Obama Opens Door Wider For A New World Government

If you were wondering how President Obama and Democrats plan to settle-up with all their foreign campaign contributors look no further than the 2013 State of the Union address. On February 12, in front of the entire world, the “food stamp” President announced that the U.S., the European Union, and our Pacific Trade Partners are negotiating a comprehensive global partnership to combine and implement both the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TAP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

If you thought the first four years of Obama were alarming, wait until this global integration of cunning international law becomes a reality in America. Mind you, it is right around the corner, just ask our new Secretary of State John Kerry.

The TAP and TPP billed as a brilliant Obama plan to create American jobs and a stunning 0.4% GDP growth rate (projected) by designing a free trade zone combining North America, the European Union, and Pacific Rim economies, is a dangerous agreement blending European/Asian legal and economic models with U.S. domestic policy initiatives for:

  • Food safety, health, consumer and environmental standards
  • Product Standards for chemicals, autos, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and emissions
  • Establishment of new rules governing supply chains, local content, state-owned enterprises, trade facilitation, energy, raw materials, data privacy, labor and the environment, competition, and small-to-medium-size enterprises

Obama is now spearheading the “integration” and “harmonizing” of Global administrative regulations and U.S. domestic law that will forever change American businesses operation and regulation. An Obama led assimilation of these so-called trade partnerships into American domestic policy will change everything we understand about energy, healthcare, agriculture, finance and foreign government investment in our nation and the United States WILL become unrecognizable.

The President who has proudly overseen our “jobless economic recovery” is now making plans that guarantee further increases in private sector unemployment through outsourcing, the death of homegrown entrepreneurship by increased foreign government purchase of U.S. based businesses and the adoption of less expensive and eugenics based global healthcare models in America. For those Americans who fear U.S. transformation into a European style Democracy, I have some sobering news for you. Obama’s second term agenda is now making that a reality in America.

For years, Obama’s appointees (Czars) to enigmatic government advisory boards have been developing broad foreign trade policy agendas and domestic policy initiatives without Congressional oversight or public knowledge. Although some members of Congress attempted to bring these czar led operations to the attention of the American public the liberal dominated Obama enamored news media, the supporters of U.S. transition to a European style Democracy, handily re-shaped the issue to one of fair global trade policy and as always used the race card to silence all critics.

Recently, given the evolving Dominican prostitution scandal, I did a little investigative research regarding accused sexual deviant Sen. Robert Menendez (D.). Many of the bills he has authored, as none of them were relevant to economic growth or jobs creation, baffled me. However, Sen. Menendez, Chairmen of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, seems to have a fondness for penning and supporting legislation designed to reduce or eliminate tariffs and trade restrictions for Asian made chemicals, food preservatives, and pharmaceutical products imported to the U.S. I still have not found Sen. Menendez foreign campaign funding sources. Probably because most of them own U.S based businesses, but my investigation made one thing abundantly clear to me, liberal politicians have no plans to the save American economy or American jobs.

Obama and Democrats are too busy paying back their foreign campaign benefactors and their U.S. Treasury customers to give America’s fiscal health any honest consideration. Keeping America’s government dependent Democrat supporters fat and happy is the only liberal priority. After all, liberals are going to need their foreign friends money to get Hillary elected in 2016 and continue their radical efforts “to fundamentally change America” to accept the coming Global liberal renaissance.

Do not fall asleep on this one America. If you think your businesses, unemployment, and the U.S. economy are suffering now, Obama’s coming mandates for foreign business investment and European style environmental regulations will make the last four years feel like a walk in the park. The truth of Presidential State of the Union addresses can always be found between the lines.



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88 comments on “Obama Opens Door Wider For A New World Government
  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m aware that this and other atrocities have been in the pipeline for a long time, however it is beyond alarming, indeed downright horrifying, to observe the swiftness with which multiple progressive [Marxist] imperatives are moving. With healthcare and cap & trade policies in place I view it as close to impossible to role back. I use the word “close” because I never give up hope and will never surrender to despotism.

