United Nations: We Need to Know if Zimmerman is Guilty of a Hate Crime

What should have remained a local Sanford, Florida story has now reached international status, trumping anything having to do with the U.S. launching a war with Syria. What the UN really wants is for the U.S. to wrap up its civil rights investigation into the Zimmerman/Martin case. They want to make sure our laws are in compliance with “international norms” regarding race-related crimes. Because everyone knows that Zimmerman, a self-proclaimed white Nazi, murdered a poor black child in cold blood simply because he was black.

The United Nations reported:

“‘We call upon the US Government to examine its laws that could have discriminatory impact on African Americans, and to ensure that such laws are in full compliance with the country’s international legal obligations and relevant standards,’ said human rights expert Verene Shepherd, who currently heads the UN Working Group of Experts of People of African Descent… ‘The Trayvon Martin case has highlighted the importance of the need to review those existing laws and policies that can have a discriminatory effect on the basis of race, as African Americans become more vulnerable to such discrimination.’”

A UN special reporter on racism Mutuma Ruteere reiterated the importance of the U.S. finishing its investigation of Zimmerman:

“States are required to take effective measures to review governmental, national and local policies, and to amend, rescind or nullify any laws and regulations which have the effect of creating or perpetuating racial discrimination wherever it exists.”

The UN also quoted a statistic about supposed hate crimes, saying that “According to the 2011 US Department of Justice Hate Crime Statistics, 71.9 per cent of the total number of victims of hate crimes reported to the nation’s law enforcement agencies were victims of an offender’s anti-black bias.”

I think the key word there is “reported.” The ones that are predominantly reported are white-on-black crimes. What we’ve seen recently is that the authorities don’t really view black-on-white crimes as “racially motivated,” so they don’t get reported.

And never mind this other inconvenient statistic:  84% of white victims are killed by whites, and 93% of black victims are killed by blacks. I guess the United Nations doesn’t care about all the gang-related violence in places like Detroit and Chicago that claims thousands of blacks’ lives. They only care about reminding whites of their inherent “privilege” and about how we all enslaved black people earlier in our country’s history.



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182 comments on “United Nations: We Need to Know if Zimmerman is Guilty of a Hate Crime
  1. Bruce says:

    The UN can stick it where the sun don’t shine!

    • Linda says:

      I agree. The U.N., much like Obama and his goons, have no business sticking their noses where they don’t belong. Like it or not, Zimmerman was found *not guilty.* Why can’t these yahoos get it through their thick skulls that Zimmerman killed Trayvon in self-defense; and that if anyone was looking to kill someone, it was Trayvon? And his target was Zimmerman.

      And, unless he was born in Africa, Trayvon Martin was *not* an “African-American.” He was an *American.* Period. End of sentence.

      • Rob says:

        I agree, here is another case of this administration exaggerating and beating to death a story that should have been left in the state of Florida. I don’t see any reference to the 100 plus incidents a day where a armed citizen saved their life or that of others because of their right to cally concealed. OMG, Obama Must Go !!!

      • Sherib says:

        As far as I am concerned, the in should stay out of our business and out of our country..totally useless…

      • jrhunt says:

        linda you can’t be confusing The U.N. with any facts, their head might explode ,this is really about the the one world government,you know the New God on the block,we should have gotten out of the U.N. long ago there were warnings for years about this kind of thing happening, we should have paid closer attention, and now it has arrived.next thing will be US citizens in the world courts,welcome to globalism the curse of the New world order,going to get tough.

      • dAVID m says:

        It kills me to know the United States Pays for the United Nations and they take our money and disrespect us like this! Hope they come over and do the watch like “o” wants…I like making holes in paper.

        It has only been since “o” has been in that racial strife has raised its head so high. I feel the truth should automatically be known by this fact!

      • Gouchybear says:

        Linda, thanks for pointing out that oft overlooked fact: Trayvon was an AMERICAN, period. Not an Afrikan-American any more than I am a German-American. We are either one or the other, not both and certainly not hyphenated.

        As for the U.N., stop funding the largest, most corrupt organization on the planet and kick them out of the United States and then implode the building and put up a park in memory of all the people the U.N. has killed in the name of “humanitarian efforts”. I would like to see an accounting for all the money we have given the U.N. and see how many despots and dictators retirement funds we have stuffed with our cash, Obamaboingo being one of them.

      • charlene says:

        What on earth does the UN think they are doing? they have no right to tell the court what to do. the jury spoke. And everyone in media wants to paint that boy as a saint, he was in all kinds of trouble, at present time he had been kicked out of school. This has absolutely gone balistic. a reverse of what martin luther king would agree to. we are started backward. how long you they think whites are going to keep tolerating radical blacks running around killing inocent white people. It is going to backfire and we will have civil war again. This is crazy.

      • Paul says:

        This is just another distraction by the Obama administration to sneak a bill thru while we are worrying about the UN,look for the libreals to move on obamacare,amnesty or gun control

      • Nealstar says:


        Love your comment. If one wanted to legitimately use the term African-American to describe themself, the only one who could do it with any legitimacy would be Charlize Theron who was born in South Africa and became an American citizen. As I’m sure you know, she’s white hot. When I pull that on people, they come back with, “Yeah, but that’s *South* Africa, to which I respond it’s more African than Kenya, Chicago or Detroit.


      • Gwen says:

        Exactly, however it is the liberal media who labeled Zimmerman a White Hispanic so Obama must be a White African American. Now, what does the Black Aftican Americans have to say about that? I don’t believe I am racist but it is the Blacks that want to lighten their skins.

      • eagle275 says:

        Another ploy to take away our guns.

      • Sergio says:

        What do you expect from an organization whose members are the most corrupt politicians from their respective countries?

      • Big Dog 1702 says:

        You said it all and the UN should mind there own business .

      • David says:

        Right on Linda!

      • Beverly Miller says:

        My take on this incident is, if George Zimmerman had not dogged this kid and left him alone there would have been no trouble, and the kid would be alive today.

      • MANGO says:

        will be beter that U.N. to know what hapwnd in somalia,pakistan,afganistan,arabia saudita and other musulman emirates and states where human right NON EXIST.
        GO HELL, U.N.

    • Shane says:

      The UN can go to hell; it is filled with left wing America-haters. How about the hate crime against Christopher Lane by the white-hating young brother in Oklahoma?

    • sn says:

      Throw the UN off our soil, remove ALL funding and get out of that cesspool. The UN is nothing but a blood sucker of US funds and HATES the USA. Who are they to over ride our judicial system. NO MORE MONEY blood suckers!!!!!!!

    • joe says:

      As a us citizen I do not recognize the U.N.’s authority, I agree with you 100 percent.

    • allen goldberg says:

      let’s be blunt. members of the U.N. need to get their own house in order. These people are pretenders, liars, thieves and a whole assortment of scum. NOT all. No, but far far too many. How do I know this? I have dealt with far too many.

      as far as Zimmerman goes and our laws..it ain’t their GD business.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Just think, this is the future ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, and it will be ruling all of the world including the USA. This evil of putting good for evil and evil for good, is our outlook, unless JESUS CHRIST comes and removes those who love and believe in HIM, and leave all others to face what is coming. Christians must continue to live according to GOD’S will and “pray without ceasing.” HE is our only hope, I think we are at the point of no return.

