McCain: I Stayed In A Syrian Hotel So I Know As Much As A Native-born Syrian Pleading For The Lives Of Her Countrymen

This video of a Syrian Christian Woman pleading for John McCain not to relegate Christians in her country to the status of “collateral damage” was hard to watch. But it shows such insight into our blood-addicted political class that everyone needs to see it.

First question: Where was the feminist outrage? McCain portrayed her anger at his murderous plans as “emotional.” I’m surprised he didn’t pat her on the head or offer her a tissue. He obviously did not care what she said, since he regarded her as a hysterical woman—this despite the fact that she was plainly articulating the same concerns as the majority of Americans.

Second Question: Did McCain actually imagine that he heard this woman claim that Assad was “anything but a butcher”” She said nothing of the kind. She pointed out that he operates a secular regime that protects Christians and other religious minorities—something that neither an extensive bombing campaign, nor the supposed “rebels,” will be able or willing to do.

Third question: Why is McCain pretending that affirming there are moderates in Syria changes anything? Right now there are two forces in Syria. The brutal dictator (i.e. McCain’s “butcher”) Bashar-al-Assad, and the Syrian “rebels.” The rebels are killing Christians and other minorities because they are overrun with Sunni terrorists with links to Al Qaeda. They are killing the moderates. If these foreign mercenaries get US air support, along with increased US funding and weapons, we will see them gain even more power. The moderates McCain refers to will either be killed, or forced to follow orders, or flee.

The Syrian woman is not being hysterical in her plea. The United States really is pursuing policies that could end up exterminating Christianity in the Middle East. Furthermore, she is right to bring up Iraq. McCain and others made all sorts of promises about “Democracy” in Iraq. Now it is a Shiite hellhole full of Al Qaeda terrorists attacking the Shiite population and also fighting Assad in Syria. McCain’s promises about a future “moderate” country are not trustworthy.

Final question: How did McCain become arrogant enough to tell a woman from Syria with family back home being, ugh, “butchered” by rebels, that he knows Syria? With a straight face he says, “I know Syria too.” Right. Back when he posed for a photo op with terrorist criminals he showed how well he knew Syria. Yet that amazing lesson in how we are incapable of telling the alleged “good guys” from the “bad guys” has not taught him any humility.

McCain may not represent the American people, or the interests of the civilized Syrians, but he shows us a perfectly clear picture of our political class. They will sacrifice Syrian Christians and others without blinking and they will expect gratitude from those destroyed people for “saving” them.



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64 comments on “McCain: I Stayed In A Syrian Hotel So I Know As Much As A Native-born Syrian Pleading For The Lives Of Her Countrymen
  1. Dean says:

    TakeAway: “we have a strong disagreement on the use of descriptions.”

  2. Sam says:

    Only about half the rebels are Syrian. The rest come from all over. Both sides are bad. If they wanted to protect their children, they could. The US doesn’t need to get involved in this civil war since neither side can be trusted. The al qaeda rebels are said to have used the chemical weapons and still another report says that it was faked and no chemicals were used. All I know is that all radicals are liars! The only thing we can do is send humanitarian aide. Don’t let obama get us into WWIII.

    • joseph vella says:

      What arrogance!
      It is wrong to kill children, some say 400 killing with poison gas in Syria. BUT what about the killing of future American citizens in the millions in America under the pretext of abortion is it not gas also used for the murder of our future generation? is it not true American blood? On whose hands are these children’s blood calling?

      • Ann Francis says:

        Joseph, it is said “everything is relative” in this case it seems the relationship is to money and power, and children become but a useful pawn!
        May God have mercy!

      • SaveTheUnitedStates3 says:

        You are right about innocent American Blood. The current President of the US like no other in history has advocated for the killing of Black Babies like never before. 40,000 Black babies are killed per month in the US while in their most vulnerable state. But of course this man cares nothing about you or me or Black people or poor people or anyone else. He is merely a Puppet of his Evil Master and nothing else. And it is all by his choice freely made by him.

      • USMC71 says:

        This “president’s” previous tenure in the Illinois senate revealed his antipathy for Blacks when he voted against a bill (multiple times!!) that would require medical personnel to provide life-sustaining measures for preborn babies that survived abortion attempts – many of whom are Black.
        Yet we are supposed to believe that he has a concern for people in a distant land who have yet to demonstrate a viable threat to our shores?! He issues the very dictum that he previously rejected when the previous president urged us to take action in the Middle East.
        This man cannot be trusted except to wage an effort to “de-colonialize” America by rendering us militarily and economically impotent, much in the manner his father dreamed of seeing done to the British “empire.”

