Students Recite Pledge in Arabic and Say ‘One Nation Under Allah’

The effort to destroy American patriotism has reached a new level at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado.  According to Principal Tom Lopez, the Pledge of Allegiance is recited at the school every Monday and I think that’s great, especially considering the fact that many public schools today never recite the Pledge.  When I was in public school, it was recited first thing every day.

The school’s multicultural club has been translating the Pledge of Allegiance into other languages including French and Spanish.  Lopez has allowed them to recite the foreign translations over the schools PS system on occasion.  No one seemed to mind and there were no complaints that I heard of.

However, the club then translated the Pledge into Arabic and in so doing, changed the ending to ‘one nation under Allah.’  Principal Lopez approved of the translation and once again allowed the club members to recite the Arabic Pledge of Allegiance over the school’s PA system.

It wasn’t long before complaints from parents and citizens in the area started to come in to Lopez’ office.  Some of the complaints were lodged against the use of Arabic in general and others were lodged against the phrase ‘one nation under Allah.’  Lopez says that some of the complaints have been threatening.

I read a justification for French and Spanish in one article but I personally disagree.  The article said that the French helped us win the Revolutionary War and gain our independence.  However, in today’s France, America is a curse word and many French people that have forgotten about how we liberated them from Nazi Germany, hate American and everything it stands for.  Additionally, they now have a socialistic government and leader.

Spanish was justified on the ground that there are millions of Hispanics in the US and that they make up nearly 20% of Colorado’s population.  I’m not sure what the percentage of legal versus illegal Hispanics there are, but I’ve seen figures that state that there are between 11 to 15 million illegal Hispanics in the US.  Illegal means they violated the law and therefore should be treated as criminals and made to be held accountable for their crimes and deported.

But to allow students to recite America’s Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic offends me in two ways.  First is the ‘one nation under Allah.’  Sorry folks, but Allah and the God of the Bible and our Founding Fathers are not the same thing.  There are huge differences between the Muslim Allah and the Christian/Jewish God of the Bible.  To change the Pledge to say Allah is offensive to me as a Christian and as an American.

Second, there are millions of Arab Muslims that have vowed to see the United States destroyed or converted into an Islamic nation.  They are working hard to make themselves appear like they are our friends, when in reality they want to change everything that is good and wholesome about America.

Arab Muslims are already incorporating Sharia law into local governments and courts, especially in Dearborn and Detroit, Michigan.  The Obama administration has also taken steps to make any anti-Muslim speech to be considered hate language, but no such measures have been taken when the speech is anti-Christian or anti-Jew, it’s just considered free speech.

When our Founding Fathers were forming the nation, they wrestled with what language should be the official language.  Some advocated French because of the ties we had with France in the Revolutionary War.  Benjamin Franklin pushed for German because it is one of the easiest languages to learn and he saw America to be the melting pot of the world.  However, the majority was English speaking and they settled on English as the official language of the United States of America.

For over two centuries, people who came to the US learned English so that they could be part of America and function in America.  Today, our local, state and federal governments spend millions of dollars printing everything in English and Spanish because so many Hispanics come here and refuse to learn the language.  Yet if we were to go to any of their counties, we would have to learn Spanish in order to cope and get by.

I firmly believe that everything official, including the Pledge of Allegiance and all government documents should be done in English only, the official language established by our Founding Fathers.  If people want to live here, then make them learn the language like we would have to do in their home countries.

And as far as reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, I would call for the termination of Principal Lopez for approving a blasphemous reading of our national pledge.  Sorry, folks, but I’m an American and proud of it and want to keep the country the way it was intended, not what foreigners want to convert it into!



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110 comments on “Students Recite Pledge in Arabic and Say ‘One Nation Under Allah’
  1. Dodie1990 says:

    An insult to America. Speak and teach English in our schools. If you wish to speak your native language do it at home or at a club.

  2. Bubblegum199 says:


  3. DaveStoops says:

    isn’t it interesting that this was first reported as merely a translation of the pledge into other languages, and now the duped public has found the press is again lying to the public about what was actually pledged.THe muslims are a bunch of uncivilized cretins, bent on destroying anyone that opposes them.  Wake up, America!

  4. cae973 says:

    He should be fired as it was not just blasphemy but an insult to all the christians and jews in our country who have and continue to fight for our country under God….my children will never say the word allah and I do not want them forced to listen to it in school!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @cae973 He should be brought to trial for endangerment to  America and  her people He is a traitor in charge of these young students. I wonder where the parents are that they allow such treason in the school.

  5. ves says:

    The principal and the teachers need new professions … this is the United States and WE Are an English Speaking Nation and it’s time we PROTECTED OUR LANGUAGE And OUR WAY of LIFE!!
    We have tolerated people from other countries and they have ABUSED LEGAL US CITIZENS!
    WE are NOT a Nation of IMMIGRANTS … that was over several hundred years ago! Yes … my family was here before there was a US and I’m Damn Proud of it …people like my Ancestors are the ones that Founded this Country through Hard Work Sacrifice Guts and Blood and they would be completely ashamed of what has happened to this Nation!!
    If the countries and cultures that they originate from are so wonderful WHY Have THEY Come to the US????
    It is time to put a STOP to ALL the nonsence!
    You are an AMERICAN or YOU need to LEAVE!!!

  6. ConnieStanson says:

    Soon and I mean real Soon, the Muslims will take over America and will Brainwash our Children. How are we going to turn our Children back to Christianity . How much damage have they already caused. In Texas, they had  Children reading Socialist Books. in our American Schools. GOD have Mercy on our Souls.

    • Don39 says:

      @ConnieStanson Texas did something about it. Much of the rest of the nations schools still use the leftist biased text that you eliminated and the parents approve or are to dumb or uninvolved to know the difference. At least a significant number of so-called progressive voters are socialist or brain washed to not comprehend the difference.