    We must not allow the Second Amendment to remain under incremental attack. We must not budge on this. And we must be prepared to uphold the rugged individualism that this nation was founded on. To achieve physical, intellectual and spiritual heartiness is crucial now. Removal of the rose colored glasses must be accomplished. History is full of civilizations that eventually became to bloated to survive; however it’s truly global this time around so we are in unchartered waters now.

    It will take some time but evil never holds on forever. It simply can’t.

  2. CaptTurbo says:

    For an “empty chair” this pResident sure is causing a lot of damage.

  3. Bob says:

    If maobama is working towards a world government with the idea that he is going to be its head, he is an idiot. He is just being used and will probably “disappear” if and when such a government comes to power.

  4. flagman says:

    He could just go back to Africa

  5. marilyn says:

    i have said it before and i will say it again. obama is the precurser of the anti-christ. right now he does think he is in control and will be the next usa dictator. what he doesn’t realize is he will be cut off and the antichrist will step in and do away with him. the antichrist will be a person everyone will trust and they will be duped to believe his agenda. obama has duped the low income people but the rest of us know what he is up to and will not go along with this. i pray there are enough senators and reps to figure this out also.

  6. AWKingsley says:

    As bad as Obama is, I believe we are very lucky not to have had the experience of Romney’s New World Order Globalist ambitions. Romney is a self-professed Globalist – the one we narrowly missed. Jeb Bush will be another New World Order Globalist we need to avoid in 2016. Support candidates who strongly advocate State’s Rights, both to support our sovereignty and to solve Social and Economic Issues by returning the purse strings to the people at the state and local level. Vote to regain our power – to put the power back into our own back yards.

  7. MaryCrum says:

    He is a smooth talker, deceiver, and liar. He is a traitor to our nation . Why don’t our Reps. do something? They have the power to save our nation.

    • ssilv48 says:

      @MaryCrum the reps are mostly the problem. When We the People take back our Constitution, I suggest that we confiscate all congressmen and woman’s home, accounts, businesses, cars and put that money back into the system to help pay for the criminal activities they are all part of. It is a case of Dog and Pony show. They are all in treason as of this second.

      • Don39 says:

        @ssilv48  @MaryCrum I will go along with that as long as we give them due process first! That means they must be treated according to the Constitution, due process, that you want the people to restore. Neither freedom nor the Constitution are free. And you can not have law and mob rule simultaneously. Of course if it comes to revolution those laws will be in suspension, until such time as law and order can be reestablished. Even so civility must be maintained to facilitate the healing of the nation.

    • Don39 says:

      @MaryCrum Only the people have the power to restore the nation. Only the people can hold their elected officials accountable! Only the people can restore the Constitution!

      • DoloresBrittain says:

        @Don39  @MaryCrum
         the problem is “the people” you are referring to are no longer a majority, but a minority, the conservative, God fearing, entrepenaeurs are being crushed under immorality, theft, regulations, and a filthy greedy government.  Demons are running our country, but their day is coming, very very soon, they are going to get what coming to them.

  8. INSPCTR 4578 NJ says:

    Kissinger and Bryzynski both have said that they are crooming Obama to be the head of the nwo in the near future..along with them saying that in 2016 that all will be mandatory to recieve a chip injected in their person..so now do the math this has been written about for the past couple millenium whether some believe it or not the truth is coming to light……So this is no surprise  that he is pushing this agenda for which is a luciferian ploy…..Just one man’s opinion

    • bubbsdev says:

      @INSPCTR 4578 NJ
       the chip is not the mark of the beast. the devil’s too smart. look up sunday law.learn who the antichrist really is get this information free call 1-888-211-1715. this is truth if you can handle it say you recieved this ad in popular mechanics.

  9. cjosied says:

    @gibletjones @Zite That was his objective prior to 2008 election very few caught on.He & ppl like Soros are the evil twins of take over.

