Obamacare “Not Ready” On Schedule

The spin of this story is that “privacy concerns” are “delaying” Obamacare and threatening the October 1 deadline.

The grammar is misleading. It tries to lead the reader to think that the Obamacare countdown was going along just fine and then something unforeseeable and alien to it has obstructed its progress.

That is not what is happening.

Simply put: The October 1 rollout date is probably going to be missed because the government cannot possibly get the job completed on time. The online health exchanges are supposed to be up and running, but that is extremely unlikely.

So, in the news cycle, we are being asked to view a component of the online health exchanges—the capacity to protect the data of “customers” from hackers—as an alien element that is “blocking” the government from completing its mission. That is a completely gratuitous description.

“The Office of Inspector General issued a report Monday saying the contractor given the job of developing a system security plan had missed deadlines — the same day the Department of Health and Human Services started allowing people to set up personal accounts and passwords on the website for the federal exchange. The Health Insurance Marketplace website will ask for Social Security numbers and income information as part of determining whether someone qualifies for subsidies toward buying coverage. Final security documents were supposed to be submitted to the inspector general May 6 and July 1, but a government contractor for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services missed those deadlines, the inspector general’s report said. ‘If there are additional delays in completing the security authorization package, the CMS chief information officer may not have a full assessment of system risks and security controls needed for the security authorization decision by the initial opening period expected to begin Oct. 1,’ the report said.”

OK, so only the security contractor is missing deadlines. That is probably because guaranteeing security to national online database is extremely difficult.

Let me suggest a security fix: Let us not have a national health exchange. Let us not do it.

We already know that private criminals (and perhaps other nations) have been able to use government spying or even government data collection to gain access to the private data of Americans. Any time there is a government database, hackers know there is a target that, if they succeed in accessing it, will provide them with a great deal of value.

Furthermore, we already know that HHS has made promises about how they will preserve the security of the database that are far too lax. Perhaps the contractor has realized that, with such insufficient security measures, there is no way he can provide a system that will really be secure.

In any case, while the story first blames security, it later admits that there have been other aspects of the health exchange that has also missed deadline.

I think these delays would be great, if we could just extend them forever.



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  • Mr Bob

    Gee…maybe if house teapublicians vote another 40+ times to repeal Obamacare THAT will work!!!

    • Marie

      Gee, Bob, if the Democrats would stop pushing for a secular/progressive country, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I read where Obama heard the cries of our government workers begging him not to force them into Obamacare. What a big of losers in DC.

      • Texan Texan

        Our country is secular. Read the Founding Fathers. Go read the real facts on fed exemptions. It was an amendment put in by Reps which has come back to bite them. Facts are so silly. Our country has separation of church and state and freedom of religion. That is what makes it great. Soon to have universal health care for all citizens. Y are free to exempt yourself and let your fellow citizenship for your emergency room care. Nice Christians.

      • http://www.honestillusion.com James Curran

        Whenever you says something like “I read where Obama heard the cries of our government workers begging him not to force them into Obamacare” you merely demonstrate that you have NO IDEA what you are talking about.

        Obamacare is not a thing that one can be force “into”. If that doesn’t make sense to you, it’s because you have no clue what Obamacare actually is.

      • Native Texan

        Marie – you are absolutely right. All the government staffers are going to participate with Obamacare too. Oh yeah – they’re participating alright; but Obama says he is subsidizing their premiums by 75%. Now, is the government going to do that for we, peons? The answer is NO!! We have to suck it up and pay the piper!!!

      • RON G

        Heard the same thing on ABC 2 weeks ago. Even MSNBC mentioned it.

      • Mr Bob

        Well, there were TWO elections in which the GOP got buried in electoral landslides. As far as “this mess” Obama has dug us out of the mess Dubya left us in.

      • ktuncia

        I find it interesting that some people insist that we have separation of Church and State in this country which is patently false. We do not, never have and our forefathers never intended it to be so. What they intended was a separation of State and Church which is different. They intended only for the State/government to stay out of the Church business. They understood and welcomed the influence of religion and morals on government. After all most were religious God fearing men themselves. What they didn’t want was the government to take over the church and declare itself to have ordained authority as the kings of history have been known to do. That is entirely different than the idea being pushed now; that everyone in or associated with government must be totally atheist and non-religious. In fact that idea is contrary to the intention of the forefathers who wrote the founding documents of our nation with a determination to limit the power of government and protect individual freedoms such as the freedom to be religious.

