It’s Not The Guns, You Liberal Morons; It’s The Gangs

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that gang related crime, violence and murder is on a well-financed rise in our nation. If you are wondering why American cities like Chicago are experiencing uncontrollable increases in murders and crimes involving guns look no further than liberal Democrat’s failed socio-economic policies and the associated growth of street gang membership.  For decades, Democrats wrapped in civil rights banners have paved the way for the growth of violent crime in American cities and the very real trend of its expansion into quite rural communities.

Consider this:

The United States Armed Forces is comprised of 1.4-1.5 million active duty men and women and close to 900 thousand reservists supporting 5 different branches of our military. According to government data (which always understates its failures) the active Gang population in the United States is estimated at over 1 million members supporting the criminal activities of over 30,000 individual street gangs. Over 80% of the gang population in America is made up of minorities with Hispanics/Latinos accounting for over half of the loyal gang membership operating on our streets and in our prisons. The United States—by government estimates—now has a gang population that very soon will equal the size of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard non-civilian personnel.

According to law enforcement experts the greatest social influences fueling the growth of U.S. gang membership are poverty and lack of solid economic opportunity. Even with record entitlement and welfare spending and trillions of dollars in economic stimulus, today within our nation more families are living in poverty than at any other time since the Depression. Depending on whom you believe Blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately affected by U.S. poverty with Hispanics populations living in poverty at 38-42% and Blacks at 30-33%. Under reported unemployment among minorities is also at historic highs while national high school graduation rates and out of wedlock pregnancies are at abysmal levels. So after four years of a failing—Obama and liberal Democrat lead—economy it’s no wonder gang membership rates, gang violence and murders are soaring.

The second greatest influence in the growth of U.S. gang membership is the ever expanding illegal narcotics trafficking industry in America. Although President Obama and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano claim to have solved our porous border security issues somehow Mexican Drug cartels manage to smuggle record breaking volumes of narcotics over, under and through the U.S./Mexican border every day. These narcotics need to be sold to users and the preferred resource for cartels is street gangs.

Drug cartels love street gangs. Street gangs have a unique knowledge of the black market, local law and provide cartels with the required personnel to bring their illegal product to market. Street gangs love the drug cartels because they provide the product that allows street gangs to sustain their financial health, buy guns, and expand their operations, criminal territories and membership.

Every state across our nation and every major city are under siege by Hispanic or Latin American gangs and their criminal enterprises. Enterprises financed by drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution, extortion, cartel directed and rewarded assassinations and the very lucrative fraudulent documents industry. Many State legislatures have passed one anti-gang law after another in an attempt to provide better tools to law enforcement and prosecutors in their fight to curb violent crime. All over our country cops are pleading with the federal government to take some rational steps to reign in further escalation and spread of violent gang activity and each and every time federal anti-gang legislation is proposed liberal Democrats paint it as the white man’s tool to unfairly target minorities.

To liberals, Federal anti-gang legislation gives federal and local law enforcement too much power to interfere with free association within minority communities and will create the often vilified use of racial profiling. Here is a news flash for the Congressional Black Caucus, the National Council of La Raza and the ACLU: Any effective federal anti-gang legislation will require targeting minorities since they represent over 4 out of 5 gang members. Unless reasonable Americans begin to counter the race card playing liberal mindset of our so called ethnic civil rights advocates, gang’s organized crimes and terrorism are coming to a neighborhood near you.

Liberals failed economic policies, toleration of illegal immigration, lax border security and overzealous vilification of law enforcements attempts to target certain ethnic groups responsible for the growth of gang violence and inner city murder rates are directly responsible for what could be argued is an epidemic growth of domestic terror groups (street gangs) that use criminal activity to finance their violent operations. Why is our government discussing immigration reform and gun control when the real cause of the growth of violent crime is the growth of organized crime in America? Minority communities all over our nation are overrun with street gangs being financed and armed by Central and South American drug cartels and we are afraid of racial profiling and rights of criminals to freely associate?

