Chief of Police Says Guns Are NOT a Defensive Weapon

Why do law enforcement officers have guns?  Do they use their guns as offensive or defensive weapons?

According to Ken James, Chief of Police in Emeryville, California:

“One issue that always boggles my mind is that a gun is a defensive weapon. That is a myth. A gun is not a defensive weapon, a gun is an offensive weapon used to intimidate and used to show power.”

Listen to Chief James in the first 36 seconds of this video:

I have family and friends that have been in law enforcement and they all tell me that their weapons are for defensive purposes only to defend themselves, others or property.  It is illegal for a police officer to use their weapons in an offensive manner as that would place them as the aggressor which flies in the face of everything a police officer stands for.  When police have used their weapons offensively, they generally end up in jail and prison with the rest of the criminal offenders.

If guns are not defensive weapons, then what about all of the reports we’ve seen lately of people using their guns to defend themselves from robbers and home invaders?  From a 12 year old girl shooting intruders to 86 year old lady who shot at an intruder, we hear about guns being used for self-defense all the time.   There were two cases in Detroit where teenage robbers were shot by their intended victims who were armed and had conceal carry permits.

In America’s early years, almost every home had a firearm to protect them against Indians, outlaws and the tyrannical government of the British.  Today, many homeowners still have firearms to protect them from criminals and the tyrannical government of Obama.

Chief James’ statement is so outlandish and ludicrous, that one California deputy sheriff responded by sending the following email to the Emeryville Police Department:

“To whom it may concern;

I recently watched your Chief of Police, Ken James, make a speech during a press conference where state legislators announced sweeping new gun legislation (the first 36 seconds of this Youtube video During his speech, Chief James displays an utter lack of knowledge of both the California Penal Code and of case law regarding use of force. His claim that firearms are not defensive weapons, and that they are used only as offensive weapons used to intimidate and show power, is both shocking and entirely inaccurate. As a Deputy Sheriff in California, I am astounded by the ignorance of the law he displayed publicly, and solely for the purpose of backing a political agenda.

Just for a little refresher, since it has clearly been a very long time since he has reviewed the applicable penal code section, I have attached it below.

California Penal Code Section 835a:

Any peace officer who has reasonable cause to believe that the person to be arrested has committed a public offense may use reasonable force to effect the arrest, to prevent escape or to overcome resistance.

A peace officer who makes or attempts to make an arrest need not retreat or desist from his efforts by reason of the resistance or threatened resistance of the person being arrested; nor shall such officer be deemed an aggressor or lose his right to self-defense by the use of reasonable force to effect the arrest or to prevent escape or to overcome resistance.

Despite what Chief James thinks the role of law enforcement is, the law clearly states that force may only be used to overcome resistance, not as an offensive tactic. All of our actions, including the amount of force we use, up to and including deadly force, are predicated by the amount of resistance given by the offender.

In the civilian world, his statement is even further removed from reality as firearms are actually used in self-defense on a daily basis around this country. If Chief James is unaware of these daily instances of self-defense use of firearms, perhaps he needs to find a new source for his daily news intake as many of the mainstream media outlets fail to report those very instances of self-defense as they prove counterproductive to their anti-gun agenda.

Not only should Chief James be ashamed for making such a heinously inaccurate public statement purely for political purposes, but if I lived in your jurisdiction, I would be calling for his dismissal as he clearly is ignorant of the very laws he is charged with upholding.


A very concerned citizen, and fellow law enforcement officer,

Matt S#####”

Not only am I glad I don’t live in California, but I’m especially glad not to live in Emeryville, California who has an idiot for a police chief.  If I did, I would agree with Matt S. and demand James be removed from office for reasons of ignorance of the law.



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  • eric

    a gun is an offensive weapon used to intimidate and used to show power.”

    And what is the penalty for using a firearm to intimidate (meaning threaten with the ability to engage in lethal force) and show “power” to achieve their goals? Did this chief of police just state publicly that police officers ‘in his district’ are terrorists?

  • Lochlyn Grendelsson

    Then maybe the police should stop carrying guns to protect themselves ….. unless, of course, their only function it so intimidate people and make a show of their power.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    All those instances cited where guns were used for defense, NOT ONE of those people had, prior to shooting in self defense, used the gun to intimidate the intruders; they simply used their weapons to DEFEND themselves and their property. That police chief is NOT a person I’d be trusting to defend me! I’m glad where I leave they’re a mite smarter, and more sensible, than that, both!

  • http://yahoo william H.Taylor

    He should have his cops leave their guns at home,and the slob should also get a haircut and that ugly mustache trimmed.

  • Dave P.

    Has anyone else realized that all of the cases of domestic terrorism have been perpetrated by one of the following:

    1. People doped up on mind-altering, antidepressants that have several studies backing up the claim that they cause violent behavior.
    2. Patsies created by the FBI in an entrapment scheme.
    3. The police.

  • Fideux

    Let’s see how fast the residents of Emeryville can put the Chief of Police, Ken James on unemployment. He has to be one of the most ignorant individuals in town. He’s hardly anyone I would want looking after my well being!

