Obama Buys Gun Ammo So That We Cannot

There are times when I think I have it all together; when I think I know everything that’s going on. Then someone says something that forces me to realize just how little I actually know. This happens frequently, but it always catches me off guard in the most positive way possible. Seeing something in a new light always helps me refresh my brain and gets me excited about writing. James Inhofe said something recently regarding the government’s ammo purchases that blew me away. It was so simple, yet it spoke volumes about the lengths to which the Obama administration will go to achieve their ends.

The mass ammo purchases made by the Department of Homeland Security have been going on for a while, and I have continuously wondered just why the DHS would purchase so much ammunition for no apparent reason. Of course, being the cynic I am, I assumed the DHS was prepping for some kind of large-scale attack on the American people; or that the federal government fears a peoples’ revolt. But once I read what Inhofe had to say, the conspiracy theorist inside me was quelled, and I was able to see clearly.

According to Senator Inhofe:

“Let’s make sure that your audience out there is aware, Aaron, that our president, Obama, has been doing everything he could to stop the private ownership of guns in America…You know that, everyone knows that. And yet he’s been voted down in a big way by a large majority. And so my feeling is that he’s doing this to buy up [ammunition] so that we can’t buy: Honest, law-abiding citizens here in the United States, like my son, can’t even buy ammunition because government is purchasing so much.”

It’s often the simplest answer that is the correct one. Occam’s razor at work. Obama and the Democrats know that they cannot pass any bill that defies the second amendment. With the Republicans in the House, and even some of the less Liberal Democrats in the Senate, extreme gun control bills will not pass. Obama and his minions know this, even though they tried to get a bill passed. With that in mind, plan B could be to purchase so much ammo on a federal level that it becomes scarce; and all that’s left becomes more expensive. It’s like a tax. They essentially want to price ammo out of existence.

The question remains: why? Why go to so much effort to deprive law-abiding citizens of their right to bear arms and buy ammo? There are a couple possible answers:

1. Revenge. Obama and the Democrats are angry about losing the gun control battle, so they are going around the system to defy the American people.

2. Ideology. Obama and the Democrats hold so tightly to their ideology of gun control that they are unwilling to bend. They need to make a go-around to accomplish their goal.

Either way, this continues the obstinacy of the Obama administration. When Obama doesn’t get what he wants, he finds a way to manipulate the system. When the American people don’t like what he is doing, he finds a way to do it anyway. A President should respond to the people, not his own unmovable agenda. Obama is not a President; he is a child in the Oval Office. This mass purchase of ammunition sets a dangerous precedent for what the federal government is allowed to do in the future. If they can make a go-around on gun control, what else are they willing to do? I have absolutely no idea; and that terrifies me.



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38 comments on “Obama Buys Gun Ammo So That We Cannot
  1. 1coachretired says:

    “O” learned how to grab power from the Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” and is doing exactly that-can’t take our guns so is taking the ammo!

  2. KarenFisher says:

    Spending money on bullets to get his way like a baby. How about him growing up and pay our bills with that money!!!!

  3. countyguard says:

    I still believe there’s more to the purchases when you add the culling of military officials who will not fire on Americans… and removing expression of religion from personnel.

  4. FLADAD says:

    All Obama knows is Spend, Spend, Spend…with other peoples’ money that is… If the American People could just get these ego meglomaniacs to fund what America needs, ie. JOBS… instead of immature actions of spoiled brats, then WE might turn this country around.

  5. wwskinn3 says:

    Knowing that they can sell all they make, why are the manufacturers sell their ammo to the gov’t instead of their customers? It cannot be money because they can raise their price and still sell all they make.

    • masterjefftkd says:

      wwskinn3 VERY good question.  Looks like at least a few manufacturors would say no to them… then again, a billion rounds brings in a LOT of revenue…. If I could sell a billion rounds in one transaction, I would be hard pressed to turn it down.  Then again, I have my principals.  I would HOPE that I’d do the right thing and supply the citizens.  At this point, if you were one of only a few manufacturers selling to the public, looks like you’d cash in that way as well – AND be able to sleep at night…

      • tiredofbums says:

        masterjefftkd wwskinn3  It’s our money he’s doing this with. This makes me angry. We the people should not have to subsidize the usurper’s plan.  Who provides the raw materials to the manufacturer? I’d like to know the names of every ammo manufacturer who is greedy enough to side with government over the people. Somebody in government has invested money in these factories and they are making a huge amount of money off us. That’s okay. We can make gun powder and lead bullets too. It’s the brass casings and primers that might be hard to come by. I say it is a high crime for the government to stockpile ammo. If the usurper planned this out he needs to be impeached, tried and hanged.

        • HArchH says:

          tiredofbums masterjefftkd wwskinn3 I don’t think they hang people any more.  Something about a recent interpretation of the 8th Amendment.

