Obama Wants To Grant Amnesty To Terrorists

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) estimates that increased U.S./Mexican border enforcement efforts have only been successful at apprehending 1 out of every 10 people entering the United States illegally. Since September 11, 2001, according to DHS, the U.S. southern border has seen an alarming increase, every year, in the numbers of illegal border crossings by “Other than Mexican” people or OTM’s claiming citizenship from countries the U.S. State Department classifies as “state sponsors of terrorism.”

Contrary to President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security’s opportunistic use of the term immigrant, no one in living or working in the United States can be categorized, under our laws, as having the legal status, until they voluntarily register with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Every foreign citizen who enters the United States without registering or legal permission is an “illegal alien,” not a “undocumented immigrant.” Today, in the United States, government estimates suggest that ten percent of the illegal alien population living in the U.S. is comprised of individuals born in countries that are confirmed financiers of Islamist terrorisms efforts to attack the U.S. and its allies.

Since Obama took office in 2008, illegal immigration statistics are mysteriously hard to come by; however, looking back to 2005 gives us a confirmed base line for OTM illegal border crossings. In 2005, the DHS claimed that it apprehended some 45,000 OTM’s entering the country through Mexico. Last year, U.S Officials—speaking anonymously to various news agencies—have stated that the U.S. may have seen as much as an 88% increase in the number of these OTM’s crossing our southern border since 2005. Given the current estimated DHS rate of OTM apprehensions, I mentioned earlier, of 1 in 10, that means that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of OTM’s have made it to America and are roaming our streets and communities.

For those doubting my assertions, consider that in 2011, a DHS oversight committee found that the U.S. government has no accurate idea of how many Islamist loyal OTM’s have been allowed to enter the U.S. since 2008. Yes, I meant allowed.

During 2011 oversight hearings, our immigration authorities admitted they have regularly detained and released into the U.S. some 70% of OTM’s without ever confirming their identities. The rationalizations for this practice offered by the Obama Administration are alarming. According to reports, the main reason for the U.S releasing these potential terrorists onto U.S streets is the refusal of OTM’s country of origin, to accept these “undocumented immigrants” deportation back into their homeland. Moreover, even though OTM’s are coming from the Mexican side of the border, Mexican authorities will not accept responsibility for letting them cross to America. Therefore, the Obama DHS gives them a ticket and a court date and sends them on their way into American communities.

In summary, of the potential terrorists illegally crossing our U.S./Mexican border annually, the DHS and its border protection policies only catch 1 in 10 of these individuals, never confirm their true identities and release 70% of them into America society. Unless I have been living in a complete state of ignorance, was not the Department of Homeland Security and post 911 restructuring of our Immigration/Intelligence communities’ purpose, to combat and control the threat of terrorists entering the United States?

Current Obama administration proposals for so-called immigration reform all include amnesty for OTM’s, not just the so-called law abiding poor Mexican immigrant; a convenient truth, for some reason, carefully omitted from our nation’s immigration debate. Aside from the obvious national security threat posed by the legalization of OTM’s from countries known to support terrorism, I want to know why we the taxpayers have been paying for a DHS that is not doing its job. How can Obama cabinet appointee and Director of Homeland Security, Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano claim our borders are secure when her own personnel are admitting the borders and DHS policy enable the free and sanctioned flow of dangerous OTM illegals across our borders?

The United States government should not be entertaining any hearings on immigration reform until our borders are secure and DHS has gathered up the OTM’s currently living, and more than likely, waiting patiently to launch terror attacks inside our borders. Any Senator or Congressmen that supports so-called immigration reform, in any configuration, are plainly and simply acting, in direct contradiction to their sworn oath to protect America.

Once again, Obama is playing politics with our nation’s safety and our citizen’s lives. Before you let liberals chastise you into supporting immigration reform ask yourself if you want 14-year-old Muslim martyrs going to school with you kids. If our government passes immigration reform law, it will not be long before that ugly thought becomes a reality. If Americans thought Newtown was horrendous, wait until you see what is coming if immigration reform passes.