  • Robert

    Stop and look at the source of this stupid and idiotic statement! The Los Angeles police department has one of the worst records of abuse in the United States. The mere fact that this idiot is a native Californian is enough to make anything he says a pipe dream or lunatics daydream. The whole state that slide up in the ocean and the only downside would be the pollution caused by the large amount of bull crap that’s inside all of these people it would definitely float to the surface.


    First off, figures it California. If this is the case then all police, military, body guards and secret service should be disarmed.

  • Charles

    sure but remember he is from califonicate u

  • CptQ (Retired GPD)

    What an absolute idiot of a Chief. As a retired Police Detective Captain (25 years of service) I’m shocked at his statement. The only time any officer is legally justified in using his firearm is to protect himself or a third person from the imminent use of deadly force or prevent serious physical injury. In other words the only time an officer or civilian can use a firearm against another person is in SELF DEFENSE. This Chief should be fired because he clearly has no idea of what his officers are legally allowed to do. This is taught to recuits in basic police academy. This is also constantly drilled into police officers during in-service training and weapons qualifications. Where has he been? This City has serious problems if they keep this person as Chief, he is a liability. The officers and the citizens of this City deserve better.

  • Michael

    That man is too stupid to be a cop, much less the chief of police. With his demonstrated IQ, he would have been a perfect fit in Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

  • John Maguhn

    This chief is an idiot. Most police chief’s are not known to be hero’s. They are administrator’s, pencil pushers and worry about their re-election. Many of them don’t even like guns or know how to use them. They sit inside of a protected office and never encountered violence. I hope this city will remove this man from office. He is a disgrace to Law Enforcement.

  • Scott ########

    Liberal Elitest describes this “Chief” to a Tee. This man is so far removed from reality. He needs to step down from his position. The United States is a Republic. Government of, by and for the PEOPLE. The American People own this country no him. His job is to serve the people, not disarm them and hurd them around and into Pen’s. I must agree with Deputy Matt 110%. His appearance is not professional at all. I too agree that he needs a Haircut and a Shave! His additude is un-acceptable. I have no clue how he was able to become Chief. It is no wonder why California has the problems like it does. His arrogance shows how detached he is from the facts. He may use his firearm for offensive acts, however I assure everyone reading my comment, I DO NOT AND NEVER HAVE! My weapons are used strictly for defense of my home, family and loved ones. This man is at the forefront, pushing for gun bans and confiscation. He wants to be sure that he has total control of everyone around him, so he may be able to carry out his every desire without any opposition. Anyone in favor if the agenda that he is pushing, be prepared to have your every thought and action scrutinized and punished by people who share his lust for control and power. Your cries for help when individuals like this detained you will fall on deaf ears. This is exactly why our Founding Fathers incorporated the 2nd Amendment into our Constitution. Human Nature never changes. Even back in 1776 there were deranged, power hungry, Control Freaks. Your Safety, and the Safety of your Family and Loved ones is YOUR responsibility. Being strong thru firearm ownership is the best deterrent to those who wish to steal your hard earned possessions, your life and the lives of those you love.

  • Jerry Marcantel

    Hehehe Did you people notice the expression on the black officers face after the text block dissappeared??? I’m reading his mind and this is his mind’s quote, “Did that dumb stick say that stuupid sh!t? Man, how are we gonna sweep this under the rug????? ” His look was something like he just tasted something terrible…. Jerry (in Tucson)

  • gapatriot

    Another typical example as to why this country is in such a mess. It appears to me Chief James’ parents left the best part of him on the sheets.

  • phil

    Someone should ask the chief why his officers carry guns. How much you want to bet he says for self defense? Only other alternative is to say for offensive purposes.

  • Bruce Stroh

    He’s been sucking on Mama Feinstein’s tit for too long.

  • Graywolf

    If some one breaks into my home and he has a gun, that is an offensive weapon. When I empty a 30 round magazine in his worthless body that was from a defensive weapon. Someone please get the chief a dictionary. Oh I forgot he is in kalifornication, so you might need to read it to him. JERK!!!!

  • violator1

    An IDIOT overseeing other idiots! Most recent criminal action Chris Dorner recently
    recently executed by Law Enforcement! Claims will remain to loom unanswered to Law Enforcements illegal activities alledged by this mental midgit of a former officer!
    This will obviously remain unanswered since Law of the fruits nuts and flakes chose to burn him alive rather than isolate him until possible surrender! A repeat of Clintons (Reno) actions in Waco Texas makes one wonder what they may be covering up or hiding!
    Now this mind of mental disorder speaks out in all his infinite ignorrance anb absurdity!


    This Police Cheif should be asked to resign right now. If this city keeps him. he will surely have a lawsuit on his hands. I would venture to say that he only has one bullet in his shirt pocket like BARNEY. OKAY city council, do your job.

