Police Chief Opposes Second Amendment; Gets Tank For His “Troops”

Another blog is reporting that the Milwaukee Police Department has purchased an armored tank to use to patrol the city.

“This is something you see in a monster truck show,a third world country or the old rural Michigan wastelands I grew up in as a kid.  But seriously what is this used for?  Besides intimidation, the upcoming food riots  or the arrest of bloggers like myself, I can’t really pin point many uses.  It’s not economical to chase speeders and write tickets in a tank,  and I’m sure it’s not fiscally responsible to spend that kind of money on a  tank when most States, Cities and County’s are broke. I guess the only logical conclusion is it’s all for us! All 2,700 hundred plus tanks, the millions of rounds of ammo the Government is stockpiling, the drones patrolling the sky… Only to see our liberties being destroyed day by day.”

The blogger does a good job tying this purchase to other news:

“With the recent news of the  DHS Purchasing  2,700 light-armored tanks and the countless ammunition buys  made by many different factions of the Government, it should come as no surprise that feds and local municipalities are preparing for something big.”

I think the blogger is mistaken about this being a direct acquisition by the MPD. Rather, the Racine County Sheriff’s Office got a used tank back home from Iraq. Since the Sheriff’s Office plans to make it “available for other law enforcement agencies in Racine County, plus surrounding counties.” The vehicle was paid for by “money in its asset forfeiture account.”

But I can add a couple of facts that show that this new acquisition is even more sinister, especially since the MPD has access to it, and it was seen being driven around Milwaukee.

First, the police chief is an outspoken opponent of private gun ownership.

Edward Flynn, the chief of police in Milwaukee, claimed the police are “in an arms race.” Seriously? There are other people in Milwaukee using tanks? He also demanded more support from Congress on the “side” of law enforcement. Now having a tank available to his Department, I don’t see why Flynn needs any more support.

He has made it clear that he considers all carrying of firearms a support of criminals. When Wisconsin was debating open carry, Flynn was vocal in stating that his “troops” would not tolerate it.

“‘My message to my troops is if you see anybody carrying a gun on the streets of Milwaukee, we’ll put them on the ground, take the gun away and then decide whether you have a right to carry it,’ Flynn said. ‘Maybe I’ll end up with a protest of cowboys. In the meantime, I’ve got serious offenders with access to handguns. It’s irresponsible to send a message to them that if they just carry it openly no one can bother them.’”

This is the man who now has a tank for his troops to use.

Second, Flynn’s “troops” aren’t heroes

As the great William Norman Grigg has reported,

“The Milwaukee Police Department holds down the number two spot in the national police brutality rankings. Its distinguished contributions in the field of state-sponsored crime include a lengthy and growing list of suspicious deaths of people in police custody.”

Flynn’s record includes resisting the prosecution of a cop for the savage rape and sodomization of woman for the crime of calling the police for help (who then falsely accused her of resisting arrest), refusing to acknowledge the documented existence of a gang of “Punishers” within the police department, and using police harassment against people who testified upon his (deficient) moral character.

Yet now Flynn’s “troops” get use of a tank at public expense. If a civilian was to drive one of those vehicles, Flynn would be screeching about what a threat it is.

Don’t you feel safe, now?



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446 comments on “Police Chief Opposes Second Amendment; Gets Tank For His “Troops”
  1. usagunowner says:

    @OCAmericans “I’ve got serious offenders with access to handguns”. Well keep them in jail! Stop letting them go. Oh-that’s right- Sequester!

  2. d rash says:

    OK, I’ve got enough guns and ammo.  Now, I am going to go out and buy myself a tank!  Why?  Because the second amendment allows me to, and tanks are not banned yet.   That’s all you need to know!

  3. d rash says:

    PS.  Did I mention that this police chief, is a pure ANAL CAVITY!

  4. Nanny says:


  5. DebbieHorne says:

    Another one like Obama….I don’t like that law, I’ll just pretend its not there, no one needs rights.

  6. David Veselenak says:

    ROCK & LOAD, 1776 style! Go PATS!

  7. crash357 says:

    He HAS to be CRAZY. Doesn’t he realise that HE is NOT THE KING of his county? He may take out a few, but you can bet those good ole boys in the back woods there in his town will be makin Make shift RPG’s to take out his TANK and his Hired Gunmen.

  8. smdares44 says:

    One round from my M 107 A 1 will destroy the IDIOT’s delusion!

    • crash357 says:

      @smdares44  The Tank is designed to take up to a Hand grenade blast. Unless your talking about a Howitzer.

      • RogerMeyer says:

        @crash357  @smdares44
         Many easily available compounds will do the trick.. One can even make a lot of them with stuff from the hardware store.

  9. Badshot46 says:

    I think your yelling at the wrong person.
    Look at the wackos who put him in office.

    • DorraeFortadoFrederick says:

      @Badshot46 Police Chief are not elected they serve at the will of the City Manager who serves at the will of the city council and Mayor.  Those are the people that need to be reminded that they serve as elected representatives of the citizens of Milwaukee.

  10. JamesKroeger says:

    I’m sure glad I don’t live in his jurisdiction! This guy is a complete idiot!

  11. MrLucky says:

    I told the people the police and soulders would turn on the people!! They laughed, well soon see!

  12. mwood says:

    treason will have a terrable punishment

  13. lokiswife says:

    There are two terrible viruses rampaging this country: the stupid virus and the Obama virus. Obama virus sufferers join OWS, go ballistic against guns, believe that you have to spend tons of money to make an economy grow, borrowing billions of dollars and aborting babies is no crime and that welfare is an entitlement, “I’m in America and my government will support me.” The stupid virus, can’t do much about it except to vote it out….

  14. jonrmoore says:

    I would much rather trust licensed gun carriers than affirmative action goons that go around shooting people’s pets!

  15. PghVince says:

    Tanks, have been known to explode, just like cars and trucks!!!!

    • crash357 says:

      @PghVince Yes, but it would take a Breaching charge to get around the Armor

      • RogerMeyer says:

        @crash357  @PghVince
         Not really.  Any decent chemist can come up with a compound that, when placed properly, would melt the steel hull and set everything inside on fire.  Ever hear of thermite?

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          @RogerMeyer  @crash357  @PghVince Hmm. A long time ago, in the land of fruits and nuts, there was this idiot, young, inexperienced machinist who didn’t believe the foreman’s warning to be extra careful when machining magnesium, as it is highly flammable at a fairly low temperature. So, in order to find out, he took a small chunk home, put it on one of his stove’s burners and it burned through the stove and the concrete pad his ranch style house was built on. Logical extrapolation leads one to surmise that a suitably sized piece of magnesium, adhered to said vehicle and ignited would do the same thing. [No, the idiot was not me. My father told me the story as he worked with the fool.]

        • PhrankStein says:

          @MyronJPoltroonian @RogerMeyer @crash357 @PghVince Yawn…. Got something factual to add to this conversation or just urban legend BS?
          CLUE: Mg does NOT melt/burn thru a refractory compound like concrete. Nice try skippy

  16. IrishJoeHarriso says:

    @Rowanes http://t.co/UGVfLCW693

  17. RichardQ says:

    Now this cop is one dangerous man who needs to have a psychiatric evaluation done on him to see if he should be allowed to have any guns at all.

  18. agbjr says:

    Just the fact Chief Edward Flynn publicly opposes the Second Amendment makes him unfit as an officer of the law. The people of Milwaukee must demand his removal then see to it Racine County scraps that tank. It is beyond reason for a domestic municipal police agency to possess a tank!

    • RichardQ says:

      @agbjr You are correct there!  The only reason that he like obama is because they figure at some point in time to militarily attempt to take over this nation by force, which would be a BIIIIIG mistake.  They need to remember that patriots of the United States fights to protect this nation against all tyrants and traitors, within and without!

    • GeriInstanck says:

      @agbjr New Orleans has one! It was built special for them and featured on some TV show a few months ago! So there are possibly more crack head chiefs out there than you think.

  19. cowboytex says:

    This man needs to be put out of office !!

  20. John Detwiler says:

    This man is a bully who needs to be replaced. What is wrong with the citizens of Milwakee that they would support a clown like him. He said enough when he said that if his officers see someone carrying a weapon, they are to put that someone on the ground then check and see if they are carrying legally. If I were a citizen I would test this mandate, and if I was bullied I would sue. Not the police but the man who issued the order. Oh by the way I would surupticiously have several cameras recording the event. Take the gun away from thatclown and he would get on his knees to keep you from kicking his @$$. In other words he is undoubtably a coward. Which by the way most bullys are.

  21. JohnGallion says:

    Get out of the cities! Get the hell out and find a small community in a state that belives in the Constitution and is in the black financially – get into a county where the sheriff will uphold the Constitution.  There is a shit storm coming folks.

  22. Pointdan says:

    FU Mr Flynn . . . . Molon Labe !

  23. 1marksman says:

    There is a lot of speculation about the huge amount of Ammunition that the government is buying. I believe it is a ploy to keep citizens from stocking up on ammo. When the government orders ammo it pays a small percentage down and the rest on delivery. The orders say they may need this ammo within a specified period of time. They may or may not actually take posession of the ammo. Ammo companies are required to give government orders priority over civilian  orders. The orders are “on demand ” orders so the ammo companies have to place this ammo in stock. This ties up the equipment making orders for the government and prevents them from making ammo for the rest of us. If they can keep us from stocking up long enough they plan to limit the amount of ammo you can have at any one time. There is a bill in California right now that will limit indivudals to a total of 500 rounds. When I have the grandkids over for safety training I go through twice that amount in a single day. ( .22 long rifle ) . I don’t think the government is actually taking control of the ammo they are ordering, they are just using huge orders to tie up ammo making equipment thereby keeping us from getting stocked up.

    • RobertCosenza says:

       we the people,who are the real government.well we the people by me,and i mean all of us,are not willing to take a big chance on that,it may or may not be,but we the people by me,are prepared{we will see.god bless we the people,sheriff joe and cold case posse,dr oily taitz,chuck norris,frank serpico,and all legal american veternas/citizens.god bless america.yea thou i walk in the valley of the shadow of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

    • James Star says:

      @1marksman Seems to be a rational assumption! Lets hope it is the reason, and it may be working. I have noticed the price on ammo has risen dramatically. Also the guns themselves are bringing top dollar. Maybe Obama underestimated his enemy, the American people on gun control, you think?

  24. pete0097 says:

    If the towelheads can make IED’s that stop these tanks, so can we.  What a baffoon.  A real “boss Hogg” in action.  Well, it might be fun for a couple of years until he can’t get parts. and then it is only good as an artificial reef.  Oddly enough, it is now a new place for his troops to take naps without being seen by the people.

  25. LoranCarlson says:

    Yes, there will be blood.  But you know what?  There are way more of us than there are of them.  That quasi-tank will be the first casualty, I guarantee it.  Then what are they going to do?  Pride cometh before the fall there Sheriff.

    • GeriInstanck says:

      @LoranCarlson If his “troops” are in the thing when it blows, and they support the chief’s views, then it’s a double win for us, otherwise, I would feel bad that they were put in harms way by this lunatic.

  26. Soldi says:

    e should be fired.

  27. mike pritt says:

    The cowardly citizens (sheep!) of Milwaukee have no respect from their law enforcement.  You get what you vote for!!!

  28. DebMarston says:

    If you feel the law-abiding are the enemy, you are showing a complete lack of leadership and paranoia, “Chief”.
    Time to step down and have a long rest.  Hey! If you see a psych, YOU can be relieved of your gun, too under O’care! 
    Win, win for Milwaukee.

    • violator1 says:

      @DebMarston Baaaaaaaaaaaaa! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I hear the sounds of liberals ready to be sacrificed! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  29. jinx0870 says:

    @Rowanes A cop, police chief no less, opposes the 2A? This is pretty mindboggling.

  30. thecounselor says:

    I hope the Chief is as good at running for re election as he is running his mouth.

  31. EugenePatrickClark says:

    Well, I suppose Chief Flynn just earned his name on top of the “PEOPLE’S Hit List” of Law Enforcement Officials who DO NOT subscribe to “defending our Country and Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic”. This country will soon witness the war between PATRIOTS VS The SUBVERSIVES. Accepting the US Constitution will be the deciding factor as to who is who. I for one am a PATRIOT. Enemies of the Constitution will be my ENEMY. I consider ALL DRONES flying in the skys above homes of American Citizens to be “UNCONSTITUTIONAL and a potential threat to the American civilian population”. It is therefore a legitimate target for American “Skeet Shooters” who want to take a leap in their Patriotic fervor and “SNUFF a DRONE” in the name of “LIBERTY” !!!!

    • James Star says:

      @EugenePatrickClark Might want to reconsider that as the drones will probably be armed. Plus I would imagine that it would take quite a bit of firepower to bring one down. I agree with you about being unlawful for them to use the drones, just saying!

  32. Revelations21 says:

    What about standing up to the oath you took and defend the people that are PAYING you to do your job?
    The Sheriff is supposed to be our last line of defense.  You’ll be putting all of law enforcement in jeopardy once the people realize that you can no longer be trusted.  That is exactly why we will never disarm.  You swear an oath to Almighty God and you don’t take that seriously?  It will come down to a matter of survival.

    • MyronJPoltroonian says:

      @Revelations21 He’s the Chief of police, not the Sheriff of the county. It’s the sheriff who has the ultimate authority.

  33. pudbertsavannahga says:

    OK, that means that ANY citizen should be allowed to purchase an armored tank  or whatever is equal to what the police or government can buy….
    THAT’S the whole purpose and meaning of the Constitution 2nd Amendment  ! ! ! 
    This guy should be hung and shot in the town square as an example of why we STARTED our own country ! !

  34. maxine rwb says:

    I work with a person from Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is called the  “Cheese-Head” state for good reason.  This person is a complete and utter moron.   As is this police chief.  I’m thinking that someone in Milwaukee will see to it that this guy is retired permanently.

    • GYNGIN says:

      @maxine rwb
       don’t judge all Wisconsinites by this idiot they call police chief in Milwaukee, anyway chief flynn is from Boston and the dimbulb who hired him was Mayor Barrett of Milwaukee who we would not let
      become Gov.  wisc has turned this state around having a conservative Gov and Assembly and
      senate Rep majority so don’t know where you are from maxine but many we know in other states
      are saying wtg wisc.

  35. Himmler had the same paranoid personality. He also was a murderer and assassin and his SS police force isn’t any different then the “SS” of the German pwrps who did the holocaust. These guys are all the same in a uniform. They will tell they’re juat taking orders. Watch the movie “Nuremberg Trials” you’ll see what I mean.

