Obama vs Voter ID Laws

Peter Abelard said: “Logic has made me hate in the world.”

The age in which we live—politically—has no respect for logic, only bravado. In fact, I would venture further to say that logic actively garners hatred and contempt. Think about it, when Conservatives try to provide common sense reforms, the reactions from the Left are universally negative. Not only are they negative, but they are generally aggressively so.

One has to wonder why someone would eschew common sense in favor of something that is less sensical. Why would a politician balk at true, groundbreaking reform? The answer is easy: they want to keep their jobs and they want to hold onto power. One of the biggest examples of this phenomenon is the backlash against voter identification laws.

The vitriol spewed forth from the Liberal community against voter ID laws is anchored in fear. The fact is they know that if we were to implement ID laws on a large scale, Democrats would lose votes. That is the sole reason for the constant disruptions of ID laws.

According to Breitbart:

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) just signed a law to safeguard voting rights in the Tar Heel State, and the Obama administration is threatening to sue (again). North Carolina’s new law requires a person attempting to vote to show a (1) North Carolina driver’s license, (2) U.S. passport, or (3) military ID at the polls to cast their ballot. It also ends same-day voter registration and shortens the period for early voting from 17 days to 10 days. The law is supported by over 70% of North Carolinians. It is a law that recognizes that everyone has the right not to have their vote canceled by a fraudulent vote, and so states should take measures to safeguard the integrity of the ballot box.”

This law is simple as can be. Everyone has ID. And if they do not have it, they can easily obtain it. The constant ballyhoo about seniors and minorities being suppressed is total nonsense. Seniors and minorities have just as much opportunity to obtain ID as anyone else. The notion of voter suppression is absurd on its face, let alone after giving it any thought.

Obama and his cronies hate the freedoms we have. They hate real innovation, and real reform. They live on the power that they suck out of their constituents, and their office. And they want it to stay that way. In order for that to happen, in order for Democrats to keep winning, they need to cheat. Voter ID laws stop them from cheating the system, so they obstruct them.

Logic makes Conservatives hated, but it also makes us right. It is our mission to push for voter ID laws wherever we live. It is our obligation.



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  • Annette McCargo

    Kudos to Gov. Pat McCrory!!!! I think all of you representatives are doing a wonderful job for the good state of NC. You have to show an I.d. from cashing a check to playing the lottery and to buy alcohol. I’m sure the folks that are griping about it don’t have a problem with showing their i.d. for everything else. This is just another way to prevent the dems from cheating in the State of NC. The rest of the states should follow, then maybe we would have fair elections!!!!

    • Mr Bob

      Mr. Camp. You’re either a liar, idiot or BOTH!!! Voter ID laws are being sold as a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist in a vein attempt to hide the blatant racism of them! Out of the last 200 MILLION votes cast their have been ONLY 26 cases (00000013%) that have resulted in convictions or guilty pleas for in person voter fraud. There is no motivation for voters to attempt to impersonate someone else at the polls or for non-citizens to try and cast a ballot. The price for that one vote is up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 for citizens and deportation for immigrants. At LEAST have the guts to admit to yourselves like Mike Turzai (R-PA) who admitted that voter ID laws were designed to suppress Democratic votes. Voter ID laws will stop MILLIONS of American citizens their fundamental right to vote! It’s no coincidence exactly who the GOP is trying to stop from voting as voter ID laws disproportionately effect the poor & minority voters that overwhelmingly vote Democratic. NC has even gone one step farther by trying to keep young people from voting as well (that also overwhelmingly vote Democratic). When a party gets to the point that their ideas are DEAD & has to resort to suppressing opposition voters that party has lost it’s soul, turned it’s back on our constitution & will soon fade into oblivion which is precisely the direction the GOP is headed for.
      Annette McCargo, let me explain something to you that you obviously do NOT understand. Cashing a check, playing the lottery and buying alcohol are NOT rights guaranteed by our constitution. Voting IS!!!

      • Evermyrtle

        The only reason to hate the voter ID laws is that you have something you want to hide. You sign your name but refuse to show your picture with your name on it, hide your ID, does not make any sense except, “what are your hiding.?”

      • Mark


        Riddle me this Batman. If the problem doesn’t exist (as you state), how can the solution be racist.

        If we’re guaranteed the right to vote, why don’t we allow 5-year-olds to vote?

        There is no explicit “right to vote” mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. If you believe there is, please cite the Article and Section.

        However, the Amendments have have defined instances where you cannot be denied the right to vote: Birth (14th), Race (15th), Sex (19th), Dist. of Col. resident (23rd), failure to pay a poll tax or any other tax (24th), Age (26th).

        So, have to provide an ID that shows you are a citizen and of the proper age violates which of these Amendments?

        I look forward to your answer.

      • Gerald Mann

        If what you say is true then why doesn’t the states send out a “thank you ” for your vote in whatever election it is , also include a post paid card to be mailed back if you didn’t actually make it to the poles. I think you will find out the past three elections have been stolen !! The last two by a person not qualified to do anything but spend our tax dollars on extravagant vacations. Also of course the master plan to insure little chance of full time employment , and a national debt that insures that we will all be speaking Chinese when they foreclose on the money this idiot has borrowed without taxpayer approval !!

      • Jim Moncrief

        You Sir- are either a fool or a liar. I will leave it to you and your mirror to decide which. First off, ever notice all the “Republican” vote cheating happens in places “owned” by the Democrats for decades ? Ohio- ( where the largest and first real million man march happened in 1952 when the KKK went marching through town), Dade county Florida, Pittsburgh, etc. ! Here in Wa state we had a Democrat governor that won on a second recount by a FEW votes- because some IDIOT judge decided it’s OK that about 400 people live in the Federal building ! For some reason the Democrat AG decided not to investigate or appeal. Then there is Pierce county where despite the law saying the vote counting place must be listed in the paper and viewable by representatives from both parties- it is never either one ! Please stop saying something that the Dems do in THEIR areas and refuse to stop- to investigate-to discourage- and always accuse the opposition of, doesn’t happen or happens infrequently ! All you really do is make yourself look VERY VERY simple minded !

