Universal Orlando Falls to Obamacare

Sometimes, ideas are clear as day; other times, certain concepts are difficult for people to understand. It is certainly reasonable that in the infinitely complex world of politics, some ideas are not grasped immediately. However, when a concept has been tested and tried numerous times in varying situations, over the span of decades; it truly is unreasonable when reality fails to set in. Such is the case with Obamacare.

Socializing medicine has never been–nor will it ever be–a sound idea; yet somehow, it continues to be thrust upon unsuspecting victims. It has failed in Europe; it has failed in Canada; and it will fail in the United States.

The most recent example of the abject failure of socialized medicine comes from Florida. According to Jason Garcia, of The Orlando Sentinel:

“Universal Orlando plans to stop offering medical insurance to part-time employees beginning next year, a move the resort says has been forced by the federal government’s health-care overhaul…’mini-med’ plans will no longer be permitted under the federal Affordable Care Act.”

A “mini-med” plan is described as a limited insurance plan for part-time employees, designed to cover a portion of said employees’ medical expenses. Out of the 17,000 people currently employed by Universal Orlando, approximately 500 are enrolled in the mini-med plan. For all intents and purposes, those 500 employees will now be dropped into the hands of the red-tape monster that is government healthcare.

In addition to Universal Orlando, other companies investigating the consequences of the new Obamacare cost impositions are Disney, and Sea World. Walmart–in a move prompted by Obamacare–altered their definition of “part-time,” increasing the required hours from 24 a week to 30. When one of the largest employers in the world shrinks at the sight of government regulations, something big is happening.

The formula for failure is obvious: doing absolutely nothing to reduce costs + raising taxes + paying for 310 million people (including freeloaders) = bankruptcy. The formula for success is right in front of our eyes: Tort (legal) reform + means testing + cross-state insurance sales = cheap, more affordable healthcare coverage. The most important piece of the reform puzzle is the increase of company competition. Call it what you want–it’s called Capitalism–it continues to prove fruitful.

In the face of decades of socialized medical failure; and the accelerated implosion of Obamacare; why do Liberals continually pound the healthcare nail with their hammer and sickle? Quite simply, the concept of “free” healthcare is compelling. Many Americans just don’t understand that nothing comes without a price. As long as something “free” is dangled on a stick, Obama can say “jump,” and the people will ask “how high?”

As Napoleon Bonaparte said: “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” In the case of Obamacare, it’s not the stupidity of the politician, but that of the voters.



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  • bobseeks

    Anyone who voted for a democrat deserves to lose their insurance.

  • patrioticveteran

    Its time for Impeachment preceedings to start and if our politicians feel they don’t then we need to have recall elections.

    • GLW513

       The House of Representatives “Impeaches” and the Senate, tries and convicts.  So, since the Senate is controlled by the Democrats, what chance do you think think that King Obama would be convicted and forced to resign?

      • VeeDub

        @GLW513  @patrioticveteran
        I think the mere act of getting obama brought up on charges, forcing him to appear at proceedings and getting everything out there for people to see the facts “might” open a few eyes and change a few minds.
        We know ALL of CONgress is complicit in obama’s actions. They are the only people who can DO something legally about his actions. CONgress is our only PEACEFUL course of action against a tyrant. If they don’t act, then we are forced to resort to less peaceful measures.
        We know that half of America is living off of the other half.  And the half that are leeches will never go against obama or anyone who might be willing to make any cuts to the freebies they enjoy.  Our only hope is to wake up the other half and hope to get enough to stand up and change things.  If we can’t, then we will be stuck with obama type Presidents from now on.

  • caliwntrprk

    The Ceo of walt disney world supported obamacare.  I use to work there and told some of my acquaintances that disney would probably drop their insurance plans.  Waiting to see what happens.

  • caliwntrprk

    Most of the people are libs at disney.  Guess I don’t have to say who they voted for.

  • J Joy

    Obama and the Democrats had to relinquish their biggest wish to get Obamacare passed which was the single payer plan.  But if most companies follow the pattern and drop their medical benefits packages, the government will institute a single payer plan and Americans will probably migrate towards the government plan because it will be cheaper (on all levels – premiums and benefits received).

  • cantonst

    It’s a shame the President won’t get to read this article.  It’s an even bigger shame that even if he did, it would not phase him.  He is so in love with himself, that nothing beyond what he currently thinks is deserving of consideration.  And he fully realizes how stupid and ill informed his specific constituency is!  I think maybe the United States is over…

    • VeeDub

      You’ve noted the mind set of EVERY liberal/socialist/progressive/democrat!  Have you ever met a  liberal/socialist/progressive/democrat that wasn’t an all-knowing expert on EVERY subject?  Have you ever met one that admitted they were wrong about anything?
      Those mental midgets on the left firmly believe the “truth” is what they say it is at the time they say it.  The “truth” can change the next time they speak on the same subject, but the “truth” they spoke the first time was still the “truth”.