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  • J J

    Obama will fundamentally change America on so many levels and the ignorant, selfish of America won’t even see it coming. Grant amnesty – Obama will grant amnesty to anyone who might vote for Democrats and since the Democrats granted this amnesty, those illegals will definitely vote Democrat because they “owe” them.

    Obama doesn’t care what these illegals are about or why they are here – only that they will vote Democrat. If those illegals happen to be terrorists, that isn’t an issue with Obama. The fact that data on illegals is difficult to get says a lot to me – Obama doesn’t want Americans to know or understand what is happening until it’s too late!!! That’s his MO with everything – sneak it thru quickly and quietly before anyone can do anything about it and then on to the next thing. Obama is a despicable man-child.

  • DockyWocky

    No matter how hard we try to predict what this Marxist scamster will do next, he’s always one step ahead, and can be counted on to grow increasingly more radical with time.
    Every step he takes damages us more and more. It ain’t bad luck. Its on purpose.

  • Tony Ruiz

    Die baby die

  • AD Roberts

    Not a surprise. Just one more way to bring in his Islamic brothers. Now you know why we need AR15s and why our Muslim President does not want us to have them.

  • Rosech

    All part of the plan to bring America down and under sharia. Game plan in action ever since Obama took office and now he thinks he has the power and authority to escalate the plan for his supporters.

  • Anthony

    To JJ you hit the nail on the head, Your are right on the Button But what do we do? most people dont see it or they dont want to see it and some even like it. Why is beyond me. These people wont know what hit them until its to late, even than they wont come to terms with it. but I know one think for sure, We can not lose our guns and 2nd Amendment this is the one thing that does stand in there way to get the job done the way they want.

  • Russell Fowler

    Honest American gun owners need to set up a firing range 2 mile from the border shooting paper target looking south. Maybe there will be no one south of the targets.

  • PudbertSavannahGA

    Muzlim terrorists are ODumbo’s FRIENDS ! ! and old classmates in Indonesia….

    That’s EXACTLY why the Navy SEAL Hero is broke and hurt right now !
    for killing Bin Laden who was one of ODumbo’s buddies !

  • http://----------------------------------------- Marvin

    BHO has tried to stop border crossings & tried to stop the states from enforcing the law

  • http://N/A BobbyC

    Read The history of Hitler and you will know what Obama plans to do next

  • http://www.fastnesteggs.com bobindallas

    I just found that Brennan was a convert to Islam. Obama is about converting all of the USA to becoming Muslims.

  • Leslie

    Okay, now he has gone beyond impeachment. That’s not good enough for him. Get this phony president out of our white house. I implore anyone with an idea of how to do this to get on with it!!! I wish I could, because I would have done it by now. What did they do to traitors in the 1700’s? That is what we should revert to. It seemed to work fairly well for them and I am willing to try anything at this point. What about you guys?

  • Shane

    It’s clear that Obama has not put a priority on border security. It’s true that during Obama’s term in office that a lot of illegals have been caught, but that’s because Congress voted to put more border patrol agents on duty under Bush. We need a President who will push to secure our borders and deport most illegal aliens.

  • Paul

    Will someone please do their research more thoroughly, please? When G.W. Bush took office their was an estimated 10-11 million illegal immigrants at that time. After 8 years of Bush and 4 years of Obama’s first term their is still only 11 million illegal immigrants in the US? This arbitrary number is such an insult to the intelligence of the American people. If I were to guess, I would approximate, AT LEAST, around 20-25 million illegal immigrants in the US at this time! And their coming in droves now since Obama has halted all deportations, and they know that their all going to get amnesty and American citizenship! By the time any kind of immigration reform is actually made into law, I’m guessing the numbers will be at least 35-40 million illegal immigrants in the US; and at least 98% are going to be allowed all the bells and whistles of welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, free college, free healthcare…the list goes on! We Reap What We Sow for re-electing Obama!!!!!!

