Could it be Clinton and Obama in 2016?

Many Americans would like to believe, barring an unlikely repeal of the 22nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution Barack Obama would never be able to run on a Presidential ticket again. However, given the Democrat Party’s addiction to stretching and twisting U.S. laws to steal victories when failure is imminent, Americans cannot ignore the very real possibility of a Clinton/Obama ticket in 2016.

Be advised, lack of legal clarity has always been Obama and the Democrat Party’s greatest ally in their war on American traditions. Obama is a shameless specialist in murky law and questionable executive orders designed to trample on the U.S. constitution. After having read a variety of opinions from differing schools of legal thought, I have come to a troubling conclusion that a history making 2016 Hillary/Barack Democrat ticket could be in the works. Let me attempt to explain.

The 22nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides for the prohibition or the disqualification, for “election” only, to a third presidential term, for anyone who has held the Office of President for 2 terms or 8 years. It does not define a candidates “eligibility” to hold that office. The 12th amendment to the Constitution defines Presidential and Vice-Presidential “eligibility.”

The U.S. Constitution’s 12th amendment bars, from both the Presidency and Vice-presidency, those persons who are “ineligible to the office” of President. Presidential eligibility requirements as defined by law are a person being a natural born citizen (I know, I know), who is over the age of 35 with 14 years of prior documented U.S. residency. Therefore, it can be argued that Obama, although prohibited or disqualified from being “elected” to the Office of President for a third term, is not disqualified from being nominated to, winning, and holding the Office Of Vice President because he meets (I know, I know) the eligibility requirements to be President.

For many legal scholars, an Obama Vice-Presidential candidacy is possible given the 22nd amendment only disqualifies two term Presidents from “election” to the Presidency not the Vice Presidency. To these same scholars the Constitution does not disqualify Obama from becoming or being nominated as a Vice-Presidential running mate possessing the future right to ascend to the Presidency, if necessary.

Given the electoral loyalties of American women and minorities, it seems obvious that the very popular Hillary Clinton, a will be the Democrats 2016 Presidential Candidate. After all, as long as misguided low information voting women and minorities continue to place their hopes for social dominance in liberal dogma, a Clinton candidacy is the Democrats best hope for another Presidential victory. Add to that, the optics of Barack Obama, as a potential Vice President in charge of community organizing, and any Republican candidate (or Libertarian for that matter) is finished.

It is pure blindside political genius, and yes, I would not put it past any of them. Somehow, I foresee liberals conveniently shedding their long held belief—at least for one election—that the Constitution is a living breathing document out of touch with the modern world and moving to a more obdurate and “textual” interpretation of the 12th and 22nd Amendments leaving moderate less combative Republicans to once again, twist in the wind.

The 22nd Amendment is a long way from repeal. I think most people recognize that as fact. However, is a constitutional battle over an Obama Vice-Presidency no one intends to fight so farfetched? Will the morally bankrupt race card playing Democrat party once again swing for the fences while Republicans like John McCain look the other way?

History has shown America just how much our ruling class is willing to overlook and forgive. After all, for five years, our government has ignored the definition of “natural born citizen,” but it took them less than one day to affirm the authenticity of President Obama’s overdue birth certificate. Why is it so hard to envision liberals pushing for an historical Obama Vice-Presidency and Republicans just rolling over?

If I am right, and I pray, I am wrong, Obama like the Clinton dynasty is here to stay.



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  1. venator7 says:

    @AlwayzSusan amendments not a problem..GOP will cave on 22nd and Oslama for three

  2. tgood says:

    as long as the left wing contols daytime television with shows such as The View, The Chew, Kadie Kurup, and others like them, the sit at homes, nothing to do’s public will be successfuly distracted from the REAL issues of our day.  Mark my words, retired intel specialists, this is a classic maneuver much used in time of war by intel branches to confused the enemy so as to out flank them and win the day. This is WAR people and we are smack dab in the middle of it. To conquer any nation you must first win the minds of the very young and the uninformed. This is proceeding as planned by the demagods that now run our government.  We will hit critical mass when Hilary is president and obama is VP. This is the age of “The sounds of Silence.”  Have you EVER heard so much disinformation coming out of the White House as you have heard this past 4+ years.  Obama will be able to take his place in history right along with Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin,  & Pot. 
    My advice: Lock & Load & get off the safety and set it to Rock-n-Roll.

