New Case of Voter Fraud Helps Democrats—Surprise!

Every two years, the process is the same: Republicans—keenly aware of the prevalence of voter fraud—try desperately to get some kind of voter identification laws passed. It is, of course, a state by state issue; requiring the coordination of many individuals. In response, the Democrats bray and babble about voter suppression; comparing the issuing of voter identification laws to poll taxes and other such tactics that were used in the past to keep minorities from voting.

According to the ACLU’s website:

“Voting rights are under attack in this country as state legislatures nationwide pass voter suppression laws under the pretext of preventing voter fraud and safeguarding election integrity. These voter suppression laws take many forms, and collectively lead to significant burdens for eligible voters trying to exercise their most fundamental constitutional right…During the 2011 legislative sessions, states across the country passed measures to make it harder for Americans – particularly African-Americans, the elderly, students and people with disabilities – to exercise their fundamental right to cast a ballot. Over thirty states considered laws that would require voters to present government-issued photo ID in order to vote. Studies suggest that up to 11 percent of American citizens lack such ID, and would be required to navigate the administrative burdens to obtain it or forego the right to vote entirely… Despite this frenzy of state legislation to counteract so-called voter fraud and to protect the integrity of our elections, proponents of such voter suppression legislation have failed to show that voter fraud is a problem anywhere in the country. Aside from the occasional unproven anecdote or baseless allegation, supporters of these laws simply cannot show that there is any need for them.”

It’s interesting that the ACLU—long a Liberal bastion—would be trying so fervently to dismiss the allegations of voter fraud. Could they be riding on any kind of bias?

According to National Review, a particularly glaring case of voter fraud is being investigated in the great state of Ohio:

“Melowese Richardson is the Ohio poll worker who admitted to casting two votes in November for President Obama. Now, Ohio officials are investigating if she voted in the names of four other people as well and cast a total of six ballots in the 2012 election.”

In addition to this case, there were numerous other cases of voter fraud, or fraudulent voter registration during the 2012 election. Back in September, the LA Times wrote about ten counties in Florida where potentially fraudulent voter registration forms were uncovered. Following that, in the days after November 6th, Congressman Allen West was defeated in his bid for reelection. He lost in an unfair fight, as many counties reported over 100% voter turnout; some counties even reported turnout as high as 140%.

These are just several cases of fraudulent voter registration. There are many more. As it stands now, approximately 30 states have some kind of voter identification law, many of which are flimsy at best. The ACLU claims it is an undue “burden” to obtain a government issued ID. Is that so? Anyone can go to a DMV and obtain a photo ID in several hours. And if that “burden” is indeed such a problem, why not make getting a photo ID a smoother process? There are certainly ways to make the process of obtaining government issued identification easier.

So, what is at the heart of this issue? What blood keeps this alive? The Democrats want votes. The Democrats are very aware that the majority of voter fraud–as evidenced by the examples provided; as well as numerous others–heavily benefits them. They know that if legitimate identification is a prerequisite to vote, they will lose every double vote, ineligible vote, illegal vote; and all other fraudulent votes that have helped them win elections in the past; including the election against Allen West.

Strict voter identification laws are a necessary piece of a healthy electorate. Of course the demand shouldn’t be undue, but there should be some demand. The reality of the world we live in is such that fraudulent voting will only continue to be a problem if we do nothing to stop it. The ACLU, and other Liberal fronts want you to believe that Conservatives want to return to the days of poll taxes and extreme voter restrictions. That is a blatant lie. This is the truth: Liberals need voter fraud to win elections.

Marguerite de Valois said: “The more hidden the venom, the more dangerous it is.” As long as the Left can scream and spit venom at anyone who tries to enact reasonable voter identification laws, and get away with it, they will do so. As long as the Left can hide behind the concept of “voter suppression,” they will continue to stonewall voter identification laws and a healthy electorate.



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335 comments on “New Case of Voter Fraud Helps Democrats—Surprise!
  1. Robert F Anderson Sr says:

    Anyone with a BRAIN knows that this last Election was a TOTAL FRAUD ! No way can you have 140% voter turn out at some of those’s voting polls ? Now you have people BRAGGING that they voted TWICE and THREE TIMES ? I believe this man should be IMPEACHED and NOW !!

  2. Ronald Bahre says:

    Where is it putting the poor at a disadvantage? You have to have ID to get Benefits from any agency as well as Medical care Percriptions and any number of other items so if everyone can obtain these things what are they using for ID slipping some cash to someone to look the other way?

  3. Rodger Higgins says:

    Perhaps they should change the law to include a photo on your social security card then. Everyone, regardless of who you are has to have a social security card.

  4. MickeyMike2 says:

    Voter fraud can’t go on forever. At some point . . . it looks like in the not too distant future . . . the government will run out of enough working people to steal from and the money they print will have no value. At that point there won’t be any way to buy voter fraud. No special favors, no free telephones, no votes.

  5. jmengele says:


  6. Richard Bleuze says:

    I think that the record goes to the guy with Acorn’s help in 2008 voted 72 times in Vegas! And he claims that he did not know he was doing something wrong!

  7. Bob says:

    We have a lying lawyer (is that redundant?) in Belleville, IL who wrote letter after letter to our local democrat-controlled paper calling conservatives liars because they claim that there is such a thing as vote fraud. Proof of vote fraud after the election proves he is a liar like all democrats and almost all lawyers. The only way to get at these democrat controlled news outlets is to boycott those companies that support liberal liars with their advertising dollars.

  8. mary dean says:




  10. Publius Hamilton says:

    Interesting to note that photo ID’s are required in union elections. And now the union bosses want to pass “card check” legislation that ends the secret ballot in union elections that allows an employee to vote their conscience without intimidation. Management supports the secret ballot and union bosses oppose it. Now why is that?

  11. Ross Cooper says:

    We need to go to the DMV for a picture ID why not a voter ID as well, you would have at the very least a year to get the ID before any election and four years to vote in the Presidential election, going to the DMV can not possibly be any harder or difficult then going shopping or to the movies, especially for such a sacred wright!

  12. marilyn says:

    i live in missouri. once a person is registered to vote, they receive a voters registration card with the precinct and place to vote printed on it. when you get to the polling site, a judge has a list of everyone in that precinct. you show your registration and/or drivers license, they find your name and put a check mark beside it. you have voted and cannot get past the judge to vote again. now isn’t this difficult? it is just insane what has been allowed to go on. somebody needs to step up and be held accountable. even in heavily populated areas this would work, just has to be more judges to handle the volume.. some one just doesn’t want this to happen esp. in the states that have a high electorial vote.

  13. Publius Hamilton says:

    Just an aside, but for those of you that type in all caps, it is very hard to read your posts so I generally skip them. Also, in blog and comment etiquette, its like shouting.

    Thanks for taking this in a positive light…

  14. Retired Officer says:

    I want to see some voter suppression. I’m TIRED of these cases of the dead and illegal aliens and double-vote voters. IF you commit voter fraud you should forever LOSE your right to vote; just like the FELONS that they are. And, regarding this “suppression” that they’ve invented, there’s nothing more scary in the movie than the part your imagination is making up for you. They’ve invented this and there is no BOOGY-MAN under the bed (or at the polling station). The only evil there are the CRIMINAL MULTI-voters. As they say in Chicago; “vote early and often” (and they don’t mean in the NEXT election).

  15. robert says:

    we the people,who are the real government,have personally know of voter fraud,in the last 3 elections,and you need id for many things,so it is not an inconvience,it proves of voting more then once,illegals voting,ovomit picked up a lot of cemetery votes,illegalls voting multiply times.and not allowing for veterans over seas,is a disgrace and dispickable act.and we the people by me,know we have an ineligible treasonous traitor in the wh,god bless the real president romney,and the real vice president ryan,and sheriff joe and cold case posse,dr oily taitz,chuck norris,frank serpcio,and all legal american veternas/citizens

  16. Publius Hamilton says:

    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the infamous communist leader of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia once said that it’s not who votes that really matters. What matters is who counts the votes…..history tends to repeat itself, does it not?

  17. culper355 says:

    Why the GOP won’t challenge vote fraud | Fellowship of the Minds…/why-the-gop-will-not-do-anyth…Nov 15, 2012 – This election was stolen by the Democrats via vote fraud. Despite all the evidence of fraud, the Republican Party has been strangely silent …
    So who is at fault??

  18. TeaParty Patriot (TPP) says:

    This is exactly why the owebomb did not prepare or care about the debate he has known the election was in the bag before he ws even nominated. Not only are the ‘rats voting multiple times, they are preventing the voting registration roles frome being purged as required by law. It has been estimated that 3 out of 5 voter registrations across the US are fraudulent and holder the man responsible for keeping voting honest is forbidding local registration offices from doing thier jobs. If we had representatives in office who were doing their jobs instead of RINOs we might not have this problem.

  19. Darylj46 says:

    The biggest problem to bringing the fraud out is that republicans don’t have the gonnads to investigate and bring it all out in the open. Our republican elected won’t open there eyes and how many times have we heard from them that it wouldn’t have been any different. I honestly believe except for a few that our supposedly conservative republican elected are in bed with the so called president. We the people have to stop waiting for someone else to step up but to do it ourselves even if it is a revolution( which I hope won’t have to come to that). We have these sites to let our feelings out but it isn’t making a difference cause people we are loosing our great country very fast. To say ” I should have” don’t fix anything.

  20. Rosemary says:

    In order to cast a vote in Mexico you have to have a government issued identification card with your fingerprint and photo. Are our voters not equipped to do the same due to age, race, or disability? NO, of course not, and with all the advanced electronics available today don’t tell me we can’t eliminate the human error factor in voting. The ACLU is a sham and so full of crap that they should not be given any credibility what so ever.

  21. Vivian Wadlin says:

    Perhaps we should question the thought given to voting by people not mentally equipped to obtain a photo ID card (which is available free in most states)… oh, never mind. We all know what this is about and who benefits from not having an ID.

  22. Bob Higginbotham says:

    How do the 11 percent the ACLU claims do not have IDs get or do anything. To buy anything that must be paid off or buy something with a check requires an ID. Any number of things require an ID including admitance to the democrat convention and yet the most important activity any citizen can participate in is subject to the most agregious fraud imaginable.

  23. Tom Martin says:

    One man one vote
    is not voter suppression.

  24. Sandy Trank says:

    Absolutely Ross! We should never open the door for any foreigner to vote on issues that affect American lives. We alone have a say and to be so lax as to ignore the fact that fraud is being committed is ignorance run amok. Americans alone should have the say in the voting booth and every politician who will compromise the integrity of the vote to win by cheating should be tried as a traitor to America and be deported! They don’t care about America, only themselves with their selfish greedy motives. Shame on them!

  25. Roger C. Brooks says:

    All true americans better unite and take this country back and impeach this hater of the american way, we need to wake up its slowly slipping away, he wants to take over the,countrys that he knows is muslim, and we all will be up the creek with out a papple

  26. SouthernPatriot says:

    I thought Louisiana had “the best politics money could buy!” Louisiana gained this reputation when there was only one party in the state–the Democrat Party. However, I am learning that other states have similar, if not worse, fraud. When in West Virginia a few years ago, during an election, I watched as bus load after bus load of people came to the poll. When they exited they were given a sample ballot with the preferred candidates name being the only name on it and a ten dollar bill. When they exited, having voted they were given another ten dollar bill. All candidates in the election were Democrats.

    Voters have been known to rise from their graves to vote. Maybe Marie Laveau was one. Dead voters have been known to vote in Chicago elections as well. When more voters vote than voters that actually live in a precinct, it should make reasonable and fair-minded folks question the voting integrity and results. This situation has been happening in various precincts around the U.S. in recent elections but no one has investigated or brought anyone in to answer.

    In elections I vote in, at least two monitors, check my official state driver’s license, look me up in the voter registry book, mark my name down and make a notation in another book that I have voted, check my ID again when I head to a voter’s booth and hand me a sticker saying I did vote when I exit. How do these who do not have IDs, who are not in voter’s registration books, how do they vote?

  27. Vette66 says:

    If the ACLU heard a whisper about a single voter fraud case against a republican, they would show up by the bus loads to prosecute that one person. I guess the working class people aren’t as dumb as the unions and welfare people think they are.

  28. mrsgunnut10 says:

    It is well known throughout these United States that Voter Fraud is alive and well in all States. We just heard about the Black woman in Chicago or New York who is or was a Poll Worker. This Poll Worker voted, I believe it was six (6) times in the last Election of 2012. She voted for herself first. Then a couple of relatives couldn’t make it to the Polls so she voted for them ,using their names. Next a few more relatives couldn’t make it to the Polls either so she voted for them under their names. What was her Response ?? I didn’t do nuthin wrong, I didn’t vote all these times under my name , I just used theirs. As I said , she is or was a Poll Worker and definitely knew that what she did was against the Law. Will she be prosecuted since she is Black, probably not. If you remember the fiasco of the New Black Panther Party and them guarding the Poles with Clubs in the 2008 Elections, they never were prosecuted either, on the orders of United States Attourney General Holder. Now would be an excellent time to start working on fixing ALL ELECTION VOTER LAWS. Waiting until the next Election and then saying: We need to fix our voting Laws will be too damn late – as usual. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  29. Rick L says:

    The heart of the problem is the entire concept of general elections. Rather than big centralized elections that can be subverted, a different paradigm is needed to solve the voter fraud problem. One method that seems to work quite well, and is inherently fraud-proof, is the selection process used by GOOOH. See
    for details. This process has been used to pick candidates for primaries, but can just as well be used to select our representatives directly, for all levels of government, and thereby replace traditional voting entirely. A huge advantage is the process totally negates the need for political parties, returning us to the country’s roots in the days when George Washington was elected and political parties did not exist (both Washington and John Adams hated political parties). Another big advantage is that political campaigns as we know them will be a thing of the past, and money will cease to be a dominant factor in elections. Needless to say, the entire political establishment will be totally against this idea. The American people, and only the people, stand to gain by it.

  30. flagman says:

    That 11% is probably getting some type of welfare.
    So how do they get food stamps without ID

  31. James says:

    Here’s how to stop voter fraud. Anyone charged and convicted with knowingly committing fraud will face either life in prison, or the death penalty. It is that serious! It would also put some teeth back into how we view our roles as voters.

  32. Anthony Alexander says:

    Your vote WILL always be cancelled out through ACORN and other community organizations following the Saul Alinsky playbook of community organization that has voter fraud as a MAIN chapter. Registration of fictitious and dead people to CANCELL out and STEAL Your vote is how they do it. There is a HUGE loop hole in the voting system of this country and Obama as a former community organizer knows this and it HAS been exploited that’s how he got in. Oh and by the way your tax dollars pay for those community organizations. In 1982, partisans of the Cloward-Piven strategy founded a new “voting rights movement,” which purported to take up the unfinished work of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Like ACORN, the organization that spear-headed this campaign, the new “voting rights” movement was led by veterans of George Wiley’s welfare rights crusade. Its flagship organizations were Project Vote and Human SERVE, both founded in 1982. Project Vote is an ACORN front group, launched by former NWRO organizer and ACORN co-founder Zach Polett. Human SERVE was founded by Richard A. Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, along with a former NWRO organizer named Hulbert James.