  • James Wyrick

    That is the “jist” of it all, he will try and defeat us from within our borders. If we don’t create a fine meshed malitia of law abiding gun owners, his dream could prevail. The fact that his party(dumbocrats)votes only for his resolutions, without even reading them is scary enough.(nobamacare) We have a partial “enemy” list already with members of the party! Until they are squashed/voted out of office, our days are in jeopardy. How can they sit back and approve such garbage as the will of the people? Not in my country, my little slice of Heaven, my humble abode, is well protected, as are my neighbors’. Free in the State of Washington. Freedom is not Free!

  • marie

    This is the stupidest president in the history of the world, he will be responsible for t next
    9/11, because he is doing everything in his power to allow it! I just hope he will be at least the victim. This presidency is a disgrace and treason!

  • http://mozilla robert e lee


  • http://mozilla robert e lee


  • gnafu

    Congress has granted amnesty to the president for over four years so why would the president not want to grant amnesty to ALL illegals here in the United States! Perhaps this is thinking too far out of the box. I still say that to give amnesty to squatter illegals to become U.S. Citizens, they first have to pay back all the tax payer’s money that was poured into their education, housing, and health care. Then and only then can they be considered for U.S. Citizenship. We have put Latinos through their schooling and have helped pay to set up camps for the Muslims and assisted in refurbishing and building of mosques so they can meet, work out and have strategic plans ready when needed. If Obama thinks Americans are going to put up with this b s, he’s got another thought coming! Obama does work for the Congress and not the other way around. If those elected men and women will un-glue their “glutei maximi” from their comfy chairs, they will stand up and put an end to all this foolishness. If this article is true, Obama is really trying to bring his regime to a grinding halt.

  • jmengele


  • http://mozilla robert e lee

    napolitos needs to eat some heavy grain Pb

  • http://None Rich

    If O’Dip thinks I will convert to Islam, he will die and go to hell first. No way I would belong to a culture that believes in murder, rape, crime of all types, and misc. playing with camels.
    That is a sick culture and they can all go back to where they came from. They are all sick.

    Alla or whoever they believe in this week is a dip stick that liked little girls, children and camels. A sicko for sure. I am beginning to think O’Dip is a member of the islamic culture as he was raised amoung them and really goes out of his way to like them and protect them. I hope the good guys (what few there are in DC) get there crap together and kick the living _S________ out of all that should not be there and anti-Americans..

  • Ron Alford

    That’s because he is one of them.

  • Jean

    The government has known about the Tri-border area in South America (Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina) where Hezbollah, with ties to Iran, has operated for years. They speak Spanish and could pass for tourists coming into the U.S. I doubt much is being done about facial recognition equipment at the border. How many are already in the country setting up their network? When will another 9/11 type attack occur, not if? When will the first suicide attack(s) occur, not if? Why hasn’t the U.S. taken action to protect us?

    obama has no love, or even like, for this country. How can someone raised on an island thousands of miles away (and in Indonesia for a few years) and have mostly Pakistan friends in college, care about the mainland or it’s residents?

  • Arnie

    Obama’s desire is to flood the country with poor, uneducated immigrants who will vote Democrat for years. Is there any doubt?

  • AZBear

    we should set on the border and use them for target practes!!!!We have to sharpen our shooting factors!!!

  • Sparten1

    Janet is part of the lying commocrates running this country. You can’t believe ANYTHING they say.

  • MickeyMike2

    If Obama is so anxious to use drones, why not use them to protect the borders and zap anyone coming across in places other than protected roads? OH, that’s right, I forgot. . . The ones coming in are not AMERICAN CITIZENS!

  • geneww1938

    Is stopping 1 out of 10 illegal attempts something to brag about? Then what for terrorist?