  3. shar501 says:


  4. shar501 says:

    Start the rumors now about Hillary’s bouts with blood clots.  The blood clots date back to her husband’s reign.  Her health issues make her unsuitable for any job in government. Obama will probably be impeached before the end of his second term.

    • annie01 says:

      @shar501 i think she has a brain tumor..and won’t be around long…..and yes this imposter in the w/h…should be gone also..STILL AN EMPTY CHAIR !!!!

  5. SpiderMike says:

    If the cowardly Repubs have an ounce of common sense they will launch a program to eviscerate Granny Hillary now. She’s got a boatload of failures and baggage that if exposed to the light of day even the America’s Pravda like press won’t be able to smooth over. 
    Note to poster “tgood”:
    Where are our retired Intel analysts, agents and PsyOps warriors? With their skills and experience they could expose the entire Obama/Progressive clandestine operation. Are they just sitting on their hands protecting their pensions?

    • annie01 says:

      @SpiderMike who in their right mind would vote for a killer and lier????  the parents of those men will never be the same..and she thinks she can go ahead to do this??? not likely..they will ,stop her !!!!!  if she is still alive them….i doubt it !!!!!

    • Areminder says:

      @SpiderMike Read the stories that are “leaking out” I would say they might just be holding fingers in the holes of the wall to “plug” the leaks. They can’t help it if pieces of documents come shooting into their hands can they. I’m only praying they’re able to put together some sort of plan for after God says: “OK, enough! everybody out of the pool!” and He’s talking about the Dirty Little Cesspool on the Potomoc, seconds before we hear a giant FLUSH!    “Fwhoooooooooossssshhhh!!

  6. annie01 says:

    first of all she hates him….he hates her…so that would never work…plus she will probably be gone by 2016…along with bill…both not doing good….gee  lets see  a  killer of 4 men…and a non american guy for VP…..ohhh my a terrible world we live in……i can’t imagine doing  that to my kids…he stole those kids  8 years away from them….they will never be normal…..the best years of their life…gone !!!!    SELFISH SELFISH MAN !!!!

  7. L Carey says:

    So Conservatives need to wake up and unite. The “establishment ” needs to realize it is a large part of the fiscal problems we have now. THEY need to repent and rally around the ideals that the Tea Party people have reintroduced. You’d be blind to not see that we need more Rubio’s, Paul’s, and Cruz’s, and fewer McCain’s, Session’s, and Grassley’s.

    • chester1818 says:

      @L Carey Sarah is the one.  She ignited McCain’s campaign.  And still I give her only a 10-15% chance to win  Without Sarah it will certainly  be Madame President Clinton  in 2016 and 2020.  So we have lots of work to do.

  8. foretravelu300 says:

    I think my blood just froze in my veins. The American public has a very short term memory. Especially the ones that continue to live off of the tax payers and have no problem putting self respect aside as long as they are getting freebies from the government at other’s expense. They will neither remember Benghazi nor will they care. Hell, if you ask most of them what their opinion of Benghazi is their answer would be, ” i don’t have an opinion, I don’t know who he is.” That’s how involved they are in politics. And as long as Ocommie is on the ticket, he could be partnered with Satan himself (Satan, Killery, yea, I know, they could be one in the same), it won’t make one damn bit of difference to those that voted for them. Throw in the vast voter fraud that the Demonicrats are capable of and we got ourselves another president Clinton and the current Fraud In Chief will be more than willing to settle for the #2 spot, because who knows how soon it would be before Killery meets with another well timed fall resulting in more than just a concussion…then the commie is back in the driver’s seat.

  9. Paul Severe says:

    Why would Hillary put herself in a position where her death would mean the return of Obama to the presidency? The Clintons hate the Obamas. They’ve been using them politically to keep close to power and the presidency which they fully intend to take for themselves again in 2016. A Clinton/Clinton ticket would be more likely if your reading of the Constitution is right. But I think a Supreme Court ruling would make a two term president ineligible to run for vice-president because it would violate the intent of the 22nd amendment.

