The Obama And Harry Reid Tax Scam

Picture, if you will, the scenario I am about to lay out. Let’s say that there is a single man, who lives on his own; he has a decent job, that keeps him afloat. On the outside, everything seems alright, but something is scratching its way out from the inside. This man is a drug addict. Every day, after his clocks out of his minimum-wage job, he runs straight to his drug dealer, spending almost all of his earnings. One day, he runs out of money; but he absolutely needs his fix. This man calls his parents and asks them for a wire transfer. His parents—who are concerned, but unable to help him—wire him some cash. Instead of getting help, this man continues to hit his parents up for money. Now imagine this happening millions of times. Doesn’t that seem ridiculous?

Our government is this drug addict; and we are the parents. Our government—unwilling to stop spending well outside its boundaries—continues to bleed us dry.

There are simple solutions. It may take quite some time, but our debt can be controlled. All that is required is a resolution to stop spending more than we have; as well as deep spending cuts across the board.

The Republicans—specifically John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell—have caved at the very sight of a difficult fight. John Boehner was willing to give Obama $800 billion in increased revenue through the unnecessary taxation of the top 2%; in exchange for “future” spending cuts. The fiscal cliff deal was a Devil’s deal. You make a deal with the Devil, and you’re gonna get screwed. Now, with the sequester looming, the President wants further tax hikes on the “rich.”

According to Guy Benson, of Town Hall: The House

“has passed two bills to replace the president’s sequester with offsetting spending cuts.  Democrats, who control the Senate and White House, have done nothing. The upper chamber hasn’t voted on a single legislative alternative, and the president hasn’t outlined a specific plan of his own.”

John Boehner–probably fearing the loss of the Speakership–is apparently not budging this time. He had some choice words for Harry Reid’s Senate, saying: “We have moved a bill in the House twice. We should not have to move a third bill before the Senate gets off their ass and begins to do something.”

Harry Reid responded, saying: “We’re doing our best here to pass something. The Speaker is doing nothing to try to pass anything over there.”

The Senate has done absolutely nothing; and the House has offered multiple bills. With all this, the public is still set to blame Republicans, because the PR machine that is the Democratic Party has pulled the wool over the public’s eyes.

It’s been said millions of times; the answer is simple: cut spending! This President and Senate Democrats are addicts. Spending buys them votes; cuts will make them look like the bad guy. But just as giving money to your drug addicted relative enables their own slow suicide, allowing the government to continue down this fiscal path is certain death.

Boehner better not cave this time. It’s not time for more tax hikes on the “rich;” it’s time for responsibility. Responsibility can be painful, but irresponsibility is death.



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133 comments on “The Obama And Harry Reid Tax Scam
  1. mudguy says:

    Why do have so many stupid in Washington D.C.? Kerry is right when he said “We have the right to be stupid”. He needed to say that most of the stupid people are in Washington D.C.

  2. GoldbergAllen says:

    When are Americans…NOT DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS going to demand action from the Senate? Reid is PURE Manure. [Harry can you hear me???] he is purposely blocking anything to make sure the republicans are blamed..if he were across the street from me…on fire…I would not urinate on this POS to put the fire out!!! [Harry can you hear me???] All that Liberals know how to do, is spend spend spend..and if anyone tries to cut becomes another crisis!!! case in point…..the Sequester…Obama’s plan..

  3. DanStPeter says:

    Let’s face it, the democratic base is clearly comfortable ignoring the misdeeds and ineptitude of this administration…I’ll say what Romney didn’t…the democratic party leaders have treated their base no better than a common drug pushers treats his victims…They load them up with freebies and entrap them for life. They are not the party that JFK represented.

    • Elsumo says:

      JFK was a real President !! His political aspirations weren’t mine , but he loved and defended this country.

      • Don39 says:

        @Elsumo The hell he did! He defended the country when he had no choice. You forget the slaughter of the Bay of Pigs when JFK abandoned our allies at the last minute. Short memory or were you even born?

  4. choirmaeswtroJack says:

    Amen, Frank Camp!

  5. Maggietish says:

    President Obama is still campaigning and certainly not leading. He obviously loves the role of “rock star” more than taking on the responsibility of being Presidnet.  He is going to meet with Congressional and Senate Leaders tomorrow – the very day the sequester takes place.  Other Presidents had similar issues to deal with and were able to lead, compromise and negotiatie with Congressional/Senate Leaders with no problems.  I’m beginning to think President Obama is simply not capable of negotiating–he’s proven that.  There is no leadership with him at all.  Most of us are tired of all his rhetoric and attack campaigning – he needs to step up to the plate and be the President he was elected to be.  Harry Reid has proven he is incompetent and obviously doesn’t know how to pass a budget and for that matter even present a budget on the Senate floor for a vote.  Its been 4 years and this man simplyrefuses to do his job.  If he, and others, are unwilling to do what they’ve been elected to do, then they should not be paid.  All Harry Reid does is take up room on the Senate floor to bash Republicans.  Term limits are a must.  The day of career politicians must end – Harry Reid has proven that.  They have long forgotten that they work for us and we need to vote them out of office as quickly as we can.

    • Elsumo says:

      @Maggietish When you think about it,it’s our own fault, we elect and reelect these abominations. Maybe we deserve what we get.

  6. DanStPeter says:

    Longtime Democratic policies have created a “dependence mentality” in this nation by using tactics not dissimilar to those used by common drug pushers which “hook” their victims with freebies…only to entrap them to dependency for life…You can deny this…but you know it exists…and our kids deserve much better.

