The Necessity Of Voter ID Laws Is Obvious: Why Are There So Many Objections?

Winston Churchill said these two things: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on,” and “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

Among seemingly thousands of brilliant Churchill quotes, those two are my favorites. They are my favorites because they are truth, distilled into two sentences. It is universal that lies travel faster than truth, and it is universal that the average voter is woefully uninformed. With these two truths combined, you have a dangerous cocktail.

We are surrounded by a multitude of useful fools. These useful fools will believe anything they hear, so long as it comes from someone they believe to be in a position of authority. And because lies move at such a quick clip, the fools believe the lies, dismissing the actual truth as that which is untrue.

A controversial voter identification law was recently struck down by the authority of a judge in Pennsylvania. According to Town Hall:

After legal jousting that reached the state Supreme Court, a judge blocked enforcement in last year’s presidential election and again in this year’s municipal and judicial primary because of lingering concern that it could disenfranchise voters who lacked a valid photo ID.”

And the crowds cheered! Requiring identification so that you may vote is wrong. Not everybody has photo ID. It’s not as if you need photo identification to purchase a movie ticket, buy or rent a car, buy a house, rent an apartment, get a job, start a bank account and drive—among numerous other things we do in daily life. Oh wait…hold on. We do. Well, still, it’s not as easy as it sounds to go to the DMV, wade through the throngs of people, hold onto one of those tiny tickets and sit for a while. It’s practically climbing Everest to obtain ID! Oh wait…hold on. It isn’t that difficult.

So, what do we have here? Either millions of people don’t ever leave their homes, lacking the proper identification to do nearly anything in life, or the Democrats don’t want ID laws on the books. Thinking logically, it must be the second option. But why? Photo ID only helps to keep elections fair and–Aha! There it is. Those blocking ID laws don’t want fair elections. They don’t want fair elections because they benefit from fraud.

If it’s this obvious to me, why isn’t it to everybody else? It’s simply a logical breakdown. Average, low-information voters fall prey to the quick lies. That’s why. Educate your Liberal friends. Tell them why we need voter ID laws.



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126 comments on “The Necessity Of Voter ID Laws Is Obvious: Why Are There So Many Objections?
  1. Mr Bob says:

    Frank Camp, the reason you don’t state ANY evidence of “in person” voter ID fraud with this article is because IT DOESN’T EXIST!!! It is an undeniable fact that MILLIONS of eligible voters (for whatever reason) do not have the ID required to vote under these new laws & that these voters are disproportionately minorities, poor & young (the least likely to vote for the gop). It is also an undeniable fact that “in person” voter fraud does NOT exist beyond a few votes in hundreds of millions! So, what we have here is the GOP (who’s ideas have been rejected by the American people & are in a demographic death spiral) claiming to solve a problem that doesn’t exist (in person voter fraud) when the real problem they are trying to solve is that their isn’t enough old angry white men to get them elected so they suppress the votes of people least likely to vote for them. This is nothing new, Conservative Christians in the south have been trying to do this since the civil war.

    • ufosrreal says:

      Bob, liar or usful idiot, which are you? I don’t care about this issue that much because I am sure that if voters were required to show ID your democratically run state drivers license bureau would be used to produce hundreds of thousands of fake IDs for use by democrat operatives active in the fraud — its easy, you can register to vote and get a drivers license at the DMV. The news services would eventually find out something about it, not realizing that it is a systemic problem of great magnitude, and under report the number of cases to the public (“not really a problem, nothing to see here, everyone just move on”), then attribute it to a mysterious case of “identity theft,” failing to recognize the the obvious that this involves organized crime. Best regards.

      • RON G says:

        Just ignore bobe. Wonder why he changed his screen name when Last Resistance changed their format? It seems no one else did!

      • Robert says:

        perhaps this will help you:

        i’m thinking if you simply do some research you’ll get all the facts you’re looking for that support why voter ID is important.

      • Mr Bob says:

        Brad, if you lived in TX where the nearest DMV was 175 mile round trip & required you taking of work & getting someone to drive you it might not seem so “easy”.

        Suppose a voting IQ law was passed that required 1 simple question (is the planet older or younger that 10,000 years) answered correctly in order to vote? Would you think this law disproportionately effects, republicans, Christians or just idiots or was a good way from keeping low information voters from voting?

      • Mr Bob says:

        It’s a given that people aren’t that bright but do you realize fraud by individual voters is a singularly foolish and ineffective way to attempt to win an election. Each act of voter fraud in connection with a federal election risks five years in prison and a $10,000 fine, in addition to any state penalties.In return, it yields at most one incremental vote. For illegals it’s deportation. That single extra vote is simply not worth the price

      • drasher says:

        Mr. Bob, I DO live in a very small town in Texas with a population, including surrounding areas, is less than 5,000. NO ONE in Texas needs to drive ANYWHERE CLOSE to 175 miles to get an ID. EVERY county in Texas has a DMV function at their courthouse. NO ONE in Texas needs to leave his county to obtain an ID., because they can obtain it at their local county courthouse. Your claim that some people need to take a day off, pay someone to drive them to the closest DMV, 175 miles both ways, as you claim is pure “El Toro Poo Poo”! Voter fraud IS VERY REAL, AND RAMPANT. IT IS NOT MERELY AN INSIGNIFICANT MINOR PROBLEM. IT is real enough that without voter fraud, democrats sucess at the polls would be greatly reduced, due to not being able to cheat. Lefty dems don’t want to acknowledge a real solution, to a real problem, because they want to continue to cheat.

      • Mr Bob says:

        Where’s the OUTRAGE over absentee ballots??? That is where voter fraud is far more common????

    • T-Bone says:

      Your ignorance is astounding. People have to show ID to do just about anything these days and you say they shouldn’t have to show ID to vote, which is the most FUNDAMENTAL right and privilege we have as U.S. Citizens. I don’t care what color or ethnicity anybody is, the right to vote was paid for by the blood of Americans. If you can’t respect that enough to make an effort to get a photo ID so you can vote, you obviously are clueless on how and why this country was founded. An overwhelming majority is in favor of voter ID laws. You are in the minority and can only cry “discrimination” when this is brought up. Grow a pair you fool. I’m done with you and your ilk.

