Chris Christie: RINO or Real Conservative?

Almost by definition, any elected statewide official in New Jersey has to be left of center, and Chris Christie is no different. He may be a Republican, but the Party has known since his initial run at the Governor’s mansion that he would never be a party line type of Republican. Like with Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, Mike Castle, and all Republicans from blue states – we take what we can get. However, I think most of us had higher hopes for the Governor from the Garden State. He seemed conservative enough on the major issues that the places where he leaned further left than most of us were comfortable, could be overlooked. Lately, however, the fawning media coverage Christie has been getting has made him seem much more the RINO1 than we might have originally thought.

So let’s lay out the reasons Christie might have problems pleasing the conservative base.

Chris Christie will have major problems running as a national Republican if he doesn’t “evolve” on issues dealing with the 2nd Amendment. The short of it that Chris Christie falls into the mainstream of New Jersey politics when it comes to dealing with the right of a free citizenry to carry a firearm.  Outside of New Jersey, however, Christie is to the left of many Democrats.  He is for New Jersey’s ban on “assault weapons” and has even gone as far as to say that repeal of the state’s ban would be: “Crazy”, “Dangerous”, and “Radical”.  How about just a few snippets of Christie’s thoughts on gun control:

“…we have a densely-populated state, and there’s a big hand gun problem in New Jersey.”

“But I think on guns — certain gun control issues, looking at it from a law-enforcement perspective, seeing how many police officers were killed, we have an illegal gun problem in New Jersey.”

“I support are common sense laws that will allow people to protect themselves, but I also am very concerned about the safety of our police officers on the streets, very concerned. And I want to make sure that we don’t have an abundance of guns out there.”

Alright, so on gun control, Christie is not going to get a lot of love from conservative voters. The plain truth of the matter is that Christie is bad on 2nd Amendment issues, and that’s just not going to change. The man has seen a lot of ugly gun related crimes and his heart tells him the way to make things better is gun control legislation. He’s wrong – but voters may overlook this lapse in judgment if he is conservative enough in other areas.

His latest sin doesn’t necessarily have to do with any one issue in particular, but is the fact that he has become rather chummy with our uber-liberal President.  After super storm Sandy swept through New Jersey leaving behind billions of dollars in damage, the President flew in to assess the problems and see if the federal government could help. Here is where Christie got himself into trouble. President Obama was in the midst of what seemed like a tough reelection campaign and the news of the Benghazi attack had just dropped into the administrations’ lap.  Things were looking bleak for the Obama campaign team, and then Governor Christie gave the President some great photo ops and the Obama campaign got its second wind.obamachristiebromance

Here’s the thing. Chris Christie is the Governor of New Jersey and his priority has to be the people of New Jersey.  While it may have been nice to stick a thumb in the President’s eye and deny him any opportunities from the super storm Sandy clean up – it would have been irresponsible. The President has a lot of leverage when it comes to getting money to disaster struck regions of the country, and getting on his good side may have helped move funds to disaster stricken areas as quick as possible. The photo op may have hurt Mitt Romney and national Republicans but it put New Jersey on the front pages of newspapers around the country and made sure that Congress and the President were falling all over themselves to deliver aid and resources to the Garden State as soon as possible.

If we cherry pick just a few other national issues the image of Chris Christie as a RINO becomes much blurrier. On fiscal issues he’s kept his promise of not raising taxes in a state where raising taxes is a regular exercise. On abortion, Christie is a mainstream pro-lifer. He is against gay marriage, but seems to be okay with civil unions. On crime he could never be categorized as “soft”. On education he has fought for more charter schools and expanding “school choice” options – and he has fought unions on budget and reform issues. On immigration he hasn’t shown his cards but has made some comments that have worried some conservatives.

All in all, while Christie has gotten some very favorable media coverage from a supremely liberal media – though much of it has to do with Christie’s recent chumminess with the President. I expect that as a new election season rolls around that coverage will sour because the Governor’s record is just too conservative for the media to overlook. While it may seem that he has moved to the left, Christie is solidly right of center in a very left leaning state.

