Ron Paul Mocks Dead Sniper

When the Ron Paul story first broke, I had no intention of writing anything about it, because first of all, I had no idea what to write. I read Ron Paul’s Tweet; thought it was deplorable; then went on with my day. But then, the story continued. Following justifiable public outrage, Ron Paul Tweeted again. This time, I couldn’t let it go.

Following the point blank shooting and murder of the most prolific American sniper, Chris Kyle, Ron Paul issued his statement on the tragedy. He Tweeted:

“Chris Kyle’s death seems to confirm that ‘he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.’ Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn’t make sense.”

Despite this awful, and insensitive statement in regard to an American hero, I was willing to overlook Ron Paul’s error. Everybody knows that Paul is sort of crazy anyway, right? Well, in the wake of the obvious public outrage, Paul issued a second Tweet:

“As a veteran, I certainly recognize that this weekend’s violence and killing of Chris Kyle were a tragic and sad event…My condolences and prayers go out to Mr. Kyle’s family. Unconstitutional and unnecessary wars have endless unintended consequences. A policy of non-violence, as Christ preached, would have prevented this and similar tragedies.”

Let’s break this down. Ron Paul is essentially saying that because Chris Kyle “lived by the sword,” that it was inevitable he would die by it. In this statement, Paul is implicitly condemning Chris Kyle because of his military service. In addition to this, Paul’s Tweet makes a mockery of Chris Kyle’s service. I don’t care what you think of war, denigrating someone like Kyle–a defender of western freedom–is beyond the pale.

Moreover, going on to half-apologize, then invoke Christ to validate his ideology is absurd. Paul goes on to claim that if we practiced non-violence, “as Christ preached,” this could have been avoided. He acts as if violence stems singularly from war; and if we practiced peace–as if war is never necessary–all of this could be avoided.

Ron Paul not only doesn’t know how to apologize, he seems to forget that that the origin of violence is within man’s heart. War does not create violence; violence creates war. Ending war will not stop evil; it will not stop mental illness–which is a contributing factor in Kyle’s murder–the notion of plain “peace” is deeply ignorant.

Ron Paul has said some asinine things in the past, but this, coupled with his callousness and ignorance really startled me. Ignorance is certainly not limited to one side of the aisle.



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111 comments on “Ron Paul Mocks Dead Sniper
  1. ForLiberty says:

    Frank,  Perhaps elaborating on the context of Jesus’ words might help a bit here rather than taking Paul’s head off, don’t you think?

  2. Shatter says:
    I think this blog post about Chris Kyle is far more persuasive than yours.

    • Benevolent Thinker says:

       Well, well, well…….just remember you too one day will expire. And on that day ask yourself if you would rather meet Kyle and his kind in heaven or hell? If you support the type of blind pasivism on display at the link you provided you are clearly no expert on what it takes to do the kind of work guys like Kyle do and the reason they do it.
      By the way I would rather die a warriors death than a cowards. Clearly sir you would prefer the cowards.

      • bobpegram says:

        @Benevolent Thinker  @Shatter Fighting in an unconstitutional war does not make one a good person. That said, our government schools don’t anything about the original intent of the drafters of the constitution, much less its biblical basis, and so do it out of ignorance.

        • Benevolent Thinker says:

          @bobpegram  @Shatter
           Did you know Kyle personally or do you have an aversion to warriors in general?

  3. Benevolent Thinker says:

    Chris Kyle was reaching out to fellow veterans struggling with the effects of prolonged combat. As it was in his life, he was willing to sacrifice himself for his brothers. That should be honored, even if it appears senselessly tragic to Ron Paul.
    I wonder how young Paul is going to distance himself from his kooky old man given his asperations of higher office. Perhaps he should put his father out to political pasture for awhile. Just to remind everybody………very rarely does the apple fall far from the tree.

    • mrscas says:

      @Benevolent Thinker I think that as the son of Ron, Rand has a very difficult position.  I am sure he loves his father but doesn’t always agree with him.  I feel sorry for Rand.

