US Senator Trims Office Budget and Returns $600,000 to US Treasury

There is no doubt in my mind that our senators and congressmen have no sense of responsibility when it comes to being good stewards of our taxpayer money.  They spend our dollars as if there is no tomorrow and it means nothing to them, after all, the money is allocated to them so why not spend it?

One senator is trying to set an example for the rest of the Capital Hill crowd, but his actions will likely go unnoticed or even make him a pariah among his peers.  Rand Paul, (R-KY) has managed his senate office budget very closely.  He has controlled spending and cut wherever possible.  They tracked everything from travel expenses, to computers, paper, ink cartridges and every other office expense.  In the process, he has reduced his office spending by $600,000 this past year.  The year before it was $500,000 he saved.

So what did Paul do with the excess money?  He returned it to the US Treasury.  In the past two years, he has returned $1.1 million to the Treasury.   In a press conference, Paul says that one of the problems with Congress and many sectors of the private world is that they are taught to spend every dime allocated to them.  If they don’t spend it all, they won’t get as much money the next year.

It’s that way in the private sector as well.  My dad worked for a utility as a foreman.  Every year they were allocated so much money for the renovation and repairs of the local canal system.  Dad developed a way to renovate twice as much canal for less money and his renovations lasted longer than the others. In one year, he saved just over $1 million.  His reward was a royal butt chewing by his boss and his boss’s boss. He was told to spend every penny that was allocated to him or else.

Paul encourages all government employees to cut spending where they can.  He also advocates establishing a bonus system to reward those who do save significant amounts of spending.

If every Senator was forced to cut their budget by $500,000 a year, which is what Rand Paul has managed to do, that would be a savings of $50 million a year.  If Representatives were also forced to cut their office budgets by the same amount that would be another $217.5 million saved per year for a combined annual savings of $267.5 million.

I imagine the same could be done for members of the Executive Branch as well.  If Obama just took one vacation a year like everyone else in America and didn’t take along every family and friend, that alone could result in a savings $50 million a year.  When all is said and done, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an annual savings over $500 million or more.

If every government office was given the same mandate, we would see annual savings of billions of dollars.  Come to think about it, what we need is a treasury secretary like Ebenezer Scrooge before his ghostly visits.  Someone as tight as him to control every penny of federal spending, starting with the White House and foreign aid.  Imagine every government worker having to account for every penny they spend.  Better yet, they have to submit a request to get the money first and justify the expenditure before it can be spent.  I’ve worked with companies that operate like that and that’s how they are able to stay in business.

My hat goes off to Sen. Rand Paul and I hope that other senators and congressmen follow his example.



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75 comments on “US Senator Trims Office Budget and Returns $600,000 to US Treasury
  1. devine_don says:

    @cutiepi2u @randpaul16 if all govt agencies increased productivity& reduce waste f/3 years, US govt, could deliv more services w/less debt

  2. Diplobear says:

    Obama pisses $ 600.000  away every day, on camaign trips.  Transportation not included.
    There was a time when the President had a “budget” for running official business.
    Guess with a King that’s all out the window.
    We need to overthrow the Obama Monarchy.  Get out your pitchforks.

  3. mrktngmama says:

    Rand Paul saves $600,000 from his annual budget and Obama spends $1 million for a weekend of golf.  The ot loss to the country out $400,000.  And Michelle’s ski trip cost how much???  Where is the media?????  More importantly, where are the American people?

  4. jsmithcsa says:

    As a taxpayer, I’m thankful that he did it and saddened that now it will be wasted by Obama and his cronies.

  5. Upaces says:

    Jsmithesa…a week-end of golf and sending more $ and equipment to his friends in the Middle East.