He’s dug himself a hole with his anti-liberty stance on gun issues, but it seems harsh to paint him with the RINO brush when he does meet conservative standards on most of the other important issues of our day.

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  • SilasDoGood

    H_LL, the HNIC has done NOTHING to assist Christie and the citizens of NJ.  Obama is a blow-hard socialist that will tell anyone, even his family, what they want to hear and has no substance to back it up.  Christie has come out of the gate strong, seems to be doing the right things for NJ, so let’s wait and see.  I do not believe he is “buds” with the HNIC, I believe he is USING Obama – just as Obama has USED Americans…….

  • BobE

    What are you people talking about??? Didn’t Mittens convince you idiots he was a true conservative from the conservative state  of Massachusetts?

  • 1fedupamerican

    Christie is a RHINO without a doubt.  So what’s new every politician in Washington except for Rand and Cruz is worth a damn.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Christie answered tht question when hje slobbered all over Obama before the last election.

  • Christian_Patriot7

    I don’t trust fat boy Christie since he cozied up to Obama. He is a RHINO!

  • mitglied

    For the favorable support he is providing Americans, I would like to teach him how to curb his sugar intake, and eat to support a 175 lb body instead of a 300 lb body.  One capsule of SW Diet Svetol, 400mg each meal would be a good start for him. It night even sharpen up his thinking skills, which would assist his patriotism.

  • JimBlaine

    RINO! In more ways than one.

  • Aingeal

    Chris Christie is a Democrat aka Progressive.  He deliberately sunk Mitt Romney’s election when he gave a half-hearted endorsement of Romney at the Republican convention, and then later, disgustingly sucked-up to the “occupier” of the White House supposedly to get financial help after that hurricane.  I doubt many Conservatives will  be supporting him if he runs nationally anymore than if Benedict Arnold was on the planet today running for office.  We don’t need anymore liberals in the mode of John McCain.

    • BobE

      Aingeal would are you kooks going to support if Christie gets the GOP nomination? Hillary?

      • Aingeal

        BobE – Do you really think it now matters who any of us support now that the great U.S. Supreme Court has told illegal aliens “come one and all” – vote in American elections?  What the Court said basically is, “We don’t care who you are or how you came into the U.S., if you want to vote – and you should – we now give you that right in Arizona under the Motor Voter Law.”   And it won’t stop there.  This will now apply to every state in the country.   Just as Chief Justice John “the Coward” Roberts bowed-down-and-kissed-the-feet of Obama over “No Health Care,” the Court has proven to be as anti-American as the “occupier” of the White House.

  • texaselect

    Christie is NOT a conservative he is a liberal follower of Obama. He had his aides bend over and kiss Obama’s butt because he is so fat and lazy he couldn’t do it himself. He stood before the country with his fat snarky hand out to Obama and promoted the socialist agenda. One reason I refuse to do business with his State just like any northern liberal state.

  • steve holmes

    RINO, hippo, pig, manatee, o’bama LOVER! They’re all pretty much the same.

  • DaveFriece

    Christie is a Democrap in an elephant suit.

  • jas1019


  • Freedom_road

    That one has been settled for a while now when he starting touting Ocommie and kissing his aaaaa butt! Definite Rino!!!

  • John Machinski

    Christie is not a conservative at all. He favors gun control and believes that we should combat “man-made” global warming.

    • BobE

      John Machinski  Liberal or conservative has nothing to do with fighting global warming it’s the rational do & the superstitious don’t

  • charsjcca

    Christie is like Eisenhower and Nixon, a man for his time who is not living in the past.

    • KimMillard

      charsjcca What exactly does that mean??  And I don’t exactly remember Richard Nixon working out all that great for the Nation.

  • GoldbergAllen

    McCain Rino

  • box4r7

    well if he isn’t a R.I.N.O. he sure looks like one,all he’s missing is a horn….

