Maryland Blessed With $100 Million Turkish Mega-Mosque

On May 15, 2013, the Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan, an anti-Semite, attended a ceremony a stone’s throw from our nation’s capital celebrating what he claims “will likely become the largest and most striking example of Islamic architecture in the Western Hemisphere.” Next year, when completed, the Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center, in Lanham, Maryland “US of A,” a project of the Islamist Turkish government, will be the grandest Islamic site in the Western Hemisphere. Allah Akbar!

The 15-acre neo-Ottoman empire inspired complex will have five buildings and a mosque capable of serving over 750 faithful Muslim worshipers. I have to give President Obama and his State Department some credit. The White House was correct in proclaiming that they had Islamists on the run. I just did not think they were beginning to run America.

Last week’s Islamist celebration ceremony was attended by Maryland Governor, Martin O’Malley who welcomed guests representing the “Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA),” the “Islamic Society of North America” and several other U.S. Muslim Brotherhood affiliates. Rumor has it that Governor O’Malley is considering a Presidential run in 2016.

President Obama was invited but between scandalapouza and tee off times, he was unable to attend.

Many Americans are unaware of an escalation of Turkish government programs to grow Islamist influence in North America. Not surprising, since any real reporting on the growth of Islamic cultural influence in America is commonly ignored by our liberal press. After all, why should progressive ideologues give a hoot about Islamist leadership in the United States? To them, mainstream Islamic leaders like INCA President Naeem Baig should be embraced regardless of ties to terror and Baig’s public comments like: “work in America is kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within” are out of context Islamaphobic misunderstandings.

Whether here or abroad Islamic cultural centers are not a model of civic multicultural charity. They only serve Muslims. Welcoming these stealth jihadists’ compounds financed by leaders that condemn both Israel and America, in my opinion, is at a minimum aiding seditious behavior.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan considers Islamic criticism akin to “a crime against humanity.” He has also publicly railed against Israel as a “fascist regime” and a “terrorist state, “but considers Hamas a “resistance group. “ It has been reported by that Erdogan’s AKP Party “desires to re-establish the Caliphate and unify the Middle East—and later the world—under Turkish Islamist rule and hegemony.”

Yeah, not a big deal. It is just another innocuous fancy Muslim cultural center. Nothing to be concerned about. Jihad and desires for a Global caliphate are not real. It is only a conspiracy theory.

Presently, the Turkish Fethullah Gulen School network, the “largest charter school network in America” is under investigation by the FBI. The Gulen School ideology has been a powerful force aiding in the conversion of Turkey’s former secular society into an Islamist dominated state. In other words, we have Jihadi Elementary, Intermediate and High Schools currently operating with US tax payer subsidies all over our country. The founder of this Turkish education and cultural abomination just happens to reside in Pennsylvania.

Since Prime Minister Erdogan took over Turkey in 2003, the peaceful culture of Islam has worked very hard to establish itself as a true purveyor of tolerance. According to the Clarion Project:

“College admissions have been changed to favor religious students, the military has been gutted of its secular generals (with one in five generals currently in prison on dubious charges) and women have been routed out of top government jobs. Honor killings in Turkey increased 1,400 percent between 2002 and 2009. Persecution of artists and journalists has become commonplace as opponents are charged with vague crimes like “denigrating Islam” and “denigrating the state.”

It would appear that our former Muslim allies in Turkey might not be so tolerant after all.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is aggressively pursuing his pro-Islamist agenda within our borders and not much is being done to prevent foreign Islamists from strengthening their subversive activities. Our federal government is once again asleep at the wheel while future anti-American pro-Sharia influences work to radicalize Muslim youth. I wonder what historic calamity awaits America. Regardless, I am sure it will result in more unconstitutional infringement and privacy loss. After all, when it comes to terrorism, Washington rarely learns life’s lessons. To quote future Presidential contender Hillary Rodham Clinton “What difference does it make?”



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142 comments on “Maryland Blessed With $100 Million Turkish Mega-Mosque
  1. Fr. John+ says:

    Oh, please. The Term ‘anti-semite’ means absolutely NOTHING, in that (as the Bible says) ‘those who say they are Jews, and are not” in Rev. 2:9, are the DIRECT ANCESTORS OF THOSE WHO cry ‘anti-semite,’ today!
    If your article were to bemoan the infiltration and inFESTation of Hagarenes (sons of Hagar- how we Orthodox describe Turks and others in Islam) into a Christian land- even one as dubiously Christian as America, THAT would be worth noting. But the Jews are behind much of the racial multiculturalization in the West, more than any other group- in fact, the jews are to blame for this ‘islamicization’ in America.
    So, peddle your spurious ‘anti-semite’ lies someplace else. As three Jews (who should know!) have noted, Jews have NOT ONE DROP of ‘Jewish’ blood in them, because they are all (over 95%) Turkic Khazars, themselves. So said Benjamin Freedman in the 1950’s, with his tract, ‘Jesus was NOT a Jew.’ So, too said Nobel Laureate Arthur Koestler, in his 1976 book, “The Thirteenth Tribe.” So, too, does modern ISRAELI Schlomo Sand, in his book, ‘The INVENTION of the Jewish People.’ 
    White America should be concerned about WHITE AMERICA, and our displacement in every Christian land that we once called our own, by those BOTH: a) not of our Race, and b) not of our RELIGION.
    For Christianity is nothing, if not an INCARNATIONAL faith, given to ONE people, and one People, alone. [Amos 3:2, Matt. 1:21. Matt. 15:24, Rom. 2:28, I Pet. 2:9, Heb. 13:10]

    • BobE says:

      Fr. John+ Of course the word  ‘anti-semite’ means nothing to you. You’re a Nazi racist. Let me guess… You hate all “non white” people too.

