Obamacare Is Collapsing: We Have The Power To Destroy It

H. G. Wells said:

“The New Deal is plainly an attempt to achieve a working socialism and avert a social collapse in America; it is extraordinarily parallel to the successive ‘policies’ and ‘Plans’ of the Russian experiment. Americans shirk the word ‘socialism’, but what else can one call it?”

In all we try to do, we do it for the betterment of ourselves. We are selfish creatures. We create systems that cater to our own needs, and we care little for the rest of mankind. That is human nature. Interestingly enough, human nature can be overcome. Charity and benefaction are ways by which we help each other.

There is, however, a misconception that socialism is charity, that it is benefaction. In reality, socialist policies generate greed and corruption. Boiled down to its root characteristic, socialism is the notion that everyone—no matter their value to society—should have everything that everyone else has, simply by virtue of existing. Socialism takes from the haves, and gives to the have-nots. Eventually, the have-nots become wards of the mother government, never producing and never contributing to society. The rich and the middle class get shirked for the benefit of the lazy.

Obamacare is a socialist policy. Let’s just get that out there. Socialized medicine does not work. How can we expect a country that is already $17 Trillion in debt to take on the responsibility of caring for the health of 300 million people. The same country that runs the post office, by the way. We cannot expect this to take place without tax hikes, premium hikes and a lowering of quality.

The mainstream media will gush over how wonderful Obamacare is. They will tell you that majorities of Americans agree with that sentiment. It’s not true. According to a new Fox News poll (Ya know, the network with the ratings), 57% of Americans think the rollout of Obamacare is “a Joke.”

And according to Breitbart and the Fox poll:

“65 percent of independents think Congress should keep working on the law, up from 53 percent last year…Americans are also concerned about the cost of Obamacare, with 71 percent believing ‘Obamacare will increase their taxes, while 62 percent say it will increase the cost of their premiums. Another 65 percent think it will add to the deficit.’ In addition to the plurality of Americans that thinks ‘the quality of their health care will decrease rather than increase,’ 62% also believe Obamacare ‘puts the country on the path to socialized health care.'”

So, we have majorities of Americans saying that—if I may put my own spin on this—Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster, that it is a failure. So what are we supposed to do? Many Republicans are trying their level best to defund Obamacare, but the likelihood of that happening seems low.

Although we have majorities, it’s still not enough. What we need are super-majorities. That may seem impossible, but there is cause for hope. As the train-wreck called Obamacare is being rolled out, delayed and restrung, the polls continue to inch upwards. More and more people—in spite of the media love affair—are seeing the truth. Obamacare may just collapse under its own weight.

That being said, we need to be louder; we need to be more vocal. The more we calmly, and rationally inform our friends, family and co-workers about the truth behind Obamacare, the louder we become. Don’t be afraid to be labeled a Conservative nut job. It will happen, trust me.

We have the facts, they have the propaganda. Propaganda is loud, but facts—when articulated well—are so much louder. We have the power in our hands. Let’s get out there and turn the tides. Let’s make a surge.



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  • Mr Bob

    According to a new Fox News poll??? HAHAHA!!! Is that a joke?? The same pollsters that claimed Mittens would win in a LANDSLIDE!!! Maybe if the GOP wastes another $50 million & has another 50 votes repeal Obamacare may just collapse under its own weight! The ONLY thing that’s going to collapse is the do nothing GOP!

    • Evermyrtle

      Only by the GRACE OF GOD will this evil collapse. I can see a little reason why HE should destroy it, HE does still have a minority who is serving HIM instead of Satan. Those who praise Obama and Obamacare belong to the devil, called serpent, dragon, Satan, and fosters all demons. We need to be very careful ho we deal with such.

      Philippians 2:9-11
      9. Wherefore GOD also hat highly exalted HIM, and given HIM a NAME which is above every name;
      10. That the name of JESUS every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
      11. And that every tongue should confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD, to the GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER

      • Sabre223

        Umm. Not sure why a discussion about Obamacare or a government policy on health care has anything to do with God or the Devil. If you hate Obama…great. I understand that. You don’t like Obamacare…fine I get that too. Please do not drag the Name of our Holy Savior into such a base political debate. It demeans Him when you invoke Him to win a silly earthly political argument

      • Mr Bob

        Evermyrtle, you may be right. The LAST thing that evil Demon you worship would want is that poor people have access to health care!

      • Shep

        It has everything to do with our Lord. For 40 years, I turned away from him, after knowing him as a young kid in the 60’s, I was living for me and what I wanted to do.
        2.5 years ago, he slammed me on my knees, took all the pride out and replaced it with humbleness and humility. I have been working for him ever since.
        He woke me up, to show me, that mankind is at the end of their time, trying to rule themselves.
        WW3 is getting ready to break out, over in the middle east. Website called: stormcloudsgathering.com, has all the details.
        The Book of Revelation, is about how the end will come. The armies of the north are gathering right now, to help out Syria Govt, and support Iran.
        USA, Saudia Arabia, Qatar and others, are supporting the rebels.
        One more thing, there is a military exercise going on in Jordan, called Lionsgate. It is 19 nations doing military exercises, but one nation was not invited, that’s right, Israel.

      • Nancy

        I am praying daily that Obama is impeached, and removed from our
        White House. He is trying his best to destroy America, and he is getting it done. How could so many of true Americans stand by and watch him consistently tear our country down. His health care program is nothing but a very large tax. And yes, there definitely is a death panel!!

        Everything Obama plans involves new taxes, that is being spent foolishly, and also given to other countries that have absolutely no use for the US except the aid they get from us, they also, like most of Americans, have no use for Obama, they laugh at him behind his back. He is the Clown of the US. And, another vacation, what is next? How many more will we pay for?

        He has stated that he will shut down the government if his healthcare fiasco is defunded, I say, “go ahead and do it, you little Jackass” He will have more law suits filed against him than he can count.

      • Sandy Trank

        The selfishness of mankind in general and the inhumanity to others is the cause of this problem and only God can change a heart. Its o’s quest for power and his own selfishness that puts forth these policies. If they really wanted to “fix” healthcare, they would put forth a program that catches those that fall thru the cracks. Some make too much to qualify for medicaid and some too young to qualify for medicare. Focus on those folk and it may do some good. To throw the baby out with the bathwater hurts all of us. I like my Advantage Plan and I don’t want to have to give it up as it is the only way I can afford to see a doctor; because I don’t need one very often and the deductible for medicare is so high. People like me who don’t get sick often or have a lot of health issues pay the full amount and medicare ends up not paying a dime towards our doctor visit. And we still pay them $100 a month for medicare…

