President Obama Supports Al Qaeda War On Women

American women and the LGBT community overwhelmingly supported the re-election of a President they ordained as the messiah of twenty-first century equality, tolerance, and morality. I wonder if these Obama loyalists take issue with the President’s decision to support Islamist rebels in Syria who are performing at will public executions of Syrians fighting to preserve Assad’s government tolerance of women’s rights and freedoms.

Women’s rights in Syria will evaporate if Al Qaeda backed Al Nusrah is successful in removing Bashir Assad and his Shiite Alawite government from Damascus.

Obama’s tolerant radicals, I mean rebels—the recently vetted Islamist terror groups awaiting shipments of US weapons—have recently issued a fatwa (an order based on Sharia law) banning women from leaving their houses “in immodest dress, in tight clothing that shows off their bodies, or wearing makeup on their face. According to recent Facebook postings from the City of Aleppo, reported by Reuters, Syrian rebels have proclaimed, “It is incumbent on all sisters to obey God and commit to Islamic etiquette.”

These are the same Syrian rebels—all listed on the US “Foreign Terrorist Organization List“—that are destroying non-Muslim houses of worship, and publicly beheading Christians, their religious leaders, and anyone caught blaspheming Islam in public as well as whomever they determine may be loyal to Syrian societies sectarian tolerances.

Prior to the Saudi and Qatar backed terrorism campaign, now supported by Obama, Syria—never a model of true equality—was a country that allowed women to wear sleeveless, tight fitting apparel, above the knee skirts and did not require the mandatory use of head scarves. Syria did not impose strict Islamic law on its citizenry. Apparently, Islamic etiquette in Syria, a Muslim nation, is about to change if Obama backed rebels have their way. Islamic radicalization–America’s enemy according to Obama–is taking hold in Syria and Obama supports this change?

Contrary to the propaganda shoveled on American media, Bashir Assad’s government has a history far more respectful of western culture’s permissive values, though Syria is far from the idyllic model of tolerance Americans experience at home. Make no mistake the Syrian government heavily regulates public activity and discourse. However, Syria has a history of accepting social values that allow freedom of worship and freedom to associate condemned by the Sunni Islamist backed rebels Obama now supports with US weapons and aid.

Unlike its current Sunni adversaries (Qatar and Saudi Arabia) Syria doe not criminally penalize non-Islamic worship, hand holding, public displays of affection, wearing non-Islamic jewelry, and unmarried women’s association with men. The Syrian government does not require adherence to strict Islamic law on a wide range of social issues.

In Saudi Arabia and Qatar, strict Islamist states, the subjugation of women is a cultural norm. Women have few rights in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two radical Sunni nations. In Qatar, non-married woman found in the un-chaperoned company of a man not related by blood or marriage is ordered to take a virginity test, failure of which can result in a legal honor killing. Married Muslim women, in both Saudi Arabia and Qatar found violating a strict code prohibiting free association might find themselves sentenced to state sanctioned beatings or worse.

I wonder how the White House would respond if asked by, say, Rachael Maddow, a woman, a Rhodes scholar, and an Obama supporter, why are we backing a regime change in Syria that will undoubtedly drive Syrian society backwards to a culture that prohibits the limited freedoms it enjoys today. Women’s freedoms not found in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the two Gulf States pushing for Assad’s overthrow and a return to a strict Islamist government and Sharia law dominance in Syria. Moreover, why is the caustic rhetoric US feminists deploy to vilify American equality imbalances strangely absent from news reports detailing Obama’s alliance with these misogynistic Gulf States?

The hypocrisy of feminists and the American gender equality brigades tolerate from the President they elected to level the playing field is mortifying. The protagonists of this Syrian conflict—Saudi Arabia and Qatar—will set Arab women’s rights—freedoms as possessions and compliant human incubators—back thousands of centuries. All supported by an Obama foreign policy.

Do American feminists now support international violations of women’s rights? Does the first lady, an outspoken critic of human rights abuses, now tolerate her husband’s support for two countries with some of the worst women’s rights records in the world? Two countries, if victorious, that will replace Syria’s tolerance with anti-woman Sharia law.

Where does Hillary Clinton stand on this? More importantly, why is no one asking her?



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205 comments on “President Obama Supports Al Qaeda War On Women
  1. LetsFindOut says:

    Obama backed terrorist that eliminate anything Christian… or for that matter, anything non-Muslim.  Anyone trying to say Obama is fair and equal, or even more absurd, Christian, need only watch his policies. He is ultimately against Christian universally and any women that can’t vote for him.

  2. DavidPeacock says:

    low information voters=stupid people

    • jujohn says:

      DavidPeacock 2008 – shame on O….2012 – shame on those who voted O back in !!!

      • TonyRuiz says:

        jujohn DavidPeacock Actual n—–s, dumb m——s, movie stars, unions, teachers…basically all our enemies aside from all the voter fraud democraps use

  3. General Orders says:

    all of this comes as no surprise as it makes no difference what others say this man is a Muslim dedicated to the Muslim ways. American women are blinded by his color and the way he shoots the hot air to them. When its to late they will understand that  they were douped for the gays Muslims exterminate them. The Marriage act is to be able to identify them and where thy live in order to do away with them as he wishes.

  4. Yeshua friend says:

    Obummer is having the worst hair day of his life!  Obummer’s Muslim Brotherhood comrades have lost control of Egypt, Obummer’s greatest accomplishment since sezing our Whitehouse, which he topped off with U.S. tanks and fighter planes, and a nice fat bank roll to keep them active. Now it should be interesting to see how Obummer covers up his disappointment and anger without revealing his frustration and true allegiance. {:3])
    To bad we here in the U.S.A. can’t get our act together like the Egyptions, and run Obummer out of town. Shalom!

    • jujohn says:

      Yeshua friend What do you expect when you have a Muslim terrorist sitting as “the most powerful man in the free (not for long) world?  We are either too ignorant to see what’s going on,  apathetic, lazy, don’t know how to get rid of him without causing an all and all out war.  A moron will say “this kind of thing never happens in our neighborhood….well, it’s here…like it or not.  I wonder too how he will cover up his disappointment !!

    • TonyRuiz says:

      Yeshua friend    Shalom!

  5. ssh49tn says:

    What they fail to realize is, that, when Muslims take over America, they will no longer have any rights at all. If it wasn’t for the destruction of America, I’d say it serves them right. Their retribution is coming, but sadly, the rest of us will have to pay the price too.

  6. BlueViolets says:

    I don’t think they are even aware of it.  They are too busy being PC and falling all over the fact that they voted for a black man.  They’ll wake up under a burka one and be very surprised when they are told to shut up or be murdered.  Even then they won’t understand until the knifes are at their throats.