  6. JimGreaves says:

    I worked as an independent sub-contractor (doing a small part of an overall “project” for various governmental and environmental firms in California). I would submit a proposed budget, usually get it approved within a couple percent of my proposal, and invariably came in “under budget”. Which of course meant the firm I worked for got more of a percent than I did. The only time I ever had to be “completely on the award” was in the last job I had, working on a contract for a Federal agency – I even submitted my final invoice “under budget” and was asked to make it be the entire amount, which (in order to get paid and be done with it) I did (it was only a few dozen dollars difference). MOST proposed budgets are “not to exceed amount”, and that is what I worked hard to make certain – I went over budget on only one project in 25 years (again, only a few dozen bucks), and was paid the extra for the work. If governments and their agencies can not work “within budget”, those who people the agencies should be FIRED. “Balancing budgets” is one of the BIGGEST HOAXES ever devised – especially when the agency or government determines the budget – for the government can merely increase taxes – EVEN IN states that require voter approval for tax increases. It is time to remind your legislators and congress creatures of Davy Crocket, a congress critter, who paid “federal” dollars out, and was brought to task for it and [my understanding] was made to re-pay every penny to the treasury.

  7. SandiTrusso says:

    Why didn’t you publish the information when US Congressman Dan Webster (Florida) cut his own pay back to the rate of 2008, and returned the difference to the US Treasury?  Why didn’t you publish the information that US Congressman Dan Webster did not accept the free insurance given to Congress?  He purchases his own!  This was done two years ago, and the return of the pay was done in 2012!   We’ve been hearing about the unfair pay raises of congress and how congress should have to be on the same insurance as we are.  WELL HERE’S A MAN WHO HAS DONE IT, AND WE DON’T HEAR A WORD ABOUT IT.  I sent the info to O’Reilly, Hannity, and Beck…. why didn’t this information get out?

    • shredder says:

      @SandiTrusso those of us that were paying attention to these things did hear of Rep. Webster’s actions. No need to.get defensive.

    • winki says:

      @SandiTrusso I think I remember hearing about that. I couldn’t tell you right now “WHO” did it but I do remember thinking what a great politician to have done it. And wished there were more like him.

      • Truckman says:

        @winki  @SandiTrusso Seems like RON Paul has given his paychecks back. As I understand it,he believes a salary is the wrong reason to be in Politics.

      • refurb001yy says:

        @winki  @SandiTrusso Because other politicians don’t do it they wonder why they get a bad wrap.  Well, jump on the train and set a trend.  Or, do you like putting the screws to the voting/taxpaying public?

  8. maryatlanta says:

    Rank Paul for President! We should at least take the Senate and Rand Paul should head it.

  9. bkeller50 says:

    How much are the Senators and Reps given for their staff budgets? If Paul can cut over a million in two years all the Congressional staffs can be cut and a savings to the taxpayers. Obama regardless of his position can cut his travel and set an example for the rest of the government to follow. You lead by example and demand the same from rest.

  10. aa25118 says:

    If all 50 states did this, then without one thing changing would could cut a billion dollars of debt in no time.  Who knows what we could accomplish if we cut some fat/ departments in the federal government.

    • bafrank says:

      @aa25118 …and that money will be reappropriated and spent elsewhere. There is actually no mechanism in the budget to cause this money to be an indicator that such allocations need to be reduced.

  11. chief1937 says:

    Never happen they enjoy spending our money too much I mean after all it’s not their money they are enjoying.If anything he will be repramanded for his action.

  12. skywaveTDR says:

    It is about time a person acts responsibly in this kind of work. There are only two politicians I have come to trust and recommend and one is Rand Paul and the other is Peter Roskam. Let’s hope the wave keeps traveling and cleans up the rest of the government!

  13. ghastly1 says:

    Back in the late 60’s I worked in a lab during graduate school. Near the end  of every fiscal year I was advised how much money was left in our grant account. If it wasn’t spent, next year’s grant would be more difficult to get. Believe it or not, I still have unused lab items left over from 45 years ago! What a waste.