  36. pudbertsavannahga says:

    GA Sheriff: No One Is Coming To Our State & Violating The Second Amendment!
    Sheriff Clay N. Whittle of the Columbia County, Georgia Sheriff’s Department, one of the largest Sheriff’s departments in the State of Georgia, has come out openly and stated that he will oppose Federal and State legislation that attempts to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of Columbia County. He has also joined other sheriff’s in Georgia like Scott Berry in Boycotting Dana Safety Supply for his department’s needs, since the company will not sell semi-automatic rifles to civilians.
    Sheriff Whittle is proud to promote his department, stating “We are now one of only a few law enforcement organizations in the country to meet the standards necessary to gain the distinction of accreditation. We are also recognized as the first Sheriff’s office accredited in the State of Georgia. Accreditation impacts citizens through consistency of services and professional delivery, and creates a work environment that is performance based.”
    In other words, when Whittle state what he states, it is coming from the mouth of a sheriff whose office is nationally recognized and accredited.
    Whittle is a member of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, who have stated their position on the current gun control debate on the front page of their website. According to the GSA:
    The sheriffs took an oath to support the Constitution and will stand by the 2nd Amendment. The sheriffs will aggressively oppose federal or state legislation which infringes upon law abiding citizens’ right to bear arms.
    The sheriffs further agree to support any legislation that would effectively penalize criminals who use firearms in the commission of crimes.
    In an interview with Freedom Fighter Radio, Sheriff Whittle was asked about his stand and the statement of the GSA, along with what people have to fear or not fear in regards to potential gun grabs talk that is coming out of Washington, D.C.
    The Georgia Sheriff stated that he didn’t know exactly what was going to come out of Washington just yet. He did say that there were,
    “people were introducing bills that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, but the bottom line with the Georgia Sheriffs is…. that we took an oath to support the Constitution, to include the Amendments, and that we are not going to allow anyone to come into the State of Georgia and violate the Constitution or it’s Amendments, and that specifically carries with it defense of the Second Amendment.”
    When asked to define his understanding of what the Second Amendment is and what it is all about, Sheriff Whittle said that he believed the Founding Fathers were not sure that the Constitution, before the Amendments, spelled out strongly enough what they believed were their God given, inalienable rights. “One of which was for self defense,” Whittle expounded, “and to defend themselves against tyranny.”
    “England was who we just had a war with and fought and won our independence from because of their tyrannical government,” Whittle continued. “The original signers of the Declaration (Constitution) wanted to make sure that people understood that it was about defense of the country against a tyrannical government.”
    He went on to point out that some people talk about “hunting rights” and “self defense,” but Whittle says that “is not the case.” He went on to elaborate saying that the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution by the Founders to “defend the country, both from outside and inside tyrannical governments.”
    In a final question posed to Whittle, he was asked what his response is to those in the media and people like Gordan Duff of Veterans Today who reference National Rifle Association (NRA) members as “the enemy” or Larry Pratt, of Gun Owners of America being lumped in as “dangerous people.”
    “It’s preposterous!” exclaimed Sheriff Whittle. “The people that make these kinds of statements are simply afraid of something in their own mind and in order to change their fear, they attempt to legislate you and I. It does not make any sense and I don’t believe the average American is going to stand for that.”
    Sheriff Whittle is joining a growing voice of sheriffs around the country like Scott Berry, Ron Bruce, David Clarke and others, including police chiefs, who are reminding people of the value of the Second Amendment and standing up to tyrannical threats from the Federal government and State legislatures who are Hell bent on disarming the American populace.
    Take time to contact your police chief or sheriff in your local area. Find out if they support the stand that these men are so courageously taking and give them your support.

  37. me109g4 says:

    so this guy just publicly stated he will kill lawful members of the community and worry about it later, refuses to uphold the Constitution he swore an oath to and he still has a job why?????  Just PLANNING to kill someone is a felony, why is he still in office??

  38. jakemcclain says:

    @EDinCali You have CSPAN on?

  39. Ralloh says:

    This creep took an oath of office to defend the Constitution. He has violated that oath. He should be removed from that position.

  40. PorgieFireFighter says:

    In a related story, Milwaukee’s Police Chief Ed Flynn mocked the man with a concealed carry license who stopped a robbery and maybe saved a life when he shot a criminal holding a shotgun to the checkout lady’s head at Aldi’s Foods. When the police refused to return the gun to the hero (they claim the gun is evidence), Flynn sarcastically commented on the evening news that you shouldn’t worry, the guy will get his gun back so he can get out there and start shooting some more bad guys. It has been months and I do not believe the gun has been returned and Flynn has got to.

    • GeriInstanck says:

      @PorgieFireFighter Flynn carries it as a throw down in case he or one of his troops shoots an innocent citizen so they can claim self defense?

  41. ThomasCampbell1 says:

    shame on Milwaukee peeps for letting this guy have this job

  42. Incredulous_1 says:

    My message to Edward Flynn:  cowboys have ropes and know how (and on whom) to use them.  Got a street light handy?  How many “troops” you got there, Eddie?  Better question:  how many street lights you got?

  43. LawrenceKeithBrown says:

    We are at war today folks. Little by little until we are circled and enslaved.

    • pudbertsavannahga says:

      @LawrenceKeithBrown We are REALLY looking forward to these libbie communists coming to N Georgia to TRY to enslave us up here in the mountains….
      More fun than shooting turkeys ! ! !

  44. TheEngineer says:

    There is a part of the oath of office that each of these people make when sworn in that says they will uphold the Constitution of the United States. To openly defy that oath is good grounds to be impeached or removed from that office. We the people should insist on compliance by all elected officials.

    • James Star says:

      @TheEngineer But the people in charge of removing these criminals in office will not do what “We the people” ask them to do. Case in point= Obama. So the beat goes on as they say.

      • TheEngineer says:

        @James Star
         There is no magic pill to cure ignorance and stupid. We need to somehow get around the pandering press and educate Americans to what is happening to them. The internet is one of the best tools we have now. Unfortunately Obama is trying to get control over that venue as well.

  45. Gary M says:

    Guess this Police Chief is vying for a top position in Obama’s planned Brownshirt, Jack booted “civilian police force. He too took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. He needs to be reminded.

  46. jalinatx says:

    Flynn is a Communist and Milwakee is a wasteland of bottom feeders like Detriot. I think they will need the tank for all the gangs and will probably lose alot of lives in his troops when they butt heads with the gangs. No one here will miss them and I hope they all destroy themselves and that will make it safe from either side. As for me in Texas, we believe in the 2nd Amendment.

    • daveph74 says:

       jalina, you got that right, here in texas, it’s liberty or death

    • They walk among us says:

      @jalinatx Yes but what surrounds Detroit are the other cities that are ready to lock & load to get rid of the jihadists and the bottom feeders.     In this house there are guns & rifles in every room & all placed strategically.   No kids in the house, and they are all loaded.    Have an alert system if anyone comes down the driveway…..   Long driveway……

  47. Big Mark says:

    Troops?  Tanks?  Us against them?  Our side?  Sounds like this guy needs a lesson in the meaning of Posse Comitatus. And right after that lesson, Milwaukee should give him a lesson in unemployment, even if he’s one of those unionized public employees that thinks he’s (pun intended) bullet proof.

  48. AndrewMicklos says:

    Those who bully using the law will see the back side of just how miserable life can get before it ends.

  49. James Star says:

    The words “Macho, Macho Man, comes to mind. Also if this police department is so bad, how come the the people have not put a stop to it, period!

    • ybelin says:

      @James Star
       Because they are sufficiently intimidated!  Fear pervades in liberal communities like Milwaukee.  Take for instance the bullying tactics of those gangster unions in Madison when they nearly tore down the capitol building, because of “Right-To-Work.”

  50. DJ Fisher says:

    These “troops” have got to know that raping women that call them for help is messed up. They have to know that they are going to have to go home alone at some point in time. They have to know that they can’t look over their shoulders 24/7 without eventually getting tired and nodding off to sleep. They have to know that someone can identify them. They have to know that bullets don’t respect badges. They have to know that someday someone will make them pay for their crimes.

  51. They walk among us says:

    All I have to say is I don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment  & then buy a tank.    Well folks, after I get the tank, lets go down to the border and use the ammo that I will  have to make sure no more illegals get across the border.  Humor is good some times.   First tho…..how about a showdown at the Milwaukee Corral (used to be the OK Corral) w/ the cop & his newly bought tank.    Do believe he is muslim as the tank came from Iraq.   Who made a low-life Muslim chief of police…..the people.   He probably came from the compound they have there where the muslim boys train to defeat we infidels.    Makes you wonder what the first target will be.    Lock & Load boys, granny is ready for action.

  52. marinerecon69 says:

    I hope everyone hear realizes what is happening as I long ago predicted what would happen if Obama became President back in 2008. If people had paid attention to what his books say and who he associated with and listened carefully what he said throughout his campaign and things said when Senator you would not have put this man into Office. The man is a Muslim and a Communist/Socialist and is hell bent in bringing this country to its knees because of his perceived and learned  so called Imperialism of the United States. He does not believe in the second amendment of the Constitution, in fact he wants to rewrite the constitution to modernize it. This man is a traitor. Prepare for war on the streets of cities in the United States it is coming.

  53. captainjly says:

    The DHS has just purchased 2700 of these vehicles and millions of hollow point rounds. One of the post talks about Germany. I see exactly what happening here as similar to what happened in Hitlers era. Getting rid  guns, forming a private army, which Obama says that he wants, getting indefinite dention w/o legal recourse, We all need to be very concerned. Our president is not what he likes to display. He is anti American! And he would like to be king. Wake up America because he minions are evrywhere.

    • DanaPreston says:

      CAPTAINJLY: No offense but it seems you don’t know about ‘The UN AGENDA 21 Plan’ that has been implemented in the US for 60 plus years. First it was the COMMUNIST PARTY USA, now it’s the UN and our OWN Dems and Repub. Congress, Last 4 presidents plus others that are implementing this plan. Yes, Lots of this plan is what HITLER did. ObamaCare is one that will place the Country in to Bankruptcy and everyone will be poor except the ELITE (Washington). To get informed GOOGLE: ‘Tom DeWeese Agenda 21’ and go to Youtube to Search too.

  54. RMEKRNL says:

    Gee, if Flynn ever gets tired of Milwaukee, he could always go be the police chief in Chicago. He’d fit right in with the other Chicago thugs in local government.

  55. CaptTurbo says:

    Terrific, a bad police department with a tank. I suppose they can count on nothing but support from our bad White House.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @CaptTurbo Of course he supports those that he owns.those who will ask “how high” when told to jump, one who agrees with the” antichrist, abomination”

  56. NavyVet says:

    Flynn is the reason that our Founding Fathers believed in the old fashioned remedy of, “Tar & Feathers” ……. you do know the “why” of the feathers, don’t you? The wick!

  57. SFS444 says:

    Well guess what, sheriff trumps pd chief and the sheriff supports the 2nd amendment. Besides most troops support the constitution not politicians and certainly not a small city podunk corrupt pd. You take your tank against civis and you’ll get it run up your !!@!.

  58. They walk among us says:

    Just to think that BOZO cancelled all orders for tanks for our boys fighting a war.    Would not be a bit surprised if BOZO did not in fact pay for the Chief’s tank w/ our money.   Lock & Load & get ready for action…..the muslim Chief and his cohorts are preparing for action, lets see if their diet likes lead.

    • FrozenStar says:

      @They walk among us Talk to Miss Janet.  Homeland Defender… not defending border, maybe Flynn needs to roll those tanks to the border… surely he wants to stop us from having firearms there, doesn’t he?  Send him… a Man on a Mission.  How long can one stay inside the tank when it runs out of fuel for go-go and air conditioning?  Metal can get purty hot.

    • PhilBronner says:

      @They walk among us it was the Bradley M-2…not a tank…it’s an APC with a 30mm chain gun….

      • MyronJPoltroonian says:

        @PhilBronner  @They walk among us Guess he’s preparing for a riot in the underprivileged neighborhoods in his community. I assume he’ll be deputizing all his city’s law-abiding gun owners to help quell the violence.

  59. luciussnow1951 says:

    I suggest you…..’Watch your back, Flynn”

  60. ReaperHD says:

    May this Anti-American Terrorist get run over by his own tool of terror.

  61. bayman55 says:

    This so called tank of theirs can be taken out easily. The wheels are exposed, the drive shaft exposed, the axles exposed, the radiator exposed. Not as tough as he thinks it is.

  62. J Joy says:

    This police chief must be a liberal, he is an arrogant, thoughtless jerk.  But arrogance is no substitute for intelligence.  He seems to think that he is the only one who has the right to think and everyone else should just shut up and work.  His police brutality ranking is nothing to be proud of and if he is proud of that, he should be a police chief in Russia or Iran!!

    • JohnWalton says:

      @J Joy No he shouldn’t.  He should be fired immediately, and then committed.  The fool is nuts.
      Even Russia and Iran would make him disappear.  In those countries, it would be a permanent disappearance.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @JohnWalton  @J Joy He probably was bought off by the Muslim population. Some people will do anything for a dollar. then on the other he may be in a nest of Muslims, that are so many nested in our nation.

    • stonemike says:

      @J Joy STOP calling these bas–rds LIBERALS!  They  are militant progressives and they seek to enslave  WHITE AMERICANS to punish them for ‘exploiting ‘ our hard working, responsible, tax paying, child rearing , highly educated BLACK POPULATION!   HaHa

  63. JohnWalton says:

    The tank can be as easily taken out as Flynn can.  He will live to regret his actions.  If he were in my town, we would fire him immediately, and then demand his badge for life.  He would never again have a job as a night security guard.  Let alone a full-fledged police officer.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @JohnWalton Sounds like you have been bought off by the enemy. I think this wonderful and every Police Chief should suit. More people that you might think will back him up. I praise this decision.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @JohnWalton Damn, I wrote again with reading. He should be fired and  locked up.

      • Canadian1ady says:

        @Evermyrtle  @JohnWalton In what country are you living in which police officers need tanks to do their jobs?  If this news doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, there’s something quite wrong with you.

        • JohnWalton says:

          @Canadian1ady  @Evermyrtle You are so right, Canadianiady.

        • RemnantoftheD says:

          @Canadian1ady    I find you Ms. Canada as an excellent Canadian and American to! BTW – if this country does go nuts, and all these mysterious purchases by the HLS do indeed indicate, I’m crossing the river to join you!
          Hope you folks will except us ex-pats with life rings! We work for a living, and won’t expect everything “handed to us” either!

        • PhrankStein says:

          @Canadian1ady tell me which police departments in the US own tanks? Don’t use this sensationalist yellow journalism as an example.
          I want verifiable proof of an ACTUAL TANK that is owned by a police department, not an MRAP which this basically is.

    • MyronJPoltroonian says:

      @JohnWalton Does “evermyrtle” make any sense too you? I find the chiefs remarks  atrociously offensive, and his actions (including his inactions/refusals to act) reprehensible.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @MyronJPoltroonian  @JohnWalton She does make mistakes , it is such a pity that she is not like you, perfect. At least she will admit her mistakes and will try to clear it up, she never hides it. She believes in being honest is the reason she admits her mistakes which is something that everybody can’t do. The one who makes no mistakes always throws the first stone.

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          @Evermyrtle  @JohnWalton Please reread (proof read, if you will) your two replies to John Walton immediately preceding mine. Just don’t wear out your blue pencil trying to figure out which words you intended to write but didn’t.

        • JohnWalton says:

          @Evermyrtle  @MyronJPoltroonian Who is ‘she’, and what are you referring to?

