School Bus Driver Tells 12 Yr Old Boy His Mother Should Have Aborted Him

The public school system throughout the United States has become a nest for liberals.  Educators have been sucked into the liberal mindset that it is their job to form and mold kids into what progressive politics wants them to become instead of what their parents want them to be.  The NEA is the largest teachers union in the nation and it is married to the liberal progressive Democratic Party.  Hence, a large majority of public school employees, not just teachers are Democrats out of mandate.

Recently, we’ve seen incidents where teachers have bullied and abused students for either being a Christian or having different political views than their own.  In the latest incident, a 12 year old boy, Joey Hartlaub, was verbally bullied and abused by his 81 year old school bus driver.

Joey attends school in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  His parents had a Romney – Ryan in their front yard and the school bus driver started harassing Joey about the sign.  A couple of weeks later, Joey and some friends were in the back of the bus chanting ‘Romney, Romney’ when the driver yelled at him to come to the front of the bus.  When the bus driver began to verbally assault Joey, he told her that Obama was pro-abortion.  The driver responded by telling Joey:

“Well, then maybe your mother should have chosen abortion for you.”

Joey said the bus driver’s comment made him mad and sad at the same time.  When he got home and told his mom what happened, mom was livid and immediately reported the incident to the Durham School Services, the company that operates the school busses.  Spokesman for the bus service company released a statement saying:

“Durham immediately removed the driver from service pending an investigation, which resulted in the termination of the driver. Prior to this incident, the driver had an incident-free record while serving the community as a Durham school bus driver for more than 20 years. Notwithstanding, the driver’s remark was insensitive and inappropriate.”


What I want to know is, where is the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State in these instances.  Churches and pastors are constantly being harassed by these organizations for supposedly violating their non-profit tax status if they speak out in favor a political candidate.  They are quickly rushed into court and threatened to have their non-profit status revoked for violation the Johnson Amendment that restricts political activities.

Yet it seems that all of these liberal legal groups forget that public schools operate under the same non-profit tax status that churches do.  That means that if a pastor or church employee can’t endorse a political candidate, then neither can any school employee.  Yet, they seem to be doing it on a fairly regular basis and no one says anything.  So once again we see the double standards of the liberal community.  It’s okay for liberals to violate the tax code but not for conservatives.  It’s okay for Democrats but not for Republicans.  It’s okay for atheists, but not for Christians.



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401 comments on “School Bus Driver Tells 12 Yr Old Boy His Mother Should Have Aborted Him
  1. Dalgast says:

    Abort this SOB’s job, put him out of work and tell him to call Obama for help.

  2. sreynolds says:

    The kid should have just laughed, and said, ” yeah buddy, i’ll take politcal advice from a bus driver. LMFAO

    • DaveInKansas says:

      @sreynolds That is the best response yet

    • refurb001yy says:

      @sreynolds And then his parent would have scolded him for being disrespectful of an elder, right?  It’s tough being a kid and having adults act like children themselves.

  3. Robert Arvanitis says:

    No surprise.  “Abortion!”  is the left answer to everything from trying to pander to women, to smearing opponents, and now to intimidating the children.

    • steveni says:

      @Robert Arvanitis When you make it so easy to devalue human life through Abortion, it becomes easy to want to kill all those who disagree with you.

      • Michael in Tampa says:

        @Robert Arvanitis You just hit the liberal right on the head, with an intelligent thought.

  4. mrsawdust says:

    The bus driver should be fired!!

  5. guest says:

    I believe the story said the bus driver incident was investigated, and she was fired.

    • refurb001yy says:

      BUT what about the psychological damage induced on the child?  Do they just grab anyone off the street to drive these buses?  I think the answer is YES!

      • EricHaulenbeek says:

        @refurb001yy Judging from the Romney-Ryan sign in mom’s and dad’s front yard, my guess is this kid’s a lot tougher then the nasty old bus driver anyway.  Remember… conservatives have a lot more going for them in terms of life skills.  That’s why you rarely see a conservative looking at a half empty glass of water… it’s usually half full!

  6. gshimano says:

    Certain kind of liberal is a term to describe a lynch mob organizer. In that sense present POTUS is Lynch Mob Organizer in Chief. Those riots they threaten us with are probably in the late planning stages.

  7. Michael in Tampa says:

    I have found that most liberals are hate-filled mean people. They pretend to be these morally superior people, but they too often show their true colors by attacking anyone that disagrees with their lofty ideas. As in this case they will normally attack those that can not easily fight back, like children.
    We need to have all politics out of our school systems. All teachers and employee of the school system must keep their politics to themselves and leave the children alone.
    This is the one of the biggest reasons we need student vouchers. Our children do not need to be brainwashed with liberal philosophies and they DO NOT need to be bullied by adults.  The second reason is to get the children a better education at schools where the good teachers are kept and have financial incentives for helping the children, and the bad teachers are let go.

  8. ChristinaCochran says:

    They should sue the crap out of the bus driver and make him pay for the emotional torment he’s caused that kid

  9. Maggietish says:

    Copnservatives and Christians need to start standing up and fighting.  We’ve allowed all of this ot happen over the years and now its reached a point that we  must do something about it and stand strong.  The ACLU never supports Conservatives or Christians – only liberals and atheists.  We’ve had enough!

    • Michael in Tampa says:

      @Maggietish There are groups that are standing up and fighting the good fight. We have to start supporting them more and stand up and voting. The Christian Law Association I think is the name of one.

  10. Josh Reynolds says:

    I never cease to be amazed how the ‘peace and love’ generation have turned into the hateful intollerant older folks they have become.  It must have been all that granola.

  11. J Joy says:

    Liberals seem to be very mean-spirited people who don’t think before they open their mouths.  They aren’t concerned with people’s feelings or the truth.  And yet they are trying to tell the rest of us that we should trust them to tell us how to live our lives, to handle our health care, to handle our finances, etc.  Their lack of tolerance is despicable and their lack of compromise is a serious problem.  Their way is not the only way.

  12. celtics12 says:

    The world would be a better place if Obama’s mom would have aborted him.

    • Michael in Tampa says:

      @celtics12 I understand your frustration but don’t let them bring you down to their level.

  13. Norman says:

    What I want to know is WHY IN THE WORLD is an 81 year old man driving a school bus. That’s more frightening than his obvious ignorance…

  14. Pakinpastor says:

    I find it amazing that all the left wants is “Free Abortion on Demand, Gun Control (i.e. take all guns away from everybody but them) and higher taxes on the RICH, ie anyone making more than $250.000.00 a year. I think that this is a cult in itself. That they are happy as long as they can kill the unborn and take your money and leave you defenceless, they seem to be having a good day. I for one, will not bow to their idiotic ideological demands. This bus driver was fired and for good reason, but that is not the whole problem. The people that think like this are in an abundance, and they are voting for the leader of the free world! And that gave us Barack Obama. Enough said.  And we have to deal with this sort of thinking everywhere we go. It is very sad that we cannot find our way back to Liberty. Where you and I have the right to seek our own happiness as long as no one else is hurt in that pursuit, but alas, they want to be able to control that pursuit to the extent that we are taxed to death for enjoying what we want do. I have been recently told that my greenhouse contents (garden) cannot be given away, as it “may” be unsafe. But they can go and buy trash that is imported from third world countries at incredibly high prices and may be more unsafe than what I am growing with completely organic methods. I am sick and tired of an out-of-control government that makes up lies to force their ideas onto an incredibly stupid citizenry that is willing to accept whatever the “Government” says. Maybe the reset button can be a good thing. I just hate it that many hundreds of millions of people would be killed or die in that scenario, but those of us that have prepared for just such an occourence will have the last laugh (so to speak). And it all comes just becasue of control….very, very sad.

    • DRLJR says:

      @Pakinpastor Welcome to Socialism and the “State is Supreme” dictatorships.

    • Mary1946 says:

      The libs want Choice not dictates from the government – ring a bell, limited government. Libs don’t want guns for themselves just those big old assault things banned. Many libs hunt. DUH. The rest of your ramblings are incohere. Those hippie libs tend to grow organic and buy local so y are in good company. Move to Austin. Lots of organic, buy local folks who vote Democratic. Y will be in good company. Many hunt and if they get pregnant want to make an abortion choice – not an old white man who sits at the capital decreeing what a woman can do. So come on down

      • EricHaulenbeek says:

        @Mary1946 You’re really nuts Mary.  Your entire political sphere revolves around gun control, organic foods and old white men.  Lets get rid of our police departments.  That’ll eliminate a lot of semi-automatic weapons on the street.  Forced sterilization will eliminate the goddess of the left, abortion… and the government can spend Mitt Romney’s money feeding you people who can’t seem to feed yourselves.  
        You are a crybaby, just as all liberals are.  Grow up.  Stop looking to the government to organize your life.  I’m not the least bit interested in paying for your “woman’s health” issues… it’s your responsibility!  Get a life!

      • EricHaulenbeek says:

        @Mary1946 You’re really nuts Mary.  Your entire political sphere revolves around gun control, organic foods and old white men.  Lets get rid of our police departments.  That’ll eliminate a lot of semi-automatic weapons on the street.  Forced sterilization will eliminate the goddess of the left, abortion… and the government can spend Mitt Romney’s money feeding you people who can’t seem to feed yourselves.  
        You are a crybaby, just as all liberals are.  Grow up.  Stop looking to the government to organize your life.  I’m not the least bit interested in paying for your “woman’s health” issues… it’s your responsibility!  Get a life!

      • EricHaulenbeek says:

        @Mary1946 Mary… please tell me something.  Have I misunderstood what you’ve said?  Have I been overly harsh?  My wife tells me I should leave you alone, and that you’re really okay.  Do I owe you an apology?

        • Harold Heckuba says:

          @EricHaulenbeek  @Mary1946
           Oops. :-/

        • EricHaulenbeek says:

          @Mary1946   I thought so.  I apologize Mary.  It must have been the fog of war!  Now I’ll have to tell my wife that she was right.

  15. EricHaulenbeek says:

    The real problem with liberals is that they consider themselves morally and ethically superior to anyone who doesn’t think the way they do.  What this shows in fact is their inability to behave within the norms of civil discourse.  Within this shallow mindset they simply cannot conceptualize a thought that doesn’t meet a certain very narrow criteria, and hence their inability to legitimize anyone they cannot understand. It’s a mental health problem.  Some overcome it, and others just stay stuck on stupid for the rest or their meaningless lives.

    • Michael in Tampa says:

      @EricHaulenbeek Well said !

    • DRLJR says:

      @EricHaulenbeek Liberals or rather “Progressives” believe they can improve people.  That is why we ended up with Prohibition.  The Left believed they could improve people.  And their stupidity continues and we see the damage to society all over the place.

    • SM1 says:

       Sounds like you just described a Muslim!  Well done!

    • Mary1946 says:

      I’m so glad that y actually think you should act within the norms of civil discourse. Y guys on this post rarely do that. It’s fine to be Republican and advocate your party philosophy a d issues. But most discourse gets mired in little nasty things about the commie pres and his fat, dumb, ugly, gay, gorilla wife. So civil. Go geezers. Eat more chicken. Look at binders of women. Boycott Big Bird.

  16. reddcinda says:

    The horror here is obvious to a person with a proper thought process. This person should be fired, yes. Why are the people behind this process not being held accountable. Why can the school simply use the busdriver as a scapegoat and not be held responsible for the damage they are doing and this huge Union they are directly connected with. America rise up speak up and take your children back and the people who’s salaries we pay as tax payers.

  17. SMF says:

    How horrible is this, when a person who is suposed to be taking care of your child tells him/her that they should have been aborted.  This is bullying at it’s worst. The schools need to but out of politics and start to teach again.  Maybe then America will be in the forefront again.

    • refurb001yy says:

      @SMF Maybe All the bus drivers should go to some sensitivity training for starts and maybe be told to watch what they say when they  are representing the school and school bus company.

  18. anon_y_mous says:

    In this instance, the SCHOOL is insulated from a lawsuit because the comment was made by the bus driver (an employee of the bus company, NOT the school).  The bus company on the other hand is a private entity and is also immune from a lawsuit as suggested by the author and given the companies response to suspend and then terminate, I doubt there is an substantial legal grounds for a lawsuit of any type.
    This was just a scared old man who fell for the liberal accusations against Romney, acted out, and lost his job because of it.

    • celticwaryor says:

      @anon_y_mous That all depends on whether or not the school district owns the school buses.  In my state, the school district owns and operates the buses.

      • anon_y_mous says:

        @anon_y_mous You are correct and in SOME districts in WI the buss service is run by the school district.  In this case however, DURHAM terminated the driver and DURHAM is a sum contractor to the school district (I verified this before posting).

  19. JaclynBarnes says:

    I’m glad that this bus driver lost her job!Saying such an horrible thing to a child,because his parents.See wants going on in America under Dictator Obama and want to,safe America from further destruction!
     I guess that this bus driver likes the idea of standing in,line to get food!Having no freedom of speech!Or religion being told my the Muslim Brotherhood if you do not,convert you die!
      This is another Obama lover who thinks that she will,be better off.Under Dictator Obama!This women is going to have to wake up sooner or later,even though she is 81!She is going to have to realize that the government will,one day run out of money!
      Then what will she do?I guess she believes in murder of the unborn!
       I guess like Dictator Obama she does not believe in God!But those who do not believe in God will suffer!

  20. CDEP49 says:

    @Brendy438 what a jack ass

  21. DRLJR says:

    The left is always hypocritical.  The very positions they take are based upon do what I say not what I do.  We also have to remember that the National Education Association is not an eduction organization but is a Utopian society from the 1880s that targeted schools to promote their agenda.
    I doubt the driver had an incident free history.  I suspect no one bothered to report this driver.

  22. T says:

    This piece of garbage needs to have his arse kicked for inflicting psychological pain on the young lad!