    • Tv says:

      Not even humanitarian aid. Unless the muslims change religion to anything but islam.

  3. geneww1938 says:

    Let them fight it out. The Judea-Christians will be butchered in Assad loses. the rebel Muslims hate everything that God loves!

  4. Morton Friedman says:

    Reminds me of Billy Graham’s trip to Leningrad in the early 80’s. He was treated to an ecumenical display of the Soviet’s tolerance of religions.

    Unfortunately I too was in Russia within weeks of his visit. I attended Yom Kippur services at the only synagogue remaining in Leningrad. People came to me, but never more than one at a time, I was told not to leave any donations in any currency other than rubles, else there would be ‘problems’. Were the pews ‘bugged’? Hard to say, but any talking had to be done ‘carefully’.

    Was I in the same ‘Leningrad’ as Billy Graham?

  5. shannon853 says:

    wasn’t that from a holiday inn commersional???

  6. Ann Francis says:

    One only has to watch the expressions on Senator McCain’s face, his body language, etc.
    the way he smiles and the condescending attitude, looking away from her while she talks to him just a few feet away!
    As I’ve been calling and telling Mr. McCain for several years now, it’s time to go! We appreciate the way you’ve suffered at the hands of terrorists but that does not give you a right to betray the citizens of this country!

    • Barbc says:

      His condescending attitude toward the woman made wanted to knee cap him. He spent one night in a hotel, where the woman grew up there and still has family. I will take her evaluation of the situation over DC any day.

      • Ann Francis says:

        Barbc, I pray regularly on his behalf – and O’s – to St. Jude the Patron Saint of difficult causes!

  7. theuglydog says:

    McCain is an IDIOT!

  8. Hotnike says:

    McCain has transformed into an Obama butt kisser. What is with him? Arizona, it is time for a recall!!

    • Jarhead says:

      Impeach, recall, fire whatever it takes to get McCain removed from office ASAP and confined in a mental institution.

  9. Doug Schexnayder PhD says:

    Rebels torturing and beheading etc…tough choice…
    let the U. N. handle so-called rights with THEIR force, not ours…

    Overall the cult nations are a mess because they are cult nations…

    we probably have to realize stable dictators are actually better
    than cult thugs wanting to conquer/terrorize the world…

    What did we or should we have learned from Carter giving Iran to the cultists?

    • Karl Williams says:

      We should have learned that Libs LOVE dictators

    • Ann Francis says:

      Careful Doug, remember when and where the UN goes there goes; We the boots, we the funding, we the blame. Funny isn’t it how many want to say we act according to OUR constitution when that morphs into acting UNDER the UN, time to split with that group too!

  10. ddenney1 says:

    It does NOT matter whether McRino is talking to his AZ voters or the people in Syria he placates and says whatever he needs to in order to “FEEL” relevant! HOW IS HIS RECALL GOING???

  11. ppanther says:

    McCain needs to retire! Someone screwed with his head, or he is getting senile! He is making all kinds of statements that are totally off base for someone who loves their own country! Someone must have successfully brainwashed the poor guy or he has been out in the Arizona sun too long! He is not acting like a patriot or promoting things healthy for the U.S.A. He and Flake both! Their bodies have been taken over by aliens!

  12. Rose says:

    Your article said exactly what I thought when I first watched the video. McCain is an idiot!

    • Gary Rose says:

      He is a Turncoat Traitor to America in more then 1 Way. Vietnam Mexico Syria Hestrying to bring the Worlddown to him and Obamas Level Destory everything American>>>>>.Punch in johnmccaintraitor True life Stories>>>>>>>>>Just a man and American>>>>McCain and Obama cant say that and be HOnest>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  13. Patty says:

    I worked as a cashier at a car dealership, that doesn’t make me a mechanic. You really wouldn’t want me to work on YOUR car.

  14. James says:

    Mr.McCain should step down but he’s unable to see himself for what he is. I believe he’s got Alzheimer’s. It’s embarrassing to watch him in the position he holds, quite frankly. He and Nancy P and Harry R. All of bonfire nut jobs…

  15. RacerJim says:

    McCain should head the common-sense advice of who he picked as his running-mate in 2008


    “So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?”

    — Sarah Palin @SarahPalinUSA

  16. george says:

    McCain, shut up! And then please just stop breathing.

  17. William Rogers says:

    All this Syrian stuff is to take the heat off of Obama about his failed lack of leadership.
    The elections are coming up in November and He could very well lose the Senate.
    Obama is in big trouble over Obamacare the Bengazi mess. He failed to rescue
    his Ambassador in Bengazi when the whole world knew he watched and had forces
    available. They were told 3 times to “Stand Down”. Now he wants to bomb somebody
    somewhere when he doesn’t even know who the real enemy is.

