Why Is Black-On-White Violence Not A “Hate Crime”?

For the record, I don’t like the idea of a “hate crime.” I don’t think the penalty for murder or assault or battery should be worse just because it was revealed that the attacker did it for racial reasons. Motive is important and often necessary in investigating who committed the crime. But the motive itself should have nothing to do with the punishment (save for self-defense). Just because a white racist murders a black person out of pure racial hatred doesn’t mean he should receive a stiffer penalty. He should receive the death penalty regardless of why he did it. Civil magistrates can’t read people’s hearts and minds. All they can do is punish criminal acts.

That being said, I don’t like the hypocrisy that is prevalent in the national media when it comes to race relations and real racially motivated crimes. I know that we’re all tired of the Martin/Zimmerman case, but while the media put Martin on a pedestal, spit on Zimmerman, and try desperately to paint the case as pure racial hatred on Zimmerman’s part, there are so many other cases that happen frequently that don’t end up getting reported because the victims are the wrong race. And so are the attackers.

You may have heard about the recent case in Minnesota where a 26-year-old white man went out walking one night when all of a sudden a group of black men started beating him up for no apparent reason, leaving him on the ground in a pool of his own blood. He was beaten so severely that he had to be taken to the hospital with brain swelling:

“When Raymond Widstrand was discovered, local CBS affiliate WCCO reports, ‘his pants were off and his shirt torn.’ His arms and legs were ‘spread out,’ and he was bleeding profusely.”

If he survives, he’ll likely be permanently brain damaged.

This of course hasn’t gotten any national attention. The attackers were black, and the victim was white. The act of covering such a story would be racist.

Now, police are investigating (sort of) whether the attack was racially motivated. They’re trying to find out if it was a hate crime. If they determine that it is, then it has to be prosecuted as such. But so far, police haven’t found anything that convinces the attorney’s office that the attack had anything to do with race. (?)

Again, I don’t like the idea of “hate crimes.” But if this were turned around, and a group of white guys had put a black guy in the hospital with little hope that he would lead a normal life if he even survived, it would make national news immediately and be branded a “hate crime.” It would be a dream come true for the media.

The media took the few, convoluted and distorted dots in the Zimmerman case and immediately connected them to form a hate crime. But with this white Minnesota victim, no one really even knows anything about it, since it’s not being reported, and those in authority that do know about it don’t really think it’s that big of a deal. “Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.” Way to go, media, for easing race relations.



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  • Evermyrtle

    The entire anti-GOD, anti-America force shows undiluted hate of everything that GOD teaches. They hate Christian and do not bother to camouflage the hate. They spew forthwith it, striking blindly, at every Christian in the universe, at every opportunity. It is past time that we recognize what is going on and not try to hide it, because it cannot be hidden. By not speaking against it assists it in spreading, evil. We need to prepare people about what is coming, what is already thriving in the world so that they can be prepared to fight against it, for the MASTER, themselves and their families, as well as for all people interested in following HIM. HE does not need us to do this, we need to do do it for HIM, showing the world where we stand.

    Luke 11:23 He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.
    Ephesians 6:10-24 give us a great lesson on how to be prepared to stand against evil.

    • A.J. Sgt. USMC

      Too Much Religion. All of us should by the comandment that preceeded the 10. Micha 6-8

      • Evermyrtel

        The newspaper here in a small town in SC, kept at picture of Targon Martin on the front page for months, never mentioning his deplorable background activities once. And this is the deep South, and he was honored. Zimmerman the one who was the innocent, only acting to save his life, was never mentioned, then or since.

    • Sandy Trank

      The answer to the black vs white issue is Jesus Christ. The hatred for another comes from a heart blackened with sin. It is important to know the motive to deal with legal charges and punishment but it seems to me that the “victim” card is still being played and somehow that makes it alright for blacks to beat on whites. There are racists and that is a given but not ALL white people hate black people and are peaceful God fearing people. Why are they being targeted for the reason of skin color alone? Doesn’t that make them no better than the racists that targeted them for their skin color? Jesus told us about judging another as we do the same thing and it is true in this case. All of us are targeted for one reason or another at one time or another. It begins in school when kids pick on your name or one of your physical characteristics. It is not just black people who experience this, its just a part of life in a sinful world by persons who don’t know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. There is more to this hypocrisy and that is to keep Americans divided so we can be easily controlled by the powers that be and if we all don’t wake up and smell the coffee as my Mama used to say, we will all be slaves to an ungodly government whose only goal is to enrich themselves and impoverish the rest of us and that has nothing to do with skin color, we will all become government slaves. We need to see it for what it is beyond the smoke screen and come together as Americans or we will totally lose this country. There is more truth to that old son United we stand Divided we fall than most realize.

      • http://Facebook Paul

        You are so right. When a nation forgets God then Satan will rule and America has forgotten God . The problem is from the elected leader down.

      • Vette66

        Are you saying that the Rev. Jess, the Rev, Al, the Rev NAACP, the Rev. new BP, the Rev. oh heck all blacks say the are a Rev. are sinners? Say it isn’t so.

      • Malinda

        I agree with you completely. I was teased horribly as a child, but didn’t turn out to be a person who resorts to violence. The excuses need to stop. Jesus Christ is the only answer. As long as this world is here, there will be evil and violence of all kinds. But those who trust in Christ as their Savior must not be a part of it.

      • TruthWFree

        You are so right. If the world had Jesus Christ in all hearts, this world would be heaven on earth. Satan is at work. Christ said, “Many are called, few are chosen” (man has free will to reject Him) and they will kill you and claim to be serving God” (I’m thinking of Islamists). Come Lord Jesus!

      • http://www.kjv-truth-ministries.org Preacher Cruz

        You’re SO right! When people learn to start accepting ALL people as their brothers and sisters and actually BELIEVE that we are all descended from first Adam & Eve and then Noah and his family we could do away with all these horrible divisions! Race In America & the Bible http://www.kjv-truth-ministries.org/?page_id=50

    • Jo

      EverM…you said it! On another comment section I was saying how sexual diseases, etc. are everywhere because they kicked God and morals (Ten Commandments) out of the picture, and how abortion is killing, porn movies are spurring on lust instead of love, and the race card is played whenever convenient. The answer I got is “you are repressed!”

      • Evermyrtle

        .It is so sad, after spending 30 minutes searching Scriptures and writing a post, it was deleted.

  • Fideux

    Could it have anything to do with the (half) African in the White House and his African Attorney General?

    • hpinnc

      He certainly has not done anything to ease racial relations,but has kept it stirred,& has stuck his nose where it did not belong.That’s what he is about, divide & conquer.He has tried to turn blacks against whites, rich against poor, dems. against repubs. He wants to create division & chaos amongst the masses.

      • Lucky3511

        My thoughts are that any law, or edict put in by our racist resident of the Whitehouse is not legal. He has never established his identity to the satisfaction of the people of America. The true legal branch of the USA has an indictment out to get him to prove his claims, while our so called dept of justice, better known as Obama’s Secret Police, under the leadership of a congressionally indicted criminal, Eric Holder, are suppressing our legal laws and enforcing Obama’s illegal laws.

      • Bobby Miller

        OB has accomplished exactly what he set out to do, if you don’t have a policy or a record of accomplishments then you try to divide and conquer and OB, so far has met his objectives.

    • oldgringo

      These two buffoons have created more racial discrimation amongst blacks than one dare shake a stick at…Al Sharpton and his ilk should be ashamed of allowing the leftist News Media to spread their racial hysteria within this country all for the sake of boosting their ratings thereby profitting heavily by their continuation of printing false stories of supposed racial discrimination before, during, and after the Zimmerman trial…Sadly many blacks and some whites believed their stories…Not forgetting MSNBC and CNN which further spred the flames enticing black hatred towards those racist “white” Americans which Joe Biden proclaimed would put ya’all back in “chains”…
      Incidentally George Zimmerman is not a “white” Hispanic as the news media has claimed…He is a “black” Hispanic…His great grandfather was a black man who married a hispanic woman…But the left wing news media tried making a spectacle that somehow the word “white” associated with Zimmerman would prove him to be a racist and stir up the pot of racial hatred and discrimination…Even though it was a lie from the beginning…No matter…The bait was taken..The race card once again became defacto trump…With Obama and Holder suggesting Zimmerman was in violation of Martin’s Civil Rights and an investigation will be ordered by Eric Holder…Strangely the CommieCRats who control our news media never once referred to Barack Obama as being a “white” Negro when he was campaigning for the Presidency…They never did…That would be an expose of “racism”…We can’t have any of that when and where our President is concerned!…”When will They ever Learn?”…Peter, Paul and Mary.