      • Chris Rankin

        Evermyrtle, You are right, poor people have access to health care as we speak…it’s just not the most efficient and cost effective method of health care. Some would have you believe that the poor are cut off from health care completely which is foolish and an emotional ploy…all one has to do is visit any hospital ER. What needs to be done is to fine tune health care provider regulations, including the placement of some responsibility and accountability on the patient to seek health care delivery from more cost efficient channels and make sure those channels are available. Right now hospital ERs have to accept all incoming patients, when, in fact their purpose is to provide trauma care and emergency care not primary care. In El Paso before I retired as a health care administrator we invested a lot of effort and expense in setting up and maintaining primary care alternatives other than the hospital ERs. This could have been even further accelerated by having immediate triage of all incoming at the emergency room and redirecting any cases that were not actually emergency or trauma cases to these alternatives. Over time those addicted to using the ER for every medical situation would eventually skip the ER step and seek care from the atlernatives initially. The two main obstacles to this were regulatory (the government apparatus) and the probability of litigation (ambulance chasers). Reform in both areas will further extend health care to the poor in a more efficient and cost conscious manner. Obamacare does this, but in a very round about way and by including many more layers of very costly bureaucracy. This is intentional because the intention is to make the system so burdensome, lacking and inconvenient that single payer (government paid healthcare) is embraced and the insurance industry is cut out of the picture. Fine except the regulation and expense lead to fewer providers tackling an immediate sizeable increase in patient base, leading to longer wait times (months not days) for appointments and procedures, rationing, and yes, the oft denied “death panels”. Hope that helps…

      • Paul Brown

        Myrtle, you are so right again. This Evil monster has got to be stopped some how, and by any means possible because he is out to destroy our way of life as we know it today. He is going to change this country to what he wants it to be, a cowards’ country where no body wants to raise a ruckus to defend themselves or the country they live in. I have always been the one who will stand and fight for what I believe in. This abortion of a healthcare bill will destroy us if we don’t stand against it. I just hope that Lindsay Graham and McCain will stand with us, but I’m afraid they won’t and they will fold.

      • Dingbat36

        R U kidding? Interesting analysis but those who praise Obama and Obamacare are so stupid that they are unable to comprehend that they are his simpleton “Useful Idiots”. What has he ever given them that was really worth anything? They are the takers, the users and the thieves, robbing those who work to pay for what they think is free. They haven’t even the sense to know that they are not the recipients of self-respect, nor any sort of worth whatever. They are slugs. drones and useless tools of a hideously maniacal regime.

      • WASP

        It will collapse under it’s own weight, not because our spineless weasels in congress put it out of it’s misery. SO who cares. Now, do we have the power to destroy the mulatto Hitler? Or the backbone?

      • Mary Laforet

        I had no trouble following your logic. Obama is straight from Hell and his father is the father of lies…Dreams from My Father got it wrong….

    • LOL

      $50 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the trillions your leader has wasted since being elected. I don’t know where you got that $50 million figure and what it was supposedly spent on but you need to start searching out the truth and stop listening to the lies you’re being spoon-fed and lapping up like the non-thinking obamabot you seem to be.

      • Mr Bob

        a new report shows that the lame efforts (40+ times) of house teapublicians to repeal the law have come at a major cost to taxpayers — to the tune of nearly $50 million. $50 Million may seem as a drop in the bucket but it’s still a complete waste of money & at some point those dipshits in the house are going to have to realize they can vote to repeal Obamacare 1,000 times & it won’t change a thing other than give teabaggers a hardon & make the gop look more moronic to the American public (if that’s possible). Speaking of truth, Obama is responsible for the lowest government spending growth in 60 years, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch

    • rebart

      You are such an idiot. Except for the illegal and corrupt voting Romney would have won. Everyone knows Obama’s minions registered some people several times. Which has nothing to do with Fox’s ratings, which beat the heck out of the networks in almost every time slot.

      • Mr Bob

        “Everyone knows Obama’s minions registered some people several times” That’s not true. The ONLY people that believe that myth are teabagging idiots like you! Fox news has high ratings for one simple reason. It’s the only channel conservatives watch so if there’s 100 people (25 conservatives & 75 liberals) ALL 25 conservatives watch fox while 20 liberals watch msnbc, another 20 cnn another 20 cnbc & another 15 watch pbs. Now, if you wingnuts have ANY evidence of in person voter fraud I would LOVE to see it!


      • Elizabeth Wrinkle

        I agree

      • David Reamer

        Good grief .Mr? Bob You constantly use this term teabagging. So dishonest and disrespectful.With your own discourse you define who you are not who someone else is.For your information I have been married to the same woman for the last 31 years and am raising two wonderful children I Do not live in the gutter you choose to stay in everyday so why not do yourself a favor and quit the lying it would be good for your heart.

      • David
      • Dennis

        Well I quote you one. A poll worker who said on camera that she voted by absentee ballot in OHIO, but wanted to make sure her vote counted so she voted again at her precinct, I believe that is Illegal and it was on a lefty new station.

      • Mr Bob

        1 poll worker claims they voted by absentee ballot along with voting in person & that’s your evidence of massive voter fraud that Obama stole an election???

      • bluejacket

        How is it you believe you can convince liars that they lie?

        You know, “the most transparent administration in history?”

      • Dennyk

        You are absolutely correct about the illegal voting. Why did not the Republican party start an immediate investigation into the elections when results came in showing time after time voting counts exceeding 100% of the registered voters in many areas? Especially in Florida. There were enough results like this in at least 7 states to have thrown the election. Also, it should be noted that most of the scandals now going on began right after the election. These scandals were knowingly started to take away attention from the biggest scandal-the stealing of an election. Watch and see-nothing to stop the power grab of this administration is going to come about because of the present scandals.

      • Evermyrtle

        This style of this site is so inferior to the old one, I sure hope that we will be able to get the old one back and very soon.

    • shearwater

      Max Baucus, the architect of Obama Care, said that it is a train wreck. I take his word on it. He knows it inside out and can speak with authority on it. I have found that the government knows how to make laws but it does not then know how to make those laws work. The main reason for Obama Care is that it is meant to spread the wealth around and has little if anything to do with better health care. The fact that so many carve outs have been made for IRS employees, congressmen, federal employees, unions, special interests, means that it is an unfair program that does not yield the same benefits for everyone equally like it is suppose to do. In fact it is unconstitutional because it impinges on religious liberties and freedoms, stifling charitable hospitals and groups.

    • 1baronrichsnot1

      We started in a hole, the hole of overspending, the hole of bubbles, socialism requires people with money and a job to finance those that don’t and that doesn’t exist so a hole is blown in the economy, the constitution, if folks lined up for todays soup line, 5000 people would reach a mile, we have 101 million on food stamps 49%. That would reach to; ah hell, you do the math.

    • 1baronrichsnot1

      Remember Bob, you go down too. This administration isn’t fair, and I’ll bet you aren’t exempt. Get your $2500 bucks ready, if you have a job you gotta pay, or your company, you will support ever socialist, non producing, pool hall, beer drinking, lazy azzed idiot without healthcare. You can’t give them a job, they wont take one, they would rather be on disability (the new welfare). H G Wells was right, so was McCarthy.