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @Benevolent Thinker  Let’s hope Rand can fool all you stupid neocons enough to get elected then….maybe we can stop fighting for the corporations

      • Benevolent Thinker says:

         Perhaps you can suggest to Rand or perhaps his daddy that the boy needs a better haircut? For us “neocons” as you put it, we prefer our Presidents looking confident. Not like confused little boys who spend the day scratching their heads and calling dad for advice.

  4. TomMartin1 says:

    Ron Paul reffered to a biblical reference from the book of revelations.
    To claim that Ron Mocked Chris Kyle is at best hyperbole.
    To claim Ron was mocking Kyle  is false.

    • Barmar12 says:


      • Barmar12 says:

        In what way is someone at a shooting range living by the sword. Just more twisted scripture by Mr Paul. If Kyle had died in battle the quote would be in context.

        • bobpegram says:

          @Barmar12 I think he meant that Kyle earned his living by killing people – living by the sword. That doesn’t mean I agree with Ron Paul’s judgment in issuing this tweet.

        • bobpegram says:

          @Barmar12 I have found out since typing the above that Kyle BRAGGED about how many people he had killed. He sounds a little strange.

    • jimbo414 says:

      @TomMartin1 Revelation …no “s” THINK!   READ!

    • ForLiberty says:

      @TomMartin1 Actually its from the gospels.

    • VeeDub says:

      To claim that you know what Ron was “thinking” when he made his comment is at best, hyperbole.
      Those of us who aren’t psychics, have no choice but to look at his words.  RP, having been a public speaker for many, many years, knew exactly what he was saying, and said what he meant.  He always does!  That’s why many don’t like him.
      To claim Ron was not mocking Mr. Kyle would also be false, unless you have some verifiable evidence to prove otherwise.

  5. SamEstes says:

    Ron Paul can kiss my butt! I use to think every once in a while he had a god idea,not so much anymore. What an ass!

  6. dan says:

    i cant believe ron paul would say this?? is he loosing his mind?? i thought he was the cream of the crop.. as far as being patriotic..guess i was wrong

  7. Reformed Gene says:

    I believe we all speak with less than perfection at various times. 
    I believe Mr. Camp proves my point well in this article.

  8. SamHII says:

    “War does not create violence; violence creates war. Ending war will not stop evil”
    Ezekial 10, NIV ’85
    10 “‘Because they lead my people astray, saying, “Peace,” when there is no peace, and because, when a flimsy wall is built, they cover it with whitewash, 11 therefore tell those who cover it with whitewash that it is going to fall. Rain will come in torrents, and I will send hailstones hurtling down, and violent winds will burst forth. 12 When the wall collapses, will people not ask you, “Where is the whitewash you covered it with?”

  9. DeanBraun says:

    Feel a bit sorry for Ron Paul.  He is old and probably a little senile.

    • TheOnlyPatriotHere says:

      @DeanBraun Just like Reagan, too old and senile. But no one remembers his record anyway. Just the Mythology. And the Mythology of Rand/Ron Paul will live on…just like Reagan.

      • AmericaNeedsHeroes says:

        @TheOnlyPatriotHere  @DeanBraun
         Well you really are a sepcial kind of stupid, aren’t you?

    • Whackajig says:

       Dean, RP is crazy and stupid, stupid, stupid.

  10. jstarusa says:

    Yes, and if this was a perfect world, there would be no need for war. But it isn’t, and not to defend our God and Country would be a crime in itself. You can not legislate peace!

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @jstarusa  Baloney.  You attack only when you are attacked and then you fight to win….not invade and occupy indefinitely.

  11. Kissitgoodbye says:

    Last time I checked, it was not Chris Kyle who decided to go into Iraq or Afganistan. Nobody ever said a war zone was peaceful. Kyle served when he was called upon to do so. I consider Paul’s remark to be disrespectful and incredibly stupid. Glad he is not in a position to impose that stupidity on the rest of us.
    Kyle wanted to help a fellow Vet. Unfortunately, he did not understand the severity of this man’s illness or know how to help him. He paid for that with his life. I feel sad for both of them. What a tragedy!

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @Kissitgoodbye  He self served too by going on television hawking his stupid book.  Disgusting.