Last year street gang related violence killed more Americans on U.S. soil than all the Lanzas, Loughners and Al Qaeda psychos did collectively. The U.S government needs to wake up and officially label these street gangs—as well as their buddies in the narco-trafficking cartels—as known terrorist groups and put the full force of the patriot act to bear in dismantling and destroying these violent group’s activities in America and the countries that they call home. If the federal government fails to act on the U.S. gang problem that their liberal failures have created, bullets will eventually be flying all over our quiet suburban communities and more children will die.

It’s not the guns you morons, it’s the gangs.



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48 comments on “It’s Not The Guns, You Liberal Morons; It’s The Gangs
  1. NavyVet says:

    But, the liberals would rather label military veterans, and those who support and defend the Constitution as “terrorists”.

  2. CarlStevenson says:

    Jesse Jackson was shilling the other day for Obama’s DHS Gestapo to patrol the streets of Chicago, now that their gun control has made it the murder capital of the country. DHS and other alphabet agencies have recently purchased over 1.8 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo – enough to shoot every man, woman, and child in the country 5 times or more – ammo that’s illegal for military use under international law, and have just ordered an additional 7,000 FULLY AUTOMATIC “personal defense” weapons. How does anyone with the capability of rational thought escape the conclusion that our government is preparing for a war on its own citizens? Chicago will just be a pilot program for a nationwide program. If they are allowed to continue, it will end up making the Bruce Willis movie “The Siege” look like a good day in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood. Keep your powder dry, you’re going to need it.

    • carolrhill814 says:

      Anything that Jessie Jackson says in my book is just air because when Barry was running for president he was behind him all the way.
      Barry couldn’t care less about Chicago all he cares about is self because he learned all of what he is doing in Chicago and running the country straight into the same ground where Chicago is today.

    • winner08 says:

       You neglected to mention the Drone’s that will be able to see and kill all who displease the annointed one. After Chicago, it would be LA and then Detroit. I would love it if they would just wipe out all of these low life’s taking away our freedom. this turf warfare would be a thing of the past.

  3. jbhockey78 says:

    I like the story there is just somethings that should be added on this. One is that Homeland security  ( more like Homeland joke security) has put on there list of threats to our country  are people that used cash, people that go to churches ,people that are veterans of this country , and it will not surprise me that if you are a patriot and love this country .You have an American flag you are now a threat to our country that i am sure is on the list to. Then you look at the  gun laws being passed.Because of  the set up shootings by this goverment. Look at the fact that so many bullets have been bought by Homeland security and many other goverment agencys.It is not for terrorists it is for  us the  Us citizen.The gun owners are  what the goverment wants to attack .I like what he say .I just think he forget to add some things to the article he wrote.Other then that I like what he sayed

  4. carolrhill814 says:

    This has gone for so many years I simply can’t count and of course it is the gangs that are killing off innocent people all over the USA but the cops don’t have a chance in he– against so many people with more powerful guns than they will ever  have and that is a fact.
    A lot of these children come from broken homes and there are no dads around to keep them straight and narrow and that is another sad fact.
    I know I am going to hear a lot of negative things from people that I brought that up but it is so true.
    Dad has that iron hand that moms simply don’t have and that is a fact.

    • hpinnc says:

      @carolrhill814 The government decided back in 1969 or whenever the socialist/democrats {LBJ} started all these socialist programs to help those who were poverty stricken, They had some good ideas,but they also had some bad ones.Number 1 was when they left the man out of the picture.The woman could not draw assistance if there was a man residing in the house.They should have made the man have some resonsibilities too,instead of leaving him to run around the neighborhood like dogs. That’s right, I said it, not to necessarily insult anyone, but I worked with a young man that said he thought he had 26 children, This was probably common practice in many black neighborhoods.A result of another failed democratic program. On the gun situation,carrol, is the cops should take what guns they need from the gangstas.Yes,these social engineers figured out how to get them out of the homes,now let’s see if they can figure out how to get them back into the family again.Humpty-Dumpty is broken,but I don’t look for the morons in Washington to put him back together again.