  7. Mary Sanders says:

    I too agree that our pledge of allegiance to the American Flag should be in our native language as established by our forefathers, the English language. How is it possible for Arabs to come here and pledge any allegiance to our flag if they don’t accept it for what it truly stands for? It is so true that we are allowing other nationalities to take over America. Yes, we are a melting pot of peoples, but that means as we are melted together into the United States of America we are still the USA, not a mix of various countries. Our president and some leaders are so quickly changing our country and we are allowing it to happen. I still am proud to be an American under the constitution as established by our forefathers! This is so not outdated and I object to becoming a socialist country!

  8. BonnieBoyles says:

    It gets scarier and scarier every day.  We had better wake up and stop this stuff.  Close this school now.

    • aray says:

       You don’t need to close the school, you need to change the principal and the school board.  Parents, pay attention to what’s going on in your local schools. Private schools, relgious schools and home schooling are also options.

  9. Geneww1938 says: proves God authored the Bible.  Use that same outline and evaluate the Koran and you will quickly conclude why Allah hates everything that God loves.
    Friend, life is too short and eternity too long to be wrong about God, His Bible, His Son Jesus or salvation.

  10. Pakinpastor says:

    There are some seriously bad times coming. All because we have rejected the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, and His Word. We have been lied to and told we are no longer under the law.  But remember, Yeshua said “Think not that I am come do destroy the Torah or the Prophets, I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill (give meaning)”. Matthew 5:17-19 also says that whosoever breaks one of the least of these commandments (Torah) and teaches man to do so, shall be called least in the Kingdom of God. But whosoever keeps these commandments and shall teach men to do so shall be called great in the Kingdom of God. He also said, that man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceded from the mouth of God. That was the Torah (Law) given at Mount Saini. Those were the only Words spoken by Yahweh (God).

  11. Newsel says:

    Dear Tom needs to have his ass fired….what a useless SOS. There will be a reckoning.

  12. pkeyrich says:

    I think, just as Muslims are insulted by many things, that it’s fine for Americans to be insulted that Muslims won’t pledge in English. I’m insulted. Where do I sign up to sue, like good Muslims do?

  13. Seymour Kleerly says:

    The Pledge of Allegiance should be recited only in English. This is also a good example of why God should not be included. It wasn’t added until the Red Scare of the 1950s.

  14. momkat says:

    I agree with the writer.  English should be learned by everyone seeking to be a citizen of this country, and if you show you are unwilling to learn the language and follow the laws, go back home.  Allah has no place in the public schools if we can’t let Jesus or His Father in the doors.

  15. goingdowntheroad says:

    Yep, they need to learn this is the United States of America.  English is our spoken and written language.  If you don’t want to learn it, get your butts back where you came from.  My mother paid her dues when she became a citizen some 60+ years ago.  Why should those today not be required to do the same?  Gather the all up and get them back where they came from if they refuse to follow our laws.  Just cross in to some other country with out following there laws and see what will happen to you.  Why should the United States be any different?

    • honorary says:

      Amen.  WTF this guy think?  Did he know that how many thousands of parents from Asia, Europe sent their children to study English in the USA?  America used to be a melting pot because multicultural or what a heck they called it – is divided the people.  USA had been successfully in both economic,  is the world best country, that’s meant we did it right and that’s why all these aliens want to immigrate in.  You are right, if they  don’t want to do it as we did, go back to where they from.  Then again, the stupid guy’s last name is Lopez- of course, he is the wet back. 
      I even can’t stand the ‘racists black history day’ .  If we celebrate the White history day, White Panthers organization, I bet Eric Holder, obama, collin powell and his fools would killed themselves.

  16. DeanBraun says:

    The principal needs to be tarred and feathered and CANNED.

  17. WolfyJam says:

    Islam is HATE. what don’t liberals understand? they want to dominate us and turn the US into another Islamic hell hole. is this the future we want for our children? no bikinis at the beaches, random rapes by muslims and no recourse in the court, extortion money to keep muslims from mass murdering you and your family.(read sharia law for non muslims) we don’t owe the muslims nothing. they should be pledging their allegiance to us. Before, western engineers found oil in their deserts they were lizard eating stone worshipping Bedouins. Allah is the devil. no pledging allegiance to anything except our one God and America. Allah be damned and his prophet, too. (keep in mind this is the plan of the left to dechristianize America. Islam is as anti freedom and liberty as they are)

    • JEButler says:

       Ever read the Qur’an? Ever read the Bible?? Sharia Law comes from the same Bible Christiuans and Jew read, now what. Even in the Christian Bible Adultry is punished by death by stoning, oh yeah.

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @JEButler  @WolfyJam It is very likely,  they took scriptures that GOD gave HIS people and twisted it to suit their fake god. What better way to cast filth upon it, to demean it, but they cannot dirty it. It sheds dirt that is cast upon it so much better than we can shed the anti-‘GOD dirt cast onto us.This was a deliberate anti-GOD  shame on all who profess to the Qur’an!!

        • JEButler says:

          @Evermyrtle  @WolfyJam
           Just one question. Have you ever read the Qur’an? I’ll bet you haven’t. Even though the New Testament tells it’s followers to seek knowledge and truth, you denouce without knowing. Good for you!! Ignorance is not just a liberal trait!

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @JEButler  @WolfyJam Do you really think that by that one scripture GOD expected us to read every piece of written material put out. If so how about the evil practices, do you think He means us to try them out,  or see if they are right and good. There is all kinds of reading material lined up on news stands, in book stores that are absolutely filthy, are we supposed to read them to see if they are really what we think they are?? Most of us have seen a few lines contained in the Koran and like GOD’S WORD says , you know a tree by the fruit it bears. You are only promoting anti-GOD acts, read the Koran, never in this life!!!

        • JEButler says:

          @Evermyrtle  @WolfyJam
           He wants you to read and learn enough to end your ignorancy. You have a long way to go.

