Texas Schools Force Girls to Wear Islamic Burqas to School

CSCOPE is a curriculum that was adopted by the Texas State Board of Education.  Currently around 80% of public schools in Texas use SCOPE to supplement their regular curriculum.

It appears that the main purpose of CSCOPE is to undermine American patriotism and Christian values and replace it with socialist and Islamic teachings.  Earlier it was reported that one lesson in CSOPE taught students that Allah is God Almighty.  This lesson demonstrated that the supposed separation of church and state does not apply to Islam, only Christianity.  Another reported lesson plan in CSCOPE taught that the Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act.  Yet another CSCOPE lesson had students designing flags for a newly formed socialist country.

In the latest report out of Lumberton, Texas, a CSCOPE lesson required the girls to wear Muslim burqas, the dark full length dress and head gear that Muslim women wear.  Supposedly, this was part of a CSCOPE lesson to study Islam.  According to one student, the teacher told them:

“We are going to work to change your perception of Islam.”

Another student said their teacher told them:

“I do not necessarily agree with this, but I am supposed to teach you that we are not to call these people terrorists anymore, but freedom fighters.”

The lesson was designed to teach students about Muslim women, whom it describes as being liberated.  I’ve yet to hear of a CSCOPE lesson plan that teaches about Christianity or Judaism.  What do you think would happen if such a plan called for all girls to wear a Christian cross or Jewish Star of David around their necks?  Do you think the Muslim girls at the school would do it?  Do you think the ACLU or other separation group would be up in arms about such a lesson?

If I were a parent of one of those girls, I would have refused to allow my daughter to wear a burqas.  It is a sign of their religion and as a Christian to wear a symbol of someone else’s religion is a sin.  I would have complained to the school and let them know that this was a violation of my daughter’s religion and that she would not be participating in that part of the lesson.  Better yet, I would not have my daughter in public school to begin with if at all possible.

In past few months, there has been quite an uproar in Texas about CSCOPE and its anti-American and pro-Muslim teachings.  The Texas legislature held hearings on the CSCOPE curriculum.  The hearings were led by state Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston) who serves as the chair of the Texas Senate Education Committee.  Reports of the hearings say that CSCOPE has agreed to make changes to the curriculum, but until the state legislature enacts a law to force them to do so, they don’t necessarily have to make any changes.  A statement released from Patrick read:

“Be assured we are working on this issue as is the SBOE almost every day. The hearing was step one, the letter step two. The only thing that is binding from a legislative standpoint is legislation. We are working on those issues based on what we are discovering now. We are doing our job, one that must be thorough and will take time.”

This entire issue with CSCOPE has surprised me because Texas is generally known as a fairly conservative state who honors American and state history along with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  They have been actively promoting their pro-Second Amendment stand.

So how did a small group of liberals get such an anti-American and pro-Islamic curriculum passed into 80% of the schools in the state?  Without something being done, Texas will completely change in just one generation into a liberal socialist Muslim state.

The American public school system was transformed nearly a century ago by a man named John Dewey.  He was a philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer.  He was also a socialist progressive who saw the opportunity to use the public schools to indoctrinate children into his way of thinking.  He realized that the schools had kids for 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, giving them ample time to brainwash them into becoming socialist progressives like himself.

In his Pedagogic Creed, published in School Journal vol. 54, 1897, he wrote:

“I believe that education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform.”

“I believe that education is a regulation of the process of coming to share in the social consciousness; and that the adjustment of individual activity on the basis of this social consciousness is the only sure method of social reconstruction.”

“I believe it is the business of every one interested in education to insist upon the school as the primary and most effective instrument of social progress and reform in order that society may be awakened to realize what the school stands for, and aroused to the necessity of endowing the educator with sufficient equipment properly to perform his task.”

“I believe, finally, that the teacher is engaged, not simply in the training of individuals, but in the formation of the proper social life.”

To Dewey, that social life he keeps referring to is progressive socialism, the same kind of philosophy we seen in Barack Obama, which is no surprise since he was raised, educated and mentored by socialists by his own admission.  Now realize that Dewey’s educational reform is successfully transforming every aspect of America.  It is this sinister plot that opened the doors for CSCOPE to sneak into the Texas schools and begin to indoctrinate a whole generation with socialist and Islamic ideas.

Obama is all too aware of this as he has recently declared that he wants to provide pre-kindergarten for all 4 year olds in the nation.  He says it’s to improve the level of education, but in reality, it’s so kids can be brainwashed at an earlier age, making it easier to train them in his socialistic ways.

Whether you live in Texas or wherever, have you checked into what your kids or grandkids are being taught in public school?  If not you owe it to them and America to find out and take action if it is anything like CSCOPE.



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335 comments on “Texas Schools Force Girls to Wear Islamic Burqas to School
  1. MichaelShaneBoen says:

    This is one of the many reasons we have chosen to homeschool. WE decide what our son is taught.

  2. silvernotes says:

    Enough is enough !! Where are the good people of Texas….How could you let this happen? Where is the outrage by parents…by the church??
    America, we are letting the left undermine out society, and they will do it with our own children.
    This is very sad, and may end up pitting our own children against us somewhere down the line when it may be too late to do anything short of a revolt….shades of the Civil War again.

    • Texasoathkeeper says:

       I am a very conservative and I live in Lumberton , Texas. I have been to every offical that Has anything to do with education trying to find out who this teacher is and no one will tell me ! I can assure you I will keep turning over rocks untill I find out who she is.

  3. Combat Veteran Seabee says:

    Bring in a fake bomb, and that would stop this stupidity right then and there!!!!

  4. Rodger Higgins says:

    If I had a daughter in that Texas school and said she had to wear that camel jockey crap the principal would be getting new teeth.

  5. 7papa7 says:

    Come on Texas, you are better than this.  Every parent in the city should refuse to let their child in school on days when the religion of terrorists are forced down their throats.  This is sick and the principal should be fired and the entire Board of Education who voted yes should be recalled.

  6. LST says:

    One more way in which the worthless diaper-heads Obummer loves so much is invading our country. Much like Mexico, a literal invasion without a declaration of war or shots fired. We are very quickly losing this country day by day.

  7. RMEKRNL says:

    Seems like some Texas school boards need to be fired, and the sooner, the better.

  8. AndrewJerome says:

    I really think it’s time to change the department heads in these schools right on up to the top.  These are not the subjects taxpayers should be paying for.  Heads should roll, after all, isn’t that what Muslims do?

  9. Geneww1938 says:

    Do the Muslims get a chance to wear a Crucifix or a ‘Mezuzah’, ‘Star of David’ or a ‘Shema Israel’ jewelry?
    Life is too short, eternity too long and too much is at stake to be wrong about God, His Bible, Jesus or salvation.

  10. AudreyStricker says:

    Of all the states, How does Texas let this happen???????

  11. vermiss says:

    I say send them back overseas and be done with it.

  12. mrscas says:

    My children are out of school but I have 2 grandchildren that attend school in Texas.  They will not be forced to be brainwashed.  I will pay to send them to a Christian school before this happens.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

        Better yet, spend your money on ammunition for the Patriots of this Country. We need help against king oblowhole!!!!
       The revolution is of his making, as is the sequestrer, he needs to bite the bullet and get his a## out of here now!

    • Paula Gail says:


  13. Combat Veteran Seabee says:

    Hey Texas! You are still Texas, home of the alamo, NOT MUHAAMED or what ever the idiots name is! Speak, NO! act up now!!! We did it before, why not now! Let just one of those teachers tell me  that I have to conform, Yeah right!!   I don’t give a damn, nor would I allow this to be taught to my child! Teacher, take flight,as that is your only escape from the real Americans!

  14. vermiss says:

    Thw whole usa school system is messed up since O bumhole is in office. Home teach your kids they will be better off and may just learn something.

    • Paula Gail says:

       Better yet, send them to a Christian school.

    • Roeech says:

      @vermiss Can’t blame Obama for this.  The feds started funding schools in the 60’s and you know that once government gets involved, it is all downhill.  Unfortunately, teachers are no longer vetted either so we get perverts, communists, socialist, and liberals instead of those who really want to teach but generally give up and move on to something else or go to the Charter and private schools and I applaud them for it.  We need them, the true educators and not the riffraff that has been and is being hired.

  15. texanna says:

    Just so you all know, the Texas State School Board as well a the legislature has became aware of this last month and are stopping it.  If they don’t do it quickly, they’ll have a massive show of FORCE from Texans on the capital grounds in Austin.  Also, not ALL schools in Texas purchased this particular Internet package.

    • MelbaSimmonsRowland says:

       Thank God, but who on earth approved this and who wrote the check to pay for it? Someone needs to hold that person or persons accountable!

      • texanna says:

        @MelbaSimmonsRowland The story in the news was that teachers were told to refuse parents any information on this program (which is against education law in Texas.)  Parents are allowed to view all educational material upon request.  Furthermore, members of the state board had never seen the program.  Who knows if the culprit will ever be outed – but my best guess  (and I am NOT a conspiracy nut) is that this type of information was planned and intended to be planted in such a way so it would not be noticed.  This particular program provoked outrage when children were told to draw a flag that might represent the United Socialist States and taught that the participants in the Boston Tea Party were terrorists.  Fact is, many parents are so busy making a living and “providing” that they are not involved in the schools to the detriment of all concerned.  If this has been found in red neck Texas, you can bet it is in other US public schools.

        • MelbaSimmonsRowland says:

           my daughter is a middle school teacher and she has never heard of this…but she is sure going to be checking on it now!  Good luck to you and your fellow Texans in ridding yourselves of this and thank you to your news media for bring this to the attention of the general public!

        • MelbaSimmonsRowland says:

           did I offend you in some way? I certainly did not mean to do so.

  16. PIRATE1775 says:

    “@harleypyrate02: Texas Schools Force Girls to Wear Islamic Burqas to School : The Last Resistance: http://t.co/6KPgndUzZ1. #UnionThugs #p2

  17. PghVince says:

    WE know all we need to know about islam and the garbage supporters; NOTHING will change our resolve to eliminate the entire culture from the face of the earth, which should have been done centuries ago!!!!
    At the least, WE will remove them from OUR country and forbid their reentry!!!!   The rest of the world can do their own thing, they aren’t doing anything to help us, so it’s their party!!!!!

    • Roeech says:

      @PghVince Spain did it once, but has capitulated with the latest muslims.  France too with so many mulims on their dole.  They are a plague, a virus, a fungus and must be eradicated in any and every way possible..  The Qu-ran they offer us is a reducted book.  A real translation is out or should soon be out setting forth the WHOLE Qu-ran as it was written and “updated” by later muslims who just love to fight, kill, maim, and so on.  Need to let Afghanistan, Iraq and other muslim countries handle the problem or not.  Let’s get our troops away from these barbarians/primitives because they even love to kill and maim and rape each other!  They are sickos but well brainwashed sickos as most are ill- or non-educated herders.  Their little tribes are important to them and so there is a lot of infighting among them.  Erase the scourge from the face of the earth!

    • LarryGifford says:

      send them back to where ever they came from walking or in a   i have had all i can take this is the 
      usa  love it or leave it  but let s for god sake get our country back
                                                                                                                          semper  fi

  18. ttgriffie says:

    @harleypyrate02 #Really ?

  19. EmilyPrincess88 says:

    @harleypyrate02 if they did, where were the parents? That’s kind of not legal.

  20. LouEllenBrown says:

    I have read a little about this, but not that 80% of the statewide schools had adopted it permanently. It sounded like trial program that would succeed or fail on the way it was judged. I was not found of secrecy of the agreement, and that all the curriculum was to be kept totally off the radar. I was expecting the thing to be cancelled, but the schools that agreed to do it were hoping to get better classrooms and materials. I think they were basically kidnapped and now need to get out of their agreements. They should never have been accepted as experiments or whatever they were sold as. Got a bunch of embarrassed “educators” on the state board of Edgykashun.

  21. bdq4 says:

    Lets face the facts. The United States of America, as we knew it, no longer exists and will continue to decline. The Progressives have won.
    What they will have when the smoke clears isn’t worth having.