      • jpcec says:

        masterjefftkd wwskinn3 Bingo! A sale is a sale. Manufacturers are not going to question a large order sale of their product, particularly to the feds. Why on earth should they? It is now as it has always been. If you need or want something, find it somewhere or make your own. My suggestion is to supply yourself!

    • HArchH says:

      wwskinn3 There are many costs of doing business.  If I could sell my product and consume 100% of my production capacity, and then NOT bear any costs for marketing, consumer packaging, dealing with state sales tax laws, shipping small batches to 1,000 (?) various retail distribution centers, that would be great!  Not only could I discount the wholesale price to that buyer, but I could increase my gross profits in the process.  The moral obligation of a corporation is to maximize shareholder value.  Maximizing profits is the way that’s done.  And with our investment community blindly focused on quarterly reporting, the focus is strongly on short term profits.  Perhaps some ammunition manufactures are privately owned and don’t have this shareholder value imperative?  However, I can promise that they also know how to do arithmetic and are happy to maximize their profits on federal stupidity as well.

  6. JBEACH says:

    It does give new meaning to “we have met the enemy and they are ours.”

  7. JohnOrendorff says:

    Isn’t the premise of this essay flawed? The ammo manufactures can take the taxpayer money for their product, and then just sell more to the general public when they manufacture more. A plan by Obama to buy ammo so others can’t get it may work in the short run, but this plan would be doomed to failure over time. Ammunition manufactures would love this idea, though.

    • jpcec says:

      JohnOrendorff  John, why shouldn’t they? If you owned an ammo manufacturing business and received an order for a huge amount of your product, would you turn it down? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

    • chumgrinder says:

      JohnOrendorff The ammo companies are all whining that they have been operating near capacity for years.  It’s like none of their dictionaries include the word “expansion.”  Under free market principles, this is where we would start seeing the birth of new ammo companies.  Clearly there is money to be made here in unfulfilled civilian sales, yet it is being left on the table.  How long do we have to wait?

    • icetrout says:

      JohnOrendorff   CCI sent a letter stating it’s factories are pumping out ammo 24/7…

  8. DavidCook1 says:

    Just another way to waste our tax money.  I hope he chokes on his own lies.

  9. usluv says:

    Or he is manning all those jihadist camps with the guns and bullets. How many now….at least 20 that we know of.

  10. 1kent says:

    ADOLF OBOZO  sneaking in the back door to become YOUR KING !!!!!!!! :(

  11. icetrout says:

    DemocRATS are Anti-American scum… love to see every one of them in a FEMA Coffin…

  12. Dusti2000 says:

    Just curious – last time I looked expenditures of taxpayer dollars had to be accounted for – publically.  The disposition of the material purchased had to be recorded and made a matter of public record (with a few notable exceptions such as DoD).  Where in the budget or the endless continuing resolutions has this money been authorized to purchase these vast quanties of amunition?  What tax payer dollars have been used for these acquisitions and where have “we the people” approved of these?
    Taxpayer dollars have to be accounted for through the Congressional Audit Agency, the Presidents “discretionary” funds do not account for the majority of these purchases, therefore the Administration is likely embezelling tax dollars in order to “punish” the law abiding citizen.
    Where have all these cases of ammo gone, where are they stored, who is responsible for accounting for them?  Don’t you think “We The People” have a RIGHT to KNOW?

    • jpcec says:

      Dusti2000 What tax payer dollars you ask? Does the government have any other income source?

      • Dusti2000 says:

        jpcec Dusti2000  You may have missed the point.  ALL outlays of Tax Dollars must be accounted for, and most MUST be approved by the House.  To my sensing these monies have not been approved for ammunition purchases within either the Budget or the Continuing Budget Resolutions.  Hence, what taxpayer dollars are being spent?  Was the expenditure approved by the House?  Fraud and embezellment remain crimes regardless of the level of the individual directing such a redirection of funds — does the term “high crimes and misdemeanors” mean anything to you?
        Write your Congressman and Senators and demand an answer.

        • jpcec says:

          Dusti2000 jpcec  No I didn’t miss the point at all. You are partially correct. All tax legislation is required to begin in the house. This expenditure is hardly a tax now is it? Once money is calculated into the budget, it is there and can be used for many unintended purposes. It happens all the time and has for years. If you want that to change, the people in Congress who allot the money must be replaced. The people currently in office were elected by Americans and continue to have the support of those same Americans. If you have some idea how to wake up the folks who vote for these guys and gals, please share it with us. We’d love to know. Well, I certainly would anyway.