  7. Ken1Lutheran says:

    It’s all a matter of the quasi-Manichaean dualism of Marxist social analysis.  There are the haves and the have nots.  Americans are the ultimate haves.  In the Middle East, Israel is the haves, since they enjoy a more or less Western standard of living.  The enemies of America and Israel are therefore Socially Friendly Elements, in the phrase coined by Krylenko.  Nobody is more hostile to America than al-Qaida; that means that al-Qaida is a Socially Friendly Element, to be supported by America’s Left.  Assad is in general a Socially Friendly Element, too, an enemy of America and Israel, but he is not as radically so as the rebels.  Besides, he has been a friend to Syria’s Christians. Christians are a Socially Hostile Element, to be suppressed, re-educated if possible, and eliminated if re-education is not possible.  When there is doubt, they are to be eliminated.  Al-Qaida can be counted on to eliminate Socially Hostile Elements.  So al-Qaida is to be preferred to the unreliable Assad, whose father actually entered into a military alliance with the US during the first Gulf War.
    The advance of Social Justice is the reason that sexist rhetoric aimed at Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama or Rachel Maddow is to be condemned, but is to be not only tolerated but promoted if directed at Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley or Megyn Kelly.  After all, the first three are Progressive champions of Social Justice; the last three are Reactionary enemies of Social Justice.  Vote suppression is evil in 2000 Florida but wonderful in 2012 Philadelphia. Intimidation of voters is evil if it is even alleged in Jacksonville in 2000, but perfectly all right when done for all to see in Philadelphia in 2008.  Protestors’ right to protest is sacred in Madison in 2011, but enemies of Social Justice who demonstrate are quite properly beaten up by Teamsters in 1998 or by SEIU goons (excuse me, righteously indignant working men) in 2009.
    Social Justice defines all.

  8. DavidPeacock says:

    obam the imam supports all WARS against free conservative CHRISTIAN Americans;; he is the 12th imam

    • drasher says:

      DavidPeacock …..aka, the anti-christ!

      • jujohn says:

        drasher DavidPeacock I don’t think O is the anti-christ…just a fore-runner…We, as Christians, will be taken out of this world before the anti-christ comes on the scene.  Not sure exactly when Scripture deliberately quits referring to “the church”, as we, “the church” will not be hear to see the Great Tribulation.  I hope I’m right…we’ve all seen enough martyr-dom etc. taking place, our God given rights dismissed, fear and a lack of knowledge….ie: ignorance or apathy of many.

        • TonyRuiz says:

          jujohn drasher DavidPeacock       I agree

        • Yeshua friend says:

          jujohn drasher DavidPeacock The False Prophet maybe?  After all Obummer has proven himself to be a very proficient habitual liar in Chief.  Shalom!

        • Yeshua friend says:

          jujohn drasher DavidPeacock“We,
          as Christians, will be taken out of this world before the anti-christ
          comes on the scene.”
          3:24 “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom
          cannot stand. 25 And if a house is divided against itself, that
          house cannot stand. 26 And if Satan has risen up against himself,
          and is divided, he cannot stand, but has an end.”
          who is Satan’s head man the Anti-Christ going to attack, if all of
          the Christians are gone? Himself and his own followers? Do not
          confuse the great tribulation with Yah’s final wrath upon the wicked;
          that is what many of the Churches are doing. Shalom!

  9. rog363 says:

    Egypt has stated that the people did what they did because of the election of a non-democratic leader to a democratic position and making an already faltering economy worse, kind of sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

  10. MaryCrum says:

    Those are questions that women need to corner Obama on and then I would like all those feminists to also answer those questions.

    • Strangerinmyownland says:

      MaryCrum The majority of those feminists have one major theme; the freedom to totally control their pregnancies, men and government be damned.  That’s it.  Foreign human rights violations of women are just so much lalalalalalalalala.

      • MaryCrum says:

        I have to agree with you. They only care about themselves. The rest is just show and usually they say nothing about the abuses of little girls and women in other countries. In fact, they say nothing about the Muslim abuses in this country. They are totally silent about that.

  11. TonyRuiz says:

    We don’t need to “corner” obama on anything. We need to get rid of this muslim. PERIOD.

  12. robo4118 says:

    Why doesn’t the Senate and House of Representatives have the Balls to Impeach this low life B–tard Traitor Obama??

    • TonyRuiz says:

      robo4118                Because they don’t have the balls.  This is the main reason I’m considering and         praying about a run for congress from Arizona. Wouldn’t have had a chance in California where we’re from until about a year ago, but I’m looking at 2014 pretty hard. I’ve got balls and none of ’em scare me. I’ve been a contractor for 60 years.

      • TonyRuiz robo4118  We need another Lee Harvey Oswald

        • TonyRuiz says:

          Marty Thompson TonyRuiz robo4118    I couldn’t agree more but that wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t support that sin. Looks like I’m going in the front door as a candidate for U.S. Senate.

      • Yeshua friend says:

        TonyRuiz robo4118 Maybe you can replace that amnesty supporting RINO John McCain?  Shalom!

        • TonyRuiz says:

          Yeshua friend TonyRuiz robo4118     My main target. And I only run at one speed: wide open.

    • mjz4043 says:

      robo4118 The Senate and the House do not have the numbers which is unfortunate for us.

      • SilasDoGood says:

        mjz4043 robo4118   I believe the House can Impeach him, but the Senate must REMOVE him from office.  I still believe that the House should bring one of the Impeachment Bills to the floor for a vote.  The problem, BONE_ER cannot control the GOP.  IF the House Majority can get their act together, the House CAN impeach Obama and toss it to the Senate.

        • TonyRuiz says:

          SilasDoGood mjz4043 robo4118    Yes, all that is true. But given what they’ve allowed all these years so far even that doesn’t look probable and is exactly why I am looking at a run for Senate from Arizona; we don’t need anymore flakes.

        • ybelin says:

          SilasDoGood mjz4043 robo4118 …and Reid will get it, smirk, and shelve it.

      • TonyRuiz says:

        mjz4043 robo4118      Just hold your horses

      • TonyRuiz says:

        mjz4043 robo4118    Exactly, which is why we have to get off our asses and RUN!

    • OklaBoondocks says:

      robo4118 I don’t understand that either.

    • grafra102 says:


    • LetsFindOut says:

      robo4118 – Impeachment takes more than we have on Obama so far. He has done a good job of hiring absolute idiots that would take the fall before him. He is a hater of America and is willing to bankrupt our children and completely divide the country in racism. But those are not impeachable offenses.

  13. VirgoVince says:

    WE can’t impeach a ‘POS in a suit!!’   he needs to be ARRESTED, charged, prosecuted and sentenced to death by Firing Squad!   All completed in 2 hrs, no wasted time or money, he has NO defense and NO reason to continue breathing!!

    • Don York says:

      VirgoVince Egypts military formed a coup and removed Morsi from power. Our Military could do the same here with Obama., and our country would rejoice i’m sure.

