Submission to Tyrants is Rebellion to God

Thomas Jefferson, along with some others of the Founders, is credited with saying, “Resistance to Tyrants is obedience to God.” (It may have been an oft-repeated motto, much like our modern “They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.”)

Jefferson’s statement is Biblically correct. I’ve expended a lot of time and effort to prove that, as have others before me. I want to approach it from a different angle today.

Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. That’s true as stated, but it is also true in its opposite, parallel form, like this:

Submission to tyrants is rebellion to God.

It’s not rocket science, as they say, but there is enough bad teaching out there that we really do need to say it plainly. If resistance is obedience, then submission is wicked. In fact, I propose this: To submit to a tyrant as if he is a lawful ruler is anti-Christian.

Historically speaking, there is no honorable precedent among the great, Christian heroes for failing to oppose a tyrant. And, at a fundamental level, to cower before a tyrant is to violate the consistent Biblical model, from cover to cover, from Genesis to the maps. Today, I want to show you that failure to resist tyranny represents a galling lack of Christian love. Submission to tyrants is un-Christlike, precisely because it is unloving.

How so? Well, the Bible tells us that we are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:31, for instance.) It also gives us the duty of coming to the defense of those who are unjustly oppressed (as in Isaiah 1:17.) So, if a government in rebellion toward God is oppressing your neighbors, and you refuse to stand up for them or to oppose that tyranny in any way, does that sound like obedience or disobedience to you?

Go ahead. You can say it out loud. We all know the answer anyway.

Deitrich Bonhoeffer, the WW2 era preacher and martyr, who did, in fact, seal his testimony with his own blood, put it succinctly in a few famous lines. He wrote:

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

Bonhoeffer’s colleague was a pastor named Neimoller, who had a rather more passive, let’s-all-get-along view toward their particular tyrant. He wound up paying for it. He penned the famous lines:

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Some in our day would tell us that texts like Romans 13:1-7 teach us that we should obey as far as we can, and only resist when the government commands us to sin. Let’s be clear: That is a fair statement of our duties toward lawful government. But when we use that as a thumb-rule for action in the face of tyranny, it becomes the cloak of cowardice.  It becomes Neimoller’s failed strategy of silence. A modern patriot, for whom I have a great fondness, admittedly, put it this way:

There is something conveniently self-centered about this proposed strategy. “Wait to resist until I personally am ordered to sin.” While you wait for the moment the government tells you to renounce Christ, your neighbors and fellow citizens are being trampled by the unrestrained, unjust use of power.

Today, as I write this, I read the report of a farmer who began serving a 30 day jail sentence for the crime of collecting rainwater that had fallen on his own land. And something close to 3,000 babies will be dismembered in the womb or burned to death in a salt solution today, with the government’s sanction and the assistance of taxpayer money. As the Scripture says, “Like a roaring lion or a charging bear is a wicked ruler over a poor people.” (Proverbs 28:15) But, hey, as long as you personally haven’t yet been commanded to blaspheme God, I guess we can all breathe easy.

As William Wilberforce said, “A private faith that does not act in the face of oppression is no faith at all.”


In another place, the Bible says this: “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (1 Timothy 5:8)

We rightly see that as having something to do with monetarily providing for our family. Surely, it does include that. But what about providing other basic necessities of life, besides food and shelter, for what the founding fathers called “our posterity?” Specifically, what about the necessity of liberty? I know that sounds corny in our day, because nobody cherishes their freedom like the founders did.

Christian men in America routinely plop onto their couches in front of horrible programming on television, or worse, with a video game console, and ignore the steady encroachment of tyranny in their land. As long as they personally are comfortable, and can play their stupid, emasculating first-person shooters for hours on end, well, life is good and what else could matter? And their vile laziness and quest for personal peace winds up passing on to their own children a world in which the flame of freedom grows inexorably colder. How is that providing for your household? Somebody tell me.