    • chester1818 says:

      @Paul Severe Absolutely, what Republicans and conservatives need to do now is agree on the one candidate that even stands a chance at beating Billary.  That person is the charismatic Governor Sarah Palin.  Only she can win some of the swing/purple states which are necessary to defeat the popular and charismatic Billary.  If not Sarah, then practice saying Madame President Clinton, not for 4 but 8 years until 2024.

      • Paul Severe says:

        @chester1818 That doesn’t say much for the state of our party.Or perhaps it speaks volumes. Why are we obsessing about WHO? The answer isn’t who, it’s WHAT! We need to get away from the cult of personality when it comes to presidential elections and become a party unified behind conservative principles and ideas and a plan for the future, not specific candidates.  Only then do we choose the right person to carry our standard into the general election. We have allowed the press to push us into playing the game by their rules; jockeying for sound bites and picking front runners like race horses.  America doesn’t need any more rock stars and debate team captains to lead it, it needs an intelligent, capable leader with integrity who will stand up to the criticism and ridicule and do what’s right for the country. I wouldn’t care if he stuttered and had the personality of an accountant, the only the thing that matters is what he stands for and his or her ability to run the government the way it’s supposed to be run. We need to fix the party, not the ticket.

    • FlyerVic says:

      @Paul Severe Not so fast. You would think the Supreme Court would vote that way but those of us with common sense also believed the SC would. It’s against Obama care.

  10. cjosied says:

    @irritatedwoman A ticket with both of them would be interestin can you imagine the snarky comments who will talk first?

  11. jsmithcsa says:

    I think a Hillary run in 2016 is inevitable.  I don’t agree that Obama would be a likely VP — his ego wouldn’t allow it. I also think Biden will run against her and be crushed.
    More likely Hillary will run and when she is done (either by defeat in 2016) or stepping down after her tenure, Obama — who will still be a relatively young man — will run again. 
    We are certainly not done with the Clintons or the Obamas — more importantly, they are not done with us.

    • annie01 says:

      @jsmithcsa she won’t be around……i think she is on her way out……and bill is still screwing around…so he may be out of his mind soon…..hillary and teddy…both the same…both going out the same way…wait and see….

    • cane247 says:

      I don’t think that Obama could run again but MIchelle could and she could continue to let that Nazi punk George Sors pull her strings lik ehe does Barrack’s.

    • Paul Severe says:

      @jsmithcsa Obama cannot run again. The Constitution is clear. It would have to be amended first and that will not happen in Obama’s lifetime.

      • jsmithcsa says:

        @Paul Severe Thank you, you’re right. I went back and re-read the 22nd Amendment.  I had thought it referred only to consecutive terms.

      • Areminder says:

        @Paul Severe  @jsmithcsa But isn’t that what we’ve said about dozens of things he can’t do because the Constitution is clear. His attitude, “What Consititution, don’t see no ____ Constitution.”

        • Paul Severe says:

          @Areminder  @jsmithcsa Certain items in the Constitution are clearly spelled out and not subject to interpretation, just enforcement.

  12. KenGilder says:

    “Two terms or eight (8) years?  I think a re-read is in order.  It’s “two terms or ten (10) years” the last time I looked.
    Be that as it may, Obama has already proven himself to be an unmitigated disaster as a president, and he and his ilk should never again be allowed to walk the corridors of power in Washington.  Or anywhere else, for that matter, except California.  They deserve him.

  13. jimmjcpb says:

    @irritatedwoman The 2nd Amendment was put in to protect us from an out of control Fed government.These days may be what they had in mind.CCC

  14. FlyerVic says:

    What a frightening thought. And we think the country is in trouble now???

  15. grampa194235 says:


  16. CharlieFromMass says:

    I think a federal law should be passed that would mandate a one-generation gap between direct family members running for President or Vice President.
    As we saw with JQA and GWB, the results weren’t exactly as desired, while both fathers were reasonably competent presidents.

  17. LDommel says:

    WOW Hillary getting all those BOTOX shots is not going to help her looks!

    • cane247 says:

      a large paper sack would greatly enhance Hillary’s physical appeal but I could care less how the President looks.  I just can’t stomach another communist traitor who lies and murders innocents while acting all Lordly.  Time to storm the Bastille?