    All three of these organizations – ACORN, Project Vote and Human SERVE – set to work lobbying energetically for the so-called Motor-Voter law, which Bill Clinton ultimately signed in 1993. The Motor-Voter bill is widely blamed today for swamping the voter rolls with “dead wood” – invalid registrations signed in the name of deceased, ineligible or non-existent people – thus opening the door to the unprecedented levels of voter fraud and “voter disenfranchisement” claims that followed in subsequent elections.

    The new “voting rights” coalition combines mass voter registration drives – typically featuring high levels of fraud – with systematic intimidation of election officials in the form of frivolous lawsuits, bogus charges of “racism” and “disenfranchisement” and “direct action” (street protests, violent or otherwise). Just as they swamped America’s welfare offices in the 1960s, the Cloward-Piven team now seeks to overwhelm the nation’s understaffed and poorly policed electoral system. Their antics set the stage for the Florida recount crisis of 2000, and have introduced a level of fear, tension and foreboding to U.S. elections heretofore encountered mainly in Third World countries. For more information on the Voting Rights Movement, see the entry for “Project Vote.” And we all know what the Cloward-Piven strategy is….just watch what Obama DOES, not what he says, then you will know, its happening before your very eyes..

  33. ANNE says:

    I would welcome the day our voter officials ask any and all voters to show a picture I.D. before being allowed to go into a booth to vote. It would sure put the kibosh on these people that have no regard for our laws.

  34. Jim SF Ret. says:

    You mean we had districts with over 100% voting turnout and this isn’t in the open and in front of the supreme court?

    Now the REPUBLICANS and RED STATES are the enemy. How can they know this and not bring lawsuits? The “progressives” must think we are a bunch of woosies.

    And, where is Hero Ron Paul? Or, is being a Senior Republican more important. Somebody get me the proper attorney and I’LL file a complaint of illegal voter disenfranchisement (be damned my tiny military retirement).

  35. Mary says:

    The Western Center for Journalism had an article last week that stipulated that the election was so close that if this had been an honest election where every state had to produce voter ID and folks were prohibited from voting more than once in all likely hood Mitt Romney would have been the actual winner of the 2013 elections.

  36. violator1 says:

    Roger Higgins : I think you have just made a very good suggestion! Send it to your Senators and Representatives! With you permission I like it enough to semd it to mine! Wish us luck! I only see the photo equipment as the expense issue but lets see to it!

  37. TW says:

    Here’s how to proceed with this and all future issues: Take whatever action is diametrically opposed to the action espoused by the Democrat party. This way our country will be guaranteed to be embarking on the correct course of action 100 percent of the time!!!

  38. nmgene says:

    alaska does not require ID to vote. All you need is your registration card which you dont have to show ID to register to vote in Alaska. This is how Murkowski and Begitch got elected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA. says:

    Barack Obama and Joe Biden stole the November 6, 2012 U.S. election for President and Vice-President. Barack Obama and Joe Biden must be impeached for their treasonous acts (Benghazi and claiming it was not a planned attack, so they would win this election). Finally, Mitt Romney must be inaugurated as the U.S. President and Paul Ryan must be inaugurated as the U.S. Vice-President. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

  40. DEfromDC says:

    Yes we should all know who benefits from voter ID, the American people.

    Psychologists say the we look for things in or expect people to do what we do. One side is always accusing the other of the things they do all the time and the other party doesn’t have the guts to respond and help people understand the lies.

    Let’s see where the Republican pole workers were chased out the votes went 97% even 1 at 100% democrat. All the workers who have come forward saying they voted multiple times voted Democrat. Many are proud they did it.

    George Soros, who bought the Democrat party and the one Obama gave the off-shore drilling equipment to, owns the company making most of the voting machines. Several of the machines were detected counting democrat for a republican vote.

    We need more than just voter ID, we need integrity in the process. Is honesty or integrity possible in the Democrat party? I don’t think it will happen. Everything is based on lies and misdirection/misrepresentations to obscure their real agenda.

  41. Don says:

    PURPLE INK ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Will take great effort to vote twice

  42. Anonimouse says:

    Face it….nothing will change. The GOPers have no balls to more forward with this

  43. fish says:

    ok you have a year and a half to get proper ID and arrange transportation to a poll. you have almost 3 years to do the same for the next presidential election. i dont understand the problem. and to think i have to show an ID to use my credit card to buy groceries to protect against fraud. and a presidential or congressional election doesnt rank with groceries or credit card fraud? we are a sick ignorant country. otherwise……no opinion at all

  44. Allyoop says:

    You know, I hear all sorts of people saying we should have term limits, vote the #^*%# out, impeach the dumbo, get rid of that muslim with no birth cirtificate and all sorts of other things…..My solution; let’s take up our 2nd amendment rights, have an American Spring in Washington, and take back our country….P.S..- No lawyers allowed in Washington !!!!!

  45. DEfromDC says:

    Excuse my use of pole not poll worker in my post. You know what was meant from the word, it glared at me when I saw it posted.
    I guess we have to pass a bill or post a blog to see the mistakes in it.

  46. Charles says:

    Liberals say there’s no voter fraud but in the liberal state of California Dr. Orly Taitz has prof of 1.5 million illegal voter registrations. Stop and think about that for a wile .
    If there was 1.5 million illegal voter registration in the great state of California how many do you think would be in the rest of the country .
    Face it people Mitt Romney won the 2012 presidential election but a fraud and usurper now sits in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama . Add to that this pice of garbage barack hussein obama is not even US Constitutionally qualified to hold office under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution in the first place .

  47. Georgia Garrett says:

    Call me stupid: I truly don’t understand the difficulty in getting a voter ID. To get welfare you have to show a government ID. To cash a welfare check you have to have ID. To buy liquor you have to have an ID. To ride an airplane, train or bus you have to have ID. To go into a hospital you have to have ID. In fact, this last one is going to become mandatory with ObamaCare so that all your medical records and be on-line for the government to monitor. There are so many things that require official ID. Drive the idiots on the same buses that take them to vote and get their ID.

  48. george says:

    In a country of 330 plus million people, we are allowing 435 to sell us out to the highest bidder.

    They sit around writing laws to place us into servitude: laws which they make sure do not apply to them.

    As things get ever increasingly restrictive……………..those same individuals will continue to bask in the sun and tell us we need to pay more; give up more; and sacrifice our freedoms for the common good.

    Remember we can shut DC down and force 435 to take what they dish out if indeed it’s that good.

  49. JMcCarthy says:

    The democrat Party is a Marxist Criminal Organization which has taken over our Courts, Hollywood, schools, the Media etc. etc. For example, the 2010 midterm elections were a Legitimate LANDSLIDE of historical proportions FOR Republicans. How did that turn around, in just two years, in the 2012 elections? Massive Marxist democrat VOTER FRAUD. In the past these Communists targeted local elections but in 2012 they, Marxist democrats, took their Fraud Nationwide. As the saying goes “You Ain’t Seen Noth’n Yet”.

  50. thestorm says:

    I moved to FL. from KS. I called & wrote KS. asking that they remove me from their voters registration. I still get e-mails from the KS. representative. I then moved from FL. to GA. I called & wrote FL. asking them to take me off of their voters registration. I have a new voter registration card From FL. I followed all of the correct procedures,but there is no doubt in my mind that I am registered to vote in 3 states. What a mess. I wonder how many people voted in my name in FL. & KS.?

  51. James says:

    The democrats get away with this because way back in the Civil Rights days the democrats filed suit against the Republicans, in a Federal Court before a democratic appointed Judge, claiming that the Republicans were trying to make it more difficult for Blacks to vote. The stupid Republicans knew that they were not in a fair court and decided not to waste money fighting it. In order to avoid having to go to court the Republicans agreed not to challenge any votes in the election. This still stands in the Court today. The Republicans just went to court and asked to be released from this agreement since their have not been any civil right violated all these many years. The court refused. So the Democrats get away with it.

    In 2008 there was a hearing held on voter fraud and a man testified that he was hired to right a program that would take, say ever 2nd vote for one candidate and give it to his opponent. He testified that the program could be put into the machine by the very card that is inserted into the machine to vote. The program could be transferred from one machine to the other because the machined are Daisy Chained together at the voting place. Hamilton County Ohio had a reported problem at the polls of machines doing just that. One voter pushed Romney 3 times and it showed up for Obama. She called the poll workers and after several attempts it marked the ballot correct.
    There are precincts in PA where Romney did not get one vote. Mathematically that is impossible. There are numerous precincts where as much as 150% of the register voters turned out and voted. That too is impossible.

  52. DWinch says:

    We are a nation run by criminals yet we the pee-on’s, I mean people are expected to obey the law.

    • autonomous 1 says:

      @DWinch We, the common people (peons-meaning working people) are expected to obey the laws while the elites in office continue to PEE (urinate) on us.

  53. djwright64 says:

    If legal gun owners need documentation and background checks to own and obtain firearms, then anyone wanting to vote should also be subject to the same. One is just as important in our Constitutional Freedoms and Rights as the other!

  54. INSPCTR 4578 NJ says:

    Just goes to show you the time is coming when the Christians will be raptured…Look around the loss of Morality, many leaving the church(thegreat falling away) Islam committing numerous murders on Christians…The uprisings in the middle east,,saber waving by russian and china iran and n voter fraud which is part of the lefts agenda to make voter ID such a hardship for some…but the fact is that all those who the left and their marxist agenda say have a hardship in getting a voter ID 87% are welfare receipiants who have state ID. DL’s etc..this is what happens when the countries turn their backs on Scriptural Truth..and Dont Believe in Christ or YHWH (God) Evil runs raampant and man says I can do what ever i want and those of the ilk of marxism , communisim,socilalism know how to play on the uneductated voters and make them look like victims…..wake up look up stand up get ready to go Up your redemption draws nigh…..This is the saying that BAd is good and good is bad…Legal is criminal and criminals are legal….what a circle jerk of time we live in…….Just one man’s opinion

    • NavyVet says:

      @INSPCTR 4578 NJ  – “Just goes to show you the time is coming when the Christians will be raptured ..”
      Boy are you gonna be surprised!!!!!

      • INSPCTR 4578 NJ says:

         Yes you will !!! so itake ityou are atheistic in your thought……Just look everything takeing place today and in the near future has already been spoken of and it is in fruition …by the way you did make a valid statement on ID’s…..

        • downenray says:

          @INSPCTR 4578 NJ  Many Christians do not believe in a “rapture.” That Jesus WILL return and that this universe will be destroyed is sure, with Heaven or Hell awaiting us all.

        • raccoonden says:

          @downenray  @INSPCTR 4578 NJ Christian who believe in the rapture need to come down to earth and fight (politically) that’s what they’re here for -not to wait around.  Think about it??? This kind of thinking is selfish because they won’t have to put in the effort to fight.  Good people need to fight tyrants.

        • downenray says:

          @raccoonden  Yes, we need to oppose tyranny wherever found. You’re right. And Christians who believe in a rapture usually are not ones to just sit and wait. But all should agree that voting laws MUST be changed to prevent voter fraud. So we should be working to encourage especially Florida and Ohio and Pennsylvania to enact laws to require voter I.D. It’s there that fraud was most obvious, I think. But every one of our states need to have voting laws in place prior to the next election.

  55. GramE says:

    Only those who don’t want fair election oppose having voter-id.  I grew up in Chicago.  Need I say more about our “motto” – “Vote early – vote often”.  Might I add – many long deceased still show up faithfully.

  56. downenray says:

    It’s unfortunate that the Democrat party is now controlled by crooks, for there are many good Democrats who would not approve of what the Party is doing for an instant. There are also some Democrats who fully approve of lying, stealing, and cheating. Can we any longer depend on an honest election in the U.S.A.? Not if it’s a close one. Only when the numbers are vastly different can honest voters expect their votes to count.

    • pikemaster says:

      @downenray Did you say GOOD DEMS. ? are you kidding me ? where are they at ?

      • Don DeHoff says:

        @pikemaster  @downenray
         Come on “Pike”, as in most large groups, about 80% are good people—they are your neighbors, fellow workers, church goers, business associates, golfing partners and even on occasion, one’s spouse or siblings. There are no greater number of “bad” Democrats than there are bad Republicans or independents.

        • downenray says:

          @Don DeHoff  @pikemaster It’s not wise to suppose all who are in an opposing group are crazy or terribly mixed-up. Some of them are just seeing things differently than we think they should be seen, but they may be no less honest and well-meaning than most of us. Many are Democrats for poor reasons and would not remain there if they really understood the present leadership of that party. As for the politicians who remain in that party, they have less excuse, for they surely can see what is plain to be seen.

    • metheoldsarge says:

      @downenray Harry Truman must be turning over in his grave.

      • downenray says:

        @metheoldsarge As most Missourians would not, Harry would not approve of much that Obama has done and wants to do to us. There’s considerable difference between the Democrat party led by Truman and the party now led by Obama. Harry loved the U.S.A. He did what he hoped would be best for the nation.

  57. pikemaster says:

    Why were not the votes ALL thrown out when there were more votes than voters ?? We know right then that fraud was committed or a recount is in order  ?? Anybody with a half a brain knows that obutthead DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION !!!  Tell me why Romney or any one else in congress or the senate didn’t do there job and have this investigated ?? What a country we now live in.   God Bless

    • grumpyoldconservative says:

      @pikemaster I think that I might know the answer. Electronic Voting Machines without paper ballots cannot be checked. We should ALL demand that there MUST be a paper ballot that the voter fills out. This way there is a possible “check” or “recount”. You can’t recount electronic votes. The machine has the final say. I can pretty much bet that most major cities switched to “touch screen” voting in 2012; hence, vote manipulation by computer program.

    • downenray says:

      @pikemaster If every vote is for either candidate or there are more votes tabulated than there are voters, the entire precinct count should be null and void. But the crooks are in charge of the count. So common sense doesn’t count.

  58. NavyVet says:

    If one does not have to have a “valid identification” in order to vote AND one does not have to have a “valid identification” to run for the “Office of President of the United States”, why would anyone have to have a “valid identification” to journey in your own PRIVATE CONVEYANCE or have to have a “valid identification” to purchase or possess a firearm guaranteed protected by the Founding Documents of this nation?
    Please, logical and reasonable responses only.

    • DWinch says:

      @NavyVet You need ID for a gun because they are scary looking but voting fraud only destroys the nation through deceit and corruption at the highest levels.
      You would need a liberal to explain why there’s no harm in that!

      • NavyVet says:

        @DWinch A couple of them have tried to “explain it” ….. it still makes no sense ….. but, why should it ….. they did not either.

    • INSPCTR 4578 NJ says:

       well said and totally agree with you……

  59. Don DeHoff says:

    Again, let us keep it simple. Without strict voter-ID, and secret voting, all voting becomes a meaningless sham. Also, it is far better that an occasional citizen be inadverently denied the right to vote, than it would be to permit just anybody to vote, perhaps more than  once. Also, the great majority of people, just a part of their routine day-to-day living, have the necessary ID to vote, The discussion should not have to proceed beyond those three points.

  60. Saint02 says:

    A few years back a man named David Duke ran for Govenor of the State of Louisiana I talked to blacks from Mississippi who lined up for blocks to register to vote ACORN was going around giving them Louisiana addresses to claim that they lived at, yes we need a voter I.D.