  • Winghunter

    Chris Christie – A Conservative Myth Part 1 – Budget MythsPart 2 – Unions and State EmployeesPart 3 – Conservative AppointeesPart 4 – Political Endorsements Part 5 – Cap & Trade and “Green Technology” Part 6 – Gov. Christie and ObamacarePart 7 – Illegal Aliens, Gun Control and the GZ MosquePart 8 – A Conservative Myth Exposed

  • AdrianVance

    More than anything Chris Christie is a politician.  Is he lying?  Are his lips moving?
    See The Two Minute Conservative via Google or: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • DougSchexnayder

    CC is a northeast Repub…what does history teach us about them?  Well, what?
    He is a conservative on fiscal matters and handles the media etc. like a man instead of the usual GOP cupcake…
    past that…BEWARE…

  • ronalford

    He’s too palsy walsy with Obama to be a true conservative, and on the wrong side of the 2nd Amendment.  And, no body in their right mind would appoint a Muslim judge.  Sharia law and U.S. Constitutional law are not even on the same planet together, let alone the same country.

  • JoeZimmerman

    Christie    has   always   beed   a   RINO   !!!!!!!!!!

  • leefromok

    He is either one of the globalists/elites/new world order people or he serves them.


    Chris Christi would “Eat the contents of his own copious Gut for wealth or power!!!””    Assault weapons????   Assault weapons????   DID YOU KNOW THAT IN THE GARDEN STATE,  YOU NEED A PERMIT TO BUY A B B GUN???  WELL,  IT IS TRUE!!!   And the only people that the “Well Dressed NJ Police”  have to fear,  is when they go into Black areas like Newark,  where,  despite tough gun laws,  the gangs are better armed than the cops,  and normal people have to cower in their homes at night and pray that daylight comes before they are victimized!!!
    The RINO wing of the Republican party maybe ready to endorse the likes of “Christie”,  but,  just like “Romney!!!”  “THAT DOG WON’T HUNT with the base!!
    “””””MOLON LABE!!!”””””

    • JoeZimmerman

      AMEN    well   said

  • BobE

    Christi is one of the few in the GOP that isn’t completely WACKED & not obsessed with Sodomy, Voodoo, Satanism ! which is why he’ll never get the nomination

  • steve holmes

    So, you complain about immorality but show a link to a lesbian?
    So, do you think sodomy, voodoo and satanism are okay?

    • BobE

      steve holmes I don’t believe in voodoo and Satanism & if people enjoy sodomy I could care less. Do you think Voodoo causes earthquakes? Yoga leads to Satanism? The ONLY thing that’s clear to me is that the GOP is imploding before our very eyes & could care less of ever winning a general election as long as they can raise money & keep getting elected in safe districts in red states. The imploding GOP will leave nothing but a “white dwarf” or a “black hole” in it’s wake

      • steve holmes

        BobE steve holmes The GOP of today is NOT the GOP of before. Now it’s just an un-identical twin of the Democraps.

        • JoeZimmerman

          steve holmes BobE 
          We    sure   have   alot  of     RINOS   in  the   party  now  ,,,,,

        • BobE

          steve holmes BobE No, the GOP has morphed into a cult of religious KOOKS!

        • steve holmes

          BobE steve holmes If you consider Satan to be a kook, yeah. Otherwise, they’re SATANISTS bent on the destruction of the world that God created.

    • JoeZimmerman

      steve holmes 
      What  in  the  SAM HELL    are   you  talking   about    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • steve holmes

        JoeZimmerman steve holmes I have seen BoobE to be a troll and I was curious what he was talking about, maybe baiting him to expose himself more.

  • A_Nobody

    RINO, period.

  • pearlnpeter

    I can’t agree with this. Now, more than ever, conservatives MUST demand ideological purity.We have been too willing to compromise and now we almost cease to exist. No more RINO’s. Christie, this means you.