Reid Admits: Obamacare Will Eliminate Private Insurance

Francis Bacon said: “Nothing doth more hurt in a state than that cunning men pass for wise.”

Politicians deceive, that’s a fact. They posses a cunning that allows them to swindle us time and time again. We, in our ever trusting nature, continue to allow this to happen. We vote for whoever promises quantity, not quality. This happened in 2008 and again in 2012. In 2012, we had a Presidential candidate who had the perfect background to pull our nation out of the financial quicksand. We picked the other guy. Ultimately, it’s our fault for not using our brains to discern good from bad.

Speaking of bad, with the implementation of Obamacare coming in just seven weeks, we are heading into deep waters. Obama made promise upon promise that Obamacare would not lead to socialized medicine, that private insurance would still be an option. Well, of course, for a short time. Over a longer stretch, private insurance will be wiped out, and everyone will be wards of the federal health system. But he left that little tidbit out.

Now, Harry Reid is telling the truth about Obamacare. According to The Las Vegas Sun:

Reid said he thinks the country has to ‘work our way past’ insurance-based health care during a Friday night appearance on Vegas PBS’ program ‘Nevada Week in Review.’ ‘What we’ve done with Obamacare is have a step in the right direction, but we’re far from having something that’s going to work forever,’ Reid said. When then asked by panelist Steve Sebelius whether he meant ultimately the country would have to have a health care system that abandoned insurance as the means of accessing it, Reid said: ‘Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.'”

Wow, he certainly let the cat out of the bag. Well, the cat’s been out for quite some time, but now it’s official! The ultimate goal behind Obamacare is a healthcare system run entirely by the federal government.

Republicans, in their ongoing effort to destroy Obamacare, are going to be offering common sense reforms in early September. According to RSC spokesman Stephen Bell:

Chairman Scalise and the RSC Health Care Working Group are drafting legislation to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with a conservative alternative that fixes the problems in our healthcare system without the harmful taxes and mandates in the President’s law.”

We all know that no matter how many times Republicans try to implement common sense solutions, the Democrats will find a way to take them down. And, let’s face it, that sucks. But we can’t give up. If Obamacare doesn’t end up collapsing under its own absurd weight, we cannot let ourselves be discouraged. If we become disheartened, the opposition wins. As I mentioned in my column several days ago, we need to rationally, calmly, and clinically explain to our families, co-workers and friends the consequences of socialized medicine. The Democrats are cunning, but we have the facts. And in time, facts win.

In case we become discouraged, take these words from Sarah Palin, and use them to boost yourself up:

We will never sit down and we will never shut up. It isn’t in our DNA and it isn’t what our country was founded upon. The need to question government and address its flaws is incumbent on all people of conscience, and we will never stop defending true and plainspoken facts…To our steadfast supporters, let’s always keep our eye on the truth and never back down from ensuring our great country isn’t deceived by what we are told to think by the media or the powers that be…There is much more to come, hold tight and keep your resolve.”



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  • Evermyrtle

    Most voters never think before going to vote, what will this person do, will it be the same things that he has been doing all along or will he/she change. We could see what the administration was coming from, it was plain enough from 2008-2012, how the laws which have been increasingly against the Creator’ laws, how racism had been promoted by those in office, the increase in economy problems as the economy hit rock bottom, the unrest that these changes had made, the speed in which we lost freedom of choice, and we put the same crowd back in office. Is it that, that is what we want or are we so blind that we cannot see that is going on. Not only are we choosing these conditions for ourselves but we are forcing it on the generations of the future. So we want what the rest of the world has, a total Godless country? if not, we had better wake up and do it soon because that is where we are heading. GOD is our only chance to get through his evil time, in our nation.

    GOD promises in 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heave and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    • Mr Bob

      Aren’t you too old to believe in fairytales?

      • Anastasia Beaverhouser

        did someonelet you out of your cage to make that idiotic remark?

      • Dr Jay

        You are a fool, Mr Bob…

      • elnegron

        BobE, so now you’re Mr. Bob. Putting Mr in front of your name does not change who you are. You’re still an immature prejudice moron.

        But Jesus still Loves You Bob…………

      • Jim

        Bob just demonstrated the difference between a fool and a moron!

      • Miss Mellie

        For Mr. Bob: “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.”

      • ladyceo

        And will Congress and staff also be excused from this socialized, government run healthcare?? Excuse me, I meant to say healthcontrol because there will not be ANY healthcare involved, as will happen with Obamacare.

      • Stan

        Better to believe and be wrong at the end than not believe and find out where you are going is true! Fear of God keeps a lot of people on the straight and narrow also. You might not like this world if no one was afraid of going to hell and did anything they wanted to do that many consider evil. So I would be careful what I wish for……

      • Mr Bob

        Stan, it appears that many (if not most) Christians believe in god on the fallacy of Pascal’s Wager (If you erroneously believe in God, you lose nothing (assuming that death is the absolute end), whereas if you correctly believe in God, you gain everything (eternal bliss). But if you correctly disbelieve in God, you gain nothing (death ends all), whereas if you erroneously disbelieve in God, you lose everything (eternal damnation)). Now if you’ve got any mind at all you’ll see the obvious flaws in this. First, being that he was Christian, it’s clear Pascal was referring to belief in the Christian god. To the skeptic, however, one need only swap the name God for another name (Allah, Zeus, Odin, et al) because the fact is that most mainstream gods demand worship and punish those who don’t offer it. So which god should I bet on? How do you know the god you’re betting on is the right god? Is anybody really making a safe bet?

        Second, belief is not a light switch. One can’t just say “Oh, in that case I believe.” In order to believe something is true, one must be convinced of its truthfulness. Threats like Pascal’s Wager do nothing to convince anybody of anything.

        Third, chances are the god you’re trying to convince me exists is omnipotent according to your religion’s textbook. Surely it can see through somebody who claims they believe simply because it’s the “safer bet.”

        Finally, the part of the Wager which states “If you believe and you’re wrong, you’ve lost nothing” is absolutely wrong. What about all the time you wasted on your knees praying or in a church singing? What about the scientific or medical advances you’ve ignored (extreme cases) because your religion states that all you need is your god? If you believe in a god and you’re wrong, then you’ve lived your entire life thinking you had an eternity of happiness and pleasure to look forward to in an afterlife without paying as much heed to the life you’re currently living.

        I and many atheists like me, on the other hand, see this life as our only one. We are more inclined to live our lives to its absolute fullest; making sure we make a lasting impression on others, hoping that once our bodies are decaying and our atoms are moving on to other endeavors that our legacy will live on in the memories of others.