      • James Jones

        The root problem of miscreant Negros is their home lives. A neighbor teaches at a 94% black high school. “You wouldn’t believe the home lives that some of these kids have.”

        A Dallas flatfoot who was involved in the Ruby/Oswald murder said:
        “White people ain’t perfect, and Mexicans have their special problems, but you wouldn’t BELIEVE what them (forbidden word plural) do!”

        My dad was super at workplace. He told Rogers and Aut to take the pickup and go work on the pumps at the springs, and Aut would be in charge. A few min. later Dad saw Rogers with an armload of personal effects. “Where you goin’, Rogers?”
        “Ah quits. Ah ain’t goan wuk fuh no niggah.”
        Dad: “Put your stuff back, Rogers, and go work on the pumps by yourself.”
        Rogers did.

        Fiction (THE DOCTORS by Harvard prof Eric Seagal)
        A black gunshot victim was in the ER when a black man came in wearing a white lab coat and stethoscope hanging from his neck.
        “Who you?”
        “I’m Dr. Smith.”
        “Ain’t no niggah goan doctor on ME!”

        Some will ask what this has to do with it. We who grew up with them know very well what it has to do with gentleman of African heritage.

      • DiploBear

        Liberals and their Commie Comrades, LEARN ???
        These are all idiots led by criminals.
        Obama and Holder are not idiots; just act that way.

      • http://lastresistance willies 38

        These people are so damn stupid, it was their own kind that sold them as slaves ,I’m sick of hearing the race card crap ,they got preference on almost everything and there’s still affirmative action putting a lesser qualified individual a job before a more trained and intelligent individual ,this race shit is just that a reason to keep your mind off more important issues and keep those jack wagons in the White House but in the end it’s the White House and we will not play these b.s. games for long a Revolution is coming !!!!

    • Rick

      Half breed would be more appropriate.

    • Joseph C. Moore

      Neither one is “African”. They are both (supposedly) American Negro.

      • James Jones

        They are more AmericanAfricans than they are African Americans.

        Getting the boy out of Africa is one thing. Getting the African out of the boy is quite another. There are some Negros who overcome their lineage and are decent citizens. There are some Caucasians who are not decent citizens and have no lineage to overcome.

      • Jeff

        They are halfricans the best explanation I can think of.

    • Pinkie

      I agree with this all the way! Makes me sick!

    • http://stitchwitchcorner.com hedy

      yes that is the problem , a mischling (half and half) in the oval office and Holder , the are the biggest problem , the are the ones that bring up that crap, whit the help of Sharpton and Jackson , and some other fruit cakes out there , like Oprah , now she has to chirp in ,
      like a goad OB lover , stupid ,

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        It sure seems strange now in order for many Blacks to Advance all the Standards have to be lowered. I n Atlanta the Police department had Sarge. Positions open and after the tests were given no Blacks passed so they made the questions so that eighth Graders cold pass it and still only White People Passed, so they lowered it again so sixth graders could pass and at last the had a couple of Blacks Passed [ not with high scores and not nearly as high as the white people’s scores ] but the Blacks were promoted any way. It will be the same way with women in combat, they will keep making it easer until little girls in the Sixth grade can pass. Just like with the dumb Police officers getting other Officers killed the women in combat will get a lot of good men killed trying to protect them like their mother’s taught them, thanks to Obama [ who never served a day]and a lot of Idiots just like him!

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      It has everything to do with the God Hating, Homosexual Muslim, Black racist America hating President we let steal two elections in a row! Obama like Holder, Fredricka, Waters Thompson, and 90 % of all elected Black people and Oprah, Jackson, Sharpton, Jay Z and his Phony Haired Wife Beyonce, Spike Lee the N A A C P, Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, Beta and all the Black Only Colleges, Obama and Oprah’s Black Racist Pastor of over twenty years! It’s time we ran all of those sick things out of our Christian Country!

      • novi

        Ronald; I agree with everything you say except your words “we let steal two elections in a row!” The GOP also stole an election from the only candidate in your lifetime who intended to actually fix what is wrong in America. The head of the snake that is stealing our freedom and prosperity is the Federal Reserve Bank; and the GOP showed it’s fangs pulling every political dirty trick known to depraved man to keep Ron Paul from winning the nomination as well as the hearts and minds of Americans. I agree with your every criticism of the Marxist in the White House, but am irked that Republican voters somehow still don’t get it that the GOP is fully complicit with the powers stealing our freedom, our prosperity, and our lives.

    • Kat

      You are so right, Fideux. With their “guy” in the White House, they’re cocky, they’re comfortable. There was a time when they feared committing crimes against us, those days are over. If we’re going to have hate crime laws, they have to be used for both races. The statistics show there are far more black on White crime than the other way around. Where I live a cute little blonde girl was walking down the street talking on her cell phone, a very large african punk walked up to her, punched her in the face, breaking her nose and stealing her phone. To the apologists I say, “Wait until you’re a victim, then you’ll understand.” The better solution to hate crime legislation is they commit a crime against a White person, deport their whole family to africa, you’ll see how fast they’ll start to behave. They’re not even supposed to be here, Lincoln made arrangements to ship them all to Liberia, but alas he was assassinated before it could be implemented. Don’t put out the welcome mat, don’t make them feel comfortable in your communities. They walk around all comfortable because there are not mobs of White people attacking them or committing crimes. Try going into an all black community sometime, if you get out alive to talk about it, let us know if you were made to feel welcome/comfortable.

    • R Lembke

      Obama has made 16 million dollars supposedly for his book ” My Father’s Dreams”, apparently no one has read it. HIS father was a black Marxist who blamed all of Africa’s problems on White emperialism. Thus, to HIS father “social racial justice” could only be achieved by taking from the ” priviledged” whites and “redistributing” to the poor blacks. Everything in Obama’s father’s dream was based on a myth of racial injustice, and we are surprised Obama is using the power of the US to accomplish his father’s messed up and twisted thoughts? Im not, it was predictable if anyone had cared. Welcome to Zimbabwe 1978, and see how they fared with this sick and twisted view of the world.

    • http://M Ann

      Absolutely! holder and odama love to separate the races. They encourage it each and every day. Odama is Martin he just was put in office by other white haters. But they love the money they get from whites. I think we should call a spade a spade! Impeach all of them as they don’ love America and should be ousted for the evil they do

  • Bob Wilson

    When it’s “Whitey” involved it’s a “Hate Crime”………..

    When the Sambos gang up on Whites, the LIB Press & TV don’t see it …..

    Good thing Jackson is on his way to Jail ……… that’s one RACIST we don’t have to listen too …… now to get Sharpton, Holder and 0bama ……….

    One Down, Three to go ………..
    Let the impeachment Begin !!

    • Bwana MKubwa

      Wrong – it is Jackson’s son going to jail maybe (?) if they don’t give him time credited bewteen the accusation and the conviction – which they are likely to do. Ole Jesse is still free and evil as ever he was, still spewing his racial hatreds, with Old Obammy listening carefully to his every vile word. Notice, three or four blacks beat up one white so as to spread the credit amongst themselves, no Democratic Party Judge will convict and sentence four blacks just for beating up one old whitey, dat aint fair is it ?

    • Brian Davies

      Bob, while I agree with your thought unfortunatly race baiter Jackson is still on the loose. It was his son Jessie Jr (and JJ’s wife) who were both convicted. I find it interesting however that former Ill. Gov Blago got 15 years for discussing the crime of selling Obama’s seat (and never profiting a dime) but this guy and his wife only get 2 and 1 years sentances (respectivly) for stealing over 3/4 of a million dollars to buy themselves some fur coats and fancy hats and nice watches….damn can you get that visual?