  18. sandy2249 says:

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think after 8 long terrible years of King Obama all the American people will think twice about electing another liberal into office again. If it was to happen I say we make the red states our own country and the liberals can have their places to bleed each other dry and kill each other ! BUT I FOR ONE AM DONE WITH LIBERAL IDIOTS !

  19. Buster411 says:

    Do not forget that almost 50% of the people in the US are on the Govt. dole.  It is awful hard to win with that many already in their pocket, expecially when you run establishment RINOs like McCain, Romney, and probly Christy.  I am finished with establishment RINOs even is Hil/O do win. I AM DONE WITH LIBERALS AND ESTABLISHMENT RINOs!!!!!!!

  20. cane247 says:

    If these brain-dead idiots actually want a revolution, this is the way to get one.  Electing harpy Hillary would be bad enough but adding the WORST TRAITOR in American history to the ticket is too much bile to swallow.  I will move to any state willing to seceed and the damn commies, NWO and gimme girls (and guys) can have their fill with the rest.  Gee why not runn Michelle after that.  By then maybe Chelsea could take a turn.  Didn’t we fight a revolution to get rid of f’n monarchies?  This goes for the Bush clan as well.  NEED NOT APPLY.

  21. cane247 says:

    Maybe we could invite Bill & Hillary along with Barrack & Michelle and Mr. Soros, Alerod, Emmauel, Holder, etc for a free submarine ride.  One way of course.  Anchors away!

  22. hornman says:

    If Hilary gets the Oval Office, she had better hire a food taster and w3atch her back.

  23. S1776frdm says:

    @Tom_Francois But I bet Michelle won’t take second chair. It will be all – the WH or nothing…Oooh wut an awful nightmare U just suggested

  24. 7papa7 says:

    I seriously doubt that Hillary would want obama on the ticket.  She doesn’t like him or trust him.

  25. Ltpar says:

    If Hillary were to run, she sure as hell wouldn’t play second fiddle to Barack Obama.  No one should confuse her civility toward him as support.  All of her efforts or lack thereof as Secretary of State were to build her resume not Barack Obamas.  Anything short of him declaring Martial Law and seizing power, will finish up his reign, assuming of course the couuntry is not destroyed before then.  If that happens, all bets are off.

  26. POLITICALPlE says:

    @Tom_Francois 2nd chair, ha ha, both will be empty

  27. potogold1 says:

    @Tom_Francois By then, no one will vote for him, no matter who else is running! He is paving the way to our demise…very quickly!

  28. patann401 says:

    @Tom_Francois God forbidden ..plz

  29. blainenay says:

    Obamao doesn’t need Clinton. Regardless of the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution, if Obamao runs for reelection in 2016, he’ll be reelected — as president — not as VP to Clinton.
    It’s clear that the Constitution has little meaning for at least half the voters — just as it has little meaning for virtually all of the politicians they elect. How can it have any meaning? Very few of them have ever read and understand it.
    We need smarter voters.

    • oldrustyknight says:

      When one says half the voters – one would have to include those who illegally vote several times – voting machines rigged to only count Democrat votes – intimidation at the polls and of course – and this is important – recounts only for the Dems and not for the Republicans. 
      Then one must consider the unreality that the Republican Party is mostly dead in the water – Hugo C. would love to have such a political system in place and then he wouldn’t have to pretend at having elections. 
      Cheerfully – it’ll get worse – much worse – chaos is on the agenda and the target are those who own or have built anything – including a functional family unit. 
      Massacres’ only happen when the opponent is disarmed. Don’t believe Fetterman was disarmed – just stupid – the same with Custer – however, Wounded Knee was murder (via massacre) – as were those who surrendered to the Germans and the Japanese in WWII – and it is what is planned for those who give up their freedoms for some handouts – disarming the honest, legal citizen – still leaves the government and criminals armed (well basically they are one and the same it would appear).

      • tbjwebmaster says:

        @oldrustyknight  @blainenay
         At least if MIchelle was president, she’d spend so much time on vacation that she would not have time to pass so many executive orders.

    • Paul Severe says:

      @blainenay Obama cannot bypass the 22nd amendment. It’s crystal clear. He cannot run again. I’m surprised no one is talking about the possibility of Michelle Obama running. That is a more likely scenario than Barry seeking a third term.