        So maybe the safer “bet” is that no gods exist. We’ve got a 50/50 shot at being right, while the odds that your particular god is the only one who exists are far lower. Bet on non-existence and perhaps you’ll see a whole new value in your one and only life.

      • Bj

        I thought we’d all gotten lucky: you’d gone away and were never goin to harass us again. Geesh I guess you got rained on and forgot your wet suit. What will it take for us to help out and see that you don’t come back?

      • John

        He who laughs last laughs best. Call it fairy tales and we’ll all waive to you as they drag you off to hell screaming and kicking like a little girl.

      • Grandpa David

        “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” Barak Hussein Obama. Bob’s government lies to you.

      • Evermyrtle

        1 John 2:18, 22 Psalms 14:1 and 53:1

        The fool saith in his heart,There is not God, Corrupt are they and have done corrupt iniquity, there is none that have done good.

        18. Little children, it is the last time; and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.
        22. Who is a liar but he that denieth that JESUS IS THE CHRIST; He is antichrist, that denieth the FATHER AND THE SON.

        GOD has prepared an everlasting for every person that has ever lived on the earth. He prepared Heave for HIS people and Hell for those who follow Satan. This can be found in Matthew 25:31-46, and these scriptures tell us how and why this is true.


        In your snyde remark I take it you aren’t a believer In Christ Or do I understand your comment wrong? Because Christ is the only way out – and I feel very sorry for anyone who has a problem believing this as they will inherrit Hell for Eternity

      • http://yahoo turn3

        did they take u off your meds again

      • Bugario

        what are you believing in when you listen to those lying democrats… they promise the sky but they provide the crapper!!

      • Evermyrtle

        BoobieE, You are one fairy tale that I do not believe in! You are just as false as a three dollar bill.

        Psalm 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, “There is no GOD. They are corrupt, and have done abominable things. and there is no good in them.

      • kris littlefield

        Mr. Bob, you believe in a fool…….

    • Ken

      People like Reid believe, against all evidences, that government is noble and will act justly, and he probably has never met a tyrant or dictator that he couldn’t have married.

      • Darreld

        People like Harry Reid do not believe in anything but their own pocket book and will do anything, tell any lie, rig any election to get what they want. They are corrupt to the bone.

      • http://yahoo turn3

        reid been n the hood so long,he could not tell nor care what’s right,it’s about the $$$$

    • West River Redneck

      When will everyone understand. This is no longer one nation under God. It is one nation under liberal socialism. This is all part of the end game to take the good old USA out of the picture. Satan is laughing his butt off. We are becoming so weak both in our military and our moral resolve that it is apparent we no longer can influence the world for good. If you are not leaving in the “rapture” you had better be putting away food and ammo. You can have mine after I am gone.

      • Mr Bob

        This nation NEVER has been “one nation under god” & NEVER will be!

      • Evermyrtle

        boobie was a fool when he was BobE, he remains a fool with Mr. before the Bob. anyone and everyone who ridicules the fact that the ALMIGHTY GOD reigns is a fool.

    • http://Yahoo Georg von Starkermann

      My parents were Germans who worked and lived in one of those so called Socialist Paradises. First under the Weimar Republic and then under Hitler and the Third Reich. Medical treatment was free, as well as medicines. All in all everything to do with medicine was free and still free today. Have you ever wondered why so many “foreigners” have done everything possible to come to the USA. We have millions of Mexicans trying to come and already are here leaving a country like Mexico having free medical care. If everything is so great in these socialistic societies why in hells name are people risking their lives to leave those socialistic heavens? We are finding out that everything in life isn’t free, somethings you have to pay for. Medicine should be one of those items.

    • http://Lastresistance. Linda

      God, we pray you will deliver us from Obama and all his thugs!

    • Moe Mahan

      Barrack H. Obama is not President of the United States. He cannot be President. The United States Supreme Court unanimous decision in the MINOR vS. HAPPERSON CASE reads (quote)::

      Additions might always be made to the citizenship of the United States in two ways: first, by birth, and second, by naturalization. This is apparent from the Constitution itself, for it provides that “no person except a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President,” and that Congress shall have power “to establish a uniform rule of naturalization.” Thus new citizens may be born or they may be created by naturalization.

      The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.

      Although this was regarding a woman’s right to vote, the Court saw fit to define the different types of Citizenship to clarify all types. Since Obama’s father was not a Citizen of the United States, according to the eligibility estsablished in Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of our Constitution which states that in order to be eligible for the Presidency, a person must be a natural born Citizen. We have not had a President since January 21, 2008.

      In reality, everything signed by Barrack H. Obama as President from the day he first took possession of the Office of President is invalid and must not be enforced.

      Anyone who enforces his wishes may be charged of crimes against the United States.

      This is not a political party charge or accusation, but one about the sanctity of the Office of President of the United States, and how it may effect the sanctity of our Constitution in the future. Following this course of bypassing our Constitutional requirements will lead to the eventual eligibility of a naturalized citizen for the Office of President of the United States.

      Take the time to use your computer to search for, find, and read the decision regarding Minor Vs. Happersett. Then prepare to force the members of Congress to remove him for selection of a real President. Remind them they may be removed at any time by the vote of the people they are sworn to represent.

      • Mr Bob

        News flash!!! Obama IS the president of the United States & 1+1=2! no matter how many dipshits like you don’t believe that’s true, you cannot change reality!

      • texaselect

        @ Idiot Bob Eeeeeeee. Go suck an egg BobEeeeeeeee. Your tripe and idiocy are not wanted here. Go find a nice balcony (12 stories or higher) to jump off. Take your boss Obama with you for the ride.

        BobEeeeeecrawls out of his Troll Hole, ignore him regardless, do not respond to his crapola. He will go away. Don’t feed the troll Obama already does that,

    • RON G

      Excellent comment Evermyrtle.

      • Evermyrtle

        Thank You Ron, I continue to speak GOD’S WORD, to the best of my ability which is not perfect but is my best, as HE directs me. I need your support and that of all who believe like we do, that JESUS CHRIST IS OUR SAVIOR AND THE SON OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD, and that our country is being ravished by the anti-GOD.

    • Drifanwulf

      Hey Mr. Bob your intolerance is showing again. Just like all you Libtards failing miserably to practice what you preach. But then it has always been your kinds intention to use tolerance as a means to achieve your immoral goals.