    • Jsmith says:

      Get us OUT of the UN

    • sc says:

      yes i second that, these idiots think because there is a muslum brotherhood in the white house that somehow gives them the right to tell the U. S. A. what to do., as far as a hate crime is concerned that is a lot of crap, anyone who is getting his head bashed into the concrete is bound to hate it, and if it takes a gun to put a stop to the thug then so be it.

    • Pebbles says:

      Bruce: I agree with your statement 100%. The UN needs to keep its nose out of anything that is not international. If the UN is so worried about issues of discrimination, why aren’t they stopping the discrimination of all kinds in the middle east? This entire issue they have brought up is a huge load of crap.

    • Alan says:

      You’ve got a point. This human rights thing in the U.S. has got to go! We need to model this country after nations that tell the U.N. where to stick their human rights. In fact, this “united” thing sucks. I’m all for establishing a D.V. (Divided Nations) that encourages human rights violations! Sorry, got to stop, my sarcasm meter just broke. I’ll come back when it’s fixed.

    • Robert Cash says:

      Define African American. Prove they are from Africa. WellStar Hospital listed me as NON-AFRICAN AMERICAN. No Governor,Senator,Congress will stand-up for WHITE AMERICA.

    • Jsmith says:

      UN is a waste of a good office building.

      Get us OUT of the UN.

    • Robert says:

      They already have their heads stuck up their anus’s these anal canal imbeciles need a copy of our Constitution that declares our sovernity and nowhere in is any mention of their useless ignorant asses!

    • Jean says:

      The UN seems as selective as obama and the DOJ. They ignore black on white crimes such as Christopher Lane’s murder( which could be considered international and a hate crime) or Antonio Santiago, the 13 mo. old, murdered by black thugs in Georgia, to name only two of many. With Sarin gas allegedly used on hundreds of children in Syria by some group, why isn’t the UN concerned with that instead of being hung up on Martin?

    • lzakar says:

      UN,does not even have business here,or right in dealing with Zimmerman case.

    • ronald r. johnson says:

      Great idea!

  2. Proudamerican says:

    They have ZERO jurisdiction here in OUR country and they can pound sand! The same thing applies to our own government as well! Our Constitution is the law, not some phony, temporary impostor trying to take our country down the tubes!

    • JOhn says:

      UN is a bunch of criminals, dicatators and fakes…… !

      • j.cheek says:

        I’ll second that ! Breaking ties with the UN would be a step in the right direction if we can elect a presidential candidate that will make this a campaign promise and the highest priority. Americans are in for the fight of there life if we are to defeat these corrupt politicians touting a utopian new world order.

    • jr0315 says:

      We can’t afford to ignore the UN anymore; that’s half the reason we’re in this mess. Our politicians are in bed with the UN, why do you think we’re opening our borders, saturating our children with “international citizenry” in our public schools, buying up ammo, and ignoring laws that would otherwise enforce the sovereignty of this nation? Look up “Agenda 21, ” the “Ark of Truth” and “The Earth Charter” on Google; find references on the UN’s own Web site, and if it doesn’t scare the crap out of you, then you must be brain dead.

      • Jasper2 says:

        Don’t forget about the IPCC and all the horse pucky they have been promoting about non-existent “climate disruption” (they do keep changing the name). Anything to raise taxes on people who never elected them. We fought the Revolutionary War over this: “No taxation without representation.”

        We are not represented in the UN. For that matter, we aren’t represented any longer in the US! We need to clean house before we lose any shred of the liberty that our soldiers have given their lives to preserve. We can start with the UN. Maybe American Airlines has some retired 757’s that a few Muslims could rent.

  3. Lou7 says:

    The UN can’t stop wmd’s that kill 1,400 people and they are concerned about Trayvon Martin? Are they crazy? We need to stop funding the UN.

    Mind your own business and take OUT THE ARABS!

    • Pat says:

      How about a UN investigation on the Australian college student gunned down in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago…what happened to that story. That wasn’t a hate crime? Interesting that the media stopped reporting on that when the identities of the shooters were revealed.

  4. cedarcreekman says:

    Somebody with some guts need to tell the UN to go to Hell. Wrap a big chain around the damn building and drag it in the sea with all on board. The IDIOT’S think they are going to tell us how to live, bring it on you sick worthless creeps! We are tired of the Zimmermann case, it’s over and you whiners lost, BOO HOO!! Stats don’t mean anything to these LOONS they can’t compute. Want hate crimes you worthless cesspool creeps take a look at Syria. If that’s not a pile of hate crimes what is it? You fools want to waste time on Zimmermann, go eat a PIG!!

    • vette66 says:

      I have a better idea on what should be done to the UN building. Tell the welfare people all they need to do is show up, with the new black panthers and their clubs, and move in. All rooms, utilities, cable, internet are free of charge since the USA pays most of the UN bills anyway.

  5. successful35 says:

    It is time to ask the UN to leave NYC, permanently.
    The USA should withhold all payments to the UN.
    Any terrorists residing at the UN should be held and tried in the USA.

    • Mudguy says:

      No it is time to TELL the UN to leave forget the asking part!!!

    • Ed Decker says:

      We pay for the U.N. as it is. Let’s pay to move the U.N. Headquarters
      to Syria. That way they can keep an eye on the chemicals, and question
      the whatever colors against whatever colors.

      Who knows, there could be a Nigerian in the wood pile.

    • danmandude says:

      At 85 years of age, I have worked for the past 45+ years to educate folks to get us out of the UN and get the treacherous UN out of the USA.
      It has been said that the messiah wants to rule over the UN when he finally leaves the WH. The talk about one world government controlled by the UN is NOT fiction folks, check it out and be frightened as you learn the facts !.

  6. Watch this carefully, it is starting off quietly and may end in a terrible roar. The UN has no jurisdiction in the US, unless our leaders let it be. In Africa this is commonplace (Black murder) and the UN is nowhere to be seen, Arabic countries cut off the heads of White men… the UN is nowhere to be seen. WHY NOW?

    • josie says:

      Don’t forget the weekly killings of black on black in Chicago.

    • sc says:

      not only do they cut off the heads but they also burn down church’s with women and children in them, in fact the cousin of barry soetoro did that in Kenya not to long ago and i don’t remember that those morons got there panties in a twist about that.

  7. WASP says:

    Run those commie b@$!@&*$ out of the country, right after the US pulls out of the U.N. Better yet, lock them in the UN building and burn it. Now, THAT would be a divorce those One Worlders would remember to their dying day–if ever they should live so long. These vermin have nothing to say about our courts, our guns, our constitution, our internal affairs.
    We need an open season on UN criminals. Then, we can concentrate on our own rats.