      • gypsieghostgirl


        When A WHOLE COUNTY in Ohio has early ballot voting and then the “REAL” people show up to vote and told that they had already voted…and there is no “voter fraud”? HMMMMMM

        Go back under your rock and hide!!!

      • Mudguy

        The only reason any one would oppose to having a ID to vote is that they are ashamed of being an American.

      • http://LastResistance Glenn Hutchinson

        Mr Bob, I do try to respect your opinion but you make it impossible, you can’t believe that we conservatives are truly stupid enough to believe you are telling the truth, I would bet that even Ray Charles is laughing at you, he’s both dead and blind!
        Wasn’t there whole precincts in Ohio where Mit Romney didn’t receive even one vote, didn’t ABC news interview an old black woman who was pissed about her stimulus check saying on national tv, I voted for Mr Obama 6 times and I want to know where my check is?
        Your party as a whole is so corrupt and crooked you even believe your own lies.
        As for voter Id laws keeping the elderly and minorities away from the pols,BS they have no problem with showing an ID to get their free stuff so this too is total B.S.

      • MMrelanie Turner

        Mr Bob- I ask you, If Voting is your constitutional right, then why NOT secure and uphold that right, by showing an ID? Unless a person is against buying alcohol, getting healthcare, cashing their checks, playing the lottery, they WILL HAVE an ID.

      • Mr Bob

        Mark, you seem brighter than to ask such a stupid question. Voter fraud is a MYTH!!! It’s doesn’t exist beyond .00000013% of the vote. Voter ID laws are nothing more than a new “poll tax” aimed a suppressing non GOP votes & teapublicians are using the myth of in person voter fraud as the cover to enact these voter ID laws (which are racist) . The voting rights act prohibits “any voting practice or procedure that has a discriminatory result” (which voter ID laws do). A study by the Brennen center shows that as many a 5 MILLION voters will be disenfranchised by voter ID laws passed in red states as 11% of eligible voters do not have government-issued photo ID. That percentage is even higher for seniors, people of color, people with disabilities, low-income voters, and students. Many citizens find it hard to get government photo IDs, because the underlying documentation like birth certificates (the ID one needs to get ID) is often difficult or expensive to come by. How ANYONE can suggest with a straight face that the solution to the problem of 26 fraudulent votes out of 200 million is to disenfranchise 5 MILLION of the LEAST likely people to vote for them is really beyond me. Voter suppression is hideous & ANYONE that supports it is NO patriot & in fact is a racist (which of course is why we find these laws in the red states of the south). BTW, the reason we don’t let 5 year olds vote is the 26th Amendment

      • Mr Bob

        Glenn Hutchinson, If I believed that in person voting fraud was actually a problem I too would support voter ID laws so, perhaps all teapublicians aren’t racist they’re just stupid! Not a SINGLE person on this site has EVER shown a shred of evidence that in person voter fraud exists beyond the most minuscule amount & here is all the evidence you need to show that it doesn’t exist! In Texas along with tens of millions votes cast in the last 10 years, there have been four cases of attempted voter impersonation. Rank that against 600,000 Texas voters without drivers licenses more than half of whom are Hispanic. About 11% or 21 MILLION eligible voters in this country don’t have a government-issued photo ID. Voter impersonation could not swing an election. Voter ID could.
        I would urge anyone that actually wants to know the truth about voter fraud look at these links & check the sources yourself.


      • Mr Bob

        Do you people even realize that in Texas there are DMV offices in 81of the state’s 254 counties. Not surprisingly, counties with a significant Hispanic population are less likely to have a DMV office, while Hispanic residents in such counties are twice as likely as whites to not have the right ID. Hispanics in Texas are also twice as likely as whites to not have a car. One senator stated that some voters in his district could have to travel up to 176 miles roundtrip in order to reach a DMV that’s closed on weekends so they have to miss work, etc. The bottom line is this…When one party is trying to restrict the franchise and the other is trying to expand it, you have a contest of past vs. future. The age of white dominance is coming to an end. A multiracial future beckons. Regardless of how race colors their personal views, Teapublicans are seeking to stem this demographic tide, hoping to squeeze another victory, perhaps the last, out of a monoracial coalition. McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt said that GOP insistence that there is widespread voter fraud is “bogus” and part of the party’s “mythology,” undercutting the only fig leaf of a valid rationale for these execrable practices.

      • Huapakechi

        I live in a state where a senate seat was won by a professional comedian, by a margin that was less than the total number of identified felons casting illegal votes. Since that election we have had a solid democrt majority and governor inflicted on us by the same means. We have a sec state who gained his office by means of soros’ money who has ensured that no sort of voter ID will be enacted until he is removed. Your allegation: “Out of the last 200 MILLION votes cast their have been ONLY 26 cases (00000013%) that have resulted in convictions or guilty pleas for in person voter fraud.” is a lie. There have been more convictions for vote fraud in Minnesota than the 26 you state. Is your memory so selective that acorn as an organization and its’ leadership was convicted of vote fraud? The very laxity of the laws, the statute of limitations, and the reluctance of prosecutors to file charges have precluded a higher conviction rate.
        Voter ID laws will stop no legitimate voter from voting. Note that I make that distinction. Once voter ID is law, all the corruptocrats have is manipulation of electronic voting machines and outright bribery.

        Remember the battle of Athens TN.