      • Kissitgoodbye says:

        @RhondaReichel / I didn’t read his book. Did you? When he wrote his book he was out if the military. While in a war zone, there is a need for what he did. Outside of a war zone, his skills are not marketable. I think going into Afganistan and training the Bin Ladens there, and arming them was downright stupid, during the Russian invasion. There is a lot I don’t agree with. Kyle didn’t make that decision. I do agree with you that some decisions are made by our politicians for reasons other than what they state they are. I have no doubt that war is profitable for some. Sometimes you have to respond to direct force with force. Not always cut and dry as to which is which. I do not blindly believe all that we hear, but I put the blame on those responsible.

  12. jimbo414 says:

    This remark shows what a jerk Ron Paul is. When it comes to the theft of the American people by
    the owners of the debt – money system and the coercive Federal Reserve, he is correct. He is very
    consistent  in his Libertarianism (which is problematic and symplistic) but he is insensitive, and callous,
    and I speak from experience, having met him in person. God bless our military (up ’till now – Obummer!)

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @jimbo414  I’d say it’s pretty insensitive and callous to perform SHOCK AND AWE and use depleted uranium on their countries.  No wonder they hate us now.  We never had a problem with the middle east until we started meddling in their governments starting with Iran.  We helped overthrow Mossedech because he nationalized their oil and installed a ruthless dictator puppet (Shah of Iran)  that is where the trouble began.

  13. bobpegram says:

    Although I don’t agree with the tone of Ron Paul’s comments, our recent wars have been unconstitutional and unbiblical. Biblically (and constitutionally) justafiable wars are defensive, not offensive. Still, using Kyle’s death as an opportunity for a political statement was pretty stupid and insensitive.
    Augustine’s Bible-based rules for war:
    First, war must occur for a good and just purpose rather than for self-gain or as an exercise of power.
    Second, just war must be waged by a properly instituted authority such as the state.
    Third, peace must be a central motive even in the midst of violence.
    From memory there is also:
    All steps to negotiate and avoid war must have been taken first.
    Steps to negotiate and end the conflict as soon as possible must be pursued and take place, if possible.
    All steps necessary to avoid killing the innocent as a side effect of war must be strived for.
    Several other things I don’t remember, etc., etc.

    • AndrewMicklos says:

      @bobpegram I guess flying airliners into our buildings full of innocent people does not constitute just cause for war in your bible. In mine it says define the enemy pinpoint him and destroy the cowardly scum.

      • RhondaReichel says:

        @AndrewMicklos  @bobpegram   Mossad did it…..the dancing Israelis???  All the intelligence community knows it and so does the majority of the military brass.
        You are clueless.  Bibi even said it was GOOD for Israel.  What a moron

      • bobpegram says:

        @AndrewMicklos As far as could be proven, Iraq had nothing to do with it. In addition, an airplane hitting a building designed to withstand it shouldn’t cause the building to go down. Why were there bits of plastic explosive throughout the ashes of both buildings? The official explanation doesn’t fit the facts.

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @bobpegram  Kyle was a fraud.  A perfect example of why our foreign policy sucks

      • bobpegram says:

        @RhondaReichel I have found out since criticizing Ron Paul’s judgment in saying what he did that Kyle BRAGGED about how many people he killed. Apparently Kyle was a little off compared to a normal person.

  14. AmericaNeedsHeroes says:

    Brilliant testimony as to why this mush-brain has never been able to rise above the mushbrains that populate his district.  It does seem Mr. Paul’s heart has always been in the right place, but his intellectual capacity has alway been lacking.  One can only hope that his supporters will finally grow up and try to learn from these last several months and years.  And, hopefully, Rand Paul has already learned much from his father’s deficiencies – as he will certainly want to be a player in 2016 and beyond.  Sadly, Paul senior, by sucking votes away from OUR poser in the election, has almost certainly stripped America of any chance for free, fair aelections for decades to come, if ever…  
    (al al the Bundy kids) Thanks dad!

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @AmericaNeedsHeroes   Nobody held a gun on us and made us vote for Paul or a 3rd party….you republicrats screwed yourselves running a Massachusetts liberal….own up to it

  15. TheOnlyPatriotHere says:

    Ron Paul has a far more consistent value system that is in line with Christianity than I think anyone here could learn if they read all day and night for the rest of their God given days. Except for me…the only True Patriot Here.