    • vette66 says:

      BO and his outlaws say the do. The UN is the supreme power according to BO and company. Why do you think BO is signing all the EOs to override Congress.

  8. Barb Caldwell says:

    I am so tired ot Trayvon Martin being referred to as a child. All photo used during the entire trial, etc. were of him at 13 years old! He was l7 when he died, had a beard and did not look like the innocent child portrayed!

    • josie says:

      One less thug to worry about. Parents did well financially, the Community paid them over a million dollars.

      • dwq says:

        Yeah, and meantime Zimmerman’s wife has filed for divorce. Sorry for him. He has been persecuted enough by the racist opportunists who only pick on white on black incidents, and not the reverse.

    • oldvoter098 says:

      I complained to our local TV stations here in Jax. A lot of good it did. I think they were really ticked off when after the trial, all the REAL images of T.M. were shown!

  9. Look what “Bobblehead” did……

    Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring International Law for the United States….goggle an read entire article. It will make you mad as a hornet!!!!!!!!

    • sc says:

      he can sigh all the laws he wants, but until congress approves it it’s just another piece of ass wipe. like he is.

  10. josie says:

    Leave this guy alone! These UN Thugs stalking regular Americans, at the direction of this Administration is the most disgusting thing I’ve read yet. Time to throw this “UN” out of the US, send them all back to Africa. Sk rew the UN.

  11. texasgoat says:

    What is the UN going to so….bomb Florida?

    • Don’t blame the state of Florida. The fault lies mainly with that racist Obama. The UN might want to go screw themselves. Zimmerman was found not guilty of a US jury of his peers. We should have been out of the UN long ago. Now that China has joined Russia as permanent members of the UN Security Council nothing that is good for American interests will be allowed. That includes attacking sandrats in Africa.

  12. Ron H. says:

    The un and all of it’s STUPID COMMIELIB
    parasites need to SHUT the F–K up!!!

  13. RobertG says:

    Sadly one Republican president after another has had an opportunity to distance this country from the UN GOONS, thugs, liars, thieves and fascist but failed to do so. We did manage to cut our percentage of contributions but it is still six hundred and fifty millions of dollars too high ( In 2010 the assessed amount is $650,693,000.). Republicans failed to fight hard enough for Ambassador Bolton but have allowed Obama appoint some of the most dishonest people ever to the UN. What does that tell you?

    The greatest threat to Zimmerman, honest people everywhere and this Republic is NOT the UN, it is NOT Obama, jihdist and it is NOT leftist/fascist as commonly understood. The greatest threat is ‘moderate’, big government, ‘progressive’ and gutless Republicans.

    The really big, ugly building at Turtle Bay should be turned into a firearms store-shooting range and named in honor of Mayor Bloomberg 😉

  14. An American Hart says:

    Its about time we cut ties with this
    worthless bunch of users …allthey have ever done
    Is give us orders and hide behind the greatest
    Military in the world!

  15. geneww1938 says:

    When UN does something about the numerous and continuous attacks of Muslims on Judeo-Christians in every Muslim country and when Holder and the administration at least acknowledges the ‘Mob Attacks’ on whites and Mob Violence against business establishments, then let someone complain about something that has not been settle in our court systems.

  16. CaptTurbo says:

    The UN is bad news. We need to get away from them. No good at all.

  17. hann says:

    Lets talk about REAL RACISM YOU DEGENERATE U.N creeps. Rather than going after an innocent man simply for defending his life, what about the rampant black on white crime killing white babies and eldery men and women! In fact who the heck do you think you are butting into a soverign nations laws?

  18. Nathan51 says:

    Congress should immediately defund and shutdown the UN in the USA and send all these third world tyrants packing. Seize all UN property in this country and turn it into useful commercial office space. Since it is obvious that they are so in love with little thugs like Treyvon, maybe we should empty our prisons of the worst vermin we can find and send them to these little Marxist paradises. Let’s see how long their love affair last!

  19. clare says:

    In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for the protection of George Zimmerman. He is going throught the fire right now, and this is without a doubt the work of Satan. With the help of the Lord, you will come through in a more purified state. Hang in there and do not give up. You are not alone and this will not last forever. God bless you and remember that His return is so near, for all the signs are in place. Consider reading the Book of Romans.

    • oldvoter098 says:

      clare: I join you in your prayer for George Z. He needs all the prayer to get thru what has been a life-changing event!

  20. Donald Trent says:

    the un is a waste, just take a look at the last few years, members of two bit nations that defile everything the un is supposed to stand for get a little power and make them selves million airs and go back to their pond scum country and live like kings, They get to say things about the USA AND LOOK AND FEEL BIG. Well the un is a joke, the UNITED STATES NEEDS TO WITHDRAW. Stop all the money and kick their ass out of this country. We have no need of the un they do not do any good what so ever but make some of the leaders rich. They dont want to do anything about syria but think they have a say in the fact that MR ZIMMERMAN DEFEDED HIM SELF FROM A BLACK THUG. The new obamaass press machine will not show the real photos of obamaass son the thug, expelled from school who sold guns and drug, WEll if a travone pos tried to hurt me i will shoot him , period, More importantly if a scum bag wearing a un blue hate comes to my door i will shoot on site, The un has not authority to send its thugs to do anything in this country, its plainly spelled out in our constitution, So let the un troops hit the street , it will be open season

  21. Larry C. says:

    The UN is strongly encouraged to get the hell out of OUR country ASAP! We will help them pack (actually, we’ll toss their stuff in the ocean)!! It’s long overdue that we put these phonies in their place and let them take up residence in another country, preferably an island in a nuclear test area! They need to clean up their OWN act before casting stones at a country that has stood as an ideal in civil justice for over 200 years! Just because our current “resident” doesn’t play by the rules of the Constitution, does not mean that the rest of the citizens do not! We will fix our own problems, thank you very much!

  22. northbrook says:

    The UN needs to keep it’s nose out of US legal matters. They have no juristiction on this or any other US legal matters

  23. Hcklbery says:

    The UN can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    One less thug to worry about.

  24. LuangTom says:

    We need to defund the United Nations now. This should be a priority of the Congress when they reconvene. The UN needs to know you do not bite the hand that feeds you. Were it not for our funding, our troops to enforce their edicts and our nation to host them, what would the UN be? Did they do anything to stop the Killing Fields of Cambodia, did they stop the genocide in Rwanda, did they stop Idi Amin? No to all of these questions. How can they involve themselves in our internal-affairs except for the advocacy of President Obama? He makes it known that he wants one-government rule over the world. Defund the UN now. Wake up, Amerika, we are being duped into doing their bidding.

  25. James Foley says:

    We need to make a priority in this country: Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.

  26. beth daugherty says:

    UN is corrupt. We need to get out. BTW, where was the UN on the recent beating of white male on school bus by 3 black kids!? Yeah, that’s insignificant and doesn’t meet the UN and other extreme Liberals agenda.

  27. Carol Fryer says:

    Here they go pushing the battered race card again. I wonder what theyre trying to draw our attention away from.

