Canada's Boy Scouts Warn BSA Of Homosexual Infiltration

“The notion that we need to protect homosexuals more than we need to protect children…has been a disturbing trend.”
Brian Rushfeldt, president, Canada Family Action

As you may know, the radical homosexual lobby is using totalitarian methods in an attempt to bully the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) into submission by changing their long-standing policy of banning homosexuals from admission into the BSA.

It would do well for the American people to look across the border to Canada and see the disastrous consequences of such a decision.

In 1998, Canadian Scouts (CS) decided to allow females, atheists, agnostics, homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals to join the CS. In 1999, they approved the establishment of an all-homosexual troop, which now marches in Canada’s “gay pride” parades. Within five years, scouting membership dropped over 50 percent, many scouting camps and offices were closed, and staff was laid off.

More importantly is the tragic sexual abuse by leaders in scouting.

Brian Rushfeldt, president of Canada Family Action, stated, “They have secret files (here in Canada) as they do down there (in the U.S.) of guys that had abused kids that they hadn’t reported. There were investigations into the abuse of boys, which never really produced anything in Canada.”

The Boy Scouts of America currently has a problem with Scout leaders abusing boys. There have been over 2,000 cases of abuse.
For example:

Scout leader Brett Tayler was charged with more than 30 counts of child molestation and exploitation. He is suspected of molesting at least 10 boys from ages 6-9 years old.

Scout leader Peter Robert Stibal II was sentenced to 21 years for sexually abusing four Scouts from 2003 to 2008 and possessing child pornography.

Douglas Smith Jr., who ran the child abuse prevention program for the BSA, was sentenced to eight years in federal prison for trafficking child pornography on the Internet.

If homosexual child abuse has already been a problem in the BSA, it would be a tragedy to allow homosexuals to infiltrate their organization.
America could learn from Canada in more ways than one.

To take it a step further, consider the consequences of passing homosexual marriage in Canada, implemented in 2005.

Warnings from Canadians:

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast from Ottawa, Canada recently came to warn America. During his speech at St. Thomas University in MN, he laid out numerous examples:

For simply writing a letter defining Catholic teaching on homosexual marriage, Bishop Frederick Henry of Calgary, Alberta, was called up before the Human Rights Commission in 2005. Bishop Henry’s complaint was subsequently dropped by the plaintiff who admitted that he only filed the complaint to get media attention.

Once again, the homosexual radical’s “complainant” feigned victim status only to find out that he was actually the assailant.

During his speech, Archbishop Prendergast quoted Henry as saying, “Human rights laws designed as a shield are now being used as a sword. The issue is rarely truth formation, but rather censorship, and applying a particular theology through threats, sanctions and punitive measures.”

He continued, “The Bible is being called hate literature. Clearly, the church is in the crosshairs. There will be growing pressure for the church to comply or to be shut down.”

The archbishop went on to note the consequences of homosexual marriage in Canada:

  • restrictions on freedoms
  • forced sex education
  • sexually confused children
  • sexual experimentation among children
  • muzzling and debilitating the church
  • more births out of wedlock
  • more in vitro fertilizations
  • more abortions
  • more poverty
  • more misery
  • more disease
  • more addictions
  • higher health-care costs

Phil Lees of Canada’s Public Education Advocates for Christian Equity (PEACE), who spent most of his career in public education, said the same-sex marriage law had an immediate effect on Canadian schools:

“Experience shows that whenever homosexual marriage becomes law, children will be exposed to an increasingly sexualized curriculum and school environment at an early age, as early as kindergarten.”

In Canada the radicals have sought to lower the age of consent to 14 years old for anal intercourse. What does this have to do with homosexual “marriage”?

Absolutely everything

Pastor Steve Boissoin was dragged through a seven-year process by the Human Rights Commission and found guilty. What was his crime? He wrote a letter to an editor of a local newspaper over his concern about the homosexual agenda in schools.

In America

Along with the Supreme Court upholding the Boy Scouts long-standing policy to ban homosexuals in 2000, thirty-two states have voted down homosexual “marriage.” America is clearly winning the battle. However, through the guise of “diversity” and “love,” criminals working behind the scenes mean to shut down the church, destroy the family and make your children a prey. This, my friends, is ungodly and un-American.

It would be wise of Americans to heed Canada’s warnings.

Who is Bradlee Dean?



Bradlee Dean is an ordained preacher, heavy metal drummer, talk-show host of the Sons of Liberty Radio, and speaks on college and high school campuses with his ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International. Follow Bradlee on Twitter and Like Him on Facebook.

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156 comments on “Canada's Boy Scouts Warn BSA Of Homosexual Infiltration
  1. lorriekinard says:

    I went on the Boy Scouts of America’s website today and send  a message stating that the moral decline in this country is appalling and I am so disappointed in them for even thinking about changing their policy. If they do, it
    will only be the beginning of the end of what was a great institution with moral and christian fibers. I urge everyone to contact them also and especially parents who have scouts out there, let your voices be heard!

    • Roeech says:

      @lorriekinard Actually, there are those now speaking of the creation of a Christian Boy Scouts organization.  That and one for females would be a good trend because those who have counseled and coached in both of these organizations want to be where they are respected and we know homos and lesbos do not respect themselves, let alone anyone else.

  2. DaveStoops says:

    Lord Baden Powell must be turning over in his grave.  The girls scouts caved and I no longer respect the organization and will not support them.  If BSA caves, I will no longer support them.

  3. TomMartin1 says:

    This is like the mosquitos petitioning for a job i the blood bank
    The Gay scouting movement is about adding a sexual agenda to the scouts , their sexual agenda.
    If Gays want to create gay scouts — let them,  entirely independent of the existing group.

  4. There’s just one type of adult male that would commit pedophilia on male children, that would be a homosexual. — It is simply the responsible thing to do, to not allow homosexuals to work with children. People that would do such despicable things should not be allowed any where near children. This is about the children. It is not about the adults. Keep the children as safe as can be. Don’t risk their safety.

  5. David says:

    I became an Eagle Scout in 1976, a long time ago. We had a troop sponsored by a local Mormon Church, which was typical even in Los Angeles. They never proselytized, but respectfully gave their young charges valuable guidance about what it means to become a young man, with a sense of purpose.

    Compared to the indecency of the local media, Hollywood, and the public education system, it was easy for We Band Of Brothers to discern the differences in the messages.

    I look fondly at those days, and rue the day if the National Council of the BSA ignores Eternal Truths, and sacrifices them at the altars of Temporal political correctness and those minorities who seek to tear down another great institution of our formative years.

  6. texanna says:

    I don’t understand why the term “pedophilia” is not mentioned one time in this entire piece.  I do agree with the early sexualization of children due to the homosexual lobby and am absolutely against it and other means of sexualizing children found in the media, in toys, etc.  However, this is pedophilia which is a paraphilia – aberrant sexual behavior and it is a felony!

  7. Sense1 says:

    I will not support BSA if the policy changes and I am more than a little offended and tired of FB censoring crical issues like this one.

  8. Evermyrtle says:

    Children are homosexuals??  Children should have to know what a homosexual eves is, that is information that is not fit to be heard by a  child.

  9. Evermyrtle says:

    pleas Sparkle, Sandra and Larry pray for my son Derral who is undergoing surgery tomorrow to repair ligament surgery in his right arm.

  10. Evermyrtle says:


  11. bobseeks says:

    Homosexuals and other sexual deviants just cannot wait to get their hands on children. Within a few years of homosexuals in leadership positions the scandals of the roman catholics will seem like nothing. Are the parents of Boy Scouts really going to let the rape and sodomizing of their sons happen?

  12. Obummer says:

    Homosexuality is a deviation of sexual preference, nothing more.  Two grown up guys or gals are no different than a grown up guy or gal wanting to have sex with a 5 year old boy or girl.  They are sick and cannot control their sexual desires and want to impose their sickness on the remaining 99% of the population that sees them for what they truly are.  They need to be put down like the rabid dogs they truly are.

  13. MYS77 says:

    Aids needs to make a comeback and bring homos to their knees. I don’t care what anyone says…. these people are the scum of the earth…

    • SandraLeeSmith says:

      @MYS77 Too contagious and not curable.  It’s finally been admitted, albeit very quietly, in the past couple of months, it’s spread the same way as hepatitis, which makes it too dangerous to unleash like that, especially with the “new rules” governing everything; kindergarteners could legally be infected…. and far too many who have the disease DO so deliberately!