        • Dusti2000 says:

          jpcec Dusti2000 As I said Write your Congressmen and Senators and demand answers.  Write letters to the Editors, call into “Talk Radio” and NPR and ask who is accounting for this money and the ammo and weapons being purchased.  A single action, if effective, will inspire others to ask for answers.  You can influence no more than 15 out of a 100, but if they in term pick up the question and make similar efforts the percentage rises.
          Use Alinsky against the “community organizers” in and out of office.  Those tactics work in both directions, and we have a strategic plan already in place to use – it is called the Constitution.

        • HArchH says:

          Dusti2000 jpcec There you go.  Congress controls the purse.  They just have to have the balls to use that power to control federal agencies.  There is some risk that someone will make a video showing a congressman pushing an old lady off a cliff and they have to accept that risk.  Oh wait…that video was already made.

      • HArchH says:

        jpcec Dusti2000 Yes, the government has other sources of revenue.

  13. DavidCook1 says:

    I haven’t even been able to purchase .22 long rifle ammunition for 6 months now.  DHS surly couldn’t be using that type of ammunition or .44 magnum.  Every type of ammunition is unavailable from anyone.  If you don’t think that the People here in the U.S. aren’t afraid of some sort of civil unrest, just try to locate a gas mask on the internet other than a used ragged WWI Isrelli type mask.  I was told that the sales of Tatical and Home defence equipment has skyrocketed since Obama became a second term President.  The American People must think that something is going to happen here in our country either more terrorist attacks, war or civil unrest in any event I want to thank the Democrats for screwing up my country.

    • 1kent says:

      My friends gun shop can only buy small 1/4 pound of gun powder………  shortage there to slow our reloading.  try Walmart on the day the shipment comes in ?

  14. PickLyman says:

    Obama has been purchasing large amounts of ammunition from the first year in office.
    From the Very Start has been making plans to subdue the American Patriots who Stand By Their US Constitutional Republic!
    People have been talking like this is new News, that he has been only been stock piling ammo for the last year!
    Another thing you do not here of is that DHS has been purchasing nearly every caliber of, Rifle, Hand Gun, and Shotgun ammunition, from 22 cal. to 50 cal. and 28 to 12 gauge shotgun shells! What’s MORE, They are Also Buying Magazines!
    The entire purchase listings were put out the end of last year… Fifty Million Reasons That Make People Think Obama Is Planning A Civil War!? Check out my blog… Pick’s Picks of the Day… Obama’s Private War Against the US Constitutional Republic… it lists all the ammo DHS has purchased, how long and what kind!!!

    • HArchH says:

      PickLyman Is there some government warehouse where the GSA is selling surplus .45 ACP?  I could use a couple of crates.  Some 12 gauge bird shoot, too, please.  :)

  15. bluecb13 says:

    I would suggest that the ammo companies that do sell in bulk to the Feds might be selling themselves out of business. The average shooter will be buying ammo for his lifetime. When Obama has finally quit buying it up, there will be no more reason for those of us who used to buy it, to continue buying it. Goodbye ammo companies

  16. chumgrinder says:

    But mechanically, this is NO DIFFERENT from farm price supports — the government “buys up surplus” or pays farmers not to grow stuff, and the price remains high.  Thus, it can be gamed the same way farm price supports are gamed.  Unlike farmers, ammo manufacturers are NOT looking for higher base prices, so they can expand operations, produce more ammo, and get rich (off your tax money, to be sure, but whatever).  Unlike farmers, ammo manufacturers aren’t constrained by the finite land they own and finite growing seasons.  Unlike farmers, ammo manufacturers have not signed any agreements NOT to make MORE and sell it on the open market. And finally, ammo manufacturers have a CHOICE not to take these gigantic orders from the government if they don’t want to.

    • HArchH says:

      chumgrinder Is there a limited supply of lead, copper, or gun powder?  Do you know for a fact that ammo makers are not signing a “don’t expand” clause in their government purchase orders?  Do you have a copy of one?
      Ammo makers are in a business.  Assuming they are not running a cartel (no indication of that) then if the price of ammo has already doubled to the point that civilian purchasing is impacted already, they will do a simple calculation to determine if their profit will be greater selling less at that higher price or more at a lower price.  If the math shows that they make more profit margin selling less product at the higher price, why would they expand production and drive the market price down?  Expanding production takes money and brings risk.  If they build a factory they have to see that the higher demand will persist through the time it takes to recover all those costs with a certain return-on-investment level.
      None of this is especially simple math.  It’s all business decisions based on a mix of facts and assumptions and which bring risk to the manufacturer.

  17. bluecb13 says:

    Amen and amen. Well said !!!

  18. KennethBowman says:

    Looks like an opportunity for some capitalist to make MONEY!  What about seeking sources from other nations?  All sorts of openings for Black Markets.  After all the prohibition created wealthy families like the Kennedy one.

  19. 1kent says:

    OUTLAW GUNS,,,,,,,,,,, AND,,,,,,,, ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS !!!!!!!!

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