Convicted Murderer Sues His Victim’s Wife

New Year’s Eve 1993, two business partners got into a fist fight over the financial dealings of the business.  One business partner, Robert Henry filed a lawsuit against the other business partner, Larry Shandola.  Henry sued Shandola for medical expenses and dental work that was necessary after the fight.  After Shandola pleaded guilty to an assault charge, the court issued a summary judgment against Shandola, ordering him to pay Henry for the damages.  That was January 1, 1995.

On September 11, 1995, 33 year old businessman, Robert Henry was in his parked car at the electronics company where he worked when someone wearing a ski mask and carrying a shotgun approached the car.  Witnesses in the parking lot told police that the masked man shot out the windshield of Henry’s car.  You can imagine the terror and panic that overwhelmed Henry as the man then aimed his shotgun directly at Henry’s face and pulled the trigger.

Witnesses reported that after the masked man shot Henry, he ran to a parked black motorcycle and sped off.  When they went to check on Henry, he was dead from the shotgun blast to his face.

Over the next 5 years, Robert Henry’s widow Paula, did everything possible to keep the investigation into her husband’s murder alive.  She raised $50,000 to help pay for the investigation.  Finally, in January of 2001, police arrested Larry Shandola for Robert’s murder.  Shandola was the lead suspect from the beginning, but it took police five years to gather enough evidence to arrest him.

After his arrest, Paula said that Shandola had repeatedly stalked her over the past five years since Robert’s murder.  She feared for her life and believed that he wanted to kill her also.

In September 2001, Shandola was convicted of the first degree murder of Robert Henry and sentenced to 31 years and 8 months in prison. Personally I would have given him the death sentence, since Washington state still has the death penalty and the crime took place in Tacoma.

Paula Henry has spent the last 12 years since Shandola’s conviction, trying to deal with the brutal murder of her husband and put her life back together.  It has not been easy for her as you can imagine.

In 2011, Shandola filed an application requesting that he be allowed to serve the remainder of his sentence in Canada so that he could be closer to his family.  When Paula heard about the request, she sent a letter to the authorities stating that she was against the idea of allowing Shandola to be moved to a Canadian prison.  In her letter, she referred to Shandola as a ‘skilled sociopath’ and that she knew if he had a chance that he would kill her.

Earlier this year, Paula answers a knock on the door, only to find out that she was being served papers naming her in a lawsuit filed by Shandola.  He is suing her for $100,000 for defaming his character with the statements she wrote in the letter to corrections officials.  The shock of being sued by her husband’s murderer brought all of the raw emotions back to the surface and they overwhelmed Paula.  She couldn’t stop crying and shaking for several days.

Paula’s attorney, John Landenburg says the case is frivolous and should not have been allowed to be filed in the first place.  He says that the system is concerned about the rights of the criminals and that it’s often the rights of the victims that are forgotten or trampled on.  He is working with lawmakers in the state of Washington to enact laws to prevent similar lawsuits in the future.  However, Landenburg says that in this case, Shandola wins regardless because even if the suit is dismissed, which he is pushing for, that it’s still going to cost Paula a chunk of money for legal fees to defend herself.

I’ve had people tell me that if I were a judge, I would be worse than the infamous hanging judge Roy Bean.  I have no mercy on convicted criminals.  In my opinion, they forfeit most of their rights once they are convicted and sentenced to prison.  Our system coddles prisoners in many ways while the victims or family of their victims get little to no help from anyone.  Larry Shandola was convicted of first degree murder which should have carried either the death sentence (my preference) or life in prison without the chance of parole.

Paula Henry has had to deal with her husband’s murder without any help from the city, county or state, while her husband’s murderer is provided for, taken care of and protected by a number of questionable laws.  Shandola should not be allowed to file a lawsuit against his victim’s widow and if anything, it should be deemed as harassment.  He should face charges for harassing and intimidation and have his prison sentence lengthened.  Shandola, now 62 years of age, should never see the outside of a prison cell for the remainder of his life, because when he decided to take the life of another person, he forfeited his right to live as a free man for the rest of his life.



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37 comments on “Convicted Murderer Sues His Victim’s Wife
  1. Evermyrtle says:

    This is a perfect example of the modern UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! What evil she not only will not fight but allows free access.

  2. RalphWatzke says:

    What about gun rights for convicted crims? There are tose on the Right who say NOBODY can be denied the right to bear arms!?

    • RalphWatzke says:

      the 2nd amendment extremists insist on this you know, even on this very site! Also they say no mentally ill person can be denied guns either, there should be no background checks! What say you to this – time for comment! As a Canadian, this is a non-issue for me in Canada. And aren’t all gun owners supposed to be members of A WELL-REGULATED MILITIA? Whatever happened to that provision – or is it a totally meaningless phrase?