  28. Guru says:

    I think that the UN is right in calling on the US to examine its laws regarding racism in this country. I as aan average white male feel that I am being treated as a second class citizen. My money, that I worked for is being distributed amongst those that choose not to work but to act like a parasite upon society. Its alright for blacks to beat a white child senseless but for someone to defend themselves against a black hoodlum is a crime. We won’t see racial equality in this country until we stop being PC.

  29. rmorris55 says:

    We should not be letting the camel even get its nose into our tent to start with.
    We should tell the UN where to go. This business with Zimmerman should stay here.
    Where will white people be if blacks get the idea they can beat up on whites and whites are not allowed to defend themselves.
    A person should be able to defend themselves no matter what color or religion of the attacker.

  30. Martin says:

    It is utterly ridiculous that any of these UN idiots should say anything to our country about justice. Over 2/3’s of the countries (mostly African) that make up the UN don’t even guarantee a trial to accused people by a jury of their peers and the ones that do just give them a token time in prison if convicted. The UN nations need to clean up their own acts before they start criticize the most just nation in the world.

  31. Joseph G Hunt says:

    I have been saying for 20 years, America needs to get OUT of the United Nations. Close the doors, sell the buildings……..send the foreigners packing …..all they do is condem us and break our laws and then diplomatic immunity.

  32. CO.40S&W says:

    The UN can stick its’ nose up its’ own ASS!! Stay out of our business because you are nothing more than a bunch of Commies who hate America. Kind of like our ILLEGAL PRESIDENT/DICTATOR.

  33. Keith Blalock says:

    Hey UN. PHUKOFF.

  34. Gary M says:

    You watch, Obama will latch onto this UN decree like a leach on a bather in an ole stagnant pond! If for no other reason if takes the focus off of Syria,Ben Ghazi, the IRS scandal, the AP privacy invasion …lets see, what other important issues will Obama “forget” about while he helps the UN investigate America, certainly the focal point of human rights violations! Excuse me while I puke!

    • Gail Eliot says:

      How true-Obama and Hillary are hoping we forget BenGazi, and other B.S. they try to cover up. The UN shouldn’t dictate what we do, and we are paying them to tell us what to do. What about the white boy in OK who was killed by a black man. Not much on the news about that. And the UN shouldn’t have dictated that Bush Sr. could not go into Iraq when General Schwartkoff was ready to march into Iraq and stop his reign of terror. But later, Saddam has had time to strengthen Al Queda, and move his weapons of mass destruction to Iran. Because of UN interference, we have the horror of 911. Obama and the UN has to go-send all the griping, mistreated back to Africa. Or better yet put them on the front line of the war. Why are we sending billions, yes billions to our enemies, when we are trillions in debt. Funny how many people dislike/hate Obama and Hillary, but they continue to be the multi-headed hydra. “What difference does it make” says Billary in a girlish temper tantrum when asked about Ben Gazi. I wish some one would shake the evil out of her, for that statement. I feel for those young men’s families to hear her say that, and now she is going to run for president? And people are stupid enough to elect her-do the people of the US have no memory?

  35. shannon853 says:

    wonder if teh un will get involved with all the black on white attacks here. will gangs of blacks attacking and beating whites, it clearly appears to be nothing but hate crimes. where is jackson and sharpton when its black on white, where is the press and now un where are you?

  36. Rowdy says:

    In the first place Martin is not an African American unless he was born in Africa and immigrated to the US he is not African American, he is of African descent but he not African American. Neither are all the rest of the negro community unless they were born in Africa and immigrated to the US.

    • Jasper2 says:

      Anyone who is a legal citizen of the US who doesn’t want to be called an American (non-hyphen joined with a continent (?!) should be expatriated. Permanently.

      It is acceptable to call an immigrant legally in this country desiring citizenship by hyphenating the name of his country of origin (not continent) to “American.” Those who observe that “America” is a continent are wrong. North America is a continent, but Americans call themselves Americans simply because the name of our country is The United States of America. What else would we call ourselves?

  37. BDS says:

    Currently there are 193 Countries that comprise the United Nations and those that are Muslim or are being taken over by the Muslims are in the majority. Interesting then that the UN is saying this in support of any Black as as Muhammad himself owned several black slaves and almost all Blacks living in U.S. today can trace their roots back to a slave ancestor because Arabs ravaged Africa for nearly a millennium engaging in enslavement of Africans on a grand scale before the Europeans began exporting black slaves.

    Whether in the Qur’an or Hadith Islam Islam or Muslims Look Down on Blacks and Mohammed referred to Blacks as “raisin heads”. (Sahih al-Bukhari vol. 1, no. 662 and vol. 9, no. 256).

    In another Hadith, Mohammed is quoted as saying that Blacks are, “pug-nosed slaves”. (Sahih Moslem vol. 9, p. 46-47). Also I find it very interesting in that Islam neither ignores nor condemns slavery. In fact, a large part of the Sharia is dedicated to the practice.

    Muslims are encouraged to live in the way of Muhammad, who was a slave owner and trader. He captured slaves in battle. He had sex with his slaves. And he instructed his men to do the same.

    But this is supposedly the Religion of Peace?

  38. Leland says:

    What the HELL!!..UN Get the F..K out of my country. Your time of revelance has long passed. We as citizens have to vote our traitors out of office. Give the UN an eviction notice to vacate the premises. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!.

  39. Jackie says:

    The United Nations has no moral authority. It’s members include the most heinous human rights offenders of the World. They have no business interferring with our justice system. How dare they insert themselves in America’s business. Zimmerman did nothing racist. He defended himself from a brutal physical attack. Sadly all over the country white people are dying. Due to racist black on white crime. The knockout game practiced by blacks on whites much like what Martin did to Zimmerman. Where one or more blacks attack a white victim with no provocation. They beat the white victim about the head even kicking to the head until unconciousness. But has resulted in permanent brain damage and death on many occasions. The only race problem in Amerca today is black on white. And the fantasy racist charges like this from the UN has created it in young angry blacks. The race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson and even Obama Oprah have fanned the flames of non existent racism. They have all created black racism that is at epidemic levels today. While the media and the left ignore it.

    The prosecutor of the Zimmerman case has already been indicted for false arrest of an innocent man. There was no probable cause. They took all Zimmerman’s civil rights from him. Destroyed his life for nothing. Now the UN chimes in. There’s what is needed the most corrupt organization on the earth to try to add more evil persecution on an innocent man. It is beyond the pale that America is a member of the UN.. America should leave the UN immediately.The UN thinks they have the right to persecute American citizens. They need to be silenced.

  40. Harold says:

    Enough is enough, get them out of America now, and get America out of the UN!

  41. ToddonCapeCod says:

    Gee…. they weren’t this concerned about the warring in Rwanda, back in the 1990s, were they?
    Remove us from membership and get their building out of the U.S.!!!

  42. madmemere says:

    Someone needs to “remind” the UN, that US law does NOT “need to conform to international law”- – US law conforms to the US Constitution (or is supposed to)! The UN should also be reminded “they are guests on OUR soil” and it IS PAST TIME FOR THEM TO LEAVE!