      • Mr Bob says:

        T-Bone, it’s your ignorance is astounding! At a minimum, voter I.D. laws are a pointless and ill-considered policy to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. These laws serve a more insidious purpose. Voter I.D. laws, passed almost exclusively by Republican legislatures, disproportionately affect urban, minority, senior citizen and young voters less likely to own acceptable identification and more likely to vote Democrat. The results are laws that, on their face, apply equally to all but in practice make it more difficult for a Democrat leaning portion of the electorate to vote. It is IMPOSSIBLE to believe this wasn’t by design. The most obvious case of the discriminatory purpose of voter I.D. laws is the Tennessee voter I.D. legislation, which permits expired out-of-state hunter’s licenses to serve as acceptable identification, but prohibits current in-state city-issued photo identification from being used for voting. The almost comically obvious purpose of this legislation is to make it difficult for Democrat leaning voters (people more likely to have city issued photo I.D.s such as library cards) to participate in our democracy, while encouraging former out-of-state hunters (which party are they likely to vote for?) to participate in the election. Pennsylvania GOP majority leader Mike Turzai explained for us the real purpose of Voter I.D. laws when he said “Voter I.D., which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win Pennsylvania! This type of targeted voter suppression, under the paper-thin façade of preventing imaginary voter impersonation fraud, has no place in our democracy. The recently passed voter I.D. laws are less egregious than a poll tax or literacy test, but enacted with the same purpose, to disenfranchise those unlikely to vote for the politicians in power

      • Brad says:

        In my state NY it costs 8 dollars to get a ID. Plain and simple. so get off your A$$ go to the DMV get a ID. Oh wait I forgot it’s my 8 dollars that you can take and get off the couch that my tax dollars bought. All these people crying about having ID to vote say it’s discrimation they are the same idiots who voted for this idiot in chief.Voting is a privlage you get in MY country. So get the ID and Shut up. Jeeze what A bunch of babies.I agree with T-Bone

      • Lucitee says:

        T-Bone, ALL you have to use as PROOF of bias, is the fact the Ultra Liberal Left are the ONLY ones who are objecting! When “red” States vote 100% for a Liberal, is that a red flag? Voter fraud? Why else would they be against voter ID? They have an ulterior motive they’ll deny but, anyone who has two brain cells can SEE it! These “BULLS” (blatant Left Liberal socialists) rely on the “vague vote”? If ID was required in all States, the minorities of all races, Government dependents, and young naïve college kids, would NOT be as valuable to them! The Liberals have for YEARS “milked” the less educated population because they’re easier to take advantage of! Especially, if the Liberals “promise” them more Government support! Those who take advantage of ANYONE for Political purposes is sick, but the Liberal Socialists take it to a level NEVER seen in our Country! The dumber the voter is the more they can control them! AND they ask no questions, perfectly happy just doing what the Politicians want! It is shameful, demeaning, and obvious why they will fight to the max to keep their base of the minorities who fall for their sales pitch! Research the history of the FIGHTS they’ve started to keep minorities DUMBED-DOWN! If these Politicians would take their OWN greed, thirst for power, and self-gratification motives OUT of their goals, we would ALL benefit and fraud wouldn’t be necessary!

      • Ladyj says:

        T-Bone I am agreement with you Too much ado against Voter-ID
        If you have nothing to hide Why Not? Lets have a non-partisan Group handle a MOBILE VOTER VAN going into any area where U think the people area unable to get to register The majority of the people want it You work for us sooo Do it now and cleanup the voter rolls of dead & illegal voters state by state Remember that last election in too many areas more than a 100% of the people voted that is
        called FRAUD States civil disobedience in this is a must MUST

      • emjay98 says:

        Mr. Bob Prior to the election, in 2008, voters in the states of Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio all reported that voting machines were switching their votes for Romney over to Obama How can you explain that other than voter fraud?

    • Dale left coast says:

      “that MILLIONS of eligible voters (for whatever reason) do not have the ID required to vote”

      And . . . the million dollar question . . . How the h*ll could they be eligible voters if they can’t identify themselves with proper recognized ID’s ? ? ? They may have just arrived from Kenya that morning . . .
      Every country on the planet that has elections . . . REQUIRE that you present Identification before you can vote . . . except the USA . . . just nuts ! ! !

      • Mr Bob says:

        For one thing the GOP has chanced the rules on what type of ID is valid

      • Lucitee says:

        If a Conservative had won in ’09 our Country would look a LOT different! Would still be the strongest, most respected, admired, and feared Country in the world! AND our over-all rating and standing would not have been down-graded, and be much higher than it is now! When an unknown, unvetted, unskilled, inexperienced, NO history, no mention of his past association with anti-American radical rebels, and with no Political expertise is elected, it is bound to have a detrimental affect on all of us!

    • Joe Public says:

      How in the world can you say there is NO voter fraud when there is NO possible way to verify the identity of a person voting? Shall we just take their word as to who they are? I would be willing to bet that we could wipe out ALL under age drinking if we could just do away with that pesky requirement that you show a valid ID to prove you are 21.

      • Mr Bob says:

        where’s the outrage over absentee ballots??? That’s where voting fraud actually exists???

    • Sam says:

      Voter fraud does exist. That’s how obama got elected the second time. There is no way that we have that many stupid, uniformed voters. Or maybe we do.

    • Derek Schneider says:

      So, Bob, how do you feel about having to have an ID to purchase a gun? The current administration stated that you don’t need an ID to vote because voting is a right…and you don’t need ID to exercise your rights. Bearing arms is a right guaranteed by a pesky thing called the Constitution. Please explain why you need an ID for one and not the other?

      • Brad says:

        Derek I am with you on this issue. because thats how you stop voter fraud.

      • Mr Bob says:

        Do you? I can go on the internet & buy a gun without showing ID, go to a gun show & buy one without showing ID or buy one from any of my friends without showing id.

      • Al Dunaway says:

        Bob, if you buy a firearm over the internet you either have to be a Federal Firearms License dealer, or pick up your gun through an FFL, at which time you have to show ID, fill out a federal ATF from 4473, and undergo an instant background check. Seems you don’t know any more about this than you do voter fraud, which is how you Commiecrats win elections.

    • carol says:

      As a poll worker I can tell you firsthand that I saw many blacks voting with ID and many senior citizens also voting with ID so stop trying to spread untruth. We had severly handicapped voters with ID also and all of these people somehow managed to get out to get id and get out to vote. The only questionable people we had at our polling place who did not have proper id also did not speak English…………nuff said!!