  • DaHeat

    As a Law Enforcement Officer, I say this ‘Chief’ is a nut case! Typical management type, bought and paid for by government, and he doesn’t have a clue about Law Enforcement! Police carry guns for ‘self defense’ first, and defense of civilians second. I’m tired of the media always talking to ‘suits’ in regard to Law Enforcement issues, and never talking to rank and file police officers. Police, for the most part, are pro gun, pro second amendment, and sincerely believe every American citizen has a right to protect themselves! I’m against elected Law Enforcement officials where for them it is a continuing program to get reelected, even if they interfere with enforcement of the law in order to get reelected!…

  • chamuiel

    “It is illegal for a police officer to use their weapons in an offensive manner as that would place them as the aggressor which flies in the face of everything a police officer stands for. ”

    By Police officers wearing their guns in plain slight, isn’t he saying that this is an attempt by the Police to intimidate us and to project their power? Doesn’t this begin with them as being the aggressor?

    I think this very narrow minded Police Chief is nit picking.

  • AJ

    As a retired chief of police I can attest that this chief is a total embarrassment who does NOT speak for law enforcement.
    This is nothing less than an asinine statement.
    This chief serves at the pleasure of the mayor or city manager.
    That could be the reason he would make the most asinine remark on the planet.

  • freedomringsforall

    Take that psycho’s gun and badge.
    If he is walking around as a police officer and in his mind he regards his weapon as primarily an offensive weapon he should not even be in a war let alone walking the streets of our cities with a weapon strapped to him.

    What a nut case!

  • SouthernPatriot

    A guard at a bank wears a gun in full view on his waist/hip holster. That is a defensive weapon. It could only be considered to be offensive if he acts first, drawing his gun first upon a patron or another in the bank. Since almost always he draws his gun after aggressive actions by someone threatening a teller, officer, or the bank or depositers of the bank, his gun is a defensive weapon. He is defending the integrity and life and health of the personnel and assets of the bank. Many other illustrations come to mind, but that is enough to say, this Chief is an idiot.

    I have never drawn my guns upon anyone, except as a member of the U.S. armed forces, though a few deer, one moose, many rabbits and doves, a rabbid racoon, and a few other things I have drawn my guns upon. My guns are not offensive weapons as they relate to other human beings. I have them to defend my family and friends, my children and grandchildren, and all who are innocent. I hope to help defend them against becoming casualties or victims. My sheriff agrees with me and thinks this Chief is full of it.

  • http://delendam./ Drik

    THE DHS has defined full-auto 850 round per minute M16s as “defensive weapons’ and ordered 7000 of them. They stated in their purchase request that, with the 30 round clips they are “suitable for personal defense use in close quarters”. As a law enforcement officer, you;d think that Chief James would be aware of this latest government insight and not so quick to contradict the official line.

  • steve kokosinski

    If guns are not defensive, then why are the police carrying them. Are the police on offense??? IS THAT WHY THE POLICE ARE NOW CARRYING AR15s in their patrol cars, BECAUSE THEY ARE ON THE OFFENSE. A gun is not a defensive weapon, a gun is an offensive weapon used to intimidate and used to show power.”ACCORDING TO THE POLICE CHIEF FROM CALIFORNIA. AND WHAT KIND OF POWER AND INTIMIDATION IS HE USING THE GUNS FOR?????? DOES HE REALLY THINK PEOPLE ARE THAT STUPID??????

  • RickMT

    The chief has no doubt never been in the field. Take away the uniform, and he’s another old weed addicted hippie looking guy from California. God save his children (if he has any).

  • William Wallace

    Typical police administrator who is more of a politician than a cop. This is a sad state of affairs that a chief would spout total nonsense like this. If he truly believes that, his whole department, including himself, should immediately be fired and stripped of their POST certification. The law and standard LE practices all state that an officer is to use force to protect and defend. The police is a defensive force for society, the military can be an offensive force. There is a huge difference.

  • DonM

    This Police Chief has proven to me and others that he is intellectually unqualified to hold his current position. His irrational understanding of the Second Amendment and California laws regarding self defense would be laugh able if he weren’t involved in law enforcement. I suggest that the people of this municipality move to impeach this person immediately and place someone in the position that will follow their oath of office.

  • Jaymes Brandon

    Probably a very poor choice of unrehearsed words on the part of the ‘chief’, but if he believes his statement, then he is neither a thinking man or a reasonable man. Just another punk in the Obama world of politics.
    I think that Darrell Gates hit the nail on the head when he wrote his biography.
    The ‘push’ to prop up the Obama agenda of further eroding our personal freedoms, allows us to see exactly who the infiltrators are who hate America, and real Americans. I always find it ironic that those who hate America so much, still choose to stay here and undermine on our cultures, traditions, morals and ethical fiber. The reason they don’t leave, is that they would be jailed or worse, in other countries. They still just have not understood the bigger picture. In reality, they are just visiting, and they always have been, but they are about to have run out their welcome. As long as we Americans play by ‘rules of engagement’ through our man-made laws, they are safe. When things get more ‘complicated’, everything will change. At least, that is how I think about it all.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Law-abiding people use guns to defend themselves approximately two and a half million times each and every year. Often the mere presence of a gun is sufficient to deter crime. Denied a means of self-defense citizens would become easy prey to criminals, and add massive numbers of victims to the crime rate.
    But, I guess an imbecile can still be Chief of Police.