    • okaokie says:

       and that’s still the way it’s done, which is one of the problems, everyone is encouraged to spend every available penny or get penalized by a lesser ‘grant, contract agreement – whatever’ in the next fiscal cycle.   In the private sector where it’s usually ‘lowest bid’ that takes home the money (compared to quality materials and work, does anyone evaluate?).
      Neither way makes any sense.  Surely, someone could figure out how to factor in ‘best quality for best cost’.  (Not one of the ‘academic airheads’ currently cluttering up the landscape is capable because they don’t even know what’s involved and wouldn’t know who would be qualified to explain it to them.  They’d probably ask a union since that’s how they got elected –  being unable to figure out unions are a big part of the problem (unions:  an example of how a good thing can be made a bad thing by poor management.)
      Speaking of unions, somewhere in the 1960’s and 1970’s, auto manufacturing co.’s tried to initiate new components into auto production – unions killed it so their workers wouldn’t have to learn how to do their job a  different way,  say thank you union leaders – somebody should write a song about  – “My Union Sure Took Care of Me, got no job but I was able to keep my TV”………….. 
      In the 1970’s in Las Vegas, Nevada, unions and employers had ‘talks’ about the unions working with the employers to figure out how they could reduce costs – as I recall, the only union that had leaders with enough foresight to see the handwriting on the wall and willing to cooperate was the carpenter’s union.
      When most of these people get elected does it immediately erase any common sense they ever had, or is it a process?  A few of them seem to maintain their ‘common sense’, so we know it can be done, dare we ask what happens to the others?

  14. tnecn says:

    The more I hear about Rand Paul, the better i like him. He might be our last, best hope.  Rand Paul in 2016?

  15. RONBI says:

    @LDommel They could all do without millions, including POTUS

  16. AudreyStricker says:

    Bravo and hang in  there—-You are my first choice for the future of this once great country called AMERICA– Land of the free!!!! Not a democracy but a Republic. Back to principles . I would love to see a budget breakdown of all  members of the House and Senate.   We the people deserve it.  We pay for it. Go Rand Paul !!!!!!

  17. FocusedAlienFrog says:

    Thank you for being a positive example and for pointing out what others, especially the president (who is leading by example whether positive or negative), should be doing. I wish they were the public servants they are supposed to be & not a national drain!

  18. Gidge says:

    What Paul’s office did and if more offices in Congress did the same it would help. The biggest waste is in FRAUD. The SS Admin. admits their rolls are not up to date. This is how when the stimulous money was issued a couple of years ago, people in prisons, illegal, dead people got checks. This also would explain why prisoners, in a new report, were getting unemployment benefits. Obama’s Aunt from Kenya, who was also here illegally, was collecting SS Disability and living in Government housing. Barry’s Uncle that was arrested for DUI, is still here illegally after 43 years and is working in a Licquor Store in Mass. The Aunt was also living in Mass., Boston, I believe is a sanctuary city. Nice that she knew exactly where to go to get what she wants. She also had the nerve when asked about her collecting benefits, the answer was we owed it to her. She is as arrogant as her nephew Barry.

    • Gidzmo says:

      @Gidge Bill O’Reilly recently showed Obama’s uncle (living illegally in MA).  I live in a sanctuary city in what might as well be a sanctuary state.  The LA mayor and police chief would let those who are here illegally drive with no license (thus setting the city up for lawsuits).

      • maryatlanta says:

        @Gidzmo  @Gidge
        @Gidge and endangering US citizens by not enforcing the law and allowing illegals to drive – costing our nation dearly. Not only in taxpayer dollars but in taxpayer lives. My father-in-law was a hit and run victim by an illegal driving a car he did not own, no insurance and drinking. My father -in-law died. The illegal was charged with a felony, ordered to self-deport and came back into the US and picked up again on more charges. The illegal claimed he did not understand the charges against him! If you do not speak English how do you obey our laws? There are thousands of US citizens who have died because our country does not enforce immigration laws. 911 terrorist were here illegally. Plus US social services are overwhelmed with the cost of education, healthcare and other services that illegals demand! The left wants their vote and we all pay dearly.

      • refurb001yy says:

        @Gidzmo  @Gidge

  19. Markus Reborn says:

    Rand Paul for president in 2016!!!

  20. Markus Reborn says:

    I seems I remember (a few years back)  something about a congressman who voted against a congressional pay raise… and he said if it passed, he wouldn’t accept the pay raise but would apply it  toward the Federal Deficit.

    • Gidzmo says:

      @Markus Reborn From what I read about the last fiscal-cliff bill that was jammed through Congress (like Obamacare, with no reading), there was language in there that quashed the raise Obama was trying to grant with his executive order.