    • Roeech says:

      @bdq4 Never give up.  Defend and resist just as our pilgrims and forefathers did.  Giving up means we lose, they win.  There are many, but we are more!

    • JandinkinsJan says:

      @bdq4 And maybe that is why the USA is not mentioned in end times prophecy. There will no longer be a USA.

  22. 1catfish says:

    We can stop the muslims through the courts. Temporary restraining order, then total ban.  Just how many of these ragheads are there in this country illegally? Maybe Ohomo is fighting illegal immigration for the muslims instead of the mexicans.

  23. dupui says:

    .“@TakeNoMoore: Texas Schools Force Girls to Wear Islamic Burqas to School : The Last Resistance: http://t.co/55LzkQV1SL” Wake up Texas

  24. Paula Gail says:

    I don’t believe a word of this.  Someone is pulling our legs – dare any of us believe everything we read on the internet?  If so, then we are dumber than I think we are.

    • Kevin Kaas says:

      I’ve found the articles here are very reliable.  If you doubt it, research it before saying it is untrue.  I’ve seen many articles just like this one, and they were all true!..and yes, I researched all of them.

    • spaultpaul says:

       It’s most likely true, if not the exact circumstance, then at least the curriculum.  There is a huge fight right now to keep this curriculum out of the school district near us in Texas.  CSCOPE is real and it is really pro-Islam, pro-socialist, and teaches that Allah is THE God.  Do some research for your self.

    • Newsel says:

      @SandraPalmitierWaters You jest right? Try following the links provided.

    • mrscas says:

      @SandraPalmitierWaters It was on the news here in Texas.

    • BonnieU2 says:

      Sandra, I believe it because they made my grandson try to learn Chinese in the 3rd grade in a small town in Indiana. AND The grandson of the Founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, is teaching classes in Notre Dame in Indiana! Under the Clinton and Bush Administrations, his passport was
      restricted and he could not travel in the USA. But the Obama State Dept. removed that restiction and he is now traveling around giving “seminars” and classes in American Universities labeled as “Islamic Studies” They have purchase their way into our system by building schools here, donating money to the right (Left) politicians.

      • Paula Gail says:

         Thanks for the information, Bonnie.  It seems that we are further along in this unsavory system that I had hoped.  What can we do about it, except to pray?  Do we have start our own unrising to be heard?

      • JandinkinsJan says:

        @BonnieU2 Again, under the blessings of BHO.

    • JandinkinsJan says:

      @SandraPalmitierWaters The principal was on the news condoning the activity.

  25. Texasoathkeeper says:

    I am very conservative and live in Lumberton ,Texas. I have been to every official that has anything to do with education in my great city. I have tried to find out who this teacher is and no one will tell me.I will assure you I will keep turning over rocks until I find out who she is !!

    • Samurai_Sam says:

      @Texasoathkeeper  i think looking under rocks is a good place to start looking for this snake.

    • Roeech says:

      @Texasoathkeeper Start asking families at church or other outings who she or he may be.  However, you can bet the school is allowing this and does not want to own up.

    • JandinkinsJan says:

      @Texasoathkeeper From my understanding, More than one teacher is involved as well as the principal.

  26. keithroland1 says:

    @harleypyrate02 hi sherry I dony know whats happenning in texas

  27. BonnieU2 says:

    Well, appears Texas is starting to GO also! Guess they want more Californians to move there to support the Progressive agenda, which is most certainly in the minority now, but appears to be “listing to the Left” like the rest of the Ship of State under Obama! NOW where can we move to exercise our freedoms and Conservative/Christian/Judeo values?  Like China and Russia, looks like Texas is big on Capitalism, but short on Conservatism!

    • DancerInTexas says:

      @BonnieU2 Not only are we furious, it is humiliating that we could be infiltrated like this.  The legislature is on it, but not fast enough for most of us.  Look out, everyone.  This went on because school boards and parents could not see and teachers could not talk about their patented material.  Evan a state senator had trouble seeing this.  So they knew they had to hide it.  Talk to your kids.  Share what you hear with your neighbors.  Don’t accept anything parents and teachers can’t talk about.  Even if you home school, stay aware of what is happening in your community.  Who knows what damage has been done?

    • tadlem says:

      @BonnieU2 and to those who say Texas is like or worse than California:
      Living in Texas, Dallas specifically, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t speak for Texas, Texans, or people who live in Texas. Just because a few are giving in to the left doesn’t mean we all or nor will we just sit back and let this happen. That is why this has been address in the legislature and will continue to do so.
      This fight isn’t over. It has just begun! Don’t sell us down the river just yet!

      • BonnieU2 says:

        Thank you tadlem, I did not mean to impugne everyone in Texas, just that no matter what state it is, they are being infiltrated, and working harder to indoctrinate our children than we can keep up with! Not selling you down the river. Whoever is letting the school curriculum and books, custums and traditions reflect those of Islam instead of Christianity Or NO religion, are doing that! I love Texas, went to University of Houston in the early 60’s and it was already starting then! Not just there, everywhere.

    • Deliverance says:

      @BonnieU2  DON’T leave FIGHT. And FIGHT hard. What ever it takes, DO IT.

  28. valea heyl says:


  29. RobSchick says:

    The Koran makes a great fire starter and backup T.P. for my camping trips~~I’ll I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9-11 ~~

  30. 1catfish says:

    Close all public schools and issue school vouchers. Choose the schools that have a moral fiber. Stop all government education grants.Home school or private school is only answer.

    • Roeech says:

      @1catfish Darn good idea.  With feds supporting public education, it will never improve and will continue to brain wash children from 3 to 23 because they are not taught to think and reason.  Vouchers should have been started year ago.  Only in private schools, religious schools and some Charter schools can we get an education and not a brainwashing!

  31. Samurai_Sam says:

    As I posted on a different site:
    Will the school be including wife beating, genital mutilation, rape, and beheading as part of the curriculum or will they just be showing the “kinder gentler” side of a savage group.Ostensibly this is to introduce the west to the culture of these people. It’s a good thing that Hitler isn’t in power today or they’ed by teaching what its like to incinerate Jews just so we’d have a better understanding of another ignorant savage.

    • DancerInTexas says:

      @Samurai_Sam Who knows what more is in there.  We weren’t allowed to know.  Patent protection, you see.  But enough has been leaked that my guess is you wouldn’t like it any more than we do.  Kick out Christianity through separation clause which isn’t there and then teach them a different religion?  I am so mad.  We try to be open and find there is an attempt to change a kid’s faith.

    • JandinkinsJan says:

      @Samurai_Sam What is despicable is calling terrorists “freedom fighters”.

      • Samurai_Sam says:

        @JandinkinsJan  @Samurai_Sam Right on! freedom fighters are soldiers that fight in the open identified by the uniforms of the countries which they represent. They are not cowards that hide behind their women and children while convincing same to strap explosives to themselves. But then again everything in this world is upside down as we are learning. Common thugs and murderers are somehow labeled as victims. Victims are portrayed as evil people who brought it on themselves. People defending themselves are guilty of killing someone who was attempting to kill them and they go to jail.
        Instead of permanently disposing of murderers the justice system rewards them with a lifetime of free room and board. If anyone can give me a valid reason why we are still paying for the existence of Charlie Manson I’d be surprised. 
        The experts all claim that the death penalty is not a deterrent, but the first thing that a murder defendants attorney negotiates for is a life sentence in lieu of the death penalty.

  32. Kevin Kaas says:

    Let the revolution begin already…enough is enough!  I’m mad as hell and there’s absoluttely NO reason why we should have to take this crap anymore.  Who stands with me?  Yellow-bellied cowards need not apply.

  33. Pointdan says:

    Can’t believe this is going on in TEXAS of all places. New York, Vermont – maybe. But the Great State of TEXAS allows this BS  . . . . ?????  I bet it stops soon. Very soon . . . .

    • vette66 says:

       If you can make the big guy fall first then the little guy won’t bother you. If Texas falls to islam, how soon with the rest of the states follow?

      • DancerInTexas says:

        @vette66  @Pointdan That is very insightful.  Could be.  We’ll get it out but this is a disgrace.  Let’s fight that idea of starting kids at 4.  Indoctrination has served them well before and they seem to be getting more aggressive.

    • JandinkinsJan says:

      @Pointdan Too many outsiders have infiltrated.

  34. OldAzPatriot says:

    When I was a kid growing up and attending grammar school in the 1950’s we used to start our school day by saying the Lord’s Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. In late December we would get a week and a half or so off from school for the Christmas holidays. In April we would get a week or so off which we called Easter break. Unfortunately, those were offensive to liberal types who had no religious beliefs and no patriotism so we had to stop all that stuff. I have read a number of stories over the last couple of years about kids being sent home from school because they wore a tee shirt that displayed an American flag, or a patriotic saying,  or something that showed their Christian beliefs. Liberals didn’t like those things and managed to get restictions in place using the “separation of church and state” argument. So, aren’t we violating the liberals definition of “separation of church and state” by teaching them this muslim propaganda? Uh Oh – sorry, I just answered my own question. Liberalism is always a double standard.

    • JandinkinsJan says:

      @OldAzPatriot It’s like waving a cross in front of a vampire or exposing the demon to sunlight.

  35. Roeech says:

    Now, for Texas this is pretty stupid, iconoclastic, socialist, offensive, unnecessary but what can you expect from federally supported public education which is out to brain wash the young, just as the Russians told us they could do.  Now, Texans, wake up and stop this craziness.  By the way, the muslim god is a moon god, not the creator we value in our faith.  Geez, I can’t get over this stupidity, and I thought CA was nutty.

    • AnthonyAlexander says:

      @Roeech That’s because EDUCATION and anything remotely connected to it like schools, colleges are HAVENS for Liberal anti christen thought and doctrines. It’s time we purge the educational system of the Unions, Marxists and liberals who are poisoning the REAL doctrines which built this great nation.

    • AlbertLowe says:

      @Roeech  “By the way, the muslim god is a moon god, not the creator we value in our faith.”  Really?  Where did you get that?  From a box of cracker jacks?  I mean, don’t you know the story of Isaac and Ishmael?  I suggest you read Genesis chapters 16, 17, 21 and 25.

  36. ashman1 says:

    Hey Texans, tired of Tijuanifornia being the septic tank of the US? Want to push them out of first place by being the Texa-mecca of islam, y’all? You are well on your way. Just watch out for Detroit, St Louis, and Tehran. They may want to  send a few terrorists your way.

  37. USPatriotOne says:

    This is all part of Oboozo Communist/Muslim agenda for America….it’s this kind of CR*P that is just another step in the long line of steps already taken by this SOB to start the next Civil War II…!!!

    • JandinkinsJan says:

      @USPatriotOne Obama influences and sanctions all and any activity that shuns Christianity or anything American.

  38. Ps5725 says:

    @franginter Ya and Texas thinks they are a republican state. They need to nip this kind of crap in the butt.

  39. uottotravel says:

    Where is women Lib ? dose this mean islam can tell women they are worthless. Maby suicide bombers is ok.

  40. AnthonyAlexander says:

    Islam’s reputation of slavery, terrorism and kidnapping goes back to the Barbary Wars…….This is an old score NOW is the time to settle it once and for all. Deport all Islamic people in the US. I am sick and tired of having some third rate religious group tell us what to do and pulling their stupid religion out like a gun and sticking it in our face. Any extremist religion has been the bane of civilization since the dawn of time and has killed more people in the name of some stupid God than anything else……now excuse me while I go and take a dump and wipe my A__ with the Koran…..

  41. dphorton says:

    First we ave to change the idea that Islam is a Religon.  Islam is not a religion at all.  It is a form of slavery that requires a person to conform to the will of the Imam and how he interprets the Koran.  It is a a way of life that teaches hate.

  42. VeeDub says:

    This is so very simple. Each and every parent whose child was forced to wear a garment associated with the Islamic “religion” needs to file a civil lawsuit against the school (and the school district, and the district supervisor, and everyone else who was part of the decision to do it) INDIVIDUALLY.
    Not a class action suit, but individual suits. Thus they will keep the school system tied up in court spending hundreds of thousands on attorneys and court costs. It doesn’t matter if the schools win, they will pay with time and money.
    Somebody will get fired and the school system will think twice before they EVER try anything like that again.  We must use the tactics of the left to defeat the left.  It’s the only thing they understand…. Sometimes!