      • Mr Bob

        Huapakechi, I understand you’re not that bright & may not comprehend that there are different types of voting fraud (there is). What voter ID is suppose to stop is “in person” voting fraud (which is virtually nonexistent). There is more fraud in absentee ballots and voter registration than any other categories. It’s the same old story with you wingnuts. When faith collides with objective truth it either denies, ignores or lies about it. You think Fact Check is propaganda? Well then, check out their sources (which they list) & prove them wrong. When you say “Voter ID laws will stop no legitimate voter from voting” are you a complete MORON??? 11% of eligible voters DO NOT have the ID needed to vote! That’s OVER 20 MILLION people! As for your ” professional comedian” that became a senator. He graduated cum laude from Harvard with a degree in government. Norm Coleman (who Franken beat) on the other hand was a corrupt & surrounded by lawsuits,shady associates & dirty money. I really wish one of you people would back up your claims with a single shred of evidence.


      • Lochlyn Grendelsson

        Bob – you’re a complete fool.

        I’m a senior
        I’m disabled
        I’m “low-income”

        AND, I have to have identification for each and every one of those things.
        So, don’t try to tell me how “difficult” it is to obtain ID – You’re a LIAR, plain and simple.

        When this nation was founded, the only one’s allowed to “vote” were those who held property …. since they were the ONLY ONE’S WHO ACTUALLY HAD A STAKE IN WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS NATION.

        Even if “everyone has a guaranteed right to vote” it is ONLY “guaranteed” to a Citizen, or citizen, of this country ….. thus, in order to exercise your “right” you must be able to prove that the “guarantee” and the “right” actually belong to you – thus ….. IDENTIFICATION PROVING SUCH.

        DamnyouDumb – Bob.

      • Bigfootbob

        To Mr. Bob
        It is amazing what low opinion you have of minority democratic voters. Were I such a minority I would be deeply insulted that you think I don’t have the ability, or even the desire, to prove that I am a citizen so that I can vote. Insulting.

      • Bigfootbob

        Mr. Bob,
        You say, “Voter ID laws are being sold as a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist…”

        “…a problem that doesn’t exist…”

        Uh…then, why should you object to folks proving they are citizens so they can exercise their citizen’s rights. Hmmm?

      • Russ Buchanan

        Very well put, Mr. Bob.

        Also, it seems to me that the enactment of these laws and the surrounding publicity can only add to long line of recent self-inflicted public relations fiascos suffered by Republicans. Americans can tolerate a lot, but a major party trying to cheat on such a grand scale can’t be good for the brand.

      • Hydro

        You are correct Voting is a right – for the person who is of age and has a legal resident in the area the vote is cast in – one also needs to be an American Citizen to vote in American Politics – Pray tell how do you verify if one is eligible to vote –

        I’m afraid you sir are the Idiot – discussing this issue with the likes of an Idiot like your self is frutile – Go vote for Obama and leave the rest of us alone – your opinions don’t hold water realizing they are yours and you have the right to express them — doesn’t make them anymore acceptable you may as well stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself.

    • RON G

      Excellent comment.

      • Evermyrtle

        The past seventeen posts represent posts that I would love to have the opportunity to vote for, but cannot even answer one. What has happened to our blogging opportunities?. Are they as near dead as the seem or can they be revived? I miss so much the former blogging standards.

    • Evermyrtle

      It is so sad that we lost many of our best and oldest posters when this new style was adopted. I d miss them so much!!

      • Cookiepress

        I agree, I don’t like it either

  • Evermyrtle

    There are two powers in this world seeking our people, one to destroy; the OTHER TO SAVE all humanity

    The Destroyer: All peoples must be aware of this danger to everyone and to everything. If our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST does not come soon he will smother the world in his sin, he will destroy all that he touches.

    1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant,; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

    THE SAVIOR: He was sent by HIS FATHER, THE ALMIGHTY to save the world;

    John 3:16 For GOD so loved the world, that HE gave HIS only begotten SON, that whosoever believeth in HIM should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    This life will be in heaven with HIM.
    We have a choice with results according to who we serve.

    • Mr Bob

      Evermyrtle, you got it WRONG again! The ONLY reason for voter ID laws is to SUPPRESS the vote!!! If the GOP was actually interested in voter fraud they would be going after absentee ballots (where it actually exists) but those voters tend to vote for the GOP

      • Centurian2010

        Bob has it wrong again. Prove how voter ID laws suppress anyone’s voting rights. By your twisted logic then IDs also suppress your rights to marriage, loans, obtaining a bank account and the DNC convention.

      • Mudguy

        Bob wrong agin the only reason you are against voter ID must be that you like non citizens to vote. How would you make sure that only legal citizens vote?
        Only real Americans that love our country would want voter ID and would only want legal citizens to vote.

      • HMathis

        The only suppression of votes that voter ID will effect is the multiple voting by Democrats who travel from polling place to polling place registering (same-day registration states) and voting at each one on election day, along with Democrats casting the votes of dead people who haven’t been dropped off the rolls because Democrats don’t want the rolls cleaned up.

      • Cookiepress

        When SC passed the law the governor allotted busses to take people to DMV to get ID cards. NAACP took the state to court to fight it. The excuse was that those people could not get out to get the ID cards. If they can get out to vote there is no reason they can not get a voter ID card especially if they have prepaid transportation. The supreme court upheld the law

      • Evermyrtle

        You should ignore boobie completely. Telling him the truth just bounces off of him. His aim in life is to destroy everything good and I believe he knows what is good and what is evil. He loves the evil and hates the good. One area in which he is completely stupid, he has no idea of the difference between heaven and hell and what each one was created for. His mind is a complete void when it comes to the truth, and the results of how the way we live out lives on this earth. He does know who JESUS CHRIST is and HE is part of what boobie wants to destroy, not with the faintest idea, that this is impossible because HE will reign with HIS FATHER GOD and HIS people forever. If we could get boobie to understand there is a special place of eternity for evil people , that may get him to change directions.