      • Mr Bob says:

        Carol, what’s freighting is that people are ignorant as you can even become poll workers. Because you seen some blacks & elderly with the proper ID to vote that means in you closed mind all black & elderly people have the proper ID. I once seen a black republican! Does that make ALL blacks republicans? You should really open your closed mind & close your open mouth and do some research about how many eligible voters in this country lack the proper id to vote under these new laws. Studies show that as many as 11 percent of eligible voters do not have government-issued photo ID. That percentage is even higher for seniors, people of color, people with disabilities, low-income voters, and students. Many citizens find it hard to get government photo IDs, because the underlying documentation like birth certificates (the ID one needs to get ID) is often difficult or expensive to come by.

    • Centurian2010 says:

      Stupid ideological response. Your premise about voter ID laws discouraging voters is just not true. Based on this fallacy then ID laws for driving privileges, acquisition of loans, homes, marriage licenses and so on, not to mention entry into the DNC convention, would be considered the same. Voter fraud, which democrats have perfected, is the only purpose behind prevention of voter ID laws.

      • Mr Bob says:

        Centurian2010, driving privileges, acquisition of loans, homes, marriage licenses and so on, not to mention entry into the DNC convention are NOT constitutional rights. Voting IS! 11% of eligible voters (20 Million) do not have the new ID required to vote under these laws (this is a fact) & in person voter fraud is about as rare as getting hit by lightning (also a fact) these voter id laws will keep hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people from voting (also a fact). You people cling to delusion of in person voter fraud so you don’t have the face the fact that you’re racist.

      • Chrusher says:

        Mr Bob, I imagine, looks like a mouth-breathing bobble head with glasses and a neck beard. Hateful of the God that he does not believe in and the people who believe in one, he spends all of his jobless, welfare-accepting days posting stupid Democratic Socialist talking points and supposed “evidence” that fails the scientific method. Best to ignore him. He fools nobody here and is proven to be a low IQ troll who probably got his @$$ kicked every single day of his life. Mind AND body.

      • EdWatts says:

        Voting is not mentioned as a “right” in The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, or any other of America’s founding documents. Judges “discovered” a “right” to vote in The Constitution (equal protection clause); but voting, by its nature, seems like it should be a privilege — much more so than, for instance, driving, protesting (Gotta have a permit!), and so on.

        Until voting was misinterpreted as a “fundamental right”, America still operated according to The Constitution. After everyone, even those with no “skin in the game”, began voting, America quickly began straying from its organization as a constitutional representativer republic, leaving us with what we have now — a socialist democracy. Those who, for whatever reason, are unable to compete in the working world — in other words, those who have no stake in society by owning land or a business or, even a job which would be threatened by taxing businesses out of existence — have discovered that they can get for themselves goodies which are taken from those who do produce — by force, if necessary — merely by voting for the “right” (“left”!) candidate.

        And here we are.

    • Jean says:

      How far do you have to drive to vote?

    • Olddad says:

      This argument is typical dumocrap hogwash. All Citizens are required to produce ID for too many purchases everyday, including alcohol, tobacco, medical care, just to name a few. The Dumocraps want to keep the election banks clear for their fraud as they did in 2012 in so many places.

      • Mr Bob says:

        not those voting by absentee ballots, but oddly enough there’s no outrage from the gop there because they get many of those votes.

    • joannie says:

      Wow you need to inform yourself because you dont know the facts and or watch the news.
      The law states you must have ID on you at all times, so you are saying minorities, poor and the young cant get themselves to the DMV in over a year when the law will; be in effect really. You need to get yourself informed, In one distract more people voted for the
      same person then there were regsitered voters in that area and 0 for the opposing candidate
      and you say not voter fraud, you must live in a cave.

      • Mr Bob says:

        joannie, please show the evidence you have that In one distract more people voted for the same person then there were registered voters in that area and 0 for the opposing candidate. That is a teabaggers urban legend

    • Oldguy says:

      The priviledge to vote was “bought” by the blood of literally hundreds of thousands of Americans. I frankly don’t give a damn if there is any fraud or not. If a person doesn’t have the ambition or take the responsibility for getting the appropriate free ID, then they don’t deserve to vote, period. Maybe if some of the fools that are so opposed to it, were veterans or related to veterans who paid the ultimate price for this liberty they might not consider it so “cheap”. Yes, “all men are created equal”…then they go up or down from there!

      • Witsend says:

        Right on OldGuy! “If a person doesn’t have the ambition or take the responsibility for getting the appropriate free ID, then they don’t deserve to vote, period.” The only reason any American does not have a pictured ID is because he/she chooses to not have one. I’m pretty sure that someone who hasn’t made the minimal effort to get a photo ID also hasn’t made the effort to study the candidates and issues.

      • Rubygirl says:

        Way to go, Old Guy! Mr. Bob seems to have a stubbornness and close-mindlessness to believe what is poured out of the Dems’ mouth. Requiring a photoVoter ID disenfranchises NO ONE. Most of those “young people” you are talking about walk around with $300 cell phones and seemingly unlimited text and talk. Seniors have to have ID to get Medicare, Medicaid and SS benefits. Any person entering the hospital is required to show ID so just what IS your problem. You act like people that fall into these categories have no IQ at all.

        A suggestion…let’s set up the DMV next to the Food Stamp store. Catch ’em as they come and go. I know all Conservations would be willing to use “their tax money” and not charge these “oor souls”

        BTW, I am a senior and I am disabled and I live alone…goodness how in the world do I survive in this techno world??? I guess I should cry “disenfranchisement” but then again I’m a white female Republican who lives in the South so I don’t count!!.

    • Sweet Kathleen says:

      Mr. Bob….YOU must be one of the uninformed voters. OR……you have your head stuck somewhere…… ID is important in many many phases of life. Just what is the liberal minded administration afraid of? If everyone that votes has to show that they ARE really someone, that they are legally entitled to vote, and that they have not already voted ten times…….are they afraid they cannot win the election? Anyone with a brain, knows that that is the reason voter ID’s scare the living you know what out of the Democrats………..

      • Lucitee says:

        Another reason Liberals object? A voter ID would improve their self-confidence! It could serve as a reminder of WHO they are, and that YOU have PROOF that you are exercising your RIGHT to vote and doing it without someone trying to CONTROL what you do in that voter booth! It would HAVE to have a positive, and confidence-building affect on the voter! That doesn’t bode well for Liberals!
        Too much “voter confidence” will mean less votes for them!