  2. Evermyrtle says:

    . $100,000,000 worth of anti-GOD, anti-JESUS CHRIST trash, give it back or take it out into the middle of the ocean and sink it.
    “Thou shalt have no other gods before me,” neither will GOD share place with a false god.
    Islam is overcoming the USA at a terrifying rate. When95% of  our government is Islam how are we mere people going to stop it? Impossible but it will be stopped  when JESUS CHRIST comes in the clouds is  are met there by every Christin ever to have lived.The dead in Christ will rise first and then those of us who are still living. Then the earth will be completely. These facts an be found in 1 Thes 4:13-17 2:Peter 3:10-14

    There is also a fact of anti-Jew populations which the WORD OF GOD says will be present in the last days. WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS.

    • BobE says:

      Evermyrtle  I actually considered praying for the rapture to be true so that ALL the wingnuts in this country would suddenly vanish but knowing that praying doesn’t work I didn’t bother

      • Centurian2012 says:

        BobE Evermyrtle You do know that the rapture will take only the Godly Christian people to Heaven right? So, to clarify, are you saying you want to be left behind so you can perish in a world of fire then spend eternity in the same?

        • BobE says:

          Centurian2012 BobE Evermyrtle  The rapture in the brainchild of a con artist (John Darby) in 1830. I was being a little facetious thinking it would be “heaven on earth” with all the Christians gone

  3. BobE says:

    be patriotic, hate all nations but your own; to be religious, all sects but
    your own; to be moral, all pretenses but your own! I don’t understand what the problem is here? This was not done with tax payers money? Are you Christian fascists suggesting that the ONLY places of worship in this country that can be built are your own? The Muslim population in this country is about 2% so I don’t see them as much a threat of taking over this country.

    • FireMall says:

      BobE    It’s not to hard to see you have no issue with about 20 individuals out of the 2% population of Islamic factions in the U.S who took down the WTC and killed nearly “3000” innocent people. 
          If Islam is so great and righteous why haven’t They peeped a word of Condemnation about  the / THEIR  WTC victims ?  
         BTW: How does an Atheist deny God and take up for the Muslims who Claim to Worship the same God as Christians ?   2 words maybe ?  Godless Hypocrite.

      • RON G says:

        FireMall BobE  Excellent question. But wasted on bobe. Just ignore him. His only purpose is to insult people and take our attention away from the subject of the article.

        • BobE says:

          RON G FireMall BobE You people insult yourself. Do you idiots even listen to what you post? If so, you cannot understand why people think you’re racist? The hypocrisy is just outrageous! You people talk about the constitution & how we’ve gotten away from in in one breath & with your next breath want to trample all over it! Talking about denying American citizens their constitutional rights or deporting American citizens (to what country you morons haven’t figured out yet) because they don’t share your beliefs? Granted, I understand the people here aren’t all that bright but even a retard could see the hypocrisy or the complete lack of understanding of our constitution

        • Constitutionist says:

          Don’t you realize that bobe is an idiot liberal?  Why do you waste your time with him.  Ignore the moron!

    • Skeptical Boomer says:

      Islam is a murderous political ideology hell bent on world domination by force, masquerading as a religion.

    • Randy131 says:

      BobE What an idiot, you made the point for us conservative Christians BobE, by your following statement, “To be patriotic, hate all nations but your own; to be religious, all sects but your own; to be moral, all pretenses but your own!”  How many Christian churches are in Saudi Arabia, or any Islamic controlled country, and since Obama’s ‘Arab Spring’, all countries in Africa that have any Muslim population, are burning all Christian churches with the Christians locked inside.  Your statement has described Islam to a ‘T’, for even it’s holy book the Qur’an demands of Muslims what your statement implies, try reading things pertaining to current events some time BobE, including the Qur’an, and get yourself educated before spouting all the insanity that you’re known for.  I believe the Muslim population now in the USA is more than 2% and growing very fast, as is shown by the building of Mosques versus the building of Christian churches in the USA since the tragic event of 9/11.  That is a demand of Jihad, to build a Mosque at every site of their successes and victories, and why all the sites have been chosen where they have built their Mosques, as well as the proposed newest Mosque near the Boston bombing site, or are you unaware of that proposal.  When fascism is discussed, Islam (Jihad) and Muslims are always at the top of the conversation, and rightfully so.  As usual BobE, your ignorance is so prominent for one who claims to be so well educated, or as most of us reasonable observers can attest to, well indoctrinated.

      • BobE says:

        Randy131 BobE You don’t have to convince me that Islam is a sick, twisted religion I lost a very close friend on 9/11. I just don’t understand what you people are suggesting? What, we toss our constitution out the window & say that Muslims cannot buy land & build a temple on it? BFD if Christian churches cannot be built is Muslim countries? Are we suppose to drag ourselves down to their level?

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE Randy131 I am reminded of the saying that for evil to succeed good people need to be quiet.  The Good people in this forum are refusing to be quiet.