How can that be loving? How can it be Christian? It can’t be. It’s time we remembered that courage is a Christian virtue, just as surely as piety is; and, conversely, that the Bible condemns cowards to be exiled from God’s city. (Revelation 21:7-9)







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Gordan Runyan is a pastor and author who hides out in the high plains desert of New Mexico. He recently preached the fourth Historic Election Sermon from the State Capitol rotunda in Helena, Montana. That sermon can be heard HERE.

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  • Paul Haglin

    Excellent description of where/what we (the Christian community) have allowed ourselves to become. I request permission to quote liberally in my memos and mailings. AND remember, Bonhoeffer did resist resisting for quite a while before the revelation sank in to what his resisting the resistance really was in God’s eyes — he almost missed the boat, great man that he was!

  • Mike

    Light; exposes the darkness.
    Salt; flavors the time.
    We are called to be all things to all people.
    Speak the truth to darkness.

  • Deb

    Ok.. so who is gonna stop congress from what they are doing to the people of this country?

  • J J

    It’s interesting that there is so much talk about tyrants with this particular administration. And yet every time this President talks about his policies or agendas he swears that he has the full backing of the American people. He is either delusional or he is delusional. The only reason Obama was re-elected is because the liberal, lazy voters of America didn’t want to lose their freebies, their food stamps, their Obama phones, etc. It was not the acceptance of his agenda that he thinks it is.

    But how to get rid of tyrants when so many of his devoted worshipers are only out for themselves, not for the good of the country??

  • cbj

    I have family members who defend and support Obama.
    The best thing I can say about them is that they are “Willingly Ignorant.”

  • http://lastresistance Thomas

    If G-d is for us who can stand against us?

  • ZagoZana

    And what is crying wolf when there is no wolf?
    Fire when there is no fire.
    How does G-d see insightment (LYING) to riot as it appears
    these right-wing-nut site promote?
    There are 300,000,000 guns in America and you actually
    think that there is any possibility that OUR government
    could ever take them away? Yet you keep playing this
    game for your own benefit, to sell more and more and
    more weapons to the ignorant foolies that encircle these site…

  • Arizona

    This is correct. It seems that none of us are obedient to God.If we were this country would not be in such a mess.

  • DrBillLemoine

    Actually you’re biblically wrong. The operant phrase is ‘give unto caesar what is his, unto God what is His’. The Lord also said not all who call ‘Lord, Lord’ are known to God. That’s the heresy written here as though it were gospel–not.

  • Vicki

    I believe this article is contrary to God’s will for Christians. Please read II Peter 2:13-14, Romans 13:1-7, and II Timothy 2:1-2. Romans clearly says that God appoints/ordains a nation’s leaders, but not always to bless the people. It’s sometimes to judge the people. Render unto the government what is the government’s and render unto God what is God’s. No matter what we experience, we are to bless God, pray to Him and for our leaders, according to the scriptures.

  • The Advocates

    It seems that the premise of this piece is that we have a tyrannical government and armed patriots will be left to hold up the Constitution and therefore save the country. From my perspective and the vast amount of Americans that nonsense and alarmist talk. This talk of totalitarianism is reflective of a paranoid mindset. But, it seems to the faithful here, that as long as there are Democrats in office, our country is under the threat of the loss of freedoms. That is idiotic. if anything, the small government acolytes are willing to roll the clock back to states’ rights, two Americas and the conditions that sustained Jim Crow, tenant farming, and the tyranny of the plantation society of the past.

  • Bill Cory

    Those who like this will alsolike Gordan Runyan’s Kindle book, available on Amazon, titled Resistance to Tyrants. An excellently laid out case for the view put forth in this article.(Mac and PC owners, Amazon has a Kindle reader that is free.)

    I am not connected with Amazon; I would just like more people to read this book!