      • refurb001yy says:

        Don York VirgoVince AND I bet the military would LOVE that idea!  obamy doesn’t ever support our military folks…..!

      • grafra102 says:


      • ybelin says:

        Don York VirgoVince Wish the American people can assemble like those in Egypt!  It sure gets the attention of the world.

  14. mjz4043 says:

    He is going to back whomever gives him the most political leverage.  You would think a man who has daughters could see this so-called religion for what it is, but that does not further his own needs.

    • refurb001yy says:

      mjz4043 Are they really his daughters (for sure)?  Or is it show for the American public?  And what ever happened to BOW (sp??).  Never see the pouch anymore; better looking than Michelle…..

  15. TexRancher says:

    Sure makes judging beauty contests difficult! Just think of the confusion if some were to accidentally leave a Hefty Bag there…

  16. Craig Boos says:

    Do you think if I convert to muslim I could force my wife to starch my shirt and do a better job cooking and cleaning and not talking so much during movies…just asking

    • TonyRuiz says:

      Craig Boos    Nope, you’d need to behead her but that would defeat the purpose. Just go find another one or change and accept her ’cause you love her….if you do

    • Unclejohnson says:

      Craig Boos I have has one of them. The answer is man cave. You have to have a man cave. And a stinky dog. Women self-ban from man caves. Islam is not a solution. Man cave!

    • ladyhuckleberry says:

      Craig Boos, what’s up with usin the word force? Are you that dense or is it the weather around you? If you have to use force I highly suggest you seek help and it be ASAP. It’s that kinda attitude that burns my craw. No woman should be forced into anything. I’ll admit it’s taken me a long time to get over the damage done by another in forcing me to do something I didn’t want to be a part of. So please excuse me I’m just saying.

      • Craig Boos says:

        ladyhuckleberry hey.. how are at starching and laundry…can you cook and  clean fish…do you talk alot ?? my muslim neighbors wife can sure put a pretty wax finish on the bottom of his boat??

        • ladyhuckleberry says:

          It’s attitude like that and men like you that make up the world of abusers. No woman deserves the likes of either you or any type of abuse. So don’t come off as Mr. Holier than Thou. Your neighbor’s wife was taught from day one lessons that I dare say any red blooded American Woman or European Woman (speakin as the Cajun Italian that I am) would put up with out  of their husband. What a pity it must be to be around you.

        • DrSamuelSmith says:

          ladyhuckleberry It was sarcasm, I hope. Don’t take everything you read at face value, relax.

        • TonyRuiz says:

          Craig Boos ladyhuckleberry    Tell her to get rid of him, get out of islam and become a whole human being.

    • JohnGrubb says:

      NO BROTHER,women are the love of our life!!!

    • grafra102 says:

      Craig Boos : LOL

    • grafra102 says:

      Craig Boos : LOL.

    • BlueViolets says:

      Craig Boos Why would you want to force your wife to do.  How about doing something for her that will make her happy to starch your shirts.  Ever think maybe she’s doing the best she can to cook and clean..  Some folks have the ability and others don’t.  I’m sure she may think you don’t every little thing to her liking either.  I have found that one usually gets back what they give.  But I sure can agree with you about the talking during movies.  My late husband just yakked away and it drove me nuts.  So I just got me some ‘man’ ears and only heard what I wanted to hear.

  17. Caveat Emptor says:

    Remember the old joke about keeping women bare foot pregnant and on the outskirts of town ? – well that is the Muslim Agenda so beloved by Obama and his Libtard Lesbian Democratic Party Athletic Supporters. They are brining it on themselves.

  18. 317david says:

    I wonder if these Obama loyalists take issue with the President’s decision to support Islamist rebels in Syria who are performing at will public executions of Syrians fighting to preserve Assad’s government tolerance of women’s rights and freedoms.

    • Papabstr says:

      317david I am very much in favor of public executions .  In fact, lets start with the person that goes by the name of Barrack Obama. I would gladly travel from Florida to Washington to watch this one.

      • grafra102 says:


        • DrSamuelSmith says:

          grafra102 Papabstr 317david Got you both beat I’m in the EU right now and would drop everything to see that live. He is a TRAITOR to OUR Country!!

        • YeshuaFriend says:

          DrSamuelSmith grafra102 Papabstr 317david Yes Obummer is working hard to brake all of America’s alliances, and make us all more vulnerable by secluding us, while uniting the Arab nations under the radical Muslim Brotherhood.  Shalom!

    • grafra102 says:


  19. 317david says:

    Why do you think that most liberals are so much in denial about Obama and his hate for Americans and his love for the Muslims and even the Muslim-BrotherHood  ????????????????

    • grafra102 says:


  20. EllenBernal says:

    Either side of Syrian is evil. Assad kills his own, the Rebels kill and eat their hearts. They also kill by beheading Christians and post it on U-tube. That is what we are supporting. shame on Obama, you are not worthy to be President of the US. Leave, leave fast please run.

  21. 317david says:

    Obuma supports anything if it’s for his muslim buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. TX says:

    The politics — beheadings and the like — are beside the point for these women.  They never see themselves in the short end of anything political. That goes for the most avid 47 percenter up to Hillary Clinton.  Hillary fully expects to be the next POTUS and remember she has been exceptionally nice to our enemies and expects they will return the favor.  Same is true with the soft bigotry  of the 47. We may as well just not call it hypocrisy, it is just not seen that way by the perps.

  23. dasbunker says:

    Rachel Madcow is a woman?
    Who would have thought.

    • ANTICRIME says:

      dasbunker A “RHODES SCHOLAR” to boot!  ~ (prime example of “higher education” in America!)

  24. Yeshua friend says:

    All one has to be to be a good Islamic Muslim, is a truly dedicated follower of Satan.  Shalom!

    • jujohn says:

      Yeshua friend Please explain the difference between the great trib and God’s wrath?

  25. tiredofbums says:

    Obammy’s woman has him by the short hairs. They play both ends against the middle. The race is on for them to gather as much money as possible, create as much devastation as possible and hop their lies and deceit to the American people don’t catch up to them. It’s starting to catch up with all the scandals. These scandals are just the tip of the iceberg. They are truly the affirmative action couple. They have worked the system better than anyone ever thought. Why? Because they’re black. Elected by color only. It’s my fondest wish to see him totally divested and destitute.

    • Lucky3511 says:

      tiredofbums you missed a “D”  – Drowned preferably in a fairly toxic acid, so he suffers for the five years we have suffered with him and his wife/

      • TonyRuiz says:

        Lucky3511 tiredofbums    I don’t see the missing “D” probably ’cause it’s missing?

  26. Robert Wayne says:

    These stupid women’s libbers like Rosie O’Donnell are too thick headed to see the truth here.  They’re atheists who are so filled with hatred for God and Christians that they’ll support muslim scum.   And black bigots like Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey are so obsessed with race that they’ll support a black candidate like Obama no matter how corrupt he is.  We need more women like Sarah Palin in this country and fewer of the left wing imbeciles who support Obama.