  21. spearheadg2 says:

    What a fool.  That money is going straight into Obama and Michele’s vacation fund.

  22. Michael Williams says:

    So lets see here Sen. Paul can cut  $1.1m in two years from his budget. What does that say about the kind of money these politician get to spend which happens to be the tax payers, isn’t that special.

  23. rca says:

    Think of the billions we could save if the Obama’s cut their spending on golf and dinners!

    • Steven60 says:

       or just ever other vacation. Even if his wife would cut her staff from 22 to 2.

    • Gidzmo says:

      @rca Just read in the WAPost about how the Obamas went to their daughter’s recital last night.  While I can appreciate the parents wanting to see their children in a recital, I wonder how many Secret Service officers were there?  And if the parents and performers all had to be searched and had their stuff gone through?

  24. CarrieGutfeld says:

    @lr3031 @LastResistance Rand Paul is great, but too many people in the US that don’t care & have low information/want freebies.

  25. rchguns says:

    Why can’t everyone in Congress do the same? Why doesn’t the White House publish a list of 100% of the expenses incurred by the First Family? I’m not talking about security at the White House and when it is absolutely necessary for the president to travel an unofficial capacity.
    What I’m talking about is when he and the First Lady go on a date in New York City, this includes all expenses incurred by New York City because of his presence, when he goes to the golf course, whenever any member of the White House staff or First Family use official Air Force planes , and there is no reason for the whole family to have a vacation more than twice a year.
    All congressmen and representatives and their gophers who use military transportation, released vehicles, private security, expense accounts should be monitored and no expenses for booze, hookers, or any other illegal purchases. These people should have the present receipts always expenses and everything on these expense accounts should be made public through the general media and posted on the Internet for all to see.
    If the sequester goes into effect the first thing that’s to be cut should be the wages/salaries of all elected government officials. The first week of the sequester every elected member of Congress should have their salaries cut by 50% for a minimum of one year. The same goes for the White House meeting the president and all of it is appointees does not include security or White House staff. If the sequester goes to two weeks Congress loses 75% for minimum of 18 months same goes for the White House. If it goes to three weeks they lose 100% of their salary for two years.

    • Gidzmo says:

      @rchguns From what I’ve heard, Congress will get its pay cut during the sequester.  This has not gone unnoticed by Nancy Pelosi, who claims that it would violate the dignity of their work.

      • refurb001yy says:

        @Gidzmo  @rchguns Does Pelosi have any dignity?  By that statement alone, I would say NO.  People are struggling and are jobless and she is worried about her dignity.  What dignity is there in wanting to wine and dine out every night whilst others are luck to get a hot dog……

        • Gidzmo says:

          @refurb001yy  @rchguns Pelosi says that she’s not worried about a job cut for herself (after all, her husband has millions from real estate).

        • refurb001yy says:

          @Gidzmo  @rchguns Let her go back to her husband!   I’m sure he’d rather she stay in DC!  Imagine waking up next to that in the morning!?

  26. texaselect says:

    Impeach and exile Obama and his Chimp. That would save us 1.3 Billion a Year.

    • refurb001yy says:

      @texaselect Savings just in needless vacations.  Or a vacation for the kid(s) alone.    Maybe vacation at Camp David!  Bet you can practice skeet shooting there….

      • Gidzmo says:

        @refurb001yy  @texaselect Of course, there will be some who claim GW Bush took more vacations in eight years than Obama in four (which I don’t believe).  At least BW Bush went to a family-owned property either Maine or Texas.  None of this shutting down an entire neighborhood in Hawaii or Aspen just because he was there.

        • Florida Jim says:

          @Gidzmo  @refurb001yy  @texaselect
           The Obama’s spend $1,400,000 per year on themselves with our tax dollars the Bushes spent $400,000 on dinners, trips, “dates, the Obama’s are simply-ly wasteful of everything where the Bush’s, very rich, were cautious about the money spent on themselves. The Bush’s still visit veterans hospitals, homecomings and prayer groups for the wounded warriors I’ll bet the Obama’s will not visit anyone other than their campaign contributors when they leave office, which can’t be too soon. Any comparison of the Obama’s vs the Bush’s or the Romney’s only show how pathetic the Obama’s are as people, although as democrats they fit right in with the hypocrites like Gore, Biden, Boxer,Reid, Emanuel and the Clinton’s.