      • TERRY

        Bob , evidently Obummer is your President – he isn’t mine – it must be working out for you – probably pick up your welfare check , go get your rent assistance , pick up your food stamps, go get you assitance for Utilities – probably go to free Health care and Dentistry all paid for by hard working Americans meant to suppliment and assist Americans who are down on their luck or unable to do for themselves – people like your self should be ashamed but you can’t even spell the word – One day you and all like you will come to the realization when the Hard working American’s no lnger have a job due to your fabulous Fraud in Chief – you sir and all like you will either go earn your keep or starve –

  • Mr Bob

    “the words from Sarah Palin”??? Nothing like the stupid leading the blind!!!

    • Anastasia Beaverhouser

      Mr BOB- let me guess–you are a girly boy that only has computers as his friend…….no one wants to play with you-you are too irritating and weird.

      • Mr Bob

        Guess again! My turn… I bet (with a fake name like Anastasia Beaverhouser) you’re a “chick with a dick”

      • Connie Davis

        Mr. Bob is simply a brain dead troll. Ignore him.

    • RON G

      Glad you admit that you’re following reid. Hope he doesn’t stop to fast!

      • Don39

        Actually I think he just did. That is why the stink is coming from the so-called Mr Bob!

    • EdWatts

      “Mr. Bob” sounds like a hairdresser’s name. “Bob E.” was more, uhh, masculine.

      • Mr Bob

        Actually, it has more to do with this site being “downgraded” as the name Bob E wouldn’t work any longer

      • RON G

        Be kind to bobe. If he acts the same away from the computer as he does on it, we’re probably what he considers friends. Away from the computer they probably get a little rough with him.

      • Bj

        Amen Mr. Ed.

    • sonny

      There is nothing like being stupid enough to vote for obama.

      • Mr Bob

        Really? Then tell me, exactly how stupid does one have to be to vote to “double down” on the catastrophic failures of Dubya & the GOP! The GOP’s economic policy was discredited from the economic collapse. The GOP’s foreign policy was discredited by the Iraq debacle & the GOP’s social agenda is straight out of the Dark Ages?

      • Centurian2010

        Bob cannot understand that under Bush’s first term we had a great economy. It took the Democrats in Congress (Frank & Dodd) to destroy the housing market, and now the Democrats want to do the same thing with a similar bill. They are now destroying healthcare which started under Hillarycare, of which 0bamacare is their so called “fix.” He also seems to forget just how much higher the unemployment numbers are and our national increasing debt under 0bama. Let’s not forget the unconstitutional funding of our enemies and conflicts 0bama has involved us in, and increase in government spying. Yes voting for Bush twice is so bad, right Bob, but voting twice for an incompetent 0bama is not. It is just plain stupid.

    • allen goldberg

      Sarah Palin is neither. BUT as a low information voter, for you to not see this HUGE power grab by Obama and the feds, with Congress and much of Government opting out..shows us…YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS BLIND AND STUPID!!!

      • Mr Bob

        Low information voter??? I wonder just how stupid a person would have to be in order to think of a dimwitted bimbo like Palin as being smart?

      • Centurian2010

        Bob cannot tell you why he thinks Palin is stupid, he can just name calla s that is the standard response when a liberal is losing an argument. Bob you might want to brush up a bit, even members of your own party just admitted that Palin was correct in the death panels associated with 0bamacare.

    • Mr.C.

      You are absolutely right Bob. Where you looking in a mirror when you penned those words?

    • Bj

      Takes one to know one, now please do all of us a favor and go back to wherever you came from and take all of your names and toys with you. Be gone!! Shoo!! I don’t care what name you use, just be gone Ole Flakey One.

      • Mr Bob

        A teabagger with the name BJ??? I take it you’re popular amongst the hillbilly crowd!

      • Mr Bob

        BJ, can you answer me one question? Is it true that the way to circumcise a red neck is to kick his sister in the chin? Or is it his brother, dad or mother?

      • Mr Bob

        last question… Did your teabagging friends give you the name BJ because you can give a BJ while chewing tobacco & know what to spit & what to swallow?

      • Drifanwulf

        Bob is called “Bob” because its what he does best. Neal Bob!

    • Darreld

      That’s right Bob. You are the stupid trying to lead the already stupidly blind. You are also a liar. A sad POS anti-American who should be rounded up and charged with treason along with the Dems in D.C. and some Repubs.

      • Mr Bob

        Treason? The ONLY people speaking of treason are Teahadists (like you) that speak of armed insurrection and/or succession! Granted, we ALL know that you teabaggers are filled with “hot air” so you’re not taken seriously but it wouldn’t surprise me if a few terrorist among you started blowing things up like the cowards & traitors you are!

    • fatman45

      Sarah Palin is a genius compared to Harry Reid, or Barack Obama. And compared to Nancy Pelosi even you are a genius!

  • robm

    More American Jobs down the Toilet……Superman could not see through Oba-maos

  • http://Yahoo Navy Vet

    Told you so! Commie Care is here!

    • James

      Commie Care and Commie Everything else will soon follow.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Enough about this law that some of us tried to persuade our legislators to vote against it before it was passed so said legislators could find out what was in it. It was crystal clear where that was going; now it’s here, and all of a sudden people wbo supported it are realizing it’s NOT the great thing they BELIEVED, however naively or foolishly, it was going to be; that it’s just another giant Federal SCREW!

  • Charles

    We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

    We The People demand that the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article ll Section 1 Claus 5 of the US Constitution .

    • Mr Bob

      Is their ANY end to the lunacy of you morons?

      • Don39

        The lunatic morons are those of you who support, aid, and abet an Unconstitutional federal government, a fraud thug regime. Judging from recent increase in idiot leftist post you must finally be getting worried that the truth is finally getting through!

      • Ken Howes

        Mr Bob, start by learning when to write “their” and when to write “there”.

        After that, learn a little basic economics. The administration and its supporters in Congress, faced with two basic problems, namely accessibility and price, increased demand and did nothing about supply. The result will be increased cost, decreased accessibility–and decreased supply, driving prices yet higher and accessibility yet lower.

        The death panel, which Obama, Pelosi, etc., claimed it was a fiction but now even many liberal Democrats now acknowledge is real, was the effort to cut out a part of the demand, namely elderly, ailing people. They just wouldn’t be able to get most of the care they wanted. It wouldn’t be paid for, so it wouldn’t be provided. That would free up some of the supply of medical care and keep costs from going absolutely berserk.

        The best thing we could possibly do is repeal Obamacare. In its place, use just a quarter as much money as was going to be spent on Obamacare to increase the supply of doctors, low-cost clinics, etc.. Most of that would be used simply to expand medical schools or assist universities to establish medical schools.