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @JohnWalton  @Evermyrtle  @MyronJPoltroonian She is me, myself, ridiculing Myronjpoltroonian, who was belittling me when I made a mistake. If you cannot understand it ,just forget it it is not worth the effort to understand.

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          @Evermyrtle  @JohnWalton As I’ve noted elsewhere, “Dern QUERTY keyboard. They and AutoCorrect’ll get ya evertime.

      • JohnWalton says:

        @MyronJPoltroonian No, not really.  I think that he just hit he wrong keys.

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          @JohnWalton LOL! Dern QUERTY keyboard. They’ll get you overtime.

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          @JohnWalton So will auto correct. EVERY Time.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @JohnWalton  @MyronJPoltroonian I think a good name for this person, Myron<  who cannot think of something to write about except cutting others down is not worth anyones notice. I suggest,”just forget about him!”

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          @Evermyrtle@JohnWalton ‘pears I got yours. Every time too. Peace. By the way, I’ve been having “Fun” with the government for a long time:   
          My Nom d’Blog is Myron J. Poltroonian. Why? That was the name I used on the 1980 census long form that I filled out in San Francisco. The one the poor college student asked for on a Saturday morning around 10:00 a.m., after I’d been out playing at a gig the night before and hadn’t gotten home until about 2:30/3:00 in the morning. Let’s just say the sight of this long-haired, bearded, grumpy and bedecked in only my old burgundy bathrobe musician was unsettling to the poor fellow to say the least. My response to his inquiry was a somewhat gruff “Yah!”, whereupon he smiled weakly, apologized profusely, and beat a hasty retreat away from my door, never to be seen again. Who says interacting with the government can’t be fun? And, effective as well.

    • RemnantoftheD says:

       And, it sounds like that entire department is very corupt – Raping women calling for help, having a “team” of thugs – really?
      May God help the citizens of that town, I’m in Detroit, and thought this place was rotten and corupt – This place takes the cake, hands down!

      • stonemike says:

        @RemnantoftheD  @JohnWalton Very simple , set up an ambush, or land mines , then call 911 , these megalomaniacs cannot resist!

        • RemnantoftheD says:

           I read in another article that these suspisious tanks are mine resistant in addition to being very deadly and that some type of turret thing can be added to it for firing upon citizens.
          Which, it would seem is the point of having such monstrous things in the first place?

        • JohnWalton says:

          @RemnantoftheD  @stonemike Paint balloons + napalm = oven.

  64. pghveteran says:

    when is the next election for police chief? If the citizens don’t vote him out, that must mean they approve.
    you get what you vote for!!!!  You want it bad you  get it bad.

    • JohnWalton says:

      @pghveteran Absolutely!  They will soon rue the day.  AND it won’t be pretty.  I know that I will avoid that area when things break down. and hope that we don’t have to send good people up there to clean it up.

      • MatCabral says:

        @JohnWalton  @pghveteran
         Both of you are poor excuse for Americans.

        • 1catfish says:

          @MatCabral  @JohnWalton  @pghveteran
           MatCabral, the poor excuse is you. Have you ever read the constitution? Not likely.

        • pghveteran says:

          @MatCabral  @JohnWalton Mat, of course you leave a comment that has no specifics, just an indictment. Typical. I suppose that is par for your course. Frankly, I haven’t the slightest idea why you think what you said, which is OK, because I couldn’t care  less what you think.

        • JohnWalton says:

          @MatCabral  @pghveteran And just what do you consider to be a good American?

        • MatCabral says:

          @1catfish  @MatCabral  @JohnWalton  @pghveteran
          Honestly I didn’t read the entire article so its my error. Now do liberals ever admit fault? Nope!

        • RemnantoftheD says:

          @JohnWalton    @pghveteran
           I consider both of you Excellent American’s – especially – and even more so if you are Veterans! :)

        • JohnWalton says:

          @MatCabral  @1catfish  @pghveteran No harm, no foul.  No problem.  We must all stick together no matter what may be in our futures.  We are all we have.

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          @MatCabral  @JohnWalton  @pghveteran Comrade Cabral, When did the definition of loyal American include disloyalty to the Constitution and the American people? Or are you comfortable with the militarization of an increasing number of American police forces? Especially in large urban, major metropolitan area’s?

        • NavyVet says:

          @MatCabral  @JohnWalton  @pghveteran Please, if you are able, tell me how it is that wanting officials, elected and appointed, to uphold the LAW OF THE LAND (the Constitution and other Organic Laws of these united States of America) and remain true to the Oath the have Sworn to same, can ever be considered “un-American”. If anything, it makes much more “American” that those who trash the Constitution and LAW.

    • ybelin says:

       Only the Milwaukee City Manager can fire the chief.

      • MyronJPoltroonian says:

        @ybelin  @pghveteran Not quite factual. A “Citizen’s Committee” has that power too. It’s just not as peaceful and pretty.

      • JohnWalton says:

        @ybelin  @pghveteran And just who does he (CM) report to?

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          @JohnWalton  @ybelin  @pghveteran Doesn’t matter. The Sheriff hold the trump card in every county. If the feds step in to help the chief, then they’re on the wrong side of the “Constitution and will suffer accordingly.

        • JohnWalton says:

          @MyronJPoltroonian  @ybelin  @pghveteran I agree.  Time will tell, though, just which side each person winds up being on.

    • GYNGIN says:

       For your information, the police chief in Milwaukee was appointed not elected.  If an election was held I do believe Chief Flynn would be out of a job as he is not very popular with the folks.

      • pghveteran says:

        I appreciate being corrected GYNGIN, but you can take your ‘for your information’ attitude and use it on you dog or kids or wife, but I don’t appreciate it. I’m not limping around with two artificial shrapnel knees to listen to that.

    • CarlStevenson says:

      @pghveteran Most big city police chiefs are hired, not elected (essentially political appointees, beholden to the mayor and, perhaps city council)

      • pghveteran says:

        @CarlStevenson  @pghveteran Thanks Carl for the correction.  I thought somewhere during my 20, I  was in a town that elected the police chief. Maybe I was just thinking of the sheriff.

  65. Shutter says:

    What more proof do you need? The cops are legal thugs. Some worse than others, but they all think they are above the law. “Serve and Protect” is not there motto, but to intimidate and control.

  66. NunyerBinnis says:

    The tank is just a target. It won’t last long when the feathers fly.

  67. 1catfish says:

    This unqualified prick cannot do his JOB and is now stepped over the line. The people of his county need to eliminate this little problem.

    • refurb001yy says:

      @1catfish Who owns the tank, the county or the sheriff?  Aside from that, the size of the guns are LEGAL?

  68. Bucko27 says:

    Loons who are in a legal position and oppose the US Constitution should be fired instantly!!!  Than put in jail for breaking the oath they took!!  Or, just kill’em all!!

  69. NavyVet says:

    Molotov had a great idea … just mix in some Ivory Snow laundry soap to make it a bit sticky ….. and, remember in “Saving Private Ryan” ….. the “sticky bombs”?

  70. Bucko27 says:

    A commie liberal form a liberal state!

    • Patriot767 says:

      @Bucko27 Bucky027, unfortunately like many States, Wisconsin falls liberal in presidential elections due to corruption in our voting booth, and the vermin that live in the metropolis. Milwaukee (I was born and raised there and I live outside of it in Waukesha County – Republican Stronghold) has become a liberal cesspool. It needs a huge enema, and it is coming.
      Milwaukee did have a Socialist Mayor for years. What an embarrassment.
      Peace out.

    • BobDee says:

      @Bucko27 or a jerk in a clown suit.

  71. JRPPP says:

    i thought this guy was pro-2nd amendment in other accounts and testimony–or was that the County Sheriff??????????????

    • Wake UpAmerica says:

       That was Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

      • JohnWalton says:

        @Wake UpAmerica  @JRPPP Most Sheriff’s across the country are pro-2nd.  They will be on the People’s side.

        • BobDee says:

          @JohnWalton  @Wake UpAmerica  @JRPPP …and Police Chiefs are appointed and therefore they are hacks.  Few represent the rank and file when it comes to the 2nd A.   They follow the political wind.  The Sheriffs are elected and must represent the electorate, not the politicians, i.e., mayors, selectmen, etc.

        • EarlHudgins says:

          @BobDee  @JohnWalton  @Wake UpAmerica  @JRPPP Sheriffs power trump police chiefs power when their city is in their county.

        • JohnWalton says:

          @BobDee  @Wake UpAmerica  @JRPPP True and factual. Unless the Mayor happens to be pro-2nd too!

  72. p0rkch0piandansky says:

    Fools!  Wha’s’amattah you?!  You’ll probably raise he11 again if da chief acquires a couple of F-16s.  Right?  O, wait, someone mentioned sticky-bombs.  That’s better.
    When things get hot, da chief won’t be ABLE to hire ossifers, because they’ll be outmanned and outgunned at least 1000 to 1.
    But, hey, maybe the loudmouthed Fascist can scram in his pretty new tank.  Y’think?

  73. ybelin says:

    An incredibly stupid man who will go down with Obongo and all of his “Hitlerite” boyfriends.

    • MyronJPoltroonian says:

      @ybelin I can’t help but chuckle, “Hitlerite” makes me think they all have their heads up their “Asteroids”.

      • nmgene says:

        @MyronJPoltroonian  @ybelin The supreme court has ruled twice in the past that an unconstituional law is null and void and can not be enforced. Any leo trying to enforce an unconstitutional law is committing a felony. The Federal courts have ruled that if a leo is committing a felony against you that you have thr right to resist with what ever force nessasary. You will then need to turn your self in to the Sherrif that believes in the Constitution. Dont allow yourself to be arrested by the perps buddies as you may not live to get to court.

  74. RonaldChristopher says:

    I truly do not understand. Honestly, I don’t. I am 74 years old. I served in the US Army for over 23 years. I am a Ranger Combat Veteran of Vietnam and my minor in college was history. I said history. The Constitution of the United States is the land of the land for every American citizen. So, that being the facts, is this sheriff telling us that he is NOT an American? That seems to be the case. If he is against any part of the Constitution then he is not an American.

    • retro1 says:

      @RonaldChristopher  Probably wants it to make him feel more powerful,

    • MyronJPoltroonian says:

      @RonaldChristopher Mr. Christopher, I’m two years your junior, and my service was only from 06/’59-06/’62, but I agree with what you’re trying to say. The Constitution of the United States is what you, me and every other soldier swore an oath to “Preserve, Protect and Defend agains all enemies, Foreign and Domestic”. And there is no “Sunset Clause”, nor would we honor one if so appended. It’s the Chief, by the way we’re discussing here. The Sheriff of the county is very pro-second amendment. And, sheriff’s have ultimate authority in any county, as per the Constitution.

      • MyronJPoltroonian says:

        @RonaldChristopher [addendum: Sure wish this format had an edit button. i.e.: ” …  is what you, me and every other …. ” should read, ” …  is what you, I and every other … “; and ” … Defend agains all … “, should be, ” Defend against all … .”

      • JohnWalton says:

        @MyronJPoltroonian  @RonaldChristopher OathKeepers.org

      • RonaldChristopher says:

        @MyronJPoltroonian My mistake. I should have said police chief. That being said, the sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer of the county so he can actually back the police chief down. Thanks Myron for pointing that out.

    • RonaldChristopher says:

      I was so pissed I made mistakes. It should be, Constitution is Law of the Land. It should also read, police chief, not sheriff. My American blood is doing a slow boil. Our nation is coming apart at her seams. Obama murders Stevens and his colleagues and the DOJ does nothing. Not even the Congress stops Obama. What gutless wonders. Obama says he can kill Americans on our own soil and Congress says nothing. As I see it, our own government is gearing up to kill Americans. Somebody please convince me I am wrong.

    • EarlHudgins says:

      @RonaldChristopher Well said, Thank you for your service. I am ex law-enforcement and still have lots of buds that are still in… NONE of them would dare enforce any infringement against the American people.

      • RonaldChristopher says:

        @EarlHudgins Earl, thank you. I too was in law enforcement after I retired from the Army. I was a cop at the age of 41 for over a year and finally I was sent to the police academy from which I graduated. Almost a year later I was “fired” because I arrested a lawyer poker playing friend of the chief of police (another story in itself). So I went to another town, city and was hired. But you see, I was old, new a few things and police do not want anybody around that has a brain so I told them to shove it (sort of) and left. Another story altogether). My shift major didn’t like me because he knew I was a former counterintelligence agent and a federal investigator so best to get rid of me. I really didn’t need them but I did like helping people (those who wanted help). One problem I had was every time the major needed somebody he called me. I had to report to the jail one evening because a father was giving the major fits about why the police was locking his son up. The major was a coward.
        Again thanks.

  75. americaswatchman says:

    People of Milwaukee,
    Start stocking up on armor piercing rounds…
    Then if you are theatened with force from one of these “tanks”, and you are in fear of your life,
    or the lives of others. And you have no choice, as a last resort, use the armor piercings rounds,
    and take out the tank. So the tank itself is disabled. Keep the officers inside, then call your county or state police,
    to get there as asap, so they can witness and process your citizens arrests of the tanks occupants.
    Good luck, God bless you…

    • EarlHudgins says:

      @americaswatchman Good luck finding any bulk ammo… It is getting scarce and pricey due to all the government contracts.

      • Gary M says:

        With the DHS buying/ordering over 1.6 billion rnds, I believe the purpose is soley to keep it out of our hands. I’d love to know who will be filling these orders. We should be telling the ammo companies “We The people” will match the gov’t, will pay  higher provided you cancel any deliveries to them. Betcha dollars to donuts they’re buying ammo overseas!

  76. scorp3j says:

    Hey!!!!!   Last Resistance,, Stop getting your crap from Prison Planet and infowars. These are all nutjob conspiracy sites from Alex Jones..You’re making fools of yourselves, bringing that crap over here..

  77. nicap says:

    Flynn might just find out, how mine-resistant his new little purchase really is

    • Brian Hill says:

      @nicap I hope they come to your house and tear it up looking for a mine IDIOT! you make us all look like kooks and dangerous idiots so COOL IT!  We NEVER want to hurt anyone no matter their politics, nor do we wish any harm to anyone, we just want our country back the way it was!

      • stonemike says:

        @Brian Hill  @nicap WE, who the h-ll is we, real men attack when being ATTACKED!  You deserve to be enslaved, you ARE A COWARD!  You’ll fit right in with obammis plans!

      • stonemike says:

        @Brian Hill  @nicap Exactly the way passive Jews felt as they were gassed!  I hope you get it first!

  78. stonemike says:

    This idiot should be killed!   Real Americans own this nation, not megalomaniacs like this guy!

    • Brian Hill says:


      • stonemike says:

        @Brian Hill Only a TRUE IDIOT allows others, especially public servants to threaten the lives of peaceful Americans!   I give it like I get it, if he can target citizens, we have every right to target him!

        • EarlHudgins says:

          @stonemike  @Brian Hill I gotta agree with Brian on this one…no one is questioning your metal or your Patriotism, Stonemike…We are all angry… We are all fed up, but Brian is right…if the feds are monitoring all this, they can use things we say against us, or as a reason to arrest or kill us… None of us want to be the first casualty of a US drone strike, do we? Stay strong and stay ready, our time will come when we have to stand together and be one force/voice.