  5. RWSmith6 says:

    I love the “you morons.”  Should we employ the “takes one to know one” assertion?  
       To Mr. DeMayo, whose posts always remind me of deadlines for publication being  met without all the facts lined  up appropriately, I say:  The easiest solution to so many problems is the one most avoided.    Don’t like gangs?  Figure out how to make them unnecessary.  Don’t like illegal drugs?  Figure out how to make them unnecessary. Don’t like “illegal” immigration?  Make it unnecessary.  Don’t like deaths by shooting?  Make them unnecessary.
    Don’t like our involvement  in war after war, intervention after intervention?  Make them unnecessary.
       Such solutions require intelligence, MUCH reading, and giving up something in order to gain something.  Tou7gh chore, to be sure.  But, then, we’ve not been getting anywhere with what we’ve tried, so what’s to lose?
       Mr. DeMayo, do a lot less talking and a lot more homework.  I’m available for all debates.

    • Benevolent Thinker says:

       What specifically do you take issue with in this post?

    • Benevolent Thinker says:

       Waiting on your debate availability. Sounds like something really got you back up? Love to debate you. Always like a challenge.

      • RWSmith6 says:

        You’re one of the first in all these years who has offered to debate.  Let’s go.  Your “facts,” my facts.  Yelling at each other across the divide is so old, so without any hope of resolution.  The ball is in your court, and I await your serve.   @Benevolent Thinker

        • Benevolent Thinker says:

          @RWSmith6  @Benevolent Thinker
           Actually the articles facts would be fine. That was your complaint. Don’t want to get off in left field. What specificly did you take issue with in the article?

        • Benevolent Thinker says:


    • winner08 says:

       Make it unnecessary! whow! that sounds just perfect! It is unnecessay for a war, so Hell no we won’t go! thats been done and you go anyway. You are unbeliveable. such a simple answer. Tell us all in a very short sentence How? I know, just wish it away.

  6. twalsh15 says:

    tess       it seems that new york city has the right idea with reference to the hoods…they have a stop and frisk law…and the crime rate has dropped acording to officials…..this should be in every is not that hard to implement

    • Benevolent Thinker says:

       Yes it works, but it is also a questionable violation of 4th and 5th amendment protections. I’m all for curbing crime but not if it means that I or you can be detained and searched without probable cause. However, gang affiliation can be considered probable cause. So……..

  7. J Joy says:

    The problem is that the liberal Democrats won’t admit that anything that was or is their idea has failed including their socio-economic policies, their gun control, their Obamacare, their Obama phones or their stimulus packages. Maybe if these gangsters had jobs they wouldn’t have time or reasons to be in gangs or shoot people. But it’s obvious that the gun / gang laws that are already there either don’t work or aren’t being enforced!!

    • El_locoJp says:

      @J Joy Why should they have jobs or work?  The receive everything they need (or want) for free without having to expend any effort at all.

      • J Joy says:

        @El_locoJp But that IS the problem.  Why are they ‘entitled’ to anything??  The Democrat Federal government needs to cut a bunch of these people off BUT that would also mean that this same Democrat Federal government will need to get out of the way so jobs can be created.  That isn’t likely to happen.

        • LDommel says:

          @J Joy  @El_locoJp
           The Gov’t will eventually take their kids away & raise them saying they can do it better! These people on welfare had better REALIZE the GOV’T WILL take TOTAL CONTROL to keep the cost down! RIGHT NOW we are at the point of keeping the cost down. THESE Welfare voters will be MADE TO WORK for the GOOD OF THE GOV’T if they can not WAKE UP. The CANDY is given out first to accomplish this WAKE UP!!!

    • winner08 says:

      @J Joy
       These criminal minded thugs love the thrill of violence. It is the only thing that makes them feel like they are in controll. If it is all you know, it is very difficult to belive that there is an OZ., that is somewhere over the rainbow and way out of their reach.