  • http://. jdangiel

    The premise that we are under tyranny with the current Democrats in charge is exactly correct. The vast amount of Americans, as in a very clear majority, now see it. States rights? They do have them you know. States are a lot more than just administrative units under the federal government. They have their own sovereignty (gasp!), as do the individual citizens (double gasp!!) and the sovereignty of the individual is more closely aligned to that of the states. As for two Americas, we already have it and the liberal progressive Dems like it that way – its current form is all theirs) with the intention of creating a permanent under class voting block. The rest about tenant farming and Jim Crow etc. is also a completely false premise, as if should we go back to smaller government, and stronger states rights that that is all we could end up with, which of course is, well, false. And for the record – our current president doesn’t know you, doesn’t personally love you and doesn’t listen to your secret prayers whispered to him at night before going to sleep.

  • Mike

    It seem to me that Vengence is mine says the Lord. If you want to approach this from a Biblical standpoint we should be praying and petitioning God for relief. He brought the Jews out of Egipt when they were oppressed and He will do it for us but not until we are obedient. Our fight is not against flesh and blood Eph 6:10-19 explains what and how we need to fight. There are many other passages that can be quoted here but I am not going to get into all of them. If we have a tyranical government it is because we need to turn back to God and when we do then you will see change and not before.

  • Defender

    Throughout history, humans have chosen to deny the handwriting on the wall. Americans are no different. We have been complacent, apathetic, lazy, selfish and greedy. Government oppression could never happen in America, right? Yet, here we are in the 21st century where the government no longer represents the people, where moral decay is the norm, where wrong is called right and right is called wrong. There are those who choose to believe that things aren’t really that bad and there are those who know better. America has been thrown onto the world stage in the push for that “one world order”. So what to do? Resist? Yes, I think so. Our happy days are over for now and we are in for a rough ride. But we must choose this day whom we will serve. I have mulled this over for several years now and when push comes to shove, when it’s blatantly us vs them, I know what I must do. If I die, then I die. I believe that I will go to a far better place than this earth and I have nothing to fear. I will die knowing that I made a decision to defend my God-given rights to live free and without tyranny. Some of you may mock me but I don’t care. To each his own. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Semper Fidelis.

  • Rob

    Very very true and well said.

  • Doreen

    I have to say that I find myself in complete agreement with the author of this article. Even though I no longer think of myself as a “christian”, but a Follower of Y’shua, and I do not idolize the founding fathers of this country, we followers of Messiah have a duty to stand for truth, righteousness and to defend the innocent and those unable to defend themselves.

    I would state, the Bride has failed —extremely— in the arena of moral turpitude, and right teaching.

    The state of our nation rests squarely on those who desire to “believe” in a God and are not interested in following His commandments. While this might offend some, it’s entirely too late to be nice. Believe, in Hebrew is to “trust and obey”. Very different from the English common definition of “acknowledge existence”.

    Our nation is now under judgment….but there is always a remnant. And the political parties have nothing to do with the Remnant.

    Thank you for this article. I deeply appreciate it.

  • Butch Jones

    A-men. Now you know why there will only be a remnant. Remember, they’ll only have it 3 and a half years, and even then they won’t get it all :)

  • Tammy

    Ok, if we need to do something…Then Please tell me what that is….I know that if I go to war with the government all by myself….I would be marked a nutcase and either killed or hidden away for life….

    I would be happy to stand for all those unborn children, I would be happy to go stand for the gentleman that collected rain water….

    But how many of you God fearing patriots will stand with me or not do as Peter did to Jesus and act like I am just a Nut that fell from the wrong tree????

  • Ron Alford

    For those who write God’s name as G-d, surely they don’t think He will honor that.

  • Russ Hinds

    There are no respectable wimps in the Bible.