      • Mr Bob says:

        Sweet Kathleen, are you people so ignorant that you cannot even understand why people might question the motives of the southern red states that have a history going back hundreds of years of racism & voter suppression when they come up with laws that will disenfranchise millions of minority voters?

        Let be ask you this… If it was proved to you beyond a doubt that inperson voter fraud did not exist & voter id laws would disenfranchise millions of voters would you STILL be in favor of it? Why isn’t the GOP enacting laws against absentee ballots??? That is where voter fraud is at?

    • Tim says:

      Spoken like a true Liberal. There is a lot more voter fraud going on than most realize. and you liberals have gotten very good at using the fraud. that’s why you are all screaming so loud. its past time to get voter ID into law and make it harder for you Idiots.

      • Mr Bob says:

        Tim, spoken like a true teabagger! ALL rhetoric with not a single fact to back up your claims! I’ll ask again… where is this evidence of in person voter fraud you dimwhits are sooooo convinced exists???

    • Ken says:

      Dear Mr. Bob,
      I guess your little rant would explain why a Democrat elections voluteer managed to vote for Obongo at least three times in separate districts, or that there were actuallty elections voluteers explaining to other Obongo voters how to do just that in districts adjacent to their own… Time to take the kool aid IV needle out of your arm and place it back on the Victrola Bob… Voter fraud exists on a large scale, it always has and was essentially invented by Dums in Chicago… Oh and while we are at it, I will bet you also don’t believe that thousands upon thousands of military absentee ballets never made it to the counting room either…

      • Lucitee says:

        They were 98% Conservative! THAT’S WHY! If these last two terms had produced a STRONG Conservative, EVERY vote would be counted, but especially all branches of our incredible Military! THEY know what this biased Administration thinks about them! He has done everything he can do, with the help of the foreign and domestic factions, to demoralize, down-grade, up-braid, restrict, demand, and then LEAVE them unprotected! Without our Military he would NOT be enjoying wealth, power, fame, and have complete control over our beloved Nation! Especially, with a forged COLB the ONLY Document he has presented to prove who he is, where he came from, and what his history shows! Which means we have nothing, even after six years, by which we can efficiently, carefully, and LEGALLY VET him!

      • Mr Bob says:

        Ken, if voter fraud exists on a large scale then why can’t any of you dimwits post a single shred of evidence of it’s existence?

    • So says the propaganda office of the progressive democrats.

      • Rubygirl says:

        Ken, Mr. Bob sounds like he’s on a “posting loop” that posts over and over…he can’t even change up his argument.

        Mr. Bob, BTW, it would be very nice if you didn’t call Tea Party members “teabaggers” or we will have to start calling liberals….”donkeys” to use a polite word since I am a Southern Lady. And you need to let go of the past in the South. The vast majority of the “good ole folks” who tried to make voting hard were in the Democrat Party…hmmm.

    • Jo Lara says:

      You are the like the scum bags that probably vote more than once. ID is a must for cashing checks, driving, food stamps, banking, paying or NOT paying taxes, to buy alcohol, (I’m 76 and had to show id to buy a bottle of wine) get prescription drugs, rent rooms, hotel, apts, home. Just to mention a few! W/O ID the fraud will continue and the end may not be very nice. WE the PEOPLE have had enough, and to keep OUR military folks from voting is beyond disgusting. TO bad some folks will believe bald face lies. YOU ARE A LIAR just like bo.

      • Mr Bob says:

        Jo Lara, it’s sad to see old people suffering from dementia + alcohol & drugs is not a good combination. Voter fraud is in what’s left of your mind. There’s not a single shred of evidence in person voter fraud.

    • Mr Bob says:

      I have a question for you people. Is there ANYTHING that you idiots wouldn’t believe that fit into your delusion of the world regardless of how preposterous it might be? We know you believe Obama isn’t an American citizen, never went to Harvard, stole two elections with voter fraud (in which he got 150% here, 120% there, etc) , didn’t allow people in the military station over seas from voting, is a demon & possibly the anti Christ. the country is a Christian nation, etc, etc, etc. What if a blogger posted that Obama was seen getting in a spaceship heading for mars & was a Martian? What if one said a new gospel was uncovered written by jesus which says that Satan himself will be elected president of the USA in the year 2008 (and reelected in 2012 by fraud)? Would you dimwits even question that?

    • Ladyj says:

      U what makes me angry?????? Where is the OUTRAGE that our Armed Forces are denied the counting of their VOTE EVERY ELECTION their VOTE is DENIED counting these people who give their lives and health to allow us the privilege are denied the very same privilege It is a SHAME on the Govt for their pitiful excuses why the Armed Forces Votes are not counted They have more right than us SO DARN IT COUNT THE ARMED FORCES VOTE REGARDLESS OF IF THEY ARE LATE OR NOT after all they out in nowhere land fighting for us ILLEGALS & CRIMINALS get MORE BENEFITS & ENTITLEMENTS THAN our ARMED FORCES where is the FAIRNESS MR PREZ…????? Isn’t it time U got your priorities straight?

      • Rubygirl says:

        Preach it, ladyj!!!!!! It IS a disgrace that our brave soldiers were “disenfranchised”. Like that, Mr. Bob?? We delusional folks know how to use the “d” word, too!! Our military and veterans should be getting the BEST of benefits, not the dregs of what the liberals or obama want them to have. But all they get from this regime is being labeled “terrorists”.

        Mr. Bob, speaking of drugs and liquor…at least we aren’t rounding up all the drunks sleeping under the bridge (not to put those poor people down) and paying them to vote with a bottle or money to buy a bottle!!

    • mike swann says:

      Minorities have driver’s licenses. Seniors have driver’s licenses. If a minority can get to the voting booth on election day, he/she can get to where they can obtain an ID. Texas accepted one of about 12 documents (without photo ID) and Obama & Holder didn’t like that either.
      These illegals get driver’s licenses, so that means they can vote. That is what the Democrats want. James O’Keefe went to Wash, DC last fall, registered as Eric Holder, no questions asked.
      There has been proof of voter fraud, In o8 one boy in Chicago or Mich said he registered about 21 times before he was caught. sLast election a lady who sat on the election board in one Ohio city said she voted for her nephew, niece and more than once. She has been o the Board of Elections since 86.
      Before Obama, ACORN (his old employer) was found guilty in many states for registration/voter fraud. Fact.
      These people can get to maternity wards, welfare offices, tattoo parlors, Good Wills, etc. Please give me a break.