      • Lucky3511

        Jackson is a democrat. Now you all must understand by now, anything done wrong by is democrat is severely punished by a promotion. The Jacksons will probably get released for time served (10 minutes) and given a cushy job somewhere in Obama’s government. Remember Lerner, the punished her for the IRS crime by giving her a new job with a huge salary increase.

    • Rick

      Unfortunately the wrong Jackson is going to prison. However, his son certainly belongs there too.

    • Marilyn

      No need to use the term, sambos. It’s not appropriate.

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Why not your friends sure like Whitey and Cracker and cracka as you probably do too! It is extremely appropriate and fits too! It’s time to return as good as we get. I tried turning the other cheek and all it gets for me is two cheeks to hurt!

  • Wolfman

    Because the American Media gave us all a racial double standard

    • Shane

      Yes, the liberal MSM will not report stories of black on white crime, unless the black perp is famous, like OJ Simpson.

      • alice

        And he wasn’t convicted either. And it wasn’t a hate crime. It was only in the news because of who he was.

  • http://fredrendon.com Fred Rendon Jr

    The blacks feel like the United States owes them for something that happened years ago. They have a chip on their shoulder and they feel they can say “nigger” to “nigga”but not the anglos. Real good white man.
    and call Anglos Crackers and beat up Anglos. The Anglos had much to do with the situation we are at now. They are too ignorant too see that if this continues they will be under the gun. Do you really think that Obama likes Harry the little girl Reid? Or Nancy the dunce peloice? or that the black community has respect for the ass kilssing Anglos? NO. This will continue untill we wise up and put a stop to the stupidity going on. HOwever until then you Anglos who love kissing the ass of the blacks well have at it.

    • kmilliorn

      Fred–How many real black people do you actually know? They no more exist as a monolithic mass of “them” who all think alike than do all whites, Hispanics, or Asians. I did my general surgery training in a large university program alongside several highly competent black physicians–none of whom was in the very competitive program because the standards had been lowered for them. My good friend & next door neighbor of 28 years is black & is no more a member of the imaginary group you describe than I am.
      Is there a race-complaint industry in the US?–Obviously, & Jesse Jackson, Sr & Al Sharpton are charter members. They have enriched themselves without materially improving the lives of the people they claim to represent. Blacks should have run them & their ilk out of town on a rail a long time ago!

  • USA Retired

    This is where I liked Mayor Daley’s policy suggestion, “Just shoot ten percent and the rest will fail into place”!

    • Dave

      Agreed, at this point, 10% may be a low number

  • Proudamerican

    IT IS A HATE CRIME! you are just letting the hypocritical libs make the decision! Stop it right now!

  • Shane

    The liberal media is too cowardly to tell their viewers about the many black hate crimes against whites. Libs do not want to tell white people about the very high black on white violent crime rate. The number of white women raped by black men is much higher than the number of black women raped by white men.

  • Al Barrs

    Black-On-White Violence Is Not A “Hate Crime” because the white population has been intimidated by the black minority that yell RACISM everytime a white person opens their mouth. Most whites don’t want to rock the boat so keep their thought to themselves, but there is a point of no return and when that no return limit is reached the blacks will be in a lot of self-imposed trouble. A 12 to 88 ration of blacks to whites in the U.S.A. isn’t good odds for the blacks if they continue to push whites to far with their demands, violence and threats of racial war… All hell will break loose if Congress doesn’t put a stop to their encitement of radical domestic groups agains society…

    • Dave

      Al, that is partially true. However, at the same time you have Whites receiving much harsher sentences for white on black attacks then black on white attacks.
      No doubt, there was a time when people hated being called a racist and now knowing their defintition of a racist I wear it as a Badge of Honor. Their definition today of a racist is ANYONE that disagrees with Obama and I Profess that I am a RACIST b/c I hate every policy this idiot has come up with.

      • Dave

        Dave, this Dave agrees with you 100 %. White America is getting it shoved down our throats by the Liberal News Media and the Administration we have today. Look at the Prisons in America. Then tell me why the reverse isn’t being done. White Americans are tolerating it for to long. We did not do this to them. They are doing it to themselves and blaming it on the whites. They have ever chance for advancement as whites have but most won’t do anything about getting ahead as they want it handed to them and not go out and earn it.

  • T Thompson

    It’s the new America. When you get tired of it, join like minded patriotic Americans and change it back to the America that used to be bought and paid for with real American blood.

    • Arron Grottolo

      MOLON LABE. Thank God for guns.

    • Dave

      Amen to that.
      Unite and train locally

  • T. Banacek

    Hate Crime enhancements were added by white liberals who felt guilty about what their forefathers may or may not have done 200 years ago purely to appease blacks from going on a rampage of criminality. Turns out, they’ve been doing it anyway. I live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin and blacks are taking gun violence to an all time high for this city with 10-15 shooting incidents a week. The worthless lefty mayor is flabbergasted as to what to do.

    • txlady txlady706

      I, nor anyone I know, has ANY relation to anyone who ever owned a slave OR an indentured servant for that matter. Who does? All of us came here because WE one slaves somewhere else. The argument and the “affirmative” action have turned my fellow Americans against me. What have I done? I’m not even in any position to make any choices. I just steer clear of trouble when I can

  • Top Hat DhIp

    I am tired of black on white beat downs. I am tired of these beat downs not considered racist situations while the reverse would be considered racist. I am becoming a racist as are many white people. Blacks will find themselves as cast outs. No white person is going to hire them or will be adverse to hiring blacks. I am tired of black on white crime, or black on black crime for that matter. Blacks are with few exceptions racists. It is coming to be time to beat down some blacks to see how the like somewhat living in fear, the kind of fear that has hurt them in our society. Always came to the side of blacks but no more. Like muslims, it may be coming time to rid society of blacks.

    • Dave

      Not ALL. There are still many good black people that are just as sick of it as we are.
      However, its pretty easy to figure out who definetly is NOT o0n the side of America and a decent america. One simple question, do you like Obama, answer yes and you know what the response should be.

  • Johnhorse

    It has been thought for many decades the ONLY whites could be racist.The thing of it is NOW people finely are beginning to understand WHO are the real racist.The blacks have used the race card for everything that didn’t work out the way they wanted.Kind of like the boy who called wolf once to many times.Well I see the day that the wolf is going to bite the black boy in the ass,it is going to be interesting.

    • Dave

      John, I dont know who you know that has ONLY thought that whites are the racist but no one I know has thought like that. Anyone thats been around blacks for any amount of time on the job, in the military etc:, you find out really quickly who the real racist are.

  • Jerry

    Most Blacks wouldn’t have a pot to piss in if it weren’t for Whites, including Oprah.
    They know it, and they resent it. That’s why they hate us.

  • cal ashley

    Why….No big news break re; Two…man/woman….butched by 4-black men past month that I saw on internet; Can’t find that blog; but, you should be able to find;….And spread thruout the country””””””””; Thanks….Cal

  • gah

    Black on white crime is nothing new. Since the so-called Civil Rights Era over 50,000 whites have been murdered by blacks, and hundreds of thousands of white women have been raped by blacks. The media have had a policy of not reporting such stories on a national level, and barely on a local level for decades. Black males between 16 and 30 represent about 3 percent of the total US population, but commit at least 50 percent of all violent crime. Just search the internet on daily basis and you can find new stories daily about black on white violence.


    The above link is to a news story from Detroit, a 27 year old white man murdered by his 4 black “friends.”

    • rcbobj

      Hell look at Chicago, it goes on all the time there.

  • Scott

    Because the media is afraid of minorities. It is not a big story if a black on white crime occurs. White on black sells newspapers. Also, because there in not a NAAWP Lobby group that forces these crimes to get exposure. That is why they had to call Zimmerman a white Hispanic. What is Hispanic mean anyway? And what about Herpanic?

    I guess the world will never know.