  • Don39

    I would say this police chief is a very dangerous and psychotic person and that he runs a police department that could implode at any minute. Look at the faces of those around him. This city better start looking for help immediately. If this SOB burst through my front door he will find out if my gun is a defensive weapon . He likely will never be able to consider the question though. When this nazi sob starts looking for a new job will he attach a copy of his position to his resume? Not likely in this country, well maybe he can apply to the thug in chiefs home land, Chicago, he would appear to be right at home their , maybe for a minor beat job, after he cleans up his spiel. He even looks more like a gangster than a cop

  • fwiw

    Well, even an ignorant ideological fool can rise to a position of authority. Ain’t America great?

  • Texaselect

    Me thinks this Cheif be smoking Crack or something. I would FIRE any moronic individual who believes it is right to intimidate people with a gun as opposed to protecting your family with one.

  • Doc Jim

    I think the Poe Leese Cheef scored one for the Proponents of the 2nd Amendment without realizing it. Yes, they are worn by citizens and Police to dissuade and/or intimidate others to take heed. When the others don’t take heed, they (side-arms, etc) are used to defend and turn the odds in the defenders favor; thus the bad guys entertain a shorter lifespan. I wonder if the Chief of Police is qualified to be a Left Wing Liberal???…

  • Johnny

    Looks like Chief James is coming off of a 3 month drunk. Sounds like he is getting on a soap box trying to get Obama to give him a job.

  • http://none sparkplug

    We may readily conclude that Chief of Police in Emeryville, California, Mr. Ken James, has declared the stance of the police department in Emeryville. It is logical that the possession of a gun does have an intimidating effect on persons who are contemplating a crime. Knowledge that an intended victim possesses a gun also has an intimidating effect on a would be attacker. This is one reason for the possession of guns by the non-criminal citizenry. We all know that gun laws do not work with criminals.
    One tends to think that Chief James is not the only police chief in California with his stated view. How many police chiefs of California intimidate the wrong group with their weapons is the next question.

  • J J

    When a criminal breaks into my home to steal or do harm to anyone in my home, I do want to intimidate this criminal and show that I have some power that criminal might not want to deal with.

    The idiocy of this Chief of Police is what is offensive. How did this guy get to be Chief of Police?? And by his own words, all police should lay down their guns, take up Obama’s ideology and try talking criminals down from their criminal activities. This statement is just amazingly stupid!!!!

    Chief James is obviously a liberal, he is obviously someone who will cater to his community BUT if the people of Emeryville, CA want security and safety in their own homes in Emeryville, CA, they probably want guns. Since Emeryville, CA probably does have its share of criminals the citizens probably do want their own personal guns. Unless the citizens of Emeryville, CA want to wait for the arrival of the Emeryville, CA police to arrive at their residence or business when a criminal has intruded, they will want their own personal guns.

    Chief James should be fired!!!

  • Woodward

    What do you expect from Leftest Liberal California. Obviously, this corrupt Leftest Liberal Law Officer has been bought off like so many fools in America. I truly feel sorry for the people that have to live in this town where the one that is suppose to protect you is actually on the side of the evil ones who wants to destroy you. America, the land of Leftest Liberal Evil!! Ignorance, the most abundant quality a person has and American’s are full of it!!!

  • wayne

    Does this goof-up Police Chief think that since his cops use these weapons to “do their job in a safe and effective manner” and to “face any opposition they may come upon” the general population doesn’t need the same thing? If you go to Emeryville Cal., you will find yourself in a place where a weapon is the best equalizer you have against thugs, muggers, and rapists. That is true anywhere in America. His cops are not the only ones who face those kind of people, people other than cops just do not all have the guns necessary to face these mugger, rapists, and thugs effectively as the cops do. It is a defensive weapon for the general population. Cops use them to intimidate and kill.

  • Ottogun

    So, I guess all that training I had in the military was useless and those evil guns I trained with were just devices to keep me busy. This four star nut job should be picking up dog crap in the park rather than masquerading as a public safety professional. He’s about as stupid as they come.

  • BruceJacobs

    ” a gun is an offensive weapon used to intimidate and used to show power.”
    That’s pretty well true.  That is, until that gun is met up with another “offensive” gun to meet the challenge of who shoots first and most accurately to end the “offensive”/”offensive” confrontation.

  • kds

    He needs to get rid of his and the whole police departments due to them being offensive to those of us who carry legally.

  • P.A.Wynalda

    As a retired Indianapolis police officer I am shocked and embarrassed that this guy was ever given the job in law enforcement let alone being made police chief. This (I will not lower myself in calling him what he really is) guy does not deserve to be called a man let alone chief of police. Needs to go sell peanuts at Jimmie Carter’s peanut stand. He is luckily he can find the front door of police headquarters.