  8. hpinnc says:

    Mr John DeMayo tells it like it is ,no wholes barred.I was a young man back in the early sixties.I saw the young “hippies’ & “flower children” in the colleges & universities sitting around smoking pot. That was when they were opposing the “speaker ban” laws.,demonstrations,long hair, Vietnam War. These were troublesome times then.Our colleges & Universities began accepting socialist professors, who began teaching their crap in the name of “freedom of speech” “free thought”.I thought then,our government needs to step in & nip this crap in the bud,they didn’t,they allowed the liberal/socialist agenda to grow,to become widespread on most of our campuses.They did nothing about the growing & acceptance of drugs, these same people, went on to graduate,& now they are the policy makers in our Congress. The liberal agenda brought on the “Great Society, under LBJ, to wipe out poverty.Now look what we have,once beautiful thriving cities, now ghettos, poverty stricken,crime,drugs, & we think this bunch of morons are capable of fixing it.Look back 50 yrs, & see if we are any better than we were back then.Have the liberal/socialistic programs worked? At least I will give credit for the civil rights movement that should have opened doors for blacks, & educational programs to help them climb out of poverty, instead the dems. did what they have always done,throw money at it,enough to make blacks think they were being helped, & to bring them to the polls in droves, just like this past election.They are still looking to the socialist/marxist/democrats to make life better for them I submit that we need to try something else, like coming up with some way to put the families back together, that is where good,moral, teaching should begin, then a good education system, & removing gov. restrictions on bussinesses, teaching Americanism in our schools, if you want to live here,you learn english,get a job,pay taxes& become an American,or go back where you came from.I guess maybe I am from another era,another age, I will soon be 75 yrs. young. It was agood time when I was a boy,I knoow that we can never go back, but we might learn a few things on how to run this country,if some of our leaders were to go back & study some of the things that made us great back then, the light on the hill.I love this country,& it makes me sad to see what we are becoming.l

    • winner08 says:

       Actually there is no time like the present. The protest against the Viet-nam war did good, cause our Veterans are treated alot better than I remember. Example of this is “Help a Wounded Warrior”, adopt a Soldier”, PTSD, Case Managers for our Soldier’s to be properly treated prior to their discharge, better housing, better barracks, and a vast improvement on the Uniform( I hated the fatigues with the white T-shirt and polished black boots). If we wish to become better allies with our European Nations in a time of need, it would be good to learn more than one language. They know english, they just refuse cause we have lost so much of our family heritage, because like my family Sprecken de deutch vast verboten and now all I know is english, cause the Native Germans in our country were hated, like my sweet Grandmother who had a difficult time speaking English. I lost my language. In Germany they are mandated to speak English, but we do not have to when we are stationed their, how fair is that?

    • winner08 says:

       How great was it for our Veterans who came back from World War II, only to enter another war called: the Korean conflict. Most of them that went into WWII did not have much of an Education, cause they needed to help out with the farm or the depression where it took everyone to scrape up as much as they could to eat. The fifties came along and for some reason women were expected to stay at home and if the husband was a cheat or an abuser there was no place for them to go, cause they did not work, so they had no skills to fall back on. If the Husband got killed in Viet-nam or was injured not to much help was out there cause they were overwhelmed and the wife got stucked doing it on here own, no home health aide came to visit. How many Orphans and Widows did all of these wars create. There was hardly a break between any of the wars. These wars where all about a profit.

  9. ArtyGunner says:

    Wonder if the gangs, excuse me, the disadvantaged youth of color in the inner cities, are Obama’s civilian security force? Numbers, organization, no real easy targets to strike against, given political/legal cover by Democrats and others. Could cause a vast amount of problems inside the US. Add in a few trained terrorists and we’d be in a real world of hurt. Would a declaration of emergncy powers follow quickly? Just askin’….