  • Victor Barney

    Duh? Let’s see? What about the “WOMEN ALONE” 1st born Blood-Covenant of DEATH made by our WOMEN 6,000 years ago in the garden of Eden??? I’m just wondering WHY that is never discussed…

    • Scott

      Maybe because you are the only one who thinks about it.

    • Evermyrtle

      Victor, Are you referring to the time that Eve held the knife to Adams throat and said, “Eat or die?” That was bad wasn’t it? I wonder,too why that was not mentioned.

  • KAG505

    The answer to your question is very simple. ONLY white people can be called Racist. Members of so called minority groups are free to call one another what they wish as those words prohibited from use by whites, are terms of endearment, or friendship. Minorities are free to call whites whatever they wish as well, as those terms are never considered Racist, because the person uttering them is not white.

    • Dave

      We ALL know what you are saying and agree.

      The question is WHY have we letit get like this and what are we going to do about it?

  • Victor Barney

    WATCH OCTOBER 5th, 2013, which IS the NEXT Annual Feast of Trumpets(WAR)! WATCH!

  • Spencer Downs

    Why is Black-on-White violence not a hate crime? It is a hate crime in everybody’s book except those who are blind and who are perishing! We are told that in the end times people will call good “evil” and evil “good”. That is what we are seeing right now across the country, not only in the race arena, but in the family arena, the political arena, the education arena, the economic arena and elsewhere. The “lie” is in, and the “truth” is out. God is “Truth” so God is “out”–they think! There will be no turning around for this nation. It has seen its zenith and will now head for its nadir and final destruction like all the other great empires that allowed evil to triumph. When God was “booed” at the DNC, that sealed it for America! When the nation turned away from Israel in favor of the Palestinians, that sealed it for America! When the nation allowed the ACLU to remove the Ten Commandments from the public square, crosses from the public square and all Judeo-Christian holidays from the culture, that sealed it for America! When the homosexual agenda was chosen over God’s word, that sealed it for America! You can pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 all you want, but it will do no good because that promise was made to Israel, not the United States! The Church is NOT the New Israel! It never was and it never will be! The Jews are still God’s chosen people! The Church has become largely apostate in America, including the Evangelical Church which is being sapped by the “Emergent Church movement” which is watering down the Gospel in favor of entertainment and “feel good” theology! Remember what it says about being deceived? That is what is happening! You true believers need to get off your holy duffs and spread the word! The time is short!

    • Dave


  • pointed

    We need a day or days of WHITE OUT BOYCOTT. White people do not soend a dime nor lift a finger. That will get the attention. Just no white leader has the spine. Shame…

    • Dave

      Doing that just gives them a reason to replace you with another Idiot, so I wouldnt do that.

      We need to establish and join something similar to the NAACP and ignore the racist crap that will come from the idiot squad.

  • Harold

    The biggest racist in the country are: Jesse James Jackson, Al not to Sharpton, Baracky Hunseiny Obamay, Erica Holdup, etc.

  • D. Abel

    I totally agree with your first paragraph, that there should NOT BE ANY so-called hate crimes on the books. I despise these laws. Beyond the inability in many cases to judge a person’s heart and motives, along with the biased application of these riders, I feel that these type of laws are a conduit to propagate a liberal, anti-God PC-type of agenda. This will eventually lead to criminalizing things that are pure and respected, turning right into wrong!

  • Adrian

    Black on White crime is not a hate crime because the AG has decided it will not be treated as a hate crime. He said that publicly in 2008. The AG is operating outside of the law. Obama is his boss, if Holder the AG, operates only for one race, he is committing a hate crime.

    • armydadtexas1

      Yes he did! Can someone Shout REVERSE DISCRIMINATION. This keeps up and the nut jobs and “supremists” will start coming out of the holes they’ve hid in for so long. Cause now, they will have what they have been hoping for for so long. And we Americans can thank B.H. Obama for that

  • Jack

    Dont be silly. White people (particularly male) lost equal rights long ago. As far as minorities are concerned, having been pandered for decades by Democrats, it is open season. They openly parade their preferences for the best universities, the best jobs, and set asides at the same time they wield the “racism” slander. The evil party (the historical racists) has successfully bludgeoned the stupid party (who carried the ball for racial equality long before them) into pathetic submission.

    • Dave


    • lois

      Many years ago my niece went to an apprentice shop for electricians. The sign on the door said “no white male need apply”. Only women, and non whites were allowed.

      Other people have invaded, taken over the U.S. without firing a bullet. We have an enemy within our government who opened our gates, stolen our blessings. Diversity is automatic division. That is the work of satan. We are turning into a third world cesspool of a country.

      A nation is defined by a culture, heritage, language, and FAITH. The U.S. was created/founded by the white people, rooted in the Judeo/Christian faith. The early infiltrated enemy into our government changed the true intent. The white man is the backbone, the strength of this nation. God warned us, there will be those that want to steal our nation’s blessings, and we’ll be lucky if we can keep them. The U.S. is a white country, yet none of the non whites respect our culture, our people. This has to stop.

      A strategy of the enemy is to overwhelm us. The non white create crime in a city, which most whites want to escape….ala, they steal your cities, turn them into dumps.

      We’ve been beaten down by political correctness. This must stop.

      Enough is enough!

  • http://Yahoo Franne

    If it is Black on White…then what is Obama still doing here?? A tongue in cheek comment.

  • Russell

    I have black kin folks by marriage in Trinidad that tell me that the common people in Trinidad do not like Obama. Even their president is doing the same as Obama spending their money on trips and the poor people just getting by. The president promise all the good thing, and now worst off. Same as here in the USA. Promise means nothing anymore.

  • Ralph

    I find the idea of “Hate Crimes” interesting. How can anyone claim something was done because of race? You might have some emails that show the person did not like blacks or whites but that does not tell you what they were thinking when they killed or attacked the person. Any crime is a “Hate Crime” because to assault someone or kill them or deprive them of their goods is hate. You believe that they do not deserve anything they have, including their life or health. Unless some judge, prosecutor, government rep, or anyone else can show me that they know what the person was thinking, then they are just trying to right a supposed wrong and bring about social justice. The only reason it is harder to prove a black on white hate crime is that those in power have been trained to believe that blacks are nor racists. That is the only thing that fits this blindness.

    Also I believe that a person who kills a person should be judged, if they are falsely accused by someone who wants them dead, then that person who accused them should be put to death. (Deuteronomy 19:15-19 KJB) Also if they are found guilty, then they should be put to death as the law was given before Moses. (Genesis 9:5-5 KJB) To me any preacher or any supposed politician that claims the death penalty is wrong is saying that God is wrong and therefore as far as I’m concerned is wrong.

    That is the way I see it. It isn’t just a simple thing of Hate Crimes against one race or another but encompasses many areas that today Political Correctness will not allow true justice. Think about it.

  • Ron T

    Because the media is getting back at all the “whites” for the injustice done to Blacks in the past! In other word if you are “white” you are guilty of all wrongs accomplished throughout our Nations history! It’s not reported because that would reverse the paradigm of suppression and abuse. Race Baiting would be another great phrase, for the Media. The scary part of this is; Obama was elected and all of this was supposed to go away! Just the opposite has occurred; we have gone backwards, and whoa to the person be it Black, White, Asian that tries to make things better, they will be barbequed by the Media and left wing zealots who don’t want things to get better! Example: Chicago, Detroit….etc!

  • newyorker


    • Dave

      That has been happening for over 50 years and ONLY gotten much worse. The reporting of the black crimes stopped in the early 90’s and instead of putting blacks as the bad guy, they started to use whites committing the blacks crimes and that continuies today.
      Somone needs to introduce a Bill requiring Truth in Reporting and white people need to start suing the MSM for reverse discrimination.

    • rcbobj

      They need to blame the Muslims, because they started all this mess 1400 years ago.

  • armydadtexas1

    Consider who is in the white house and who is the head of the D.O.J. both race baiters, both RACISTS

  • Above God

    The solution is to form militias as stated in the 2nd amendment. Self defense is legal in all 50 states and a local militia is the best defense. Flash mobs have to be stopped before they become the norm in large cities. Police do nothing w/o any arrests because that would be racist. A militia would have the ammo and weapons to respond in kind to a flash mob riot. Start putting that hoarded ammo to a good use. Use it!