        • stonemike says:

          @EarlHudgins  @Brian Hill I understand, but as an American who missed Viet Nam , and knowing quite a few Pampa boys who paid the ultimate price for going, Im not sure being a target of aggression against our people would  be a bad  way to go out! I’ve been lucky enough to lead a relatively free existence , but I’ve been very aware of big govts constant march toward total control over Americans since the days traitors like bill ayers and john kerry first began to be accepted by our ‘unamerican federal govt! I owe this country and if “interloping aggressors’ like obama need to be physically opposed, I plan on trying to do my part! I have wonderful, hard working kids and grandkids that deserve to know the freedom I had prior to 1970!

    • keepyourpower says:

      @stonemike I would say Stonemike is a paid Obama blogger. He is here to make the rest of us look bad.
      He needs to be ignored.

  79. WatchDog1776 says:

    Someone needs to be looking into this guys background! Did he forget the oath he took when being sworn in? “Like Upholding the Constitution Of The United States”… sound familiar? ” This guy has no business being in Law Enforcement….Traitor!

  80. slickzip says:

    @   Someone  needs  to shove  that  tank  up  the  stupid  ODUMNA  lovers  butt  ,,,,

  81. Brian Hill says:

    please you all out there, it seems the site will not stop anyone from threats to authorities. I make a plea to all, COOL IT ON THE THREATS!   it makes us all look like idiots. We are a group trying to make change and affect our leaders in a positive way . It hurts us all when you threaten someone here.  Tell it like it is but do NOT threaten anyone PLEASE!

    • MyronJPoltroonian says:

      @Brian Hill As our British cousins are wont to say: “Here, here!”

    • stonemike says:

      @Brian Hill You idiot, the authorities , as you call them are threatening to kill Americans , they deserve every threat to be carried out!   PS, they may feel untouchable in their little toys, but , what about their family?

  82. Brian Hill says:


    • MyronJPoltroonian says:

      @Brian Hill Actually, the more I see of this, the more I agree with you that, at the very least, this site is poorly monitored, if, in fact, it is at all. At the very worst, well, we’ve ” … made our bed, now lie in it” is something my mother taught me a very long time ago. (Even if it does feel “like it was only yesterday”.

      • stonemike says:

        @MyronJPoltroonian  @Brian Hill You guys belong with obammi, he likes to censor ‘free speech” also!  You think sodomizing obammi will save you, have at it!

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          @stonemike  Er, even though I played music for a living for twenty years in Calipornia’s two major entertainment venues, LA and SF, I’ve never suggested that our president (nor anyone else) be physically sodomized. I have, on occasion, uttered the symbolic, “Up Yours” though. Shall I include you?

    • EarlHudgins says:

      @Brian Hill If you want a HIGHLY “monitored and policed” site, go to some of the Huffington Post sites. They monitor and BLOCK everything.

  83. 820 REDHORSE says:

    Well the good thing is , he’s upthere and he’s a minority and he’ll be past tense WTSHTF!! He’s gotta lotta wolf talk spoutin outta his suckhole! But does he trust HIS TROOPS that much? How many will follow orders and how many will turn their weapons on flim?

    • EarlHudgins says:

      @820 REDHORSE Our military for the most part will NOT fight the American citizenry. They are pledged to uphold the constitution and most will do anything necessary to preserve it… except kill American patriots… IF that order is ever given, most will regard it as an UNLAWFUL order and not follow it.

      • keepyourpower says:

        @EarlHudgins  @820 REDHORSE But there are Russian people with DHS uniforms on, driving trucks loaded with these same armored vehicles..trying to get them into the Smoky Mountains of TN and KY. Do you think Russians would even think of NOT shooting Americans? Not true? Check it out.

        • GerryNance says:

          @keepyourpower  @EarlHudgins  @820 REDHORSE  Until you can actually show pictures or video of foreign troops in the USA operating armored vehicles on American streets, I’d prefer it if you would not spread silly lies. Give me facts and evidence.

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          @GerryNance  A Google search of the term, “Russians troops training with American troops”, has links to the following:  <Images for Russians troops training with American troops>, <Russia Is Sending Troops To The US To Learn American Military … >, <Media buzz as US confirms Russian troops to train on American soil>, <US, Russian soldiers train together in Colorado | Fox News>

        • GerryNance says:

          @MyronJPoltroonian  @GerryNance  Friendly foreign troops have been training in the USA for decades. Nothing new. So what if it backfires. Complain to your federal representatives more than you complain in a blog. Organize a flag waiving, sign holding rally of more than two patriots outside your congress critter’s offices. Invite the press and your elected district  representatives to come to your rally. And be sure you get an opposition to counter-protest your rally, so you exposed the Communist-Anarchist underground. Bring cameras and make YouTube videos and paste the URLS into blogs so much that Google Search hits it.

      • Foxy1 says:

        @EarlHudgins  @820 REDHORSE
         Beside the fact that they and their families live among us!

  84. AZGale says:

    You guys realize that everyone’s favorite, Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has had an armored vehicle for several years.  He brings it out whenever he wants a little more publicity.

    • stonemike says:

      @AZGale And he deserves it, hes a great American!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @AZGale I cannot figure why so many people are so jealous of Sheriff Joe. He has worked hard to get where he is he has earned everything that he has. People who do not care to work for what they want, is so vindictive. Jealousy makes  a person look like a fool, most times.Makes no difference who is is that makes a name for themselves, there is some little person or a lot of little people who are jealous and is ready to cut them to pieces.

    • ashman1 says:

      @AZGale I assume you have a hidden agenda you are too timid to share with us. So the sheriff has an armored vehicle, I have an armpit, you have dandruff. Tell us something important, like how you are donating to fight the recall efforts of the the Arizona dungbeetle corps (aka democrats).

    • MyronJPoltroonian says:

      @AZGale And he’s threatened to shoot law-abiding, Constitutional adhering American citizens when?

  85. Hl McCloud says:

    Our liberties are being destroyed along with our civil rights  and our freedom is at risk now,  All because
    of a Anti American whom has managed to navigate his way into our political arena and through counterfeit
    documents, and certificates along with bribery dictated his qualifications for the supreme office of Chief and
    Commander of the United States, Once those documents and certificates were discovered to be false is
    when they should have threw his rabbit as- out of office, but didn’t, Why ? obama is not an american born
    citizen of the United States and holds this position of office Ilegally and refuses to stepdown, this is somthing
    a true leader would Not do But a dictator would, plain and simple obama is a pathetic compulsive and cronic 
    cheat,  and liar whom says one thing and does another his charismatic abilities are his weapons of deciet,
    treacheries and immoral political values, which leaves only one intelligent conclusion concering obama is
    Donn’t Believe a da- thing you see and only half of what you hear and you’ll be better off,  Bottom line’ this
    fraudulant, lieing and imposter  of a leader , “obama” is a curse to mankind and all he stands for is evil and
    destruction and we the people must get this political wh-re out of our government before we end up losing 
    our Government and Freedom.

  86. USPatriotOne says:

    It over accept for the fat lady singing…!!!  Then “We the People” move as ONE…!!!  And NO Army in the World could stop 80 Million Armed Americans, even piece meal formations…!!!

  87. EarlHudgins says:

    This is off topic, but pertinent to this conversation. There is a book called: Survivors: A Novel of the Upcoming Collapse, by James Wesley Rawles. When I read this novel, it made me aware of so many things that will get us killed, when our economy does collapse. It is a good read and will get you to think about things that you may have not thought about. Gangs, law enforcement, tactics, etc. If you like to read it is a good one.

  88. CarlStevenson says:

    With apologies to Forest Gump … “Tyrants are as tyrants do.”

  89. MyronJPoltroonian says:

    A long time ago, in the land of fruits and nuts, there was this idiot, young, inexperienced machinist who didn’t believe the foreman’s warning to be extra careful when machining magnesium, as it is highly flammable at a fairly low temperature. So, in order to find out, he took a small chunk home, put it on one of his stove’s burners and it burned through the stove and the concrete pad his ranch style house was built on. Logical extrapolation leads one to surmise that a suitably sized piece of magnesium, adhered to said vehicle and ignited would do the same thing. [No, the idiot was not me. My father told me the story as he worked with the fool.]

    • MyronJPoltroonian says:

      [Addendum: Yes, the same thing road flares are made of, just way more concentrated as a solid, not a powder.]

  90. stonemike says:

    I am sick to death of people who scream adamantly that we should not threaten ANYONE!  Im gonna tell it  like it is, ANY, ANY govt employee or official, such as this maniac sheriff who threatens American citizens should be executed!  obammi and the deranged MILITANT PROGRESSIVISM that now rules our land has turned things upside down, now the govt is declaring war on American citizens, and if this struggle comes to pass I might give some lee way to “brainwashed citizens ‘who follow obama, but govt traitors who pick up arms against the citizenry of the US do not deserve anything but a rope or a bullet!

    • Ithamar says:

      @stonemike See above, this man is not a sheriff, an elected official, he is a ‘hired’ police chief, hired by city officials. Let’s make sure that we understand and use proper terms. In a fight with out of control government officials, the sheriff must be a champion of those who elected him. He cannot be ordered around by other officials, for he owes his job to the electorate.

  91. PaulLeslie says:

    Crunch time is coming.  The only way to avoid it is for people to run clowns like this sheriff out of office.  If he doesn’t believe in the 2nd Amendment, he doesn’t believe in the Constitution.  That also makes him a lying hypocrite (along with every progressive democrat) because he took an oath to defend the Constitution.  He’s an anti-Ameican subversive.

    • MyronJPoltroonian says:

      @PaulLeslie He’s NOT the sheriff!!! He’s the appointed Chief of Police. The Sheriff is the ultimate authority of the county – every sheriff of every county.Read the Constitution – Please!

      • PaulLeslie says:

         Sheriff or Chief of Police, so what? – I’m not arguing the distinction between the positions – my point is, he’s supposed to uphold law.  And, the point is, we shouldn’t tolerate these clowns who work against the Constitution and our liberty.

      • Foxy1 says:

        @MyronJPoltroonian  @PaulLeslie
         Hear! Hear!!

      • buzz13 says:

        @MyronJPoltroonian  @PaulLeslie
         Where, in the Constitution, do find your reference to County Sheriffs?

    • keepyourpower says:

      @PaulLeslie Wrong guy Paul …you mean the Police Chief not the Sheriff.

  92. ErnestMurphy says:

    The police chief is an appointed position. The County Sheriff is Elected.The County Sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in the land. That is why even the president could not take out Sheriff Joe Arpio. Check with your county Sheriff.

  93. JaymesB says:

    Well, at least everyone will know where they are:-) Sounds more like a goon squad, getting ready to harass innocent citizens. I think we put too much expectation in such egotistical persons….they show their true colors when a battle starts….and this is just the propaganda stage!
    The tares are raising their heads.

  94. GerryNance says:

    Gun owners need to push an application for a CCW permit, even if they get denied. A denial can be used in a class action lawsuit.  BTW – the California CCW case Peruta v. San Diego had oral arguments in December 2012, and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals should publish opinion by May 2013 or before July 1. Now recent 2011-2013 California gun laws have eliminated all open carry, un/loaded of hand/long guns. So, for CA to avoid 2A lawsuits it will have to go “shall issue CCW”. So, go to your county sheriff’s office to get their latest CCW policy, procedures and application form. By a concealable gun, 500 rounds of ammo, and find a local CCW course/range.

    • cajunliberty7 says:

       Good advice.  We will shortly be traveling to Nevada for training at Front Sight to make sure we know how to properly use our weapons and handle the pressure situations, then we are sending all other adults in our family

  95. marlin says:

    Oh boy,  we don’t want IDIOTS for Sheriffs, and THUGS for policmen

  96. nofreebies4u says:

    Self appointed Gestapo chief. To deliberately and with malice of forethought order officers to violate the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizrens by perpetrating the theft of property under the guise of maybe sorting things out later at some future nebulous date is indicative of pschotic, irrational and dangerous behavior. His gun paranoia is showing badly. Any person that openly calls for the subversion of the United States Constitution is a domestic enemy to the citizens of this country.

    • marlin says:

      Actually, this guy is more dangerous with a weapon than a lunatic with a weapon. He should be
      fired or voted out, or whatever….. come on, we don’t want people like this in control of us or his henchmen who work for him. I wouldn’t live in that county if you paid me to.

  97. GerryNance says:

    The county sheriff is the “Posse Comitatus” or “Power of the County”. Police and sheriffs are civilians, not state militia, so they cannot be drafted by the State Governor or Congress. This distinction is important. Law abiding citizens should be able to own and carry openly, concealed, loaded or unloaded, as we see fit, the same “arms”  (armaments, weapons, knives and firearms)  carried by the local cops and county sheriff’s deputies. We need to push this into legislation and court cases.

    • Foxy1 says:

       The people will most likely put their tails between their legs and become sheep. Gads people, get some guts like Idahoan’s!

      • GerryNance says:

        @Foxy1  @GerryNance  Are you speaking for some “people” or for yourself? The pertinent question is, what are you going to do?

  98. Foxy1 says:

    The people of Milwaukee should be out in force protesting the brutality of their police dept and the purchase of a tank to overpower the common people. I know they have a lot of racial problems there and they will most likely try their new tank out on the African American community.

  99. oldsubmariner says:

    Several years ago I lived in a Milwaukee suburb. It was about the time that they had the Bambi episode in the MPD. Seems things haven’t changed all that much. Live far from there now. Sad to see that little has changed. Time for you guys in Milwaukee to take GerryNance’s advice

  100. dntmkmecomoverther says:

    Dumbazz cops like this are the reason distrust is so rampant.  If he would simply trust the 2nd Amendment’s writers, and accept their premise, he’d be fine; as it is he makes himself to be a traitor.  You know what we do with traitors, right?

    • FrozenStar says:

      @dntmkmecomoverther Our BRILLIANT Founders told us what to do with tyrants and traitors.  It is our DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to ORDER our Representatives and Senators to do their jobs or We The People will remove THEM and fulfill OUR duties as citizens to deal with Tyrants and Traitors.

    • ragnarsbeard says:

       People like this Police Chief will never be “fine”; that’s why they were chosen for their positions.

  101. Antionus says:

    Several Raufoss rounds will have the morons jumping out like pop-tarts from a toaster.

  102. tazz89103 says:

    I guess he has no clue what the 2nd Amendment really means…..

  103. Marine Patriot says:


  104. Thunderbob says:

    A person in law enforcement should know that banning guns only add guns and crimes to the area! The fire power outside law enforcement, by criminals, is huge. Most of the stuff is illegal, and obtained illegally. The day the Police can be at my location, at the same time I call 911, will be the day i think about caving to the Socialist gun grab!

    • Marine Patriot says:

      @Thunderbob THE GOVERNMENT and the NAZI’S in Politics didn’t learn from Prohibition,and the Phoney “WAR ON DRUGS”   what really  makes them think they can do it with Guns.??? They have this idea that they Out Number the Americans in this Country that hold the Constitution as a Sacred document .!!!!  Once the People realize that the Police “ARE NOT” the “FIRST RESPONDERS’           the VICTIMS ARE>       then Maybe they will also realize that the Police have No Mandate to Protect the People ,they are there to Protect and defend the city,State and federal governments and their employees NOT THE GENERAL PUBLIC,(FACT PEOPLE).