      • Moe

        Only those who are eligible to vote should be allowed to vote. Requiring idnetification from those who wish to vote will not totally eliminate fraud but will drastically reduce it. Those who are not eligible to vote such as non-citizens, convicted felons, dead people, etc. will not be allowed to vote if the polling place uses e-verify. Photo ID cards are available at every states’ motor vehicle licensing location at a very small fee. If the person cannot afford the fee, some other source of money can be found to pay for it. THis is not a political, racial, economic or any other ploy, it ais about the sanctity of the American vote. Also it would do well to have paper type ballots counted and reproduced for each voter at the station when the vote is cast.

    • Mr Bob

      I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man. She must be quiet.” (1 Timothy 2:12)

      • Evermyrtle

        Is that the only scripture that you accept?? A man? Where is the man? What about a louse? You can only be a louse, if you make yourself one, by your filthy actions and words. The most effective way you can become filthy, is to call my GOD and HIS SON names, something like fairy!

      • Mr Bob

        I do NOT accept ANY scripture FYI, It’s all nothing but filthy trash!

      • Evermyrtle

        Only a fool will will curse GOD or HIS WORD.

        Proverbs 1:22 How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity: and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge.

        Proverbs 12:1 Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge; but he that hateth reproof is brutish.

        Proverbs 15:10 Correction is grievous unto him that forsaketh the way: and he that hateth reproof shall die.

        Ecclesiastes 7:9 Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools.

        John 7:6-7
        6. Then JESUS said unto them. My time is not yet come: but your time is alway ready. 7. The world cannot hate you; but it hateth because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.

      • Lochlyn Grendelsson

        Out of context – completely, Bob.
        Nice try, but, fraudulent …. much like YOUR “Messiah”.

    • RON G

      Evermyyrtle, Agree 100%.

      • Evermyrtle

        Than You, again Ron, it is wonderful to have Christina friends who accepts and backs up the truth. That is, in this day and age is so rare. Continue to keep your Christian stand. Thanks again.

  • Sgt York

    This is no big deal,in Alabama we have had this for years and blacks out vote whites so O.Vomit is just blowin smoke

  • DOOM

    All I know is if you oppose voter fraud you’re a racist.

    • Mr Bob

      NOBODY opposes voter fraud! The point is voter fraud DOES NOT EXIST beyond .00000013% of the vote!!!

      • Mudguy

        How do know that when you don’t how many non citizens voted? When there is no ID you have no idea who voted.

      • http://LastResistance Glenn Hutchinson

        Mr Bob, that is because the proof itself is suppressed by the media, along with many other illegal things this administration are doing!

      • Evermyrtle

        Mr Bob, formerly “Boobie” is one of our trolls, who is striving to shut up Conservative Christians and will promote any lie, any evil to get his way. He hates our GOD, HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST AND HIS WORD. He seldom speaks the truth, he will tackle any truth or any good thing with his lies. He is a dedicated anti-GOD, anti-America liberal Democrat. I have been seeing, not reading most of his posts since he came on these sites about 6 months ago. Trolls main work is to destroy such sites as these,especially Christian sites and these sites have been damaged by such trash as he prints. They are not near the good thing, that they were in the beginning, as the long time bloggers can tell you. He bares no shame and it does not worry him at the thought, of the lake of fire which is waiting for him.

      • IllegalVoter

        I voted for my grandfather and my grandmother, who both died over 8 years ago. I’m sure they would have voted for Obama had had they lived long enough and assuming that they would have moved to America. But I’m sure they would have wanted to and their vote needs to be counted… even if they are not Americans… and even if they are dead.

  • libra

    why aren’t the republicans,independents,teapartiers etc screaming about voter supression? the democrats have made a mockery of the vote in the usa. precincts that have voted more than 140% of registered voters.. as josef stalin once said–” it is not who votes–it is who counts the votes” in ohio a democrat poll worker is going to prison and more would be on their way to prison except for an atty gen. holder who refuses to go after these criminals.. he just sues states who want to remove dead folks from the voters rolls. it is so obvious and blatant about how obama won the last election and probably the one before that. he seemed to win mostly states with no voter i.d. obama is desperate and is starting his suppression of the vote propaganda early because he fears losing the senate and the house for his last 2 years in the oval office. so far we have 30 states with voter i.d. laws and hopefully more will follow so that we can be sure the democrats are not voting the dead and dogs and cats and disney characters.

    • Mr Bob

      precincts that have voted more than 140% of registered voters is a MYTH!!!! Republicans & teapartiers are not screaming about voter suppression because THEY are the ones enacting it!!! Get you facts right!!!!

      • Huapakechi

        factcheck? That’s like citing Pravda during the cold war.

      • Lochlyn Grendelsson

        Why not “quote” Snopes while you’re at it.

    • RON G

      It seems to be the current craze among democrats. They just like to cheat. One we have one liberal commenting that has used at least two different screen names in the past month.

      • Evermyrtle

        You are 100% correct? Keep up the good work!!!

  • http://Lastresistance Donald Trent

    While he had his 100 million dollar vacation in Africa he gave an African country 18 million for voter ID, Wow what’s with that crap, oh but that was so only muslims could vote there.
    Don’t you just love the demoncrate double standard,

  • Silas DoGood

    True AMERICANS support Voter ID laws. I do not buy, for one second, the excuses that it is “difficult to get a license or State ID card”. This is a BULLSHIZ response to lazy or illegals in the US.

    If you DO NOT SUPPORT voter ID laws, you are an un-American AZZHAT FU_KTARD!!

    • Mr Bob

      Well, we already know that you’re an uneducated racist bigot so the fact that “you don’t buy something” is meaningless.