    • edodaniel says:

      @DanStPeter “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend upon the support of Paul.” –George Bernard Shaw

  7. Sophielynn says:

    From my perspective, most americans aren’t angry with Republicans for standing against Obama and the Democrats wasteful spending. They are angry because Boehner and the Republicans keep giving in to the Democrats and Obama. I think that we all want to see the Republicans stand thier ground on the deficit and budget cuts and speak up clearly about why the are choosing to do so.

  8. sissykins says:

    We, the people, are the govenment! Let us take back our responsibility and get rid of all of them!  We are the problem. WE sit back waiting for them. The Reeds , The Speaker of the House, Boehner (spelling?) to do something. Well, I think it is about time we have another REVOLUTION! Not the gun totten kind but the FOLLOW OUR CONSTITUTION OR GET OUT OF DODGE KIND! I’m sick and tired of people complaining about it and whereever I go I open up my mouth and remind people we are the LAND OF THE FREE. We pay too many taxes and give away too many FREE LUNCHES to those who want to sit back and take advantage of us who bust our A _ _ and work for a living!
    Let us talk wbout these issues to everone we meet in public. If they think your nuts…so be it. I’d much rather be labeled nuts than to leave a socialistic tax to death country to my 6 year old grand-daughter than to stick up for my forefathers who fought so that we can live in a country that still admires hard work rather than punishes the hard worker.

    • Don39 says:

      @sissykins You have the right idea, and had America awakened sooner it might have worked. But I fear it is gone to far for that to work and that more serious action is required and must be faced!

      • RivahMitch says:

        @Don39  @sissykins IMHO, you’re correct. Those who are unwilling to kill and die for their rights an freedoms will surely lose them, and deservedly so. Semper Fi!

  9. BobLanese says:


    • Don39 says:

      @BobLanese Actually most of the Senate to include the RINOs have committed treason in violation/abandonment of their oaths and need two join the aforementioned.

  10. Imnoidiot says:

    The House must stand strong this time & absolutely NOT give in to Obama, Reed, & Pelosi. It was the Democrats + Obama that came up with the idea of the sequester- now they need to take responsibility…for the first time…and figure out how to cut their spending. Let’s start with private jets & vacations & go from there!!!!!!

  11. DaveTincher says:

    The government has become a hassle in the life of the average working american. Our dollar is eroding in value, grocery prices up, energy prices up, water rates up, tax forms to complicated for the average citizen to fill our, and the government has the nerve to talk about taking our guns away? There are so many issues that the democrats are destroying the middle class with, and frankly the rich and poor. are being harmed economically under Obama. Obama cannot point out one nation that is socialist (who he probably admires) that would be a nation that america should model itself after. Kenya?,soviet union?,mexico?cuba?france? finland?, canada? south africa? nigeria? . the irony of all this is that Obama’s dad came to america in hopes of a better life, and now his son wants to destroy the economic vitality of the U.S. for some unknown reason? The democrat party is sending this country over the cliff
    We need for more voters to get registered for the midterms and throw the democrats out of the senate and increase the majority in the house of representatives and then tell Obama no more from the candy store!.

    • ConscienceCit says:

       What we need is a multi-million man, women and child march on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenuee and a leader to rally the troops!  Then and only then will BHO hears us!

      • DaveTincher says:

        @ConscienceCit A multi million man,woman, young voter mass registration , and a march on washington, d.c. before the 2014 midterms, and let the democrats know we want government to be limited. We want simpler tax forms, flat tax, a tax system that encourages wealth building,outlaw gay marriage, outlaw abortion, allow our preachers to speak their mind on politics instead of living in the fear of the I.R.S. taking away the church’s tax exemption status, make healthy americans collecting welfare, food stamps to put in a fair days work for their government entitlement…maybe call that workfare instead of welfare, and most of all protect the integrity of the voting system. Voters need to go and register to vote in person, instead of absentee ballots and provisional ballots (too much cheating going on!), and finally if the republicans ever get back in power the republicans need to allow more conservative news stations to be licensed and on the air to give the liberal media some serious competition for the minds of the american people, and we need to battle the islam threat! End immigration from muslim countries to america, and drill, drill, drill for oil here in north america with our new technolgy and eventually quit trading with the muslim oil producers….sorry I had a lot to say, but we have a lot of serious issues that have to be tended to in the U.S.

      • Lucky3511 says:

        @ConscienceCit  @DaveTincher When is the lazy son ever in the Whitehouse. He is always off on vacation.

        • maryfitt says:

          @Lucky3511  @ConscienceCit  @DaveTincher

    • Lucky3511 says:

      @DaveTincher Republicans have the house, they could defund everything, but they are paid off or intimidated by the Chicago thug brigade or holders secret police and are all unwilling to act, So what good is getting more votes, even if the crooked machines would allow them to win.

  12. ChiefGator says:

    Harry Reid is almost a bigger ahole than Obama.  This man is senile and needs to be put out to pasture.

  13. Johnny P says:

    One of the biggest that needs to be cut it obamacare. That in itself would save us lots of money. All those military cuts can be put back in place. We need a strong military, we need a balance of power to stand off other countries.  The dhs is taking way too much of our taxes – Eliminate that usless group of idiots along with the tsa.
    You want respect and you want to save this country – Build a stronger military and gut welfare. Bring back the draft. All those not disabled need to be kicked off welfare.