      • Roeech says:

        @SandraLeeSmith  @MYS77 and then want us to pay through our taxes the many thousands of dollars for their meds while they continue their perverted lifestyle.  In San Francisco they are trying to get the bath houses opened again!  Stupid is as stupid does, and this type of perversion ranks at the top for stupidity, cupidity and wanting what they want no matter the cost in dollars, health or soliciting or molesting children, both boys and girls.  The spread disease and nothing more!  Like vermin, they need to hide themselves or be eradicated.

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @Roeech  Aside from AIDS, which is far more easily spread than the public had been being informed, which has only been admitted openly, albeit NOT with much fanfare, in the past couple of months, there are numerous physical problems and diseases specific to such behaviors for which our bodies were not designed, which are long term and costly to treat, and contribute to the high costs of medical care for all of us,   Bath houses were veritable breeding grounds for many of those diseases.  Introducing this to boys as young as 8 on their outings, or at meetings,  which will be inevitable, is just plain child abuse, and/or endangerment!

    • Brian Hill says:

      @MYS77 NO!,NO!,NO!  Not the way to go about it, PLEASE think before you type. If you truly believe this you are more dangerous than what we seek to fix. We must have sanity and sound people making sound statements and sound decisions. What you are doing hurts our goals. This kind of talk gets them points. IT IS WRONG!

  14. Stay straight on Gods path and never get off! Follow Gods word all of your life. Gods Ten Commandments are not to be compromized as they are the straight path to follow for all of your life. Your decision are life long marks of who and what you were while you lived here on earth. America was built on God and peoples common decency with one another! The urge of some now want to destroy what we have and trade it for unfit,unclean ways to live! Stay on course with Gods way to live and accept no others.

  15. MJ123 says:

    While I respect someone’s choice to be homosexual – or their predisposition to be homosexual, or whatever, I also find it very clear that it is a deviation from normal sexual behavior.  It does not result in procreation, which is why sex exists in the first place.  And thus, anyone who is homosexual is perverted.  I don’t mean that in a derogatory, insulting sense, but in the clinical sense.  Unnatural sexual behavior is a perversion.  And if one can pervert to the same sex, they are more likely to pervert to a non-sexual being – like a child.  And thus, homosexual behavior should be isolated and private, not publicly accepted and “normalized.”  You can’t normalize something that is abnormal.  Go ahead, be gay if you like, but mind your own damn business!

    • CharlieFromMass says:

      @MJ123  “Go ahead, be gay if you like, but mind your own damn business!”
      Couldn’t have said it better if I said it myself.

    • SandraLeeSmith says:

      @MJ123 Homosexuality is a learned behavioral disorder.  There is no genetic component involved, but since we begin learning at the 5th month of gestation and many factors influence what each child learns, even within a family, it’s still not known precisely when or why such behavior has been learned.  However, TEACHING it to children as young as 5-6 in Kindergarten will certainly have  considerable effect on the process, in a  negative and harmful way.  The thing about a behavioral disorder is that what has been learned can be unlearned, IF the individual is willing to do the work involved in doing so!  And recently CA passed a law PREVENTING therapists from aiding such persons in recovering from this disorder.  These would be leaders of the same mindset that will be labeling us as “mentally ill” for standing for the Constitution and believing in God!

  16. cdl123 says:

    Though i have the same religious beliefs, individuals have the right to couple as they wish. They should not however, be allowed to attack the beliefs and rights of others. Right now the MOST important thing is to protect children. I’ve read material that claims the next area of attack is to have pedophilia declaired as normal behavior and that they too were born that way. Whether true or not the behavior is wrong and not acceptable. We must protect our children.

    • texanna says:

       The single most important thing should be protecting children.  Every inidividual who prefers the same sex for partners is NOT a pedophile.  Heterosexuals are also pedophiles.  The fact that pedophilia isn’t even used in the entire article proves this is nothing more than an attack on homosexuals.  It’s just short of being the same thing as screaming “FIRE” in a crowded theater.  We have far more serious issues facing us than the rights of gay people.  This piece has NO credibility with me because it is obviously an attack on a small group of society and not about the problem of pedophilia.   We need to be involved in the education process to stop the sexualization of children in public schools and in other facets of society in order to protect them from pedophiles.

  17. DebraJMSmith says:

    There’s just one type of adult male that would commit pedophilia on male children, that would be a homosexual. — It is simply the responsible thing to do, to not allow homosexuals to work with children. People that would do such despicable things should not be allowed any where near children. This is about the children. It is not about the adults. Keep the children as safe as can be. Don’t risk their safety.

    • JEButler says:

       Just to let you know, not all are homosexuals. IF you believe rape of a women by a male is about sex then I can understand what you say you think it true. If you think it is about power and control then you wouldn’t be saying what you did! I work around them, they aren’t all gay!!!

  18. chesnut says:

    The answer to this infiltration into the hallowed halls of BSA leadership is that ALL concerned and moral scouters need to rise up in unified revolt calling for the immediate resignation of national and other sympathetic homosexual leaders and institute ones of our own moral choosing. A house divided to this magnitude will surely fall. We cannot and must not wait till May for a ruling!! Why wait? What in heaven’s name are they now saying is so complicated? We know what is right and wrong, why doesn’t BSA headquarter anymore!? I call for their immediate ouster! If we had NO leadership from national it would be better than a perverse one. The Scout Law and Oath are not negotiable or changeable, period. Without them it is not scouting but just another boys club and a dangerous one at that.

  19. WolfyJam says:

    Another attempt to destroy all that is good in America. the left could care less about fags. they want to emplode our base foundations and sacred institutions so that they can be replaced with soviet style communism. the left hates America. isn’t it time to stop turning the other cheek and start hating left. my dear people, there is nothing wrong with hating hate. even the bible tells us that. don’t be afraid to tell these freaks to go to hell. I don’t want my sons around girly boys, and that’s that.

  20. God_Of_War says:

    Attempts at maintaining decency is something the media can’t stand. Any group that stands together is usually a target for ridicule and destruction……especially when the group stands for principles the media doesn’t like. Take Christians, the boy scouts, politicians against illegal immigration, the NRA, etc….. These groups stand united in opposition to much of what the media has done to America….to the media, they must be destroyed.
    Good people, moral people, as a group tend to stand together with the aim to be decent citizens. Take gun owners for example. They think the second amendment is a right or the doomsday fallback provision when all else at protecting freedoms has failed. They think  ANY person or group who attempts to remove Americans from those freedoms is an enemy.
    Americans have a history of fighting tyrants…and they have won those battles for the most part. Now, Americans are facing the tyrants in the media, run by the few media elite, who want to remove Americans from their freedoms and force homosexuality down your throats and into your children.
    I say it’s time we attack the media, take their freedoms away and give the right to free speech and decency back to the American people. Let’s see how the media likes their rights being trampled.
     Why leave such a precious right in the hands of a few media elite who have proven to be nothing more than another brand of tyrant? A tyrant trying to force homosexual acceptance on the people. A tyrant trying to teach homosexuality in our classrooms. A tyrant who destroys any politician trying to stem illegal immigration, etc, etc.
    This tyrant, known as the media, has become the most dangerous enemy America has ever faced. And this includes socialism, communism, NATZI’s, and islam combined!
    Time we brought free speech back into the hands of the people! Time we take free speech out of the hands of the few and give it back to the people!

    • violator1 says:

      @God_Of_War You are so right sir, I resort to their own tactics knowing that it is past time that we stop turning the cheek and fight fire with fire! I do not enjoy using these tactics but it has been somewhat effective against many of their tyrades!