        • VeeDub says:

          @JEButler  @Evermyrtle  @WolfyJam
          Well JEB, since you’re gonna base everything on one scripture then let’s find one, as a prime example of that unholy Qur’an and what it means to them/you.
          Which one would you like for us to use to represent muslims?
          Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them(2:191)
          Make war on the infidels living in your neighboorhood (9:123)
          When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them (9:5) Kill the Jews and the Christians if they do not convert to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya tax (9:29)
          If you don’t like those, I’ve got several more.

      • JohnBMyers says:

        @JEButler @WolfyJam Your talking about Hebrews 3,000 years ago. Not Jews and Christians. The Jews are now more tolerant than Christians. Do un to others……

      • Kalev says:

        You are just plain deceived and… STUPID.  Islam is an ideology of hate not a religion or a faith based belief system.

  18. davienne says:

    allah is a rapist, child molesting, murdering, woman beating, and abusing,  suppressing, christian hating, america hating piece of crap

  19. AL Orange Park FL says:

    this is about a ad at the bottom of the article to vote to have congress work 5 days a week …. not only NO but H-LL NO they do so much damage already without them being there for 5 full days.

  20. WinonaWacker says:

    This principal should lose his job, and be blacklisted, as well as losing all teaching credentials!
    He thinks he is teaching the kids tolerance, what he is really doing is teaching the kids to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights under the guise of saying the Pledge!
    Recite it in ENGLISH, and ONLY English—OUR language!

  21. ZuzanaDratovnikova says:

    “The future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet”, Soetoro said. What kind of f*****g retard is going to tell me what I should think and say about the poor orphaned illiterate schizofreniac megaloman, who looted, raped, halucinated, coerced, killed, manipulated and was used by his own uncle Abu Bakr for political power gains? Let’s just see how telling the truth will affect my future. Let’s just see how it will affect Soetoro’s.

  22. Sailboat165 says:

    I know it would never happen, but what I’d like to see is this principal should get the boots. He should be also kicked out of the country for being so stupid. Let him implement those stupid ideas in Mexico and see how well it goes for him over there. He needs to be used as a good example of what Not to do in schools in America.

  23. JohnBMyers says:

    Socialist Progressives don’t know what they think they know. Allah has been the Moon god for over three thousand years. That’s why you see the cressent moon on the flags and above the mosqus. Not the God of Abraham. It is the god of violent revolution. The Wahabests, 1/5 of the Muslims are the Army of darkness in the Bible durning Armageddon. The Bible says any prophet after Jesus will be a false prophet. The Bible has been scientifically proven to be Quantum Communication by Angels

    • JEButler says:

       And Jesus is the “Cross” God and The Jews have the “star” God , and huh> What are you saying???

      • Evermyrtle says:

        @JEButler  @JohnBMyers You are one of those burdens that GOD says we must bear, I think. The only way I can think to bear ant-GOD idiots are is to ignore them.

        • JohnBMyers says:

          @Evermyrtle @JEButler It’s called Shunning. But you are arrogant. You don’t know the Bible that well.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          @JohnBMyers  @Evermyrtle  @JEButler By whose determination,do I not know the Bible that  well?? Would you like to be my teach and teach me more about the Bible? Me thinks I could very probably teach you something about GOD’S WORD. Actually I have been studying the Bible between 65-and 70 years, surely I could tell you a little something about it,but  maybe not, since you are a pro in what GOD’S WORD is telling us. I think maybe I pinched a nerve.

      • JohnBMyers says:

        @JEButler Go to my web page. If you don’t understand it i”m sorry. But millions do.

    • Kalev says:

      @JohnBMyers Yeah I went to your web site and you are a heretic and an apostate.
      The Tribulation begins this year 2013?  No man knows the day or hour and there are many prophesies that must first be fulfilled before hand and we ain’t even that close yet.  When you see a new Temple going up in Jerusalem then become aware the Tribulation is near.

  24. Willik says:

    Decare English as the national language through Constitutional Amendment.
    Learn it, live it, love it!
    This language “Balkanization” has gotten rediculous right along with the rest of the PC in this country.

  25. WorldTraveler says:

    Mr. Lopez is a liberal who does not appreciate the good USA. People come to this country because their country of origin did not treat them well and/or did not provide them with means of making money. Therefore, foreginers who left their land must show total respect for the USA and learn English and conduct themselves in respectul ways at all times. Respect the flag, the nation, and all the nation stands for and if they want to practice their own native language and/or celebrate special days from their country of origin, they must do so in the privacy of their own home or go to their country of origin during the indicated holidays and celebrate over there. Otherwise, they will never learn English, and if they are not told to behave in a certain way, we will have people celebrating too many foreign holidays. Children (of foreigners) who are born in the USA must learn US history and adhere to all the US school rules. Schools must have the traditional rules in place. Any foreigner who does not agree with me must go back to his/her country of origin to live there. I am a foreigner, now a US citizen, I came here because my native country was not good enough. Therefore, I like to perpetuate what the US country was formed to be, what it has been for me, and what it can be to every God fearing man and woman.

  26. Hcklbery says:

    I completely agree EXCEPT for the apology.

  27. phunyfarm says:

    NEVER apologize for being an American. NEVER! 
    This IS America and Allah is not welcome here ever, certainly not as we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.  Principle should hit the clock and not let the door hit him in the ass as he goes to look for a job in another country.

    • DavidPeacock says:


  28. DavidPeacock says:

    GET THE JIHADIST OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE ;;OFF WITH HIS TURBAN; MAY allah die a dreadful agonizing death when obama perishes from drowning in his swill and over sized ego.

  29. mitglied says:

    The formal language of the USA is the American version of English.  When originally decided, it was almost German, lacking only a couple of votes.  Aliens in the USA should not be permitted to influence the national language.  Families are free to speak whichever language they wish in their own households.  Leaders who are permitting the American language to be adulterated and altered by legal or illegal aliens, should be returned with the illegal aliens to their home country.  The costs should be charged to their home nation or country.