      • Silas DoGood

        Go away BoobE

    • rothlander

      So how is it that minorities have a harder time getting an id? Maybe if they are here illegally it would be harder. But legal citizens or legal aliens, they all can get a driver’s license and if they cannot drive or pass the test, they can get a state id. I cannot think of anyone that could not get an id because they are too old or their skin is too dark. When I came back from military service I had to get a new driver’s license because mine had not been renewed in over 5-years. It took me about 15-minutes and I think it cost maybe $10. What is hard about that?

      • Bonney Bacon

        Totally agree with you ‘rothlander’ about attaining DL–even though it costs more in California (what doesn’t?). Thanks for your service.

        Question: how many of the ‘citizens’ that don’t have ID’s vote? Hey Bob, you’re good with percentages–figure me that one! Aww…can’t can you? Some people can’t see the forest for the trees!

      • Mr Bob

        minorities have a harder time getting an id because many of them don’t drive! In states like Texas ONLY 81 counties (out of 254) even have DMV’s so some people would have to take a day off work & make a 175 mile round trip drive to get one! Bea Bookler has voted in every election since 1940 but now 72 years later she may not be able to cast what she believes might be her last vote. At 93 years old, Ms. Bookler lives at an assisted living facility in Chester County, no longer posseses photo ID and does not have her birth certificate to obtain ID, Ms. Decoursey, 79 takes voting seriously. She has been voting in every election since Harry S. Truman ran for president, served as an election judge, and has made sure her children and grandchildren are registered and vote. She was born by midwife in North Carolina and has no birth certificate which is needed to get a photo ID in Pennsylvania, Dorothy Barksdale was born at home by a midwife in rural Halifax County, Virginia in 1926. She and her niece have tried unsuccessfully for three years to obtain a birth certificate from the State of Virginia and was recently told that they have no record of her birth.Gloria Cuttino who is 61 was born in Summerville, South Carolina and moved to Philadelphia at a young age. Ms. Cuttino’s mother died when she was sixteen, leaving Ms. Cuttino alone to care for her three younger brothers and sisters. Ms. Cuttino raised four children of her own, one of whom is a Philadelphia police officer. Prior to the photo ID law going into affect she has been trying to get her birth certificate from South Carolina and has told her they have no birth record. Through the help of a pro bono lawyer, she learned that the only way to now get a “delayed” birth certificate is to seek census and other records, which will cost approximately $100, and as well as hire an attorney in South Carolina to petition the court. Ms. Cuttino will not be able to vote in November.Louise Furness who is 96 does not have a driver’s license, which is an approved form of ID and no longer drives making it difficult for her to visit the DMV in order to get the photo ID. Like Ms. Decoursey she was born to a midwife in North Carolina and does not possess the birth certificate need to obtain an voter ID card. Many seniors like Ms. Furness now face the difficult task of finding the documents in order to get photo ID in order to vote. There are THOUSANDS of cases like these all over the country! People are caught in a Catch-22: You need a birth certificate to get this ID, but to get a birth certificate you have to have an ID & a birth certificate may not be sufficient documentation for women who changed their names after marrying. States require them to present their marriage licenses or divorce decrees! Now, either you people don’t understand how difficult it can be for some people to get the proper ID or you’re under the illusion that in person voter fraud exists at something beyond a level of .0000003% of the vote (it doesn’t) or you’re just flat out un-American racists. You simply cannot make a logical argument that suppressing millions of votes to cure a problem that doesn’t exist is ANYTHING but what it is.

      • Mr Bob

        Bonney Bacon, about 11% of eligible voters (21 MILLION) do not have the legal ID to vote. Now, if you can look yourself in the mirror & tell yourself that it’s OK to keep 21 MILLION people from voting in order to solve the problem of in person voter fraud that out of the last 200 MILLION votes cast their have been ONLY 26 cases (00000013%) that have resulted in convictions or guilty pleas than you may wanna ask yourself if you’re a racist.

    • Huapakechi

      A troll’s power is in his ability to anger those who read his posts and reply. Fact and ridicule are powerful weapons against them. Profanity merely enhances their power. If you really want to hurt a troll, ignore him or simply post “Not worth my time.”

    • RON G

      You can always tell when bobe knows he’s wrong. He starts calling people names and insulting everyone.

      • Bonney Bacon

        Thanks Huapakechi and Ron G for your kind words. Hey Mr. Bob, I’m not a racist and race has nothing to do with this issue anyway. To vote you need to be a citizen–to prove you are a citizen you need ID–ID is available–so for heavens sake get some if you want to vote.

        Questions: How many people that are complaining that they can’t get ID were going to vote anyway? How many people that already have ID vote?

        How many people that vote bother to find out what or who they are voting for or about? This last question is the crux of the issue–undereducated voters that vote from a ‘feeling’ or ‘perception’ (he looks nice) or ‘everyone I know votes for him/her’. Research, read both sides, talk with people on both sides, shift the info and then and only then decide who/what to vote for. The decisions made while in the voting booth are not worth the paper they are printed on–look where they’ve gotten us for the last few years! Politicians aren’t fools–they plan on most people not making up their minds until the last minute while in the voting booth with a blank ballot in front of them under pressure to vote for someone–why do you think the first position on the ballot is so sought after!

    • Evermyrtle

      As I have already said, there is no reason to oppose ID laws if you don’t have anything to hide. The honest voters do not mind voter ID requirement.We realize that they are for the dishonest only but because of the dishonest we have to have ID’s ready, also. .

  • Mark

    Mr Bob:

    It really would have been nice if you would answer my question. Again, where in the Constitution does it say that anyone has the right to vote? Citation please.

    The last time I checked (I will admit it has been a long time) state IDs (not driver’s licenses) were free. Also, if you don’t have a birth certificate, how do we verify that you are a citizen, merely take your word?