    • Lou

      If the Pollsters knew Obama sicked his IRS on Tea Party orgnaztions and Voting machines lite up Obama after Romney was pressed they would have Obama by a landslide

      • Mr Bob

        You teabaggers will believe ANYTHING that fits your delusion. Have you EVER seen one piece of evidence to support your claims? Of course not!

      • Mike88

        What it really boils down to is the fact that everybody who doesn’t like or approve of Obama Care needs to refuse to comply with it. Refuse to sign up in to the exchanges, refuse to pay the Fine for failure to comply, simply refuse, especially the younger Generations which Obama Care was based on for it’s funding. If this happened, Obama Care would automatically fall apart under it’s own financial weight.

      • David

        You are another lib in denial, not to add just plain stupid !

      • Barry Soreto

        Voting machines are Union made, Union programed and Union maintained.
        Imagine that!

    • turn3

      how long have u had u head in your bowel system

    • http://comcast Michael Burch

      Obama reminds me of the great and mighty OZ…pay no attention to the man behind the screen,,,

    • Ephram Godell

      If we’re lucky, you will be one of the first to try out rationed care and death panels.

    • Blade Runner

      “Obamacare may just collapse under its own weight.”

      That isn’t going to happen, not any time soon. The only way to take it down now is DEFUND THE CURSED THING.

      Can anyone name one government entitlement that has collapsed “under its own weight”, or was repealed or defunded?

    • http://yahoo RWBwolf

      Dream-on fella- – – I doubt if some people undrstnd what “conservative” means
      Simple (for simple minds) YOU STAY WITHIN YOUR MEANS.

      every so-called “Liberal” wants to HELP someone– (spending someone elses $$ why of course…) But fella someone’s gotta pay for it.

      Destroy the golden-egg layin’ goose, and you’ll soon be out of not only feathers, but the gold as well

      We are NOT here to adopt evry law-breaking 3rd-Worlders. They trash their land, now working on the same here

      Simple solution, PROVIDE THEM..with basic Medicare-make ’em pay for it
      Then leave-the-hell-alone, the rest of us. ER’s are already handling pro-bono cases

    • Ken

      Mr. Bob, why don’t crawl back under the rock you came out of. You have no idea the damage that Obamacare will do. And before you start your tirade of venom, unlike you, I have had more than enough experience with socialized medicine; I have lived with it! It is a cancer, a poison that will destroy everything we currently enjoy regarding the great healthcare we currently enjoy. It will also bankrupt this great country.

    • Bobby Hutson

      The only joke i see here is the communist media and the commies who support obama
      he has started something that he can’t hope to win and that goes for the losers who support him. What they don’t understand is that if our rights were to go, so goes theirs
      But all they see is their lord and savior obama…i wonder how many time they pray to him every night and make offerings of their self. Antichrist material and they are playing right
      in his hands 666!

    • texaselect

      Hey BobEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee got back to your troll hole and service O…he needs people like you benieth him..

    • Chris Rankin

      Hey…How do those teabags taste?

    • David

      Wake up idiot and get out of you denial, Obama is a idiot Anti-American Commie!

      • Mr Bob

        Commie? I realize that red states have the worst education system in our country along with the dumbest people & I wonder have morons like you actually made it through high school? You clearly have no idea what “commie” evens mean

    • Debre

      I don’t know if the GOP will find their backbone and do the smart thing and de-fund O’BAMA CARE our politicians have gotten weaker with all the greed, lying and angeling for votes and not being strong when rhey are needed. The dems have always been lying, sneaky, low-lifes, when I found out what they were up to I walked away in the 60’s and never looked back. FIRE, IMPEACH or DEPORT O’BAMA and ALL HIS MINIONS.

      • Barry Soreto

        Right on!

      • Mr Bob

        The GOP hasn’t done the “smart thing” in decades

    • DPBarger

      Thanks to Obama, we are $12 trillion further in national debt (by the time he gets out of ffice it will be even more. He has not cut any costs, and how can you be so blind to the facts? Oh, wait, you’re a liberal dipshit and only sees what is comfortable for your far-sighted eyesight.

    • Larry Christopher

      Mr(?) Bob…I have read your mindless, socialist rantings. I have tried unsuccessfully (thankfully) to put myself in your demented mindset, but thank goodness common sense prevails, and I realize you are nothing more than a communist / liberal / socialist / progressive that hates this country as much as Barry does. Years ago, citizens of this great country would look upon communists and socialists as being enemies of this country. Now, fools like you feel it is a badge of honor to be worn proudly. The more you spout your liberal talking points, the more you prove how mind numbed you really are. It must be terrible to wake up every day hating everything good about this county. I guess it all boils down to the fact that it really must be terrible being you.

    • http://Yahoo Georg von Starkermann

      You must remember that the Jews voted for Obama overwhelmingly. They donated hundreds of millions of dollars, and in fact 72% of those Jews who are eligible to vote did so for Obama. In Germany we knew how to deal with this problem, however we are no longer in Germany. I think that we should allow Obama Care to work simply because the Republicans are a finished Party of losers. We have no other choice but to support this bill.

      • claude

        since u know about germany and how to solve their problems , go over there and stay. we don’t nedd to support obama and his healthcare, it cost too much and controls everyone.

    • Chuck

      Individual polls and opinions generally don’t mean a lot, but when polls and verified statistics tend to support each other, we need to pay attention. The 2012 election was unduly influenced by politically manipulated polls and the politically manipulated mainstream liberal media, as well as by substantial election fraud that has been more or less proved in the aftermath of the election. Unfortunately, there’s little that can be done in retrospect to correct the wrong that was done, or to remove the candidate(s) that should NOT have won the election.

      In looking at public opinion on ObamaCare, we need to connect the real statistics with the various polls to decide which polls are accurate and which are contrived. We do know that somewhere between 40% and 50% of Americans receive some sort of government “welfare” benefits other than earned entitlements like Social Security, which they paid for, or Medicare, which they also paid for. (I should qualify that to exclude the millions of illegal migrants who are getting both at the behest of our “leaders” in Washington.) I think we might agree to the in-between estimate of 47%, which seems to be the most generally accepted.

      Now let’s look at the claims of public opposition to ObamaCare for a variety of reasons. I don’t think we should separate the opposition by reason – if somewhere between just over 50% and just over 70% of Americans oppose ObamaCare for a variety of reasons, than we might as well accept the higher number. Let’s face it, as the public becomes more aware of the real contents and the current and potential future impacts of this legislative disaster, opposition will increase, not decrease.

      Even if the split were 60/40 against ObamaCare, it would be a significant public statement. If 47% of Americans are on the government “dole” while 71% of Americans object to ObamaCare, then we need to realize that a significant number of Americans who get “support” from the government are actually concerned about, or object to, the existence of such support… something close to a third of them in fact.