  23. concerned American says:

    It’s the ultra liberal or may be even a liberal agenda that is continually swaying this country to their own brand of warped ideology.  Now , of course, they think they can do better by infesting the minds of the young.  Everyone should be outrage!!!

  24. what is the truth says:

    I am so pleased that a parent stood up against a “Progressive School Bus Driver.” We need more parents to take a stand against the “Progressive Teachers” and “Progressive School Boards.” Just remember, parents are busy raising their families and working, while the “Progressives” are paid to harass us with their progressive dogma.

  25. gun1 says:

    Why would lit be surprsing?!  This is the sensitive!?, compassionate!? leftist morons.  They have nothing left but to demean, attack, insult, even children.  They are just plain hypocritical, lying morons.  Besides, why is an 81 year old, driving a school bus??!!

  26. boone1 says:

    Teachers should not be in unions anyway they are their to teach not do as the unions say.

    • Frank Hallman says:

      @boone1 Union teachers get in a rut and often fail to “teach,” do not wish to get out of that rut, have the union support their insensitive, dumb rears when they no longer wish to actually do their jobs as evident by the lack of quality graduates from many schools. So, your comment has merit!

    • Mary1946 says:

      use ‘there’ about a place. Obviously, y don’t know any teachers. They actually teach and belonging to a union is totally separate. DUH. obviously y slept through basic grammar. Awesome.

  27. what is the truth says:

    Love to know the work history of that 81 year old bus driver. He could be a retired state employee and just needs the extra money and benefits. In Maryland the state favors the retired Public Service employees..double dipping again after 20 years

  28. thethinman says:

    First – you let your kid get on a bus driven by an 81 year old?  I question the drivers ability to properly respond to any emergency action needed to keep from having an accident.
    Schools are not operating under “non-profit” – not a government, excuse me, public school.  ALL that being said – there is NO way the bus driver – any bus driver – or any teacher for that matter should be haranguing students ages 5 thru 18, in school about politics – that certainly isn’t what they are supposed to be doing for the money they get paid.

  29. shotgunb says:

    What is an 81 year old doing driving children anyways? I would be worried if he were a cross guard, let alone a driver!

  30. coombi says:

    I was a teacher for 30 years and was not a member of any union and have never been and will never be a progressive liberal.  Do Not lump all teachers as liberals.  More of us are conservative than liberal.

    • Randy131 says:

       Like you said, “you were a teacher”, but are not now in the public indoctrination centers of today.  Teaching was once a noble profession, teaching our children how to think, but today is nothing more than an indoctrination service, teaching are children what to think.  No longer do teachers impart to their daily wards how to be independent thinkers and sel-reliant, but instead to look for the government to provide for their every need and instill dependancy.  All this has taken the place of a first class education in the public schools, as shown by their test scores, under-achieved by the students who attend.  Thank GOD for religious and private schools, where there still exist what you proclaim to be.  The only thing that will save the American education system is a national voucher system, giving parents the means to choose what’s best for their children, thereby creating a competition through-out the school system, for students to fill the seats of schools that must provide a better education in order to attract those students, and thereby also allowing the teachers of those schools to maintain employment by forcing them to provide a proven better education to those that attend their school and classes.  But teachers, and especially their Unions, are against any type of competition, where those who are best at their jobs of teaching, are given better pay for better results, and all determined by test scores of those they supposedly teach.  Accountability, something that is not in the realm of, ‘to those according to their needs, from those according to their abilities’.

  31. Babanette says:

    What is an 81-year-old man doing driving a school bus in the first place?  I certainly would never trust a man or woman that OLD to drive a bus with my children riding on it, especially  on some rural narrow roads or highways. OK, perhaps he has passed his drivers’ test and is in supposedly good health, but anyone that OLD does not have as quick a reaction time as younger drivers when it comes to emergency situations.

  32. RonPaul2012 says:

    What I want to know is.. why is an 81 year old woman driving a school bus in the first place?

    • carolrhill814 says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more because when people in general get to that age they can barely drive a car much less a bus with 30 or 40 children on it.

  33. carolrhill814 says:

    I am so glad I was raised when I was life was so uncomplicated everyone didn’t get into everyone else’s business you went to school to learn and kids weren’t bussed  outside where you lived the schools you went to were in your neighborhood.
    When you went to school NOTHING was discussed as far what your religion was or if you were Democrat or Republican. You went to school to learn reading writing and math that is all that was important today people are to busy getting to eveyone else’s business.
    It makes me ill that this bus driver would speak to this child in this way and she should have been fired for such a horrible horrible act.
    As I have said before the adults these days are not adults they are children in adult bodies because as children do they don’t think before they act.

  34. Ron Mar says:

    There is no question about who should have been aborted – the bus driver and Obama.

    • Mary1946 says:

      Whenever possible just be as vile and nasty as the guy on the other side. Y go republicans. Y are awesome. Maybe y can even be worse. That would be cool.. Go geezers.

      • Ron Mar says:

         It is not possible “to be as vile and nasty as [you or] the guy on the other side” sold out to Obama. You are mentally ill dangers to yourselves and others like Britney Spear and the other recent Gollywood gals and need to be treated as they were and are being treated.
        Give it a rest grandma and take a look at the mess you and Obama have made. He is the greatest threat to the U..S. and the world since WWII.

      • Benjamin Franklin says:

        @Mary1946 Mary, this geezer does not like being referred to in that vain as I am in better shape than many of my juniors half my age.  My only complaint now is that I will have to go under the knife as a result of an idiot broadsiding my vehicle on the drivers side door, other than that I am in pretty good physical condition and really hated giving up my gym membership due to the injuries received.

        • Kronae says:

          @Benjamin Franklin  @Mary1946
           No doubt you deserved each one of your bodily insults.
          It is just Karma in action.  Just remember every surgery has very serious risks.

  35. Rebecca says:

    I am a teacher, and I take exception to the blanket assumption that we are all Democrats! As an evangelical Christian, it saddens me to see how liberal the unions who “represent” us have become. I resent the AFT sending me colorful brochures touting their support for Obama – that’s NOT what I pay union dues for!  I am union because school administrators should never have all the power over a teacher’s career…and I have seen them abuse power when it is given to them. I am a Christian, and a conservative. I teach because it is my calling, and being involved in the lives of my students is, in itself, a form of ministry. God put me where I am, and He gave me a job to do. Please don’t lump us all in the liberal basket!

    • Jack_Reacher says:

      Rebecca, I hear this from time to time and I am struck by the notion that someone would take a job that required them to GIVE A PART OF THEIR SALARY TO A BUNCH OF UNION THUGS with little to no accounting of where those funds actually go.   Fortunately, I live in the FREE part of America in a state that has Right to Work laws.  For those states that still do not allow their citizens to have the right to choose, then you can just about figure that the state is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

    • SolOfTexas says:

      Rebecca — until school choice is accepted as the preferred method for financing the US school systems, I see no end to either problem – abusive school administrations as well as ineffective teaching (not achieving the stated mission of the school districts). I think less central control (more local control) is in order.  Vouchers is a step in the right direction (which the AFT will SURELY oppose).

    • Benjamin Franklin says:

      I love you Rebecca, move to Oklahoma and teach the kids here what it means to follow the laws of the land that were set down by GOD and expressly taught by the followers of Christ.

  36. betty1126 says:


  37. Mary1946 says:

    Kinda sounds like the rants about the black, illegal, nazi, commie with the fat, dumb, gay, gorilla wife y see on this blog. So this poor pathetic guy has good company with y poor pathetic guys. Y geezers need to get a life. Be Republican. Just be civil. The evil, vitriolic things you say are anti Christian and anti American. Get your guy elected. It hard if y have facts not silly tirades.

  38. EllisHugh says:

    When I was in Publixc School there were no “Teacher Unions”. I got an education equal to a college degree. THAT AIN”T HAPPIN NOW!!! Why is it that the private and religious schools do not have the problems that are in the PUBLIC SCHOOLS?  I’ll answer that– NO UNIONS. They were good in the beginning, but have gotten out of hand recently. Eliminate them and you eliminate the problems..

  39. TrythisLast says:

    The school bus driver should be post-aborted….. and required to report about how it feels

  40. vonbruno63 says:

    I can just about guarantee you the driver was BLACK with a fat WHITE girlfriend/wife…but if it were the opposite, a white driver insulting a black/minority student….we would know right of way.

    • twj1964 says:

      @vonbruno63 Text said it was a 81 year old woman – 81 year old piece of less than shit would be a better description.

      • vonbruno63 says:

        @twj1964 I missed that, my mistake…thanks.

        • twj1964 says:

          @vonbruno63 Ya, I’m for calm level headed political discourse, the golden rule (which is hard to live up to when confronted with intense lameness, i.e., people who demonize anything to the right of Marx/Lenin/Stalin et al) but people who mis-treat children because of their own moronic political views should be called what they are and then flushed from the world.

      • vonbruno63 says:

        @twj1964 81??? WTF???? If were a parent, I wouldn’t have stood for an 81 yr. old granny driving my kid around.

    • Benjamin Franklin says:

      @vonbruno63 The driver was a woman as many comments have been made on the subject correcting others as I am now correcting you.

      • Kronae says:

        @Benjamin Franklin  @vonbruno63
         Obviously that is the trouble.  Women should not be allowed to drive.

  41. vonbruno63 says:

    The NEA is a Nazi dictatorship……..eff them!!

  42. betty1126 says:


    • vonbruno63 says:

      @betty1126 That’s why I have zero use for unions…I came from a union family, and now since unions will be obsolete in 2-5 years….none in my family are in.

  43. Janiemac says:

    This idiot should be nowhere around children!!!

  44. GeoNotes says:

    There is always posts/remarks about how intollerant conservatives are, however most of theses articles are about liberals bullying children.  All liberals should be banned from teaching!  Oh, excuse me, we wouldn’t have any public teachers then, only conservative ones in private & Christian schools!  The liberals are can’t even abide by their own standards when it comes to bullying, hate crimes and intollerance!

    • thethinman says:

      @GeoNotes YOU are the people that vote for your local school board, you are the people that are supposed to go to PTA/PTO or whatever you now call parent teacher organizations.  YOU are the ones that elect your state politicians and the ones who put up with ACLU/court rulings that are unconstitutional based on a supposed separation of church and state rather than the fact that CONGRESS shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion (like a state religion such as the Church of England) NOR prohibit the FREE exercise thereof.  How the courts can twist the words and the actuality of what the founders of the country and the framers of the Constitution said and meant.  The FIRST BOOK printed by the Government Printing office was the Bible – for years there was a chapel/church in the Capitol building.  What is even worse to me however – is that our schools do not teach patriotism to our country – in many schools they no longer Pledge Allegiance to the Flag – no wonder Obama doesn’t put his hand over his heart – he has no allegiance to the Nation as a Constitutional Republic.

        • GeoNotes says:

          @thethinman  @GeoNotes Hi, thethinman!  My vote has always been to support the constitutional purist position.  My heart breaks that there are those who do not realize the rich religious heritage of this great nation.  I fear that Christians have too long said that we should not be politically involved.  As for the spiritual heritage tour, I have seen it before and pray to God that it is not too late to return to our first love, the teachings of God’s Word.  Since my wife and I have no children, we have not been involved with the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) although we have both taught young children in Sunday School.  As the years have gone by, I have noted that these children are being indoctrinated, not taught to practice critical thinking.  It is sad that is the standard for today’s educational establishment.  I feel America has become more like the Chinese, Soviets, and even the Hitler Youth.  I will pray with you, and do the best I can to help this country return to its roots.  What can I do for you that would help us do this?  /Sincerely, GeoNotes

        • JaclynBarnes says:

          @GeoNotes  @thethinman Continue to pray for America that somehow G-d will perform a miracle,to remove Obama!
          But also remember Israel in your prayers,especially Jerusalem!These children need to know that we are not,the enemies of G-d!Or the occupier’s as the Palestine’s like to call us!Also they need to know that Israel would like,to be America;s friend again!I know in America a lot of people say bad things,about us!Praise our enemies.Try to teach your children if you can because I do not know,what age Sunday School!Or if you and your wife still teach!But most Israel’s love America I just wish America,felt the same way!

        • GeoNotes says:

          @JaclynBarnes  @thethinman Indeed, my friend!  I will pray for the Peace of Israel.  She is God’s chosen people & my heart goes out to her people and especially her children.  Shalom

  45. betty1126 says:


  46. Bruce says:

    In our documentary we show children in a 4th grade class getting bullied by the teacher about wanting McCain in 2008 instead of obama, it’s so sad and shocking.  This is a must see documentary, “One Nation Under Fraud The Documentary”

  47. Evermyrtle says:

    I am 82 years old myself, so I think that it would not be “the thing” to blame a bad attitude to age. I believe that just as long as GOD allows to live we should grow in wisdom, knowledge, understanding others and  love for others. We do not need to become hard, mean and cold because of age or for any reason. We should realize that every other person has just as much right to space as we have.
    As for abortion I have been tempted to think about one reason for abortion and that is, “what if those who wish for abortion for their own babies of for someone else, “what if those people had been aborted, would that have changed anything, today.

    • mclark4430 says:

      @Evermyrtle I don’t quite understand if you think abortion is alright or not alright.

    • Benjamin Franklin says:

      You possibly mean Obama, in his case he was not aborted, the doctor that delivered him was legally blind and threw away the baby and spanked life into the afterbirth.

  48. betty1126 says:


  49. Dev says:

    In my faith, it is mentioned in our scriptures, that when it’s the final time of a person’s  destruction, that person has no wisdom left in him/her. Today’s society thinks, they are liberal, no boundaries, no love but only selfishness. They are going back to the Stone Age, when there was no restrictions of any kind. Then they realized the need for some discipline. We see this kind of behavior in many places. They don’t believe in God, but I would like to pray for them.

    • Michael in Tampa says:

      Proverbs 25:21-22  New International Version (NIV)
      21 If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.
      22 In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head, and the Lord will reward you.