      • TeaParty Patriot says:

        RalphWatzke The only ones whom I have heard make this claim are those corruptocrats on the fringe left like yourself that are trying to restore ALL right to convicts, even those still in prison. Hell if they were able to increase the corruptocrat voting base by restoring voting rights to all the convicted corruptocrats they do not need to give citizenship/amnesty to ILLEGAL ALIENS.
        After all drug dealing and taking bribes are minor offenses to the far fringe left. There are two Illinois governors who will attest to that fact. Murder is not even a serious enough crime for a corruptocrat to ostracize a convict they have doren ayers and the latest release as professors in liberal colleges teaching more violence and anarchy.

      • JohnDiesman says:

        RalphWatzke What do gun rights have to do with this story? As for the well regulated militia, you need to look at the meaning of the words for that time. All men of an age were considered members of the militia because we did not have a standing army. However it is NOT a requirement to own a gun. It was expected that every abled body person would. Anti-gun people are all hung up on that phrase but seem to have a real problem with the 4 words at the end of the 2nd which are “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” All the crap being put forth and proposed now are flat out infringements. If gun control is such a great idea why is it that Chicago has a higher gun murder rate that Afghanistan.  Anti-gunners will say it’s because guns are still easy to get. Well in Chicago they are not near as easy to get as say Dallas Texas. Dallas does not have a murder rate anywhere near Chicago.

      • sscannell05 says:

        RalphWatzke If you only had a brain. All adult over the age of 16 are considered members of the State Militia. Shut the hell up and stay in Cancooksville.

  3. RobertWalker2 says:

    We spend more money taking care of convicted criminals than we spend on educating our children. 
    It is time that we taker back the responsibility for our own lives, and keep the government our of our affairs.  All convicted criminals should be required to work to support themselves.
    Peace, Robert Walker

  4. TeaParty Patriot says:

    This kind of crap is the reason we have growing violence in our society. Prisons are not places where the guilty are made to pay for their crimes, they are places to sulk and feel sorry for yourself that your victim testified against you and you were unjustly found guilty of your crime. it is societies fault that you are in prison and you will plot your revenge when you get out.
    The problem with our prisons is that they coddle the prisoners and provide fantastic gyms and recreational facilities so the prisoners do not get bored, neither do they feel that they are unwelcomed. Consequently they will do nothing to prevent recidivism.
    We NEED prison reform. My suggestion is that prisoners are sentenced to the maximum that thier crime deserves. To gain time off this maximum sentence the prisoner should have to do work to earn this time off Not just behave him/herself, behavior and obedience is to be the norm not the exception to earn time off. To earn good credits the prisoner should have to do productive work. Since we are providing all these gyms and exercise equipment . I would suggest we hook them to generators that produce electricity and only give the convict good time for electicity produced. NO work then serve the full sentence.

    • ff_emt says:

      TeaParty Patriot  “Not just behave him/herself, behavior and obedience is to be the norm not the exception to earn time off. ” True.  bIt’s easy to behave oneself in prison (where the same temptation/s that landed one there to begin with) do not exist. Time off for “good behavior” is a crock which should be abolished.  I’d like all MY needs and wants to be taken care of as well as those of these punks!

  5. KennethBowman says:

    Communists in positions of power are criminals and of course protect their own.

  6. DonBahn1 says:

    When he applied to be moved to a Canadian prison, he should have been moved to Yuma, Arizona and placed in the south west side.
    His law suit should be countered with one forcing him and his relatives to pay the woman’s legal fees.

  7. 7papa7 says:

    Execute this SOB the night before he is suppose to go to trial on these charges.

  8. KennethDuncan says:

    She should counter sue for the death of her husband and go after this scum bags family assets.

  9. ff_emt says:

    It figures.  The original crime DID occur in WA, and the lawsuit IS occurring in WA state, an evil bastion of democratic liberality if ever I saw one.  This is disgusting. (I have the misfortune to live here.)

  10. RedMeatState says:

    how absurd!  shandola has proven several times tht he has no character!  therefore, defamation would be impossible!!

  11. KenLamb says:

    sounds like a win-win situation for the lawyers to me…is this a great country or what?…

  12. JoeZimmerman says:

    If  the  scumbag  had an  nuts   , I would  say   cut  them  off  an  feed  them  to  him ,,,,,,,,,

  13. mogul264 says:

    Imagine that~! A convicted murderer, concerned about his ‘good name’! And, he had the hudzpah to think he should be allowed to go to Canada, to be ‘near HIS family/! He should be in a deep, dark pit for the rest of his life! His food could be lowered, and remnants raised, on a rope! He could be monitored by IR cameras and mikes, should he become very sick. No bed, no clothes, temperature 105 degrees, 90 percent humidity, NO COMFORT or ENTERTAINMENT! This is the VERY FITTING punishment for murderers! Deprived of any association with ANY society, WHATSOEVER!