    • LDommel says:

       NO those inner cities PEOPLE will be CONTROLLED by the GOV’T 4 the GOV’T because it will be about COST CONTROLL! They will also being working for the good of the gov’t! Stupid a$$holes

  10. LDommel says:

    Did Chicago not EMBRACE illegal immigrations Years ago?

    • Benevolent Thinker says:

       If you are referring to publicly claiming status as a sanctuary city, yes. The openly proclaimed that undocumented immigrants would be welcomed without question.

  11. markinla says:

    Blaming it on poverty is typical. Most of the kids joining gangs are left tail losers. They are too dumb to ever even achieve their grade level in school so use the excuse that “the man is keeping them down” or other nonsense to drift into gangs where they can be “somebody”.

    • hpinnc says:

      If they can pass an entrance tesr, they should be igiven a chance to go into the military, & if they make a good soldier,when they come out,send them to college,if they choose to stay with the military,send them to college courses & when they graduate give them a promotion in what ever fiield they are qualified for.That would be better than sending them back into the gangs they came out of. Just a thought.

      • markinla says:

        @hpinnc When the army needs cannon fodder, the requirements go way down. These kids are even too stupid to get a GED in today’s dumbed down world, forget about them going college. Gang members have been going into the military to get weapons training and it is a problem.

      • winner08 says:

         That is a good idea, only problem is they have no displine. All they know is to hate and do what is expected of them by their little club. They won’t join the military cause than they would have to learn right from wrong and they have no idea what that is. Their is no moral compass with them.

    • PELICAN7890 says:

      Because it is more important to do drugs and play violent video games then go to school and make something of yourself

      • winner08 says:

         What good is it for them to get an education when there are no jobs out their, thanks to Obama thinking that we should tax the One percenters. The one percenters are the ones hireing and it does’nt look good. The Military use to be the answer, but not now, not with the Government drawing down our forces. The best thing is for these guys to go into the Merchant Marines. They may think they are tough, but I’m telling you, The Merchant Marines are tougher than the Marines and will not take alot of talk back.

    • LDommel says:

       YES BUT these “DUMB” voters R going to have ALL OF US under the CONTROLL OF THE GOV’T! They give them CANDY then change the rules! Like giving 2 these KIDS entitlements then they will start taking them at birth to raise them BECAUSE the GOV’T can RAISE them BETTER! WAKE UP 95% of the Blacks! This is about CUTTING COST & the rules will change to them telling U where U are going to WORK “FOR THE GOOD OF THE GOV’T” The Gov’t WANTS “TOTAL CONTROLL OF YOUR LIFE! Same with these “GANGS” , they use that to take the GUNS away so when the RULES ARE CHANGED you will “DO AS THEY SAY”. What do you thing re-distribution means. It’s EVERYONE being controlled by THE GOV’T for the GOV’T! Yes the Democrats are STILL about OPPRESSION & it’s getting NASTY NOW to include ALL CITIZENS & these low information voters DON’T GET IT! We are the most chariable people in the WORLD & have taken care of our POOR! You don’t need th GOV’T getting you on every programs to TAKE CONTROLL OF YOUR LIFE! Do U want to live in a square box & told what you need to do to give all your money to the gov”T?WAKE UP DEMOCRAT VOTERS!

  12. El_locoJp says:

    They don’t call ’em LIBTARDS for nothing!

  13. Brucethegolfer says:

    Folks, for God’s sake, wake up.  Your country is being overthrown and all you can do is say stupid stuff and call them names?  They have the Homeland Security that is a Gestapo not under any direction except the president.  He is selectively destroying the military and will have them only loyal to him, not the Constitution, the country, or you….libtards???  Or whatever, they are kicking your butt and all you can do is talk, talk, talk….and call them names.
    They have the sticks and stones…..and all you have is names.
    They have the guns……and have told them they have the right to use them on us without a trial.
    And you are going to call them names?
    Good luck with that.  I’m sure the Kenyan is shaking in his boots.  Might be crying and asking to resign, right.
    And he is being aided and abetted by the republican elite.

