Obama May Have Nominated A Muslim To Head The CIA

The United States funds and staffs one of the most intimidating foreign and domestic intelligence gathering machines in the world. The big three of information gathering the NSA, CIA, and FBI employ tens of thousands of people whose primary mission is to protect America from our foreign and domestic enemies. The National Security Agencies (NSA) operational costs are classified, however between the CIA and the FBI our country spends 60 billion dollars annually to spy on and investigate anyone U.S authority’s target.

I am a little tired, so, I will politely ask you to roll with this. U.S citizens tolerate having phone calls monitored, e-mails mined, internet usage tracked, financial histories stored, and our associations documented; just to name a few of the minor inconveniences Americans put up with to keep freedom safe.

Recently, an arguably less than credible former F.B.I Official has suggested that back in 1996, John Brennan, President Obama’s current nominee to head up the C.I.A. may have converted to Islam when he was the acting Saudi Arabian Station Chief for the C.I.A… Given the ideological and religious lines drawn in our war with terror, I would like to know if the future head of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is a Muslim. Moreover, I, an American citizen, am wondering why I have to ask that question.

Seventeen years have passed since Brennan was overseeing C.I.A operations as Station Chief in Riyadh while our nation has seen three different men as President. Twelve years have gone by since a Muslim financed al-Qaeda terrorist cell manned with 17 Saudi and two Yemenis Islamists committed the worst act of domestic terror in U.S. history. The American military have been fighting terrorists and insurgence for 13 years and our government, our intelligence community does not know if John Brennan is a Muslim?

Essentially John Brennan has spent his entire career—his only career—In the intelligence community. Therefore, it is understandable that there is very little public information available on his family and personal relationships. After all, he is a potential target for terrorists.

Why is it that our government, the people that overlooked Muslim terrorism growth during the 90’s, the people who have managed ignore a sub-prime mortgage/hedge fund crisis that cratered the world’s largest economy, spent our country into 17 trillion dollars in debt, conveniently forgets to ask the future the Presidents nominee for C.I.A Director what church he goes to? Does he like spare ribs? What color is your prayer rug? Do you believe in the world supremacy of the Islamic faith? Come on.

Given our war on Global Islamist terror, I would think, any person nominated or vetted for Director of CIA, would be asked if they are a Muslim. I mean, really. No one in the confirmation process inquired–somewhere between waterboarding and blowing up Americans without the benefit of indictment and a trial—has asked John Brennan, if he is a Muslim convert. Nope. Can’t do that. That would be insensitive and show America’s anti-Islamic biases.

The American public has the right to know if this man faces Mecca and prays to Allah five times per day before he is given the reigns of our C.I.A… Then again that might be too much to ask for from an intelligence community that cannot tell us if a sitting U.S. Senator from New Jersey short-changed an underage Dominican prostitute for services rendered.

Why won’t they tell us?



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  • Boz

    May have? They both are.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    I think it’s pretty clear why they didn’t ask; and that is that Islam is the ONLY “acceptable” religion, other than communism, to the regime in power for now; not only in the US but the PTB who are above them as well! Islam is good preparation for accepting the pure religion of Lucifer when it’s introduced, and that is coming!

  • noelle

    ” U.S citizens tolerate having phone calls monitored, e-mails mined, internet usage tracked, financial histories stored, and our associations documented; just to name a few of the minor inconveniences Americans put up with to keep freedom safe.”
    this MUST NOT be tolerated anymore!

  • Walt

    They won’t tell you because you don’t have the balls to stand up and ask. If you would quit playing this political correctness game you could find out a long of things.

  • pissedoff

    I am having trouble today! In years gone by this country has lost some of its leaders to radicals who thought the leader in question was going about his JOB in the wrong way and took action to correct it. They may have been misled, but the change in the leader brought about actions that changed this country and not always for the better. My question or thought is why is this man still breathing?


    What Americans need to comprehend is that under islam its ok to lie cheat steal commit
    murder treason acts of terrorism as long as it is to further the spread of islam.
    What most Americans fail to realize is that islam was started by a child molester and thief.
    mohammed is the spawn of his mother have sex with a pig that is why muslims will not eat pork they are afraid they will eat one of his ancestors. islam is evil in every since of the way and plans the destruction of all religions but islam. You can not appease them. We must remove from any military office elected office any muslim they are out to destroy us.
    So liberals you should take notice you will be first on their list to be removed from this earth

  • Robert

    Very good point. I grew up in the military and served in both the Navy and the Army and in the jobs that I did I had to have a top-secret clearance my question is why should anyone serve in a position with this much opportunity to compromise security of the United States of America not have lease the same clearance.