  • keithroland1

    @southgadiva hi jan

    • southgadiva

      @keithroland1 :-)

  • TessComments

    ObamaCare is Not AFFORDABLE.
    Universal Orlando plans to stop offering medical insurance to part-time employees beginning next year.
    How many Legal Americans will have to pay for their own Health Insurance because of the implementation of Obama’s 2010 “AFFORDABLE” Health Care Law?
    Since 2010 My premiums continue to rise.  Yes, Insurance companies have to offer you health care coverage no matter what, BUT you will not be albe to afford it.  MY Main doctor No longer accepts Medicare patients mainly because of Obama’s 2010 health care law.

    • cantonst

       ObamaCare is DeathCare!

  • jorgaone

    SOOO, Nancy:  Now you’ve gotten it voted in–and now WE are finding out what’s in it…good going.
    I wish, in a perfect world, that ALL of Congress had to live by the “laws” they pass…How well do you think they’d fare??

  • maryquitecontrary

    Many will opt out to not have it because it’s not as affordable as originally planned. ($20,000.00 for a family of 4) per year.  However you’ll still have to pay a penalty which will amount to another income tax.
    federal tax + Obamacare tax = 2 income taxes
    Do you think the masses will find this acceptable?

    • sassygram

       The government has it’s own program.  They would not last living on what the average person makes, or what they have to put up with.  They certainly need term limits, maybe they would change their minds about some of these things.

  • DMJ

    Great article!  The only part I have a problem with is letting insurance companies sell across state lines.  As it is, the Supreme Court said that the Federal Govt. has no jurisdiction to control health insurance because all insurance is intrastate commerce.  The Feds only have jurisdiction if it is interstate commerce.  If the insurance is sold across state lines, then it will be interstate commerce and the Feds can get involved.  Don’t open that can of worms!

  • cantonst

    Mary, of course the masses will find this acceptable!  See: http://www.youtube.com/embed/6Zy297Xgr8Q

    • maryquitecontrary

      @cantonst Not the tax paying ones paying for it. I predict  mass demonstrations and riots!
      Two things that caused the American revolution. The colonist’s didn’t want to pay high taxes to the crown and didn’t want to lose their right to bear arms.

      • icetrout

        @maryquitecontrary  @cantonst Ammo is now the New Currency…

      • VeeDub

        @maryquitecontrary  @cantonst
        Unfair taxes were also at the root of the Civil War. 
        “If I do that, what would become of my revenue? I might as well shut up housekeeping at once!” ~ Lincoln, in response to the suggestion by the Virginian Commissioners to abandon the custom house of Fort Sumter. Housekeeping is a euphemism for federal spending, in otherwords, taxing consumers to subsidize special interests, or what we would call today, corporate welfare.
        “But what am I to do in the meantime with those men at Montgomery [meaning the Confederate constitutional convention]? Am I to let them go on… and open Charleston, etc., as ports of entry, with their ten-percent tariff. What, then, would become of my tariff?” ~ Lincoln to Colonel John B. Baldwin, deputized by the Virginian Commissioners to determine whether Lincoln would use force, April 4, 1861
        Above all else, Lincoln was a tax and spender, and loved the Union because it would allow him to tax the South to spend on “internal improvements” in the North.

  • texaselect

    The song in the Year 2525 is sounding more plausable. If you are too young to remember it, go to Youtube or I Tunes and listen to it. This must be what Obama believes is his Muslim Nirvana.  While you are at it watch Logans Run. The rest of us will continue you to stock up on ammo and keep our ruck sacks and bug out kits at the ready.

    • jorgaone

      @texaselect Haven’t thought of that song in years–but you are absolutely right…as long as it’s only the peons that are locked away and not needing a thing they can’t reach for free.  HE’D want to be out playing golf with Tiger Woods…

  • monica_skinner

    .@Miller51550 next employers will not provide insurance for spouses. You can leave your kids on till they are 26, but not your spouse. Nice.

  • 9691uaeB

    @Cigarvolante @cspanwj In that same world, GOP would out-price healthcare, food, housing for bottom 40% to get rid of ’em.

  • 9691uaeB

    @Cigarvolante @cspanwj IN that same world, GOP would out-price healthcare/food/housing for bottom 40% & enslave with a false hope of Freedom

    • Cigarvolante

      @9691uaeB @cspanwj Sorry, you are talking about LIBERALS, vote buying and free stuff. #ISeeYou

  • LatinoIlliberal

    @Miller51550 great article, only prob in analysis is near end. Many americans pay no taxes so to them, their phones, food, homes are free

  • [email protected]

    Live and Learn