  • Sandy Trank

    I too enjoyed the article very much and I agree. We as Christians have been much too complacent. The America we all inherited was paid for with a lot of blood. Many died en-route to America, the New World. So many died the first winter. As far as taking a stand, I would stand shoulder to shoulder with Tammy but I like her know we can’t stand against the government but we overlook the enemy behind the scenes that we can address by telling people about Jesus. Now I don’t recommend a street corner ministry unless you know that you know the Lord has called you to but what about our neighbors and others we meet. How about taking a stand first for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and that we only get to choose Him this side of the grave? We ladies can do that and so can the men. We have gotten so politically correct as a Nation that most are afraid to present Christ to others. We can more quickly become a majority if we all did. Instead we allow ourselves to be forced to “respect” a religion that is always offended by us. Remember the Barbary Coast Pirates? Our Founding Fathers would never have allowed those folk into the country much less allow them to protest in our streets carrying signs saying Death to America and burning our Flag and demanding we respect their religion even if it was hatched in the pits of hell? Yes, there is an answer and it is Christ and so is the same answer for all people. We have been too nice and our enemies have taken advantage of that and plotted and planned and taken over areas in our Nation to train to fight and kill us all. It is absolutely crazy that we have come to this point. We need to just take a strong stand for the Lord in whatever corner of the Country we live in, all the while praying and seeking orders from our Commander in Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a place to start and we gotta start somewhere. Don’t fear the faces of man and love them by telling them what the Gospel is and that they are in a false way. There is only One Way. If all the American’s came out of false religion and cults, that would be a large number of people. We can try, it’s better than being silent. There are people everywhere that need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. I will tell them, will you stand with me?

  • John B.

    Three years ago the State of Wisconsin mandated the replacement of all “failing” septic systems. That would have cost our county residents over $40 million. I wrote letters to the editor, contacted representatives and senators, etc.

    Result: Two bills passed the state legislature. The Democrats rescinded much of their own mandate. Then the Republicans made even more changes last year. I spoke out, did a little and God did all the rest. I actually got some help from the opposition in the beginning. There was no outside support at all. Like I said, God did it.

    Grab an issue: pro-life, pro-marriage, an abusive local or county issue. Seek to help your neighbor and society. Be vulnerable. God is not dead. He won’t abandon you. Suffer a little for righteousness sake. Sweat a little. Put in some extra hours for others. It is amazing what God has done here.

    I am an old man but against my wishes I am town chairman and now on the county board. I had to say, “If that is where you want me, then You will have to take care of business. It is beyond me.” There have been some real battles but God has blessed mightly. Long standing community problems resolved in a number of areas. I threatened to sue the county which resulted in the zoning administrator retiring, and get this: I was on the committee that picked his replacement, and that individual was a pure gift from God.

    Lots more, but please step out and do something. If you are sitting back waiting for the Rapture, you are going to be sadly disappointed and may be under God’s judgment for abandoning those around you, your neighbors. God cares for them, too.

    I became so fed up with entertainment orientated, compromising. silent Evangelicals that I became an apostate and recently joined the Catholic church. God has blessed mightly. God has allowed me to be an encouragement to many. He has flung the doors wide open. Man looks on the doctrinal statement but God looks on the heart. He has His own in them all.

    Get tough, be vulnerable, fight the good fight of active faith.

    “Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Not to vote is to vote for whoever won. Be the Good Samaritan (a despised man for his unorthodox theology) and not the pietistic Levite who had all the correct doctrine but did nothing.

    John B.

  • Thom Raasio

    Here’s a SIMPLE ANSWER to the whole FINANCIAL MESS.

    Elect me. Ohhhhh!!! What an EGO!!!!……………..believe me folks, I am NOT one bit interested in being the POTUS.

    All I’m saying, is if no one else will step up and do this SIMPLE SOLUTION, (and anyone can do it), then I WILL.

    Read the solution and try to poke holes in it and convince any rational person that it will NOT work……… we go.

    This person, who you ELECT as POTUS, on his/her inauguration day, right at the inauguration podium, does the following.

    1.) Has everyone join him in the Pledge of Allegience to the Flag.