      • Harold Heckuba says:

        @Michael in Tampa
         Also, Romans 12:19

        • Michael in Tampa says:

          @Harold Heckuba Roman 12:17-21
          17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[d] says the Lord. 20 On the contrary:
          “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;     if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”[e]
          21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

        • SolOfTexas says:

          @Harold Heckuba  @Michael in Tampa Some defraud stockholders, business suppliers, vendors, and customers – purposefully. These are the truly  despicable and should be shunned and prosecuted  when discovered.

  50. An American Veteran says:

    There was an incident several years ago about a High School teacher quoting Stalinism doctorin in class. He was telling the students that  the Comunists were the only real citizens. That the Stalin Government was the only real government in the world. The United States Government was worthless and not real. Then he started telling the kids that they had “NO CIVIL RIGHTS” and they had to obey what he told them to do. This class was World History.
    When my daughter got home from school, she told me what had happened. She also told me that the teacher said that “You children have NO Rights” of any kind. Only to obey what you are told by him.
    I went to the school and reported what I was told by my daughter. There were several parents there complaining about the same thing. The Principle said he would take whatever action that was required. A weel later, the History Teacher was “Fired” with the loss of his credentials and loss of his retirement. He NEVER taught again in the USA.
    My daughter came home from school one day and said “The History Teacher Was Gone”. “He Was Fired”. The system did work then (1985). I hope it still works!

    • Harold Heckuba says:

      It will as long as we STAND UP and SHOVE BACK when we’re PUSHED! GOOD JOB on taking action against that NAZI! 10 STARS! 😀

  51. Dev says:

    In my opinion, when Mitt Romney said 47%, he did not mean needy person or Veterans or disabled people, but people who are capable of working, but don’t want to,  and claim food stamps etc benefits. Mitt Romney has served so many needy people in his life.

    • Harold Heckuba says:

      Typical LIBTARDS who BEND and TWIST peoples words to benefit THEMSELVES (or at least TRY to)? What’s even MORE sad is there are people who’ll SWALLOW IT (the twisted lies) and STILL vote for the scumbag liars! I guess you JUST CAN’T FIX STUPID?

  52. Jym says:

    The University systems were the first institutions to be invaded by progressives, athiest, marxists, communits, ACLU, SDS & a number of other anti-American organizations during the 1960’s. This was the most divisive period in our history since the civil war. The next organizations to be infiltrated by the above were the media/journalism schools & the law schools. The teachers produced since the 60’s have been subjected to a liberal indoctrination that has overwhelmed our public educational institutions. The 60’s also produced the educated, elitist, left wing baby boomers into our society. They trashed traditional values, denounced their parents, sex, drugs & rock & roll was their war cry, patriotism was admonished. Now we have decision makers in positions of power in government, our public educational system, and our courts. Wake up America.

    • Fenderman52 says:

      Yes you’re right.  The educational system was another casualty of that damn Viet Nam war.  Since getting a student deferment was one way out of serving the schools were packed with antiwar liberals that stayed behind the ivy-covered walls so long that they became today”s professors.

      • pigboatpilot says:

        @Fenderman52  Yes Jym is correct., but you Fenderman52 are wrong the Educational System was not casualty of your “damn Viet Nam war”!  Your “damn Viet Nam war”  was a convent tool to further corrupt the educational system. The War was lost  because the the Leftwing Progressives that were running the Government at the time prevented the Military prosecuting the war properly and they are responsible for the terrible loss of life that We and the Viet Nam (both North and South) suffered.

    • SparkGap says:

      @Jym  Correct Jym…They have been at work over 100 years by “stealth”, “subterfuge” and infiltration.   The “tares” have matured and scattered their seed in the wheat field.  The damage will be difficult to correct.

    • SolOfTexas says:

      @Jym — I am not out to declare war on “intellectuals”. But they definitely should be confronted and opposed when they try to substitute facts merely with opinions. Let us not have the same fate as the Roman Republic or the Weimar Republic.

  53. Retired2005 says:

    Guest in Brandon, FL.    I am a retired Court Reporter.   The ACLU has and always has been, just as AARP and
    N.O.W., an arm of the Democratic party, which totally pretends to be an honest, caring, organization to serve the American public.   They may all have started off with good intentions, but they have been infiltrated by the Liberal

  54. betty1126 says:


  55. SparkGap says:

    Some  reminders: Alexis deToqueville wrote “Democracy in America”, the book that described the workings of the American society and system in the early 1800s.  However,  The USA is a REPUBLIC. The founders REJECTED DEMOCRACY as the ruling system for our union.  Unless the U.S. Constitution is replaced or overruled by tyrants or ignorant fools, the U.S. will remain a republic.  Next, the DEMOCRAT Party is never -IC. Neither is it presently democratic, rather it is infiltrated and usurped by Marxists (of various “flavors”),  like the “Flavian Socialists” (Marxists) who sought and seek to overthrow our Republic by stealth and subterfuge since the late 1800s.   “Liberal” and “Progressive” tags just sidestep the fact that they are politically and philosophically MARXists who do not hesitate to plot, lie, cheat, name call, scandalize, hound & destroy their “opposition” according to the methods of Saul Alinsky,  Cloward & Piven, National Socialism, Vladimir Lenin, and Karl Marx.  One of their maxims is “The issue is never the issue: The issue is always THE REVOLUTION.”  They would replace the American republican system with a form of socialism,  which is only a stepping stone to establishment of Marx’s communist system with the resultant atheistic  “Workers Paradise.”  They are not bashful to crash anything Judeo-Christian,  and they are willing to silence, belittle or destroy anyone who lives by the Judeo-Christian world view.  Let us call the darness by its true name—  atheistic MARXIST – and have done with “Democrat”, or “Progressive”, or “Liberal ” descriptions.
     “The wicked boasts of his heart’s desire, and the greedy man curses and spurns the Lord. The wicked, in the haughtiness of his face does not see “HIM”.  All his thoughts are, “There is no God.” (Ps 10)
      Again, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God” …..They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt…”    (Ps 14)   ( a “fool” in the Bible  is one who is a rebel –  one who gets in God’s face with his rebellion. Such a one is  not silly, or intellectually deficient,  but rather MORALLY deficient).
      The fruit of their tree is rotten. The water of their well is poisoned. The word of their mouth is deceitful. The thoughts of their “heart” are destruction.

    • SparkGap says:

      Correction –  “Let us call the DARKNESS by its true name……

    • ZackLanphere says:

       Excellent comment.

    • SolOfTexas says:

      @SparkGap — I got confused on IC. Please explain? Interstitial cystitis (IC)? International Communist (IC)? Intensive Care (IC)? Independently confirmed (IC)?
      Some acronyms just confuse me? Could you please spell out a first usage in the future to reduce  confusion?

      • SparkGap says:

        @SolOfTexas “My Bad” Sorry Sol…. Please read : …”the DEMOCRAT party is never DEMOCRAT-IC.”  ……Too many mistakenly say  “Democratic Party” – Then again, in their conduct they do not resemble the classic Greek democratic model.  They are Marxist revolutionaries and use any means possible to accomplish their nefarious goals…..Long live free Texas. Long live free Indiana.  God Bless.

  56. BJK says:

    BJK- My grandson is in kindergarten in Ohio. He went on a field trip yesterday to a library where the librarian talked to them about the election and how everyone should vote for Obama. That is totally inappropriate for 5 year olds- really , for any school children.  How do they get away with this??

    • Harold Heckuba says:

      Create an UPRISING and take it to the TOP! Get them FIRED for trying to influence their political beliefs onto defenseless little kids! Go to the P.T.A. and COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN! INSIST that they take action AGAINST this B.S! That’s how to fix it! 😀

    • rebelove says:

      You’d be surprised at the things they get away with in Ohio, especially in Kent, and especially SOME of the judges there…just saying…

  57. Harold Heckuba says:

    Bus driver is a joke! Fortunately he was removed for his behavior of mistreating a poor defenseless 12 year old. Apparently, a LIBTARD slipped through the cracks? WHY AREN’T THESE FREAKS BEING SCREENED?
    Kid had it right!

    • SparkGap says:

      @Harold Heckuba  The driver was an 81 year old WOMAN.

      • Harold Heckuba says:

         My mistake. At least she’s GONE, BABY, GONE! 😀

        • Harold Heckuba says:


        • ChristieFields says:

          @Harold Heckuba  @SparkGap I agree, she should be in St. Petersburg, FL playing bingo.

  58. mclark4430 says:

    Kids get bullied enough by other students without teachers and bus drivers doing the same thing.

  59. gun1 says:

    I don’t believe there has been any age related prejudice intended.  To be 81 and healthy is commendable and should be applauded.  However, the fact remains, that at the age of 81, regardless of your physical well being, you do not have the reaction time required to make a split second decision in case of an emergency.  Nor does an 81 year old have the physical strength to properly and safely operate a huge vehicle with precious cargo to boot.  In total, an 81 year old person has NO business operating a school bus.  Enjoy life and relax, but don’t drive a bus load of children.

  60. Lisa says:

    Our local school system is not non profit. Many are not. This wasn’t aschool system attacking a person’s choice for president, it was one person. There are good and bad people in all walks of life. I don’t see how this became a religious arguement, it was a horrible comment by a lady who clearly doesn’t need to be around kids, and she was removed from her job immediately. What more could you ask for?

  61. sharer014 says:

    The IRON FIST of CHRIST needs to descend on this nation and DESTROY THE INFIDELS AND MUD RACES FOREVER!
    Pick up your KNIFE and follow me!

  62. Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution
    Need to revise to add “the President together with his/her staff” as it appears that the President and his czars are also circumventing the laws of the land.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Paul M. Mrozinsky
    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution
    From: James Graham
    As a widow of a military retiree, who stood with her husband for over 20 years while he served this country (which was the greatest in the world until this Congress and President took over), I have to say I agree. Shirley
    As a retired military man that have given over twenty-seven years of my life to my country, I truly feel that what this Country needs most is a new amendment to the Constitution . I am recommending that we add the 28th amendment to the Constitution of the UNITED STATES.
    For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that Congress members could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they didn’t pay into Social Security, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform that is being considered…in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn’t seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.
    This is a good way to do that. It is an idea whose time has come.
    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:
    “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Congressman, Senators, Representatives and the President together with his/her staff; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Congressman, Senators, Representatives, and the President together with his/her staff that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States”.
    This 28th amendment to the Constitution of the UNITED STATES Will apply to all passed, present and future Congressman, Senators And Representatives. Just think of all the money this would save the tax payers!!!!!
    I think the Senators, Representatives or Congressman that comes out strongly for this will be our next President.
    HTCM USN Retired James A. Graham

    • Frank A McCafferty says:

      I disagree, the problem is the electorate, us, we, me, I am the problem. According to surveys we elect who “looks” presidential. 
      Ask yourselves, did I do my due diligence when hussein announced his candidacy? I did, and discovered that he is the son of frank marshall davis, a black communist organizer, that moved to hawaii and was under surveillance by hussein’s grandfather stanley dunham.
      Research, research folks, take nothing at face value.

      • ChristieFields says:

        @Frank A McCafferty Cite your sources then.

      • Benjamin Franklin says:

        Hello again Frank, I am in agreement with you that the biggest crooks in politics the Electoral college who more than less say”cross my palm with silver and you get my vote”  are our biggest deterrent in having a truly honest and smaller form of government and were it not for them I would have the 140,000.000 write in votes to put me over the top, but as long as they are in control it behooves me not to stretch it, otherwise I would have a web-site up with my “PLAN FOR AMERICA ” that a few weeks ago I commented on the patriot page and received an immediate 4,509 “like” hits.  from what you have penned, I am compelled to think you would agree with my “PLAN”. It is as follows. 
        No money, only guts I am not a person of wealth to butt heads in political debates and to openly declare my aspirations for putting America back on course and gain back the respect of other nations. To do this, I will need the American people to back me wholeheartedly. I am an honest man and as my ex wife once told me that I would be a very rich man if I were not afraid to step on others. I have served my country honorably in three branches of service and wear my Korea Veterans cap to remind people we are not the “forgotten vets” as the media has portrayed us. General George Washington was a write in candidate for the presidency so there would be no precedent on my part if I were to win that seat. Following are my plans for my platform, ” A much smaller and smarter government”. Alright America, as to my plan to bring our country back to an even keel and gain back the respect of other nations who have been Kow-Towed to by our change and hope so called president. His change is for a predominately homosexual government body and his hope is for tyrannical rule over us. As our forefathers instruct us in the Declaration of Independence to oust a form of government harming the people and install a new form. With your help we can initiate a form of selection, not election that will have no need of the electoral college, the biggest political crooks. In this manner, those in their peak both physically and mentally in the age group of 30 to 50, the first year may or someone else can submit their name to their district office where as thousands of names will be entered if not millions. Year two they will be screened by a panel of clergy to eject all undesirables. Year three tested by experts in all fields with process of elimination to arrive with one person from each state. These fifty in year four will enter a large chamber and each to a cubicle with computer and video-cam. Computer has another series of tests more stringent than previously taken, video cam is for eyes of world to pan cubicles to view facial expressions and body movements of those being tested. Highest scorer is new president with each lessening of scores to fill new government cabinet. The forty nine will have access to a large computer bank and they will be advisors and afilliates to the president. None will have a personal staff. Benjamin Franklin during those four years will, with out a salary put America back on course. First to obliterate Obamacare and since we are not in Russia dump the czars. Next we ” can” T.S.A., E.P.A., N.E.A. and any other agency not performing a real service. Everyone will be placed on a 13% flat tax. Make a million, pay 13%, make a thousand, pay 13% , no tax shelters or credits. If you are being paid a wage, you pay taxes. This will result in approximately an 80% reduction in the I.R.S. compliment with an option to continue working in uniform with U.S. troops returned from policing countries unwarranted to police our own borders against illegal entry. To countries the present administration has indebted us to for billions of dollars, inform them that what has been received is partial payment of what they owe us from WWII and to write it off. And, to those corporations that took advantage of us through NAFTA to utilize slave labor leaving minimal employment here that if they manufacture in other countries, they sell their products in other countries, not here and if they opt to return and pay the American worker a decent living wage, they are welcome. Where there is oil, drill and some of the more abundant petroleum properties are federally owned going against the constitution whereas the government is not to own property other than property deemed by the American people to be a National park or monument. All other such properties will be auctioned to the highest private American buyer, no foreign entities allowed. Upon learning that the United Nations are the issuers of social security numbers and have complete domination over the I.M.F. and the I.R.S. with American taxpayers picking up the major funding for it’s existence and that now it consist mainly of Islamic nations who would enslave us, I feel it time to pull the plug along with our hard earned tax dollars funding these Godless Idol worshipers and turn over to U.S. agencies activities that should be performed by them such as the issuance of S.S. numbers by the Social Security Administration. It is no wonder illegals are able to draw benefits with out ever having worked here. However, I do feel that those having lived here for a period of five years and are contributing to our nation to be schooled for a period of six months on U.S. History, cultures and our language and then sworn in as American citizens. Refusals to be deported with families. Welfare to be enacted by certain churches in each community with subsidization from the government. For those who are qualified by a physician appointed by the church, will receive supplementary assistance, all others advised to seek employment. (There will be some exceptions) Mr. Franklin will serve his four years (without salary as did President George Washington) to implement his plan and when his term has expired, put a petition on the internet for America to sign to end the two party system on a National level while maintaining on local and state levels to preserve a balance. This action will send the career politicians packing making way for fifty honest people being groomed to lead the people, not rule with salary approved by the people to a more abundant and brighter future and at the end of their four years receive a generous severance package making room for next 50 being groomed. What I have written here to be executed by the powers of the office will in fact cause all worthwhile proposals by other candidates to fall in place without the expense of a huge war chest. All that is needed is for America to wake up and head us in the right direction for a more prosperous and brighter future for coming generations to seek Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Taking note of the movie “Going Home”, that sometimes there is no home to go back to after returning from battle and no job.  This has been ongoing for years,  After returning from Korea I read in the want ads, “NO FEE FOR SPECIAL SITUATIONS”.  The man had a long list of jobs that I was qualified for so I told him I was a Korea vet with a wife and two small children, would that qualify me for the “NO FEE”?  He said it would not and that the no fee jobs were for relations out of work.  After a few choice words with the fat slob, I paid the fee. If elected, I will have congress put into law that when a person is absent from employment due to deployment to foreign soil,his position to be filled by temporary employment until he is fully reinstated.  Benjamin Franklin