        • refurb001yy says:

          @Florida Jim  @Gidzmo  @texaselect And the obama’s spend this kind of money when we as a nation are hurting financially.  What kind of blood suckers do we have in DC?  Wonder when michelle and the kids are going to Disney World or whatever for vacation again!

        • refurb001yy says:

          @Gidzmo  @texaselect Going to Texas or Maine doesn’t mean he was off the job.  When I worked I would not go into work but worked at home via a terminal and internet connection.  I strongly doubt that is the case with obamy.  You can’t carry a terminal around the golf course too easily….

    • gruejr30 says:

      @texaselectI didn’t vote for Obama and do not like him as president but Mrs. Obama is not a chimp, so knock off the bigot crap. We have enough of that stuff. This kind of crap has to stop if we are to get this country back to it’s great melting pot that it was designed to be . You bigots, get a life !!

      • Obummer says:

        @gruejr30  @texaselect The melting pot motto only worked with the various factions of European settlers that came together and pushed this country up to become the great beacon it once was.  The generations of blacks and mexicans have only served to tear this country down and rape it for whatever they can get, so you sir, knock of that melting pot crap.

      • BurtFisher says:

        @gruejr30 @texaselect The chimp he was talking about is Biden.

        • gruejr30 says:

          @BurtFisher  @gruejr30  @texaselectSorry Burt, I apologize for the misconception, you can understand why , Semper Fi !

  27. CinderellaMan2 says:

    @BettyeBear Rand Paul isn’t afraid to lead by example. Know any other Senators returning money? I dont! #Paul2016

  28. DavidPeacock says:

    Rand Paul for President 2016;;;;;;;

  29. KenzGranddad says:

    @lr3031 @LastResistance Savng money in Gov’t runs contrary 2 the budgetng unless it go 2 zero base budgetng. Each program needs 2 be tested

  30. VickiSelf1 says:

    This is the example that must be set by all of congress!

    • refurb001yy says:

      @VickiSelf1 Maybe each and every congressman/woman should be measured on what they can save as well as do a GOOD job at the same time.  Maybe pass on those free dinners and perks.

  31. MW33 says:

    I ran into this in the US Navy when I was on board an aircraft carrier. Spend every penny or else… I bet those three semi loads of toilet paper are still sitting in some port somewhere…

  32. Florida Jim says:

    This is what every member of Congress should do every year. these people are wasteful of my tax dollars and their time.They should meet for only three months a year and should reduce all expenditures from year to year ….imagine a smaller budget each year! These dolts would die not wasting money.

  33. JimThresher says:

    You will never see a democrat senator do this. They would spend another couple of million if it was given to them.

  34. J Joy says:

    If he can do it, the rest of them can.  They can stop being wasteful and extravagant.

  35. WarrenMack says:

    Wow, thats really rather depressing to hear that they DON’T do this… I guess it’s just one of those things that you would take for granted would be done.

  36. ChiefGator says:

    Senator Paul is to be commended for his action.  Now the American people needs to do their part in trimming the budget by not re-electing any of the bozos (Senator Paul excluded) that are in Congress right now.  Congress is the one up there always spouting off about the “waste in government”.  What they don’t tell you is that they are the primary perpetrators of the “waste in government”.

    • Gidzmo says:

      @ChiefGator I keep voting against mine (Waters/Feinstein/Boxer) and encourage others to do the same.  Unfortunately, I am usually outvoted.  Waters would probably think she was entitled to that money.

    • gkp00co says:

      @ChiefGator I agree and expect them to have Congress commission a flock of studies to determine what, if anything, should be done. Then they’ll hold lengthy Senate and House hearings on the topic….

  37. maryatlanta says:

    Just reducing waste and fraud along with the steps like Senator Rand Paul has taken would go along way in reducing gov. spending. Oversight on entitlements would help. Illegals scam the system for billions each year. Gov. should police itself first. Cut the waste and fraud not our military!

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