    We have people in Congress and the White House and for that matter Sitting As Chief Justices that have never had a background investigation on them. It should be required that anyone elected to any national political position should have a total background investigation with at least a secret clearance. Without the Clarence they should not have access to sensitive files, intelligence briefings, financial dealings, or any other important function carried out by these people.

    In some states to get your real estate license they do a background investigation granted were not talking in the secret range because they’re mostly looking for criminal or questionable dealings the person has in the past. Men and women in the military or as long as I can remember and have over 60 years old have always had to have the proper clearance to get access to sensitive information why should it be any different for these political bozos in Congress and the White House. It’s really quite simple no clearance no access!

  • Fred

    That is a good enough reason to not vote for him. You don’t hire a muslim to fight muslims. We have too many muslims in high places.

  • http://Aol Vince

    All I still see us comments but no answers or actions
    I call everyday and leave messages to senators and congress asking when r u going to impeach Obama ,i go on to tell them if they agree or protect Obama from prosecution they to will be impeached or removed from office
    I also am considered the town nut because no one will stand and hold signs with me asking fir the removal of Obama sure I get many beeps and thumbs up but no one had the balls to stand and demand their country be given back to the people and that’s sad I’m trying to get this going one person at a time was hoping people would start to show up with their own signs if we can get enough people in every town the media will have to take notice and if not we go to social media But people it starts with u and me otherwise if we just sit and complain we r no better than those who sit and complain

  • Shane

    Brennan is a dhimmi who will not admit that our terrorist enemies are devout Muslims who are engaged in a Jihad against the USA. He should not be made head of the CIA.
    Sign this petition – Oppose Barack Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense – and John Brennan as CIA Director!

  • http://www.aol Art arlo

    What do you expect from a guy who lies with a smile

  • CharlieSeattle

    …Recently, an arguably less than credible former F.B.I Official has suggested that back in 1996, John Brennan, President Obama’s current nominee to head up the C.I.A. may have converted to Islam

    …arguably less than credible ?
    …may have ?


  • 7papa7

    It wouldn’t surprise me, obama is doing everything he can to bring America down.

  • Nottakenyan

    The price of early plantation slavery is monumental amount and growing greater every day.

  • LaVerne

    I’d like to know if Eric Holder and Ben Bernacke are both muslims?
    Holder should have been arrested for Fast & Furious already,
    Bernacke handles our money.

    We have the right to know.



  • Teri

    Why would this be scary when we already have a muslim in the oval office??????

  • Robert Wermuth

    “. . . investigate anyone U.S authority’s target.” { authorities

  • J J

    There are so many people in America who have converted to Muslim, how would you know? And if you ask, you would be considered a racist!! But it’s ok to put Muslims in places of authority in our nation without question. Obama was not vetted properly before being nominated for President – why would anyone expect him to not nominate fellow Muslims to high offices?

  • Zegota

    What do you expect from a government that won’t even provide proof that the highest office in the land is being held by an American Citizen, born in America?
    God Bless the Constitution

  • freedomringsforall

    Islam sympathizing President
    Islam sympathizing Attorney General
    Islam sympathizing Defense Secretary
    Islam sympathizing CIA chief
    Islam sympathizing Secretary of the Treasury
    Islam sympathizing Secretary of State
    Islamic news outlets stating factually that there are numerous Islamic radical muslim brotherhood connected advisers in top positions in this administration

    Well ain’t that just dandy!

    Internationalists use islamic sympathizers and commie sympathizers (because basically they have the same goals) to stir things up into a boiling pot.

    We are one step away from a total dictatorship!

    The 2nd amendment!

  • Bo Regard

    NONE of the above means a thing because so few people in this nation has any concern for the truth anymore. So just about anyone can say anything no mater how outlandisly a lie it is and garner a following. B o knows that and therefore he doesen’t have to be even slightly concerned with anyone questioning what he says or does. We have become literally, or maybe I should say illiteraly, a nation of fools.