  61. Guy Biggie says:

    Guy Biggie, What can we do to stop this blatent attack on our freedom to have honest voting rights?

  62. Sailboat165 says:

    It is so ridiculous a sub get that I cannot keep my jaw from hitting the floor. In a country once so great, it saddens me that evil can slowly take hold. How can the good people let things like this happen? I’ll tell you how. Laziness. It is pathetic that good people have not fought continually against the evil forces. Your great country is being taken down, at first in a small stream and now by the gushing river. I will always remember what a great country you were. I hate to see where your going.

    • raccoonden says:

      @Sailboat165 You’re right and I am afraid that the day may come when we are running to Canada.  If that terrible day comes you will have to watch which ones of us you let in, but before that happens many of us will fight like Hell to keep our country!  This is what happens when a government gets too big, and greedy entrench politicians begin to rule – not represent the people. Many of us are fighting, and many of us have no clue what’s going on -thanks to our media.  The people in media here are nothing more than ideological radicals with a microphone.  We have lost our media -they work for the govt.

  63. WilliamRThompsonJr says:

    Every vote cast for Obama as a Presidential candidate, is a fraudulent vote, because Obama’s eligiblity has never been properly vetted, making the last two Presidential elections total frauds. That is the huge extent of voter fraud in this country. And voter fraud itself, is now up to the computerized voting machines, that can be easily programmed to record as many fraudulent votes as needed, to guarantee a fraud wins. Unless we get rid of the computerized machines, there will never be another honest election in the US, and unless we make sure candidates are properly vetted, anyone will be able to run, for any office. As long as Obama occupies the Office, we have the rule of man, and not the rule of law.

  64. usmc1063 says:

    What is really funny yo need a valid ID for just about anything you do in this country except vote. Who are they trying  to kid when they make those statements? There is no problem no-one is being shut out of the polls who can simply show and ID they already have and need. Yet the Dum’s keep crying foul and call it racism when the want to ask for proof. How do I know simple I have worked Toys For Tots for many years one of the requirements to sign up is having a valid photo ID. Hmmmm funny it seems everyone who signs up has an ID for that. But yet the act of preventing voter fraud has by asking for and ID is racist and criminal at best and ID is not necessary? Give me a break!

  65. autonomous 1 says:

    The CRIMINAL actions of the left are reprehensible in addition to being illegal.  Massive voter fraud most certainly DID account for the election of the occupier-in-chief this past election.  Why ANY citizen would countenance the criminal actions of these politicians is beyond reasonable comprehension. The actions of this illegal administration call for arrest for sedition and treason.

  66. LDommel says:

    Do theswe people voting twice have a CONSCIENCE? Stealing someone elses legal vote!

  67. WUTBWILLIS says:

    Rise Patriots! We are getting nowhere letting these putrid,vile disgusting government traitors,Take our very rights and liberties away,Rise and vow you will die in a pile of brass,for HELL HAS COME TO BREAKFAST!

  68. texassiren says:

    Maybe the Republicans don’t investigate fraud because of this: DNC vs RNC 1982:
    I want someone in congress to address why every election cycle parts of our military don’t receive their ballots. Senator Cornyn’s office told me it was the pentagon’s responsibility. We could start stopping voter suppression by giving our Military their basic right, ALL of the military.

  69. haditinsd says:

    How about a law that when a certain percent (say 1or2 %) of the vote is shown to be fraudulent in a precinct that the entire vote shall be thrown out for that precinct.

  70. carolcooley says:

    someone should let   Gen.  Colin Powell know that indeed there  IS voter fraud.  the general  adamantly debunked the idea and even rolled his eyes when asked!   I witnessed VF as I waited in line to vote as a “voter” without ID, was not registered in the book AND had a translator with her  but she got to vote anyway.  I asked how could she get to vote and the reply: ‘ We can not deny anyone from voting’,     now that’s America or should say the NEW america. those on the left blame the right for voter fraud, then why did  Alan West lose? and in the state of California, Rep.’s are not only the underdogs but not even in the race.

  71. DavidPeacock says:

    A-nti-American;C-communist; L-ed; U-p rising

  72. disgusted too says:

    Prior to the 2008 election, a major network showed a Chicago voter who was interviewed by an unsuspecting reporter near the end of election day. He stated that “he had been at the polls since early morning voting and then returning to the end of the line to vote again and again.”  This was on the six o’clock news and he was again at the end of the line.  No further mention has ever been made of this news story-guess who he was voting for.

  73. PhilBronner says:

    So, ID is required to exercise your right to bear arms (because you have to show ID and have a “background check”)…but none for the right to vote?  Anyone else see this as a problem?

  74. FlyerVic says:

    We have a dem lib president who will not unseal his records to prove he is a US citizen and no dem insists that he do so. Why then would any lib support voter IDs?

  75. metheoldsarge says:

    Only in America are people required to show a drivers license or other valid picture ID to cash a check, operate a motor vehicle or purchase alcohol, firearms, ammunition and cigarettes but not to vote. Before the election, the Democrats seemed to be working overtime to strike down voter ID laws. They were successful in many states. Do they mean that limiting the votes to “one person, one vote” with photo ID is voter suppression? Do they believe that puffing up the ballot box with false absentee ballots from the cemetery should be legal? Should busing people across state lines to influence the vote count in swing states be legal? Do they expect us to believe that there is nothing strange that in several precincts in Ohio and Florida where Obama got more votes than there are registered voters? Doesn’t it seem strange that, in many precincts around Philadelphia, Romney didn’t get a single vote? That is statistically impossible. Perhaps the Liberals feel that purging voter roles is taking away their unfair advantage of stuffing ballot boxes with fallacious absentee ballots from dead people, or people who voted in other states. How unfair to limit the vote to “one person, one vote.” We have seen it in recent news that liberal groups are trying to make it harder for military personnel, who mostly vote Republican, to be able to vote absentee. Isn’t that a form of voter suppression? If a political group wants to make it easier to stuff the ballot boxes by having voter ID laws eliminated, I can’t think of a better way to do it. In the 2008 election, and this last one, Black Panthers were at a polling place in Pennsylvania intimidating voters. YouTube has a video on that. Attorney General Holder refused to have them prosecuted. If the KKK did the same thing I am sure that everyone from Obama on down would be screaming bloody murder. Talk about double standards. Usually when political organizations are engaged in a questionable or illegal practice, they will get the attention away from them by accusing their opponents of the same thing or something similar. Right out of Saul Alinsky’s play book. Look who insinuated that Republicans were attempting voter suppression. The very people who wrote the book of instructions on the subject. Voter suppression has historically been the purview of the Democrats. I know from personal experience how that party worked in the south during the 1950s and early 60s. I lived it. Litmus testing was their favorite tool to suppress the black vote after Reconstruction. There was also the idea of having to pay a poll tax to be able to vote. Another favorite Democrat voter suppression tool. In 1964 Democrat Senators Richard Russel of Georgia, Strom Thurmond of South Carolina and former KKK member Robert Byrd of West Virginia tried to kill the Civil Rights act by filibusterer. The Democrat Party has a much longer history of voter suppression than the Republican Party ever thought of having. I may be citing things that are over 50 years old but that is part of history. I lived it and have seen what bigotry can do and I believe that there are powerful forces behind the scenes doing everything possible to destroy this country from within by promoting racial hatred.. When forgotten or ignored, history always repeats itself.

  76. Nathan51 says:

    For years I know for a fact that our state was not checking for convicted felons.  How do I know?  Easy, I personally knew of a couple of convicted felons in our voting district and made it a point to check the rolls to see if their name were on the voting rolls (their names were on the same page as mine).  Their names remained on the voter rolls after conviction and they voted.  So much for integrity of the system!  We have a country that has all the integrity of a third world banana republic!  Very fitting since we have a president with a third world banana republic mentality.

    • hpinnc says:

      @Nathan51 He grew up the formalative years of his life in a third world country,and was heavily influenced by communist parents & grandparents..What else could you expect him to be? No wonder he doesn’t understand our culture & our free enterprise system. He does not see this country as “a light on a hill” but as a greedy,imperialist country who has taken advantage of the third world countries, now he is the messiah who has come to save us all from all these greedy, rich,white people

  77. rchguns says:

    I’m beginning to see why so many illegal Mexican immigrants feel at home here in America. Mexico is probably one of the most corrupt countries in the world where anyone or anything can be bought at life is very cheap. They feel right at home because nothing changes from the government they were under in Mexico as Long as the Democrats , who are not really Democrats but social progressives, exist only because the laws of the nation do not pertain to them. If there’s any doubt look at every domination that Obama made to his cabinet and you will see 85 to 90% of them all at tax problems. Many had not filed taxes in years including the man put in charge of the IRS. Look at Congress especially the black caucus mostly been under investigation for illegal activities ranging from vacation homes in the Caribbean to tens of thousands of dollars hidden in a freezer. The latest with Jesse Jackson pleading guilty and who will probably get a slap on the wrist were anyone else will be put away in jail for 10 or 15 years. The mayor of Washington DC convicted on federal drug charges and sentenced to prison. He gets out and he runs for mayor gets reelected. But it’s not just a color thing look at Kerry he docked his million-dollar yacht in another state to pay lower taxes.
    The only way we’ll ever straighten this mess out is to completely clean out the nest of vipers that is our federal government. Get rid of Congress, removal the chief justices, and that the executive branch. Send them all to an island some place and one by one do a thorough investigation and prosecute every crime committed to the fullest extent of the law.
    Dirty Diaper Head Obama is a fine example of a politician growing up in a poisoned environment. He’s from Chicago which is more than likely the most corrupt city in America always has since the 1930s. Illinois over the last five governors 3 of them went to prison. Obama learned his lessons very well in Chicago being tutored by men like Rev. White, Bill Ayers, and the corrupt real estate investors. If he was to be graded on his education conducted by these people you have to get an A+. That alone should be grounds enough to send him to jail for 30 years.

  78. MYS77 says:

    Liberals are two faced liars… background checks for guns… but no ID to vote…. women on the front line in battle…. but accouding to Biden and the left, they don’t have the emotional stability to defend themselves from being raped…. and the latest… a ban on smoking in cars with children because second hand supposedly harms children…but these same people say they its alright to tear apart the child in the womb and are abortion happy. And then of course the most absurb… Holder can sell firearms to the Mexican cartels, enemies in Syria, Turkey and elsewhere……no background check there….. and yet the law abiding citizens are  treated as if they are the problem and can’t be responsible to exercise their Constitutional rights…….!!!!!These people are so freaking crazy!

  79. SamLasley says:

    Voter fraud is an enormous problem, and everyone must have a voter ID.  Even here in florida where we supposedly have it they still game the system.  We are looking at revolution, as many of us will take violent action against these criminals and the damn week-kneed politicians that turn their face the other way.  Our country is at stake here.  Wake up America and let’s stop these blacks and hispanics from overwhelming us law-abiding white people at the polls.

    • hpinnc says:

      @SamLasley You should have to be a citizen of the country 3 yrs.before being allowed to vote.There should be some basic questinaire about the candidates running & some knowledge of what they are voting for.I don’t know how that could be done,but I would imagine 85% of the “low information voters”,blacks & young college kids, voted for obama not knowing or caring what they were really voting for.There isn’t much that can be done,you can’t fix stupid & there are a lot of dum-asses out there, & they are among us,multiplying.

      • Don39 says:

        @hpinnc  @SamLasley In general new citizens know a lot more about their new country than the average dumbass native born, most of whom could not tell you today who their Rep and Sen. are, or who the governor of there state is, an many can not even tell you where they are or who they voted for ten minutes after leaving the booth!

    • Don39 says:

      @SamLasley Picture ID will do nothing to alleviate the problem of dishonest leftist registering and voting in multiple precincts, states. etc., voting in one place by absentee ballot and another in person, disenfranchisement of military and other overseas voters, issueing fraudulent picture IDs to illegals, etc. THE SYSTEM NEEDS FIXING and picture IDs are only a small part of the solution!

    • downenray says:

      @SamLasley Voter fraud is indeed an enormous problem and the only possible way that Obama could be re-elected. But it’s tragically wrong to suppose that only white-skinned people are law-abiding and love liberty. I know many negro and Hispanic people who are every bit as honest and patriotic as any “white” person. I lived in a city which had a large negro and Hispanic population and was neighbor and friend to many non-whites, both in the churches I attended and elsewhere. My close neighbors and friends were a couple with the man being from Mexico and his wife from Puerto Rico. They and their children were superb citizens of the U.S.A. as also were many others of my acquaintance in that neighborhood.

  80. Sailboat165 says:

    It really is strange that in 2013 America is still having voter fraud to the bizarre amount that it is. In Canada we have vurtually no fraud. The voting is all on ballots and you have to mark it correctly or it’s tossed out. I know because I’ve tossed some when working the polls one year. We have scrutineers that make sure all people are marked off when given a ballot. And we also make sure they show ID and that they are given only 1 ballot. I guess we weren’t smart enough to think that it was racist or Voter suppression to show ID.

  81. johnboy13 says:

    6 votes! I’m sure that made all the difference in November………

    • jsmithcsa says:

      @johnboy13 Yeah, six votes how many times (by  the way, if you read the article — even the second paragraph — you will see this is not about six votes.

      • Aceriter says:

        @jsmithcsa  @johnboy13 Question here. If this Melowese Richardson said on TV that she voted twice, and maybe four times–isn’t that against the law? And if it is, can we assume that by now she has been arrested…? I have not heard anything to that effect…which then might mean that she is still running loose. But how can that be if she is a criminal? What’s that you say…oh,  she’s black and can’t be arrested for voter fraud? Well, I guess that makes sense…I think….

        • dexter60 says:

          @Aceriter  @jsmithcsa  @johnboy13
           Well, it is a Federal crime; hello Eric Holder; can’t enforce the law? just like Barako Bomber?
          If you cannot be brought to Justice, Justice will be brought to you.

    • mdfield1 says:

      @johnboy13 Just one of THOUSANDS of examples. A MAJOR portion of the state of Ohio had EXTREME voter fraud which apparently you didn’t hear about because Obama’s Talking Heads of course wouldn’t even mention it. Many precincts there had 100% & more turnout. A couple had 140%. Maybe your little mind can’t comprehend that this is FRAUD! This means that MANY people voted more than once or voted in the name of dead people or non existent people. AND these same precincts had only one or two votes that weren’t for Obama or a Democrat. OUT OF THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of votes? Are you kidding? If you can’t see the voting fraud then you are lying to yourself, lying to us or just an imbecile. And only you know which one.

    • Mereanne says:

      @johnboy13 that is just 6 we know about their were thousands more if you look at the impossible turnout mathematically.

    • ssilv48 says:

      @johnboy13 That one person johnboy,,,,,,,,,,,I take it your a little lite in your counting also. You are an idiot and part of the American problem.

    • Don39 says:

      @johnboy13 If you multiply it by 250,000 precincts it does you dumb troll! Is 13 your age?