    • ragnarsbeard says:

       NEVER cave to socialist gu[n grabbers no matter how quickly the police arrive after you call 911.

  105. RichHay1 says:

    The police chief is an outright oath breaker to the Constitution. He views himself as dictator of we the people who are his actual boss. He and his minions think they should be the ONLY ONES with weapons and views all of we the people as criminals. It is his mentality that is criminal. He and the force under him have unlimited firepower with select fire weapons and now ammored vehicles. Let he be the first to go around configating weapons from law abiding citizens. He won’t last past one block.

    • ragnarsbeard says:

       “He won’t last one block” IF the people he comes to disarm are working together to protect themselves from him.

  106. Speaker2bait says:

    The first appropriate response of any sane person is to stay the hell away from Milwaukee. Next is to give as much financial support to the effort to replace this traitor as soon as possible. Clearly a cousin of Chavez.

  107. RichHay1 says:

    It got real hot in those tanks in Poland when the Soviets used them. They all tended to catch on fire on the outside.

  108. ThomRaasio says:

    The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
      -Thomas Jefferson  
    Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself.
    They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence.
    From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable . . .
    the very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference,
    they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.
    -George Washington.
    The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.
     -Samuel Adams.
    “Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property …
    Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.”
    — Thomas Paine
    The MPD, ALL OF THEM, are DOMESTIC ENEMIES.  The Police Cheif and his TOP OFFICERS should be FIRED by the Mayor, then have them arrested for TREASON, put on trial, and if found guilty, (and they will be), pursue the DEATH PENALTY for ALL OF THEM.
    The State of Wisconsin needs to RID itself and the NATION of TREASONIST TRASH of which this Cheir of Police and his subordinates are absolute POSTER CHILDREN.
    Quit being SISSY chickens.  ALL you HUNTERS and Patriots in Wisconsin, chose a DAY, DATE, and TIME to step out together, just like you all do on OPENING DAY of HUNTING SEASON, and all of you go to the city council meetings or Mayors offices and DEMAND the FIRING of this Police Cheif and His senior offices.
    Go together, by the multi-thousands and tie the city up and make CITIZENS ARREST against any public officer who tries to dissarm you and charge them with TREASON, jail them, put them on trial, and if found guilty, have them LEGALLY EXECUTED.
    How many SCUM (not men) does he have on his police force??  You can tie up the city and drive them to succumb just through EXHAUSTION if you go TOGETHER.  You undoubtedly OUTNUMBER them 12 to 1.
    The CITIZENS are NOT the criminals.  This WHOLE POLICE FORCE are the CRIMINALS, they are TRAITORS actively engaged in the OVERTHROW of the United States Constitution, especially the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments.  These Amendments RESTRICT THE GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PEOPLE.  The PEOPLE have the RIGHTS, NOT the police forces.  They are SWORN to protect and defend the constitution, and they have turned TRAITOR and are ACTIVELY trying to overthrow it, and are OPENLY MOUTHY, BOLD, AND ARROGANT ABOUT DOING SO.   They are doing it to your FACE, Milwalkee.
    STAND TOGETHER, pursue legal means with a SUPREME show of FORCE.  Put your guns on and don’t ever take them off again and TAKE DOWN any COP trying to dissarm the CITIZENS.   The COP IS THE CRIMINAL IN MILWALKEE.
    STAND YOUR GROUND………….you can do this TOGETHER.  You can solve this whole TREASONIST UPRISING in the police force in just a FEW DAYS or hours if you act together.

    • ruko says:

      @ThomRaasio Too bad we he people can’t buy tank killer weapons to protect ourselves from these constitution shredders. AR15 up against a tank? Don’t think so.

      • FrozenStar says:

        @ruko  @ThomRaasio  There are ways to adjust them and ways to “level the playing field.”

    • FrozenStar says:

      @ThomRaasio If there are any Americans there, they need to do just what you advise.  There are groups gathering all over this country, and understand the wisdom of your words.  WISCONSIN, STEP AWAY FROM THE CHEESESLICE HATS AND PUT THE CLICKERS DOWN.  THERE ARE BETTER THINGS TO DO TO EXPRESS YOUR MASCULINITY.  WHAT WOULD LOMBARDI SAY TO THAT IDIOT?  WHAT WOULD LOMBARDI TELL YOU TO DO ABOUT HIM?

  109. KennethBowman says:

    This Police Chief must be charged with TREASON!  This criminal must be held in jail for his crime of lying when taking his oath of office.

    • GerryNance says:

      @KennethBowman , If you want any person under constitutional oath charged with treason, then you need to get two people who will file the charges. So, gather your evidence, get a lawyer and press charges, and stop wasting time and energy in a blog. Direct Action Works, only if you apply it.

      • James Star says:

        @GerryNance  @KennethBowman  That takes loads of money and time. Just to have Holder laugh in your face? Then put on a list you do not want to be on? I think not for the average Joe to do, but hey if somebody has the resources to do that, its a terrific idea.

  110. Marine Patriot says:

    BOYCOTT MILWAUKEE until the Chief Nazi Blackshirt and whoever supports Him are FIRED FROM THEIR POSITIONS, with No Visitor trade and no new revenue the Cowards in Office will fire them ,They have NOT the Balls to arrest them and have them treated as CRIMINALS and TRAITORS.

    • MyronJPoltroonian says:

      @Marine Patriot I’m afraid that without extreme political pressure from an overwhelming number of voting constituents, the chief will remain in his position. Why? Because he’s appointed, which is an “At Will” position and is carrying out the policies of his boss, Hizonor Hizself.

    • FrozenStar says:

      @Marine Patriot No more Milwaukee Brewski.

  111. gwt305 says:

    Nothing a Militia RPG can’t handle. Eventually We The People will have had enough of these blatant socialist government threats to our peace and security and then it will hit the fan. Then these Nazi Police Units and Brown Shirt HLS people are going to be in for a rude awakening. During WW2 Japanese Admiral Yamato said it best, ” I am afraid we have awakened a terrible sleeping giant”. Don’t stand alone and waste your life but when the citizens of America arise together by the millions, then join them and fight together for our children’s liberty. These socialist scumbags don’t have the heart to oppress those who will fight back. I can’t wait to see the communist cowards rounded up by their intended victims (We The People) and tried for treason.

  112. freedomringsforall says:

    Guess the Milwaukee citizens have no doubt now that we are one step from a total dictatorship.
    The 2nd amendment.

    • JandinkinsJan says:

      @freedomringsforall And that is what Obama, union thugs, socialist/ Communist and the Islamists want.

  113. gnafuasusual says:

    To Milwaukee Police Department: You should have been listening to Rand Paul and many other Senators talk about the Constitution of The United States and The Bill of Rights. In case you are so very ignorant about why you are here in the United States, perhaps you should find employment in some other country.  The United States has a good deal of problems right now and the Milwaukee Police Department appears to be part of those problems.

  114. cweinacker says:

    Well I guess we will do what the talabon does…road side bombs…tank over!!!

  115. ScarletDove says:

    This guy Flynn is a tough talking strange ranger, and this guy needs to go.  We certainly don’t need mental cases running the police departments.  What is going on out there that we don’t know about?? Why all the warehousng of ammunition by DHS, etc???  Now this admin wants to take our gun rights away?  What is going on out there???

    • JandinkinsJan says:

      @ScarletDove Obama has been inciting chaos and unrest/division since the 08 election. His goal is to instigate street riots, rebellion and resistance in order to declare martial law….essentially declaring himself dictator. The stockpiling of ammunitation and weapons is to be used against the patriotic, constitutionalist citizen. He truly hates this country, its Constitution, Judeo- Christian values and American independence. He is a traitor to everything American and should be charged with treason.

  116. Namyy says:

    Get a grip, unlles tank has functional weaponry , it’s defensive and probably a good idea to protect the occupants from a nut job with a semiautomatic weapon and  multiple high capacity clips that he bought for cash at last weeks gun show.

    • Medic2 says:

      @Namyy You need to come to terms with the fact that the US is turning into a police state. Go ahead bury your head in the sand. The occupants wont need protection if they arent trying to take our rights and freedoms away. Maybe the guy with the semi auto feels like a brutal police department in a tank are the nutjobs.

    • GerryNance says:

      @Namyy  A tank that can move and shoot, but not communicate is useless.  A tank that can communicate and shoot, but not move is useless.  But, a tank that can move and communicate, but not shoot is a 10 ton portable radio.

      • MyronJPoltroonian says:

        @GerryNance  ROFLMAO!!! And anyone who can shoulder that “Boom Box” is too damn big to mess with!

    • Oklahoma cowboy says:

      @Namyy I just bought four high capacity clips for my S&W.40 ca semi auto at a gun show here in Tulsa Oklahoma.
      What’s your point?
      If I can’t buy 4 14 round clips by law I’ll just buy 12 so-called Leagle 10 round clips. What’s the difference? You, like others, are stuck on this ridiculous notion that banning high capacity clips make you safer.
      Being in my home with me, and my trained family, make you safer. This is a joke.

    • KAJ99 says:

       I think you are the one that needs to get a grip.  Start paying attention to what is happening in this country and stop watching liberal news.

  117. jd1958 says:

    They are preparing alright. O’bama gave himself power to impose martial law without any crisis.

  118. Public_Citizen says:

    This incipient third world dictator [Generalissimo] needs to be taken out of his position and barred from future law enforcement work.
    The “us vs them” psychology may be appropriate for the battlefield but is not just out of place but counterproductive in policing a community.  When a police chief or commissioner starts to view his sworn officers as “troops”he has passed the point where his perspective can be brought back into the mode of “keeping the peace” in the traditional sense of police work.
    This is an absolute litmus test for local elected officials.  Those who support this mentality for the police departments under their control and supervision have to be removed form office in order to promote public safety instead of public oppression.

  119. mjnellett says:

    Just for Chief Flynn’s information, the Constitution has already “decided” that American citizens do have the right to carry firearms! How the hell do these egomaniacs get these positions anyway.

    • Oklahoma cowboy says:

      They would scream if we treated the 1st amendment like they try to treat the 2nd amendment.

  120. bhhltf says:

    I grew up near Milwaukee and lived in the city for a couple years.  I have never seen such a corrupt police department.  They are probably responsible for committing more crimes than they prevent.

  121. quipster says:

    Save your wine filled with gas those tanks get mighty hot when on fire !!!

  122. bhhltf says:

    I have read how the Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke, Jr., is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and even wrote a letter to Senator Lindsey Graham indicating how he does not agree with Chief Flynn’s comments or the way he treated Graham at recent Congressional hearings.  Please do not confuse Chief Flynn with Sheriff Clarke.  There is clearly no love lost between them.  Flynn is an appointed bureaucrat and Clarke was elected by the people, which says a lot.

  123. quipster says:

    Went to fast again should have put bottle after wine sorry !!

  124. deebar says:

    These so called “tanks” have been around here for over a year .  The only vulnerable spot on these rigs is the engine cowling . Other than that a potato up exhaust will have them scratching their heads for a while .

    • PhrankStein says:

      @deebar I havent seen a tank in any photos from any police department. An MRAP is nt a tank and is very vulnerable as any experienced military man will tell you.
      This kind of sensational yellow journalism is no better then what the lefties post. Get a clue people and do some research before you blindly spout/repeat this urban legend crap

      • mjnellett says:

        @PhrankStein  @deebar Vulnerable to what Phrank?, a weapon that civilians don’t possess? It is an armored fighting vehicle, built to be impervious to mines, so what does that tell you Phrank? You seem to be the one who needs to do research Comrade.

      • JandinkinsJan says:

        @PhrankStein Talk to General Boykin.

      • stonemike says:

        @PhrankStein  @deebar OK , mister cool , we constantly hear the c-ap about regular citizens dont NEED certain kinds of guns, well, why would a domestic law force  need these kind of vehicles , unless to kill Americans? Myself, I am very worried about a lack of reaction by naive Americans, certainly not too much reaction!

    • Marine Patriot says:

      @deebar HEY why don’t You just go and ask the Nazi Traitor if You can fix tha weak spots for Them  or maybe You can hire Yourself out to king Osama and tell him how We can defeat their weaponry . NOT TOO SMART HUH.!!!!!!!

    • MyronJPoltroonian says:

      @deebar O.k., if you’re caught doing that, tell them you’re just trying to make vodka.

  125. nanblan says:

    Why would U.S. citizens not feel threatened by such “war” machines?  It’s definitely a sign of times to come, and if we don’t fight to stop the use of these vehicles in its tracks, we’ll become a police state way before we even know what’s hit us.

  126. Soldi says:

    It all starts at the TOP – This administration is hell bent to keep our country divided – we get what we deserve when the voter “NIV”S (the non-informed voter) controls our destiny – Shameful.

    • ragnarsbeard says:

      The majority of today’s voters are uninformed, clueless, willfully blind, etc. But, more importantly, they are the products of our liberal-professor-run colleges where they have been brainwashed. That’s why the young fell over themselves to vote for Obama in 2008 and again – even after four years of his America-hating policies and Constitution violating, tyranical actions – in 2012.

      • JThaddeusToad says:

        @ragnarsbeard  @Soldi R ….. We are under judgement by the Eternal one ….If we do not change our ways it will get a lot worse….

      • stonemike says:

        @ragnarsbeard  @Soldi The biggest problem is accountability, NO ONE who has not paid income taxes in two years should vote! Allowing the welfare sector to vote in ‘left wing’ payola experts essentially destroys any chance of a fair election! Allowing non producers to vote is no different than allowing people to write checks on a bank where they have no money! Their should be ‘forced responsibility” that goes along with voting , part of this responsibility should be to be able to pass a basic ‘current events and govt apptitude test, no one should vote without being aware of what that vote is going to do to our country!

        • ragnarsbeard says:

          @stonemike  @Soldi
           I agree with what you wrote but that’s just part of the problem. The other part is that the reason all the young people voted for Obama is that they were programmed by their liberal college professor to be accepting of someone like him. It wasn’t so much that these young people didn’t know what their vote would do to our country as that they had been brainwashed to desire socialism and to want a socialist, Muslim, anti-American for president, as long as he was black and showered them with wonderful (never mind how vague) promises.

        • stonemike says:

          @ragnarsbeard  @Soldi Absolutely, but I hold an even more aggressive stance against the “militant progressivism” that has been allowed to take over American education!  Progressivism, socialism, and communism should not be legally taught in the US, the old rag of allowing ALL OPPOSING views does not make any sense , if an ideology seeks your death and the death of our nation , we should unplug anti-american teachers ability to teach siuch!

    • JandinkinsJan says:

      @Soldi Unfortunately, those who voted for and support Obama are not just “low information” voters they have the same hate America attitude and a gimmie value system.

  127. Richard Gibbard says:

    Any cop who supports restricting private gun ownership is corrupt with the desire for power and needs to be imprisoned.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @Richard Gibbard I would think “he is one of them” not one of us ,faithful Americans Christian conservatives.