  30. CatInATuxedo says:

    The threat of islam should be taught in our schools, not honored in our sacred Pledge of Allegiance.  allah was made up by mohammed to justify and allow him to gain power over other people.  mohammed took parts of the Bible and the historical figures to merge it into a made up faith by a dangerous and ill man.  To place the name of allah over God is an admittance of defeat!  These casual linkings of our children and schools should be banned and the innitiators ostracised.

  31. VeeDub says:

    muslims, such as obama, continually try to convince us that “allah” is arabic for “God”.  “It” is not, God and allah are not the same.  allāhu akbar literally means “allah is greater”  They are stating allah is greater than God or anything else.
    But now let’s use their logic.  If allah and God are the same, then the students easily could have translated the pledge into arabic and left the word God in place, omitting allah.  They didn’t.  Why?  Who or what is running this show?
    Why is it that certain peoples in our society find it so hard to honor our pledge and National Anthem?  Why do they feel the need to change that which is recognized as proper and respectful?
    Note:  My intentional omission of capital letters is meant to show my disdain for muslims and their heathen “religion”.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      @VeeDub Claiming that my god and Allah is the same god is another abomination to my GOD. My GOD does not make,  promote and support the evils that are Allah’s book, the Koran, ain’t no way.

  32. TedRWeiland says:

    Since the ratification of Amendment 1’s polytheistic enabling freedom of religion clause (a violation of the First Commandment), America quickly went from what was predominantly in 17th-century Colonial America one united nation under God to a  divided nation under many gods. Consequently, from a Constitutional perspective, the god in the pledge could be referring to any god.
    The problem is not so much what Principal Lopez did but instead what the constitutional framers did. Had they established government upon Yahweh’s morality (including the First Commandment), recognizing Christianity as our national religion, Islam would not be flourishing in America today and Principal Lopez wouldn’t have dared doing what he did. For more, see online Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

    • El_locoJp says:

      @TedRWeiland “Yahweh’s morality?  You mean like burning witches?  You are promoting Theocracy which is by far the worst form of gov’t immaginable.  The greatest benefit given us by the 1st Amendment was freedom FROM religion.

      • TedRWeiland says:

        @El_locoJp Actually, what I’m trying to avoid is a future Islamic theocracy.
        “There is no escaping theocracy. A government’s laws reflect its morality, and the source of that morality (or, more often than not, immorality) is its god. It is never a question of theocracy or no theocracy, but whose theocracy….
        “People recoil at the idea of a theocracy’s morality being forced upon them, but because all governments are theocracies, someone’s morality is always being enforced. This is an inevitability of government. The question is which god, theocracy, laws, and morality will we choose to live under?”
        Excerpted from “The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs. YAHWEH” at

        • psychicbloodbrother says:

          @TedRWeiland  @El_locoJp Ted, your moral relativism equating all governments to theocracies cannot be used as a premise to an argument about America.  Your position does not build up it tears down.  The Anti’s in this country only work to tear down.  Are you an anti?

        • TedRWeiland says:

          @psychicbloodbrother  @El_locoJp 
          I am unequivocally anti anything (including the Constitution) that is antithetical to Yahweh’s morality as codified in His perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-11, etc.)
          It’s not I that’s promotes moral relativism but anyone who doesn’t take the same position regarding Yahweh’s immutable righteousness as found in His commandments, statutes, and judgments.

      • RodneyLeeLuke says:

        @El_locoJp  @TedRWeiland
         El Loco. please read your constitution again.  It says; Congress shall make no law;
        meaning every thing listed is immune from any law obligation.
        #1, respecting-an- establishment of religion. (dictionary meaning of the word-an.)
        the chief grammatical function of the word-an-  is to connot a thing not previously noted or recognized.
        now substitue the meaning in place of the word and read again.
        congress shall make no law, respecting the establishment of a religion not previously noted or recognized.(being the christian religion was already noted and recognized, congress was not to establish another)( or prohibiting the free exercise thereof)
        read also art#7.  B/C= before christ.
        A.D= anno domini= latin= in the year of our lord.
        The founding Fathers had to translate latin into english to place it in art#7 of our constitution. (Jesus is Lord)     Rod Luke.

    • psychicbloodbrother says:

      @TedRWeiland Ted while what you say may sound plausible it is incorrect.  The context of the framing of the constitution is what you need to look at. Christianity is monotheistic and we are not a polytheistic nation. This is a revisionist interpretation.  Furthermore there were not even any muslims in America at the time of the founding, except those pirates and slave traders which were barbarians then, as they are now. The context is very important.  In fact there is only 1/2 of 1 percent of our population today that is muslim so to say that the founding enables the blatant revisionism is dishonest on the part of those teachers that allowed this and folks who want to take the founding of this Christian nation out of context.  This interpretation is only meant to undermine the Constitution.   Christianity and the American constitution are under attack and we need to stand up for both boldly and challenge those who wish to diminish them.   There are even groups out there popping up that are working do diminish the constitution with these unsound arguments. Constitutional mythbusters comes to mind where there are whole groups of people propagating constitutional myths.   I have also seen folks there supporting theocracy…..go figure.