  10. freedomringsforall says:

    What a devil inspired commie/socialist dictatorial megalomaniac arss.
    We are one step away from a total dictatorship.
    The 2nd Amendment.

  11. texaselect says:

    We have a choice and we will be making it soon. We can allow the liberals to disarm us and destroy our nation or we can stand up and FIGHT them. I do not mean at the ballot box. That ploy is wasted effort as we already know. Veterans are recieving letters from the VA telling them they are prohibited from owning guns ! I for one am ready and willing to and qualified to head to the front lines when the shooting starts; make no mistake it is going to happen in short order.

    • 1Josie says:

       A good indicator of his failure to grab the guns, the sales that are going on.  Guns are flying off the shelves, the gun shops can’t even keep them in stock.  Oh…I wish I owned stocks in one of the Gun Manufacturing Companies.

    • DoloresBrittain says:

       I will go down shooting if they come for my gun, they will have to kill me, because once they take them we will be dead anyway so why put off the inevitable?  My blood will be on their heads!  But I think the rapture will happen within the next couple of months.

  12. 1Josie says:

    This guy is coming at the American people on so many fronts, thank the Lord that we have someone at each move he makes, as he tries to pull the wool over our eyes.  He may fool some of the people, but lucky for those obamabots, we are looking out to protect our Country from him and his henchmen. He’s trying to break us down through our pocket- books, using the IRS and Obamacare to break us financially.  Guess it’s a great idea to watch the “Preppers” show, learn how to take care of ourselves. His motto:  divide and conquer.  It’s not working..

  13. SSpade says:

    He has every reason to believe he has won the war and will now push ahead as fast as possible to get the U.S. irreevocaly ensnarled in the “New World Government”.   His socialist actions were approved by 60 million voters in November.   Best of luck to all you meat heads who would not vote to prevent his takeover.   I hope you are happy as an Obama drone with no hope and no future.

    • ssilv48 says:

      @SSpade SS, you mean stole most of the votes, didn’t you???? he stole the 2008 election also, everything about mr oboma is a lie. Never in my entire life did I think that in America, no one would be held accountable, that is exactly why there is such criminal activity continues in America.

    • ssilv48 says:

      @SSpade Spade, you mean the second time he stole all the votes. The only Americans that voted for him the blacks and a few whites. He stole the election two times

  14. LilSouthernSass says:

    @Fathers1787 @EDinCali Do not fall asleep on this one America.If you think your businesses,unemployment & the U.S. economy are suffering now

  15. whitesoxhomer says:

    @Fathers1787 @EDinCali
    This is what he has been groomed for.

  16. JorgeSmelt says:

    Some people are waking up.  This is not a Left VS Right issue.  This is a Left AND Right Issue.
    DEM-Liberal-Socialist-Marxist = REP-Conservative-Capitalist-Fascist ~ Two Sides/Same  NWO Coin.
    So either way you vote you get your despot?
    Bush Doctrine, Gun Running to Mexico ~ New World Order
    Obama Doctrine, Gun running to Mexico Global Civil Society
    BOTH Bush & Obama ‘Subsidize the too big to trust’ ‘Tax the too small To Fail’~Audacity of Hopelessness?

  17. Don39 says:

    The damnocrat party beginning with the Clintons and backed by world financiers such as Soros and Buffet have dreamed of ruling the world politically and financially. The only thing stopping them is a few Constitutional conservatives that are about to be faced with the greatest challenges that patriots of this Republic have ever known. Some are awakening to this truth, but is it to late/ There may still be time to wake up America and to restore the Republic. But first the Unconstitutional fraud of a president must be held accountable and faith in the Constitution and the rule of law restored for there to be any hope of avoiding either complete collapse or revolution. Once they have stopped/disarmed the militia, yes that would be you. it may well all be over! Just this night I personally sent the following message to each Republican Senators, ” I am ready to uphold my oath to the nation, serve again as necessary, pay the price required by honor, are you?” The message also said, ” No breach of the 2nd Amendment will be tolerated! Nor will any Republican Senator that supports such an attempt! Get busy America. The mere fact that they are even talking about violation of the 2nd Amend. tells you how late it is!