  • NavyVet

    In other words, the “police” in Emeryville are just an “offensive” bunch of thugs?
    Is that what he is saying?

    • kds

      @NavyVet That is the mentality in Kalifornia. Let the gangs and illegals do what they want but do not defend yourself. What do you expect from the state of FRUITS AND NUTS.

  • mrsgunnut10

    My first question would be : How did this poor fool ever get to be appointed to the “Police Chief”s Position? The second question would be: Who are the Idiots that put him in that Position? Finnally the next question would be: How many Officers does he have left after coming out with this most stupid Statement? I would’nt be surprised if the Officers didn’t quit in the first 48 hours after Chief James was hired. The entire City Council of Emeryville, CA should also be replaced with prisoners from the Jail if this person (James) is all they can come up with. Oh well, what the Hell. After all, this is just another outlandish California Town/City that are still in a daze from all of the Street Corner Pot Venders Smoke.

    • Evermyrtle

      @mrsgunnut10 Excellent question, I would like to know the answer to that, does he go out looking to find trouble with his gun?.

  • wesjones

    There is so much wrong with what the idiot said…suffice it to say, he’s so out there he no longer has a chance of throwing out an anchor at Pluto.

  • AmferFerg

    Then we should ban the police from carrying guns.  If they are not going to use them to ‘defend’ innocent victims, what’s the point.  We should arm them with night sticks (billy clubs) as they do with the Bobbies in London – that will certainly deter crimes of murder, rape, and robbery…..just look at the crime rate in England.  Yeah, that’ll work.  LOL

  • FrozenStar

    They’re too embedded in CA.  Pedophiles love it.

  • susanfae

    @kcjw33 what about scissors?

  • JesseQuarrels

    Did Obama pay him to say this? He doesn’t need to be in law enforcement.

  • eagle2758

    This idiot needs to be fired, along with the city council and whoever he is associated with. He must’ve been a good friend of that psycho LA cop.

  • MikeSlaney

    “not a defensive weapon”  really now, well let’s just take his guns, and have him meet some Chicago  thugs on a dark night and if you are alive afterward to talk about it, Lets!

  • Pointdan

    100 million gun owners killed noone last week. 
    The Newtown shooter was NOT a gun owner. He was insane; stole the guns and murdered the gun owner.
    He probably broke 10 laws in doing so. NOW what new law does Chief James think would have prevented the above ??  This alleged police chief needs to be retired from law enforcement.

    • wesjones

      @Pointdan Not only that…some 2.5 million gun owners stopped a crime and/or attack with a gun last year.  If that’s not defensive…I don’t know what is.

      • Evermyrtle

        @wesjones  @Pointdan I think that I may have done that stopped one when I answered the door one night with my gun in my hand and there was a criminal standing there. I didn’t know he was  criminal, at the time, but learned soon after.

      • dsl1

        @wesjones  @Pointdan Even if 2.5 million is too high a number, even the left wing estimates are that it is at least 100,000 defenses with guns. Whether 100,000 or 2 million, the number is a LOT bigger than the 11,000 admitted homicides from official figures. And Biden said if “only one life” was saved, it is worth it. Well Joe Biden, which number is bigger?

  • HarleyRidesAlot1
  • Redmongo1

    Hey chief! Haven’t you ever heard that the best defense is a good offense.

  • DeanBraun

    California.  That says it all.

  • USAFretiredIn77

    I assume that if and when Pres.”O” would visit visit the Idiotic Chief of Police. The Chief would immediately drop his drawers and accept the Pres.

  • ColRFCunningham

    And COMMUNIST LIARS don’t become Chiefs of Police!
    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,

    • Evermyrtle

      @ColRFCunningham You mean they shouldn’t, in this day and time you don’t know what may happen.

      • Redmongo1

        @Evermyrtle  @ColRFCunningham What else would you expect from the “leftwing liberal” state of New Mexico.

        • ColRFCunningham

          @Redmongo1  @Evermyrtle We have more than our share of leftwing cracked pots in New Mexico … most of them in public office :-)  Even our ‘governor’ turned left after her appearance at the Rubadub Convention.
          Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,

  • Switchblade

    This idiot would have a fun time with Rahm Emanuel and Garry McCarthy in Chicago. They feel that by increasing the jail time for ANYONE caught with an “unlicensed” (whatever that is, as there is no such thing as a Chicago license for guns) firearm they will fix the 500 person murder rate in this fine city. How does this kind of thinking take over these leadership positions?

    • toolate54

       If they really want to curb the murder rate in Chicago I have the perfect answer. If you are a felon in possession of a gun you are federally charged with a capital offence. Once convicted you are streamlined on appeals and the sentence must be carried out with 10 months. I think that will cut the murder rate because if you execute enough felons then they cannot kill someone. Then the murder rate must drop. People will say that is cruel and unusual punishment. I say that 500 murders a year is cruel and unusual punishment for the victims.  They want the murder rate to drop. Then get a big set of brass ones and take a real bite out of crime. Then when the bleeding hearts start protesting the executions, the main stream media can start a news campaign saying the bleeding hearts want to cut crime, but is more sympathetic to the criminals than of the victims. 
      I say stop blaming the victims and the law abiding citizens, start blaming the criminals. Put up or shut up.