    • AmericaNeedsHeroes says:

      A Christian value system is highly desireable: an essential part of the total package.  It is, however not ALL that is required, and can sometimes serve as blinders to issues that NECESSARILY involve America with the rest of the world.  A competent grasp of and implelentation of foreign policy is ESSENTIAL, and Mr. Paul was a virtual isolationist.  Isolationaim is FATAL, especially in this Brave New World.  If you don’t get that, you are prat of the problem, too.
      And if you thinnk you’re the only patriot here, you have a staggeringly huge ego problem that will NEVER allow you to be part of the solution.  A problem that is, in fact, common to many, many Ron Paul supporters.
      But God bless you for caring, just the same.

      • Kissitgoodbye says:

        @AmericaNeedsHeroes @TheOnlyPatriotHere / Part of being a good Christian is helping your fellow man. Chris Kyle tried to do just that. God bless him for trying. Far too many returning Vets suffer alone, without help. PTSD is serious and needs adequate professional treatment. Obtaining treatment is an obstacle.

        • RhondaReichel says:

          @Kissitgoodbye  @AmericaNeedsHeroes  @TheOnlyPatriotHere  professional treatment at the gun range?….not smart

        • Kissitgoodbye says:

          @RhondaReichel @Kissitgoodbye @AmericaNeedsHeroes @TheOnlyPatriotHere / First of all, Chris was not a professional and was trying to help as a friend. How do we know that hearing those gunshots didn’t trigger a flashback of trauma? It wouldn’t be my choice. I think it was a misguided attempt to bond. The result was tragic for both. I think Chris wanted to help and reduce the feelings of isolation. I think Chris’ intentions were good.

      • RhondaReichel says:

        @AmericaNeedsHeroes  @TheOnlyPatriotHere   Hey hero….sell your globalist greed somewhere else.  Look where it’s gotten us….bankrupt and weaker.  I can’t wait until the dollar crashes to see you all rue the day you went against Ron Paul.  You will be the ones screaming the loudest and murdering your neighbors for food.

    • AndrewMicklos says:

      @TheOnlyPatriotHere Yep, you sound exactly like one of the Ron Paul apostles.

  16. DavidPeacock says:

    Ron Paul is a patriotic ISOLATIONIST;;;;;;fight the enemy in their third world cesspool or fight the enemy on American soil, it does not take a rocket scientist or [doctor] to rationally get this, obama is not fighting a war he is sucking the muslims “DI666CK’

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @DavidPeacock Non intervention is not isolationism
      Trade in PEACE with all nations is what the founders intended
      Don’t believe it read George Washington’s farewell speech….you obviously never have since you don’t understand what entangling alliances are

      • DavidPeacock says:

        @RhondaReichel have we digressed to the “CHICKEN AND THE EGG” CONUNDRUM? when  has the world been at peace, why did we fight England for freedom from suppression, why would we not be ruled by fascists, communists [we are now] religious zealots if there had been no world resistance to Hitler, Mao, Stalin, mujahideen. Trade in peace sounds wonderful, did America do all the evil in the world [as obama thinks] or was it a quirk in human nature? Is commiserating with the muslim brotherhood building better relations with the Islamic world? Does ignoring aggressive nuclear nations make them respect us or is it called detente created by a position of power.

  17. DavidPeacock says:

    ron paul’s foreign policy strategy;; hide at home with your head up your a66s;; on one hand people want to players in the global arena and on the other they think there are no risks.

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @DavidPeacock  Globalist

      • DavidPeacock says:

        @RhondaReichel treating the entire world as sphere of political influence [hum], what do you think the islamic jihadists are? should we engage them or run into the safe room????

  18. DavidPeacock says:

    only good thing the old dried up man has is his dislike for the federal reserve.

  19. DavidPeacock says:

    you idiots help elect obama with your archaic stubborn ideology;; NOW SUCK IT UP. you paulies will look good in the FEMA camps, what is your position on homeland violence and murder?