      • Mr Bob

        When you say “I find it interesting that some people insist that we have separation of Church and State in this country which is patently false” That “some people” incudes the Supreme Court!

      • gblatham

        Mr Bob,

        Your point is well taken; unfortunately, what the U.S. Supreme Court dictates isn’t necessarily correct!

        Garl B. Latham

      • Victor Barney

        BUT, “We the people” technically are a ‘Republic!” However like 74% of our population is made up of GATHERER’S(WOMEN & BLACKS), who only WANT MORE, MORE AND MORE FROM OUR GOVERNMENT! THAT MY FRIEND IS A SUPER MAJORITY OF OUR PEOPLE! OUCH! As 50’s music sensation Roy Orbison sang: “IT’S OVER!” WATCH(October 5th, 2013)! Did I mention, welcome to Adam’s world 6,000 years ago??? Again, WATCH!

      • Independent On the Hill

        Marie: You’re almost there. Last year Congress voted and legislation was passed at the behest of the GOP members, and both Democrats and Republicans included themselves in Obamacare in response to the public outcry, who didn’t like the idea that Congress would be exempt, while the rest of us were not. . .

        As the Obamacare program rolls out, the actual cost factors are different according to the Congressional Budget Office and in most cases have a much higher price tag than Democrats expected.

        For Congress and many of the government workers on the Hill, this meant out-of-pocket cost projections as much as two to three time more — the important part — these people would no longer get a 75% subsidy from the government as they do now on Cadillac plans.

        As this information dribbled out over weeks, and Congress got the latest figures, a special meeting was set up with the president last week, and you are correct. There was a lot of pleading of some kind according to various news reports according to media like CNN, FOX and a plethora of other reporting sites. And, the president did give in with another exemption.

        With the salaries Congress and those on the Hill get, I question the legitimacy of some of their threats of resignation, or quitting at the lower level because now they no longer could afford good coverage. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease, especially unto a receptive ear. Most of the contention came out of the Senate.

        The process was not made totally clear; but under presidential authority a change by exemption was made against GOP preferences, and it is my understanding, Congress and employees will be covered under the “Affordable Care Act,” but will still be subsidized 75% of the costs no matter how high their premiums go. No law change was made, but a presidential exemption.

        So, yes, Marie, there had to be a lot of crybabies on the Hill last week. Too bad the president can’t hear the cries of 70% of Americans. Perhaps we are not as important as within the Beltway.

      • Evermyrtle

        Obamacare has a lot of people fooled, badly. Many think that it is a form of insurance. Wrong!!! It is a tool to force America into the Muslim standards, to force us to accept Islam as our religion! Well it won’t work! JESUS will return and destroy all evil that exists, including all false religions, when the universe is destroyed and we acquire a new heaven, a new earth and a new Jerusalem, where HIS people will live with HIM for ever.

        2 Peter 3:10. But the day of the LORD will come as thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also an the works that are therein shall be burned up.

        Revelation 21:1-4
        1. And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.
        2. And I John saw the holy city new Jerusalem, coming down from GOD out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
        3. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of GOD is with men, and HE will dwell with them and they shall be HIS people, and GOD HIMSELF shall be with them and be their GOD.
        4. And GOD shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.

    • Beentheredonethatalready

      Gee…maybe if people like Mr. Bobby didn’t enjoy having everything shoved up their a$$ the rest of us could continue to be responsible and make our own decisions. We “teapublicans” call that personal responsibility. I’m sure that mental concept is beyond your reach as a low information voter. How sad!

      • http://www.honestillusion.com James Curran

        If you are so interested in let’s “the rest of us could continue to … make our own decisions”, why is it so important to you that an employer can force his religious views on his employees?

      • RON G

        Excellent comment.

      • Mr Bob

        The couldn’t possibly be a voter with “lower information” that a teabagger!