    As someone who lives in the south, Alabama (Roll Tide) to be exact, we routinely have higher percentages of registered blacks voting than registered whites. Nationwide, a higher percentage of blacks voted in 2012 than did whites. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/09/us/politics/rate-of-black-voters-surpassed-that-for-whites-in-2012.html?_r=0

    As you do, I also believe that voter suppression is hideous. With the New Black Panthers standing outside a Philly polling place in 2008 with billy clubs, I’m sure you’ll be the first to call on the Dept of Justice to reopen the case.

    Again, please answer my original question, where in the Constitution does it say that we have a right to vote?

    • CelticGyrl

      The silence fromMr. bob to your question is deafening! As a former Alabama resident, Tuscaloosa as a matter of fact, I can personally attest to your documentation. I lived in a predominantly black area and was represented by an Obama loving black female Rep. Terri Sewell. She didn’t represent my views but was consistently reflected by the majority in our precinct. Glad to be back on the MS Gulf Coast! My rep is Steve Palazzo(R) but I truly miss Gene Taylor, a Blue Dog Democrat who always put South MS above partisan party politics!

    • Mr Bob

      Mark, not only is there a right to vote in the Constitution, but it’s the single right that appears most often in the Constitution! 5 times in all. In fact, four separate Amendments the (15th, 19th, 24th & 26th) even use the same powerful language to protect it “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged”

      • Bonney Bacon

        Mr. Bob, And just how does one verify that a person is a ‘citizen’ with a right to vote? WITH A FORM OF ID, like a DL or State ID. DUH!!! Show me a birth certificate that proves you’re a citizen and you can vote as a citizen.

        My grandfather (b. 1890) had no problem getting a DL even though his birth information was destroyed in a fire in the turn of the century. Where there is a will there is a way. I guess people without ID either aren’t citizens or don’t really want to vote. Liberty isn’t free, it needs to be paid for.

      • Mr Bob

        Bonney Bacon, there was NEVER a problem with voter ID until the GOP realized it was in a demographic death spiral & needed to suppress the vote! You completely miss the point. 21 Million eligible voters do not have the ID required to vote (for whatever reason) & what you’re saying is that because out of the last 200 million votes 26 were fraudulent in person ID voters & on the basis of that you want to make if difficult (if not impossible) for 21 million people (that coincidently disagree with you) to vote. Can you at least understand why people would question your motives since the states that are enacting these laws have a long history of racism & have been trying to suppress the votes of minorities since the Civil War?

      • Mark

        OK, Mr Bob, let’s look at your arguements:

        1) The 15th states that you cannot be denied the right to vote based on your race, color or previous condition of servitude.

        2) The 19th states that you cannot be denied the right to vote based on your sex.

        3) The 24th states that you cannot be denied the right to vote based on a failure to pay a poll tax or any other tax. Note that this only applies to elections for national offices — President, Vice President, Senator or Representative.

        4) The 26th states that you cannot be denied the right to vote once you reach the age of eighteen.

        None, repeat, none of these amendments say that you have a right to vote. They say that you CANNOT BE DENIED the right to vote based on these specific conditions. Based on a strict reading of the Constitution you could be denied the right to vote based on mental ability (this would probably destroy the Democrat base).

        Again, cite for me where in the Constitution that there is an explicit statement that there is a right to vote for all citizens or people in this country. You will find that there is no such statement, and as such, the various states may limit the right to vote for other reasons, such as being registered a specified number of days before an election.

      • Mr Bob

        Mark, if the Constitution has to say “here is a specific right and we now guarantee that right to every person,” there are almost no rights in the Constitution. Linguistically, our Constitution is more in the rights-preserving than in the right-proclaiming business. The First Amendment doesn’t say “every person has the right to free speech and free exercise of religion.” In the Second, the right to “keep and bear arms” isn’t defined, but rather shall not be “abridged.” In the Fourth, “[t]he right of the people to be secure … against unreasonable searches and seizures” isn’t defined, but instead “shall not be violated.” In the Seventh, “the right of (civil) trial by jury” — whatever that is — “shall be preserved.” And so on. The Constitution mentions “the right to vote” five times! Those supporting voter ID laws don’t seem to be getting the hint. Let me ask you something, you mention that “Based on a strict reading of the Constitution you could be denied the right to vote based on mental ability (this would probably destroy the Democrat base)” I’m curious, It’s a fact that the south (red states base) has the worst education system in the country, the least educated people (no surprise) & the lowest median household income. My question is why would you think the poorest most uneducated people are the smart ones & those with better education, making more money are the stupid ones?

      • Evermyrtle

        Why are you quoting the Constitution, your anti-America president is ripping the constitution apart but like you, loves to tell true Americans how we are not following the Constitution. He too, can quote it. Take the first and the second amendment, look how he is doing his best to destroy them. Go to the end of the line and be quiet until you are spoken too, or until you can speak the truth.

    • Huapakechi

      The NBPP thuggery and voter intimidation could only have succeeded in a city or state where the population is disarmed. I do wonder what the outcome would have been if an armed citizen were to have taken offense at being threatened with clubs……

  • Silas DoGood

    ALL – do not engage Mr. Bob (a.k.a. BobE) as he is a paid troll. He is not worth your time or effort.

    • Mark

      But it’s so much fun to watch his head spin while he spews green vomit and calls us all racists. :)

    • Bigfootbob

      Aw, c’mon Silas, don’t be a party-pooper. Let’s keep Mr. Bob around…it’s so much fun to mock him…’specially since he’s not sharp enough to know he’s being mocked.

      • Evermyrtle

        Mr Bob alias BobE or better yet boobie. He cannot even remember his name. If it is his intention to change his name he should be a changed man, man??? if he changes his name.