    … oh yes, Obama’s best friend, Bill Ayers was once a terrorist but then attorney Hillary got him off and he is now a professor teaching our young patriots.

    I bet these soon to be released terrorists would make excellent Jihad teachers for the kids that are under10 with a an exploding vision for their friends and families.

  • Greg

    Another convoluted, crazy, and stupid idea. The ONLY thing you do with terrorists is kill them!

  • grampa

    As much as I feel sorry for these people and I would try the same thing and any way I could
    The conditions south of the border are atrocious. However we are a nation of laws and If you or I broke the law we would be expected to pay for our crime. Our constitution was a well thought out document to control and enumerate the powers of government. To cut to the chase the area I refer to prohibits the creation of special class of people. When we give any person citizenship or a “fast track” too it. When we have a president who wants to use our citizenship to increase his voting base. This is against the laws providing legal entry into this country. breaking these laws requires prosecution. This includes the president. Our problem is that the president has control of the law enforcement part of our government. My question what do we do with a crooked cop?
    The problem is not the people who only want the best they can provide for their family’s, no it’s not the people its the government. The key word is control and they want complete control and they don’t care who gets hurt. Our media is part of their plan. We have the majority of Americans sucking up all the bilge they pump out. With the planned diversions. in place our government quietly puts in place all it needs to completely render our constitution null and void. I predict a revolution in this country. It will make the civil war look like a game of tag. Our government will believe they are safe and in control. Be advised to all the people who think they can take this country by force or subversion. Take example of the havoc the mad man in California has caused. Only one man and he has diverted thousands of man hour’s for days. What do you think a nation of armed patriots will do? All the diversion has only one purpose. Remove the arms from the nation. the only way they can take this nation down is remove the peoples self defense. Do not believe anything you hear and only half what you see.
    Our country is in jeopardy Its time to pay attention people and forgo that football game and watch what the government is doing. I love my country but fear my government.
    God bless America

  • Groundzero

    Illegal immigration must be GIVEN to the STATES to deal with, This FEDERAL GOV’T can’t do the job”

  • Tony Ruiz


  • slickzip

    ODUMBA want as many illegals as he can get into America for his “Brown Shirt Army ” so he can take over and become KING ,,,,,,,,,

  • Christi

    When we were driving thru TX in El Paso, I noticed many Muslims in an upscale restaurant. I went back to the hotel and looked in the phone book and found there are 2 large mosques, which arrange housing for the recent OTM’s. That wasn’t in the phone book, but a great friend and patriot made me aware of it. That was 6 years ago.
    Now, we find out our future Director of the CIA, James Brennen, is a Muslim convert.

  • Andrew

    Are we really surprised? Look who is president! Mr. Evil Incarnate who speaks with forked tongue. The man speaks nothing but BS and the sheeple smell roses. I pray that God breakes the spell soon.

  • Neta Rice

    1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.
    2. All ballots will be in this nation’s language.
    3. All government business will be conducted in our language.
    4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.
    5. Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold political office.
    6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or any other government assistance programs. Any
    who are a burden will be deported.
    7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount at least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.
    8. If foreigners come here and buy land, their options will be restricted. Certain parcels including waterfront property are reserved for citizens
    naturally born into this country.
    9. Foreigners may have NO protests; NO demonstrations, NO waving of a foreign flag, no political organizing, NO bad-mouthing our president or his
    policies. These will lead to deportation.
    10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted and, when caught, sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged. All
    assets will be taken from you.

    Too strict?

    The above laws are the current immigration laws of MEXICO!
    The country of Mexico has laws too. They enforce their laws. Don’t try to sneak into Mexico illegally or you may never get back home….

  • CharlieSeattle

    In a recent report from Newsmax, they claim that between October 1, 2010 thru September 30, 2011 that the U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection division of the Department of Homeland Security arrested 327,577 aliens illegally entering the U.S. JUST along the U.S. – Mexican border and another 6,552 illegal’s along U.S. coastlines.

