NAACP Threatens To Sue Organization For Revealing Their Ties to Abortions and Planned Parenthood

In a prime example of how it is becoming more and more illegal to exercise one’s right of free speech and telling the truth publicly, the NAACP is filing a lawsuit against the Radiance Foundation for telling the truth about them.

The Radiance Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization was founded by Ryan & Bethany Bomberger.  Ryan has gained national recognition with his story of how his mother was raped and carried the baby and put it up for adoption rather than aborting it.  Ryan was that baby.  He was adopted into a family of 15 with 10 of 13 children being from various ethnic backgrounds and adopted into the one family.  He grew up in a home where he was loved and learned that there is no real difference between the so-called races.

Using the Radiance Foundation, Ryan decided to target the racial hypocrisy of the NAACP and their national leader Julian Bond.  He wrote about their link to racist policies and awards.  Commenting about the NAACP’s 44th Annual Image Awards to honor black imagery, he wrote:

“What better way for an out-of-touch liberal organization to celebrate itself than in the land of make believe? The NAACP’s 44th Annual Image Awards honor black imagery churned out by often racist, anti-Christian, perpetually sexist, violent and pornographic Hollywood. Just skim the list of the majority of nominees and one is left with an overwhelming feeling: emptiness.”

“Django Unchained, with its graphic violence and 100 plus uses of the racially denigrating epithet, ‘nigger’, gets praise and nominations from the NAACP.  ‘Lincoln’, a powerful film of historical substance, completely eliminates the most potent influence in Lincoln’s ideology and evolution on slavery—Frederick Douglass. There’s no protest from the NAACP, just a nomination.”

“The nation’s oldest civil rights organization revels in a distorted reflection of who black Americans are, the struggles faced and the real world around us.  Though they will dress up their liberal causes in bright lights, filtered lenses and entertaining performances, the NAACP Image Awards worship a false image.”

Next, Ryan targeted the NAACP’s stance on abortion and their relationship with Planned Parenthood.  On that topic, Ryan wrote:

“The NAACP’s selective, and often feigned, outrage on a myriad of issues is befitting of a multiple personality disorder, with its stronger personality being one that embraces all things liberal, most things socialistic, and nothing pro-life.  They’ll beat the drums of economic, social and environmental ‘justice’ while over 360,000 black babies, annually, never get a chance at one of the few Constitutional rights that actually exist—the right to Life.”

“At a time when 72.3% of black children are born into homes without fathers and (in some places like Philadelphia) 50% of viable black pregnancies end in abortion one would think protecting future generations would become a national emergency for this historic organization. Single female-led homes are the norm in the black community. Children who grow up in these homes are 5 times more likely to live in poverty than those in two-parent married homes. Yet, these issues are non-existent on the organization’s website. And all the NAACP can do in regards to marriage is push gay marriage—hardly the solution to crumbling, impoverished families in our inner-cities.  What about equality for these beautiful children living without the economic, educational and emotional security of both a mother and a father?”

“The NAACP would rather sleep with Planned Parenthood, the urban staple and instigator of sexual irresponsibility, regardless of what people say. The affair has been going on for decades. The NAACP, despite denials, has publicly supported Planned Parenthood numerous times (here, here and here). It’s fought to prevent the abortion chain from being defunded while simultaneously fighting to ensure a massive influx of funding for its beloved ally (and annual convention sponsor) through Obamacare.”

To help get the word out, the Radiance Foundation erected billboards that identified the NAACP as the National Association for the Abortion of Colored People. The NAACP has not taken kindly to the attention Ryan and his foundation have been giving him.  They have threatened to sue him if he does not remove every reference to their name or any use of their seal from his website and billboards.

Ryan points out that many other organization and media outlets use the name (NAACP) and their seal when referring to the organization in their writings, blogs and press releases.  He also stands by what he wrote and says that every word is the truth.  In commenting about the potential lawsuit, Ryan said:

“They’re particularly irked by the fact that we have given them, satirically, the name of the ‘National Association for the Abortion of Colored People.  That has apparently pushed them over the line.”

“The issue is we’ve got the NAACP celebrating abortion.  In fact, their president, Julian Bond, praised the high abortion rates among black women. We’re talking about black children being aborted at rates of up to six times more than the majority population. In fact, in New York City — that’s where Julian Bond gave that address — more black babies are aborted than are born alive.”

If the NAACP follows through on their threat to sue, the Alliance Defending Freedom organization has stepped in to defend the Radiance Foundation and has already asked a judge to rule in Ryan’s favor.

So how can an organization sue one person for using their name and seal when everyone else does the same thing?   It seems they are trying to use the muscle of their huge organization to intimidate a much smaller organization for revealing the truth about them.  If they don’t like the truth to be told, then perhaps they need to change what they’re doing and stop supporting the mass murder of black babies and Planned Parenthood.  After all, he’s only trying to save black babies from being murdered and you would think an organization like the NAACP would be all for it, but they’re not.

Someone told me a long time ago that if the truth hurts, you need to take a good long look in the mirror and re-evaluate that truth about yourself.  I suggest the NAACP do the same and leave Ryan alone.