  82. ssilv48 says:

    johnboy, sounds like your a little light in your counting also. That 6 votes for one person as wipe

  83. Jackolyn says:

    Only a buffoon believes Obama legally won the election. Most of his campaign stops had minimal people attend. He had one in Ohio that if lucky drew 200 . The inaugeration drew exceptionally low turnout. Here Somalis non citizens were bused in to vote Obama. The voting machines can an were rigged to win by a preset margin. The fraud here was rampant more voters than existed in many districts. Some had one hundred percent Obama votes. Get serious.Republican absentee votes were thrown away. And anyone who tried to vote paper ballot was also thrown  away.
    The worst President ever who has failed every thing he touched  get elected again. Not legally anyway.The vote fraud was massive. With people in all the right places to pull it off.  If it doesn’t get fixed they are in for life now.

  84. txlady706 says:

    without voter fraud, Communism would be an afterthought

  85. vtdelacy says:

    Of course!  Didn’t you know that 3 out of 4 dead people vote death-o-crat?  Last year they had machines rigged to turn Romney votes into Obama votes and busloads of voters were being brought in to precincts to vote multiple times in that single election, with poll workers allowing them to do so even after their names had already been checked off on the books for that day!  What I would like to know is when someone in either of the 2 branches of government other than the Presidency going to do something about getting integrity restored to our electoral processes?  You can be sure it would help to begin by declaring that we will never again permit members of the despotic UN to be brought in to “oversee” the electoral process in this sovereign nation!

    • boone1 says:

       Bud you can forget about the rinos doing anything about the MUSLIM IN CHIEF COMMIE couse it’s not going to happen hell will freeze over before obama the commie is impeach.They are all in this together and they will all go down together.Blessed be to GOD JESUS CHRIST and AMERICA.
      LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!!!

    • hpinnc says:

      I would really LOVE to know whose brilliant idea that was.You just got to know it was a DUMMYCRAT.We DO NOT NEED the UN involved in our affairs.How can the 2 houses of government do anything about it when one of them,the senste is full of those who see no problem with the way the votes turn out.Expect it to get worse,not better.We also are plaged by “low information” voters,voting who don’t know their butt from a whole in the ground.Maybe when all us older,uninformed,uneducated,”conservatives” die out ,& the communist/democrats take complete charge of affairs everything will be glorious & wonderfull.Wealth will have been redistributed,& everyone will be rich & it will just be the utopia they are wanting to establish throughout the world through the auspices of the UN..

  86. William Wallace says:

    I discovered a Democrat registered to my address when I went to vote last time around and verified my name and address with the poll worker.  She kept asking if I am sure that the Democrat didn’t live with me… and I was like, “I think I know who lives in my house, and that person does not and has never, lived in that house, at least for more than a decade.”  Scary to think how many fake names are on every roll out there.

  87. Historyman says:

    Why won’t the Republican controlled House do something about it? The Republican Party leadership must be in the same back room with the democrats.

    • STMA says:

      The answer to your question: Hairy Reed.  Second sentence:  Yes, very much so.

      • hpinnc says:

        @STMA There isn’t a whole lot the Repubs can do, with the republican minority in the Senate. That is why it is vital that we win back the senate & keep control of the House in 2014.That WILL NOT happen if conservatives & republicans stay home like they did in the presidential election in 2012,because they did not like Mr.Romney.I would a 1000 times more like to see Mr Romney in the WH than this muslim,communist, fraudulent jerk that’s in there now.The democratic party quit me several years back.Like I say,they left me,I did not leave them.They should now refer to themselves as the liberal,socialist,democrat,party,because that’ describes them to a tee.

        • downenray says:

          @hpinnc  Those who should have voted against Obama but chose to not do so are most responsible for Obama now being our President. Many in my part of Missouri were sure that Ron Paul must be our candidate that they were very put out when votes for him were ignored by the national committee and he was not invited to speak at the convention. I figure they thought they’d show US who was boss by not voting at all. And we surely do see that their sulking cost us the elections of Romney and several other good candidates for public office who ran as Republicans. 
          But I see no way they could have been treated more fairly than they were. The big majority of us Republicans did NOT want Ron Paul as our candidate. I had early preferred others, but when Romney won I decided the only sensible plan was to support him enthusiastically. Others differed. So he lost. And Obama won, thanks to the non-voters!

  88. boone1 says:

    undue “burden” to obtain a government issued ID. Is that so? Anyone can go to a DMV and obtain a photo ID in several hours. And pay $35.00 for it thats what you have to pay in Florida and if my Daughter has to pay that kind of money and she is white then black people should have to pay it to i’m sick and tired of this crap if the black people don’t like this country then they are free to go back to there home country AFRICA to hell with these people their more trouble then they are worth and i also look at this way look at the money we would save on welfare and crime alone that would count for billions.

  89. AppraisHer says:

    Tell them no ID, no welfare check and see how fast they come up with an ID.

    • MitchinaSoli says:

      Here is what they are considering as a “burden”: Requirements to obtain a state issued driver’s licens are (1) a fee, (2) proof of social security number (SSN), (3) proof of identity, (4) verification of birth date and proof of legal presence, (5) limited term legal presence, (6) vision exam and (7) the signature of the parent or guardian for minors.
      Problem with this is; Progressive Liberal Socialists are steadily gaining traction on getting illegal immigrants the right to a driver’s licenses as a backup when their argrument no longer convinces people and is shown as the lie it is and states begin to insist on verification of citizenship to vote.
      Here is an article that will be much easier to read than me posting a lot of cursing on the subject due to stoopid people.
      “The most common discourse surrounding driving is that it is a privilege for law-abiding citizens and noncitizens”
      Althought I think they have a typo in it and meant to use the word “NOT” right before the word non citizen, this is my point.  Why the HELL are we allowing illegal immigrants ANY rights to ANYTHING when they are in this country by force and against the law; i.e. criminals?

      • Don39 says:

        @MitchinaSoli  @AppraisHer In my state an original birth certificate is required. Obama could not legally obtain a driver’s license in this state! When my elderly father came here he had a driver’s license from the state of VA.and all kinds of other documentation , picture ID etc. Not good enough, he had to have VA issue a stamped certification of birth since he was born before they issued BCs. And we have a president with no legal BC, a fraudulently obtained Social security number, and God only ( or the FBI and CIA) know what other fraudulent documentations and crimes!

        • AppraisHer says:

          @Don39  @MitchinaSoli In my state of NJ we need 6 forms for ID just to get a drivers license.  One is a birth certificate but if you’re a married female with all your ID in your married name, you also need a marriage license.  My father-in-law came here from Hungary and joined the service during WWII to become a citizen.  When he died he had no birth certificate, so we needed a certified copy of his DD214 to get a death certificate to bury him.  My father came here in 1908 and was born at home not at a hospital, so no birth certificate. When he died we needed to get his baptismal certificate from Hungary to get a death certificate.  But these freeloaders are “burdened” to get an ID.  My cat has more papers than Barry.

        • Don39 says:

          @AppraisHer  @MitchinaSoli Don Hosea mowing lawns across the street has more official documentation than Barry and he is an illegal!

      • AppraisHer says:

        @MitchinaSoli The liberals know that once you possess a drivers license, all other forms of ID are much easier to get.  Once the illegal gets a drivers license, he’s golden when it comes to getting benefits or other forms of ID.  I was in a store yesterday and the man in front of me gave a credit card to the cashier, she asked him his name and he didn’t understand English, so they brought another cashier over to translate and he told her his name and gave her his drivers license as a 2nd form of ID.  How the h3ll did he pass a drivers test let alone get a credit card?  Massive fraud bleeding our country dry.

        • Don39 says:

          @AppraisHer  @MitchinaSoli What?,  you did not know that driver’s license testing is given in the language of your choice ? Why do you think we have international signs? It was not just because of Obama’s stimulus program.

        • AppraisHer says:

          @Don39  @MitchinaSoli I’m aware that most states give licenses out to mostly anyone (my state of NJ gave out licenses to many of the 9/11 terrorists). But how does someone that doesn’t understand or obviously read or write english qualify for a credit card?  What kind of job does he work that affords him enough money to have a credit rating high enough to qualify for a credit card that my college educated, 30 year old son, who works full time, with no debt can’t get?  Is there a separate qualification for spanish and english speaking people?

    • Don39 says:

      @AppraisHer That is not picture ID. it is already there and already full of fraud. Even the president has a fraudulently obtained social security number(s), so that is how far back the fraud goes on that and how reliable it is.

    • hpinnc says:

      @AppraisHer A brilliant idea, why hadn’t I thought of that? On the other hand though, it might huurrt their feelings or deny them their riiigghhtts.You would have to convince all the bleeding hearts of congress, then of course the dummycrats control congress,so AppraisHer, not practical,but a darn good idea.

  90. JMcCarthy says:

    The democrat Party is a Marxist, Criminal Organization that control our Courts, Schools, Media, Hollywood etc. etc. and who, for decades, have been Stealing elections.  And now are doing to the Nation what they have done to Chicago and Detroit.  In the democrat leadership, and the majority of their supporters, we are not dealing with “Americans” anymore but vermin who would fit right in, in North Korea and Cuba.  Voter Fraud is just the tip of the Iceberg and, as the saying goes, “You ain’t seen nothing yet”!

  91. Don39 says:

    The ACLU is the ultimate fraudulent leftist organization and the clear enemy of this nation and any but the most vile and corrupt. Founded by communist, staffed by communist and supported by communist to this day. Their sole interest is fostering of sociocommunist principals. Any time they find themselves on the side of right and justice it is a mere coincidence that their interest happens to remotely parrallel that of others.

  92. Don39 says:

    Even picture ID will not stop modern voter fraud. The worst fraud is that which can be and has been programmed into the computerized voting machines! Only picture ID and manual balloting and well supervised counting checks and balances can make the system anything close to legitimate! It will take at least one month to conduct a legitimate national election in this country. Anything else will be no different than the past three elections, full of fraud, disenfranchisement, and the left winning because of the climate of illegality in the BLUE states, and because leftist by nature, especially those that use the ignorant, are sociopaths.

  93. Don39 says:


    • Don DeHoff says:

      @Don39″Don”, The U.S., being a Republic and Constitutional form of government, decrees it is “we the people” who are to be in control through elected representatives—that presupposes “elections”. I fully agree that in all elections, secret voting and photo-ID is a must, else the election becomes a meaningless sham, as voting is the citizens way of being recognized (and counted). As an analogy, suppose a local church congregation was voting to discharge a minister who was caught “liberating” the sacred wine. Would the church members want the “good ol’ boys” from a local tavern, to come by and vote? How about a family, setting around the kitchen table, voting to see where they were going to spend their next holiday. Would they want a neighbor “putting in his/her two-cents worth”—of course not. Now, voting is not a frivioulous issue as many serious issues can be involved. Those who advocate non-ID voting, clearly have an ulterior motive in mind, like maybe taking over the greatest political and social experiment in the history of the entire world—The United States of America!

      • hpinnc says:

        @Don DeHoff  @Don39 Don,don’t you just know they have an ulterior motive.They want their man to win so bad they would see to it by hook & crook,if necessary.They have no shame,that is exactly the reason they do not want voter id,it isn’t because of senior citizens,heck it is no problem for me,I am a senior citizen. 75 yrs. young.If they were honest,people of integrity,they would welcome anything that encourages or safe-guards our elective system & makes it more accurate & secure.What are you to think when a van load of people drive up to your precint & want to know if they can vote there,Yes,but you have to go to another place to register.In about an hour & half they are back, ready to vote.New Jersey license plates.This is definitely NOT NJ. Go figure.They probably did this in every state from here to NJ.Something needs to be done to protect the integrity of our elections.

  94. dexter60 says:

    It only requires the will of a large enough fraction of the American People (not nearly the 80 million that are mobilizable) to force this so-called government to conform to The Constitution as it has been charged from the beginning.
    Is that what these criminals now in power really want? then all they need to do is push a little bit harder, impose a little more scarcity, or come up with just one more big lie beyond belief.
    Impeachments and due process for removal of criminals from office can only be seen if The Constitution were intact and operative.
    We hold out death to tyrants.

  95. DustyFae says:

    Some people said this happen the first term with obama and a lot of them did not turn out to vote because they said he will win any ways with the second term. People are broken, their life is being drained out of them, they are losing jobs, can not pay for their cars, and cant pay for their home and keep food on the table, we have a nation of hard workers who just about lost eveything they have and they are really broken people, l can see it in their eyes. It is so sad.

  96. Liberty Bob says:

    We are not a banana republic yet or a Cuban dictatorship and because of this it takes time for things to resolve themselves and justice to find solid footing. But as sure as the sun rises and sets so will justice come for all one day in our land we call The United States of America. Is it hopeful thinking or will it be a reality one day? Are the people willing to strive and struggle once again for liberty, freedom and justice? Or will they sit by and say good bye to it all?

  97. [email protected] says:

    Voter Fraud What Voter Fraud I can see no Voter Fraud Can You???

    • Don DeHoff says:

      @[email protected]”Demps59″, Was your post an attempt at satire? If not, I trust you don’t drive and have help getting across streets.

  98. pudbertsavannahga says:

    It’s the new commie tactics used by these libbie dummycrats to keep their corrupt type of government like Russia and China etc

  99. El_locoJp says:

    It IS voter suppression.  Illegal voters will not be able to fraudulently  vote multiple times and the Dems will have a far more difficult time getting candidates elected.

    • DavidWeakland says:

      @El_locoJp Not “Voter” suppression, but “illegal vote suppression”! :)

    • LDommel says:

       I’ll go head to toe with these CORRUPT POLITCIANS & Low Information Voters! What about them SUPPRESSING the military vote! Whom ever says they are not DO YOUR research before confronting me on this subject! Look up Military Voting Assistance Offices! (like your voting polls), also look up HOW MANY congressional area within a state don’t sent the ballots out on time 2 get back b-4 dates they set!

  100. Elliott Archer says:

    I am so glad to see you article.  Until we can guarantee fair and honest elections are Democracy and Republic shattered.  States must be made to realize that voter ID is the only way we can protect this great privilege we have, “voting once for the candidate of our choice”

  101. RoscoeBonifitucci says:

    The Obama DOLTS just don’t get it and are NOT Qualified to vote.  Our Democracy is failing because folks should NOT be voting unless the 5 below Basic Criteria are met.
    Voting should be SIMPLE, DIRECT and HONEST! Voters should be culled for veracity to vote and pass:
    1. Basic Education / Intelligence Test
    2. Basic Civics Test
    3. USA Citizens only
    4. Positive Voter ID
    5. Disqualified if you are on Welfare
    Voter Fraud should be a felony and jail time mandatory…watch our jails fill up with yet more Liberal Morons.  
    Time for King Obama-Claus to get a real grip on what is good for the Nation and not just His own Selfish, Petulant and Narcissistic Self. Likewise for the Democrat Goofs; they are destroying the Nation so to ease their Liberal Guilt!
    Repubs need to Buy off the Media and create a Magic Rockstar like Obama-Claus…except one with Integrity, Courage and Patriotic to the USA.

    • Don DeHoff says:

      @RoscoeBonifitucci”Roscoe”, surely you jest. ABout half of the population is on some form of welfare, such as food-stramps or Medicad. Why would you want someone taken off of the voting rolls just because they have fallen on hard times, or who is not yet fluent in English, civics or history. Also, a person could have the IQ of Einstein, and still not be conversant with all of our “rules of the road”.

      • Don39 says:

        @Don DeHoff  @RoscoeBonifitucci Why? Look in the mirror!