        Increased supply to meet the demand would take the upward pressure off prices and eliminate the issue of accessibility. That’s a rational, more cost-effective and more economically sound approach. The other thing that should have continued to be encouraged was medical savings accounts. Let people decide for themselves as much as possible when they have to go to the doctor and when not. This obviously doesn’t work for the poor, who can’t put any money aside; but it makes all the sense in the world for anyone who can. But people, as prudent managers of their own health care, will usually make the right decision. They become, for the less-costly medical matters, their own health insurance company; anything remaining in such accounts becomes then, at retirement age, their own “Medigap” coverage. That will inherently control demand somewhat, further removing upward pressure on price and limits on accessibility.

        Sadly, Mr Bob, you and your liberal friends are economic illiterates. This is Economics 101.

      • Sconsin Patriot

        It’s spelled “there” – and why don’t you clean up your mouth?
        You’re letting your lowlife show. Talk about morons.

      • Drifanwulf

        Is there any end to the gullibility of Liberal morons. Your like sheep being led to the slaughter. Your elitist leaders have great plans for all of you. I hope you enjoy the city centers you will be crowded into while all else returns to wilderness around you. Population control is part of the program so don’t make plans for a family because you may not be one of the “lucky” few chosen. If you have children they wont actually be yours to raise as you deem proper because just like you they will belong to the government. Read up on Agenda 21 Bob. It should prove to be all your kind ever wished for.

    • Don39

      I join you in that comment and that demand. In fact it is one that I have been making for years now to no effect. That is because most of the Senate is no better than Reid!

    • Don

      I’m with you on that Charles.

  • Don39

    Give it long enough and even a professional lying turd will slip up and reveal the truth! Lets see the commie b@st@rd walk this back!

  • http://fb Paul T. Leslie

    Didn’t they used to call this “nationalization?”

    The marxist democrats don’t like it, but we can still call it “socialism” and “tyranny.”

  • http://gmail shirley

    Looks like Mr. Bob is either an Athiest, or an Obama follower, or still wet behind the ears.
    Living in accordance with God will and His Commandments isn’t living a fairy tale. There is more wickedness and racial disturbances since Obutthead has been POTUS than there has been in centuries. People better educate themselves about leadership instead of thinking Santa CLaus gives everything away for nothing. There is a price to pay and someone is paying for it. WE THE TAXPAYERS, and I’m pretty sick of American’s trying to support the world. Some of the questions that are asked on the streets from news broadcasters and the answers and actions of stupidity just floor me. I can’t believe there are so many UNEDUCATED people in this world. They are as narsissistic as Obama. As long as I’m ok who gives a crap whether you have something or not. A very greedy society.

    • http://n/a Anna

      Mr. Bob a/k/a Texas Texas is a troll! Ignore him – he finally gets depressed and goes away.

    • Mr Bob

      I’m an atheist & I agree with you that people “better educate themselves”. It’s no secret that the southern red states (the gop base) are the most uneducated people in this country with the worst education system. Perhaps if they were to get educated the tea party would disappear

      • Sam

        Mr.Bob, the most uneducated people are those who keep electing the commie democrats. Anyone who sticks up for obama at this point is really uneducated and just plain stupid.

      • sonny

        If the liberals were educated rather than a bunch of low-information LOSERS obama would never have been elected in the first place.

      • rcbobj

        Come on down to Texas Mr Bob we will take care of you.

      • Bj

        Come to Louisiana and tell that to those who graduated with degrees that can run circles around you and even I’ll take you on Troll.

      • USA Lover

        Edgumacated like you right Boob?

      • kmilliorn

        Mr. Bob–do you have time for a serious question? Considering that wiretapping of US citizens for purposes of national security was considered unconstitutional prior to 9/11 & the first Patriot Act, how is it that its equivalent–the current activity by the NSA (which includes not only the so-called “meta-data” collection, but also the information that can be collected in real time with X-Keystroke) — which obviously includes electronic monitoring of US citizens for national security purposes–now “passes constitutional muster” without there having been any change in the Constitution (specifically, in the Fourth Amendment)? Why has there been no legal challenge to this (often literally) unwarranted invasion of the privacy of millions of Americans on the flimsiest of pretexts, that has no constitutional standing that I can see? (For in-depth discussion of the 4th & electronic surveillance, see Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute website)

      • Drifanwulf

        BOB!!! The man you Libtards love so much has said he views the U.S. Constitution as an obstacle to his plans. How much more proof do you sheep need before you open your tightly shut eyes? You willingly give up your hard won freedom for promises of false security. You people are so blind to what is actually going on. Your future can be summed up in one word, SLAVE.

      • Mr Bob

        rcbobj, I will be in Texas (Austin) for the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the W Hotel! I look forward to it!

    • RON G

      Bobe says that he is an atheist. That his parents were atheists. He claims, and is proud, to have put several girls in a family way and is proud of the fact that he turned his back on them and walked away. He claims the sole purpose of life is to get rich! He isn’t worth responding to!

      • Mr Bob

        WTF??? I never said I was “proud” to have put a number of girls in a “family” way! Nor did I ever say I “turned my back” on them. What I said was in my teens I got a few girls pregnant that had abortions. It was their decision (actually their parents) which I supported.

  • WASP

    Eliminating private insurance and forcing EVERYONE into Obama’s scam was the intent from the beginning. That way, ALL the money goes into his NWO owner-handlers pockets. Want to see rationing of health care–just wait.

    • ladyceo

      Amen, wasp, amen!!

    • Drifanwulf

      Absolutely right Wasp.

    • http://Yahoo Navy Vet

      Have to agree, European health care is here! I did notice that none of D.C. Hill toppers want Obuma care! Well if its good enough for the Goose it’s good enough for the Gander!
      I’ve written my two reps $5.00 Dick Durbin & Dan Lipinski neither have answered me!

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        You’re not holding your breath, waiting for those answers, I sincerely hope! They never intended to be “part” of this nonsense, any more than they intend to obey any of the rest of the laws they routinely ignore!

  • Silas DoGood

    Where are the PATROTS to put down these azzholes like rabid dogs!!!

    • Mr Bob

      They are in the Democratic party

      • Don39

        That may be the grossest lie this turd ever told. There are no patriots in the leftist party, the anti-Constitution party, the anti-law party!

      • Drifanwulf

        American patriots do not snub the constitution and find ways to do an end around it in order to pass blatantly unconstitutional laws. Obama is definitely not a patriot and neither are you.