    • Lewis Sanborn says:

      Obvious to informed voters is the fact that a very minimal ID requirement in order to vote is common sense.

      Obvious to informed voters is the fact that resistance to common sense indicates an ulterior motive.

      This administration then has further divided the populace between the high and the ‘low information voter’ with its lawsuits to block the States’ common sense requirements.

      Thanks Obama. You are doing the damage you did promise in your speeches.

  2. Proudamerican says:

    A certain segment of society NEEDS to be able to cheat, lie or steal since thats how they live their lives daily. There have always been less than moral individuals only now they are all classified as democrats. The jails are full of democrats! No real conservative is against voter ID regulations but mostly because they know without them, the less than moral individuals (democrats) will walk all over any rules regarding voting, i.e.the past 2 presidential elections.

    • Mr Bob says:

      Our jails are filled with CHRISTIANS!!! Again, more claims about voter fraud bot NO evidence to back it up.

      • USA Retired says:

        You are uninformed as people have gone to jail within recent months over fraudulent voting!

      • Sam says:

        Our jails are filled with Christians? Really? They couldn’t be practicing Christians or they wouldn’t be in jail.

      • Mr Bob says:

        USA Retired, it is YOU that is uninformed. People have gone to jail for voter fraud but NOT “in person” voter fraud (which is what we’re told voter ID laws are to prevent)

      • Brad says:

        No bob they are filled with mostly Muslims. Thats what most of prisioners turn to while they spend time there and Democrats HA HA!!!!!!!!

      • Mr Bob says:

        Sam, as far a Christians in jail, your belief is rendered unfalsifiable because no matter how compelling the evidence is, one simply shifts the goalposts so that it wouldn’t apply to a supposedly ‘true’ example. This kind of post-rationalization is a way of avoiding valid criticisms of one’s argument & is what’s known as the “no true Scotsman fallacy”
        Example: Angus declares that Scotsmen do not put sugar on their porridge, to which Lachlan points out that he is a Scotsman and puts sugar on his porridge. Furious, like a true Scot, Angus yells that no true Scotsman sugars his porridge.

        The fact is OVER 80% of our prison population is self proclaimed Christians.

      • joannie says:

        Bob Google ” voter fraud”

      • Jo Lara says:

        There has always been plenty, but you YAHOOS can’t see past the nose on your face. Besides the repubs signed a stupid document saying they would not dispute any elections till after 2016 is the date I believe. Who signed it and exactly when is still a question I have asked. I do know I have had many who remember it well!

      • mike swann says:

        BOB, there was plenty of evidence to back it up. Do your googling. ACORN has been convicted of this many times. The evidence many states sent to Holder of people registering at the same address and it turned out to be a vacant lot. Dead folks were being registered. This was before the last election. one 6 yr old was registered. All these states aren’t lying. Holder refused to even look at the proof. Dems get votes from minorities. Keep them on welfare, and us working slobs pay for it. That is why he wants open borders, illegals to have the run of thilngs. here.Bt the way, what has Christians to do with this? Atheists vote and even like ot know they are voting in an honest election. You best look at something besides CNN, MSNBC, suck ups for Obama.

    • RON G says:

      Excellent comment Proudamerican. Your first two sentences describe mr bob perfectly.

  3. Never was nor never has been about the po folks havin’ such ter’ble time gettin’ themselfs one a them ID cards. Nope. Always has been and always will be about laws that require legitimately identifying a voter ENDS or makes it very difficult to accomplish the rampant democrat voter fraud in all no ID states, that swings the control of this nation to crackpot boneheads like 0bama. Search youtube under voter fraud, you’ll find plenty of evidence that blows Holder’s lie out the window when he says ‘he’s seen no evidence of voter fraud’. I reckon he ain’t looked much, eh?
    surviving urban crisis . com

    • Mr Bob says:

      How do you argue with MORONS that believe ANYTHING they see on you tube?? Why not check these sources to see that they are true? The Justice Department, under Dubya, conducted a five-year effort to find and prosecute improper voting and turned up virtually no evidence of any organized effort to affect federal elections. A separate report by the Brennan Center found that the type of voter fraud that these voter ID laws would address is “more rare than death by lightning,” while The Washington Post called the laws a “response to no known problem.” The Minnesota ACLU went so far as to offer a $1,000 reward for any example of voter impersonation in the state in the last decade. At press time, there were no takers.

      • joannie says:

        Wow and you vote like others who are not informed.That explains why we are in the mess we are in.

      • Witsend says:

        Mr Bob, It really does not matter if there really is voter fraud or not. Having a photo ID is NOT a hardship for anyone. The minimal effort needed to get one is not excessive. The only Americans who do not have a photo ID are those who choose to not have it. If the potential voter won’t make a bit of effort to get that ID, he/she is also unlikely to have made the effort to vote wisely.

      • Jo Lara says:

        Pray tell who would listen or pay attention to the ACLU? BOB, go some where else to spew your crap, like populations with 140% voting or 100% votes and non for any others? DID you not hear more than 1 person admit on TV they had voted more than once? You are the minority on this site. WE are Patriots and want the truth!!!!!!!!

    • Rubygirl says:

      Silas, be careful, Mr. Bob stresses “in person” voter fraud…like a broken record. I want to sing to the heavens because I’ m thrilled that all those dead people have come back to life to vote. Voting is NOT rocket science…well maybe for some folks it is…especially if you don’t speak English.

      Our jails are filled with Christians? Oh, Lord, thank you, they have been saved from an eternal life in hell. Seriously, if there were practicing Christians in jails, they are there doing prison fellowship to try to save the poor lost souls who have committed crimes. This reminds me, I am SO ready for some “criminals” to be caught and put into jail for breaking our laws, starting at the top of this administration, be they red, black, white or Barney purple!!

  4. USA Retired says:

    Liberals and dumocrats persist on keeping the fraudulent voting in place, because they know they cannot win without illegal votes!

    • Mr Bob says:

      The irony of your statement is that the GOP is the ONLY party guilty of stealing an election when Dubya’s brother & governor Fla. handed Dubya the presidency based upon some hanging chads! Where is your evidence of in person voter fraud??? If the GOP was truly concerned about voter fraud don’t you think they would go after absentee voting (where it actually exists)?