    • Wiseoldlady says:

      @Don39 this started in 1913 with the passing of the federal reserve. Every pres has been bought and paid for (Coolidge???). Since then. They manipulate every election. They backed BOTH SIDES OF WWI and WWII and 9/II and managed to extinguish every regal reigning European family aka Russia, etc. …. They are extremely evil. Google Talmudic Jew and then do your homework.

    • createsjg says:

      @Don39 this goes back much further than the Clintons. They were just pawns, power hungry elitists. NWO is at the basis of UN and Fed go way back to globalist agenda that is centuries old http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BomP-eZ5lYM (Dr. Walter Veith from Total Onslaught series–historical and spiritual)

  18. DustyFae says:

    i am so mad, l never been this mad, l can not believe that this is happening now, l am also a believer that these are the last days, but we will suffer what seems like many years, but we are that generation spoken of in the Bible,I guess to pick up a gun to fight is better then being beheaded cause as a white and and a christain, that is my future, l think l want to rob this of their sick ways of killing people. We know he is running guns on both sides of the war over in the east. So why isn’t someone doing something about this now? Won’t every law he made be thrown out if he was impeached? l don’t have much, but l can give all l have to any one who can help get him out of there.

    • ssilv48 says:

      @DustyFae Dusty, make no mistake, there are countrys that want to take over America to use the oil we have right under our feet. Our fertile land for growing foods. mr oboma is a kenyan and all the people that put him in power will pay a dear price.

    • DoloresBrittain says:

       I am so very mad too!  But you cant fight the antichrist and that is who he is, it is forordained and prewritten in prophesy that this would happen!  Just keep your heart and mind on Jesus, this is your only hope, the one world system is inevitable.  I would rather die confessing Christ as Lord than live under Obama.

      • bubbsdev says:

        @DoloresBrittain  @DustyFae
         obama’s not the antichrist the antichrist is a great religous figure. look at the biggest church in the world.

  19. phunyfarm says:

    Every day some new underhanded, illegal BS this traitor does comes to light.  We sit on line and bitch about it..
    That’s working great isn’t it?

  20. chadsdaddy says:

    @chadsdaddy 2012 RE-ELECTION OF OBAMA….WORLD GOVERNANCE…REVOLUTIONARY STYLE..:http://t.co/yNZE1iscna … … … … http://t.co/foOUWltfGD

  21. J Joy says:

    It appears that Obama doesn’t have enough to do to fix America’s problems (many which are his fault) so he is spending his time creating a new world order of which he is assuming that he the lord and master of.  This is such a scary possibility!!!  
    Any Democrats out there reading this article – are you afraid now??  Are you sorry you wasted your vote on this megalomaniac now??  And you can’t change the maniacal arrogance you have encouraged by your actions, your votes!!!  
    You didn’t see this coming, did you!!  You were just interested in the “freebies” that you could get from “your” government.  Well, if Obama gets his way, it won’t even be “your” government for long and your “freebies” will definitely go away sooner rather than later.  Like what you’re seeing here – it’s a reality that you, the Democrat / liberal voter have perpetrated!!!!  
    Be afraid; be very afraid!!!!

    • ssilv48 says:

      @J Joy I’ll tell you whom needs to be afraid, the illegal kenyan, all of congress, all of the senators, and all the people who have lied about mr oboma to put him in power to destroy America. Do not sell 380 millions guns and ammo short. It will not take long for real Americans to take back America by force if necessary, we keep waiting for some judge to have to balls to do his job, and make no mistake, We will go back and get all judges that were bought off from doing their job.

      • DoloresBrittain says:

        @ssilv48  @J Joy
         this is wishful thinking, the lord is clear and says it will wax WORSE AND WORSE, the only hope is the rapture for those that have put their trust in Christ, and until that happens, stock up on water, food, and ammo.