      • Mr Bob

        You “teapublicians” are nothing more than a fringe rightwing group that use to be called the John Birch Society. Made up of uneducated raciest morons in the south that are so stupid they actually believe that people that are educated have had their minds “corrupted with knowledge” & are low information voters! You’re not bright enough to even understand that’s you’ve been bought & paid for by the Koch brothers to fight for their interests to the detriment of your own

    • Ken Howes

      The House has to keep doing it; it keeps the heat on the Senate and every time reminds the people of Tsar Harry’s little empire where you will do what he wants or he will lie about you for the next two years.

      • daver

        To Mr. Curran,

        Unless the employer is the government, the employer is free under our Constitution to promote whatever views the employer holds, including for a certain religion or religious principle, e.g. to be pro or anti-abortion, pro or anti-birth control. The Constitution as written restricts the federal government, not privately owned enterprises. Also, have you thought about the concept of freedom of contract, i.e. the right to choose to do business with whomever you please, and what flows out of restricting that freedom? That latter state is where USA is rapidly descending. It may eventually get to a place that even you will not like it and will yearn for more individual freedom of choice.

  • Texan Texan

    You guys so wish. But wishes don’t make it true. complex IT projects are notoriously close to missing deadlines. I’ve been in IT and made some pretty amazing deadlines. So if it is delayed a month. Still time to get people enrolled. So dream on your nasty delusional dreams. It will happen. Bigger IT systems have made. Close deadlines. This kind of security is not that different. Maybe your god will agree with you and jinx the rollout. Y can pray for that, for sure.

    • Vin

      You are one sick statist. This is not universal healthcare but forced purchase of a private product that you may not desire. It’s enslavement to the system, whether you want it or not.

    • S. Caldwell

      I like the healthcare plan I have now. I plan to keep it!

      • http://www.honestillusion.com James Curran

        >> I like the healthcare plan I have now. I plan to keep it!

        That’s nice to know, but what has that to do with anything we are talking about?

      • Doug

        You may like to keep it but Obama is doing everything he can to keep you from being able to do so. The insurance companies are having to create such a socialist environment that if you like your policy, it likely will be increased in premiums into oblivion. Remember Obamacare is not about helping others. It is about the government having more control over more people.

    • gblatham

      T. T.:

      Is it really necessary to be so hateful and sacrilegious?


      Garl B. Latham

  • http://GOOGLE ALLAN


    • http://www.honestillusion.com James Curran

      Actually, most of this delay (as well as al the delays over the passed three years) have been caused by Republicans, who don’t want you to see the BENEFITS of it until after the election.

      • schnu

        Benefits? Like, having to choose between food and insurance? OBAMACARE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL and The Supreme Court has embarassed itself. Founding Fathers are turning in their graves. Here’s hoping that it implodes upon itself, as might be happening.

    • Penny


    • Mark

      Ya think??

      Honestly, I think that Obama and the Democrats want the ACA to fail as a prelude to a single payer system. I can hear it now: “We tried universal coverage with market competition, but it’s just too difficult to accomplish. A single payer system to the government will be easier to administer.?

      • Mudguy

        That is just what Obummer wants is one payer for insurance. Thats what he told the union. If Obummercare is fully implemented it will fail and the only to fix it will be the one payer system. That is why the only way to stop it is to defund it. This will be the only to stop the payer system.

      • CharInOhio

        Yes, that is EXACTLY the goal ……….IRS is too incompetent to run the health care …….we have seen that ……..and since we have tried to make ObamaCare work and it doesnt …………WE MUST GO TO SINGLE PAYER ………ITS THE “ONLY WAY” ………. it was the GOAL all along !!!!!!!

    • Chuckster

      Finally someone has the right answer and for the guy that likes his insurance plan and intends on keeping it well Obuthole promised u that u could but u may not like it so much when the price doubles.

      • CharInOhio

        Chuck , when the price goes UP ……..people drop the plan and cannot afford it and THEY FEEL SINCE YOU ARE FORCED to buy insurance ……….You will THEN be FORCED onto Obamacare ……..its their GOAL to do that ……..

    • Doug

      Obama is working very hard to make sure the pain of increased premiums and lower services doesn’t negatively affect elections.