  128. fortificacion999 says:

    Giving a tyrant a tank is stupid.  Making him police chief is stupid.  But then this is a Democrat and of course liberal.  If you look close, you will also find out he is a criminal.  Those who are godless, have no sense of right and wrong.  So when the president declares martial law, this guy will go take out his enemies because he can and nothing will happen to him.  Milwaukee beware and know that your local police are worse than the bad guys.

  129. ThomasMcAuliffe says:


    • Evermyrtle says:

      @ThomasMcAuliffe Jesus told HIS disciples to go our and buy a sword, which compares with today’s guns. Therefore we need not say it is not the will of GOD to own a gun. Many will deny that according to GOD a gun is not needed, not so, according  to  HIS WORD.

    • ABQSF says:

      @ThomasMcAuliffe on his best day…

  130. Evermyrtle says:

    In the beginning of the world:j
    1.  In the beginning wast the WORD and the WORD was with GOD, and the WORD WAS GOD.
    2.. The same was in the beginning with god.
    3. All things were made by HIM; and without HIM was not anything made that was made.
    4. In HIM was life; and the life was the light of men.
    5.And the LIGHT shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
    What has happened since then. The world is  lost in darkness, the darkness of sin. We do not have to live in that darkness, we can come to HIM. HE will accept us if we accept HIM. We can be lifted above the sin of this world. It is up to us, individual by individual. Each of us can choose for ourselves to be with HIM living for HIM or we can choose to live in the world by the standards of the world . The secret of doing this, the way to this can be found in Matt 22:36-40.
    36. Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
    37. JESUS said unto him, Thou shalt love the LORD THY GOD with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
    38. This is the first and great commandment.
    39. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
    40. On these commandments hang all the law and the prophets..
    Love is the secret, if you love anyone, you will never deliberately do that person any harm by word or by deed.
    Our problem: Love is not fashionable today, hate is the thing. If our speech is filled with hate of others,  this is a true sign of the condition of our hearts.
    WE must hate the evil acts, we must love the person and pray for that person, as well as ourselves because we cannot keep love alive in our hearts with out communicating with GOD, everyday.
    Love Obama??? YES, hate the evil that dwelling his heart and directs his every action in the USA, and against the USA and her people.

  131. mitglied says:

    This police chief overlooks the criminal element entirely, and sees the local citizenry as his enemy.  Rather than pursue criminals and protect the citizenry, he views the citizenry as criminals, and he and his army are there to keep them in line.  
    Local citizen groups would do well to invoke county and state authority to investigate the allegations against this man and his staff of aggressors who suppress normal citizen behavior.

    • LoranCarlson says:

      @mitglied I”m seeing this same attitude across the USA in varius police departments.  Mostly I will say with young officers.  Why this is I cannot say because I’m not a psyche doctor.  I will say that I have witnessed this mentality when I was working security.  A lot (50%) or more of the security officers I worked with just absolutely lived for the takedown.  I was shocked at this.  It is as if these officers truly believe that NO ONE but they should be allowed to have and carry a firearm.  They do not believe in the 2nd amendment.

      • JThaddeusToad says:

        @LoranCarlson  @mitglied Loran …. We are living in an era of relaxed morality in conjunction with not knowing right from wrong,and a direct result of this is a LAW Enforcement officer who knows nothing of the oath they take to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic…. The tyrannical government who is paying these A morale officers have succeeded in making We The People the enemy in order to protect themselves….. They have done the numbers and for that reason they must disarm the public…. Pray for this once blessed nation…

        • LoranCarlson says:

          @JThaddeusToad  @mitglied I agree with you. (amoral)  I’ve been disgusted with police responses since I heard about the poor concealed carry guy in a Las Vegas Costco who was shot and killed by an over zealous officer who could not wait for the guy to prove he had concealed carry.  I can no longer trust any police officers now.  How sad.

        • marlin says:

          Your right. I think because no one says anything about it. Those young cops have a lot to learn. But will they ever????  Maybe they’ll just get worse.

    • fortificacion999 says:

      @mitglied How in the world does this guy get away with it?  There has to be judges, prosecutors, and others covering for this nimrod.  Shine the light of day on this guy.  Somehow, there has to be a recording , a video of how he really feels about the people in his district.  He has to think everyone is dumb and will not see how stupid his policies are.

  132. fortificacion999 says:

    Globalists are not the only source of our social pain. We bear some responsibility. When we are not vigilant, when we deny our own ignorance and refuse to learn, when we lie to ourselves and when we cater to personal superficial desires rather than taking the future into account, we open the door for the devil. Evil, like conscience, resides in us all. 
        That said, global elites are not just randomly terrible people. They have constructed an entire culture of deviance. They are organized evil, and this is a problem we must deal with soon. Good men are defined not only by their adherence to the inner voice of truth, but also by their willingness to act when then truth is threatened. We must educate others and, when the time comes, put ourselves in harm’s way to remove the globalist ilk before they destroy everything in a raging elitist fervor.  written by Brandon Smith

  133. JamesP.Delaney says:

    We’ve slipped so far from the pinnacle of exceptionalism our Founders so carefully crafted. Flynn is an unmitigated outrage, a painful reminder of just how far we’ve fallen. Frankly, I foresee disaster for this union. The Republic is long gone. It’s an illusion, a product of wishful thinking. It’s dead, folks. Best prepare for the worst. I pray States reassert their 10th amendment authority–and soon. Only this will restore constitutional order and prevent what could very well be a very messy collapse of the union. Also frankly, secession, peaceful if possible, may be patriots’ only salvation. If we can’t have liberty and constitutional order in ALL the States, we can at least enjoy the fruits of republicanism in some of the States.

  134. DonBahn1 says:

    that police chief needs to be replaced!!!!

  135. Bucko27 says:

    The founding fathers knew, ….we must kill the enemies of America…..just like Thomas Jefferson said!!  This government says we are the enemies because we want to maintain the Constitution, and freedom!!  They buy the stupid peoples vote with a cell phone and food stamps!  A 2nd Revolution War is coming…it is just a matter of time.

  136. Marine Patriot says:


    • DarbyCole says:

      @Marine Patriot I had a great experience at Frontsight.  A little pricey, but I thought the training top notch and worthwhile.  Lots of other formal training programs around also.  RangeMaster, TDI, Gunsight, ThunderRanch, etc.  I’ve had several of their classes.  They are all on par with one another.  Just IMHO.

  137. pissedoff says:

    What give this police ass-hole the right to think he is God? Trying to think of a resposlible comment to offer on this situation I can only come up with someone should take this ( ASS-HOLE OUT). and that is about as irresponsible a statement that can be made.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @pissedoff perhaps he thinks that Obama is GOD and he is Obama’s servant like about a billion people in this country. This false god issues the orders and his peons rush to obey. The res tof us need to seek GOD and put our trust in HIM ashHE is the only one who can save America instead of trying to save America and ourselves.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @pissedoff Did you ever see th picture of Obama hanging on the cross as if he was the crucified JESUS. It is an abomination to GOD. If you have not seen it, don’t look for it, it is disgusting.

    • LoranCarlson says:

      @pissedoff I read all your comments and then have to ask why there is so much talk about assassination or armed rebellion?  I am very sympathetic to these thoughts.  However, how many of you have actually been to war?  How many of you know what it is to pull that trigger and see the face of your enemy?  How many can actually say that he/she knows it’s me or the enemy who survives?  How many of you can follow orders and keep your fellow fighters back?  Not many I would say.  This is something you train for and keep deep in your breast.  I feel there is a civil war coming.  God, I hope not, but if it does, I suggest you tag up with a veteran who has been there and listen to what he/she tells you.  You just may survive.

      • pissedoff says:

         I appoligze, First I only served in the Navy in the early 60’s and going to war even in Vietnam had not yet escalated before I rotated out. But I did my four years and to this day think to be President of this country a person should have to serve. Man or Woman.
        And if civil war should come I may be to old to fight, I will, but I would not want you for a dependable side-kick or fox hole friend.

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          @pissedoff  P.O.’d, I’ll never be “Too Old” and I served from 06/’59-06/’62. Why? When this speech is deemed illegal, I’ll be declared a criminal: “I may become an enemy of the state, but never of the people”. (Remember this, always aim just below the blue helmet, no matter what color it is.)

        • LoranCarlson says:

          @pissedoff Why would you not want me as a dependable cover your back person?  I now see you as a person who does not like to be told how to do something.  I hope I’m wrong.

      • fortificacion999 says:

        @LoranCarlson  @pissedoff I personally would pull the trigger and go for the kill shot every time.  i would do it all day long and may die doing it.  Of course I am a veteran.

  138. pissedoff says:

    I listened to what Chief Flynn said on gun control on CSPAN last Friday. He was not only arrogant but never answered questions without going off on some tangent that had nothing to do with the questioned asked. After watching for about on hour I came to the conclusion Flynn-Feinstine were joined together more than just at the hip.But I would like to know (who was on top)?.

    • FrozenStar says:

      @pissedoff Like typical man-haters with a little bit of power, she will always be on top.

  139. KAJ99 says:

    Typical of the wrong direction this country is now taking.  He needs to be removed as Chief of police.  Time for citizens to speak up.

  140. Randy G says:

    The Police creedo is ‘ To Protect and To Serve’    His is “To be protected and BE served’

  141. JThaddeusToad says:

    Protect ….. The policy makers ….. Serve ….. Themselves……  The banner that demonstrated the humble stature of a public servant is no longer…The name has been changed from public servant to “Law Enforcer”…. The stupid laws that are being written every day by our power drunk leadership are designed to take our wealth and the police are being paid to protect these law making cowards..

  142. JandinkinsJan says:

    A typical warped minded Obama supporter.

  143. maxine rwb says:

    @JThaddeusToad   When I was growing up in the 1950s, I lived in a town of 2500 people.  Our police chief was named Monty Littler.  He was a kind and generous man.  He went to the home of one of my classmates, and pulled the boy from that home and took him to his own house, because his (the boy’s) father was drunk and beating on the boy.  He did not arrest anyone unless they were really disruptive and/or committing a horrible crime.  I am sure that Monty is rolling over in his grave, seeing the way this country is being driven apart by the current LIAR-IN-Thief in the White House.   My parents were stauch democrats, my father died in 1968.  When slick willie was in the White House, my mother changed from democrat to Republican, I have always been a republican.  The black folks in this country are sadly mistaken if they think that the Democrats care about them.  MLK, F.Douglas, GW Carver were all republicans.  I think that the democrats are really taking advantage of the black people.  After all the KKK was a democratic institution.

    • fortificacion999 says:

      @maxine rwb  @JThaddeusToad This is not about Democrat versus Republican any longer.  There is a growing number of Republicans who are sold out to the communists in the Democratic party.  This is about a complete communist takeover of the USA.  It has happened with very few shots being fired.  When they get the guns, then they can exhibit complete control and kill all their opposition.  Veterans, Christians, patriots, and any one who dares to defy the government.  Once the communists take complete control they will kill the socialists as they always have in the past.  History does repeat itself.  Liberals are useful idiots if they think they will survive a communist takeover.

  144. pudbertsavannahga says:

    This moron communist should be kicked out of our country,,,
    to some other Socialist country,,, like Canada or Russia or China or Cuba or Venezuela or,,,,,,,,, california, colorado

    • GerryNance says:

      @pudbertsavannahga Please move to California, if you are a gun-loving Republican. But, if you are a gun-fearing, liberal-Democrat, then please leave. California needs voters who will oppose the Dems and the racist Latino Legislative Caucus.

      • EarlHudgins says:

        @GerryNance  @pudbertsavannahga I hate to say it, but I believe that true and free elections are a thing of the past in our country. I believe the election in November of last year proves this. The voting was rigged and the results were stolen…Too many unexplained anomalies for this statement to NOT be true. Voting in our country is a lost cause.

        • SandyTrank says:

          @EarlHudgins  I sadly agree. I don’t think it was fair in 2008 either and I have a feeling this was our last. O has a plan, I believe, to call for marshall law or something else to prolong the election and declare himself king. He already thinks he is and it was said a while ago there was a thought of expanding the terms a president could have? I say One and Done no matter how good the president is. No expansion needed…

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @SandyTrank  @EarlHudgins I really am expecting him to declare martial law, sooner or later in the next four years. I do hope I am wrong, but do not think so.

    • marlin says:

      I would definitly say California and Colorado are turning out to be one….

      • Big Mark says:

         The problem with Colorado is that about 25 years ago, Californians began to re-locate from the West Coast, high tax Satae and into Colorado.
        Nuff said.

    • maxine rwb says:

       I agree completely.  Wish I could afford to drive to WDC.  California is called Granola Land, what ain’t fruits and nuts, is flakes.  “George Carlin”  RIP.

    • ragnarsbeard says:

       My thoughts exactly!

    • Randy G says:

      How about Antartica?  with NO thermal underwear , of course.

    • fortificacion999 says:

      @pudbertsavannahga   I was wondering if anyone else thought the way I do. I never bought that he was so smart.  I have three degrees and I can produce transcripts.  I have real diplomas and people actually knew me in college.  I know how many states there are in the the USA and have a secret security clearance.  I can pass an E-verify test and have a real birth certificate.  I love my country even though I left it because I don’t feel safe there any longer.  I have never flunked out of college.  I earned my way through college and did not have an Arab pay my way into the university.  In other words I am not a fraud or a fake.  The elections were indeed stolen and this was allowed to stand which means the country is lost .

  145. David_j_Mullin says:

    @james_stamulis The libs/progressives are all about the suppression of people; wanted to expand slavery! http://t.co/GbSlgV74TH

  146. WatchDog1776 says:

    This is for Chief Edward Flynn:
    Police officers take risks and suffer inconveniences to protect the lives, defend civil liberties, secure the safety of fellow citizens, and they endure such risks and tolerate such inconveniences on behalf of strangers. Consequently, police work is one of the more noble and selfless occupations in society. Making a difference in the quality of life is an opportunity that policing provides, and few other professions can offer.
    A public affirmation of adhering to an Oath of Honor is a powerful vehicle demonstrating ethical standards. To be successful at enhancing integrity within an organization, leaders must ensure the oath is recited frequently and displayed throughout the organization as well as ensuring ethical mentoring and role modeling are consistent, frequent and visible.
    The following Law Enforcement Oath of Honor is recommended as by the International Association of Chiefs of Police as symbolic statement of commitment to ethical behavior:
    On my honor, I will never betray my badge.
    (1), my integrity, my character, or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the Constitution Of The United Sates.
    (2) my community
    (3) and the agency I serve.
    Before any officer takes the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor, it is important that he/she understands what it means. An oath is a solemn pledge someone makes when he/she sincerely intends to do what he/she says.
    Honor means that one’s word is given as a guarantee. Betray is defined as breaking faith with the public trust. Badge is the symbol of your office. Integrity is being the same person in both private and public life. Character means the qualities that distinguish an individual. Public trust is a charge of duty imposed in faith toward those you serve. Courage is having the strength to withstand unethical pressure, fear or danger. Accountability means that you are answerable and responsible to your oath of office. Community is the jurisdiction and citizens served.
    You took sir… an oath a solemn vow to uphold and defend Our Constitution, remember that!
    “Remember also that the authority given to you comes from above and that you shall someday answer to that authority!” God Almighty.
    God Bless America!