      • FrozenStar

        @toolate54  @Switchblade There never has been an intention to drop the murder rate in Chitown.  Americans are looking at this as a wanna fix issue and come up with lots of wasted time suggestions.  Hands off accomplishes goals: 1. keeps the population on southside somewhat controlled and incubated without letting them spread throughout the city. 2. keeps the Judge Abner Mikva’s civic leadership program for “Chicago youth” i.e., black poor kids on southside started in 1997 active, “helping kids.” Some of the Civic Training was a source for feet to work for Obbba’s campaigns, even shipped them to other States to “train” other kids to work for Obbba.   Note that Obbba’s helper (NOT a Muslim, folks) Jewish Judge Mikva directed him to Baptist type preacher, Wright, to learn “how to speak to blacks.”  IL Gov Rod Blagojevich had special appreciation for Mikva.  No folks, southside blacks have no chance to escape slavery unless they pull off acting mental when asked by some of the thugs to do something, and stick together like that to confound the thugs who are using them.  They are in a hell guarded by the likes of the Judge who is in 80’s now, and his ilk.  It’s called stranglehold.  Ya better start focusing on the ones who cause a war.  Not the overt aggressor, but the covert aggressor.   Here’s some idea of the difference:

  • Switchblade

    That ANYONE includes homeowners and folks returning home from the late shift at work. Do they think the gang bangers care about another 6 months on their sentence? That is, assuming they are caught at all.

  • ButchBown

    This Chief of  Police  doesn’t seem to be smart enough to know when he’s make a fool of himself and his Dept..
    Sound to me he be that type of Chief  that would condone his officer’s if they use excessive force or Unnecessary Force or outright abuse of a citizen that was in their custody…Someone needs to wake this fool up with a big foot up his dumb A$$!  He even looks stupid, man I would want to live anywhere near this DUMB-BO town. What the hell is printed on the side of most Polices Car; Portect & Serve.” THE NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEEMENT MOTO” like to see whats on the cars”  Get out of LIne/ We kick you A$$”  You can bet your last nickel ALL the Donut shop in his town keep his office FAT & HAPPY…….Chief  Whip A$$ James has shown a outstanding ignorance of the law, Words really fail me to how far this man has carried ignorance, Four Star why not five or Hell 8 would work for him, will mabe his town can’t afford any more Star for him, with all the Law Suits they must have each year..To the citizens of Emeryville, just keep a doz or so Jelly-Filled donuts in your car and when they try to pull you over just start throwing them out the windows LOL…..Now I know why donut have holes in them ; so the police can stick them on their Billy Clubs while they eat them….

  • TPM

    The “chief” is a “chump” … It’s especially aggravating, when you know that his (or any other) police force doesn’t prevent crime. They show up after the crime, to take a report … or to call the coroner.
    I’ll bet he has “offensive” weapons at his home, to protect his family. This guys a major moron.

  • boxerbuddy4

    This boob is from my home state of California. You really can’t expect much from people in this state except for a few of us conservatives. The rest of them suffer from the mental disease of liberalism. …perhaps this guy wants us to keep our scissors at the ready.

    • Evermyrtle

      @boxerbuddy4 I think you hit it on the head.
      What do you suppose Ken James would if he had a gun, just looking it over and someone threatened his life, do you think he would use it as a defense source. Methinks that he would. I think Ken is full of himself and unfit to be  a police officer.

  • ChadRinder

    @Tom_Francois so um I’m confused… Guns are only to be used offensively…oh wait… Obama is what is offensive 😉

  • spyderdalton

    What are they then?  A Musical instrument now that pizza is a vegetable?

  • cbierzonski

    @Tom_Francois Watch how you say “Fire” around this Chief.

  • countyguard

    Ken James is an apparent delusional idiot.  He states guns are only meant to intimidate and show power (of course in the hands of mere mortal civilians), and then goes on to say that police use guns for that same purpose… to intimidate and show power?  Notice he didn’t use those words though, for his elite status members.  Well, the police state finally fesses up to their agenda against the civilian population.  OK, then that is another reason we will carry our weapons… to intimidate them and to show that our power is far superior to theirs in number… be afraid, be very afraid.

  • notalib

    If this Chief would take the time to read, NRA, Shooting magazines, news articles he could see actual facts where people have used weapons to defend their property, prevent bodily harm to themselves or loved ones or to protect their lives.  Many times the weapon is never fired or show except for the act of self defense.
    But what can we expect from a Californian bureaucrat / politicians. We can’t expect them to know something about the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.  Too much reading.  And the fact they put their hand on a Bible and take an Oath to defend the Constitution means nothing.  It is only an Oath.

    • wesjones

      @notalib You actually think that guy can read?