      • TedRWeiland says:

        “…Christian Constitutionalists claim the word “religion” in the Establishment Clause was exclusive to Christian denominations. At best, this is wishful thinking, the result of exploiting the historical record. The framers, while perhaps not rejecting Christianity (and in some instances even seeming to prefer it), rejected a Christian state in favor of a polytheistic one. In reference to the Virginia Act for Religious Freedom, enacted one year before the federal Constitutional Convention, Thomas Jefferson wrote:
        ‘Where the preamble [of the Virginia Act for Religious Freedom] declares, that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed, by inserting the word [sic] “Jesus Christ,” so that it should read, “A departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion;” the insertion was rejected by a great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and the Mahometan, the Hindoo, and the Infidel of every denomination.’ (Thomas Jefferson, Albert Ellery Bergh, ed., The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, 19 vols. (Washington, DC: The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Association, 1907) vol. 1, p. 67.)
        “Jefferson employed the word “denomination,” not for the various Christian denominations, but for any religion or non-religion….”
        Excerpted from Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Poltytheism” at

        • TedRWeiland says:

          “Although the religious test clause was overwhelmingly approved with little discussion at the Constitutional Convention, it was hotly debated in several of the States’ ratifying conventions:
          ‘Amos Singletary, … delegate to the Massachusetts ratifying convention, was upset at the Constitution’s not requiring men in power to be religious “and though he hoped to see Christians [in office], yet by the Constitution, a papist, or an infidel was as eligible as they.” …Henry Abbot, a delegate to the North Carolina convention, warned that “the exclusion of religious tests” was “dangerous and impolitic” and that “pagans, deists, and Mahometans might obtain offices among us [and the Senators and representatives might all be pagans].” If there is no religious test, he asked, “to whom will they [officeholders] swear support – the ancient pagan gods of Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, or Pluto?”’ 
          “Gary DeMar declared, ‘The most base pagan practices – child killing and sodomy – are now accepted in our nation’s capital as fundamental constitutional rights. Massachusetts voters have sent two acknowledged sodomites to Congress every two years. [Henry] Abbot knew what he was talking about.’…”
          Also excerpted from Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism.”

        • psychicbloodbrother says:

          @TedRWeiland We have a propagandist here. Take note Ted is not here to protect and defend the constitution he is here to diminish and defame it.    These seemingly plausible arguments are unsound.  Do your own research he is really a troll, masquerading as a christian,  in my opinion.

        • TedRWeiland says:

          How interesting! I stand for Yahweh, His morality, and Christianity and against anything opposed to them and MY Christianity is questioned!?! I think instead that in psychicbloodborther (whatever that implies) we may have a Mt. Carmel Christian.
          See blog article “Today’s Mt. Carmel Christians” at

        • Kalev says:

          the screen name he uses should give you a clue that this person is mentally unstable, I would just ignore this one.  Keep speaking the truth brother Ted.

        • Don39 says:

          @TedRWeiland  @psychicbloodbrother  Ted you are totally correct !

        • Don39 says:

          @psychicbloodbrother  @TedRWeiland And you lie in the name of Christianity, and against fellow Christians, that is giving you the benefit of the doubt.

        • VeeDub says:

          @Don39  @psychicbloodbrother  @TedRWeiland
          The U.S. Constitution is quite clear. 
          CONgress is to make no law establishing a (National) Religion, ANY Religion.
          CONgress is to make no law prohibiting the free exercise of Religion, ANY Religion.   (States have no such prohibition on what they can do, unless it’s in their State Constitution.) 
          ANYthing else added is pure speculation.  If it’s not written in the Constitution it’s because they wrote what they meant, in plain ole American English, and didn’t expect a bunch of ambulance chasers in CONgress to try and twist words to mean something totally different that what they actually mean.
          Who could ever have imagined that Americans would ever come to not understand the basic meaning of “shall” or “shall not” or “prohibit” or “establish” or the biggy “RIGHT”?

        • TedRWeiland says:

          @VeeDub  @Don39  @psychicbloodbrother 
          VeeDub: “The U.S. Constitution is quite clear. CONgress is to make no law establishing a (National) Religion, ANY Religion.”
          I agree. “Christians hang their religious hat on Amendment 1, as if some great moral principle is carved therein. They have gotten so caught up in the battle over the misuse of the Establishment Clause – the freedom from religion – that they have overlooked the ungodliness intrinsic in the Free Exercise Clause – the freedom of religion.” Also excerpted from Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism” at

    • 7papa7 says:

      @TedRWeiland Actually if you look at the definition in the earliest of dictionaries you will find that religion is defined as any Christian denomination.  The word has morphed over the years.  The Constitution was most definitely based on Judeo Christian principles.  You will of course have your liberal nay sayers with an agenda but the does not change the truth.  When they were meeting to write the Constitution they would always have Bible readings first and discuss the Scriptures.  Things have changed but the original intent is very strongly Christian.

      • TedRWeiland says:

        @7papa7 “Actually if you look at the definition in the earliest of dictionaries you will find that religion is defined as any Christian denomination.”
        “4. Any system of faith and worship. In this sense, religion comprehends the belief and worship of pans and Mohammedans, as well as of Christians….” (Websters 1828 “American Dictionary of the English Language.”)
        It’s also clear in the Jefferson quotation above that he used “denomination” in much the same way–that is, as inclusive of all religions.
        7papa7: “The Constitution was most definitely based on Judeo Christian principles.”
        There is only one test by which everything (including the Constitution) must be ethically tested: Yahweh’s morality as codified in His commandments, statutes, and judgments. Actually, examine the Constitution by this standard and you will discover as I have there is hardly an article or amendment that, in some fashion, is not antithetical, if not hostile, to Yahweh’s sovereignty and morality. Please check out “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at
        7papa7: “When they were meeting to write the Constitution they would always have Bible readings first and discuss the Scriptures.” This simply is untrue: a old wive’s tail. When Franklin proposed prayer every morning before their proceedings it was rejected:
        “…Although it is true that four or five weeks into the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin proposed ‘prayers imploring the assistance of heaven, and its blessing upon our deliberations, be held in this assembly,’  his proposal did not even merit a vote. ( Robert Yates, “Secret Debates of the Federal Convention of 1787,” Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Constitutional Convention 1787, Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1838 (Hawthorne, CA: Omni Publications, 1986) pp. 197-98.) Franklin wrote, ‘The Convention, except three or four persons, thought prayers unnecessary.’ (Benjamin Franklin, quoted in William Templeton Franklin, Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Benjamin Franklin (London, UK: Henry Colburn, 1818, 3rd ed.) p. 195.)….”
        Excerpted from Chapter 3 “The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs. YAHWEH.”