    2.) Has everyone join him in a responsive reading of the Declaration of Independence.

    3.) Has ALL American CITIZENS, age 21 years of age and older, take the National Oath of Office so they are all sworn in and ready at a moments notice to DEFEND, and PROTECT the U.S. Constitution from ALL ENEMIES, foreign and DOMESTIC.

    4.) He/she then declares ALL American Citizens, age 21 and older, to be OFFICERS in the HIGHEST ranking police force in the nation, The United States Constitutional Police Force / Federal Militia. Under the direct control of ANY and ALL American Patriots who will be ever diligent to uphold their oath to protect our Constitution and keep our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS from being erroded or stolen by unscrupulous politicians and those hating our constitutional rights. All other police forces are subservient (even unneccissary) as the NEW U.S.C.P.F./F.M. will out rank them and SERVE without PAY, and are responsile to keep the peace and support fellow officers within their range of view if a crime or disturbance occurs. ALL American Cittizens are legal COPS carrying firearms, keeping the peace in their own immediate vicinity and not having to blow MULTI-BILLIONS of dollars on PAY and RETIREMENT BENEFITS to the existing line of police forces who ALL have broken their OATH and have let UN-AMERICAN people who have slimed and oozed their way into office through fraud and lies, make laws that are against the constitution, which is TREASON, and the COPS have done nothing about it. WE THE PEOPLE now CAN and WILL uphold it, LEGALLY as the highest law enforcement in the land.

    5.) Now that CITIZENS are the POLICE FORCE, the POTUS immediately signs an Executive Order declaring a NATIONAL SECURITY EMERGENCY, which allows him to legally enact ALL the E.O.s in place already, and be the LEGAL DICTATOR of the land while under this EMERGENCY order. He/she then IMMEDIATELY tells the military to “Stand Down” and let the new Police force handle all situations that arise. The POTUS has NO POWER unless the new CITIZEN’S police force stands behind his/her orders….and they have to defend and protect the constitution. If a MAJORITY of the CITIZENS who are NOW the legitimate police power, do NOT support the decisions of the POTUS, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for the POTUS to be a TYRANT and enforce his/her ideas on the citizens. The POTUS must have ANSWERS that work to solve the problems or he/she is simply powerless to move the country forward.

    6.) The POTUS declares the United States of America to be a RIGHT TO WORK NATION. No one can be forced or coerced to join a union, and NO UNIONIZATION of any tax paid employee will EVER be allowed again.

    7.) Cap ALL public sector jobs to 12 years maximum with NO RETIREMENT BENEFITS. Medical, only, will be covered during their 12 years of agregate service.

    8.) The POTUS then signs an E.O. NATIONALIZING ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE. Now ALL debt belongs to the government.

    9.) The POTUS then signs an E.O. RELEASING and FORGIVING ALL DEBT, both Public and Private. America has forgiven other nations MULTI-BILLIONS of debt but has never released or forgiven its own CITIZENS their debt. Which according to the Bible, is to be done EVERY 7 years. So NOW there is ZERO DEBT both public and private.

    10.) NOW using June 1, 2011 as a benchmark, the POTUS declares ALL salaries, wages, wholesale and retail prices, LOWERED by 90% ACROSS THE BOARD. Now there is ZERO DEBT, and 1968-70 wages and prices.

    11.) Because there is NO PUBLIC or private debt owed, the POTUS then abolishes the IRS and the 16th Amendment to the constitution that set up the Federal Income Tax system (and was NEVER legally ratified and that is why it is the ONLY tax in the nation that is called a VOLUNTARY TAX and the IRS enforces VOLUNTARY compliance, which is EXTORTION). NOW there is NO MORE federal taxes on Corporations or Private citizens, and the citizens take home 100% of their paychecks, and NO filing of income taxes ever again.