  20. idagney says:

    Frank Camp, I usually agree with you, but I must say you display a “deplorable” lack of discernment when you write that Ron Paul insulted or in any way criticized Chris Kyle. His comments were made in the context of assessing the national preoccupation with the military culture and the overall adherence by many to an ideology that regards force and dominance as good things in themselves. While I do not agree that Ron Paul is “sort of crazy” , I will admit that he is sometimes heedless of the possible interpretations of his words. In this case, Dr. Paul was clearly criticizing the militarization of our civilian culture, not Kyle or those who have unintentionally been swept into this disordered mentality.
    I don’t personally agree with the manner in which he expressed himself in this instance, but I think it is extremely uncharitable and ultimately counter-productive to smear and berate a good man for things he never said nor intended to say.

    • DavidPeacock says:

      @idagney light up that Romeo y Julieta, sip some cognac, tug at the Burberry smoking jacket pontificate the dangerous world being manipulated by the muslim culture and pen some more academia faculty lounge logic for us “DOCTOR”.

      • idagney says:

        @DavidPeacock  @idagney Did you have a point?

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @idagney NO, JUST THINKING YOU ARE AN ELITIST WORDSMITH caught up in your own enamored minutia.

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @idagney sorry ida; your writing style just reminded me of a person who worked for me a few years ago; his eloquent style and royal mannerisms just somehow could not translate to his ability to produce a budgeted bottom line profit. great to listen to but terrible to watch trying to produce reality.

        • idagney says:

          @DavidPeacock Thank you. You are obviously threatened by someone with any intelligence and take it as a personal insult to be addressed as if you possess any yourself.

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @idagney no, I admire intelligence; when it is used to further the survival of our nation. threatened by you or any pseudo-intellect is really not in my realm of comprehension sorry , but you have misdiagnosed my aversion to bloviating  scholarly types;;I may not agree with your philosophy but I will give my life defending your right to express it. Not on my countries soil if given the choice;; but with the current President  and [Ron Paul]; that is becoming a  more realistic probability.

        • idagney says:

          @DavidPeacock Well, Mr. Peacock, one thing is certain: you are aptly named. However, someone who claims to love his country and love liberty could use whatever talents he has far more effectively by well-reasoned argument than pointless invective. I am not the enemy. I believe we probably both strive for the same ends, but you choose to attack me (and Dr. Paul) because it’s easier than engaging the liberal enemy. And its less threatening to your pride to insult and bluster than to attempt to articulate any practical policies for others to evaluate with critical thinking skills. Keep strutting and hope that you are never called on to act in defense of your country (as Dr. Paul has done) rather than loudly proclaim your good intentions.

        • DavidPeacock says:

          @idagney you do like to engage in character assassination and name calling;; sure you are not a moderate liberal? I will be first on the line and have been fighting obama since 2007; I am a publicly outspoken opponent of obama and his ilk; I have put my a666 on the line in displaying anti-obama stickers on my vehicle and speaking publicly of his communist agenda;I was at the 2009 march of 500,000 tea party activists in DC; I walk the walk and talk the talk, so save your condescending sarcasm for some fool; it sure does not fit me.

    • AmericaNeedsHeroes says:

       ENOUGH with the apologies for Mr. Paul.  Time to GROW UP!  Time to LEARN!
      Won’t waste another sylable on ya.

      • idagney says:

        @AmericaNeedsHeroes  @idagney You shouldn’t have wasted so many, as you clearly have nothing to say on the matter.

    • mrscas says:

      @idagney Why did RP have to attach his statement to Kyle’s death?

  21. AndrewMicklos says:

    Ron Paul is simply being Ron Paul. This kind of talk is exactly why only narrow minded and short sighted people supported him during the primaries. He easily gets mixed up about which world he lives in. His first world choice would have us all lay down our weapons and degenerate to the world of King of the flies. His second world would be where everyones wishes would all come true.

    • darrelljr says:

      @AndrewMicklos  With all due respect, if you believe this, you know nothing about Paul.

      • VeeDub says:

        @darrelljr  @AndrewMicklos
        With all due respect, what do any of us “know” about any politician?  You “know” what RP has shown you that he wants you to believe.  Just as we “know” what we do about obama, Clinton, Rubio, Bush and the rest of them.
        Don’t allow yourself to assume that what you see on TV is reality.  Politicians are in the same category as professional wrestlers.  They fuss, fight, brag and perform in the ring for all to see how good are.  But then when the cameras are off they’re all best buds all working to get richer off of us at the next show.
        I don’t believe professional wrestling is real, and I don’t believe in honest politicians.  60 million Americans think they “know” obama.  I doubt 60 really do!