      • FlyerVic says:

        @Paul Severe @blainenay

      • FlyerVic says:

        @Paul Severe @blainenay God forbid. We would then have a white-hating, military-hating gardener-in-chief in the White House.

        • Areminder says:

          @FlyerVic  @Paul  @blainenay She’s already there, only difference, she get’s to decide which countries to take him on vacation.

        • tbjwebmaster says:

          @FlyerVic  @Paul  @blainenay
           I thought we already did have such.

      • blainenay says:

        @Paul Severe Paul, please let me reword your first sentence: “Obama cannot LEGALLY bypass the 22nd amendment.” Many say that he is already Constitutionally ineligible to be president. Yet, he’s still president! How? A majority of voters and everyone in Congress do not care what the Constitution says about his eligibility.
        If he decides to run again, I predict that he will win again — regardless of any Constitutional restrictions. In fact, I believe that a majority of voters would vote that he remain president for life.
        Without smarter voters, the Constitution is dead and buried. We need smarter voters.

    • emjay98 says:

      @blainenay Yes, you are right!!  However, remember that it will be necessary to stop the vote fraud that happened during the election.  If it hadn’t been for all the illegal voting, we would have President Romney.  So be it either Hillary or Obama, we have to be sure that we have a fool proof way to count the votes, plus giving the service members the chance and the time to send their votes in.

  30. NoTrustEm says:

    If you were Hillary Clinton, with Hussein Obama behind you, would you sleep well???  Considering Obama’s, and the Democrats’, history, would YOU sleep well?  I certainly wouldn’t.  Consider the history of the Clintons first.  One of their “friends” died in a park in Washington, D.C.  by “suicide”, according to authorities in Washington, even though the pistol was 20 feet or so away from the body.  How does one throw a pistol 20 feet away AFTER shooting himself??  There were also another 30 or so dead “friends” of the Clintons who died mysteriously.   Now, fast forward to September 11, 2012; would you want to rely on a man who will not send our military airplanes 30 minutes to protect you, when you are under an assault by obvious enemies, both of you and our country??  “Not I” said the little red hen.  I would not want Obama’s reach for absolute control of this country to be over my dead body. To think that my life would be the ONLY thing keeping him from continuing control of this country, I would not expect to live very long.   I DO NOT TRUST THAT MAN AS FAR AS I COULD THROW HIM WITH MY LITTLE FINGER!!!!!

  31. Darryly0huklvf2 says:


  32. Areminder says:

    This is just diabolical enough to grow wings. You should have to do penance for putting it out there because they may not have thought of it yet. Let the first talk radio host mention it, and they’ll (libs)  be tripping over themselves to get the two of them to say yes.

  33. blainenay says:

    The 22nd Amendment states “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once….” (Emphasis mine.)
    Note that a key word is “elected”. Obama cannot legally be elected to another term. But, he can return to the oval office for a third (or more terms) if elected as vice president and the elected president leaves office due to death, resignation, impeachment, etc. or if elected as president in defiance of the Constitution (many say he already has been).
    Considering his popularity with the moocher class and the big-government elites, I predict that 
    1 – If Obama were to run as president again in spite of, and violation of, the 22nd Amendment (and many believe there is no valid evidence that he was even eligible for election in ’08 or ’12), he would be reelected regardless of the Constitution and its 22nd Amendment or, 
    2 – If Obama were to run as vice president, his ticket would win regardless of who the presidential nominee is, but especially if his wife is nominated as president.
    t’s clear that the Constitution has little meaning for at least half the voters and even less meaning for virtually all of the politicians they elect. How can it have any meaning? Very few Americans or politicians have ever read and understood it. Most Americans don’t care that 95% of what the central government does is prohibited to it by the US Constitution. I must conclude, therefore, that most Americans won’t care if Obama violates the Constitution to return to the Whitehouse in 2016 or even if we ever have another presidential election. The elites and the moochers have their guy in office — that’s all that matters.
    We need smarter voters!

  34. smithwessson says:

    @Tom_Francois Could be Hillary & rumors of Michelle! Low info voters would go nuts! Not just a black woman, but 2 women. God help us!