      That still means that just under a third of Americans would rather accept socialist-type government support than go to work. I’m not being unkind, I’m sure that at least some of the welfare class deserves some kind of support because of circumstances beyond their control. But I really think most welfare assistance could and should come from one or more of the many private-sector charities rather than at taxpayer expense.

      Government encourages the poor, underprivileged, disabled, sick, etc. to become dependent on our tax money rather than try to help themselves with assistance from charitable institutions funded by voluntary donations. It creates instant voter support for candidates who have the power to continue – and even increase – the support provided by government, which takes the funding out of our tax money.

      That’s socialism, pure and simple, and ObamaCare is socialist-controlled medical care. It’s intrusive, invasive of personal privacy, destructive of individual rights, and extremely, extremely expensive. Allowed to continue, it will finish the job of bankrupting our nation while, in the process, giving the government control over the most personal, intimate aspects of our lives. THAT, I’m afraid, is COMMUNISM!

    • Jimbo

      Mr. Bob “It takes a village of atheists to raise a liberal.” – Jimbo
      My comment to Paul (below) is that Graham and McCain are RINO’s.
      If Obummer were gone, the NWO elite would raise up another hater
      of the U.S.A. and elect him or her thru’ useful idiots like Mr. Bob. Even
      the liberal Republicans have NWO shills in Gov. People like former
      congressman Newt Gingrich. The definitive useful idiot is Nancy Pelosi!
      Mr. Bob, you are ignorant! Google: Congressman McFadden and read!

    • http://n/a TheMojoMan

      Mr Bob
      Right after the election The Ulsterman Report said that there was a deal struck that between 3 and 4 million Republicans agreed to NOT VOTE,,The plan is/was to let ALL THIS CRAP come down on the people that caused it. The,,Dodd,,Frank gang to be exact,,along with the Fannie Mae,,Freddie Mac gang. And it’s happening.

    • Sal Monella

      Bob, I don’t recall that poll you refer to where Mitt would win in a landslide. It was pretty neck and neck all the way — til voting day. The one thing no polls took into account was the massive amount of dead people who would rise for just that day to cast their vote. Very difficult to predict a resurrection of that magnitude. You must be one of the 42% who still think he’s doing a good job, so any comments from you will be framed with that perspective. You also missed the comment in the article which said “Ya know, the network with the ratings.” Have a nice day.

    • http://www.thebeezbuzz.com SadAmerican4America

      The only thing that will collapse is America because it’s run by Democraps. Let’s use Detroit as an example, and the most bankrupt states are run by liberals: California, Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, Rhode Island — among the most bankrupt states in the country.

      And if BO hadn’t have used MASSIVE voter fraud, “Mittens” would have won! It’s very difficult to fight lies, cheating, and corruption when there are so many “stupids” in the Nation who believed everything BO told them. They are his slobbering cult followers!

  • Jsmith

    The problem with Obamacare collapsing is that it was designed to fail — I am convinced of it. It will collapse and Obama will institute a single-payer, universal health care scheme before he leaves office. The more he and his cronies speak about Obamacare, the more I am convinced of it.

    • http://Yahoo Franne

      Your comment is the first that makes true sense. A One World health plan..
      To begin with Obama care is a TAX…has it ever occurred that Chief Justice Roberts the deciding member of the Supreme Court with regard to Obama care. Roberts made Obama care a Tax controlled by the IRS…Power not Care…
      One World health plan…Power not care.

    • Formerrepublican

      Obamacare wasn’t designed to fail so much as to get passed – the votes weren’t there for single payer, so he took a baby step first. Once people saw even poor, limited universal health in action, it would be easier to finish the job. Otherwise we’d go on the way we are now and bankrupt the country, while our average life span continues to get shorter and more and more babies die because their mothers can’t get healthcare.

      You do realize that we spend at least twice as much on health as more advanced countries for dramatically worse results, mostly because the monsters with money have trained the serfs to hate “socialism” instead of demanding it. I can’t comprehend how anyone can support that!

  • http://aol robert e lee

    NO MATTER THE HUGE EGO AND MENTAL ILLNESS the kenyan/communist may possess/suffer from ;; “we the people” are the POWER THAT DRIVES THIS NATION; 52% 0f the idiots will not destroy America, 48% will win this war. It only takes [1%] more blacks, [1%] more liberal women,regretting that ABORTION, [1%] more hispanics, [1%] more young millenials, [1%] more gays to move out of their comas and conservatism rules for decades THINK SMALL grow big.

    • Mr Bob

      The GOP is LOSING ground with EVERY group except uneducated white idiots living in the south & is in a demographic death spiral!

      • Lou

        I guess all them Leroys , Tamikas, Maria’s and Jose’s are highly educated hey Mr Bob

      • Mudguy

        Wrong Bob the only thing that is keeps Obummer from losing all credibly are the uneducated and low information voters like you.

      • Ephram Godell

        The south is one of the few places in the country where you Marxists are losing. That’s because productive people moved there to get away from Marxist slugs such as you.

      • Pat

        Obviously you have not read any of the Obamacare bill, you are just spouting the old talking points and pulled out of a hat numbers. The bill is posted in the 2009 bills at thomas.gov. If you had read it, you would have seen what a piece of garbage bill it is. By the way, the first 1000 pages was posted online months before the vote, none of our elected reps got around to reading it. The 30 hrs per week loophole is there, the IRS “supervision” of it, restrictions on doctors, online medical records with no control over who reads your personal information, and the sweet little exclusion for the president, VP and Congress, (if it’s not good enough for them, why is it good for the rest of us?) The bill is poorly written, over 2,000 pages long and should be repealed and then rewritten as REAL healthcare.

  • DrBillLemoine

    With more Americans using Obamacare provisions all the time, it’s popularity is growing. Young adults on parental healthcare plans, prescreening for free, soon no exclusion for pre-existing conditions, rebate checks for overpayment of premiums sent to subscribers by insurers, etc., soon the majority of us will be using this good program. It’s a fools errand to try repeal–40 times now. Plus it’s self-sustaining minus startup costs and cuts the debt and healthcare costs of Americans over time. Sorry reactionaries, it’s here to stay regardless of congressional obstruction and fear mongering.

    • grandmaliberty

      and I think you are wrong.. It is not good for the seniors in this country.. I already have to wait about 4 months for an appointment and several blood tests are no longer a part of my yearly physical including a cholestral screening.. My Doc says if I haven’t had a heart attack or stroke by now (I am 80) I PROBABLY don’t have to worry..My brother also in his 80’s will no longer get examined for prostate cancer. His doctor says even if they caught it he would probably die of something else before treatment could do any good… Not really what seniors want to hear… The death panels seem likely… I am no afraid of dying, but at God’s time, not the IRA saying “well, she no longer pays taxes, so why should we bother with her”…

      • grandmaliberty

        sorry, I meant the IRS… hit the wrong key…

      • Inspiri

        I’m glad you disagree with your doctor’s prognosis. He only trained for 12straight years with regular skills assessments. But then, home cooking, webMD and a steady diet of Rush and Beck is enough to make you an expert.