    • idagney says:

      @AndrewMicklos Here you are, a white kettle, making the observation that Ron Paul supporters are “narrow-minded”?  If those who call themselves conservative and Christian are capable of denouncing a message of non-violence and love, then , I ask you, what hope is there for mankind? When the Republican party was traditionally anti-war and the Christian faith has ever taught love thy neighbor, how do you call yourself either?
      It is false and indefensibly misleading  to claim that Dr. Paul is a pacifist. He was the ONLY Republican  candidate in 2012 who actually served in the military. He does not glorify war, but holds it as the last resort in defense of liberty and our own country. He does not count life so cheap as to spill the blood of our young people needlessly.
      His great fault is that he doesn’t find excuses and rationalizations for encouraging violence at any cost. In this time when annihilation is glorified and Christian principles are being held as mere academic facts without practical application, we need this voice of conscience more than ever before. Please examine your own values and don’t accept this insane rush to ever greater escalation of hostility.

      • AndrewMicklos says:

        @idagney I have examined my values and I still agree that fighting back against the lunitic Muslims who wish us all dead is an honerable and correct reaction in spite of your goofy leader’s desire to turn the other cheek.

        • idagney says:

          @AndrewMicklos Of course, you addressed none of my argument and reverted to a knee-jerk reaction against using your sense of reason. So be it. Your ilk is destroying liberty as surely as the Obamatons. A rational voice can clearly have no impact in an environment of pure emotional reaction.

        • RhondaReichel says:

          @AndrewMicklos  @idagney so you are dooming us all?
          I believe in not only OUR sovereignty but theirs as well.  Let them run their countries how they please and if their people want democracy they can fight for it like we did.  Bunch of globalists shills on here bad mouthing Ron Paul who voted with the constitution 100% of the time.
          You are a bunch of traitors to the republic

        • AndrewMicklos says:

          @idagney I didn’t address any of your arguments because you don’t have any. At least none that a wide awake person would consider.

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @AndrewMicklos  You mean LORD of the flies?
      People that believe in non intervention, small govt., personal liberty, sound money and states rights supported Ron Paul… have very limited understanding of what he stands for.
      If we ever get invaded, which we will if they take our guns away, then we will see if you like being the one sniped upon

  22. dd823 says:

    Maybe Ron Paul should choose his words more carefully. The “national preoccupation with the military,”as idagney puts it is very necessary due to what’s happening in the world today. Russia and China are beginning to flex their military muscles, not to mention terrorists, North Korea, Iran, etc.

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @dd823 war is a racket
      Smedley Butler
      put the koolaid down and open your mind

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @dd823  Oh, like arming terrorists in Syria…come to think of it we armed them in Libya too, and we also armed Sadaam,  & the taliban……you consider this necessary????  You are insane if you think arming terrorist so they can use the weapons against us later is a smart strategy.

  23. VeeDub says:

    I am also a Disabled Combat Veteran with PTSD.  I’ve known for a long time that while a few of his ideas made sense, the total package was borderline insanity.
    RPs message of concessions, peace, love and tranquility is the message that is being adopted by more and more people that claim to be “conservatives” or “republicans”.  They may register as such, but their actions expose them for the liberal, progressive, lapdogs they are to the socialist/democrat party.
    As long as people such as Paul, McCain, Rubio and the other liberal “republicans” keep getting the support of conservative America, then we will continue to fall further and further into obama’s world.

  24. DavidPeacock says:

    somehow his son {Rand Paul} has become a very sensible conservative.

  25. mitglied says:

    As a post WWII veteran, I would like to pose the question, how is a “sniper” elevated to hero status in a nation that has no business being in Near East countries, killing residents who have not attacked the USA, while destroying their property ?  Destroying property and people in locations where the US has no business being was once considered non-American.  
    Similarly, the comments of Dr. Ron Paul deserve to be considered in their entirety, which reflect condolence.  Applying a left-wing spin to his comments simply does not fit the historical, political stance of Ron Paul.