  14. RonSmith1 says:

    Not just gangs any more just to the south of next door neighbors in Mexico live with the daily threat of Mexican hti squads invading homes like a swat team.  THEY are using AR15’s.  So if they start attacking homes in the USA we are supposed to defend ourselves with WHAT cowboy six shooter revolvers??  NAY NAY!  The founding fathers were very clear in granting the right to the best weapon technology of the day when they permitted citizens to be ARMED.  Plain and simple.  They never said anything about limited regular folks to bows and arrows or spears and clubs because only the military should have “good guns”.  
    No sir.  We live in a world where bad guys have VERY good guns and citizens must be prepared to meet this threat with equal force.  Please take your bleeding hearts and give a big disarm hug stupid selves to the UK or someplace else where the SHEEP can be SHEEP.

  15. AdrianVance says:

    The murder rate in the US was 1/100th what it is today when every man wore a gun.
    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  16. ironside1955 says:

    The answer is in the article.  Since gangs operate in their immediate vicintiy, they are addicting the huge numbers of minorities to various drugs, making it impossible and undesirable to work instead of getting high.  Since the vermin all fester in their ‘hood’ or ‘territory’, every one in that area is subject to their total disregard for anything other than money and power.  The NG should be mobilized and go through each of the neighborhoods and elimimnate, like rats, every gang member they see.  If Obama can use his drones, The NG and LLE shoulld be able to go and start stackiing up the bodies of gangmembers like cordwood.   At least 95% of those they would eliminate has a rap sheet.  Every section of every city, cleansed like clearing a town in Afghanastan.  No trial, no arresst, just elimination.

  17. BarackHussein says:

    To date, nobody has addressed the 355,000 children killed in abortion clinics by American women in 2012 alone…

  18. enubus says:

    Why all the fuss, gangs killing gangs is a good thing not something to be concerned about.  And regards to the title of this article Liberal and Moron is the same word, we don’t need repetition!

    • Benevolent Thinker says:

       You are probably correct about the “moron” and “liberal” reference. However, the gangs are not just killing gangs or gang members. They are killing cops, kids, innocent bystanders, nieghborhood businesses (because of violence) and are depleting financial resources of cash strapped cities.
      In Chicago, the have killed as many kids caught by stray drive by’s and in the middle of gang firefights than were killed in Conn school shooting.

  19. ArtyGunner says:

    @LDommel The rioting inner city residents will be controlled by those who want to destroy freedom and liberty in this Nation. Now, those who “control” the inner city residents want those rioters to practice the Basic Savage Infantry Skills: Rape, Kill, Pillage, Burn. The targets will be the idiot liberals who think they can provide the needed “guidance” when the Revolution comes and any fool who is unarmed and ignorant of reality. All the other residents of those cities will be targets; the real “Controllers” will attempt to use the food weapon against the rioters to regain a semblance of order, then organize the rioters into a terror force to “police” the ruins, I mean the cities.

    The Controllers will offer restoration of services as a carrot to the rioters to go along with the two sticks: food and superior organized military force. The average rioter believes long range planning is thinking about the second meal of the day when they arise.

    The goal of the Controllers is the destruction of the US as a world-wide force capable of influencing events overseas. Blue cities in blue states will suffer horrendous casualties and the real question is how far that wave of destruction will spread. Using the gangs as bullet sponges accomplishes the first goal of taking over the US and the casualties will accomplish the second goal of population reduction. Food becomes the primary weapon for the Controllers; Stalin’s efforts against the kulaks in the 30’s is the blueprint.

  20. BarackHussein says:

    So, everyone that think the catrels will be filling in forms to purchase guns, raise your hand.
    This goes way beyond stoopid.  Even Holder didn’t require it when he was arming the drug cartels.

  21. Greg137 says:

    Gang culture is the source of much of the corruption and violence in our society..
    The gang members are people who have no real sanctity of life…

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