      • Don39 says:

        @7papa7  @TedRWeiland Sorry but you do not know what you are talking about and have fallen prey to false profits, There seems to an awful lot of that in the Christian cults these days. Misinterpretation to the extreme of the Bible usually goes right along with distortion of the Constitution and justification of hatred against one or all other groups. There are two groups that I  oppose with vehemence and that is not on religious grounds, but on the grounds that would destroy the very foundation of this civilized Constitutional Republic. They are the leftist progressive sociocommunist thugs of the modern damnocrat party, and Islam and supporters thereof!

  33. El_locoJp says:

    I think “Principal Tom Lopez” says it all.  He is one of the anti-American libtards who believe that they are “victims”, have taken over our educational system and don’t care how much harm they do as long as they can further their “progressive” agenda.

  34. DavidPeacock says:

    LISTEN ; I WANT TO DO MY PART HERE; I am all for expediting the muslims to their vestal virgins.

  35. DWinch says:

    They were just trying to honor our Muslim terrorist Marxist president, how sweet! The public school system at it’s finest.

    • JohnBMyers says:

      @DWinch The Dept of Education in DC must go ! Let the States handel it. Grades have gone down ever since Carter started it.

  36. 7papa7 says:

    EVERYONE involved in this anti American decision must be fired to set an example of what will happen for treason. This treachery must NOT go unpunished.

  37. tps1217 says:

    This is bo’s promise of change, slow but sure.

  38. prbrown60 says:

    This is one nation under God, not one nation under the Muslim pagan god allah.  the school administrator needs to be taken out and shot for treason. Of course this is what happens when we elect a muslim traitor to the White House.  This is not an Islamic nation, and anyone that tries to convert this country into one or indoctrinate our children as this school is trying to do should be declared an enemy of the state and treated as such.

  39. BrendaChoate says:

    While the study of other cultures is laudable, it should never include the translation of our pledge to the flag.  The American flag is a symbol of a nation, it represents an acknowledgement of  how and why America was conceived.  To convert the pledge into various languages to acknowlegement other cultures in a school is flimsy excuse.  Regardless of their cultural backgrounds, they live in America and should be proud of our flag and what it stands for.  This whole idea of hypenated American has reached epedimic proportion.  You either are or are not an American, there is no Asian, Afro, Irish, or other myriad combinations.  What is so wrong with the simple statement, I AM AN AMERICAN?

    • Don39 says:

      @BrendaChoate The left MUST water down patriotism, honor and everything this nation has traditionally held high in order to accomplish its goals of destroying the Republic! And they have no qualms about destroying a generation of children to get it done. The goal of the left is good obedient government sycophants such as their current voter base and they have been building that with good results in the so-called blue states for several years. It has reached the point that their confidence is such that they can openly start to destroy the tenents of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution more or less in the open. I believe they have over reached and are about to incur the wrath of the People!

  40. Kissitgoodbye says:

    Yet another attempt at wiping out American Nationalism, in the name of One World Order. The schools play a major role in that agenda.

  41. Former Republican says:

    The word “Allah” means God in Arabic, period. The pledge in Arabic is no more blasphemous than a French version that uses the word “Dieu.” And Allah is specifically named in the Koran as the God of Abraham (the Koran includes the Old Testament, especially the Torah, by reference) and Moses, for starters. There are differences, but not many and nothing really significant, except that Muslims consider Jesus to have been only a prophet (but WITH a virgin mother, by the way.)
    Would it be better to have young Hispanics saying the pledge in words they understand, or not saying it at all? Being offended by a language because we don’t agree with those who speak it is beneath contempt: the French, Spanish, etc, aren’t going away because some Americans don’t like them. Such people should go home, roll up in a blanket, and hide under their porch with the hounds while they wait for glory. Judging by most of the replies, the lack of bathroom facilities and reading material under there shouldn’t be a problem.
    Something that many (I resist the urge to say Blithering Idiots) can’t seem to understand is that the “bad” Muslims are lunatics who are as abhorrent to Islam and the Koran as the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christians and the Bible. They are tolerated by mainstream Muslims because they see them as less dangerous than twits like Marion, who have never read the Koran, who gleefully display their utter ignorance of Islam (and pretty much everything else), and who then make inflammatory remarks to stir up other idiots. Another reason is that Muslims in general are VASTLY more serious about their religion than most Christians: they don’t call westerners heathens because we aren’t Muslims: they call us that because so many of us aren’t anything.

    • Kalev says:

      @Former Republican You are either a mis-informed liberal or, and I cannot resist this, a blithering idiot.

    • AmferFerg says:

      @Former Republican
       I beg to differ with you.  The Muslims translate “Allah” as ‘the only God’…..dismissing ‘our God’ intentionally with their translation.  Therefore, in literal translation, the sudents pledged agreement that ‘THEIR God, Allah’ is the only God.

      • Former Republican says:

        You’re saying Our God is not the only God? Trying to torture unintended meanings out of things that clearly state the opposite is what Westboro does.

    • Don39 says:

      @Former Republican What you can not grasp is that it is not so much the words as the underlying thought that fostered the project to begin with. it stems from the leftist distortion of our culture and their obvious intent to destroy the Republic and remake it into something without value or worth. It is the corruption of society and the faux socialistic movement championed by the fraud and chief and his backers and sycophants. it is the anti-America anti-Constitution sentiment behind the leftist movement that has people rightly on edge and clamoring for justice and retrobution. And the People will not much longer be denied! America is awakening!

    • CatInATuxedo says:

      @Former Republican
       We know the Westboro people are idiots! We know to that the muslims either condone or are killers and destroyers of Infidels and our God!