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  • Whats it Matter

    From the sound of it Ryan was looking for a fight and found one. I do find it interesting that any group representing so many different people with only one for sure thing binding them together would take a stand so far to one side of a line. In other words I know a lot of Christian black people that may not agree on abortion. All I see as an out come to this law suite of any value is that it will widen the knowledge of the NAACP’s stand on the abortion issue and Ryan’s stand against it. I guess thats what the NAACP is looking for? Prior to reading this I had no idea what their stand was on the issue, nor did I care. But I do find it thought provoking that they would comment on how great it is to see so many abortions?


    Margret Sanger wanted to get Black ministers to be a front, to sell abortion to the black community. That was to keep the inferior races in check.

  • richeyrich

    Time for the NAACP to go by the wayside, just like the Unions. They are a racist entity and they are not interested in helping any one of any color – Unless it gets them in the paper. Their only concern is lining their own pockets. I wish everyone could see how useless this group is.

  • Mike Slaney

    So what’s the problem, it’s public knowledge, secondly, it’s ok for liberal media to reveal those who own guns but when the shoe is on the other foot, oh how hypocritical we can get. Truly, NAACP your time has ended, get a life and flick the chip off your shoulder and get from behind the curtain and take Toto with you, Seriously!

  • Carol

    They don’t like people to know the truth about them well that is really to bad and that is a fact.

  • smogdew

    This is almost funny in light of Obama being black, all his adoring followers calling him god, caucasians, “whitey” & throwing racial slurs or just being racist.
    The NAACP & all organizations contributing to it’s promoting abortion, knew well what Margaret Sanger’s intent was and fell harder than any other ethnicity – the number of abortions by black girls/women is higher than any other ethnicity in this country – and the NAACP gets ‘hurty feelers’……..why don’t you educate your people with the so called knowledge you purportedly have – don’t see any advancements here. And until you do, get over yourselves.

  • Robert

    Of Course you say or do anything that could be construed as a negative towards any black person or group you’re automatically a racist. Truth has absolutely nothing to do with the NAACP or for that matter the black caucus. There are mass organization of bigots and racial magnets were not happy unless they are creating hate and discontent. Jesse Jackson every time he opens his mouth is hate speech are least it would be if a warrant for the fact that he’s black.

  • RalphZ

    It seems that the NAACP does not believe that anyone but them has the right of Freedom of Speech. I agree with Winston Churchill when he stated, “Everyone is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without it being extolled, but some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage.”

    Interesting that a group that espouses civil rights, denies them to others for that is what the lawsuit does. It chills the expression of others who might not have the money to fight a law suit. Oh well, when you only defend one groups civil rights and ignore all others, then it is time to quit being part of that group. That is the way I see it.

  • TexasOlTimer

    Perhaps the NAACP should look at the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger. She was a Democrat that felt abortion and birth control was the way to control the population of those she deemed unworthy. I wonder if the NAACP would associate itself with an organization that had its start by an individual who promoted birth control and abortion as a way to eliminate those in the minority (look up quotes by Sanger) if they knew what that organization’s views actually are.

  • Tarheel

    Maybe this is one instance where I would support the NAACP. After all most of our societal problems stem from this race of people. Thats not to say there are many very fine black americans, however for each one of them there are 50 that are just a waste of good skin.

  • pearl

    Is it possible to legally block others from referring to you by name? Clearly insanity is encroaching on our society at a very speedy clip. Perhaps the appropriate defense would be a lawsuit in their turn against the NAACP for referring to Radiance Foundation by name in the legal papers? Henceforward, we will all need to refer to each other by some method other than our proper names.

  • Robert

    so i wrote a comment, first one today and when i went to post it i get a stupid message saying i’m posting too many messages today slow down. i don’t know what is more stupid, this naacp acting all indignant about being called what they are or stupid problems when trying to post a comment.

  • samhii

    Isn’t this a violation of NAACP’s trademark by using their emblem without permission on the billboards, and then lying by saying NAACP stands for National Association for the Abortion of Colored People?? It’s up to the trademark owner where or who they allow to display their trademark. I don’t think there’s a fairness clause in trademark law, that if they let a left wing publisher get away using thier trademark in a way that promotes or matches NAACP’s goals, that they would then have to allow anyone to use it by default. I’m sure a Christian business with a trademark would resent their trademark being displayed in an objectionable way. The wording could be tweaked to read that NAACP should stand for National Association for the Abortion of Colored People, which expresses the point without lying about the actual name.

  • samhii

    @ Robert: thta’s happened to me as well. I also don’t know why they’ve omitted the option to reply to someone specifically or to edit one’s comment after posting. New system sux, and will squash future reader participation and idea exchange.

  • SarahVail1

    @thomasj17431826 Wow. You mean the NAACP is against the very people they claim to represent. Go figure.

  • Ken

    America home of the criminally insane.
    I don’t understand it completely but this land is run by the ciminally insane.
    Obama and his ilk should be in jail, instead they are at the head of government.
    If America weren’t criminally insane Obama and his cronies would be in jail.
    200 years ago people like Obama would be hiding in the woods in shame,
    but America has sunk so low that people like him who support murdering
    the unborn and perverted human behavior rull the halls of power. God is permitting
    Satan to have his way and empower these people.

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