      • Jimtc38 says:

        Bob, when is the last time (or any time) that voter fraud was not democrat? Dead folks vote for democrats (like LBJ), democrat poll workers in Cincinatti admitted voting for Obama multiple times, and Black Panther (democrats) were filmed trying to intimidate voters (but not prosecuted by our illustrious and racist Justce Dept).

        How about those counties where democrat voters exceeded the entire eligible voters who reside there? Must have been a “glitch” in the system, right?

        The democrat party relies on ignorant, low information voters plus cadres of special interest fringe groups who are usually pushing an agenda that’s illicit, immoral, or anti-America. From your previous comments about Christians, I’m guessing that the illicit and immoral facets don’t bother you much.

      • Attila says:

        OK, I was a voter and poll watcher in 2000 in Broward County, Florida, when there was all the controversy. Here are some facts for you to try to dispute:

        -The voting officials were, and have been for many decades, Democrats. They were appointed by Democrats to make sure of the results, and they were elected where necessary with overwhelming Democrat machine support. Minorities, seduced by Democrat pandering, constitute a majority on the election boards.

        -If any malfeasance was present, it would be foregone conclusion as to who it would favor. Hint: no Republican need apply.

        -The “hanging chads” you threw out as a smokescreen was entirely an attempt by the Democrat machine to bring out more votes favorable to a Democrat outcome. Under the watchful eyes of the Republican poll monitors, they were unable to do so.

        -Every recount, with all possible efforts by the Democrat machine, resulted in an increased vote count for Bush.

        -The left leaning News-Sentinel carefully audited the vote count and verified favorable results for Bush.

      • Jo Lara says:

        Yeah, well why the big push to NOT LET OUR military vote???????????? Hope the folks in you state have more common sense than you do!

  5. Nano9 says:

    Ok when the school i went to integrated with another school in 1977 instead of bringing up the lower ranking students from the other school, instead we dumbed down to there standards. We went from a average of 72 passing to a 64.3 passing. This is what is happening now, we are not trying to better our society we are trying lessen our society, how much more stupid can it get that you DO NOT have to prove who you are to elect the most powerful president in the world ???

    • Attila says:

      Maybe you dont understand; the left has a base of low information and purchased (with your tax dollars) voters but they need to keep them uninformed and bought. Therefore, actual education in history and actual constitutional government runs counter to propaganda and feel good instruction. The stupid Republicans, or at least some of them, have failed to challenge them in a meaningful way.

      • Mr Bob says:

        Attila, perhaps you can explain how the people living in the red states which have the worst education system, the most uneducated people & the lowest per capita income are somehow the “smart people” & the most educated people with the best educational system & the highest per capita income are the “stupid ones”? NOBODY else has been able to explain that to me.

    • joannie says:

      Thank you

  6. susan says:

    How clear it is that the ONLY reason that SOME people don’t want to have to show ID is so they can get votes from people who are NOT qualified to vote. Those who are on welfare have to have id — every state offers id cards with pictures to non drivers – my 11 and 13 year old grandchildren have them. To renew a DL in Florida where I have lived in the same house and paid taxes for over 30 years I had to show birth certificate, marriage license, two forms of mail to my address and of course my license that was expiring. The DL staff said it was Federal Law to have to show all that to renew a license. But to vote — might not have to show anything? COME ON

    • Brad says:

      Susan I am in agreement with you.

    • Mr Bob says:

      How is it that morons like you have an opinion that you know nothing about? Do some research on the subject & see how difficult it can be for some people to get the proper ID & of course these same states enacting the voter id laws make it even MORE difficult to get the ID’s

      • Ms Dee says:

        Relax ol’ “bob”. Are you paid or have you been promised a romp at the baths or some seedy hotel with your hero? Better do your homework, I heard he will deny that you ever gave him oral sex and did crack with him! Contrary to what any of the anal wipes who hang on to your butt-bunny hero tells you, you are NOT his favorite! Just a suggestion, be nice if you comment back. I’m the “nice one” in the family and I wouldn’t like to you have to defend yourself against a REAL man, like my hubby!!! Have a nice day, sweetheart…..

      • joannie says:

        Yes and we all did it. The poor have to have ID to get a government check the young need one to go to school or drive, believe me even the homeless have one and if they don’t know how to do that maybe they should not be voting.

      • Mr Bob says:

        Ms Dee, I’m curious. Is your “hubby” also your brother, dad, uncle or cousin? Are you one of those hillbilly girls that can suck c*ck, chew tobacco & know what to spit & what to swallow?

      • Bigfootbob says:


        Damn, you have an insultingly low opinion of your voting base.

  7. Yifinguy says:

    The Liar-in-Chief paid money to Kenya so that they could have voter ID. Maybe they don’t have Mexicans there to vote for the Kenyan president!

  8. Ms Dolores Jablonski says:

    Just simply ignore ol’ “bob”, as he’s a grade-a, o-bumboy, kool-aide drinker, sent here to stir up as much BS as he possibly can. Here is the REAL statistics! YOU Decide….

    Ol’ “bob” is just using the alinsky tactics. He uses demon-crat ‘talking points’ that say an insignificant number of voter fraud cases came to light during the last election. Most of these ‘low information’ individuals already have their minds made up and don’t want to be bothered with the facts. Check out a few of the facts below. You KNOW why the DOJ doesn’t check them out!!

    As each state reported their final election details, the evidence of voter fraud is astounding. Massive voter fraud has been reported in areas of Ohio & Florida, with PA, WI, & VA ALL ARE deploying personnel to investigate election results. In fact, there are states who have convicted election workers for fraud and they are sitting IN JAIL, as we speak…..

    Here are just a few examples of what has surfaced with much more to come.

    * In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama
    received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for Romney. (A mathematical and statistical impossibility).

    * In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio , Obama received 100% of the votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their polling locations- and not one single vote was recorded for Romney. (Another statistical impossibility).

    * In Wood County Ohio, 106,258 voted in a county with only
    98,213 eligible voters.

    * In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered
    eligible voters but 247,713 votes were cast.

    * The National SEAL Museum , a polling location in St. Lucie
    County, FL had a 158% voter turnout.

    * Palm Beach County , FL had a 141% voter turnout.