    • RON G

      Please! Don’t pick on the dogs. They are much smarter then liberals.

  • Betty

    CHARLES you are absolutely correct. Let’s pray that it will happen before Obomanutz
    totally ruins this once great country.

  • Mad Angel on FB

    What hilarious conversation… apt response to a equally hilarious article..

    (Bob is right BTW)

    The HMO’s are the one’s who came up with Bummer’s ‘signature’ legislation…

    and accordingly, they have raised their rates (while rubbing their palms in anticipation)

    and you Jesus freaks ….is that all you have to try and disparage another? LOL!

    • RON G

      True. Most companies that use HMO’s have seen rates climb as much as 700% in the last three years. Then they doubled the deductibles.

      • rothlander

        And business owners like me just cancelled their plans!

        I bet like me, companies have left these insurance companies in droves. I cancelled my family plan, my business partners, and let 12-employees go when the Obamacare cost increases were applied to my business insurance rates. My family rate went from $450 to something like $880 or so overnight. What basically happened is all of the individual and family plans became group plans. Group plans have always been $800+. Family plans were half that rate because they did not cover pre-existing conditions. So if you did not have any pre-existing conditions you could get a nice individual and family plan for $400+ a month.

        But all of those are gone because Obamacare forces the insurance companies to accept pre-existing conditions. So now they are all group plans. I cancelled the next month then decided to just close up my business after 10-years and take a higher-paying position with a company.

        Unfortunately, that is probably exactly what Obama wants. Close small business, do away with individual health care, and force everyone to work for large corporations that the government can better control.

    • Drifanwulf

      Actually Max Baucus (D-Mont.) has said he wrote much of Obamacare himself. Also Neera Tanden who is President of the Center for American Progress has said she helped to write it. Why would HMO’s have a hand in legislation which would eventually put them out of business.

  • Don39

    Administrater, why do we have to put up with the profanity of the idiot Mr Bob as demonstrated in comments above about peoples sex, etc.? Further if he is not a spammer, please defione for me what one is.

    • Mr Bob

      People here can use the “N” word to describe our president or the “F” word at will & you have no problem with that profanity but I state the obvious (Teahadists are imbeciles) & you have a problem???

      • rcbobj

        I hope the hell they put you in the same FEMA cap with me.

      • Don39

        I have seen neither here by anyone but you under one or more of your assumed avatars, but I have seen you accuse a lady of having male anatomy, you low life swine!

      • Mr Bob

        rcbobj, I’m “straight” so if we do happen to end up in the same “FEMA camp” you’ll have to find someone else that will make you his “bitch”.

    • Don39

      Administrator, notice that the swine now called Mr. bob admits that he has been banned before under other names. he is a swine spammer!

      • RON G

        Notice that he accuses others of the very things we did not tolerate from him on other articles. Best to just ignore him.

  • Rocky

    This country is full of idiots–they continue to elect their village idiots Obama & Reid !
    The time will come when more of our freedoms are gone and they will wonder what happened.

    • Allen Evans

      And Pelosi , Feinstein ,Levin , Hill-beast , and so many more .

  • Ruth

    Anyone that EVER trusts Obama and his crew will live to be eternally sorry for being so stupid! The man is so vial and unhinged! He makes me sick for all the harm and trashing he has done to America and thus; us too! He can think how he chooses but not as a president or anyone that is supposed to be standing for America! He is NOT for America nor us nor anything that makes any sense. The man HAS NO common sense, much less leadership ability! WHEN ARE WE KICKING HIM OUT AND THE ONES HE HAS PLACED IN THE GOVERNMENT TO TAKE US DOWN TO NOTHING!?!

  • Harold

    Obama has from the start wanted only one thing. To destroy all private business. Communist do not believe in private ownership nor private business. Anyone who voted for this fraud and his little teat sucking minions, like snake eye Reid were just plain fooled or are of the same mind.

    • Don39


    • Mr Bob

      Doubling the Dow & having corporate profits soar to ALL TIME HIGHS seems like an odd way Obama has of destroying all private business.

  • Debra J.M. Smith

    I cannot say what I am thinking. It will get removed.

    • Bj

      Go for it Debra, if the Troll can say what he does what you say can’t be any worse.

  • Bob Turkey

    We have a nation of fools who voted for Obama. Black voters voted for Obama purely because he looked black, if that isn’t racism I don’t know what is. One must remember over 15% of voters are federal or state workers who were provided jobs by the democrats. When you have over 120% of votes cast in some democratic districts and nothing was done about it, you know Stalin in his grave is saying ” America is becoming a communistic state, without firing a shot”.

    • Mr Bob

      The fools in this nation are the morons (like you) that actually believe Obama got 120% of the vote ANYWHERE!

  • Shirley

    Harry Reid should be made to retire, he is too senile to perform any more….
    evermyrtle was right on the mark with what was said….

    • Don39

      He is still a very useful tool to the mob and to the progressive (communist) left!

  • John

    Forget insurance. The government, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies have drained that pond. This nation spends more than the entire rest of the world on “health care” and what do we get? We dont have as many 100 year olds per thousand population as countries without any organized health care system and we rank near last for life expectancy of newborns. This nation is broke,, its collapsing,, you had better learn to take care of yourself and your family with high quality supplements. What you need is not in your food,, take control of your own health and forget about Blah Blah Oblahma and his court jester Reid.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Right up ’til the pharmaceutical lobbies force the Congress to outlaw those except at high cost through the aforementioned companies who believe supplements, homeopathic remedies and vitamins/minerals are cutting into their profits, since the US has been paying the R&D costs for all of them for over a century! We pay more for each med than any other nation’s citizens, even in the developed world!

      • kmilliorn

        Do you guys think that the fact that our population is so massively overweight & under-exercised might have a lot to do with the fact that our life-expectancy is low & our health-care costs are high. In addition, much of those costs are incurred at the end of life because patients–& frequently their families–want “everything done”–when the situation is hopeless & we are prolonging death rather than prolonging life.