    If Iran is the problem then side with Israel and take them out, why mess with Syria when they pose no threat to us?

    Let’s see through all Obama’s smokescreen and impeach him for existing issues.

  18. Alan Scher says:

    They have been killing each other for years with conventional weapons. Why is using gas so bad that it requires us to get involved? To quote our next president:” what difference does it make”.

  19. glprespecta says:

    John McCain has been acting like an arrogant fool for the past 10 years. When is this fools term up for election?

  20. rita says:

    Mr. McCain
    What about all the babies that are being aborted here, that is murder also. This is not a winnable war and you know it. I have read where the Saudis did the Chemical weapons and everybody knows this also. The Saudis are Sunnis and most of the Syrians are Shiites, and the two hate each other as much as they hate the Jews. You know this also. The American people need to start trying to figure this whole thing out or people like you want to start WW3. You want all the good men we have left here to be killed. I think you all are a sick bunch of people using children to have people get on your side.

  21. FedUpWithIt says:

    McCain should be sent over to relive his glory days of Nam – only this time – nude with a freakin sling-shot. e can schmooze with his terrorist brotherhood and enjoy the countryside. We do not need him here. Sent Pelosi, Reid, Obama & wifey, Holder – all in pup-tents on an extended vacation without all the glitch of AF! and 20 limos an bullet-proof buildings. Anyone else wanting to fight? Go with them – they have room in the tents. We are done with the false hype and garbage.

  22. lucabrazie says:

    hey mac do us all a favor and stay there………

  23. CountryBoy says:

    Maybe he should have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express instead…..

    • Chaz says:

      Very good, perhaps he would be more intelligent with such a stay. NOT!!!! Thank God he didn’t get elected as President. He makes Biden look like a Rhodes Scholar.(Obama still looks like a Kindergartner, Yup, he is that stupid) That my friend scares the crap out of me.

  24. Hear her prayerful call for love for her family and friends caught in political correctness
    Their lives in the balance of greed and power struggle. For what, why, who, where has
    It comes to this judgement of God or mare men who think they can take the place
    Of our living God in heaven !!! God did not die and did not make men gods. In God we trust. And Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lord and knows the hearts of men and
    Whom they serve. . He keeps books also and Does not lie !!!!!!! When we answer to
    him what side are we going to be on. , each individual will answer for THEMSELF how they serve their propose on earth !!!!! Thank you Jesus for your great love !!!!!!! Amen

  25. SandyInIndy says:

    McCain has gotten both arrogant and stupid since George Soreass put McCain on his payroll. McCain also told another voter/tax payer that his questions were beneath his dignity. Errr, you don’t have any dignity. You need some depends and a retirement plan, maybe retire in Syria?

    But, this has been has used up all the good will he ever earned from Vietnam. He insisted on being the candidate since Bush was elected. McCain KNEW, even with a idiot community organizer, he could not win the Presidency. Yet, screw US and America, I should be president….

    The sooner Arizona can get rid of him, the fewer illegals there will be allowed to enter and get on 100% Welfare. He started yelling at another Town Hall, that was invite-only with armed guards, “The undocumented are here already!! What do you want to do with them!!” Yelling like we let them in.

    McCain is a Turd and needs to be flushed!!

  26. Stephen Jones says:

    There is several public servants in Washington pretending to represent the American people. Americans that has every right to make sure those sent to Washington is not insane or compromised by Americas enemies foreign and domestic.Questionable Representatives must be tested for mental illness.

  27. Freedom_road says:

    His response is confirming two things 1) our government does not think our opinions matter and they will continue to do whatever they want, the heck with the American people 2) we no longer have a representative republic under oath to the Constitution.
    And 3) John McCain is a Democrat and never was a conservative! Ok that’s three.

  28. rebart says:

    “40,000 Black babies are killed per month in the US”. SaveTheUnitedStates3, where do you get such statistics? This is just plain B.S. At that rate we would wipe out the Black population in a few years.

  29. Chaz says:

    Mr McCain: NO YOU DON”T!!!!! You can’t even hear what your fellow Americans want. You can not hear or understand a flipping thing about the Middle East. The words douche bag come to mind. It may work in some situations, but not in this one. Take a sip of reality and you will see that you are a ZERO just like most of congress. A ZERO, worthless in actions and opinion. Retire old man, your mind is gone bye bye!!

  30. Mrjjwa says:

    I stayed in Washington Crossing , NJ one summer, I know exactly how the frozen starving army felt ,staying there months & crossing that river . Walking along the banks of the Delaware River , in my shorts & tee with sandals on ,sipping my ice tea. UNDERSTAND McCain!