        • Randy131 says:

          NWProgressive BobE Randy131 I guess that means BobE won’t succeed, and nobody will accept his liberal tripe.

        • BobE says:

          NWProgressive BobE Randy131 What you don’t even realize that YOU are the EVIL! You’re the ones that want to trample the constitution & turn this country into a fascist state!

        • Randy131 says:

          BobE Randy131   Stupid BobE, what you label us in your rant is really what those who are building Mosques here and won’t allow churches to be built were they come from, really are, so try paying attention BobE.  Are you really that stupid, or do you just feign it to go along with your message, which I guess stupid does beget stupid, so the man is equal to his message, ‘STUPID’, despite all his claims of a higher education that he uses to try to convince others that he’s better than they are.

        • JacquelineLynn says:

          BobE Randy131 Works in Japan where they have just such laws! Works in their countries where Christian churches cannot be built and if discovered are destroyed along with the Christian parishoners!
          “drag ourselves down” no! KEEP THEM FROM DRAGGING US DOWN!

        • BobE says:

          Randy131 BobE You’re a fining MORON! Why should we lower ourselves to their level? If you don’t believe in our constitution than pack your bags & get the f^ck OUT!

        • BobE says:

          JacquelineLynn BobE Randy131 MOVE to Japan if you don’t believe in our constitution!

        • BobE says:

           Is the constitution of our country “liberal tripe”? I believe Islam is a pox on the world but idiots like you that want to turn our country into a fascist state represent as FAR greater threat to our nation than some Mosque!

    • Donna346 says:

      BobE DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. NateLenz says:

    ‘Lanhamistan’.  Got an interesting ring to it.

  5. It was probably built on our tax money, a gift to the Muslims by B.O.

  6. Redmongo1 says:

    Does anyone have a crop duster? Pigs blood is cheap at the butcher shop.

    • RICARDO36 says:


  7. steve holmes says:

    There is some evidence that the anti-Christ will come with the help of Turkey. Well, this could just be that help!

  8. Tim Newton says:

    This is what is happening in Europe.This is not good. What the leader of Turkey is accusing of Israel he already is.It will be a cold day in hell before this caliphate will ever come to pass.

  9. wwskinn3 says:

    The muslims are coming – the muslims are coming!  This is not good news.

  10. meleh says:

    This large mosque was planned — along with O being falsely elected!!!  The muslims want to dominate everyone and if one will not convert they will kill you (i.e. what happened in England today).  It is time for our cowardly elected in D.C. to start proceedings against O, Holder, big sis and anyone else who is lying or has lied.  Contact your congressional representatives now before it is too late.

    • patriot53 says:

      meleh It IS too late to contact our reps to fix the mess. THEY are the ones who got us into this in the first place.

  11. ConnieStanson says:

    We better do something soon because they are over running us.

  12. knussel says:

    The Liberals/commies in Maryland  deserves  a mega mosque with all the “burkhas and habibs” that come with it

  13. RICARDO36 says:


  14. BD Katt says:

    SBGO-Do some research.I use it.

  15. NWProgressive says:

    A pretend religion belongs in DC.  As for islam taking over the world,  only idiots believe in the prophet.  Almost all of the “followers” are just trying to keep from being killed by the really dangerous believers.

  16. soldiermom11 says:

    he Following People Are Members of The Muslim Brotherhood And They Work For Obama.
    Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser
    Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference
    Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser – founder Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director
    Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar – Islamic Society of North America-Islamic Society of North America
    Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships
    Anybody feel safer now that these folks are helping influence U.S. policy???

  17. patriot53 says:

    Time for someone to turn this into a $100 million pile of rubble.

  18. AdrianVance says:

    That will be a great Trojan horse and source of much trouble for America.
    See The Two Minute Conservative via Google or: then when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  19. ErikOsbun says:

    Deport the Turks.

  20. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Try building a Christian Church in Turkey.

  21. JacquelineLynn says:

    A BLIGHT ON THE AMERICAN LANDSCAPE THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO BREAK GROUND. Every mosque represents the existence of enemies to the Republic of America. Every mosque is a station for collecting funds and recruits for JIHAD. Muslims cannot take a real oath of loyalty to America. Their Koran forbids it except as an acceptable lie to the Infidels. Without such an honest oath none of these people should be allowed to remain on American soil!
    It is as though we would have allowed Hitler to build Monuments to The Third Reich in all our major cities!

  22. BobE says:

    When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag & carrying a cross! What you wingnuts cannot even comprehend is that YOU represent a FAR greater threat to our nation by wanting to flush the constitution down the toilet than some stinking Mosque!

    • JohnX says:

      BobE You need to read more.  If you live long enough, and the USA continues to move in its present direction, you will be governed by Sharia Law and will pledge to Allah or lose your head for not doing so. I recommend that you study the immigration stratagy set forth my Mohammad and determine its logical conclusion for yourself. You may learn that Christianity is a proponant of freedom for all — to choose; while with Islam, th concept of peace is viewed only as such when the whole workl is under Sharia Law.

      • BobE says:

        Christianity and Islam are
        forced to wear a tolerant face, for the moment, in the West but that is
        because they have to operate in secular societies.

      • BobE says:

        JohnX BobE Let me ask you this. Are you prepared to flush the constitution down the toilet over some mosque being built?