    • ANTICRIME says:

      Robert Wayne SARAH PALIN is considering running for the U.S. Senate; I hope she does!

    • PaulBrown1 says:

      Robert Wayne If you want some truth about this muslim puke pig check out a video on you tube at  you won’t believe how corrupt this pig and his tax attorney is. He not only went by the name of Barry Soetoro, but by Harrison J. Bounel as well, and the scam they had going for a mortgage on his home in Chicago for 1.3 million dollars which he never owned the lawyer did with about 6 other people. When this guy did a search on Moochele, Harrison J. Bounel came up tid to her and not Barry Soetoro, that was long gone by then, this was back in the 90’s.

      • Robert Wayne says:

        PaulBrown1 Robert Wayne Nothing surprises me about Obama, or whatever his real name is, Paul.  And what gets me so mad is how the media covers up this no good S.O.B.’s past.  If he was a white conservative the mainstream media would have buried him years ago.  Instead they hide his past and when some of the corruption does leak out they either make excuses for him, ridicule those of us who are trying to find out what’s going on, or start with the race card b.s. that they always use when backed into a corner.

        • PaulBrown1 says:

          Robert Wayne PaulBrown1 Yeah every time something doesn’t go their way its always a racial thing, I’m sick of that crap. I always tell the they can take that race card and shove it, or use that B.S. on someone who feels sorry for them, because I don’t. I worked for a company that was mostly black and I got along well with most of them, but sometimes they pulled that race crap, I told the real fast what they could do with it because I don’t want to hear the phoney bull crap anymore.

        • Robert Wayne says:

          PaulBrown1 Robert Wayne That’s the only way to deal with them when they start with the race card b.s.  Way too often whites are cowed into falling into the same trap of being accused of being racist.  And black troublemakers like Obama and his stooge Holder play it for all it’s worth.  I’ve gotten to the point where I really don’t care what they think about me anymore.

        • PaulBrown1 says:

          Robert Wayne PaulBrown1 This just shows you how long this cover up has been going on by the media and how communist they are as well. What did it for me, is when the media refused to run any TV ads for Mitt Romney during the election time, after that I said NO MORE, I refuse to watch the main stream media channels anymore and will not read their crap news print any longer. I already know how corrupt these pigs are and how deep it really goes here.
          I will never under estimate what this government is capable of, always beware. These pigs have been trying for years to get crap on me, but it not going to happen, I already know the tricks. Keep your eyes OPEN all the time. I don’t trust any of them.

        • Robert Wayne says:

          PaulBrown1 Robert Wayne I agree with you 100%.  The federal govt. is the biggest enemy Americans, especially those of us who are white, Christian, heterosexual and/or conservative have.

        • PaulBrown1 says:

          Robert Wayne PaulBrown1 The real true Americans have to wake up the rest of these morons that are asleep and in a daze as to what is really going on in this country. This muslim pig puke has taken over the government with the medias help.

        • Robert Wayne says:

          PaulBrown1 Robert Wayne I agree.  What gets me so mad is that these left wing creeps control not only the media, but Hollywood and the public school system too.  This is why so many under 30 year old voters voted for this no good S.O.B. Obama and no matter how corrupt or what he does they’re still idiotic enough to consider him a great leader.

        • grafra102 says:

          Robert Wayne PaulBrown1 : AND I AGREE WITH YOU 1000%.

        • grafra102 says:

          Robert Wayne PaulBrown1 : AND I AGREE WIT YOU 1000%.

      • ANTICRIME says:

        PaulBrown1 Robert Wayne WOW! ~ Thanks for the link; we ALL need to PASS IT ON, as mainstream TV media will NEVER let this information out to the American public!

        • PaulBrown1 says:

          ANTICRIME PaulBrown1 Robert Wayne WE need to pass this on to as many people who will listen to the real truth about this pig murdering puke.

        • NavyJR says:

          PaulBrown1  It’s been long known that O has used as many as 80 SSN’s none of which was actually issued to him, and a number of different aliases, which he lied to the IL Bar about, and over which he was forced to give up his law license and membership,along with many other frauds committed along the way to usurping our WH;;  but name calling and such only put you squarely on the NSA’s watch list and bring you down to the level of those who follow him.  The lefties won’t  listen and the SCOTUS as well as numerous other courts, and Congress KNOW all this better than I do; and have for longer as well.  THEY are DELIBERATELY IGNORING it and won’t do anything about it, because they’re complicit in that fraud, every last one of them!  If you truly want to do something constructive about this, read UN Agenda 21 {aka Future Living} and WHO’s Codex Alimentarius, both of which can be easily googled, and then compare them to Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Revelation in any standard Bible, and make a decision which plan you seek to follow; because BOTH are being worked out RIGHT NOW in our world, and every man, woman and child above the age of consent will have to make that choice very soon, and live with the consequences thereof.  Might also wish to read this little glimpse into WHY our nation was REALLY founded, because it WASN’T  the reason you learned in school!  This is the 6th part, with links to the other 5 by clicking on the numbers at the bottom of the page, if you’re interested. 

        • TonyRuiz says:

          NavyJR PaulBrown1    Yes, he is evil

      • TonyRuiz says:

        PaulBrown1 Robert Wayne    A truer scumbag was never born. Wait a minute….yeah, there’ve been a number of them and most died violent, painful deaths. And this one needs to be hanged upside down too

      • grafra102 says:

        PaulBrown1 Robert Wayne : AMEN:::YES I WOULD AGREE HE , SOB IS A LIAR!! THE WORST ONE IN OFFICE UP HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TonyRuiz says:

      Robert Wayne   Yay! And Sarah knows the Lord; how much better an American is there than a patriotic, freedom loving Christian! BTW. that’s me too

  27. Hotnike says:

    Really!  That is because Obama is GAY.

  28. ErikOsbun says:

    Women’s rights in Syria will evaporate if Al Qaeda backed Al Nusrah
    is successful in removing Bashir Assad and his Shiite Alawite government
    from Damascus.

    Obama’s tolerant radicals, I mean rebels—the recently vetted Islamist
    terror groups awaiting shipments of US weapons—have recently issued a
    fatwa (an order based on Sharia law) banning women from leaving their
    houses “in immodest dress, in tight clothing that shows off their
    bodies, or wearing makeup on their face. According to recent Facebook
    postings from the City of Aleppo, reported by Reuters, Syrian rebels
    have proclaimed, “It is incumbent on all sisters to obey God and commit
    to Islamic etiquette.”

    • ErikOsbun says:

      They recently beheaded a few Coptic Christians.  I would say that their only god, Allah, does not exist. 
      How can any American president support these Muslims?  Answer: He is one of them.

      • BlueViolets says:

        ErikOsbun Which leads me to think that contrary to what some misguided Christians say the God of the Bible and the allah of the koran are NOT one and the same.