  • MJRittef

    What an absurd and totally unAmerican post. Maybe someone forgot to teach you that the USA is a secular country. To question this man’s integrity and patriotism is outrageous. The claims you made are unsubstantiated BS. Has anyone in any administration come forward with any proof or photo of Brennan praying? Same for Obama? NO. This is just a hatchet job, yellow journalism. I question whether you are an American? You sure don’t believe in it’s principles. You really should seek serious psychological help. It appears that you suffer from a case of paranoia.. You sure don’t live in the real world….

  • john robert

    i watched brennen make a speach to a bunch of muslims and he used the words al kut which is the word the muslims use for jews

  • Mrs Corrine LaRock

    To MJRittef,

    YOU are unAmerican to not know what is going on in our corrupted government. Both sides are lying to us, making us unsafe to the muslims, taking all our wealth, energy poor, pretty soon food deprived, no jobs to speak of….but hey, we’re all going to be equal .. p i s s p o o r !!!! Yes, no matter what color we are, or race, religion, educated, uneducated, we will all be equal living in huts or on the streets and the politicians will have our money ! We become the slaves !!! WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE !!!

  • john robert

    i watched brennen make a speeech to a bunch of muslims and he laughed and use the word alkut which is what a muslim calls the jews, it is an insult to say that to a jew

  • Brabado

    Why not?

    There are so many in his adminsitration that they are already hanging from his big ears… One more, wouldn.t make any deference, would it?


  • Bob Wyman

    John Brennan deserves a very deep look – probably in executive session by the US Senate – but also by the appropriate House Committee. The House has it’s own responsibility for quality government and possible internal threats to the USA. The Brennan-Obama connection has an interesting twist around Obama’s records in the US Passport Office. It looks like Obama’s records “disappeared” in the Passport Office under unusual circumstances . . . Brennan’s commercial ties appear to be involved during 2005-2011. (Brennan was not always a civil servant.)

  • Mary West

    I would like an answer to one question: Why is bho putting SENILE people in important strategic positions? Is it to assist in his takeover? He put Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State to keep her busy & Billy Boy off his back. If Bill Clinton sunk his teeth into bho – bho would be history. THAT is how strong BC is in this Govt! Only bad thing about that is Bill & Hillary are so self-centered that they fell for the attention. That is the biggest problem with a#$$holes like the smartest people in the world–they can not see the forrest for the trees!! They get stumped evey time! It will be bho and Mooshell’s turn soon enough. They think THEY are God and Jesus! That is their mistake!!

  • Don39

    The mere fact that Brennan is willing to serve under a fraud and enemy president is all I need to know to comprehend his extreme danger to the Constitutional Republic! No man of honor and duty to the republic would so serve and falsely take the oath to fight for and defend the Constitution and the people in this illicit regime of a president who has lied in taking the oath required and continually every since that day in Jan 2009. Only evil will serve evil, and no amount of rationalization can overcome the lie. This is a vile corrupt regime, as are all who do or would serve it! It is traitorous in every aspect as is the party it represents..

  • Clear Thinker

    It starts at the top. Ask yourself: Why does Obama wear a ring with the inscription “There is no God but Allah”???? This is the statement someone makes to accept the Muslim faith. There are photos of Obama wearing this ring since his days in Hawaii. He wears it now as his wedding ring (though he did not wear it for the close-up photos of his hand on the Bible as he took the oath of office as president) The “main stream” media protects “their guy” in the White House and does not print anything bad about him, nor does the press hold him responsible for his many lies. Wake up America!!!

  • John Butler

    So what, so is the president!!

  • Patriot Games

    I’ll say it again –

    Obama is a foreign sleeper agent who has pulled off the biggest coup in history. We have yet to see even a small piece of the destruction that his man will do to this country…

  • Keith Luxton

    America, “Land of the Free” I think that died in the early 2000’s. We are ruled by a dictator, Congress has done nothing but sit their hands, when said hands are not counting all their money. Approved the expansion of the government to make Washington DC the richest and the only profitable location in the USA. Let everyone send congress and our dictator a huge valentine card on pink paper with the words

  • RoyBoy

    Just look aroung the State Dept, Homeland Security. Ms Clintons right hand aide is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. 2 Devout Muslims work in the Homeland office in high positions. There are about 13 other Muslims in other key positions. So what is new!

  • Pazuzu

    I knew Obama was a moslem when he was first running for president. That’s all I had to know about what his future agenda w
    ould be…destroy the Great Satan (U.S.) and the Little Satan (Israel). What better way to do that than electing a Trojan Horse or Manchurian Candidate to one of the most powerful offices in the world. I think we should contact our elected officials in congress and see if anyone has the balls to bring up impeachment proceedings. I believe we can rid ourselves of his commie,muzzie ass. We are still The People and he must be made to understand we will not accept or obey a dictator.