  • Native Texan

    I can tell you this – any House member that votes FOR Obamacare will answer for it in the elections. I almost hope they make their deadline and next year Americans will realize what they have done to themselves by voting for Obama and all this wonderful “change” he’s spreading around. In 2014, EVERYONE in America will have to pay a fine of 1% of their annual salary if they can’t prove to the IRS that they had “minimum coverage” health insurance. That’s not a discount card – that’s MAJOR MEDICAL with all the government mandates included. Businesses will have to pay a $2,000 fine per employee if they don’t provide health insurance for their employees (Obama put a hold on that, didn’t he?). Already, many businesses are reducing their employee’s hours so they fall into the part-time category; and they won’t have to provide insurance. Aetna pulled out of California leaving 50,000 people without insurance – they couldn’t show a profit there. “If” Obamacare is not nipped in the bud, Americans will wind up with socialized medicine – and no other options. Insurance companies won’t stay in business – the government is already telling them how much profit they can make with the MLR. Anyone who is self employed (and I have been all my life) realizes that if there is no profit to be made, one can’t stay in business. Just wait till the IRS starts collecting their fines – remember, the IRS can garnish wages, put liens on property, and get into your bank account. I bet Americas cry out for relief then . . . only thing – it may be too late.

  • http://LastResistance S. Caldwell

    I have the healthcare I like.

    • daver

      Hopefully you will get to keep it. That will also depend on whether you current insurer chooses to remain in the exchanges to be set up. This article describes several states’ situations where major insurance providers are not going to participate.

      • CharInOhio

        Dont know about THAT ………My healthcare will go up 200% in 2015 ……..yes …….that is NOT TWENTY PERCENT ………..I SAID ……TWO HUNDRED !!!!!!!!!!! ???????

      • CharInOhio

        One of my doctors has already went back into the military to ESCAPE Obamacare…….He said doctors are basically being TOLD what they can do and what treatments they can or cannot do to patients in order to get PAID………..
        And yes, I have REGULAR insurance I PAY FOR ……….

        So to say the doctors wont leave IS A LIE …….its already happening ……….and my health insurance will go up 200% in 2015 ……….


        Obama Care supporters THINK that they are going to get good care and nearly “free” ………ITS GONNA BE FAR FROM FREE and NOT THERE WHEN ITS NEEDED !!!!!!!!!! They are going to RATION what you get when you REALLY NEED IT THE MOST ………what good is paying for something that isnt going to HAPPEN the way it should ?

        ObamaCare puts massive rules and regulations on insurance providers to FORCE THEM OUT OF BUSINESS ………they have to raise their prices , then people DROP the plans………..THEN they go out of business and EVERYONE’S ONLY “CHOICE” …………..IS ……..OBAMA CARE……. The Democrats THEN have their SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM ……….THEIR “GOAL” ALL ALONG ………..

  • Bill

    So today we learn that Obama has made a visit to the congress to assure them that, yes, they will be under the Obama plan (which they furiously ffought), Now the big “O” assured them that WE, THE Taxpayers will pay 75% for them, not to worry??

    • daver

      When I learned of that subsidy action, I wrote a email to “my” congress member asking him to provide the same subsidy to my wife and son [I’m retired and thus forced to be on Medicare or a Medicare approved insurance program]. And I let him know that I was furious at them treating themselves as royalty at taxpayer expense.

  • Rick Jory

    I’m finding it interesting reading James Curran’s comments. What benefits are there to Obamacare? The original problems that were being addressed included 1) the uninsured and 2) reigning in skyrocketing healthcare costs. James, has either one of these been fixed, in the slightest way, via Obamacare. By the way, I am president of a medical device company–I see this from the perspective of my customers (hospitals/doctors’ offices), my employees (we pay 100% of the healthcare premium for the individual–which can go toward family coverage but they pay the difference), and the perspective of us paying 2.3% on SALES (not profits) as the new Obamacare Medical Device Tax. This is a mess.

    • daver

      It is impossible for Obamacare to lower costs. It provides no new medical treatments technologies that are lower in cost or more effective. It supposedly adds people to those who are insured. It does not increase the number of medical professionals or improve their skills or efficiency. It requires implementation of new exchanges, and comprehensive databases. It adds layers of administration. The electronic records requirements add costs for the software, for its installation and maintenance, and data entry. The number of codes [which must be used] is vastly increased. And this is progress?