    12.) The POTUS signs and E.O. declaring a MAXIMUM 3% excise tax (sales tax) on ALL RETAIL PURCHASES and the tax is added to your purchase at checkout. 100% of ALL people, foreign and domestic, legal or illegal, will pay this tax and it is the ONLY TAX the Federal government will receive to run the country, and it is MORE THAN ENOUGH and CAPS government spending forever.

    13.) HERE’S THE ICING ON THE CAKE. Now that America’s debts have been forgiven and the new tax system is set up, the POTUS signs an E.O. putting the power to print and coin money back to the U.S. Treasury, as authorized in the constitution and abolishes the Federal Reserve Board and the money owed the Federal Reserve is all forgiven and gone too. Because we live in a DIGITAL AGE, we can do this. The POTUS declares the extablishment of NGA20 accounts for ALL American CITIZENS (and you must prove citizenship). NGA stands for NATIONAL GRANT ACCOUNT for all CITIZENS age 20 years and older. Each CITIZEN will have his/her own NGA account with the U.S. TREASURY and in that account will be a ONE TIME ONLY, GRANT for $50,000 dollars. That will be a total of 12.6 TRILLION dollars in grants to the American Citizens and that GRANT money will be IN YOU POCKET to spend as you wish. IT IS DIGITAL MONEY accessed by a treasury bank card. When your $50,000 is spent by you, it is GONE forever. ALL OTHER GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND ARE TERMINATED AND ABOLISHED FOREVER. No more Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Retirment benefits, Education grants, etc. NOTHING.
    The 50 THOUSAND dollar grant with zero debt and 1968-70 wages and prices is a huge amount of money. It is the equivalent of receiving 500 THOUSAND dollars in a 2012 economy. Examples: A 300 thousand dollar house today, will now be only 30 thousand dollars. You have 50 thousand dollars, go pay cash for a nice house. Any FORCLOSURE home must be purchased by a private CITIZEN (no companies) and must be fully paid for in CASH so the government can NEVER have any attachment rights to it again.
    Buy a NEW car. A 40 thousand dollar car will cost only 4 thousand dollars. You now have a new house and a new car fully paid for and you’ve spent only 34 of your 50 thousand dollars. Take a 2 year vacation for another 5 thousand dollars. Then purchase your OWN life, medical, and retirement insurance programs. Rents that are 1200 dollars a month today, will only be 120 dollars a month. If you choose to use your 50 thousand dollars to pay your rent ahead, it will pay your rent for 17 years!! Your prescription drugs that cost you 1,000 dollars a month will now only be 100 dollars a month. A devastating medical bill of 500 thousand dollars will now only be 50 thousand dollars.

    14.) Open all drilling and production of oil in ALL U.S. States and territories both on and off shore. Mandate the immediate construction of 500 oil refineries within U.S. borders.


    National unity. 1st and 2nd Amendment rights restored.

    FREE law enforcement with multi-millions more cops.

    No more budget draining benefit programs for public sector employees.

    ZERO DEBT Public and Private

    No more Federal Income Taxes, just a 3% sales tax EVERYONE pays

    1968-70 Prices and Wages. Only 10% of today’s prices and wages.

    All manufacturing immediately returns to USA as we have ALL the resources and lowest wages and least government interference.

    Poorest American CITIZEN has $50,000 GRANT (digital money)

    No more Federal Reserve interference

    America TRULY Energy independent

    No more need for government bureaucracies. CZARS gone.

    Police stand for the Constitution and arrest public officials trying to pass laws to overthrow our constitutional form of government.

    TYRANNY IMPOSSIBLE because tyrants have to have police power and now they have none.

    15 TRILLION dollar debt GONE.

    12.6 TRILLION NGA20 grants are IN the pockets of CITIZENS to spend, NOW, not an unfunded future liability.

    Illegal aliens will self-deport as they can make more money in Mexico and there are ZERO public benefits for ANYONE.

    That’s just a good START, America. THIS ALL CAN BE DONE.