    • ElizabethDeFranco says:

      @VeeDub The only difficult with that scenario, would be that schools would only be diverting the tax dollars allotted to them by the taxpayers, thus shortchanging the students even further.

  43. dphorton says:

    Everyone need to call Governor Perry and let your Texas Senator and Representative know your feelings right now!!!!!

  44. Bill Weston says:

    I’m reminded of a song in “Fiddler On The Roof”. “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find….” then the romantic notions fade into reality and the lryics change to “matchmaker, matchmaker, make me no match, find me no find….”  I have no illusions about “C scope’s” purpose. Their goals are probably sinister. (understatement), but rebellious schoolgirls aided by society might give these “wannabe” tyrants more than they can handle. The “Shiek of Araby” is most likely a thief and a thug and not a hollywood actor.

  45. tadlem says:

    According to the website of the Lumberton, TX ISD, they were not forced to wear these, but chose to as part of a cirriculum teaching the differences in culture. Forced or not, this should not have happened! Here is the link for their statement:

    Evidently people have been contacting them about this. I suggest we keep it up until the stop this nonsense!

    • refurb001yy says:

      @tadlem Do they teach Jewish and Catholic norms and customs as part of their curriculum?  Aside, islam is a CULT, not a religion.  What other false gods are they teaching in schools NOW?!

  46. kd5dgs says:

    CSCOPE needs to be removed for the good of the children

  47. gfabyan says:

    Wake up people. If your kids are in Public school you have already given up your ability to fight for anything regarding their instruction.  Mozert v. Hawkins County Public Schools (1987) The central issue in the case was: Do parents and children who have sincere religious objections to public school curriculum have the right to alternative instruction for the objectionable material? The answer given by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals was clear: Parents have no such right. Once a child has been submitted to the public schools for his education, parents lose all ability to control the course of instruction.

  48. BobbyHutson says:

    Hey Islam  Allah sucks!

  49. DavidPeacock says:

    three [3] sins of the world;;;;OBAMA, ALLAH AND ISLAM

  50. jmbs says:

    Where the heck are the femminists- why are they not yelling out against tolerating a culture that ENSLAVES its women??? What on EARTH is going on? There is NO morality in this thinking, should we start teaching kids about the occult as well now?Should we Let them sacrifice some animals at school so they can identify with the AZTECS?
    Goodness Gracious.

    • JandinkinsJan says:

      @jmbs Because the “feminists” were born with either gold or silver spoons in their loud mouths that spout nothing but ignorance. They only support those who support Obama or any other liberal, head in the hole hater of America.

  51. ElizabethDeFranco says:

    The deliberate promotion of poisonous ‘progressive’ propaganda is being spoon fed to our children as part of a campaign to, in the words of Antonio Gramsci: ” . . . begin the long slow march through the institutions”. These Leftist/Marxist/Communist/Progressive ideologues have been incrementally indoctrinating young generations of children–moving them ever further from traditional values, as espoused by our nation’s Founding Fathers.

  52. snytz says:

    By Texas schools to require their students to wear burqas, just show or should show you just where this government is going. Obam is not an American President, he’s a communist organizer.

  53. cantonst says:

    Texas is conservative while the Austin area is very liberal.  I do think that childrens’ education in the basics is far more important than experimenting with these knuckleheaded ideas.  Burkas are just the tip of the iceberg regarding Islam.  I would discuss some of the other practices of Islam prescribed for young girls and women but this is not the place to do that.

  54. OldAzPatriot says:

    Here are a couple of stories about what happens to “liberated” muslim women here in the U.S. The first story occurred in Lewisville, Texas;
    The second story occurred here in the Phoenix, Az area;
    I am sure that CSCOPE will not mention either one.

    • ElizabethDeFranco says:

      @OldAzPatriot You are absolutely correct in your observation, Old AZ Patriot! The REAL ‘war on women’ has been targeting all females unfortunate enough to find themselves being ruled by Shariah, the Hadith &/or the Ummah. Apparently the Left only disapproves of Judeo-Christian beliefs being taught in our nation’s schools, while by the same token, they have no problem w/any message that serves to undermine the principles upon which our (formerly great) nation was premised.

  55. Sno1 says:

    you know I’ve been reading a lot of stories of stuff like this coming out of Texas lately ,kinda makes me wonder if Texas has a liberal problem they can’t handle in their public school system , and why are the proud parents of Texas children not pulling your kids out of the school system , unless you really do want your kids to become liberals .

  56. tadlem says:

    According to the website of the Lumberton, TX ISD, they were not forced to wear these, but chose to as part of a cirriculum teaching the differences in culture. Forced or not, this should not have happened! Here is the link for their statement:

    Evidently people have been contacting them about this. I suggest we keep it up until the stop this nonsense!

    • refurb001yy says:

      @tadlem You can teach differences but having them wear the grab of islam religion (if that is what it is) IS WRONG!  They have taken the cross out of schools,  morning pray, and even the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America (oh by the way is where we are AT!).  If you can’t do one, you CANNOT do ANY!

  57. Collin_Lyon says:

    @EDinCali Soon to be coming to Calif schools soon!

  58. SamLasley says:

    I can’t believe that my children and grandchildren in Texas would put up with this shxx.  I am asking them why they don’t go down to the school board and kick some ass.  If they don’t do something I’ll be there asap and put an end to Obama and his muslim thugs agenda.@

  59. cubbysmom says:

    as someone said, when we went to school public or catholic it started with a prayer or the pledge of allegiance.  now they are having our beautiful young ladies wearing burkas.  I had said this was going to happen.  Hey all you voters out there who voted for obama, this is what you get.    now our children have to suffer for this. this is not teaching them about islam, this is getting them ready to have to wear burkas.   they are cumbersome, hot, sweaty,  an embarassment to all women, and not one islamic cares.  obama wants what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it.  I hope all of you who voted this narcist in is sticking your foot up your a–.    let it stay there as now I will have to suffer along with all real american citizens for your ignorance of re-electing him.  you will see everyone, unemployment is still high,  taxes are going up for alot of you,  medicare is going downhill as is social security at a pretty rapid pace.  food prices are higher than ever and no extra money is coming in.  our children are predisposed with themselves.  adults have not taught them respect for God so it will be easy for them to go over to the other side, and be as evil as can be.    this to me is not fair to us, I am a die hard american, believe in morality, justice, fairness, I have hopes and dreams of a better american and obama is not the way to get it.  you made a big mistake american for the second time you fell for his propoganda, and he fooled you again.  Unhappy am I , yes I am,  mad as hell at everyone who voted for the islamic beast.  thank you one and all.  this will not have a happy ending.  the devil is at large.

  60. GaryVincent says:

    WTF is wrong with the people in Texas. Are you out of your minds catering to our Muslim enemies. You’re the last place I expected that shit to be tolerated. Time for Texans to kick some Muslim ass and anyone who opted for this.

  61. DennisSmith says:

    The way things are going, Texas will get tired of liberal brain washing BS and pass a law to chnge it. There is a move in Texas to move from the union of states because they see the American government going wrongway. Its a matter of time before they correct that problem. The Liberal leaches days are going to be numbered with there brain dead ideas. Theres a movement on correcting the problem and peole are slowly waking up, let just hope people ralize it in time , so we dont loose Texas too. Texas is on of few states that not slipped so far into the abis of liberalism. Im betting on Texas spirit and people there stop liberals and socilists from grasping hold , like california and Newyork.

  62. SpiderMike says:

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” ~ C.S. Lewis

  63. snytz says:

    Obama needs to be impeached, now I know that won’t stop this kind of thinking that Obama and his gestapo are, however; it will slow it down and put Joe Biden in charge and any Republican could beat. Obama wants to resend the 22nd amendment of the constitution so he can be re-elected and deem himself president for life.

  64. bettered says:

    .@Luann_Joyful1 was it the state or CSCOPE? And who promoted the latter?

    • Luann_Joyful1 says:

      .@bettered I suppose since Texas made CSCOPE there school curriculum, it would be both! Public school and the govt. agenda continues!

  65. Paula Gail says:

    One last thing:  I think we all need to be very careful before we write anything at all.  Write it down on a piece of paper, then pray about the matter and wait until morning.  You might have changed your mind by morning, and you might feel safer if you write nothing.  This is a very different world than the world in which we grew up.  I will follow my own suggestions before I write another word.

    • refurb001yy says:

      @Paula Gail What are you saying?  Live in fear of islam, don’t make waves?  It’s alright to throw out the Jews and Catholics?  Please explain??????

  66. MelbaSimmonsRowland says:

    I am researching this and I need some help understanding. Was this 1 teacher , 1 high school or the entire state?

    • CharlieSeattle says:

      uhh, are you 9 years old?
      Contact the author, Francis Marion, if you know how. 
      Contact the Lumberton School district, if you know how.
      Contact the Texas State Board of Education, if you know how. 
      Contact Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston), if you know how.

      • texanna says:

        @CharlieSeattle  @MelbaSimmonsRowland
         why so snarky?

      • MelbaSimmonsRowland says:

        @ @CharlieSeattle
         Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…..I do know how to do all of those things and more…..I wanted a different perspective than that of Francis Marion. The Lumberton School District  appears to be lacking in their knowledge of what exactly happened, as does the Texas State Board of Education and isn’t Senator Patrick the same Senator who said HE was haviing difficulity getting factual information, himself?  
          I want input from the parents, students and teachers actually involved in this “lesson”….not from some “official” trying to cover up what is proving itself to be a huge mistake, example of poor judgement, or a case of being hoodwinkled by some fast talking snake oil salesperson!
        Am I 9 years old????? Hardly…add about 60 to that and you will be close.

        • CharlieSeattle says:

          Then get to work and stop wasting time here.

        • CharlieSeattle says:

          Are you here to state what you want to do for applause and ego gratification?

        • texanna says:

          @CharlieSeattle  @MelbaSimmonsRowland
           It’s self important jerks like ole charlie who spend their time insulting folks in order to get a little attention.  Bitter much, charlie?

    • texanna says:

       Melba, my question was to Charlie who asked if you were 9 and you had just asked questions to clarify.  There is no need for him to be snarky.  I certainly am not offended but old Charlie seems to have a chip on his shoulder for some reason.

      • MelbaSimmonsRowland says:

         Thank you…..well, you are right, Charlie does seem to be a bit “defensive”, doesn’t he?  Or maybe he just believves everything he reads with out doing his own research.

        • CharlieSeattle says:

          @MelbaSimmonsRowland  @texanna 
          Idiot, it’s the 9 year old in a 19 year old body that can’t figure out how to research the issue.

  67. coleche24 says:

    I live here in Texas and have not heard of this happening. Be assured if it did in fact happen then it was at only one school and one class. This kind of behavior would not be tolerated as a school wide system.

    • Marine Patriot says:

      EXCUSE ME: It said the plan was adopted by the STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION, and 80 % of the Schools are using this Un-Constitutional behavior, Maybe You should check further or call the Board and ask them and if it was adopted then start a movement to get it thrown out of OUR CHILDRENAS EDUCATION, Freedom Fighters MY ASS.   “REMEMBER the ALAMO”

  68. ScorchedEarth says:

    Sending your kids to a public school these days should be considered a form of child abuse.  And this is coming from an old graduate of the public school system, long before the “progressives” took over…..

  69. Paula Gail says:

    The principal needs to be fired.

  70. ChristophJLHeer says:

    @LyleKlich Beyond stupid :-(
    How did such a great nation sink so low? Sorry, no offense, but great regret.
    Very sad indeed!

  71. luisrcorchado says:

    I’ve contacted this organization; they have taken over 185 School Districts in Texas. Their curriculum is only available to Texas school teachers.  What they are in fact, is indoctrinating the children in Texas.
    They told me they’ve corrected it, but at some point they were teaching the children that the Boston Tea Party was a terrorist Movement.  Also, they had the 12th Graders design a flag for a Socialist New Nation and the students came up with a red flag with a sickle and a hammer in the center.