    Of the illegal’s captured along the Mexican border, 46,997 were listed as ‘other than Mexican’. Among the ‘other than Mexican’ were people from countries listed as ‘special interest countries’ such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Somalia, Tunisia, Syria, Uzbekistan, Jordan and Indonesia. Looking at the countries of origin, I think it’s safe to assume that many of them were Muslim, making me wonder how many may have terrorist ties.

    ………….Do ya think they want to pick tomatoes? I don’t think so.

    Terrorist scouts are testing for soft spots to smuggle nukes across the Mexican border.

    …………….Hm, but where to put them.
    How about in the bottom of Yellowstone lake atop the thin 3 mile thick porous cork over the super volcano.
    If that sucker blows, radioactive ash 10 to 3 foot thick all the way to the Ohio valley.

    All farmland, DEAD. Livestock, DEAD. Rivers, DEAD. Fish, DEAD. Transportation as we know it, DEAD. 200 million, DEAD and dying! 75% of the country DEAD in a month and it will continue to erupt for three months.

    This has a high probability precisely because Obama, Holder and Congress will not secure the Mexican border and enforce existing immigration laws.

    They LOVE illegal’s and weak national security!

    However take heart, MAYBE we can knock down a ICBM from North Korea with the new airborne laser if the launch is patterned like the staged marsh mellow tests to date.
    But the Pacific based Laser cannot target a beat up pickup truck crossing the Mexican border in the dead of night hauling a couple nukes to Yellowstone.

  • T. Jefferson

    Here is an idea, we know where the terrorists are. Just bomb the you know what out of them all at the same time. A coordinated attack.

    What about collateral damage you say? No such thing. People who allow terrorists to live amongst them are as guilty as the terrorists. It is called “aid and comfort to the enemy”.

    Soak all weaponry in pigs blood for added effect.

    Worked well for Black Jack Pershing. . .

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Until the late 19th century immigration was the responsibility of the individual states. As more and more immigrants began pouring in, Americans began to express concern about the “desirability” of some of them. The Federal government took control of the problem with the Immigration Act of 1891. Immigrants were given medical examinations and answered questions intended to weed out undesirables.
    We have now spun 180 degrees. It is the states that are concerned about the flood of unchecked flow of illegals, and the Federal government is using its power to hinder state efforts to control the problem. If the situation did not do so damaging to our nation it would be funny.

  • JAG

    “Illegal immigration must be GIVEN to the STATES to deal with, This FEDERAL GOV’T can’t do the job”

    Did you know that this is the ONLY reason why the Federal Government exists in the first place?

  • http://www.goooh.com nax777

    Simple laws that have been reversed and/or eased especially enforcement need to be put back in place not further eased for a so called “pathway” that is already a canyon.
    Pub voters chime in with the Dem voters about how the money and manpower being used for DHS is achievability worth it and produce positive results but immigration control is unaffordable, impossible and would produce negative results. To keep from looking stupid do what stupid does?

  • Kalev

    Our Federal Government is an enemy aiding and abetting our known enemies. Time to put an end to this insanity if we are to survive as a Republic.

  • gparra9

    So whats The big deal , the Ghetto Rat wants to grant “AMNESTY” to the economic terrorists that have their hands in the American taxpayer pocket , the 11 to 12 million “ILLEGAL ALIENS” already in the U.S. so why not grant “AMNESTY” to all terrorists that want to harm or kill Americans, one way or another were going down the toilet , after all the “AMERICAN VOTER” re-elected this worthless Ghetto Rat ……… SO WHATS THE BIG DEAL??????!!!!!!