  • Willy

    Another “lifetime”perk for Congress and their minions.

  • doug

    HHS has just announced you “may be able to keep your doctor”. This is directly opposite to what Obama promised. One of many promises that are not being kept. Obamacare is a disaster and like so many other government programs will be unaffordable to this country. When will the entitlement addicted understand that something must be affordable or it will fail.We are running out of other peoples’ money!

  • Robert

    the people definitely don’t want it. it’s the lawmakers that don’t care and are pushing it for their own agenda. the people are in charge though as the demise of this sucker is going to show to the non-representatives in dc-land.

  • Randy131

    The US Government can’t even protect the security of our ‘Top Secret’ weapon systems, such as the new F-35, that has not gone into production yet, but China has already built an exact duplicate of, just without the US insignias. Two years ago a China submarine fired a missile while submerged, just 35 miles of the coast of Los Angeles, copied from our nuclear submarines and sub-stationed missiles, since we were the only country in the world that had the technology to be able to fire missiles while being submerged, for Russia’s submarines can only fire ‘Cruise Missiles’ while above the water, and the English bought their submerged firing subs and missiles from us, for they haven’t the technology to build them either, but now the Chinese do, and they are exact copies of ours, like they were built off of our blue-prints and plans. So how is the government going to be able to protect everyone’s medical records, when they can’t even protect our ‘Top Secret’ weapons systems?

  • Randy131

    That’s two of my blog comments that you have now censored, and I can’t figure out why? But believing in the 1st Amendment, it’s quite obvious that I shouldn’t be associated with your site. So I guess I have no choice but to ‘UnSubscribe’ if I’m to live by my American principles and philosophies, as I hope anyone else you censor will do the same.

  • Don39

    Obamacare is a train wrecked before it ever got on the track and it will never be fixed and worthy of getting on the track! to put it another way it never really got built, it was /is only a figment of a committees imagination gone wild that will never get built! No train wreck here!

  • Greg Hornnes

    Question for James Curran
    If you have to pay a fine weither you are an indiviual or company for not particapaiting sounds like being forced to me
    In Contra Costa county in California they have a call center almost readu to start, problem is people that applied to work there were told they were getting full time jobs, come to find out only half of the workers are full time the rest are part time and do not qualify for benafits if they want them the have to pay about $1800.00 for a family. Tell me where that is a saving . These are the same people who will be advising everbody on Obama care and they dont even qualify

  • Mudguy

    If the GOP caves on defunding Obummercare they will not win the Senate and could lose the House in 2014. And will not win the White House and then will have NO chance of ever repealing Obummercare.

  • Pilot007

    Mr. James Curran: You appear to have little to offer in real fact. Where do you gather your news? I will guess ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN. Cleanse your poor polluted brain. Watch Foxnews channel, and The blaze. When you have ACTUALLY done so, you will be invited back into this discussion. Until than stay away. I suspect you may be a troll and if you are don’t comeback. This will be the last time I grace you with any discourse.

  • Jim Bateman

    Security for Obamacare? What a joke, The Federal Database Hub which is being established to access everything the government knows about you anywhere will be utilized by “Navigators” to assist people choose the right insurance. They will have access to your social security number and records, your medical records, your income tax reports, etc. AG Holder has ordered that the “community organizations” who will hire the navigators are prohibited from doing criminal background checks. If I were into identity theft, I know where I would work.

  • Silas DoGood

    And in Today’s news, the Pot is Calling the Kettle – Negroid!!!!!

    Self-appointed civil rights leaders and celebrities remained mum on the vicious beating of a white sixth-grader at the hands of three older African-Americans in Florida, despite a growing chorus of critics who called their silence hypocrisy given their recent, racially-charged condemnation of the Sunshine State.

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who both blasted Florida in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting and the acquittal of George Zimmerman in Martin’s death, with Jackson calling it an “apartheid state” and “our Selma,” have not spoken publicly of the brutal beating aboard a school bus caught on cellphone and surveillance video. Neither Jackson nor Sharpton responded to requests for comment from FoxNews.com.