    • refurb001yy says:

      @luisrcorchado That teacher should be put on NOTICE.  What if a child is christian and refuses to wear the silly thing?   Does she get a bad grade?  This is TOTALLY WRONG!!!!!!!  Get islam out of OUR schools!!!!!!  You have thrown out the cross and the word GOD, now ban the burkas!!!!!  It’s one way or the other.  NO religion or what?????

      • luisrcorchado says:

         Thanks, as I’ve stated, I’ve contacted this organization; they are BAD NEWS!!!!
        Now our whole nation is under attack, and Texas being that it is a strong hold, their children are being indoctrinated.
        That is one area for those who live in Texas to question and let them know we are watching!!!
        Now, another guy and/or area is New York.  There is Congressman, José E. Serrano (D-NY) 15th District pushing for a US Constitutional amendment on the 22nd Amendment, which limit the President to two terms.  WE HAVE TO STOP HIM!!!  If the amendment is approved and the 12 Million illegals are granted citizenship, Prsident Obama is set for more than two terms???

  72. lokiswife says:

    All the more reason to “borrow” your kids schoolbooks and read them to see what is being taught; when you find objectionable material, spread the word, band up with other parents and  stand up to the school board. Americans are too “nice” and too busy working and taking care of their families and their communties to realize what is happening right under their noses. Mr. and Mrs “Nice Guy” are losing the battle to the liberal agenda.

  73. Maybe this will teach these girls that having to wear such garbage and for an unexplainable stupid reason is equal to slavery. Maybe they will smarten up and oppose this ignorance driven religion.  This is most probably a federally funded program and supported by our Islamic president.

  74. Skooters Dad says:

    Somehow I don’t think Texas is going to put up with this for very long,  just to many cowboys & rednecks around to stand-by while this happens.

  75. Sapphira Sez says:

    Home education is the wave of the future, at least until oBlamer outlaws home education. I was at a state basketball tournament in Frisco TX last week, where 127 teams of home educated kids participated from all across the state–Lubbock, El Paso, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, D/FW area, and from many smaller areas. As i looked around and saw the many kids on the teams, plus their brothers & sisters, I thought “this has got to be impacting the public schools’ Average Daily Attendance!”  As more and more people pull their kids out of public schools due to the sort of nonsense indoctrination in the article above, public schools are going to hurt more and more, and eventually the Fed will stomp out this method of education. I have long held that education does not happen in schools anymore. It’s sports, social and political indoctrination, and little else. My grandchildren are home educated, but the oldest one wanted to go to public school so she could play soccer. We know first hand how the public school system dumbs down kids! This girl was driven, in home school, to excel, to produce, to think. In three years of high school, she managed to slow herself down to a blah attitude toward learning. She told me that my SUV was causing the polar bears to disappear!!!  I had several long talks with her, got her to THINK again, and she now realizes how many ways public school messed with her head. From her experience, the three younger children all said they would never go to public school.  The second eldest is completing her first year in college with a 4. average. She was also her basketball team’s key player. Through the home education association in our small town (pop. 25k) they are “socialized”, but in the American tradition of patriotism, faith (many different religions are represented as well as three different races), and character. So if anyone is dissatisfied with their child’s schooling, they should definitely do all they can to home educate.  Some people even pay a home educator to teach their children because they have to work. It’s the coming thing.

    • cowfeeder says:

      @Sapphira Sez
       We live in a very small rural school district.  I thank God my children are all out of school and pity them with my grand children in school now.  This school has 11 preschool–3 and 4 years old–4 kindergarteners–3 first grade–6 second grade–3 third grade–6 fourth grade–2 fifth grade–1 sixth grade– 3 seventh grade–6 eighth grade–6 ninth grade-4 tenth grade–1 eleventh grade and 2 twelvth grade.  There are 47 home schooled children in this district!!  Five are taken to another district by thier parents–22 miles each way.  So some districts are already taking education into their own hands!!  We are not in Texas–I cannot believe real born and bred Texans would stand for this–sounds like they are being Californicated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. retro1 says:

    They, the school children, should refuse to do this and if that doesn’t work, stay out.

  77. DavidPeacock says:

    LIBERALS AND OBAMA ARE TAKING OVER TEXAS ONE BITE AT A TIME;; THIS NATION IS VERY CLOSE TO FLIPPING; WAR NOW OR JIHAD LATER. if this potus is not removed this nation is finished as a world sanctuary for free people.

  78. JaneScroggins says:

    I think having them wear burkas is fine. Just make sure they get the real experience, beaten if they show their face, not allowed to talk to any male, not permitted to drive their cars to school etc. Make it real so the girls will understand what they are dealing with!!!

  79. nicap says:

    I will change my perspective on Islam when that teacher agrees to be beheaded.

  80. southgadiva says:

    @Dstroyr_U2b Thx for the retweet. Thk Kerry for Islam in Texas.

    • Dstroyr_U2b says:

      @southgadiva If I were at that school I would’ve started a class riot, ending in taking the Burqas outside and burning them. XD

  81. snytz says:

    Schools are teach under the guidelines of the U.S. Government. The school of today, don’t teach, they indoctrinate. Nazi’s did it, communist’s do it, and Obama wants to do it too.

  82. richglasgow says:

    @Dstroyr_U2b @southgadiva Pathetic, indeed. Parents shouldn’t put up w/ this! R they being taught abt “honor rapes” & “honor murders?”

  83. snytz says:

    I’m not sure, but I think Marine Patriot was a very good student.

  84. daveph74 says:

    This is mad, only a crazy teacher and the administration should be taken out and stoned or beheaded. the parents in lumberton texas should do the stoning of these brain dead, insane liberal teachers and school heads should lose theirs

  85. jsmithcsa says:

    This is hardly new.I remember in high school (c 1970) in Arlington NoVa, when the hari krisha bald headed dudes came to our school to teach us about their faith. Attendance was mandatory and we all had to chant with them. It’s unlikely the Baptists would have been able to come to school to make us all sing “Rock of Ages”!  Oh, and they’ve never told our parents they were going to do it, or that they did.

    • skai says:

      @jsmithcsa ” I remember in high school [c1970] in Arlington NoVa when the hari krshna bald headed duds came to our school to teach us about their faith .” You are right , but they were NOT trying to convert you to their faith or take over USA, where as Islam will try to convert you and impost other things like Halah food, that is the difference between Hari Krishan and Islam .see http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

      • texanna says:

        @skai  @jsmithcsa
         Islam will slit your throat if you do not state there is not god but allah and mohammed is his prophet.

    • cowfeeder says:

       I went to school in the 40’s and 50’s.  If they had pulled this then, my dad would have ripped that place apart~~he did it just a couple of times and they learned they did not cross that line or they paid the price!!  We need more parents like him now.  Poor kids get all this satanism crammed down their throats and the parents don’t even know.

  86. tadlem says:

    According to the website of the Lumberton, TX ISD, they were not forced to wear these, but chose to as part of a cirriculum teaching the differences in culture. Forced or not, this should not have happened! Here is the link for their statement:

    Evidently people have been contacting them about this. I suggest we keep it up until the stop this nonsense!

  87. Donnag says:

    how much longer before  parents and grandparents merge on the schools to demand the entire CScope program end, period! 
    The people MUST awaken and take the country back!  This is only the beginning of what will happen to the kids under the illegal dictatorship of the muslim freak now squatting in the people’s White House!

  88. kingwhitney19 says:

    First, all of the posters here are “preaching to the choir.”  We need to get out and tell our uninformed friends, neighbors, and co-workers what the mass media does not tell them.  And, we must put pressure on the elected officials.  Also, we MUST, MUST, MUST, take a cue from the left and announce boycotts of any company who supports anti-traditional values.

    • jlt19467335 says:

       This is what your going to get with FED. control and orama wants nothing more than total Fed. control.

  89. LauraleeHensley says:

    Home school your kids, this is nuts!

    • nestmission says:

      @LauraleeHensley I agree 100 %…home school your children, or send them to a christian school. But you say I can’t afford it…you can’t afford not to. But in my many years of living, I have found that people afford what they want to afford!

      • LauraleeHensley says:

        @nestmission  @LauraleeHensley
         You can work and still home school your children.  They just need to get in the required number of hours per week, which can be done in the evenings after you get home from work and on the weekends if that is how your work schedule goes.  I know many people who arranged his and her work schedules so one of them was always home with the kids so they didn’t have to pay for babysitters.  If it is a couple then Dad can teach them some of the classes and then Mom some of the others.  If it is a single parent it may be harder, yet I think if it is really what you feel is best for your child you can work it out.  So many people do shift type work now a days anyways, so just make sure the wife and husband are not on the same shift, so that way you don’t have to pay for sitters, or if you do, maybe a neighbor just for a few hours a day for maybe cross commuting time between the two parents.

  90. MacdonaldCory says:

    Texas is a suppose to be a “conservative” state. How did this happen? I guess the lesson learned is not to have a any liberal in charge of education or anywhere near children.

    • Deliverance says:

      @MacdonaldCory Then you need to get nrid of perry.

    • texaselect says:

      @MacdonaldCory Austin has had an influx of communist punk az liberals descend on us for several years. Time to send these low lifes, the hell back to where they came from.

  91. Sunnyblues says:

    What the H*LL happened to Texas?  The enemy slithered in and infested the schools and the government and who knows where else.  It’s time the big T said “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!”  This is insane.  Take your schools back and teach your kids the truth for God’s sake and for your own.

  92. silvernotes says:

    Thanks Texasoathkeeper for looking into this. I am more concerned about how this ended up approved by the state school board to teach the kids and nobody said anything. Propaganda can be very powerful when used on a regular basis…the Nazis learned it from us!

  93. cowfeeder says:

    As my husband says he bets John Dewey has a whole different perspective now!!  I think he did an about face on his beliefs when he hit the gates of hell–but he deserves it.  His teachings are all antiBible.  It would be a cold day in hell before one of my children was taught this junk in school–they would sit out that class and I would have an attorney if they didn’t teach Christianity also

  94. Deliverance says:

    One must always be on the guard for the deceiver. He will devour you. He will steal from you and consume you.

  95. JoyceA says:

    My child would never be allowed to wear this garbage! We need to take back America and send these muslims back to their own countries.

  96. texaselect says:

    Personally as a Texan and American I am outraged that the children are being subjected to this insanity by the liberal communists running washington. This Has To Be Stopped and NOW ! Fellow Texas copy this story and email your Reps. Go to google for christs sake and look up email address for —— you will find it. Let them know they had better put a stop to this and NOW.

  97. bayman55 says:

    Take your child out of the school, plain and simple. Or simply go tot he school and confront the teacher and tell him or her that you dare them to ever do something like that again. That you will sue them for forceing their beliefs on the children when they are supposed to be teaching them math, history, or whatever it is that she or he teaches. This will continue untill you find the courage to stand up to these people. Stop being such a coward. Damn!

  98. Blessings says:

    So if I go to say Lebanon and go to their school, I want all of them to wear a Cross and carry a Bible to experience diversity .. Ya right.. We are America. Freedom of Religion. Don’t force your crap on me and never, I mean, never, ask me to waer a garment that symbolizes anti Christianity .. Just saying:(

  99. RickHays says:

    If this is true, it is an outrage.  I have a difficult time believing the good folks of Texas are allowing this to happen.  I would rather my children not be “educated” at all; they certainly would NOT be in a school that does this!

  100. BEVO7 says:

    Zero in on this ISD and don’t let up. Carpet bomb the SOB’s however you can until they get the message LOUD & CLEAR!

  101. The public school is a dangerous place to send any child.  I am glad I do not have children to raise but sad I have grand children that have to endure the public school system.
    Children should be taught anywhere but there

    • DennisVanMeter says:

      @Simply Immaculate Like you I have no children in school, all five have graduated and now I have 6 grandchildren and one on the way, 5 are in school and I worry about the im-moral and anti God that our government is mandating our children learn.

  102. gmkernisan says:

    @611skyhawk This is satire, isn’t it? The idea of Texas turning into a liberal anything sounds like paranoid delusion to me.