  • Roberto

    History is repeating itself. Barbarians penetrated the frontiers of of the Roman Empire, and the citizens were living off the government who provided bread and circuses. That by the beginning of the Third Century, amnesty made barbarians roman citizens. When hordes of barbarians invaded the empire there was no will to defend it. The islamic terrorists are today´s barbarians. Political correctness allows them to a lifestyle that is contrary to ours and there numbers continue to increase. With 47% of the citizenry on the dole, there is no will to defend our freedoms´Like Rome, we are crumbling from within.
    The situation is analogous to Alfred HItchcock´s film The Birds, how they unite to attack the residents of Bodega Bay.

  • Randy G

    It should be CLEAR to anyone with 1 or more working brain cells that anybody supporting ILLEGAL (can’t call them immigrants) INVADERS are traitors to the USA.. Including terrorists , & they are theives!!!

  • maxwell

    I just dont know what has happened to the real people of our great nation. We keep complaining about the prez. and he still gets re-elected. He does what ever he wants. He defiles the Constitution as if it was toilet paper. I dislike him and I have never voted for him. I have felt that he has been dishonest in answering any questions when he first ran for President. I feel he has always lied. He is still not truthfull. I dont think we will ever see another President from any other party but the democrat party. When you make it where the people that want our country to be a nanny state and give them free cell phones and insurence and welfare, you know they will all vote for that person. It is as if we the people that have worked all of our lives to have something are being punished for that. He is destroying our country. I think it will be a third world country within the next 3 to 5 years.

  • fly on the wall

    Obama is the last (for now) link in chain of monkey see, monkey do when it comes to immigration. When congress don’t give a damn about anything but votes it is time to get rid of them. Yes, we have some great guys and gals in congress but In the Most Part it is Tube Time ! Every day we get a list of extremely stupid ideas declared by the president. In normal circumstances if a person is so threatened as now by our president they should try to : 1) Get rid of him or 2) Escape to safety. #2 offers no logic. Allowing pres. 0 to run us off is as insane as he is. As insane as having a member of the Muslim Brotherhood as president.


    RWers hate truth, facts and sanity.

  • adee

    We citizens complain a lot…..a lot….but no one offers and idea on how to legally get rid of obama and the other traitors!

  • Larry Chambers

    This whole immigration issue was/is nothing more than a scam for him to advance his plan of America becoming a Muslim nation. And as it progresses. we’ll see more and more death trails and bombings. I believe there will be so much confusion Americans won’t know which way to turn. Our political leaders are doing us a terrible injustice by not exercising the powers they have been given, and if they don’t get rid of him soon I’m afraid the America we once knew will cease to exist. We must get our minds off the economy and get them on God’s grace. God will take care of the economy if we just turned to Him and give Him the respect and worship He so richly deserves. O is not our problem. Our problem is a spiritual problem. He will forgive us if we turned to Him and seek Him earnestly.

  • http://lastresistance Rhonda

    Now is the time for Impeachment of everyone in the WH and then start all over with brand new Tea Party Conservatives and they will get something done. I am sick and tired of this WH and the idiots that are in it running this amnesty crap into the ground. These Illegal Immigrants need to do like every other illegal immigrant has done to get their citizenship and that is get a green card and then after 5 to 7 years and after the say the pledge of Allegiance and know the Constitution will they get their citizenship.

  • Seymour Kleerly

    The title is pure Right Wing Propaganda.

  • http://www.mkdiaperbags.com AcadayjuncanO

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  • AlmaJeanetteMote

    Anyone who believes anything that comes out of the mouth of Barrack Obama is being sadly deceived.  He is doing absolutely nothing about any of the important issues.  He is using the Executive Orders to position himself as a Dictator.  If you think this isn’t the truth, go to your Bibles and read them.

  • JaqueBauer

    I believe that as Obama has armed Mexican Narco terrorists, and Islamic Freedom Fighters in Libya and elsewhare, he will arm Illegal aliens to attack the US.  I believe Obama will use false flag techniques and carry out a large terror attack  here in the US, on a scale like Oklahoma Federal Bldg.  This he will use to order a national emergency and order the  criminalization of firearms owners and confiscation of their firearms.  You know the rest of the story