        • ErikOsbun says:

          BlueViolets ErikOsbun I refer you to the statement: God created man in his own image.  The corollary is that man has an image of God in his own mind, and with Muslims as a whole the image became very, very bad.  It is obvious that they rejected teachings of both the Old and New Testaments.  This began shortly after 600 A.D. and fprogress toward the comprehension of the image of God stopped for the Muslims.

        • TonyRuiz says:

          BlueViolets ErikOsbun       Of course they’re not

      • TonyRuiz says:

        ErikOsbun     I don’t capitalize a or m when used for these words

      • NavyJR says:

        ErikOsbun If you read in Genesis about Abram’s call out of Ur, an ancient Babylonian {Iraqi} city, you’ll see mention of a “moon god” who was the primary deity of that city; that was our “friend” Allah, at that time.  Earlier, in the region he’d been known as Alla {not a typo, they have different pronunciations}, a deity of war and violence, according to Drs Walid and Ted Shoebat.  A good friend of mine over in the region told me about the different pronunciations, and that the OLDER form is still used by Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Gaza today.  I may be wrong here, but an educated guess would suggest that Allah is, or was modeled on, one of Lucifer’s lieutenants, among the fallen angels he led astray, or possibly Lucifer himself.  Either way, those beings passionately hate God, and by extension anyone or anything He loves.  Most especially Christians and Jews.

        • ErikOsbun says:

          NavyJR ErikOsbun From what I’ve read, Ur is under the sand.  What is in a name?  It is what is in the minds of the believers that defines the issue.

        • NavyJR says:

          ErikOsbun  Much is in a name, actually; I was pointing out that belief in Allah predates Islam by centuries; that Allah was someone Muhammad would have grown up knowing about, not just come up with out of thin air.  He put some tweaks on the beliefs about him, kind of mixing the 2 prior “incarnations” of Alla{-h}, into one, but even at that, he didn’t originate that belief.  Neither do the current believers “define” the issue; since they were LED to believe that, pretty much deliberately by the originator of the “Alla” character, or his superior, with a distinct purpose, which is cogent in understanding world affairs as a whole now.

  29. Brabado says:

    Did Barack Obama ever thought  what the Al Qaeda “WAR ON WOMEN”,  will do to his High School Prom girl friend, Megan Hughes – see GLOBE Magazine of June 24/2013???
    Just wondering!

    • NavyJR says:

      Brabado How about his “wife” and alleged “daughters”?

      • Robert Norwood says:

        NavyJR Brabado We’ll just have to see if he agrees when they come to do vaginal mutilation on them. Can’t have all these women running around free. A man is a king in his own tent, on his own camel…or goat.

        • NavyJR says:

          Robert Norwood  Probably will, he’s African, by birth, which is where that “custom” predominates,  much more than among the Arabic Muslims.

  30. Newsel says:

    The Egyptian caught on very quickly….that the MB are just a bunch of male chauvinistic pigs….freedom KMB.

    • MD Patriot says:

      Newsel No, they are TERRORISTS!

    • NavyJR says:

      Newsel The bulk of the Egyptian people never wanted the MB in charge; they got there because of O’s interference, and the fact that they were the only ones who had any real organization in place at the time!

      • Newsel says:

        NavyJR Newsel 
        Better organized definatly with probably another cooked election at the time….now who does that remind you of?

        • NavyJR says:

          Newsel  They are all run by the same PTB with the same agenda, so is that any great surprise?  Of course those elections are just as crooked and controlled as ours are; the Egyptian people DIDN’T want MB to begin with.  They better than we, know exactly what that would mean for them; out of the frying pan right into the flaming fire!

    • mjz4043 says:

      Newsel I lived in Iran for four years during the Shah’s reign and I saw first hand the extremely dismal lives of the poor.  They truly have little to look forward to so anything that comes along offering a little bit of excitement and maybe a few rials, they will follow wholeheartedly.  They love the news cameras and will really get carried away when those are rolling…the spotlight is a welcome change for them.  A Western friend & I were caught out unexpectedly on one of their high holy days where they whip themselves into a frenzy.  We were new in Iran and had no idea how extreme they got.  We ended up in a large parade of these men and they were bouncing the car around when they saw the children in the back seat and then they told us to GO.  They probably would have destroyed our car (would not have been hard with those little tin cans) at the very least.  We learned our lesson.  They will pick up and support any cause that make promises, even outrageous ones.  Plus, life is cheap in those areas.  I went to work one morning and there was blood running down the stone stair support outside the main building….they had found *spies* during the night and dispatched them to their maker.  Sharia Law at its best.

      • TonyRuiz says:

        mjz4043 Newsel     sharia law is well on its way here, thanks to democrats everywhere

  31. NavyJR says:

    Maybe Moochelle would really prefer THAT “prison” to the one she believes she’s suffering in right now!

  32. aradatateam says:

    Anyone else have a problem with this statement from the article?  “I wonder if these Obama loyalists take issue with the President’s
    decision to support Islamist rebels in Syria who are performing at will
    public executions of Syrians fighting to preserve Assad’s government
    tolerance of women’s rights and freedoms.”   Who is he supporting rebels or Assad???

    • Lucky3511 says:

      aradatateam The rebels, Just like he supported the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt until they lost

      • aradatateam says:

        Lucky3511 Yeah I knew that but the way the article was written was confusing.  BTW, the MB did  not lose.  They put Morsi in office until the people said no.  Seems to be a mandate against Islam in Egypt.

    • NavyJR says:

      aradatateam I have a huge problem with supporting  MB in any manner; since they’re avowed enemies of my homeland and would seek to kill me for my beliefs, both religious and political!  O is supporting the “rebels’ who are MB, members of one of more of the many “tentacles” of that organization.  Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda , even CAIR, ISNA, NAIT, ISMA, and many others HERE in our nation he’s supporting openly with our tax monies, and allowing to dictate our policies toward Islam in this nation and the world.

      • mjz4043 says:

        NavyJR aradatateam I’ve always said that this is the luckiest man since Hitler.  I never imagined in my lifetime I would see the masses so brainwashed.  People in this country have decided he is great based on his color…well, how could he be otherwise?…and they seem to totally ignore what is going on.  If I try to discuss it with a liberal, their response is, INVARIABLY, “All of that is Internet fear mongering.”  The last liberal friend I had to cut contact with saw nothing wrong with Sharia Law.  Very sad for them, but sadder for our country.  What he is doing is obvious to anyone who is paying attention, but if you believe the Emperor and his spin, you think he actually is wearing clothes.  Wake up, people, please, before it is too late.

        • NavyJR says:

          mjz4043  It’s not luck, precisely; it’s protection by his boss, who happens to not be human; and therefore has abilities humans don’t have, but so was Hitler ’til he stepped over the mark and it was time to remove him; O’s time is coming soon and I think he’s sensed that.  He made a comment last week about possibly not finishing out this term. See, that boss doesn’t allow 2nd chances…

        • TonyRuiz says:


        • Robert Norwood says:

          TonyRuiz NavyJR mjz4043 Huh… we agree on something.