        • KennadeNade says:

          BobE JohnX YEP!! It will be the Constitution or the curan? I choose The Free Society where the United States of American Constitution is SUPREME to all others. Get off this crap about moslem are people, they are not. Scum they are. PIG Shite.

        • BobE says:

          KennadeNade BobE JohnX  The Nazi’s said the same thing about Jews. You’re just a fascist Christian and part of the American Taliban

  23. TedRWeiland says:

    is only one answer for the Islaminization of America, and it’s not what most
    people think it is. Listen to “The BIBLICAL Answer to the Islaminization
    of America” at,
    followed by “The BIBLICAL Answer to the Mosque at Ground Zero” at T 872.

  24. RICARDO36 says:


    • BobE says:

      RICARDO36 DIPSHIT, their “native sandbox” is here in the USA

      • Benevolent Thinker says:

        BobE RICARDO36 Consider yourself warned. You are welcome to your opinion. Your use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated. If you goal is to be removed from discussion it can be arranged. :Permanently.  Spirited debate does not require the language you choose to use.

        • keenan0033 says:

          Benevolent Thinker BobE RICARDO36 Seems BobE is a sympathizer for the Islamic faith.  It’s peope like this that are a danger to Christian safety.  Christians will be tortured and BobE will be there cheering it on further.

        • BobE says:

          keenan0033 Benevolent Thinker BobE RICARDO36 I’m no Muslim sympathizer. I’m just a patriotic American citizen concerned about  Christian fascist (American Taliban) trying to trample over our constitution & bill of rights

        • TedSmith3 says:

          BobE keenan0033 Benevolent Thinker RICARDO36 Bobby, I recommend that you get some anger management training.  You have truly flipped your wig.

    • keenan0033 says:

      RICARDO36 Hard to do when our government is slowly being infiltrated by muslims.  Once they are in they control who else enters.  Thereby shutting down entrance of Christians.  A revolt is the only way Christians can take back control once they get into power.  Eliminate all, stand your ground.  A brave few will start then others will follow.

      • BobE says:

        It is grotesque to suggest
        that Christians of any denomination are persecuted in any country in the west.
        It is however indicative on the mindset of Christians that in order to sustain
        the delusions of their faith, they have to adopt the politics of victimhood

        • keenan0033 says:

          BobE keenan0033 RICARDO36 Really?  Have you ever lived in those countries?  I have.  The muslim controlled countries are extremely harsh.  You would run for your life in many circumstances because it would be in danger.  An abused maid was executed because the crime against her was that she exposed her face while being abused.  Chrisitans are tortured and murdered and it isn’t reported because murdering Christians isn’t a crime.  Your views of Islam and Christians in Islamic countries are jaded somehow because you have no idea what goes on in these countries.  Either that or you are Islamic and refuse to acknowledge the facts.

        • BobE says:

          keenan0033 BobE RICARDO36 Refresh my memory, what “country in the WEST” are you referring to?

  25. steve holmes says:

    I just saw a disgusting highway billboard in Sacramento. It said, “read about Jesus in the Koran”. Sure, Jesus is in the Koran, but it’s the anti-Christ “Jesus”, otherwise known as “Issa” (who Rick Warren cited in o’bama’s first “coronation”).
    Lemmings will believe they’re the same and, especially in California where brains are lacking and for “new” things, it could easily start a new “fad” to be muslim (I won’t capitalize it)

    • BobE says:

      steve holmes “In California brains are lacking”? SF & LA are two of the smartest cities in North America so you need not worry about us falling for ancient fairytales

      • steve holmes says:

        BobE steve holmes SF was “so smart” that they let their city become one of the biggest pervert cities in the world. LA is “so smart” that they’ve become North Mexico.
        All of Calif voted for Moonbeam TWICE. Sure, they LOVE fairy tales. Look at all those who move to LA to become movie stars!

        • BobE says:

          steve holmes BobE If you ever got past the county line & actually visit LA or SF you’d understand why these are two GREAT cities

        • steve holmes says:

          BobE steve holmes Yeah, sure, and the moon is made of cheese. By what you seem to be smoking, your view makes a lot of sense that those are good places (sources).
          (I used to live in El Segundo and I know about LA. It’s a PIT)

        • BobE says:

          steve holmes BobE El Segundo is a pit? I didn’t actually know people lived there (thought it was industry & LAX) In any event, I have friends living in Manhattan Beach & Marina Del Ray that are next to El Segundo it’s very nice there?

        • steve holmes says:

          BobE steve holmes I should have said, “LA is a pit” which I already said. El Segundo was a nice “island” away from the PIT.

        • BobE says:

          steve holmes BobE LA’s a big city & like any big city there’s good parts & bad parts, but if you lived in El Segundo you we surrounded by places like (Manhattan Beach, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, etc.) My attorney lives on The Strand in Manhattan Beach which is very close to El Segundo & could hardly be described as “a pit”.  I’m curious as to what your definition of a “pit” is & where you moved to?

        • steve holmes says:

          BobE steve holmes LA was generalized. In general, LA is a PIT!

  26. ErikOsbun says:

    steve holmes I say that, since the book of Islam is subversive, all Muslims be deported.

    • BobE says:

      ErikOsbun steve holmes NIPSHIT, they are American citizens so where do you suggest we deport them to?

      • KennadeNade says:

        BobE ErikOsbun steve holmes No they are not. When they take the crappy curan over the “Founding Fathers Documents” these PIGS gave up their rights.