  103. NancyCramblit says:

    Whether you have children in the public school system or not you are still funding the moral decay of this country.
    These outfits teach ir-religion, immorality, and indecency. Just look at the books they read for “english”  in high schools. No child should be required to attend and we need to clean this house.

  104. JPerryE says:

    Well, the girls are only getting half the story about Islam. Perhaps if they were physicaly threatened for showing any hair or skin in public they would then understand the entire picture. They should know that male members of their families could beat them with impunity for associating with young men.

    • jlt19467335 says:

       Go there then dumby.

    • Dynamicdave says:

      @JPerryE AND????? So what you’re saying is that we have to “understand” what motivates idiotic males of another culture? No we don’t. AMERICA, pal. Freedom of religion. What they do in their own house is their business. Don’t come to mine and say “conform.” My .357 would say different. Bigoted, cowardly, bass-ackwards civilizations have no say in an American school. PERIOD! Next you will say that the Pledge of Allegiance is wrong. They are already trying to take that away from our kids. They came to America, originally, to be Americans. But they are trying to distort what it means to be an American. Their way or the highway? Not happening!If you feel we should understand why Muslim men treat their women the way they do, it won’t happen. I may learn why they do it, but I will never understand. If you support it (which is what your comment sounded like) you are as screwed up as they are. If I misunderstood your point or meaning, I apologize, but it sounds like you support the Muslim beliefs…..

      • JPerryE says:

        The liberal establishment is only showing one side of islam. They aren’t showing the demeaning life threatening loss of freedom. They don’t wish to show that the head scarves and burquas are worn out of fear. If you, Dynamicdave and jlti9467335 are so ignorant that you can’t read and understand a simple post, then take your meds and get some rest.

        • Dynamicdave says:

          @JPerryE Your post wasn’t cut and dry. You left it open for interpretation. I interpreted it as I read it. Be more clear on your stance next time and there wouldn’t be misinterpretations. I was in Iraq, 10th SFG, I know what the head scarves and burquas are about. We go to their country and have to follow what they say to the letter. They come to America and expect us to conform. Not on my watch.

  105. DennisVanMeter says:

    If a women of Islam is raped she go’s to jail not the rapist.  All this is what we get because of blind voters electing a Muslim president.

    • refurb001yy says:

      @DennisVanMeter I thought the woman was stoned or killed because women are a property and just get discarded.  If they are not PURE, they are terminated.

  106. Dynamicdave says:

    I would be at that school in a heartbeat if they required my daughter to submit to this lunacy. I would be in the Principals face and telling him in no uncertain terms that my daughter will not participate and if there is any retaliation towards her, that I would be suing his worthless a$$. The nerve of these liberal idiots trying to train our children to the beliefs of other cultures. Learn about them, fine. Wear their clothes, not happening. Schools, Governments and politicians are out of control. The school can neither force them to comply, nor punish them for not complying. I will not, nor ever attempt, to agree with Muslim beliefs. Freedom of religion is exactly that. As an old military/American signet said; “Don’t Tread On Me.”


    ——————————————  allah  fubar  ———————————-

  108. PacJac says:

    @sokeijarhead I apologize for Texas. How disgusting.

  109. Imtalknhere says:

    @AMORC11 We are not to call them Terrorists anymore, but Freedom Fighters??? How many Americans will fall for this now?! #sheeples

  110. LisaAvedon says:

    I can tell you right now that this is not very accurate. I have researched this in my state and it is being written to extreme. 99% of teachers don’t use the CSCOPE curriculum. Our Texas Congress is also stepping up on this issue. I also know for a fact that it is not and never will be used in our school district. All parents should get involved to make sure that it is not being used in theirs.

  111. TheNewEcologist says:

    @anniemae1000 @AMORC11 That cant be true….

  112. JamesMills says:

    Fight Back against Anti American practices–Every time!!!

  113. ChiefGator says:

    If they ever tried to make my daughter wear one of those outfits to school, the principal and the teacher would be escorted down the main street of town wearing one, while people lining both sides of the street threw rotten vegetables at them.

  114. Speaker2bait says:

    The liberals and progressives of the West have shown they are morally bankrupt, most conspicuously in their silence about the extreme – MURDEROUS, that is – homophobia and misogyny within the Muslim world, especially within the Arab Muslim world. There is no culture in the world EXCEPT that of the Muslims in which homosexuals are frequently sentenced to death. Look at the Islamic Revolutionary Republic of Iran, where homosexuals are hanged and their corpses left on public display along the streets of Tehran, dangling by wire rope cables from industrial cranes. Look at many Arab Islamic countries, where parents have famously MURDERED their daughters for simply gazing at a passing adolescent boy; where crowds of men throw stones at helpless bound women sentenced to death for adultery; where women who report being raped are jailed and whipped instead of the male rapists, and frequently murdered by their own fathers or brothers for “dis-honoring” their families.  It’s horrible enough that these things go on, at an unimaginable frequency in Muslim countries. It is even MORE monstrous that the traitors in our own culture lie to us and refuse to acknowledge these atrocities and accuse anyone who refers to them of bigotry and racism. We are governed now by the worst sort of traitors and perverts. We are living in a POLICE STATE.

  115. NHConstitutionalist says:

    The liberals indulge revolutionary ideas  … Here’s a thought Revolt, Refuse and stand your ground on your Constitutional rights. Tel your daughters to not just say No but H3ll NO!I thought teenagers were rebellious by nature use that your advantage. I haven’t known young girls not to want to be the height of the fashion fad world. Those berkahs are are the height of bilious attire. Just tell them to get up and walk out in protest of the protesters of
    of our American way of life.  Freedom of choice extends beyond the limits of abortion or homosexuality it encompasses all our choices. The Freedom to think for ones self.and stand up for our beliefs.
    Who’s paying for those ugly rags they want those girls to wear?

  116. themarinegysgt says:

    I fought for this country in vietnam 3 tours i was in the infantry not behind the lines but right in the jungle, i fought for the people of the usa, but not for these arab rag heads or there so called religion, we need to deport them if they dont like this country, love it or leave it, dont try to chance it.     semper fi

  117. snytz says:

    If Obama can get away with this in Texas, what happens in the rest of the states. This non-sense has to stop and stop now. This is communism as sure as I’m writing this right now.

  118. snytz says:

    I’m a vet from along time ago, I’m not proud of the way our country is turning out with Obama as so called president. This country is going to hell for sure.

  119. billedw35 says:

    Hard to believe this is happening in Texas.So, what’s next?? What is happening to America? How do we get rid of the Texas Board of Education and any other idiots that would approve such a program??

  120. ragnarok65 says:

    Texans USED TO BE God-fearing Americans, now they are the merchants of Islam? I’m disappointed that the parents of these kids allowed them to go to schools where this garbage was being forced upon them. Keep them home, or give them permission to not attend that particular class.

  121. nanblan says:

    This is the most disturbing story I’ve ever heard about liberal propaganda in U.S. schools . . . and there are many. First, I really don’t understand why this country seems to view the Muslim culture as superior to that of America’s. I guess it has something to do with Obama being raised as a Muslim, and pro-Islamist.  This is perfectly okay as long as he doesn’t support the terrorist side of it policies and beliefs. However, Islam almost always includes Sharia Law, consisting of extremely oppressive and violent rules in their treatment of women.  So if Obama and other liberals support Muslim principles and beliefs, how can they really separate Sharia law from the rest?
    Whoever created this CSCOPE curriculum and forced it on the Texas public school system should be ashamed for a number of reasons. First, if they’re trying to project the Muslim policies toward women as being un-oppressive, they’re grossly mistaken. Forcing students to dress in Muslim garb is also very disingenuous, and smacks of pure propaganda.
    If the curriculum was really dedicated to telling the truth, they would show films of Muslim women after they’ve had acid thrown in their faces as one form of punishment. How about showing women who are stoned to death after they’ve been raped and are unable to provide at least 3 witnesses to verify their stories?  How about the cases – even in America – where fathers have murdered their daughters for daring to date non-Muslim men?
    If the CSCOPE curriculum’s teachings about how Muslim women are treated were devoted to the truth and not to propaganda, they would create lessons in reality, such as inviting a panel of these women to talk personally about their actual lives, experiences, and feelings about living with Muslim and Sharia Law.
    This, obviously, is not the goal of the CSCOPE program, which is very unfortunate. Texas, as well as any other states where this curriculum has been implemented, should immediately rid themselves of these poisonous and deceptive teachings.
    And the sooner the better.

  122. BarbPatton says:

    I asked a friend of mine in Texas whether this is true or not and she vehemently denied the story.  She has a son in high school, is a democrat, and believes everything that is rammed down their throats.  Her last comment was “Oh it is only an experiment and is not hurting anybody”……. The mass hypnosis has taken affect and I can now declare this soon to be ex-friend and blithering idiot.

  123. Newsel says:

    “The Jesuit educational maxim was, “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” Today’s progressives get children until they are 18 and sometimes 21.” Comment from today’s Frontpage,

  124. mclark4430 says:

    I wouldn’t let a daughter of mine wear it. They could like it or not.

  125. Whizz says:

    People wake up. I hope that most of you understand just what this is. I can never understand why people are so naive as to think that things like this are harmless. Nothing is harmless even life is not harmless,don’t believe me, live long enough and you will see. Food do you think food is harmless. I am not trying to be funny I am serious . We are in very serious trouble in this nation and most seem to be walking around in a daze. Islam is a very real danger to all free people. The Islamist  have one goal in life and that is world domination and every single human being living under their total control, all for Allah.

    • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

      When I retired from the military and decided to live in the country; and familiarize myself with the town’s people, I couldn’t believe they were completely unware of what went on in America?  This is when I decided to disseminate pure facts based upon research which included American traitors, corrupted politicians, Muslim infiltration into U.S. government positions, not only in this country but around the world as their intentions is to conquer the world with their fanaticism of Islam; a false religion created by the terrorist Muhammad.  You must remember that followers of Muhammad and their religion of Islam are still living in the dark ages.  Try reading their Qu’ran, and if that doesn’t frighten you, nothing else will.  And remember this; those that push the curse word of “tolerance” in America are socialist and must come to an end.  If you know your heritage and American history, you will surely know what to do.
      USAF (RET)

  126. VeeDub says:

    @Francis Marion:  OK you know, I’m as much against obama and his socialist/democrat buddies as anybody. But let me tell you something…. Printing articles like this that are false is very disturbing. It causes people to spread the lies told here and then we are embarrassed when our liberal friends shove the truth down our throats.
    We expect outright lies from the main stream media, CONgress and anyone else on the left. We don’t need them from you. If you are to remain a reliable source of information for the conservative right, then get the facts straight and don’t stoop to the level of the socialist/democrat left.
    If I can’t trust you to report the truth, then there is no need for me, or anyone else wanting factual information to come here.  You’ve tarnished your credibility, and this isn’t the first time.
    I will have to verify EVERYTHING you print from now on, before I can tell others about your articles.  Assuming I continue to even bother to read what you write.

    • Earthking1961 says:

      @VeeDub  @Francis
       You are exactly right V. I posted nearly the same thing before reading your post. It is a shame when we cannot trust our own. And as you said, we end up looking like morons when the liberal pukes ram the facts down our throats with truth; despicable! We are the ones who are to be armed with truth!

    • Newsel says:

      @VeeDub  @Francis
      Is your point that the wearing of the Burka was voluntary and part of a geography lesson rather than a forced non voluntary action? I question that assumption. One has to wonder who supplied the clothing in the first place and why the charade? Not like any geography lesson I HAD to attend.  
      As to the article itself, I am of the opinion that it correctly focused on the authors concerns of the CSCOPE curricula and its “whitewashing” of Islamic history. For example, CSCOPE makes the case that “people conquered” chose to convert because they were attracted to the appeal of the religion”.(1)
      This is far from the truth then or today where Copt Christians are being slaughtered in the name of Allah both in Egypt and NYC. (2)
      (1) http://www.cscope.us/docs/vad/12_WH_TEKS%20Clarification_Sample.pdf (Page 10)
      (2) http://www.meforum.org/3182/history-muslim-conquests

      • VeeDub says:

        @Newsel  @Francis
        I make no assumptions.  The author wrote “In the latest report out of Lumberton, Texas, a CSCOPE lesson required the girls to wear Muslim burqas,”
        It was misleading.  It did not clarify that only a few girls had volunteered to wear the burkas.  It was presented that this was “forced” participation.  None of the news articles I’ve found support that this was required.
        The false “religion” of islam has no place in our schools. 
        The girls should not have been forced (IF they were) to wear burkas. 
        IF the teacher’s comments were as presented, the teacher was out of line and needs to be disciplined. 
         IF this is part of the school curriculum it needs to be dropped.
        My issue is the misleading nature of the story which stated “a CSCOPE lesson required the girls to wear Muslim burqas”.   We’ve proven it wasn’t all of the girls, and those that did, volunteered.