      • VeeDub says:

        @Former Republican
        Christianity: Triune Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
        In Christianity when we speak of God, we speak about the triune Godhead: that God is one God, but composed of three persons — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each person, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, possesses all the attributes of God: Eternal, all powerful, omniscient (everywhere all the time), has emotions (can be grieved), and so on. We call our understanding of God with the word “trinity” which comes from two words: Tri-Unity, Three-in-one.
        Islam: Absolute Unity
        Muslims understand God (Allah) as absolutely single. He has no partners (as the Christian Trinity). In fact, the Qur’an is very clear that anyone who says God is anything but a single entity is guilty of blasphemy.
        Sura 4:171 – “O People of the Book, do not exaggerate in your religion and do not speak against Allah and his word, which he cast to Mary … and do not say “Three.” Cease. It will be better for you. Sure Allah is only one god.” Sura 112: Say, “He is Allah the one. Allah is absolute. He does not birth, neither was he birthed, and there is no equal to him.”

    • VeeDub says:

      @Former Republican
      I won’t call you a blithering idiot.  I’ll just prove your wrong by using the knowledge of scholars.
      The pre-Islamic origin of “Allah” There is absolutely no question that Allah was worshipped by the pagan Arabs as one of many polytheistic gods. Allah was worshipped in the Kabah at Mecca BEFORE Muhammad was born. Muhammad merely proclaimed a god the Meccans were already familiar with. The pagan Arabs never accused Muhammad of preaching a different Allah than the one they already worshipped.
      Many scholars say “Allah” is derived from a compound Arabic word, AL + ILAH = Allah. “Ilah” in Arabic is “God” and “Al” in Arabic is a definite article like our word “the”. So from an English equivalent “Allah” comes from “The + God”. Others, like Arthur Jeffery say, “The common theory is that it is formed from ilah, the common word for a god, and the article al-; thus al-ilah, the god,” becomes Allah, “God.”
      This theory, however, is untenable. In fact, the name is one of the words borrowed into the language in pre-Islamic times from Aramaic.” (Islam: Muhammad and His Religion, Arthur Jeffery, 1958, p 85) Although “Allah” has become known as the proper name for the Muslim god, Allah is not a name, but a descriptor that means literally, “the god”.
      All pagan cultures have these generic terms that refer to their “top god” as “the god”. In comparison to the perfect monotheism of Judaism and Christianity, “Allah” was originally no more a proper name for the Muslim God, than the word Hebrew “elohim” (god) or Greek “theos” (god) are proper names of the one true God of the Bible. “Jehovah” is the only revealed proper name for the “Elohim” of the Old Testament ( Ex 3:13; 6:3) and “Jesus” is the only revealed proper name of “Theos” in the New Testament. (Acts 4:12) Islam has no proper name for their god, but merely transformed, by universal use and confusion, the generic Allah into a proper name.
      So although today, Muslims use “Allah” as a proper name, it was never used this way originally. Allah, therefore is equivalent to “elohim” and “ho theos” but not “Jehovah” or “Jesus”. Allah is not the name of the nameless Muslim God.
      However Muslims will claim that Allah is the name of God that corresponds to Jehovah. Both the Father and the Son are called “ho theos” (The God). Jesus is called “The God” many times in the New Testament: John 20:28; Heb 1:8. An important conclusion from this, is that the mere fact that “Allah” is equivalent to “elohim” and “ho theos” does not mean they are directly corresponded.
      It certainly doesn’t prove Allah is the same as the God of the Old or New Testament. It does not prove that Muslim’s worship the same God as Christians. If this correspondence proved the Muslim god was the same as the Christian God, then because pagan religions also have generics that correspond to “the god” (Allah), this correspondence would also prove that Allah is the same god as the Buddhist god, for Buddhists also refer to their god as “the god”.

      • Former Republican says:

        There is no “proof” that Allah is the God of the Old Testament? God has worked very hard to prevent anyone from being able to prove anything about Him. He no doubt has His reasons, but one is probably that it would destroy the whole basis of faith.
        When he does manifest (i.e., Moses or Jesus) it’s always to create faith, and always in a localized area, and always to the minimum number of people (or to people who already believe, and whose faith is not in danger.)  Jesus’s miracles were not universally believed at the time. There was very little “proof” of them, none at all after a year or so, but those who saw told the story and built faith in others.
        Islam has never tried to prove anything about Allah vs Yahweh, they simply take as a matter of faith that they are the same, and ascribe to them pretty much the same properties, powers, and personality (more so than most Christians do today, comparing the modern concept of God to the Bible.) Can you do more? Do you think God cares what they call Him in their language as long as they think of Him rightly (as People of the Book, of course.)
        Is the word “Allah” pre-Islamic? Of course it was! Most cultures find a need for the word “God” at some point. Christianity and Judaism were well known to the Arabs, and Islam sprang originally from Mohammed’s disgust at the corruption and debasement of both (not to mention, of course, the polytheistic/animistic Arabs of the day.)
        Referring to the Buddhist god in not productive, by the way: Buddhists have no god, even the concept of holiness is antithetical to them. The assorted animistic sects that abound in southern Asia use the term and worship idols, but most Christians would agree that they’re talking about something else, demons.

      • Don39 says:

        @VeeDub  @Former Republican It can not get much clearer than that.

  42. DavidPeacock says:

    how about the  “c-scope” class assignment to produce a “NEW FLAG ” for a “NEW socialist country” using recognizable symbols of other communist nations already in existence.. Bill Ayers is still fuc666king with our kids brains;; he needs to be neutralized.

    • Don39 says:

      @DavidPeacock And I for one would shed no tears nor have any angst whatsoever at any method used to do so!

    • Kissitgoodbye says:

      @DavidPeacock / The ideology has not changed since the Weather Underground. So now I have to ask who thought it was a GOOD idea for him to develop the teaching curriculum for our kids? Just Obama? I don’t think so. There are others we would NEVER suspect.