      • TexasOlTimer says:

        @violator1  @God_Of_War 
        Those of us that have lived long enough to have seen what America once was and what it has become are also those that, in the past and even today, generally leave others alone. If that’s what you want to do, maybe I don’t agree with it, but that’s your choice and along with that choice is personal responsibility.
        We aren’t used to fighting those that don’t agree with us and we have to learn those tactics and fast. We are a disjointed voice because we have no strong conservative voice that demands attention (where is Reagan when you need him!) to join us together. 
        There are many of us that are older that are willing to do whatever we need to in order to preserve our Constitution and our freedom. There are also many of the younger folks as well. Unfortunately there are also many uninformed, ill-informed or indoctrinated citizens that believe what they hear in the media and believe we are the “right-wing radicals” instead of normal patriotic Americans.
        We don’t enjoy using the tactics of the left but it does work against them. If you read Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ and the ideas of Cloward and Pivens, you know where they come from. Simply use the same thing against the ones that are trying to turn our country upside down.

  21. Starliner says:

    God_Of_War is right! It’s high time we went after the media full force! We need to exploit their every weakness, expose their lies, and show them up as the gutless, maggot puppets of the Administration they are.

  22. CharlieFromMass says:

    This is what happens when you completely lose your moral compass.
    The past has show too much rigidity can be as destructive as a total lack of structure. Canada is clearly showing what happens when those who in essence, are children, are left to do the jobs of adults.
    Setting aside all the particular topics and looking at the problem as a whole, this is what happens when immature, unethical, unreasonable, and, dare I say, in may cases, unintelligent people are left to positions of leadership.
    We all need to be paying attention and getting mobilized to stop this train-wreck before it completely leaves the rails.
    Did I mention the train is carrying icky toxic sludge?

  23. nax777 says:

    People can start pointing out to the MSM’s that child molesters are forced to use drastic measures because of society’s rejection of “minor attracted adults.” That we should stop stereotyping “minor attracted adults” and using such negative words such as pedophile. That we should embrace their life style and teach the children that there is nothing wrong with having sex with adults.
    Before you act, know the facts and consider the consequences. /

    • SandraLeeSmith says:

      @nax777 Excuse me, but as an adult who has survived years of sexual abuse at the hands of several adult relatives, I have NO intention of “being sensitive” to their “problems” with society reacting adversely to their perversity!  They know, same as everyone else, what they’re doing is wrong; and they choose to continue doing it!  The child is the VICTIM here; NOT the adults! And don’t even try to “pretty it up” with terms like “minor attracted”!  I’m aware of the problems of getting people into therapy; and to stay with it; but that’s an ADULT choice to make or not.  These are SICK and HURTFUL people who do major harm to children, and they should have to feel some of the pain they inflict TOO!  Put yourself in the CHILD’S place and rethink your position on that!

      • texanna says:

        @SandraLeeSmith  @nax777 I didn’t think nax was defending pedophilia, just stating what the plan is and the terms being used in an attempt to justify it.  Maybe I’m wrong about that post.  On the other hand, you are female?  Proving my point that I doubt you were molested by a homosexual.  Studies show it is rare for a lesbian to be a pedophile.

        • texanna says:

          @SandraLeeSmith  @nax777 Oh – I just looked the B4Uact site and am totally REPULSED.  They’ve come up with PC term for pedophilia and that is BS!

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @texanna  Funny; one of my abusers happened to BE a female too!

    • edodaniel says:

      @nax777 Nope!  It is way past time to go back to calling a spade a spade.  A pedophile by any other name is still a pedophile and calling a pedophile a pedophile is SUPPOSED to inflict negative feelings as there is NOTHING positive about depravity in any form.
      If it was your child preyed upon by a pedophile would YOU be calling him a “minor attracted adult” or would you get off the high horse and let slip the proper descriptions of pedophile, pederast, and despicable depraved SOB?
      Using euphemisms might be politically correct but it is as misguided as using a bed spread and air freshener to make a rotting corpse disappear.

      • JacquelineLynn says:

        @edodaniel  @nax777
         To answer your question I would be looking for the PERP with a full loaded gun since the LAW will not deal with them! Yes, I would end up in prison but it would be worth it to remove one of these ugly perves from the streets!

    • BarbaraLarge says:

      @nax777  Sheeesh!!! I thought you were JOKING until I read your webpage. What YOU need to do is go work with the perverts and keep your comments to yourself!!!

    • DWinch says:

      @nax777 You should take up a sport that doesn’t involve children, to occupy your time more, like sky diving without a parachute or play hangman with a real rope.
      Get yourself some help before an angry parent catches you and puts you out to pasture for good.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @nax777 Anti-GOD, anti-America, anti-child dirt bag. I would hate for my child to even lay eyes on you and won’t if there is any possible to prevent it. My youngest is 27 years and you are not fit to b in her presence. I have read thousands of comments but this is the most repulsive one, they do not come any worse than this, does not come any lower than this.

  24. unclebarry says:

    I was a Sea Explorer for 3 or 4 years when I was a teenager. And I can tell you that the issue isn’t the troop it’s the troop leader(s). I know this from first hand experience. Yes I was accosted, assaulted, fondled, toyed with by the troop Captain/scout master. Me and another guy. A high school buddy. Long story short a week goes by and I get a call from my buddies dad (a doctor). He just asked me one question, “Is it true What Ron (not real name)told him about our visit to The Captains home.” I said “yes.” No one ever saw the Captain again and the troop was disbanded. That’s my story. You decide what you want to do.

  25. DAY8293A says:


    • DavidPeacock says:

      @DAY8293A it is called first hand experience;; which the obama statests ignore. all their social engineered programs have already been tried and failed

    • SandraLeeSmith says:

      @DAY8293A Not so much smarter, as just experienced ahead of us!

  26. deebar says:

    Day , here is something else from Canada that all should see !! Canada always wanted to be us , not now !!     Don’t miss this ————

  27. xron2 says:

    Homosexual have always wanted a clear shot at children and governments are offering up children to them more and more! Homosexuals are going to hell and they know it and want to take as many people with them when they go and I sure hope Obama loves hell!

  28. DavidPeacock says:

    as I heard this ;;the exact conclusion came to mind;; the HOMOS will take over and destroy the original Christian ideology of the scouts;;;;;the world has gone CRAZY; the insane are in full mode;;EARTH WORMS ARE  a major contributor to global climate change;;  cow farts release too much methane gas;where the hell are these fools from MARS?

  29. EarlHudgins says:

    This is going to happen here. The Gay agenda is going to completely destroy us bit by bit.

  30. mrscas says:

    The Boy Scouts might as well shut down.  I can’t imagine any parent putting their child at risk by exposing them to a possible pedophile.

  31. LarryGallo says:

    We have so many REAL problems in this country with our debt and deficits, unemployment, waaaaaayyyy too many people on welfare and food stamps, cuts to our defense, etc.  And all schittard PC libnuts want to do is play ‘Social Director’.  BUT OUT OF PRIVATE ENTITIES!

  32. homosexuality is a symptom of a decadent society.  As with Sodom and Gommorah, ( verified by archaeological digs near the Red Sea), this place and those who lived there were burnt to death by God.  If the Bible is hate literature, who is doing the hating?  Get real!  it is God who hates your sins, and the punishment is written down for all to see.

    • TerranceTimmons says:

      @philstilliard lol phil, please pull out a history book. there has ALWAYS been homosexuals, in every culture, even the native americans, and it was NOT stigmatized until we forced our culture on to theirs.  so are you saying that every culture ever existing was or is decadent????  yes we do have a decadent culture, but i wouldnt put it because of homosexuals, there are a lot worse things that are “allowed” if not legal in our society that is far more harmful.  and no i dont agree with the BSA being “forced” to allow them, but while there is pressure, they cant be forced can they.  it was their choice to vote on this, which way they go, we will have to see.  i am mixed on this, just as someone said before, having to share a tent with someone who is sexually attracted to you, but not you to them, would be uncomfortable,so it would require a lot of new guidelines

  33. geoff2a6 says:

    What a shame. gay boys to gay men, gay girls to gay woman, Theses kind of humanbeings. Should not be aloud to adopt kids. it should be banned from them. It is a problem where the gay humans of earth will cry for the rights to be able to live a normal life here on this planet. Being gay is a dead end street. they can’t reproduce. Unless your a gay women, artifical incemination from a donors sperm. But men don’t have that option. they would have to adopt. would you want to be a kid and be adopted by a gay couple. You might or you might not. this kind of stuff makes the kids turn into furture homos lezbows or killers.