    • Kronae says:

      Well HTCMUSN RET.  Whatever that is!
      How could you ever give up your life to serve in the heartless military.  It is time to get rid of all militaries in the world and just live in peace and harmony with those who serve our rules.

      • Benjamin Franklin says:

        Scum bag, I am having difficulty in voicing my opinion of you.  I think were you wearing a hi-top hat you could gracefully walk under a snakes belly,.  I served in three branches of our esteemed military and missed out on the fourth only because of injuries sustained when I rolled a weapons carrier 300 yards down the side of a snow covered mountain and was medically discharged.   Your rules are the rules of the moon god Allah also known to most of us as Satan who walks around seeing who he can devour and it looks like he found you to be a tasty morsel to do his bidding.  To put it mildly, Satan worshipper, YOU STINK.

  63. lilhobbit17 says:

    I am a liberal and a “Christian” as I believe in God.  I also believe that each person has the right to voice their own opinion, they also have the right to suffer the consequences of voicing opinions. Each person also has the right to support who ever, or whatever, they choose no matter how old they are. It was good of the school to sack that bus driver. No one should ever tell a child something like that. All children are born for a reason, and none should ever be aborted! All my opinion, and I don’t really care who doesn’t agree.

    • Kartua says:

      @lilhobbit17Liberals by party believe in abortion, all of them!

    • JasperHeath says:

      @lilhobbit17 Sure each person has the right to voice their own opinion.  Each of us has the right to choose fire or water.  Each of us has the right to skip around from PROTEST-ant “church” to PROTEST-ant “church” until we discover we can’t find a single pastor who agrees with our own self-determined theology.  Problem is, Jesus Christ said the path is narrow and few there are who find it.  Nothing gets into Heaven which is stained.  And we are horribly polluted. Better get to confession and Holy Mass.  Do penance as both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ came preaching.  Penance!  Today’s Mass readings show St. Paul stating, “Now those who belong to Christ have crucified their flesh with its passions and desires.”  Do you know anyone who goes that far in doing penance?  In America?  Puh-leaaaaase!

      • Benjamin Franklin says:

        Jasper, there is only one way you will enter heavens gates and it is not through confessing to another mortal being or attending holy Mass.  Read John 10: 9    Who said, “GOD helps those who help themselves” ?  was it John or maybe Paul, no neither of these, it is a quote from my ancestor who has been accused of deism and atheism by some, one Benjamin Franklin.  He possessed two bibles one of which he bequeathed to his godson and the other passed down from generation to generation until it was stolen about six years ago with the passing of an aunt whose possession it had been in.

      • Kronae says:

        @JasperHeath  @lilhobbit17
         You must be nutz!  OR don’t have any?  Have you been diddling with the priest?

    • Kronae says:

       Well that is your opinion.  Abortion should be made a sacrament.

      • Toomuchsense says:

        @Kronae  @lilhobbit17
         So anti-social. So self loathing. Can’t escape can you Kronae. When one has no hope, or love, or respect of self, from deep within one’s soul.  Where one own lies can’t penrtrate or mask the truth, all that’s left is emptyness and vacuous of purpose. Leaving terror and anger in its place. It is pure agony, is it not Kronae. But you do have your keyboard.

  64. rebelove says:

    I’ve had my share of problems with bus drivers, but lets remember… this was one, 80 something individual, a person old enough to know better, and apparently under the illusion that age gives her an excuse to be a ‘thoughtless wonder’. Her termination really isn’t enough, but what can you do? There is no way to prevent this from happening, except to take our children to and from school ourselves. My very Christian prayers are with this child, and his parents!

    • Benjamin Franklin says:

      @rebelove  Ah! the good old days when we walked in groups to and from school 2-3 miles each way come spring, summer, fall and winter dressed appropriately for each season even sometimes in clothes our mothers made such as sun suits, shirts and dresses from brightly colored flour sacks and memories of the first day fighting for the seats next to the open  windows to get the Indian summer breezes.  We had our bullies true, but they were of our own generation and not someone in authority.   I remember one in general that always picked on someone weaker than himself and prone to cry.   This one passed on a few years ago just as he was getting his new business set up that gave good indication of the true character of this individual which was a telephone sex business.  (didn’t get off the ground) LOL.

      • Kronae says:

        @Benjamin Franklin  @rebelove
         Too bad sex businesses are booming!  Guess his kids inherited it and will become millionaires.

        • Toomuchsense says:

          @Kronae  @Benjamin Franklin  @rebelove
           Ok Kronae, time to take a shower and change your underwear.

        • Kronae says:

          @Toomuchsense  @Benjamin Franklin  @rebelove
           I change my underwear as a dirty thong in uncomfortable.
          Unlike Maromney I don’t wear the MagiKal Underwear required by his cult.

        • Toomuchsense says:

          @Kronae  @Benjamin Franklin  @rebelove
           Oh, you don’t get it Kronae. We live our life as individuals. What my neighbor does, his joys, his pains, his success, his failures. Are his. My life is my own, within reason. My joys, success, pains and failures. So Romney’s attributes are his, as yours are your’s. But I can see that the joys of your enemies, result in the pain in your anus. So whatever Romney does, does not relieve you yourself of doing right. No excuses.

  65. quilltr says:

    @Circlecast Don’t think that was right, but can’t say what I would do if Iwas a bus driver, which by God’s grace I am NOT. #CouldNotPayMe

  66. betty1126 says:


    • Maddd_doggg says:

      @betty1126 Didn’t read ALL CAPS comment

    • Kronae says:

       You are one of the most ill informed old woman we have seen posting.  Amazing you can type at all.
      You obviously don’t know the rules for posting your error filled posts.  Do not post all in caps!  Are you stupid or just dumb.
      If you vote for Moromney you will vote for a voucher system for less than $4000 per year.  How much insurance do you think you can buy for that?    Hope in your elderly senile state you don’t realize if you have any pre-existing conditions you will not have admittance to any insurance.
      All of this has gone on when Medicare was introduced.  It not only survived and it has become the high water mark for medical care for seniors.  Even those such as yourself.

      • Toomuchsense says:

        @Kronae  @betty1126
         Trying nice does not seem to be in your genes. Oh, the pain in your dermis.

  67. RebeccaEdwards says:

    shame on the bus driver. how would they like it if someone said something like that to them because they support a muslim? are you non-american to support a muslim for another 4 yrs.? oblamer has brought america to her knees and will continue until leaving the white house. can we really afford another 4 yrs.?

    • Kronae says:

       Just wait until he is re-elected in a landslide in November.
      Guess you are jealous as you were not invited to the Whitehouse Halloween Party.
      Too bad.

  68. Frank A McCafferty says:

    Its all the work of our enemy satan. Get it in your head folks, he is the prince of the air, the king of the “world” remember he tempted Jesus, by offering him the power over the earth?
    Its a battle for our minds and souls, change the mind from Jesus to man and soon follows our fall from grace and fall into sin and darkness.
    Walk up folks, its not surprise surprise.

    • Benjamin Franklin says:

      Right Frank, the old boy in the red suit is always trying to give what isn’t his to give, he can’t give the world, it isn’t his to give, however, “Prince of the air” , that one I will put my stamp of approval on because he is full of hot air and as far as any other air, there is nothing but air for him to have control over or basically, nothingness.  Old red long johns wields no power over those of us who choose the blessed trinity.

    • Kronae says:

      @Frank A McCafferty
       We will chose the better life.

  69. di from Oregon says:

    Too sad, the out right bullying of the left of our children, treating them like they are cattle with no mind of their own.  It wasn’t like this when I was a child, the adults, were expected to be examples of maturity, honor, reputable and mannerly people.  Too bad that half of our households have two people working full time, or the other half single parenting, so that kids are unprotected.  Most of this bullying by adults probably isn’t even caught.

  70. Gee, I’d be curious as to just how much melanin this driver has in his skin.

    • Benjamin Franklin says:

      @chuckshermanjr Probably a lot from eat’ n lots of melons, greens and chittlins and being as thin skinned as he was, highly pronounced.

      • Kronae says:

        @Benjamin Franklin  @chuckshermanjr
         What a delightful two.  It is nice to see two from the Ayrian Nation posting their same racist and bigoted thoughts.

  71. Argumentative says:

    Not real sure I would be comfortable with letting my child ride a bus with an 81 year old driver at the wheel. I don’t care how long or experienced they are. Reaction time is crucial in an emergency. But to scold a child over a political issue is rather bizzare. Thumbs up on the parent for an explanation which lead to this driver being terminated.

  72. acwest says:

    WTF happened to America???  We’re becoming the Middle East!

  73. NUF SAID70 says:

    At least she won’t have to worry about her breeding !!!

  74. NUF SAID70 says:

    My BAD !! At least WE won’t have to worry !!

  75. betty1126 says:

    SEEMS EVERYDAY WE ARE MORE AND MORE LIKE THEM DOES’NT IT ? problem is this president , so called president thinks he’s part of them ! rumors have it the inscription on the wedding ring says , THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH !

    • Kronae says:

       Did you start this rumor on your own?  Now post your citation so we can read the proof!

  76. york says:

    What Happen to America? AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL is turning UGLY. It is sad to see how this country going like the third world country.

    • Kronae says:

       The U. S. has always been ugly.  Take a look from the European/middle-eastern side the area is just filled with ugly americans.  They have been around forever and they seem to keep coming to Europe,
      Italy and Greece.  To bad the americans don’t just stay put in their version of the third world.

  77. Guest says:

    Bus drivers have access to our children daily. This makes them doubly accountable to us, just like they were a public official or public servant. There probably should have been some prosecution here as well. The Constitution is made for a God-fearing Christian population, and is wholly unsuitable for any other. Therefore, those who are NOT law abiding citizens, who seek to threaten others and manipulate to get their way illegally or in a way that causes others harm, especially children, can NOT be governed under the Constitution. It follows that none of the rights or privileges can apply to them either. So what is left? Brutal dictatorship with extremely harsh penalties for the most minor infraction, slavery to the government and a constant climate of fear. YOU CHOOSE.

    • Kronae says:

      You have never read the US constitution obviously.  Based on an agreement of the Iroquois Nation.
      Now that group had nothing to do with xians.  The constitution as it is written was not written for god fearing xians nuts.  It was written for all the nuts who live in the U.S.  Most of them have nothing to do with any god of any stripe.  Hardly a one of them know the Pope and his place in their lives.
      There is NO slavery to the government in the U.S.  If there were I would love to order 3 beautiful Nubian slaves.  I need just two more.

      • Toomuchsense says:

         I can see you have read, and have many facts from those readings. May you acquire the wisdom to understand those facts, human nature and forgiveness. Along with the ability to understand when one is being funny while being sarcastic. Or just sarcasticly bad-mannered. There is a difference.
        But you may just get your wish, only that the three you wish for, being nubian nannies. They do however have big mammary’s, which will satisfy you greatly.

  78. MalikTous says:

    It’s obvious that that bus driver ceased learning long before reaching 81. She should have been aborted or exiled for supporting an illegal alien fraud and freak like Borkup Obummer, a political scammer far worse than Romney.