      • belloni890 says:

        @Kissitgoodbye  @DavidPeacock not Obama imo at all he just carries out the agenda for TPTB behind the scenes that are sitting on their private island calling in orders,like the Rockefellers,morgans,rothchilds,etc,not in that order more than likely,but its kind of naieve for the American people to think a 1 term senator with zero foreign policy experience is running the most powerful country in the history of man,not hardly,imo,and I dont think we have seen anything yet,hope not but……..

    • Fags4God says:

      @DavidPeacock Don’t be such a gun toting redneck telling people to die.

  43. belloni890 says:


    • Don39 says:

      @belloni890 I like your comment. But, more would read and understand it if it were properly typed and punctuated.

  44. KeepThemCloser says:

    I agree with everything stated so far. We chose English. Luckily it is the second language in most of the world. But we accommodate Spanish because its the language of most of the folks who broke the law to get here? It’s always confounded me. When I started to see the English/Spanish signs I was upset, our tax dollars are funding that. When I’ve traveled I have to learn at least a little of the local language. Airports, trains, street cars, restaurants. If I was there illegally I would learn a lot of the language and try to blend. By in the US, we cater to you.

  45. J J says:

    It’s wonderful that this school still requires the students to say the Pledge of Allegiance but why is it being allowed to change the wording?? This isn’t ‘one nation under Allah’!! I find this insulting, offensive, and scary! These people moved to America, they chose America, they need to become American, they need to speak English!! I’m not saying that they should stop with all of their customs but don’t go changing our pledge or anything else about America – they are the ones who should be changing. We are a country that makes it way too easy for the immigrants to change us instead of insisting that they change. That wouldn’t happen in any other country. And it’s a sad fact that liberals aren’t upset about this.

  46. Pete F says:

    Allah-the false prophet would probly try to take your guns

  47. Jakob says:

    You know that “Allah” is simply the word in Arabic for “God,” right? Literally, it means “the god,” or “God with a capital G.” Arabic-speaking Christians (yes, they do exist; they are a sizable minority in many countries, Egypt, for instance) use the word “Allah” to refer to the “Jewish/Christian God of the Bible.” There’s no way to translate the phrase “one nation under God” into Arabic without using the word “Allah.”

  48. JS says:

    i feel that if we were to emigrate to their native countries, we would be expected to have to learn the languages as well as other means of living skills that are consistent with their national operations. otherwise, we could not function in that society. but we have here in the United States, succumbed our principles to acommodate them as if we needed them to complete our society. we don’t need anyone to complete our nation, we are complete as we are. if they desire to immigrate with us, then THEY need to change their ways to function here in the United States. i can see if we do not begin to require them to learn our ways, if they refuse to learn them, language as well as other living skills, they should not be alowed to immigrate, even though we are a land that allows, immigration. by the way, why are they wanting to come here, aren’t they satisfied where they are? our founding forefathers were not satisfied with the ways of the Christian persecution of the countries that they having to deal with. i do not see any of the people that are immigrating here, being persecuted for their religious practice from their peers, as most of us and our ancestors were. So either CHANGE YOUR WAYS OR GO AWAY! ! !

  49. America is founded “Ones Nation under GOD”. We don’t go to the Mid East and tell them to teach Their children our Christianity. We might ask if we can. But we don’t sneak in their books. Like Obama had them do. This is Our Country. This is America. If they don’t like our Teachings then they should have never come and they should go back. This just proves, the Muslims are here to take our Country away from us. Period.

  50. Chris says:

    Allah in the pledge ? Well, what do yo expect? Is the public fool system Godly in any way?

    The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, The Great I Am who became flesh and dwelt among us, has been kicked out of ALL such public institutions, and all those who continue to send children there, acquiesce and participate in this.

    The reason this has come upon you is the same reason all the rest of the evils you now see over whelming you at nearly every turn. This nation as a whole has turned it’s back on The Great I Am.

    The Constitutional Republic, created by the god “We The People”, has died and has become a Communist Republic.

    Don’t agree ? Have you ever read “The Communist Manifesto” and The Ten Planks contained therein ? Here’s just a few examples, but they’re all in full force and effect in the U.S.S.A.:

    1st. Plank: Property tax (Abolition of the right to property – land rent)
    2nd.: Graduated Income tax.
    3rd.: Inheritance tax. (Abolition of the right to inheritance)
    5th.: Central Bank in control of credit & currency (Federal Reserve Bank)
    10th. Free compulsory education (indoctrination via the public fool system)

    Getting the picture ? And now it’s morphed into Corporate Fascism.

    The truth of the matter is: For the most part, this nation has turned it’s back on and, in essence, “flipped the bird” to The Great I Am that became flesh and dwelt among us. And because this nation as a whole hates the truth, here’s what’s happened to it:

    Because they do not have a love of the truth, God has sent them a strong delusion, so that they will believe what is false in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in lawlessness. 2 Thessalonians 2: 10 – 12.

    That admonition about the love of truth, includes ALL truth, not just the ones you agree with. How much love of truth do you really have ? The Almighty told you in His Word that His Laws, Statutes and Judgments are perfect and “Thou shalt not add or subtract therefrom.”

    Americans continually “vote” for legislative and presidential offices to do just that, i.e., “add or subtract therefrom.” The making of Law is a power that belongs to Him and Him alone!

    This provided a vehicle for your enemy to corrupt over time (via gradual increments) and finally take over. This nation wanted to determine what was “good and evil”, instead of enforcing His Perfect Moral Laws.

    The only way to save this nation is to turn back to Him, His Perfect Moral Laws, Statutes and Judgments, i.e., His Kingdom/Will On Earth. Seek Him while He may yet be found.

    The Clock is ticking. Look around, the judgments are happening before your eyes

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