        • createsjg says:

          @DoloresBrittain  @ssilv48  @J Joy Delores you sum it up very well. In Matt 24 Jesus said that when you hear these things the time is not at hand but when you SEE these things the time is near “even at the door”. There will be a time when only God himself will be able to sustain His own however in the mean time we are responsible to prepare both mind and body to endure what is about to come. Read up on Agenda 21 which has already been released upon us.

        • Don39 says:

          @createsjg  @DoloresBrittain  @ssilv48  @J Joy Let’s talk about Agenda 21, a real enemy we can see and fight and one that disturbs almost as many on the left, when it hits home, as it does on the right. From a Site called “Democrats Against U. N. Agenda 21″: ” Sounds like Science fiction…or some conspiracy theory…but it isn’t” “UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education. all information, and all human beings in the world.   INVENTORY AND CONTROL.”
          You may better recognize the term imminent domain. This is the ultimate communism and the clear goal of the UN and of the Obamanation, and the regressive left in this country! Agenda 21 empowers tour next door communist, or he thinks it does and it must be stopped and can be fought at the local level. This is your zoning board, your building commission, your neighborhood by-laws, your water board, etc. if you do not keep them honest by paying attention and making it clear that , DON”T TREAD ON ME” is still alive in this country. Study, expose, and fight Agenda 21 as if your freedom depened on it because it does!
          And no before my detractors say a word, I am not a Leftist, a Democrat, etc. and was very suprised when the referenced site came up, but thought it notable that they find Agenda @! repulsive as do conservatives. Of course most leftist do not agree with these democrats who do not seem in the main to be as regressive as most.

      • Wiseoldlady says:

        @ssilv48 @J Joy he is only a puppet of soros, bilderbergers, illuminati, NWO, Talmudic zionists, UN, rothschilds, Rockefellers, Vatican. They control everything.

        • Don39 says:

          @Wiseoldlady  @ssilv48  @J With that list you had to get one right (Soros). The green beret is still here and i was here five years before you..

        • Wiseoldlady says:

          Soros is a part of the other networks. They all work together. As for my remark about Green Berets, wish they were a little more active now days………

    • phunyfarm says:

      @J Joy
       Being afraid solves nothing.  You have some valid points, all of which have been discussed previously many times over.
      Why not get over your fear, which immobilizes, and build courage and resolve to face the days ahead.
      Fear is EXACTLY what the current regime is striving for.  Maybe just roll over and play dead & it will all just get better by itself.

  22. createsjg says:

    His agenda has never been to fix this country. He is a globalist socialist and has been from the beginning. He is a pawn of the globalist agenda.  He has no credentials including the basic constitutional right to be president.  He is now accountable to no one. There were voices crying in the wilderness that if he was re-elected this would be his agenda.  He didn’t win legally but is a usurper.  The political boss machines elected him through fraud but the liberal mind did not comprehend.  Christians didn’t vote.  Republicans played fair and by the rules. So here we are.  I keep reminding myself that God is in charge.  Jesus said in Matt 24 that the things going on in the world before He returns would be worse than any other time in history. Now that is BAD.  God’s people will be persecuted.  In any case people will have to decide what and Who they believe in.  I believe that we are going to see a great demarcation and no fence sitting.  Marantha

    • BeeJohnson says:

      @createsjg very good observation.  My very religious second cousin says the same thing..He reminds me a lot of my “Granny”.  I learned a lot at her knee during my childhood summer vacations on her farm.  They both agree with you.   Poor old Granny died in 1977.  I had been out of the Army 2 years.  She preached the same thing and prayed for me while I was overseas. It worked, I came home mostly in one piece.  God Bless, B B

      • createsjg says:

        @BeeJohnson Maybe you should give your cousin a second listen and remember the wisdom of Granny ;-D  Your Granny may have died in 1977 but in her lifetime she was probably watching things unfold discerning from her own personal history the changes.  The Bible has warned of the trends and events that the last generation will ultimately face and someone has to be that generation. When you look deeply you can discern the thread that has run through the political history for many centuries.  I would highly suggest going to YouTube and watching the series Total Onslaught by Walter Veith PhD. He relies heavily on history and primary sources but there is a spiritual thread that runs through history.  It is worth the time investment.