  43. Robert says:

    what a bunch a buffoons and we send our money to them? time to end this charade. the elites are ruining our world and we need to hold them accountable.

  44. shannon853 says:

    student Christopher Lane in Oklahoma.

    •April 17, 2012 – In Chicago, an 18-year-old black male named Alton L. Hayes attacked a 19-year-old white man with no provocation. Hayes told investigators that he beat his victim because he was angry about Martin’s shooting. Hayes was joined by a 15-year-old companion in the attack.
    •July 8, 2013 – In Los Angeles, as the the Los Angeles Times reported, “a group of unruly young people broke off from hundreds gathered for a Trayvon Martin prayer vigil.” The group tore through a Los Angeles Wal-Mart, attempting to steal jewelry. A mob the next day was more violent, when “more than 100 people descended on stretches of downtown Long Beach in an organized, sudden crime rampage.” On the same day, July 9, a violent mob rushed through Hollywood Boulevard, and 911 callers reported that “a few dozen young people” were “running in and out of traffic, knocking people over on the sidewalks and snatching their belongings.”One police official spoke about the social media messages tracked by Los Angeles law enforcement. The official said: “They’re using Trayvon as an excuse. … They were saying, ‘Let’s go mess up Hollywood for Trayvon.’”Local L.A. media have even coined a new term for violent mobs: “bash mobs.” The term is used as a substitute for the more common “flash mobs.” As described by the Los Angeles CBS affiliate, a bash mob “involves upwards of 100 people – usually teens who organize on social media – who run through the streets attacking and assaulting people, stealing property, committing petty crimes and acts of vandalism.”One day after the Zimmerman verdict, the racial violence continued.
    •July 14 – In Senatobia, Miss., a white father named Devin Dickey was out for an evening jog after putting his daughter to bed. While he was jogging, three black men drove up to him and ordered him into their car at gunpoint. As Dickey described the incident to local news, “[one of the men] said, ‘Do you know who Trayvon is?’ I said, ‘No,’ thinking of somebody local. He said, ‘Trayvon Martin.’ I said ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘I’m going to beat you … for Trayvon.’” Dickey claims that the men kicked his head and beat him until he lost consciousness. He was hospitalized for his injuries.
    •July 14 – In Baltimore, witnesses say that a group of black teens – one armed with a gun – attacked a Mexican man named Melvin Garcia while yelling, “This is for Trayvon.” Three witnesses have confirmed that Garcia was beaten for racial reasons. One black teen present during the attack reportedly said that the group was beating Garcia “because he was Mexican” and that the Martin case motivated the attackers. However, Baltimore Det. Angela Carter-Watson is claiming, “Our investigation is basically saying that there is no Trayvon connection.”
    •July 14 – In Milwaukee, a 34-year-old white man named Christopher Simpson was beaten by at least a dozen black teens while walking to the bus stop. He suffered a broken hand and concussion. Simpson says, “I know what the guy said: ‘This is for Trayvon Martin,’ because [one of the attackers] was right in my face and after he said it he punched me right in the mouth.”A witness to the attackconfirms Simpson’s account.Simpson was rescued by a black couple. As Simpson recalls: “A guy came with his girlfriend and said, ‘What the hell are you guys doing? Leave this guy alone!’ He said, ‘Don’t worry’ and he held my wrist and he said, ‘As long as I’m here, you’ll be OK.’”
    •July 15 – In Houston, Texas, a white grandmother driving her granddaughter to the hospital was attacked by a protester demonstrating against the Zimmerman verdict. The woman, Georgia, who asked that her full name not be used, said her 7-year-old granddaughter was having a reaction to medication, so Georgia started on her way to the hospital. However, along the route, a group of supposedly peaceful protesters was blocking traffic on a bridge. The demonstrators were screaming at drivers and beating on cars that were caught on the bridge. When Georgia and other drivers attempted to drive around the protesters, a crowd of black people moved towards her vehicle.Video of the incident shows a black man grabbing or striking Georgia and attempting to force a car door open as she drove past the crowd.
    •July 27 – In Washington, D.C., three black men yelled, “This is for Trayvon Martin” then beat and robbed a white man in Adams Morgan, a popular venue for young professionals in the nation’s capital.
    •August 16 – In Duncan, Okla., Christopher Lane was killed by three teens, two of whom are black and one who appears to be biracial. One of the teens charged with first-degree murder tweeted in April, “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.” Another tweet boasted about attacking whites: “Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court! :)””Wood” is a derogatory term used by some blacks to describe white people

    • usmadgirl says:

      Only one article has mentioned a word about a 27 year old man killed by three blacks in Memphis, TN. It didn’t appear to be “robbery” because he still had his cell phone & car keys in his hands. They just jumped out of their car, shot him in the heart & left. Why was Trayvon’s life more important than this young man’s or anyone else’s?


      I suppose the UN didn’t see this article either or the dozens of others I’ve read in the past month regarding black on white attacks! Why are we surprised when on “Day 1 of He!!”, the New Black Panthers intimidated voters with absolutely NO punishment? O’Dumbo & Holder have empowered black racist thugs by being “black” racist thugs themselves!

      Also, why are we surprised that the UN is “dictating” to us? That’s exactly what the Progressive Agenda has been for over a century & we’ve allowed them to gradually implement it right before our eyes with NO resistance! We didn’t get involved until O’Dumbo accelerated their agenda & now it might be past the point of no return!

  45. TPM says:

    A UN special reporter on racism Mutuma Ruteere reiterated the importance of the U.S. finishing its investigation of Zimmerman:

    “States are required to take effective measures to review governmental, national and local policies, and to amend, rescind or nullify any laws and regulations which have the effect of creating or perpetuating racial discrimination wherever it exists.”

    Mutuma is a Moron. The only racism that remains in our country, today, is reverse racism. If Martin had been white, Zimmerman would never have been charged with a crime.

  46. stevor says:

    and they, like o’bama/holder, don’t care about all the whites being killed by blacks that the media won’t dare mention!

  47. Nolan Conley says:

    The UN has no business in America period. We by the same token have not business being a part of the UN. They are a bunch of criminals and dictators posing as world leaders. If I’m not mistaken… they still owe a lot of rent for the UN Building in NYC. Boot the thugs out! Now!

  48. Florida Rooster says:

    The U.N. is useless. Time for the U.S. to stop funding the U.N. and tell them to move to another country. They have nothing better to do than second guess our judicial system? If they are so concerned about discrimination, why don’t they get upset about Christian churches being burned and Christians being killed because of their religion. What about genocide in African countries based on tribal origin?

  49. hotratsoup says:

    If the U.N. is so concerned about our “african americans”, we can start a collection and let every black person that is SO mistreated and SO victimized GO BACK TO THEIR HOMELAND, which is just a peachy-keen place to live.

  50. darlene says:

    Hey UN… do you REALLY need me to tell you where you can stick it?