    • kmilliorn

      John–As a retired doc, I can tell you that a lot of us didn’t get rich at it. There have been price controls on physician payments since the Nixon administration. Medicare, Medicaid & Insurance companies have what they call “usual & customary” fees for office visits, surgeries, & other procedures. They pay a percentage of that until someone has met their deductible, then pay 100%. The deductible is an annual amount & depends on each policy. Doctors can CHARGE whatever they want, but they only get PAID what Medicare, Medicaid, & Insurers have DECIDED TO PAY. In addition, where I an, 40 miles from Mexico, I did as much as 20% of my work as FREE care– much of it on patients who came from Mexico to the ER acutely ill, had their surgery, then disappeared back to Mexico.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        This is actually more in response to your post above this one but there’s no reply button on it. In any case, both are spot on. I’ve been trying to tell folks that the costs associated with a medical practice are much higher than people generally realize and that docs are NOT getting “rich” from the practice of medicine, as many believe. And you’re right about part of why the costs are so high; part however, also lies at the doorstep of our FDA, which regulates FOOD as much as medicines, albeit in much the SAME manner; trusting the manufacturer to tell the truth about the negatives of their product, which is clearly working well there too.{sarc}. Many of the foods that are available, particularly to those on low incomes, and/or the low-information crowd {which comprises a significant portion of our population} are DESIGNED in such a way that individuals consuming them will CRAVE more and more of those foods, intentionally. It’s ALL about the money; not the health and well-being of the population, particularly since many of the same parent corporations produce both foods and pharmaceuticals. From there it’s not brain surgery to see the conflicts of interest at work. Then toss in the recent Codex Alimentarius decisions to DOWNGRADE the RDA levels of nutrients, which were already at MINIMAL standards, on may critical nutrients for health maintenance in our foods and other sources. There’s a lot more than simply the folks who aren’t exercising adequately at work and it’s subtle and intentional.
        The added burden of people clinging to “existence” because it’s not really life, indeed, only exacerbates a serious problem of overburdening the system. And then, as you pointed out, caring for those who come in and pay nothing as well.

      • OverEducatedAndLowPaid

        @kmilliorn: Except if you choose to not have insurance. Then you pay the higher rates, about double-what the usual and customary rates are. Dr’s have to bill double to get the full price increase when the u&c rates go up. So it’s the governments way to try to force you into health insurance.

        Most of the dr’s I know are overpaid. I know a number of dr’s that are not all that smart, actual a few I would consider on the edge of being pretty ignorant. Most will admit that. They went to school for 3 to 4 years to get an pretty simple BS degree in pre-med, pre-vet, or basic biology, then 4-years to get a medical degree. Medical school can be hard but those that I know that have explained to me say it is not hard like organic chemistry or deferential equations, but just hard because of the volume of information. Basically, anyone committed can do it. Have you ever noticed that very few fail out because they cannot handle it? Sure plenty fail out because they never attend the classes!

        The dr’s I know, their starting pay after residency is about $300K a year or more and move up from there. Pretty good pay for only 7 to 8 years education, what most people would take to get a Masters degree, but in the medical field you skip the masters level and go strait to the PhD.

        For me, I spent about 10 years in college and have about 17-years experience and make about $112K. According to the US military, less than 1% to 3% of the population have the ability to do the work I do. They can say that because they are the government and they give an IQ test to you before they offer you the job. If you do not score a minimum of 130, they will not even offer it to you. They lean towards the 160 range. This is where the 1% to 3% of the population comes into play. Still, it doesn’t pay as well as someone at around 28-years old working as a radiologist that gets paid more than the President of the US.

        So it seems a bit overpaid to me.

  • William

    Mr. Kneel Bob
    Must be his name or occupation

  • Don

    John Boehner needs to get front and center on this giant boondoggle and de-fund Obamacare. If this monstrosity of our healthcare is taken over by Obama care, i will blame John Boehner, and only John Boehner. He is the top Dog over the Congress, and Congress controls the purse strings.

    • ladyceo

      Roberts could have stopped this fiasco, don’t forget! Not sayin’ Boehner isn’t at fault also.

    • Drifanwulf

      Boehner has made himself part of the problem rather than a solution for it. Wonder what the Democrats promised Roberts for his treachery?

  • Kandi Lane

    Harry Reid just admitted to be a liar and part of the biggest government HEIST on the people of American in our history.

    Reid, Pelosi and Obama and the rest of the cronies shoveled this lie down our throats, when all it boils down to is another tax and socialized Communist medicine.

    OUR government sucks!

  • guido

    Allowing ignorant lemmings voting privileges is just one example.

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups !!

    • Drifanwulf

      While they make a mad dash for the edge of the cliff.

  • guido

    The truth has no agenda..

  • Sam

    obamacare will practically eliminate private business as well as private insurances. This bill was designed to bring in communism. These kind of people are deceitful and will do anything to meet their goals. They are scum of the earth, a pestilence that feeds off the weaknesses of people. God help us all.

  • N. Trenery

    Those of us who can still think for ourselves and are able to read more than Dr. Seuss books, know that the Muslim socialist in the White house is intent on doing only one thing…….. totally destroying every aspect that makes America, America.

    He is anti-Christian, anti-veteran, anti-white, anti-heterosexual, anti-everything that has made this country great and free. He has single handedly taken the relationship of Blacks and Whites and set it back 100 years. He has surrounded himself with Muslim Brotherhood cronies, placed in every organization to further usurp the rights of Americans who still believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Bible.

    If he and his ugly fat-sow wife, Michelle, hate this country so much why don’t they pack up and head back to his home-town and place of birth in Kenya.

    As for Reid. During his last election here in Reno, there was much “funny business” going on. People were complaining of walking into voting booths with his name already checked off. It was shrugged off as being an electrical glitch. I would love to know how many idiots thought that was who they were suppose to vote for and let it stand.

    And those who believe we live in a country where there are more stupid easily led people than intelligent and informed people who will stand their ground, are entirely correct. We live in a dumb-downed society that is getting dumber every year.

  • Greg H.

    I’d rather trust Blue Cross – Blue Shield with my health insurance, as I have for many years now with no headaches, than to trust ANY part of this criminal Obammunist regime with so much as a Band-Aid or an aspirin when I need it. They’ll wipe out thousands of private sector jobs in the health insurance field that they will NEVER, EVER mention, all the while touting how many new jobs Obama$care has created, but not telling us that all those new jobs are GOVERNMENT jobs, paid for by US, the taxpayers.

  • sac

    you losers are blaming the wrong people
    you need to blame judge roberts at the supreme court for this garbage, someone has something on roberts or he would have ruled against obozo care

    • Don39

      He certainly is a traitor and well deserving of disgust and blame, but it was not his baby monster, he just did not have the guts to kill it!

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      There’s plenty of blame to go around, and plenty of people who deserve to share in it; like ALL of Congress as well as the majority of SCOTUS and O. But there are others, less visible, to whom they all answer, who are also to blame as well; people who are driving and ordering everything those in the swamp do.