    • Carol Olson says:

      @Johnny P I agree.Get rid of welfare as obumma has it now, strengthen our military, get rid of obumma’s czars. dhs, education, epa, and a list that is too numerous to count. Get  the economy moving, lower everyone’s taxes, & we’d have a country that would not take long to recover & get the nat’l debt to a more reasonable size. Maybe  there’d be a breath of fresh air finally.

  14. Don39 says:

    Addicted is the right word to use when referring to the regressive left socicommunist!

  15. Lucky3511 says:

    Is there no way the American public can regain control of our country from this Moslim crook in the Whitehouse and his senile colleague in charge of the senate. We cannot vote them out because they control the illegal voting machines. It is starting to look very much like we will have to do what the french did many years ago. Have ourselves a revolution. Shame we will not have some guillotines to chop off the government leaders heads, but I am sure American ingenuity will find a suitable way of dealing with them all, I guess the women will have to sit around will the executions take place with their tweeting machines as they no longer knit.

  16. BarbPatton says:

    the lemmings have been dumbed down and the latte one and his thugs are laughing all the way to the bank

  17. Brian Hill says:

    When will you all ever learn, there is not a bit of difference between DEM and REPUB! At least not where it matters. They are all playing out this game of political theater , and we the stupid audience just keep watching and believing those in our chosen party! After the curtain closes each day the actors on this political play slap each other on the back, send another million to their offshore accounts and laugh at us all!
    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. lrclark_13 says:

    We need to impeach the president, fire congress and put people in who believe in our constitutional rights. We need to stop putting the career people back in office. We The People have the power to do this if we stand together.

  19. theUncleMike says:

    The ignorance of this post is astounding. Maybe if he wrote about reality, he might have some credibility. What isn’t mentioned is that the deficit is dropping steadily. The CBO estimates the the deficit will be approx $845 billion and go down to 450 billion by 2015. Lets also not forget that people’s taxes compared to GDP is the lowest percentage since 1950. Let us all not forget that the huge tax cuts we’ve had since 2001 has been paid with BORROWED money.

    • TomKlein says:

      You HAVE to be kidding, fully one THIRD of our nations 17 TRILLON dollar deficit has been run up under your precious President, Barrak Insane Obama. Our GDP has actually Been going DOWN indexed for inflation, while our spending has been going up, at an almost out of control rate of accent. You sir are a bold faced liar.

      • theUncleMike says:

        @TomKlein ignorance is something you must be noted for. ALL appropriation and revenue bills MUST start in the HOUSE (read the US CONSTITUTION). I would also point out that no president has line item veto and must spend money appropriated. You’re insane if you don’t think the tax cuts led to most of the deficit and it wouldn’t have mattered who was President. You can make up facts, believe what you want, but truth is something you can’t handle. During a recession spending (along with a growing population) does go up. What school of economics did you go to? Mickey Mouse U? (Text book – a comic book!)

        • TomKlein says:

          @theUncleMike – bullcrap uncle mike, we don’t have a income problem, we have a spending problem, income has been relatively steady, just LOOK at the numbers, tax income did not go DOWN with the tax cuts, it remained constant, how many times do you bozos have to raise taxes only to watch tax revenue plumet ,because people just hold on to their money and don’t move it. You never factor in human nature, people want to keep THEIR money, not give it to a out of control government, flying all over the country on private jets, eating at five star restaurants, living the high life, while the surfs struggle to make ends meet. And don’t give me the top 2% crap, it ALWAYS filters down to the middle class, EVERY friggin time. Look at the AMT, targeted the rich, and now aimed squarely at the middle class. Face it , your just a liar.

        • Don39 says:

          @theUncleMike  @TomKlein You are a faux economist leftist apologist  that gets one thing in ten partly right and thinks he is smart. Well you are not smart, you are not intelligent and in the end you are just a leftist apologist! Anyone that thinks a 17 trillion dollar increase in spending did not cause the current problem is nuts! It was not the right that increased spending not having a clue how the cost would be covered! I take that back about you being an idiot, after reading all your comments under your profile,  you are an imbecile.

        • Don39 says:

          @theUncleMike  @TomKlein Econ 101 teaches how to balance a check book in essence. The government can not do that! Can you?

    • FlagMan says:

       Economics 101 would help you a lot.
      The feds, states, counties & cities don’t have an income problem but they do have a
      big spending problem

      • theUncleMike says:

        @FlagMan wow.. I think you flunked Remedial Econ -01

        • Mike1234 says:

          @theUncleMike, what a crock of s$%(*.  You obviously voted this POS in as POTUS and cannot face the fact that he is doing everything he can to bring down our country and elevate his Muslim brothers.  What will it take for you idiots to wake up?

        • FlagMan says:

          @theUncleMike  @FlagMan
           maybe so but I own 4 very profitable businesses with no debt

        • Don39 says:

          @FlagMan  @theUncleMike You are a liar too, now!

    • SugarB says:

        You do not pay for tax cuts, that makes no sense.  What do you suggest, that we raise taxes to pay for tax cuts?!   Taxes are how you pay for government programs.  We are borrowing to pay for over-the-top spending.
        Just like Obama, you are turning all logic upside-down.

    • Ranger3006 says:

      @theUncleMike you are obviously still on the Cool Aid!

  20. slickzip says:

    @     If   Boehner  caves  on this   ,, he  is  all washed  up in politics,,,,,

  21. dboyerdr says:

    Our Republicans in Congress need to prove they were not castrated when they crossed into the city limits of Washinton D.C.