        • NancyCramblit says:

          @VeeDub  @Newsel  @Francis You sound very naive when you say that it was represented as “forced” participation but because the students volunteered that it wasn’t forced. Put yourself in the students shoes.
          Their grades depend on participation. It’s subtle coersion but it works with kids this age – they really want a good grade, and they don’t want to “appear” intolerant. The Superintendent gave the typical “spin” that you always get when the educators are caught indoctrinating to a very captive audience.

        • VeeDub says:

          @NancyCramblit  @Newsel  @Francis
          I’m “naive”?  Then what would that make YOU for ASSuming someone is naive because they see things differently than you.  Again, we see someone stooping to the liberal tactic of name calling. 
          I’m very much aware of school requirements for participation, I have a son in high school.  I’m also aware of the parent’s responsibility to teach their children how to say “NO” and to keep informed of what goes on in school.
          Perhaps the parents should do a better job of teaching their children before they go off to have the government teach them.
          Perhaps name calling is something that should be left to those people on the left.

        • RJeffreySavlov says:

          @NancyCramblit  @VeeDub  @Newsel  @Francis 
          I agree with your premise but the issue that I have is that this is required within the curriculum which forces students to participate and the legislature is playing politics instead of setting parameters for education.  If we as Americans want our children and grandchildren to have a well rounded education which allows them to think for themselves, indoctrination into other cultures or political theories without the unvarnished truth and unbiased facts it doing all of us a disservice and weakening our country.

        • NancyCramblit says:

          @VeeDub  @Newsel Dear VeeDub, I simply said you “sound” very naive based on your statement. That is not an insult it is my perception of possible inexperience with the spin from public school admin. I do not name call, I despise it. I do believe in the saying I was raised with however; sticks and stones WILL break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

  127. tomno says:

    let me get out my decoder ring. ok, here goes: Jesus need not apply; islam is us.

  128. Sgt York says:

    where in the hell is the Governor on this crap. If he gives no responce he is not fit to be Our President.

  129. Earthking1961 says:

    The article is certainly insightful and inflammatory, however, the students WERE NOT forced to do anything. The students volunteered! Don’t you people watch the news? Don’t be ignorant! One of the girls and her mother told the facts, and the mother is outraged about calling the terrorists “freedom fighters,” as well she should be. So, the writer of this article is an absolute liar, by saying the girls were forced; they weren’t. We conservatives are cast in a bad light when idiots like the writer lead us into believing something other than fact.

    • silvernotes says:

      You are being naive if you think there was no pressure to behave in a way that their teacher would approve of. Further you are missing the point….why was Islam even brought up to begin with…and why was it not represented in its truest form?
      As a conservative, I am tired of compromise where the “center” line is continually being moved to the left. Enough is enough. On the Islam issue, I will not stand by and watch a second century government under the guise of religion, with a goal of taking over the world, killing all who disagree, infiltrate our society, government, and legal system. Take your blinders off, and realize there are factions that are working against our society to corrupt our children against us and our way of life.

      • VeeDub says:

        @silvernotes  @Earthking1961
        I’m with you on “compromise” (really surrender) and I agree the so called “religion” of islam has no place in our schools.  But the author was a bit misleading in the story.  When I share information from this site with people in various social networks, it’s embarrassing to have those people point out that this story was intentionally misleading.  It ruins the credibility of the right when they stoop to the tactics of the left.  The author should have done a better job of pointing out all of the facts.
        I’ll certainly do lots of research before I EVER re-post anything from this author, I value my credibility when arguing with those people on the left.

    • jeffcam2 says:

      @Earthking1961 Perhaps so but it still holds teach our kids to love and know the greatness of America unfortunately the left wants to change the
      things that have made America the Home of those who wish to better themselves

    • Second 7 says:

      @Earthking1961 Its still bull$hit!  Voluntary or not.  Meantime whose teaching them what they should be in school for?  Were graduating politically correct dolts, that cant even tell you who Goerge Washington was. But that’s OK by god, they know all the real important stuff, like how to wear a burkha,  and who won best actress!

  130. silvernotes says:

    Agreed, and thanks for your service!

  131. silvernotes says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem with teaching what Isalm was about if they were honest and gave a complete picture….it apparently wasn’t complete. This is just another subtile technique of brainwashing our kids. As far as dressing up….that took things too far, and unless they were to experience the rest of the Muslim limitations and cruelties on women, should not have been done.

    • skai says:

      @silvernotes ” ..that took things too far, and unless they were to experience the rest of the Muslim limitations and cruelties on women, should not have been done .” Women cruelties now see http://www.rawa.org  what muslims do to their women.

  132. cubbysmom says:

    terrorists are not freedom fighters.  they do not want the usa to have our freedom, it  has to be their way or nothing.  I for one should not have be tortured for speaking to a man,  especially if I am not married, or divorced , God forbid ( the real God that is).  Not allah.  we shall have no God before him , all others are just false Gods.  Obama is the devil as the devil can convince just with a smile or a word or two that you want to hear, to go his way.  Not me, I believe in God, Jesus Christ, the
    Virgin Mary,  the apostles, the saints, the angels and yes the devil ( who is a fallen angel)       we are headed in the wrong direction.  remember folks , it is stated that when Pope Benedict retires and another Pope is elected, it is said this will be the last pope.   Don’t let that scare you though,  we as free people and Americans , can change this , we need to revolt, we need a civil war, we need a tea party, no taxes without representation and that is what dingy obama is doing slowly so he thinks we don’t notice.  For all you liberals out there.  if this is the future you want ( I mean really want for your children and the next generation, then go right ahead and agree with everything obama is saying.  we all need to stand up to obama and his muslim followers to let him know that the usa will not stand for him to make changes, rid us of our God, our freedom, our integrity, our morals, our beliefs etc etc. We should not run from him, the flag and God are weeping as they know we are very disrespectful to them and it needs to end now.  we need our morals back, our God back, some of our freedoms back,  and parents need to be able to parent without interfence from the government.  our parents raised us to respect our elders,  pray to God, respect priests, the law, obey our parents.   obama will take away our children at a very young age, teach them about guns and how to fight,  when he wants control of all guns in the usa.  that is hypocritical.    wake up america, we can correct the obama mistake we make .  also known as one big ass mistake america (obama).

    • nestmission says:

      @cubbysmom I also agree with you, but the morals of the country have gone down so far, that I believe there is no turning back now. Childre have been in the government  schools for far to long sitting under 7-8/hrs of liberal, socialism teaching. Who do you think elected “O” in the first place? Most of the younger crowd that has been taught in school that capitalism is wrong, but taking from the rich to give the ones that will not work is ok. They think it is wrong for a person to work hard and put money away for the later years…you have no right to do this when we have poor people that need money. This is what the government schools teach your kids. I would rather my grandkids to be ignorant than to sit under this type of teaching. Also, can’t we blame ourselves for what is going on today? We have set back and let it happen, and done nothing but complain. Complaining never got us any where, but action does. JMO for what it is worth.

  133. silvernotes says:

    Agreed, and thanks for your service.

  134. turnitaround says:

    I don’t necessairly know this is a “bad” thing – know your enemy!  That’s the easisest way to defeat them.  It will prepare our kids on how to fight them when their time comes.

  135. jeffcam2 says:

    I abhor the thaught as to what is happening in Texas
    We must make a stop to it  How can it be stopped We should be teach
    ing our children what a great country America is  @PacJac

  136. jeffcam2 says:

    I abhor what is being done in Texas  We should start teaching our children what a great country America how it has opened up to all who want a better life-It seems the left does not love   the      America   that has opened its heart to the world  How can we sot them

  137. Second 7 says:

    More stupid non essential bull$hit  from childish liberal school administrators.  This goes along with expelling some kid for bringing one of those dangerous, highly explosive  empty shot gun shells to school.
    Talk about inmates running the asylum!

  138. silvernotes says:

    I think you are still missing the larger point. This should have never come up as an issue to begin with! Irrespective of what the petty details are, if anyone is going to teach our kids about Islam, I want a complete picture given, including the fact that it is a violent seond century society wrapped around a false religion, with the stated goal of spreading Islam throughout the world. You either capitulate, or be killed. Our society and Islam are diametrically opposed and can’t operate together.
    The stretegy is to slowly convince people (our kids) that Isalm is not a threat (using the guise of religion protects it under our laws) the best thing since ice cream (same way socialism works). We have to recognize and fight every instance of this brainwashing.

    • Rodger Higgins says:

       Although I agree with you that this would have resulted in a proper teaching method, I disagree with the way it was handled. Teachers are supposed to create lesson plans. Those plans should be reviewed and approved by school administration. Parents should have been notified by the administration because as you know the child can change from I volunteered go I was told to in order to remove the ire from the parent toward the child.

    • Crashaxe says:

      @silvernotes You Nailed it buddy….

    • Phil185 says:

       One of the other points that need be brought up about Islam, there are numerous examples on the internet, where Imams clearly state, “Islam is NOT a religion” but a doctrine on how one must live their life”.  The reason Obama loves Islam so much and appointed a Muslim as DOD, or is that the CIA, (disgustingly the Senate confirmed him), is Islam is THE perfect “religion” for Dictators and or Kings.  It tells/mandates the populace how they will live every aspect of their lives.  It’s the perfect method of control for the ignorant….the King/Dictator in chief can point to the Koran and say, it’s gods word not mine.   Islam, THE religion of racism, hatred, rape and murder, all in the name of a false god.

  139. RJeffreySavlov says:

    Time for citizens in Texas  to take out their guns and run all the Educ-Haters out of the state before they corrupt the states future and the rest of the country. CScope is another attempt to destroy the country and its’ founders and supporters should be hung from the highest trees.  This is total garbage and does not belong in schools.  If the legislature is incapable of directing the school system to teach total unvarnished unbiased truths, than they must go as well.  This applies to all states and territories.  If those of the Islamic faith wish to live in our country, they must assimilate with the population, pray as they chose on their holy days and not preach to the rest of us.  That, by the way, goes for every religious group including some of the mainstream groups such as the Mormons and Baptists.  Keep your religious beliefs to yourselves.  Should we have a better understanding of other faiths?  Yes but in an unvarnished, unbiased way.

  140. 4evrMoi says:

    You know what? THIS is as UNBELIEVABLE as knowing this Country ACCEPTED whatever lies and fraud obamamaniac rammed down too many throats for NOT PROVING HIS ELIGIBILITY to haver ever been NOMINATED – NOT “elected” (which also was fraud and corrupt maneuverability)! This Country just sat back and ACCEPTED everything the fraud and imposter said and did! HE’S NOT THE POTUS! HE’S NEVER BEEN THE POTUS! “WHY” DOES EVERYONE ACT AS THOUGH HE IS POTUS???!!!! So, NOW we have the lone star state – who brags about how Texans have been a sole Republic TWICE … that Texas does NOT NEED THE UNITED STATES … YET THEY ALLOW THIS OUTRAGE IN THEIR SCHOOLS??!!! PEOPLE! Just WHO is the “Board of Education”??? “WHY” are you ALLOWING IT (them) to do this to your children?!!! WHEN are We The People going to get off our behinds and DO SOMETHING TO TAKE OUR AMERICA BACK … TO RESTORE HER TO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT AND KEEP HER THE REPUBLIC – NOT a DEMOCRACY (there’s a huge difference!) – THAT SHE WAS IN 1776 AND STILL IS! MY GAWD – WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE? CIVIL WAR? I thought the tactics of government infringing on our 2nd Amendment Rights with threatening to take away our legal and Constitutional Right to bear arms, would be the straw that broke the camel’s back! So, Ted Nugent, the ROA, Texans … WHERE IS YOUR ACTION??? There is POWER IN NUMBERS … YOU TAKE THE LEAD – We The People will follow! The “politically correct” and stifled “politics” DIDN’T AND AREN’T WORKING!!! WE NEED TO GET-A-GRIP TODAY! “WHY” IS EVERYONE WAITING FOR THE NEXT GUY OR TOMORROW WHEN TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE??? TAKE THE LEAD, TEXAS!