      • kmilliorn

        The ruling by Roberts & SCOTUS that the Obamacare PENALTIES were, in fact, TAXES, was key to the continued survival of the ACA. It is a leap of logic which I have yet to understand–other than it is justifiable by expediency, alone. (In the same fashion that the collection of “metadata” (& whatever else) from US citizens for domestic security–which was not constitutional before the first Patriot Act–is OK afterward (without benefit of any constitutional amending!)

  • Sandy Trank

    Canada has single payer and they come here for care; what does that tell us? Lots of good comments here and many right on. Yes, we had better keep our resolve and yes, we better start paying attention to what we eat and drink so as to keep our health or we won’t be able to take our stand when it comes time to do so. We are being fed less than acceptable food whether in stores or restaurants and much of it causing illness of all kinds. Better find out what you are feeding yourself. Its time to wake up and prepare for what is ahead cause its not going to be easy living as we are used to having. And most importantly, as we all have, for now at least, health insurance, better make sure you have “fire” insurance. Make your Salvation sure in Christ as in the end of all things, He is ALL we can trust or place our hope in.

    • RON G

      Excellent point.

  • Grandma GG

    I think we all worried in vain about the coming Obamacare. With everyone, including our Congress, running from it, I think it will disappear under its own power. It is imploding already, thankfully.

    I do not understand how anyone would vote for something without knowing all the details in the bill, but this probably happens more than we would care to know.

    I would like to think we could trust our legislators to do what is best for us and I never thought this particular bill was in our best interests.

    I sure wish I had some answers to the health care problems in this country…it doesn’t help that so many parts, including here in Texas, we are so overburdened with illegal immigrants and their medical needs.

  • Burlington

    Rep. Jan Schakowsy, high up in the Chicago Politburo made that statement right away. She wanted to kill the health insurance industry. Her husband Creamer, penned the strategy to pass Obamacare while in the prison. I wouldn’t be so pissed at these Marxists if they were honest enough to be frank with the voters. If they believe in Marxism, say so. I want socialized medicine then say so. I want free abortions for everyone, then say so. I believe in one world government, then say so.

  • Joan

    Reid belives in nothing but the damn lies he and Obama tell. The senate , congress are all court jester the biggest joker in in the W/H…… Lets all hope and pray that this nightmare will end soon!!

  • kmilliorn

    At last, Reid confirms what I have been telling people for a long time–Obamacare has never been the GOAL. It was designed to fail, so that it could be replaced by a single-payer, government system after private insurers have to bail from the health care FINANCE system. Insurers cannot possibly afford to cover all the patients with pre-existing conditions–especially when the millennials fail to sign on for something they KNOW will not benefit them. The success of the insurance industry has depended on actuarial rating of policies–companies’ ability to choose whom to insure. Without that, we will see more & more companies bailing just as Aetna bailed recently from the California market.
    Eventually, we will have a government-controlled healthcare system in which there are no more physicians in private practice–docs are already closing their practices in droves to take salaried jobs or retire early. And “eventually” is coming really soon!

  • SouthernPatriot

    Obama and the leftist in the Democrat Party have for years dreamed for a one-payer, government administered and governed health care system. After all they can point to Canada, where if someone wants an operation to save their life, they head here post-haste from Windsor to Detroit, over the bridge, as fast as they can. They point to the UK where they already have “death panels” to determine who will and who won’t receive a life saving operation. Elderly know they will be denied coverage due to the cost of the operation compared to the number remaining life expectancy.

    Any and all efforts should be made now to elect core conservatives to local offices, then to regional offices, then to national offices, and find someone who has lived core conservatism such as Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Dr. Paul Broun and others and ask them for alternatives to ObamaTax and I know that each has a plan and the medical doctor, Dr. Paul Broun, has a detailed alternate plan.

  • Allen Evans

    How many of us didn’t see this coming. We knew ! At least those who do not worship at the feet of ” obmanation ” !

    • combdyn

      Obozo warned us.
      Several times he spoke of the “fundamental transformation of America”.
      The methodology is Cloward-Piven.
      The transformation is nearly complete.
      A snake-oil selling Muslim shill for Marxist handlers has proven that the demise of a Democratic Republic can be accomplished.

  • LarryPierson

    A demonrat telling the truth? I almost fell out of my chair!

  • Paul Brown

    Reid and Peloosi were the ones, that told us we had to vote for this bill before we could read it. This idiots read thing now years later, and now they see what it really is, a pig in a poke and we all get screwed again as usual. This insurance was so wonderful the why is it that Congress wants out of it and ovomit himself doesn’t have it, so why? We have got to find someway of defunding this abortion before we all die because of this pigs insurance death squads take us out.
    That’s why when I need something done, I think twice about it first and I don’t care what the doctors say. I use my own head first, to many friends of mine were taken out because they listened to their doctors. I did like it from the beginning, they send a 89 year old man for a triple bypass, they guy didn’t have much more time to begin with and he died about a month after the surgery, but they said it was just routine surgery, yeah right!!!!!!!!!!

    • kmilliorn

      Paul–By all means, use your own head & make your own decisions–& get a 2nd or even 3rd decision about surgery, if needed. But know this–not all surgeons do surgery just for the money. Some of us really do want our patients to live to enjoy the benefits of the surgery. Also, not all 89 year-olds are physiologically 89 years old, but much younger–just like some younger people are much older physiologically than their chronological ages. I am sorry that your friend did not get to live long enough to enjoy the benefits of his bypass. Without knowing the specifics of his case, I can’t comment on whether his death could have been prevented. Just don’t assume that all surgeons are out only for money–you’d be wrong.

  • Alfred L “Mike” Moniot MD

    Not if one is a physician; has Medicare A, and lives overseas!
    ret expat (10 years) MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR and 46 years in medicine

  • Ed

    A few questions for anyone, especially the author of this “article, Frank Camp; (1) Exactly what purpose do the health insurance companies serve? (2) They don’t provide health services, treatment for any disease or illness, or any health benefit whatsoever. So what is their value to the American people? (3) There are, in fact, “death panels” in the current health care “system”, but they reside at the insurance companies where their untrained (in health care) bureaucrats are able to deny people treatment or care, even for serious conditions. Why should the insurers be able to deny care when one’s personal physician has requested it? (4) If the health insurance companies offer nothing of value in the realm of health care, why are they in business, except to make as much money as possible without providing any actual health services? Why are their “overhead” and “administrative” costs at or above 25% when the admistrative cost of Medicare is under 4%? (5) Given the fact that Medicare is not concerned with pre-existing conditions, and that you can select your own doctors or providers, and that there is no “lifetime cap” to worry about, and that there is no one at Medicare to deny you a necessary treatment or procedure, and that once you become age-eligible and sign up for Medicare, you have it for life, and given the fact that over 97% of those on Medicare like it, why shouldn’t we have Medicare for all? I’m guessing that a good number of those who read this website are on Medicare. Why not ask them what they think? Just asking.

