks that appear to be weak you are wimps and cowards.

  63. kyle says:

    Since this article was published, Jeffrey Babbitt has passed away as a result of his injuries. May he rest in peace now.

  64. armydadtexas1 says:

    Obama is culpable in this along with all other BLACK racist dog blast

  65. bulldurham48 says:

    What do you expect, Obama and his boy Holder encourage this type of action. And how brave the black man was, he proved his prowess and manhood by attacking and old 61 year old white man and in cold truth killing him. But the black man will not be charged with murder, he was just reacting to 150 years of being discriminated against. This is Obama land in fact and truth. White folks, remember the 2nd amendment, you are going to have to rely on its provisions really soon.

  66. Brain says:

    just what if us crackers finally get enough of this it’s O.K. for the blackies going out and putting whites in the hospitals and busting them up? Just what if every time they did it, some of us white crackers overpowered them 1 or 20 and strung them up like the old days. Do you think the whole thing would escalate or do you think it would make them to start watching their backs? and may be stop what they are doing??

  67. Mutt says:

    So I guess the races are equal after all; a brain-dead white man is the victim of a brain-dead black man.

  68. Jack says:

    Yes all you good people are telling the truth! Obama and the civil rights leaders are stiring up much hatred! Once they get Whites mad they will wish they had never started it once the White Revelution starts there will be no stopping it!

  69. Fran says:

    Sad commentary of our times. There are a lot of very sick people out there.

  70. John Beach says:

    The reason that Sharpton and Jackson ignored it is because they have been braindead for years and years.

  71. smitty says:

    This is murder. Try him. Fry him.

  72. Don says:

    Sharpton may comment on this, but be assured, he will have all the excuses in the world to keep his race hatred alive. How does this man sleep at night?

  73. J J says:

    It is a fact that Jackson and Sharpton and many other black politicians and community leaders are only going to scream about hate crimes when the crime is against black people and when it will give them the opportunity to bash white people, get their face and voice in the media and, most importantly, make money!!! It is despicable the way that these black leaders pick and choose who they stand up for or against.

  74. Art Hotchkiss says:

    I don’t even know why this article was published. News is when something out of the ordinary happens. This is becoming common place. The only thing I see worthwhile here is to remind people that when we go outside our homes in a populated area to be prepared and armed. Si vis pacem para bellum.

  75. Jackson and Sharpton are race baiters but the biggest racist is Barack Obama, as long as he is RESIDENT no hate crimes against blacks will ever be charged, he doesn’t even try to hide it. He has another racist Eric Holder that has come right out and said blacks are incapable of hate crimes, they can come right out and say I hate Whites kill them and it will still not be a hate crime. Obama makes statements like “If I had a son he would look just like Trayvon Martin” to sway a jury to convict George Zimmerman and that didn’t work, he wants a race war so bad he can taste it so he can declare martial law and end elections next year, he wants to be a dictator and he keeps passing Executive Orders to lock in his ultimate goal.

  76. Adrian says:

    I think it is time to forget about Jackson and Sharpton and tell all white Americans to protect themselves

  77. J J says:

    Is the “I hate white people” now the same as “allah akbar”??? Is this a reason to kill??? And why, exactly, does this black person hate white people?? Is he one of those blacks who generationally hates white people, in other words, is his hate a learned situation, being taught by generations of his family?? Or is it a singular situation of his that has caused him to hate?? It’s sad that we have gotten to this intolerant point in history!!!

  78. David S. says:

    RIP Mr. Babbitt. If NY had CCP, citizens might have actually prevented this (key word: might). I expect more stories like this in the future. It seems to be the latest trend. Sad but true. In other parts of the country, if someone had tried this, others would have jumped in to the victims defense.

  79. Brisbane says:

    This event is just another travesty that will only continue. Wether it is black on white, white on black, white on white, etc, etc. The fact that he was asking for police indicates to me that he could no longer function w/ his freedom and he needed to return to his place of comfort, prison. This occurs quite often. In many cases family members take the brunt of such behavior.
    Mans inhumanity to man takes many forms and will only continue.
    I feel sorry for the folks that were busted up.
    Call it a hate crime, call it what you will. The guy was a ahole just as Zimmerman was.
    All we can do is try to be the best person we can be.
    Treat everyone we encounter with dignity and respect. Carry protection if you need to.
    Black dude

  80. RueAnne says:

    Gee, I hope the scolding he gets doesn’t seem too racist to him.. don’t want to hurt his feelings. After all, we all know if he’s black he cannot be racist, right?

  81. ROND says:

    If this yahoo can say what he did, then I can say that I hate most niggars or coons, whatever you want to call them. It is a two way street, and they do not get an exclusive.

  82. randydutton says:

    Only three charges of aggravated assault so far? And why only consider manslaughter when Redrick announced he was going to assault someone? That’s premeditated and at least 2nd degree murder. Then Redrick attacked the guys trying to help the victim.

    “the grand jury is considering evidence being gathered by the NYPD’s hate crimes task force and may decide to upgrade the charge to a hate crime, which could include manslaughter.
    “The murder or manslaughter charge is a charge that requires far more on the part of the prosecution to prove his intent to inflict that type of injury,” Redrick’s attorney said. “They must show intent to cause serious injury…. It needs to be explored more as to whether they have enough evidence to prove intent to kill based on one punch.”
    Redrick was paroled from state prison in 2001 after a 1998 attempted assault conviction for throwing a glass bottle that hit someone in the head, according New York’s Department of Corrections spokeswoman Linda Foglia.
    Redrick has been arrested and charged with aggravated harassment, assault, trespass and drug possession, a law enforcement source told CNN, but the outcomes of those cases were unclear.”

  83. govtrumbull says:

    We can wait until hell freezes over before Sharpton, Jackson, or the United Nations will ever make mention of these crimes perpetrated by Blacks against Whites. In the United States, Caucasians have become Human targets without recourse. The People had better figure out what is happening in America before Obama and company start a Black on White rampage. It is getting worse by the day and it won’t end until Obama and company are out of office, and out of the United States. America, if it is up to Obama, we haven’t seen anything yet.

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