  • Won”t Back Down

    I believe most white people with any fortitude are getting damned tired of all the pissing and moaning of most blacks and the one way cries of wrongs committed against them. It is becoming apparent that the race baiting individuals among them (negroes that are black for a living) don’t care about injustice in general, they only care about it when they can make some money off of the situation. The same goes for our incompetent administration when it comes to street creds with the black community. The only thing that matters to this administration is black skin and defending Muslims…white people don’t matter!

  • DE Nav

    It is not a hate crime because it is “the white man’s punishment for slavery” in their sick and twisted minds.

    Yes, the national stance is that whites deserve it. The national stance is reverse hatred and reverse discrimination.

    My family on both sides emigrated here just two generations ago, both well past the time of slavery in this nation. They came from Mediterranean nations that had nothing to do with slavery. Yet their hatred is so great they punish all whites — which shows their insanity.

    Do they not know or do they choose to ignore the absolute factual truth that one of the greatest slave traders and transporters was a black man from Africa selling his brothers out for money, abusing them and hurting them as much as any other man?

    Their fomented anger (by such deplorable individuals as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton) seethes so greatly that they are no longer rational, they are now the slaves of another black man, doing his bidding, and hating whites without a cause.

    I know there are very many good black people (more than most would imagine or give credit for) but all the blacks who are victims of this reverse hatred better wake up and think long and hard about what they have done to themselves and the legacy they will leave for others.

    They are despicable.

    • rcbobj

      You need to read your history books. The Muslims started slavery way back before the white man.

      • Mr Bob

        rcbobj, You’re obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Islam wasn’t founded until the year 622 & “white men” owned slaves for thousands of years before that!

  • steve mootr

    I’ve read with interest the many interesting comments and agree with most. we all need to do better (than just merely talking 1000’s of time’s about all these 1000’s of evil/lawbreakers and unjustices. we need (and soon before its too late) to plot, do, plan, and come up with workable and tangible options and then do them period. Also find millions of us with backbone to change these evils. Recently while in a sporting goods area of a wallmart was in general talking to the elderly employee running same and he told me that walmart in all their buyings of all ammunitions had to let the us gov’t have the first half or half in general regardless of calibre or kinds (all bullets, shotgun shells etc)

  • Walt

    If Blacks have a racial issue then it is the Blacks who are pushing it. I no longer have any sympathy. They have had 3 generations of affirmative action and priorities for education to get their act together and they still claim we owe them. There are no more slaves and we do not owe them anything. We have done all we can and if they are ignorant, poor, uneducated and depressed it is because they choose to be so. If they are to improve their lot in life it will have to come within themselves. I no longer have any concern for them.

    • steve


    • lois

      I agree with you.

      For the last almost 60 years, the non whites have been given everything on a silver platter, yet I don’t see them really being independent, responsible. They want to make white people feel guilty for something that happened to their ancestors 200 years ago. As a white woman, I feel no guilt. Neither should any other white person feel guilt. White people have been slaves themselves at one time, yet you don’t hear them whine forever. In fact, the white people are slaves now…..to income taxes, taxes upon taxes… paying for all that feel they’re entitled. Enough is enough!

      I know a young white woman attending nursing school, and she says, the non whites don’t have to accomplish, or pass the same as the white person. The non white get extra points, without doing the same as their fellow white students. Personally, I wouldn’t want a black doctor or nurse to wait on me.

      I saw a movie this last weekend. A real big propaganda movie…call the Butler. Don’t bother seeing it, it’s a waste of money. Several very leftist movie stars was in the movie. Hollywood is so far left! Jane Fonda, Oprah Winfrey, Robin Williams to name a few Leftists were in the movie.

      We WILL win in the end. We, as a nation, must turn back to God’s Word, and we won’t be having the problems we’re having today.

  • tazzz89103

    The lib’s gave the blacks a pass on hate crimes, they are aloud do have them

  • smogdew

    I grew up in a community where there were many black families, but more white ….both had long lineages in the area. We had not one problem between blacks and whites; we were friends, not as close as each was with it’s own, but there was no antagonism. All parents took good care of their children (& if anyone fell behind on that score, it was a few whites).
    Meanwhile – 35 miles away and across the Hudson in NYC, it was the Concrete Jungle; blacks were already starting in on whites and gangs formed; Puerto Ricans moved to the city (eventually ruing the day they did), so blacks started picking on the ‘new’ guys who learned it was fight or be killed and they formed gangs. White flight happened and any whites who could, left the city for rural areas and commuted to their jobs knowing their families were safe.
    Even then, blacks were hardly taking care of their children – one woman would have 7 children by 7 different men, go on welfare and everything was hunky dory; when her oldest daughter was 18, she got pregnant so she could get her own apartment and the process has continued for at least 65 years. No improvement in the black outlook – the path of least resistance was easiest and that was the one they took. Soon many Puerto Ricans, who could afford to, left the city; but alas! the gang ‘thing’ had permeated every part of the city and even Tongs (gangs from China Town) joined in. Mr. Kotter was a program that showed the serendipitous side of ethnicity and was a light relief from what was actually happening and is still is.
    There is definitely a certain element of blacks who will go to their graves not having any idea what hit them – and it will be of their making.

  • PaulG.

    Because the Civil Rights Movement was brought on along with the Feminist Movement to destabilize this country. By the Communist jews, Marx, Lenin & Stalin were all jews. Communism is a jewish institution.

    The jewish Talmud 200AD to 500AD is said to be the 1st & most racist document ever produced. It labels non jews as “cattle” & that it is o.k. to to rob from, rape, enslave, murder a non jew. When baby Bush was in office the FBI compiled crime statistics that showed 90% of all crime was black on White & was racially motivated. That 99.9% of all rapes were black on White. The jewish liberal defense system allows for this. Bush told them to stop compiling crime statistics. Then we got a black muslim jew for president.

    Norman Mattoon Thomas, a six time candidate for the U.S. Presidency under the “Communist Workers Party of America” said that he no longer had to seek high office because the Democrat Party had adopted their platform, & that the American people would never knowingly or willingly accept Communism they would do so under the guise of “Freedom & Democracy”. He said that in 1943.

    “Redistribute the wealth” a favorite of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of the Nancy boys, coined by Vladimir Lenin. “From each their own abilities, to each their own needs blah, blah, blah” Hillary Clinton & Karl Marx a.k.a. Moses Mordachai Levi. “I’m tired of hearing about that G’Damned piece of paper” George W. Bush on three separate occasion in reference to the United States Constitution which they are all by oath of office sworn to uphold and protect against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

    This government operates as a occupational provisional government. The way any invading army would set up a puppet regime to strangle the rightful citizenry.

    • lois

      I agree!

  • Bobby

    A hate crime is a hate crime reguardless of which race commits it!!!!!!!

    • lois

      I agree. A crime is a crime.

  • author5555

    The meida is nothing but racist. Just ask Chris Matthews and those racist pigs on MSNBC

  • J

    This article needs to be sent to Sharpton and Oprah to get their racially bias option. most blacks, whites, Chinese, or Hispanics are not bad but when you get the things like Sharpton or Oprah commenting then it becomes all about race race but they never and I mean never see it as racist when a black attacks a white or Hispanic Sharpton is a fake and he will answer for his actions just as Oprah. I once thought she was a decent person wanting to fix what is wrong but now she is a sad billionaire a wantabe human being… They are very sad human beings…they are rich beyond compare to anyone the blacks or whites know and yet they feel they can make more money by being racially bias. To be a fly on the wall when they have their judgement day…it will not be pretty. Will they holler prejudice or bias when handed their reward (probable so but it will not do any good)

  • Sunshine Kid

    Hate, by itself, is no crime, so there is no such thing as “hate crime”.

    When the media finally stops trying to label everything rather than just report facts, then perhaps the media will be less polarized.