        • Don DeHoff says:

          @Don39  @RoscoeBonifitucci”Don39″, your criptic  reply does not address the issues at hand. You obviously don’t understand that “We, the People”, includes ALL citizens, rich, poor, and regardless of color or  political persuasion. I sense a degree of “superiority” in your approach to citizenship and life in general. I am a staunch Republican, Constitutionalist, and believe in fairness to all, and that we must try and solve these issues in a civil manner and that armed rebellion is only the “court of last resort”—-i.e., “The pen is mightyer than the the sword”, as some old sage said—and there will be a lot less “blood in the streets”, most of it innocent.

      • LDommel says:

        @Don DeHoff  @RoscoeBonifitucci
         Because the TAXPAYER is TIRED of having their MONEY stolen to support someone elses family Therefore Can’t support their own famiyl! LOOK at the foreclosure on houses! Y do these people Have ANY “RIGHT” to tax another family to support them? Take your Political correct talk & shove it! I’m speaking out against it! You DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to steal from others!

        • LDommel says:

          @Don DeHoff  @RoscoeBonifitucci
           The NON CONTRIBUTORS” voted when they took the GOV’T (taxpayers) FREEBIE! They can choice then if they are able body people to help themselves so they can vote or take the FREEBIE & not vote! NOTHING LIKE the OLD VOTER LAWS ur talking about SICK OF YOUR SPIN!

    • ottocr says:

      @RoscoeBonifitucci The conditions you would impose are much like the “qualifications” for voting that were once used to deny certain groups of people their voting rights.
      I agree with one of your points – voting fraud, or even conspiracy to commit such fraud, should be a felony.  However, because this would further overburden our already overpopulated prisons, I’d rather see a more positive preventive measure adopted – although there should be a severe penalty for political campaign officials/workers who engage in, encourage or facilitate voter fraud – like removal from political office and/or huge fines.
      See my reply to CharlieGG – this system would virtually eliminate voting fraud and would save taxpayer money in the process.

      • LDommel says:

        @ottocr  @RoscoeBonifitucci
         Sir U analyse is WAY OFF! It’s not about race it’s about CONTRIBUTING & NOT Contributing! U DO NOT HAVE THE “RIGHT” by the Gov’t to steal from the contributors & tell them where their money should go! You didn’t earn it!

      • LDommel says:

        @ottocr  @RoscoeBonifitucci
           The NON CONTRIBUTORS “VOTED” when they took the Gov’t (taxpayers) FREEBIES! They can choose  then, if they are able body people 2 help themselves, so they can vote (OR) take freebies & NOT VOTE! Nothing like the OLD VOTER” laws U Democrats talk about! Sick of your spin! Stop STEALING from your Neighbor!

  102. CharlieGG says:

    This is just a thought… have seen in resturants and tanning salons a device that ID’s waiters or tanners. It is hooked to a computer and all the waiters or tanners do is place a finger on the scanner. This then sends finger print into computer that IDs the waiter or tanner in computer speed time. With this device no photo ID would be required and being on computer finger print could go threw out entire election system. Could even work for absentee voters by them touching a form that could be scanned into the system. With this system no voter fraud ,no claims of racism ,no claims of hardships for the handycapped.Only problem that could arrise is the system being hacked and this could be stopped by when signing to vote a form has to be touched beside signature just like the absentee form so there is individual physical prove person voted.

    • ottocr says:

      @CharlieGG Your solution is great, and would probably work.  Some would object because it they would view this as an invasion of privacy.  Personally, I like the idea.  Fingerprints are widely used to identify victims or eliminate suspects in criminal investigations, hand or footprints are routinely taken of infants at birth and are printed on birth certificates.  Anyone applying for a security clearance, including most military personnel, submits fingerprints with the application.  The use of fingerprints as positive ID is well established, is not costly, physically invasive, or a real intrusion into personal privacy.
      Fingerprint ID for eligible voters would eliminate most of the “inconvenience” of getting official photo ID and would eliminate the need for a photo, and it could also be used along with a photo for driver licensing.  It could be done at any DMV or police office, and could be done digitally and collected in a national voter registration database, accessible by all voter registration offices and election officials for verification during both registration and voting, with no special voter card required.  This would give positive ID of voters and absolutely prevent multiple or fraudulent voting.  Digital fingerprinting is quicker and cheaper than old-style ink systems, so would save taxpayer money.
      A copy of the person’s birth certificate could be required to be shown when the voter fingerprint is taken.  Anyone who says they can’t get a copy of their birth certificate is lying.  To make birth certificates even more positive, infants should be fingerprinted instead of foot-printed at birth, with an image of the print included on the birth certificate.

      • Don39 says:

        @ottocr  @CharlieGG Fingerprinting anyone without due process is an Unconstitutional violation of freedom and due process! Our problem is that the left has to many unwitting accomplices willing to tolerate violation of the Bill of rights and the Constituion, like you and CharlieGG.

  103. JeannieBrown says:

    Why is it that the left wants such strict identification for guns but not for something as important as voter registration?

    • downenray says:

      @JeannieBrown You point out a simple question we all should have been seeking an answer to. Good for you!

    • Don39 says:

      @JeannieBrown Because they are leftist. Gun control is in their interest of controlling patriotic defenders of the Constitution which impedes their goal. Control of  voter fraud on the the other hand is not in their best interest , but like most legal activities is counter to their fraud and control at any cost nature! It is a well documented fact that it is because of voter fraud that they fear a well armed militia, because we have had it and we are at last recognizing the enemy and at least talking about doing something to beat them.

      • LDommel says:

        @Don39  @JeannieBrown
         AT ANY COST “SPEAK UP” when you hear “we all have a right to vote!” I’ve gone to town halls & left my legislator know “You should not vote, if you don’t contribute to the economy! NOBODY should have a RIGHT to steal from their neighbor or tell them where their money is to be spent! I then ask him, Is anyone speaking up for the TAXPAYER?He said I’m trying to (ect.).  I didn’t care what he said back, I wanted my voice heard NOT these politicians voices telling me everyone has the right to vote! STOP excepting these Politicians excuses, let’s start hearing the peoples’ voices!

        • downenray says:

          @LDommel  We surely should not be believing and accepting excuses from politicians. But every citizen, whether receiving particular “gifts” from the federal purse or not, has the right to vote!

        • ssilv48 says:

          @downenray  @LDommel I disagree, people will vote with their pocket book, in which case, in all the taxpayers pocket book and will vote for whom ever will give them the most welfare,, corrupt as it gets.

        • downenray says:

          @ssilv48  You claim that ALL people will vote for whoever promises them the most. I suggest that only SOME people will do so. And in this nation, the patriots outnumber the beggars. If all the patriots chose to vote, we could easily clean house in every political venue. We lost the last election because some crybabies didn’t get their way in selecting the Republican candidate, so they didn’t vote. How foolish they were!

        • LDommel says:

          @ssilv48  @downenray  @LDommel
           Then U DO NOT UNDERSTAND what state this country is in. How many on extented unemployment checks,grants 4 college or total free tuition & finanacial aid,welfare programs etc..  Those numbers are high. People are voting NOT to have their GOV’T CHECK cut off plus their OWN individual selfish reasons feel birthcontrol, amnesty etc.. Downenray I agree the Democrats did a great job at sabatoging our candidate where both parties believe the crap! Lots of democrats trolls stay in hiding during the election on our sites cutting and trying to divide the vote.MAY PEOPLE LEARN A LESSON from that IF we have another chance to vote! BUT I do also agree with your term of cry babies & not knowing the choose was COMMIE or NOT. Before people start attacking that last comment it’s on FACTS not feelings! Obama was endorsed by the Communist Party USA & Romney was not

        • LDommel says:

           Yes they change the LAW to let pple NOT CONTRIBUTIONG to the system to vote BUT I do NOT think it is a RIGHT to allow people to steal from the other! IF the law was changed once it can be changed again!

        • LDommel says:

          @downenray  @ssilv48
           Maybe you could tell the Democrats to let our MILITARY VOTE!

        • Don39 says:

          @downenray  @LDommel Where is the right to vote given, stated,assumed, guaranteed? And in  what elections?

        • Don39 says:

          @LDommel  @downenray Which law lets people vote?

        • LDommel says:

          @Don39  @downenray
           There called VOTER LAWS!

        • ssilv48 says:

          @downenray Wrong again, I said the last two elections were stolen,

        • Don39 says:

          @LDommel  @downenray  @ssilv48 They let them vote, they just do not count them, same with absentee ballots, provisional ballots etc. Most are never counted unless needed to settle a dispute, a tie, or change the direction of an election in a democrat precinct in favor of the democrat.

        • LDommel says:

          @Don39  @downenray
           Next time do your own research!

        • AppraisHer says:

          @downenray  @ssilv48 I wish I could agree with your notion that in this nation the patriots outnumber the beggars, but currently there are 51% paying taxes, supporting 49% that pay no taxes.  We aren’t the America we used to be.  The days of  “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” are over, courtesy of the last 4 years of the benefactor-in-chief.

        • LDommel says:

           Yes the NON CONTRIBUTORS voted when they took the FREEBIE! They made the choice then!

        • LDommel says:

           That SHOULD BE their SACRIFIC. If they except Gov’t freebies they DON’T GET 2 VOTE!

        • Don39 says:

          @AppraisHer  @downenray  @ssilv48 It is worse than that. A number of those who are in the 51% before a closer look are not actually, because they get child care  credits and otherbreaks that means they actually pay no income tax at all. And I am talking about just income tax. As for payroll taxes and social security, workers comp, etc many get offsets for those in other government programs, that is those that get all the other benefits , not the real tax payers who get to pay additional taxes on benefits already taxed as income.

        • Don39 says:

          @AppraisHer  @downenray  @ssilv48 Further there is no direct link between drawing benefits and patriotism. Many vets draw benefits and currently pay no income tax as an example. if you are implying that that makers them less patriotic you are absolutely full of it!

        • Don39 says:

          @LDommel  @downenray  I ASSUME you are referring to my statement that there is no Constitutional Right to vote. I STAND BY THAT, and I sure as heck would never consult  ‘wikipedia’  for an authoritative answer on anything!  I did study Constitutional Law, and I still do, and I did set on the bench for 13 years. THERE IS NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO VOTE!

        • LDommel says:

          @LDommel  @Don39  @downenray Don I have print out from Freedom Outpost. 15 Amendment slaves vote, 19th amendment women vote it goes on 23rd,24th, voting rights actetc! These are all amendments not original constitution. It’s not on the web anymore so I just google first thing I found

        • LDommel says:

          @Don39  @downenray
           I have a printout of Freedom Outpost, it’s not on the web anymore. So I just google first thing & it Wiki. Anyway Colonial American time only landowners voted then they added 15th amendment slaves vote, 19th women, 23rd,24th, then voting rights act in 1965,26th I want one added if You receive FREEBIES from the Gov’t you give up your vote (because that is your vote)! That way they are not given the RIGHT 2 STEAL-no gov’t should be able to do that to the taxpayers!

        • LDommel says:

          @Don39  @downenray
           I posted the answer back . It’s at the original question.

        • AppraisHer says:

          @Don39  @downenray  @ssilv48 Don39 you know exactly who we are referring to when we say there IS a direct link between drawing benefits and patriotism and it’s not vets or retirees.  But you know we’re talking about chronic welfare recipients and other similar parasites.  Even for you, this was weak try at a strawman argument.

        • Don39 says:

          @LDommel  @downenray You call that research?

        • Don39 says:

          @LDommel  @downenray Would you like me to send you a copy of the Constitution, full and unabridged and include a copy of the Bill of Rights? Niether the orriginal or any of those amendments give anyone the right to vote. there is no right to vote in federal /presidential elections. All the amendments you cite do nothing more than say that where the right to vote is given by lower governments , it must be given equally to all citizens of that government authority! And there is absolutely NO law to support your other supposition whether you like it or not. Should be right, does not make right! But I do agree with the last in principal. NO ONE SUCKING AT THE TEAT SHOULD BE ABLE TO TELL THE SOW WHAT TO DO!

        • Don39 says:

          @AppraisHer  @downenray  @ssilv48 I just react to what you say, I am not a mind reader. You have made all of what, a hundred comments? You give no bio. Why should I presume to know what you mean or what is in your heart? I am not Troubleshooter. You would not believe the things I have seen me and my brothers in arms called here and elsewhere. believe it or not all of the readers and posters here are not conservative, not without ulterior motives, etc. And not a few are extreme right wing cultist.

        • Don39 says:

          @LDommel  @downenray Is freedom outpost part of the law? the Constitution?

        • Don39 says:

          @LDommel  @downenray ???????????????????????????

        • AppraisHer says:

          @Don39  @downenray  @ssilv48 The amount of comments I have made on this particular site don’t matter, if you’ve taken the time to read them.  My father was OSS, my husband is a Vietnam vet, his father was a WWII vet.  This was mentioned in many of my posts and even one on this thread, so you’re not reacting to what I said.  Be that as it may, I will forgive you, but only because you’re a conservative veteran and they’re tops on my list.

        • ssilv48 says:

          @AppraisHer  @downenray What is the % of 49% of the people that know that what they are doing is wrong and they became a leach on society. Freedom is not free, it usually cost someone their life to make sure America stays America, as America is going, the leaches will end up in a fema camp as they will not be able to provide for their family or their own body, but this is what mr oboma wants,,,,,,,,it make’s it a lot easier to take over the system.

        • Don39 says:

          @AppraisHer  @downenray  @ssilv48 I have read all your comments. I wholeheartedly like and agree with the tenor of them. I especially liked the one comparing Reid to a self propagating worm. I have never questioned your patriotism or intent and I guess I missed something because I do not know what all the fuss was about. I simply tried to draw you out, to clarify, your comment which I still feel did not express your intent. Other people besides a close knit group of agreeable friends read these comments and not all are friendly and they that are not are looking for ways to disrupt and corrupt the real conservative movement. And not all of them are leftist enemies either, some are just as virulent on the extreme right and are trying to coopt the conservative movement to their own ends. Clarity is of the essence. Apparently I occasionally fail in that area. Here is to our ultimate defeat of and the burying of  the leftist sociocommunist movement. May Obama never rest in peace!

        • downenray says:

          @Don39  A republic is a political entity where citizens decide matters. This is a republic. Every citizen has the right and duty to vote.

        • downenray says:

          @AppraisHer  I hope you are wrong in your assessment that the nation is down the tubes. But it does indeed appear that Obama may be able to completely ruin us within the next four years. Soon it seems that some states will feel it necessary to secede from Obamaland in order to continue the liberty which has been ours in the U.S.A. Obama seems to be preparing to take away our guns and the lives of open opposers. His organizations have purchased enough hollow-point bullets to kill us all more than once. And that would be cheaper than trying to house us all in stockades which might be his only other option. Our nation surely IS in danger with the fox in the chicken house.

    • AppraisHer says:

      @JeannieBrown I could only give you 1 like, but your comment deserves 100.

  104. sagebrush6 says:

    In order to keep the costs down to a minimum, why don’t each state set up a volumteer group to sort through the lists of obits and any other available information pieces to eliminate voter fraud. 
    The ACLU may not mind if someone uses their name to vote for their opponent, but I do mind.