    • Crashaxe says:

      @4evrMoi You ask, “WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE? CIVIL WAR?
      This world is done, and the only thing is going to save this, is the glories return of our Lord on Judgment day, when every knee will bow and every lip will confess that Jesus is Lord and Savior.
      This will be a most thrilling day for the few that will see the destruction of evil as all these minions of Satan are cast into the Lake of Fire. whoya…

      • VeeDub says:

        @Crashaxe  @4evrMoi
        CONgress has passed all the legislation needed to protect them and their power base as the elite ruling class.  They know there is no legal way we can do anything through the system they’ve set up.  They know we only have one other option available to us.  That is why DHS has purchased enough ammo to shoot every person in Amerika 4 times, including illegals.  That is also why they are working so hard to destroy the 2nd amendment.
        CONgress has purposely pushed us to this point with the intent of totally destroying everything that was, so they can establish what they want.  Neither Party in CONgress is defending the Constitution.  Both parties have allowed the Constitution to be violated when they had control.
        They are intent on forcing our final option, but not until they’ve made sure we’re unarmed and defenseless SUBJECTS… They think!

        • RJeffreySavlov says:

          @VeeDub  @Crashaxe  @4evrMoi That is why it must be done regionally.  I would suspect that Texas Law enforcement and even the National Guard would back a revolt within the state and eventually by the Domino theory throughout the country.  Keep in mind, most of the military are conservative thinkers who believe in protecting and preserving the country and the constitution.

  141. snytz says:

    This virus that Texas has is going to spread to other states

  142. snytz says:

    I’m hoping to change the subject if I may. I just learned that due to or about this sequestration, Obama is going the re-lease thousands of prisoners loose, even before this sequestration becomes into effect. This is treasonous.

    • jmbs says:

      @snytz This is impeachable if there ever was a reason to impeach. It is deliberate. How can people not see how vindictive this man is??? Why not stop spending a billion on OBAMAPHONES instead? HELLO. Understand it is deliberate. He endangers the citizens WHILE trying to take away their ability to defend themselves and their property. It is INSANE. It is CALCULATED and immoral. The cost of criminals being loose is far greater in the long run. Just deport.

    • Same Thing says:

       Put them all on a bus and send them to Washington D.C. and Chicago.

    • Second 7 says:

      @snytz Because that’s all he knows to do is whine and threaten.  That may be leadership to him and his idolators, but in the real world beyond his teleprompters, he’s an incompetent, and couldn’t lead himself out of a paper bag.

      • Crashaxe says:

        @Second 7  @snytz Don’t kid yourself he’s very intelligent puppet and doing a good job serving his masters at destroying this country to bring about the “change” to a third word nation that will soon serve the New World Order.

  143. Second 7 says:

    Somebody just mentioned if Muslims like the diminishing freedoms we have here, and want to live here, let them assimilate like the rest of us and/or our ancestors did; go to mosque, temple or church,by all means and leave it there, and so will the rest of us.  Worked for 200 years.
    We don’t make our kids go to mock confession so they can “fee-el” what the Catholic experience is, or sit down to kosher sedar (sic) meals to fee-el Jewish, do we?

    • snytz says:

      @Second 7
       There is no compromising with the Muslims, It’s their way and only their way

      • skai says:

        snytz ” There is no compromising with the muslims.It’s their way and only their way ” You have hit a nail over the head, I wish all American could understand that.From Quran Sura 2:193 ” Fight against them [ infidels/kafurs] until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme ” That is what muslims strive to do all over the world, and had been doing from the times of their prophet mo-ham-mad. see http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

        • Rodger Higgins says:

           One of the major issues I have is Islam is a cult, not a religion. Any following for a cult that not only allows lies but encourages it to mislead in order to allow death is a cult and nothing more than a mass thug following. Mohammed murdered to get his title and is not a prophet as they would like us to believe. Their God is a false God that apparently offers virgins for those who ramp up and take innocent lives. Therefore I do not believe them and will not honor their cult.

      • retro1 says:

        @snytz  @Second 7 Huh, this is exactly how OB operates.
        His way or you are an obstructionist.

    • Same Thing says:

      @Second 7
      Wrong.  When I was a kid (I’m 66) we had prayer and Bible reading in public schools. The teacher picked a kid in my homeroom and he read a random verse of Scripture.  I still remember mine, it said “The Lord will turn the way of the wicked upside down.”  I started to laugh it stuck me funny. Though I wasn’t a Christian at the time, I look back on it and recognize that, though there was no discussion or teaching, God and his Bible were honored.  We knew as a nation where we came from.  Now after decades of atheistic indoctrination in our public schools and debilitating Supreme Court decisions, we are where we are.  We have forgotten the God our Forefathers prayed to, when they formed the Constitution (no wonder the devil and his allies want to get rid of it).  We are paying homage to foreign gods, as though they were better somehow, yet we see the vile fruit of Islam on the news, every day.  We have become cowards and bow the knee to Baal.  The re-election of the (I now call him “The Beast”) was, barring a miracle, the death knell of our nation.  We continue to crumble, no one can mount a defense, no one can call him to account.  He has uncanny powers which must fuel his arrogance.  It is though God himself has abandoned us to our folly.  We are becoming an apostate nation.  Which needs must be if we are to enter the Tribulation period, which many of the prophets in the church are now saying.

  144. coleche24 says:

    I sent an email to Govenor Perry yesterday evening requesting more information. Maybe they will respond

  145. BarackHussein says:

    Like Nancy Reagan says… “Just say no.”
    These gubmint unions are terrorists… same as TSA…
    Where in the heck are the parents?


    If this isn’t UnConstitutional, it should be!  If you made little girls go to school dressed like nuns, it would be all over the news and the ACLU would go crazy.
    The best possible thing for the USA would be for Obama’s plane to crash and kill him on the way to one of his golf trips!

  147. Inventor64 says:

    “Goosestep, Goosestep, Goosestep”!!!

  148. v steve says:

    Abolish the Federal Department of Educantion with a stroke of a pen.

  149. robert1407 says:

    I have been saying that the Federal Board of (propaganda) education should of been Abolished a long time ago, and that is with a lot of the our not voted or controlled Agencies who rule your and my life, destroy business and make people sick with poison foods and Drugs that kill not cure. yet Comrades you said nothing. You elected these criminals to rule you as they created all these Agencies with no controls. If I had any children in school I would home school and not let these corrupt so called teacher even close to them. I taught for years and out of thousands so called certified teacher there is but very few. Been there and done that.

  150. sheila14all says:

    @MdlMurray It wasn’t’t ‘Texas Schools’. It was one small school in Beaumont Tx. Run by a dumbass principle who needs to be replaced!

  151. snytz says:

    Our country wasn’t created to be as intrusive as it has become. The government’s purpose was to protect it’s people from invasions of other counties. The government has no place in our schools, business or controlling our lives. Government has not ran anything successfully, so why should they think they can educate our children. Indoctrination is what the government has in mind and that intruding on our civil rights. They (the government) wants us just to be robots and serve them. Socialism has never worked and it’s not going to work here unless our people just give up and then become slaves to our government and work in labor camps like in Russia, China and North Korea.

  152. NunyerBinnis says:

    Just say NO.

  153. NunyerBinnis says:

    allah = lucifer

  154. Ray2 says:

    This Cancer is growing so quickly in our Country! We need to stand up and rid our Country of these sickening radical terrorists( yes, I said terrorist)!

  155. Don Duncan says:

    The state requires you to educate your child. It does not require you to subject your child to the indoctrination which passes for education in public (gov’t) schools. It does require you to pay for the state indoctrination, even if you are paying for non state education of your child. No tax relief is given to chose who do not use the so-called “free” public schools. If you find this unfair, but agree with taxation in general, you must reconcile your position with the fact that many taxpayers find much of what gov’t does with their money repugnant. Some even find taxation immoral (theft). The bottom line: If you don’t like gov’t schools, don’t use them. If you don’t like paying for what you find repugnant and find this immoral, don’t force others to pay for what they don’t like, i.e., don’t support taxation. Without popular support, institutionalized theft (taxes) would be abolished. How is it different from slavery? We are all victims, but most are practicing “the sanction of the victim”. Stop sanctioning your own slavery.

  156. retro1 says:

    This could be the coming of anti-Christ,,

  157. Phil185 says:

    And once again the ACLU remains silent………their so called “seperation of church and state” only refers to Judeo-Christian values.

  158. NativeNE says:

    If teaching Christianity is outlawed, as it currently is, in schools, then why isn’t something like Satan worshipping, which Islam is, also outlawed?  Religion is religion whether it is good or evil, and if it is banned from school for one, it definitely should be banned for the other.

    • RJeffreySavlov says:

      @NativeNE You must understand that they are claiming that this is for a better understanding of other cultures or religious beliefs but is being used to soften our objections to Islam and the teachings.  The only real answer is an uprising.  Jam their phone lines, jam their e-mail system to the point of causing them to crash.  they will then listen.  A few years ago, if you recall, there was an effort to allow the port of New York to be taken over by Dubai World.  The uprising was so great that it crashed the phone and e-mail systems at the capitol to the extent that Dubai World walked away from the deal.  We need this again.  Will somebody publish the e-mail addressed of all of the Texas legislature and all their phone numbers so a nationwide campaign of e-mail and phone calls can cripple their communications system?  This would bring it to the attention of the rest of the country.

      • Don Duncan says:

        @RJeffreySavlov  @NativeNE “You must understand that” public education is indoctrination. It exists to increase the power of the state (gov’t), not the public. It is sold to us as “free” but that is impossible because gov’t has no money of its own. Gov’t money is taken by force from us. Then it is used against us in programs such as the brainwashing of our children. For example, what knowledge is being given to children each day when they are forced to recite the pledge? None. But their minds are being conditioned by rote recitation just as the muslims, and all brainwashing systems use.

        • Second 7 says:

          @Don Duncan  @RJeffreySavlov  @NativeNE Except this kind of blatant indoctrination in public education was never a problem until the last 20 – 30 years.  There was still the idea that education at any level was off limits for propaganda and government  agendas.  There was a kind of honor system,and sense of equality, true equality, in education, and it worked and served the country just as well as private schools.

        • RJeffreySavlov says:

          @Second 7  @Don Duncan  @NativeNE I agree and we can’t neglect the fact that during that era, teachers were there because they loved what they were doing.  There was no government or union interference, they dressed professionally which led to a better learning environment and greater respect from their students.

    • retro1 says:

      @NativeNE Because it is the narrative of this admin. Got to push his religion,
      as he ought to know is contrary to our Constitution.

  159. Retro Ranger says:

    I wonder how many of the teachers were teaching how the Muslims want to kill all Christians and take over the world?  Maybe the teachers could have brought big knives and demonstrated how to cut off the head of a Christian or cut off the hand of a theif.  Looks like Public Schools need to be on their way out and more private schools need to be started.  Big Brother is alive and well in public school education.

    • RJeffreySavlov says:

      @Retro Ranger  You’ve got that right.  The public school system is controlled by Liberal Progressive PC idiots.  They should all be removed, forcibly if necessary, from all public education from Pre-school to Universities.  All educators must sign new contracts agreeing that if they teach or express any bias in their classrooms, immediate termination would occur.  It’s time we all take back our country and if we don’t do it from the schools up, we as a country will go through this again in the next generation.  As a grandfather who had to educate my granddaughter that school breakfasts are not free and where the money comes from, she would be screwed up by these losers.  We must be vigilant and assure that our children and grandchildren are not corrupted by the twisted minds who are directing their education.  We need to find out what they are being taught, not from the educators but our kids and correct their thinking and teach them how to think for themselves.