    • eagledown says:

      @WatchDog1776 I prey they are all like you my friend. Just pass it on to your fellow law enforcement that if a really bad scenario arises, that they dis-obey any unconstitutional orders that smells of Tyranny. You know by reading these posts, people have not been this freak out since, well.. 1776. We all know how that worked out….  Thank you for your service.

      • WatchDog1776 says:

        @eagledown Thank you Sir! I would do it all over again, if I could. It’s very sad that Americans now a days haven’t a clue as to what is really occurring right under their noses. And that’s pretty much out of ignorance of who we are as a Republic or as a people. Something that has been going on for many years. The enemy has been in the house for quite some time. I would say it started with Wilson’s administration. History has a way of repeating its self. As a Nation Americans have been asleep for way too long. As for my fellow LEO’s we got you covered… God Bless America!!

        • eagledown says:

          @WatchDog1776 That is promising, re; LEO’s. As I mentioned, it seems that it’s only the law abiding, constitutionalist are under attack, and yes, you are correct. Woodrow Wilson is the first Progressive President in the era of the rise of the Fabian Socialist.  You know the Cicero quote:
          “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
          Everyone needs to watch this documentary. It absolutely nails how Obama got to office; over a 100 years in the making.
          God Speed.
          btw, I just added my avatar: Not coping you, I just signed up, and this is the same one I use in all of the other sites I comment on, just happens to look like yours…

        • WatchDog1776 says:

          @eagledown Thanks! Not a problem, we’re all Americans. I’m going to quote of of the greatest Presidents we had, in as far as to our demise.
          “At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it? Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years. At what point, then, is the approach of danger to be expected?
          I answer, if it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide. — January 27, 1838 – Address Before the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois.
          This my friend is occurring right now in our country.
          God Bless America!

        • fortificacion999 says:

          @eagledown  @WatchDog1776 If anyone has not watched the documentary.  They should watch it with their young sons.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      The police, though there area few who are unworthy of this honor, there are so many who put their lives on the line for the  people int their vicinity, and not appreciated, especially by those who are hampered from committing crimes.  The rest of are with a bad attitude of ” we can take them or leave them” They are a very important part of our society, and we best not forget that. I give each of you in all cites,” my thanks for being there when your are needed.”

  147. vagregg says:

    Check the past record of Flynn.  He basicly was run out of Mass. then he came to Arlington, Va where he greatly damaged the police department.  I found you could not trust this man.  He only wanted to put himself in a good light in the press.  Fortunately when the Pentagon was hit on 9-11, we had a good fire chief who handled things while Flynn was told he was a minor player in things.  He then went to Mass. in a state post and screwed things up there and was sent packing.  A few years ago, Flynn had a sexual relationship with a married female reporter in Milwaukee and blamed others for the story getting out.  This man claims a lot credit for things he was only on the fringe of and does not take the responsibility when things go wrong, he just blames others.  Flynn is a flaming liberal and does not care about the U.S.Consitution, only his own self promotion and playing politics.

    • ragnarsbeard says:

       “..claims a lot credit for things he was only on the fringe of and does not take the responsibility when things go wrong, he just blames others.”
      Your description of Flynn sounds just like Obama. So if Obama didn’t appoint Flynn, he prpobably pulled the strings of whoever did.

    • SandyTrank says:

      @vagregg Never heard of Flynn until today. Thanks for the info. Apparently he has never read the Blble verse that says “you can be sure your sins will find you out” and it looks to me like they just did. Thanks  :)

  148. Nanny says:

    Screw you ass hole

    • ragnarsbeard says:

       You sound angry. Perhaps you are angry because you cannot refute what WatchDog1776 and maxine rwb wrote. And your vulgar response only reveals you to be exactly what you called others.
      When you have something intelligent to say, let me know; of course, I won’t exactly be holding my breath……

      • Nanny says:

        @ragnarsbeard If you had one once of intelligence you just might understand what I was saying. It is obvious you not only do not have an ounce of anything let alone a brain. I am not only NOT angry I am a civil human being that has much better things to do then read your rubbish. Have a good life and leave me the hell alone or I will report you.

        • stormtrooper1991 says:

          @Nanny  @ragnarsbeard
           “CIVIL” human beings do not refer to others as you did. You do indeed appear to be ANGRY. You are so obviously a liberal “selectivly educated” individual.

        • ragnarsbeard says:

           Civil human beings don’t reply to other’s comments by calling them an “ass hole”. And you might learn how to spell: ounce is spelled o-u-n-c-e, not o-n-c-e.
          And you will report me? I’m trembling…with……with… laughter…….

        • EugenePatrickClark says:

          @Nanny  @ragnarsbeard
           Nanny, you should use the word “THAN” instead of “THEN” when you say “…….better things to do then read your rubbish…….. ” You should also try to bring civility into your arguements with a little more advance preparation before you leap into vile invectives. The use of crude names and insults only identify the user as a less than intelligent boor, with absolutely no credentials for significant or serious debate., In other words, in terms that you would better understand, F**K OFF RETARD!!!!!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Nanny  @ragnarsbeard If you want to gauge intelligence of posters , start with those who call others ignorant, stupid, idiots, and use foul language on the sites here, those who get angry and show their own intelligence. It never fails.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Nanny  @ragnarsbeard Hell, you say Nanny? Is that where you are  planning to go??NO!!! Better get a better hold on that temper and dirty mouth, if not!!

        • SandyTrank says:

          @Evermyrtle  @Nanny  @ragnarsbeard Amen Myrtle! When they start that I’m finished with the conversation with them. Can’t reason with the unreasonable! lol

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @SandyTrank  @Evermyrtle  @Nanny  @ragnarsbeard I believe that some people think that kind of talk ads emphases to the statements but really cheapens what they have to say.

        • SandyTrank says:

          @Evermyrtle  It does. My Mom always told me that a good firm grasp on the English language was very important and that persons who can’t speak without the embellishment of cursing prove their ignorance of the language. I know she was trying to teach me the decent method of communication but she was rather wise in that she was always able to add some encouragement of one kind or another for me to be the right kind of person. I think some use it more for intimidation; at least that is what I have seen.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @SandyTrank  @Evermyrtle I do know it adds nothing to the message that they are trying to get across, it takes away for it instead.

        • Nanny says:

          @Evermyrtle  @SandyTrank  @ragnarsbeard No one asked for your opinion

        • Nanny says:

          @Evermyrtle  @ragnarsbeard No one asked for your opinion

        • Nanny says:

          @Evermyrtle  @ragnarsbeard

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Nanny  @Evermyrtle  @SandyTrank  @ragnarsbeard My answer really bombed you out didn’t it. Don’t worry it is not too late to change.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Nanny  @ragnarsbeard Thank you I don’t mind, I didn’t need to be asked.

        • ragnarsbeard says:

          @Evermyrtle  @Nanny  @ragnarsbeard
           Evermyrtle: I understand what you wrote. But calling another ignorant, stupd or idiotic when they show that they are is not a sign of any lack of intelligence but of having the moral responsibility to reason and to make a judgement based on that resoning: and there is nothing wrong with making judgements.
          “Judge and be prepared to be judged”. Ayn Rand

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @ragnarsbeard  @Evermyrtle  @Nanny Ayn Rand said: “Judge and be prepared be be judged”.
          JESUS CHRIST said in Matthew 7:1-5
          .1. Judge not, that ye b not judged.
          2. for with what judgment ye judge,ye shall be judged: and what what measure ye met, it shall be measured to you again.
          3. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’ eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
          4. Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine won eye?
          5. Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brothe’;s eye.

        • Nanny says:

          @@Evermyrtle  @ragnarsbeard If you all are finished teaching me language and phonics ans spelling you might go back and re read everyone’s post and find  I’m not the only one to use foul language, miss spelled (fingernails in way) and any other complaints you may have. I thought this was about BHO and what do do about him. I see I am sadly mistaken. I seem to be back in college, no wait, high school and being called names. May be one of you wants to stick my pig tail in the ink well. Since you all are not on the same page as me I shall move over to a better site that really cares about this country. Over and out

    • AL EISNER says:


    • AL EISNER says:


  149. maxine rwb says:

    @WatchDog1776   What a wonderful post.  You have hit the nail on the head.  The people in Milwaukee (if they had any sense at all) would run him out of town. @Nanny  Who are you to tell someone to get screwed.  Are you an idiot that voted for Obozo and Moosie?  If you did, you better be looking for a place to hide, because when sheit hits the fan, you are in for it.  I will find you.   @vagregg   Is there proof of his dalliances, find out and when I retire at the end of June, I will come and help you clean house (so to speak).

    • WatchDog1776 says:

      @maxine rwb  @Nanny  @vagregg Thank you all! It pains me that my beloved Republic is being taken apart and none of what is actually going on is being mentioned within the mainstream media. All is well, until the proverbial crap hits the fan and then they all will look to us for help.
      People don’t realize that our first line of defense against Tyranny is our local Law Enforcement agencies. You see that’s the way our founding fathers intended it to work.
      Get down on your knees every night and pray that God Almighty is smiling down on us and will heal our land. There are pure evil forces at work here and only he can save us!
      But, let not your hearts be troubled, our Law Enforcement community will rise to the occasion, if all else fails.
      “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” ~ Mt. 5:9
      We got your backs…
      God Bless America!!!

      • fortificacion999 says:

        @WatchDog1776  @maxine rwb  @Nanny  @vagregg If a liberal (ie a socialist or communist) is in charge of the local police force, the police will be used against the people instead of taking care of the people.

        • retro1 says:

          @fortificacion999  @WatchDog1776  @maxine rwb  @Nanny  @vagregg Exactly,,

        • Randy G says:

          @retro1  @fortificacion999  @WatchDog1776  @maxine rwb  @Nanny  @vagregg Unless they USE Common Sense& act as Civilized Human Beings.

        • fortificacion999 says:

          @Randy G  @retro1  @WatchDog1776  @maxine rwb  @Nanny  @vagregg   Honest officer, I only had one beeeeeeeeeeeer.

        • Randy G says:

          @fortificacion999  @retro1  @WatchDog1776  @maxine rwb  @Nanny  @vagregg was that the 64 oz. or 1 keg?>

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @retro1  @fortificacion999  @WatchDog1776  @maxine rwb  @Nanny  @vagregg There have such wonderful post on this site from people who love and trust in ouR GOD ALMIGHTY AND HIS SON, who know they come ahead of our rotten government. Thank you all, for giving HIM the credit due HIM.

        • fortificacion999 says:

          @Randy G  @retro1  @WatchDog1776  @maxine rwb  @Nanny  @vagregg   No one really knows.  Personally I have not had a single drink since July 4,  1986.  One day at a time.  I am a quitter

        • SandyTrank says:

          @fortificacion999 Good for you!! I’ve seen more families destroyed from drinking in my family as well as friends. My ex-husband was an abusive  drunk so you know why I am happy for you!

        • fortificacion999 says:

          @SandyTrank I never was abusive.  i was a happy drunk but I was taking chances driving drunk and could have killed someone.  I never got caught but it is a wonder.  I feel so much better and think better.  My wife is happier.

        • FrozenStar says:

          @retro1  @fortificacion999  @WatchDog1776  @maxine rwb  @Nanny  @vagregg RESEARCH your LE member histories.  Create lists and share.  KNOW THY ENEMY.  You will know DETAILS about them  like they know about you… where they live, where their supporters are.  If any LE speaks against the 2nd A or Constitution, they must be dealt with by Americans.  This is no game, this is the life of ourselves, families, society, country.  We are becoming deadly serious as we are understanding that they are.

        • FrozenStar says:

          @fortificacion999  @SandyTrank Good for you, fortificacion999, and good for those walking around who might not be.  You are indeed a Lucky Duck, as are the unknowing walkers.  Those of us who understand your blessings, feel so sorry for those who were killed, but also for the drunk drivers as we know There But By The Grace Of God, Go I.

      • EugenePatrickClark says:

        @WatchDog1776  @maxine rwb  @Nanny  @vagregg
        ” The Mainstream Media IS OUR ENEMY !!!!!!”  They are NOT the media of years ago who CHALLENGED the lies of Politicians or people of  power. They have aquiesed and joined the fray against the “Middle Class” of America and treat Obama as a”MESSIAH” or at least “The Protege’ of LENIN” !!!! Those “Useful idiots” ( Chris Matthews is the poster boy for such Obama idolotry) should be rounded up after their Offices are “OCCUPIED” (sound familiar?) and held indefinately until such time as the “thought Police” (another familiar ring?) can determine their fate. Maybe placement in a “Re-Education programs” like they did in Laos and Cambodia after the Americans troops( by order of left-wing mobs in America) exited Vietnam leaving the Freedom loving South Vietnamese behind to be killed, starved,re-educated, tortured or forced to live in slavery. All agreed to by American Politicians, many of which advise or still serve in government today. Both Republican and Democrats. WE MUST BEGIN NOW TO BRING SANITY AMD MORALITY INTO OUR LEADERSHIP IN GOVERNMENT !!!! At ALL levels.

        • fortificacion999 says:

          @EugenePatrickClark  @WatchDog1776  @maxine rwb  @Nanny  @vagregg Round up the known communists and socialists and line them up and shoot them all.  Then start teaching in schools the dangers of communism.  Of course half of the teachers would be gone because you had to shoot them already.

  150. Nanny says:

    Stupid watchdog: My comment was to the police chief. But if you want it can also be used on you as well. I sat up most of the night watching Rand Paul at his very best. Where the f were you???

    • FrozenStar says:

      @Nanny LEADERS EMERGE FOLLOWING THE CODE THAT NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION.  Leaders are not groomed, developed, promoted (like Obbbbla), they EMERGE, ERUPT LIKE SMOLDERING VOLCANOS at just the right time.  THE TIME IS NOW.  We can consider Rand Paul as a Constitutional American Patriot LEADER, same as we consider Diane Feinstein THE COWARD OF CALIFORNIA.

  151. KenBennight says:

    He should be removed from his position he took an oath to defend the Constitution not ignore it.

    • FrozenStar says:

      @KenBennight So, Ken, what do you want to do about the jewess US Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg?  Spewed her chutzpah on the Egyptian leader telling him in televised interview that they should not use the US Constitution as a template for theirs, because ours is old and no longer relevant and she has a hard time working under it.  SHE WAS REQUIRED TO TAKE THE OATH TO UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE USA.  Not one other Justice, not one other POLITICIAN or President (ha here) has had her name in their mouth to complain.  ALL OF THEM MUST BE CONSIDERED IN SUPPORT OF HER STATEMENT AS A JUSTICE OF THE US SUPREME COURT, AND ALLLLLLLLLLLLL OF THOSE TRAITORS MUST BE REMOVED.  START BUILDING THE GALLOWS.

    • FrozenStar says:

      @vagregg GREAT INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING, vagregg!!  THANKS!  soooo the bully is from Massa Chews Its.  Figures.  Creeps have a political lock on that Loyalist state for years.  This guy is just giving payback or arse covering to save his arsejob.  To the Journalizt, go get him, take him and finish the job.