    Crime is CRIME, based on what happened, not why, and the push for motive is the wrong place to begin. Motive should enter the picture only in the courtroom, not the media.

  • http://LastResistance Sarge

    What a deal, we can be called Cracker, Whitey, or anything else and it’s ok. Then why can’t we call someone a Nigger? We are not supposed to say that! We have to say the ‘N’ word instead. What a bunch of crap! Name calling is name calling no matter what the word. Just because someone uses a name that another don’t like, then it’s ‘racist’. What’s good for one is also good for the other.
    How about all the ‘Jurno’s’ telling it like it is? Take away the color! Tell the news as it happens, not your interpretation of it… Be fare and tell the story and leave the race out of it. I guess that now that we have a ‘Mulatto’ president the Jurno’s pander to the dark side…

  • AppraisHer

    All likenesses of “Justice” shows her blindfolded, holding a scale in her right hand and a double edged sword in her left, for a reason.

    Justice should be blind and without bias to who the justice is to be given, the case should be “weighed” on it’s merit and the “double edge sword” of reason and justice may be meted out for or against either party.

    But liberal judges have bastardized justice, to give more rights to “protected” classes that they themselves created, using their own personal or political agendas to twist or tweak justice into the outcome they desire . All made legal by a black POTUS, a black Attorney General and a spineless Supreme Court. We are living in lawless times, created by the lawmakers.

  • Buford

    All crime is hate crime. Only whites do not have receive protection. Where there is no equality, there is injustice. If it is unjust, it is likely criminal. Obamacare is a burden unequally shared, thus unfair and unjust, and undoubtedly a hate crime. Tell me there isn’t a racial element. We don’t talk about it, because the subject is distasteful. However it is often older, white people who worked hard, were responsible, and saved, pooled resources so that when catastrophic events occurred the would not be totally wiped out. Not to say other races do not make provisions for themselves, but population-wise they kill themselves off faster so there aren’t as many making it to the ‘golden years.’ Is it any wonder Obama doesn’t care for the elderly? For the greater part, they aren’t his color so why should he care? Just give them something for pain… yeah, right. So then you have all these old white geezers money sitting around, only taking care of the people who put it there to start with. So let’s just take all their rights away and give to everyone who refuses to be responsible, Often THOSE people tend to be squatters with no intentions towards citizenship or recognizing our laws, and people with high-risk lifestyles with no life expectancy. And while the white population more and more is adopting those same destructive paths, the head count is still lopsided, with whites disproportionately funding the healthcare of others while being denied services they provisioned for in advance for their own families. So in keeping with the author’s topic, I would say that —

    Obamacare is a hate crime.

  • jacki k

    Why is Black on white violence not a hate crime. That is simple to answer. NO blacks were hurt. NO hate crime.

  • Paul Brown

    It is only a ” Hate Crime” if it is a white against a black, if it becomes a black attacking a white, well it becomes his constitutional right to attack a white person, that is under this black muslim pig in the Wh. That’s his kind of justice and the trumped up courts go along with it, because they all kiss his butt and are paid off. This country has gone down the drain real fast with this pig and it’s only going to get worse and not better.

    • Evermyrtle

      You got that right, Paul! Of course those in the WH are only against Christians, makes no difference if they are black or white. Christian blacks are also astounded at the anti-GOD government and their protection of the evil produced by anti-GOD persons.. In my section of the country we have many black Christians, which is down in the South. And yes we do have Muslim GOD haters here too. Travon is an example.

  • LarryPierson

    District attorneys and attorney generals can get sued for both malicious prosecution and selective prosecution. Can reporters for sued for selective reporting?

    What if a white person, unaware of the dangers of black on white crime because the news media does not want to appear to be racist and therefore doesn’t report it, is badly injured who otherwise would have been more aware and avoided the situation?

    • http://AOL.com Kay

      the press doesn’t really care, they sit in their offices trying to figure how to lie about some incident and lying isn’t easy, it begets more lies. how they sleep nights I’ll never know.

  • JMcCarthy

    I agree with the article that “hate crime” is just a form of Marxist Thought control. The Civil Rights movement (totally controlled by Marxist’s now) of today has degenerated into nothing but the “Get Whitey”, Chicago Thug mentality. What a surprise, obama is from Chicago.

  • libslie

    The reason black on white violence is not a hate crime is because the majority of light skinned races are thoroughly brainwashed into believing that “white” people DESERVE this treatment from blacks because people they never knew & are not in any way related to once owned slaves. I read the entire story of this guy. He was a stupid liberal who didn’t believe blacks target whites for violence so he moved into a black neighborhood & went out for a stroll. YES, HE ABSOLUTELY WAS TARGETED because of the COLOR of HIS SKIN!

    Until all the light skinned races stand up & call B S on the virulent black hatred, racism & violence against them this problem will continue to get worse. The cops will continue refusing to call these crimes racially motivated when anyone with 2 brain cells knows they are & the media will continue covering them up & vilifying “white” people.

    Go to WND . com, search black violence & you will get plenty of DOCUMENTED PROOF of the black on white “hate” crimes going on in this country EVERY DAY. Then copy these stories & send them to the MEDIA, NAACP & other black racist organizations, your local LAW ENFORCEMENT & to your POLITICIANS.

  • John Beach

    Apparently, there was a time when people were guilty of being black since that was the color of slaves. This year, the country observes the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, which made free men of slaves. If there is “liberty and justice for all,” it is only the abuse of liberty which creates injustice. Crime is injustice and an abuse of liberty. People are not free to commit crimes. People who do, however, are arrested because they are suspected of having committed a crime. They are not suspected of being black, white or any other color or racial or ethnic mixture. They are suspected of having committed a crime, an action defined by law and prohibited by law. The perversion of this idea based on a racial perspective is just that, a perversion. It is absurd.

  • Dynamicdave

    It’s not a hate crime for the same reason that blacks can have a TV station called “Black Entertainment Network,” or “All Black Comedy Def Jam,” or “The Apollo,” If white people were to have ‘White Entertainment Network,” or All White Comedy Def Jam,” or use a “white” reference to a comedy club, we would be branded as racists, KKK sympathizers, skinheads, etc.. The white race has allowed America to fall under the “politically correct” garbage. They have allowed themselves to become the minority. Hispanics are screaming for more, simply because they are too lazy (or too clever) to learn English and demand extra privileges. Blacks use their color as a crutch, yet I can’t go a day without hearing 2 blacks calling each other by the “n” word as if it were “casual.” They help to keep the racist idea alive by their very own usage of racist words. I am a retired military man and I protect my rights by my beliefs, values and the gun on my side. God help those who EVER try to make me their political puppet. De Oppresso Liber.

  • http://AOL.com Kay

    Didn’t our president say it wasn’t a hate crime (black on white)? It’s politically incorrect to speak the truth these days, but it really doesn’t change the truth does it?

  • Buffalo Bill

    Unless you live in Pinellas County, Florida or real close to it, you probably haven’t heard about the three black kids that beat up a younger white kid on the school bus. The driver told them to stop but did nothing more. They claim that it was because they tried to sell the white kid drugs, he refused and told on them. The black kids should have been arrested before they got the chance to put the white kid in the hospital with broken bones, cuts and abrasions.

    • Dynamicdave

      Yeah, I saw that video clip. I work with kids from broken homes, involved with gangs, etc., by teaching martial arts on a voluntary basis.. The bus driver needed to get involved. The driver should be fired for his/her (not sure what gender the driver was) cowardice and neglect to do the right thing. In my day (the 70’s), several of us would have gotten up and jumped right into those 3 black youths. It would not have been pretty. Back than, though, in my suburb part of town, there wasn’t much about racism. We all knew each others mothers by their 1st names, etc.. Much better times, back than.

  • Phillip Lake

    Thank you Mr. Hodges: well written. A lot of people don’t want to hear this again and again, but this entire problem does rest with the lack of morals and values. Like it or not – believe it or not – but every problem in this country today is a DIRECT result of allowing “fools” to do away with morning school prayer. We have been going downhill ever since we sit back and allowed that to happen.