  26. fortuneteller43 says:

    I am a veteran and see it differently. I am also a retired police officer. You don’t treat PTSD at a firing range. To Chris Kyle a firing range was a part of his world. It was a way of life. Those in our armed forces Live By The Sword—ask any Marine. You’re out on a search-and-destroy mission against an enemy who is out on his own mission seeking to destroy you. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. In a shootout with a criminal it is a good idea to kill him first (the police academies do not teach their officers to wound). Chris Kyle attempted to use psychology to help this lad similar to a batter in baseball who is ball shy after being hit in the head with a fast ball. You go right up to the plate and swing away. You face your demons. So you can look at it differently and say Chris Kyle fell on his sword for a troubled, fellow veteran. I salute you fellow Spartan.

    • VeeDub says:

      “Treatment?” What classifies an activity on a shooting range as “treatment” and was Mr. Kyle trained to, or was he claiming to offer a “treatment”? Or was he offering help and friendship?
      Taking people with disabilities to the special olypmics isn’t “treatment” for physical disabilities. It’s an activity encouraging them to work with, and overcome their disabilities.
      The National paralyzed Veterans wheelchair games, don’t “treat” Veterans. It’s an activity meant to help Veterans who are paralyzed, and give them a purpose.
      In both cases, after those involved are through, they still have their physical/mental conditions, but they’ve been given a chance to work beyond them and make their lives more enjoyable.
      I’m a disabled Combat Veteran with PTSD and also a fomer LEO. I shoot all the time, and find it quite relaxing. 
      My shooting at home is much, much better “treatment” than I have EVER received in almost 20 years of “treatment” at the  VA hospital!!!!  The ONLY reason I still go to the VA is to visit with my brothers who are suffering with the same issues I am.  They are my treatment, not the shrinks.
      Mr. Kyle was told of a brother in need, and rose to meet that need.  Enough said.

    • granny007 says:

      @fortuneteller43 It is no coincidence that many ex-Marines evolve into law enforcement….for which I am grateful!  This was a tragic killing, and just one more example of a mental case who should have been institutionalized for his and society’s safety.  Kyle IS a hero in my opinion.  If the ACLU had not continually demanded, with eventual success, that all of the U.S. mental hospitals be closed because placing mentally ill people under 24-hour care, we would have far less of this, and homelessness would be greatly reduced.  Why do these minority advocacy groups (ACLU, PETA, etc.) wield so much power?

  27. mrscas says:

    Everyone knows Ron Paul’s stance on the US policy in foreign affairs.  He has NEVER been shy about stating his views.  He certainly has a right to his beliefs BUT his choice to make his statement and connect it to the murder of Chris Kyle is the problem.  It was insensitive and totally uncalled for.  He needs to put a filter on his mouth.

    • fortuneteller43 says:

      @mrscas Read my piece.

    • JackLEich says:

       ron paul has somethiing called commons sense. he is against pointless foreign wars and murderous sniper bragging about murdering 150 people in violation of the bible. he died and who cares

  28. darrelljr says:

    Paul has consistently stated there is consequences to us getting into these affairs and the blow-back in return is inevitable- this was also stated by the CIA- it seems he is right again. This author is responding with a knee jerk reaction without any deep thought in the matter.

    • RhondaReichel says:

      @darrelljr absolutely right….take Libya for example….what was gained there?  Anybody who buys this war on terror psyops is one taco short of a combination plate

  29. zeldazucker says:

    We need to put him and Nancy Pelosi  in the nutcase farm. Some people people just don’t know how to retire
    them selves from the public eye. I do respect Paul, He was the glue that held things together, but all these statements are ludercest .

  30. BrendaChoate says:

    An this is a good example of why so many people did not like Ron Paul.