      • RON G

        Just ignore Dr?bill. Like Mrbob he seems to go by what he thinks. Not facts.

    • http://aol robert e lee

      no offense to the lemmings ; but here is the reality, fools reap a term [genius] upon things they are unable to understand, rather than admit they are stupid, they glorify their ignorance by lauding “the magician”; just because you can not grasp the destructive tentacles of this sick mandate does not justify the intrusion and eviscerating effect this insane plan extracts on YOUR CHOICE of your coverage; already Blue Cross, Sigma, Etna, Humana are withdrawing from Florida as carriers, [Obimbo’s plan] is to “kill” private insurers forcing you fools into “SINGLE PAYER”, THE FED will be your lord and master; I am astounded at the ignorance of some of you, you will regret the day you ignored this suppressing usurping of the most precious thing you have control of your very continued life. DEATH PANELS are real even the insane [yeehah] Howard Dean, “MD” says it is bad.

    • Elizabeth Rand

      DrBillLemoine, did you read the details of Obamacare when it was available to the public on-line? This, of course, was prior to the additions which more than doubled the size.
      Just curious….
      I have already lost my primary physician due to the above. Needless to say, I do not share your view regarding its popularity.

  • donl

    Well I sure hope it collapses, I’ve lost Two primary care doctors, and now my cardiologist informed me she can no longer afford her own office with obamacare . She is hoping she can move into a hospital to help absorb her cost’s. She has a staff of about six people. Where will they go? On food stamps? Where will I go for my heart follow-up exam’s? I used to have good insurance, ( used to have).

  • Patricia

    Obama doesn’t mind being called a Socialist and even laughs about it. Why? Because he’s a Communist hiding behind Socialism. He was mentored by an avowed Communist, Frank Davis Wright. His parent and Grandparents were Communist. Even he said he sought out professors that were communist, marxist or socialist. He is destroying out Nation right before our eyes and our worthless Congress apparently sees no evil, speaks no evil and hears no evil. No one in his administration is held accountable for the their lies and scandals. They are just promoted and winked at. Obama has destroyed the rule of law. He uses tax money like his very own piggy bank. He runs out and lies roll off his tongue while Jarrett runs the Oval Office. Who will save America? No one in the Congress, that’s for sure.

  • Andrew

    I always tell people he’s the obamanation of desolation… Haha but just like churches, businesses and our society 20% of the people do 80% of the work and if you use that figure in any situation the population that the situation covers stays stagnant. My church recently was without a pastor and we saw a huge shift in its growth and health because that number increased to a rough 40% doing 60% of the work. And think about what could happen if we as Americans did that? I dunno if I’m on track at all with this post but the other comments made me think of that situation.

  • chuckster

    I may be wrong but I think the GOP has decided to let it go through because if they stop it by defunding it, it might backfire on them and get blamed with shutting down the gov. and they have done went through that one before with Clinton. If they do nothing they think that it is so bad that Obuthole and his cronies will get the blame with taking down America and destroying Americas health care. I really think that the majority of the gop is willing to let it go through and bring this country to its knees and the blame will surely be on the dems back and if they stop it, it has a chance for them to carry the blame

    • Billy Hobbs

      The one threatening to shut down the government is obama… The only thing the GOP don’t want to fund is obamacare. So why should the GOP be blamed for obamass shutting down the government just because he doesn’t get his way?

      • Mr Bob

        You wingnuts think Obama is the one threatening to shut down the government & have the balls to call anyone “low information” voters??

  • Hubcap

    Everyone should pray that Obamacare stops cold. It is a plot that covers many socialist ideas. It also is a land grab and it will destroy the majority of middle class families inside of a few months. There are penalties for missing a payment… the IRS will effectively garnish your wages and shut down your bank accounts and put a lien against your home. From there a family is looking at trying to stay together by living in a tent in a state park or something before they start splitting apart from the stress.

  • Mark Miller

    Can someone please explain to me how adding tens of thousands of bureaucrats and countless regulations to navigate will make healthcare ‘affordable’.

  • http://lastresistance donemytime

    Get rid of it along with obama and all that passed it as well! Happy days are here again! he he!

  • Texan Texan

    HahahA. Delusional wishful thinking. Yea 40 repeals and Zero action. Go ahead and spend 50M more. Your statistics show people questioning Obamacare. That doesn’t mean a majority would end it. The tea party and ding bats like Señor Cruz are a real minority. The Town Halls will have as many pro Obama as haters. Come October people will. E going to online exchanges and buying insurance, if their income is low enough subsidized by you guys. We on private insurance or you guys on Medicare will see no changes. That’s not much of a disaster. Only a few low information people will choose not to have insurance and will pay a tax/fine. Delusional. Go ONNYOUR hate campaign. Obviously worthless and yea every time y lose, it because of unprovable fraud. If that’s the case, you Reps will never win. Cou t on it.

    • Mudguy

      Hope you will be happy with the Obummer’s transformed new America. It will be no longer the USA
      after Obummer is done it will be the USSA ( United Socialist States of America)
      Thanks to the uneducated and low information like you.

    • http://comcast Michael Burch

      I am retired on disability…lung disease,kidney disease,diabetes…my wife is still working and she has insurance at her work..She has seen her insurance go up about 25 %..and her benefits have been reduced as well..my brother is still working and has sen his insurance go up abput 30% ..yeah this Obamacare where we were not suppose to see an increase in premiums and if you like your dr..well you can keep him…LIE…LIE..LIE..Just about everything the liar n chief said has been a LIE,, show me where he said one simple fact that proved out …show me…since Obama has been in office everything that matters to my family has GONE UP ON COST..gasoline,power,food,medicine..insurance…anybody who thinks otherwise is just plain disallusional..

    • RON G

      TT. Time will prove you wrong. As usual.

    • Patsy Cooper

      I sincerely hope the name is just a chosen one. I cannot believe someone in Texas would be as stupid and drink the koodaid as you appear to have done. If you really are a Texan, I am really embassed to admit that I am.

  • Carlos

    The stupid Americans too distracted by pop culture and self gratification are not educated enough to understand socialism and actually tend to embrace it if they can be brainwashed that it’s a rigged game and the fat they’re underachieving losers is the rich guy’s fault. Unless the GOP puts graphic video proof of what life in commie gulags is like, they won’t get it or give a damn. How else can you explain Obama’s reelection?

  • Joe Carol

    Pretending Obama won is just silly. He’s stolen 2 elections at this point. First the Dems gave Obama 4 of Hillary’s votes so he “won” the nomination in 2008, then Obama lost every state with voter ID to Romney in 2012. Mass corruption took the other states with just enough “votes” to get over on the electorate. The American people (those that can prove they are rightful citizens) have twice rejected Obama and everything he espouses. This is a coup against the American people – and so far it’s succeeding.