        • NavyJR says:

          TonyRuiz  Tone it  down, mister, and learn to read yourself!  i was quoting O’s statement,, not making one of my own.  I know full well he’s an usurper, a cheat, a fraud, and every other sort of evil fool there is, INCLUDING Muslim!  I saw something earlier that indicates he may well have some terminal illness, like possibly lung cancer from his smoking, although still noting specific, but it connects  with what he’d said earlier!

  33. All Rights Reserved says:

    Personally, Obama and all his jihadist Muslim brother hood loyalists, all these senators and Congressmen, Layers, and supreme court judges are all corrupt!  They keep telling us this a Democracy “which means the majority rule.”  But our Pledge of Allegiance tell us otherwise. A little History lesson: 
    Shame on you because you know the word
    Democracy is not mentioned once in the Declaration of Independence or
    even in the the US Constitution nor even in the Constitution in all
    50 states. Even James Madison in the Federalists papers mentions
    about Democracy being short lived in there lives and are violent in
    there deaths and should be looked on in contempt!! Our founders knew
    there history and Human factors. Under democracy mob rule happens,
    then anarchy, then tyranny under Oligarchy.(Respect for these levels of sovereignty is what the American
    Constitution is built on.) America was founded as a federation of
    sovereign states, built on the principles of the Declaration of
    Independence, which asserts the God-given right of members of a
    federation (and, by implication, of any group at all) to secede from
    the group should it become oppressive. That was our justification for
    seceding from the British Empire. In internal American history, this
    has been called “states rights”.
    Only if these sovereign ties are respected can the sovereignty of
    the individual itself be protected because the levels of sovereignty
    create buffer zones of protection against tyranny, the illegitimate
    intrusion of centralized power — the primary evil which our
    American constitution was designed to prevent. I can survive as a
    free individual only if there are levels of local sovereignty which
    are mutually respected both up and down the ladder and laterally
    among equals.
    The erosion of national and local sovereignty is always a
    sign that someone is aiming at control of all levels, the designs of
    a tyrant. Freedom is sacred to God, so tyranny is to be resisted with
    spiritual, political, and, if necessary, military, integrity — the
    very meaning of a “just” war.Benjamin Franklin given us a “Republic if we could keep it, he

  34. dd823 says:

    The Egyptians got rid of the muslim brother hood . . . how come obama still supports them here?

  35. Joy J says:

    These American women who supported, voted for and ordained Obama as the Messiah of twenty-first century equality, tolerance and morality seem to be extremely gullible, naive and easily deceived.  What do these gullible American women think of Obama now??  He is not standing up for anything even approaching equality, tolerance or morality, fairness, ethics or justice with women or anyone else.  He has proven his loyalties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Islam and Al Qaeda!!  Knowing what we do concerning the treatment of women by many countries and religions around the world, how can any woman support Obama when he has openly supported these groups?  Also, we have seen how Obama has used women in America to achieve the political gain and position he currently enjoys…..women of America, is this what you really thought he was going to do??  He is a snake in the grass, a fox in the hen house.  There is nothing that he can say now that will convince me that he has any woman’s best interest in his heart!!!!!  He is selfish, arrogant and will use whomever he needs to to get his agenda through and, believe me, his agenda will not further women’s issues.

    • JohnGrubb says:

      I agree with you sister Joy!!!

    • Newsel says:

      Joy J Agreed…all we have to do now is rid the MSM news waves of the “war on women” battle cry for over 20 week or later abortions….good luck on that one. Plain murder. There is many a childless couple that would love a new born to look after and care for. Pure evil.

    • NavyJR says:

      Joy J “Fairness” is a Communist code word for “equal outcome” and that’s something that simply doesn’t exist in the natural world or reality.  “Created equal” means that we come into this world of equal VALUE to our Creator, but no 2, even in the same family, have the exact same talents or abilities, the same degrees of ambition, etc. upon which OUTCOME depends.  We have equal opportunities, if we wish to avail ourselves of them, nothing more.  As for tolerance, morality, ethics, and justice, NONE of those qualities are desired by the boss for whom he’s really working; in fact, just the opposite, as we see O doing.  MB is a tool  being used, both to demoralize, and to break down our Judeo-Christian values and morality, as well as to condition us to the brutality of a regime in which life has no value, and morality and ethics have no place.  As for O, he’s literally a pathological narcissist, and I suspect he’s pushing too far even for his boss to tolerate much longer.  However, none of this would be happening if the churches hadn’t become neutralized and stopped opposing blatant sin, because of infiltration and deceit by the agents of the same master for whom O works.

  36. wizard says:

    It is difficult to understand why women in general (and Christian women in particular) would support BS/BO. But not so hard to understand why the socialist coven of Pilosie, Clinton, and associates do.

    • TonyRuiz says:

      wizard     You need to go back to school and try again. When God was passing out brains you thought He said “trains” and said you didn’t want any.

      • DavidPeacock says:

        TonyRuiz wizard now go eat your own children like a good little cannibal.

        • TonyRuiz says:

          DavidPeacock TonyRuiz wizard     That would not be me, stupid. You’ve confused me with some friend, colleague and associate of yours, you rat

        • wizard says:

          I know and understand a great many things. However, I am the first to admit that there are even more things that I do not. That hardly means that I do not have any brains or know how to think inteligently. I know a large number of very intelligent people but no one that knows everything about everthing.  I know a few that think that they do but they are always wrong. Not everyone has an aptitude for everything.  I know a brillian chemist that knows nothing about economics. My own IQ falls far short of genius but it has been tested several time with resulting scores in a range from 148 to 157.  I may not be brilliant but that is better than average. My observation and comment was ment to illicit comments from women who support BO to express their reasons why. Your reply was without merit and of no consequence. Your comments are much better when you remain on topic.

      • Robert Norwood says:

        TonyRuiz wizard I dunno, he might’ve taken a slow one.

  37. DonBahn1 says:

    Liberals will never see the TRUTH, they reject the LIGHT of the World – Jesus Christ.

  38. johnnywoods says:

    If Moochele does not like Obummer`s support of radical Islamist regime change in Syria she should not have married a Mooslim.

  39. Lucky3511 says:

    That Terrorist Supporter in Syria, Anti government activist in Egypt, extreme lawbreaker in USA, And fraudulent occupier of our white house should be hauled out of the White house and dragged through the main streets of America as an example of what happens to people who commit these crimes. Instead, He does a 100 million dollar tour of Africa to visit his roots, gives 7 billion dollars which we cannot afford away in Africa. Oh I Forgot he also stopped July 4th Celebrations in the armed forces because we cannot  afford it. While his wife goes on multimillion dollar road trips. Please someone. tell us how we can impeach this blatant crook

  40. knussel says:

    Sorry,the American pro Obama women are too stupid to understand how evil this Muslim Plant really is

    • Joanniem says:

      knussel Rest assured those “pro Obama women” WILL NOT STAND Alone l  There will be men also.  Stupidity knows no gender.  For which I say “Thank you God!”