    * In Ohio County , Obama won by 108% of the total number of
    eligible voters.

    NOTE: Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost every state that DID require a Photo ID in order to cast a vote!!! Imagine that!

    • RON G says:

      Ms Dolores Jablonski. Excellent comment. Sort of puts mr bob, aka bobe, in his place. People have to realize that bob has stated on more then one occasion that the sole purpose of life is to make money. Really rather a sad individual.

      • Mr Bob says:

        CLAIM: In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for Romney.
        FACT: It’s not mathematically impossible. The 59 districts are in areas of the city that are mainly African American, as the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. And Obama received 93 percent of the black vote nationwide.The 59 that went 100 percent for Obama in 2012 constitute 19,605 votes, just 3 percent of the total votes cast in the city.
        CLAIM: In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio , Obama received 100% of the votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their polling locations- and not one single vote was recorded for Romney.
        FACT: Obama didn’t get 100 percent of the vote in any district in Wood County, as anyone can clearly see on the election board’s website. Obama garnered 51.21 percent of the vote overall in the county.As for the claim that “GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their polling locations,” there’s nothing to that, either. It appears to have been pure fantasy on the part of this anonymous email author. “The random accusations which continue to be made regarding Wood County are untrue,” says Burton. “No candidate received 100% of the vote in any precinct in Wood County, no precinct officials were removed during Election Day and no issues were identified during a recount and/or the required state audit.”The viral email goes on to suggest there was voter fraud in Wood County with more votes cast than eligible voters. But that’s not the case, either.
        CLAIM: In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered
        eligible voters but 247,713 votes were cast.
        FACT: It’s simply not true that there were tens of thousands more votes cast than voters available in St. Lucie County. Whoever first started this falsehood misread a St. Lucie election board document showing that 249,095 “cards” were cast, and registered voters totaled 175,554.But the supervisor of elections website explains that a “card” is one page, and the full “ballot” contained two pages. Total cards are not double the number of voters, as not every voter cast both pages (or “cards”).
        CLAIM: The National SEAL Museum , a polling location in St. Lucie County, FL had a 158% voter turnout
        FACT: Of the jurisdiction’s 2,756 registered voters, 2,243 votes were cast, according to the Supervisor of Elections’ official results. A total of 4,469 “cards” were cast of the two-page ballot. Obama, by the way, got 33.62 percent of the vote at that polling location.
        CLAIM: Palm Beach County , FL had a 141% voter turnout.
        FACT: According to the County Supervisor of Elections website, the turnout for the presidential election was 69.56 percent
        CLAIM: In Ohio County , Obama won by 108% of the total number of
        eligible voters.
        FACT: the 108 percent figure appears to be another misguided statistic from Wood County in Ohio. The percentage can be derived by using the email’s bogus number for Election Day voters and its slightly off number for the county’s voting-age population. As we said, the email inflates voter turnout in Wood County by more than 40,000. This is what happens when those with little-to-no regard for the facts spread falsehoods through email and the Internet.
        CLAIM:Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost every state that DID require a Photo ID in order to cast a vote
        FACT: There are 11 states with Photo identification voting law, and Obama won four of them (Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Hawaii)
        The funny thing is you IDIOTS call other people “low info” voters & you’re the stupidest voters in the nation!!!

    • Mr Bob says:

      Ms Dolores Jablonski, the queen of the STUPID!!! ALL of you DIMWITTED MORONS fell for the same bogus email as if were fact!!! If you people would ONLY open your closed minds & close your open mouths you’d be much better off!!! Here is a response to the bogus email you claim to be true.

      • Justdooit says:

        To Mr.BOB…

        Claim: you’re an idiot..

        Fact: you’re an idiot…

        Claim: you know so little that the MSM didn’t tell you…

        Fact: you know so little that the MSM didn’t tell you…

        Claim: you can’t win Mr. Bob…without committing fraud…

        Fact: you can’t win Mr. Bob…without committing fraud…

        Is there anything ELSE you don’t know?

      • Mr Bob says:

        Justdooit, as a matter of fact there is something I don’t know. Can you explain how someone as stupid survives in this world? I mean, what kind of job can you possibly have?

  9. Anon42 says:

    I’m not opposed to voter ID laws, but I am opposed to bureaucratic bloat that will have no net effect. It isn’t that voter fraud doesn’t happen, it’s that it doesn’t happen in person at the polls, the only place that voter ID laws would have an impact. If you want to have effective legislation that will actually decrease the amount of voter fraud, get legislation that more strictly controls ballot handling and processing. Requiring photo ID or equivalent proof of identification at a polling location just makes sense to me (no, I don’t think having a friend vouch should count as a supplement for proper ID) but I don’t think it will impact voter fraud.

    To help Truth get its pants back up, a database of voter fraud cases can be found here:

    • Mr Bob says:

      If the GOP was truly concerned about voter fraud they would go after absentee voting where it actually exists. There is not way in hell ANYONE can look at these numbers & not at the bare minimum question the motives of the GOP’s voter id laws.

      • Justdooit says:

        Fact Mr. Bob…Obama denied allowing overseas troops the right to vote…saying the ballots didn’t arrive in time…almost 100% of our troops vote conservatively…

        And THAT is the TRUTH…

      • Mr Bob says:

        Justdooit: This notion of Obama denied overseas troops the right to vote is SO over the top that the ONLY idiots in this country remotely ignorant enough to believe it are teabaggers! You claim it’s the truth but like EVERYTHING else with you MORONS you don’t have a single shred of evidence to back up your ridiculous claims.

  10. HIBP says:

    Very good comments here in support of Voter ID. I have to show my ID to get medical care the past few years. People are going to have to have some kind of ID to get obamacare. Are people being ‘disenfranchised’ to get their free and government supported health care? The ‘disenfranchised’ argument used by liberal progressives is their excuse for cheating (although they will get VERY MAD and start calling you names like racist when you call them on this). There is no way to determine how much voter fraud goes on, but in WI there were busloads of people being dropped off in Milwaukee in 2012 who were using things like Bed Bath and Beyond letters sent to ‘occupant’ to register to vote. They were allowed to vote so as to not be ‘disenfranchised.’ 90% of cases where people are CAUGHT are democrats. People who support ‘no identification voting’ are supporting FRAUD.