    • Mr Bob

      You’re a MORON!!! Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire & Hawaii have voter ID laws & Obama won those states. I wish you DIPSHITS would for once in your life get the facts before you keep regurgitating lies you hear of Fox or some right wingnut site like this. Read some truth for once in your life or better yet actually check out the sources


      • texaselect

        BobEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee regardless of your suposed alias you are still an idiot. Geeze either ask O for a raise or ask him to stand up to better protect your knees in old age.

      • sher

        you are so offensive with all your name calling—he who protests the loudest is usually unsure himself.

      • DogmaDestroys

        You get out of here, how DARE you post facts, you monster!!

        Just kidding Bob – good to see you still here, giving the bigoted, uneducated rubes hell. This new format is bad, though. Oh well, they’ll change it within a few weeks again, no doubt.

  • singlepayer

    Healthcare is not a right. Neither is eating lobster, watching TV, driving a car or having abortions. No one starves to death in America. Only those who choose too live with untreated decease. Yet the ones who cry foul the loudest seem to drive near new cars watch flat screens, use “smart phones” drink whisky, and get high on drugs. The only thing they don’t have is a job.

  • http://n/a Anna

    While I ponder the arguments posted by the liberal obama-lovers, I just wonder how many are gainfully employed. If you are employed by a large company, eventually you will become a part-time employee; if you’re employed by a small company (less than 25 employees) you will also become a part time employee. IT will be impossible for these companies to sustain this monster health care, make a profit to STAY in business, and pay full time wages and benefits. I know – I am a business owner, in business for 25 years. Just biding my time….

  • The Gizmo51

    Why do so many want to deny health insurance and health care to so many? Is this not America? The hatred is unbelievable for Americans.

    • Patsy – do not print my last name like you just did

      We do not wish to deny anyone insurance. I, for one, am a senior and have paid insurance & medicare all of my working career. Now, when I need it – Obama wants to give it to the illegals and send me to a death panel. Why should I be cheering for something so unfair. We are AMERICANS, not SOCIALIST. If you want socialized medicine, move to any country on earth. Most have it, but the people who can afford it in those countries come to America for the care when they need it. Where will they go now? Our healthcare will be as sorry and rationed as every other country. Besides, this is about POWER, not healthcare. Further, if it is so great, why does Obama, his family, the WH staff, Congress, their staff and all of the unions want out of it.? If it was as great as they are selling it to be, EVERYONE would be in line to get it, even Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

    • texaselect

      Another federal paid troll, go back to your troll hole, or is he still out of town.

      • The Gizmo51

        No reply, no facts, just name calling. How mature!

  • Bob

    Destroying Obama is the REAL way to go! He’s an arrogant ass

  • The Gizmo51

    FreedomWorks’ Eight Outright Lies About Obamacare
    Posted: 07 Aug 2013 04:00 PM PDT
    You can just say NO to ObamaCare.
    Just say NO to bureaucrats making your health care decisions. Say NO to unconstitutional mandates. Say NO to socialized medicine.
    Just say NO by burning your ObamaCare card here!
    The truth is, ObamaCare needs millions of people like you to sign up. If you don’t, it collapses. The law needs your money to work. If you refuse to sign up, you are “burning your ObamaCare card.” You are doing your part to make sure ObamaCare crumbles. Forever.
    If you do sign up for ObamaCare, the Progressives win. The program gets the money it needs. The lobbyists and bureaucrats get the power they want.
    You lose your freedom. You may lose your doctor. And you certainly lose your money.
    Just say NO. Burn your ObamaCare card right now.
    Time is running out to stop the health care takeover.

    How many lies are there in this short bit of text? Well, at least eight that I see right off the top.

    Bureaucrats make health decisions now. Insurance bureaucrats, not to mention the likes of the AMA “secret panel” that price fixes fees for services.
    The mandate is not unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has said it’s not unconstitutional.
    Health insurance is not socialized medicine.
    Refusing to sign up will not ‘collapse Obamacare.’ It will, however, increase local and state health care spending.
    Enrolling for health insurance is not a win for progressives and a loss for conservatives. It is, simply put, a prudent decision to take personal responsibility for one’s health care costs by entering into an insurance pool where everyone can participate.
    Refusing to enroll does not impact funding for the ACA.
    Loss of freedom is losing everything and becoming a slave to medical bills. Or worse, losing your life. Enrolling in a health insurance plan is not a loss of freedom. In fact, it means one might be free to start a small business or become self-employed, offering more freedom.
    Enrolling in a health insurance plan does not offer lobbyists and bureaucrats more power. It empowers you to stand equally with those people who currently have access to affordable health care.
    There is no Obamacare card.

    Any lies I missed?
    It’s no surprise that FreedomWorks is lying to members of their mailing list about this. After all, lies are all they’ve got. But so many packed in so few lines of text? That may be a new record.

  • http://LastResistance Gerhard

    Yes, Obamacare is unsustainable and Obama knows it, he knows this will end up as a single payer plan, something He intended from the beginning. Remember he is
    ” The Liar in Chief.”

  • Bj

    It’s amazing to me that some of the very ppl that support this air headed dgad (don’t give a damn) clown can’t see the guy’s wreckin the very system they’re complainin about: I’ve got a friend who constantly stays on my case because I can’t follow him or his way of doin and yet she complains of how her elderly dad doesn’t have enuff to live on yet he lives with her and her husband. I’ve tried to tell her it’s not a picnic havin “her” guy lead this Country. I had to go on disability and SS back in 92 because of a nasty fall I took and even at that time with the damage I did to a pre-existin condition I knew what my odds were of goin back to the job I loved so much. And now here’s my friend who supports the Fearless One who can’t see the forest for the trees. AMAZIN to say the least. I wish I knew of what it’d take for the entire group of his supporters to see what a failure he and his poicies are. Till then I can only say for those who think I’m not totally wrong in thinkin the way we do take me awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    • Inspiri

      People support the “air head” because they are informed. Ryan wrote a budget that would cut some veterans out of healthcare altogether. That’s fact…straight from his line item budget (who was the dummy from LastResistance that tried to suggest there are no facts, just viewpoints). http://www.disabledveterans.org/2011/04/16/republicans-seek-to-cut-1-3-million-veterans/
      Where did Ryan “redistribute” funds taken from VA? He gave it to military industrial complex to make more weapons. Yep, the liar in chief is looking out for you the ungrateful arse!!

  • http://www.sustainablefreedomlab.org John Anthony

    Obama is doing nothing to save the ACA. He has said in numerous taped interviews that he wants a single payer system. And if/when Obamacare collapses, he will merely use the ‘crisis’ to finish the job.

    I work with many doctors and they are getting out of the system, others are leaving the country or telling their kids not to get into the profession. My personal doctor quit as he refused to have the government tell him how to practice medicine.

    Whereas, I used to spend ample time with my PCP during checkups, the last time I went, I actually got stuck with the assistant to the physicians’ assistant. For the first time in over 20 years my records were completely muddled.