  152. Dodie1990 says:

    They are coming for your guns soon. The Department of Homeland Security(?) with all their hollow point ammunition will be in charge of seizing your guns, sooner than you think.

    • fortificacion999 says:

      @Dodie1990 Actually, it may be German, Russian or Chinese troops with blue hats from the United Nations.

      • cowfeeder says:

        @fortificacion999  @Dodie1990
         They are already on our military bases, training our troops on the way to take our weapons.

        • EarlHudgins says:

          @cowfeeder  @fortificacion999  @Dodie1990 This is true…Trouble is coming to us soon…we need to realize this and get ready for war like our forefathers dealt with.

      • SamEstes says:

        @fortificacion999  @Dodie1990 I think you’re on to something here!!!!

  153. eagledown says:

    My advice.
    The Police Departments will follow “Political” orders without regards to the Constitution, some good cops won’t.
    But, your County Sheriffs will, atleast 80% of them.
    Even-though, I’m in Kali-Fornia, there are a lot of Sheriffs that will not Obey any un-Constructional orders on there people and will have our backs.
    If those armored vehicals come down the streets, I’m running straight to the Sheriff’s office and ask to be deputized and help arrest Obama’s Federal Goons; if they don’t leave peacefully, we’ll have to go patriot on their communist @sses.

  154. JimPeel says:

    In ‘The Development of the American Police: An Historical Overview’, Craig Uchida notes that “If there is a common theme that can be used to characterize the police in the 19th Century, it is the large-scale corruption that occurred in most police departments across the United States” (Uchida, 1993). In ‘Forces of Deviance: Understanding the Dark Side of Policing’, Kappeler, Sluder, and Alpert point out that corruption among police is not new or peculiar to the late 20th century. “To study the history of police is to study police deviance, corruption and misconduct.” (Kappeler et al., 1994.)

    • bhhltf says:

      Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Many people, including some friends I knew in high school and college, become cops solely for the power the badge and gun gives them.  Is it any wonder they become corrupt?  It ranges anywhere from the thrill they get from knowing they can speed and run red lights with impunity, to operating full-blown crime rings, complete with robberies, prostitution, and even murder.  Just about every cop I ever knew did the former and some were involved in the latter.

      • EugenePatrickClark says:

        @bhhltf  @JimPeel
         Here, here Jim !!!!  I agree. Most Cops are good Americans and can detect the atmosphere in American Poilitics today. But there are those also who want to be on the side that wins, regardless of the US Constitution or not. We must trust that the Good Cops will, “cull the Herd” of the bad cops and will” protect the six” of the citizenry and the Patriots.
         We are heading to be a “Europe” during the “Hitler Regime” which occupied almost all of the European contnent. It was not only the Americans, Canucks, Free French and British Armies that fought the war, but the “Partisans” who did so much of the Sabotage, Espionage,  and othe secretive operations that led to the final end to the Fascist regimes in Europe. Many of the “Partisans” were in fact Communists who hated Fascism, but labels surely are moot when the balance between Freedom and Slavery are at odds. Most people will certainly choose “LIBERTY” !!!!

  155. Hl McCloud says:

    I can sympathize with “nanny” and appreciate the comment as well as the comments from the other
    respondpondents concerning any article, Which I do very much, Considering that all those questions
    answered from various people does influence myself to see various articles in a differant manner of
    perception which sometimes opens an awareness to my own misjudgments leading me to a differant
    conclusion, Bottom line here is to appreciate “All the comments” and consider the many differant view
    points concerning any matter and then you get a better perspective to a more positive conclusion for

    • fortificacion999 says:

      @Hl McCloud   Exactly correct.  If you can use real logic and listen intently to what people say, you can discover any flaws in their arguments and may some in your own.  It is a way to learn.

  156. PghVince says:

    SHOOT out the tires, or jam the treads, or just blow it up!!

    • violator1 says:

      @PghVince you obviously have not seen the video on this unit presented by a DHS officer! By the way these spooks operate as dual officers!1) assigned as police officers or sheriffs deputies 2) may be deployed by federal agency DHS at any time and apparently they are the US version of the Gestapo of Nazi Germany( American peoples worst enemy)! For further education you may want to go to You Tube and view the disarmament of New Orleans after Katrina it will definitely enlighten you!
      Then you may find the video on the DHS Tank to understand further how well armed and highly resistant to attack! They are mine resistant and their glass is not glass but highly bullet resistant ‘lexan’ per quote up to .50 caliber resistant! Do you own one? Not likely a since generally they are auto fully and illegal for our possession! I mentioned they are mine resistant and you said
      shoot out tires go ahead will not stop it hassolidcore tires inside just for brilliant folks like
      yourself! Now do not get me wrong they have a weak spot but at this point I do not know what it may be and it will carry up to 11troopers fully
      armed and armoured for our death or surrender!
      power! I have seen video of their actiins and thhave no

    • violator1 says:

      @PghVince you obviously have not seen the video on this unit presented by a DHS officer! By the way these spooks operate as dual officers!1) assigned as police officers or sheriffs deputies 2) may be deployed by federal agency DHS at any time and apparently they are the US version of the Gestapo of Nazi Germany( American peoples worst enemy)! For further education you may want to go to You Tube and view the disarmament of New Orleans after Katrina it will definitely enlighten you!
      Then you may find the video on the DHS Tank to understand further how well armed and highly resistant to attack! They are mine resistant and their glass is not glass but highly bullet resistant ‘lexan’ per quote up to .50 caliber resistant! Do you own one? Not likely a since generally they are auto fully and illegal for our possession! I mentioned they are mine resistant and you said
      shoot out tires go ahead will not stop it hassolidcore tires inside just for brilliant folks like
      yourself! Now do not get me wrong they have a weak spot but at this point I do not know what it may be and it will carry up to 11troopers fully
      armed and armoured for our death or surrender!
      Video of there actions and they will hit old ladies in the face without provocation just to strong arm! They apparently are well hand picked for abusiveness of fellow citizens to them you are a criminal if you try to defend your own life! To them you are a terrorist if you own a weapon! I have worked with LEO of this mentality and they are of prison guard mentality that have been brain washed by communist/socialist leadership quality!
      They are of their own mother hating types of individuals and abusing citizens turns them own and gives them a power trip that you do not want to cinfront without having a great advantage over them
      power! I have seen video of their actiins and thhave no

    • violator1 says:

      @PghVince you obviously have not seen the video on this unit presented by a DHS officer! By the way these spooks operate as dual officers!1) assigned as police officers or sheriffs deputies 2) may be deployed by federal agency DHS at any time and apparently they are the US version of the Gestapo of Nazi Germany( American peoples worst enemy)! For further education you may want to go to You Tube and view the disarmament of New Orleans after Katrina it will definitely enlighten you!
      Then you may find the video on the DHS Tank to understand further how well armed and highly resistant to attack! They are mine resistant and their glass is not glass but highly bullet resistant ‘lexan’ per quote up to .50 caliber resistant! Do you own one? Not likely a since generally they are auto fully and illegal for our possession! I mentioned they are mine resistant and you said
      shoot out tires go ahead will not stop it hassolidcore tires inside just for brilliant folks like
      yourself! Now do not get me wrong they have a weak spot but at this point I do not know what it may be and it will carry up to 11troopers fully
      armed and armoured for our death or surrender!
      Video of there actions and they will hit old ladies in the face without provocation just to strong arm! They apparently are well hand picked for abusiveness of fellow citizens to them you are a criminal if you try to defend your own life! To them you are a terrorist if you own a weapon! I have worked with LEO of this mentality and they are of prison guard mentality that have been brain washed by communist/socialist leadership quality!
      They are of their own mother hating types of individuals and abusing citizens turns them own and gives them a power trip that you do not want to confront without having a great advantage over them!
      power! I have seen video of their actiins and thhave no

  157. LarryNeal says:

    Saw the chief on TV and he was dressed to the “nines”.  Four stars and lots of gold.  What a buffoon.
    However, those 2700 “tanks”  are not tanks.  They are MRAPs:  Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles.
    PghVince would had a hard time shooting out the tires.  They are run flats.  Also, no treads.
    FYI: Twice today I heard some democrat party operative mention that Sen. Paul is an “optometrist”.
    Rand Paul graduated from Duke Medical School and is an opthomologist: quite a difference. Of course, the democrats know Dr. Paul was a surgeon, but choose to denegrate his educational accomplishments.  However, it could be simply because of many of their “affirmative action” diplomas that they don’t know the difference.

    • mjnellett says:

      @LarryNeal Everyone knows that Nancy Pelosi is an escapee from Bellvue Psychiatric Hospital…or wait was that Bates Motel??

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @LarryNeal The least of his talents is he is a show-off liar. All of his talents are comprised, or his war against GOD and America and  he is very dangerous. If you have any doubts make a check of what he has accomplished against  both, GOD and America,  in the last four years. He may even win with America, I hope not, but with GOD he has not a chance..

  158. fortificacion999 says:

    Someone ask where in the constitution is there anything about country sheriffs.  Each of us has a right to bear arms which is not to be infringed upon by anyone including county sheriffs.  These rights are not granted by government, not granted by states, not granted by the president.  They are granted by God himself.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @fortificacion999  GOD, you say! What percentile of Americans have ever heard of GOD. WE do not teach out children that there is a GOD, one ALMIGHTY GOD WHO IS THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS. And then we have those who believe but they hate HIM and curse HM every time they think of HIM oar HIS name is mentioned. Our country is on its last leg, if we do not get a move on and put  stop on his trampling over all of our rights, the  Obamaites will  soon take complete control

  159. Evermyrtle says:

    What has happened to us in America that we are electing and putting control in the hands of so many anti-GOD, anti-America people in America. We have so many officials from the very top to the bottom that should have never been elected and gotten into office and our country is suffering greatly because of that.

  160. EugenePatrickClark says:

    Whatever the “Milwaukee Marxist in a Police Chief’s Uniform” wants to add to the fight against the US Constitution and Freedom loving citizens, we will be ready. Americans know how to get down and dirty with Dictators, Communists and other despots. when the time comes. We have the most ingenius people on the planet in our own backyard to take out anything that is thrown at them and in turn make the bad guys wish they never got up that morning. Americans are slow to piss off, but when we are, nothing is going to stop us, not even “Commandante Barack Hussein Obama” and his “Civilian Army” which he has threatened us with. The United States Civilian population is composed of miliions and millions of people who have escaped Despots like Castro, Chavez, Hitler, Mussolini, Duvalier, North Korea, the Soviet Union, East Germany, Noriega, and hundreds of other Country’s and people who have held their populations in abject SLAVERY without Freedom or Liberty that only GOD meant us all to enjoy.
         Obama and his band of Marxists have  grabbed the USA by the throat and is slowly squeezing ever tight until the last quiver of  faith, hope and life passes from it’s National spirit. But this nation is BUILT FROM IMMIGRANTS who know what FREEDOM  and LIBERTY is. They knew what is was to be without it and will FIGHT by GOD to preserve the REPUBLIC from the “OBAMA COMMUNIST TYRANNY”  All men, women, and children have a place in this fight to end the Obama MADNESS. It won’t go away by itself. The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be. So UNITE NOW and begin the return to the AMERICA that we ALL cherish and the America that ALL the world’s people wish to become part of.

    • JRPPP says:

      @EugenePatrickClark no the majority of USA are NOT immigrants, but immigration legal or illegal is being used to InternationaliZe us out of existence

      • EugenePatrickClark says:

             While I agree that the “Immigration issue” is NOT working out like it did at the turn of the 19/20th Centuries, when everyone coming here to the USA were proud and happy to be an American and worked HARD to make their place in this great land. Times have changed and immigrants legal and illegal, are now predisposed to taking advantage of our outrageous “LIBERAL” medical benefits for them and wanting to use our Country for illegal purposes such as DRUGS, TERRORISM, and any dozens of unsavory intentions. Our current government under Obama, and to some degree under Bush, Reagan, Clinton and all the rest, turned  their heads and left the doors to the southern border wide open, in addition to giving the illegals even more incentives to come here. Now we just cannot afford to have them here, and it’s hurting us “Big Time” in the wallets of every American. Illegal Immigration MUST END !!!!  Legal Immigration must be based on if there are jobs available ( no sense in allowing illegals taking jobs from American citizens.) Health considerations, (No infectious diseases allowed), must have Sponsors and referances in good standing to vouch for them.And the intended immigrant must have verified job skills in order to enter, etc.
             My parents were both born here in the USA but their parents were both from Ireland. We are proud Americans of Irish descent and consider ourselves very lucky to be the descendants of Irish Immigrants to America. Unless we are descendants of any of the native North American Indian tribes, we are ALL from immigrant stock, which really, as we look at it, is the greatness of our Country. What a tremendous mixture of humanity we have here. From the beginning when the Pilgrims first began their settlements on the east coast, we have made tremendous contributions to the world in every area of accomplishments. But we ALL became AMERICANS. We worked together, played together, fought wars together against  common enemies, Yes, we had differences, and still do in some incidences, but in the long run we have done what other nations could NOT DO, which is LIVE TOGETHER in relative peace and work out our problems together.. Sure people try and break that bond of the American spirit. More so today than at any other time since the Civil War. But we are still a young nation and have to work some things out still. But we have to do so as AMERICANS, not as some politicians want us to do and divide ourselves between one Party or another, or pit one Religion against others, men against women, straights against gays, Blacks against Whites, Yellow, Red or brown skinned people, young against Old etc. Our only hope is to remain UNITED, but to rid ourselves of that which divide us. And from what I can see right now, it is GOVERNMENT which is dividing our people. We must find the way to
         repair the dameg tha has already been done to us, and renew the AMERICAN SPIRIT !!!!

        • FrozenStar says:

          @EugenePatrickClark  @JRPPP Vote only for Christians in ALL offices… from village, city, state, federal, and demand that those who do not fulfill their sworn oath of office be FIRED.  Removed without any benefits or retirement.  That means Ginsburg OUT.  That means all who play around with our Constitution or Amendments.  That means Feinstein, Blumenthal, Schumer, OUT.  You know the list.

        • EugenePatrickClark says:

          @FrozenStar  @JRPPP
           I’m right with you on that Frozenstar !!!!!

  161. mjnellett says:

    We do not have the right, as Christians, to judge another’s heart, BUT we are commanded to judge their conduct as well as our own. Conduct is to be judged through the bible and our  Lord Jesus, the Christ.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @mjnellett You are right, before we judge anybody else, we should take a good look at ourselves, to see if we are doing any better that the other person who is being judged.

  162. Nanny says:

    anny 20 pts
     @Evermyrtle  ragnarsbeard If you all are finished teaching me language and phonics ans spelling you might go back and re read everyone’s post and find  I’m not the only one to use foul language, miss spelled (fingernails in way) and any other complaints you may have. I thought this was about BHO and what do do about him. I see I am sadly mistaken. I seem to be back in college, no wait, high school and being called names. May be one of you wants to stick my pig tail in the ink well. Since you all are not on the same page as me I shall move over to a better site that really cares about this country. Over and out

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