  35. emjay98 says:

    What a horrible thought.  We should expect that after the dismal responses from  these two, Hillary, and Obama during Benghazi, they should again be in charge of ANY  government job.  Tthey were not  capable of doing anything to aid those four brave Americans who waited in vain for help. Hillary as Commander in chief of the armed services, would be another nightmare and I for one, would not want any family member in the service with either of these people in charge.  Hillary yelled “Wat difference does it make?” about the disaster in Benghazi.  So much for her concern for those Americans in  harms way!

    • thecounselor says:

       Dictators are in love with themselves and care not whether we live or die.  When we can no longer pay taxes it’s best we are moved on to the cemetary.

  36. pateboo says:

    Let’s just pray that people get sick enough of all the new taxes, inflation, and having a lot less, and that enough truths come out about Obama that people can’t deny any longer, so that we will never have to worry about a Clinton/Obama choice on a ballot ever again.

    • jannypb says:

       Too many people know too little about what is really going on in the country (or the world) today.  They pay little attention to the news, and when they do they watch the main stream media – which has gotten so bad that they should be shut down for being totally unobjective.  When the media collaborates with the government as they do now, we have a State-run media.  Freedom cannot continue to exist with a State-run media.  The reason that the media is protected (ie; by not having to reveal their sources) is because they are supposed to a check on the  government.  Sadly, that has collapsed in America.

  37. smchudej says:

    I would love to see this ticket elected.  The hilarity would ensue as they try to “Vince Foster” one another. Sort of a live version of Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy…only with real bodies!
    Screw them both.

    • ebbabc says:

      @smchudej What about a Clinton / Clinton ticket?
      I would put nothing past this bunch of reprebates, past and present.

    • Areminder says:

      @smchudej Don’t know whether or not it got any attention, but there were a lot of rumors during bill clinton’s first campaign that hillary’s favorite magazine was Mad Magazine and that she just loved the spy vs spy portion. They all came out of people familiar with the campaign, and I always figured this was an actual lesson book for the hard left. Maybe it was a george soros training manual.

      • SHawkes says:

        @Areminder  @smchudejHillary reading Mad Magazine makes perfect sense, but unless we’re talking about 2016, “what difference does it make?”

    • vette66 says:

      Screw them both. There would never be a day cold enough in hell for that to happen.

      • thecounselor says:

        @vette66  @smchudej
         It’s close to time for a full blown civil war.  It’s time to arm yourselves or be defenseless.

        • DeeDesaire says:

          @thecounselor  @vette66  @smchudej  are you ready to fight Obama’s Black Army? Rape and pillage at will, will be the norm.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @DeeDesaire  @thecounselor  @vette66  @smchudej There has never been a time in all history that will anywhere near match what is coming in WWIII. This is what GOD’S WORD tells us and we can believe it. We will either fight for righteousness or we will fight for evil.
          If we refuse to fight, it will mean we refuse to stand up for we believe and we will be in the same fix or maybe worse that we who fight for what we believe. By not fighting we will not escape the evil.

      • jannypb says:

        @vette66  @smchudej
         I disagree.  I thought it would be a cold day in hell if Obama was re-elected to a second term.  A Clinton/Obama term would not shock me – and they would probably be elected.  Remember, we have an uninformed electorate who are easily misled by the propaganda coming out of the White House.  Fool me once, shame on you;  fool me twice, shame on me!

  38. J Joy says:

    I would have to move to another country if that could even remotely have a chance of happening!

  39. SHawkes says:

    The notion of any Republican candidate being “finished” is sanguine to the ears of the Constitutionally-bereft Democrats. True, John McCain might turn the other way. If a Clinton/Obama ticket, or any ticket involving the name Obama where created, it would be the most divisive rallying call made within the Conservative Movement. We already know Obama is subversively (and not so subversive) doing everything within his power to literally dismantle the Constitution. We can no longer sit on the sidelines like McCain and other RINO legislators to allow Obama to re-clarify what the Constitution stands for.
    So, well before the lead up to a Clinton/Obama ticket We The People cannot let it happen. If the painful lesson of voter fraud wasn’t a make up call, the perceived notion of rewriting the 22nd Amendment, or worse, these two un-American clowns governing America in 2016 should be!

  40. James312 says:

    If it is Clinton and Obama in 2016, her life wouldn’t be worth ten cents.  Then we would have obama back up there.