    It never occurred to many Americans that, no matter what the cracks were in our prior system, it was quite possible to make it demonstrably worse. That is precisely what Obama did.

    The sad part is that America never had a healthcare delivery problem, we had a health insurance cost problem. Now, the delivery is slipping and the premiums are growing faster than ever. Even supporters are just dimly beginning to get it.

  • http://daDonald Donald Brooks

    Simple way to eliminate Obamacare..make it compulsory for Congress to participate to the same degree as the rest of the citizens of this country.

  • Ann

    I want congress to start impeachment proceedings to oust this imposter and liar. He is corrupt and thinks only of himself and his african queenie. He has committed so many crimes its really patetic this congress has a blind eye to it all and Bhoener should be replaced as he is as useful as a flat tire and has not the fortitude to come up against this dismal failure we have in the WH.

    • texaselect

      Boehner is complicit in Treason as are the majority of them in office. Choice is do we plant a new tree of liberty now or later.

  • http://lastresistance Leonard Muro

    Ain’t going to happen. Not With these established RINOS…
    One party not far from now. Republican Party on the way to extinction. Feel bad for the majority of the younger generation. How sad. Glad I’m 70 years old. Won’t see the total destruction.

  • Fiesty

    Obviously Mr. Bob is a plant or , at the very least, a blithering idiot.

    • texaselect

      Mr Bob is BobEeeeeeeeeeee came out of his troll hole because O left town.

  • Michael

    I have come to the conclusion that the only way to save this great Republic, is to create a new Republic.

    It is time to Secede and create a new American Republic. The 13 Southern States could go it alone to start. Now is the time to bring together the 13 Governors, 26 US Senators, all Congressmen, State Senators, State Representatives, and all County Sheriffs of these 13 States for a Secession Conference to determine the feasibility of a separate nation and then notify the current US Federal Government of our desire to grant the 13 Great States of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida the right to peacefully secede to form the new American Republic.

    The new American Republic will encompass all lands from the North-East corner of the State of North Carolina westward to the North-West corner of the State of Arizona and then due south to the Arizona-Mexico Border. Once that New Republic is created, other like-minded States such as Virginia, Missouri, and Utah can petition to join.

    At this time a majority of the remaining States have Republican Governors as well as Republican controlled Houses and Senates so it should be an easy process to at least begin the discussion. ID, MT, ND, SD, WY, NE, KS, IA, WI, MI, OH, PA are all Republican controlled.

    That leaves only the North-Eastern/New England States, Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, Colorado, New Mexico and the Western States of CA, NV, OR, and WA in the Old Republic.

    The Tea Party started as a Grass-roots organization and grew almost overnight into a National Power; The Secessionist Movement can do the same.

    Imagine a Republic where the Constitution is the Law of the Land, Illegal means Illegal, we only spend what we can afford, and only those truly in need feed of the Taxpayers! Isn’t that what the original Founding Fathers imagined?

    This would also give the new Republic a chance to clarify the Constitution to remove all ambiguous wording and to set Laws the would be more in line with a Republic that our Founding Fathers envisioned,

    • Battle Born

      By the way, Nevada currently has a Republican Governor. Brian Sandoval.

    • Joseph Furgeson

      Finally, someone who makes sense. Washington and it’s bureaucracy are to far gone to save.

    • Mr Bob

      The clouds part & we see the true treachery of teabaggers! You dipshits didn’t learn your lesson that last time the blue states had to whip your ass. What’s funny is you morons actually believe that you’re the “good guys” & patriots when you’re nothing more than a lunatic fringe of uneducated racists that hate our country & EVERYTHING our constitution stands for! If you terrorists actually resort to blowing things up or armed insurrection you’ll get “bitch slapped” harder than your confederate ancestors EVER dreamed of!

      • David Reamer

        Mr? Bob ,During WWII American boys really were the reason we could defeat such evil as Hitler and his ilk.We taught our children character traits that could not be contended with by folks without those traits..I’m speaking of such things as honesty honor hard work endurance integrity and the like.Individualism rather than group think was the order of the day.It was just who they were.So even though you will not teach your family these traits there are millions of God fearing Americans that will.You have no shame sir at the outright lies you tell and it truly disgusts me. but I am consoled by Gods Army That will arise at the proper time.How can you live with yourself.I would be so unhappy If I were you.

      • RedGirl

        Mr. Bob,
        The libs always say they’re so damn tolerant…..you are a classic example of how intolerant the whole lib race is. The name calling, finger pointing, blaming the Repubs
        for everything other than World War 3. Wherever you get your info must be from CNN,
        MSNBC, and all the other Soros -funded blogs and websites and people with A BRAIN know what those are worth.
        You, Pelosi, Reid, and the O-BOMB are the reason why this country’s in the present shape we’re in!

    • Mr Bob

      The Tea Party started as a Grass-roots organization??? Just how stupid can you be? The tea party was created by the Koch brothers & big tobacco so simple minded idiots like you could vote for their interests

  • Dave

    The best way for conservatives to ensure that Obamacare is a complete and utter failure is to just stand back and let it be implemented. Of course they will be blamed for not intervening, but the press is ALWAYS going to blame others for Obama’s failures, just as they have for the past 5 years – who cares!

  • buck

    stop this man now! obuma must go and impeachment has got to be started by the wimps in both house’s of congress. march on Washington and i’ll be there. obuma care is an insult to the American people , and the lib-tards who are for this must also be thrown out !

    • Potawatomi13

      Buck, NOT impeachment but tarring and feathering before being hung for TREASON!
      After all the crimes against the Constitution this traitor has committed impeachment is way too insufficient a charge.

  • Bj

    You’ll be lucky if you see a Medical Assistant. Case in point: went with another friend to the ER for a full blown migraine and after seein the nurse after waitin 2 1/2 hrs she comes in with meds for my friend. When my friend asked what she was bein given she told the nurse she wanted to make one last phone call before she was to recieve the meds. When questioned as to why she said final phone call my friend looked at me and told me to explain then she broke down in tears worse than what she did at the onset of when the headache got worse. I explained if whoever, doctor or his assistant, had seen her chart they would’ve noticed she had a sensitivity to that particular drug. The nurse then almost sprouted wings before gettin out of there. When she returned she had the meds my friend’s neurologist gives her but with no apology. And the sad thing is this was just 5 months ago. Like I keep tellin the other friend, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

  • Marie Czarnecki

    You know, I like many of the comments on this post, and I am just sick and tired of this ODUMBO ADMINISTRATION, and if I should comment now I would be thrown off the “CYBER SPACE”!!! I have no use for this ADMINISTRATION and none of AZZHOLE puppets.. That Pelosi woman has got to go she looks like she comes from “OUTERSPACE” or somewhere ??????? I am going to be 75 yrs old and a “UNITED STATES AIR FORCE VETERAN” and never in my life had seen a “ADMINISTRATION” as so damn screwed up and sick as this one. I just do not like to talk about this BAS***RD in the WHITEHOUSE in fact I can not stand him on TV, I just feel like “PUKING”!!!! I am fed up….