  51. John says:

    Who cares what the UN wants. An ineffective, biased, commie and muzzscum filled cesspool. Turn the UN building into a condo and ship the UN headquarters to Somalia. Why don’t they care about all the whites that have been mobbed by large groups and killed in the name of the hoody wearing POS.

  52. Spyderdalton says:

    How about you mind your own damn business and do something about the 800,000 Rwandans being slaughtered?

    Oh, but then again your only goal is to disarm American citizens and strip them of their rights to self defense

  53. J V V says:

    Simply put…The U.N. should keep out of and stay quiet about anything that happens in the U.S.A. justice system that has gone through proper due process. They are COMPLETELY out of line to bring this up in any context… AND… ANY U.S.citizen who thinks otherwise is an anti American TRAITOR.
    Mr. Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY after the proper preponderance of the evidence by a jury of his peers. END of story!

    That’s simple enough!

  54. DRLJR says:

    The most useless, bigoted organization wants to pretend Zimmerman did something wrong. Zimmerman was and continues to be the victim of Black racism. Anyone who takes the time to look at the real facts can see this. It was a classic case of self-defense followed by racial motivated persecution. The UN can not even keep their own house in order. It is time to expel the UN and stop the funding of this organization.

  55. Carlos says:

    I wanna know why we haven’t pulled the US outta the UN and kicked the UN outta the US?
    Until we flush that turd, it’s always gonna stink.

  56. Ron says:

    UN get out of our affairs. Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY – get it – NOT GUILTY by a panel of people. Zimmerman is not “white”, get that. You can’t handle international affairs – so get the hell out of our internal affairs. You are a waste of our time and our money. You have done more harm to the world than good – you are an organization trying to form a one-world government so you can control us all – we don’t want it – get it.

  57. Toni says:

    another example of American tax payers giving money to something we don’t want or need…All because the government wants it.

  58. Jim Riggs says:

    #1 Zimmerman was not white, he is a Mexican.
    #2 He has a right to protect himself
    #3 Martin threw the first punch
    #4 Zimmerman was found ‘not guilty’
    #5 It is not the business of the UN to get involved in something that was settled in a U.S. court of law.
    #6 The UN should be concentrating on something more important …. like Syria.

  59. Rich says:

    The UN can go scratch. Get their headquarters off US soul, prosecute their entourages for the stuff they pull, and pay taxes for all goods and services instead of being exempt, after which they can have a question, or opinion like every other a*hole.

    At this te this is not an international incident and none of their damned business.

  60. Graywolf12 says:

    May I politely as the Un to go to HeLL. They do nothing about the murder of thousands of Christians, honor killings, and abuse of children, but stick their nose in on a shooting that was taken through the court to a verdict. just because some one is of a different color than the other has nothing to do with the UN. Why do they not demand the government do something about Chicago? This is more on gun control than racial strife. Ge3tb them off our shores and save enough money to pay down the national debt.

  61. Charlie says:

    Defund the U.N. and toss this anti-American bunch out of our country now !!!!
    The servants of our government have been dumping billions into the U.N. every year and now the U.N. is trying to get involved in a civil case that happened within our boarders? Is this even close to what the U.N. was set up to do ? Hell no !! Again defund and toss this bunch of clowns out of our country now !!!!

  62. cwillhunting says:

    the UN is a scam all they want is for us to fit in to the world view run by them and it will never happen we need to get rid of the building on our soiland let them set up in Mexico or Iran

  63. enubus says:

    The UN, what a joke. That organization full of despots and killers of their populations has the audacity to go after Zimmerman as if that case has any relevance. If there was any hate crime it was the drug addict/burglar thug Trayvon Martin who committed it, when he assaulted George after telling his fat ugly moron of a girlfriend that Zimmerman was a creepy-ass cracker! This UN request was generated by an innocuous failed organization called the NAALCP!!!!

  64. mr bad example says:

    we should evict the cock sucking commie UN, defund them and tell them to go to HELL! i’ve had enough of their CRAP!

  65. Walt says:

    Tell the UN to F–k itself. They can go play in Syria if they are interested in human rights.

  66. Fran says:

    It’s bad enough that we have to endure the likes of Jessie and Al aka NAACP perpetuating racism, but the UN needs to stay out of this and be more concerned with what’s going on in Syria. They’ve over stepped their boundaries on this one. I wonder who is feeding them propaganda.

  67. Syl says:

    Zimmerman never proclaimed himself a “white Nazi” did he?

  68. Guillermo says:

    I wonder what Putin would have told this worthless U.N. maggots. Time for the U.S.A to stop bankrolling this cesspool with 25% of their budget, and get them out of the country.

  69. kmilliorn says:

    If people at the UN concerned with human rights & discrimination have so much time on their hands, why don’t they pursue the gross injustices perpetrated against women in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, & numerous other Muslim countries, which include honor killings, outright murders, acid attacks, denial of access to education, forced marriages, child marriages, inequality before the law, & numerous other egregious abuses? These are problems far mor serious & legally entrenched than the straw man they are chasing in the Zimmerman case. There is plenty in the area of institutionalized legal women’s abuse under Islamic law to keep them busy for decades to come!

  70. CaptGene says:

    If EVER there was a single reason to get the HELL out of the united f***ing nations, this highlights it. We are a SOVEREIGN Nation, a Nation of LAWS; a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and NOT a “state” subject to the whims and bull$hit of the rest of the world; civilized and most certainly UN-civilized. The United States of America, you and me, ladies and gentlemen, are subsidizing these sawed off little peckers and I for one have had quite enough! Some disaster in the world? Call the USA!! Oh-oh! People are dying from disease! Call the USA!! OMG! This or that group is being obliterated by politiKally KorreKt, “peace loving” thugs and hoodlums! CALL THE USA!! How about we tell them to go F**K themselves! Give them 24 hours notice to vacate the united f**king nations building in New York because it gets demolished the next morning. Turn the property into something USEFUL like a place to set up Port-A-Potties for homeless penguins? I realize we’re talking the united f**king nations here, but do they realize AFRICANS IN AFRICA ARE KILLING AFRICANS not to mention muslims killing everyone around them who disagree with them? ENOUGH ALREADY!

  71. looneytoonsindville says:

    I think it’s time to let the Blind Sheikh out of prison and direct him to the United Nations building!

  72. Guillermo says:

    Any U.N. investigations about the whites in Zimbabwe being murdered and their farms expropriated?

  73. Matt Menefee says:

    and like any true blooded American would say, who gives a crap the UN thinks.

  74. Jarhead says:

    (1)GET THE US OUT OF THE UN. (2) Have the scumbags move out of the USA.
    (3) Stop funding the UN. One, Two, Three: Problemo solved!

  75. drasher says:

    What a complete total load of BS. The UN has about as much authority in this country, as Obama has sway over the Kremlin. We have our system, and it has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH THE UN. US citizens need to swarm the UN and kill every one of them Sons of b*tches who get in the way, …. burn the GD building to the ground, and make sure EVERY politician in this country that votes, aids or abbetts and helps the UN come back to this country will get the same treatment, whether you are a democrat a republican, or some other form of low life scum politician. WE NEED THE UN GONE FROM THE US, AND NO MORE MONEY FOR THE UN!