  22. mthammer36 says:

    The problem is Harry Reid is a punk, he knows he has the power and is going to use because he can. He has maligned people on the house floor , like saying that Romney couldn’t qualify to be a dog Catcher. A complet character assassination right during Senate Business in the Senate Chambers. However like everyone else in the Senate especially the republicans , they will never talk back to Harry Reid because he is the majority leader . These guys work for each state they represent not for Harry Reid , but they don’t tell harry to back off , or why don’t you introduce some bills here like passing a budget. If harry tells them if you don’t shut up , you will never get a bill intoduced in this Senate as long as I am Majority Leader . It has happened and the Senator just shuts up , i was in the gallery in Washington and heard it myself. When you get some time , try to watch what goes on on CSPAN it will show you that the Senators just gather in front of Harrys Desk , waiting until harry tells them what to do , Thats why Washington gets nothing done. Someone has to stand up to Harry , put Harry in his place , go to his house in Nevada , do a Man To man with him. He use to be a boxer , he should be able to handle himself.

    • d rash says:

       Handle himself???   He couldn’t whip my granny, whose been dead 24 years!

    • maryfitt says:

       true power to me is when you can and you don’t. We are being lied to and many do not seem to care. Of course the ones that do not pay taxes in this country do not care if taxes are raised they do not pay any so why would they?  things need to change and it is we the people that will change it, the people that can think for themselves and want our country back.

      • GoldbergAllen says:

        @maryfitt  @mthammer36 Please think about these three numbers
        U.S. Government took in $1.67 Trillion last year and spent over $3.16 trillion…and we have a revenue problem? No, we have a $1.5 trillion SPENDING PROBLEM!!!

  23. Troubleshooter says:

    If the Republican Legislators truly want to accomplish something, they will admit to the United States Citizens what they have done, and they will explain why they have continued to permit a fraud to occupy the seat of power in our government.  Thenf, they will order him removed, along with every single traitor among them.  Then they will see the People act.

  24. dboyerdr says:

    Uncle Mike you’ve got to stop believing everything Obama and his gang tell you. They don’t want the populace to know the truth. America is BANKRUPT and our government is broken. They say  the jobless rate is about 8%, THe real rate is 23% when you include everybody jobless no matter how long he has been jobless. Our inflation rate is
    8.5% not the 2 or 3 % Obama would have you believe. And Bernannke is having money based on nothing printed!!
    Out true national debt is $16Trillion+ When you add our unfundede liabilities  the debt is $142TRILLION!!!!

    • bigelk says:

       Your facts/figures are just the tip of the lies, distractions, omissions concerning the real economic plight of America, intentionally created. I listen to a great radio show out of Denver with charts, and back up that will make you cross your eyes. Reall ANNUAL deficit is 7 Trillion– we each owe Uncle Sam 500k plus (if we are taxpayers). This guy thinks like you, dboyerdr and has facts and math with backup I had never heard before–host broadcasts to all the Rocky Mountain states on a bunch of stations–has a great archive site

  25. wms71 says:

    I saw the CBO figures that Uncle Mike cited. But, left out  due to his partial recollection was the CBO’s estimate that after 2015 and past 2020 the deficits rise to 1.3 tril in 2016 and THEN CLIMB until at least 2020. But why quibble; a trillion here, a trillion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money. Money issues aside for a moment. The article says, :the public relations machine that is the Dem party, has pulled the wool over the public’s eyes.”. Watch out Repubs; they’re doing it! The reason? To regain complete control of Congress; then SCOTUS and presto!  America will see sweeping power and control never seen before – or dreamed of.  Obama’s goal since long before 2008. And even he didn’t think it would be this easy. The public is uninformed and is being snookered.  Thank you MSM! Bothers me to say this about our country. More are seeing every day;  we have a cancer in the W.H.

  26. SugarB says:

    The government need more revenue like an alcoholic needs another drink.
      We need to organize a chapter for BA  (Barrackaholics Anonymous).

    • GoldbergAllen says:

      @SugarB perfect..but of course…all the LIBTARDS are freaking because Barrack Insane Ovomit might not get what he demands!!! Even though it was his team and his idea to do this!!!

    • maryfitt says:

       I have a friend who put it in a way maybe all can understand, “we have not hit bottom yet” you are right the gov. needs another drink so they can continue to bring us to the bottom, that is where they want us to go so they can catch us when we fall.

  27. MYS77 says:

    Time for some tough love and have the government start being responsible for the debt…. they ran it up… they need to pay it down. And by the way…. the public has suffered enough… time for the government workers to start feeling the pain and realize they caused it. Pension plans, health insurance,  holidays off….can give themselves a raise and never suffer. Other than our military and law enforcement…. all other departments can and should be downsized and some employees who should have never been hired, need to be fired…now.

    • Cathy7 says:

      @MYS77 just to let u know my husband is an air traffic controller . He has had one Christmas off in 14 years. He works different shifts and midnights after working a 6am shift that day. He earns every dime he’s paid keeping the flying public safe. And is always on call unless on vacation. He loves his job and it is very demanding. These are the people that will lose their pay . We pay into social security like everyone but we don’t get to collect it because of a pension that we keep losing. So check all your facts before u start spouting!!

      • Don39 says:

        @Cathy7  @MYS77 Your husband does a necessary and valuable job. Unfortunately for every traffic controller their are 5000 useless bureaucrat socialist that no one would ever miss! Like the five vehicles and 13 people I watched for 3 hrs watch one highway employ opening a culvert.

        • Cathy7 says:

          @Don39 @MYS77 I see your point there. But the people that should feel the loss never will .