      • notalib

        @wesjones Good point!  He can probably read but his comprehension is all liberal.  I can’t believe this came from the mouth of a cop let alone a police chief.  Well, it is Ca.

  • AudreyStricker

    Emeryville is in the liberal capital of Northern California—that answers all questions.

    • FrozenStar

      @AudreyStricker Well, everybody keeps their noses out of everybody elses biz around there… sure not any LE that interferes.  Checkout Redding, Hayfork and those histories.

  • KathyFugittPriceSkaggs

    This man knows the law he is just lying so that it appears the liberal agenda is right. What an idiot,

  • Ed in Florida

    As a police officer with over 37 years of law enforcement experience I say, this police chief is an absolute idiot!
    I have never known a police officer with such ignorance and be able to breath.

  • MavinSwapp

    If  Ken James, Chief of Police in Emeryville, California, thinks that a gun is not a defensive weapon, please take away his guns for he has no right or need to carry.

  • Inspiri

    Like I’m going to believe this liberal mouth piece for tyrannical president. Whenever I have been pulled over, the cop would have his hand on his gun. I certainly chose to keep my mouth shut, especially when I thought I had the right of way. For his defense was at stake. Perhaps his authority went unquestioned. That’s a small price to pay for disarming the public.

    • toolate54

       So you want to disarm the pblic? That is a good idea. I like it. After that happens, you will not be able to walk the streets in ANY neighborhood because the criminals wil be the only ones with weapons. You see, criminals are not the public.  Your government is not the public.  Once they disarm us everyone will become the guy who does exactly like you said when the cop pulls you over and he has his hand on his gun.  You stay very quiet, you do not disagree and you give them anything they want. I am talking about your governemnt as well as the criminals now.  Without any power left you become a sheeple, a lemming of sorts.  The governemnt will then have total control. You are afraid. Think about it Inspiri, think about it very hard. This is not brain surgery.  It has happened in the past and will hapen in this country if you let it.

      • FrozenStar

        @toolate54  @Inspiri Like Ben said.  they gave us a Constitutional Republic IF WE CAN KEEP IT… and they gave us the means to do so.  THAT is our right.

  • DavidMacko

    Obviously, this cop and his entire force should be disarmed immediately and retired without pay.

  • gavinwca

    Well now we know what type of officer Chief James and his force are, they shoot first and ask questions later. When firearms carried by the police are not used Defensive then the police have to approach citizens gun drawn and threaten to shoot or shoot them before that citizen makes any offensive move. I would like to see this ignorant Baffone explain this statement, to the next jury after one of his men shoots someone. He has already stated his force does not practice Defence they are the aggressors. I guess there is no reason to be stupid if you can not show it, and Chief James just had a award winning performance.

    • wesjones

      @gavinwca Seems to me Chief James is a typical Peter Principle victim…promoted way over his head.  Then his handlers screwed up by letting him get near a microphone.

  • jamescr54174058

    I’ll bet that if this Chief of Police doesn’t see his shadow, then it will probably rain rubber bullets for six  more weeks in his neighborhood.

  • Rockin_veritas

    God made man and Sam Colt made all men equal (obviously women too). It’s the only thing that gives a 115lb. woman a chance against a pumped up, juiced up 200lb. predator who want’s to rape, rob and murder her. I’d say that’s defensive. On the other hand, maybe that same 115lb. soccer mom wants to reverse roles, be the predator, go down to the ghetto and rape, rob and murder that same 200lb. predator and some of his homies which would make the gun an offensive weapon. Nah, that wouldn’t happen or we’d be seeing it all over the mainstream media along with a picture of that predator from his 8th grade graduation in his cap and gown as valedictorian and the gal would be accused of committing a racism based hate crime. I vote for defensive in the hands of law abiding citizens and offensive in the hands of criminals.

  • Nomvet

    That guy has got it right if the cops have it so can we

  • DavidMacko

    Rockin_veritas’ very thoughtful comments are also proof the the “women’s liberation” movement is fraudulent. If they believed in equal rights for women and did not want to have women be abused, they would be leading the movement to restore our God-given, constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.

  • 82policespecial

    Does this mean we should shoot cops in Emeryville first ??, or hear what they have to say  lol.
    Seems to me this moron just told us all to be very careful in his county ,, or get shot without explanation …

    • Evermyrtle

      @82policespecial Indeed, sounds like he is definitely in the wrong place, he should be replaced immediately and get someone capable physically and mentally. With this attitude he may not be able to know if he should pull out his gun or leave in it in the  holster. He does not seem to know why he has a gun.

    • userdenied58

       “I shot the Chief of Police, but I did not shoot the Deputy.
       I shot the Chief of Police, but I swear it was in self defense.”
      Now that is going to be going through your head if you know Bob Marley’s/Eric Clapton’s “I Shot the Sheriff”

  • toolate54

    He probably knows better but when you are, for reasons unknown, somehow trying to take guns away from law abidinig citizens. And the people that are in agreement with you, want ANY justification for taking the guns away from them, then you have to lie to them and the sheeple want to believe in those lies. They shield their eyes to what recently happened in Austrailia, and previously in the UK. And history said wht happened in Germany, Russia, China, and other Communist and Socialist countries.
    Of course we sane people who know and respect the law and know and respect firearms know that taking away firearms will only result in criminals alone in posession of those guns. We The People who live in a real society with real people will contiue to fight for our survival and will try and keep the government from leaving us unprotected and vunerable to the criminals and our government.