  31. .wecantstandyou says:

    Mc Cain you don’t know your butt from a hole in the ground . you don’t know squat about syria.Just shout up and quit your lying .you’ve been hanging around with that lying buddy of yours obooboo.

  32. Walt says:

    As a Vietnam Vet myself I feel bad for what I am about to say but it is the way I feel. “Perhaps it would have been better of John McCain had stayed a POW for all the misery he has caused”.
    It is a bad thing to say about a fellow veteran but he has caused so much bloodshed and misery in Congress that it might have been better if he had simply stayed gone.

  33. rafael says:

    McCain you should have stayed POW ; you are a disgrace to America , you support muslimes and illegals ; you are Garbage , Senile , Traitor , Retarded , Sold out ;
    McCain , Retrieve to your satanic cave and stay there.

  34. Centurian2010 says:

    Great! Let’s send McCain over to fight.

  35. Paladin says:

    I’m John McCain… I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. SO that qualifies me to be a Senator.

  36. sheinLV says:

    Your’e a GD warmonger McRino! You are obviously getting paid to promote war! You don’t give a rasses att about the Syrians, you just want to line your pockets

  37. WatchingAmericaDie says:

    Outrage…? Women’s liberation has finally arrived at its final destination; political agenda uber alles. So, Mr. McCain. Ignoring for the moment that your head is so far up your rectal chute you OUGHT to be able to see plenty, does the fact that you evacuate said compartment every day mean you know as much as a proctologist? It does not, sir.

  38. mudguy says:

    Mclame do us all favor and shut up. Maybe you should have stayed in Syria.

  39. spatcher says:

    I stayed at a Holiday Inn once does that count for anything?

  40. stevegil says:

    We do not owe McCain a thing for him being a prisoner-of-war! Certainly not a seat in our government! The man is brain-dead from his capture during the Vietnam War! He can not make important decisions for our government! He has already shown that to be true!

  41. undunder says:

    What on earth has McCain been smoking? You gotta feel sorry for someone so incompetent, so out of touch, so yesteryear! “Bless his heart” as we say here in the south.

  42. American says:

    Oh gee McCain stayed the night in a syrian hotel,now he is a authority on syria, kind of like Obama huh.

  43. John Eidsmoe says:

    Senator McCain is an American patriot who has served, suffered, and sacrificed for America more than any of us can imagine.

    He is also a Republican Senator who has, over the years, voted the conservative position about 85% of the time according to American Conservative Union ratings.

    But on the issue of Syria he is just plain WRONG. Our choice there is not between Assad and someone better. Our choice is between the evil Assad and the rebels who are probably no better and possibly much worse. And so long as Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Queda, and the Muslim Brotherhood are busy destroying each other, they won’t be that much of a threat to the United States.

  44. Rickey O'Shields says:

    That is the exact place you need to live for the rest of your life, you bleeding heart liberal RINO.

  45. American says:

    You think McCain would know all about tryants from his own experience, but he seems to have forgotten how monsterous they can be, Muslim terrorists are all the same, killers, scum, and killing is their business, they enjoy it, even their own children they kill. yet we got a President who supports these 13 century animals, because apparently agree with their killing and murdering as long as its Christians and children or Americans.

  46. starbrander says:

    McCain Sat In The Hanoi Hilton,Did 30 Videos For His Captors. He Doesn’t Know What A Good Soldier Is

  47. Spencer Patton says:

    Everyone who is an Arizona resident needs to vote McCain out of office as he has stated that we the People have voted for him for 6 terms and he uses that as proof that we feel he is doing a good job in office. Its time he gets the message that WE THE PEOPLE OF ARIZONA DO NOT WANT HIM OR HIS IDEAS FOR OUR STATE AND NATION ANYMORE, THAT HIS ACTIONS IN THE PAST AND PRESENT ARE TO LIBERAL FOR OUR NATION ANYMORE.

  48. anne says:

    McCain like most Americans who do not have a second language background can only speak English cannot go to a country and talk to a foreign person or have one interpret as interpret is not same. One short stay and he knows how people think, idiot, I grew up with my parents language before speaking English trust not the interpretation as it can be completely different and difficult to explain.
    OLd Men send young men to war and than forget them as they lie in a hospital wounded
    or dead. McCain who has been such still is a war believer.” East is East West is West and never the twain will meet.”

  49. Takeback America says:

    McCain is an example of almost everyone in government. They could care less what we say. They do not think that they have to listen to us. They think they are above us. They promise the world and when they get elected, they turn their backs on us. He forgets who his real boss is. US.

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