  23. norman1990 says:

    You can register to vote when you get your drivers license so why not when you sighn up for welfare or food stamps and use that ID.

    • createsjg says:

      @norman1990 Agree we need stricter ID verification for voting and obtaining any government assistance. Better vetting

      • phunyfarm says:

        @createsjg  @norman1990
         Better vetting.  That was a good one.  How about starting the vetting process from the top and work down.  A new piece of legislation will have to be passed to allow this new “vetting” process you speak of & it must exclude vetting anyone running for public office .Just any old war monger, dictator wanna be, dumber than a box of rocks guy can just seal up his incriminating records (w/ $$$ of course) and run for public office, perhaps one day even president!  Oh, sorry, been there, done that.
        If individuals today proudly announce they voted 6 times in the last presidential election, what new system of choosing public “officials” should we adopt?  Perhaps we can draw straws next election.

        • ssilv48 says:

          @phunyfarm  @createsjg  @norman1990 phunyfarm, it is a sad state of affair that the United States is in the middle of. I never thought in my life time, I would see such corruption in America. We need to rid the corruption to heal America. We need to make people responsible and go back and give a military trial to all including mr oboma and moochele that have supported and lied about mr oboma and his criminal records that he has provided to the America people as his own. It is even more sickening that We the People are going to have to step in to correct this wrong to right. All of congress and all senators are in act of TREASON  and need to be tried for not keeping America safe all in the act of ” OH BECAUSE HE’S BLACK WE DON’T WANT TO QUESTION HIS RECORDS ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE ALL ALTERED TO THE MAX AND SHOW THAT HE IS NOT EVEN A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES”. I say because he is part black and because every black man that ever ran a country including Mandela except for the last ten years of his reign have been the most criminal and corrupt countrys in the history of man kind. Now, don’t be mad at me for saying the truth, I’m just telling the facts as they are shown to me.

        • Don39 says:

          @phunyfarm  @createsjg  @norman1990 Excellent!

      • Don39 says:

        @createsjg  @norman1990 sam,e as above

    • Don39 says:

      @norman1990 One word; inane!

  24. tim_vasq says:

    @awakegop Grrrrrr!

  25. LaurianML says:

    @awakegop People in both camps need to be afraid of this #POTUS. If you don’t know how, you better learn how to live off the land.

  26. HalLRoberts says:

    SCAREY!!! “@MichaelPBarry: Obama Opens Door Wider For A New World Government | The Last Resistance #tcot #teaparty http://t.co/CWy3o0n3sg”

    • MichaelPBarry says:

      Yes, dictators always tell what they R going to do, then do it. @hallroberts “Obama Opens Door Wider For A New World Govt” #tcot

  27. magoo says:

    A New World Order has been a part of his plan long before he became president. He stole both elections. He was put into power by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Builderburgers, and the Trilateral Commision. He is out to purposely destroy America, and the whole democratic party is right there with him. His major problem is the 2nd amendment. While we still have our guns, he doesn’t dare do what he wants to do. I don’t care if you are a democrat or a republican gun owner. I don’t care if you are a hunter, or just like to go to the range and shoot. You need to stand up and fight. Call your congressmen and let them know how you feel. I already have and will continue to. I make phone calls, and send faxes. Do it today. Tomorrow may be too late. Get involved before it’s too late.

  28. DonBahn1 says:

    Al of his policies have been predicted over 2500 years ago. Obama is just fulfilling prophecy.

  29. Wiseoldlady says:

    What I can’t understand is why hasn’t anyone gone after the “globalist s” ??? Stop them and it stops all wars and all abuses. There are many…. But have they not been obliterating the good guys for centuries. Well we need to think like criminals and go after them.