  • http://Yahoo Elleryqueen
  • Hystorical

    I hope John Brennan converted to Islam. Working with that presumption, I applaud th president’s selection of Brennan. I don’t know much about his record, but what I hear he is a competent mgr. While i applaud Rand Paul objection based on his concerns over policy on drone strikes, i respectfully disagree. Why? if you (A) renounce your citizenship and write a manifesto to destroy USA and (B) leave the country to train with Al Queda, then I want this person blown up if CIA has evidence of a plot. John DeMayo: you are right… You don’t get those answers, it is insensitive, and xenophobic. It is you who needs change. You have a intellectual problem.

  • Inspiri

    Great article.

  • Pointdan

    A Muslim president should have a Muslim CIA Director. No ??

    • big koala

      @Pointdan The guy has been a member of a Christian church for over 20 years, was married in a Christian ceremony in a Christian church by an ordained Christian minister, sends his kids to a Christian Sunday school, attends Christian services regularly, eats pork (which Muslims are forbidden to do), does not pray 5 times a day (which Muslims are required to do), does not fast during Ramadan, has not made a pilgrimage to Mecca (required of all Muslims), and says he’s a Christian.  Yet there are those ignorant fools who insist he’s a Muslim.
      It boggles the mind…

      • georginamurray

        @big koala  @Pointdan What “Christian Church” was that he attended for 20 years – – – oh yeah, the most Reverent Wright’s – are you an idiot or just drunk?

        • big koala

          It’s interesting, how quickly so-called Christians are, to judge other Christians, who don’t see things precisely as they do.
          Thus Catholics and Protestants fight wars over who is the most Christian, liberals and fundamentalists deny that the other could be Christian, Baptists and Catholics hate each other, and both hate the Mormons; Orthodox and Roman Catholics have killed millions of each other, Anglicans killed Catholics, Catholics killed Huguenots, and now millions of Americans believe our president is a Muslim.  And for pointing out that he COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE, I’m accused of being either “an idiot or just drunk “
          And a moment later, Christians will insist they’re filled with the love of Christ…
          It boggles the mind.

        • celi65

          @georginamurray  @big koala  @Pointdan
           Why can’t you respond to ‘big koala’s’ statement without being abrasive?  Is it because you do not have an adequate response?    Reverend Wright may have said some bitter words due to the pain of well documented ill treatment of African Americans within these borders, but that does not negate the fact that he is a minister who conducts church services.

        • big koala

          @celi65  @georginamurray  @Pointdan Many thanks.  I personally think many of Rev. Wright’s remarks fall short of being truly Christian, but I also feel that the splendor in which many ministers, cardinals, popes, bishops, etc. live also appears to miss the Christian message, especially considering the poverty in which so many of their flock live.

        • big koala

          @celi65  @georginamurray  @Pointdan …and don’t get me started on so many clergy of so many denominations using their position to sexually abuse and exploit their followers.  How Christian is that?  Yet, do we say that those priests, ministers, reverends etc. aren’t really Christian?  No, we save that accusation for Rev. Wright and Obama.  I wonder if it could have anything to do with their complexions…

        • celi65

          @big koala  @georginamurray  @Pointdan
           Good Point.

  • Inspiri

    I personally think Muslim Obama intends to keep secret files on important Americans, like Nixon. Brennan will do his dirty work. This is a blood brotherhood.

  • Tony Ruiz

    May God forbid. Where is this muslim crap to end…with mass U.S. beheadings, that’s where. Keep it up, you dirty muslim half breed

    • sassygram

      @Tony Ruiz
       The only thing we have going for us is God.  Anyone stop to think about the way things have been going lately?  He is not pleased with the way things are, maybe he can save us, yet.  I don’t want to live like the 3rd world countries.  O should be impeached right away.

      • big koala

        @sassygram  @Tony Ruiz In order for our pres to be impeached, he needs to be PROVEN guilty of some serious crime.  What did you have in mind, besides having a dark skin and an Arabic middle name?
        Fortunately, we live in a Constitutional Republic, a nation of laws, beyond the fact that a lot of  people don’t like him, his politics, friends or family.
        Or perhaps you’re aware of some serious crime he’s committed, unknown to the rest of us, or the Repub. Nat’l Committee.
        As far as God being “not pleased” with us, how is it that we are doing so much better than almost any other nation on the planet???
        If you think it’s so terrible here, why not go to live in socialist Norway?