        • BobE says:

          KennadeNade BobE ErikOsbun steve holmes Do you idiots even understand our constitution that you wanna trample all over but claim to live by?

      • ErikOsbun says:

        BobE ErikOsbun steve holmes The countries of their origin.

    • NWProgressive says:

      ErikOsbun steve holmes 
      Step One.  Deport all who can be deported.   Step Two.  Refuse to allow any more islam in.  Step Three.  Watch the non deportable closely and award their violence with prison sentences.  All this per the constitution.

      • BobE says:

        NWProgressive ErikOsbun steve holmes You must be one of those “home schooled” Either you cannot read or you cannot comprehend what you’ve read. I suggest you get the bill of rights on audio you can listen to the 1st Amendment & pause it so you can look up words like ” prohibiting” so you can try to understand what they mean

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE NWProgressive ErikOsbun steve holmesAmendment I
          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
          First Amendment applies to peaceful people! 
          I can read just fine.  Unlike you, I understand the constitution.

        • BobE says:

          NWProgressive BobE ErikOsbun steve holmes Do you? Then please explain how your interpretation would allow our Government to prohibit the free exercise of religion let alone deport American citizens (to what country these wingnuts haven’t figured out yet) based upon their religious beliefs

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE NWProgressive ErikOsbun steve holmes 
          Well Bob since you seem to be the only one here who does not understand that the Bill of Rights was written to provide explicit details of what the government cannot do to honest citizens. 
          The right to worship God as you see fit, is reserved for peaceful people who are not advocating murder of other citizens.  Your friends in London who hacked that soldier up yesterday are examples of people who would not be protected by the first amendment.  Your other friends in Boston are likewise not protected.  Your other friends in the KKK and Aryan Nation are also not protected.  The protestant church down the street from you is protected.

  27. ARMYOF69 says:

    Shame on this country, a country that was built by people who were Christians, not muslimes., Let the mohammadans build their grotesque mosks out of MY country. Use them for pig rearing.

    • BobE says:

      ARMYOF69 So now you even want to put American workers out of a job? Where do they grow you people?

  28. TPM says:

    We want them to be able to plan their terrorist attacks in comfort, don’t we?
    NO Sharia Law in the USA. Our country, our constitution, our Laws. No exceptions.

    • BobE says:

      TPM Are you retarded? You wanna flush the constitution down the toilet by banning Muslims to build a temple & then speak of “our constitution”?

      • KennadeNade says:

        BobE TPM If this was a 2 way conversation where these moslems believed the United States of America;s Constitution then you may be right. But since they are PURPOSEFULLY trying to under MY FREEDOMS hen you betcha. These animals do not deserve to survive, period. A good moslem is a (you fill in this blank).

        • BobE says:

          KennadeNade BobE TPM so in moron logic we burn our constitution because of people that may not believe in it?

        • Randy131 says:

          BobE KennadeNade TPM BobE, you’re fascist, socialistic, and communistic partisan rants and raves puts you in conflict with every part of the US Constitution, but now you want to use it to help out your Islamic jihad terrorist friends to peacefully invade our country, in order to carry out their muderous jihad terrorist policies on the American Christian/Judeo citizens, with all secular Americans being collateral casualties.  Sounds like your motives alright.

        • BobE says:

            Really? maybe then you can explain this to me.
          Amendment I
          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

        • texaselect says:

          @No Bob we send people like you and the Islamists moving here to other countries where you can live your fantasy.

        • texaselect says:

          @Bob respecting others faith is not the same as allowing subversive Jihadists from doing their terror training and indoctrination on our soil. We need another Warren Type Commission to root out the Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers and execute them if treason is involved. We can call it The “Stomp Out Islam Commission USA”

        • BobE says:

          First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
          Because I was not a Socialist.
          Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
          Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
          Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
          Because I was not a Jew.
          Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE texaselect
          Bobe.  Plagiarism is bad.  You have to give credit to the real author.  This was written by Martin Niemöller (1892–1984).  He was originally a supporter of Hitler but was arrested and confined until the allies freed him at the end of the war.
          Why would a hater of all things Christian quote a Christian minister?  Your handlers at DNC will be upset.  Forgot the opening insult then quote a Christian.

  29. ARMYOF69 says:

    Those who stand to lose most are our WOMEN when this country goes sharia.
     Yet we hear very little from them when it comes it islam and its sharia laws.What is there in sharia that makes women live with the muslim men as their property, shrouded from head to foot , probably day and night? They have similar rights as our dogs that we keep on leashes.

  30. NymRod says:

    If a few pigs were buried at that site there wouldn’t be a mosque built there.
    All those wild hogs need to be put to good use, they were put here in abundance for a reason.

  31. demsdaLiars says:

    Owe malley needs to be against a wall and covered in pig crap! It took and takes a moron to vote for that moron. No wonder Maryland is such an over taxed and a state filled with morons and illegals.

  32. Rosewood11 says:

    I formerly attended a Catholic church in Youngstown, Ohio that sold its school building to the Gulen Movement with the blessings of the diocese and the local bishop. What part of the scriptural admonition of the “apostle of love” saying not to let false teachers into your house or wish them God-speed, or you’ll become a partaker in their evil deeds (II John, vs. 10-11) don’t people understand? Americans need to stand up to their pastors and church leaders who make these vacant buildings available to subversive muslim groups because liberal churches don’t care what Scripture say as long as they get the money out of the property. Better they should turn the building over to the fire department and burned to the ground for practice.