    IF YOU WON’T DO IT, I’LL DO IT. just write my name in on election day.

    Have yu heard a better plan??? I think not. YOU DO IT!…..I’ll vote for YOU…..but if you won’t, I WILL.

    Thomas J. Raasio

  • Jaego

    So does this mean you all are actually going to stand up to the Jews who are trying to disarm us and do what they did to Christians in the Soviet Union? I mean they’ve been working against Christianity for generations in America and for two thousand years in the Old World. But that hasn’t stopped you from all but worshiping them. So why stop now?

  • GoodGuy729

    I am a strong believer in all that Freedon Outpost stands for, however, your biblical study has left out THE most important chapter in the entire bible on this topic, which is Romans 13. In verses 1-5 we read: “13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.”

    While I am as frustrated with our current leadership as you are, our resistance to tyranny must be within the framework of God’s word. Pray for our leaders, pray about thier deceisions. Look at for ideas on how to do that.

  • CommonSense

    Hey ‘GoodGuy729′, how’d that work out for the Jews in Germany and other places and the 55+ million aborted babies. Our Godly Founders established this nation with Biblical principles and then they were perverted. King Geo changed the laws to MAKE and create law-breaking by the Americans. To obey Obama is to disobey the 10 Commandments and the Original Intent of the Founding Documents created with the blessings of God invoked. If you think I am wrong, go pay to watch an abortion, it’s your tax money.

  • Woody

    To Jeago:

    Don’t paint all Jews with such a broad brush! Go to: and see what they have to say.

    And, for your information, I am not a Jew, I am a Christian.

  • Brent Lawler

    Love this!! Thanks for writing this Gordon. I would like to reprint this @ my website: if that is okay with you Mr. Runyan. Please let me know. :)

  • US Army (retired)

    “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”
    Abraham Lincoln

    The 2nd Amendment is NON-NEGOTIABLE!
    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, THE RIGHT OF

    US Army (Retired)
    1st Sgt/Master Sgt,
    Aug. 8, 1968 – July 1, 1992

  • Bill Weston

    All soveriegnty ultematly comes from “natures God” as stated in The Declaration of Independence”. Thus all societies exist at the pleasure, or sufferance, of God. God has also given mankind a set of principles by which to live, “higher laws” if you will. The historical portions of scripture (the Bible, 1st & 2nd Kings and 1st & 2nd Chronicles for example) describes how any society is formed, develops, then declines when deviation from the “higher laws” manifests itself. World history complements and supplements the lessons taught in scripture. Most of the countries that have come and gone in history have been ruled by an elite few (an aristocracy or tyrants in some cases) and when the “elite” becomes corrupted, the country collapses. In 1776, a new concept of liberty, “government of the people, by the people, and for the people as stated by Abraham Lincoln 85 years later, was concieved. Thus soveriegnty was delegated by God to the people. They in turn delegated specific, enumerated, and limited powers to necessary social institutions, civil government, churches, and schools, etc. and reserved a set of “unalienable rights” (also given by God) to themselves. This “experiment in liberty” became known as “the shot heard around the world”. Even so, “We, the people….” are still subject to the set of “higher laws” given to us by our sovereign God the same as any aristocracy or tyrant; Plus it is incumbent on us to demand the same adherance by our social institutions. Therefore.if the people allow corruption to prevail, our “experiment in liberty will fail. May God have mercy on us.



  • JerryBaker

    When they called for “No Smoking” in all public areas, I sat by silently; after all smoking isn’t healthy. When they called for an end to the “32 ounce drinks,” I sat by silently; after all,  the obese are too stupid to know what they are doing to their bodies.
    Submission to Tyranny has been acquiesence in motion. “I don’t want to get involved,” the lamest excuse in this world; you are involved if you are alive. Now, these ruling intellectualists are ruling (TYRANNIZING) your very lives!!
    Stand up and be counted!!!