    • Drifanwulf

      So we trade one failing system for another which is already showing great signs of failure. Not too bright. Best to go back to the drawing board than to implement yet another mistake.

  • Ginger Rowland

    This is nothing new – we are well aware of the fact that the President wanted a “single payer” insurance coverage from the very beginning. He is just being sneaky and “shady” to get what he wants in a round about way. He is just using up precious time and wasting money all this time, making “monkeys” out of Congress !!!!! This is so disgusting, I can’t stand what is going on – the President is “hood-winking” the legal Citizens of this beloved country.
    He is well on his “devious” way to “fundamentally transforming” America, AND THIS IS NOT GOOD — HE MUST BE STOPPED – – – NOW – – – – –

  • LJ

    Speaking of a-holes that need punched in the face, a broken nose, and all his teeth knocked out on a daily basis, meet hairless reed, of the senate.

  • John

    Bob, I have been a Believer in Christ for 60 plus years and I have never met anyone who says they believe in God / Christ because of Pascal’s Wager. Reverend James Kennedy of Florida, now deceased wrote in his book, ” Why I Believe,” that people don’t fail to believe because of the lack of proof but rather for the reason that they want to live their lifestyle and not be accountable to anyone or anything. His book is not something new. The first edition came out in the 80’s and was updated several times. It can be purchased on line in some cases for a dollar or certainly less than the cost of shipping it to you. It has every proof you could desire or imagine, including but not limited to, historical, archeological, scientific, etc.. Get a copy and read with an open mind and you may be surprised then again maybe not if you don’t believe for the reasons Dr. Kennedy stated.

  • Jim

    Reid is a communist.

  • Jim

    I know what is wrong with our culture….. it is not the same one I grew up in. The Democrats have and are progressing to change our cluture into a communists state. I get so sick of hearing about him, seeing him and anything to do with him. He is a snake in the grass.

  • Inspiri

    This a good find. Nice work Frank. I find this a rare moment of praise. I promise I won’t spoil it. I saw Forbes picked up the story. I hope press will put Reid and supporters to task.

  • Silas DoGood


    San Diego beach bum Jason Greenslate has a front-row seat watching your tax dollars at work…mainly because that’s about all that’s breaking a sweat in his world.
    His schedule?

    “Wake up, go down to the beach, hang out with my friends, hit on some chicks, start drinking,” Greenslate told John Roberts of Fox News for “The Great Food Stamp Binge” special Friday.

    Though he attended college and trained as a recording engineer, Greenslate prefers bunking rent-free in dwellings of his friends, family, and occasionally girlfriends, not holding a steady job, and jamming on some tunes while barbequing lobster and noshing on sushi “all paid for by our wonderful tax dollars.”

    Greenslate, 29, gets $200 monthly from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (a.k.a. SNAP).

    With food stamp participation having increased at an annual rate of roughly 13 percent since 2008—costing taxpayers nearly $80 million last year, Red Alert Politics said—the likes of Greenslate aren’t anomalies

    In 2012, Fox News reported that 30,000 college students in Wisconsin and Michigan were enrolled in SNAP and people were selling their benefits on Facebook. Additionally, a 2010 Government Accountability Office report noted that “the amount of SNAP benefits paid in error is substantial, totaling about $2.2 billion in 2009.” Immigrant food stamp recipients were recently caught sending food back to underprivileged family members in other countries as well.

    SNAP enrollment has become easier over the years, with recipients like Greenslate only needing to provide a “birth certificate and Social Security card and fill out a form once a year,” according to Fox News. And the appeal of that “free food” and hassle-free enrollment has likely contributed to a record number of American households signing up.

    “This is the way I live and I don’t see anything changing,” Greenslate told Roberts. “Why would it be bad in any way? It’s free food. It’s awesome.”

  • ot

    Mr bob or Boob e has the IQ between a rock and a house plant. And does not even use that. Any one who can fail the first grade twice needs to be put to sleep. Worthless.

  • HenryV

    Your federal government will now be legally allowed to execute Americans citizens as it feeds their needs. Illegal immigrants will be spared to continue to vote in the Marxist in Chief. The ghost of Hugo Chavez is slapping his knee. “I didn’t think the boy was going to be able to do it! Damn, I was wrong.” Soon the bloody boot of Marxism will begin to execute up to 25 million citizens to thin the herd. The MSA is soon to be up and running in expedited fashion. MSA standing or the Marxist State of America.

  • Sam

    Obamacare is going to take down small businesses. That’s what it was designed to do because the program is a trojan horse for communism. We have radicals running everything. They are drunk on power and money and people don’t mean much to them. That’s why more people have died under communism during peaceful times than all wars put together. We must take a stand for freedom. Mark Levin has come up with the way out of this through the Constitution. I say keep standing for the truth and don’t give up. We can defeat all this radical legislation and throw the traitors into prison.

    • johncap523

      get a life

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Perhaps you should get an education, before it’s too late and you find yourself drowning in the flood, so to speak.

  • johncap523

    Please stop the lunacy. ObamaCare IS Republican healthcare. It was designed by The Heritage Foundation, the ultimate in modern Republicanism.

    Healthcare WITHOUT insurance companies IS the ultimate goal. That is not a negative. The insurance companies represent a profit motive based on you getting ill. That is NOT how healthcare costs get managed.

    To assert the Mitt Romney was an answer to an article that is criticizing ObamaCare is pretty humorous since he implemented virtually the exact same program in Massachusetts.

    It’s excusable for ideologically driven authors to pen this drivel, but not for thinking people to grin and nod in agreement.

  • J J

    Even as the Democrats gave in to taking the single payer portion out of the Obamacare legislation, I knew that was just to get it passed and they had a ‘plan B’ to get what they wanted. I was right!!! And putting the insurance companies out of business means that the Democrat run federal government will soon take over auto insurance, home owners insurance and every other kind of insurance you can think of and rates will skyrocket because of it. With insurance companies out of business, there will be many more unemployed Americans who will become dependent on the Democrat run federal government. I just see so many bad things in the future of America while Democrats demonize Republicans and make promises they can’t possibly keep. By the time the ignorant, lazy Democrat voters figure out what has happened, it will be too late to fix it!!!