  76. Buz Davis says:

    It is long past time we should get out of the UN.

    Put our weight behind NATO.

  77. Charles Higley says:

    Who the hell cares if we are in compliance with the UN’s warped idea of human rights?

    If you dig down to their real values, inside Agenda 21, they do not believe humans have any rights except the assumed requirement that they to do as ordered by the collective.

    The UN is a scam, evil incarnate, and should be closed ASAP.

  78. americangirl1964 says:

    UN this is none of your business. UNITED STATES LAWS are that if you are deemed innocent in our courts of law….you are innocent…PERIOD. BTW…you remember that YOU the UN are funded by the US TAX PAYERS. YOU DO NOT DICTATE THE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND OUR LAWS!!! GO SCREW YOURSELVES AND MOVE ON TO ANOTHER COUNTRY YOU CAN DICTATE TO.

  79. jim shipley says:

    Check history and you will find that almost 90% of black slaves that came to the Americas went to central and south america where they were worked to death in the mines by European masters. They don’t have any ancestors to cry feed me because i had an ancestor that was a slave..What about all the white slaves that built the roman empire and most of Europe? May be they should get their own house in order.

  80. James Green says:

    I worked as a volunteer lobbyist at the UN for 7 years… and after my experience there (In NY, Geneva, The Hague…), my opinion is that we should get out of the UN as soon as possible, and make them move their headquarters out of Manhattan! It does us no good being a part of this international body that “badly” wants to become the “government of the world.” We are actually hurting ourselves by remaining a member.

  81. Carl Sudbrink says:

    The UN has absolutely no business in interfering in our countries business and needs to be thrown out of our country ! An additional thought is to send the Obama Administration with them!

  82. Fallingroc says:

    Get the US Out of the UN, and Get the UN Out of the US

  83. kevin says:

    Time for the U.N. to pack their s**t and get the f*^k out of the United States of America, go back to the Hague, and keep their nose out of Americas business!!!!

  84. barbaro says:

    The UN probably would like to know if I am a racist, so I save them some time in finding out: YES, I AM A RACIST! I am a bigot. I am a hater. I hate people of the phukhed race and Obama is the prime exponent of the phukhed race, followed closely by Moochelle Obama, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarret, Al $harpton, Je$$e Jack$on, Van Jones, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kevin Jennings, you get the idea.

  85. Mark says:

    To the UN, Kiss Our ASS…

  86. OttoS says:

    UN dose not have any authority over USA citizen. otherwise they would be all over
    Detroit, M.I. That is where Blacks hate other Blacks and kill them.
    the UN are useless & are money leaches that does not like the USA

  87. gary says:

    The UN can not take care of the business it was created for so NOW under the pretense of political correctness let us see if we can still punish some one even thought they were deemed not guilty of any crime by the courts of the land. Throw the UN under the bus or at the very least quit funding it and demand it leaves our shores.

  88. Gnafu says:

    It appears that the U N is the perpetrator of this name calling and they must back off because they are over-reaching where they are not wanted. Zimmerman had his day in court and a jury decided the verdict. It is called “the American Way.” If the U N or Obama doesn’t like the verdict, they are supposed to express their anger in a sophisticated manner,, behind closed doors and not to the world. The Judge has left the court house and the case is closed. So be it!

  89. spiderman3d says:

    Giving our rights to self rule are periodically and systematically being given to the UN as part of the New World Order. It is very scarey. Obama and Hilary have been in the news doing that with gun ownership over the last few years. Nothing has happened yet. Read up on the New World Order and its goals. It will make you sick.

  90. countyguard says:

    Oh… ok… the UN states… “States are required to take effective measures to review governmental, national and local policies, and to amend, rescind or nullify any laws and regulations which have the effect of creating or perpetuating racial discrimination wherever it exists.”

    I agree, so all 50 states do exactly that with this defacto UN collection of international terrorists and tell the UN to get lost at the state level. They are creating the discrimination at ALL levels. Tell them no… nullify their corrupt laws and agenda. tenthamendmentcenter.com. Libertyzone.org. How simple!

  91. Sunshine Kid says:

    I would not doubt that the black racists and white liberals put the UN up to this. The UN is making demands without looking at public videos of the trial of Zimmerman.

    It is one thing asking for transcripts of the trial, but another entirely for the UN to try to overturn a legally decided case.

    It is time to kick the UN out of their offices in New York (where I will BET they got their information) and withdraw aid and support to the UN in order to set the record straight: WE ARE NOT A WORLD GOVERNMENT. We do not want to be told what to do; we do not want to be world police nor dictator, and we want to be left alone!

  92. JOSEFMENGELE says:


    • oldvoter098 says:

      JOSE.M. : I had a great laugh at your post, and wish the U.S. had the guts to issue such a message to the U.N.(what have they done good, lately?)
      the line that got me most in the article was: ” Because everyone knows that Zimmerman, a self-proclaimed white Nazi, murdered a poor black child in cold blood simply because he was black.” what kind of BS is that statement, when we all have been informed that Z had a black grandfather.?

  93. Ron says:

    U.N., keep your nose out of our business. If you really want to do something about civil rights, why don’t you check out China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and most any other Muslim country?

  94. RP says:

    We keep hearing about sequestration and how it hurts the economy. There’s a good place to start cutting budget, instead of cutting the military.

  95. Ted says:

    Well, well, well, Verene Shepherd and Mutuma Ruteere have no regard for the US legal system and the constitution. They’re not quite so United Nationally when it comes to race now are they? They prefer black africans obviously. Who would have thought?
    My question to these two Black Goddesses of “international abnormals” is : What’s your take on all of the innocent “Creepy Ass Crackers”, to quote another Black Godess, that your lazy, belligerent, cowardly black BOYS have been “knocking down”, with head and back shots, just for fun lately?
    Of course, we need to keep your BOYS from “being board”, right? How about the housewife that was beaten brutally and thrown down her stairs, in front of her kids, by the black, degenerate scumbag that intruded upon them in their New Jersy home in broad daylight? I’m sure you’ve seen the video ladies. Damn those security cameras! How about the two youngsters in strollers that they killed with head shots and the 88 year old Vet they beat to death? Were those just “workplace violence”?
    In light of the fact that it seems as if YOU PEOPLE excell at getting what you want by any means necessary, except for maybe work. I’d say that was accurate enough.
    And you wonder why people like you are called “Low Lifes” which is, of course, the first definition of the “N” word in the dictionary. Look it up. All it needs now is a picture to be added to the definition! Yours or your girlfriends would do just fine!…

  96. jo johnson says:

    Not to worry……….just stay well armed and blow the first black turd-wad that attacks you to kingdom come !!!
    Obama wants a race war…….and the ignorant, black, food-stamp lickers don’t have a clue as to what he’s got in store for them…………..and the rest of us are ready & waiting………..AND SOME ARE EAGER !!!

