No Drones! US City Fights Against The Machines

By itself, this resolution is only a small beginning. But we can hope and pray and lobby in our towns so that more and more cities pass their own similar resolutions against drones.

US News reports:

“Charlottesville, Va., has become the first city in the United States to formally pass an anti-drone resolution. The resolution, passed Monday, ‘calls on the United States Congress and the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia to adopt legislation prohibiting information obtained from the domestic use of drones from being introduced into a Federal or State court,’ and “pledges to abstain from similar uses with city-owned, leased, or borrowed drones.”

The resolution was the result of efforts by an activist on by the Rutherford Institute, a civil liberties group that is based in the city and is well-known to many Evangelical Christians as a great organization.

“Councilmember Dede Smith, who voted in favor of the bill, says that drones are ‘pretty clearly a threat to our constitutional right to privacy.’ ‘If we don’t get out ahead of it to establish some guidelines for how drones are used, they will be used in a very invasive way and we’ll be left to try and pick up the pieces,’ she says.”

I think Smith is exactly right. She, others on the Council, and the Rutherford Institute deserve our praise. But they also deserve our support in other ways. As one blogger wrote,

“This simple piece of legislation proves that you can make a difference at the local level.  We need a lot more of this type of thing all over these United States.  As I have said many times, it’s not that I am against drones in all capacities; however, we must be vigilant about how these things are used and must have serious safeguards in place to protect civil liberties.  Kudos to the Rutherford Institute for leading the charge here” (emphasis added).

Hopefully, we will see more smaller and larger towns join in this call to not have drones fly over their neighborhoods. The original proposed resolution was, in fact, much stronger:

“The passed resolution is much less restrictive than the draft Swanson originally introduced, which would have sought to declare the city a ‘No Drone Zone’ and would have tried to banned all drones over Charlottesville airspace ‘to the extent compatible with federal law.’ The draft would have also banned all Charlottesville municipal agencies from buying, leasing, borrowing, or testing any drones.”

While I would have loved the stronger version to have passed, what the City Council voted for was still a great resolution that allows the Federal Government to see that it is not just people on Facebook who hate the idea of being spied upon by Federal drones.

If you have any input at all in your local politics, you should consider using the Charlottesville, VA as a mode,l and see if you can get a similar resolution passed in your town or city.



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  • http://none dan

    our police and sherrifs should shoot them down?? i think a bmg 50 could take care of these pesky snoops in the sky

  • SamHII

    Federal drones should very clearly be banned anywhere but DC airspace.  I could almost tolerate State drones, except there’s nothing stopping them from using technology to peer into our homes and vehicles, making it an invasion of privacy.

    • aray

       Don’t  tolerant the use of any drones against any citizen of the United States at any level.

    • violator1

      @SamHII I suspect that if someone defended their privacy by say putting a .357 round or so enough to crash one as Iran did, you can bet they would react very legalistically! Thus they would put a citizen into a position of defending their Constitutional rights, they would probably try to arrest one under the recent terrorist arrest militarily without due process!!!!!

  • violator1

    Do you proof your own article!? In the beginning you state “Charlottsville, Va.” Then you end your piece with modelling after Charlottsville, NC! I do not generally edit or correct articles or blogs as we all make mistakes! Bu which is it Va. or NC!? I suspect it is NC!

  • Willik

    Drones for border security I can abide. Any uses over any US city is a gross abuse of power and MUST be fought where they are being used and curtailed for anything other than BONIFIED national security.
    My biggest question: WHO DECIDES???
    Obviously this White House considers the armed Ameircan CITIZEN as THE enemy and must be destroyed.
    I’ve heard reports of drones over Houston, TX. I wonder if the Democrat in charge up there will have the gonads to object. I doubt it, as she’s an Obama Kool Ade drinker.

  • DavidPeacock

    really, this IS NOT A PROBLEM;; just call jesthee jackthon and have him shoot the drones down with his AR-15.

  • zeldazucker

    All this spy business can not be allowed no matter what the pretense is of the situation ! That jerk in the white house is really coming up with so much crap all amid to the citizens. Do any of you realize his is aiming  in life is to turn us into a Socialist country. When he said 60% of American approve him…..Well the 60% of the minority, The Hispanic, Black and liberals all are 100% backing him. The other 50% of us who believe in the Bill of Rights would
    rather see things back to NORMAL. Send all this junk with them. If they are not satisfied and happy the should go baco to the Kingdom or the other countries that are Communist  and repressed

  • zeldazucker

    I would cheer if they used it on the  border to dis sway illegals from crossing over. This country has to draw a line
    some where.

  • a_jetboat_man

    Everybody should read “1984” by George Orwell.  There were drones in it watching all the citizens through their windows, insuring strict obedience.  It will soon be like that unless we get in the way and say NO.  I value my freedoms, do you?

  • Greg

    Military drones fly at 20,000 ft and lase their targets to guide their missiles. You WILL NOT be shooting them down with rifles if they are used against people here on American soil. The targets of these weaponized drones typically never see them.

    If you see a small aircraft flying at low altitude, it will most likely be a commercial UAV with a legitimate purpose (mapping, agriculture, etc) , or just a hobbyists model aircraft.

    All this drone fear mongering is going to do is to outlaw the use of UAV’s for law-abiding citizens and legitimate business. The real weapons of death will remain in the hands of the military and fed gov’t.

    The situation is very similar to the governments desire to disarm everyone but themselves.
    Drones are just aerial robots – they are tools. They can be used for good, or for evil. This legislation will not impact the most onerous use of the technology – but it will destroy any chance of practical, moral applications.