  • emjay98

    Bob, Got to admit this article gives the lie to your argument of there being no vote fraud, don’t you think?

    In September, the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio reported this sad and ugly news: “More than one out of every five registered Ohio voters is probably ineligible to vote. In two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeds the voting-age population: Northwestern Ohio’s Wood County shows 109 registered voters for every 100 eligible, while in Lawrence County along the Ohio River it’s a mere 104 registered per 100 eligible. Another 31 counties show registrations at more than 90 percent of those eligible, a rate regarded as unrealistic by most voting experts. The national average is a little more than 70 percent. In a close presidential election where every vote might count, which ones to count might become paramount on Election Day – and in possible legal battles afterward.” The Dispatch asked Ohio’s chief elections official, Secretary of State Jon Husted, what could be done about this problem. His answer? Not enough. Nine months ago, he asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for a personal meeting to discuss how to balance seemingly conflicting federal laws so he could pare Ohio’s dirty voter list without removing truly eligible voters. Holder’s office never even bothered to reply – to either Husted or the newspaper. What does that tell you? It tells me voter fraud is and was an important tactic in re-electing Holder’s boss and Democrats throughout the country. Anyway, we all know how Ohio voted.
    · How about Michigan – Romney’s home state? How did Obama win such a resounding victory when the polls showed the two candidates in a virtual tie? And how is it that Obama won by 9 points while Democrats suffered a string of defeats down the entire state ballot? For instance, Republicans maintained control of both the state House and the Supreme Court, while Democrats lost three ballot propositions.
    · Then, of course, there is the fine work of James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, which demonstrated, over and over again on camera, the willingness and ability of Democratic operatives to cheat and commit fraud to win elections.
    · How about WND’s own investigation in which it demonstrated conclusively that the Obama campaign welcomed foreign contributions by intentionally leaving vulnerabilities in its web donation page that allowed even those using bogus names, disposable credit cards and foreign IP addresses to donate cash? The classic example was when WND staffers did just this using the name Osama bin Laden, listing his occupation as “deceased terrorist” and employer as “al-Qaida.” The contributions were accepted by the Team Obama, just as it accepted foreign contributions from the Palestinian Authority in 2008, as WND’s Aaron Klein demonstrated.
    How much evidence does one need to be convinced? This is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Did it make a difference in this close race?
    Without question.

  • Pete0097

    Mr Bob, did you ever consider that maybe if someone doesn’t have the motivation to aquire a photo ID that maybe they shouldn’t have the right to vote? A person, with their right to vote, also has the responsibility to learn as much as they can both pro and con about the people they are voting for (I feel that is true for ALL candidates of any persuasion) and the responsibility includes getting all documentation needed in order to vote including registering to vote in a timely mannor. I have not always agreed with the ideas or morals of Republicans and voted for the democrat that I had more agreement with. Since voter fraud isn’t a problem, lets try voter ID for a while and see if some of the same inconsistancies come up again or not.

    • Mr Bob

      It’s NOT about motivation it’s about putting up barriers & keeping people from voting. Have you ever considered the fact that the states enacting voter ID laws coincidentally happen to be the very same states (red states in the south) that have a long history of racism & have been trying to suppress “non white votes” since the civil war & their motives may not be noble? Does it really make sense to you to disenfranchise millions of voters over a problem (in person voter ID) that doesn’t exist?

      • Mark

        Mr Bob:

        You do realize that it was the DEMOCRAT party that was supressing the vote post-Civil War, don’t you? It was the DEMOCRAT Lyndon Baines Johnson who said “I’ll have the n*****s voting Democrat for the next 200 years” after signing the 1965 Civil Rights Act.

        Having lived half my life in the North (Ohio, New York, Kansas and Minnesota) and half in the South (Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina) I can assure you that racism in the North is more prevalent and more virulent than in the South.

      • Mr Bob

        Mark, Here we go AGAIN!!! Once upon a time the Dems were the conservative party of the south that believed in limited federal government, states rights & opposed civil rights (supported slavery) & the GOP was the progressive party of the north which believed in a strong federal government (as Lincoln clearly demonstrated) & supported civil rights (opposed slavery) for a number of different reasons the parties “flipped” & now the GOP is the conservative party of the south & the Dems are the progressive party of the north. It amazes me how few of you people understand that. As for the North being more racist than the south, that may be your perception but it has no bearing on reality or history

      • Mark

        Mr. Bob:

        Thanks for giving me my laugh of the day.

        I guess Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, who segregated emplyment in the federal workforce, was really a closet Republican.

        I guess FDR, Democrat, who made more than one anti-Semitic statement, was really a closet Republican.

        I guess Bull Conner, Commissoner of Public Safety in Birmingham, Democrat, who turned the firehose on and loosed the dogs on blacks marching for civil rights, was really a closet Republican.

        I guess Lyndon Johnson, Democrat, whose quote I provided earlier, was really a closet Republican and voted for Nixon in 1968.

        I guess Robert Byrd, West Virginia Senator and Democrat, acknoledged member of the KKK, was really a closet Republican.

        Facts are inconvenient things, Mr. Bob.

        Acknowledge and accept your party’s racist past.

      • Bigfootbob

        Mr. Bobby, you said, “…11% of eligible voters DO NOT have the ID needed to vote!”

        I’m just an old slow Okie, so help me out here. If they do not have the ID, how do you know they are eligible to vote?

        Just wondering.

      • Evermyrtle

        Keeping non citizens from voting, versus people from other countries , ruling by voting illegals, or the voting of non citizens.By doing this we have a non citizen in the WH, swiftly bringing the USA to her knees.

        Daniel 8:23-25
        23. And the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences shall stand up.
        24. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper and praise and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.
        25. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the PRICE OF PRINCES; but he shall be broken without hand. Read Daniel 11:36 also!