  97. JPF says:

    The UN has NO business in America. They are like an organized gang of thugs. Zimmerman is innocent not guilty. Trayvon Martin is the thug who wanted to and tried to kill Zimmerman.
    Is the UN trying to give license for criminals to kill innocent people especially whites on a whim? Kick them out if they have never paid rent for the building or if they are many payments behind. The US Government should follow the rules and evict them but under this administration, crime is normal operating procedure of the day 24/7. Never forget Benghazi or 911, Back to the issue, the real racists are the Blacks against whites. Affirmative action has done nothing except reverse discrimination against people who are not black or other preferred race. The black crime against whites has grown exponentially if the government will not do anything about it then I hope that regular citizens rise up and take care of things.

    • oldvoter098 says:

      JPF: Your blog was so on-target. WHY is the UN still on our land? The march on MLK’s anniversary was pathetic! “REMEMBER WHAT DREAM”? (MLK was no angel!–totally corrupt!)

      My former town, Jacksonville, Fl. has been ruined by the civil rights application. It is turning into a murder capitol. Of course, most of the crime is black-on-black, because most of the central town is Black.

      What are the rights that the whites are denying the blacks? THEY’ve got most of them already. Aren’t they smart enough to realize that?

  98. harleyzone says:

    The UN is a nursing home for politicians. A failed organization who now wants to police America. That is not going to happen America will chase their failed policy’s right out of the Country. Difficult enough to deal with the brain dead group of politicians in Washington!

  99. DD823 says:

    F**k the U.N. We have a bunch of stone age countries trying to tell us what to do! They need to get out of N.Y. and move their headquarters to a cave in some third-world country

  100. Michael J. Marsalek says:

    In the interest of saving time, money and aggrivation: there is absolutely no doubt that the Zimmerman / Martin incident was a hate crime ……. and the hater is dead. Furthermore, even with the unlimited economic & legal resources of the United States government together with the power & prestige of the president against him; George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges.

    • Keith says:

      I agree with your post. UN back off and get off our shores, take the Kenyan Imposter with you
      I admit Zimmerman was against incredible odds but what prestige has the Abomination got? He lost that within his first few days in office.

  101. Just one more illustration of how bad an idea it was to sign on to a marxist concept (world gov’t) and then plant it’s headquarters in America.

    The whole idea of “international law” is an insult to American exceptionalism and our sovereignty.

  102. FreeDame says:

    Anyone who has studied world history for more than 5 minutes knows that slavery and other forms of servitude and social and economic oppression based on race were the NORM for most cultures since the beginning of civilization. The move toward equality has generally been accepted for less than 200 years, with the United States and Great Britain (the countries called to task most frequently for our “discrimination”) leading the way. I’d be interested to know the discrimination statistics for Verene Shepherd’s and Mutuma Ruteere’s countries.

    The UN is a bunch of self-serving hypocrites. They love to pontificate; to take action, not so much.

    The US should get out of the UN, and ship the whole organization – and the cost thereof – to France, where they appreciate such Liberal drivel and don’t seem to mind bankrupting their country. The UN building could then be used to house the New Yorkers who have been bankrupted by Bloomberg’s idiotic policies.

  103. Mutt says:

    If indeed the U.N. ever had any real benefit or relevance, this proves beyond all doubt that it certainly has none today.

  104. ROBERT LANESE says:

    We need to get rid of three things in this country,,, #1 The UN,,, #2 Dumb Bama,, #3 The ACLU. Once this happens we will become a great country again….

  105. Bilbo says:

    Just another reason to stop sending money to the UN and withdraw. The US and its allies formed the UN after WWII as a forum for dispute resolution between countries. It has assumed for itself the role of world wide philosophic dictator in the Marxist style, over reaching and meddling in the affairs of sovereign states. As far as I am concerned the UN can go straight to Hell.

  106. The J Man says:

    Bulldoze the UN and send all of the rats packing. Let someone else harbor these maniacs!!!

  107. RonW says:

    “United Nations: We Need to Know if Zimmerman is Guilty of a Hate Crime”.

    Message to the U.N.: It’s none of your freaking business !!!

  108. Wolfy says:

    If they are now taking control over national law, how about Pastor Saeed Abedini who is currently in prison in Iran’s infamous Evan Prison for being a Christian. The Iranians beat him untill he had internal bleeding and then have refused him any medical treatment. If they want to do away with biggotry, why are they not outraged about this abuse? Answer: they are a bunch of hypocritical biggots themselves. U.N. – Shut up and get out of our country.


  109. bob says:

    Blacks are the biggest racists out there. They are the first ones to jump on the race card. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are the two biggest racists the country has. Racism will never go away as long as the blacks keep bringing it up.

  110. Pete0097 says:

    Glad to see that the life of one American (TM ) is more important than the lives of thousands of arab Christians.

  111. The U.N. is America’s Frankenstein monster.

  112. STEVE L says:


  113. bklynbel says:

    How irreverent the UN is can be measured by what the organization is focused on. The Zimmerman case has nothing to do with international concerns and was resolved in a US court. Instead of addressing the multiple atrocities occurring in Rwanda, the Sudan, Somali, and other African countries and the Middle East, the UN chooses to focus on this non issue. What a waste of US money! How sad for the world? The UN is nothing more than a sham. An organization of mostly corrupt totalitarian regimes (with no regard for human rights), and inept western democracies (who are clueless about how they are being manipulated.)

  114. Arshloch says:

    The United States is a sovereign republic, we do not answer to international law, lawyers or any other group of blowhards. The best thing to do with the ‘UN’ is to withdraw from, deport all personnel, and use the building for low income housing.

  115. Don says:

    Trayvon Martin was bashing George Zimmermans head against a concrete sidewalk and Mr. Zimmerman saved his own life by taking the thug out. If there is any racism in this, then it’s Travon Martin who was racist against a Spanish-American.This is not the business of the UN. They need to butt out of American’s affairs.

  116. Ann frederick-owens says:

    /we don’t need the UN butting into our business. The need to tend to their own business.

  117. kris littlefield says:

    When you think of the countries that are represented in the United Nations you almost have to laugh. Zimmerman was tried in a court of law and found not guilty. End of story. This whole world has lost it’s collective mind….

  118. Biggiewmn says:

    Hate crimes? If they are so concerned about hate crimes, why aren’t they doing something about the slaughter of Christians and Jews in Muslim countries? Now that is what I call hate. The UN has always been an impotent organization.Without the help of the United States it would not have been able to actually do anything. Back in the early 60’s the young John Birch Society was calling for us to get out of the UN. There were signs everywhere. But no one listened. Birchers were ridiculed and said to be a bunch of loonies. Well, back then, Goldwater was in the forefront and he too called for us to get out of the UN.Still, no one listened. Now we are reaping the whirlwind. They UN has absolutlely no right to tell our government what to do. Especially when our courts, our system of justice, has spoken. Our Constituion isTHE law in this land and no international court has any standing here.Throw the bums out!!!!!!!!

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