    • celi65

      @Tony Ruiz
       YOU sir, are a bigot.

      • big koala

        @celi65  @Tony Ruiz In what  way am I a bigot?  I have said nothing against any religious group or individual.  I have only said that Obama and Rev. Wright are professing Christians, there is no proof of any kind that he is a Muslim, and it’s strange that other professing Christians should accuse him of not being a Christian, because they don’t like him or his politics or associations.  I’ve pointed out the historical fact that religious groups who share the same set of beliefs frequently attack each other.  How does this make me a bigot????

  • mjz4043

    I never thought I would say this, as a moderate turned RABID conservative, but I know a lot of very nice, trustworthy and highly intelligent Muslims and I would trust the ones I know before I would the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and others of that ilk.
    Having lived in a Muslim country does not turn you into one…I lived in one for over four years and that is about the last religion I would ever be part of.  That is certainly one instance where familiarity breeds contempt.  I would much rather judge  these people on their past deeds and words.
    BTW, I am female and nearly 70 years old and I plan to study this man before I pass judgment.

  • big koala

    This is simply ridiculous.
    There is NO EVIDENCE that Brennan is a Muslim.
    And even if he is, Article 6 of the Constitution FORBIDS ANY RELIGIOUS TEST for political office in the US.
    How is it, that so many so-called “conservatives” seem to have missed that?
    This means that Brennan’s religion is NO ONE’S BUSINESS when it comes to his qualifications to be head of the CIA, or even president, if it comes to that!
    Get it?  NO RELIGIOUS TEST for political office!
    The US Constitution, Article 6.

  • celi65

    What does is matter if John Brennan is a Muslim or not…..as long as he is a loyal American and does his job to the best of his ability?  We have elected a Catholic, numerous Protestants, even a Diest, as our president all throughout the two centuries of our existence, and yet the country survived.  We currently have several Mormons in high government/political and social positions.  This actually worries me a bit more than the fact that Brennan was exposed to Islam while living in Riyadh.

    • big koala

      @celi65 Doesn’t the US Constitution, the Law of the Land, say something about “no religious test for political office” somewhere?  I believe it’s Article 6.  How strange that so many “conservatives” forget this, yet insist on a literal adherence to the 2nd Amendment, which, as an Amendment, is far less important than an original Article.

      • celi65

        @big koala
         Yes, it is Article VI, clause/section III.  I looked for an example of this article being recently  used, and a 1961 Supreme Court Case is listed.  The court upheld this law in the case of an atheist in the state of Maryland.  The man was initially denied a position as a Notary Public due to his (religion), or in his case, the lack there-of.

  • Linda18788

    There is no way on earth Brennan should be confirmed. He is an evil man. @chadsdaddy

    • chadsdaddy

      @Linda18788 _very important position_very important Vote_like DOD & Hagel_

  • userdenied58

    As a retired Naval Officer I find this article offensive.
    Are you now going to deny religion freedom because of a few fanatics? If that is the case are all Christians now required to undergo special screening because the Westboro Baptist Church is full of insane members? Or some members were elected when supposed “Christian extremist” bombed abortion centers (although I would like to get some of though entrenched old farts out of there).
    Think things through before post such inane tripe and attempt deny the rights of others

  • Ilene Richman

    Islam is not a religion. It is a way of life-slavery for people. That is why it is important to know if John Brennan converted to Islam. Islam brain washes people’s minds. One cannot think for one’s self. Women are not free. They are all covered up. Islamists believe in jihad. There can be no other way and no other religion. That is why we must inquire if John Brennan converted to Islam. Senators, ask him. Do not be afraid. The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government. Are we to do nothing about this? Can we not protect ourselves against these fanatics? Are our representatives afraid to ask the background of a person who is to head the CIA. And is John Brennan the one who changed the talking points and removed the Al Qaeda name in the Benghazi attack. I believe his is the one. Senators ask who removed this language and changed the talking points. Finally, do your job of “Advise and Consent”.

  • SandyTrank

    Just a HEADS UP! WND just reported that 2 Christians were beheaded in Philadelphia! Their bodies, heads and hands buried in separate places. Its here now!

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