    • Mr Bob

      you must have been in a coma when Dubya was in office

  • Randolph Murphy

    The clown Bob”s first name must be Sponge. He has absorbed everything the msm has spewed!

  • Blastoff

    If obozocare is as great as the damn fools believe, such as this mr bob idiot, why has obozo authorized so many exceptions, why are his union buds complaining about it, and most important, why has congress exempted themselves and their aids because it costs too damn much? The arrogance of the idiots is easy to express most vocally at this point. They think that obozo has total immunity that they too will enjoy. Not true. All will suffer equally. The Patriots will overcome, as our Fore Fathers did. There will be a cost to pay by the traitors and their supporters. Americans, not the obozoites such as mr bob, will triumph. And by the way, my failure to capitalize mr bob is not due to ignorance. It is due to an absolute refusal to show any respect for fools.

  • Aryton Senna

    I would much prefer to destroy Insane Hussein and her entire ship of fools!
    ret expat MD

  • Tim Brummer

    Even if you can defund Obamacare now, once immigration amnesty/surge passes in a few years when they start voting it will be back bigger and permanently.

  • downs1

    If Congress would get off their sorry a***s and do their jobs, this fraud would be impeached and removed from office. Every bill he has signed into law would be rescinded and Obamacare would be declared null and void! The economic, military and fiscal problems both domestic and international he has wrought by his diabolical decisions and policies would be halted and new approaches could be taken. Unfortunately, due to the intellectual dishonesty and foolishness of so many of the leadership on both sides of the aisle, it may be too late to actually save this nation from destruction. “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it,” and we remember the leadership “booed” God at the Democrat National Convention and no one on the Right said a word condemning that action. The ACLU and the other partisan organizations have made no bones concerning their hatred for the Judeo-Christian roots of this nation! Nor has anyone stood up and condemned these actions. We can’t even put a Christmas scene on a postage stamp, yet there are at least two Islamic stamps in the post offices today! Wake up America! Hold Congress responsible, you know, the ones who exempt themselves from the laws they impose on the people!!

  • snytz

    We the people have the power, but we need to be united.

  • David Reamer

    I like so many others are sad and disturbed because of the loss of freedom for our children and grandchildren.But I must be clear when the wheels of revolution spin no matter my age health or consequence I will stand for freedom and I pray that most will as well.Integrity honor and duty will be all that I focus on.God please give us the leaders that will do the same so that WE THE People will prevail.

    • Sandy Trank

      Amen David!

  • Dontquit

    Hey Bob, How’s Chris

  • RadicalRed

    Socialized medicine ain’t worked in all the countries that have it so which Idiot thinks they can make it work here?Post Office DOESN’T MAKE A DIME,IT LOSES 500MIL A YEAR

  • http://lastresistance Mr Len

    You’re being punked by Mr Bob, guys.
    I must say,,,He’s good at it .Better than Saturday Night Live.
    Can’t fool me Mr Bob

  • jon dazzo

    anyone who foolishly voted for that commie gets just what they deserve. the country is full of idiots and we better shape up or we wont have a country left when this sick Marxist finishes his dirty deads

  • Daniel Spickard

    What we need to do to make this train wreck happen is to get the word out to as many people as possible, that is cheaper to pay the fine of $96.00 for the year then it is to pay thousands of dollars on health care. If we can get 5-6 million people to not buy healthcare then Obama care will implode in on itself. The federal government doesn’t have enough money in it’s till to cover 75 million Americans. It will fail miserably and take the whole democratic party with it. After it implodes in on itself, we can go to work and fix the real problem, and this time keep politicians fingers out of the solution.

    • http://aol brutbos

      agree,let’s do it.

  • Potawatomi13

    It amazes and appalls me how many kool aid drinking ignorants there are on this conservative website. One thing remains constant though: they are unable or unwilling to see and accept the truth just the same as they are on their own kool aid/fools websites. Ignorance can be taught truth but fools are a total waste of effort.. Conservatives don’t cast your pearls(wisdom/knowledge)before swine.


    MR BOB

    WHAT IS YOU I Q??? 40 OR 41

    • Mr Bob

      I’m sure it’s at bare minimum double (if not triple) yours

  • Johnhorse

    ovomit care is socialism,it has NEVER worked when tried many times before and won’t work now.ovomit isn’t interested in helping anyone but himself.He slithered into the white house like the snake he is and Needs to be removed by whatever means needed to get it done.This pinocchio ruler is nothing more then a puppet and he and his puppeteers are hell bent on destroying this Country and Constitution.If the citizens don’t see it by now and do something,this Country is TOAST.

  • Aryton Senna

    Obamamama NON CARE continues the free ride for N’s, Muslims, and Illegal Aliens.

  • DPBarger

    I have ready contacted both my senaor and congessman, letting them know where I stand and that I am behind them in getting rid of obamacare. Fill you senator’s and congressman’s emails with your voice, and we will see such things fall and liberty rise through the power of WE THE PEOPLE!

  • Bob DD

    Mr. Bob,

    Have you been sooooo brainwashed into thinking the Tea Party people are subversive revolutionaries who hate everyone? I suggest you look within our government for that? I am not a T.P. member, but have been to a few events. These T.P. people are good American people, your neighbors, hard working or retired people who see the bankrupting, immoral, republic destroying cancer being forced upon our beautiful country. You Sir have been brainwashed for political gain.

  • Florida Jim

    We need to start impeachment proceedings. Obama has so many departments running wild and coordinating their crimes without Obama even caring. He calls them Phony scandals”. A special prosecutor is a ruse for weak congress if the crimes are there impeach!

    • Mr Bob

      Exactly how delusional are you morons??? Do you actually believe that Obama could be impeached & the overwhelming will of the American people could be overturned because a few lunatics like you are unhappy with the election results?

  • Silas DoGood

    I would rather see the NI_GER collapse verses Ovomit care.

    • Mr Bob

      another Rand Paul speech writer?

  • Diana

    We need to get rid of Obama and his so called “Care” as soon as possible! He should have never gotten in this second term in the first place! He has done NOTHING for America except to tear it down. He is the worst so far I have ever known. He sends his family all over on “Free” trips with “OUR” money. I’d rather see a lay person in office then see him the rest of the term. We need to take control back of America!

  • Dudley

    If The President cannot be impeached and Hillary can not be charged for Benghazi Putin must be in charge and the united states is now a communist or socialist country.
    On the Obama care insurance What about if all government people from the current president all the way back to the last retired president and any other employee of the government active and retired that the tax payers have been paying for all these years. Their retirement pay would be cut in half also and out of their half pay they would pay for their own insurance.
    This would include all the senate and congress no exceptions. They could try it for the first 10 years and see how it works and everyone else continue with what the have now. In that time most of them would have had the plug pulled on them and we would be still around.