  79. Juliandh says:

    This action, by a so-called, public employee is deplorable, The saving grace is they were terminated. The disgusting part is the school district, their former employers, and other entities associated with this person will go unpunished. One can hope and pray that the parents find a sympathetic attorney who sues the driver, the district, and school bus company. This writer had to explain his anger to three grandchildren what this vermin said. Even  they were upset by her actions. @juliandh

  80. Kronae says:

    The bus driver has a point.  Actually there should be no discussions on a public school bus about either religions or
    It would really have been providential if the parents of this kid had been subject to abortion.  But then they are from a backwards town in WI.  What can one expect from these types of creatures that would support Moromney.

    • Az Rocks says:

      @Kronae  you are so rude and wrong – just saying

      • Toomuchsense says:

        @Az Rocks  @Kronae
         Az Rocks, just read Kronae’s other comments. He’s crude. He’s rude. He has no class. His skin hurts, as his soul is rot.

      • Kronae says:

        @Az Rocks
         You must mean Rude, Crude and Fickin good.

        • Toomuchsense says:

          @Kronae  @Az Rocks
           Didn’t your parents teach you, that compliments should come from others. Not self directed.

        • Kronae says:

          @Toomuchsense  @Az Rocks
           No.  We were always told to speak up for ourselves and  toot our own horns or rear ends.

    • morehouse77 says:

      @Kronae maybe if your parents were allowed to have an abortion back then you would not be around either giving these disgusting comments.

      • Kronae says:

         I wouldn’t have been around to care.  But my mum did have several abortions as have my sisters and girlfriends.

      • Kronae says:

         I would not have known nor cared.  Just remember if men got pregnant Abortion would be made a holy sacrament.

  81. adamenochnoah says:

    With all the people out of work, why in the world are we letting an 81 yr-old drive a busload of noisy school kids for anyway?

  82. Olaf says:

    Crass self-centered and opinionated ignorance has become the norm. I’m not even old but when I was a kid people didn’t drop the f bomb in casual conversation. First the dumbing down and then settle for less attitude will permeate the USA and our country will rot away. Does anyone realize that the media especially cable TV force feeds stupidity by the shovel load and like a few companies control every channel we watch? Most cable networks are all owned by the same corporations .Liberals do not listen-ever. Today they are condemning  other people’s arguments constantly.They are as smug and self righteous as they claim their opponents are. Idiots. And as for this person? The bus driver? Smooth.81? Sounds like a victim of entitlement and as ignorant as any other racist junk. Time to retire and SHUT THE HELL UP!

    • Kronae says:

      Don’t know where your grew up but the term Ficken was used by everyone.  A Daugherty of a friend of mine even wrote a song about it,
      I got knocked up one night when the balloon burst.  Now I have to rock you to sleep.  Oh if I had only listened to the nurse I wouldn’t have to take care of the Ficken kid.  Now I have to find a big rock.

      • Az Rocks says:

        @Kronae never heard of that song or that word

        • Kronae says:

          @Az Rocks
           Sprechen ze Deutsch?

        • Toomuchsense says:

          @Kronae  @Az Rocks
           You are impressive. To yourself exclusively. In thy minds eye, you are a genius.

        • Kronae says:

          @Toomuchsense  @Az Rocks
           It is not exclusive.  I am very impressive in the eyes of many of those who are my followers.

        • Toomuchsense says:

          @Kronae  @Az Rocks
           Not surprised of your delusions. Many of those with such anti-social behaviors, do have parallel thoughts of their own grandiose being. Why don’t you go knock down a kid on a skateboard or granny if they have a Romney bumper sticker in the driveway.

        • Kronae says:

          @Toomuchsense  @Az Rocks
           If they have a Moromney sticker on their car or in their lawn they are too stupid to even bother with.  Although the group has already appropriated many of them.

      • Toomuchsense says:

         You have such classless friends. But then again, what kind of class of person, would hang around with a loser of a soul as you.

        • Kronae says:

           Wouldn’t be your kind as we wouldn’t want you around us.  Anyone with a stick up their ass is not needed.  Go stand under any bridge you have all the smells and bells of a religious troll.

        • Toomuchsense says:

           So what is the name of your group, so I’ll know whom to bump if they’re blocking my way? What with the religious troll comment? You somekind of anti-christ disiciple? You have your opinions, I have mine. Just don’t try to stop me from mine. But as far as me being a troll, you may have a point. Since I have a life, I don’t live on these sites in my underwear and dripple coming down my cheeks. Kronae, your a classic comment site bar-fly. You live at the key-bar, as you have no where else to go. Drifting through life as an illusional big ass behind a screen. But talk does define a person, even with limp wrist. Why don’t you try nice, and see how pleasant it can be?

        • EricHaulenbeek says:

          @Kronae  You are really a disgusting person.  I know people like you get a kick out of this childish behavior… spending your time on mom’s computer, feeling like ‘the man’.  And that’s why you’re such a nothing.  Don’t you realize that people here can see right through you?  You’re not impressing one person here with your moronic logic, sharing your emptiness for the world to see.  You aught to be spending this time building your life up instead of giving us all a look at the meager ramblings of a person without the ability to think critically and connect the dots.  What a waste of a life.  I truly am sad when I meet someone with no character at all and no comprehension of an honorable thought.  I pity you, and your lost soul.

        • Kronae says:

           Ah but there are great benefits in this country for those of us here from the great lands.

        • Kronae says:

           In the US there is no such thing as nice.  You are all a bunch of backwoods boobs.  Everyone to their own form of life.  Whilst I have to be here I will continue to work with this group.  Neat offices…overlooks the ocean in Marina Del Ray in So. Cal.
          Some really cool guys here.  Now we are waiting for the big No. Hollywood Day Parade and evening festivities.

        • RichardWest says:

          @Kronae  @Toomuchsense I’ve read enough dribble from Kronae.  You, Kronae, are a flaming idiot, from a failure of a welfare country.  I’ve had enough of your crap.  I would love to meet you, so I could exercise my Krav Maga on your sorry ass.  Then nobody would have to continue with arguing with a mental reject.

      • RomMom says:

         What’s a “Daugherty” is that an Irish Daughter?  You’re a “Ficken” Idiot, Kronae!!!

    • Kronae says:

      Don’t know where your grew up but the term Ficken was used by everyone.  A daughter of a friend of mine even wrote a song about it,
      I got knocked up one night when the balloon burst.  Now I have to rock you to sleep.  Oh if I had only listened to the nurse I wouldn’t have to take care of the Ficken kid.  Now I have to find a big rock.

    • Kronae says:

      Don’t know where your grew up but the term Ficken was used by everyone.  A daughter of a friend of mine even wrote a song about it,
      I got knocked up one night when the balloon burst.  Now I have to rock you to sleep.  Oh if I had only listened to the nurse I wouldn’t have to take care of the Ficken kid.  Now I have to find a big rock.

  83. Jimmyjim says:

    We are losing the “old” America and that’s what made us great.  The bus driver should have been repremended but not fired.  Perhaps in the not to distance future the bus driver would serve jail time .. I think we are headed in that direction.  Our younger generation is approaching that line and they don’t realize it but their children may cross that line and American as we know it will be gone.  Some may go to Russia for greater freedom.

    • Toomuchsense says:

       The old days, would have resulted in the father of this child beating the heck out of this child abuser. Whom exactly was the adult on the bus. It surely was not the bus driver. He had no right to insult this young man and his family.  Jimmyjim, this bus driver ever meet the parents? What issues this worn out old liberal have, to involve himself by abusing this child. How do you Jimmyjim approve of the bus driver’s actions? Sick.

  84. morehouse77 says:

    the bus driver should be fired period.that is one of the worst things anyone could say to a child .he could have mental problems in the future because of her stupidity….

  85. Kronae says:

    The bus driver has a point.  Actually there should be no discussions on a public school bus about either religions or
    It would really have been providential if the parents of this kid had been subject to abortion.  But then they are from a backwards town in WI.  What can one expect from these types of creatures that would support Moromney.

    • Toomuchsense says:

       So individuals on a bus, taxi, in public, can’t discuss the events of the day including political issues? Kronae, I’m trying to understand your stance. Is it that you do not believe in freedom of speech and expression, and can’t see the difference in someone talking with a friend, and an employee during company time butting in and involving themself in a conversation. Then belittleing a young child as you, the suppose adult disagrees!  Kronae, it must really hurt to live a day in your skin. Such disappointment that your vileness exceeds your goodness, that you would support the abuse of a child. Sick.

      • Kronae says:

         You do not have the ability to understand me nor others such as myself who are free spirits in this world.
        My country is the very one that is responsible for your interpretation of freedoms of speech etc.  But then you don’t know much about the world outside of your little life in the U.S.
        By the way other than a bit of a sunburn my skin is just gorgeous.  It has been reared on daily use of Olive Oil both internally and externally on my beautiful glowing, supple skin.

        • catmando says:

          @Kronae  @Toomuchsense
           Kronae, if you use olive oil internally, you must have one helluva case of diarrhia, unless of course you only use it on your salads, as do I.
          Free spirit?? That translates into overgrown “hippie”. Are you also a card carrying member of OWS?

        • Kronae says:

          @catmando  @Toomuchsense
           YES!  But from another country

        • fatman45 says:

          @Kronae  @Toomuchsense
           You must be from Greece. Which, 2,500 years ago, came up with the idea of democracy. It failed, just like the current Greek democracy is failing, and for the same reasons. While our Founders borrowed some of their ideas from the Greeks, they also recognized what pure democracy’s fatal flaw is – that once the people realize they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury, they will do so untl they have bankrupted the government.
          Unfortunately, thanks to “progressive” politicians over the last century or so, our country has forgotten the wisdom of our founders in setting up a democratic republic. As a consequence, we too have fallen into the fatal trap of a pure democracy, and if something isn’t done about it very soon, we will be a failed state just like your country.

    • James R McKenzie says:

      @Kronae Keep right on smokin’ that Crack Pipe baby. After all addiction is a disability and the Gov. will pay to not only to exist but to continue to use the dope of your choice. Progressives are all about open mindedness until the perspective being expressed is different from their own. kind of like an addict who wants to here about someone else’s good time until that other person says that they don’t use dope and then all you hear is self-serving clap-trap.

      • Kronae says:

        @James R McKenzie
         How strange…you seem to know all about addiction and the use of drugs and how the government will pay you for that usage.  How much do you get.  You get it every month?
        Weekly?  I have never taken any sort of drug other than the occasional Ibuprofen for the headaches I get when I am assigned to a site such as this.
        How much are you paid?

        • Tim_Haney says:

          @Kronae  @James R McKenzie so “Kronae” you were assigned to this site?  That means you would be a socialist, marxist, democrat operative working to dissolve Americas freedoms and economic liberties.

    • FranMartin says:

      @KronaeAre you nuts,In my humble opinion you are,if you think a bus driver should talk to a kid  like that.If that were my kid i would have a hard time not puting my fist in his face.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Kronae There is never a good point for such a rude comment especially when you are talking to a child,even though the child may possibly a brat.  You are not to teach children sin, we are supposed to teach children, any child,  by just using good common sense, and answering or speaking like a responsible adult.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Kronae What is the point?  Why should he not be speaking about politics or religion, especially Christian  religion?. The word Christian comes from CHRIST meaning that a Christian believes in CHRIST. JESUS was with HIS FATHER  when HE created the world and you think they do not deserve to be discussed? Why? Politically incorrect? That is at the opposite pole of righteous, common sense, intelligent………

    • EricHaulenbeek says:

      @Kronae It’s such a sad fact of life that idiots like you feel compelled to share your lack of wisdom and poor grammar in a conversion in which people have been communicating quite nicely, and with a civility unknown to you oddballs on the left. It’s obvious that your parents either didn’t or couldn’t do much of a job directing your life at a young age.  I can also see by the tone and character of your posts that you fell through the built-in cracks within our government schools, denying you of the education that you sorely lack.  Your place as a troll would be better served by the curveballs at the Daily Kos.  You just don’t fit in here pal… so take a hike, will you and let we grown-ups get on with our conversation.

      • Toomuchsense says:

        @EricHaulenbeek  @Kronae
         Very will written reply and insightful. Kronae acts this way, because he is behind a screen. Hidden from the consequences of bad behavior.

        • Kronae says:

          @Toomuchsense  @EricHaulenbeek
           And where are the two of you standing on a corner with your odious behaviours?
          It would seem that you post your poor level of intelligent missives for all to see.
          I would be so ashamed to be such as you.

        • swigrus says:

          @Kronae  @Toomuchsense  @EricHaulenbeek
           Odious?  Ooooh!  Now there’s a big word.Well….Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, to you too.  LOL!!!

      • Kronae says:

         And how many languages do you speak?  Greek is my native language and German my favourite!
        You are just too wrong about my education I was never educated in the U.S. for any reason and am only here as a teaching and lecturing associate for another two miserable years.  I hate it here but then I have a choice to return to a beautiful country with well educated people and a great appreciation for the arts and history.
        You people are all inbred idiots and  you have so many fat, ugly and uneducated people running around with nothing to do.

        • dehner1cat says:

          @Kronae @EricHaulenbeek weg gehen Kronae.

        • Tim_Haney says:

          @Kronae  @EricHaulenbeek I can see why German would be your favorite language.

        • swigrus says:

          @Kronae  @EricHaulenbeek
           So do you live here now (in the U.S.)?  If not, then your opinion is neither wanted nor desired.  Go away.

        • FreedomFighters says:

          @Kronae @EricHaulenbeek so you are a filthy kraut. I bet you masturbate to a pic of hitler and Obama. Don’t just go away mad, go away really mad.

    • MelanieClark says:

      @Kronae Backwards town in WI?  Living in a rural area makes someone a moron? And you know this because…?   If insults are all you have to support your opinion, then you don’t have much.
      So, why shouldn’t children discuss politics and religion?  Are you afraid they may learn something useful?  I wouldn’t care if the bus driver disagreed with the student, but insulting him was unnecessary.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my FATHER which is in heaven Matt. 10: 33
      IITimothy 2:12 If we suffer, we shall also reign with HIM: is we deny HIM HE also will deny us.