    • downenray says:

      @sagebrush6 The problem with turning volunteers loose to remove names from voter lists is that some who would volunteer might have bad motives for doing so. Moles could cause considerable damage to voter lists if their motives were bad. Hired people could also do the job wrongly, but they would be more easily found in wrongdoing than volunteers.

      • Don39 says:

        @downenray  @sagebrush6 You are right all the volunteers would be leftist of one form or another, or at least in sufficient numbers to overwhelm the system and further corrupt it.

    • LDommel says:

       Join= True The Vote, their doing clean up of registration!

  105. sagebrush6 says:

    Ineptocracy  ( In-ep-toc-racy)
    A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    • Don39 says:

      @sagebrush6 As long as the government dependents can vote they will continue to break the government by electing the biggest liars and fraud to the government to perpetuate the breaking of the govenrment fiscal supporters, the tax payers with the knife in their backs. Theft by surrogate is still theft, and will continue to grow and worsen until their is another tax payer rebellion. THERE IS NO OTHER REASON FOR THE ELECTION OF THE WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION FRAUD, clearly the most inept government official of all times.

    • RobertHayesHalfpenny says:

      @sagebrush6 This is one great statement  I would love to see it on the Huffington Post—IF—you could get it past their censors!!!
      Robert Hayes Halfpenny

  106. Hl McCloud says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind that more than likely both partie “Democrat and Republican” are both
    guilty of ” Voter Fraud ”  and blame each other during the course of an election whiich I see absolutely
    no solution to this problem except perhaps creaeting a differant procedure in voting by a differant
    style or means of authenticity  through a voter Idenification or qualifications procedure perhaps a
    qualified voter must show in proof of being a tax-paying citizen of this country or perhaps eliminating
    the qualifications of a welfare recipian sice they are not tax payers and do not pay into the system for
    which they are dependant on, this alone is not fair to the working tax payer whom foots the bill for all
    those whom are not tax payaers,  In short a person should a contributing tax peyer to vote,  Perhaps
    creating a law which prosicutes those of conspiracies to fraud or to the promotion of fraud would be
    only be appropirate if the law was enforced completely, If ya do the crime ya do the time, Not to be
    confused with jail, for it seems that were overgrowded as itis dept but make where is felt the hardest,
    in the pocket book and if unable to pay then work it off through the courts so much per day assigned
    to city and county jobs, Bottom line, There are ways to control voting fraud but it takes imagination initive
    and commentment to achieve such a task, which once again is up to the voters to get the ball rolling
    but you can’t depend upon a just, honest, pursuit of a legitimate vote.

    • Don39 says:

      @Hl McCloud There is no doubt in my mind that you would have a major problem documenting any significant voter fraud on behalf of Republicans! Not just in the current records, but ever.

      • DavidLeoHeatherly says:

        @Don39  Well then you’d be way wrong there Donnie boy

        • Don39 says:

          @DavidLeoHeatherly As I said you had a major problem, davie boy! It took you four(4) days to find two minor obscure reports of minor local incidents reported by leftist media! Further the second report in a liberal rag was not a consummated act of fraud and you are a liar for implying so! Thanks for proving me right! The first case you cite was a local one man operation by an amateur, and he was prosecuted. You fail to mention on the same page the story of the GOP severing relationship within a firm merely suspected of shady dealings. Aren’t you leftist selective now! Didn’t think I would call your bluff? HAH, davie boy, YOU LOSE LOSER!

    • downenray says:

      @Hl McCloud You claim Republicans have no better morals than Democrats do who commit vote fraud. I suspect you must be a Democrat. The present Republican party is not in favor in any precinct of voter fraud. You accuse us of wrongdoing. I protest! We favor voter I.D. laws aimed at PREVENTING fraud.

    • ssilv48 says:

      @Hl McCloud I think you need to start working on that so we can start this by 2014. Our voting system is so corrupt that I think, like in 3rd world country’s we need to all voters to dip their index finger in a purple dye to indicate that they have already voted and make sure anyone caught in voter fraud make sure they are prosecuted to the fullest extent. ID is a must in all elections. Anyone that has been on welfare in the last 3 years can not vote as the demorats have figured out a way to buy votes.

      • LDommel says:

        @ssilv48  @Hl McCloud
         Is that Y the Democratic Convention bused in ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? Then used MY TAX MONEY to buy votes RIGHT before the election (Obama Phones) alsoExecutive order to allow unlimited # (something a politicians can never tell you) of Illegal children brought by parents to become citizens? McCloud U PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!

        • DavidLeoHeatherly says:

          @LDommel  @ssilv48  @Hl McCloud
           Obama Phones? You mean the cellular phone program created under George W Bush
          God get you facts right or be dismissed from the dialogue for your ignorance

        • Don39 says:

          @DavidLeoHeatherly  @LDommel  @ssilv48  @Hl McCloud Hey, you dumbass, Obama phones are the free cell phones that Obama pacifies the mass of welfare queens he has created with, so they can sing his praises to each other in their total ignorance. As a leftist troll you should be an embarrassment to the even the lowest information Obama voter. You are out of your league here.

    • metheoldsarge says:

      @Hl McCloud
      There has been the problem of voter fraud since George Washington. I don’t doubt that there may have been some voter fraud in this election but that alone did not influence the outcome of the election. Many of the people from my parents generation, who are still around, all remember the Great Depression. They all credit Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, for bringing us out of it. In their minds, a Democrat can do no wrong. A Democrat does nothing unless it is for the good of the country. No matter how strange their policies sound, they all believe that Democrats have only the good of the country and the people in mind. I had aunts and uncles from that generation that were staunch Democrats. They would go into those old voting machines, pull that Democrat handle and leave. There are also the union members who believe that voting Democrat is the only way to save their jobs. In the past few decades a lot of union members are out of work or have much lower paying jobs because their old jobs were sent to other countries. Then you have the freeloaders who will only vote for who they think will keep those welfare checks and food stamps coming. Finally you have the over 50% of those eligible but refuse to vote. It was a combination of all those things that got Obama elected and re-elected. .

  107. Hl McCloud says:

    I gave my reply as a personal evaluation, I urge you  to get your head out of a dark place and use
    some common sense if ya have any to use, otherwise you know exactly what you can do with your
    comit. !  Daaaaahh

    • Don39 says:

      @Hl McCloud At least whoever you were addressing is likely intelligent enough to address them using a name or proper response procedures!

  108. Elliott Archer says:

    Every person who lives in a state that does not have voter ID needs to be proactive and start a “Write your Representative” drive to get voter ID made law.  We who love America have a lot at stake and things are not going to improve if every election is fraudulent as in 2012.  Our good intentions can be discredited in one day just by having illegal voters.

  109. gruejr30 says:

    I understand voter fraud completly but what about all of those millions of Christian right people who stayed home and
    didn’t vote for Romney because he was a morman? Could that have swung the election  to Romney? shouldn’t we
    jump on their bones a little and castigate them for making us lose the election ?

    • RLM357 says:

       That’s DNC B. S !    I am a Christian and I reluctantly voted for Romney!   As a matter of fact I can’tfind but one personwho admiots to voting for Obama and she a Democrat!

      • ssilv48 says:

        @RLM357  @gruejr30  And that my friend is called using the same voting machines that hugo chevez uses. mr oboma did not even with the first election if the truth be known.

        • downenray says:

          @ssilv48  By whatever means, the vote count was in Obama’s favor. The sad fact is that those who chose to not vote against him will have to join the rest of us in seceding from the union we have loved since it is now lost to a Muslim leader seeking our destruction. It seems our only option is to create a separate nation loyal to our Constitution and seeking to regain the freedoms we cherish for ourselves and the world. It appears that Texas may need to lead the way, or Louisiana, so that we will have a seaport for our use. 
          Obama IS ruler of the U.S.A. He WILL succeed in ruining the nation. He’s close to doing so already. I was surprised to hear a Muslim Congressman impolitely insisting that Obama is truthful: I hope we never have to listen again to this particular politician. We have no business allowing any Muslim to serve in our Congress or in the administration in any office. Japan is wise enough to not allow it. We are foolish to permit such things!

      • hpinnc says:

        @RLM357  @gruejr30 I am a Christian, & had no problem whatsoever voting for Mr Romney.He does not worship the way I do, but we were voting on the POTUS not the pope or our church pastor, I think he would have made a great Pres. & have gotten this country back on the right track.

    • Jackolyn says:

      @gruejr30 They did vote. They don’t count when they aren’t counted. Absentee voting was encouraged for all now. They are easily thrown out. Machines rigged to a specific percentage . Christian people voted by the millions. What part of massive  vote fraud don’t you understand?

      • downenray says:

        @Jackolyn  While we understand vote fraud, we also realize that the total count of votes was several million LESS than in the two previous elections. Did you not know that?

        • Jackolyn says:

          @downenray Do you  know everyone  was offered to vote absentee and in our busy lives millions chose to do so. They didn’t sign the book. And their votes were easy to disposed of.  Suddenly millions didn’t vote . Didn’t you know that. Military votes are being routinely disqualified by this administration. None of these votes are on record since they are  mailed, not in person voters. Yet you choose to  believe those perpetrating the fraud. tsk  tsk

        • Jackolyn says:

          @downenray And the millions of democrat voters who woke up and jumped ship . Their votes were replaced with illegal votes. You try to depict vote fraud as a much more difficult task, when it is so simple to do.

        • Elliott Archer says:

          Don’t minimize voter fraud in 2012.  If you recall, Republicans in 2012 weren’t that enthusiastic over John McCain either. so the Republican turnout was down in both elections, but the Demos were really pumped in 2008, but in 2012, the supposed bigger turnout of Demos over Republican was due to voter fraud, not enthusiasm.

        • Ratbeauty says:

          @downenray @Jackolyn Could it perhaps be that millions of absentee military vote were not counted? Even more than in 2008, when they were lost? Then they were lost; this time, even more arrived too late to count. How convenient…

        • LDommel says:

          @Ratbeauty  @downenray  @Jackolyn
           FIRST The Pentagon DID NOT set up “Military Voting ASSISTANCE Offices” at the in battle field areas/overseas! SECOND As EVERY ELECTION, U have Local counties NOT sending the ballots out in time to get them back in time! U should always call your local election board & ask them 21days b-4 the election if they sent the Military ballots! There are LOTS that do not & the DOJ does NOTHING about it!

        • LDommel says:

          @Ratbeauty  @downenray  @Jackolyn
           Yes I do agree with Ballots being put in car trunks.

        • downenray says:

          @Ratbeauty  Yes, it’s a shame indeed that many military votes were not desired or counted. But I believe it’s also true that many people just chose to not vote. Adherents of Ron Paul were convinced he should be our nominee. When they were snubbed by the republican national committee, they were very displeased and I believe some of them chose to simply not vote. You may have it right that it was the military votes not being counted that made the count so low.

        • Jackolyn says:

          @Ratbeauty  @downenray  @Jackolyn Yep.

        • downenray says:

          @Jackolyn I make no attempt to “depict vote fraud as a much more difficult task.” But when the law is followed, not even one fraudulent vote could be counted. When those in charge of the counting are dishonest, any amount of fraud can be accomplished.

      • gruejr30 says:

         Ok, I heard differently, sorry if i’m wrong but you are right when it comes to not counting absentee votes and also military votes thrown out because Obama knows he wouldn’t get very many of those.  Touche !!

    • downenray says:

      @gruejr30 You assume it was all Christian right people who chose to not vote for Romney. You figure the only reason some didn’t vote was their fear of Mormonism. I don’t know even one Christian who chose to not vote because Romney was a Mormon. No doubt there are some I don’t know. But I know some who didn’t vote because the Republican party chose Romney instead of Ron Paul. They were offended because they didn’t get their way at the convention and were in fact ignored and slighted there. Their displeasure was not that Romney was a Mormon but that they were not able to disrupt the convention and make public their desire for Ron Paul to be the nominee. I don’t believe the election was lost because Romney was a Mormon. I’m a Christian, and politically “right.” I proudly voted against Obama. Many chose to not vote. I have no way of knowing for sure what their thinking was that let them refuse to vote against Obama.

      • Don39 says:

        @downenray  @gruejr30 The number of actual voters as opposed to registered Republicans says you are wrong, between 3 and 4 million that never even cast a ballot and most in southern religious strongholds. Those added to the wasted votes for Paul and Johnson would have carried the election more strongly in some red states but would not have overcome the fraud perpetrated in the so called swing states and marginal blue states like lL and FL.

        • gruejr30 says:

          @Don39  @downenrayGranted, Fraud is and has been a big problem and thats why i have been calling for mandatory voter photo ID cards to be issued across the nation. Until then we will have nothing but an illegel government like a third world nation !

        • Don39 says:

          @gruejr30  @downenray The most significant fraud is done in the programming of the computerized machines. Photo ID will do NOTHING to stop that. I support Photo ID on principle, but it will not stop voter fraud the way it is organized and conducted by the left and it may only give a false sense of security. The left will never cede to anything that they have not figured out how to circumvent!

      • gruejr30 says:

        @downenrayYes, you could be right. The fact of the matter is, those people because they didn’t get their way, like little children, allowed Obama to become the leader of this great country. He is a failed president and the country is in a shamble, the worse condition I have seen in many many years. That my friend is not acceptable albeit, it’s too late now !

        • LDommel says:

          @gruejr30  @downenray
           I agree. I’m still going to fight to straighten things out like Voting BUT I realized b-4 the election if he got back in, we may never vote again!

        • gruejr30 says:

          @LDommel  @downenrayWell, If he were to get back in , they would have to somehow change the constitution first and that may be a little harder than they think !

        • Don39 says:

          @gruejr30  @LDommel  @downenray They do not abide by the Constitution or give a damn about it other than it getting in their way a bit. Why would they stir the pot by trying to change it?

    • DAY8293A says:


      • Jackolyn says:

        @DAY8293A  @gruejr30 Exactly right.

      • gruejr30 says:

         No argument there, It turns out that the people of America have done themselves in with this election by not forcing a recount of all election sights. The African American community will soon find out that Mr. Obama is not what they thought he was going to be. Under his reign they will be enslaved as well as all of us. When he is ready, he will invite shariah law 
        into this country, That is why he supports the Muslim countries, because he admitted that he was raised a Muslim in his early days, so once a Muslim always a Muslim or your head will roll. The Koran allows Muslims to lie, act like infidels only until they conquer them and then they are all Muslim again ! So be aware of your President and look way past that boyish smile. I promise you, you will see a different person !!!

        • metheoldsarge says:

          If you are right, and Shariah Law takes over our court system, a lot of people are going to be in for a very rude awakening. We only have The President’s word that he is no longer a Muslim but converted to Christianity. Only he and God know the truth. Fact: He publicly quotes the Quran more than he quotes the Bible. Fact: Leaving the Muslim faith is considered a terrible sin for which the person must be severely punished. Fact: According to Muslim teachings, lying is acceptable if the lie helps to further cause of Islam. To all the people who supported him and voted him into office twice better pray to all that is holy that we never come under Shariah Law. Gays will have to go back in the closet. The Woman’s movement will loose everything they have worked so hard to accomplish and will become subservient. Liberal Christians, Jews, the unions and all the useful idiots will also be in for a rude awakening when he no longer needs them anymore. I say be afraid. Be very afraid. Just because he seems to be allowing same sex marriage and the woman’s movements to flourish, how do you know that he isn’t just appeasing you? I pray that I’m wrong. To those who don’t believe that it could happen, I have two questions for you. What if I am right? Can you afford to take that chance? I’ll save a place under the bus for you because that is where you are going when he no longer needs you. Wake up America.