  • Rockin_veritas

    A large number of women are, and have been, on the front lines of trying to defend/restore all of our Constitutional rights. In regard to the 2nd Amendment. Suzanna Gratia Hupp definitely put congress up against the wall about it after her parents were murdered at a Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, TX in 1991 while the concealed carry law at the time forced her to leave her handgun 100′ feet away in her car. You can find it on youtube if you haven’t seen it.
    I always thought the women’s liberation movement was a load as the only reason guys do anything is to impress gals hoping to incur their favor and be considered good breeding stock and providers. Any honest, intelligent woman will admit that to become “equal” would be a dramatic demotion.

  • MorrisTalley

    Remember, Gov Brown, Nancy P,Diane F,this police chief, Chris D, the list goes on and on. I hope only the sane ones move to Texas.

  • NunyerBinnis

    Chiefs of Police are MOSTLY hack politicians. Screw ’em. There’s more of US than there are of THEM.

  • edrod

    The only thing police officers are not very efficient at police work but they do know the location of every doughnut shop.

  • RobertJohnson3

    But…if a criminal is attacking you first and then you pull your gun and use it to “intimidate and show power” it is Becomes a “Defensive” tool at that instant! What is wrong with this guy? Who are the idiot city council members who appointed him?

    • Evermyrtle

      @RobertJohnson3 His problem is, he is a liberal and they do not have a clue what it means to be a prtiot or an true American.

  • GaryDonaldson

    So, since this guy thinks his officer’s guns are offensive weapons, is he declaring war on the public??

  • fstephens43

    Can this idiot spell “idiot” If I were a city counselperson in Emeryville I would fire this idiot. He’s too stupid to represent this city — but then again, it is a California city and maybe this is the best California has.

  • MarshallShannon


  • FrancoisPJerins

    How in the world did you ever get elected to this position? Is it because you want to appease your constituency? Is it because you want to keep your job? Tell me, what gives you the right to dictate gun policy to your citizens? Everyone is protected by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The right to keep and bear arms is a god given right, not by government. And you stand there telling the people a big lie about guns not being defensive but offensive. Since when have your officers using their weapons in an offensive situation? When if fact, the monument they draw their weapon it becomes a defensive weapon. It protects them. And if it protects them, then it is a defensive weapon not an offensive weapon. You took an oath of office, and you better stand by that oath and don’t let politics get in the way. When I joined the Marines, I took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic and the same held true when I took that same oath to become a Police Reserve Officer. Since you live and work in a county that is very Liberal, it would seem to me that you are pandering to your constituency for total gun control.  I want to remind you that you work for the people and you have a duty to honor your oath of office. If you fail to honor that oath, then you should be removed from your duties since you can’t or won’t defend and protect our Constitution. I am  really ashamed of you for what you have said publicly and hope that those officers that work for you will speak up and try to remind you of that oath. The second Amendment is a right not a privilege. Do your job and arrest those criminals that violate gun laws and leave the rest of gun owners alone.

  • SandyTrank

    Just a Heads Up! Two Christians were beheaded in Philadelphia! The muslim murderer buried their bodies, heads and hands in separate graves.  Just reported by WND

  • SandyTrank

    Sounds to me like someone needed a gun for self defense!

  • SandyTrank

    We all had better watch our backs more closely as they are not just in Philadelphia.

  • Steve

    Every day I see the kind of people we have in government and public jobs and wonder how they ever got a job. My whole family is in law enforcement and this tool I mean clown doesn’t have a clue and that is why they have him in the position that he is in. He will not resist when the order comes down to go confiscate people’s personal guns for protection. God help our country of fools.

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  • snytz

    Sounds like Chief James is drinking the Democrats cool-aid. The 2nd amendment guarantee’s your right to bear arms against tyrannical government and that does include, state and/ or federal government.

    • FrozenStar

      @snytz Sounds like the Chief needs another drink.  Poor guy.  He is in over his head.  Example of the efficiency of CA like in locating missing children for like 18 years in the backyard tent of a pedophile they have to monthly walk through his house to check all clear in their “report.”   What is the IQ requirement for LE Applicants?  An important question that would provide a valuable answer.

  • snytz

    The State of Colorado is not fairly represented because the state Senate and house of representatives are both Democrats. How fair is that. I as a Republican in the state of Colorado has no voice, and that just not right.

    • GaryDonaldson

      @snytz Well, it is fair because they got in office because the majority of the voters decided they wanted them there hence they voted them into office.  That’s how it works.

      • snytz

         A single party system in any form is not a fair system no matter and according to the constitution it’s not right.

  • spyderdalton

    same in commiefornia…  it’s called voter fraud…

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