    • texanna says:

       There is absolutely no proof or scientific literature that proves your point “…makes the kids turn into future homos lesbows or killers.”   This is a perfect example of ignorant hate speech.  Thank you for proving my point.  There are numerous studies and evidence that gay parents raise straight kids who contribute to society.  There are numerous studies which show that poor parenting by any couple may lead a child into a life of crime or other deviant behavior.  The single most significant factor is not sexual orientation – it is POVERTY.

      • DavidPeacock says:

        @texanna  @geoff2a6 DEVIATED SEXUAL ORIENTATION;1.]  hormonal imbalance [testosterone–estrogen]; 2.] molestation by adults creating a psychological aversion to the sex of the offender.

      • JEButler says:

        @texanna  @geoff2a6
         There is no proof they don’t either. While you hopld up the ones that weren’t affected the other side holds up those that were. Now what?? Why not study it? I’ll tell you why. For the same reasin NO ONE wanted to take the Second Amendment to court. Both sides fear a severe loss. Well, the anti-gunners did it and tossed the dice thinking they could win. Bad call they lost. How about we toss the dice on just what happens to young minds in a “gay” home as opposed to one in a “straight” home. Roll those dice and end the controversey!!

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6 IT IS KINDA SAD when little tots got to school and tell their friends they have  [2] mommies or [2] daddies. I think it can increase their tendencies if the couples are open about their sexual activities;; it is unusual for a boy to see two men kissing and grouping each other ; or a little girl seeing two women having intimate encounters. it ain’t exactly right;; how come there are NO GAY DOGS, HORSES, PIGS, ETC?????

        • JEButler says:

          @DavidPeacock  @texanna  @geoff2a6
           Actually male animals on male animals is common. Alsio female animals “humping” on females also occurs. The gay community is very quick to point it out. However, throw a female dog in with two males and they will fight to have her!! It is the phermones that get them going and will not mount an animal of the same sex if there is one of the opposite sex there!!
            With that said. There is a pair of male  “Blue” ducks in England that seem to be a “couple”.While they have never been seen to engae in “sex” they will not mate with a female!! Interesting.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6 Only appliable to a fool!! So if you are a fool roll the dice!!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @JEButler  @DavidPeacock  @texanna  @geoff2a6 Animals do it? It is rather animistic so go ahead, it fits you! Except the animal are fare above you in character, so don’t try to put yourself above animals. .

        • Sense1 says:

          @DavidPeacock  @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6
           Actually there is some guy who wants to “marry” his german sheperd and is pissed off at the LG groups for not supporting him saying his sexuality is the next frontier. I beleive he is in Florida. He says he is gay as well and should be able to partner with who or what he choses.

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6 and you know what is even more amazing in the quest for survival;; certain species of plants and animals can evolve into either sex according to which group is needed to sustain their existence ;; wow!! texanna you seem to be very familiar with transexual animals;; uh hum; might you be one???

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @Evermyrtle  @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6 how existential of you to transgress to the theory of separation of spirit and immaterial inanimate objects;; that would make you a tree hugging [fuc66fing] imbecile right?

        • TerranceTimmons says:

          @DavidPeacock  @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6  david, there are, sorry. you just have vocal advocates that make it into the news, most species have an incidents of “gay” activity, unless you are a biologist, you just dont know about it. it is an occurrance in nature, so could be considered “natural” it is not always a learned behaviour, there is very good research showing a genetic marker to this activity, although not all tested show that.

        • texanna says:

          @TerranceTimmons  @DavidPeacock  @JEButler  @geoff2a6 Finally, some sanity.

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @TerranceTimmons  @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6 well let’s see , last time I checked I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from WIU; lived on a farm where we raised several head of various types of live stock ;hum maybe at that time we were not focusing on deviated behavior of farm animals, when you reduce the core of the conversation to the level of comparing autonomic sexual actions of procreation within lower species in the food chain to the conscience choice of the highest  primate deciding to engage in the ultimate narcissistic experience maybe it needs evaluating more deeply.

        • Dale left coast says:

          @TerranceTimmons  @DavidPeacock  @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6 Genetic Marker?   NONSENSE ! ! !

        • TerranceTimmons says:

          @DavidPeacock  @TerranceTimmons  @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6 so a BA in science and you ignore scientific fact?  must be nice, so is the earth still flat then?  it is NOT all learned behavior, nor always a choice.  yes they can “choose” to behave “normally” and wind up doing themselves harm or others when they have a mental breakdown, or they might go all their lives and be fine, that does not make it a choice of being homosexual, it is their to choice to hide from homophobic people who want to prosecute them for their actions.  one thing that kills me about supposed religious people who do this, but i thought you were supposed be trying to save people, but all they do is condemn, belittle and bemoan about those they should be working to “save”, so most christians are hypocritical at worst, ignorant of their own faith at best.

        • TerranceTimmons says:

          @Dale left coast  @DavidPeacock  @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6 sorry that was meant for david.  for yours, please get an education.  yes your sex, everything about you is based on dna, sorry that is scientific fact.  most homosexuals have a non “standard” genetic code, in that a chomosone is different from a straight person of the same sex.  and as i said not all homosexuals have this difference, but there might be other things they haven’t identified or it was a “learned” behavior.

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @TerranceTimmons  @Dale left coast  @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6 so they wants to blame it on their chomosones;; does chromosome testing explain the variances in the prokaryotic organisms  or the nuclear eukaryotic mass creating the characteristics of sexual variables; is it a physiological  anomaly  or a hereditary produced selection ; or even a malignant nucleic acid disorder.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @JEButler  @DavidPeacock  @texanna  @geoff2a6 By the way abusing a child, can be very dangerous, if you get the wrong child and the parents will take great offense and you may find yourself in deep trouble. If it were my child I would make great attempts to stake you out in a fire ant bed with something sweet on the offending member..

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6 
          Good heavens, what on earth are you asking? , I am only a little old country girl, explain your self a little better. I do take it that I said something according to you, improper but what?????
           To make myself perfectly clear, and I do believe that if you don’t, you should know just about where I stand on, on  all GODLY matters, but just in case, I am 100 % against pedifile, children involved in sexual contact or   behavior, bestiality, homosexuality, adultery, sex anywhere except between a man and a woman. If it any more complex you will have to explain. To me you question makes no sense whatsoever, except the ugly ridicule. I will remember and strive not to try to back you up, again.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @JEButler  @texanna  @geoff2a6 The above comments were for the Peacock not for Butler but it may be well  if Butler takes a look.

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @JEButler  You’re talking about submission/dominance rituals in herding or pack animals; which is NOT sexual behavior.

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @TerranceTimmonsTerrance you”re talking about the submission/dominance rituals among herding or pack animals; which determine the dominant or alpha males, and in some species, females as well; that is NOT sexual behavior.  There is no homosexual behavior in nature, only a deliberate misunderstanding of animal behavior; and you don’t have to be a biologist just someone who spends some time around animals and observes.

        • TerranceTimmons says:

          @SandraLeeSmith you are right, and wrong please read it is about all things, sexual, dominance, all social activities for some species.

      • RLM357 says:

        @texanna  @geoff2a6
        texanna:  Hae you een living in a cave?   Perhaps you really believe that which you have been instructed to believe.  I have personaly seen the results of gayadoptions some have been converted to their “parents” lifestyle.   I once interviewed a man who had his own son join him in his sexual perversions.  This is stil going ontoday. Homosexuals are by their nature predators.  For every Lie you believe, just talk to Law Enforcement for Stats to disproove them with case histories.   A publicly awarded wealthy Adoptive .Single male from South Flrida was years later found to have continually molested his two male adopted children fora decade.  He hid his predeliction very well from friends and acquiantances.  Even I was shocked to learn of it.  This applies to both males and females.  ~Rick Magee FL

        • texanna says:

          @RLM357  @geoff2a6 Evidently YOU are the CAVE MAN, Buster.  To state that homosexuals are predators by nature is the height of stupidity.  I am shocked by to complete ignorance of those posting this tripe.

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @texanna  @RLM357  @geoff2a6 tex-anna; are you riding in the saddle or “SIDE SADDLE”?

        • SandraLeeSmith says:

          @texanna  No more so, OR less so than any other humans;  WE are ALL predators!