    • DonBahn1 says:

      @Wiseoldlady This is actually about powers and principalities, God vs devil.  and the people behind one world globalization have control of all the monetary systems in the world.

      • Wiseoldlady says:

        @DonBahn1 we know that already. But where are the green beret, etc

        • Don39 says:

          @Wiseoldlady  @DonBahn1 What do you know about Green Berets lady? And what the heck do I have to do with it? Green Beret.

        • phunyfarm says:

          @Don39  @Wiseoldlady  @DonBahn1
           Long ago was there was a song celebrating the “Green Beret’s”.  It was the Vietnam era so you probably aren’t familiar with it.  The “green berets” were the elite of the elite.& heroes many times over.. Maybe that’s why some still think of the unit(s) as such.  Never hear anything about the units now, didn’t think it , they , whatever… existed anymore.
          Used to be a huge honor to be a Green Beret.  Honor is hard to find in the country today.  Get your ass off your shoulders, she meant you no harm.

        • Don39 says:

          @phunyfarm  @Wiseoldlady  @DonBahn1 You stepped in it big. I was there knucklehead, I was/am a Green Beret. I earned /have the right to my opinion and you can go to hell if you do not like it. I personally knew and served with the men of the song in the Green Beret, including those that never came back. One of the men that died for that song and movie took his last long flight in the seat next to me. So shut your damn mouth. And by the way the Green berets today serve just as finely and honorably every day carrying the brunt of any fighting actually taking place. I doubt you or any of your lightly mouthed friends have any idea what US Army Special Forces (Green Berets to you novices) are doing or are about.  By the way the movie and the song were cute ( I personally knew the writer and one time husband of Rachel Welch), but they were crap. I also knew and spent time with the great patriot that starred in the movie, John Wayne and he visited my team on at least two occasions and got high. Same goes for Martha Raye. Both were bourbon drinkers. No I was on duty and never drank the hard stuff. My first son was born when I was in the hospital at Long Bin a day after being shot at a little place out side of Bu Dop. My second son was born shortly after I was wounded during the Tet Offensive. YOU WANT TO TELL ME ABOUT VN AND GREEN BERETS?

      • AWKingsley says:

        @DonBahn1  @Wiseoldlady Vote for candidates who strongly support State’s Rights to put yourselves back in charge of both the purse strings and the Rule of Law.

  30. mjnellett says:

    If we don’t elect conservative members of congress who have the back bone to impeach this usurper and stop his destruction of America, then we will all be working for China and the U.N., or be dead.

  31. char51 says:

    we dont wont a one world goverment. WE THE PEOPLE TO GETOUT AND FIGHT TO KEEP OUR COUNTRY.

  32. AWKingsley says:

    Our problem is that many of our politicians are in the New World Order. Romney was a self-confessed Globalist. The Bush’s are in the New World Order. Bush #41 was head of the Tri-Lateralist Commission. The only way to escape this type of candidate is to vote for a candidate who strongly supports State’s Rights. Clinton is on the Council of Foreign Relations and the Tri-Lateralist Commission. The only way Evangelical Christians can end immorality is to regain control of the purse strings and the Rule of Law by voting for State’s Rights. That is also the only way to stop the New World Order agenda and its proponents. Voting for State’s Rights puts the citizens of each state back in charge.

    • MaryCrum says:

      @AWKingsley Agree 1000%.

    • Don39 says:

      @AWKingsley This is a complicated issue deserving of much discussion and great fear. For now two quotes.
      ” The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the NEW WORLD ORDER. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery. We have reached a critical juncture in the NWO plans. Its not about left or right: its about a One World government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the US and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation” Sound familiar? It is what many of us have been saying if not quiet so well.
      ” This New World Order is not some prophetically speculative or futuristic fairy tail, but a real world reality. It is not some ‘wacko conspiracy theory’ advanced by the fringe of society like the powers that be would have you believe. It is not a ‘conspiracy’ at all, rather it is an agenda. Anybody that will end their coma induced ‘holiday’ and unplug from the delusional ‘matrix’ will see the evidence all around them”
      The stakes are the highest. If you do not know what we are talking about, you better wake up and smarten up.The quotes above are from http://www.jeremiahproject.com/newworldorder/ . twelve pages of reading that might help save the nation. If the average American wakes up and comprehends the agenda of the Trilateral Commission/New world Order, their will be a revolution and this is the greatest fear of those bodies.
       As Henry Ford said many years ago, “it is well the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if it did, I believe there would be a revolution before morning.”