      • Evermyrtle

        You are dead wrong, it is much about motivation. You are led, you follow either the teachings of our GOD and HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST or the inspiration of Satan. It all comes down to who or to what motivates us. Christians are motivated by their love and devotion of GOD, by THEIR love for us and our love for them. They will never lead us the wrong way.

  • Mark

    Mr Bob:

    I am so glad that you mentioned the 2nd Amendment and the phrase “shall not be abridged”. So I gather that you are in favor of NO restrictions on gun laws whatsoever.

    If the answer is “NO”, then how do you accept restrictions on firearm ownership and not restrictions on voting (within the constructs of the amendments we discussed earlier)?

    If you accept that the Federal Government cannot restrict firearms but the various State Governments can, then why can’t the various State Government do the same with voting (again, within the constructs of the amendments we discussed earlier)?

    I really await your answer.

    • Mr Bob

      We could have an intellectual debate all day long but it’s just “mental masturbation” at the end of the day federal law trumps state law

  • Mark

    Mr. Bob:

    Evidently math is not your strong suit. You state:

    “Out of the last 200 MILLION votes cast their have been ONLY 26 cases (00000013%)”

    It’s actually only 0.000013%, you forgot to multiply by 100 (26/200,000,000*100)

    • Mr Bob

      That’s TRUE!

  • Ralph

    I find this funny in a way. I was a military brat from the date of my birth to the date I entered into the Air Force. I’ve always had identification from the time I was ten. I was taught to always carry identification with me and I still do. Even my Mother-in-Law, who never drove in her life, had state identification because her husband made sure she got it.

    Now if voting does not require identification, then I shouldn’t have to show identification to a police officer if he asks for it, when I go to the DMV to get a driver license, I shouldn’t have to show any ID to gain one and can put any name I want on it. If I buy some wine, I shouldn’t have to show ID. I could go on and on but that should prove that anyone who does not have identification of any type, I would be suspicious of.

    In Texas, it is easy to gain a state ID. That is where I got my second driver license and I lived in a county that was not very affluent. I got a ride with a friend and got the license. If my friend wasn’t able to take me, I had a way of getting there. Also Texas gives out state IDs, if you have a BC and a government issued social security, (the last time I lived there), you could get a free state ID.

    To me no one has an excuse to not have one. I don’t feel sorry for them but then again I grew up in a military environment.

  • Jsmith

    The whole idea of checking IDs is not to keep anyone from voting (in fact, it has been proven already that minority voting goes up when its instituted), but to keep anyone from voting twice.

    If you only plan to vote once, you should support voter ID.

    If you plan to vote more than once, you should object to it.

    • Mr Bob

      Here’s what I don’t understand about you people. That perhaps you could shed some light on.

      (1) Do you or do you not believe that 20 million eligible don’t have the proper to vote under these new laws? If you do, then you would have to believe that it’s difficult for some portion of these eligible voters to obtain the proper ID & they will be disenfranchised under these new laws. If you don’t believe that 20 million people don’t have the proper ID then you’re just an uninformed idiot.

      (2) Do you or do you not believe that there is evidence of in person voter fraud on a level beyond the statistically irreverent? If you do, you’re an uninformed idiot & I would LOVE to see this evidence. If you don’t how can you possibly support laws that will disenfranchise millions of eligible voters other than voter suppression?

  • USA Retired

    One must show an ID for almost everything, except to register to vote or to vote for some of the most import offices in the political arena, which has become a sicko arena!

    This truly a nation built be geniuses, and run by idiots!!

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    The issue is and always has been about the voter fraud issue. (and don’t give me any of those “official” fraudulent voting numbers, we all know that’s a load of BS because they only ‘find’ one in a hundred million) NO one can function in today’s society WITHOUT forms of ID that would be just fine to present at the voting booth. The real reason the democrats make so much noise about this, is the fact that having to show ID to vote will SERIOUSLY complicate the massive voter fraud machine they have installed nation wide. Still think it doesn’t happen? Search on youtube, ‘voter fraud’ you’ll find a dozen different occasions where the guy walks up and gives any name that may be in that district. (one guy used Eric Holder’s name AND RECEIVED A BALLOT) They not only don’t want to see proof of who you are, they won’t even look if you show it to them. So, thousands of OUT OF STATE ‘voters’ are bussed into these no ID states every election and drive around districts the entire day, “voting” as many times as possible.

    • Mr Bob

      Silas Longshot. If the issue has “always been about voter fraud” then please show me one single shred of evidence that IN PERSON voter fraud exists. I have asked people on this site OVER & OVER to come up with a shred of evidence of in person voter fraud & NOBODY can do it! Why? Because it DOESN’T EXIST!!! “thousands of OUT OF STATE ‘voters’ are bussed into these no ID states every election and drive around districts the entire day, “voting” as many times as possible” is PURE BS!

  • J J

    We have to have an ID to get into any speech Eric Holder or Barack Obama is giving, to drive, to get on an airplane, to get into any federal building, to buy liquor, to buy cold medicine!!! States are giving state ID’s for free and most will provide free transportation to get that free ID. There is absolutely NO racism involved here!! And the ONLY reason Democrats don’t want ID laws is so that they can use illegals to vote for them without any hesitation or reason to question – in other words, they want to be able to steal elections!!!

  • http://Wnd Kent Beebe

    Who is suppressed by voter ID requirement? ONLY INELIGIBLE VOTERS! Citing incidence of crime by conviction is dramatically under representing the problem, it is hard to prove without requiring ID. Fraud is making elections in the US a worldwide mockery. Until enforcement is practiced, the biggest cheater prevails. Who is the biggest cheater? He who screams the loudest against legitemate ID.

    • Mr Bob

      show me a shred of evidence to support your claim!

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