  • J J

    The hatred of whites by blacks is encouraged by people like Sharpton and Jackson and many black people in the political realm who have power, authority and influence over the black population. It is despicable that these people of authority are making money while promoting the issue. These influential black people should be teaching tolerance but they feed on the hatred. The current crimes being committed could be because of ancestral crimes but no living person committed those crimes.

  • ccblogging


    There are African Americans,
    Mexican Americans,
    Asian Americans,
    Arab Americans,
    Native Americans, etc.
    …And then there are just –

    You have the United Negro College Fund.
    You have Martin Luther King Day.
    You have Black History Month.
    You have Cesar Chavez Day.
    You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
    You have the NAACP.
    And you have BET.

    If we had WET
    (White Entertainment Television)
    … We’d be racists.

    If we had a White Pride Day
    … You would call us racists.

    Then there is so-called
    gay pride day

    If we had White History Month
    … We’d be racists.

    If we had a White Miss America Contest
    …We’d be racists

    If we had any organization for only whites
    To “advance” OUR lives
    … We’d be racists.

    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,
    A Black Chamber of Commerce,
    And then we just have the plain
    Chamber of Commerce.
    Wonder who pays for that?

    If we had a college fund that only gave
    White students scholarships
    … You know we’d be racists.

    There are over 60 openly proclaimed
    Black-only Colleges in the US,
    Yet if there were “White-only Colleges”
    … THAT would be a racist college.

    In the Million Man March,
    You believed that you were
    Marching for your race and rights.
    If we marched for our race and rights,
    … You would call us racists.

    You are proud to be black,
    Brown, yellow and orange,
    And you’re not afraid to announce it.
    But when we announce our white pride
    …You know we would be racists

    If a white police officer
    Shoots a black gang member
    Or beats up a black drug-dealer
    Who is running from the LAW and
    Posing a threat to ALL of society
    … You call him a racist.

    …If you are white and don’t support Obama’s Marxist change, then you are a racist.

    …If you are black and don’t support Obama’s Marxist change, then you are an Uncle Tom

    …If you are black and you voted for Obama because he is considered black, what are you?

    You call me a racist.

    I call you Hypocrite!

    • Dynamicdave

      Bravo. Well said. It mirrors much of what I said in my 1st comment. Lets start up “The All White Def Comedy Jam.” Oops, nope, racist. Don’t throw around the word “black boy.” But it’s okay to say, “that white boy.” Double standards, and hypocrites galore. It’s sickening.

  • Brabado

    The labelings “Black on Black, Racism, and Hate Crime” were invented by the Blacks operatives themselves, and the Civil Rights Cartel… It makes them a lot of money to keep whitey scared and always runing away! Holder was right: We are cowards!

    And as long as the Court System do not put an end to it, they are going to keep on milking the system, 24/7!

    Herd that even Opra have also gotten on the bandwagon! Is it true?


  • tommyzax

    Because savages don’t have to follow rules, only civilized people do. Savages must be permitted to roam freely, and then be utilized by the megalomaniacs to strike in places needed. Savage Arabs must be directed as maces, savage blacks must have flash mobs. Make no mistake, white people can be savage too. That’s why we have drones!

  • govtrumbull

    This is an easy question to answer. It is because it is politically correct today in America for Blacks to beat, rob, and kill Caucasian citizens. It is only a hate crime if a Caucasian uses the “N” word. insults a black person, defends themselves against an attack, defends their home, or commits an actual crime against a Black citizen. That is when a “hate crime” really occurs according to liberals and progressives.

  • michael smith

    Lets try this, Sarcasm. To the main stream media: Don’t you dare report that black on white crime! If you do you are a racist. Do this every chance you get. When some one speaks sarcastically to us it pauses us to think, hopefully this will make some gains that we haven’t had in the past. This is a different battle, not a battle of thinking about which idea is right, wrong, best or whatever but a “enemy” that does no critical thinking about their position in the larger scheme of things.

  • Pavelina

    When I was growing up I was taught that we were all equal in the eyes of the law, — ergo,
    “equal treatment under the law” was the standard to be followed. Now, that idea is abolished, apparently, and we have yet another violation of the Constitution. Why are these violations not challenged?

  • Gay

    Now, this was a hate crime if there ever was the definition of a hate crime. I live in the same state and would not have heard about it if I had not had some young friends who were attending UTKnoxville and told me about it. Some people are just sadistic animals who do not deserve to walk on earth. The monsters who tortured and murdered this couple should be put out of our misery. Just google the story. Warning… don’t try to read what happened to this couple while eating. You just may lose your meal!

    Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom murders News for Knoxville …

  • Jarhead

    Right on Jerry……to bad most are too stupid to see they are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  • Cafe Bustela

    None of these people, Jesse or Al will ever say anything about a black beating up a white.

    They are glad of it and they also want it to continue!! If you don’t believe me, just look around at what is being done about Black on White crime……….NOTHING!!

    Everyday they read or see this crap on the news, they are happy it happened and are probably saying, “Ah, just another whitey died’.



  • chicago76

    very simple. We let it happen. We allowed the government to make laws that made Americans guilty. The republicans and Lyndon Johnson turned against Americans back in 1964. They turned against us and made Americans the enemies of the state. Even while Johnson was sending our boys to die in Vietnam, he was plotting to destroy our country thru the civil rights laws. The republicans were complicit. They still are. But the democrats saw the light of Johnson and turned against Americans too. The democrats saw that the civil rights acts could be used to galvanize the blacks and other minorities into a permanent voting block that would give them absolute power. That is what the democrats see now. They see absolute power. They salivate for it. Americans can not be a part of that. If Americans are a part of it then there is no enemies of the state to overcome and destroy. In essence then the Civil Rights act was the communist manifesto or Maos little red book in American form. The republicans knew what they were doing so did Johnson. The civil rights act was the destruction of the American dream. It was the creation of a communist America. Every legal ruling since its creation has lead to communism and totalitarianism and the destruction of American individualism, because the civil rights act assumes communism and collectivism not American individualism.

    • lois

      Absolutely right, you’ve said it well!

      It’s time for the real American, the white person, stand up, and be counted. We are America!

      Enough is enough…no more political correctness!!

  • chicago76

    Both political parties then turned against Americans because they saw Americans as their enemies. Just as they see individualist Americans as their enemies today. The republicans pretend and the democrats do not pretend to support Americans when in fact they both seek to gain the support of those who hate Americans. Look at what they do. Everything now is for the collectivist state. Everything is designed to destroy American individualism and the American character. Both republicans and democrats seek to carry the standard for the collectivism they offer, but it is all still collectivism. Anyone who challenges the collectivist nature of the parties is scoffed at. Anyone who challenges the civil rights acts are portrayed as evil incarnate. America under Roosevelt became a collectivist nation. Under Johnson it became a nation that hated its individualist past and became a communist collectivist standard bearer. American individualism then is not dead, but it has been made criminal.

  • chicago76

    Blacks are not individualists though, although criminals. Blacks have become absorbed into the collectivist nature. They hate Americans and collectivism sees American individualism as criminal so blacks gain power as apart of the collectivist nature. Enemy of my enemy. Therefore, when blacks commit crimes against Americans they cannot really commit hate crimes by collectivist reasoning because the People the crimes are being committed against are already criminals and the enemy who deserve the punishment of the collective. Whereas since blacks are part of the collective they have special privileges just as members of the communist party had special privileges in the USSR or the Nazis had special privileges during the reign of Adolf Hitler. It therefore also excuses them of collective crimes such as rioting etc.

    • lois

      I agree!

  • chicago76

    Now however our form of collectivist totalitarianism, like the USSR and Red China, is in danger of collapsing, as all collectivist governments do. However, that should not give heart to individualists because due to the fact that it is approaching collapse it becomes even more dangerous to Americans who it will blame for the collectivist failures. We see that today. America as a collectivist country that is failing will attack and is attacking those it sees as anti-American( anti communist or anti collectivist American) The closer to failure we get, the more harsh and bilateral(both republicans and democrats) those attacks will become. In the end the collectivists will try to destroy the individual to save itself, much like the destruction and starvation during the Stalin inspired collectivism pogroms.