  41. knussel says:

    God help us!

  42. Slinky says:

    I will move to another country as I am already aggressively researching this…I never thought I would want to live anywhere else but certain parts of Mexico like Lake Chapala and San Miguel are filled with Americans and Europeans and Canadians that want a better life….

  43. vette66 says:

    That would be one heck of a cat fight since the Clintons don’t like the Obama’s and vise versa.

  44. Cimmie says:

    Personally, if Hillery runs with Obama as vice. it will not take long for him and his minions to end her life. I would not want to be in her shoes. She thinks it will be her free ride to the office of president , it will be her ride to an early grave.

  45. Cimmie says:

    Cat fight we could only hope. I’d like to see him with his eyes scratched out.

  46. Independant Conservative says:

    The United States of America has already become a socialist country.
    The Democratic Party is actually the socialist American party.
    What we are enduring now is the formation of an elitist socialist party, and the next step will be a full blown dictatorship.
    Our constitutional republic has never been in such peril and it’s very existence seems to be completely unlikely unless we have a full blown Revolution.
    This is precisely what the home land security and other Obama armies are assembling for.
    They would like to disarm and disable the American people first if at all possible.
    They are of course trying at this moment but it’s unlikely to work as well as they would hope.
    It is time for the free and sovereign men and women of the United States of America to put this tyranical government out of business.
    Let the revolution begin….

  47. jannypb says:

    I think it is more likely that the “Clinton/ Obama” ticket would be Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama – May God help us all.

  48. jean1000 says:

    I doubt obama would take a backseat to hillary.

  49. Cimmie says:

    Either way May God help us all.

  50. LDommel says:

    Will the oval office install a STRIPPER POLL. Bill wants to step it up!

  51. DeeDesaire says:

    I don’t  disagree with this idea, I just can’t see how the  American people would allow it.

  52. jamescr54174058 says:

    If there would be Clinton / Obama in 2016, thgen it would logically follow that Clinton might encounter sniper fire again…knowing the roach and Chicago politics.

  53. lokiswife says:

    I rate the Obama/Clinton ticket as five puke buckets full….

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @lokiswife That can’t be any worse that Obama/Reid. If I am not mistaken Clinton is against gun control, I hope I am right on this.

  54. annie01 says:


    • emjay98 says:

      @annie01 Of course, we know that legally, Obama is not allowed to run for president or vice president since  this is against the constitution, but when has that ever stopped Obama?  He almost daily does something that is certainly not upholding the oath he took when he was sworn in.  He thumbs his nose at the constitution. His actions seem to indicate that he thinks he can  extend his power over the American people indefinitely, and to expect him to graciously leave at the end of his term is not  likely.  Who knows what he might try to do.  I don’t trust him, because no rule seems to stop him from doing as he wishes.

      • mitglied says:

        @emjay98  @annie01 
        If we apply the wisdom of the indigenous folk of the “American continents,” we see that Hussein bin Obama can be trusted.   We only need to open our brains and become aware of what he can be trusted for.  Thus far, he has been very trustworthy.  There is little evidence to indicate that he will vary from his trustworthy pattern of lying, deceit, fraud and destruction of the USA.  Nor is there evidence that the media, owned by the few families that own the Federal Reserve, will deviate from their trustworthy pattern of propaganda.  The media pattern, that disguises his/their destructive trustworthiness, has been very successful and will no doubt continue.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @mitglied  @emjay98  @annie01 You are full of  it, and I don’t mean intelligence, either.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @mitglied  @emjay98  @annie01 I do apologize, I misunderstood what you were saying, I’ll go wash my mouth out or I guess it was my hands writing that stupid comment, I’ll go and give the a good wash and read more carefully next time. You actually hit the nail on the head, excellent post, Thank You.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @mitglied  @emjay98  @annie01 Myrtle, please read the comments and think before you answer them.