        • TerranceTimmons says:

          @SandraLeeSmith  @texanna  yes that is true sandra, but most predators dont prey on their own young, yes some do, but humans seem to be the worst because it is not about food, but about sexual gratification, not a valid reason in my book

      • Floyd_R_Turbo says:

        @texanna  @geoff2a6 
        I wish you were right about that Texanna – but you are not:

      • SandraLeeSmith says:

        @texanna Yes, there is;  learned behaviors are passed along to others exposed to them, repeatedly; that’s how they’re learned.  That’s  knowledge that’s as old as “dirt” so to speak, about human behavior; which our founding fathers fully and well understood.  There is also ample evidence that children who grow up in households with only homosexuals develop serious problems in later life, in relationships and in general.  Your position sounds like efforts to push the homosexual agenda, and the lies they spread concerning the real evidence about its’ effects on society in general.  If in fact, you are homosexual and choose to live that lifestyle in private, that’s your business, but pushing it onto others IS my business, because you’re infringing on my rights by doing so, as are all the rest doing so!

    • TerranceTimmons says:

      @geoff2a6 well you are actually incorrect there. lots of gay men and women reproduce, either while they are “in the closet” and leading a “normal” life, or through surrogates.  Yes normally a homosexual relationship is childless and in most cases when a population of a species reaches a certain percentage of this behavior is a clear sign of a species dying out, but we are no where near that percentage, and with our current technology, it is not a real issue.  most homosexual persons are just as good as parents as straight, there are bad people in both sides.  lumping pedophiles into the mix of homosexuals just makes it seem like a higher percentage of “gays” are pedophiles.  pedophiles dont like MEN they want a child.  that is different from being homosexual.  yes they are both the same sex, but different because of the specific nature of pedophiles.  i am not sure, and no one has done a satisfactory study of this, if being raised by homosexual parents will make you homosexual, or not.

  34. GregoryMcDivitt says:

    There’s nothing quite as rich as a Roman Catholic archbishop declaiming on the evils of homosexuality and pedophilia. If he’s not a homosexual or a pedophile himself, he has almost certainly participated in covering up plenty of that stuff in the church.  Do you have any idea how the average person reacts to hearing a Catholic priest or bishop going on about homosexuality or pedophilia?  It makes them sick to their stomach.  But evidently Christians don’t have any problem with it.  If you had any sense at all, you’d never quote one of these guys again, about anything, let alone homosexuality or pedophilia.

    • Floyd_R_Turbo says:

      @GregoryMcDivitt You are probably not aware that the pedophilia problem in the Catholic church is directly attributable to an effort by the gay community to coerce the church into allowing gay seminarians to become priests. This occurred in the 1960s.
      Since you seem to have no love for Gay priests I am surprised that you are apparently advocating for Gay Scoutmasters…
      I would suggest that if a gay or pedophile priest speaks out about the dangers of putting homosexuals in positions of authority over immature males – you might want to listen to them…

  35. DavidPeacock says:

    liberalism is FAR FROM MOVING “FORWARD”;;everything obama and his Marxists are attempting has already failed in the rest of the world;; that is a clinical definition of insanity which is EXACTLY WHAT LIB/COMMUNISM IS.

  36. fortuneteller43 says:

    If certain members of the gay community wish to join the BSA solely for political reasons, they should think of what damage they are doing, I, as a heterosexual male, do not petition the courts to level the playing field by requesting the right to use a women’s room, or join a girls soccer team that gives me the right to shower with the girls. A homosexual male sees another male the same way I see a woman. It is only natural for me; and I understand it is only natural for them. Parents will not allow their sons to join the BSA if they may have to share their tent with a boy who looks upon them as the opposite sex. So there you have it folks. This petition will gut the BSA to satisfy a few disgruntled, unhappy people.

  37. DockyWocky says:

    Arm the Boy Scouts of America so they can individually repress attacks by homosexual activists.

  38. DonnelleGar says:

    “Homosexual Scouts of America”,works for me! Start your own kindda troop,instead of making things for children harder!!!

  39. DonnaLouiseJohnson says:

    When my son joined Cub Scouts, one of the first things they asked us, as parents, to do was learn how to recognize and report sexual abuse.  My son earned his Eagle Scout rank, due to his wonderful adult Scoutmasters.  Changing the morals of the Boy Scouts will dilute the Honor of the rank he earned.  Will they also be changing the Boy Scout Oath to remove the words, “morally straight?” Homosexuality is a perversion of our physical nature. They can deny it all they want, but the fact is that our bodies were not created for homosexual activity.

    • TerranceTimmons says:

      @DonnaLouiseJohnson sorry to disagree, but homosexual activity is natural, in that it does occur in nature, well documented in fact.  there is a genetic component to homosexuality, although yes not all of them have this marker, some have i feel, “learned” it, especially females after rape, etc.  but that makes it “natural” in a realistic since, not unnatural.  and do you know if “morally straight” is about sexual orientation???? is that written down somewhere? if so, why doesnt it make it more clear than that????  there is a lot more to being moral than sexual orientation.  I dont agree in forcing any group to admit those they dont want to, unless it is life saving (ie medical) which in this case its not, but claims like yours make the case for the vocal minority that the opponents are just rightwing racist homophobes, so if you want to comment intellectually, then please do some more research and thinking on the subject

      • cdl123 says:

        @TerranceTimmons  @DonnaLouiseJohnson
         Just because animals will ‘do’ something just because it moves, or that some men want to ‘do’ men does not make it right. I think that an adult has the right to choose what ever consenting adult in the privacy of their own lives, but don’t have the right to force others to believe those actions are right. And adults don’t have a right to force themselves on children. Children need to be protected because they cannot protect themselves. Whether you want to define homsexuality separate or not, I don’t care. Pedophilia whether enacted by a male or female, on a male or female child is wrong and it is sick, and these people are not going to have the approval of society to get their jollies out on children.

        • TerranceTimmons says:

          @cdl123  @DonnaLouiseJohnson ok and what in my message made i seem i felt other wise??? if you read my other posts i am death on pedophiles (i was abused by 2 males at age 10) so believe me on that.  homosexuality and pedophilia are separate issues, its not my choice to keep them separate.  unfortunately you better check, there are groups and this includes some members of the mental health variety that are trying to “normalize” pedophilia and take it off the mental disorder list. i think they should all be investigated and jailed.

      • Dale left coast says:

        @TerranceTimmons   You sound like an heterophobe . . . Same-sexers CHOOSE their lifestyle . . . Males choose to live Shorter lives, More Medical Issues and much less stable lives.   And you say this has something to do with “Race” . . . you are just friggin loonie  ! ! !

        • TerranceTimmons says:

          @Dale left coast no not all are choosers, there is proven scientific fact that an incorrect chromosone is linked to homosexual behavior.  no im  not a heterophobe, im bisexual and have lived hetero all my life.  there are medical issues, but there are a lot of homosexuals that live perfectly normal lives, when you have to hid what you are, you do things that you wouldnt normally do, or take risks that would normally not be involved.  there are a lot of heteros that die that young, but the larger pop base that is hetero brings up the average lifespan compared to the 2-3 percent that is other than hetero, and that includes transgenders of all types.  and yes i am in therapy, but not for what you think. not about about race, but a lot of those who are homophobic are also racists, they cant handle anything that is not like them.

        • Dale left coast says:

          @TerranceTimmons I don’t care what the Same-sexers do in private . . . what drives me nuts is when they come out into the world and want “Special Rights”  because they do rude things in private.   Giving them access to our children as school or in the boy scouts or other clubs is crazy.
          What “Race” are Same-sexers?   All races I would suggest . . . therefore being critical of them could NEVER be considered racist.   
          Since NO Scientific Evidence exists to support your lifestyle . . . as Masters and Johnson said in the late 90’s . . . it is a Learned Phenom . . . . 
          I remember the Same-Sex marriage vote in California . . . when the Heterophobes lost . . . they “Terrorized” churches, black communities and anyone else they deemed to have voted against them.  Where I live . . . there is more violence in the SS community than average.  They tend to have multiple partners and dabble in drugs and other dangerous habits . . . like drilling holes in public bathroom stalls (glory holes) and taking on all comers . . . insane ! ! ! 
          Today . . . the larges group of HIV infected people . . . are homosexual males.