        • ssilv48 says:

          @metheoldsarge  @gruejr30  @DAY8293A  Let me give you a few facts. 1) mr oboma is still a muslim and always will be. 2) There is no way mr oboma is even an America citizen, and a lot of people need to be tried for treason for this and put to death for the lies that put him in power. 3) before and sharia law is implemented, We the People will step up and do the job our congressmen and women and judges should have done and right after that we will make the congressmen and women and judges pay dearly for their mistakes that we are paying for. When you make people accountable for their actions, the ignorance will stop.

        • DAY8293A says:


        • DavidLeoHeatherly says:

          @DAY8293A  @metheoldsarge  
           Well I hate to burst you little bubble there Dayo but there are most certainly Jewish Nazi’s, read about it here
          And here,2933,296192,00.html
          Since I’ve shown you wrong on that fact it would be easy to extrapolate you’re ill informed in all the other areas your thumping your chest about.
          Only a fool speaks in sweeping generalizations

        • Don39 says:

          @DavidLeoHeatherly  @DAY8293A  @metheoldsarge Do not worry old sarge, he is a baldfaced liar once again and it took all of two clicks of a mouse to expose it. The Nazi’s in question were Russian Immigrants taking advantage of lax immigration laws in Israel. They caught a gang of 15, a first time incident, and they were accused of skin head activities, but they are not Jewish. So far I can find no reference that says every person in Israel is a Jew. And both references are to the same story. Davie boy may just be the most baldfaced liar to ever grace these pages and give us the opportunity to show the utter stupidity of the left!

        • DAY8293A says:


        • downenray says:

          @Don39  It is surely not true that every supporter of Obama is stupid! We do well to speak positively and courteously always.

        • Don39 says:

          @downenray I respectfully disagree.

        • downenray says:

          @Don39 It’s not clear whether you think every supporter of Obama is stupid or that it’s always right to speak kindly rather than offensively. But I’m very sure that some intelligent people simply agree with Obama that his plans for the destruction of the nation we love is right and good. Being intelligent doesn’t automatically guarantee being smart or right. Some wicked people are very intelligent!

        • Don39 says:

          @downenray Sorry your dictionary must define ‘intelligence ‘ different from mine. Thjere are savy, or smart people that are evil and not intelligent. There is a difference .” Intelligent; having or showing intelligence, QUICK TO LEARN. Having knowledge, understanding, or awareness”. I say that pretty much leaves out Obama voters!

        • AppraisHer says:

          @downenray  @Don39 Not ALL of them are stupid, but MOST are ignorant…ignorant of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Which is worse?
          I also notice how speaking positively and courteously has worked for conservatives and how the opposite has worked for the liberals.  They rant, scream, belittle and ridicule and it’s served them well.  We’re in the situation we’re currently in because we’ve been too quiet, respectful and courteous and not stood up for OUR beliefs. I’ve wasted too much of my time with people that don’t want to debate.  They are not always right and I’m not always wrong.. but I am courteous to them no more.

        • Don39 says:

          @AppraisHer  @downenray It is just plain STUPID to not know the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! They are the ENEMY and I am through being courteous to THEM. We have been courteous for the past forty years while they finally managed to install a fraud and a usurper in the White House. You courteous people better wake the heck up. I hope Jesus courteously threw the money changers out of the temple, and Joshua courteously fit the battle of Jericho. Did David courteously slay the giant? I think not! Did we courteously beat the crap out of the Nazis? Did we courteously the brits for our national liberty? Lady the left is trying to bury you and so far succeeding. Get a grip. Oh I just thought of another dandy, God courteously destroying Sodom and Gomorrah!

        • AppraisHer says:

          @Don39  @downenray Don39, did you even bother to read my comment?  YOU are agreeing with ME.  Please read before you accuse.

        • Don39 says:

          @AppraisHer  @downenray I was agreeing with you and elaborating for our meek friend downenray!

        • AppraisHer says:

          @Don39  @downenray Mea Culpa.

    • hpinnc says:

      @gruejr30 Yes, and I would like to ask anyone out there that did do that,if you sleep better at night knowing there is a muslim in the WH rather than a Morman? I am not a morman, & do not adhere to their religious views,but I think Mr Romney is a decent,honorable man of integrity.If anyone refused to vote for him for that reason,as far as I am concerned,ytou are just a narrow-minded, idiot.Something else,as I see it we were not voting on a church pastor,or the pope,we were voting on a POTUS.I would vote for Mr Romney any day of the week over the muslim moron we have in the WH now.

  110. Ratbeauty says:

    Actually, the “above 100%” voter turnout DID happen, but happened DURING THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!! I don’t know if it happened to Allen West(who got my vote), but, as was reported on November 7th, Obama won fraudulently in my state(FL).

  111. SamLasley says:

    The Democrats will and have been using every dirty trick in the book to elect liberals, progressives, marxists, blacks, hispanics and any other group devoted to gimmies for them and taking from you.  We need to eliminate the Democratic party asap.  I just don’t know how to do it other than to get every tax paying citizen to vote in every election.  We won’t stoop to vote fraud, but as long as we outnumber them, although that is changing we must do it now.@

    • downenray says:

      @SamLasley It is wrong to list “blacks and hispanics” as groups devoted to gimmes. Negroes are individuals just as non-Negroes are, and some of them are better citizens than some whites. The same with those of Spanish descent. Race is totally unrelated to a “gimme” mentality. Did some miss hearing what Ben Carson so eloquently said at the prayer breakfast recently? He is not a Caucasian. He IS a patriot and with good sense and spoke kindly and clearly some truths Obama needs to hear and believe. Ben is only one example of many fine Negro patriots in the U.SA. I’m glad that several non-whites have risen to prominence in the Republican Party!

  112. Don39 says:

    Typically livefyre has become non-responsive and will not take one to apprprriate comments or sort comments!

  113. EMAdair225 says:

    @BizNetSC With each new case of voter fraud, election fraud, Obama is weakened! #Ohio #FL #PA #VA #WI

  114. Don DeHoff says:

    There is a crying need for an amendment to our First Amendment—and that is just adding the 5-letter word “civil” before the word “speech”. That would not detract from the “right” to say most anything, but it would just dictate “how” anything was said—in the same vane as “one cannot falsely yell “fire” in a crowded theater or room, or where one uses  slander and libel. Profanity, obnoxious nicknames, threats and gutter talk, in most all cases,  is counterproductive, even to the point that even if there is an important poiint being made, it is lost in the gutter. A general “yardstick” would be,” don’t say or print anything that one would not say or show to their mother”. Such gutter talk is tantimount to “yelling fire”, and is frequently employed when one does not have a valid contribution to make. It is also analogous to abusing the “right to bear arms”, by using main street as a firing range.

    • Don39 says:

      @Don DeHoff Why not just go one little bit further and tell people what it is legal to think and when , idiot! And hey you leftist tool , legal gun owners and legal guns do not shoot up any street, yet!

      • Don DeHoff says:

        Don, I sense it is probably futile to debate the issues with you. Also, I sense you have some difficulty in understanding the difference betseen “what to say” and “how to say it”.  I will leave it up to the others making comments, as to what my post says and does not say–i.e., being civil or profane.Outbursts like yours  in a courtroom would get you a “contempt of court” charge and if continued, a night in the slammer.  I have probably made close to a couple thousand posts on the internet and do not recall ever being refered to as a “Leftist”, democrat or whatever. On important life and death issues, one should not be using profanity, obnoxious nicknames or gutter talk—that is a form of “mental masturbation”, which all too  many people revert to when they have little or nothing to contribute.  Can we now get be to the real issues a hand?.

        • Don39 says:

          @Don DeHoff I sense you have a problem with the truth! retired Judge.

        • downenray says:

          @Don DeHoff I wish every reader of this blog would always be civil in their comments. But the amendment is right in stating that every citizen should be free to speak even if ignorant or uncivil.

        • Don DeHoff says:

          @Don39Retired Judge, your statement is meaningless, without some facts or reasonng behind what you say or imply—–mental masturbation is highly contagious but I cannot comphrend a judge, wanting to be one of the “club”.

        • Don DeHoff says:

          @downenray”down…..”, I disagree. It has already been clearly documented in court that one does not have a right to say just anything—again, the right to falsely yell “fire” in a crowded room or theater—or use slander or libel, witout some form of possible penalty. Profanty, obnoxious nicknames, threats and gutter talk are all counterproductive to the commnication process, and even if there might be some good information therein, it frequently gets lost in the gutter. Nowhere does it state that just any of those forms of communiction is acceptable—-civility demands it!. Such language is tantamount to “yelling fire”.  Ignorance is acceptable, as we all are guilty of that problem at times, usually attributed to relaying hearsay and innuendo or continuing  to believe something that has long ago been proven false or inaccurate. If the founding fathers had wanted to accept any and all forms of “trash” communications, they would have said so.  I believe that both our Constitution and the Federalist Papers clearly support that position.

        • Don39 says:

          @Don DeHoff  @downenray You are clueless, lack judgement and are exactly the kind of person that the First Amendment, a God given right, had to be written down to protect people from! The things you mention are infringement on the rights of others and cross the line. The civility you want to include is a clear violation of freedom and thought policing that only a fool would agree to or support. Take your civility and stuff it. And hey I do not care what you think or say about me so long as it does not infringe my rights, I expect it from the likes of you! How old are you again? I have a 13 year old that thinks more clearly.

        • Don DeHoff says:

          @Don39  @downenray”Don39″, you are a prime example of the civility problems on which I have been commenting. . Without taking sides on or for any religion, do you really think you have a “god-given right”, to use profanity, obnoxious nicknames and in general, gutter talk? The courts have said over and over again that you (we) do not.  I think the general concensous is, amoung those participating here,  that such language, used as a communiation device,  is counter productive. You appear to have some difficulty in understaning that there is a significant differet in the right to free speech and the manner in which it is stated. That is analogous to abusing the rights and intent of “the right to bear arms”, which you know has significant penaties for violations.  I trust you realize that neither the Constitution, Federalist Papers or the courts ever resort to such gutter tactics. I might add I trust you don’t advocate such gutter talk at home amoung the younger generation(s). Also, both Houses of Congress have clear rules on civility, where many life and death  issues are resolved.  Instead of just merely saying that you and I have a significant “difference of opinion”,you have to resort to name calling—–and how pray tell, with your approach to life, can anything I say, “infringe” upon your rights? Let us hear from the rest of the readers. For the “old timers”out there, as Perry Mason would say, “Your Honor, I rest my case”!  Now, can we get back to the serious issues at hand?

        • downenray says:

          @Don DeHoff You disagree but are wrong. It is not illegal to make a statement of any kind. It’s often unwise to say all we think, but in our republic everyone has a right to speak and be heard. Even if no one agrees with what the person says, the person has the legal right to speak. Now, to yell “Fire” when there is no fire is rightly frowned upon, and may get the yeller in trouble, but we DO have the right to express our opinions whether or not anyone agrees with us.

        • Don DeHoff says:

          @downenraySir, you just shot your own argument down in flames!  Also, I never mentioned “illegal”, merely improper or ill advised, and yes like gun violations, there are penalties for yelling fire in a building  or using slander or libel—so there are already signifint restrictions on “free speech”, and civility, while not specifically stated, is fully understood by most learned people, who are trying to resolve critical issues.

        • Don39 says:

          @Don DeHoff  @downenray You prove what you are every time you express a thought. I would rather be dead than be red, like you. PS; you do not know jack about the federalist papers, or anything else and you prove it ever time you spout off about civility or anything else. The difference between me and you far exceeds opinion, thank God!

    • AppraisHer says:

      @Don DeHoff Maybe we should consult the “Ministry of Thought” before we think of what to ask the “Ministry of Conversation” what we can say.  I remember back when we were a free country and people were responsible for their own actions and less angry.  Since the “new messiah” has been in office we have never been more divided or had more nits to pick.

      • downenray says:

        @AppraisHer  I comment that we in the U.S.A. have historically had differing opinions on MANY matters, and some have been vigorous in opposing those who differed. In the case of Obama, he proves repeatedly that he is no friend of this nation and yet claims to be our great leader. He leads to destruction. We do well to speak courteously always and truthfully. Is there reason to suppose we can win future elections? While this is possible, it does not seem probable with zealots demanding support for a third or fourth party since they don’t like the leaders of the Republican party. What seems more likely is that some states will be forced to secede from the union and let the leftists have what they won in the 2012 election. Patriots of course will join the secession. I’ve faithfully pledged support to one nation INDIVISIBLE for many years. I now see no hope for our nation to continue to be a bastion of liberty with Obama in control.

        • ssilv48 says:

          @downenray  @AppraisHer downenray, I see that many people seem to have lost hope. mr oboma is not a citizen of the United States and is the biggest deception thrown on any nation in the world to date. The truth will come out, mr oboma will and all his co-horts will be held accountable including that mooch of a wife he was set up with. There is a lot of money behind this world assembly government and as I see, it will not happen. People are waking up to what is actually going on and I think in the very near future that the rug will be pulled and needs to be for every nation. The UN is run by a bunch of criminal black people and needs to be held accountable also.

        • downenray says:

          @ssilv48  I hope you’re not thinking all UN officials are negroes. They surely are not. Nor are those officials convicted of criminal behavior even if we see it as such. The UN was begun with high hopes of our leaders that it would be a voice for world peace. It is a tragic disappointment, having proved to be the opposite of what we hoped. We now need to encourage the organization to move to a country where they would be welcome, if such a county exists.

        • hpinnc says:

          @downenray  @ssilv48 I have advocated for a long time,that the USA needs to withdraw our support,in any form or fashion from the UN, & require the UN to get out of the USA.They are now trying to push this “New World Order” on us, they want to tell us whether we can have guns or not, they want to shove this global warming crap on us,of course the likes of H.Clinton & lots of our top political leaders in this country would like to dis-ban congress & source our government out to the UN.What a sorry lot of politicians we have in congress now. .

        • gruejr30 says:

          @hpinnc  @downenray  @ssilv48The last time I looked, Your President was the leader of world order U.N. leadership. He also would like SHARIAH law in this country and that is scary !

    • Liberty Bob says:

      @Don DeHoff 
      Dear So Called Don Dehoff,
      Communism is to delusional as ignorance is to bliss. If the First Amendment is tampered with in such away liberty would come to an end in the entire United States Constitution. You of course fit into communism like a hand fits a glove. Verbal expression and written language vulgar, insensitive, distasteful, gutter talk or down right threats are what you consider civil but once old English was civil to be written and spoken. Many of the four letter words of vulgarity today that are considered cussing were exceptable speech spoken and written . If the Constitution was altered the way you propose. One might not know some one’s true hatred of them? Some legislation might never be allowed to be written into law. There is one country you could live where you might be happy in what you believe Iran. Of course like those you would like to regulate in how they speak or write according to your ideas of civility. They like you have a right to there opinions like you do and some one can choose to listen or not to. Or they can burn the written word if they do not like it without fear of retribution. But in Iran if you burn certain written words copied or not you will face a short trial and you will pay for your disobedience with your life. This is what a intolerant society dictates. The choice is yours at least for now in this country. But with the likes of you? Well any one can just imagine?