        • Don39 says:

          @Cathy7  @Don39  @MYS77 I am sorry but it has to start somewhere. And Obama does not think flying is necessary for anyone but him and his cronies , anyway. If he does he will find someplace else to cut where it will not effect business and the economy.

        • Cathy7 says:

          @Don39 @MYS77 it’s too bad the lawmakers don’t have to abide by the same cuts. They might actually try to work something out.

        • Don39 says:

          @Cathy7  @Don39  @MYS77 Right. I am sure you noticed they rightly denied federal emploees a raise but did not hesitate to take one for themselves without even having a discussion or a vote!They continue to sell the Republic down the river. And they will not voluntarily stop.

        • cruisin says:

          @Don39 @Cathy7 @MYS77 That is exactly what we would all agree to. There IS waste everywhere but as you point out, will Ovomit or Congress cut the bystanders you described. Of course not! He’ll cut where it will hurt us – our safety – just to justify his bloated Marxist govt control.

      • MYS77 says:

        And I gather your husband has had a secure job for 14 years with no threat of a layoff or being fired until now? You should consider yourself lucky…. but you should NOT feel privledged and above everyone else who also loves their job and pays into SS….. and who DON’T have a pension plan. And I know how much money controllers make…. it isn’t minimum wage! Take a look around… the country is hurting…. those in government need to realize we don’t need them as much as they need us…. and we PAY their wages…. they don’t get to dictate to us that they get more than the rest of us. By the way…. there are many professions who work on Christmas. Perhaps you should check your facts before whining about your husbands job requirements. Maybe you should ask him to change jobs so he can stay home and hold your hand. Better yet… you get a job and support him. Have a good day… I will.

        • Cathy7 says:

          @MYS77 wow !! Your type is what’s wrong with the world!!

        • MYS77 says:

          You mean the “type” of the private sector that pays your husbands salary and feeds you? People in government need to be reminded…. you are “public servants”…..start acting like it. You serve me….. WOW….Cathy…. have  you got the message…. your world does not revolve around you anymore.

        • Cathy7 says:

          @MYS77 no I mean the type that has to resort to personal insulting because u can’t have an adult conversation . And for your info controllers are not considered civil servants any longer that all changed after the strike in the 80’s.

        • Troubleshooter says:

          @Cathy7:@Cathy7:  Well, Cathy, what would YOU call someone who is paid with taxpayer funds?  They are either an employee of the taxpayer (Civil or Public Servant), or a recipient of either earned Pensions and Social Security, or Welfare, you know, like either the truly needy, or maybe the frauds like Elected Officials.  How “Officious” sounding.  Well, one thing we have found out for sure, just because they are Elected does not make them among the Elect.  Really Cathy, who are you trying to justify?  Nobody faults you for having the NIMBY attitude about budget cuts, but you don’t  have the right to criticize people who despise you for it either.

        • cruisin says:

          @MYS77 You know, any ardent conserative would join you in pushing back against a poster who is as you assume and state. However, I think you and troubleshooter probably read into and ascribed a whole lot more to Cathy’s comment than was there. You made a blanket statement; she pointed out there are some services more essential and unlike what you described. She got jumped royally and unfairly IMO. She stated facts and I don’tconsider that being whining. She also clarified the term “civil servant” and got slammed again for saying more than she did. Let’s keep our powder dry for the verifiable loons. Should she turn out to be one, I’ll join you, She said nothing yet that deserved what she got. 😀

        • cruisin says:

          @Troubleshooter She never claimed they weren’t taxpayer funds – merely stated a significant point. She has every right to criticize the tone of the replies, which IMO, were undeserved and over the top. If what some have read into her benign statements is true, I’ll apologize and join you! How’s that?

        • MYS77 says:

          Actually, this Cathy responded to my original comment……and I didn’t respond to her until she made her comments to me.  You should look at the past comments she made.  My original comment had nothing to do with her or her husbands job… she made a snide comment to me and she made it a point to attack me. So, please…. before you comment… came into the conversation at the tail end.  You need to keep up here.

        • Troubleshooter says:

          @cruisin  @Troubleshooter @cruisin: I guess the truth hurts, hunh?  So you criticize me because I make a significant point?  It is the NIMBY attitude, and if you work for a federally regulated agency and are paid taxpayer funds, you can call it a clown show or a flea circus, but it’s still Civil service.

        • cruisin says:

          @MYS77 “This” Cathy? Of course, you COULDN’T have replied to her until she first commented, which goes without saying .So when you post, no one is allowed to bring anything to the discussion if it includes something you may have missed or didn’t portray as intended? Why would you assume I posted without reading the entire thread? I did several times. Had you read with comprehension what I stated, I felt you made a strong black-and-white stmt that only LE and the military were essential/should be spared cuts (is that “spouting off”? I don’t know but it doesn’t seem to merit your replies ). Cathy rightfully pointed out not all other govt services and workers were the beneficiary of all the bloated contracts and perks you alluded to and to which you probably concur. ATC’s are more essential than Sibelius and her bean counters for the “ACA”. In other words, as most would agree, nothing should be immune from cuts but “essential” and prioritizing is an inherent part of such a process, even when drastic cuts are called for. Nothing more; nothing less and she got hammered by some for assumptions they made but which were not even stated. Civil discourse is one thing that distinguishes conservatives from loons. At the time, yours was the first OP and I was disappointed at the tone of the thread.

        • cruisin says:

          @Troubleshooter … the “truth” hurts? Last time I heard that was in 3rd grade! You don’t think the distinction she pointed out is relevant or significant, fine. To some it is. What is boring is this foray into semantics. YOU labeled her as a NIMBY and therefore deserving of the criticism by those who despise them. NIMBY is NOT indicated by the content or point of her initial reply. I’ve made a plea for reading for content at grade level.