      • swigrus says:

        @EvermyrtlePlease notice (the progressives/marxist/whatever else that is un-American) that this one has 36 likes on it.  How many have your comments gotten??

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @swigrus A little problem here Most of us want Christianity, good moral living, the good for everybody but they think it is all absolutely free that nobody has to take a stand, and will do nothing to promote it. That is why America is in the mess we are in today. So many people expect somebody else to do the work. Can;t allow their names to be seen,”What would people think?”””My opinion is “Who cares what people think,” people do not put the bread on my table. I will do what I can to make things better and people may think what ever they please.”

    • Ballistic45 says:

      @Kronae The real point is that Liberals are hiders, they hide behind things, in the west we call them Back Shooters and are regarded as low as a snake..  Examples: Liberals will openly oppose Capital Punishment because the Condemned MIGHT be Innocent..  Liberals will oppose Capital punishment because it is CRUEL and UNUSUAL…  BUT…  When Liberals want to KILL 3000+ Babies a day who did nothing to no one, didn’t break any laws, doesn’t have a right to an attorney, isn’t charged with anything, isn’t found guilty in a trial, was not convicted by anyone except a woman that didn’t keep her legs closed and those who support her right to pronounce judgement upon him or her..  And instead of calling it MURDER they both hide behind the feels good warm and fuzzy name of Abortion..  Now for the method of execution, while still alive the baby will be torn apart in pieces until they can no longer move away from the probing tool killing them and die..  OR in late stage ‘Abortion’, they will be dragged down the birth canal feet first until just the head is still in the birth canal, then a sharp instrument will be shoved into the base of the skull and the brains scrabbled and or sucked out..  So tell me you idiot, who is backwards?  People who are Pro-Life or you idiots who foam at the mouth demanding the RIGHT to kill 3000+ kids each and ever day of the year just to make someone comfortable in THEIR life.  You hug trees, save Wales and Puppies, demand the cruelty stop animals but get your rocks off killing kids,  even regard it as another birth control method.. Wanting under-age girls the right to do it without Parental notification..  You hypocrites…   Proportionately Black Babies are Murdered more than any other race.  Girls are Murdered more than Boys..  Publicly funded Planned Parenthood has been caught on tape helping this to happen..  What is this, your method of gender and race selection?  Who is backwards, those who oppose killing REAL Innocent people or those who Demand the RIGHT to kill Babies..  Any other group who would come here and kill 3000+ of our children PER DAY would find themselves at WAR, we would be so outraged that we would attack them relentlessly..  Yeah its a woman’s body, Life is tuff.. Deal with it..  If you don’t want kids get your tubes tied, or don’t fornicate, you are an adult you know the possible outcome, keep your friggin legs closed…  The only way to justify murdering a baby in the womb is if that baby is jeopardizing the mothers life, that is self defence in its simplest form…  In some situations it maybe justified in rape and/or incest…  Remember, the resulting baby is guilty of NOTHING, no more than a 1 year old is guilty because his father killed someone while robbing them…  The baby didn’t ask to be part of the situation any more than the mother in a rape or incest situation..  SO WHO ARE  “these types of creatures that would support killing KIDS ??? That IS what you are doing for what ever fuzzy reasons you hide behind..

      • swigrus says:

        @Ballistic45  @Kronae
         Ballistic45, I am SO stealing this and posting it on my FB page!!!  Love it!!

    • ScottSchoemann says:

       A backwards town in Wisconsin. Time to get your head out of your arse fool, New Berlin Is quite affluent, but thats something an ignorant fool such as yourself would not have any knowledge of. as you, like most liberals, live in fantasy land. Had yo bothered to read the  article you would find the bus driver initiated the dialog  based on a campaign sign  on the CHILD’S PARENTS lawn. But based on your premise the child is guilty of what you percieve as the parents sins. In that case You are guilty of you mother fornicating wit men who are mentally deficient.

    • Archangel says:

      “It is useless and a complete exercise in futility to attempt to logically reason with a lunatic such as Kronae, who believes that in his delusional and abstract reality he is somehow more intelligent than others, who gives your arguments the appearance of a fair hearing and then simply persists in his lunacy?”

    • swigrus says:

       Aw horsecrap, Kronae!  That is called First Amendment rights!  The driver started the harrassment and the kids just good naturedly joined in by chanting Romeny.  The driver was out of line.  What if the kid had told the driver to go hang himself, shoot himself in the head or ‘I hope you choke and die on your next meal’?  The child would have been way out of line saying something like that and thus, so was the driver.Americans are real nice people, generally.  However, if you don’t want guff thrown back at you, don’t fling it first!

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @swigrus  @Kronae You said it? That plus it was none of the driver’s business what the child’s parents put in their yard. Yaking at the child about it ,and the child was not responsible for anything that was in the yard.The parents had as much right as driver did about who they choose to follow, and far more right than he/she did at what they put in their yard. His excuse ? He/she was a liberal all liberals think like that.

    • Freedom Fighter says:

      @Kronae To your depraved way of thinking, YOU should not be allowed to speak your mind nor discuss anything political on this website or anywhere else. Maybe your mother should have had an abortion with you (even though your brains must have run down her legs right before conception), 1 less idiot “dumacrat” that needs reeducating. Since you despise freedoms and liberties why don’t you move to China or North Korea surely they would want such a dedicated socialist prick such as your self. We love our country that was founded on FREEDOMS. Do yourself a favor, don’t go away mad JUST go away. Take your muslim president with you.

    • two4Romney says:

      @Kronae @ I agree that there should not be any discussion about religion or politics on a school bus.  But I disagree more with a bus driver (who is certainly ‘old enough’ to know better) to fire back at a child saying, basically that he should be dead at the hands of his own parents.  I am not concerned with your religious beliefs, but IMO, hell’s fires are waiting for that bus driver, you seem eager to defend on this stance.  By the way – what’s wrong with WI?

    • LydiaMay says:

      @Kronae you are the type that will agree it is OK to discuss these issues if they agree with you.  Do you not realize that we feel the same way about people who are voting for the FAILED LEADER, Obama?  In 2006 he prophetically called himself a FAILED LEADER when he was trying to slam Bush, but you don’t see any of the left referring to that quote or the truth to that statement, do you.  “It is a sign of failed leadership that we are here to debate raising the debt ceiling.  We will have to borrow money from foreign countries and our children will be left with our debt.”  Senator Barack Obama, 2006.  Who is the moron?  Do not throw rocks when you live in a glass house.  It is really the lies Obama spews and gets away with that drive me crazy.  Denial and brainwashing is very hard to undo so we are writing off you Obamanites as a lost cause.

    • swigrus says:

       It would seem to me that rather than having an ‘open’ discussion, which is fine, the driver verbally attack the kid and stooped to hitting way below the belt.  You know you are wrong, so NOW you want to shut EVERYONE up!  Good luck with that.  I will always tell my kids and grandkids (yes, my kids are in their 20’s and 30’s) to speak up!!  If somone tell you to shut up, speak up louder!!

    • FreedomFighters says:

      @Kronae WOW! Sounds like your brain matter and common sense ran,dribbled down your mother leggs(between them). I’m trying to keep it simple for so you can follow and keep up. We as Americans love our FREEDOMS not just because many men,women and children died fighting to get these rights for their/ours country but also because God has given those rights to us. Since you obviously hate having these freedoms, without said freedoms you would not be allowed to express your on convoluted vileness. You are obvously a socialist little Hitler wannabe. It appears you would thoroughly enjoy giving abortions ,from they you sound you give the impression you would do very horrible acts with a dead body. This is a solution that would benefit everyone, go to China or North Korea, Cuba and or a mide eastern sand country. Surely such a vile blittering idiot such as yourself can find a job with them. You might have to be on your knees but with your intelligence you would realize at that time just what FREEDOM means. Don’t go away mad, JUST GO AWAY. Nobody is forcing you to live here. Or just play Russian roulette .

  86. Ken 65 says:

    In God,s word { King James Bible and in the discovered scrolls) In the end times;God said if the people will not hear me I will close their eyes and ears.They now have in my humble thought a curse and a one way ticket to hell but I am not the Judge!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Ken 65
      HE will surely blind us if we refuse to believe, as we can see in the following scriptures
      II Corinthians 4:3-4
      3.But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:
      4. In whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of CHRIST who is the image of GOD should shine unto them
      II Thessalonians 2:10-14
      10 . And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that the might be saved
      11. And for this cause GOD shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
      12. That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
      13. But we are bound to give thanks alway to GOD for you, brethren  beloved of the LORD because GOD has from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:
      14. Where unto HE called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

      • Ken 65 says:

        @Evermyrtle @Ken 65 AMEN and the great deceiver obama and his group are bringing in the anti-Christ into America & Woe to this nation if they don,t open their eyes! This obama is under saton,s blessings! Wake up folks! Sheriff Aparo has the true facts on obama. Just read!

  87. PierreRFortin says:

    @1FLPatriot #lnyhbt …and school bus driver did not get the irony of his job’s skill level…?

  88. Sgt York says:

    I hope this was the Bullies drivers last day at work. Even OLD farts are stupid,kids are not the ones who vote.

  89. mehbp says:

    @jjliberty lol!

  90. FranMartin says:

    Kronea are you nuts,in my humble opinion you are ,if you think that a bus driver or anyone else should talk to a kid like that.If that were my kid i would have a hard time not outting my fist in his face.

  91. daveme says:

    the reason for the double standard is simple: the government is run by a bunch of hypocrites.

    • Joe1938 says:

      Repeating myself yes, but the government today is run by people who are one or more or all of the following; socialist/communist/marxist/islamofascist

  92. Great Day says:

    The Bus Driver should be WATER BOARD!

    • Juliandh says:

      @Great Day Hey they are 81, perhaps a short visit to a Soviet Gulag would be in order. More fitting to their age.

  93. 1776 says:

    Probably a Groidian or dried up old communist suffering from “White Guilt”.

  94. giljones says:

    Obama’s ‘drones’ or ‘useful idiots’ attempt another direct hit, in this case on a twelve yr. old boy.  Amazing how each passing day obots refine, for us Americans, the definition of “domestic enemy.”  Giving aid and comfort to our avowed enemies, while APPEARING democratic, is a two-fer of no small magnitude.  While some have succumbed to the lure of communism, I’m confident we’ll prevail in the current mental gymnastics…Semper Fi

    • Steven Carson says:

       I agree with you 100%. Go Marines. Semper Fi!

      • giljones says:

        @Steven Carson You’re a good man buddy, nice to know there’s more of us showing up for this ‘covert operation’, which is now pretty much in your face.  For those who haven’t made up their minds I think they should brace themselves for a severe reality adjustment…Semper Fi

  95. USA 4ever says:

    It seems ot me that the Educators and school system are so self absorbed that they forget that it is all the freedoms that we were given by the bill of rights that give them the right to have freedom of speech.  the sad thing is that the educators do not respect the rights of others.  My son had this one extremely ignorant teacher say ,when asked about why she did not mention the 2nd amendment in her civics class, that he didn’t need to know the 2nd amendment.  she should have been fired.  that is what is wrong with the US educational system;  bad teachers.  We do not need more teachers, we need better teachers.  Screw tenure, fire them all.

  96. T Lady62 says:

    I guess that 81-year old woman doesn’t realize she’s a moving target of Obamacare with its so-called “Medicare Advisory Boards” or as Sarah Palin succinctly stated, death panels.

  97. SCS says:

    The firing was certainly appropriate, but it would seem to me to be quite apparent that the bus company does not support the behavior of that driver.  That given the case, it would be better to choose a better illustration to blast the libtards with.  The example, the highlight of this article, proves the exact opposite point that the author is trying to make in the rest of the article.  Making points with examples that do not prove the point gives the libtards an excuse to keep doing the same thing.  In other words, quit behaving like they do when you are trying to make a point……..

  98. Alanc says:

    2008 – I remember that was the only reason I did not  Mr. Obama – ABORTION.

  99. Alanc says:

    I did not vote for him back in 2008 because of his supporting ABORTION; but now many more reasons can be and have been added. He refuses to see and obey the truth – he won’t change and neither should we.

  100. Juliandh says:

    For whatever reason the self-absorbed left has only one purpose. Total destruction of this country and reforming it into a Muslim state with a major dash of socialism. In this writers point of view anyone whomsoever connected with this incident must be held accountable. @Juliandh

  101. oldbrit says:

    Bravo!! Joey-& his Dad & Mum!

  102. jklmnop39 says:

    @jjliberty school bus driver 81 years in age ain’t comin near my kids. How bad is this junk.

    • jjliberty says:

      @jklmnop39 Public schools are cesspools of Communist Nazi Agendas indoctrinating children while Moo Cow starves them with her new program

  103. JaclynBarnes says:

    Kornae,God forbid Dictator Barack H.Obama is reelected!Because he will finish completely destroying America!What will be is a socialist country were no one,has any rights!
        But I guess that does not bother you.Because It’s already starting in America if you post,something on.The computer that might be a little against the government!They can come and arrest you not read you your rights,throw you in jail!Or were ever they want!
      This will be America if God forbid Obama gets reelected!Oh lets not forget one thing the Muslim Brotherhood,will move in!One way convert or die!
      If he gets reelected I believe that people will start thinking,about leaving!But I hope that your be happy in Obama’s America!

    • carolrhill814 says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more if I tried but people don’t understand that but they will when it is to late and then and only then will they scream to get rid of him like everything else.

    • bareliam says:

      Fear not!  The one great president you people have ever had is the very one you scream and yell about.  For starters he is not a Muslim, too bad but that is the truth.  Don’t you think that the republicans would have found a way to have him removed if that could have been true.
      Think about all the hate your promote.  Doesn’t it bother you to bear false witness against your fellow countryman and president!  Stop listening to your false prophets and get an education.