  33. KennadeNade says:

    Looks like to me time to THROW a PIG party. Swine pee works great. Visiting the site soon? Lock N’ Load? Now? When? Take Back AMERICA before these nut jobs take over. Us or them you choose. GOD Bless a Free America.

    • BobE says:

      KennadeNade Take back America from whom? The people who elected our government? Who do we give it to? a  Fascist Christian group of uneducated dipshits that make up the American Taliban?

      • Ant729 says:

        Do you denounce Islam the way you spew about Christianity? I don’t see Christians trying to blow up Muslim assembly places. Evil is evil no matter what flag it hides behind. In these the times, the clear and present danger is clarified. Radical Islamists.

        • BobE says:

          Ant729 I despise Islam & think it’s a pox on the world. I see them as a threat internationally but in terms of taking our country over I am MUCH more concerned about Christian fascists aka the American Taliban then I am about Islam taking over America. Remember this… When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag & carrying a cross! Don’t EVER forget that!

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE Ant729 
          Fascism came to America in the 30’s.  Gained a lot of ground with the liberals back then.  When the violence they were promoting came to the attention of American Christians,  They rejected it! 
          You are not a Christian and so cannot be expected to recognize a Christian from a Fascist/Socialist/Islamist pretending to be a Christian.  American Christians know the difference.  Take your fake warnings to a liberal board that is clueless about being duped.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          BobE Ant729 if you despise Islam, why are you practicing what the the Quaran says? You hate everybody who does not believe as you do, and try to destroy all that is good. You critize, you ridicule, you show your hate with every post. That is a great sign that you have kicked GOD AND JESUS CHRIST, AWAY FROM YOU. IF YOU WILL ACCEPT THEM YOUR HATRED WILL BE GONE, THE TURMOIL IN YOUR SOUL WILL BE GONE, THE CONSTANT NEED TO CUT OTHERS TO PIECES, WILL BE GONE, YOUR CONSTANT NEED TO RAGE AT US, WILL BE GONE. YOU WILL BE A NEW PERSON.

        • BobE says:

          NWProgressive BobE Ant729 I find it insulting that you would think someone as intelligent as me would be a Christian. If you read the post’s here from Christians that want to round up American citizens & deport them or put them in fema deaths for not believing the same thing they do & want to tell people what kind of temple’s they can or cannot build what would you call them if not fascists?

        • BobE says:

          Evermyrtle BobE Ant729 I do not practice what Islam preaches. I smoke, drink, eat pork, have ménage a trois with bisexual woman & break just about every other rule in there book. You misread me. I have nothing against Christians other then I think they are a bit “wacked” but I really don’t care what they believe in no matter how absurd I think it is. My problem is when they try to force their twisted view of morality (which the do every chance they get) on the rest of us

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE NWProgressive Ant729 
          BobE.  FEMA does NOT have death camps.  Fascism is a form of Socialism.  I call the people here who want to remove murderers from society prudent.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          BobE Evermyrtle Ant729 The drinking part shows plainly. The fact that you constantly put us down shows you lie, because there is no other reason to constantly call Christians any and every name that pops into your drunken brain. Usually, I have found that when someone  is high on the “joy juice” they are more likely to tell the truth because they cannot think of a sensible lie. Your posts show that you hate GOD, JESUS CHRIST and Christians. You will say one thing today and next week your mind has completely changed but you don’t even recognize this fact.. You have not learned how to keep you lies straight. We don’t try to force anything on you, we only tell the truth and you cannot stand the truth and tend to force your lies and illiteracy on us. I will tell you like I tell people who believe like I do, if you don’t like a post, don’t read it, but in this case you love for us to get upset  and answer so that  you can rant and rave at us because you love discord .
          The basics of GOD’S WORD can be found in Matthew 22: 36-40, which in a few words says LOVE YOUR EVERYBODY AND GOD. That is what we live by.

        • Doug Rodrigues says:

          You’ve been drinking too much of the DNC Kool Aid.  There is no such thing as a Christian Fascist except in the minds of those who believe the left-wing propaganda.  The Left-wing ARE the true Fascists..

        • BobE says:

          Evermyrtle BobE Ant729 I’d like to try your “joy juice” sometime. it’s sounds good! Let me set you straight… I do NOT hate god, jesus, allah, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy or anything else I don’t believe in nor do I hate Christians. I fight Christians when they try to force their bizarre beliefs and/or their twisted view of morality upon the rest of us. How you can say you don’t try & force your beliefs upon us is shocking. Christians try to get their religion passed off as science & taught in schools, they seek to regulate the vagina’s of woman & tell them what they can & cannot do with their bodies, they want to tell American citizens who they can & cannot marry, They want to stymie science on things like stem cell research, They seek taxpayers money to fund their religious schools, They seek to censor people that don’t share their beliefs (the Muslim temple is a perfect example) & so on. I believe Christians (or anyone else) can believe in anything they want they simply cannot force those beliefs upon the rest of us. Is that so difficult to understand?