        • Troubleshooter says:

          @cruisin  @Troubleshooter @cruisin: I can’t help it if you never got past the third grade.  What is boring is mental masturbators who desperately struggle to say something that makes them feel clever, and that they wrongly assume might be perceived to be clever by people who could care squat what drivel they post.  Now, you’ve had all of the attention the grown ups are going to give you child.  Run along.

        • MYS77 says:

          You sure are becoming a pest. My orginal comment was commented by Cathy who took offense and said so. I think you “read” way to much between the lines about her comment that had nothing to do with my original comment. And gave your own take on what she “meant” but never said. So, unless you are Cathy’s husband or something. Cool it. I stand by my comment, her husband job is a service… and as a service job, close your mouth do the job you “choose to do” and share the sacrifice of enduring Obama and his liberal goons.

        • Don39 says:

          @MYS77 WHO are you talking to indignant one? Don’t know how to use the reply button or type in a name? How do you expect anyone to follow your points when you address no one in particular? You do know your post does not necwessarily follow immediately below that you are responding to. Other people respond to comments as well and things get muddled. Maybe that is part of the problem following your comments.

        • Don39 says:

          @Troubleshooter  @cruisin You want to see a boring ass with little or nothing to say Troubleshooter? Look in the mirror!

        • Troubleshooter says:

          @Don39  @cruisin @Don39: Why thank you Don39.  Coming from you that’s upbuilding.  I shudder to think that a waste of air like you would think well of me.  Have a nice Day. LOL.  In case you didn’t really understand what this means, it means that any insult from YOU is a compliment to whoever YOU direct it at.

        • Don39 says:

          @Troubleshooter  @cruisin Sure, you sanctimonious old fart and everybody agrees with you don’t they? Well almost all paulbots anyway.

        • cruisin says:

          @Don39 @Troubleshooter He’s just a junkyard bully with no class who’s only intent is to get off insulting. No original thought.

        • cruisin says:

          @Don39 @MYS77 Don, there are better blogs where there can be civil discourse befitting conservatives. I’m out of here. A couple of these posters here give conservatism a bad name. This one is a thin-skinned narcissist who resorts to personal insults and doesn’t give a rat’s behind. I’ve enjoyed your thoughtful commentary on this page.

        • Troubleshooter says:

          @cruisin@Don + @cruisin:  LOL.  Are you aware of the software that lets one who has it identify the IP and location of someone posting on the  You’re not fooling anyone by talking to yourself.   You’re not just Homosexual, you’re Autosexual too, which makes you either Bisexual or Schizoid.  I’m not sure just how to call it.  Anyway, please don’t let the door hit you where you are htting each other (or yourself) on the way out.  LOLOL.

        • Don39 says:

          @Troubleshooter  @Don And now you can add liar and bluffer to your resume. You do not have to go to all that trouble. Just tell me where to send it and I’ll send you my complete name and address. Be glad to.

        • Don39 says:

          @cruisin  @Don39  @MYS77 I will not let the punk snipe run me off and if he keeps up the crap he will find out who knows how to expose people like certain parties you no longer see on these pages.

      • cruisin says:

        @Cathy7 At least Don39 gets the point you made – to which we all ascribe I’m sure: Ovomit will cut critical services or programs to make people feel the pain in order to advance his agenda. Heck, he already has jeopardized our security by releasing criminal aliens back into our communities, who have already suffered at the hands of the criminals. Janet is already claiming to not know anything about it – it was all ICE. Gee, where have we heard that before. Air traffic controllers are obviously an essential service and it is one of the most stressful jobs. I doubt that any would climb aboard if cuts were made to their safety, just so Ovomit can make a point. You offered dimension to a black and white statement, which is valuable, and the most ardent conservative could agree. I also doubt you would agree there is no waste in the FAA. Some of us did not see you as being a NIMBY or whining. Shame on those who didn’t take your comment for what it was. It’s bad when we start to eat our own as was done to you.

        • Cathy7 says:

          @cruisin thank u and Don 39 and yes I do agree there are cuts to be made but not where they are currently scheduled to be applied. I wanted it to be known that not all govt. employees are the devil in disguise .

        • fromusa says:

          @Cathy7  @cruisin Your getting off lightly. When Air controllers union bucked Reagan he fired them all. Gee new air controllers and AC union busters managed just fine. Your husband is a second generation air controller.

        • cruisin says:

          @fromusa “Your” (sic) saying then that we should cut the ATC before 0 and Moochelle cut back on their vacations and campaigning or lavish vacations? There should be priorities in what is cut and how much. Our safety and defense comes first, as the original post stated, unlike what 0 has already done (release criminal aliens). I think ATC’s could be added near that. Nothing was stated they should be immune to cuts. Your lesson in history (we all know) doesn’t alter the present or advance that conversation at all. The DOD is still reportedly full of waste – we don’t have to jeopardize our military preparedness to trim it. Only if the politicians decide they will as they have currently shown they will. No agency should be immune from cuts.

        • fromusa says:

          @cruisin  @fromusa My comment was actually directed to @cathy7 as to her being fortunate that her husband may only have hours reduced. As for 0 and Moochy, AF1 should be grounded and used explicitly for foreign business travel. TSA should be eliminated and have private operating inspection utilizing profiling. Cutbacks in defense can be achieved without compromising our troops and national security. Any continued campaigning can be accomplished by train. 0 does nothing in Washtown anyway.