    “Three 15-yr-old black teens beat up a 13-yr-old white kid because he told school officials they tried to sell him drugs,” former congressman Allen West, an ex-Army Colonel who is African-American, wrote on his Facebook page. “Do you hear anything from Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, liberal media, or Hollywood? Cat got your tongues or is it that pathetic hypocrisy revealing itself once again? Y’all just make me sick.”

    • SouthernPatriot

      Silas, you know you just make too much sense. You expect these race baiting publicity whores to be fair? You expect the news media to spend as much time on a brutal beating and assault and battery by three older African-American students on a white six grader to be news worthy and NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC to spend as much time on it as with the Zimmerman case, especially the aftermath?

      Obamacare states twice in the legislation that it is not a tax, nor can any part of it be construed to be a tax. However, the SCOTUS and Chief Justice Roberts cannot even read the legislation and declare it be a tax to make it legal, thereby violating the legislation itself. Obamacare/tax is the first major legislation in history to pass without any support of the opposition and only support of the major party. Doctors are retiring early and moving out of the country. Congressional staff and aides do not want to be under Obamacare and want an exemption. Chains and franchise stores have already begun to lower the hours of their workers to below 30 hours per week. Obamacare/tax is a train wreck already taking place.

  • http://aol robert e lee

    obam the imam has unilaterally changed the exemptions and conditions for special interest groups, legislative staff, unions, low income groups and specials exemptions for “blue states”; this breaks the covenant of the original mandate,, time to deliver this BACK TO THE SUPREME COURT;; MAYBE Roberts will get ti right this time.

  • Paul Brown

    This abortion of a health plan is meant to screw the older seniors out of more of their hard earned saving accounts. He hasn’t got enough money to spend and the GOP won’t give him anymore so he wants to go after our saving because he feels that’s where all the money is hiding. Time to put your money in the mattress.

    • Evermyrtle

      I think you are right Paul Brown, banks are not safe these days when the government can touch our money, money which he has not a drop of respect for, which we received from our labor. Obama thinks it is his to manage, when all he knows is to spend, spend, spend through pure waste as he and his family tour the world and staying in the most expensive places that they can fine. Look at the amount of our money that they waste on the most expensive clothes that can be bought and many of our people are dressed in literal rags, at least if they had to wear them they would be considered rags.

  • http://yahoo Franne

    Obama care is Not care it is a tax constituted to give Obama POWER… the end…
    of another personal liberty. CHOICE.

  • C.P. Smith

    Obamacare is disastrous for America. Even the unions are complaing.
    Obamacare, as we all know, will absorb 1/6th of our economy, force
    mandates on unsuspecting people, raise taxes and insult us with more
    regulations, and worst of all, the IRS will be in charge of administering it.
    Defund and repeal the ‘affordable health care act’……now. before it’s too late.
    Then back to the drawing boards.

  • HadEnuf

    “Death Care” as well as Obaa-baa-ma should be dismantled SAP!

  • ARH

    There is a reason why our founding fathers sought to LIMIT the size of government. Every time Congress passes a new law it gives them another opportunity to make EXCEPTIONS to that law. Such exceptions create corruption (unfair distribution of everything). Such corruption also either earns votes or re-election money from those provided the unfair advantage, so it is in the self-interest of ALL government leaders to do this. Economics is said to be the practice of studying how a society chooses to distribute limited goods amongst people with unlimited wants. When the government distributes goods, corruption and inefficiency is always there. When the free market does the distributing, it is efficient and fair to all. This is why I am a tea party member. But I am very frustrated because I do not see any way to effectively reduce the growing size of government until we economically hit the bottom.

    In case you do not see the connection between what I just wrote and Obamacare (aka affordable healthcare act) – This act is just the latest law passed by Congress that puts more power into the hands of government and removes freedom of choice from the people. Just knowing that, I do not need to see what is in the law – I know it will have more bad outcomes than good. But at this point I think it better to let the law fully implement (as passed) and then maybe the American public will revolt at the polls and elect people opposed to it and more government in the future. Without a different mindset of Congressional/Presidential leaders, nothing will help. Elections do matter!

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