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE Evermyrtle Ant729 
          Bobe.  We understand you perfectly! 
          You say that Christian beliefs are bizarre and Christian morals twisted. 
          Your anger comes from the fact that you know Christian beliefs are true and the morals would have prevented the problems you are having with sexual relationships.  (Love triangles always end badly)
          You bait Christians hoping for proof that Christians are as hate filled as you wish they were.  A Christian hypocrite would ease your anxiety of the future Christianity predicts for you.  Christians refuse to call the items in your list okay because they, and you, know they are bad.

        • steve holmes says:

          NWProgressive BobE Evermyrtle Ant729 BobE is a waste of Internet bandwith.

        • BobE says:

          NWProgressive BobE Evermyrtle Ant729 I think that believing in talking snakes, donkey’s & plants are indeed bizarre. Christian beliefs are not true. Christian morality is twisted because they are “moral relativists” that somehow in the past (because the bible condones it) slavery was OK, slaughtering woman & children was OK, etc, etc. As for my sexual relationships they are strong & have no problems. Both my wife & myself just happen to like having sex with other woman & neither of us think it’s “bad”

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE NWProgressive Evermyrtle Ant729 
          Bobe.  Again you forgot to lead with an insult. 
          Truth is quite often bizarre.  Still true though. 
          A happily married man would have said that his marriage was strong.  NOT his sexual relationships.  Sounds like your love triangle is well on the way to its bad ending.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          NWProgressive BobE Evermyrtle Ant729 Conservatives on this site is allowing it to be swallowed up by the well trained troll who calls himself BobE.all of a  trolls talents are balled up into evil against GOD and country. He was trained by  the antichrist himself. He is very wise in evil tricks, words, anything evil. He knows exactly what bait to use to bring into line, conservatives.We are allowing him to destroy this site by allowing him to bait us into answering him. This is the job given to him, to destroy all that is good, starting with this site where we can talk about  GOD, Country, problems we face. He is very smart in evil, knows just exactly what to say to get anyone of us to be baited into answering. We use poor judgment when we answer . He is not alone we have at least two more and need to recognize them and recognize what their aim is.  I would guess that this rabid antichrist, antiamerica agitator places 40% or better of the posts and still we do not recognize his aim and answer his idiocy posts.
          Matt. 26:41 Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.
          Mark 14:38 Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation
          1 Cor. 10:13 There is no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but GOD is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above tat ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it..
          James 1:13-14 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of GOD: for GOD cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth HE any man:14. But every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and entices

        • LarryChambers says:

          No true Christian would ever try to force you to become a Christian. The grace of God dosen’t work that way. A true Christian would tell you that God is going to destroy this world and everything in it. But, He loves us, and has provided a way for every man, women and child to escape His wrath. And that way is through faith in His Son; the Lord Jesus Christ whom He has sent to tell us of all that has, and is and will take place. But it is an individual choice that God has given us so that we could make up our own minds after listening to His offer of eternal salvation. I too bore your sentiments and possesed the same mentality. But after carefully listening I arrived to the conclusion that God was right and I was wrong. I hope and pray listening will have the same affect on you. If I die and there is no God, I have lost nothing. If I die and there is a God and I did not believe, I have lost everything. All that He requires is a simple act of faith. Faith alone in Christ alone; nothing else. May God be with you in Christ.

        • LarryChambers says:

          Please remember how we are to carry the word to others; Col 4:5-6. As Pual says we were all at one time lived in the way of the world. But now that Christ has come we live and think differently. We are not to try to change anybody but only tell them of the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I say this after reading the beginning of your post for the first few lines. So please, do not respond with any negetivity but understand this is a reminder something we all need from time to time.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          LarryChambers It is GOD’S plan that Christians tell others about HIS WORD, HIS LOVE, HIS LAWS, HIS PROMISES. It is up to us to believe or not to believe. HE tellS us that if they do not want the word to walk away, “shaking the dust off of your feet
          Matthew 28:19-20
          18. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing the name  the FATHER, AND OF THE SON, AND OF THE HOLY GHOST:
          20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you alway,even unto the end of the world. 

            2 Tim 3:16 All scripture is given inspiration of GOD, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness

          Gal. 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season, we shall reap, if we faint not.
          If we are obeying GOD we only teach, we do not bully you, to believe, we do not ridicule you, because if we do that, we are not teaching for the “GORY OF GOD, but of self. HIS people, all of us want to share with the world the “WONDERS OF HIS LOVE AND HIS PROMISES.
          I do know there is some bullying going on, but know that is not GOD’S PLAN, it the plan of the Devil.

      • knussel says:

        BobE KennadeNade Take it back from Obama’s pals The Muslim Brotherhood.That is the American Taliban or worse for now so take it back

        • BobE says:

          knussel BobE KennadeNade  No, the American Taliban are Christian fascists

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE knussel KennadeNade 
          Closest American might have to “Christian Fascists” would be your buddies in the KKK, Aryan Nations, and Westboro Church.  America’s Christians are already well aware of these flakes. 
          We do have Atheist Fascists like you and your buddies at the ACLU.  You love to warn us.  How about telling us what you are really after?  Certainly not keeping us safe from tyrants.

        • BobE says:

          NWProgressive BobE knussel KennadeNade By buddies in the KKK? I am not Christian & find racism despicable. Atheist’s are humanist were not fascists. I believe in personable freedom that woman should have the rights over their own bodies, people should me able to marry anyone they want, in a country as wealthy as ours children should not go to bed hungry. I believe in the free enterprise system & have benefitted from it enormously but realize (as did Greenspan) that Wall Street needs some reasonable regulations & that capitalism gets perverted when get into a situation in which banks or insurance companies that have become “to big to fail” have privatized profits but socialized losses.