        • cruisin says:

          @fromusa ….thank you for your reply. I was linked to this page and was taken aback by the tone of some of my fellow ardent conservatives here in responding to Cathy. That’s been really the substance of my posts to date. It was hard to tell what you meant by “…getting off lightly”. Thank you for clarifying. I agree totally with everything you say! Cuts should NOT be made at the behest of Obumbler to advance his warped agenda as is now the case. There should be transfer authority with cuts and obviously essential services prioritized. I include ATC’s in that group for careful consideration instead of a meat clever approach that limits cuts to all but the military and LE. Not all govt workers are the same in their excess, waste, fraud, duplicity, cronyism, bloated contracts and perks. Which is the only point Cathy seemed to be making but got personally attacked for (including for what she did NOT state). As you indicate, cuts can be made to the DOD without jeopardizing preparedness. However, we all know that that has not been the reality as verifiable by history. What a mess! Regards

        • JulyetteWillmann says:

          @fromusa  @cruisin  @cathy7
           But that is so logical and Obummer ain’t!

      • americangram says:

        @Cathy7  @MYS77
         Thanks to your husband for his dedication, but the facts are”It is the government causing these hard economic times, not the citizens trying to stop them.

  28. Glueman52 says:

    The GOP keeps looking like the bad guys, because the won’t use the same tactics as the Demorats. The uninformed public wants to keep blaming the Republican Party as we have a do nothing President who just keeps campaigning for his lost causes. Unless we stop government spending, it’s like a ship which keeps taking on water but nobody will pickup a bucket & start bailing out.

    • INSPCTR 4578 NJ says:

       You are correct lets divide the dems becasue a house divided against it self can not stand

  29. Billy Miller says:

    Hey folks…  have any of you looked under the hood lately?   What are the things the bummer is signing as exec orders  or international ‘law’  or other deals while he has this ‘snowball’ high in the air?    ‘dont waste a good crisis’   and he sure has manufactured this into a crisis.     We ALL have to stop talking and find leaders that will organize appropriate action…(or maybe its inappropriate action?)    the bummer has the microphone and is one of the best or the best community organizer…..   we need a microphone (microphones probably)  and a few good organizers NOW!     If it takes to much time for we the people to get our mic’s and mouthpieces we will be stopped from speaking….as we will be difined as ‘the enemy’ and sent ?    I am totally ready.  Billy

    • cruisin says:

      @Billy Miller Very good point. All our attention is drawn away and this POS is signing EO’s while we play his shell game.

  30. GoldbergAllen says:

    Again, look at the damage misinformation does. We have a news media totally in bed with the democrats…no one can even stop their BS and when one station tries to actually present the total picture…. they are name called, vilified by this POS President and even threatened. But of course, in this ridiculous charade, when even a liberal reporter, Bob Woodward names LIES that have been put forth by BHO, he is vilified. The LIBTARDS refuse to engage in an adult conversation or acknowledge other’s opinions at all. combine this with A congress cluster..and see where we are??? Liberalism is a mental disease. Sorry. but it is what it is.

  31. wms71 says:

    To SugarB: Appreciate your comment. I’ll join Barackaholic Anon. Why not? I’ve known Bill Wilson for a few 24’s. BTW, one day at a time , we’re getting rid of BHO. 40 days of his reign are gone already.

    • JulyetteWillmann says:

       Considering the damage he has done in 40 days I shudder to think what shape this country will be in in 325 more.

  32. J Joy says:

    I see things in a totally different light than Obama or Harry!!!  I see the House passing legislation after legislation, sending them to the Senate and the ‘nothing’ happens there!!  I am more frustrated with Harry Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate than I am with the Republican controlled House – at least they are trying!!  Shame on you, Harry and Obama, for constantly telling lies, for being political brats and for not caring about America or Americans.

    • JulyetteWillmann says:

      @J Joy
       As long as they have the MSM in their pockets and continue to get away with impeachable offence after impeachable offence they will continue. I am not ashamed of my country but I cringe in shame at the gullability and stupidity of the low-intelligence voter!

  33. INSPCTR 4578 NJ says:

    This is the play right out of Rules for Radicals by Alinsky….The problem is that the Repub.’s wont turn the tables and throw the play book back in their face and make them eat it….The way to fight a fire is with fire and the way to beat  the agenda of marxism, communism , socialism, is to copy …no system can stand against itself when it is being cannablised …Repbubs havent learned this yet that is why the Left is hovering over them ..Now is the time for the Repubs to man up and get some intestinal fortitude and align with the Patriots …Search and destroy from the inside of their agenda……The Truth is out There now put it to use…..Just one man’s opinion…..

    • maryfitt says:

      @INSPCTR 4578 NJ
       I totaly agree with you. the GOP has to get tough and play thier game, sometimes you must be hard and stand up for what you believe in. The only way to win is to make your idea better than thiers.

  34. maryfitt says:

    This adminsitration will do anything, if they get away with it that is fine with them. thier is no integrity or honor amoung any of them.  .It seems to me that things are starting to turn and we the people are starting to see the lies, the curruption, and the friverlous way they play with the lives of the American people.. All they want is power and do not care how they get it. They want to put us all in chains not just the cool aid drinkers.

  35. AnnePearigen says:

    It is about time people woke up and are starting to see what Obama and the rest of his merry gang of corrupt  administration is about.  They are all Communists, and the sooner we get rid of all of them the better off this country will be.