  14. Goodros_Nemesis says:

    I spent eleven years in the military.  In many ways, criminals are treated better than our soldiers serving overseas.  Where they get air-conditioned rooms, we got tents in 120-degree weather.  Where they get three square meals a day, I often lived on one MRE a day.  They are safe from any outside threats, while I was shot at.  They get clean sheets, free haircuts, and real mattresses.  I slept in the same sleeping bag on a cot for a year and had to pay $6 three times a month to get my hair cut to maintain military standards.  They get free education.  I had my GI Bill (which only covers about one-eighth of tuition) cut off by the president’s budget sequester.  They have free access to the legal system, while honest, hard-working American citizens have to pay out-of-pocket to defend themselves against B.S. lawsuits like this one.  While I am fighting for the freedom of my fellow Americans, they are fighting my fellow Americans.
    Do our men and women serving in dangerous operational theaters deserve better?  Absolutely, but it isn’t available, because our dashing and charismatic president is spending billions feeding the rats in ACORN and Planned Parenthood and federal prisons — billions he only has because he is taxing the sh*t out of the same people we are trying to protect.
    IMHO, this piece of work should have been dumped in the desert behind a 50-foot electrified fence with an old flintlock  pistol with one bullet in it — with the rest of the scum who do what he did.  If he wants to shoot one of them, fine.  If he wants to shoot himself, better yet.  Don’t keep him alive using my money.  I’d kind of like to use it to feed my family and pay for a place to live.

    • JoeZimmerman says:

      MEN   well  said  ,

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Goodros_Nemesis Obama hates the military and is doing away with it just as fast as he can. He wants America defenseless, unable to defennd ourselves against his Muslim Islamists.

      • Lucky3511 says:

        Evermyrtle Goodros_Nemesis Careful what you say on this site. My friend just got suspended unable to use this site, no reason given but he suspects it was because he told the truth about Obama

        • Evermyrtle says:

          Lucky3511 Evermyrtle Goodros_Nemesis Thanks, that has happened to me on other sites, I try to be careful what I write, but have  had many deleted before they got posted. I am a believer in stating the truth but sometime the truth is just so harsh, it won’t be allowed.

    • mogul264 says:

      Goodros_Nemesis Sir, thank you for your service! I spent 20 in the Navy, so my slight discomfort was nothing to yours! The main problem is boredom at sea, staring at nothing but water! Staying busy isn’t much of an answer, either. After 12 to 15 hours, you’re tired, and STILL BORED!  Ah, well, it’s all over for me, now. Hang in there, buddy!

  15. frankcastle1958 says:

    Paula, get yourself a truckload of cigarettes and snacks etc, go to the Prison he is in, and let it “leak out” out, that whoever “shanks” Shandola gets it all….. end of your problem…..and REAL JUSTICE served.. enough of allowing SCUM, to harm innocent people.

  16. DRLJR says:

    This is the result of misguided empathy of the Left.  But then if one looks at history the USSR and the people in control of it knew that they had to destroy our justice system, and other aspects of our society, to destroy the country.  This case should be dismissed since a person can express an opinion and this is exactly what she did – express an opinion that the murderer of her husband is a sociopath and that she believes he will try to kill her.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      DRLJR  You are right and prayers are in order for this woman who told the truth and is being sued because of it.

  17. OLDAD says:

    The real guilty party hee is the jusge that allowed thsi case to be filed.  He as well as this POS should be jailed for the rest of their lives

    • DRLJR says:

      OLDAD Judges hands have been tied over the years by the Left.  So don’t just blame the judges.

      • chief1937 says:

        DRLJR OLDAD How could this judge allow something lie this she has already paid a price unbeliavable.This dude murdered her husband with a slap onthe wrist should have goten life at the least now he starts on the wife. Stupid laws allow this to happen.

        • DRLJR says:

          chief1937 DRLJR OLDAD You said the key “Stupid laws allow this to happen.”.  This is the result of the “Left”‘s drive to destroy this country.  People convicted of crimes and sentenced under Amendment 13 are being given privileges no one else has.  Think about the convicts being allowed to get “sex-change” operations (i.e. surgery to change their outward sexual appearance) at tax-payer costs.  Stupid things like this are responsible for these type of problems.

  18. JohnSweet says:

    counter sue him for her husbands death and the cost to the family in lost income and the funeral as well as pain and suffering

  19. JaymesB says:

    If lawmakers REALLY wanted to eliminate problems like this, they would pass laws and ENFORCE the sentences to be carried out toward the perp as well as the judge, who allowed such nonsense. In other words, if a judge lets a known murderer go free….then when the crime is committed again, by the same offender….both the offender as well as the jugde fall under the same sentence. If it is jail time they BOTH go to jail. If it is the desth penalty, then they are BOTH subject to it.
    That way, we will not have repeat offenders who are on a ‘revolvig door’ justice (?) system. Time to ‘man-up’ on these offenders!

  20. StanAbles says:

    Unfortunately laws are made by lawyers who serve as tax payer funded defense lawyers and serve as judges. Their primary goal is to establish, pass, and get on file as many laws as possible that purely based on mere nonsense absurdities so that they can enrich themselves as they in their collective greed exploit the judicial system.

  21. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Shandola’s liar…..ahhhh lawyer should be disbarred for even bringing up such a case.  However, the “system” is run to make liars…..ahhhh lawyers wealthy.  No matter who wins or who loses, the lawyers make money.

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