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE NWProgressive knussel KennadeNade 
          BobE.  You got your talking points all confused.  Your supervisor at the DNC will not pay money for this level of slop.   BTW   Nobody accused you of being a Christian.  Smart money is liberal atheist, but I think you might be a radical muslim who is having a fling because you plan a martyrs death and will receive your 20 virgins no matter how many rules you break.

        • BobE says:

          NWProgressive BobE knussel KennadeNade I would not want 20 virgins for one thing (I’d prefer a trained professional) & I find the belief that Muhammad rode a winged horse to heaven as bizarre as jesus being born of a virgin.

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE NWProgressive knussel KennadeNade 
          Of course you would prefer a trained professional.  But when there isn’t any money what would your trained professionals want you for?

        • Evermyrtle says:

          BobE knussel KennadeNade The master troll speaketh his lies.
          Rev. 20: And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever. 
          The beast and the false prophet are the antichrist and the imitator of the HOLY SPIRIT. The false holy spirit is who causes us to be fooled into believing false things, lies concerning GOD’S will for us.

        • Randy131 says:

          Evermyrtle BobE knussel KennadeNade There is an article I read today on the internet about a US Attorney based in east Tennessee that claims anyone who talks about Muslims or Islam on these blog sites, the way BobE talks about Christianity and Judaism, can and will be arrested by federal authorities.  Too bad Obama is not a Christian instead of a Muslim, then the US Attorney could arrest BobE.  In the USA today, Islam is the priveleged religion, while Christianity and Judaism are constantly being berated and denigrated, and that my friends is Obama’s promised ‘CHANGE’ and ‘HOPE’ for all the Muslim world.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          Randy131 Evermyrtle BobE knussel KennadeNade 
          This is proof beyond a shadow of doubt that we are in the last days and HIS people will be and are already being persecuted.
          2 Cor. 12:10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities,in reproaches,in necessities,in persecutions f, in distress es for CHRIST’S sake

          2Peter 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in CHRIST JESUS will be persecuted.
          2 Peter 4:16 At my first answer no man stood with me, but all men forsook me: I pray GOD that it may not be laid to their charge.

        • Randy131 says:

          Evermyrtle Randy131 BobE knussel KennadeNade I believe that to be true, but remember, many will survive to see Christ’s return and live the thousand years of peace.  Be Blessed!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          NWProgressive BobE knussel KennadeNade  boobie is the king of bizarre, and the King Troll. The others will have to fall in line behind him.

      • texaselect says:

        Everytime I see you posting Bob I know what to expect before I read it.  We will remove the likes of you and your islamists from our government and set things right. This country was founded on CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES you liberals are morons that deserve the FEMA Camp ends you will get.

        • BobE says:

          texaselect The American Taliban speaks! So you’re just going to “remove”EVERYONE that doesn’t share you beliefs by putting them in death camps. Gee… I wonder where you got that playbook from? What’s really freighting about people like you is unlike neo-nazi’s who admit they are racist fascists, Christian fascists sincerely believe that they are the “good guys” because they have convinced themselves that god “is on there side” The
          true believer is an archenemy to three things, all for the same reason. He
          believes totally in what he totally believes in—thus he is an enemy of himself,
          of truth and all that crosses his path. If you don’t like American values why don’t you pack your bags & get the hell out?

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE texaselect 
          NEWS FLASH!!!!
          BobeE has just revealed that FEMA Camps are death camps.  No reaction yet from the Administration to this latest scandal.  We talked to a FEMA camp survivor and he had this to say.  “Well I never saw no bodies but if my pal BobE says it’s so it must be.”  There you have it.  Confirmation that FEMA is hiding bodies.

        • BobE says:

          NWProgressive BobE texaselect All I’ve reveled is that there is a Christian American Taliban & YOU are it!

        • NWProgressive says:

          BobE NWProgressive texaselect 
          BobE.  DNC will not pay you for this either.  You forgot to lead with an insult.

  34. Geneww1938 says:

    Maryland was not blessed!  That temple is a monument to Allah and Muhammadan  [Satan and Pedophile].  It is a curse to any local in which it is erected.

  35. popham says:

    One of the largest mosques in America right here in Boston.
    Muslim ghettos in Detroit and Dearborn, Michigan right there in the center of America.
    Great Britain and most of Europe are infested with Muslims, mosques, ghettos and imams preaching Jihad.
    We easily predict that in 15 to 20 years, America will be over run by Hispanics and Muslims.
    Good luck, America.

  36. Bull57 says:

    Now we have to add Muslim sympathizers to the progressive watch list of politicians. Vote them all out! They are just plain unamerican.

  37. BobE says:

    Amendment I-Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    Either you dimwits cannot read or comprehend what that says or means or you’re Christian fascists (American Taliban) and just don’t care.

  38. popham says:

    Gosh…here we go again my fellow readers.
    Just ignore the radical left, anti-American, hateful remarks of people like BobE.
    Just move on to the next comment and do not allow yourself to be drawn in by such rubbish.

    • BobE says:

      popham Oh, did you think I wrote that? Sorry to disappoint you, it’s the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights you MORON!

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