    • Don39 says:

      @AnnePearigen People have given me fits for calling Obama and his henchmen sociocommunist, but you are right . They who like to call themselves progressive because of the stench of communism and failures of socialism, ARE still just renamed socialist and communist. They have the prominent endorsement of those still calling themselves socialist and communist and even Obama before becoming nationally known was a New ( read that communist) Party member and was supported openly by them. His first appointments were unabashed communist and many still are unabashed socialist and thugs. Thus because the lines between them are blurred , I call them sociocommunist. All the Black Caucus members are either communist or muslim , or both. All admirers of third world dictators that have destroyed their countries and destroyed blacks incidentally. These days I often just call them the enemy, because that is exactly what they more clearly are everyday, anti-American and anti-Constitution enemies and their leader sets on the thrown in the White House illegally with the blessing of a like minded treasonous Senate ( to include certain republicans (RINOs)) and significant number of members of the House.

  36. Bill Weston says:

    With sequestration here, the “social engineer’s (liberal’s) bluff has been called. “We, the people….” can expect whining, threats, and temper tantrums from the liberals in the near future. The fact remains that our economy, is going to suffer no matter what is decided. Congress is spending our money, not theirs. The threat of lost jobs can be replaced with new and productive jobs in the future, but why bother if much of the profits are squandered by our government. The demand here is fiscal responsibility and the House of Representatives has worked very hard to accomplish that. Consider this as a first step toward the restoration of our republic and the beginning of the end of our “experiment in socialism”.

    • Don39 says:

      @Bill Weston I hope you are right, but I see no definitive signs that you are.

    • cruisin says:

      @Bill Weston We can only hope you – and we – are right! I do feel Obumbler is setting up the R’s to blame for when this experiment fails. He’s got to have someone to blame. Psychopathic narcissists are like that, ‘ya know. BTW, his isn’t really an “experiment” because that would indicate something never tried before, right? It has been tried and has never succeeded. 😀

  37. AmferFerg says:

    This is a great analogy of obama’s and reid’s ‘addiction’ problem!!  Best practices recommended:  1) Cut off all sources of money   2) Commit both addicts to a Rehab   3) Remove from Offices until ‘money sober’ is proven within a one year time frame – if not, repeat Steps 1, 2, 3.

  38. Renee Merckx says:

    How many new ways do they want to rip us off – their threats we are going to die we are doomed, we are broke, oh no what are we going to do, threaten our seniors to take their Social Security away, the Debt Ceiling on August 5th 2011, Fiscal Cliff this year now this – maybe we can get lucky and finally they are realizing that they we have been the pawns in the best spending scam ever designed – SUCKA!

  39. HrgalPam says:

    Yep your right Renee- The administration should realize they need to QUIT-the wasteful spending, trips, vacations, golf outings etc. Also I personally have experienced (family)at least $1,000 in Medicare Waste, involving 3 unworn pair of FREE Shoes ($186) paid for by Medicare, My mom died with over $400 in diabetic testing supplies more than she needed, My uncle died with 90 spare catheters pd. for by MEDICARE. None of them wanted/NEEDED this stuff but Medicare PAID ! Also I am letting everyone know– Our Pres. AGAIN Defied Congress– by using his Executive Privilege or EO (Excec. Orders) as now called ! He purchased an 11 year old ILLINOIS State Prison that WAS NEVER USED is crumbling -due to 11 yrs. of sitting empty. Pres. O’s- HOME STATE- GOT RID OF THIS Albatross — now it is around ALL OF OUR NECKS–ILLINOIS IS THRILLED! The prison needs Upgrading To FEDERAL STANDARDS. The U.S taxpayers will now pay to STAFF IT TOO. O.B. Quietly had us PAY $165M FOR THIS ! See THOMSON STATE PRISON story in Quad City Times, Davenport, IA.Oct. 4 or 5th

  40. WadeLeeHurdleSr says:

    Harry Reid you and Obama and the Democrats are not good for this Grate Country we the people need to IMPEACH all of you in Washington DC all of you are Muslim Pig up on the hill as a AMERICAN all of must go LONG LIVE THE U S A and GOD BLESS US ALL THAT STILL LOVE HIM

    • Carol Olson says:

      @WadeLeeHurdleSr And when we get rid of them, we should term limit (Congress) them all to maximum 2 terms. for future Representatives, Senators and President. I added President because I DO NOT TRUST obumma.

  41. Carol Olson says:

    My understanding of the sequester (sp) is that these are not tax cuts, it’s additional money added on to the last years budget   As if last year the budget was $100.00., this year they want tp raise it to $120.00.

    • Don39 says:

      @Carol Olson It is a reduction in the total amount that would normally be added. The spending still increases just not as much as it would have. THERE ARE NO CUTS!

  42. stevesite says:

    It is all Bullsh_t and the sheep as I call them (average voter) will believe whatever their respective party says. It’ll never change until we the people fire the whole lot of them. Replace them with Congresspeople/Senators who have a average education and a lot of common sense, will serve no more than 2 term limits, will not get lifetime medical/travel/staff and salary for their “service to their country”, a law degree will automatically eliminate you, we can write a law using less than a page of words, it’d be common sense, easy to read and understand. Guess what?????????????? it is a pipe dream, never will happen.

  43. Kangeroo says:

    American voters are stupid.

  44. stevesite says:

    They are not stupid, the problems are alot of voters are just damn gullible. Candidates promise the voters what they want to hear, the liberals pander to the uneducated and those who do not and not want to earn a living. They get their votes and when backed into a corner on being legal the ones in power do not want that, they want their followers to be gullible and not wanting to learn the truth.

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