        • emjay98 says:

          @Evermyrtle  @mitglied  @annie01 I am familiar with your posts and your positions of many things, and I was really surprised with your comment.  Don’t feel too bad.  We all goof up now and then.  Thanks.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @Evermyrtle  @mitglied  @emjay98  @annie01 
          I quite often put my foot in my mouth thinking I am aim at somebody elses but but after I read it the second time I felt like he was making fun of the lefties.His last sentence is what threw me off.  If I am wrong again I will hide in my closet in the dark and sit on the floor there,for a couple of hours.After reading it the fourth I believe I will hide in my closet until dark and then I will sneak out and hope nobody is looking. because I think you are right.THANKS for showing me my super duper mess up[.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @mitglied  @emjay98  @annie01 
          the comment above is for you!!!!

        • mitglied says:

          @Evermyrtle  @emjay98  @annie01  I just read your 1st response and was about to suggest that you did not capture my gist.  
          We´re even steven Evermyrtle.

      • SSGRick says:

        @emjay98  @annie01 No, you’re wrong!!!! You’d better read the XXII Amendment to the Constitution

    • SSGRick says:

      @annie01 The killing of the four diplomats in Benghazi is a resume enhancer for a democrat just like any sex scandal or financial scandal is. As a democrat you earn points for helping to destroy American values and morals. How do you think bill clinton got to be President after all his “you better put some ice on that lip sweetheart” incidents?

  55. James312 says:

    When obama controls the Internet, he will kmow who wants to fight before the fight begins.  The first punch is 90% of the fight.

  56. James312 says:

    And he won’t say “I’m gonna let you hit me first.”

  57. James312 says:

    They allowed obama.

  58. James312 says:

    The arms are being gotten.

  59. James312 says:

    She was ashamed of being an American until after the election.  They think the world owe’s them a living.  I’ve always heard, “don’t give one of them a blank check.”

  60. James312 says:

    Very well said.  Regardless of the biased media and ignorant Congress, no one I know of believes nor trusts him.

  61. mitglied says:

    @annie01  The much greater “falling for it” applies to the ones who actively supported  Hussein bin Obama for re-election.  I don´t think they are the ones at whom you direct your rather intense response.  As far as Hillary Clinton not being around or capable of being placed into a VP or POTUS slot in four years, you may be accurate.  On the other hand, had her legal husband not altered his eating habits and a narrow element of his life style over twenty years ago, allegedly, he would not be here and so healthy today.  One German, female scientist discovered a cure for all types of cancer and implemented it in 1956.  Doctor Johanna Budwig continues to be honored by an organization that promotes her discovery, years after her decease.  Of course, contemporary medicine and pharma continue to attempt to suppress her cancer cure, as they did Dr. Budwig, from 1956 til her decease.

  62. James312 says:

    Yeah.  He can’t even spell his name.  He must be one of them.

  63. SSGRick says:

    If the democrats were to even consider something as STUPID as this Hit-lery would not pick obaMAO as a VP, nor would that narcissist accept such a demotion. As big of control freaks as the Clinton’s are, Hit-lery would choose Bill as a VP over obaMAO because he like she is a power hungry psychopath. obaMAO is also a power hungry psychopath and could never allow himself to become, in the eyes of the public, the junior emperor.

    • DeanBraun says:

      @SSGRick If I were Hillary I would be very hesitant is picking Obama as a runnning mate because, if Obama is elected Vice-Presiden,t he would be eligible to become president if Hillary dies or is ejected from the office of President. Chances she would not survive for very long.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @SSGRick I do not believe that she would ever choose Obama as her VP

  64. James312 says:

    @What the hell are you talking about?

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @James312  @What Again, I cannot tell you “what the hell” I was talking about.  You are some screwed up   guy, and clueless.

  65. James312 says:

    @Myrtle.  Who in the hell are you talking to?  Yourself?

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @James312 I have not a clue who I was talking because it has been cut off. I assure I was not not talking to anyone in hell, I do not have a hot line to hell.Talking to myself?? Maybe!!! Actually I might ask you the same question!!
      Now we may be able to get things straight when I know what I said that has so offended you. If you can’t tell me that then I do not have an answer. Of course that is fine with me because I do not like to talk to people who are not rational.

  66. James312 says:

    @ ok Myrtle, I forgive you if you will forgive me.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @James312 I don’t know what you are forgiving me for because I do not know what i said but I do know it was it not anything against you or belittling you and yes, I forgive you,no hard feelings.

  67. James312 says:

    @ That makes me feel better.  You have become a habit with me.

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