      • Floyd_R_Turbo says:

        @TerranceTimmons  @DonnaLouiseJohnson Homosexuality IS natural but it is also pathological – like the measles. Nobody hesitates to erradicate the measles if they can because the measles provides no benefit to either the sufferer or the society. If we could find a way to identify immature people who were susceptible to incorrect gender assignment and then guide tham back to the right path we should do that.
        Probably about ten years ago there was a short-lived effort on the part of the physically disabled poulation to prevent physicians from identifying and correcting birth defects in-utero. The logic behind their position was that if fewer people were born disabled the remaining disabled population would suffer greater discrimination. Fortunately more moral individuals in both the able and the dsabled population realized that it is immoral to force young children to live through a life of pain simply in order to promote other people’s political agenda.
        I believe that one compromise that was suggested was that disabilities would be surgically corrected but that a record would be kept so that once the child reached the age of eighteen they could make the decision themselves as to wether they would want to be disabled or not. If they decided that they wanted to be disabled they could undergo surgical procedures to make it so. Predictably NOBODY decided to go this route.
        We could do the same thing with latent homosexuals – treat them and them ask them if they wanted to revert to the homosexual orietation when they came of age.

        • TerranceTimmons says:

          @Floyd_R_Turbo   @DonnaLouiseJohnson floyd they have tried “reeducating” the homosexual, in most cases it was abject failure, either they reverted, or killed themselves.  yeah reeducation.  i do agree some “choose”, but only after some very traumatic event, such as cases of women after being raped becoming lesbian.
          i totally agree with you on the physical impairments. i was born without a viable immune system, genetic defect, it took almost two years to “jumpstart” my immune system and then returning ever 3-6 months for blood tests to confirm i didnt relapse.  the disorder was known for almost 20 years before i was born, but not enough to test for, or not common enough to do it.
          i think counseling is a good idea, but not re-education attempts which have been vastly discredited as not viable in the long run.

  40. 4 more years of misery says:

    The Boy Scouts have for decades instilled wonderful guiding principles into young men who eventually became our leaders…now the Gay Lobby has decided to ruin this fine institution.  2% of the population are gay….this is a classic example of the “tail wagging the dog”.  How shameful.

  41. TedRWeiland says:

    “Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?” (1 Corinthians 11:14)

    • DavidPeacock says:

      @TedRWeiland I am not trying to be a wise a666; but what about Jesus?????

      • TedRWeiland says:

        @DavidPeacock What about Jesus? Are you going to believe 1 Corinthians 11:14 or the modern effeminate depictions of Him?

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @TedRWeiland who created this image that modern day Christians worship, where did the image originate from and from what info??????

        • TedRWeiland says:

          Being that there were no cameras in His day nor have there been any 1st-century depictions of Him, ah, let’s see, could they have come from the artist’s own imaginations?
          Once again, are you going to believe 1 Corinthians 11:14 or the modern effeminate depictions of Him?

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @TedRWeiland are you implying that the artist’s rendition is some how meant to insult the messiah??

        • TedRWeiland says:

          @DavidPeacock Not at all. I’m saying they DO insult the Messiah!

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @TedRWeiland do you think any research was ever done to create a profile of the way men dressed and coiffed during the AD 30’s?

    • mrscas says:

      @TedRWeiland What does having long hair have to do with homosexuality?  Did I miss something?

      • TedRWeiland says:

        @mrscas Nothing. However, after listening to the video “Who Is Bradley Dean?” and all the claims to his righteous stands, I thought he ought to be reminded of this Scripture. I appreciate much of what he stands for. However, he would have a more powerful testimony if he would submit to this inspired admonition from the Apostle Paul.

    • cyoder says:

      @TedRWeiland It says nature, not God.

      • TedRWeiland says:

        @cyoder Nature was created God. Regardless, Paul uses nature to say long hair on a man is a shame. He’s “cross-dressing” like a woman, which is condemned in Deuteronomy 22:5.

        • Dale left coast says:

          @TedRWeiland  @cyoder Last time I checked Ted . . . unlike izzzlam, and sikism there are No Dress codes in Christianity . . . Quoting Jewish Law from the OT is silly . . . did Jesus not come to free us from the Law?

        • TedRWeiland says:

          @Dale left coast  @cyoder No, Jesus did NOT come to free us from Yahweh’s immutable moral law, only from the requirement to keep that law perfectly to be justified or for righteousness (Romans 10:4) and from the ceremonial laws, which He fulfilled:
          “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:17-19)
          “Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law.” (Roman 3:31), etc., etc. etc.
          For more on how Yahweh’s moral law as codified in His commandments, statutes, and judgments apply today, see online book “Law and Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant” at

  42. RLM357 says:

    Inrelligent Americas feel helpless in preventing these rulings because the Liberals are in contrl.   All the more reason to ri our Nation of these leftits (politicaly and return sensibility o our interpretatios of the las.  From the top  we hear of encouragement of homosexuality eminating from the W.H.   The so-called personal trainer of the president, who gets a six figure saary for, what has been reported to be only 10 to 15 min a day, is rumored to be there for the personal needs of the president.   How charming….   A man named Sinclair had more infor on this.    The Church discovered that by allowing Homos into the priesthood  caused year of disgrace.  The attack on the BSA is only the most recent of news.  Obama has denegrated the Military by pushing his openly gay rule.  We must Protect our Natonal Treasures, the Children.  Wuld you willingl place your child in the Lion’s Den? ~Rick Magee, FL

  43. 7papa7 says:

    I personally would prefer to see the Boy Scouts fold up shop rather than bow to the PC group.  They stand for all the is ethical, moral and honest.  Why would they want to deviate from these high standards???  If they lose some funding then so be it but I believe that if the cave they will lose funding from all of those who believe in what the scouts stand for.

    • TerranceTimmons says:

      @7papa7 i am in agreement with you, no one or group should be forced in this, unless it is a lifesaving venture, doctor, hospital, etc.  I dont like the vocal minority of this community, i makes the rest seem militaristic, and pushy/needy.  they arent, they just want equality and peace for the most part.

  44. oldgreyandugly says:

    Wait until we have shriha law as they have in Iran… they claim they don’t have homosexuals over there.
    WHY… Because they are shot, beheaded or hung.
    Obama has allowed them to be out in the open, sort of like gun registration, their time will come when the muslims take over……. They would be better off keeping in the closet like before.
    I have a nephew that is gay and it’s very hard for us to deal with it…… I have told him not to be too open about it.

  45. RobertBennett1 says:

    There are numerous studies on identical twins in which one is straight, and one is perverted….since they have the same genetic composition it is not something you are born with. The only way the perverts will win is if good people do nothing. We all have to stand up to them and stand up for what is right.

    • TerranceTimmons says:

      @RobertBennett1 so if twins, and in the same environment, please enlighten us on how one is straight and one is homosexual (since perverted is a totally meaningless word in this context).  by your and others seeming knowledge it is learned so how did one learn and not the other?  please cite these studies you are talking about.  even scientists say that it might not be JUST genetic but other factors, ive not said it was JUST genetic, but there is some proof that there is a genetic link, but since we dont know the whole genome and every interaction with each other, we dont know this completely or for certain yet, in either case.

  46. texanna says:

    I have rarely seen so much unadulterated ignorance and hate in my life in one small place and ted weiland, as usual, changes the freaking subject to the length hair. This is about PEDOPHILIA, nor homosexuality, which occur in EVERY SINGLE FORM OF ANIMAL LIFE. PEDOPHILIA is a DSM III noted paraphilia. I would grant that there are those who have a screw loose and engage in sexual behavior with both sexes. One might say they are immoral, sick, or aberrant. However, there is over 40 years of study regarding homosexuality that shows it is also undeniably genetic. Just because twin studies show one is “normal” and one is not, is NOT proof because the studies do NOT account for recessive genes. You all go on an blather because I’m not wasting time on bloody fools.

    • mrscas says:

      @texanna I tend to believe that some homosexuals are born that way.   I have seen too many lesbian women that look like a man and some very feminine males.  I think that it is a birth defect.

    • truthbetoldnow says:

      @texanna Please really look at the data/studies.  It has NOT been proven that homosexuality is genetic!  Every time there has been a media splash that the gene link had been found there has been a followup report saying it was NOT found – of course this is done without much fanfare.  Please get your facts correct.  It has NOT been proven!!