  41. Lady Liberty says:

    Don’t be fooled, America, by what happened on July 03, 2013, in Egypt!!!  So we are told that Morsi is being ‘held’ in an unnamed place, along with some of his Muslim Brotherhood comrades, but think about what this all means! In MY opinion, it means that we are being duped – AGAIN – by these connivers…and by our own government. Don’t forget Obama’s phone call to Morsi on Monday night;  also, don’t forget about those “bags” of Millions of Dollars which were delivered to Morsi…I’m sure he took those ‘bags’ with him… It’s time we stopped sacrificing life and limbs of our military to keep safe … Saudi Arabia!  There’s never any problems regarding them….after all, they don’t like to be upset!  BRING ALL OUR TROOPS HOME FROM THE MIDDLE EAST AND STOP ALL MONETARY ‘DONATIONS’ WITH THE PURPOSE OF BUYING FRIENDSHIP!!!!  Charity begins at home, and we desperately NEED help right HERE!!!!!!

    • TonyRuiz says:

      Lady Liberty    I’m afraid it falls to our private army to get it right; I doubt our military would stand behind us at this point ’cause obama has decimated it so much, leaving his worshippers.  It would appear nobody can be trusted. And remember that obama has enlisted his ‘private army’ of young people in black uniforms. I don’t know what’s to become of them but I have an idea and it isn’t good.

    • NavyJR says:

      Lady Liberty I do believe the army has Morsi; they never wanted MB either, that was the PTB {elites, including O] who shoved that onto the Egyptian peoples.  But they did finance and support him, against the army and the peoples in fact.  Saudis {the Saud family}ARE part of the PTB, and MB first appeared in Saudi Arabia, not Egypt; they were expelled from there and went to Egypt in about 1920 and spread from there, like a cancer.  But since O is Muslim, and most likely MB, of course he’d stick up for MB on principle; however, since it’s ALSO what HIS boss is pushing and wants…

  42. jacquebquique says:

    German National Socialism of the 40s first went into Austria with the Anschluss and then into Croatia. Croatians Catholics supported the Nazis as a resort against Communism. Concentration camps were opened to go after the Slavic Orthodox.  In fact, a concentration camp at Medjagorje was run by Franciscan priests.  The Muslims who were left from the Ottoman Empire supported the Nazis and joined in on the atrocities. -This laid the groundwork for the retaliation by Serbian nationalists in the 90s against Bosnia.  The point is that it is very natural for national socialists to form alliances with radical Islam.  Both are fascists.

  43. TonyRuiz says:


  44. The_Hammer says:

    It’s a given he would support his brethern….just another “LSOS” lieing sack of s**t….

  45. Lorraine E says:

    Why would BHO support sharia organizations like the muslim brotherhood, a.k.a. al Qaeda, and impose his will on foreign countries using our tax dollars and gifts of military supplies?  Why do we have the muslim brotherhood in the white house, in the BHO administration, and throughout our country? This is very WRONG!  Are we next to have sharia law imposed upon us?  Things are moving very quickly that way and it is obvious when we are being punished with more controls and the loss of our freedoms because of al Qaeda attacks inside our country which have not been prevented by Homeland Security with their bloated staff and regulations which say it is not P.C. to “spy on” or question al Qaeda illegal aliens.  There are Very Bad things happening in my country.

    • TonyRuiz says:

      Lorraine E       Lorraine, who did you vote for?

    • TonyRuiz says:


    • NavyJR says:

      Lorraine E That’s a complicated question, and has to do with the whole NWO agenda; which is behind EVERYTHING we see going on here and globally; the collapse of economies {deliberately engineered to do so}, the lawlessness and overt violence/terrorism, including ignoring the laws of this and other nations about5 illegal invaders, euphemistically called “immigrants” who are destroying the home cultures of the nations they’re invading, the rampant immorality and amorality  being sanctioned by the “states” around the world, etc.  Those very bad things are happening all around the world today, and it’s INTENTIONAL on the parts of the PTB, particularly their “boss”!  If you really wish to know those answers, e-mail me at  and I’ll send you links; but there are too many to include here.

  46. YeshuaFriend says:

    Mat 24:21 “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. :22  And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; [BUT
    FOR THE ELECT’S SAKE]  those days will be shortened.”  Mar 13:19-20.  Rev 7:14.
    Rev 6:15  “And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, 16  and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17  For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”  Rev 14:9-10.  Rev 16:1-21. Rev 8:2-13.  Rev 9:1 -21.

    • NavyJR says:

      YeshuaFriend Yep; they have their “caves” well stocked in preparation too; as the one under the Denver International Airport, and the one now being installed near the Ben Gurion Airport, etc…. for all the good those will do them!

  47. Robert Norwood says:

    The truth is Obama supporters don’t give a schit as long as they have what they want. The problem with this community of people is “self interest”. They and their so-called values only apply to them and only apply to what it gets them. Women have been attacked but because they either were conservatives or held opinions that were different these communities were silent. They are easy to buy – just pay lip service to their narrow issues. Narrow issues yes but issues they want to apply broadly. Conservatives can often get things wrong, like any others but, they are honest. I’ll be honest and you may disagree but we have no reason to oust Bashir Assad – he’s done nothing to us and runs a secular state. Sure he clamps down on islamists and radicals, I mean schit, it’s the smart thing to do. Egypt caught on to that this week.

    • TonyRuiz says:

      Robert Norwood     You are either deaf, blind or dumb or all three. Assad is his people’s enemy and as such, is ours as well. He’s an evil, scheming man always devising ways to punish, torture, mutilate and murder his people. Try again but do your homework first and stop being part of our problem vs solution

      • Robert Norwood says:

        TonyRuiz Robert Norwood Oh wow, clever you – you figured it out, I’m deaf dumb and blind. But if I am wrong then I’ve got a great excuse – what’s yours, bleeding heart stupidity? First, we’ve got muslims killing muslims and it don’t get no better than that. What… you want them thinking about us? Meanwhile, a few sand dunes away, the Egyptians are getting rid of the folks Obama supported – tell you something? Syria was never a friend of ours but unlike Iran, it wasn’t going out of its way to be an enemy. I don’t care what they are fighting about as long as the Islamists lose. Like I said previously – I’m just being honest here.