  115. Jackolyn says:

    And who is this Oracle of wisdom That rules over all other mere mortals of less judgement on what  is acceptable and civil?  And of course of whom we must obey.

    • Don DeHoff says:

      @Jackolyn”Jackolyn”, sounds pretty but lacks wisdom. The “oracle” would simply be a “jury of one’s peers”, just as it is in  a libel or slander issue. and surely, it is common sense one should be civil in their communications on these serious issues,  to the same extent used in a court room or a business situation.

      • Jackolyn says:

        You were not discussing libel or slander you mentioned civil speech. You suggest a court case every time someone opens their mouth to decide if they were speaking with civility? Every time time someone is accused of not being civil? So someone responding here and lacking “civility” would be up for a court case. If civil speech was required for free speech. Not enough court rooms in several worlds to handle that case load.. Sounds like a nightmare to me.

  116. gruejr30 says:

    APPRAISHER : That’s the game, My wonderful father taught me to always treat people the same way they treat me.
    Most liberals have a superior personality who are convinced that they are all intellectuals who know best, which can not be any farther from the truth !

    • downenray says:

      @gruejr30 A far better way to treat people is given by Jesus as for us to treat people the way we’d LIKE to be treated. To return evil for evil makes us no better than the person who treated us with evil intent. Democrats are not always wicked even if some of them obviously have very wrong goals. They should be treated respectfully and courteously in person and in our writing any time.

      • Don39 says:

        @downenray  @gruejr30 This is a flat out misrepresentation of the Biblical intents and the words of Jesus. One minor example was Jesus actions against the evil moneychangers.  Democrats are evil from the word go and any fool that thinks they are not need only look at their platform and their actions.Which I feel perfectly fine in judging , if any judgement is required to see the blatant evil;!

        • hpinnc says:

          @Don39  @downenray  @gruejr30 Amen,Amen Don39.I believe in Jesus,but I don’t think he wants His people to be a door mat for evil people to walk on.We all know the liberal, democrats for the most part,espeacially blacks,voted more than one time. I know of a church which offered their fellowship hall for a voting place.I was told that someone directing traffic was asked by a van load of blacks if they could register & vote inside, they were told to register at another place & they could vote inside.When they came back & voted, as they left down the driveway,he noticed they had New Jersey license plates.He wondered if they had voted in every state between NC & NJ.I saw a TV program where they had gone inside the voting machines & tampered with them to make every Romney vote change to an obama vote,that is why a lot of places were showing more than a 100 % turnout.I say if the democrats didn’t have some evil motive in mind,they would not be that concerned with the process of getting an ID card.They want to win,& the only way they can win is by hook or crook, they don’t care as long as they win.I have heard that they will even let dead people come alive long enough to register & vote. I would not put it passmany of them,not all, but a huge per centage. I believe it is our patriotic duty to report it when we see it,& this day & age,be on the look out for it.If they had noticed the license plate earlier,perhaps someone could have found out why they were voting in NC, but then again, probably some excuse for driving with NJ license plates. Wonder if removing the 10 commandments & kicking God out of our schools has had any effect on people’s integrity & good morals? Does anyone see a correlation here?

      • gruejr30 says:

        @downenraySorry my dear friend, I take issue with those who are trying to destroy me or my nation. As I said, I will only return kindness if I receive it first. My name is not JESUS, and I don’t claim to be !!

        • downenray says:

          @gruejr30 You really should read the Bible before you tell us what it teaches. Jesus taught truth. He urges that those who seek life through Him should never return evil for evil, but instead seek to do good to all. He calls for us to love our enemies and to act kindly toward every person. He offers eternal life to those who will make Him their Lord.
          The teaching of Jesus is found in the four gospel accounts in the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. After Jesus rose from the dead, He commissioned His apostles to go throughout the world telling others about Him.
          Apostolic teaching is found in the other books of the New Testament. Acts in particular is about the early years after the resurrection and then the spreading of gospel teaching to include Gentiles such as most of us are. Anyone who wants to know what Jesus taught should surely read the New Testament’s 27 books with care.

        • gruejr30 says:

          @downenrayIn all due respect, you may feel it necessary to live like Jesus Christ, but 1/2 of the world does not believe in turning the other cheek. They are also not believers in Christianity. Christians have been preaching all over the world for thousands of years and many still get their heads cut off
          every now and then.  Most religions started off as cults by brainwashing people and causing them to do as they were told by making them believe they would
          be punished by burning in a place called hell. Early religion was run by ruthless
          dictators who ruled through torture and murder. The bible was written by men 300yrs. or so after Christ was crucified, they never knew him. They accepted word of mouth from stories told back in those days. Authenticity can not be confirmed because it has been written over time and again. Living on earth can be good or bad depending not only on religion but by what kind of person you are. I personally try to treat everyone the way I wish to be treated, not because I’m afraid of punishment in some imaginary place called hell. Today, we are going through hell on earth because of religion. Muslims against Jews. Jews against Muslims, Muslims against Christians, Christians against Muslims. Christians against Jews, Jews against Christians. Religion, is hell on earth !
           Think about that one, and then try to explain it to the rest of the world. I at this time am an agnostic. I don’t know if there is a supreme being or not. I have not witnessed life after death and neither has anyone else ! Albeit, we will all find out some day !

        • downenray says:

          @gruejr30 You suggest that the fictions you’ve heard from enemies of the cross must be true. I’m sure they are fictions. The New Testament books were written in the first century during the lifetimes of the apostles of Jesus. They have been preserved carefully and not edited at all by others. They speak of a man who was more than a man, healing impossible to heal blindness and other maladies, and raising others from the dead. The most astonishing miracle of all was when Jesus Himself was raised up from the death known by a great many, and then seen by many alive and even eating in the weeks after he was seen to have been put to death. 
          A more accurate picture of events after the resurrection is found in the Bible book of Acts. No dictators. No torture BY Christians. No murders BY Christians. Some in middle age years who thought they were serving Jesus DID torture and murder, but they were not obeying Jesus as they acted that way. The church had no head then and has none now other than Jesus Himself. One in Rome makes grandiose claims, but he doesn’t speak from Jesus in claiming to be the head of the Roman church. The real church has no headquarters on earth. 
          You’re right that we’ll all find out “some day.” But it’s here on earth that anyone can and must prepare for the judgment. You may have noticed that the turmoil in many countries nowadays is not caused by Christians. The Christians are persecuted, not persecuting. Jews are not friendly in Israel to non-Jews, that’s true. But they’re not persecuting the non-Jews. They are preparing to defend themselves as necessary for their existence. But it’s Muslims who are persecuting in all the countries where there is a strong Muslim presence or where they want to take over.

      • Jackolyn says:

        @downenray  @gruejr30 To acquiesce to evil is evil itself.

        • Don39 says:

          @Jackolyn  @downenray  @gruejr30 AMEN!

        • AppraisHer says:

          @Jackolyn  @downenray  @gruejr30 Why does everyone believe in Good, but can’t bring themselves to believe that there’s Evil?  Every force in nature has an opposing force.  There is Evil, just as sure as there is Good, so see it for what it is and fight it.

        • Jackolyn says:

          @AppraisHer  @downenray  @gruejr30 
          Exactly right.

        • downenray says:

          @Jackolyn  To respond to evil by yourself being evil is to totally misunderstand the teaching of Jesus. Of course we do not say that evil is good. That would be agreeing with it. Responding in kind would be a form of saying evil is good. Jesus teaches that we should do good to all, even to those who have done badly to us.

  117. gruejr30 says:

    DON39, HALELUJAH !!!

  118. FrancesCampbell says:

    the 2008 and the 2012 elections were won by bho through massive voter fraud.   we may never see another election in the usa.  bho is a marxist totalatarian dictator wannabe  .when the 47 percent who did the 75 percent of the votes counted–wake up to realize that they have killed the golden goose–who will lay no more golden eggs with obama’s foot on her neck.

    • ssilv48 says:

      @FrancesCampbell they need to voter fraud a few more times to get the criminals in place, but what they have not counted on is the American People standing up for the American way that they are doing their best to destroy.

    • SandyWhitlow says:

       And, let’s not forget about the Military’s vote not being counted. …

  119. DavidLeoHeatherly says:

    You folks buy so much snake oil it’s hilarious read ’em and weep, here’s your own telling you voter fraud doesn’t exist on the massive scales you fools claim

    • downenray says:

      @DavidLeoHeatherly That SOME voter fraud is apparent can’t be denied–in the places where it was imperative that Obama won to be re-elected. The states which require voter I.D. had no fraud, so far as we can tell. It’s urgent if we want honest elections that we in every state and in every precinct require voter I.D. for each vote cast, and honest people checking to prevent duplicate voting by a particular person. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that in NO precinct will every eligible voter actually vote, and in NO precinct will every voter cast an identical ballot with every other voter. Where more votes were counted than there are eligible voters, it’s obvious that the count was fraudulent.

      • Don39 says:

        @downenray  @DavidLeoHeatherly There is well documented fraud even where Id was required to vote . There is no doubt that machines were programmed to alter the vote. There were many such incidents reported, and god only knows how many more not even noticed by voters. There was MASSIVE fraud and it did not always require a fraudulent voter, just a fraudulent programmer! That this election was stolen by fraud is of little doubt to any reasonable person. I have posted on various site documented fraud and referenced specific details . It is in the record. I will not waste anymore time trying to convince unconvincible skeptics.

        • DavidLeoHeatherly says:

          @Don39  @downenray  
          Don you’re like a window with the shade drawn, no light can pierce your ignorance. All the so called “Facts” you allude to have been debunked but you would rather act like a child and hold a temper tantrum. Your mind is more than closed, it’s hermetically sealed shut so no real facts can intrude on your preconceived notions. Don go look in the mirror so you have a good handle on what ignorance looks like

        • Don39 says:

          @DavidLeoHeatherly  @downenray You are a perfect example of leftist stupidity. You probably half believe the lies you choose to support. Sick. its called liberal psychopathology, look it up.

        • SandyWhitlow says:

          @DavidLeoHeatherly  @Don39  @downenray
           davidleowhatever, it’s so fun to read your comments with technical, highly-educated vocab, er words, that not only fun but educational!  Fools, ignorance and oh, a big word: hermetically…wow!  When you grow up and learn more than calling names, you should post your comments then.  But making a “point” by calling someone a name is not how adults communicate.  It is great that there are differing opinions.  However, calling someone a brat child is not supporting your claim that there is no, or hardly, voter fraud.  If that were the case, I would only know a few words: david leo is. …

        • Don39 says:

          @SandyWhitlow  @DavidLeoHeatherly  @downenray Some salesmen think because they can sell one thing they can sell another, David is proof otherwise. He is used to another forum where he can not be challenged and answered. The reason he lies about the voter fraud issue is because he comes from a state where just such fraud carried the election for Obama.

        • DavidLeoHeatherly says:

          @Don39  @SandyWhitlow  @DavidLeoHeatherly  @downenray
           Indiana is a state where “just such voter fraud carried the election for Obama”? Well I better contact my Attorney General and let him know of this travesty of justice. I swear you people have double digit I’Q.’s. You’ll believe any lie that fits your way of thinking and reject any FACT that shows you to be wrong and therin lies the problem. You’re simply too immature to use critical thinking skills, I think sometimes that you folks are truly the beginning of the end because if such stupidity is left unchallenged America really is over and this experiment in self governance has failed.

        • DavidLeoHeatherly says:

          @SandyWhitlow  @Don39  @downenray
           I see you’ll chastise me for name calling but Donnie boy gets a pass, my oh my, the pot calls the kettle black. Sandy save it, you just gave witness to your own hypocrisy.

        • SandyWhitlow says:

          @DavidLeoHeatherly  @Don39  @downenray
           Voter ID is required here in Indiana and as a result, Romney won this state.  People must be pretty resourceful here to go allllll the way down the block to BMV to get an ID w/pic. 
          As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy this site and the comments that are made whether for or against; however, name calling is evidence of not being able to disagree with facts at hand.  It is more respectable to state “I think” than to say, Sandy you’re dumb, and still enjoy commenting with a person that “thinks”.  One is not able to do that with your posts as you seem to limit yourself to the lame-street-news only.  How one can stand the contast “news” that Michael Jackson is still dead says a lot about you.  (I’m laughing now, d.leo.)
          Don was given a pass due to the fact that since I felt/feel you are not able to articulate your facts with a command of an adult, I would treat you as such:  “You started it.”
          Further, since I didn’t “look you up”, don’t care who you are, I’ve been able to care for myself long b/4 the sixties trust-fund frauds finally took over government.  I don’t need a Mommie in DC or Indianapolis.  That is why I like Indiana, not too many needies, such as you, that have the Feds or Puffington Host to tell me how I need to think, what to eat, etc., etc.  That’s why people like you d. leo have failed this country:  obama’s Julia-coddling for the last 40-60 years is for puny whimps like you.  Grow up!  You need a little more facts here than Sandy is in Indiana.

        • SandyWhitlow says:

          @Don39  @downenray  @DavidLeoHeatherly
           Some parts of Southern Florida had 140% voter turn out.  These are the same people that with Bush/Gore had to hold the ballots to the light to try to assume who this person would have voted for if only they were smart enough to hold a pencil. …  But, since they were not, Gore got that vote.  ; -)

        • Don39 says:

          @SandyWhitlow  @DavidLeoHeatherly  @downenray Thanks Sandy, yep I typed in the wrong mid-west state! But I had them all right in my original post and so does the web site and other sources!

        • Don39 says:

          @SandyWhitlow  @downenray  @DavidLeoHeatherly Actually several precincts recorded over 150% of their population voting, not just registered voters. And 90% democrat votes. Neat trick!

    • Don39 says:

      @DavidLeoHeatherly Whose own? Not mine, I am a conservative , you quote an establishment source. One that you could find to support your lying position. I have quoted over twenty broad cases to document the massive fraud and counter references that back them up on these very pages and others. They included admissions by Democrat voting officials. Your lies will not go unchallenged here!Want me to repeat them ? Sure you do! No way they are in the record and being who you are and what you are you wouldn’t believe it anyway. it does not fit your agenda. If there are those that want the truth it is available in mine and other postings and on various web sites. One need only exercise due diligence!

    • MYS77 says:

      You sound like one of the ones who voted multiple times. I guess you don’t care that there has been fraud…. and just look the other way? Sounds like you have your ethics in the gutter. And don’t bother with some snide comment…. everyone here knows you can’t take criticism, and react like a child who thinks he got away with stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. But, you will always get caught, and the punishment will come back to you in good measure and at the most opportune time. So enjoy your Obama fix and fraud and deceit….. and the rest of the good, moral people will continue to expose and try to fix the damage that “your kind”  have pushed onto America.

      • downenray says:

        @MYS77 Name-calling is not helpful to clear thought. I suggest that Obama has proved repeatedly that he cannot be trusted to keep any promise he has made. I feel the nation is in great peril with Obama in charge, to the extent that it may be necessary for patriots to form a separate nation in order to continue what the U.S.A. was prior to Obama–a land of the free and home of the brave. I’ve pledged allegiance to an indivisible nation that may have to be divided in order to preserve liberty. How much better it would have been to have not re-elected a Muslim President.

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