    • Floyd_R_Turbo says:

      @texanna I don’t know anybody who HATES homosexuals. That is a canard that the homosexual lobby plays relentlessly to shape the debate.
      If adult homosexuals want to engage in relations with each other in private I couldn’t care less. I DO have a problem with homosexuals redefining the meaning of the term: “Marriage” just to promote greater “acceptance” of their lifestyle within the greater community. I also have a problem with homosexuals being put in positions of authority over immature heterosexual males – just as I would if an adult Male was put in a position of authority over a group of Girl Scouts (yes I know there are some).
      Finally I have a huge problem with homosexuals trying to get the age of consent for homosexual sex lowered to 14. That is a classic example of: “grooming” and should be stamped on very hard and very fast.
      Finally Finally – I think that imprisoning people for possession of pedophile photographs is unjust and reprehensible from a constitutional and moral perspective. Originally this “crime” was devised as a way to stamp out PRODUCTION of child pornography – a noble goal but unwise insofar as it is akin to attempting to stamp out dangerous driving by banning car magazines.
                With the advent of “photoshop” laws against child pornography are totally crazy. Rather than risk prosecution for actually using underage models, modern pornographers use immature looking adults and photoshop the results to simulate children. A rational society would look at this process as a way to relieve the perverted appetites of pedophiles so that real children were not put at risk.
      Of course we are no longer a rational society.

      • TerranceTimmons says:

        @Floyd_R_Turbo   @texanna  on all these points i agree with you Floyd, although the child pornography im a bit iffy on.  being the victim of abusers as a child, i dont see it in ANY way ok, production or enjoyment and if any one is TRYING to simulate, that should be the same. photo shop or using young looking models.  it is trying to promote the illegal activity. i dont see it as a rational, but maybe im not on this issue.
        marriage, although co-opted by the government was strictly from religious background and should be just that, a man and a woman, but they must offer a civil union that carries the same advantages to those same sex couples as a hetero sex couple gets.

    • SandraLeeSmith says:

      @texanna You’re wrong about the genetic component; the homosexual lobbies pressed for mapping of the genome to “prove” it was there, only to have it backfire on them; it proved there is NO gene or cluster of genes that causes homosexuality; it is precisely what the DSM III listed it  as: a behavioral disorder, which is LEARNED!  Homosexual adults in contact with children WILL pass that learning on to such children, ergo pose a danger to said children, and should never be permitted to engage in any profession or activities that place them in close proximity to or contact with children!  Get up to date; the studies’ results were published about 3 years ago.  And please stop spreading the lie that this is genetic!  It’s not and never was!

      • TerranceTimmons says:

        @SandraLeeSmith  @texanna really Sandra, so please explain the multitude of people who are or identify themselves as homosexual and have had no contact with anyone that is???? if it is ONLY learned, it must be taught, so who is the teacher, there is scientific studies that show that there are genetic differences, but not everyone who has that variation defines themselves as gay.  you can find info that says it both ways, but there is proof, not 100%, no questions asked, most think there is still something else that must cause the change besides the genetic variation, or their might be further information that they havent correctly correlated yet.  but i think it can be a learned, not that ALL or even most have learned or were taught to be gay.  but trying to reprogram them as someone else suggested has been tried and was abject failures in most cases.  some claimed to be cured and reverted later.

  47. BeholdHim says:

    The very simple answer to all of this is, “Take up your cross and follow Him..” Deny yourself and follow Him. This needs to be taught to all young children, even those who have tendencies that go against the normal. Such a simple solution that is so overlooked.

  48. JoeRedneck says:

    texanna, there are absolutely ZERO mammalian species whose sexually mature members engage in solely homosexual behavior. ZERO!! It is a totally unnatural behavior. Gays are mostly made, not born. That is why the homosexuals are so adamant about introducing homosexuality to as young a person as possible. It’s recruitment and indoctrination. Not genetic.

    • Floyd_R_Turbo says:

      @JoeRedneck I think homosexuality IS natural, but it’s also pathological – like the measles. Nobody hesitates when attempting to erradicate the measles because it provides no benefits to either the sufferer or the commmunity. Homosexuality should be treated the same way. Don’t persecute adult homosexuals but attempt to prevent young people from becoming homosexual when they go through puberty.

      • JoeRedneck says:

        @Floyd_R_Turbo  How about preventing them from initiating young boys into homosexual behavior?? It’s as natural as it is for a killer to kill and a rapist to rape.Treat them the same way.

  49. TedSmith3 says:

    Whether or not you are gay, straight or anything in between is determined by the genes you inherit from your mother and father. In other words, what you are is genetic. However, how you behave as a gay, straight or otherwise is entirely up to you. Your behavior is influenced by your environment.

    • Floyd_R_Turbo says:

      @TedSmith3 Genes may predispose you to being more or less likely to grow up gay but I don’t think it is set in stone either way. Sexual pathologies are numerous and varied – I saw a documentary called “Married to the Eiffel tower” about women who were sexually aroused by tall pointy structures. It is well known that some men are sexually aroused by women’s shoes – WITHOUT WOMEN IN THEM. Compared to these pathologies incorrect gender attraction is small potatoes.
      Even if it was true that homosexuality or lesbianism is decided in utero, can you be sure that such a person couldn’t suffer from a second pathology that resulted in their being re-attracted to the correct gender?

  50. Floyd_R_Turbo says:

    If I am not mistaken the Catholic church was subjected to a similar assault by gay rights organizations in the 1960s. At the time the Gays wanted openly homosexual seminarians to be allowed into the priesthood. The Catholics caved, with the result being that gay priests molested hundreds of altar boys and numerous Catholic diocese have been bankrupted by judgements against them for failure to protect.

    • RobertHayesHalfpenny says:

      @Floyd_R_Turbo What you have said is a blatant lie. There is absolutely no correlation between gay clergy and child molestation. THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN on many occasions. Child molestation is about power NOT sex. The vast majority of molesters are straight.
      If you are going to make comment at least make sure you know what the Hell you are talking about.
      Robert Hayes Halfpenny

  51. RobertHayesHalfpenny says:

    I have read some real claptrap on this blog but this has got to be the worst. First and foremost of all this nonsense is that homosexuals ARE NOT child molesters. Study after study has proven child abuse to be committed primarily by heterosexual men. Child abuse has less to do with sex than it does about the abuser’s power over children. These studies can easily be found on the internet and if one takes the time to look it can be noted that the studies have been performed by highly reputable main stream organizations.
    As to the archbishops laundry list of consequences from homosexual marriages:
    restrictions on freedoms
        new freedoms for homosexuals DOES NOT reduce the freedoms of heterosexuals
    forced sex education
       sex education in schools should be taught. the age for starting this should perhaps be higher and parents
       should be allowed to give their consent for their child’s attendance.        
    sexually confused children
       If children are confused it is because of all the misinformation handed out by adults, who don’t have a clue
    sexual experimentation among children
       Children have always experimented, so what’s new?
    muzzling and debilitating the church
       We have freedom of religion in this country. It is only when the clergy take to the streets to debate the point
       they might feel the pinch of public rejection—that is called freedom of speech.
    more births out of wedlock
    more in vitro fertilizations
       SO WHAT!! It is the wave of the future that makes it possible for couples who can’t have children to have them.
    more abortions
    more poverty
    more misery
    more disease
    more addictions
       To what?
    higher health-care costs
       For what reason
    As science progresses, new evidence is being discovered, showing that homosexuality is probably caused by various physiological differences over which only G-D controls. This is nothing aberrant about the condition, it is simply what it is.  Of course, if there is anything that is aberrant, it would be the slow-witted, dim-witted, or witless homophobes who know nothing about what they speak. It is about time most of you morons wake up and smell the coffee. Gays are here to stay. Why don’t you get involved in some really important issue. hunger in America, our crumbling education system, or decent housing for the poor.   
    Robert Hayes Halfpenny

    • Floyd_R_Turbo says:

      @RobertHayesHalfpenny In much the same way that: “not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims”, your comment that: “not all homosexuals are pedophiles” cuts no ice.
      Heterosexual males who molest children usually molest females. That is one of the reasons that Males are only rarely allowed to run girl scout troops – not because MOST heterosexual Males would molest girls, but because SOME would.
      Calling people who disagree with you “slow-witted, dim-witted or witless” says more about your inability to control your temper than it does about your opponents. There is no more important issue than protecting our children.
      Even if we restrict Boy Scout Troop leaders to straight Males we will still get some instances of child molestation. Since the purpose of the BSA is to benefit the children (not the homosexual community), there is no advantage to allowing homosexual Troop Leaders.

