Washington Bill Requires Yearly Inspections Of Gun Owners' Homes

Elie Wiesel said: “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” There are certainly times when the government sets things into motion which we can do absolutely nothing to stop. In fact, that happens on the daily. There are times, however, when protest–not in the form of signs and hipster chanting, but in intellectual, thoughtful revolt–is a useful tool with which we can stand against an oppressive system. The time to protest is now.

A new bill proposed by the legislature in Olympia, Washington would require lawful gun owners to submit to a yearly home inspection. According to Senate bill 5737, introduced by three Olympia Democrats:

“In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessing shall … safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection.”

One of the Democrats sponsoring the bill, Adam Kline, had not fully read the proposal, despite the bill standing at a meager eight pages. When notified of the home inspection portion, he reacted with some surprise, saying: “I made a mistake…I frankly should have vetted this more closely.”

After being notified of the inspection provision in the bill, the lead sponsor, Ed Murray, said this: “I have to admit that shouldn’t be in there.”

This incident raises several disturbing issues:

1. How is it that an eight page bill got passed through several state Senators without being read, or vetted?

2. If the Senators sponsoring the bill didn’t read it, who wrote it? More importantly, who wrote the specific home inspection provision?

3. By simply existing in writing, this bill sets a new precedent. Allowing involuntary home inspections simply because one owns a firearm? This is not only an attack on the individual in possession of a firearm, but a gut punch to the second amendment.

After being informed of the inappropriate content of the bill, the Senators backing it deflected, saying that it was a mistake.

This home inspection provision–though apparently written by mistake–is patently absurd. That it was issued in ink is a disgrace in itself; let alone the fact that those backing the bill hadn’t read it. It is in times like this that constructive, effective protest can make all the difference. If this bill can be brought to paper, what else is happening right under our noses?



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  • jon628

    @southgadiva RV sales on the rise

  • Fideux

    Oh, you must have missed the memo. Now, we just pass legislation and read it later at our leisure. Sooner or later, you’ll find out “what’s in it” right Nancy?

  • Don39

    May as well trample all of the Bill of Rights and be done with it! Why hasn’t this institution of ignorance been voted out of the union already? These idiots take over where the rest of the blue state culture leaves off.  It is the center of the new Communism.

  • JohnGaltTexas

    Stop it now before its too late. Laws can be rescinded and/or re-written.

  • sagebrush6

    How could ANY senator sponser a bill without reading it ?   Keep this name ( Senator Adam Kline) on the blackboard and remember he does not read the bills he sponsers next election.  Pass this around to everyone you know.

    • mudguy

      @sagebrush6 Just like Obummercare got past . NOBODY read it.

  • Fideux

    Every one of these congressmen, to legitimize their position of self righteous importance has to jump on the bandwagon and pen some worthless piece of trash that has the effect of weakening our constitutional rights. This home inspection is but one example. If violent deaths are really their concern, how about them working towards ending a practice that kills more citizens per year by violent death than all of the gun related ones combined. The practice is abortion where it’s okay to murder an American because the newborn might inconvenience someone!

  • ketrout

    This is another abuse of power by the governments. It would be a cold day in hell and they would have to have a warrant before I would let them in my home!

  • NavyVet

    Every single one of them that sponsored this bill without bothering to read it should be hanged for TREASON.

    • Distinguished and wise

       Along with Obama and his henchmen

  • gnafuasusual

    Whoa! There goes more Constitutional stomping. Fear mongering AGAIN.  No one is waltzing/barging into private homes to investigate anything unless a criminal act has happened by specific home owner. READ THE CONSTITUTION AND KNOW THE PEOPLE’S RIGHTS!  One man cannot usurp and change the Constitution.  What a frigging bunch of nimrods are sitting on the “Hill!”

    • Fideux

      @gnafuasusual Like this administration operates within the boundaries set forth in the constitution! But your description of them is accurate.

    • wvstarktruth1

      @gnafuasusual  Most of you are railing against the federal government when this was the act of a State Senator from one of the most liberal states in the union.  Yes, it is outrageous that it even got introduced.  Yes, it is outrageous that they did not read it before introducing it.  But pay attention to what is going on so that the comments left are worthy of the time it takes to read them.    This kind of thing is why EVERYONE should be paying attention ALL THE TIME.  Not just ten days before the election.

  • BarackHussein

    Can the criminal immigrants bring their Holder Justice Department issued assault weapons with them when they saunder back and forth across the Mexican border?  Well they do…  It’s tough being an American under commrade Democrat rule…

  • J Joy

    So what the heck is going on in governments (city, county, state or federal), anyway??  This is why we have Obamacare now – almost all, if not all, Congressmen and women did NOT read any portion of the legislation before voting on it so we are now stuck with it’s stupidities.  If reading legislation prior to voting is not a huge part of your job, what is your job, government officials???
    If we can’t trust the politicians we voted into office to do their job, who can we trust?  And, yes, who did write this legislation??  Then, who wrote Obamacare??  So many questions of our elected officials, so few answers!!