      • swigrus says:

        @bareliam  @JaclynBarnes
         Even Satan himself believes in and recognizes God and Jesus Christ.  The good part is, in the end, we win and he loses. 😉

  104. JaclynBarnes says:

    Kronae,Well I guess that explains why you are the way,you are!If your mom had abortions and your sisters,then all of you!Believe in murder of an innocent life!
      That’s why you like Obama because he also believe’s,in abortion!Even if it’s late term but then he also endorses gay marriage!
      Look you and your followers back Obama and if God forbid,he gets reelected!Maybe your all be invited to the White House and you can glow,in the presence!Of your hero who’s destroying America one bit at a time!
     But you probably do not care about that!You and your friends probably just what,to have a good old time!That’s why you probably like Obamacare you can stay on your,parents insurance.Until your 26 and have all the fun you want.By the way that you talk it sounds un educated and like street talk!Like your high on some sort of drug!

    • bareliam says:

       Never use any drugs in my life as you obviously do.  Obamacare does not pertaining to me as I am not a citizen of this pallid country….thanks to the great Karma’s.  My parents have a lovely life in Greece and never want to see this horrid conglomeration of fat women who are so ugly you have to wear sun glasses and men who have never seen a pizza they couldn’t eat  more than ten.
      We all believe in abortions early and late.  Are you aware that very late term abortions are done to protect the woman from dead POC’s?  They are also done when the mass can’t survive in or out the the womb such as those born without brains.  Sounds a lot like you.  I have seen several of these procedures and participated in two.  Clean, efficient and away with the problem.
      You don’t approve of same sex marriage?  Well don’t have one.  Same with an abortion don’t have one.  And, when your trampy daughter gets knocked up hope you are thrown out of your local abortion clinic.

      • swigrus says:

        @bareliam  @JaclynBarnes
         If the baby is already dead inside the mother or missing it’s brain, then that isn’t really ‘life’ now is it?  However, if the baby will completely develop into a living, breathing and thinking human being, that is sentient life.  sentient: Able to perceive or feel things:  “sentient life forms”.Have you never heard of the movie ‘Silent Scream’?  It was taken during an abortion and you can see the baby trying to move away from the scalpal and it’s mouth forms the same shape as someone trying to scream.  Sickening and terrifying.

  105. what is the truth says:

    Please folks, don’t respond to konae, he/she comments are intended to drive people away from the
    topic of the 81 year old bus driver who harassed a 8 year old kid because real people don’t  want to listen to an ignorant progressive.
    Konae,  is just another  IGNORANT PROGRESSIVE!!!
    Stop responding  and he will die a natural bloggers death

    • EricHaulenbeek says:

      @what is the truth  Good post… and I agree completely! These dopes must live somewhere behind the woodwork!

    • Randy G says:

      @what is the truth IGNORANT PROGRESSIVE. Isn’t that like GIANT SHRIMP?  An oxymoron?>

    • swigrus says:

      @what is the truth
       81 years old…shouldn’t be driving a school bus full of ANYBODY for that matter.  Sorry, but that is just too darn old!!  You want to volunteer?  Be a crossing guard like my great-grandfather was up to the year that he died…at 83!!

    • Joe1938 says:

      @what is the truth
      What is the truth,
      Regarding “PROGRESSIVE”;

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @Joe1938  @what is the truth The liberals have no idea whatsoever the truth is. They have no honor, no truth, no love which is the greatest character that you can have.
        Love covers all kinds of shortcomings, love in a liberal is seldom seen.

      • bareliam says:

        @Joe1938  @what is the truth
         Why don’t you find out what is really meant by Progressives.  They don’t meet your narrow comment and your statement has no truth.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @bareliam  @Joe1938  @what is the truth I know about Christians, You know about progressives. I wonder who knows more about the others standards?

    • bareliam says:

      @what is the truth
       Sorry but you just can’t stand the truth nor can you defend your outdated, immoral thinking.
      By the way Progressives are not ignorant.  Most of the physicians, professors, educators, and other who would be called the elite of any society are progressive.
      Closed minded bigots such as yourself and your friends are pushed out of the way and crushed.

      • swigrus says:

        @bareliam  @what is the truth
         Again with the ‘most’ word.  How do you know this?  Have you talked to ‘most’ of them?  There was a survey that came out a few years aga of a little over 5,000 scientists that disagreed with global warming.  Now, is that ‘most’ of them.  I wouldn’t know as I don’t know how many there are in the world.  However, it is a heck of a lot of people, IMO.Stop throwing the ‘most’ around.  It makes you look silly.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @bareliam  @what is the truth I don’t know where you got your information from but I do know that every doctor I have ever had was a Christian and I did choose them because they were Christians, I did not know they were Christians when I choose them.

  106. Archangel says:

    The “HYPOCRISY” of  the “LIBERAL SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS” can be illustrated by their incessant condemnation of the proverbial “SCHOOLYARD BULLY”, who they allege, intimidates and coerces with violent and egregious behavior, the rest of the children on the playground; and yet, these same “LIBERAL SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS”, will “CONDONE and APPLAUD” the very intimidation, coercion and violent behavior of the schoolyard bully they so vehemently decry, when one of their own employ’s the same violent and egregious behavior of the SCHOOLYARD BULLY against someone who does not subscribe to their delusional sociopolitical ideologies

    • EricHaulenbeek says:

      @Archangel Well said!

    • bareliam says:

       You get the award for the silliest post around.

      • Joe1938 says:

        @bareliam  @Archangel
        Again just for you bare…
        From an expert; Liberals are clinically mad, concludes top psychiatrist Dr. Lyle Rossiter. Doctor Rossiter makes case that leftist ideology is a mental disorder.

  107. SMF says:

    Someone made a remark it’s every woman’s right to have an abortion. This is because the government told them so.  It is not something God has said is OK nor is it something I’m sure that the baby wanted who was aborted.  Maybe the government will some day say it’s our right to murder anyone who is inconvenient to us.  It should be our right as well to abort anyone who does not fit into our pea brain of ideas.  God does not agree with murder any way shape or form. It is your body than prevent a conception before you have to become a killer, just because the government tells you it’s OK does not mean it is. Drink the cool aid.

    • Steven Carson says:

       I agree with you 100% and the choice should be not to have sex unless you are ready to become pregnant and have a child. It’s not the baby’s fault so why should the baby have to pay the ultimate sacrifice for something it didn’t have a say in.

    • swigrus says:

       They always want to whine and cry about ‘back alley abortions’.  In ANY abortion, someone is going to die and it’s usually the child.  It (the baby) is NOT the mother’s body.  It is it’s own self and no amount of talking is ever going to convince me that the child is NOT being murdered…and by it’s OWN mother no less!!

      • bareliam says:

        @swigrus  @SMF
         There is NO baby.  There are only POC’s easily and swiftly removed.  There is no child just a blob of bloody cells not yet differentiated.

        • toolate54 says:

          @bareliam  @swigrus  @SMF
           Not in late term abortions. Some as late as 6 months.   In some abortions a fetus can be weighed in lbs. not onces. How can you look at that and not say a baby was killed.

        • swigrus says:

          @bareliam  @SMF
           You just keep telling yourself that.  ‘IT’ develops into a fully formed human being.  It is not a cow, a cat, a dog, a fish or anything else.  It might be in the early stages, but it is still a human being.

        • dehner1cat says:

          @bareliam @swigrus @SMF which by virtue of dna CANNOT develope into anything BUT a human.

    • Joe1938 says:

      There is such a thing as sin even if one does not believe in God. To kill a child is a moral sin!

      • bareliam says:

        @Joe1938  @SMF
         Just remember that is YOUR opinion.  When one has an abortion one is merely removing POC’s.  There is no child.  There is also nothing called sin.  That is only in your mind and your beliefs.  My belief disdain anything termed sin.  It is in your mind and your religious problems so don’t apply them to others.

        • Joe1938 says:

          @bareliam  @SMF
           For you bare….
          From an expert; Liberals are clinically mad, concludes top psychiatrist Dr. Lyle Rossiter. Doctor Rossiter makes case that leftist ideology is a mental disorder.
          Furthermore Bo, I’ll “apply them to others” if I dam well please because “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees”.

        • toolate54 says:

          @bareliam  @Joe1938  @SMF
           So you are okay with shooting someone who is in your way or does not think like you?  In your opinion it is just a blob, not a person. Why not kill indigent people, the sick, the mentally and physically impaired people?  They are of no use to us, just like that “blob” as you called it.  Your train of thought, not mine.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @SMF GOD gives us a choice live for HIM by HIS commandments, “Thou shall not kill”  or live for Satan., thus getting the reward that we worked for. Matt 25:31-34
      31. When the SON OF MAN  shall come in HIS GLORY, and all the HOLY ANGELS with HI, then shall HE sit upon the throne of HIS glory:
      32 . And  before HIM shall be gathered all nations: and HE shall separate them one from another, as  a shepherd divides his sheep for the goats:
      33. And HE shall set the sheep on HIS right hand, but the goats on the left.
      34. Then shall the KING say unto them on HIS right hand, Come, you blessed of my FATHER,inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world;
      Of course this is what will happen to those that obey HIM and keep all o HIS commandments. For what happens to those who kill their babies and break HIS commandments, read Matt. 25:1-30

      • bareliam says:

        @Evermyrtle  @SMF
         They are not babies.  Babies are things that are born and breathing and can survive on their own.
        What is removed are POC’s.  Hardly something living and breathing just a blob of blood and cells.
        You don’t want an abortion don’t have one.  Bet you would order it done very quickly when  your beloved husband knocked up one of your daughters.
        Very few people share your god belief so don’t attempt to throw that in the way of progress.

        • toolate54 says:

          @bareliam  @Evermyrtle  @SMF
           Yea, only 83% of the population is Christian so only a few people believe in God. That’s

        • swigrus says:

          @bareliam  @Evermyrtle  @SMF
           The are still considered babies.  If I kill a pregnant woman, I can be charged with 2 counts of murder.  We all know she was only killed once, so why 2 counts?  Because you murdered the BABY inside the mother.It may be hypocritcal, but ain’t the law a bitch?!  LOL!!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @bareliam  @SMF Always when I read comments I think what if that person when a little blob of tissue, had been aborted, would it have saved any babies lives??

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @bareliam  @SMF  “If you don’t want an abortion” What you are referring to is infanticide or more like assassination.
            . Babies survive about 9 months, many less than that,  inside their mothers bodies and then they are born, and it is a child just because it came out into the daylight?  The act of coming out into  the world making it a baby?. That does not make sense and usually, if it doesn’ t make sense, it is not true, Murder is murder and you can make nothing else out of it.
          Only GOD can give life but any person without the normal respect for life can take a life. There are millions of people who will be found guilty of murder when they get in front of GO, unless they repent.

    • bareliam says:

       Thanks to our gracious government we have been granted rights to freedom, and privacy.
      There is no problem with abortion for any one I have ever known nor have participated in helping with an evacuation of POC’s.  Not many accept your premise of a god or your silly bible stories so take those elsewhere and should you not desire an abortion for yourself or family member please don’t get one just suffer with the consequences.
      As to preventing conception many times is does not work.  It makes no difference what the reason is and the is, if the female wishes the procedure it should be done quickly, efficiently, deftly and at her will not yours, not any one else can make her decision.
      Abortion is not new and will always be available one way or another.

      • swigrus says:

        @bareliam  @SMF
         There are MILLIONS who would disagree with you.  Why do you think it’s such a big issue.  Just like BO, now your making up your own facts.  hehehehe

  108. Bulldog14 says:

    Liberals are a vicious species…always have been…slander is their calling card, vitriol their stock in trade…God help them…Bill Miles

    • Joe1938 says:

      They may be beyond God’s help. Also, reference…
      From an expert; Liberals are clinically mad, concludes top psychiatrist Dr. Lyle Rossiter. Doctor Rossiter makes case that leftist ideology is a mental disorder.

      • bareliam says:

        Have you read the commentry on his thoughts on the right wing zealots who have a genetic component that causes a person to believe in fables, myths and bibles and gods of all kinds?
        Just admit it you are so envious of those who are progressive and you have to live your miserable life surrounded by rules and regs that you can never challenege or that evil god of yours will get you.
        If it were not for progressives people would lay dying in the streets.  How many people have you helped.  Yourself of course.  Afterall we all know Republicans are a greedy bunch of bueastards.

        • JaclynBarnes says:

          @bareliam  @Joe1938  @Bulldog14 Bareliam,If Obama was an American he would have been,extremely outraged ! At what happened  at the America Embassy with the killing,the U.S. ambassador and others! Plus the burning of the American Flag in Libya and through out the Middle East!!But no instead he continues saying that he is extremely sorry,for what happened,the deaths are being looked into!This is not the way an American president acts!His friends are America’s enemies the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iran Dictator he bows to China’s Dictator!No American President has ever bowed to a Dictator or kissed his hand!That’s why I believe he is not an American done everything to hurt America an the economy,AA- credit rating!Walks over the Constitution sighs Executive Orders constantly!If you like him fine but I hope that you like living,in a Dictatorship with no freedoms!

        • lazerlikeskills says:

          Which regulations and rules are Christians living under that you are not?  Are you an anarchist?  If so, then what you say makes “sense”.  But if you drive the speed limit and stop at red lights, you’re a hypocrite @bareliam  @Joe1938  @Bulldog14

  109. angel13wowings says:

    This person should be removed from driving or any other activities dealing with children and if this person votes for Obama should be deported must be communist or/and socialist tape this person’s mouth

    • swigrus says:

       “Durham immediately removed the driver from service pending an investigation, which resulted in the termination of the driver.  Try reading the article!!  Jeesh!!

      • Joe1938 says:

        @swigrus  @angel13wowings
        Patience Swigrus , patience.

      • toolate54 says:

        @swigrus  @angel13wowings
         Remeber now, these people actually vote. They don’t know why or how, but someone will take them and show them which lever to pull.

    • Joe1938 says:

      Let us cover all the bases and use the terms socialist/communist/marxist/islamofascist; Very appropriate for today’s environment.

