Christians Should Laugh For Joy When the Education Bubble Pops

There are actually many reasons why Christians and non-Christians alike should rejoice at the demise of the “higher education” bubble. It will mean that a great deal of money can be spent on something productive, like starting a business—not to mention no longer suffering the years of lost productivity for young adults.

But there is a reason why Christians in particular should laugh, and I get the idea of laughter from how the saints are told to react to Babylon’s destruction:

“Rejoice over her, O heaven, and you saints and apostles and prophets, for God has given judgment for you against her!” (Revelation 18:20 ESV)

We have to keep in mind that we will soon see that destruction (in a mild form) when we read stories like this:

“InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected campus-based Christian ministries, said in early February that the University of Michigan has booted its Asian InterVarsity chapter off campus after the student outreach refused to drop its biblically based requirements for leadership.”

In this case, the excuse for sending nullifying the college student group was “non-discrimination.” Because the University upholds a policy of “non-discrimination” Christian groups are not permitted on the campus. Only groups that allow adherents to all or no religions to be in leadership are not discriminated against by the school.

“The university’s relevant rule states that the school is “committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of … religion.” The move by university officials to un-recognize the InterVarsity group prompted the Michigan Daily, the school’s student newspaper, to exult that ‘removing the group’s campus affiliation reaffirms the university’s commitment to nondiscrimination.’”

So, because the university does not discriminate, religious persons are prohibited from starting college groups. Makes perfect sense.

When I read about this stupid bullying and banishing, I have to admit that all the bad news about the economy seems like good news. These schools are dinosaurs. They offer nothing of value and they overcharge for what little they do have to offer. They are going to crash. The price of tuition and the debt load after graduation far exceeds what the graduate can afford with his first job.  The whole system is going to collapse. Hallelujah!

So pretty soon (though none of us can time it precisely) there won’t be places like the University of Michigan and Vanderbilt University (another school to marginalize believers). There will be no institutions to throw their weight around in order to tell the Christians that they don’t count and that the rules allowed to other groups aren’t meant for them.

The bursting of the bubble won’t be just because of economic stupidity. Our society has been given over to stupidity because of arrogance and unbelief.



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  • MagsEast

    About a year ago I read that Trade Schools would be a great place to invest your money. Once the bubble pops, and people realize they are “higher indoctrinated” instead of educated to actually do something to earn a living, these school’s enrollments are going to surge. I don’t need somebody with a degree in International Global Studies and a minor in Transgender Humanities, when my wiring screws up, my pipes burst, or when I’m trying to find somebody that knows how to fix my transmission!

    • ssh49tn

      @MagsEast They’ve already started where you can take courses online, & get a certification, so you can work in that field, & they’re FREE. Not quite a bachelor’s degree, but still good enough to get a good job. And, they said that people are signing up for them like crazy. My oldest grandson graduated high school this last year, & people are totally shocked when they find out that he isn’t going to college. He’s a Christian, & he doesn’t want to be involved in all the junk that goes on at the universities. Even those claiming to be Christian ones are almost, or maybe worse, than the secular ones.

  • RickLapLante

    Or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Someone just put their federal funds at risk.

  • ssh49tn

    It very plainly says in the Bible that God will NOT be mocked, so these people are fixing to face the judgment of Almighty God, & it’s NOT going to be pretty. One reason our nation is in the shape it’s in, is because of the moral decay. And, I’m not talking religion. When I was growing up, we were taught in public school that it was wrong to lie, steal, cheat on tests, etc. Now days though, a teacher would lose their job if they tell a child that they cannot cheat on a test.

  • Canadianlady

    May Thy Kingdom come speedily, God.

  • Brusckey

    It was rightly said a few years ago that same-sex “marriage” was totalitarianism in action.   This is a good example.

  • tomnchrist

    Sounds great to me.  My daughter took one semester at our local University, made straight A’s but quit because of the liberal and anti-Christian prejudices and indoctrination of the Instructors, Went to the local JC became a dental assistant in two years, and after 3 years, has her own business in sales. Married an Air Force Flight Officer and is doing great despite the economy.

  • Geneww1938

    The best place to start any education is in God’s Bible  Knowledge and experience are two tools that can not be stolen or lost.  Happiness, joy, peace, … and health can not be bought and are not derived from possession or wealth.

  • MarWoo

    Interesting they won’t allow Christians but they allowed foot baths to be built for Middle Eastern students.


    Great to see the education system that bans Christian viewpoint tumble…Love it..

  • AdrianVance

    When the “education bubble pops?”  You certainly do not live in California.
    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • AlRoberts3

    The first amendment forbids the government suppression of religious beliefs.  This government entity has JUST broken that amendment by refusing them the right to practice their religious beliefs. 
    Can you find a lawyer who wants to make a lot of money suing these tyrannts.  There should be a LOT of money coming unless the judge is corrupt or muslim too.

  • dd823

    One question . . . Why is it we don’t hear an outcry from our church leaders. Why don’t they speak up? If all christians  stopped sending their children to these schools, stopped advertising in far-left medias, and made their feeling known to our political hacks things might be different.
    The next time you go to church ask your priest or minister why aren’t you speaking up?

    • wvstarktruth1

      @dd823 The reason they do not speak up is because the government has used an unconstitutional 1950s law promoted by Democrat Lyndon Johnson to punish a political enemy as a bludgeon to silence the ministry.  The reason Christians do not stop sending kids to schools like those mentioned  is that they cannot afford the tuition at non-government-supported schools.  That is because the government continues to interfere with the market by tossing out millions in student grants and loans.  As long as this “easy money” is available, raising your tuition rates is a means of gleaning more of that money through student enrollments.  As long as it is available, the market is powerless to stop tuitions from rising.  Regarding advertising…any Christian business or any business at all has to advertise in order to survive.  Nearly ALL of the media are controlled by left-leaning or leftist publishers/owners.  They have little choice if they want to compete for business.  The less government has to do with education, the higher the quality and the less manipulation of the student population that will take place.

  • BarackHussein

    No one should send any contributions to their old universities. Why fund propaganda centers who are against you and the American way of life.
    Cut expenses or go broke.  Makes you wonder what these kids are learning anyway if administrators can’t even balance their own checkbooks.

  • Greg137

    We as both Christians, and Americans don’t need indoctrination clinics that the Higfher education colleges have become…

  • Bill Weston

    Granted; Believers are to rejoice when truth wins out. Still , we, as messengers, will be obliged in service to our Lord, to lead as many as are “lost” or “in bondage” back to forgotten principles. This is also cause for celebration, but not for gloating. The temptation to “get even” will be great and some believers could be led astray. “So if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall’. (I Corinthians 10:12)