  • chicago76

    The collectivists understand all this already. They are planning for it. Americans need to plan for this too, not as a collective but as individuals banded together with one goal to preserve individual freedom, and who understand that individuals are the enemy of the collectivist state, a collectivist state that hates anyone or anything that inspires individualism. With that in mind then, God is our best weapon against the collectivist mind, because the collectivist mind cannot comprehend God. God is the creator of the individual. God makes each individual accountable and inspires and helps individuals be free.

  • Thom Raasio

    Who is the MOST at fault for the RACISM in America? I blame the main stream media, and the WHITE DEMOCRATS AND PRORESSIVES and Muslims. ALL OF THEM foment hatred for Blacks while pandering to them in front of the cameras.

    Without the STIR OF RACISM, these 3 groups have NOTHING to exist for. They NEED the discontent to have “reasons” to keep making more and more legislation and increasing the size of government and it’s power, otherwise, they have no relevancy or need for them to occupy some bureaucracy.

    All these 3 groups want is POWER and the authority to RAISE their own pay and give themselves MASSIVE benefits at the tax payers expense. They don’t care one bit if their government jobs are “effective” or not. They get PAID to just exist.

    HUGE numbers of government jobs are filled with ETHNIC employees, which helps to ensure the democrats and progressives a built in continuing VOTE for re-election. In return, they vote new BENEFITS and pay for government employees while those in the private sector have to take another pay cut because more ILLEGAL TAXES are taken out of their income to fund higher pay for government employees. THAT’S THE COMMUNIST WAY………….NOT THE AMERICAN WAY.

    We have a government FILLED WITH TRAITORS to the nation. A whole government of DOMESTIC ENEMIES and LIARS, who all took an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, and instead are actively trying to overthrow it.

    We have to return to the FOUNDERS Constitutional Government, and we can do it, and must do it SOON, or lose all of our freedoms.

    Here’s how we can do it LEGALLY in 60 days or less.

    Picture this for a moment.

    I have a “comb” that has 74 teeth in it.

    Counting each tooth to represent 1.16 MILLION legal American Citizens, consider the following.

    Using the first two teeth, on the left, their sum total is 2.32 Million American Citizens who make up the entire population of America’s Active Military Forces, ALL police officers, and ALL top echelon Public Officials. (includes the POTUS, Congress, all Governors, State Representatives, Mayors, and Community officials)

    The remaining 72 teeth add up to a total of 83.5 MILLION, Constitutionally LEGAL, American Citizens, who “legally” own guns.

    We the People, are allowing 1/10 th. of 1 tooth, (the politicians) backed by 1- 9/10 teeth (all armed military and police), to THREATEN and BULLY, 72 teeth (American armed citizens) into surrendering their RIGHTS under the Constitution, and they are OPENLY, and ACTIVELY engaged in the OVERTHROW of the United States Constitution, TO OUR FACE!!!

    This PUNY force of arrogant, CITIZENS, actually believe they are the MAJORITY force and power, and are answerable to no one, especially the “private sector” CITIZENS and PATRIOTS that write their paychecks.

    Note this……….EVERY YEAR, the 83.5 MILLION citizens in the Private Sector, become the LARGEST armed military force in the WORLD.

    This happens on OPENING DAY of “hunting season” across America, when 83.5 MILLION HUNTERS step out of their houses, into the public, fully armed, with their guns loaded, and head into the fields and woods for a two week hunting period.

    There are NO REPORTS of mass shootings or homicides or an inordinate amount of “accidents” involving OUR GUNS during that two week period, EVER. We are Americans. We have been raised and trained how to use and handle guns SAFELY from our youth to old age. WE ARE TRUSTWORTHY to keep and bear arms, as our Founding Fathers knew.

    Are we going to let a MEASELY 1/10th of 1 tooth, (the politicians) to continue to dismantle the United States Constitution at EVERY LEVEL of government, when they have SWORN an Oath to “protect and defend” the very constitution they are actively engaged in destroying???

    OR…are WE THE PEOPLE going to strap on our LEGALLY owned guns, and armed with the BILL OF RIGHTS,( which have NEVER been repealed), MARCH down to our LOCAL government and City Counsel meetings, and DEMAND of our ELECTED officials, to STAND UP, one by one, and openly declare their own PERSONAL position on the American Citizens RIGHT to keep and bear arms, and to wear them in ALL PUBLIC VENUES, and to state, YES or NO, on whether or not ANY of the first 10 amendments to the constitution have been repealed.

    If the INDIVIDUAL answers in FULL SUPPORT of the Constitution, he/she retains their job.

    If the INDIVIDUAL answers AGAINST the Constitution and in favor of the continued Usurpation and Overthrow of our constitution through LAWS and ORDINANCES depriving the CITIZENS their constitutional RIGHTS, and ordering the local police forces to ENFORCE these laws, then that person is to be placed under CITIZENS ARREST for PERJURY, for LYING under their oath, stripped of his/her position of public office, and punished under the laws of perjury of the State, and an interim supporter of the Constitution is to be temporarily installed until new elections can be held to fill the seat.

    All Police officers are to be questioned in the same manner.

    We can STOP THIS MADNESS without having to fire a single SHOT, if WE THE PEOPLE, will simply put on our guns, and NEVER take them off again, and go to our town meetings, DEMANDING IMMEDIATE CHANGE, and the INSTANT REPEAL of all LOCAL laws contrary to the Constitution, and declaring such laws as UN-LAWFUL ORDERS only, and NO PERSON, public or private, is required to obey or follow an unlawful order.

    CLAIM YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGAIN, PATRIOTS and the State and Federal officials HAVE NO POWER to continue overthrowing us.

    THEN march on your State Capitals, demanding the same. KICKING OUT OF OFFICE, immediately, those who have perjured themselves. THEN we march on Washington D.C. and take back the Capitol.

    It’s a PIECE OF CAKE, patriots, and the PUNY 2 teeth are absolutely CRAZY if they decide they want to start shooting at us.

    Its time for WE THE PEOPLE to put a stop to all of this NONSENSE, and we can do it.

    NO LATER than Opening Day of hunting season, 2013, America………..and NEVER TAKE THEM OFF AGAIN.

    We can have our nation BACK TO IT’S ROOTS in less than 60 days, and ALL of OUR actions, are Constitutionally LEGAL .

    It’s once again time that the public officials, and police, FEAR the CITIZENS instead of the citizens fearing the politicians and police.

    An armed American citizenry is a FREE American citizenry.

    What say you……America??

    • lois

      Not all white men are cut from the same cloth…some are traitors..

      The majority of white men are good, honorable, and are the backbone of this nation, they made America. They have had their blessings stolen from the enemy within our government, of all different colors.

      We must STOP immigration from countries we have nothing in common. No citizenship. We’re allowing traitors in our government. With previous amnesties, we opened up our government positions of office to self serving foreign people.

      We must NEVER give up our guns, our freedom…once lost, never to return.

  • Mooiwiele

    The height of irony: South Africa, with its Black Government, where the systematic massacre of White farmers is downplayed as “random violence,” while a White farmer (Jaco Swart) who successfully defended his family by killing one of the would-be farm killers was called a “racist murderer” by COSATU (which google), arrested and refused bail. The case was thrown out of court, because his innocence was obvious.
    And the situation in South Africa is getting worse by the day.
    (Also see: http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/2010/03/gunmen-searched-for-attacked-free-state.html)

    • lois

      Once a savage always a savage in Africa.

  • C. P. Smith

    Gosh….we’ve been warning everyone for months that the black-on-white violence
    would only get worse. Indeed, we read about one incident after another on the
    Internet, but never hear it mentioned on the MSM.
    Where are the parents, the churches and the community leaders?
    Why do we allow the Obamas, Jacksons, Rangels and Sharptons to spread more
    racial slurs and further incite young blacks to committ attacks against whites?
    In the end, it will be the death(s) of a policeman, during one of these violent acts,
    which might shed some light on the situation. Until then, we must all be very careful
    when out in public.
    Good luck, America.