  31. RhondaReichel says:

    A great example of why I do like Ron Paul….he always speaks the truth.  To arrogantly think we have any right to invade, kill civilians by the thousands, and then pick off those who are defending themselves from their invaders by sniping is beyond reason and certainly beyond Christianity.  Had we had a just cause such as them attacking us on our soil it would be much different.  You may say but terrorist did……terrorism is in all countries, it is a TACTIC not an enemy nation….Saudi Arabia is not one of our targets and they support it.  How do you square that?
    We have not helped any of these countries we have invaded.
    Read WAR IS A RACKET by Smedley Butler before you start bad mouthing Ron Paul
    Trade in PEACE with all nations is what Ron Paul stood for and idiots much like the author of this trash booed him during the debates when he cited THE GOLDEN RULE. 
    Kyle not only bragged about his killing but tried to profit from it by selling his book American Sniper.  DETESTABLE !!!

    • RhondaReichel says:

      Kyle was also a liar on top of a killer.  Jesse Ventura was suing him for that false story about him sucker punching Ventura and then running away when the cops came.  First off is that the action of a HERO?  Secondly no police report was filed it was all a lie and the owner of the bar where it supposedly happened said so.
      You people are demented if you support this man.  I feel sorry for his family but the old saying live by the sword, die by the sword does certainly apply.

      • Whackajig says:

         Well ms wussie, I hope the dove you live by shits on you to the point where you choke to death on it.

  32. John Riverside says:

    Frank Camp, your comments are problematic,  not Ron Paul’s. Paul always takes the world view, not the view of the moment as you are doing.  Paul did not denigrade military service — he denigraded stupid and useless wars arranged for the profit of the few who make money from them — and if you are unfamiliar with this fact relative to  virtually all the wars in history,  learn.    Paul’s statement: “he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword” is historic and biblical common sense, and every true soldier on earth knows this and is proud of it.  Paul promotes peace and a non warring world.  Lastly his comments were not aimed at insulting the family of the deceased — he was using the tragedy to make a point.  Paul is not the bad guy here — if your comment did not appear on this site, I would have believed you were part of the Lame Stream Media trying to get a “gotcha” moment to criticize the most upstanding politician probably in our nation’s history.

  33. RhondaReichel says:

    want to bet Kyle’s brain wouldn’t have this patch?  Most men who have killed in war don’t want to talk about it…much less write a book and profit from it.
    Where evil lurks: Neurologist discovers ‘dark patch’ inside the brains of killers and rapists German scientist Dr Gerhard Roth says the ‘evil patch’ lies in the front part of the brain and can be detected on scans of all people with records for criminal violence, leading him to believe that some criminals have a genetic predisposition to violence Full Story:

    • bobpegram says:

      @RhondaReichel More specifically, these people are psychopaths / sociopaths. Both terms mean the same thing. These people have no feelings against doing bad to other people. It doesn’t bother them. They are about 6 percent of the population. They are the people who backstab others at work or wherever. Few are ‘criminals’ in the strict sense. They are emotionless – just calculating. Any emotions they display are learned to mask what they really are – and to manipulate others.
      There is a book called THE PSYCHOPATH NEXT DOOR or THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR. I forget which. There is a lot more on the internet. Stalin was one of these peopl as are many politicians. That is why it doesn’t bother them to lie.

  34. ignition says:

    If one cares to combine the terms psychopath and sociopath, and look for a current example, look to the current occupant of the POTUS slot.

  35. Philip Haddad says:

    It seems like this has been distorted into a bashing & that is not the heart of Dr. Paul. Ron received more donations from the military than all others in his presidential run and if his foreign policy (the same foreign policy of the Founders/Constitution) was followed, numerous soldier’s lives would be saved and that is his heart.

    I think it was more of a lamenting, but there are only so many words that can be used in Twitter. I think there is a big problem with PTSD and the impact it is having on soldier’s and it should not be taken lightly. It is ironic, but Jesus said the quote for a reason. This gentleman bragged about killing 160 people and sometimes that kind of mental friction catches up and ends badly but we should heed the warning of Christ and pray for peace.

    “Chris Kyle was a hero like all Americans who don the uniform to defend our country. Our prayers are with his family during this tragic time.”

  36. Josh Marshall says:

    The author’s ignorance is embarrassing. Ron Paul was right and did not mean to be offensive. Too bad so many on the Right are blind to reality. They are making it easier for the Left to take over our country.

  37. Richard says:

    Dying by the sword is what heroes sometimes do. Denigrating such honorable sacrifice is what politicians often do.

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