  11. ed says:

    In Florida, you don’t need an ID to buy an AK 47 from a private dealer at a gunshow. Do you think that’s a more pressing problem than the 13 cases of voter in person fraud(which ID’s stop) ? After all 13 out of 650 million votes cast since 2000 makes me think we should have done something when the total reached 4. .00000002% now!!! It’s gone too far, we’re doomed

  12. Mr Bob says:

    Jimtc38, I suppose the last time someone other than a Dem was guilty of voter fraud was this past election when republican Jack Villamaino, Former GOP Candidate, Got 4 Months In Jail For Felony Voter Fraud or , Adam Ward of Bassett County Virginia pleaded guilty to 36 counts of voter fraud and perjury in connection with an attempt to help Newt Gingrich reach the number of signatures required to appear on last year’s Virginia presidential primary ballot. Or. in 2012 a jury found Indiana’s Republican secretary of state, Charlie White, guilty on six counts of voter fraud, theft, and perjury. Or the four staffers of Republican congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) were indicted last August, charged with submitting over 1,500 “forged and falsified” signatures in what the Michigan attorney general, also a Republican, called a “blatant” and “disgraceful” attempt to qualify the congressman for last year’s ballot.

  13. Tank says:

    I just can’t fathom how you can get by in this day and age without an ID… You definitely don’t have a tax paying job without ID, because every employer keeps a copy of your ID on file along with your SS card…. IMO, the only reason one would complain about it, is if they have something to hide…

    • Mr Bob says:

      I just can’t fathom how you can get by in this day & age with the IQ of plant life, yet teabaggers do.

  14. Justdooit says:

    It’s amazing to me how so many are concerned about so much of nothing…One exception: voting for a countries representatives possibly making the country a better place.

    Then the small minority, aka liberals, come along and want to cheat…taking all the amenities for themselves and denying the silent majority the right to an opinion…ie: voting for one who might be best.

    This is all happening when those from other countries are given free reign to vote in our country…Those people could care LESS about country…and care ONLY about SELF…

    I don’t think it was so much that way in the beginning here.

    Winston Churchill was then…MrBob is NOW! How soon we forget country over self…

    • Mr Bob says:

      Funny how the people that have actually pleaded or were found guilty of voter fraud were republicans.

  15. Incredulous1 says:

    DemocRATs are either too lazy to get off the couch to go get a photo ID … OR … maybe they’re afraid the photo ID might get matched to some John Doe outstanding warrant? In either case, if they can go vote once as themselves, once as dead Uncle Ben, once as Mickey Mouse, once as their dog BO, once as their probation officer, once as their favorite NFL star, once as their 3rd grade teacher (also dead) … I could go on and on but I think you see where this is going. And the argument “there is no fraud” comes from heavily DemocRAT urban voting districts where EVERYONE knows they’ll NEVER be brought up on voter fraud charges by the DemocRATs in charge.

  16. ketrout says:

    In order to vote, everyone should haveto have a photo ID, one that has been presented to prove who you are and that you are legally able to vote in elections. The democrats always want to put a stop to any ID Law because then they would NOT have the 22 million plus ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote for them.

    Having dead people voting, having people voting more than one voting and the 22 million plus ILLEGAL ALIENS voting is the ONLY way for them to win elections.



  17. volksnut says:

    its completely obvious to me – thats exactly what it is and what they’re trying to perpetuate – massive voter fraud.soetoro did’nt carry — one — state that REQUIRED voter id – What does that tell you? We have a FRAUD in the White House – Everyone – that strikes this requirement down – is COMPLICIT – AND SHOULD BE HELD FULLY ACCOUNTABLE – These idiots need to renounce their citizenship and go to someplace like Cuba or Venezuela as thats what they’re supporting – DICTATORSHIP –

    • Mr Bob says:

      Yet ANOTHER brain dead teabagging MORON!!! There are 11 states with photo identification voting law. Obama won four of them (Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Hawaii). Is their ANY limit to the ignorance of you people?

  18. Jennie Walsh says:

    Bureaucracy’s finest hour….My birth certificate was destroyed by fire….My picture ID was stolen. The state will NOT give me a birth certificate without a picture ID and will NOT give me a picture ID without a birth certificate. Go figure.
    Big Brother is a very EVIL ENTITY.

  19. standtallall says:

    Bob, I don’t think the problem is fraud by individual voters. It is a well thought out attempt by those who have no respect for this country and the sanctity of the vote. If one was of a mind to “steal” an election, he would start early in the year and keep a log of all those on the obit page. It usually doesn’t print home address of the deceased, but they do print the town. How hard would it be to have a group come in and vote under the deceased name? The list is usually not “scrubbed” and there are many names of the deceased carried throughout the year or more. That one singular phony vote has now expanded.
    How funny would it have been if those investigators who gave their name as Eric Holder would have voted when they had the chance. Holder should would have been in for a good laugh when he showed up. The bottom line is that there is voter fraud and a simple photo ID could eliminate a good many problems. Those parties that do voter registration drives could make that a workable part of their drive without leaving anyone out in the cold. The idea that it is racist is just another arrow in the quiver of a true racist.

  20. mike swann says:

    No point I talking to an uninformed person like MR. Bob. When I have my doubts about something, I do the research before I call another person a liar. Bob knows nothing. If he did, he wouldn’t deny the truth. Too dumb or lazy to look up the facts.
    This is typical of a liberal and/or “know it all”. Save your time on this one. He is a waste. Trouble is, these kind vote.

    • Mr Bob says:

      mike swann, you claim you did “research”. If you did then please show us the evidence of “in person” voter fraud you’ve uncovered. You’re just like EVERY other teabagging moron here! ALL talk but NO action!!! PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!! Show us the evidence of your “research” that in person voting fraud exists!

  21. M3Stuart says:

    You might as well give up. Mr. Bob talks about being closedminded and his is locked up like Ft. Knox. He has a temper problem, too, since he raves about “teabaggers” . I’m sure that there was voter fraud involved in the last two elections, just like there has always been voter fraud in elections from both parties. But, having said that, I know the truth which Bob will never see and I’m satisfied with that. I’m a Republican, veteran with over 24 years service and retired, a Son of the American Revolution, belong to both American Legion and VFW, a Mason, and come rom a lower middle class family in North Carolina. But, what I am, and Bob is not, is a thinker for myself, not a stooge for any idiot that has an IQ higher than his shoe size. Just let him rant to himself cause he will never be intelligent enough to poor p*ss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel.

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