      • RobertHayesHalfpenny says:

        @Floyd_R_Turbo You stated that I made the comment, “not all homosexuals are pedophiles”. I MADE NO SUCH COMMENT!
        I did say, “Of course, if there is anything that is aberrant, it would be the slow-witted, dim-witted, or witless homophobes who know nothing about what they speak.” I was not speaking of those who might disagree with me, I was speaking of homophobes. I would make the same comment about racists, religious fanatics, anti-Semites, xenophobes, and any other group of people who are hated for being who they are. 
        If you think that was some sort of display and bad temper, you again were wrong. It was a complete display of the utter contempt I have for all people who have nothing better to do than to flaunt their stupidity in public.
        I DO NOT however include those individuals who simply are ignorant in my contempt. Ignorance is an easily solved problem and the solution is called education. All people were at sometime ignorant, but through education they have become enlightened. From what you have thus far written, it is clear that you have yet to garner the enlightenment necessary to make intelligent and cogent remarks on this topic.
        Robert Hayes Halfpenny

  52. JohnZimmerman says:

    This is typical of the gay/lesbian agenda.  As Fulton Sheen once said, “Tolerance applies to persons, not principles; whereas intolerance applies to principles, never to persons.”  Liberals tend to lower the bar and force others to join them.  Conservatives need to be careful not to raise the bar too high that people cannot meet and then judge them.  Rather, the Bible and Jesus’ Church has taught the principles of Judeo-Christian morality that should be upheld.  And the Catholic Church does not condemn people but merely states that “such and such” is a sin and you need to repent and amend your lives, avoid whatever sin, and continue to be fruitful and productive.  This does not mean anyone should condemn another person but the sin itself. 
    When it comes to the Boy Scouts, they are too young for issues of sexuality to be anyone’s business but the family’s!!  If they are have same-sex attraction, this should neither restrict them from joining but when it comes to leaders, they need to have strong, moral character.  A man can be gay but chaste just as a heterosexual can.  But if a man – whether homosexual or heterosexual is immorally promiscuous or publicly known to have a sexual relationship with anyone but his wife, he should not be in charge of boys such as in the Scouts.  But if gays want to be in some organization like the Scouts, start your own!  If you don’t like their rules, start your own!  Stop trying to inflict your agenda on other people who want moral integrity in their organization!

  53. cdl123 says:

    My Minor in College was Psychology. And in one of my classes this was addressed. They have no credible study that has shown that Homosexuals were born that way. If fact they no longer are attempting to prove that fact, because they no longer believe they can. All their efforts are being place in efforts of social construction of ideals and beliefs. This would mean the same for pedophilia. As I said previously, I could careless what consenting adults choose to do in the privacy of their own lives. I do however, draw a line in the sand when it comes to children. We will NOT as one man posted, teach our children that it is OK for an adult to do what they want to them. It is NOT OK for pedophiles, male OR females to touch children. It is NOT right for them to get their sexual jollies at the expense of children. They may very well lobby and get the definition altered, but that does not mean it’s the truth or right. Everything is being done to make these A”” H”””‘s feel good about themselves, at the expense of children. Well too bad. Those doing this are probably pedophiles themselves. The line is drawn in the sand. Not with children!!!!!!! The rest of the Adults out there have the responsibility to protect our children from these sick preditors.

  54. AmbassadorDavid says:

    Just as bad as the homosexual agenda that puts any and all in bed together we have another scourge that has just reached fruitation it is called Democracy. When the majority are wrong, idiots, full of iniquity then they cannot be allowed to overrule Good nor truth.
    Democracy is just one big, ‘spiritual’ if you will, orgy At Law where all the men bow before ALL the other men and everybody gets screwed equally.
    We that would be exceptable and pl;easing to The God of Truth and Righteousness need to to be ruled by The Truth rather than make our own schemes and disasters.
    Real Men do not bow before other men or Things created by men and when they do they become less than women.

  55. Evermyrtle says:

    Friends, meet me at

  56. EagleScout1973 says:

    Please stand up against this proposed action by the national BSA board. Allowing openly gay leaders into the ranks of adult volunteers will be the end of the most successful youth development program in the history of the USA.
    My time as a Scout was the most fun of my life. I learned to interact with adult role models, make new friends, lead others to success and enjoy the outdoors. I grew up on Monday nights and on weekends in a wholesome environment around others who thought and acted the same way I was expected to. Like a man.
    Was it tough to be called a geek by other 11-17 year old boys at school when I was a Boy Scout? Of course, but today, when asked if I was an Eagle Scout, I respond with conviction, “I AM an Eagle Scout. I live my life by the points of the Scout Law: A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.” Wouldn’t you want me to be your neighbor, your work buddy, your daughter’s softball coach, your son’s Scout leader? I learned to be a good husband, father, employee and volunteer from the examples set by my dad and the other leaders in Scouting.
    If this motion passes in May, count three boys I call my grandsons to be forbidden from hanging out with members of “that troop of queers.” Can you imagine a campout with gay adult leaders sharing a tent? It’s the REAL Canteen Boy skit played out around the campfire!
    Sadly, if this motion passes, the vocal minority will win another victory toward a world without values as their liberal agenda is further realized. That will be the day campfires dies. Vespers will be no more.
    Steve Bell – Eagle Scout, OA Lodge Chief, Vigil Honor Member WWW, Troop Leadership Development Instructor, Summer Camp Lifesaving Instructor, Explorer Post President, Camp Director, Cubmaster, Woodbadger, Scouting Professional, James E. West Fellow, Son of a Scoutmaster/District Commisioner

  57. Chuck Weston says:

    My Boy Scout experience was great. This was back in the 50’s. My cousins were very much involved, along with our dads. None of us experienced any abuse in any way.
    Our scout leaders were wonderful examples for all of us. It is a shame we have headed
    down this sinful road that we are on now. God will surely judge and punish us.

  58. The very minute that the homosexual is allowed in BSA, my children
    will come out of it – Who in the world would want their children subjected to such abnormal behavior/ The reason we want our children their is to subjected to normal activity

  59. har82 says:

    There is – NOTHING – that is good can possibly come from the left,, nor homo agendas .
    – NOTHING – what so ever.;;; PERIOD ..

  60. Chris says:

    Here’s the only solution to the sexual pervert problem:

    Leviticus 18: 22 – 29; 20: 13

  61. xgaygreg says:

    I used to be gay, but over SEVEN years ago Jesus set me FREE! I am now free from the sin of homosexuality. Marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman according to the King James Bible (Genesis 2:24) so I am now married and my wife is pregnant by me. What’s really cool is that now my life is not focused on “ME” I actually think about other’s. More to the point, it’s not about “ME” at all it’s ALL about JESUS CHRIST! Jesus is Lord!!

  62. Chris says:

    Greg, I’m very glad you repented and turned to Christ. Praise Him for His Great Mercies!

    I must make a clarification and correction to my “Here’s the only solution to the sexual pervert problem:

    Leviticus 18: 22 – 29; 20: 13”.

    First this: There’s the need to turn back to The Great I Am that became flesh and dwelt among us, with Confession of Him as your salvation and Kinsmen Redeemer, repentance and baptism (full immersion) in His name.

    If the sin continues without repentance: 1 Corinthians 5: 4-5.

    Forgive me for leaving out the most important part as i was focused on the non-repentant. Romans 6: 6 – 7.

    But for those who will not: Leviticus 18: 22 – 29; 20: 13.

  63. HG says:

    Wait a minute, Boisson was fineed by the Canadian HRC, but appealed to the court and the case was dismissed. The guy who sued him subsequently appealed and that appeal was dismissed. Basically Boisson was sued for libel and won. ironicly, Boisson was backed by the Canadian Civil Libraties Union, the Canadian version of the ACLU.

  64. WATCHMAN says:


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