      • createsjg says:

        @Don39  @AWKingsley succinctly stated and very true. Whether the mechanism is gun grab or Agenda 21 and the distractions of sports and entertainment this country is being duped by a globalist socialist usurper

  33. char51 says:

    look at it this way if we dont do, something we might as well just lay down and let them roll over us.if we truly wont our country back, we need to know where these people stand befor they get in. and one thing is for shore keep the dumacrapes out .stand up for your country while you still have one.

  34. Wiseoldlady says:

    There is one and only one reason why ob became president. It is to destroy and turn our country into a third world country. Make the people fearful and helpless. Well the Bible shows millions of time to be BOLD. it says “GOD DID NOT GIVE YOU A SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT LOVE, POWER AND A SOUND MIND. so why are you afraid. Like I said before where is the Green Beret when WE need them. We are NOT SUPPOSE TO ONLY PRAY. WHAT ABOUT WORKS……. are you just going to fall down and let them walk all over you. This ATTITUDE MUST STOP. Today I get an email that Congress has submitted a bill to revoke our citizenship if we defy the left wing BS. IT MAKES US AN ENEMY OF THE STATE. NOW THEN I AM 66 years old. But if I was young believe me I would be BOLDLY everywhere speaking loud and clear in the marketplace. I would sit in congress and speak out until they kicked me out. I would be hounding over and over until I am either killed by our government as many others have been, brietbach, Chris, ….. Many have been murdered, shot, poisoned by the evil elitist s. but again are you only going to pray or do something. GOD has done miracles beyond count. Why would he not change the ends of time. As my Bible says to turn from your wicked ways cry out that he hear you prayers. But works…. Did HE not send HIS chosen into the world many times to conquer. Prayer and ONLY prayer will not work, sitting back and allowing it to happen is just plain stupid. Being in a state of fear says you belong to wrong power. So do something.

    • Don39 says:

      @Wiseoldlady Where were you the past forty years that lead up to the election of the fraud?What were you doing to stop the takeover of socialism and the tearing down of the Constitution? How many times did you vote to stop it? What else did you do? I agree with you in principle, but what gives you the right to challenge even those that served as if we did and are not doing anything? There is a lot you do not know lady. take care of your own house. Challenge those at fault , not those that are doing your fighting. We can use your prayer, We can do without your criticism.

    • phunyfarm says:

       I certainly believe God expects us to get to work on the most pertinent issues first.  Speaking out and often to our reps is a start.  Destroy perhaps, however “fundamentally change America” were the words issued from his lips.  With the exception of our “ball & chain” government expense seems like we were still America.
      Blam-O, in walks this nobody from nowhere with no credentials/nothing going for him and now he’s a second term muslim (or whatever) mulatto governing by not governing, blaming, making excuses, outright lying, Benghazi, F& F, the Union pay offs, oh geez, does it EVER end?  Acting like a damn movie star everywhere he goes except when he goes overseas & makes us all look like idiots.
      Now the dumbo expects more taxes after we just got through a new order of theft by taking.
      He signed the sequester, why don’t we just live with it, good or bad.  If you keep sugar coating everything for everyone (yourself O first) then what ‘cha gonna do when all the supar coated lies comes crashing down around us.  I KNOW that is EXACTLY your game plan, so the nation defaults overall and chaos insues.  Of you go just a pickin” and a grinnin’…you left out one little detail…
      “Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men???  “The Shadow DO…”   a little comic relief… you just probably wouldn’t  even have a clue…

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