        • TonyRuiz says:

          Robert Norwood TonyRuiz       Evil is evil is evil is evil. Get that?! In any country anytime evil is practiced by their government they should be annihilated. Not necessarily by our intervention (again) but by any and all force available to the people. But yes, muslims vs muslims is a wonderful thing. May they all kill one another; I’ve known they were coming now for about 20 years when I learned just how evil, wrong and bad they are. Assad is a party to that kind of evil and a murderer of his own people and I hope he’s taken out soon also, like many of his brethren. And if another evil man takes his place, take him out too. And on and on…

        • NavyJR says:

          TonyRuiz  Yes, and your own hate will eat you alive  before the Muslims get to you.  WE aren’t the world’s moral authority or cop.  They need to sort out their own problems; we have more than enough right here, without going looking for more, that need dealt with.

        • TonyRuiz says:

          NavyJR TonyRuiz    What you’re confusing with hate is RESOLVE and determination. I know what’s happening and would like very much contribute to the re-make of our country. That simple.

      • xron2 says:

        TonyRuiz Robert Norwood  U are the one who appears brain dead! ASSAD like Gadaffi Both were the lessor of two Evils an could be controlled and didn’t  believe in chopping off heads for entertainment or of Christians for not be a part of Islam! It seems U need to do your home work, Assad is much better than all the nuts who think owning women and ordering them around and beating and throwing acid in their faces for any or no reason is OK!  And most of those things lie sex with little boys and even little girls!  Maybe that’s why you like the strict Muslim nuts and not the ones who think a little like us and for the most part controlled  where as the others a complete NUTS  and can’t be controlled or  worked with!

        • TonyRuiz says:

          xron2 TonyRuiz Robert Norwood    Discussion over. Evidently your parents didn’t teach you the difference between right and wrong. Sin is sin and there are no degrees. Wrong is wrong at any level and by any interpretation. There is no “lesser of two evils” and people who don’t know this should reload. I can’t remember the scripture, but if you know the Lord our God, look up what He has to say about good and evil. You might learn something. Other than that, please stop; I’m not going on with you or anybody else on the subject of right vs wrong. I only wish everybody knew the difference.

        • Robert Norwood says:

          TonyRuiz xron2 Robert Norwood There’s Right and Wrong and I definitely know the difference. There’s practical and stupid and that is a difference I know as well. Some times the gulf between these concepts is wide enough to create the arguments we are having now. For example you’re not wrong, you just may be “wronger”, that’s all. If this were simple, if common sense were at play, those folks wouldn’t be fighting. As it is, they are acting from a sense of their own right or wrong.

        • TonyRuiz says:

          Robert Norwood TonyRuiz xron2     Please do me the courtesy of staying away from my posts. Thank you.

      • Yeshua friend says:

        TonyRuiz Robert NorwoodWhen these devil possessed Islamic Muslims are killing each other off, that leaves less of them to kill us during their crazy one world jihad conquest campaigns.  I prefer that they annihilate themselves, rather than try to annihilate us.   Shalom!

        • NavyJR says:

          Yeshua friend  I don’t know if they’re “devil-possessed”, or just devil-led, and working on “mob mentality” which produces a very similar result in reality.  Either way, Allah has been around since before Abram was called away from worshiping him {moon god of Ur}, earlier known as Alla {not a typo, and pronounced slightly differently, or so an ex-Muslim friend of mine tells me, the Alla pronunciation used still in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and Jordan} a deity of war and violence.  This was reported by Drs Wallid and Ted Shoebat, father and son historians, earlier this year., and an educated guess says he was either modeled on Lucifer or one of his lieutenants in the rebellion against God.  Whatever gets them to focus on each other, instead of the rest of us, is fine with ME too; and I’m sure the Copts would heartily  agree as well.

      • NavyJR says:

        TonyRuiz  Assad has done NOTHING to America; he’s never been our friend, but he also has NOT been our active enemy; those are found right in the swamp on the east coast!

        • TonyRuiz says:

          NavyJR TonyRuiz    He’s an evil man; I’m not saying we should be the world’s  police but I AM saying he is our avowed enemy. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. And in this case, many are reaching out for help but I want our country to do NOTHING under obama in this case. He is our mortal enemy.

    • NavyJR says:

      Robert Norwood The truth is, we have no reason whatever to be sticking our noses into Syria”s internal conflicts.  OR Egypt’s or Tunisia’s or Libya’s, etc.  This is all on the NWO PTB who want all this as well as the economic collapses happening around the world, the breakdown of cultures as Muslims and others invade nations, unchecked, with disregard to their laws and boundaries but as long as they hold the fiscal and political power globally, this will continue along its path to their goal, RIGHT up to that point at which Jesus returns and physically intervenes.

  48. xron2 says:

    Big giant butt Michelle with the big Bat wings wont say a word about Obama’s Muslim brothers and could really care less! She’s a real PIG!

    • TonyRuiz says:

      xron2       That’s a gross insult to pigs. More from a podium near you. Wait’ll they get a load of me.

  49. ErikOsbun says:

    OK, your choice, but who cares?  Try on these capital letters: BFDSFB.

  50. dasbunker says:

    The real true Americans voted for Romney in the last election or stayd home.
    We must convince the uninformed, benefit seeking sheep that voted for the Usurper Obama that he and his minions will lead this great country to ruin.
    Allah FUBAR!

    • NavyJR says:

      dasbunkerPerhaps if you learn a bit of our ACTUAL history, then share it with them, since they never learned any, and what you learned in school was probably the same illusion to which most of us agreed by self-delusion for more that 235 years.  This slice you will likely find disturbing and possibly reject because it’s too difficult to wrap your head around the concept that we have been SO GROSSLY lied to for so long, but if you can  grasp and accept the truth of it, you’ll have a far better handle on what IS actually happening now and why, not only here in the US, but globally.  This is pt 6 in a series, but the first 5 are available at the bottom of the page by clicking on the numbers.

      • Diplobear says:

        NavyJR dasbunker

        • Diplobear says:

          NavyJR dasbunker You get all that goobblyshit off a teleprompter or did’ya attend the same schools as the Maoist Mongrel ?
          You folks on the left should get your heads out of the ass (you own or the Mongrels) befor you suffocate.

    • TonyRuiz says:

      dasbunker    You, my friend, are correct; not everybody gets it.

  51. RobertLatta says:

    Obama’s supporters view conservative Christians and tea party members as greater threats to our country than Islamic Jihadists. Very sad.

  52. DavidClements says:

    The fact that the feminist of this country just can’t seem to see or understand what’s really happening here, has all the signs of delusion. Like it reads in Romans chapter 1, these people have continuously thought and lived apart from God; and because of this, their minds have become depraved and blinded of what is real.  When God has no choice but to finally turn one over to the author of lies and deceit, the person’s mind will come under control of the very enemy of mankind. Confusion, a total exchange of what’s right and wrong and what’s natural and true, will occur. Imagine how it would be if we ended up with a nation full of reprobate-minded citizens?

  53. paulnordin says:

    Wow!  I did not know this.  We must get Obama to reverse course!  eMail the White House!

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