  • mwbiolchino

    Now that the twice elected OB has proved that anyone can become president even the foreign born, we now have proved that anyone can be elected to a state senate. People who in the past could hardly qualify for the position of dog catcher can now rise to the very top.

  • NatSovParty

    @Stonewoodforge NOt mine, because I will not register, even if I get one. Wink Wink Wink.

  • etellurian

    @EDinCali what exactly did CCP purchase of debt buy? Influence? Marshal arts legal? This imported knowledge displacing local technology?

  • melinda davis

    I’m not surprised that a congressman has not read a bill passed. trading favors has been accepted in washington to get bills passed, jobs are traded-contracts given. Just more reason for money to be done away with when running for election. No televised ads, only grassroots face to face speeches to win votes.

  • Sonofmydad

    @fl85 Is this more of the work of that DemoHarpy delegate from Poulsbo WA? Best regards.

  • Ron

    This will only lead to lead poisoning for the anti-Americans who come to your house.

  • http://www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com Mark Gregory,,Koernke

    This is ALL out of the 29DEC93 HCI National Gun Ban Agenda Send $4.00 to PBN P.O.Box 194 Dexter, MI 48130 We will send you a copy of the original document generated at the conference in 1993 and the TAX the GUNS TO CONFISCATION section which includes this “INSPECTION BS” 20 YEARS AGO!!! MGK/GDW!

  • Sam

    Federalist Paper (the Federalist Papers are the footnotes to the Constitution, and have the same force) #28 says in part, “Those who usurp their offices are to be driven out WITH ARMED FORCE.”

    SCOTUS Marbury vs. Madison, 1800: “That which is repugnant to the Constitution is illegal and without force.”

  • Steve Lowther

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. Amendment IV, U.S. Constitution.

    I wonder if these senators have ever read this, either.

  • VeeDub

    “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed….” ~ Noah Webster

  • Leo Pordon

    Those of us who’ve taken the time and effort to study both US and world history, and research the well-documented abuses of tyrannical political ‘leaders’, know all too well that we are in deep trouble.
    Our elected officials in D.C. are so arrogant that they are no longer putting in the effort to veil their true political agendas. Their hubris has now gone beyond ‘unbelievable’, and into the realm of frightening. Our Constitution is being trampled on, right before our eyes (i.e. executive orders).
    Fully acknowledging the fact that our founders could have done a better job of detailing the limitations of the executive order privilege, it’s only logical to conclude that even they did not foresee the types of abuses that are being heaped upon our nation today.
    This president needs to be impeached (unlikely), and the Senate and Congress need to be sanctioned and reigned in (also unlikely).
    Unconstitutional searches and seizures cannot be allowed. Threats to our citizens cannot be allowed. Harassment of our elected local officials, by D.C. bullies, cannot be allowed.
    Unlike the slavery issue of the 1800’s, we will be fighting for our basic freedoms as human beings. Succession IS a real solution. However, nothing can be accomplished without the help and complete cooperation of true patriots.
    We have reached a critical turning point in this country, one which demands our attention. Avoidance, ignorance, and feeling helpless are no longer acceptable excuses for inaction; “You reap what you sow”. God Bless America in this time of turmoil.

  • John Detwiler

    Another example of the Democratic thinking. Create a Bill pass it then after it is signed int law they can read it to find out what it says. I thought Nacy Peloci was the only person who thought like that, but it appears that the Democratic party is composecd of these caricatures of intelligent human beings. How I know why I dropped out of this party.

  • Rickvid in Seattle

    This is in Washington State. The bill will go nowhere. Even in this lefty enclave, gun dealers have been striped bare of arms and ammo in the last few months. I doubt that the King County Sheriff would enforce such an idiot’s dream anyhow.

  • nvrat

    So, Washington is now part of the Liberal anti-constitution group. Not only do they want to control the Second Amendment but, they want to throw out the 4th Amendment also. good luck to you people up there you will surely need it. Next time remember..Uninformed Voting has Consequences.

  • RalphZ

    I find it interesting that they can come into your house without a warrant to, in actuality, search it for any firearms that you have not licensed, reported or registered with the gestapo. Believe me, the government won’t just be supposedly inspecting.

    Also these politicians that have not read the bill through should be kicked out of office for not doing their jobs. Reading legislation is part of their job and if they can’t do that, then they should be out on their buts. If they don’t have time to read the whole bill, they should be forced by their constituents to vote against the bill. Simple but then again, the Federal Government does this and they don’t get into any trouble except by a few that they look at as malcontents.