      • toolate54 says:

        @Joe1938  @angel13wowings
         A few of us still want to be free.  Too bad we don’t have a POTUS who agrees with that fact. Four more years of him and he will complete what he told us he was going to do to us when he got elected. Take away our freedoms and make us all Muslims and socialists.

  110. Evermyrtle says:

    Here is something my mom would tell us about 75 years ago,”What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, let me hear no more out of you!!!” I bet that, the school bus driver probably heard of it too, at some time or other

  111. swigrus says:

    “Durham immediately removed the driver from service pending an investigation, which resulted in the termination of the driver.   <—-What more do you want?  They pulled the jerk and then fired him.  Hanging is illegal!!!  LOL!!!

  112. Joe1938 says:

    Regarding some medias’ tear jerker “A political argument with a 12 year old boy costs an 81 year old Wisconsin bus driver her job”; It was not a “political argument” !!  It was some radical telling a 12 year old kid that his mother should have killed him before he was born!!!

    • FreedomFighters says:

      @Joe1938 by now everyone should know that those in media support this idiot-in-chief and will not take the side of righteousness. The child was told that his mother should have killed him before birth. But, if a white driver was to say the exact words to black child, oh hell. ACLU, SPL we can’t forget the most racists people. People like Michelle Obama /this woman is a die hard racists, where are sharpton and Jesse Jackson jr?
      But since is was a white child, the media mongrels are blaming the child and taking a sob story from hateful witch.

  113. LydiaMay says:

    What is an 81 year old doing driving a bus full of children?  I know some people age better but that, to me, is too old to be driving a large vehicle full of children.  Since the bus driver is for abortion, it would be more appropriate for that statement to be made to her regarding her Mother.  People are selfish and do not think of the consequences once they are here.  There is a polite way to say that and a rude way.  She did it in the rude form.  If one wants to get those who are for abortion, ask it in a question form so hopefully they will give it some thought while not being as offended, “What if your Mother had had an abortion?”  It may not phase them, but it might get them thinking.

  114. jeff50 says:

    Let’s address another question shall we? What race is the 12 year old and parents? White- asian-Indian-black? Do we know?

    • Debra says:

      @jeff50 It doesn’t mater what race.  The bus driver should not have done that no matter what race she is or the child.

    • Steve in Indy says:

      @jeff50 RACE has nothing to do with it !
      School bus driver was wrong and was  fired.
      At 81 her frame of mind was so different then the present mind set.
      None of these things would ever has been expressed when I was a kid.  I’m 69.
      The 12 year old was not taking a racist position any more that the driver was pro abortion.

  115. NancyRollins says:

    Don’t think that I understand why someone over 80 is driving the school bus…but this should mean the end of that driving career.  Inspite of what the driver did, the kids also sound like they were harassing the driver.  Parents need to step it up for both reasons.

  116. jeff50 says:

    I just looked – I was driving earlier. He and parents are white. In this day we live in where just this morning there were a bucket full of threats against Romney plus U.S citizens if Obama loses the race
    Now were this a black child being spoken to in this manner from a white bus driver I promise you we would hear from Al Sharpton maybe Jessie Jackson hell maybe even the president himself since he asserted his authority in the murder case in Florida while the true details were kept as quiet as possible from all of us. Or how about the producer of the film that the president himself said at first was the cause of our US embassy killings being arrested. What happened to freedom of speech. I do not believe that producer was the cause of the 911 embassy outrage any more than I believe I am an NFL hall of famer
    Folks many voted a fear 4 years ago to prove WE were not racist please don’t prove your stupid as well this November
    The future of all we take for granted and this great country of freedoms and opportunity depends on it. Unless you believe the Nazi party was correct in which case congrats we are almost there.protect yourself and America this is our last chance. This is not a black vs white issue this is a common sense issue
    Also we all see that the famous Mr Sharpton or Mr Jackson

  117. x patriot says:

    Nothing to do with politics but thebus driver is probably right about that kid his mom and him are probably trash But I would still beat the f*** out of that old man if you talk to my child that way. And I don’t understand why you people are freaking out about Obama Did you really expect to get a n***** for a president and him not to steal our money

    • nax777 says:

      @x patriot
      Manifesting hate for those that have never harmed you or even met is not the road to recovery x patriot. Forgive those that miss treated you, never forget and your hate for people you never met should at least be under your control.

  118. jeff50 says:

    I too would have beat his ass patriot i assure you of that. What we all need to focus on is the big picture nationwide, the cards are in play to make this great country a 3rd world with credit ratings to match. the only way to HOPE to turn this train around before we run out of track is to get rid of Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the entire criminal minds under Obama to take back this nation. If people want to riot after he has lost, then bring it on, brass is expensive there will be no warning shots!  We all as TRUE AMERICANS not fake Americans like the President who spends MILLIONS to prove he doesn’t have to prove he is a U.S citizen, plus giving millions of dollars to the Sheet Head Brother Hood in 2 different countries that would pay money to NUKE the USA  we all must unite for the common cause of retaking our country from the biggest group of Liars and Thieves I have ever seen. We must vote for the LESSER OF TWO EVILS!!  Our NATION<OUR ENTIRE WAY OF LIFE IS AT STAKE.  VOTE OBAMA AND HIS MERRY MEN AND WOMEN OF KISS ASS OUT, THEY MUST BE FIRED!

    • Steve in Indy says:

      @jeff50 Most people’s focus I believe is off the mark.  If you read the bible, you may imagine that things must change in America. but we are in the end of times. Our only focus should be towards God’s word.  Christians will be taken away (the rapture)  before all breaks loose.  God blessed our America.  I love America, I am a vet and will not vote for Obama.  Please consider these ideas.

      • Ken 65 says:

        You are right Jeff. I am looking to live under the King & Ruler JESUS CHRIST FOREVER not in Hell where most of the evil ones are going to!

  119. JohnRandall says:

    I suppose thats the worse thing that kid will ever hear why dont you all just grow up?

  120. x patriot says:

    You rock John Randall. Half of the people commenting should have been aborted. Besides where were all of you bleeding heart tree hugging Fags when my father was breaking my nose my jaw and beating the f*** out of me. F****** hypocrites

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @x patriot There are some abusive parents who deserve seven times over the abuse that they put on their children.  You need some good Christian therapy to help you be able to overcome the destructive  feelings and thoughts that you are dealing with. Just know that GOD loves you, and wants you to come to HIM. He can heal you if you will allow Him to do so.  All Christians love you dearly and would love to help you learn to cope with your awful memories. I assure that most parents. love their children and would die for them..  JUST YOU KNOW THAT WHAT YOU WENT THROUGH,  WAS NOTHING THAT YOU DID OR DID NOT DO, THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU THAT CAUSED THIS ABUSE. THE FAULT LIES WITH THE ONE WHO DID THE ABUSING, ALL OF THE FAULT. JUST REMEMBER THAT GOD DOES LOVE YOU AND WE DO TOO.
      It is possible that your dad had no love to give to anyone. for some reason his heart was filled with hate and you were his only way of getting rid of it or relieving some horrible feelings he had that was none of your fault.

      • Joe1938 says:

        @Evermyrtle  @x patriot
        With sincerity I say, what would the World do without Folks like you?
        However, with that said, one must also observe that there will always be cretins who need killing.

    • nax777 says:

      @x patriot
      Where are you for the kids now living with what you lived through?

      • x patriot says:

        @nax777 I give speeches about drug and alcohol addiction to youth. My experiences when I found my mom with her head blown off in the bathtub She committed suicide I try to use that as an example of work alcohol will take you much less drugs But because I got a felony DWI Nobody wants me I would have been more accepted and Dunn last time if I blatantly walked up and shot somebody in the forehead

        • nax777 says:

          @x patriot   @nax777
          I take it you have a cleaner mouth when giving speeches, if not this might be the reason you are not accepted. There are many side effects to mental illness. The side effects are not necessarily the cause. I’ve never read the bible yet you lash out it and me. Children have and will continue to experience worst situations than you and do not use their horrid experiences as excuses for their behavior. Do you hate them for that or do you hate yourself for refusing to be like them?

        • x patriot says:

          @nax777 no not really the truth is ugly it is not nice do you really want to candy coat the truth or bring the truth to your children so they’ll have knowledge

        • x patriot says:

          @nax777 no not really the truth is ugly it is not nice do you really want to candy coat the truth or bring the truth to your children so they’ll have knowledge candy coating the truth is what got us in this f***** up position in the first place

        • toolate54 says:

          @x patriot   @nax777
           Speaking the way you do on this board, I would not let you near my children to speak to them about anything.  You have some deep hatred bottled up inside you that I would not want my family to hear about. .

        • Steve in Indy says:

          @x patriot   @nax777 So therefore X patriot you believe you can communicate this so called truth by giving up respectibiliiy  as it will not matter if they respect you or not?  Every swear word weakens you statements.  You must be a young kid.  Right?

    • toolate54 says:

      @x patriot
       I see the apple doesn’t fall too far form the tree. I gues abuse begats abuse. You seem to have picked up all the bad habits of your father.

  121. x patriot says:

    Yeah but I ended up a chronic alcoholic almost went to prison for the rest of my life because of the values that my parents beat into me. Trust me there is no way out the only answer is suicide

  122. x patriot says:

    How did are you its people like you that f*** my life up I’ve been sober for 3 years Halloween this year let’s see your ass sober up after 33 years of being drunk about 1 out of 50 people can do what I did so don’t you look down your nose at me you Bible something f***

    • Steve in Indy says:

      @x patriot  Of course this means nothing to you, but your swearing simply adds nothing to the sentences you write and weakens you points.  God is watching, which apparently means nothing to you either.  That’s too bad.  Even though I read your comments,  what the heck is quote: How did are you its people like you that f*** my life up unquote.  It’s honestly too bad booze has changed your life from whom you really are. Welcome back,  best of luck in your future X Patriot. (you are an ex patriot? )

    • ChristyHinkson says:

      @x patriot
       Congratulations on being sober.  I am sorry that your life has so many dark parts.  Obama has big plans for more darkness for America.  I have spent a lot of time in Post socialist countries and trust me we don’t want any of that here.

  123. x patriot says:

    Like I said suicide is the only solution

  124. FranMartin says:

    Jeff50 what the hell does race have to do with it

  125. JohnRandall says:

    You people are nothing but a bunch of fanatics like all those jerks that are in a war right now because they lie abut it being about a film someone made , If you the news media would have just minded your own business it would have been forgotten about already. The kid has probably forgot all about it  Oh, i forgot you havent ,Find a job,

    • Solace says:

      You know nothing about children, obviously, as they forget positive incidents often, but retain 90% of negative interactions. See the research. That is why public school is so corrosive. The child gets much negative interaction, but little positive interaction, and they descend into despair, without the knowledge that they are loved by God and made in His image for His purpose and only need guidance to follow His path for their best benefit.

    • Steve in Indy says:

      @JohnRandall Let me ask you something John

    • Steve in Indy says:

      @JohnRandall How old are you? Have you served in the military?

  126. johnfromchicago says:

    To stoop to the same level of the bus driver, his mother should have aborted him.  As a card carrying union member teacher in the city of Chicago I can tell all Christians this:  For God’s sake (because He has blessed you with them and His word admonishes YOU to educate them (not the state), get your kids OUT of the public school!!!!  If all Chrsitians did this the public schools would probably have to close. This man’s bullying is one of thousands of examples of anti-christian sentiment in our schools today.  But that’s why I am there, to bring fellow teachers to Christ and also to stand up for HIm in the classroom.

  127. Ken 65 says:

    You have a wonderful message but why the union card? Ken

  128. GOD BLESS AMERICA says:

    Why can you spot a DEMOCRAT  the min.  he opens  his mouth    They see one side of  any thing.  They live  in a box  they never  see over  the  top.  Republicans  see over  the  box    Independentas  live out side the box.  they do not need  a  box  to see wha t is  in the  world.   Democrats  need  to  re think wha they are    voting for EVIL  IS  STUPID.  VOTING  FOR  DEMOCRATS  BECAUSE  YOUR  A  DEMOCRAT  IS  THE  EVIL WORD     YOU  SHOULD LEARN  TO VOTE  THE PERSON   WHO CAN  KEEP AMERICA  GOOD  AND  UNDER  GOD   NOT WHAT  THEY VOTED  IN  AS  A  LEADER  OF  THE  TO BE  MUSLIM  WORLD   LOOK AT  HIS  RING  HE WEARS  HE  SAYS    ALL ABOUT ALLAH      DEMCORATS  ARE  REALL IDIOTS

  129. ChristyHinkson says:

    I like your image of turn this train around before we run out of track!!  That is exactly what will happen.  When that happens the real riots will start when there is NO MONEY for food stamps and the poor actually feel what being poor feels like.  This is exactly what is happening in Greece.  Spread the word that Welfare is around for 2 more years at the most if Obama is re-elected.  When the track ends so do the “chew, chew.”

  130. ChristyHinkson says:

    I like your image of “” turn this train around before we run out of track!!”  That is exactly what will happen.  When that happens the real riots will start when there is NO MONEY for food stamps and the poor actually feel what being poor feels like.  This is exactly what is happening in Greece.  Spread the word that Welfare is around for 2 more years at the most if Obama is re-elected.  When the track ends so do the “chew, chew.”

  131. Solace says:

    It is okay to say Muslim prayers in school, but not to say Christian ones. That I find truly scary, beyond appalling!

  132. JohnRandall says:

    They wouldnt remember it if fanatics like you would quit reminding them about that instead of going ahead with there life instead of living your fears through you.That kid would have forgotten about that by now if not for your griping. If that is the worse thing said to him while he is growing up ,he will be a lucky kid.

  133. Evermyrtle says:

    I wonder why she picked on that one child instead of getting all of them. I, also wonder what she would have done if the children had been chanting Obam, Obama!!

  134. BOB says:

    All you parents should home school your children.  How can you possibly allow democrats to school your kids.  Send a message to them by taking all your children out of the communist run schools.

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