    • Don Duncan says:

      @Retro Ranger Just read what the founders of our school system said. The sole purpose of so-called education in the mandatory gov’t system is to instill automatic obedience in authority.

  160. cubbysmom says:

    someone said this could be the coming of the antichrist.  I honestly believe that ob is the antichrist or a prelude thereof.   He is so narcistic and believes only in himself.  he promised all the illegals that he would give them free healthcare, but you know he lied and I hope they realize this.  they have to pay to apply for citizenship,  they have to learn english, and the history of our country.  do you honestly think they will do this.  I heard and read that alot of brazilians are going back home after being here and some mexicans that I personally know have gone back to mexico.  I hope it happens in a big rush of people leaving so to tell obummer that he is not even worthy of their vote.  as far as religion goes , this is sign of the times,  we will be punished by the Lord for not allowing him into our lives and that of the country, for disrespecting him, for disrespecting our flag and the constitution.  Obama will answer to God when his time comes and it won’t be pretty./  I want to see when Michelle obama has to face God and answer to him why she claims that her husband is the messiah returned or so she thinks , as does he.  Evil is all around us and we need to take a stand together as a nation both legal and illegal to fight the devil in office.  the mexicans and south americans are very religious and they will not be told there is no God but allah, they will not look upon obama as Jesus Christ returned.   when they realize they were made fools of and used for obama;s agenda of coming in again and they realize how much the premiums are for health care they will retaliate.  we need a civil war, we need to revolt as a nation and get him out of office.   someone was right, they will teach others how to kill those who do not change over to believing in allah,  will teach killing those who are heard talking or writing something bad about allah or obama, will kill woman eventually for speaking their peace.   we cannot let this happen, please.

    • RJeffreySavlov says:

      @cubbysmom  The only thing that you left out which must be said is all these women who have been demonstrating for free birth control will be stoned for having relations with men who are not their husbands, all theses women in Hollywood who gave millions to his campaign will follow.  Femanism will mean death, and gays will be killed as an abomonation of Allah’s teachings.  These morons can’t see it coming.  How about those on welfare and food stamps?

      • annegelinas says:

        @RJeffreySavlov  @cubbysmom
         You are right. first convert then stone then cover then everyone will know the truth.
        It will be a little too late for some.

  161. Bill Weston says:

    I was in high school in Wisconsin during the 50s. Then Sen. Joseph McCarthy was the senior senator from that state and chairman of the House Unamerican Activities Committee. Our world history (a retired marine as I recall) assigned half of the class to study Marx, Engels, and Lennin, (communism) and the other half to study the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We were to then debate the merits and shortcomings of both to complete the assignment. When our parents learned of the assignment, panic much like this occasion,ensued. Ultimately, order was restored without serious damage to the students, the teacher, or the school. The lessons that I learned then have stayed with me to this day. Thus, the good news is that parents are paying attention in Texas; The bad news is the lack of complete information. Conservatives (patriots) need to keep calm in the face of a lot of anger, frustration and panic. Never forget that the truth is on our side. Therefore, don’t merely “keep the faith”; pray first, then use it according to the instructions.

    • RJeffreySavlov says:

      @Bill Weston You make good points however as a high school student in the 60’s you neglect to see that things have changed drastically since the McCarthy era.  In our era we generally had two parents at home, television was a privilege not a daily necessity, the game we played were not on a console they were outside with friends, we sat at the table as a family and ate dinner and discussed our daily activities and what we were being taught at school and our parents took interest in what was going on in our lives.  Today both parents likely work, most meals are in front of a TV, the only time a parent takes interest is if their child becomes pregnant or they have to bail them out of trouble.  Parents enroll their kids into extracurricular activities which keep them busy many nights a week and they have no idea what is going on in schools until someone from the outside brings it to their attention.  It’s unfortunate but that is a fact of life today.  That is why our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated not taught the facts.  I as a grandparent am vigilant and take interest in what is taught or expressed.  My own grand daughter thought that school breakfast was free until I let her know that Daddy is paying for it out of his taxes and so is everybody else in the neighborhood whether they have children in school or not.  She was surprised because she was led to believe at school that it was free.  That is where it starts.,  Where will it end.

      • Bill Weston says:

        Yeah, I’m sadly aware of the changes in our society. Consider that many societies rely on the “wisdom and experience of the elders” when teaching is involved. That too has been destroyed in our country with “nuclear families”. Teaching your grandaughter is intriguing. Perhaps grandparents can collectively focus on educating the grandchildren, thus relieving the parents of that burden. A number of “home-school” curriculums exist that can be used. Those homeschooling parents are devastating public school curriculums across the board, The catch is that most parents aren’t able to take advantage of them, while grandparents (usually retired) have plenty of time plus experience, I realize that some attitudes will need changing and some legal action might be required in some jusidictions, but experience combined with theory produces superior results. I’m sharing these thoughts in order to find solutions rather than merely complain. Thus I’m interesed in your viewpoints. The time has come when we, seniors, need to “step up” instead of vegetating throughout our “sunset years”.

        • RJeffreySavlov says:

          @Bill Weston Bravo.  You are correct.  It is our responsibility to correct the misinformation but taking them out of the mainstream will not help.  We want to make sure that our grands and children know that we are there for them and will only tell them the unvarnished truth.

    • Don Duncan says:

      @Bill Weston “… order was restored…”. How? By telling the parents that education is achieved by debating ideas openly? I hope so. Your world history teacher knew the only way to defeat an idea is through open debate, not banning discussion of some ideas. That only gives them power.

  162. snytz says:

    NativeNE, do you by chance have the e-mail address/es and or phone#’s

  163. snytz says:

    I have been informed by a librarian here in Colorado, that all schools curriculum are in libraries all across the country. So if a person wanted to know what their schools are teaching in any particular school, that person should be able to find it there.

    • RJeffreySavlov says:

      @snytz That is so true but to draw an analogy, we keep electing the same idiots to congress.  I believe that the re-election rate is about 90%.  Why because even though everyone knows how bad these representatives are,  the feeling nationwide is the same ” Not my guy”.  Regardless of what is available, this is the publishes curriculum which is subject to change and most parents are oblivious to what is going on.  They don’t want to know because they don’t want to be force to make waves.  When my son was in school, I went head to head with many an administator or educator because their treatment of the students was out of line.  My son always knew I had his back and his teachers knew I was an involved parent.  Today’s parents are too involved with themselves to take a stand.  They don’t carry on their children’s education at home and don’t interact with them in a manner that would weed out the indoctrination.  They are oblivious of what’s going on around them and make the mistake of trusting the school system to do the right thing.  The job of an educator is to teach their minions to think for themselves not to fill their heads with propaganda.

      • 4evrMoi says:

        @RJeffreySavlov @snytz – “Thank-you” for your post, RJeffrey Savlov – very well stated! You’re a person after my own Heart and the type parent I was … well, still am “parenting” my 10 grandchildren! Parents need to realize as Dr Phil has stated – “being a ‘parent’ is both a Noun AND a Verb” … in other words, one simply isn’t just a “parent” (noun), but MUST “parent” (verb) as in “hands on”, being INVOLVED in what’s going on in their children’s lives, DAILY! I feel so Blessed I grew up in the 50s and 60s because “families” were still families! We learned and knew respect for our parents, elders, and teachers – “teachers” who actually TEACHING READING, ‘RITING, AND ‘RITHMATIC … AND ACTUAL AMERICAN AND WORLD HISTORY – NOT RE-INVENTED OR RE-WRITTEN HISTORY!!! Children of today, I fear – have no chance at personal freedoms or will KNOW what Liberty actually means UNLESS PARENTS GET INVOLVED AND TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE IN THEIR DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION! Public school is no longer a place of education, but as you stated, a place for indoctrinating our children to immorality and propaganda. How shameful that so many Americans have sat back, not caring what goes on in public “education” not to mention, to what they are subjecting their children. Unfortunately, it is we who grew up KNOWING WHAT AMERICA STANDS FOR, AND LEARNING RESPECT AND DISCIPLINE, WHO CAN AND DO APPRECIATE WHAT ONCE AMERICANS HAD THAT TODAY’S GENERATION/SOCIETY IS SADLY, LACKING. As I onced chided one of my daughters with how she was raising her children, “You are so busy living your Life (what they created) that you are MISSING IT (Life)!! = KUDOS to you for your comments! =)

  164. Rodger Higgins says:

    The anti Christ is amoung us. He was re-elected in 2012. Take a look at his face when the photo=op isn’t going on. Lucifer lives in him. He sold his soul to the devil a long time ago.

  165. annegelinas says:

    First make everyone think you are peaceful, then demand the burkas, then demand death if you don’t follow the islam rulers, then you may die.  There is no escape once you are indoctrinated.  It is a cult and a dangerous one.
    How parents could be blind and stupid makes no sense.  God help the children.

  166. Bill Weston says:

    I would like to suggest some ideas that could restore the education of our children to parental control. Please consider them and constructive thoughts are invited. 1) Eliminate the federal Department of Education because it exceeds the authority of the federal government as stipulated in the Constitution. 2) Break up the National Education Association under Taft-Hartley as a monopoly. 3) Establish a measure of oversight by P.T.A.s of school boards at local and state levels. 4) Allow participation of grandparents (senior citizens with experience, direct interest in the children and time) in P.T.A. activities. 5) allow and accept support from “faith-based” organizations (churches), fraternal organizations and the private sector (business and industry) with approval of parents. I realize the radical nature of these suggestions, however I don’t see them as any more radical than what exists now.

    • 4evrMoi says:

      @Bill Weston – In order for you to realize the importance and understanding of what you suggested, you have had to have grown up in the years when all of what you suggests, mattered. There’s nothing at all “radical” about your ideas – they’re rational, logical, and respectful of everyone involved. If it were to RETURN to what you suggest, our children/Grandchildren would be learning respect, discipline, and responsibility, not to mention “education” as it SHOULD BE (and once was)! “Thank-you” for posting these constructive thoughts and ideas. =)

      • Bill Weston says:

        Thus sayeth the choir! Thank you for your input though. I doubt that these suggestions would be as well recieved in the political arena today. The times have changed, but the principles have not. Families are still the “building blocks” of any society. Thus strong families equals a strong society. Permit me to be the first to admit that I do not have all of the answers. That is why I’m seeking a constructive discussion on solving this problem.

        • snytz says:

          @Bill Weston
           Then we need to change the political arena

        • Bill Weston says:

          @snytz EXACTLY! This can be done, I believe, if we firmly exercise our unalienable rights, all of them, instead of whining and taking them for granted.

    • Don Duncan says:

      @Bill Weston I agree. But as long as schools are public the fundamental problem will remain. Accountability will not come until we return to the system that made the U.S. #1: Private schools. A separation of education and state is not optional, but necessary for a healthy society.

      • Phil185 says:

        @Don Duncan  @Bill Weston
         Karl Marx said it best….”give me three years with your children and the damage I do will never be undone”.  That is truer today than ever before.  State controlled schools, the dream of the left, indoctronation out in the open under the disguise of “teaching our kids”.

      • downenray says:

        @Don Duncan  Our schools were fine as public schools as long as the federal government was not involved. The suggestion that the federals be ushered OUT is good thinking all the way. This would also reduce the federal payroll and federal debt.

    • jepoe says:

      @Bill Weston  You are so right!  All your ideas I would like to see implemented!  I have 3 grandchildren in these indoctrination centers!  I fear, greatly, for their freedom!

  167. nicholasprop says:

    this is pathetic..i called this school district and got some excuse from the liberal respondent..if they don’t stop this we will boycott lumberton tx

  168. Pakinpastor says:

    We are going to have to play Cowboy and Muslim pretty darn soon…

    • retro1 says:

      @Pakinpastor Boy howdy,, I’m up for that.

    • stevetanton says:

      @Pakinpastor Best line I’ve heard in a while.  Sending it off to my pastor momentarily!!!  (He packs too, rides a Harley and shaves his head!)

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