  • grassroot

    This is all liberal fascism,,

  • PudbertSavannahGA

    You’d need a high-speed calculator to figure out how many “Inspectors” would be DRT (Dead Right There) if they tried this BS in Georgia…


  • David S.

    I guess they don’t understand the 4th Amendment, so they think that it can be violated? I wonder how many lawsuits will happen as a result?

  • Tom Hering

    Ahh yes, and Washington and Colorado surpass California is the category of “Western Stupid States”. We also believe that Unicorns farts are gold dust and Leprechauns guide us to the end of the rainbow.

    Happy motoring,
    A stunned Coloradoan, seeking jobs in Wyoming, Montana and Texas

  • Wisconsin

    So… we have an attack on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments. The 10th Amendment was officially killed by SCOTUS last June. When can we kill the 16th Amendment… the power to tax??

  • David

    The real MISTAKE is by those who support and elect individuals of this dubious caliber to be their representatives!

  • Ann Rand

    How stupid can you get, Washington???

  • http://LastResistance Hugh

    Senators who don’t read their own proposed legislation and tell us “oopsie” on the home search provision in their own proposal??!! Let it be known that the first search re bill 5737 or alike, ought to be rewarded with armed resistance.

    Adam Kline and Ed Murray ought to be the first ones to conduct such a search, punishment for not reading their own legislation.

  • CherylRenetteBa

    @WAGNERGIRLE annual inspection has been deleted from the bill.

  • Scottjanke48

    @WAGNERGIRLE good morning. And thanks Erin

  • WASP

    Living on the left coast must cause mental illness. Mexifornia is the worst, but the left coast lefties farther north are pretty insane too. When we hold Civil War II, we might have to send the militia to CA, WA, and OR to “free” the real American’s who still live there.
    But, if we wait too long, there won’t be any to save.

  • Charles


  • Docb12

    It’s pretty crazy we allow all these bills to be passed And not read. It’s a sad sad day that Americans have no balls to stand up to something as simple as reading the bill
    I tried to get a petition started on gov. Org stating anyone voting on a bill should be tested in it to see if they read it u will see how fast these thousand page bills become ten page bills but I couldn’t get the 150 signatures required to get it listed. Sad very sad and people want to know how we got int this mess it’s all out faults get off Ur butts and start doing something proactive or stop complaint cause its obvious no one us kustening

    • ketrout

      @Docb12 Sorry to say that you are right. For the longest time I thought that we had the best government in the world and after reading and watching what others post, I find that our government is as corrupt as they come. What I don’t understand is like you, why nothing is being done to correct it.

  • Roblow

    For anyone to even suggest that this is all a mistake is just one step short of total “DUMB ASS”.
    These idiots have been doing this shit off and on all of my life and I am 79+ years old.
    I do not expect that they will quit until such time as we get off of our fat, lazy, squeamish asses and convince all of them that it could very well be that this all could “backfire” in their stupid faces.
    This is “Bad Bob”. U.S. Army retired. Korean War and Vietnam war veteran.
    We had our chance now it’s your turn.
    Are you going to throw all of your children under the bus because you are a dumb ass coward ????????

  • http://earthlink.net DJHoward

    It just seems odd to me that nobody seems to understand the meaning of infringement in the first place.
    “A well regulated militia being neccessary to the security of a free State, The right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed.”
    Once the right has been locally infringed, I see it as impossible for the citizens of the given local jurisdiction (State) to live securely in a state of freedom.
    Thus an infringement in direct violation of the Second Amendment is actually a direct infringement of Constitutionally Dictated Freedom.
    By the way, the current administration is not alone in assaulting our United States Constitution; that began ass soon as the document had been ratified. The current group is just busy turning up the burner another small notch on that poor old frog.

    • Don39

      @DJHoward I agree , the assault on individual rights and due process were initiated by the socialist Bush administration under the tutelage of the very elements of the RINO establishment now trying to shut down and out conservatives and the Tea Party movement. The same elements that have and are likely to continue to capitulate to the Obamanation assault on the Constitution.

      • http://earthlink.net DJHoward

        @Don39 You seem to have misunderstood my comment. The assault on the Second Amendment, and our Constitutionally Guaranteed Freedoms has been ongoing since the first ratification of the Constitution for The United States of America, that is way back in the 1790’s. And I also feel you tend to side with those who are most in favor of of robbing us of our remaining Constitutional protections.
        True conservatives, note I do not name one political party or another, true conservatives favor the furthest extension of our freedoms as is possible. This would mean, basically, you pay attention to, and protect, those things which pertain to you. And I do likewise.
        This differs from libertarian in that libertarian philosophies tend to favor more absolute freedom with much less personal restraint.
         True liberals simply seem to believe that there is enough resource for everyone to have and do anything they desire. If there is not, then it is only because someone else is hoarding it all. Funny thing is that, when you take a good look at these true liberals, they tend to have far more than do those they accuse of hoarding.